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05-12-2004, 01:30 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-12-2004, 01:42 PM
Well I got most of my cleaning done for the day! I just need to get the laundry going but I think our dryer is about to die on us lol either that or my hubby overloads it I think its the latter. Anyway I have decided that I am going to get my meals in earlier in the day and not eat past 6pm and nothing to drink after 8pm, I read somewhere that the later you eat in the day the harder it is to burn off those calories. Can anyone confirm that? I'm also going to TRY and get some snacks in because I am just not getting enough calories. I'm gonna make some noodle art with Taylor today I think she'll have fun with that and at the same time I can clear my cupboards of the unhealthy pasta I have. You know its funny since I started eating better, even though we have some sweets in the house, I'm not tempted by them at all!! I'm sooo happy about that!

My Neighbors are FINALLY mowing their lawn!! Last week hubby sprayed the fence line with weed killer because all their dandelions were slowly coming our way!! Man I hate when people can't take care of their stuff Especially their own home!! It makes everyone elses yard look like crap!!

So I have another dilemna with my other neighbors, maybe you guys can help, well we have our windows open at night so we can have fresh air, but the house next to us is rented out and they are smokers and they smoke out on the front porch in the middle of the night and the smoke comes in MY bedroom, and I have an auto immune disease in my lungs so I don't need the added effects of smoke, do you think I should ask them if they would mind smoking on their back porch where it won't come in my bedroom window? I don't know if I even have the right since they are smoking on their own property. I just hate waking up in the middle of the night with lungs full of smoke and coughing my a$$ off!!

LOL that was my little vent for the day.

Well I need to get my kids fed and spend some art time with Taylor so I better get off here. I'll talk to you all later.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

05-12-2004, 01:52 PM
Thought I would re-post this so no one missed my post today, lol

Good morning all!

Geri so glad you are feeling better today! A good nights sleep always helps put things in perspective I think.
Penny I can't wait to hear about your WI this week!! You sound excited about it. Are you still doing SB?
Michelle you and I will be doing the same thing today. Not much of anything, lol. I too am just going to stick around the house. I'm going to get some detailed cleaning done in my kitchen since it is our zone this week and that is about it.
Leigh, that is so nice that you have someone to walk with! And about the toning and resistance, you can always buy those ankle and wrist weights to use if you want some added weights to your walk. How long do you usually walk for? Sounds so nice. I often see mothers walking together here with their strollers and i wish I knew my neighbors but I don't. How long is your mother going to be in for? Are you two close? Enjoy your visit!
Ginny I'm so excited for you to get to your WW meeting!!!! Let me know how is goes ok? I hope you see a great loss this week!!! I'll be looking forward to your report, lol.
Crystal, I hope you find a cottage and boat rentals too. That sounds like such fun. We have always wanted to rent a big pontoon boat and bbq on it and all that. Just have never got around to it and now that we live in nowhereville kansas there isn't any lakes close to us.
jessi, so glad your Dh got some resumes out. Must take alot of stress off of you. I hope he gets some calls soon! I know after my DH's back surgery he was looking for a job and no one here was hiring. It was so frustrating because he was down for 8 weeks and we were hurting financially. That is when he started truck driving school, that was all that was available here at the time. It worked out for the best and now we are doing better than ever but it takes time. So hang in there and I'm sure he'll get a great job!
Michelle you are on a roll with that exercise!!!! please infuse me with that zeal!!! I need it so bad! I don't think you can tell your neighbors where to smoke. I mean it is their property. I guess if it bothers you that bad you should close your windows or something. But that does sound horrible. I'm very sensitive to smoke too. And yes our bodies do slow down in the evenings and our metabolism isn't that great so late night eating is harder for the body to digest and get rid of. I don't eat after 6 pm. I do drink water though.
Penny, my bf is the opposite of yours. She is soooo skinny. She is the one who just had the baby. She is 5'7" and weighed 92-95 lbs before getting pregnant. Her highest weight was 120 during her pregnancy and 3 weeks after having her baby she was back down to 98 lbs and dropping weight like crazy. He stomach is flat again and you can't even tell she had a baby!! Her doctor is making her add 500 cals a day to her diet (she was already eating 500 extra cals a day for the breastfeeding) because she was still losing weight so fast. So sometimes I feel like I can't talk about weight problems with her because she's never had to deal with it you know? She doesn't get why I am so strict with myself and all that. But some people have that great metabolism and can eat themselves into oblivion and never gain an ounce and then there are us who have to be very careful and battle our weight on a daily basis. because I know that if I ever get sloppy with my pts I will pack on the weight I lost faster than I can say chocolate!!! So it will be my battle until the day I die, lol.

Ok, guess I have rambled on and on, lol. Well my morning routine is done and my house is spotless so now I am bored. Guess I'll go channel surf! TTYL!

05-12-2004, 02:04 PM
Just a drive by visit........finally a thread short enough that I can keep track of!! Hehehehe.......

Michele- you totally have a right to (very politely, but I am sure that you would be).
Ask them not to smoke there. I had to do that with my SIL/SIL/BIL- who smoke like chimmneys (sP) and FIL has severe emphasema and all my kids tend toward asthma. Go figure........ Start out slowly......I do hope that it works out for you!!!!!

Spryng- your house is spotless!!!!!!!!! Please- help!!!! My house looks like a bomb went off. Hope your day goes well.

Got to WW......lost 2.something #. The bad news is that I am only a few pounds lower than I was last year at this time.....I checked today. But the good news is that despite a year of some stress eating......and just life in general I have kept off 30#. That I am happy about and mention that to all of you WW'ers that this program really works.......but y'all knew that!
Have a great day.

05-12-2004, 03:07 PM
Ginny congrats on the 2# gone!!!! And that is being wonderful that you have kept those 30#'s off for over a year!!! How close are you to your goal? Did seeing that make you more motivated to hit your goal weight this year?? I am routing for you!!! I know you can do it!!! What was your meeting about? I would love to come help you clean your house, can you move closer to me? LOL.

05-12-2004, 03:19 PM
Hi Spryng what are you making for dinner? You always make interesting things. Did you watch AI last night? I want Fantasia out and LaToya and Diana in the final two. I have a question for you when at what age are you going to send your oldest to school? Five or six years? My boy turns five in the beginning of June and I am totally stressed and don't know if I should wait until I was six like I did. Boys naturally mature slower. Any input from any moms out there would greatly be appreciated :). Thanks, btw Spryng I wish you could help me get a start on my cleaning, it not filthy but it needs a little scrubbing here and there. Bye for now Julie

05-12-2004, 03:20 PM
Michelle - did you get Teagan back to sleep this morning? Good job with the housework - I've gotten a lot done today too. The whole 10-15 minutes at a time thing has really revolutionized cleaning for me! I'm not sure about eating late and calorie burning, but DH read a study that says if you drink a cup of coffee before your workout, you increase calorie burn. He's been doing that for more than a month now. As for the neighbors, I think if you kindly explained it to them, maybe they'd agree. If not, then maybe you should get a fan and direct the smoke away from your window? I dunno!

Crystal - glad you're serious in your coffee devotion - I'm with you on that one!

Penny - how much scrapbooking do you usually get done? My productivity has dropped greatly since DS's birth :)

Geri - thanks so much for the hug! I did need it, and now feel a lot better.

Spryng - it is nice to have someone to walk with. Liam loves being outside, so I like to get out a bit every day. We walk for an hour usually. It's not really power walking, but we break a sweat and stay moving. I know what you mean about friends with great metabolisms. I have several! It can be kind of frustrating for me.

Ginny - Wow!!! 2lbs - way to go!!!! 30 lbs over a year! That's awesome and nothing to downplay. Maintaining is hardest of all, so celebrate :D

Spryng and others who do WW, when did you begin Weight Watchers? I was about to start it when I got pregnant. I was about 15lbs over my goal weight back then :) Back then I was going to do the online version - did you go to a center, or do it online? I'm kind of frustrated with Medifast and may switch to something that requires me to change my behaviors more. I'm still reading the Dr. Phil book, but still think it may work better for me as a maintainance plan - I just don't know. I'm kind of confused about it all. Please help! :^:

05-12-2004, 03:22 PM
Sorry its me again, Spryng do you know whatever happened to Candybar74? I don't know her real name but she has not posted in awhile. Julie

05-12-2004, 03:31 PM
Michelle I want to address your post about the smoke, that is such a tough situation, but I agree with everyone else, approach them nicely and politely. You may be surprised and they may just agree. (I am trying to find the good in people and life lately :)) If not I agree with the fan thing. I know smoke totally gets to me. When my Grandmother was dying of lung cancer she kept smoking right up to the end, she thought might as well, well anyway family members would take turns spending the night at her house and when I did I could hardly breath for awhile after I left. She was a lovely woman and I believe she would have lived past 100 if she did not smoke. She walked everday, ate everything in moderation and had positive attitude about everything, even though her mother gave her up at seven years old. Well enough going on here. Good luck and I really hope everything works out for you because I love fresh air too!

05-12-2004, 03:34 PM
Hi again!

Hi Julie! Yes Candy is no longer with us. She is building their house now and have lots going on so she stopped posting several weeks ago. You could probably lok her name up and pm her if you like! :) And for dinner? I'm not sure, either leftover or chicken fajitas. But I think I need to do leftovers so it will be a meddly of stuff, lol. What are you having? And yes I did catch AI last night and I want fantasia and Diana in the last two! lol. I want Diana to win. Did you vote? My two oldest kids should start headstart this fall. I still need to go get them applied for it. I'm going to do that tomorrow. I hope it isn't too late. My oldest, my dd, will start kindergarten next year (she was born in dec so has to wait an extra year) and ds will do headstart twice. But I think if you son will be 5 in June then you should go ahead and start him this fall. Sometimes it's good to wait an extra year but then again sometimes the kids hate being behind or older than everyone else in the class. And you never know, he may do just fine! I think us mommies have a harder time letting go then they will. I know my dd is looking forward to school, I will miss them but it's enevitable right? Well, unless we homeschool, lol.
Leigh, I started WW back in september. I've been doing it for 8 months now. And I just do it on my own at home. You can buy the at home kit or buy your stuff off of ebay or do it online or go to meetings. They have alot of options now. But all you can do is give it a try and see if it is right for you! I think it is wonderful but others disagree... we must all find what works for us! :)
Well... guess I'll scoot. TTYL!

05-12-2004, 03:36 PM
anyone want to chat? Join me in the chat room here :

05-12-2004, 03:48 PM
Hi Everyone!

I'm back! Hopefully longer than my last visit, I hope. :rolleyes: We had major computer problems again so I was unable to visit here. We ended up buying a new computer with some of our tax return money. The battery died on our laptop and a new battery costs nearly $200.00, so we decided to put the $200.00 towards a new pc. I will miss the laptop, as it was so portable & I could take it anywhere I went! Oh well, you get so much more for your money with a desktop style! Now back to the 3FC's gang: I'm glad to see some familiar people here & also glad to get to know you newbies. I've been posting here at the SAHM's thread for a few years already. Unfortunately I haven't reached my goal yet! I guess I need Spryng & Ginny to wear off on me. I was so close a few years back but let myself go again. I know this time I have to do it for my health & to be here for my family. I've been working out on the treadmill & recumbant bike again so hopefully soon I'll see some results. Spryng: Thanks for the updated picture posted here. You look fabulous!! Michelle, Julie & Leigh: Welcome to our thread & I look forward to getting to know you all better. Well, DH is home again, so I better get off the 'puter. TTFN

05-12-2004, 03:52 PM
JACKIE!!!!!!! so glad to see you again! Boy have missed you!!!! Will you post with us on a regular basis again? (please?please??) lol. Great to hear you are back on your bike! I remember how you used to do so well on that thing. :) Mine has been in the closet for a very long time now. exercise in my downfall.. but I am working on it. So what plan are you doing or are you just exercising and portion control? Thanks for the comment about my pic. I was 2 lbs shy of my goal when we took it so I've lost about 3 more lbs since then. I just really need to work on toning now. I want to lose inches and not lbs anymore really. But I am so happy to see you and hope to see you here more often! Wait until Ginny sees you, she's going to be so happy too!!!! :) TTYL!

05-12-2004, 04:04 PM
Hey ladies! I didn't relapse, I've had family over for a week and more coming next week. I've missed coming here, but have been too busy.

I've lost another two pounds! The not indulging in seconds at dinnertime and not having sweets before bed is starting to pay off. And it is offically swimming season so I am swimming in my backyard and walking!

Later girls!!

05-12-2004, 04:15 PM
Well I got a ton of stuff done this afternoon that I was just gonna keep putting off as long as I could lol. I took the winter clothes out of the girls drawers and put in the summer clothes and have a huge bag of baby clothes to give to goodwill and all the hand me downs have been boxed and rotated so they will be ready for Teagan to use. I also re-caulked my bath tub which is such a chore because my tube of caulking burst at the end when I started lol just my luck oh well.

Ok well I thought I could get a longer post in but Teagan just woke up from her nap. I'll try to get personal later.


05-12-2004, 04:58 PM
Ok, I missed an entire thread. You guys went throught that pretty quickly. Let me see if I can do this without mixing any one up.
Crystal, alone time with dh! That's great. My dh doesn't want to leave the boys over night. Don't know why.
Ginny, congrats on the two lbs. Keep it up.
Sarah, congrats on the two lbs.Spryng, it didn't take you long to lose the weight, so it probraly won't take you long to tone up. Your an inspriration to us all. Jackie, so glad your back with us. Julie, I agree, I want Fantasia out. I have wanted her gone since she was put through in the try outs. Melinda, you seem to be busy. Geri, just beat your husband with a stick. It works wonders sometimes. Hi to any one I missed.
I took a sneak peek at the scale today, and its a good number. I will post it officially on friday. Dh stayed home sick today, bad cold, and its starting to run through the family. Have a great day.

05-12-2004, 05:08 PM
Spryng no I don't vote. I really should but I just feel so busy trying to get the kids into bed and getting the house ready for the next day. About the school thing, I am a mom so yes I probally worry way too much. I am going to talk to the teachers at his school. I think I am going to grill tonight because it is a pretty nice day here. Maybe hot dogs or hamburgers. Well I wish I could stay longer, but kids are calling and hus is coming home from work soon. Talk later. Julie

05-12-2004, 05:29 PM
Just so you all know, I voted for everyone BUT Fantasia last night. Diana was almost impossible to get through to vote on, so she did fine. I threw Jaz one or two sympathy votes and sent a few to Latoya while trying for Di!!! She was SO great! She's a GA girl, so I want her to win!!

I feel much better today and I am glad. We are getting back to normal.

DH got the Home Depot job, but the pay isn't as good as he had hoped. I think he can go places within the company and change that rather quickly though, if he wants to. Benefits are great, so that helps!

I did finally get a Mother's Day gift from DH, it was a 10 Commandments Plaque that is really wonderful. I really wanted a trampoline, though! OH well, at least I wasn't forgotten.

So many posters today!! Good to see everyone!! Seems we are all having a better week this week. YAY!!!!

Going to chug some water, how bout you???

Love to all!

05-12-2004, 06:38 PM
Hey - quick question for you - how did you keep track of your points each day? Do you do that in a dairy, or some other way? I'm looking into various starter kits on ebay :)
I'll be back in a few to respond to everyone's posts.

05-12-2004, 07:20 PM
Good evening all!

Leigh I have a little notebook that I use for my WW journal. I just write down what I eat and how many pts and then total it up at the end up the day. Most starter kits come with some paper journals but I like the notebook better.
Cindi, so glad you are feeling better today! And congrats on your DH's new job!!! I love home depot and I'm sure he gets a discount huh? How much fun that would be, lol :)
Julie, grilling sounds so good but I have no idea how to work a grill, lol. So enjoy a hotdog for me too!! Extra relish!
Ricci, can't wait to hear about your WI on friday!! Seems like everyone who has been peeking is seeing good things!!! After last weekend I'll be lucky to maintain, lol.
Michelle, you have been very busy today!!! recaulking the bathtub?! You go girl!!! LOL. I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff.
Sarah, congrats on the 2#'s!!!! Fantastic!!! And I hope you have been enjoying all your company lately! Post when you can!

Well my evening is going just fine. Do you find that family who doesn't have the internet love to use you to look things up for them?? My SIL is the worst. She calls alot just for me to find a recipe or something and then I have to read it very slowly to her while she writes it down on the phone. Well anyway... there are worse things in life I suppose, lol.
Dinner was good. I had leftover angel hair pasta and dirty rice (carb overload ,lol) the kids has chicken legs, mac n cheese and peas. So we all went away happy.
Now I'm ready to settle down for the night and watch AI and all that. So I'll chat with you all later!!

05-12-2004, 07:51 PM
Ok so I got into some big projects today! I got my girls room all situated and moved Teagans crib from my bedroom to the one that the girls will share til they are older. And we are going to Try and make Taylor start sleeping in her own room!! Starting tonight!! I hope she takes to it pretty quick, I mean she's slept with us her whole life, I know I know big mistake but she was my first child and I didn't ever want her out of my sight lol. I'm excited that maybe hubby and myself may have a night ALONE in our own bed!! Hubby was pretty impressed with the work I did today and I think I'll only do one workout today ;) I'll do it after american idol and when everyone is in bed :D

Cindi - So glad you are feeling much better!!

Ginny - Congrats on 2#'s gone!!!! Way to go!!! Thanks for the advice!!!

Leigh - I never did get Teagan back to sleep and she only took 2 short naps maybe she is going through the I'm gonna stay up 24/7 phase lol but I didnt think that would come til she was Taylors age lol.

Spryng - Wow way to go on the cleaning today!!

Jackie - Nice to meet you!!

Sarah - Way to go on the 2 # loss!! Keep it up!

Ricci - When is your official weigh in? I can't wait to hear the good news!!!

Spryng - I was hit with the spring cleaning bug, or should I say Spryng cleaning bug lol jk ;) I had the tub all ready to recaulk and it was all clean so I just decided to get it over with, caulking is easy kind of like gluing lol. Your dinner sounded good, I'll just live out my carb fantasies vicariously through you lol.

Well I'm gonna go get dinner started, Having Soft Shell Tacos on Whole Wheat low carb tortilla, refried beans, tomatoes, ff cheese, and ff sour cream mmmm sounds good typing it lol. Ok Ok I gotta go before I drool on the keyboard.

Talk to you guys later


05-12-2004, 07:51 PM
Ohhh yeah, Everyone who gave me advice about the smoke problem Thank you!!!


05-12-2004, 08:14 PM
Hey Ladies, this is such a great group, I can't beleive how up-beat and positive everybody is! Its wonderful.

First I'll give an answer to Michelle's question, then I have one of my own.

Michelle, You certainly can ask them nicely, and explain your reasons for your request, and let them know how much you'd appreciate their cooperation ( and then remember to thank them profusely when they comply) but, and there just has to be a but, doesn't there? They are under no obligation other than courtesy to agree to your request. Legally, there is nothing you can do about it, since, as you said, they are on their own property. But I think most people want a good relationship with their neighbors, give it a try, it ( shouldn't ) hurt!

ok, here's my question, what do you all do to manage your water/gain, and food cravings that come along with PMS ( assuming that that's a problem for any of you)? This is really my first cycle since getting serious about losing this weight, and other than water, water, water, I don't know what else to do. I would LOVE to hear what you all have done, let me know!

Thanks, Lisa

Keep up the good work everyone! ( and as for those houses that need cleaning, think of it as burning calories!...maybe you'll feel a little more gung ho about it.)

05-12-2004, 08:27 PM
Okay, it looks like I'm switching to Weight Watchers.I feel like I'd like a program that will force me to make better choices, portion size, etc. I find Medifast too confining and then it becomes impossible to engage in normal activities or anything with food.

Hi, Jackie - nice to meet you! I'm have a six-month-old son named Liam and am trying to lose 30lbs post-pregnancy weight. Glad you're back so we can get to know each other.

Sarah - awesome job on the 2lbs! Way to go :D :)

Michelle - you are a brave woman to face the dreaded old clothing :lol: A far better woman than I! I hate the no nap phases. Liam has decided to get back into his nap routine, thankfully cheer:

Cindi - congrats on DH's job and feeling better! I'm sure that's a load off your shoulders. And your gift sounds beautiful.

Ricci - can't wait to see your officialWI post. I'll extend a pre-congrats wish :)

Thanks, Spryng, for answering my questions. I can see where a bank-book style ledger would work well. I love dirty rice!! Your dinners always sound soooo good :D Yes, I find my mother likes me to look stuff up online all the time and then write her detailed descriptions of stuff :rolleyes: :cheer:

Uh . . . okay, I need to visit both Spryng and Michelle for dinner! Not quite sure what we're doing because DH is coming home earlier than expected *hooray* so I hadn't planned anything to cook - just a frozen dinner for me.

05-12-2004, 08:32 PM
oops! We must have posted at the same time, Lisa, so I missed you in my previous post. PMS is really difficult. I've heard taking more calcium in the week or so before your TOM . . . sometimes I've found it helpful to split up my eating into more, smaller snacks, so I'm eating more throughout the day, and to increase the amount of protein I eat with each snack . . . but also balance it with some fat. HTH

05-12-2004, 09:14 PM
Good evening all!
I know... "you again!" LOL. Can't help myself :)

Leigh, so happy you decided on WW!!! Did you join online or get the stuff through ebay? When do you start?? If you ever have any questions or anything feel free to ask either me or Ginny... here is my email address- email me anytime if you need some help or whatever.
Lisa, cravings are hard to deal with right before TOM hits for me. I've tried taking stuff to help but nothing I've taken helps me. So I just add some of those cravings into my day. Save a few pts for chocolate and stuff. And yes drink lots of water to help reduce that water retention, but it doesn't always help because I always gain that week anyway. But hang in there... it does pass and your next WI will be more accurate.
Michelle, I hope you dd sleeps well tonight and enjoy your bedroom without kids in it!! Tanner is still in my room and probably will be until he is way over a year old. My other two were only in my room for 6 weeks so Tanner was the exception (he's my last babY!!!!!) But he really is good and doesn't bother my sleep nor do I bother his, even when DH is home ;) so it works for now. I'll probably move him into my dd room this fall sometime. But let us know how it goes! Your dinner sounded much better than mine! lol. So want to trade?? :p
Well, guess I will go find something to keep me busy. AI doesn't start until 8 and I am bored. TTYL! (you know I could exercise? Hmmm.... )

05-12-2004, 10:22 PM
Good evening all. I rode 6 miles on my bike today. 3 to my mom's house, and 3 back. it is so nice to exercise outside. I also did aerobics this moring.
Lisa, for me I just try to drink even more water during TOM. I know that sounds funny to drink water to fight water retention, but it does work. And do what spryng said too. Have a little of what your craving, just don't overboard. Michelle, that is a big step, no kids in the room. I know how you feel though. It took a couple of weeks to get our oldest to sleep in his room all night. Spryng, I know how you feel looking stuff up online for people. We do it for MIL all the time. She always calls us for directions to drop her load. You would think the terminal would give her directions. Oh well. Have a good evening. P.S. On AI, Diana is safe.

05-12-2004, 11:00 PM
Ricci - What kind of bike do you have? Did you already respond? I am shopping for one, thinking of a beach cruiser type. I saw one on-line at Wal-mart for about $100- Huffy Hermosa.

Ginny - I wrote computer running. Are you up and running?

Geri - Dr. Phil weight chart. Must have skipped that chapter.

Michelle - The Lawnmower broke this weekend and dh just bought a new one today. I think we have a couple more days before they kick us out of the neighborhood.

Ricci - Are you on maintenance with WW or do you still have to pay a weekly fee? You are doing great!

Cindi - I have heard that Home Depot has great benefits. We would be in trouble if dh worked there, we would spend his paycheck. Do you get any discounts?

Penny - I think I freaked my bf out, she has not called as much this week. She is doing SB and WW and has lose some weight. She does not like to exercise though. I told her that I would give her a kick in the butt.

I got in a walk this evening after dinner. Dh cleaned the kitchen. JW went to sleep early. I finished my reg walk in 35 min, usually 45 min without JW. I missed not pushing him. The radio was not as fun as hearing him gab. I think I brought the gnats in with me. I have three welps already.

Moms club is going to the beach tomorrow. JW has some congestion, so I have not decided if we will go. Happy Evening!

05-12-2004, 11:32 PM
Hi all,

Tomorrow's my 4th anniversary and Dh's job got cancelled I'll catch up with you all later tomorrow :o :D


05-12-2004, 11:49 PM
I tell ya' I don't see how you girlies get so many post done in a day and still stay on top of everything else....... LOL

Busy little bees!

Sry I missed the smoking question. I haven't checked the board since this am. My aunt just gave the boys new bunk beds on mothers day so we put them together sunday and I am STILL washing the sheets and comforter's over and over again to try and get the SMOKE smell out! I am very appreciative of the new set but they are smokers that smoke inside so everything smells! BTW, We are still trying to get Hunter out of the bed and he is 4 1/2. He is the only one that sleeps in the bed only b/c he started out there. But we learned our lesson on the next We just move him when he falls asleep but we need to get firm and get him outta there. :) As far as the eating before bed thing, TOPS taught me to make sure your last meal is at least 3 hours before your bedtime so you can burn the calories instead of packing them on your thighs!

I am still on SB. Doing very well with it and the cravings are gone.... Michelle and I have been helping support each other so it is nice to have someone extra there! Thanks Michelle ;) BTW, You need to buy your sil a recipe book for XMAS..... ;)

Sry you scared your friend..LOL Let us know if you make the MOMS Club! How is work going?

Congrats on all the exercise!!!! You are doing awesome!

Good luck with WW! Hope you enjoy it! It is a great plan! And as far as the scrapbooking, It usually takes about 30 min to 1hr for me to finish a page and sometimes I don't finish them in one sitting. But I did 2 pages last night and 2 more today on Andrew's book (11mo old) Yah!

As far as the tom question, I usually just drink my water and exercise. I know it will come back off the next week and it is not a true gain if I do gain.

Congrats on the two pound loss :cheer: Yah!

Welcome Back! I can't remember correctly but weren't you in TOPS also???

CONGRATS CONGRATS! 2 pounds is awesome! Congrats on the 30 for the year too! :)

Glad to see you here today! What did you end up with for supper?

Congrats to DH!!!!! I am so happy for you! And I bet the Mother's Day present was beautiful! Congrats!

I am going to get to bed early tonight! Andrew only had one nap today and wore me out! It has been raining for the last couple days here and the kids have been stuck in the house! I did get Andrew's scrapbook caught up! I was happy about that! And I pulled down and boxed up all his winter clothes and took out the rest of his summer ones and washed and hung them in his closet. I also boxed up all of his clean empty baby food jars to sell on Ebay.

At least I got something accomplished today!

Geri, Jessi, and anyone else out there that hasn't posted Have a great night :)

Have a great night everyone! Talk to you all tomorrow!

05-12-2004, 11:50 PM
Hey Geri,

Sry our posted got crossed!

CONGRATS ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! How are you celebrating it! ? :o :o :o :o :o

05-13-2004, 12:45 AM
Hello again all!

I can't believe we are on page 3 already! We are flying on these posts lately. :)

Penny I am so glad SB is finally agreeing with you and so happy Michelle is doing it with you. It really does make a difference doesn't it? I've never heard of someone who keeps their baby food jars, how cool! Too much work for me I guess. Of course Tanner didn't eat too much baby food before he went right into my plate, lol. He won't touch baby food at all now... too bland I guess.
Happy Anniversary Geri!!! Have lots of fun with DH! ;)
Melinda, great job on getting that walk in!!! What did you have for dinner?
Ricci, 6 miles? That is fantastic! Did you go by yourself?

I could not believe LaToya went home. How crazy was that?! :dizzy: I bet Jasmine got sympathy votes since she cried last night. Ugh. LaToya wasn't my favorite but she deserved to stay longer than Jasmine. And Paula bawling almost made me cry but LaToya handled it all like a pro. She knows she will get a recording contract anyway.
Well, I guess storms are heading my way so I need to get some sleep while I can. TTYL!

05-13-2004, 12:52 AM
Spryng - I'm with you I can't believe Latoya went home Jasmine totally sucked last night and is not in the same vocal league as the rest of them!! OMG that really ticked me off, what are people thinking?? AND....Did you hear Donna Summers Voice crack??? I was in shock!! It was awful and she knew it lol I think even Simon cringed!!

Ok well I need to get a walk in tonight probably 2 miles but I dunno yet I'm very tired so maybe only one.

Talk to you tomorrow.


05-13-2004, 12:54 AM
Ohhh Geri!! Happy Anniversary sorry hun my eyes are having a hard time staying open! I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary.

05-13-2004, 01:06 AM
okay girls it's 1100 so this isn't gonna be long. I'll get personal in the morning.
I didn't get my water or exercise in but was pretty low in calorie counts. Not sure of the total but I didn't eat very much today anyway.
Lisa, give in to some of those cravings. They will be worse if you don't. I've also learned that if you stick it out, after a few times the cravings tend to not be so strong as the months go by.
Penny, hope Andrew feels better. My Andrew lives with congestion most of the time, only at night though.
You girls really posted ALOT today. Sorry I haven't been around. I cancelled our one night getaway, because it's turned into a weekend retreat. My MIL and DM have both pitched in to share the kids over two nights. So we're going alittle farther and doing alittle more. I've been searching ALL day. I think I settled on Turner Falls, OK. Just trying to find a cabin. There are several, just got to find the right one. I will tomorrow so the search can be over and I can focus on weight before the big trip. You know, I'll have to wear a bathing suit in which I don't own one and haven't worn one is YEARS!!!
Anyway, I'll catch up in the morning. Night.

05-13-2004, 01:13 AM
Well that sounds even better!!!!!

Hope you have a great night!

All I gotta say is YOU GO GIRL! Congrats on all the exercise!

OH My! I have news! I got Andrew's Triple Renal Scan on his kidney's scheduled for Tuesday. The hospital is 2 1/2 hr away and we have to be there for 12:00.... And how lucky....... I actually got the urology appt scheduled for the same day! It is at 3:15 (which is next door to the hospital) By the time we get in to see the dr. they will have the results! I know it sounds like I am excited about it.... but all the waiting will finally come to an end I hope! We will find out from the dr if Andrew will have his kidney surgery or if we are holding off for a while or hopefully FOREVER!

Anyhow, I had to share! I have been trying to get the appt made for the past three weeks

05-13-2004, 01:55 AM
Penny - Yayyyyy!!! I hope everything with Andrew turns out ok, you know you will be in my prayers!! That little angel deserves the best! :D

Ok guys I got a 2 mile walk in today didn't particularly feel like doing it but I did, I just had to picture my future skinny self and I got my butt right up and did it lol.

Well I'm off to bed.
See you tomorrow

05-13-2004, 02:04 AM

I'm back again! ;) I have to agree with Penny though, we have some buzzy bees here & I'm having a hard time keeping up to them. I'm sure not the Queen Bee! :lol: And I believe Penny asked me if I was following the TOPS plan. No I'm not, and actually I'm not following any plan right now besides exercising. I should be following a plan though. The last time I posted here was at the end of March and I'm sure I've gained some since then. I'm the heaviest I've ever been, even heavier than when I was 9 mos. pregnant! Need I say anymore? I've had a lot of back problems lately so sometimes it's hard for me to exercise. I kind of turned into a Hermit over the winter & I'm gradually starting to crawl out of my shell. I'm also trying not to be a couch potato and sleep the day away either. Do I sound like a basket case or what? Oh!, by the way....this is how my day is when the kids are in school--I come out of my shell around 2:30 pm and play "Mom's Taxi" for the rest of the evening, along with being a short-order cook at home and trying to keep up with everything else. Oh my, I have really turned this quick reply into a long one, sorry gals! o: Maybe I'll sign off for now & post again later, okay? TTFN

05-13-2004, 08:04 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

You'll notice there is more coffee up there than usual. I had a TERRIBLE night. I think I got in about 4 hours or less of sleep. Not sure what the problem was.
Anyhow, I thought I posted late last night but there were quite a few after me.

Hi Jackie, you said you left in the last of March and I think that's when I started here. We must have just missed each other. I'm Crystal, sahm of 3; Alisa 5y, Ally almost 3y, and Andrew is 17 months. I've lost 11 lbs. and have a whole bunch to go. I don't follow a plan either, I can't stick to it. I have just cut back on portions, alot, and making better choices. I have cut calories to about 1500 a day and I am working in light exercise sometimes. Hope you stick around and we can help ya.

Penny, so glad to hear about your appointments. You'll be in my prayers, as will Andrew. Keep us informed.

Michelle, sorry AI didn't go how you would have liked. Wtg, on getting in that exercise. You are really an inspiration for us non-exercisers. Getting that in is 10x harder than the dieting thing. You're doing great.

Spryng, sounds like you had a nice evening. I know what you mean about family asking us to do this and that on the net. Actually my sister has the net and uses it like crazy. My mom only asks sometimes, but it's my friend April. Her dh won't let her get computer so she doesn't have it and I think EVERYDAY she calls. It's not a big deal, I mean I don't mind doing that, it's just she asks me to look up these things that are even hard to find on the net and I never thought that was possible.

Geri, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 4 yrs., huh??? That is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Melinda, hope you get to go today to the MOMS thingy. Hope JW feels better.

Ricci, nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing okay.

I'm gonna hang around the house today and get caught up on laundry. I was on the computer too much yesterday, I'll take a break from it later. I'll check back later, TTYL.

05-13-2004, 09:34 AM



05-13-2004, 07:20 PM
Hi everyone! Boy did I miss a lot! Posting late today because 1) I had my yearly ("well-woman") exam with my midwife this morning, and 2) my mother is visiting.

Thanks for all the support, Spryng! I ordered an at-home starter kit from ebay. I will start as soon as it arrives. That menu/recipie book sounds wonderful - I'll have to look into it. I'm glad your DH is planning to make healthier choices. That's wonderful and I'll keep him in my prayers too :) My DH is quite healthy in food choices and working out, so he is a good example for me!

Penny - Aghhh! Hope DH and DS are okay! Good luck with Andrew's tests. Congrats on the weight loss :D That's a lot of scrapbooking! I envy you - I can only get in a half-hour here or there.

Happy anniversary Geri!

Crystal - glad the getaway planning is going so well. Bet you and DH are excited.

Jackie - It's good that your exercising - that's a wonderful choice. I hope you find the support you need with us . . . I know I do :)

Michelle - Glad the sleeping arrangements went well. Liam sleeps with us and we really like it, but I can imagine the transition into their own bed is hard. Also, I think it's a good idea to add some kind of weight/resistance to your work out - that usually helps me lose and burns more calories in the long run because it ups your metabolism and all. Glad the neighbors are leaving.

Melinda - glad to hear JW is fine. I had asthma too - I tend to have allergies in general.

Sarah - welcome to WW, I just bought my kit on ebay, so we'll start together :) What fun! We can update one another on our progress.

Hi, Julie!

Are ya'll watching Dr. Phil today???? I can't wait to see if this is really the end for Marty and Erin!

American Idol note - I agree, Spryng and Michelle - Jasmine must have gotten sympathy votes.

CSI note: Spryng and who else watch CSI? I absolutely LOVE CSI:D

Spryng/Melinda - I also love being married. DH and I agree that it's one of the best decisions we ever made - with DS right up there too.

Okay, I'm off to finish up dinner - chicken Fajitas, one of my favorite meals.
But guess what? I got offered a brand new, Silver Cross stroller for free! I have to write a review for the product, but then I get to keep the stroller
:cool: Isn't that awesome??? it's one of the new umbrella-type ones coming out in July - but it has a canopy and basket and padded seat, so I guess it's like a "luxury" umbrella . . . still only 9.5lbs. I'm very excited.

05-14-2004, 12:47 AM
Leigh, a new thread had been started... here is the link

and I responded to your post here over there. C-you there!!!! :) :) :)