100 lb. Club - OT-Deck colour..a decorating challenge

05-07-2004, 09:05 PM
I am painting or staining my front porch and the back deck. I know what colour I am doing the front but I would like some advice on the back deck. My house has almond coloured siding with dark brown trim. The backyard is mostly all trees, cedar hedges, ivy and hostas. Green is the predominant colour. Also there is a shed that is all dark brown/black. My deck chairs are brown and blue, the table is brown and the umbrella is navy blue. I would like to stain the deck in something that is going to stand out a bit against all the green and brown but still go with the patio furniture. I don't think a dark red would go with the blue patio furniture. I'm thinking of a medium blue stain for the deck and a solid blue for the railings and posts. The furniture is not all blue. The umbrella is blue and 2 of the chairs are blue. I just painted the chairs last year so I could repaint them brown to match the other chairs but the umbrella I don't want to replace yet as it was really expensive. Any thoughts or opinions would be very welcome. Thanks!

Ivanna B. Skinny
05-07-2004, 10:22 PM
I think blue stain would be beautiful! Last year when we built our deck, I wanted bluish stain, but DH thought it was a little strange, so we went with natural. You dont have to match the front to the back...you cant see them both at the same time! Good Luck!

Goddess Jessica
05-08-2004, 03:40 PM
The worst stain I saw was on a beautiful natural log cabin. My band director is high school bought it on my parents street. About 6 months after it was done, he decided he had to stain it. Instead of picking a nice natural or light color he went with red. It looked like a big barbeque milkbone. YUCK! :)

I think blue would be awesome.

05-08-2004, 06:52 PM
I would be of no help - I didn't know there were stain colors other than reds & browns!!!

What did you pick?

05-09-2004, 10:53 AM
I haven't picked anything yet...still trying to decide. The dh doesn't really want blue now, he'd go for a dark red though. Might just go with something brown, it is too hard to decide!