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05-06-2004, 10:57 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-06-2004, 10:59 AM
Just so you all know. It's 9 am, breakfast is done and sink is shining, laundry is in progress, me and the kids are dressed and ready for the day, ALL the beds are made and I've done a 5 minute room rescue. I will mop when Andrew lays down for a nap. I'm preparing myself for the Friends Finale tonight. I've already had more than 2 glasses of water today. Anyway, just checking in with all of you.

05-06-2004, 11:23 AM
Good Morning!

Ok lets see, what was I like in Highschool...Well I was in Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Pep Band, I played solos in competitions and always went to state level which was as high as we could go. I was also invited to play with the orchestra several times when they need woodwind accompaniment (sp?). I also went to 3 proms. I was nominated for Homecoming princess one year but didnt make it lol. I also took photojournalism and thats why I'm really into pictures. Ummm I was pretty outgoing, and did pretty good in school, my senior year was rough because of differences with my parents so I moved from them twice to different cities in the states, the first place I moved was with my stepbrother and that didn't work out cuz there was NO guidance at all, and then I moved with my uncle and finished my one course in night school. Spryng my parents were kind of like your mom My stepdad always thought i was out doing drugs or sleeping around when I wasn't.

Crystal - I had 2 meals yesterday a late lunch and supper the rest of the day I wasn't hungry and I had a lot of veggies so you know they don't hold many calories :) Plus My appetite is waning a little bit because of the Meridia I'm on. Meridia works on the brain releasing more seratonin so you feel fuller longer, and also increases the speed at which you burn calories. Now when I started the Meridia 6 days ago when I stepped on the scale in the morning I was 242 (I went up some cuz I was offplan for 2 days) then today I got on the scale same time I do everyday and I was down to 234 :) but this isn't my official weigh in :) Not til sunday. And, yes watp is a video you do in front of the tv, but I love it, generally I wouldnt be able to do a video either but these are easy and motivating (for me anyway) I know they may not be for everyone but I really enjoy them.

Spryng - I also enjoyed chatting with you!! I had a lot of fun. :) Thanks for that I needed it!

Pennyyyy - Where are you!!!!! You better keep tabs on me lol jk I hope you are doing well. Did you ever get any sleep last night?

Ginny, Ricci, Leigh, Jessi, Cindi, fave, I hope this morning finds you all well and motivated!!

I need to go start my routine, I'll check back in later!

05-06-2004, 11:24 AM
Ohhh if you guys wanna see my fitday just click on the link in my signature and you can see what I ate yesterday

05-06-2004, 11:39 AM
I didn't give into temptation last night, 2nd night in a row! I feel pretty good about myself today. I've got housework to do, baby to take care of, and more relatives are coming from out of town to see my little Kyle and to spend Mom's Day w/me.

Crystal, are there any activities in the DFW area celebrating Mom's Day?

I am sooo sad, hubby has to work on my 1st Mom's Day. At least I have family to entertain!

Michelle, what exactly does Meridia do? IS it a perscription? How does it make you feel?

Ugghh, talked to my Mother this morning about the "my boy" thing AGAIN. I think I finally got through to her....especially when I told her I don't feel okay w/her watching him when she says that and has said in the past "come to mommy". My Mom is a really nice lady, just a little nutty sometimes. I feel good about the talk we had. Hope it lasts! I have to go now and get ready for the day!

Later Ladies, Have a great Morning!! :coffee:

05-06-2004, 12:05 PM
Sarah, I don't know much about the metroplex and it's activities. I don't go to Dallas almost never. When we go out, which isn't often, we go to Rockwall or Mesquite. Saturday I'm going to Arlington for a homeschool bookfair. Sorry your dh has to work on mom's day. I'm not expecting ANYTHING. We don't have the money and my dh doesn't usually think about these things. He did think of his mother and he's having a purse made specially for her, thought that was nice. I don't even have anything for my mom. I'll get her a card and maybe some flowers or something. Mother's Day is just another day around here, even my birthday my dh doesn't pay any mind to. He's not sensitive when it comes to that sort of thing.

Michelle, what exactly do you do with WATP? I mean what kind of workout is it? Where can you buy it?

05-06-2004, 12:44 PM
Hello again!

Well I am completely through with cleaning today! :) Did my morning routine, folded and put away a load of laundry, and cleaned out the kids dressers and took out all their winter stuff and things that are getting too small. Boy was that a chore but the dressers look so much better and organized now with all that extra stuff gone. So I feel really productive today. I get antsy the day before and the day of DH's arrival. I have to stay busy to pass the time or I can go crazy, lol.

Crystal, WATP vhs and dvds are sold at my local walmart so I'm sure yours has it too. I'm thinking about getting one to try out too.

Sarah, great job on not giving in to sweets last night!!! You can do this! So glad you got to talk to you mom about how you feel, I hope it really helps.

Michelle I am sooo excited for your weightloss!!! 8 lbs gone so far!!! You didn't lose that fast on atkins the first week did you?? That must be so motivating to see! :) Can't wait until your official WI! It's going to be awesome.

Well, now that I am done cleaning I have to go find something else to keep me busy. All I have left to do today is sweep and mop my kitchen but I wait until the kids are in bed at night to do that. What is everyone having for dinner tonight? I think I am going to make zatarains dirty rice with some veggies, or maybe soft tacos... hmmm... probably the rice though :)
Ok, gonna get off here and make some lunch. TTYL!

05-06-2004, 01:16 PM
Favorite Color: red roses, dresses, etc.

Birthday: May 27, 1974

Anniversary: August 4, 2001

Education: B.A.-Clemson, M.H.A - Medical University of South Carolina

Job History: Health Care Management

Favorite Music: Love most everything, but rap

Religion: Lutheran

Kids Names & Ages: John Wesley, 8 months

DH'S Name: Wesley

Favorite Time of Day and Why: Mornings, I get to wake up to my dh and baby.

What Would You Have Done If You Hadn't Gotten Married: I would probably be a health care executive for a large hospital in a big city, but I love my dh and parenthood. Wouldn't trade for anything.

I was friends with everyone in high school. I was an A,B student. One year in the band, then played softball. One boyfriend, goalie for soccer team. Went to college and we split up.

Went to Yoga this morning. I am really getting into it! But I am not really sweating so I don't feel like I am getting as good as a workout. Weigh in today and I am 2 pounds up. I hate weighing in that much.DH was so supportive when I called him about the lady at LA harping one me about the 2 pd gain. I go again on Sat. It will probably go down by then. I think it was water weight. I had just downed 32 oz water after the gym, so that was probably still in my system. I don't like the counselors there. I don't think they are very knowledgable and the program is very expensive. Sorry for going on.

Sarah - The crying is normal. You are just overwhelmed with everything. It does get better. My dh brings junk in the house too. I can't stop him for eating the first one, but then I throw the box or bag in the garbage, so it is out of site. Doesn't work all the time.

Spryng - Feeling good!

Michelle - How is the BP with the Meridia? They took my bp today and it was 120/95. I think it was wrong, it is never that high. I will check it at a drug store this evening. Normal for me is 100/70.

Geri - I am glad that you are outside in your garden. I love the post but rather be outside. Way to go on the exercise.

Crystal - I hope things get better with dh. That is probably why it is hard for you to stay motivated.

Ginny - I would say you are back to a reg poster. Good to here from you.

Can't remember anything else. I will be home today, so I will try to catch up. What are the chat times now?


05-06-2004, 01:26 PM
I just got back from taking Christian to the doc. He has a serious form of tonsilitis that is highly contagious. He got that horrible strep throat shot, so he will be limping around for a day or two.

DH got called for an interview with The Home Depot, so I hope that goes well. Maybe they will have something to offer him that's better than what he has now.

I am doing okay otherwise. Not exercising enough and didn't do water well yesterday either. But food is staying on track pretty well. TOM is coming soon so I am wondering if I will lose much this week. I want to hit 20# SO bad, but bet I won't this week.

I was just average in high school. Nothing special at all. Had a boyfriend most of the time and lots of friends. That's about it though.

Diaper duty and lots of housework calls

back later.

05-06-2004, 02:33 PM
I just got my 2 mile walk in so I feel good and i got it out of the way! No more procrastination for me :)

Sarah - Glad you had a talk with your mother sounds like you got it straightened out. Meridia is a prescription drug that triggers the food centers in the brain I believe it releases more seratonin to make you feel fuller for longer, it also speeds the rate at which you burn calories.

Melinda - Glad you are getting in to yoga :) eventually I would like to do some pilates but i need to lose some bulk first. Actually my blood pressure has been fine with the meridia I havent noticed any side effects I feel great!

Cindi - So sorry that your DS is so ill I will pray for him to have a speedy recovery.

Crystal - With WATP you pop it in the dvd player and start walking (in place) and there are 4 basic steps it is soo easy 1. walking in place 2. sidesteps 3. knee lifts 4. and kicks. And if you get the whole express set you get a stretchie band with your videos and they use those to work out your arms :) I think you would enjoy them. I myself wasn't too into working out but these are just too good, easy and fun, my daughter will do them with me sometimes.

Spryng - wow you wonder woman you!! I got my kitchen cleaned up so thats good to go and the living room is kinda picked up but taylor has her toys in there so I'm not going to worry about it too much. I am going to dust though and I need to vaccuum and then Tay wants to do her mommy and me video. So I've got 13 miles walked in the month of May!! I'm really starting to feel good! Dinner tonight I think I'll do a chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheddar cheese and one step chicken seasoning on top, with asparagus. Lunch I'm going to make a vegetable soup with celery, carrots, cauliflower in it should be pretty good. I know I'm going to have to pick up the slack with some calories cuz I don't think I'll eat that many again. Maybe I'll make some mini meatballs to put in my soup yeah I think I'll do that ;)

Ok guys I gotta get busy. I'll be back in a little bit.
Love to all

05-06-2004, 04:13 PM
Just a quick hello. It was nice this morning so we got out early. Supposed to get storms this afternoon. Just now finished the 4 mile walk.... I have to get in the shower now before Tony wakes up from his nap!

I'll talk to you all later.

05-06-2004, 07:16 PM
Okay this is just a quick post. I'm making tacos for dinner but I think I'll just have a salad because I made a chocolate chip cake for dessert and I definitely want some of that. We are getting ready for our 2 hour Friends party, just us as a family. My 5 yo loves the show. I'll only let her watch it when it's okay for her to watch and they're not going too grown up in it. She loves Joey. Anyway, I'll be crying my eyes out later and enjoying my dessert. I'm still gonna try to exercise during the first half of it, it will get sad during the last half I'm sure. I'll probably check back in tonight when it's over and the kids are in bed. I hope you all have a great evening.
Hi to everyone out there.

05-06-2004, 07:32 PM
Good evening all!

Crystal, you'll have to fill me in on how friends ends tonight because I'll be watching survivor and csi. That chocolate chip cake sounds wonderful! Enjoy your evening with your family :)
Geri, hope you were able to get that shower in, congrats on another 4 miles!! You are doing great! :)
Michelle, I wish I was wonder woman, LOL. But I did get alot accomplished today and I feel good about it.
Cindi, I hope christian gets better soon. Now you know why he kept getting the fever, his body was trying to fight it all on it's own. But now it has help and hopefully it passes quickly :)
Melinda, you don't have to sweat to get in a good workout. Pilates doesn't make you sweat much but I still feel it the next day. But it sounds like you enjoy it. Are the positions are to do? I'm sure that 2 lbs was water and you had just worked out which makes your muscles hold more water too, so I'm sure it will be gone very soon. Don't let them get you down, you are doing great. And I don't think there are chat times right now. Sometimes a couple of us will be up late and end up in the chat room together but nothing is organized. Maybe since the afternoon isn't working for us anymore we can have a scheduled late night chat. What do you all think?

Well, m laundry is officially caught up!!! Just folded and put away the very last load. All my baskets are empty. That hasn't happened in such a long time. Now I should be able to cut back to every other day and do just one load. I'm so excited about it! (pathetic huh?) lol. Dinner was good, I made the dirty rice and it hit the spot. I started watching The Last Samarai this afternoon and I'm really liking it so far, I'm just tired of crying!! lol. Has anyone else seen it yet? I'm about half way through now. I'l probably finish it later tonight.
Well, guess I will get off here. I hope everyong is having a wonderful evening!!! :smug:

05-06-2004, 09:46 PM
Hi everyone!

Well I said I was gonna have chicken for dinner but I think I'm going to have a couple soft tacos with whole wheat low carb tortillas the tortilla isn't really allowed on Phase I on South Beach but I need some more calories for today and they are whole wheat which is allowed in phase II so I don't think it will be a problem. Also gonna have some ff refried beans which for some odd reason I've been craving lol.

Well I got my house cleaned today and now its a disaster already there are toys everywhere lol. Anyway I need to go cook cuz Friends is coming on and I really want to see the finale. I'll post again afterwards.


05-06-2004, 09:54 PM
Hi Ladies!

I am so behind on house work so I don't have time to get personal :(

You sure are some busy ladies :)

Have a great night! Hopefully tomorrow morning I will have a minute to myself to

05-06-2004, 11:30 PM
well girls, Friends is over. I did NOT cry. Tears came up but didn't fall. It actually ended so perfect. Just like I wanted. And Joey has a new spinoff coming out next fall, I'm anxious to watch that. Well I didn't eat a salad, but I only had ONE taco and about two pieces of cake. Not sure how bad I did. I didn't get to exercise because my stomach started hurting after I ate the one taco. I think I haven't been eating real fattening or greasy foods and I think that might have been the problem. Besides Andrew was so cranky tonight, I probably wouldn't have gotten the chance. I'm really sad that Friends is over. It's kind of stupid how a TV show that is pretend can get to you like this.

Penny, hope your day slows down tomorrow.

Michelle, what did you think about Friends. I was so happy the way it ended. I was afraid they were gonna make it too emotional but they didn't. It is gonna be sad, though, to not have it on anymore, I think that's why I'll catch the Joey spinoff.

Spryng, glad your laundry is caught up. That is a feeling of accomplishment. I have wanted to see The Last Samurai, let me know how it ends.

Well I guess that's it for me. Tomorrow is going to be a regular Friday. I haven't done great this week but if I don't gain, I'll consider that an accomplishment and I'll push harder next week. I hope all of you have a great evening and I'll check in in the AM.

05-07-2004, 12:11 AM
Hi all,

Just finished watching ER. Now I will go to bed and thank God for my 2 healthy boys that drive me absolutely nuts every minute of the day...sure puts things into perspective. I planned on a nice long post but after all the bawling I just did I'm going to bed.

Have a great night.

05-07-2004, 12:13 AM
Crystal - I did soooo cry lol!! I am soo glad Rachel got off the plane! I thought they were gonna end it with her going to paris and I just sat there saying no no no lol.

Well I did much better with calories today I think i got around 950 for today. 64 oz of water and a 2 mile walk in. So I'm pretty pleased with how it went.

Well I'm going to go to bed early tonight cuz I think I'm getting sick, my throat is killing me. Anyway I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

05-07-2004, 12:29 AM
Hello again!

So did Rachel choose Ross??? How did it end??

Michelle, sounds like you did great with your eating today. Did those tacos hit the spot? I love having soft tacos at least once a week with ff refried beans.
Geri, so sorry ER upset you. Didn't see it either. But sleep well tonight knowing your kids are safe and loved. :)
Crystal, I know what you mean about being so sad when a tv series ends for good. That was me when sex and the city ended. I cried like a baby and it ended perfectly too. I hear they are going to make a movie that starts right where the series left off. But I felt like I knew those women and I loved their characters. The Last Samarai was good but sad. I cried and cried. It's a movie I will only watch once but it was a great movie. Kinda like Braveheart, I loved that movie so much but it tore my heart out so I never watched it again, too sad. But a great film. Does that make sense?
Penny, sounds like you need flylady!!! :) Hope you get caught up and get a chance to post, we miss your long posts! :)

Well I had an unexpected visitor this afternoon. TOM!!!! :devil: He wasn't suppose to show up until sunday. BAD TIMING. Maybe that ruptured cyst through my cycle off. Who knows. All I know is that he is here and so will my DH and they don't get along very well. lol. O-well... I'm sure we can get creative :o We still have a great weekend planned. I am so excited about our zoo trip. I printed off a map of the zoo so we can plan our route before we even get there. They are having lots of live exhibits this weekend and I can't wait to see them.
Well I just finished mopping the kitchen so now the house is ready for DH. I'm sure it will be a disaster come monday. Well.. guess I'll get ready for bed. I'm too psyked to sleep though. I get too antsy the day before he comes home. And if you think I'm bad now I'll be worse tomorrow, lol. It's just that is has been 3 weeks and I miss him so much!
Ok, gonna go. TTYL!

05-07-2004, 08:26 AM
Who was your childhood or highschool sweetheart? In a few sentences, talk about him. Even if it was your dh now, when and how did you meet?

My childhood and highschool sweetheart were the same. Marcus. We met in church in the 5th grade and went to the same school too. Our families knew each other. We dated off and on for 7 years, up until we were seniors. He thought, his family thought and my family thought we would end up together. I ended it. (this is the biggest secret I've EVER told anyone...I believe he and I were/are soul mates. I ended it and got with my dh now, dated six months and married. I'm happy don't get me wrong, my dh and I are NOT soul mates, but for some reason God put us together and gave us 3 beautiful kids, for that I'm happy) Okay that was a secret you all know about me now.

05-07-2004, 08:43 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Well Good Morning Girls.
WI.............................down 1 lb. I officially broke the 200 mark. YEAH!!! It actually surprises me that I'm down. But I'll take it.

Michelle, sorry you cried during Friends. I think I knew they would end up together and that's why I didn't cry.

Geri, I only caught that emotional moment on ER. I don't watch it anymore, but I saw the preview when Carter was breaking down and I wanted to catch that part and see why. That was so sad, but Carter played an awesome role there. So real.

Spryng, so sorry about TOM. I'm always so glad to see it. I'm like NEVER normal, I'll go months w/o it. And I so don't really want another baby when it comes, I'm relieved. I don't want that to sound the wrong way. I really don't want anymore, but if God sees that it is to happen, I would receive that with happiness. Just wanted y'all to be clear on that. So glad your dh comes home this weekend. It's been an astounding 3 weeks since you've seen him. I hope y'all have so much fun. And I hope you don't get to post this weekend, because that would mean you're so busy and preoccupied you don't have the time. I mean we'd love to hear from you, but hope you have fun, oh you know what I meant, LOL.
Okay on Friends Finale, Monica and Chandler moved to their new house right outside of NYC with their new adopted twins. Phoebe stayed behind with her new dh that told her he wanted to have a baby. Joey stuck around, but it never said anything about him moving to LA, which he is suppose to do for his spinoff. And yes Rachel got on the plane to Paris after Ross professed his love to her, but after he got home and was sad, she came their and had gotten off the plane. They hugged, kissed, told each other they loved each other and this was for good no more stupid stuff, they were together...!!! The end. It ended with them walking to Central Perk for Coffee. I thought it ended so gracefully it wasn't some big emotional, "Oh my Gosh, they're all going away and oh how sad..." kind of thing. It was great, still sad it's over.
I had gotten into Sex and the City this last season. I never watched all of it, but kind of would like to. I missed the last one, but caught the one before that. I really didn't like Big and didn't want them together, but I guess that was her true love, huh?

Well, today is Friday. After breakfast and my morning routines, we'll leave to run errands and clean mom's house. This week flew by, it doesn't feel like Friday. I'm pretty happy with my 1 lb. loss, I think that will help keep me motivated. I've got the bookfair tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm leaving the kids here in the AM with dh, sleeping. I'll be leaving at like 615 or 630. I've got to meet my sister about 25 minutes away at 7am. Then our ride together is over an hour. We won't be back home until like 5pm. No kids, lots of fun. Anyway, I'll check in later.

05-07-2004, 09:21 AM
Good morning all!

Ok for my WI.... up half a lb. But that is fine with me. i knew I would gain because of TOM and I had been keeping an eye on the scale all week because of it and I'm actually lower than I was tuesday and wednesday so that is good. I know next week wil be better :)

Ok, my childhood and highschool sweetheart....
I moved around ALOT during my childhood, but in the 6th grade I was in love with Ronald. He was Fillipino and so cute and smart. We played basketball together and he called me Jordan, lol. (hey I was pretty good back then, lol) we were boyfriend and girlfriend and he was the first guy that ever came to my house. I lived way off in the country and he rode his bicycle all the way to my house! That was many miles for him. But then I moved away to oklahoma (I was in CA then) and we wrote for months and he asked me to marry him when I turned 18 and had a ring, lol. But my life was moving on at that time and we grew apart and the letters stopped. I still don't know what happened to him to this day. But that was my first real love, lol. In high school there were a few boys my heart was with but nothing serious until I met my DH. So I guess that is it, lol. Sad huh?

Michelle, thanks for filling me in on the friends finale. Sounds really good. I'm a big survivor fan though and the finale to that will be this sunday. I hope I don't forget to tape it because I know we won't be home. Congrats on the 1 lb down and for hitting ONE-derland!!!! It's always nice too when it's not expected. :)
OK, well I have just a few things to do this morning. My morning routine, and a couple very small tasks. DH should get into Olathe about noon or thereafter and I'll have go get him so he can leave his truck at the yard and have some stuff worked on it. Then we'll pick it back up after we go to the zoo tomorrow. So that will be alot of driving the next few days :) Well guess I'll get off here and get my morning routine done and my shower out of the way. TTYL!!!

05-07-2004, 11:13 AM
Good Morning :coffee: :coffee:

Crystal, congrats on one-derland!! I can't wait to hit it again and stay there forever!

Spryng, Carter and his girlfriend were expecting. I think she was about 7 months and the baby died. She had to give birth and it was really horribly sad. My eyes are all puffed up...I always call that frog eyes!! So glad Dh is going to be home. Hope you have nice weather at the zoo. Cloudy, cold, windy, crappy here :). I had to water the garden last night and I think I see stuff coming up :D I'm so excited about fresh veggies!!

Childhood sweetheart...I married the kid across the street when we were in gradeshool! Never really liked him so don't know what that was about! Never dated in hs, no proms or homecoming...I was a fat shy kid :^: Dated a lot of losers between college and Dh. Now I really appreciate what I have. :D

Michelle... you should still up your calorie intake some :^: just my opinion though :p ;) I haven't seen much of friends sine I got hooked on Survivor...Spryng remember that Sunday is the finale!! I did watch the last episode last night and shed a few tears myself :cool:

Cindi, hope Christian is feeling better.

Hi Melinda! Yoga is not a sweating kind of exercise...toning and mobility and balance (why I can't do it :lol: ). Sounds like the LA weight loss people are a strange bunch by you. My ex SIL goes there and has lost over 20 lbs. She seems to like it.

I got my 3 mi walk in this morning so I'm happy about that. I WI again on's been 2 weeks and an awful lot of cup cakes. I will be happy if I stay the same :( Tony wants me off the puter!

Ginny, Penny, Jessie, Leigh, everyone else out there...have a great day.

05-07-2004, 11:37 AM
LOL!! I didnt hit One-derland!! I wish!!

But I'll pass that congrats on to crystal ;) My official weigh in is coming up I'm excited! I'm sure it will be great!

So today I don't have too much to do DH had everything done before he went to work so I wouldn't have to work hard today! Teagan Got up at 11pm last night and wouldnt go back to sleep so I brought her out to the livingroom and rocked her back to sleep and fell asleep in the chair myself lol Got her back in the crib about 1:30 Hopefully I don't get too tired today.

Well my girls are getting antsy for some mommy time! I'll talk to you guys later

Much Love

05-07-2004, 11:50 AM
Hmm....I did Very well last night too. We had burgers on the grill and chopped salad. I didn't have seconds! And night #3 in a row that I didn't have any late night treats!!

Crystal, I still have yet to buy Mom's day cards. I am So terrible about that! I too love friends! I have been a fan since I was 14! I am SO happy it ended the way it did. Maybe the other cast members will make cameo appearances on "Joey".

My first love/sweetheart....hmm, I was a freshman in HS and dated a real jerk. He told me how he hated his ex BF, because he thought he was gay. Well I had two classes w/this supposedly "gay" guy, and ended becomoing friends w/him. It turned out he wasn't gay and after the jerk and I split up the friend Jeremy, and I were attatched at the hip...but just friends. I thought I was in love w/him, but was sure he wanted to be only friends. I ended up getting a boyfriend my sophomore year, and Jeremy was crushed. He had always liked me but was too chicken to say anything. We still kept being friends and then I moved from Portland to the Seattle area. We started to write letters and talked on the internet. Eventually we got into a LD relationship for 2 yrs. We would visit eachother whenever we could and I even went to my old school's prom w/him in Portland. We planned on getting married and moving myself back to OR. Well, after graduation my Mom almost died and we ended up splitting up because I was too sad to deal w/anyone. He got another gf, and after my mom was better I got a bf (my hubby!). He broke up w/his gf and came looking for me...he would always be my friend, but try to convince to leave the relationship w/my now hubby. Two months before I got married Jeremy even drove unannounced to profess how he was in love w/me. I had let him go a long time ago. He came to our wedding and let me go as well (thank God) but we are still friends since we have a lot of other good friends in common. Now he's a's pretty sad.

I am so happy my life turned out the way it did! At one point before I got married I almost left my hubby for Jeremy because I got cold feet. But I truly am thankful I followed my heart, I wouldn't do a thing different if I were a chance. LOL

You ladies have a great day! Thanks for all of your support. You guys rock. I have a pretty busy day ahead of me today...I will try to come back tonight.


05-07-2004, 11:55 AM
I did Pilates this morning and the room was freezing when I went in, but I did break a sweat. The Pilates/Yoga thing is so relaxing, but mentally I still feel like I need to work that heart rate higher with cardio. I picked up a 45/ 3mile walk with JW yesterday afternoon. If I get a bike for Mothers Day, I think I will ride in addition to the gym so I still feel like I am getting a workout.

Geri - I am with you on ER. I checked on JW about 6 times that hour. He happen to wake up at 1230am and I was so happy to hold him. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from there. I need a better attitude about the LA thing. I go tomorrow for another weigh in. TOM was suppose to come to today, but I might be off cycle since I am not on the pill with nursing. No way I am preg. dh has had that sore hiney for weeks.

Spryng - Don't sweat the .5 pd. You are great to be at goal and still so motivated.

Michelle - I am with Geri on keeping a constant calorie. You don't want to go too low and lose energy. This LA is making me so tired. Sometimes I don't get in all of my food b/c the options are getting boring. I am working on that though.

Crystal - Have a great weekend at the bookfair.

Penny, Ginny, Sara - Hope you can get a post in.

Dated my high school bf two years, broke up in college.We talked and went out as friends on breaks from school. He went to the Air Force Academy and is now a pilot. His mom does not even know where he is now. He is married and expecting this month. I send his mom a Christmas letter and picture of the family. I haven't talked to him but find out thru his mother's e-mail. I could have married him if it was not for the distance, but I am glad bc I could have not been an air force wife. My dh has all of his great qualities plus more. We met at church, dated 6 months, were married a year and a half later. I thought married life was great and that I could not love him anymore, but having a child together makes it more special, if you know what I mean. I love this man!

Happy Friday! JW is finally down after being in the crib for an hour. How long do you let them play before you go get them? If he is crying, I usually do 15 min, but playing sometimes an hour, he seems happy. Is that awful? Just wondering.

05-07-2004, 12:19 PM
Tom came to visit...early here too. I couldn't understand why I wasn't having a good week, I have been making sure to eat LOTS of fruits and veggies. I know I am getting at least my 5 a day. Now it all makes sense. I won't even worry about weigh in this week, the scale said up 2...typical, I guess.

Christian is a little better, his fever is down, but still not gone. I have a headache and a nasty house to deal with. Didn't get anything done yesterday, and no one ever helps me here without me getting ugly, so here I sit, in a mess. But I will shovel my way out in no time I hope.

Spryng, do you have a pilates video? If anyone has a good one to recommend, I am looking to buy a good one.

Congrats on the One-derland, Crystal. I wish it was me!!!!

Michelle, Hope you feel better.

to all the ones I missed, my mind is mush til my headache goes away. I'll catch back up soon!!

05-07-2004, 01:37 PM
I know I should get more calories in I think I average about 1000 a day but I'm just not hungry I'm sure its my medication working I'll try to get an extra 200 calories a day in! Anyway dd#1 is getting on my nerves so thought I would take a minute to myself and post :) She has been screaming all morning about this and that. I couldnt even brush my teeth without her coming in and making a huge fuss so I yelled at her to get out and she yelled for me to get out and it just escalated from there ughhhh "calgon take me away!!" jk lol Hubby said I can go pick up the 3 mile watp dvd today for my mothers day gift lol thats fine by me too I don't want something that isn't useful to me and this tape will just help me achieve my goals he knows how important this is to me :). I'm sure he wants the old me back too.

Ok I'm not so mad anymore so I'm going to go finish my laundry and cleaning the bathroom. I'll post again in a little bit.
Love you all!!

05-07-2004, 01:39 PM
Ohhh and I didnt have a highschool sweetheart....sure I dated but no one that stands out in my mind or that I ever really think about. I am with my soul mate and don't know what I would do without him! He is truely the one that I will remember for all time :).

05-07-2004, 01:56 PM
hello again!

Well Dh won't get in until around 4 pm. So I am here pacing like crazy, jk. I'm actually ready to sit and watch some tv for awhile. I went this morning and did some bill paying, ate soe lunch, and then washed the van and vacuumed it. Boy it doesn't take long for my van to look terrible with the kids toys in it and french fries!! lol. Do you all let your kids eat in your vehicle? Everyone can't believe I let mine eat in our van since it is new, but it's always something that can be easily picked up (like french fries and chicken nuggets, NO SAUCE, lol) so it doesn't bother me any. And of course they have their "travel" toys in there too that are only for the van. Do you all have something like that? Just curious.

Michelle, sorry your dd is giving you a rough time today. I hope it gets better as the day goes on. And that is so nice of your DH to let you get the WATP video for mothers day!! He must really see how motivated you are.
Cindi, TOM hit you early too huh? But that means we'll have a good WI next week when he is GONE! lol. Yes I do have a pilates dvd that I love. I wanted to do it last night but then I didn't want to overdo it this week since I had such a rough time sun-wednesday with my cyst and all. But it is call Pick your Spot Pilated, The cover also says Crunch Pilates. I like it because it is 3 workouts for abs, butt, and thighs, and each are 10 min long. So you can do 10 min or all 30 min for a great workout and they are easy to follow and no rolling around like a ball (which another one I bought made you do and it hurt my tailbone) but I feel the workout when I'm doing it and it is great. So I recommend that one for beginners. And it's at walmart and was only 12 bucks for the dvd. So not badly priced.
Melinda, you cracked me up with the theory of not being pregnant because your DH has had a sore hiney for weeks, LOL. I don't remember them listing that as a birth control method but hey! if it works, lol! And about babies playing in their cribs before you get them out, if Tanner wakes up in the morning and starts playing I'll let him play until he stands up and makes his "I want out or else!" noises, lol. But it's fine for them to play by themselves for however long they like so don't feel bad, enjoy the fact that he is learning to entertain himself! Most mothers would die for a few minutes of that. :)
Sarah, congrats on doing so great last night!! The longer you do it the easier it gets. I think they say it takes 3 weeks for something to become a habit, so hang in there!!
Michelle, maybe you'll be able to grab a nap sometime today.
Geri, I would see why that episode upset you. I can't watch stuff like that. SOOOOOO heart wrenching. That's like an episode on CSI once about a couple who purposely left their infant in a hot car so it would die because they thought he had a bad disease and turns out he was very healthy but it was too late. Tore my heart out and stomped on it and I was a wreck for a few days. Just writing about it now makes me teary... so on to a another subject now. I couldn't remember if anyone else watched survivor so it's so nice to have you!! What did you think about Big Tom leaving last night?? I didn't see it coming at all. I was so sad for him but he's a great guy and will pop back with no problems. So who do you want to win? I still like Rupert from last season, he hasn't wowed me this time around but he's a nice guy, I honestly think Rob should win because he has played that game to the fullest. Not saying I like him much but he has played the game well I think. What do you think?
Oh and Crystal, I meant to tell you congrats on hitting One-derland!!! I don't know how I get you mixed up with Michelle, lol. Sorry. My poor brain has a hard time keeping up with everyone sometimes.

Ok, well... guess I'll get off here and find something to keep me busy. TTYL!

05-07-2004, 04:24 PM
okay girls. I'm back from my Friday errands. Thanks for all your congrats on the 1 lb. I'm not doing so hot today, I think TOM is right around the corner. But you know I don't feel bad. It's funny...Do you ever see a thin person enjoying bad stuff, pizza, sweets, etc? You think to yourself, how do they stay thin when they are suppose to be watching what they eat? Well, I'm not skinny, but I sort of feel like a skinny person enjoying some bad stuff for once. I don't do this everyday by ANY means, so hey today I'm off plan, so what. If I could still lose about 5 lbs. a month by staying on plan 80% of the time and off plan 20% of the time, then I'll be happy. You have to go off plan to stay sane, if you know what I mean. Plus TOM doesn't help matters.
Anyway, just thought I'd share that theory with all of you.

Spryng, I'm glad your dh is coming home. And yes my kids eat in the car if they have to. I mean, when we get food if we are going somewhere where they can eat it there I make them wait, but if we will be in the car for a while, I'll let them eat it. My car is like a trash can, it's disgusting.

Michelle, sorry dd is not being so good today. It'll get better.

Melinda, I wish I could do some yoga or pilates. I tried pilates, the Mary Winsor ones that are so good and they work. They make you sore and really feel it, but I just can't sit in front of the tv and do that sort of stuff.

Cindi, sorry TOM came early. But get it over with and next week you'll be fine.

Well you gals, I'm gonna go put up some laundry. I get to get ready for the bookfair. What does everyone have going on this weekend? Spryng, I know your plans. Hope you have fun.

05-07-2004, 04:45 PM
Just one last post before I head out. I don't know how often I'll get to post this weekend so I wanted to tell you all I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!! Crystal, I agree with needing a day off once in a while from our plans. I know not everyone agrees with that theory but I made goal didn't I? And I go completly off plan every time DH comes home and I still lose weight. It really is about how you handle yourself while you are off plan and what you do the days after. I go off plan fri-sun when Dh is home but as soon as monday comes I'm chugging extra water and very careful with my pts and it has worked for me. Might not for everyone but I am sticking to what works for me, you know? Of course I don't binge when I'm off plan I just don't count pts and I eat what I want whether that is low-fat or full fat. Dh tells me I still don't eat very much but to me it's alot because I only get 20 pts a day which can be around 1000 cals if I don't get in enough veggies and such. So that is not much food to me but he thinks I'm a bird... I just nibble here and there and call it cheating, LOL. But enjoy your day off plan!
Ok, I will miss you all if I don't get to post again until monday and I will be SO behind on posts because we stay pretty active here. But I will post when I get a moment to myself but if not you'll definitely see me monday. Ok, got a long drive ahead of me to go get DH so I'm getting off here now. G'bye! :)

05-07-2004, 05:17 PM
I honestly never liked Ross, thought Rachel could find someone to suit her. I know it was going to end with them toghether, but I was hoping she wouldn't get off the plane. Someone said something about sex and the city, and they are going to start showing it again in June on TBS. I am at my moms for the yard sale, so can't stay on long. Talk to you all later.

05-07-2004, 05:21 PM
Okay Ricci, I can't believe you said that about Friends. They were totally meant for each other. From very beginning. I mean I went back yesterday and watched some of the first ones and it wasn't just that they looked cute together, they had major chemistry that you could feel. They were each other's true loves. I am so glad they were together, besides, they did have a baby together. They belonged that way. Anyway, just had to make that last note.
Have fun at the sale Ricci.

05-07-2004, 05:57 PM
Hi Ladies! I tell ya I am still running around crazy! Hope to be able to stop soon to get a GOOD post in! Until then.... Have a great day!


05-07-2004, 06:23 PM
starting a new thread...Don't forget to read through this one to get up to date.
See you there.