South Beach Diet - Starting phase 2 tomorrow!!

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05-02-2004, 12:59 PM
Well today is my last day of phase 1, yay! Results are down 5.5 pounds, and all my pants are starting to feel looser, not down a size or anything but def. more comfy than before. My skin looks great and I feel great too! :spin:

but i lost most of the weight the first week (4 pounds) and only 1.5 this week, and i'm scared by adding carbs next week I won't lose anything at all! Please tell me I'm being silly!

My plan for phase 2 is follow phase 1 eating plus add an apple a day, or have a soup at lunch (not both in one day though). I know we're still confused as to whether soup is ok or not but I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

And another question, for you canadians, do you think its ok to have tim horton's chili? I can't tell how much sugar could be in it, and also if its too much fat. What do you think?

I'll post an update next week! :)

Sweater Girl
05-03-2004, 04:11 PM
Pika: I checked the Tim's site and the carb count doesn't seem too bad for a meal. It's 24 grams plus 3 grams of dietary fibre. It has 9 g of fat and 17 gr of protien.. Seems like an okay food.

I also started phase 2 and am loving the results.. my skin hasn't been doing too great, but I think that's due to stopping the BCP (which gave me a fabbo complexion, juts too many other problems). Adding a few carbs will probably shake up things and just help with a fairly consistent weight loss, just as long as it's in moderation. For me I am trying to add one fruit and one starch a day for now.