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05-02-2004, 09:34 AM
Because the size of the last thread begins to resemble my former girth, I'm immodestly assuming the authority to start a new thread.

Because spring has crept into almost every area of the realm, it's time to begin our move to the Palace of Spring and Summer where bright sunlight banishes those tired gray days and gives added spirit to our journey into health. In the spring and summer palace there are so many more fresh and nutritious food choices available, so many opportunities for exercise and enthusiasm, so many more hours of daylight in which to pursue our goals of "putting us out there".

Well, we just can't fail now, can we, Royals? Failure is not an option. And though we may have occasionally faltered in past days, May is the time to set those feet straight once again on the path to swimsuits and svelte.

05-02-2004, 01:26 PM
Yo!!!! Thanks for starting this springalicious thread, :queen: Anagramatic!!!! And if I didn't congratulate thee on thy weight loss before: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :cheer: You're doing a great job!!!

I'm really happy to be able to post safely again and really happy my latest extended eating fiesta did not result in my going back to the 150s. So I did not make my May Day goal but feel as though I did. I'm up a half pound and am restarting from there with a goal to lose four pounds this month! I'm thinking this month has GOT to be more problem free than last ... although it's not looking that way at the moment, but I'm not going to cope by eating too much and exercising too litte.

That said, I'm about ready for brunch!

Later ...

05-02-2004, 02:33 PM
Hello fellow :queen:s!

Amarantha, you will make that 100lb mark, I have complete faith in you. Glad the spam thing seems to have resolved itself. I hope the same can be said for whatever is the cause of your recent depression. If you want to share, you know we are all here for you. :grouphug:

I have come to the conclusion that while I cannot control what other people in my life choose to do, I can control what I choose to do. Really, wallowing in chocolate does not solve anything and for sure does not help the health quest. I have been playing on the South Beach half-heartedly and have discovered that I do feel much better with less refined carbs in my diet. Can't quite do all the required vegetables with my wonky gut, but I am working out a happy medium and plan to incorporate it with daily exercise. I am done with diets and restricted eating plans. Common sense is my new modus operandi.

So, having said all that, I am setting my sights on a 5lb goal. Not 10, 20, or 30. Just 5. Anyone want to join me?

Now I hear there is a journal thread somewhere....I'm off to look for it.

05-02-2004, 03:18 PM
Thanks, Wildfire! I do fell better today ... am ignoring all bad things (including work) in favor of getting eating and exercise back on track and finishing a mystery novel I'm reading. Thanks for posting on the journal thread ... I just said hi to thee there.

Quote of the Century: "Wallowing in chocolate does not solve anything ... " ~ Wildfire

That about says it! :yes:

05-02-2004, 08:31 PM
Hail Queen Anagram the Bold for putting herself out there and starting a new thread! Thank you, Anagram!!! :D

I'm feeling good about May---so far so good and all that. Purchased my first bathing suit in 3 years just a few days ago. It's a very modest 2 piece---but a 2 piece nonetheless!!! One of those that flatters the figure with a 'mini- skirt' bottom and a tank top. It's nice; I won't feel so exposed on the boardwalk. Feels good to just do it!

05-02-2004, 08:51 PM
Hooray for :queen: E and her two-piece bathing suit!!! I'm betting she looketh terrific in it! A true NSV!!!!

I'm off to do Wae Lana yoga. Will return to post my report on the journal thread later ... much later ... I always do it too early and then have to edit because just saying I'm done eating makes me want to eat.

Will note that I had white rice today for the first time in ages ... it's not really as high glycemic as people think and I put some lf cheese on it, but having come to prefer the more nutritious brown, I found I had a bad reaction to the white ... more so than if I'd eaten a donut (which I did not because I'm cutting sugar out for today, at least!) ...

05-03-2004, 07:55 AM
Hello all!!

Fresh thread feels good!

OK.... here we go...

I will join you Wildfire... 5 lbs sounds doable!

What a weekend! Friday and Saturday lots of steps with the yard sale... yesterday... slept in till 6 am and then suprised DH by showing up at a big yard clean up ... to be his helper! He was going to do as much as he could before the rain came in and I knew with help, there was a good chance of getting the job done.... and....knew I'd burn more activity points outside than in!!

Yes, seems like the weekends have us all running different directions....
but Monday is upon us and its time to check in and FRESH START MONDAY!!

Thought of the day :

"Learning is finding out what you already know...."
--Richard Bach

Question of the day :

"If money was no object, what kind of car(motor vechicle) would you pick?"


hee hee.... scale says that after the 3 days of running, stretching, etc, etc,... I'm up 2 lbs.... do you think my cycle due to hit??? hmmmmmmmm....MAYBE!!
and its full moon too! YIKES!!

Here we go Monday, here we go!


05-03-2004, 07:56 AM

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05-03-2004, 01:12 PM
Thank you, Your Highness Anagram, for leading us fearlessly to our bright new land. Camelot, you could say. :D

Ah. I am SO pre-caffeine right now. :coffee:

It did my heart good to come in this morning and see you all here, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready with new goals wiggling in your pockets. I think for May I just want to lose two pounds. Just two. I'll have to tell you which two pounds those will be after my weigh-in at Gold's tonight. I suspect I've gained. Eep. :rolleyes:

I had a good weekend, yes, even without Ramon. Saturday I did indeed tidy the apartment, then took a bus to the local mall, swept down its entire length, thundered into Lane Bryant, threw clothes this way and that (and then carefully hung them properly again for the ladies were having a tough day) and came out triumphant with two delicious knee-length pencil skirts (slit in front :devil: ) and another pair of long pants. Then I stopped at a kiosk and bought a bright purple cover for my phone. Then I stopped at another kiosk and had my blood-sugar checked (I have diabetes in my family), but it was 81, so I'm good. So, I won't sport with your patience by going step-by-step through the whole weekend, but I slept, read, tidied, watched movies and ate out at a lovely Ethiopian place with a glass of wine and my book. Ramon came home last night. He had a wonderful weekend with the couple he stayed with, and they actually got all of his old friends in the area together to spend Saturday with him. He felt very loved. I was really, really glad for him.

Amarantha, I'm absolutely amazed that you're nearing the 100-pound mark. I actually brag a lot that I have a friend that's lost a small person, and a lot of my sentences that pertain to weight loss begin with "Well, Amarantha says...". See? You're an inspiration! I'm so sorry you're dealing with depression, my dearest. Thinking about you today... :grouphug:

Kaylets, it's embarrassing, but you and I cycle at the same time. With the full moon. Gawd, how freaky can you possibly get? :rolleyes: It's so sweet that you went and surprised your husband! Awwwww! Thanks for the grin, by the way. And QOD: I would buy a Mini-Cooper. Actually, we're getting one in the next few years anyway. Ramon and I both LOVE those little cars!

Eydie, your swimsuit sounds naughtynaughtynaughty. Is it the ruffly kind of skirt or the straight, James-Bond kind, like in the '60s? Either way...naughty! Pictures? I sound pervy, don't I, but that's not how I mean it. :s:

Ramon and I rented something called "The Magdalene Sisters", based on true events, about the Magdalene Laundries - some sort of work/reform, Catholic place for pregnant or wayward unmarried ladies - ghoulish. Joni Mitchell sang a song about it on an album we have of hers, but I never knew it was a real place. Can't wait to see it. Have you guys heard of it?

Wildfire, I wallowed in chips this weekend. Literally. I feel your pain. We'll get it right, honey, never fear. :yes:

OK, ladies, just one more instance in which you've made me feel 100% better about my Journey Toward Health. Getting off the ground, brushing off my butt and moving forward, thanks to you! Aw, ****, let's be pink today! Bibbity-bobbity-BOO!!!


05-03-2004, 03:18 PM
Yo! Brevity mode as I'm supposed to be working on a deadline story from heck. When I get it done, I'm going to hide out from the universe for the rest of the day but will come back and make my report on the journal challenge thread!!!! So glad it's back and I can safely post each day.

Cerise, thanks for the kind words and for thinking about me. I seem to really need the support right now ... but I'm absolutely determined to get four pounds off this month and that'll perk me right up.

:queen: s, it is not a matter of me being obsessed with weight loss or thinking it's the only thing in life that'll make me happy. That's not the case. It's just that this weight loss is tied in with a lot of other things in me working to make the best life I can for myself (and for Old Dog, Silly Cat and Bright Budgies). And it's unfinished business, a goal (to be at 135 pounds and maintain that) that I've set but haven't reached yet, a job that needs to be done.

I do not believe whatever forces in the universe that evolved over the eons to become the entity that is me (assuming it took that long) meant for my spirit to be encased in extra weight. Amen.

:queen: K, thanks for the Monday grin ... that made me laugh!!!! Do not worry about the effects of the full moon (unless thou be sprouting fangs and long talons and baying at midnight) ... they are temporary! Tell :devil: Scale to be quiet!!!!

QOD: My car was a gift from someone very important to me, so whatever amount of money I possessed, I would have the same vehicle.

Ok, I have to go back to work now. Really. I'm going. Right now.


05-03-2004, 03:46 PM
My darling Amarantha, thanks for sharing a bit of what you're feeling right now. I feel you - goals undone squeak and patter and nibble at your brain matter (uh, that rhymes. Didn't mean to do that :rolleyes: ) inside your head and give you no rest.

I'm praying for serenity and a deep certainty that that happy day you speak of will indeed come.

I've never doubted it, my dear.

05-03-2004, 06:12 PM
Loved your story, Kaylets! :lol: And about the question, if I had a choice of vehicle, I'd choose something ultra reliable and station-wagon-y. Not into the glitz--- as far as my cars anyway!

Cerise, no no no. Absolutely no ruffles on my bathing suit---especially since I saw on "What Not To Wear" that ruffles make one look wider. It's a straight black mini skirt kind of thing. Maybe I'll slap on some self-tanner and send you a pic, you lucky creature!

Amarantha, yes, you'll get to 135 and you'll stay there. I know it I know it! No escaping your destiny----and then we'll have a party!

I was reading a book of essays this morning by Debrena Jackson Gandy. It's called "All the Joy You can Stand". [Don't you love that title?!] Here's a quote: "I kept getting amnesia, forgetting that God gave me one body for this trip. This was it. This was the body I'd been GIFTED with. This was not a practice model. No trade-ins, no exchanges or returns. We were together for the long haul. Yet, I kept treating my body as if my REAL body was going to arrive any minute. Like this one was for a test run."
Made me think of all the times I've disrespected my body [and still do sometime]. And other times I'm so overcome with appreciation for this 'vehicle' that I could weep! I'd love to be able to love my body 100% of the time. Now there's a worthy goal!

zadie k
05-03-2004, 07:01 PM
Just stoping to say I like the new digs. Now if I only had a summer palace in real life...

05-03-2004, 07:18 PM
Eydie, that's what I thought. Naughty.

05-04-2004, 12:42 AM
Yo! You're on for the party, :queen: E!!!! Even though I crashed and burned calorically today (see menu thread for gory details), I hear the siren song o' 135 off in the distance, but moving closer!!! Yowza!!!

Hi, Zadie k!!! :wave: Er, real life? What's that? :)

Cerise, your phraseology about the squeak and patter inside my brain is quite apt ... that's pretty much where I am ...

But yep, I will get there and so will we all!!!!

And then the journey really begins.

Eydie, I love your identification of the goal of giving your body 100 percent of the respect it's due!!! Thanks for sharing the Gandy quote. It's true, we do have this one vehicle to get us through life. Not to do right by it and work on it to make it the best it can be seems very illogical.

I need to go read a book or something.


05-04-2004, 08:11 AM
Hello all!

Storm has passed so we have sun but are still wet everywhere...

My meeting weighin last night showed an increase too... ah well.... its going to happen every once in awhile... DH and I started drinking some flavored de caf coffee....wonder if there's lots of salt in it??
I'm not worried... I know it came off once, it will come off again!

We are doing great things here all!
When I look back to where I was 7 yrs ago
( still smoking and gaining)
5 yrs ago
( eating breakfast out of a vending machine )
4 yrs ago
( joined WW's but 'didnt understand' that moving was as big a part of losing as food choices'
3 yrs ago
( regained nearly 30 lbs due to long job downsizing and the related stress -- in other words....still dealing with stress with food)
2 yrs ago
( got serious about the plan again but still didnt understand how my body reacts to sugar)

oh, meant to mention that about 6 yrs ago, did quit smoking but made a "deal" that gaining another 30 lbs was ok as long as I remained smoke free..

Point is, as Oprah says, when we know better, we do better.....
And if we really take a look at where we've been, most of us will see that we've made lots of progress....



Thought of the day :

"Never be too busy to meet someone new"
---Life's Little Instruction Book

Question of the day :

" Do you have a lucky number, coin, sox....?"



PS- TV says its 101 in Death Valley today...YIKES!

05-04-2004, 09:55 AM
Here's to ya! :coffee: I am in the process of deciding to quit doing the financial editing gig. This will be the third week of peak season, meaning I've been working seven days a week, sometimes 16 or 17 hours a day. Too much! It's not enough money to eat up my life like that. And my real job is so much more important -- the last thing I want to do is jeopardize it.

I've been running 3x a week, doing circuit training & elliptical machine 3x each, either walking or doing a step tape on the other day. Trying to get 30 mins of high-intensity exercise every day -- I'd "forgotten" what a great stress buster it is. WI this week had me down 1.4, which gives me about a half-pound loss if I factor in the .8 gain last week. I know this has happened to me before (um, like, every time, I think) -- I start exercising more, and weight loss slows, although I can see a difference in myself. Clothes slightly looser, but what I think is happening is that my muscles retain fluid for a while and then, well, eventually I have a good loss suddenly.
Nevertheless, I'm being extra-scrupulous this week counting points, and will attempt not to use any flexies.

Anagram, thank you for boldly starting a new thread! Love the name, too! I bet it's lovely in your yard now.

wsw, are you feeling any better? How are you settling into your new place?

Punkin, are you back from the full moon festival? That sounds so much like something I should always do. I wonder if there are any groups here that meet for such like...

Wildfire, I like the sound of your commitment! I was just thinking how I'm always trying to lose weight, but it's when I get really committed and try HARDER that it starts to actually happen. Here's to it! :cheers:

Amarantha, I was thinking about your nasty spam woes, and I think it's likely not because of posting here -- I think you may have a key logger (,,sid14_gci962518,00.html) on your computer -- these programs record everything you type and report it back for marketing purposes. Do you run an anti-adware/spyware program? I use ad-aware and it occasionally finds these on my machine.

Eydie, your bathing suit does sound quite sexy! Congrats on being beach-ready so early in the year! I've made a solemn vow to myself to get to the beach WAY more this year. It's my favorite place in the world, 20 minutes away. And I could work hard in the cool mornings and head to the beach mid-afternoon. :yes:

Cerise, your solitary weekend sounds nice! I find that I really have to be in the right frame of mind when DH goes away (which he will be, later this month, for 3 weeks). I enjoy it to the hilt when I'm prepared, elsewise I just don't quite get it together. I'm starting to prepare right now! Hope DS finds a job so I actually get some time to myself this time!

Zadie K, so glad you like your new digs! Makes so much difference, doesn't it. Yes, I myself would like a summer palace, perhaps on a cliff overlooking the sea, with a path meandering down to the beach...

Kaylets, thanks for the story -- it was so cute. QOD -- I don't have any "lucky" items. Mostly not superstitious -- the only thing I can think of that I do is think that I'm going to jinx myself: you know, if I delete all the old files I think I'll never need again, something will happen that I'll need them for; if I throw out the lone survivor of an earring pair, I'll find the other one, but won't find it if I keep its mate. :rolleyes:

K -- hi ho hi ho. Let's make this one COUNT! Love to all...

05-04-2004, 11:21 AM
Yo! Wood Nymph, it's good to see thee and hear thy news!!!! I think you're thinking with clarity when you consider just focusing on your main job. That's always the most important thing.

Thanks for the link. I think you make a valid point, but for a couple of strong reasons, I'm pretty sure I'm Trojan and keylogger free, though not 100 percent certain (of anything)! :) Also for a couple of reasons, I'm pretty sure that my main problem in recent months happened when 3FC changed its server the first time. Then when they changed it again, it happened again, and again for a couple of reasons, I just think it's just spambots ... but I've put a lid on it now.

However, I'm continuing to look for more security measures. I did look at Spyware but I've already got something similar on my system. I was really interested in the website you linked. Thanks again.

Guys, I'm going to go try ONE MORE TIME to do a continuous warp on my loom ... later ...

My lucky number is 11!

zadie k
05-04-2004, 12:03 PM
It is nice to see people doing so well (generally speaking). I haven't been weighing in recently. Too much stress right now, and I just can't bring myself to step on the scale. I am exercising regularly however, and eating fairly responsibly, so hopefully it will work out OK. I have a doctor appointment today, so I will not be able to avoid the scale. Kind of scared about the appointment, but I finally had to make one because I was getting stressed out by some of the things that my body has been doing. Sometimes I think I am a hypochondriac, but my past health problems give me reason for concern. So we shall see.

Lucky number: 8

05-04-2004, 01:08 PM
Well, I'm back. Can't seem to get going today!!!!!

Zadie, you are NOT a hypochondriac and your health is important!! You are doing the right thing by taking care of it. Hope thy doctor's appointment helps alleviate anything that's going on. It's really best NOT to get on the scale if you're stressing big time ... remember that cortisol (stress hormone) can make it almost impossible to lose weight ... it's a good hormone if you're a cavewoman and have to run away from a dinosaur, but not so good for us in the 21st century ... well, actually there's a lot of stuff we still need to run away from but that's another post ...

Kaylets, it was 101 here yesterday, should reach 103 today and for the rest of the week. Par for the course, though, no biggie! That's actually pleasant weather here. Beyond 110 it's hot; beyond 120, forget about it! :yes: :)

05-04-2004, 01:44 PM
Guten Morgen!

Ick. Had half of a blended green tea/honeydew latte and can't go on. Too sweet! And it looks like a class of guacamole with a straw.

I watched "The Magdalene Sisters" last night, then an hour-long documentary about the same. I highly recommend this movie, though (as you can guess) it's not very happy. And I didn't get any urges to cry until I saw/heard the interviews with some of the real Magdalenes, watched their hands shake as they talked about their babies being taken away, being whipped/shorn by the nuns, what the priest did...I hate to be controversial, but it's enough to put you off church for good. Now I have the damned Joni Mitchell song in my head. :mad:

I think my lucky number is 5. I was born May 25, 1975 (5/25/75) and it just gives me a good feeling. Like a friend. 8 gives me the willies, kind of. It seems like a "mean" number. How weird...

Zadie, hats off to you, m'dear! I'm so glad you were able to find assistance with your flying woes. Aren't drugs grand? :dizzy: I'm so glad you had a good time, and you represented , girl! Thanks for that. Thinking about you with your Dr. appointment today.

Amarantha, Eydie's right about that 100% body-respect thing. I was reading that and sucking on the guacamole smoothie, slowly going into sugar shock, when the words hit me upside the head. Smoothie went down the drain, and I'm trying to dilute the whole disaster with copious amounts of water. Ah, Amarantha, wouldn't some clarity be lovely. Let's imagine we're sitting on a cabin porch at night (full moon), with woods behind us and lake in front. The moon's shining on the lake, the stars are out, there's a mild breeze shushing through the trees, and we've just had a Corona and we're sharing innermost thoughts. That's when I get clarity, baby. Join me! You too, Arabella.

Yes, Eydie, that body respect thing helped a lot. Thank you. And I'll bet you look just like a Bond girl in your new suit, except that you're not mindless, trained in martial arts or easy.

Arabella, you go! Damn, girl, you're cutting down on the hours (yes, please do that before you start aging 5 years in the average work week) and exercising like a machine! Good on ya. Here, have a banana: :cb:

Ugh. I can't even eat my apple. That latte has gotten me so queasy I can't even handle the sugar in an apple. What's happening to me? Oops, I know. Confession time (very, very embarrassing): you know how we all have those silly foods that get us every bloody time? Here's one of mine. Wait for it...powdered Gatorade. Eaten slowly off a spoon. Powdered. Weird, I know, but powdered drinks were our only candy sometimes in boarding school in Africa. Or tins of sweetened condensed milk. Hey, how many people can blame their dietary shortcomings on being raised in the African jungle? But it's true...I've never gotten over my love for powdered drinks. I'll bet you're all shuddering, thinking of what my blood sugar must do when I eat it, and indeed, my body temp. shoots up and all that. So. Here I am playing **** with my blood sugar by eating something that was never meant to be consumed in that way.

Anyway, I'll be off in a minute to the journal thread to declare myself off refined sugar for a while. I've never done it before - we'll see if it helps with the sweating and queasy stomach and stuff. Thanks for listening and not laughing TOO hard at my silliness. :^:

Kaylets, you have made staggering progress. I'm agog. :yikes: I think 5 years ago I was, let's see...I was 24, married one year, living in Texas, eating meat, picking fights with poor Ramon, but I can't remember why. Huh. I've observed that we've fought less and less over the years, and the main reason, easily discernible, is because I have gotten my head out of know. It's really, really true. I'm embarrassed that it's true, but happy for both of us that I'm doing something right. Wow. Even though I haven't made much progress health-wise (well, yes I have. I consider not eating meat any more a move in the right direction), I have improved the quality of my life and marriage a hundred-fold. Thanks for helping me see it, Kaye.

Punkin? Puuuuuuuunkiiiiiiin. Hey!

Frogs, check in and keep us from worrying too much, OK? How's life, dearest?

Thank you all again for the warmth I encounter coming into the castle. I think we keep each other saner than we know.

Countdown until I'm 29: 21 days. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!

zadie k
05-04-2004, 05:38 PM
Back from the doctor. Not too bad. I have an inflammation of the tissue between my ribs. Much less scary than other chest pain causes.

Cerise - I did not mind 29 too much, although I have a fondness for ages divisible by 4, so I missed 28 terribly. But this fall I turn 32, so it will all be good again. Plus looking at everyones progress over the years, it seems that we truly do get better with age.

Speaking of getting better every year, my goodness Kaylets, that is quite a change in 5 years.

Amarantha - Cortisol, huh. I did not know that. I will from now on only stress out when running away dinosaurs. Thank you for permission to worry about my health. My grandmother truly was a hypochondriac so I get concerns sometimes. She self medicated in a bizarre ways. I also inherited her wide Latvian figure.

Yes, the Doctor did weigh me, and yes it did really truly suck.

05-04-2004, 07:02 PM
Kaylets, your perspective on what was going on a mere 5-4-3-2 years ago was enlightening. Nobody's said it in a while so I will: WE'RE HEALTHIER THAN WE'VE BEEN IN YEARS!
And my lucky numbers are 9 or 13. I love 13!!! :D

Amarantha, 101 degrees! Must be that famous 'dry heat', not that moist heavy heat like here in Virginia. Fiddle dee dee, I simply wilt. [Please read that last sentence with a Scarlett O'Hara accent!]

Arabella, yeah, that much work can't be good! Wow, 20 minutes from the beach---what a gift!

zadie, what causes inflammation of tissues or is it one of those fluke-y things? Did the doc give you any advice for it, or is it one of those things you just wait out?

Cerise, it made me giggle hearing about early relationship with Ramon. When Garry and I first got to gether I did everything to push him away, testing his love and all that kind of foolishness. And I recall that I was a big sulker too. Emabarrassing! What was I thinking? I can't believe that i've known him for 20 years now! With age comes wisdom---I hope!

05-04-2004, 08:51 PM
Kaylets, what a regal gift that was - to go help out dh with that big job.

Zadie, I'm glad the medical problem is of a preferred sort. Though as I recall from a long ago time, that can be pretty painful. And believe it or not, my problem came from a bear hug. And the dr. questioned me not too subtly about possibly being abused.

Hey, I see that green warning again. I usually just hit quick reply.

Ah yes, Wood Nymph, sounds like the second job is eating up a lot of your life. I'm sure the money is tempting but what is the price of going to the beach? A worthy goal that is.

Cerise, I've read of the "Magdalene Sisters" but not seen it. Sounds very sad. That latte sounded yucky (sort of like my cottage cheese/cantelope smoothie) until you mentioned the Gator powder. Wishing you well with the sugar avoidance.

And Eydie, I loved the reminder that we only get one body. It's one of these things we all know but don't alwayrs REALLY KNOW until it hits like a ton of bricks.

How did the warp go, Empress?

Well, after five months I made it to the rehab pool today. Aaaaaaaah. That warm water helped a lot. That movement helped a lot. Hopefully it will help me lose an ounce or two.

My favorite number is four. We were married on the fourth and when the kids were here our family was four. No other reason it just seems to work out nicely. When I can't decide which horse to be, I go for #4.

Car? Well it would be the one I drive now. Maybe an up to date one of the same but I had a chance to replace it last summer and fought tooth and nail to replace dh's instead. It has about 108,000 miles on it but it's still a lovely car and I love driving it. When we go anywhere, esp a distance, we go in dhs new Camry so mine should last as long as I do.

Ah yes. What I love about my yard this week is the white lilacs just outside the back door of the garage. They are blooming profusely and the rain this week just pushed the scent to be stronger. Don't have the patio ready for breakfast yet, Eydie. Just been too cold. But soon. Another small joy to look forward to.

05-04-2004, 09:31 PM
Yo!!!! Cerise, thou couldst have been my twin-in-sugar growing up (in a family where everyone has diabetes). I used to sneak sugar out to the front porch in a napkin and just sit and eat it. It was before powdered Gatorade or I'd have done that, too!!!

I'd love to sit on the front porch with thee, Arabella and all the :queen: s and seek clarity. My front porch at the moment is frying in the late afternoon sun, but I'm picturing a dark and shady one somewhere in the mountains with the sun going down.

I have some good stories about friendship and front porches that I'll share when I'm not braindead!!!

Avanti, :queen: s!!! My all-fruit smoothie awaits. That's actually kind of high glycemic but I DO need some fruit. Had no vege at all today. Terrible nutrition.

05-04-2004, 09:56 PM
Speaking of front porches, I have a wonderful large picture hanging over my desk at work of a shady patio that overlooks a sandy beach and blue water with an empty muskoka chair just waiting for someone to sit in it and watch the waves. There is a whole series of these pictures scattered throughout the office. I escape to mine several times a day!

Favorite number? 2

I bought myself a couple of CDs on the weekend: Josh Groban's "Closer" and Norah Jones' "Feels Like Home". WOW. Double WOW. Hearing Josh's "You Raise Me Up" in surround sound had me in tears. My best friend, the gorgeous Irishman, is the person in my life who raises me up...I will forever think of him when I hear this song. And Norah is incredible as always.

Eydie, congrats on the new suit!

Zadie, my sister had an infection in the layer of tissue around her ribs and it was quite painful, I remember. Take it easy!

Cerise, that latte sounds truly horrible. But I don't like honeydew. Good luck with the sugar...I about took someone's head off, turned it inside out, and gave it back to them after three days of no carbs/sugar. DH held me down and force fed me chocolate. He insisted it was out of fear for his life and he wouldn't be held responsible. One bite of choclate and I was like a junkie who just got a fix. Scary stuff.

anagram, glad to hear you're back at the pool! I've been thinking of taking up pool visits one or two nights a week.

Kaylets, your progess is terrific!

Hello to all...hey, tomorrow is Hump Day already!! Whooo Hooo!

05-05-2004, 08:13 AM
Hello all!!

Hello all!

Here we go Wednesday, here we go!!!

Can you believe its Wednesday already??

Hope everyone is feeling well!

Was thinking just last n ight as I leafed thru a grocery flyer as I stood in the bank line about how some of the pictures were "calling my name" ... but then I thought about my Monday weighin which just Monday was "a week away" but now, Tuesday was "less than a week away".... and decided that I will try my best to just say " 6 days away... 4 days away" because for me a week sounds longer than "7 days"....

Probably sounds silly to most of you but I know it makes a difference to me and I figure it this way....

Thought of the day :

"You are asked to love your neighbor as yourself.
You are not called upon to share his opinions."
-- Aubrey Menen

Question of the day :

" Do you have any allergies?"


Had time to read your posts and wish I could stay and hangout but not now...
Here's a big ((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))) ) for everyone....

and yes, lets open up the cabin!! Sounds just what I need!

Empress! No matter the temperature, you're still the KEWLEST!~
Eydie! And you're too SEXY for the Palace!
Arabella! I agree! Either more cash or to the curb!
Cerise! Keep smiling! And tell us more about the Voice Lessons!
Wildfire! Honest, how is life treating you?
Ceara! Beastie puppies?? Need a status please!
Anagram! Hmmmmm.... Brillant thought just occured to me... As our Q of Words, would you be interested in hosting a Word of the day for us???
WSW! Still got your seat here, nice and warm! We're bringing to the cabin...
Follow the royal cruise director!!
Zadie! Hey! Not to fret about the scale! You know what to do! THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY!!! ( sorry, I'll use my inside voice!)
Punkin???? need a status please?



05-05-2004, 09:48 AM
Wildfire, what a CIVILIZED place your new job is! Was reading in paper this a.m. about a new vending machine company devoted to healthy food choices. May they succeed!

Rainy Wednesday here. Going to a summer theatre matinee this afternoon (Smoky Joe's Cafe) for our weekly getaway.

Demon Scale is reeling me in and I hope there's no letdown later in the week. Having just seen a new low last week, I was surprised to see the next number down popup yesterday so of course I had to weigh again today to see the further number down show up at least briefly. I think the three day eating binge might have shaken up the old metabolism a bit. Or maybe the water exercising. Or maybe last week's cortisone shot (though I thought they usually make me gain). Whatever, I hope it's not just DS toying with me again but this morning I was a full 2 pounds down from my Mayday goal weight. With the one reading being even slightly lower than that. I know, I know, DS wll probably give me a shock again soon but for now I'm enjoying.

05-05-2004, 01:21 PM
Yowza!!! I'm in brevity mode as I have to get to dentist and I just keep typing!!!! So apologies but this is a runon response ...

Anagram, :cheer: for the :devil: Scale droppage!!! Huzzah!!! I'm hoping thou be right about the binge thing helping the metabolism 'cause I've had a number of binges recently.

Kaylets, I love thy motivational trick ... my weigh-in is just "fill in blank" days away!!! That's my mantra today! And, thank thee, I AM rather kewl! :)

Wildfire: What is a muskokoa chair? Is it like an Anirondracks (sp? ... I don't know how to spell that and have no time to look it up) chair? That's what I'm picturing ... thanks for the peaceful image this a.m. ...

Eydie: It's quite a dry heat this time of year, but the dry heat thing that is oft spoken of re Arizona isn't really that accurate ... it's quite humid during much of year and getting more so because folks keep coming out here and planting stuff so's it'll look like the midwest to them and not the desert that it's supposed to be ... no offense to anyone reading this, but hast thou all considered native vegetation for thy yards? We'd all appreciate it. Thankee. :)

Zadie, that inflammation soundeth like not a happy thing at all but glad it's not something worse. Please get some rest ... no running from dinosaurs for awhile ... think front porch with a mystery novel, Godiva chocolates, a white wooden chair, the ocean ...

Er, I have to stop thinking like that right now or I'll be on the couch instead of the dentist chair ..

Later, gators, er, no, NO GATOR, Cerise, no, no, no! :nono: :whip: :nono:

05-05-2004, 03:11 PM
Happy Cinqo de Mayo!!! :hat:

Since my husband is half-Mexican, I feel it incumbent upon us to go out and get pissed tonight. No, only joking. We'll probably stay home, raise bottles of Corona and then do a couple of Tequila shots together and call it a night. Ah, old age. :D

Ew, Amarantha, good luck at the dentist's. Thanks for your encouragment, dear Sugar Twin, as always. I've read about "the greening of Arizona" - Barbara Kingsolver has a lot (none complimentary) to say about those shortsighted enough to actually irrigate lawns in the middle of the desert. Poor silly poopyheads. :p

Anagram, here's to your weight loss and daily subjugation of Demon Scale!!! :hat: Keep on! Keep on!

Kaylets, re: Voice Lessons. I'm having my first this Friday. The teacher and I took that long to coordinate schedules. I'm hoping to get some good guidance from her, but I dream of a day when I can actually know what to do, make decisions without endless vaccillating, steer my own bloody course...I'm learning more and more that I am LOUSY at making even the simplest decisions without to-ing and fro-ing for ages. Drives me crazy, and it's causing a long, long stall in the Process of What to Do With My Life. Argh. Anyway, I hope this teacher is what I need right now. I think she is. Or maybe not... :rolleyes:

Wildfire, your husband/chocolate story made me laugh out loud. Thanks - I needed it. :lol:

Eydie, thanks so much for revealing your early times with Garry. It was really comforting, and I was able to assure Ramon that even a paragon of healthy social/psychological development such as yourself could point to silly relationship behavior in the past. He seemed somewhat relieved, since he knows you by reputation to be a wonderful person. Perhaps there's hope for his tempestuous wife after all. Well, I don't think he's ever doubted that I had at least the potential for wonderfulness - I know he thinks I've arrived already, mostly. We concluded this lovely conversation with a tiff over ordering the pizza. My god. :bomb: Somebody In Charge has a wicked sense of humor.

Zadie, how does one acquire inflamed rib flesh, may I ask? Glad the chest pains aren't anything more alarming, my dear. And I highly doubt you're a hypochondriac. My grandmother was one, too, but I take my fears to the doctor anyway, then put them easily to rest. Mostly. ;)

Love to all,
Cerise the Gator Slayer

05-05-2004, 06:53 PM
Hello Friends!
Just wanted to quickly pop by to say that I'm feeling ridiculously positive about everything now.

Thanks Cerise, for your kind assessment of my psychological state. Yes, tell Ramone that it does get better and better and better!!!!! Maintaining a good marriage is one of the things I'm most proud of---maybe the #1 thing!

Anagram, congrats on being 2 pounds down! :D

Kaylets, I can't believe it's Wednesday already--I can't believe it's May already. And a mere 20 days till that most sacred of days, right, Cerise? ;)

Where's our Punkin? Friday's almost upon us! Probably frolicking under the full moon last night....

05-05-2004, 06:55 PM
AAAAAGH, don't remind me, Eydie!!!! EEEEEEEK!!!

I'm gonna be twenty-niiiiiiiii-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-iiiiiine!!!!! *sobbing*

05-06-2004, 02:53 AM
Twenty-nine is a mere babe in the woods, Cerise!

I have socks older than that! :)

Sorry, old joke, but actually true!

05-06-2004, 07:23 AM
Hello all!

Did I hear a scream echoing throughout the palace?? I don't need to repost my speech on "Life just keeps better and better " do I ?? Just kidding!

Dragging myself some yesterday and today... know I am still feeling the effects of 2 non stop weekends in a row... in fact, both of them were veritably napless....

Ah well....
The good news is that it is Thursday, scale is back downt that 1 lb, got a great deal on Portabella Mushrooms bigger than my hand -- about 3 of them for .99.... found them in the " reduced bin" . In fact, I've been wondering if I should pay more attention to the sales in the same grocery as I pass by it twice a day... got to do something to counteract these gas increases!!

ah well....
Who would have thought that a bargain on mushrooms would cheer me so...
Must be because they are a Fun Gui ( pronounce Fun guy!)
I told you I thought caffeine was making me silly!
Can't take credit for that silly one, someone at work just used it yesterday...

Ah well...

Thought of the day :

"The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next."
-- Mignon McLaughlin

Question of the day :

" How many televisions do you have?"


Kettle is on!

05-06-2004, 07:43 AM
Good morning :queen:ies! Flying by to say hi :wave: Was feeling slightly under the weather yesterday and decided not to exercise. I feel okay today but have a busy day lined up (last of the big editing days of the financial reporting qtr.) I'm waffling on quitting that -- busiest times over, they need me :rolleyes:, we can use the extra $$. I'll see what it seems like after this week. We've got a conference call tomorrow to discuss editing issues. We'll see...

K. I better go so I have time to get to the gym this a.m. Love to all!

05-06-2004, 09:46 AM
Was that Cerise's scream or mine? Went to bed at 10:00, woke at 1:00, came downstairs at 3:00, fell asleep about 4:30, etc. Going to be a struggle, esp. foodwise as I started out at 4:30 with today's eating. Am about ready for my second breakfast. Good news is I did some serious work between 3 and 4:30.

Little Cerise, trust Auntie Kaylets. It does get better and better. 29 was one of those really good ages for me but I wouldn't go back. And like Eydie, having worked out a good (dare I say great?) marriages is a source of great joy to me. And we had lots of "remolding discussions" is our time too.

Hope some of the gloom is sorting out, Empress, and that your work load is less for a day or two so you can do Empress empowering thingies. You, too, Wood Nymph. Always best to make decisions when you're not directly under the gun but do factor YOU and BEACH VISITS into the mix. Thanks for the kind words, Kaylets, but finding unfamiliar words for this erudite bunch would be almost impossible.

Thinking of you, Diva wsw, and hope you're able to be lurking. Also Punkin. We're needing a full moon report. And a report on the new job, Wildfire. Also a six monther on Kaylet's new job and how the transfer is working out overall. I know where your pound went (or came). It liveth in my scale as I'm up a pound after eating out yesterday.

While watching the delightful show yesterday I was reminded so much of Ceara and Cerise while enjoying the talented young people 'putting themselves out there'.

Sun is shining, supposed to be nice, today's scheduled to be a pool day. Also scheduled to be a "shot" day for dh - not my favorite thing to do and I'm sure not his either. But "the good w/the bad", you know.

So off to it ..........

05-06-2004, 02:42 PM
Yo! Flybye as I've identified two hours I can rest before I have to go work again in the mountains ... will be back late tonight with my menu/exercise report.

Hope thy shot day goeth well, Anagramatic. Yea, the clouds are lifting a bit and yea we do need some more folkettes to come back here to the palace and give us an update. The towel boys are restless again.

Later ...

05-06-2004, 05:10 PM
Happy Friday eve!

Well, semi-happy.... like semi-sweet. A little happy, a little uh, NOT happy!?!?

First, full moon ritual on the beach was a blast. Cold, but a blast. Considering the howling wind we thought it ironic that the only candle that stayed lit was on the east altar representing air. Our condos (we had 2 side-by-side) were literally 100 feet from a cliff overlooking the ocean so we heard the crashing surf all night. Ok, I heard the seagulls all night too, but the sound of the ocean was the BEST!

Then, I get back to work on Tuesday and at the end of the day - my problem employee quit with no notice. He had the day off, called and said he wasn't coming back. $#%&@ arse. I'm 1/4 really angry, 1/4 not surprised at all and 1/2 relieved. We were trying to figure out how to fire him legally a few months ago - problem solved.

However, this week's been utter chaos getting things settled. We've got to hire someone for a job that doesn't really exist - mechanic that goes to the work. Ug. I'll probably be MIA quite a bit until things are back to status quo.

Quick posties!

Zadie, of course you've got a summer place! Pick one of us and go! :wave: Good to hear the doc's diagnosis wasn't too serious. Relief!

Eydie, loved what you posted from Debrena Jackson Gandy. How true it is... if we were given one car for our whole life we'd treat it better than we do our bodies. :dz:

Kaylets, saw your post awhile back about my email. Yes, it's changed, but not much - still punkinseed then a little "at" symbol and then earthlink then dot net. Let's see the spam bots figure THAT out as an email address!
Thrilled to hear that little girl is doing so wonderfully! Never underestimate the power of positive thoughts and prayer huh?

Cerise, I'm so sorry to hear about Callie. I lost my last childhood pet about 6 years ago - a 15 year old yellow lab named Neff (short for Nefertiti, as our other lab was Sheba). Still cried, didn't matter how old I was, or she was. Consider yourself virtually hugged. AND I'm SO STOKED about your women's group!!!!! :cb: Don't feel bad, I cry almost every time during ritual and very easily around this group. It's like a "guilt-free" zone and we're all free to be, do, feel, say and express however we want or need to. It's a gift to find people like that. As women we give, give, give - occassionally we need someone else to do the giving so we can take. Your group was reassuring and that tells me they're a-ok!
I have Magdalene Sisters in my Netflix list o' things to see! Thanks for the recommendation, Ebert... or do ya wanna be Roeper? Who would really want to be either?? :shrug:

Wildfire - I'm with ya! 5 pounds is what I need to focus on - not the 15 I've gained... :eek: NO, loose 5 pounds three times! :yes:

Anagram, thank you for finding and furnishing our new palace! The other was getting a bit spacious wasn't it??

Arabella, ok, tell me over and over and over about what a great stress reducer exercise is!!!!!! I know it is, but my GOD someone needs to pound it in to my head now! Goodness knows I need the stress reduction... and no, there's not enough money on earth to make up for too long hours, too stressful a' job and time away from a life away from work. I'll send you some "perfect job" mojo... :wizard:

I can't resist Kaylets 5,4,3,2,1 idea... I started to think about it and almost cried.
(quit smoking 10+ years ago - smart girl!)

5 years ago I was contemplating divorce (filed in August)
4 years ago I was in the thick of an ugly divorce (was final in October)
3 years ago I bought my first house
2 years ago I started getting my physical & emotional health back permanently
1 year ago I became an adult by caring for my mother during the beginning stages of breast cancer treatment.

I say "became an adult" because until my mom got sick I really didn't feel or act all that different than I did in high school. But seeing that it was entirely possible to loose a parent took that feeling of "eternal youth" and invincibility away. In my pre-cancer mind my parents would both die very old, very gray, in their beds asleep some night many, many moons from now. Now, I know they can also die very young, very vibrant and far too soon. I'll always mourn the loss of that old ideal.

Yes, can you guys believe it's been a year? In April '03 they had an idea that it was cancer, but in May '03 they were positive and the battle began. I can't freakin' believe it's been a year! Mums has a nice head of curly hair now and it's easy to forget it all happened... but we never will.

Cyber hugs all around,


zadie k
05-06-2004, 05:28 PM
Another crazy busy day. We have a new automated phone system at work and we are still getting to know it. Meaning that people have no clue how it works.

The rib tissue swelling thing can come from anything from an infection to exercise. It is actually not too painful and I am on some medication that should make it go away.

Punkin - the ritual sounds really lovely. I love wild and windy nights.

Arabella - i think that whatever you decide about the second job will work out in the end. that whole time v. money thing is always hard. at least the busy time is over now.

QOD: i have one little television. it hides in the back bedroom.

Kaylets - congrats on the scale movement in the downward direction

cerise - 29 is a very good vintage

eydie - there is absolutely nothing wrong with being positive :)

amarantha - is the spam blocker working out? i have started to have some minor problems. hmmm.

at any rate i must get back to working. yikes.

05-06-2004, 06:47 PM
Aghaghaghagha. I will NEVER LEARN!!!!

You know how I bought those cute, above-the-knee skirts this last weekend at Lane Bryant? Today I finally wore one to work (with a girdle - I have become my grandmother :no: ), but couldn't bear to wear it with my Dansko shoes. So I stuffed my feet into an old, admittedly cool pair of black platform high heels. No, not the porn queen kind! The thing is, I wore those suckers 30 pounds ago, and I don't care what anyone says, my feet definitely got fatter! I put them on with full foreknowledge of the fact that a. They were going to hurt on top because the shoe cutting into the fat on the top of my feet, b. They were going to be hard as **** to walk up and down hills in, and c. The balls of my feet (you know, the only part of my foot bearing my full 215-pound weight?) were going to start smarting straight away. All of this has come to pass tenfold (you never really know how much pain you're in for when you put on something uncomfortable and ill-fitting at the start of the day), with a bonus to tack on. I fell. In the middle of the street, in front of a car waiting for me to get out of the crosswalk. Onlookers. No one came to my aid, since I only feel on one knee, but I was kind of glad. Oy. Thank god for workplace first aid kits. I haven't skinned a knee in years. :rolleyes: Oh, yeah, and my HIPS, which have been diagnosed with mild arthritis since I last wore these damned shoes, are taking the whole thing as a personal insult. I'm in pain on so many levels. Surviving 3 more hours of work and the walk/bus home is going to be a challenge.

OK, enough complaining. I did this to myself.

Zadie, Auntie Kaylets, Anagram. I'm not really that upset about reaching the age of 29. It's not about "oldness". It's more like, "What the bloody **** have I done with my life, my money, my talents in all this time?!?!?!?! Nothing!!!!" I think most people passing out of their 20s (WAAAAAAAA!!!) go through this, and I have really done OK. I don't have much credit card debt, Ramon and I have fed and clothed and housed ourselves, 2 cats and 2 birds very comfortably, etc. And I have a great marriage to literally the best man I have ever known. And the best-looking, besides that gorgeous guy who nearly does it with Laura Linney in "Love, Actually". Yum, yum. Well no, in all fairness, Ramon looks even better to me than that guy. So, I'm OK. I think what's NOT helpful is the fact that old classmates and even some family keep asking why I'm not famous, not using my talent to make money, etc. Ugh. None of them get any birthday cake. :mad:

Calming down...

Ew, Zadie, I HATE new phone systems. Especially if you're answering the phone and you can't figure out how to transfer, etc. You end up sounding like a real chump. I'm glad you're on meds for your ribs, poor baby.

QOD: we have one TV for movies. We don't actually watch any TV programs. Advertising makes me break out in hives.

Punkin, I'm so glad you had a good time on the beach! Lucky pooter. I hope my circle starts getting up to those shenanigans - it's relatively new. Yep, they're great ladies. I understand your feelings about the problem employee. Replacing people is such a hassle, but hopefully this will be a change for the better. Anyway, good luck replacing him, and we'll be thinking of you if you're AWOL. :wave: And tell your Mum that we're all remembering a year gone since she found out about her cancer! A year ago you were probably wondering if "this, too" really would pass, poor thing. Hopefully going forward the "patient" can be YOU, love. I just hope you're being taken care of a bit, too, Punkin.

Hello, Angram. "Shot" day? Sounds not fun at all. Why do you have to give your husband a shot? Ow for both of you! You know, I had a problem server last night and it reminded me of you and The Special Place. I was mean and called the manager today about it, but this server wasn't new or anything - she gave us a litany of complaints about how tired she was, how many tables she had to wait on, then when we asked for more salad (we had to ask twice), she huffed about how "everyone" needed more and she couldn't believe how fast we were eating it. Wow. We were pretty gracious, I think, and tipped like normal, but I couldn't let it go at that. I feel pretty passive-aggressive about it - maybe I should've talked to her privately - but jeez.

Arabella, I'm sure you'll decide the right thing. It's interesting, Quality of Life can go either way - sometimes more money's worth sacrificing some of your time, and sometimes no amount of money can replace the quiet time you desperately need. Good luck figuring out which is which this time, dear. :dizzy:

Kaylets, I KNOW in theory that Life Keeps Getting Better and Better, and even have nearly 3 decades (WAAAAAAA!!!!) to attest to that very fact. I don't know what's wrong with me...

Yeah, no more caffeine for you. Nope. I hope you have a restful weekend lined up this time, my dear. No naps is not acceptable. :nono:

All right, Miss Amarantha-with-29-year-old-socks. I get your point, your Majesty. :lol:

OK, off to work. Love to all n'stuff.

05-06-2004, 06:50 PM
By the way, Ramon has been published. He did the cover art for a novel a friend of his wrote. Here's the link - that's one of his finer pencil pieces:

I'm so proud...

05-06-2004, 08:36 PM
Hello all!

How nice to see so many posts tonight....

Ouch... I remember the last time I forced myself to wear cute shoes ...
I'd be almost tempted to go home barefoot if could ....

and you're not wasting your talent, you have a new voice teacher and the next step is what to sing first....
Besides, looks as though you're partnership w/ Ramon the artist is flowering beautifully... the book cover is AMAZING...... wow.

Punkin... your trip sounds incredible... your description of the sound of the ocean was perfect. Glad its a year for Mom and the results are so wonderful.
And yes, I can relate to that first lightbulb moment of being without them.

Empress... cannot imagine the heat you've got to deal with....I know when I'm in Florida its very easy for me to be overcome.... I can easily imagine myself with a daily siesta if I wasnt in constant a/c...

Anagram... Interesting that you'd be asking for an update... I had an experience today that crystalized a feeling I'd been trying to squash for awhile... In fact, I have decided I must take action... this new slot doesnt fit any better than Cerise's platforms... I am spending much too much time "waiting" for that "level of comfort"... just wish I had seen the handwriting on the wall sooner...

Zadie-- Oh, yes, I can relate....luckily, most of us use the phone enough that the pain of learning doesnt last that long... if the phone was only used once a week, it would be an entirely different issue...
But keep smiling... I'm sure as soon as you tell your caller you've using a new system, they aren't suprised by anything that happens....

Eydie--Please send positive vibes my way... I could use meter shows me below half....

ok all!

I'm thinking of a long hot shower....

05-06-2004, 09:04 PM
Oh, Kaylets, sorry to hear that. I was just thinking that it's six months and that's a fair time to see the lay of the land. I also felt the feeling wasn't coming through that you were bouncing around about the job. Was hoping I was wrong.

Cerise, I give dh shots of Procrit because he has an anemia related to his kidney damage. It's back to once a week at the moment but changes depending on test results. I am so excited about Ramon being published. What a big step; he's crossed over into another realm careerwise. Hope lots of good comes from that.The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 sagas are really interesting. Mine would probably all relate to medical milestones.
Ten years ago I was still playing golf, nine years ago I was on a cane outside the house, seven years ago I had first knee replaced but second went bad so it was cane again, three years ago I had second one done, two years ago I was able to walk a lot better (though not at "exercise" level) and also went into remission enough to go off one my "bad" medicines (though I note it was great really because it put me into a "remission" of sorts). Since I was then in better shape than I had been in for years I decided to work further on my health while I was not on steroids or shots or lots of medicines (though still on some). That's when I started on this journey. One year ago I had lost about 40 lbs and dh was starting to come back from his really bad time. I thought I had the world by the tail and then Mom became worse and exercise per se went out the window for a while. I'm not in full remission at the moment but am pulling it back together from recent flare and some other things and think I can once again say "I'm healthier than I've been in years".

It is hard to believe, Punkin, that a whole year has flown by- thankfully with a good outcome.

I don't know about 29 year old socks but I sure do have some old clothes still hanging upstairs - they're really too historical now to part with them but have no idea what to do with them. There is a campus about an hour away where they have a clothing archive but they're short of money and aren't taking anything else last I heard.

Be safe driving those mountains tonight, Empess.

05-06-2004, 09:21 PM
Cerise, how exciting for Ramon!!!! :D Garry's an artist too and I called him in and we were both so impressed. We were both reminded of William Blake's stuff. Congrats!
Take care of those tender feeties. I can remember working retail years ago and hobbling out to the parking lot in my stocking feet--I just couldn't wear those shoes one minute more. I don't do 'cruel shoes' anymore----well, not for long periods of time anyway!

Punkin, thanks for telling us about your full moon ritual. Oh to be there!

Anagram, thank you for sharing some of your journey with us. Hey, it might be interesting to speculate on where we want to be in 1-2-3-4-5 years? I love things like that! I'm sure it'll get better and better.... :D To quote our beloved Empress: "Yowza!"

Speaking of that, as I approach my 41st birthday I'm seeing that I'm liking my 40's a lot. So far so good!

05-07-2004, 01:56 PM
Yo! Apologies as in brevity mode big time, eg, I have to get some work done! :)

Zadie, yea, my new spam blocker is very effective. I'm zapping those :devil: s right and left these days ... my inbox be mine own again!

Yo, Punkin, I loved thy full moon ritual story also ... wish I had a group like that ...

Eydie, I think it's really fun to have a five-year plan ... I think everyone should write them up just as thou we all were little organizations ... with mission statements, too!!! Thought I was missing thee in the journal thread for Thursday and then realized I posted so late I was just behind thee all!!!

Kaylets, the heat's really not bad, although I kind of felt it when I went running with trainer at 8 a.m. ... I missed the part where thou was having trouble with the job ? Or did I ... I'm confused. Hope all's well.

To all others who mayhap I'm missing, I gotta go and hope thou understandeth!!!! Yowza!

zadie k
05-07-2004, 05:04 PM
Brevity mode. I really like the idea of a five year plan. The only problem is that I frequently have no idea what I am doing.

Last night had dinner with mom and both of my sisters. Figured out that I am now the most overweight member of the bunch, with both sisters now downright skinny. I do not begrudge this, but it really makes me want to get things into gear.

Cerise - the cover is lovely. do not worry about the "what have i done" issue. when I turned 29 I was once again a student. talk about regressing. But it is not a race and there is no deadline when you have to decide or accomplish something. The journey is the important part.

At any rate, I suppose I should get back to work. The phone system is going better today. We have some kinks worked out plus our administrative assistant is in today.

05-07-2004, 05:25 PM
Great idea, Eydie and Empress. I'm going to give a lot of thought to a five year plan. It should really help me focus on honing my life even further.

zadie k
05-07-2004, 06:48 PM
I am having one of those "if only I could find a quick fix kind of days." You know the days I am talking about...the ones where you look at all of the really stupid diet websites. Actually I avoid the commercial product sites, but still, the ones I looked at were pretty bad. Now I feel like I need to be deprogrammed.

05-07-2004, 08:54 PM
Hello all!

Server was not working this am so here I am now.

Empress.... I really hadnt said much and really havent had a real "problem" ...
it seems to be more a case of "it doesnt fit" .... I still have enormous respect for the manager, I am very excited about the technology but I just can't seem to "make it mine".... Its an entirely different rhythm than the other group and I also seem to be a beat or two behind... and am starting to realize this just doesnt fit.... still like the car, its a great ride but no matter how I try, I'm smashing it up trying to get it into the garage....

and am beginning to see where I am frustrating others becuase I am not on top of things yet.... I am more a liability than an asset... and the more stress I feel, the harder it is to think clearly and do make fast, clear decisions...


I await my boss's return on Monday.. want to speak to him first ... he deserves it.. he is a good boss... hope he is more understanding than offended...
And then again, there is a very real chance I will be told that I am not giving this enough time and should remain where I am ......

Here's a thought of the day :

The Four Minute Mile

Remember the four-minute mile? People had been trying to achieve it since the days of the ancient Greeks. In fact, folklore has it that the Greeks had lions chase the runners, thinking that it would make them run faster. They also tried tiger's milk. Nothing worked. So they decided it was impossible. And for thousands of years everyone believed it. It was physiologically impossible for a human to run a mile in four minutes. Our bone structure was all wrong. Wind resistance too great. Inadequate lung power. There were a million reasons. Then one man, one single human being, proved that the doctors, the trainers, the athletes, and the millions and millions before him who tried and failed, were all wrong. And then the miracle of miracles, the year AFTER Roger Banister broke the four minute mile, 37 other runners broke the four minute mile, and the year after that 300 runners broke the four minute mile. What happened? There were no great breakthroughs in training. Human bone structure didn't suddenly improve. But human attitudes did. Banister believed in himself and changed the world. If you believe in yourself, there is nothing you can't do.


05-07-2004, 10:17 PM
I'm only here for a moment between movies (just watched Calendar Girls - fabulous!!!, and have In America waiting), but I had to post to say

:cb: :dancer: :cp: :hyper: :cheer:CONGRATULATIONS, RAMON!!!!!! :encore: :bubbles: :balloons: :hat: :bravo:

Excellent work! What talent! (Inspired, of course, by your Muse, Cerise! ;) ) Good on you!

Cerise, luv, foot soak with epsom salts!

05-07-2004, 10:21 PM
Yo! Still in brevity mode as I'm still working. :)

Kaylets, I'm sorry you're feeling that "doesn't fit" feeling about your new job. I'm fairly familiar with that feeling, except I have it about all my jobs even if I've had them for years! Hoping that whatever decision you make regarding talking to your boss right now is the one that will work out for you best. Maybe you just do need more time to feel comfortable.

I loved thy story about the four minute mile!!!!

Zadie, Anagramatic, and all :queen: s, :wave: ... I have to finish work before I fall asleep. :)

05-08-2004, 11:24 AM
Hello all!

After some doubt, I have had to admit I have a decidely scratchy hoping its because we've been sleeping with the windows open
rather than use the a/c but vote is out. yes, I will go take some more Vitamin C right now....

so, while I took them, I unloaded the dishwasher and hung a load of towels out to dry... I can chat here guilt free for a few moments....

Dh is doing a big yard job today... rebuilding a wall to be exact ...nothing I can help with and I am just not in the mood for yardsaling today... don't ask why.. just not as much fun I guess when he isnt with me...

so... am putting some thoughts on paper for an upcoming speech ... the theme is Heroes Among Us... how more of us pick the "harder" thing to do than the "easier" way... that there are more heroes than we realize... that most of us have a few in our families, our neighborhood, our jobs...


05-08-2004, 02:50 PM
Feel better, :queen: K!!!!! I like the beginnings of thy speech!!!! Avanti!!!

Cerise, how's thy refined sugar countdown coming? Inquiring minds want to know ... doesn't matter if it's short, sweet or sour, I'd love to hear how it's going.

To all, let's go out there and have a great Mommy Day Weekend (I'm only a mommy to a canine, feline and avians, but it counts). Let's all perk up if we're down and report, report, report!!!

As ol' Anne o' the GG saith, "Today is a brand new day with no mistakes in it ... yet!" Or she said words to that effect ... :shrug:

05-08-2004, 06:17 PM
went to meet an old coworker, best friend and after 3 hrs conversation, she says, in a just "Oh, by the way, if you know anybody.... we got an email...there are openings at my job.." well,... her job is w/ the company that downsized... yes, she is in another division but, its a division now managed by the same managers I know.....
Hard to describe the feeling as she told me about the opening... It was though someone had just told me that it was safe to go back home....

I came home and told DH and his first words were..."You can use my computer as it prints better... want the resume to look perfect"....
He says I've not really been happy this whole experience.... interesting what we think we are thinking and what others perceive don't you think??

So... isnt this interesting.....
About a year ago, I took a silly email survey and the outcome said I had "made a large compromise" and was " unhappy" about it... and said to myself " This is hogwash" .... but the feeling today was indescriable... as though a large burden had been lifted....


I guess this is a MMMMMMEEEEEEE post....

also got some cherry, grape and regular tomato plants at the farmers market..
and eggplant too...

this has been an interesting few days...

05-08-2004, 06:50 PM
Kaylets, what an interesting and amazing turn of events. Good vibes at you!

Get that work turned out, Empress. I feel you're churning away at it today.

I'm being lazy. I have felt the last several weeks were go, go, go. And I wanted a slow day or three. I started yesterday afternoon although that wasn't my intent. I've been just lazing along today and would you believe I think I got a lot done anyway? But it was little things I've been wanting to do and just never got to. I'm feeling much more relaxed and plan to do more of the same tomorrow before I jump back into another busy week.

Will not be seeing kiddos on Mother's day - mucho ok w/me as I've seen them more than a fair amount the last two months. DS was "inclined" to come up but had some minor surgery yesterday afternoon which turned out to be more trouble than he had expected and it really doesn't sound like a great idea for him to come. And this plays more into my lazy, lazy scheme. I have always told them I expect to be treated well the other 364 days a year and they do not need to follow the commercial holiday unless they're so inclined. They always do something anyway but it might just be a phone call some years. More than enough. I sort of led them that way w/Father's Day too but then I realized THAT's not MY choice to make. Maybe DH wants to be fussed over a bit.

Well, my universe is a lot more peaceful today - may I wish you all the same.

05-08-2004, 07:26 PM
Yo! Well, I edited the above post to delete any reference to making up a weekly eating plan. I tried it and just realized that for right now, it'd set me up for failure.

Kaylets, that IS interesting news re your former employer having openings. I'm not sure what the icon for crossing fingers is, but consider it inserted here. Isn't it great how the universe opens up options for us that we didn't know existed?

Anagram, nope, I'm not working this afternoon or tomorrow. Did assignment in the a.m. and also emailed editor that I'd need to hold off on another thing I'd agreed to do (but privately felt it should wait upon more data). So I'm now officially not working until Monday.

Later, gators.

05-08-2004, 09:34 PM
Yowza! A weekend off.

05-09-2004, 12:17 PM
Yo! Totally bummed as :devil: Scale pushed me UP (this is the WRONG DIRECTION, :devil: ) past the 150 mark! Actually, I did better this week and should be down, but it's not to be. I could keep getting on and off but it's not going to change that much, so I'm just going to keep on going with my program and see what next week brings. In the meantime, I might as well eat brunch and go shopping.

05-09-2004, 04:21 PM
Its official... I have a cold .... a big stuffy headed, tight chest, don't dare tip your head without a tissue in hand ...... or a horrible allergy reaction...


I'm full of cold/antihistamine and am pretty much calling this a day in bed...
except for having breakfast out and then wandering around the Farmers Market w/ Dh but it was just sheer wandering, not looking....

And of course, there's no way I want to call off tomorrow as I want to speak to my boss ( have to cover all my bases.,....even w/ the other possibility opening up)....

Sorry, I feel like I'm wandering here too....


05-09-2004, 05:01 PM
Yo! Kaylets, feel better. May I venture to give advice here even if it's not solicited (of course, that never stops me)? Since you're working up a submission for the job at your old company, mayhap just holding off at least a few days in talking to the new boss would be a good idea? Just a gut feeling I have. I think you should pursue the other possibility without delay but what can it hurt to wait a bit on playing all your cards? There's no law that says you have to cover all your bases immediately ... unless you are worrying that you might be fired from the new job and nothing you've said indicates that's the case, just that YOU are feeling uncomfortable, not that THEY'RE uncomfortable with you, other than that you're new and settling in.

Kaylets, you don't feel well and it's not maybe the time to lay it all out. Maybe take a day off and get that resume out or even make a discreet phone call to someone in the old company, if that seems right to thee. Remember, employment is a game, don't let them win but don't make yourself miserable. You are clever enough to pull this off and end up back where you want to be ... but make sure your timing is right for laying things on the line.

Anyhow, I'm sure whatever you decide will be best ... again, apologies for offering advice ... it's my nature (busybody)!!!

I'm going to go kick :devil: Scale again! See ya!

05-09-2004, 07:28 PM
Empress-- No offense taken! And I wasnt very clear was I?? No, what I want to discuss is an internal transfer....which may not be allowed ... and at the same time also pursue this other development... and see what happens..
That's what I mean by covering my bases....

It will be interesting as I have a history of major changes happeing in the fall... don't know if the last major change was an exception or a new pattern...

I do not believe I am in a desperate situation... certainly has not been brought to my attention...

I cannnot believe how miserable I am... Even laying down is an effort...
I have already decided that if I don't feel better in the am, I have to stay home as if I'm having trouble focusing in bed, how will I last sitting up for 8 hrs?

Am only up now as DH got tired too... but the beagles wanted their supper...

05-09-2004, 07:43 PM
Oh, that's good, then. I was picturing you marching in and saying the job just wasn't for you and quitting or something. Definitely, though, if you don't feel well tomorrow, you should stay home. I think you are due for a rest!

05-09-2004, 09:36 PM
Happy Mother's Day to all of us, whether our children be of the human, furry, feathered or scaled type! :hat:

I spent the weekend going through closets, wardrobes, dressers....resulting in six heaping garbage bags of clothing to be donated. The state of our bedroom and lack of space has really been dragging me down for weeks, and it is great to have it done!

I am going to give the South Beach another go and see if I can make it without threat of taking anyone's head off this time.

Just got in from dinner with extended family, and have to get some laundry done or I may be arrested for indecent exposure in the morning on the way to work!

Monday looms....

05-09-2004, 10:31 PM
Wildfire, I bought a copy of the Mediterranean Diet (or a version of it), which, at some point when I'm past this scale crisis, I might have a go at. I seem to naturally aspire to that kind of diet (except for the binge food) so it might work out.

Eydie, responding to your question on another thread (which I did already but I just thought of this), I think the Med Diet Pyramid would be a great meal planning tool for me when I get past the crisis. I can visualize putting that on a spreadsheet ... :chin:

For now, I'm all about the calories and that means no more BK French toast or ANYTHING that I am not sure is calorically what the Calorie King tells me it is ...

And getting 350 min of exercise.

And staying employed.

And going to the weaving class.

And getting that Old Dog to come back in the house (she's hiding in the yard somewhere and ignoring my pleas to return).

Ok, bye! [/color]

05-10-2004, 08:24 AM
Good morning -- literally just stopping in to say hi :wave: I've got some work I need to get done this morning, want to fit in a run and also am driving 45 mins (each way) to have lunch with friends today. I hope to get a chance to get in and have a real visit this aft.

Let's make this a good one (even if that means sleeping/reading trashy novels all day for the indisposed -- hmmm, that actually sounds pretty good, if one could only manage to get to that ideal spot where you're too sick to work, but just well enough to read :chin: )

Love to all!

05-10-2004, 09:47 AM
My Lord! What a morning! We had quite the active thunder-boomers last night, 1.75 inches of rain...and the dawn breaks like it was all a bad dream. I know it wasn't because you can almost canoe in the side yard....

Anyways, am full of resolve this morning...actually a carry over from the week end...had a great one...lots done, nothing of any importance to me, but still active. This week could be a little :devil: ish, but we'll see. One day at a time, one meal at a time and none of that destructive behavior. Think I'll go buy some gum....and chaw the bejezzus outta it!


05-10-2004, 09:17 PM
Kaylets, sounds like opportunity is knocking at your door! I hope you can get the transfer, if that is what you really want. Feel better!

Amarantha, what is the Mediterranean diet? Hope you have stayed employed and got Old Dog back in the house! :lol:

Arabella, how was your lunch?

Ceara, wasn't the thunder great last night? I was in that half-awake state and could hear it rumbling through around 1am.

anagram, did you get a couple of slow days to enjoy this weekend?

We have not seen Cerise since she self-mutilated her feet last week....I wonder did she type with her toes all this time, and that is why she is absent? :D

zadie, Eydie, Punkin, wsw, Frogger...Hello! :wave:

05-10-2004, 09:35 PM
Ah indeed, Wildfire, I did have a very lazy weekend. Started Friday afternoon and continued today. I did things but had very little "musts" scheduled. Am feeling slightly more sane.

I too enjoyed our Empress "to do" list, esp the 'stay employed' part. Probably sometimes as difficult to do as losing weight.

Shared in the thunder boomers here as well. Heard a bunch today but they skirted ever so slightly to the north which I appreciated as I had pillows drying on the line.

Visited four places yesterdy to look for flowers and turned my nose up at all. These are places that usually have nice stuff (and at nice advertised prices). So tomorrow I hie me off to one or two greenhouses where I'm guaranteed a nice selection and I'm going to ignore the higher prices because I'm not really going to put many in this year (I say that every year) and what I do I want to really have punch.

Was pleased this a.m. when I tried out DS. Was still at the nice new number reached last week (has been up and down a wee here and there). Am hoping for another nice new number this week so don't want to get too cozy with this one.

zadie k
05-11-2004, 01:31 PM
We also had some mighty storms. We even bundled ourselves and the kitties into the basement, but the worst of it was a bit further north.

Kaylets - it really sounds like you are doing the right thing by shifting jobs. Whatever makes you Happy. It is so difficult when you have a job that just does not fit properly

Amarantha - I have heard really good things about the Mediterranean diet. Let us know how it goes.

Cerise - I feel your pain about ill fitting yet cute shoes. I had a pair that I wore part of the time I was in DC that I am still recovering from. I have been wearing my Birkenstock's every day since then to let my feet heal. But hey, maybe this is a sign from the powers that be that you must go shoe shopping.

Happy late mothers day to all the mothers out there, whether your kids be human, feline, canine or other.

I have nasty amounts of work, but at least the eating exercising thing is going well. And Leif is done with finals on Saturday. Hooray!

05-11-2004, 05:41 PM
Hello all!

I'm back! Even when I felt well enough to poke my head in, my server wasnt so.....

starting to feel much more like myself.... and that's good becuase the sick person is not much fun... feel like I've been in another dimension...where everything moves very slowlllllllyyyyyyyy.....with a tissue box and a bucket at close proximity....

too much info??? sorry...

ever notice how you're whole outlook changes when you don't feel well??


let me come back in a few, DH's just come home ...

05-12-2004, 08:52 AM
Glad you are back into the land of the conscious Kaylets. Being sick Especially at this time of year.

Have a busy day lined up...."training/testing" this am for internet abilities....wonder when they test my reading skills....I have a grade 6 class tomorrow and should really be reading for that darn it! I like to do 5 or 6 books for them... Then a full shift at work and WI at supper....the scale appears to be weakening, we will see.

So I'm off....there is a lot of water on the grass outside, but it still growing. Is grass a weed? Also Empress A, I know you asked what quack grass is grass the spreads underground by runners, or when it gets tall, falls over and the blades touching the dirt root and spread that way. A true survivor and likely wonderful in AZ if you want grass there but a pain in the patuski here.

Gotta go!

Ceara :dizzy:

05-12-2004, 12:07 PM
Yowza! This be also a flyby (or is it flyby ... maybe flybie ... kind of like newbie but briefer, anyhow, that's me)!!!

Yea, to all, I'm still employed, unfortunately.

Did NOT enjoy the weaving class last night, although the instructor and students were nice. But they wanted us to put a deposit of $145 on the small, rigid heddle looms we were practicing on and I got mad because I hadn't come prepared to do that and with the price of the class and all the fiber we were buying, it ticked me off (most things do). They said there was a notation by my name that said I owned my own rigid heddle loom and they thought I was going to bring it ... but I'd told them three weeks ago it was too big and I wasn't going to mess with taking it off the stand and bringing it. So I guess I made everyone feel bad and was going to leave but the instructor went out and told them I should be allowed to just use the loom in the store without a deposit (the others paid and took their projects home ... it's a three-week class). But I left mine there ... which represents about two hours of work that I could build on instead of having to repeat it on my own loom.

Dunno, this did not set well with me, because they were making me feel I was disruptive (I was pi**ed, so maybe I was) but this is the only dealer in looms in this area and the only place to take classes ... there are none in any of the colleges or universities, at least that I can find, so likely I'll go back, but maybe not. There are some more items I want to buy ... a finer heddle, for one, so I'll likely just shut up. The attitude of this shop is always consistently snooty and this was just another example, but it irritated me.

Ooops, venting.

Gotta go!!!!

Ceara, maybe quack grass is another name for Bermuda grass ... that's what it's like ... it's the only grass that survives the summer here. A botanist at the arboretum once told me I would never be able to kill it ... it would survive for centuries! :yikes:

Re the Mediterranean Diet, there are several versions of it and of the Mediterranean food pyramid. It's based on the traditional diet and lifestyle in the Mediterranean region (probably not anymore but in the good ol' days). Whole grains are at the pyramid base (eat daily); you eat olive oil (or I suppose any healthy fat could be substituted), legumes, nuts, some fish and poultry, some lean dairy, very little red meat (the eating plan could easily be adapted for vegetarians), etc., the traditional pyramid (Oldways) shows red wine, but the book I have says that's optional ... eg, if you don't already drink alcohol, don't start. I haven't really started doing it ... just thinking about it ... it's basically the way I like to eat anyway, but I think it'd be neat to set up a spreadsheet from the pyramid and follow it carefully. I know I weighed a lot less in the days when I used olive oil a lot ... love dipping bread into it, but one has to watch the calories also.

05-12-2004, 03:57 PM
Hi Royal Court!

I have been missing you all so much. I haven't been able to catch up on all your posts but please know I am thinking about you and you all mean so much to me. I have had this very long stretch of being out of commission due to MS and I am ready to be over it any time now! Not so sure if my body will cooperate with my plans, though. I did get out the other day for a little while with a friend and that was a pleasure. A friend took me to a movie (in my wheelchair) and I realized the last movie I had seen was at Christmas time. I hadn't even realized it had been that long. My food has actually been pretty good now the past few days and I have written down what I've eaten. I need a fresh start card to get back to eating smaller portions and back on the stick. Sometimes, it feels like I will be 105 'til I get this thing right, but little by little I am getting back in to the positive routines which I know have worked in the past. I just can't begin to tell you how glad I am that you wonderful folks are here. I feel honored to be here in such company and to be able to come back here. I hope it can be a lot more often than it has had to be in the past couple of months. Take good care, all.


05-12-2004, 07:15 PM
Ceara, do you do children's story time? There's this new [?] kid's book that I love--"The Boy Who Cried Fabulous"---do you know it? It's so much fun to read aloud. Garry [my bookmobile librarian] shows me all the new kid's books!

wsw, FABULOUS to hear from you. Do you feel all settled in?

Amarantha, sorry to hear about the weirdness at the class. Don't let it stop you from doing what you love! Know what you mean about the snoot factor---ick.

Went out and worked in the yard today and feel like I got a decent workout. I've been living at my house for 11 years now and the trees on my property freaked me out today for the first time! We have a sweet little cottage nestled in the woods and those trees are big---what if one falls??!! On our house? On my tender little head? I think I really stopped to consider all this because I heard the trees groaning and creaking in the breeze and actually stopped to admire them and they're pretty awesome, huge and tall. I haven't stopped to consider or admire in a while, I guess. Okay, I going off on a tangent here---guess you had to be there. I'm tired........ :^:

05-12-2004, 09:14 PM
[b]Hooray, Wsw be back in the palace!!!!! Huzzah!!! :cp: :hb: It's so good to see thee here! Sorry thou be going through a stretch o' thy troubles right now but hopefully it's about over.

I keep hearing that the earth's magnetic field is about to flip-flop ... I love that ... can't even imagine such a thing happening in this lifetime ... or mayhap it'll happen when I'm long gone ... dunno :shrug: ... don't have enough information ... but like the milleneum (sp?), it has such exciting potential ... maybe wonderful, cosmic things will happen ... or maybe not ... before the century turned, I was quite excited about that, too, and nothing very cosmic happened ...

OR DID IT? :flow1:

Eydie, I be over the I'm-never-going-back-to-that-class feeling and went down to the loom store and ordered the new heddle I wanted. Felt scorned by the clerks who witnessed me refusing to chunk down a deposit last night and being p***ed off but do intend to stay with the class (since I paid for it and since I can get something out of it even if no one likes me and I'm the odd person out ... which is how I always end up in life somehow, but that's another story). I'm rushing ahead and putting a new project on my own loom and hope to get something done this week, although time is getting short.

Hope the trees don't fall on thy head ... I lived in a cabin in the woods once for a couple of years (rented) ... the landlord took down one of the best old trees because he said it was dangerous, I hated to see it go, but likely he was right ... be careful.

Ok, bye!

05-12-2004, 09:32 PM
:D Glad you're able to come back in, wsw. And glad you're feeling well enough for an outing or two. Hopefully your progress will continue on all fronts.

yardwork was my exercise today too, Eydie. Sounds like you have a lovely place. We took four pines and a spruce out last December because I was afraid one pine was going to land on the neighbor's house one of these days. Had some guys here today taking more shrubbery out. I think I got carried away when we moved in. Hard to take out things you've planted though it now be way overcrowded. Plus it's all part of my goal of simplification. Too much to maintain.

Empress, we share that "not one of the crowd" feeling. I seem to put a lot of my energy into trying to see that things work out in a civilized manner but not too many seem to think it's worth worrying about. I'd have been sorely vexed about that "fee" being sprung on me on top of the cost, etc. I've been trying to learn to tone it down a bit and had a great victory today. The yard kids were over two hours late arriving (and I had figured they'd brushed me off) but when they did show up, I figured no sense shooting myself in the foot and grousing at them. I wanted that work done. Glad I asked dh to go to grocery store so it turned out I was still here when they showed up. It also helped that the business owner is just a kid really and I think has a good start on a business at his age. I also knew he had a final today as he's taking some business courses at the local college . So I put out cookies and lemonade (ungodly hot here today) and got most of what I wanted done plus he put in two shrubs that dh had bought while he was out. (Yes, I KNOW I said I have too much in but these were to put where we have a small lack of privacy from removing the pines.)

Feel better, Kaylets. Glad to see you're beating that scale into submission, Ceara. Hope the aching tootsies are better, Cerise and zadie. And hi's to Wood Nymph and Wildfire.

Non Scale Victory - yesterday dh called me "baggy pants" again. I was so plesed when I was able to start wearing these last summer and I have been feeling they were getting more lose - but he confirmed it. Love that feeling.

05-12-2004, 09:54 PM
Hi, Baggy Pants!!!! Good job on that NSV!! :cp:

Thanks for letting me know that thou also feeleth a bit not-of-the-crowdish at times also. I'm trying to tone things down also ... not too successfully! That was nice being so understanding about the lawn kids!!! I've had yard people not come at all or come and do a terrible job, etc., etc., and I usually don't say much as I'm desperate ... but I've never served them lemonade and cookies! :) I really regret the loss of one guy who worked for me for a few months ... the nephew of an elderly friend who'd been laid off from the mine ... now he's back at the mine and it's too bad I can't pay what they pay. He was a great worker, told me I paid him too much money, and even brought me a flower one day! Sigh. They don't make 'em like that much these days.

Oh well.

Off to report on the journal thread!!!

05-13-2004, 02:06 PM
SENDING POSITIVE VIBES THROUGH UNIVERSAL VIBE CONDUIT FOR :queen: K!!!!! You ARE applying yourself, Kaylets, you just don't feel well and you're a little unsure, but you WILL get through it all and the triumph will be all yours!!!! Just take it easy on making decisions and keep thy eye on that idea thou hadst ... you ARE strong :strong: and don't really need these vibes, though!!! :yes:

05-13-2004, 06:25 PM
Sending you good strenthening energies, Kaylets, to add to what you already have. You know, it doesn't help that you're not feeling completely well.
Know that you're treasured and respected by all of us!

05-13-2004, 07:37 PM
Sending you good vibes, Kaylets! Eydie's right - you're not feeling well yet so breaking down under a stressful situation is not unwarranted. But the "not applying yourself" is not a way I'd describe the Kaylets we know and love in the court. Your determination shines through in all of your posts and accounts of other aspects of your life. Doing your darnedest does not seem to have been noted in your workplace. Let's hope the resume, etc. to downsized place brings good results. In the meantime, Queen K, soldier on with our strenth and good vibes behind you.

05-13-2004, 10:00 PM
Hello all!

Thanks for the energy-- think I actually picked up on some about 11 am est...

DH keeps telling me its polictics... and who knows...

Have to admit I did lose sleep over it... guess just all of the event sinking in...

So... b/4 I get knocked off the system again...

Thanks all
and I hope I can get on and post in the am....

and what do you think?? If you lose a couple quick pounds because you don't feel well.... you really can't count them as part of your weight loss can you??
Because they'll just jump back right on the minute my appetite comes back right??

05-14-2004, 12:37 PM
Yes, they DO count, :queen: K~!!! And maybe some will come back on, but the calorie deficit you created for a short time still exists. So when you resume normal eating (but carefully, you don't want to binge anyway as it might trigger cravings and you might start feeling rocky again), you're likely to gain some of the deficit back but not necessarily all of it. Anyway, that's my opinion! :)

05-14-2004, 01:25 PM
kaylets-as everyone has said so well, we are all sending you good vibes. sorry to hear things have been so rough at work. i hope things will get better for you a.s.a.p. hang in, there! we all appreciate you so much here. i hope you can feel the big hug i am sending you. i also hope that you are feeling much better physically soon too. that bug you had sounds pretty yucky. take good care of yourself.

hi anagram, cerise, arabella, ceara, amarantha, eydie, zakie k. and to all the rest of the royal court. just seeing your posts always brings a smile to my face. still not able to get out much yet on my own steam, but little by little i know it will get better. has taken a while to get settled in to my new place, since i had not been feeling well, but that too is coming together slowly, but surely, now. have stayed op and started back with more consistent exercise in the past few days, so hopefully will keep up with this. i hope everyone has a good weekend. take care, all.


05-14-2004, 09:12 PM
Have a great weekend, Wsw!!!! :wave:

05-15-2004, 04:02 PM
Hello all!

Am here to report that yet feeling bruised and bloodied, I am having more and more moments of 'moving past it'.....

Even shared w/ someone very close to the situation who was dumbstruck having worked side by side with me.... which might have been a real mistake by sharing with someone that close.... but also reaffirmed why I really didnt see this coming...

The very up side is that I am finding the few family members I have shared have been very very supportive and in some cases, even indignant... one even offered to review my resume for me. What I found out later was that she sat right down and revamped for 2 hrs... I cannot express what kind of a gift that was to receive back....

Thanks for all the good energy.... I am really relying on it...please continue...

And then it was the end of Friday work day and the thought actually fluttered across my brain as I could feel some of my optimism return....
"F....'em if they can't take a joke"..... not sure to whom that comment was directed exactly but it did let me know I wasnt out for the count.....

although I will admit when the alarm went off this am, my stomach tightened trying to remember what day it was....

But DH yet wanted to go yardsaling .... Took me a few hours but I did finally get into the swing of it... found 2 great cd's I'm playing now... Urban Knights and Rick Braun.... Am going to set the clock for 15 minutes at a time to get things in some kind of order as well as some final touches to some correspondence....

My sense of taste is not yet totally back... guess that's a small favor... and yes Empress, it happened, the very next day after I started eating regularly a pound jumped right back but I really hadnt had much to eat for 3 days...

So, we'll see what Monday weigh in brings....

I have missed all of you.
I was starting to think I was going to have to run to the library to check in!
So, let me hit the submit button before the fates have decided I have tempted them too long!


05-15-2004, 04:32 PM
Yo, sending more vibes thy way, :queen: K!!! :yes: Hey, I'm not exactly sure what's going on at thy work, but just keep saying, "F*** 'em!" and you'll be ok. Great how thy family and friends are supportive and one even worked on thy resume!

I had a chance yesterday to get out some things about the job to a colleague. Dunno if it helped or hurt my cause, but did it nevertheless.

Just finished working for the week and am braindead. Will be back later.

05-16-2004, 07:20 AM
Good morning on this halfway point in May. The court seems to be hurting a bit - Kaylets bruised and bloodied but stalwartly supported by friends and family - Empress A. braindead and hit by depression. Working environments seem to be lethal and we hope for instant improvement in earth's magnetic field.

wsw, so glad your problems seem to be working in the right direction. And so many royals missing - hope it is not earth's reverse polarity causing the absences but rather that the queens are seeking many pleasures in the warm late spring weather.

Things just sort of trudging along here - I consider that good as so oft they are going to Hades. Some gardening progress, some health progress, some little progress in social life. Feeling massively lazy but then it's early. But suspect we'll just do church and then lollygag until it's time to go meet some friends for an early dinner.

Heading off tomorrow for a bit of time with the princesses. It's actually been a few weeks but I'm not sure I'm ready to go anywhere for a bit longer. Only reports that the Dowager and her Consort have been sorely missed will put the chariot back on the road. And of course that huggie medicine is always good for heart and soul.

So good vibes to all in need of them this a.m. and maybe an 'off' day would be good for all the queenly ones. Fresh Start Monday cards have recently been reprinted and are in goodly supply. Enjoy the ides of May!

05-16-2004, 08:37 AM
Hello all!

Anagram! Just yesterday while yardsaling, thinking of you as I found a word game called "Anagrams".... havent opened the box yet but do plan to take it work to share during rainy lunches rather than be tempted by vending machines....
My garden also calls... hoping to do some after DH and I return from a yard job.... A good friend is on the verge of serious heart surgery at John Hopkins and has brush and saplings overgrowing a backyard... neighbors beginning to get upset... we're not expecting payment as this friend has done us many favors in the past but perhaps someone will see us and we will be noticed...

Which is why I am off but promise to look in again upon my return...
At that time I 'll have a thought for the day....

Isnt this a funny one?? I weighed myself w/ shorts/shirt and underwear... then w/o.... scale says the same... guess what I removed was light enough not to change the range...

oh well.....

Big excitement with the Philadelphia horse Smarty Jones.... Another "Cinderella" story if you will....

05-16-2004, 09:51 AM
A Me-Me Post - weighed in this a.m. and saw a brand new low - 202.00 - 3 out of 5 times. The other two were 201.8 so hope they're a foreshadowing. Anyway, put me in a "lighter" mood. I know one meal of reckless abandon and it'll be back up but still I'm "up" for the moment. This is a full 3 lbs down since Mayday - ok, some of that I ascribe to previous hard work. But it's down .8 for the week - it is also 5.8 lbs down from my weigh in following my return to Demon Scale in early March.

As our Empress would say - Yowza! (I'm not being immodest - just happy.)

05-16-2004, 03:06 PM
Yowza, indeed, Anagramatic!!! Congrats on the THREE POUNDS DOWN SINCE MAYDAY AND 5.8 DOWN FROM EARLY MARCH!! :cp: :jig: :hb: You're doing great!!!! Also congrats on .8 for the week!

Details of my weigh-in and plan for the week are on the journal thread. Basically I'm the same and have figured out what I need to do to get back into the 140s.

Kaylets, I don't think it's unusual for scales (especially digitals) to fluctuate like that (re the clothes versus no clothes thing). I think they all do. I never get on with clothes and I have a longstanding rule that the lowest weight the :devil: reads in a given day is what I weigh! :yes: I try to only get on one time once a week, but have been known to lapse and get on more than once, so in that case, I apply my rule. Consistently, though, my present scale seems to be doing well. If the :devil: misbehaves, he KNOWS he'll be in the trash heap and I'll be in Wallyworld buying a new :devil: !!!!!

05-16-2004, 04:01 PM
Q Anagram! High Five to you! I CAN RELATE!!
You must be able to see Wonderland on the horizon! The lights are twinkling and you can hear the traffic! I am so excited for you! I remember so well!

Just was thinking on the way home that perhaps some of the "old wives tales" about weight hanging on during winter are true.... I seem to have also moved quickly thru a few pounds, and my average is about .5 a week generally. Or is it just more activity becuase we can get out and about and the better weather keeps us motivated??
No matter... We're moving lower on the scale and we're healthier than we've been in years!!

May I brag too??
DH and I went to the Big W store... and just because I thought I should....
I tried on a smaller size than my last announcement of a smaller size... There really is a method here... It occurred to me that for the longest time, I could wear size 12 dress pants but only 14 jeans... then when I finally could wear a smaller size jean... I quick went and found dress pants in the same smaller size... but then just today thought... if the size12/size 14 theory was true, then why wouldnt it be again .....

And I was right... If I was so inclined I could 've purchased the smaller size...

But the belt was very hard to figure out and yardsales will have lots of choices at better prices...

So.... what will my final goal weight size be??? This mornings pleasant suprise was more because I've never been able to wear this size... The stair climbing and etc have trimmed thighs, butt in places that have not been trim ever.....

So, sometimes we surpise even ourselves with our efforts....

05-16-2004, 06:57 PM
Congrats on that NSV, :queen: K!!!! :cheer: :hb: :cp: Mayhap thou'll find a special magikal belt at a yardsale today to commemorate (sp?) this victory. Then everytime thou weareth it, it'll make you feel special.

Unfortunately, the summer here tends to make most of us put on weight rather than take it off ... but I intend to buck that tradition. I'm having a bit of a setback, but noticed my jeans are quite loose and my rear view seemingly has gone flat! :doh: I may be gaining some muscle (I'm lifting much heavier every week). At all events, if I'm down tomorrow or the next day, I'm going to adopt that as my weight for the week and change all my records! :coffee:

I really could use some encouragement, :queen: s!! :)

05-16-2004, 06:57 PM
Wood Nymph, if you're there, I'm pmging thee! :wave:

05-16-2004, 07:44 PM
Here is a bucket of encouragement! I've included a shiny dipper and a sent a Royal Footman to dispense as needed!

Hmmmm.... I like your idea... I like it alot... because ... I already have a belt... from many years anon with a belt buckle just as old... now to find it!
It must be close to fitting by now!

How come you get to use so many smilies ?? My system is not liking them...
ah well... guess the computer issues are in my palace lately!

Guess what was in the produce store today! Ugly fruit. and Yes , they are UGLY. I didnt even buy one to try... are they any good anyone???

Need to work a few moments on my Resume.

I'll look back in in a few.

05-16-2004, 08:52 PM
Thanks, :queen: K, I found the bucket outside my royal suite with flowers from the footman! :)

That's a great idea re the belt ... mayhap thou couldst add something new to it (eg, beads or a charm) to tie the older dream of wearing it with the current victory!?

I've tried to eat Ugli fruit ... couldn't really figure out what it was good for.

With apologies (ahead of time) to any low carbers, I did get a chuckle from an ad I saw in a mag about the new Snackwell cookies, which they are now calling Carb Well (somewhat clinical name for a cookie, n'est pas?)!! It touted the virtues of the low carb cookies, but in small print pointed out that now familiar bit about there are really more carbs in here but some of it is fiber (I'm using my words, they said it much more diplomatically), so it probably doesn't affect your blood sugar, so don't count it, and some of it is sugar alcohol that likely doesn't affect your blood sugar, so don't count it, except that there's no research on whether the sugar alcohol affects your blood sugar or not, so, well, don't worry about it, except that (the disclaimer continued, paraphrased in my words) these products have from 90 to 120 calories per serving, so if you are trying to lose weight, count calories, too.


My word.

05-16-2004, 10:04 PM
Anagram, congrats on dropping the pounds! What's your secret, any shifts in your routine? Tell all!

Kaylets, Pretty cool to try out those smaller sizes. About the ugly fruit, I tried it and wasn't impressed. Kinda like a mediocre grapefruit.
I tried a 'new' apple called a grapple. It's an apple infused with grape essence or something like that. Maybe it's one of those genetically engineered mutant fruits, but heck I'll try anything once! It was great [but expensive], the look and texture of an apple but the taste and aroma of grapes. Freaky-deaky indeed.

Amarantha, here's a boatload of encouragement--are you feeling it? You're so inspiring, if I can send some good vibes your way, believe me, I'm on the case! I've been meaning to ask you--do you have those toned lifter's arms? I finally got a little tone-age started when I did BFL for a while last summer--love that! That was a big problem area for me for a long time. And I'm envious of your flatter butt!!! I can't get mine to deflate for anything---Oh well, J Lo got it to work for her--why not me? :lol:

Oh girls, I had such a bad food day. I don't know what happened. I was doing a reception at work and one thing led to another. Oh the shame! Shiny bright new week ahead of us all though!

05-17-2004, 12:46 AM
Yo, yes, :queen: E, I'm feeling the boatload-o-encouragement vibes!! Yowza! :yes: I do feel encouraged. Had a good eating day, at least calorically.

Re my arms, they could be better! With the trainer's help, I've made great strides and have rather impressive biceps and the tris are coming along nicely. My favorite exercise for triceps (though you didn't ask) is the dip machine (or whatever they call it). You can easily do dips at home on a bench or even on the floor.

Lately I've only been doing one-third of the body on a given weight day and that's why I can afford to go much heavier and do a lot of exercises for one part at a time, so I do think I'm building more muscle. I've just been rotating upper and lower body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On cardio days, I do all the core stuff, some weighted, some not. Theoretically, I do yoga every other day at night, but that hasn't been a happening thing lately.

The flatter butt happened because I'm doing heavier weights in that area and lots of reps of different exercises, which is exactly the opposite of what I'd think would happen, but it's a good thing!

More than you wanted to know, but there it is!

If only that :devil: Scale would cooperate!

05-17-2004, 12:56 AM
P.S. Somewhere on 3FC, Ledom has posted the URL of a woman's personal BFL website/blog ... I can't remember the name or address. I think the site's posted on the EFL thread Suzanne started on General Diet Plans. I'm too lazy to look it up again but it'd be easy to find it or maybe everyone else has already seen it and I'm the only one it was news to. Anyhow, the reason I'm mentioning this is that the site shows a picture of the woman and those are the exact arms I intend to have, not to mention her shoulders. She's considerably younger than I, but that's ok, because I really intend to have her upper body.

She also has a section where she's posted pics of her favorite BFL meals and there's some good ideas there for mini meals ... it's quite an amusing site ... she says she's been known to consider a donut as a carb portion, so you can see why I like it.

Ok, bye.

05-17-2004, 07:45 AM
Hello all!

Here we go Monday!

Will go to edit my profile tonight but am very pleased this am with my weighin...

In fact, need a reminder about our latest challenge.. sprint.. is Memorial Day the deadline??
Do I remember what I challegened myself??

Empress! Please review the royal spreadsheet! and tell me where I was when we began!!

And oh, by the way, the scale this am read 153 lbs....

Thought of the day :

" Treat everyone gently. Everyone is fighting their own battle."

Question of the day :

"How will the cost of gas affect you?"


Please send more positive thoughts... job related.... I've made some inquiries and believe I recved a very favorable response....

Thanks !


05-17-2004, 08:13 AM
So much energy, good vibes and positive thoughts swirling around the kingdom today. All blowing in Kaylet's direction but stirring up some strong encouragement winds to the Empress as well. I'm catching showers of all and really excited this a.m. about my Monday Fresh Start.

Eydie, I don't think I'm eating all that much less but have picked up on my water intake and am back to pool exercising. Plus my body holds onto weight and eventually will give it up, more or less all at once. I do have a tendency to lose better in spring and summer as well. More yardwork usually.

Kaylets, 12 and 14 sound like wonderful numbers to me. Heck, I'm still thrilled to be back into my 18s. But 12 would be my dream number. Not even thinking about Wonderland. Did that last year at this time and actually did a projection that had me there by last September. That slowed it all down. So I'm on the pound at a time plan. Nonetheless if it happens, you'll hear me shouting.

Queen Eydie, inspiration of all, one bad day will not set you back on your aim to reach a goal below your goal. I suspect you needed that as you mentioned having more cravings lately.

Mental picture of Empress with perfectly toned upper body........Sounds like the weights are working for you.

Gas prices? Just make me poorer, I guess. Doubt I'll change much else but glad we got the Toyota last summer. Use that for all longer trips and it gets good mileage. My car gets to sit in garage and look beautiful.

05-17-2004, 09:37 AM
flying by again... Laden with a big project at work (it's a comprehensive learning guide on viruses, spyware & etc. -- what it is, how to detect it, remove it, and protect yourself from it) that I've got to finish in two weeks, along with regular work. But did get some affirmation that my contract will almost certainly be renewed, so --- that's good! I didn't work on the weekend -- we actually went to Fundy Park in New Brunswick and hiked. Now today I'm just about paralyzed and achy, so must save energy for work. I read all your posts and thought responses to you -- what a wonderful group of women you are!

K -- just an update, so you know I'm not lost completely! Love to all... let's make this a good one!

05-17-2004, 11:51 AM
Yo! Arabella, hi! :wave: Updating the pm I sent thee, the program doesn't work on my computer, so I'm out the price because the store won't take it back! Sigh!

:queen: K, I don't think we had a Memorial Day sprint. Thought we only went to Mayday. Dunno, I got lost in where we were in Sprintland when the server changed and I couldn't post, so I just decided to post a challenge to journal every day in May ... maybe somebody should post a quickie sprint to end Memorial Day?

Sending job related vibes thy way!!! :yes:

At any rate, I know thou be doing fantastic in the weight department!!!! Great weigh-in! :cheer:

Anagramatic: Thanks for the encouragement ... I need lots of it!

Do we have some missing in action :queen: s out there who are thinking of coming to the castle for the all-queen check-in that I just thought of hosting in the royal great hall? I just know we do!!!! :yes: Yowza!!! Let's all report in today, :queen: s!!! Report, report, report! Sis boom bah! :cheer:

BTW, I hate weaving! :yes:

Sis boom bah!

05-17-2004, 11:53 AM
Re gas prices, they're the least of my worries! :)

05-17-2004, 08:13 PM
Hello, my dears. Sorry I've been gone so long.

I've been going through a bit of a Crisis of Dissatisfaction and sort of holed up and didn't talk to people at all, much. Just my husband, best friend and brother, as usual, in that order.

Nothing big - nothing to be alarmed about. We just create our own suffering sometimes, you know? Lack of discipline makes life so much harder to slog through sometimes, and it gets bad enough sometimes (eg: money, fitness, nutrition, house cleaning, etc.) that you start to feel very powerless and depressed.

I missed you all, hope you're all OK. I'll be back later to catch up (I haven't even been lurking) and do posties.

Kaylets, positive thoughts for your job hunt!

Much love,

05-17-2004, 08:15 PM

Just popping by with encouragement for Kaylets and Amarantha! And congrats to Anagram on the loss!

I'm back at the South Beach, and getting loads of encouragement from a co-worker who has lost 25 lbs on a similar plan since February. She looks fabulous!

I have to dash to get laundry done and pack for a business trip...will be out of town until the end of the week.

Hi to everyone! :wave:

05-17-2004, 10:59 PM
Hello all!!

Thanks for your efforts!!


I have a "meeting" tomorrow am, early...


I hate to be so vague but I guess I'm superstitious about these things...
suffice to say... I WANT THIS ONE!!!!

I know I will suprise 99.9 of those who havent seen me in 2 yrs by my appearance, much less, fresh haircut....

Cerise.... I can relate... sometimes I too would rather just eat worms...
hmmmmm..... wonder if that's how the whole problem began for me....
Missed you're posts... its n ot the same when someone can't come by ...

As I'm leaving very early tomorrow, I may not be able to post...

BUT PLEASE SEND "YOU MUST HAVE Q Kaylets!! " Energy to the East Coast!!

Thanks for bearing with me on this roller coaster ride I've been on the past 10 days or so....


05-18-2004, 01:05 PM
Message dispatched to the general direction of the East Coast by vibometric volumizer:

'YOU MUST HAVE :queen: K!!!! YOU MUST HAVE :queen: K!!!! YOU MUST ...

:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

05-18-2004, 01:12 PM
Glad to see thy post, Cerise!!!! Sorry thou beist down. Sometimes I get that crisis thing, too, and don't want to see or communicate with people or even post here with the fab :queen: s, which really IS a sign of a crisis. But glad thou hast returned to the palace environs ... thought I saw thy fav towel boy around somewhere ...

Wildfire, thou canst not go away the whole week without making arrangements to report into the palace!!!! :nono: Well, if thou must, thou must, but thou'll be missed!!! :coffee: But have fun anyway and hope thy frolic on the Beach be successful!!! :wave:

Speaking of alienation, though no one was, I am feeling quite alienated from my weaving class and from the whole topic of weaving altogether. I may not go back to the class. Weaving may not be the craft for me. I've been having unpleasant experiences with it and it's supposed to be a hobby, not another downer in my life.

I think I should crochet or something.

I make very nice crocheted doilies!!! :)

05-18-2004, 01:30 PM
REUNION PARTY PROPOSED BY AMARANTHA: Hmmm. I'm reminded that we seem to have lost a number of royal women here in the past few months. This post is a plea for an all- :queen: reunion ... I'm curious as to how some of our old pals are doing and wondering what palace grounds they wander on these days ... should auld acquaintance be ferget, Lassies, or those days o' auld lang syne. I think not!!!

Hath the 3D earth swallowed up our comrades in :queen: ship? :) Some that come to mind that haven't been amongst us ere these long times are Frogger, Dollar, Seattlejo and the :queen: from England whose handle I'm embarrased to say I've forgotten but she was nice (it wasn't THE :queen: from England who lives in Buckingham Palace, but it was A :queen: who journeyed with us on 3FC)!!!!

Going further back, I'm remembering Hotsplashes and some other :queen: s whose names I've forgotten but whose essence lingers.

Some :queen: s are still amongst us but posting less and less and that's sad but understandable as our lives and personalities evolve and our interests shift and/or our careers demand extra time (it's so tacky of those careers to demand time).

Anyhow, I do think a reunion party would be nice and am challenging everyone to check into the palace, grab a towel boy, er, grab a towel FROM a towel boy, relax in the ocean-sized magikal palace pool, wander the royal hallways, go to the journal challenge thread and journal something, send good vibes to :queen: K and encouragement to thy fellow :queen: s (especially Amarantha, who is about to binge again today and needs encouragement, encouragement, encouragement)!!!

Awhile back, I believed the problems I had on 3FC and the time I spent here wouldn't allow me to post here again. I actually have experienced this feeling a number of times, yet I always find my way back to the :queen: s!!! I'm hoping a big reunion party at the palace will induce other to do likewise!!!

Party on.

:hb: :hat: :flow1: :cheers: :hb: :hat: :flow1: :cheers: :hb: :hat: :flow1: :cheer:

05-18-2004, 02:29 PM
anagram-congrats on the weight loss. terrific!

kaylets-congrats on the nsv! that is great! so good being reminded that hard work really does pay off. congrats on the weight loss too. sending positive job thoughts your way.

hi amarantha! your enthusiasm and spirit inspire me and i just wanted to remind you of that, empress.

hi cerise, arabella, zadie K, eydie!

i haven't had a chance to catch up on all the posts but wanted to check in and say hello. i am op and writing down my food intake, along with exercising regularly again, so even though things are going slowly, i am relieved to be back on the right track. thinking of all of you, mentioned and unmentioned, and wishing you a pleasant day. take care.

05-18-2004, 08:03 PM
Hello all!!

Well, I think I gave it my best... now its the paperwork routine...
backgrounds, etc, etc... We'll see....

Thanks for the good vibes Empress... I think I really felt them about 2 pm EST... I felt as though whatever happens will be for the best...

YES! A reunion is a grand idea! Very royal!
Shall we send the footmen out with Engraved Inviations? ( been waiting my whole life to say that!)

Anyone seen any of the PBS Colonial Life program??
We saw a tiny bit last night... am looking forward to more tonight.
Talk about reality tv!

Need to do some chores...
I will try and check in again tonight.

05-18-2004, 08:54 PM
hi all!
cerise-i'm sorry to hear you have been having a rough time lately. i am certainly sending good thoughts and a big hug your way.

wildfire-hope your business trip goes well.

amarantha-sending lots of encouragement your way.

kaylets-glad to hear your meeting went well. hope everything turns out great for you.

well, you are a grand group of women and thinking about you inspires me to hang in there. thinking of you all. take good care.


05-18-2004, 09:17 PM
Yowza!!!! Wsw, thankee for the encouragement and for YOUR enthusiasm and spirit!!!! Was looking at thy stats and thou hast come a long way!!! You are doing a fantastic job!!!!

Kaylets, am glad the message reached thee via Vibometric Volumizer!!!! It's a new technology and not as reliable as Towel Boys and Footmen!!!!!

Yea, I think we should send out engraved invites to our reunion and now that I think of it, we should target a date (or date range) on which we'd like everyone to return to the palace and post a HOWDEEEEEEEE!!!! Mayhap we could have the Royal Research Team do a search for former :queen: s and send them an invite that way ... or is that too pushy? Maybe they aren't posting anymore because they stopped liking us? :yikes:

No, it couldn't be that.

Who could not like us?


05-19-2004, 07:55 AM
Hello all!

Here we go Wednesday, here we go!

YIKES ! About 8:30 appetite came back ! x 10 ... seemed like there were hunger pains for all the days I had no appetite!
I finally went to bed out of desperation....
My arm was going into autopilot reaching and stuffing! Luckily, all that was available was veg soup and bread... but still.....

Yes, Empress... a date for the reunion, invites, caterer, lets plan a royal event...
and no, I think folks are just a little distracted or suffering computer issues...
I cannot imagine anyone deciding they don't like us... especially thyself and thy royal personage...

Thought of the day :

"Never try to teach a pig to sing.... you will only annoy the pig."

Question of the day :

"Have you ever seen a cicada?"



05-19-2004, 04:28 PM
My appetite's on autopilot, too, :queen: K!!! Tomorrow will be better but today's a dead loss and I've still got hours and hours and hours of work, meetings, etc., and know I'll eat more!!!!

I'd love to hear what our extant :queen: s think of a reunion party?

Working but will be back sometime.

Isn't a cicada a grasshopper?

Have seen lots of those. :)

05-19-2004, 07:25 PM
Sorry I've been MIA. My computer seems to be losing its edge, very slow lately. LOVE the idea of a queenly reunion! I do wonder what's happened to some of the sisters.

I've been wanting to eat everything in sight lately! What's up with that? I was sharing yesterday's menu on the food thread and I must admit it's a bit more, ahem, "festive" than usual! I was able to resist the urge to eat a couple of times today by telling myself that I want to feel skinny on my birthday!

Kaylets, we had the cicada invasion last year. Let's see...what do I remember? The sound they made---when they really got going, it was maddening. So loud! And they left their "husks" everywhere. And apparently they're very tasty because I saw our dogs eating lots of them. And I remember we had some British friends visiting and they saw one on the deck and he said, "Oooh, a cock-chafer!" I assume that's their word for a hard-shelled insect or something. Unfortunately I shamed myself by giggling hysterically. Oh well.... :lol:

05-20-2004, 07:40 AM
Hello all!!

So here we are, at Thursday already! We are going to do it! We will get to Friday!

As long as we keep trying we are still making progress!

To everyone ! I must leave very early for an appointment... Have a good day... I want to tell you all how much I rely on you stopping in ... its always great to find you've been by just event say hi.

Here's positive thoughts for all of us! Please send some my way! I know I keep asking for them but I couldn't do it without you!


Thought of the day :

" We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released."
--Jean Houston

Question of the day :

"Are you following American Idol? Who will win?"


. . . . . . . . . .
Life is too important to be taken seriously

05-20-2004, 11:03 AM
Good morning, :queen:s of the Realm!

We have gotten a mite quiet around the palace, have we not. As for me, I've got too much work to do, and I know Punkin -- and perhaps others -- are suffering with the same problems.

I've decided to dump WW and join an online diet group ( It's much better suited to my philosophy, very health-oriented. Also has some sort of formalized WI procedure (not sure how that works -- I'll get my package from them in the mail). They have an ongoing "exercise minutes" contest that runs 3 weeks at a time. I'm going to use it to challenge myself, although I don't really expect to come first -- they only count aerobic exercise and the last winner logged nearly 2 hours a day. But I might come in second... :chin:

I lost 8 pounds in my 10 weeks at WW, not bad (although of course I was hoping for 20 or 30 :rolleyes: ), but I think I'm going to like this better.

Cerise, darling! Hope you're feeling better. I think that's one of the hazards of being someone who really FEELS things -- sometimes it's just not a great feeling, but you can't have the ups without the downs. Here's to up! :cheers:

Eydie, y'know, I bet that a bit of flux after reaching goal is the norm. Plus, of course, the desire to celebrate! Maybe you have a treat or two -- you KNOW you're not going to gain back the weight.

wsw, hope you're feeling well! Are you managing to get settled into your new place?

Punkin, how goes the battle? 'Tis almost FRIDAY!!! :queen: Kaylets is right -- we will get there!

Anagram, you're probably wise to ignore the borderline of Onederland and just slip over quietly. Looking so forward to those shouts of victory! What kind of car is yours, the lovely one sitting in the garage?

Wildfire, how was your trip? Did you manage to mix some pleasure in with the business?

Amarantha, I was very saddened to hear that weaving wasn't going to do it for you. Nevertheless, I know you will move enthusiastically on to your next pursuit. You mentioned crocheting -- do you ever crochet clothes?

Kaylets, what a wonderful thought of the day! So true! Thank you so much for finding so much wit and wisdom and bringing it to us here. Hope your job stuff is working out as desired. :crossed:

Okey-dokey, my doves! I'm going to grab another cup of coffee and get some work done. Feeling allergic and hard-of-thinking, but maybe the caffeine will pull me through. Love to all, mentioned or unmentioned. Let's make this a good one!

05-20-2004, 12:18 PM
Positive thoughts sent out on universal continuum for :queen: K!!! Yay, K!!! They need you, they really do!!!

Yea, Arabella, I like to knit and crochet sweaters, but it's too hot in Arizona, so haven't done it in awhile. I like to make bags, though. But I don't think crochet's a happening thing for me either these days.

The Landry thing looks interesting. I may take a peek, unless it's a paying site ... and on the other hand, I like it here best anyway. :)

Very busy with work also but don't wanna see the ol' palace crumble into ruins here.

But I do think we could use some more activity. I'm really into the food journaling thread and may post a 21-day challenge thread as well.

I'm kind of not into the reunion thing ... I'm thinking we won't get many folkettes showing up at the "party" and that'll depress me! :hat: :hb: :flow1:

But all friends eventually drift apart, all palaces fall into ruins and all things in the universal continuum are just as they should be ... and :queen: K is gonna get her job!!!! :yes:

As for me, I'm depressed again. :doh:

Later, gators!

05-20-2004, 01:41 PM
Amarantha, there's a fee for the group I joined, but it's an interactive diet thing. No forum. Their newsletters are really good and informative, though -- and free!

Sorry you're depressed, too. I'm fighting depression/anxiety, the deadly duo. Let's concentrate on feeling better!

XO to you, and a banana too :cb:

05-20-2004, 02:06 PM
Hallo, Queenly Queens.

Yes, I'm going decaf for the most part - ever since I've learned that the caffeine, antibiotics, preservatives that we consume and forth as waste are polluting good ol' Mama Earth. This is typical of me. I can give up meat and caffeine, fine, if the earth is affected, but giving something up 'cause it's no good for my body? Naaaah. Maybe if I tell myself that large food portions and no exercise affect the fragile ecosystem I'll actually get somewhere. Hmmm. :chin:

All right, then. Enough boo-hooing about the state of chaos my life is presently in. I'm going to start a list: "What Can Cerise Do To Feel Better and More In Control Of Her Life?" Then start ticking things off, I guess.

Kaylets, I'm continuing to send positive energy your way. Keep your chin up and exude all the best traits you possess: energy, matter-of-fact-ness, a curious mind, excellent intuition, strong will, and a kind heart. You're totally in! :cheer:

Amarantha, I'm sorry that the dark clouds are hovering. I'm hoping for little beauties to catch your eye today, to gladden your heart. You are such a bright light to the rest of us - I hope that you'll receive support and joy in an equal measure. Here, have another banana: :cb:

Arabella, sounds good. Here's hoping that it's The Thing that resonates with you in just the right way, that it'll change your life and habits for good. I know we do that for ourselves, but pushes are essential. Hey, can you post that wellness checklist again? Please? Can I use it? Hmmm? :^:

Eydie, "cock-chafer" sounds like some sort of husband-punishment. In fact, ... no, I'm not going any further with this line of thought. I hear you on wanting to eat everything in sight. Are you figuring out why? Do you think it's psychological, having to do with having "made it" into maintenance? Or, perhaps it's hormonal, perfectly natural...who knows. No fear - it's probably some sort of stage that will either wear off naturally or is something you can get to the bottom of and successfully fight off, right? We're all with you, dear. :grouphug:

wsw, thanks for your kind words. I hope that you're having a good day today, darling. How's life in your new place?

All right - I'm off to work and thereby feel much better. Keep busy.

Love to all and thanks for your patience with me - I swear that I'd have posted more often if I weren't convinced that each post would say: "I feel like crap. Life's in chaos. Haven't the strength to do laundry. I'm a big loser."

Never mind. Happy, productive days ahead! :wave:

05-20-2004, 11:17 PM
Hi, Sizzlers

No, I don't follow American Idol (nor did I follow previous shows).

So nice to have the Wood Nymph and Cerise check in. Methinks spring fever must be hitting our gentle folk and causing some to be more up and some more down than a few weeks ago. But positive vibes of energy and encouragement to all for whatever is called for to make life go in rewarding cycles again.

Though, sad to say, I'm not as perky tonight as some. Any of you ever dealt with a periodontist? Dh has had the unpleasant experience and is considering not returning for his hopefully last appt. We feel like we've been through a financial wringer with this thing and while money is not as important as his health, his blood pressure goes up everytime I mention the Dr's name. Believe me, neither the surgeon who replaced his heart valve nor any of the doctor's who saved his life last year charged anywhere near the hourly rate involved here. It's particularly galling that the actual work was done by a technician (and I doubt she gets a large share of the fee). Just a bummer all around.

Wood Nymph, my "beautiful" car is a '96 Lincoln Town Car. It's white and has a navy blue cloth roof. It wears it's 108,000 miles well. And for my birthday last fall, I told dh I wanted it detailed. It seems to have a very feminine personality as I felt it loved its makeover and I swear I've never owned a car that's as thrilled with an oil change, lube, etc. as this one. No, please don't call the men with the nets. I know I'm not imagining this. We have a very sweet relationship. She's been getting a little lonely lately as she's usually driven only when I'm going somewhere alone or when ds is around (he's very fond of her too). He did take her to MA over the Christmas holidays but that's been her last real runaround and I think she's chomping at the bit to get out for a bit of real exercise.

The palace isn't really crumbling, nothing that can't be fixed with a full crew. Things have been quiet but I do think it's spring fever of a sort. And maybe a sign that things are going better for some? Kaylets, we'll be waiting with you with baited breath for any news.

Empress, hope the new challenge gets you revved up again. Only 11 more days to go on the journalling thread too. Yikes!

05-21-2004, 07:35 AM
Arabella, sounds like you're feeling 'revived' with your new program. I'm going to check out the site you mentioned. Thanks! How's your son doing?

Kaylets, thought of you yesterday during a program at work. The speaker was absolutely unbelievable. His name's Elliot Engel. He's been to the Homestead before and even if I go to these programs with no interest at all in the subject, I find myself hanging on his every word, because he's so engaging and animated. The most amazing thing was he didn't use notes and not once did he utter an 'ummm' or 'errr'. His website's if you're interested.

Cerise, about my wanting to eat anything that doesn't move. This time I think it's a hormonal thing or maybe it's just one of those stress eating things. This week's been really busy, but it's been fun! I've gotten really good at giving tours to schoolkids. I think that I prefer them to adults, because adults always ask 'sensible' questions--like dates and family tree stuff. Boring! Today a group of 100 librarians from Virginia Tech are coming and my task is to take the ones that want to go on a 2-mile hike thru the woods. Most of the time I love my job! Hey, do you think your recent malaise has something to do with your birthday. For years I'd get a bit weird around my birthday, don't exactly know why, but I have my theories. This year I haven't experienced any of that---it's very different. In the last few months I feel that I've shifted quite a lot in a really good way---but that's another story! I'll tell it, when I can think of a succinct way to tell it!

Anagram, your affection for your car doesn't sound odd at all. Last week, I made the decision to really clean up the interior of our 2 cars and I could swear they're running better. Must be a feng-shui thing. Sorry about the thing with the periodontist---how frustrating!

Amarantha, sorry to hear that you're feeling depressed. Anything we can do? Anything bring it on?

05-21-2004, 07:55 AM
Hello all!

Thanks for the positive thoughts... I too am waiting... in fact, have to call a moratorium on thoughts in that direction as my imagination is running away with me and I am also superstitious enough to believe in "jinxing" myself....
I do know I am not the only one being considered and that is just a fact of life, no matter where you go.

Now you know everything!!!!

The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.

No piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven (7) times.

Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.

Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are fifty (50) years of age or

The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

The king of hearts is the only king without a mustache.

American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one (1) olive from each salad served in first-class.

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.

Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

(No wonder my house is so DUSTY! LOL!)

The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer. So did the first "Marlboro Man."

Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

Pearls melt in vinegar.

The three most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

It is possible to lead a cow upstairs...but not downstairs.

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.

Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least six (6) feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. (I keep my toothbrush in the living room now!)

Richard Millhouse Nixon was the first U.S. president whose name contains all the letters from the word
"criminal." The second? William Jefferson Clinton.

(Please don't tell me you're SURPRISED!?!!)

And the best for last.....

Turtles can breathe through their butts.

(I know some people like that; don't YOU?)

Now you know everything there is to know.


Thought of the day :

"There's no place like home."
--Wizard of Oz

Question of the day :

Some say the Wizard of Oz inspired their love of tornado chasing, studying exoctic animals or as Oprah says, the shoes inspired her to love shoes....
What most impressed you about the Wizard of Oz?


Wish I could hang out longer this am...

Big hugs to everyone... Did I ever tell you that you're my favorites?


05-21-2004, 08:13 AM
Wow! The messages are coming fast and furious! I checked in today and saw that Amarantha had posted a 21 day challenge thread. Thought, yeah, I should see if I can find the list, originally posted for the old 21 Day Challenge, of behaviors aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit (and coincidentally making me healthy and slender :D ). Then, lo and behold, Cerise requests that very list.

Furthermore, this is the first day of a 21-day exercise minutes contests that I've signed up for, and DH leaves tomorrow for a 21-day business trip (SO much easier to take care of me when I'm not taking care of him!).

Yup, yup, I found the list and will post on the 21-Day challenge thread.

Cerise, I was wondering if you'd tried yerba mate. (now i shall proceed as if you'd responded "Why no, I've never heard of it, Arabella. Please do tell me everything you know about yerba mate." :p

I'd seen it around for ever, but just read something about it a while back and it sounds like it does wonders for humans and is not harmful to the environment. I bought some the other day and have started using it although I'm not off the caffeine yet (it has a different compound called mateine - not the same thing, although also one of the zanthines). Supposedly energizes, calms, lifts spirits, boosts diets. Is packed with vitamins and etc. I'm really liking it, although I think I'd have to give it a chance on its own (that is, not after numerous cups of tea and coffee). I find it has a mild, pleasant, herbal kind of taste. I got the loose regular and some chai tea bags, although the loose is supposed to be much more powerful. Thinking it would be easy to pop some spices into the pot to make the loose stuff chai-flavored. Here's a link about it:

Anagram, I concur! (I love to concur, ever since Leo in "Catch me if you can," whilst pretending to be a doctor, emerged from a doctor huddle and said "Damn it! I should have concurred!") We're just having a wee quiet time and will be here in all our royal glory! We've been quiet before, and methinks this is traditionally a quiet time. People are busy and getting outside more.

Your car sounds lovely -- positively regal, and I can just see you in it!

Amarantha, thanks for posting the 21 Day Challenge thread! I'm on my way! :cb: :cb:

Kaylets, if you sneaked on there while I was posting, sending all positive job vibes your way!

To all, mentioned or unmentioned, have a great day! Love to all!

05-21-2004, 08:28 AM
Eydie, thanks for asking about my son. He's doing... okay. He's a bit depressed, and is not feeling motivated. I'm going to try to get him to do the checklist thing with me. I devised it originally, years ago, to get myself out of a similar slump. I know it works. He'll be much better when he gets a job. He's just overwhelmed with everything now; it's like he's got to start back at zero, gain independence from us (and especially me), get a job, get more of a social life. Difficult, but --- what can you do but pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again?

I was surprised last week when I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen since the fall. She didn't know what had happened and I found that I didn't want to tell her, because the thought of going into it just made me feel like I wanted to cry and cry and cry. I'm coping, I guess, but it's still very upsetting.

Eydie, how cool is it you're going to be at goal this birthday (the 25th, is that Cerise's too?)!!! :cb: :cb:

Kaylets, thanks for that excellent trivia list! I adore trivia!

05-21-2004, 09:18 AM

Is this where the party is? I heard that word in the murky depths of the pond and have emerged. Actually have been lurking. Am as crazy and busy as ever. I need a new word in my vocabulary "NO". Do you know that there are courses out there to teach you to slow down and relax and de-stress....???? Jeepers....I think it is cheaper to say NO. Which is going to be one of my new strategies.

Nice to see you back wsw. Cerise girl, wadda we gonna do? We love yah! Now what is our plan of action...all of us, me inclusive? Gonna relax and ruminate on that.

Ceara (of the shining me hairs highlighted, and muddy feet...darn rain!)

05-21-2004, 12:21 PM
Ceara of the Shining Lockes! :wave: Glad you emerged from the depths. That's right -- we'll set our course and find our way. :yes:

05-21-2004, 01:43 PM
:queen: Punkin, that's your cue, babe. Git on out here and declare it Friday! Or I will, dammit.

Arabella, you literally made me laugh through your entire post! Yerba Mate sounds wonderful. :coffee: I'm not quite off caffeine - I'm drinking the tea and coffee that I have at home until it's gone, but I won't buy more caffeinated stuff and I won't drink what's provided at work. Weird little rules we give ourselves, but it makes me feel better. And that's what matters. :cool: Thank you for posting that list, darling. I'm looking forward to implementing it.

Yes, Eydie and I are Birthday Sisters. I think I am going through weirdness because it's my last year in my 20s. I keep getting this feeling of Losing Time (well, we're all losing time...) - like if I had followed my goals I'd be thinner, healthier, more mature. Maybe I'd already be a professional musician. I feel like so far in my adult life my Two Big Things, music and health, have both gone by the wayside because I've been ruled by fear, stagnation and living for instant gratification. Fear keeps me from taking steps to make music with people much more regularly. Fear that I'll find out that I'm Not Good Enough. (for WHAT? you ask. I dunno...) Stagnation is the lack of momentum that keeps me from getting off my butt to get moving, to practice my singing. Instant gratification keeps me eating eating eating, reading on the couch instead of moving, and on and on. How do you fashion yourself into a disciplined person when your life has revolved around Fear, Stagnation and Instant Gratification? Kaylets? Anyone? Book ideas? Don't say Tony Robbins - I'll kill ya. :lol:

Anyway. Arabella, I think that if I were going to have to go back to the beginning in gaining independence, I'd want you as my guide. I think your son's in good hands. I really do. I can read your stuff and get this clear feeling that you're a good, good mom. :smug:

Speaking of music, by the way, I started voice lessons with this great lady in the city. She's eccentric, old, messy, cluttered, a terrible pianist, and just what I need, I think. She's also brilliant, courteous, professional, kind and generous with her opinions. I've never had a teacher like this. Ramon says it's because she's older - she had her day (and it was a good day - made her independently, modestly well-off) and now her voice is gone. The ego and disappointment that my pushing-35 voice teachers in college gave off hindered their teaching and our learning, and I think he's right. And she has none of that. In the first lesson, we had a talk about my goals and needs and dreams (mostly I let her know that I want to do something with my voice and am desperately in need of guidance). I told her that I hadn't had a lesson in 6 years and that I was pretty rusty. Then she had me sing something ("I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" from Handel's Messiah) and turned around from the piano with this look on her face. "Oh, yes, you'll be great" she said. Yikes!!! :yikes: Uh, okay. She could be lying, of course, to keep me at her side (monetarily it wouldn't do her any harm, and if I compete she'll look really good), but I trust her. And I need her. And more importantly (I'm sorry, I really can't be modest with you, my sisters), I've never doubted, really, that she's right. I could be great. But lack of discipline will kill a talent just as much as gargling battery acid, and that's what scares me. That my work ethic will always be this bad and I'll never amount to anything.

All right. Me-me-me-ness over. :rolleyes: Thanks for listening, dears, and for not thinking I'm the most arrogant puss on the planet. Singer's Ego, but I can't help it.

Ceara, good for you. Here, let's practice. "No. I'm weeding out my schedule. I won't be much good to you if I die of stress. I'm sorry, I have a previous engagement. Did I mention that I have a heart condition?" Really, though, saying "no" is so very hard, especially if you're involved in a church or other non-profit org. Picture? Of your hair? Please? :^:

Anagram, your car does sound wonderful. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels a relationship to my car. Well, it's Ramon's car, really, but we named him "Stitch" and pat him on the dashboard when he's laboring up a hill. Hills? In this city? :D Your DH's periodontist has really bad karma. He must. What a bloody rip-off. I'm so sorry for you both. :mad:

Kaylets, your factoids were very interesting. Especially about the young coconut milk. I love that stuff. It's delicious. It's my favorite drink. Speaking of drinks, I had my first Mojito last night - wow. Rum, simple syrup (whatever that is), lime juice, soda and ice, then mint leaves are sort of crushed in. Very, very refreshing. Sorry to you teetotallers out there. I'm sure you can make it virgin. I hear you, by the way, about jinxing yourself. I'm that way too, but I also, when going out for a job, get into this BELIEVE! Be-LIEEEEEEEVE!!! vibe that's helpful and not helpful. Basically, job hunting sucks and there's no getting around it. Thinking about you today. :headache: That's me drumming up positive energy for you.

Eydie, since succinctness (is that right?) has never been a strong point of mine, and since we all have lapsed into gross verbosity at one time or another (note length of this post), please do tell us about your shifting for the better lately. Whenever you feel like it, of course. :p

All right. Time to work. Love to you all, dears. :encore:

05-21-2004, 02:00 PM
Oh, yeah, and Kaylets, I'm seriously going to start eating an apple every morning instead of drinking coffee. This is episode # 53 where Kaylets' superior knowledge has improved my life.

Thank you, Amarantha, for getting the 21-day challenge set up again. I'm really excited to get some forward momentum going again. Episode #53 where Amaratha's generous ideas and enthusiasm have gotten me moving, too.

What can I say? I really couldn't do this without you guys.

05-21-2004, 08:14 PM
So hard to accept that it's Friday without :queen: Punkin declaring it so. But here 'tis anyway.

Ceara of the Shining Locks - what a great visual that makes with you climbing out of the muck and the gorgeous hair aglimmering. And welcome to the party.

Wood Nymph - glad son is doing "ok". That's better than a few weeks back. Of course he's depressed but I'm sure you and he will pull him through. Sometimes the coping mechanism breaks down at the time you least expect it, doesn't it.

Apples be one of my favorite foods ( applesauce, too) and I've been known to pour some apple cider vinegar into my water to change the pace of things.
I gave up most caffeine years ago, Cerise, but have been having some in my Tab and tea for the last year or so. LOTS less than I used to have though. I went to half regular and half decaf the first few days I tried to cut out the coffee. Finally decided that was too much trouble, quit colder turkey. It wasn't really too hard because I had cut down to just one cup a day prior to that time. Earlier it sure would have been.

Eydie, I am usually a very grumpy critter for two weeks or so before my birthday. Every year not just significant birthdays. I don't know whether it's because my hay fever catches up with me, or the heat, or the aging. But I noted it years ago. Fortunately once the birthday passes, so does the mood (so far).

Never been a fan of the Wizard of Oz - in fact I'm probably the only person I know who actively dislikes it.

I'm calling on all Queens to huff and puff to the southwest (well, at least that's the direction for me) and blow all of the Empress' dark clouds into the Pacific.

Hi-de-ho to wsw, zadie, and all lurking "queen"s. And a Happy First Anniversary to Frogger whereever she may be.

05-21-2004, 08:18 PM
Anagram, I'm not crazy about the Wizard of Schnoz either.

05-21-2004, 08:23 PM
Someone just sent me this prayer as part of a chain letter thingie. I don't do those but thought this seems to express many of the goals of our regal ones.

St. Theresa's Prayer:

> May today there be peace within. May you trust your highest power that
> you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the
> infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts
> that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
> May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence
> settle into our bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance,
> praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of you.

I particularly like the "settle into our bones" part and allowing my "soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love" (I guess that means no matter how badly")

05-21-2004, 08:44 PM
Queens, I'm so far behind on this thread that I hope thou'll all forgive me if I don't respond to everything. My brain be friedeth! Now I have to work tomorrow because I didn't today. Instead I put together a packet and delivered it for a job that someone called and asked me to apply for because she wanted me on her new project. But no one at the publishing company seemed to know about this thing, so I just gave them the packet and left. Very interesting. I'd like it if it's not going to put me in a worse situation. We'll have to see.

I could use some of those career vibes we've been sending to :queen: K ... send them in a southwesterly direction, if you wouldn't mind: 'YOU MUST HAVE AMARANTHA!!! AMARANTHA IS GOOD!!! YOU MUST HAVE AMARANTHA!!! AMARANTHA IS ..."

Ok, bye, sorry for brevity. No can think anymore!!! Will be back later to do journal and 21-day threads!!! The 21-dayer saved me from another binge!!!! I'm going to make it!!! Yowza!

05-21-2004, 10:48 PM
Came back from Michigan with the bruises to prove it. Anyone know what Whirlyball is? Well, it was a team-building activity at my conference. Whirlyball is two teams of five in motorized bumper cars on a basketball-type court with a lacrosse-type scoop and a whiffel ball, the object being to hurl the ball from the scoop to the net in the center of a backboard. It's crazy, it's fun, and it's violent. Oh, here...have a look, although as my DH said, "It doesn't LOOK dangerous." I am bruised from hip to hip across my lower abdomen from getting hit rather hard by an opponent...if I hadn't had the seatbelt on I would have been thrown out of the car and headfirst into a wall, so it could be worse. Also have a bruise on my left thigh bigger than my hand, it's swollen and lovely shades of red, purple, and blue. Yep, team building.

Been preoccupied with my sister. She is just 30 weeks pregnant and has been in and out of hospital because her blood pressure has been so high they are afraid she is going to stroke. She is hitting numbers like 220/130, which the doctor has told her he has NEVER seen. She is on all kinds of medication to try to keep it stable, but it isn't working. Baby is fine, but it is a balancing act with what is good for baby and what is keeping her from stroking. This has been going on for about a month now. They gave her steroids today to help develop the baby's lungs, and are prepared to transfer her to another hospital four hours away if they have to deliver. Would much appreciate any good vibes you can send.

Will catch up over the weekend. :wave:

05-22-2004, 01:38 AM
Good vibes winging their way to thy sis, Wildfire!!!!! :goodvibes:

Welcome back!

05-22-2004, 03:31 AM
Hello, darling Wildfire.

Thinking about your sister very much this weekend. All this hubbub and she can't possibly be having much fun. Here's hoping that things calm down and that everybody, especially Mom and Junior, hang in there for just a bit longer.

05-22-2004, 07:39 AM
All sorts of loving vibes to you, your sis and the wee one, Wildfire. Sounds so difficult.

And good job vibes going out for the Empress. Sounds like a good use of yesterday's time even if it kills today. Grindstone being delivered by the A1 towelboy (they're multifaceted).

Whew, I'm glad to know other :queen:s have affection for their vehicles. Thought maybe it was senility rampant.

Should be a good day here in Central PA, she says with fingers crossed. Looking like a good yard sale day so perhaps Kaylets is already scampering.

05-22-2004, 10:27 AM
Wow, so many great inspiring, profound, thoughtful posts I don't know how to catch up with everyone. I'm quite literally awestruck! And we thought things were going quiet here! Hah!

Okay, now it can be told---nay, MUST be told! A couple of weeks ago Garry and I finished this "project" that changed our lives. We wanted to do something because we were feeling stagnant, and quite by accident [yeah, right! :lol: ] I found this book called "Soul Coaching" by Denise Linn. I didn't want anything that I had to struggle with, I wanted something easy;I admit it. It's a 28-day program--week 1 deals with air and clearing mental debris, and physically decluttering your home! Week 2 deals with water and emotional stuff, cleaning your house, and drinking lots of water! Week 3 is about fire and creativity and week 4's about earth and strengthening your physical body.
I don't know what is was about this program but it really got to me. Cerise, please give this book to yourself for your birthday! It's a wild ride, because one day you're decluttering your closet and the next day you're being asked the purpose of your life. And somehow it all works! Very profound---I've become much more courageous with my life and it's inspired me [and Garry] to start with another book. Right now, we're working on "The Alchemist's Path"; its a book of spitual exercises inspired by alchemy. We're loving that one too! I love it when one find the spirtitual in everyday life stuff. Hey, maybe that's the purpose of my life! :D

I have a quote I'd like to share, so listen up, Queens!


Ain't it the truth! ;)

05-22-2004, 10:56 AM
Yo, just to inform thou mighty :queen: s that I posted this on the 21-day challenge thread in case anyone be interested. Anyone can win no matter when they join the "club" because it's kind of hard to do 21 consecutive days, so people will be restarting. Apologize if I seem to be recruiting here, I'm not, just wanted to share an idea to perk us up, if we need perking:

HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!! The 21-Day Challenge Club Prize Committee hath announced that a small NON-VIRTUAL AWARD OF HONOR will be snail mailed to the first challenger to complete their 21-consecutive days!

This prize program is a one-time offering and will be administered by Amarantha, who is not eligible to win the prize (since obviously she intends to be first and she started first!!! :D )!!! The eligibility caveats are thusly: The prize winner must complete 21-consecutive days of their challenge and be regularly reporting in on their progress to this thread (at least twice a week) because we need to support each other. The winner must notify Amarantha by email or pm of a snail mail address to send the prize (could be a PO box to preserve anonymity, the prize will be small, although the committee doesn't know what it is yet! :coffee: ).

Amarantha hath promised to purchase said prize in a real store, not weave, bead, crochet, knit, carve or otherwise craft it herself! She warns, however, that said prize will be veeeery inexpensive and a mere token of honor for the stalwart 21-day winner!!! (So don't get too excited, challengers)!

In the event a snail mail address is not received from the winner or the winner doesn't want the award or in the event no one wins before July (say, we all give up because we ain't got the stuff), no prize will be awarded. If Amarantha hath already purchased the award she will have sole discretion as to what to do with it! :yes:

Huzzah! Bye all!


05-22-2004, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the good thought/vibes, girls! I'm going to be an auntie any day to a very wee one, and I want both Sis and baby to get through this healthy!

05-22-2004, 01:40 PM
Good morning, queens.

Eydie, thanks a million for the book idea. It does indeed sound like a wild ride. I'm looking forward to trying it out. So, that's your big happy secret, huh? Good for you! And thanks for not recommending Tony Robbins. :lol:

So, Wildfire, your sister's got about a month and a half, right? Oof. Keep updating us, OK? That's a long time for a pregnant lady, I'll betcha. I wouldn't really know.

Amarantha, you are officially attracting royals from other lands with the 21-day challenge. We now have a Michigander on board. Huzzah! Sending out good vibes that your Packet will fall into the exactly right hands. And the front desk people never know anything, by the way. I know. :rolleyes:

You know, Anagram, I could be facing senility, but it'd be setting in REALLY bloody early. I think I'll always be quirky, whatever age I acheive. Geez. It's better than "normal", whatever that is. Thank you for sharing St. Therese's prayer, my dear. I hadn't heard it before. It's wonderful, isn't it?

All right, ladies. I'm off to make plans for the day. Ramon's at work and the apartment has not quite sunk into squalor, but it's a near thing. Must do something about it.


05-22-2004, 04:54 PM
Ungodly hot here today. Ran an ad for free hostas, daylillies, etc. Had 15 calls by 11:oo a.m. Gal showed up at 1:00. Took lots of those plus 3 forsythia and a few other things. But now I have to call the next person on my list and hopefully have someone dig those out tomorrow. Am trying to cut back a bit on the yard work required here. This year I really think I'm going to make it = if I keep my promises to myself anyway.

I'd never seen the St. T. Thing either but some of it seemed to hit my goals for now. A teeny weeny is right Wildfire but they can catch up fast. Recently a woman near here gave birth to SIX babies at, I think, the 29th week. She had been in the hospital since March but was able to hold on long enough to make it work. All were a good survival weight and were off ventilators within a day or two and seem to be doing well. Amazing what can be done these days. Can't wait to share your auntiehood.

I'm tired from watching that gal dig so I'm done for the day.

05-22-2004, 06:32 PM
Holy Mackeral!

How long have I been gone??


Here they come...the royal minstrels... and the royal buglers....

Ta da ! TA DA! TA DA!

Are you ready---

GOOD VIBES - to the East, West, North, South......


To the Northwest " Cerise will realize she can be as amazing as her vocal teacher thinks... Cerise will realize she can be as amazing as her vocal teacher thinks.."

And a little bit more Northwest: "Punkin will be able to come and visit, Punkin will be able to come and visit"

To the North " Wildfire's sister and baby will be fine! Wildfire's sister and baby will be fine!"

And North again " Arabella and son will succeed. Arabella and son will succeed.'

And again, " Zadie will see her dreams come true, Zadie will see her dreams come true"

To the East " All the Plants will be taken away....all the plants will be taken away!"

And a little bit farther East " WE MUST HAVE KAYLETS! WE MUST HAVE KAYLETS!"
and to the Southeast ..." WSW will feel energetic and cheerful! WSW will feel energetic and cheerful"

And on a mountain... "Eydie and Garry will enjoy their new book! Eydie and Garry will enjoy their new book!"

The Royal Minstrels apologize if they have not mentioned someone. Even if they have, GOOD VIBES ABOUND!!


let me go see what the Empress has posted on the 21 day thread.

05-22-2004, 11:13 PM
Gosh this thread is jumping, sorry for the brevity mode again here. I love all the posts and am reading, it's just that the connection between my brain and fingers is a little loose right now. Too many council stories and school boreds, methinks.

Eydie, I need that book, it's right in line with the self-improvement projects I'm embarked upon, one of which is the 21-day challenge, which I blew today, but will be back on with bells on the morrow.

I believe my weigh-in will be high again, but I know the 21-dayer will save me, if I could just complete it!!! Yowza! Not IF, WHEN!!

Was lurking, as is sometimes my wont, in our neighbor's pasture here at Miscellaneous Clubs and saw a post by someone (name escapes me at the moment) to the effect that they'd been told that when one has worked out intensely with weights there is sometimes a water weight gain because, I guess, the muscle fibers are swollen (or something). Since I've been working with much higher weights lately and feeling kind of swollen and gaining weight, I wonder if that's part of the reason (besides eating too much). Anyway, I like the idea of easing off on the weights for awhile, even though in the long run I want to gain more muscle (eats calories, makes it easy to walk around the world and lift stuff, keeps your arms from sagging).

Good vibes to all. I love your vibe list, :queen: K! Mayhap we should institute a weekly vibe request (like churches do for prayer requests). Everyone can post their vibe needs on a certain day and we can all dispatch the vibes during the week.

Ok, bye. Braindead! :doh:

05-23-2004, 03:33 PM

Lordy. Yesterday was cloudy and it rained all bloody day (in Seattle?!? you say), prompting a day of lazy sitting-and-reading, eating (all the wrong things, naturally), and NO HOUSEWORK. It was delicious, of course, but a whole day of it makes me headachy and fretful. The day was saved by the arrival of Ramon (as usual) from work,then a laugh-filled supper with my brother and SIL at Applebee's, where I gratefully munched on their lovely steamed veggie platter and a side of fries. Ah, funny me. :p

Eydie, that book sounds like just what I need. It's written down in my lovely ideas notebook. Ramon likes the sound of it, too. Thanks so much for sharing it!

And now I will share (ruthlessly plug is what I really mean) a CD idea for you all. It's an acquaintance of mine, a jazz vocalist/arranger. I just discovered that she made a CD in 2000 and demanded that she hand it over at once. It's really lovely - her vocals are achingly beautiful, and the album has solid jazz musicians to back her. It's just...damned good jazz. And she wrote some of it herself. I listened critically the first few times, since I'm above all things a vocalist/jazz musician myself and the first thing musicians do to other people's albums is listen critically, but then I was able to turn the Diva off and just let it wash over me. It's a good album to sip tea and really listen to, and it's also a good ambient background music CD. Buy it, love it at Oh, I'm so gonna get booted with this one...but I wouldn't recommend it to you if I didn't really believe that it would bless your souls. OK, shameless plug over.

Amarantha, I'm all for sharing vibes/good thoughts/prayers requests. If we really wanted to, we could do a separate thread for it...

AND, since we've found out that you lost weight instead of gained (huzzah!!!), I say full throttle on the weights! That's just me, though, and I have a preoccupation with muscular women, so...

Kaylets, thank you thank you for the vibes to the Northwest. Oh, I'm
in the Northwest! I get it. It never fails to astound me how much we believe in each other when we've never met or even conversed in RT. But it's real, that belief, and powerful. And I sometimes feel like I couldn't get by without it. Thank you.

Wildfire, still thinking hard about your sister and little niece/nephew. Say, your bruises must be getting to that lovely yellowy-green stage now, huh? Hope they don't hurt too much. Is DH giving you proper sympathy and horror at your suffering? He sounded suspiciously unsympathetic...

Lord, is that the time? Ew, 11:22. So much for taking the morning by the balls. Er, sorry for that... :lol: But I never consider time with you ill-spent.

Gotta go, ladies. Time to put on a bra and do the dishes.


05-23-2004, 04:03 PM
Yo! I will check that website, Cerise. I love jazz, but mostly the old, old acoustic stuff with vocals (Billie H, et al) ... thanks for the suggestion.

Dunno if anyone's going to start a vibe thread but I'm asking for career vibes again this whole week. I think I'd really like that in-town job (if it's actually a job and not an independent contractor thing designed to take advantage of reporters yet again).

:queen: K, where beist thou ... sending career vibes to thee ... thou must have :queen: K, though must have :queen: K, thou must have ...

Vibes to Wildfire's sis and tiny arrival (if that's happened yet)

Vibes to Arabella and son (and all Arabella relatives)

Vibes to Eydie and dh as they pursue self improvement

Vibes to Cerise and thanks for putting me in the vege mood in the 21-dayer

Vibes to Ceara, who beareth the sword and careth for the heathen!

Vibes to Wsw, 'cause I KNOW you're out there and that makes me happy

Vibes to Punkin, who's doubtless planning on being here Monday morning on the dot!

Vibes to Wildfire, just because she's so wild and fun!

Vibes to Zadie who hath dreamed big dreams and hath a great legal career ahead and probably doesn't need any career vibes!

Vibes to Anagramatic, who I haven't seen in a few days on the journal thread but sure miss a lot whenever she's gone for even one day.

Vibes to Frogger, Dollar, Hotsplashes, Seattle Jo and all other missing :queen: s, wherever the heck they are! :)

Ok, bye! If I forgot anyone on the vibe list, it's only because I'm not very smart! But vibes to any and all forgotten :queen: s!

I have shopped, now must lie on sofa and read!

05-23-2004, 05:48 PM
No news on the sis front, so I'm assuming that's good. 38-40 weeks is normal pregnancy gestation, so the little one will be about 2 months early if it happens very soon. Normal weight of a 30-week old fetus is just 3 lbs, and they are just opening their eyes and may have hair. Amazing that these little babies can be born so early and survive. Every day longer is better.

Cerise, no, DH is not sympathetic to my sports injuries at all. The bruises are still a lovely bright red with some blue and purple mixed in. The one on my leg is so large and ugly DH told me to wear long pants when I had shorts on two days ago. He said, "Cover that up! That's just not RIGHT!" So I've taken to flashing my bruised leg at him when I want him to go away.

Cerise, sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday. I've been doing much the same around here, watching movies, reading, sipping tea, wine last night, DH and I went out for coffee to the Coco Cat Cafe (don't you love the name?) and went for a drive. I'm avoiding the stack of dishes in the sink. I'll have a listen to your friend's music later when I have the patience to download the tracks.

Amarantha, what is this job you are hoping to land? :goodvibes:

I have decided to get back into weight training. I'm still done with diets and trying to use common sense and mix in some principles of the South Beach diet (good carbs vs. bad carbs). Thinking back over the last few years, even when I followed a diet to the letter, I only lost a few pounds before it stopped working. So I truly believe that exercise (much as I hate it some days) is going to be key for me. I was quite buff ten - twelve years ago when I did weight training, so I'm going to ease back into that and see what happens.

:wave: Hello to all our lovely ladies!

05-23-2004, 06:41 PM
Wildfire, it's just a reporter job on a new project close to my home. Not sure if it's going to be what I want or need or if I'm what they want or need. We'll see.

That is good news about things being on hold for thy sis' delivery ... the more time, the better, methinks. Sending more good vibes.

Sending more good vibes for thy exercise program ... here's to buffdom! :cheers:

05-23-2004, 07:08 PM
hello dear royal ones!

amarantha-i smiled when i read what you wrote. i am so grateful you are here! great career vibes going out to you, empress! congrats on the weight loss!

wildfire-i am sending strong good health vibes to your sister and the wee one. those bruises don't sound fun. you have my sympathy for them, believe me.

hi anagram- i am thinking about you and hope your weekend has been pleasant.

kaylets-good career vibes from me to you! i loved reading the good vibes list. it really is true that all this good karma being sent out from here helps---no doubt about it!

cerise-will check out the website you mentioned. i love jazz. glad to hear that you like your new voice teacher. at this moment, as i am writing, i am sipping tea and listening to jazz, in fact. i would love to hear you sing some day.

hi arabella! thinking of you.

hello ceara!

eydie-the book you mentioned sounds interesting to me too. i plan to check it out when i can next get to the library or bookstore.

hi also to punkin, zadie k., frogger, and to all the rest of the royal court. you are all in my thoughts even when i am unable to check in or post.

i am back on the stick more consistently now with food and exercise. i have been feeling so crummy physically for so long now and have been using that as an excuse to not be diligent with a food plan and all that accomplishes is make feel even worse, so enough of that. i am declaring this re-committment time. kaylets-the cheerful and energetic vibes you sent me are working, methinks! even if i can't do anything about this stupid old ms, i can at least make positive strides with weight loss and eating healthy, so i am declaring officially that i am back in the saddle again! all of you are so inspiring and i can do my part too. i am very grateful all of you are here!

all the best to each of you,

05-23-2004, 08:59 PM
Huzzah, queenlets all. Good vibes swirling about the kingdom. Great vibe that wsw is improved enough to join us and is determined once again to be stalwart foodwise - we know she's the queen of stalwart elsewise. Great vibe that Wildfire's wee one is still safely in utero and growing stronger daily. Great vibe with all this job excitement and I'm twirling around emitting vibes in all directions.

Had yet another flower person here today digging out hostas and day lillies. Watching is great exercise and then I moved a few other things and put down more mulch and yet the yard is calling me with little enticements urging me to drag my tired bod out and do more. The whole point of all this effort is simplification but even that takes work. My goal is to work on that in all areas of my life.

A good day for me today in so many ways, not the least of which was finding so many queens reporting in.


05-23-2004, 11:11 PM
Yo, just saw journal thread, Anagramatic, and did not mean to imply that thou'd not been posting faithfully! :) Thought thou'd gone away for a day or so and just meant I always look for thy posties! Must have been mistaken, apologies!!! :yes: Will post this there also! Huzzah!

05-24-2004, 06:37 AM
Hello all!

Oh boy... up until about 30 seconds ago, I was really feeling the typical Monday stomach churn....

Am wondering how much employement situation vs menopauasal situation is at work here....Or just maybe that I was very close to reaching my "stress level max" and the past weeks sent me over the edge. I too, did very little yesterday... was very warm yes, but also felt I needed the break and took it.

Sat when we returned, we found an Overnight envelope with drug test instructions . I am leaving very early this am to go for the test. World has definitely changed since my last employment application with this company but at least this part of the application I have complete certainty what the results are... and if otherwise, I can demand a retest...

Just this second, I realized my frame of mind could be described as " Just holdinig my breath for the outcome"... so, of course, then what we need to do is so obvious....

Just breathe.

Thanks for all your vibes, support, love.
You are all making an enormous difference for me.

Thought of the day :
"Just Breathe.
Breathe in,
Breathe out.

Question of the day :
"What was your first job?"


05-24-2004, 06:51 AM
Again, so many posts! The weekend's usually a little quieter.
So glad to hear all's well with your sis and bairn. What's the latest?
Good vibes going out to Kaylets and Amarantha to land their dream jobs!
Where's our Punkin? Come back, Terri!
Will be really busy the next couple of days---tomorrow [on my birthday, naturally.] I'll be serving lunch to our advisory board. I don't know why it's so stressful, they're all perfectly nice people, but it's always a big deal. We always feel like we have to put on a good show to ensure the funds continue and all that. Hey, I guess I'm lucky; I only have to provide the food!
Then on Wednesday we're going to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. I'm so looking forward to it! One more time before the rates go up. We've never been in May before--it'll actually be hot!

05-24-2004, 07:29 AM
As noted in pm, Empress, no apologies ever necessary.

So glad you took a rest, Kaylets, stress can really lay us low and you've had it. Sometimes one needs to treat oneself as a :queen:.

I guess the weekend posting flurry was our "party" though it didn't pull in those among the missing.

Empress, glad to hear you got in some shopping time over the weekend. You must have knocked out those articles in no time. Again, good vibes to you and Kaylets on job situations.

05-24-2004, 12:44 PM
eydie-i hope you have a lovely birthday(!!!!!) tomorrow and a pleasant trip too!

anagram-i liked the prayer you posted a while back. it was calming, and lately i realize just how much i have been needing soothing and calming words, activties, reading, etc. i am working on a bit of simplifying myself also recently. it is interesting to me how much work simplifying actually takes.

greetings, empress amarantha! i am thinking i just may join the 21 day challenge to help keep me on the right track. thanks for having started it.

kaylets-"just keep breathing"--so true and helpful, thanks for the reminder. i know how this one eludes me all too often. deep, cleansing breaths---ahh! more good job vibes coming your way.

i am only now starting to feel settled in to my new place after several months. some of that is due to having been physically feeling so bad recently and all the moving and post-move kind of took their toll on me. some of it is due to the fact that it still needs a lot more work in here, but now ever so slowly, it is beginning to feel like my home and more cozy. i realized i have needed to continue to "make friends" with the place more than i have had to in past places i have lived, but it definitely seems to be worth the effort. yesterday ended as a good op day, and so far so good, today. hope everyone's day is pleasant.

hi cerise, arabella, ceara, wildfire, and all the rest of the courtly ones. take care, all.

05-24-2004, 03:28 PM
Hey girls, I'm an Aunt!

The wee one was delivered by c-section this morning. My sister's kidneys were starting to fail and the baby's heart beat was getting weak, so they did the surgery. He is 2lbs, 12 oz. So tiny! He is breathing on his own right now, but the first 24 hours are critical. Keep those good vibes coming for both sis and nephew! Digital pictures are being sent, I'll post a link when I get them.

05-24-2004, 05:35 PM
Wildfire! It's done! The nephew's out of the "building" and it's all uphill from here, baby! I'm so happy - I've spent so much time thinking about Sis and Junior and wondering how much longer the situation could continue. Sending out even stronger vibes for the health of both beloved ones. Ah, wish I could hold your new nephew. :^:

Happy Birthday Tomorrow, Eydie. A great day to be born. I can't tell you how much I love having been born in late spring - my favorite time of year. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, love - I'll be thinking of you! Sorry that you have to cater to the money people - do they know that it's your birthday tomorrow? Man, if I were there...I'm just the sort of meddlesome friend that's always trumpeting more modest friends' accomplishments, special days, etc. It's not always a good thing. :D

So, wsw, what's the new place like? Have you got the splendid colors on the walls and things? I'm glad that things are settling down a bit for you. You deserve a break, friend. Aha, you're a jazz lover, eh? You've just risen two notches in my estimation; just when I thought you couldn't get any higher. :smug:

Anagram, I'm with you. Simplifying takes SO. MUCH. WORK. Why, I ask you, WHY?!?!?! :dunno: I'm glad, though, that you have a garden that lures you outside. We don't even have a balcony or windowboxes. :( I'm presently reading up on container gardening. So far I have a rubber plant (I know. EVERYBODY has a sodding rubber plant) and a beautiful ivy I transplanted from Oregon during the move to Seattle. Both are doing well. :spin:

Kaylets, still thinking hard about your job prospect. I think the drug test is a very good sign. I've always thought of it as part of the I-9, W4 process after it's a sure thing you're in. Oops, mustn't jinx it - shut up, Cerise. :tape:

QOD: I worked part-time as a fryer in Taco Time and part-time as a Soda Jerk at the local 50s-era hamburger hop. Summer after my Freshman year in college. I always thought if I heard those jukeboox-at-every-table songs one more time... Funny thing, at Taco Time they thought I was amazing - farmed me out to other area Taco Times to train the fryers "right", but at Wolffy's they thought I was kind of a loser. Wolffy's was run by the mob though, so they say, so there you go. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

Amarantha, I'm still sending career vibes to you, my dear. I've officially known you (and the other queens) for a year now (yay! yay! yay!), and I declare that a change wouldn't kill ya!

All right, back to work.

Wildfire, is your DH as grossed out by his injuries as he is of yours? Does the sight of blood and viscera make him heave-ho? Poor little man... :s:

05-24-2004, 06:41 PM
Congratulations, Wildfire! Everyone must be so relieved that the wee one and mother have made it to this stage. Stilll one mustn't be complacent---will continue to pour on the good thoughts for everyone!

Thanks for the pre-birthday wishes. And she's been more modest than I---so I want to remind everybody that it's our darling Cerise's birthday tomorrow too! Strangely, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. It's supposed to be 90 degrees out tomorrow, so I'm making all cold dishes: wraps, salads, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries. All very easy on the cook, but festive and 'picnic-y'. And then I'm off for the next 9 days--hoorah! We'll only be at the beach for 3 days, and then we'll spend the rest of the time in our little refuge. Gardening, and maybe resurrecting the labryinth.

wsw, I'm so glad you're able to post more now. You were so missed!

Kaylets, I agree w/ Cerise---getting a drug test has to be a good sign!

05-24-2004, 07:18 PM
congratulations, auntie wildfire! i am sending strong good health thoughts to your sister and the wee one at thris crucial time. big hug to you. please take good care of yourself.

05-24-2004, 09:46 PM
Posted this on the 21-day challenge thread, apologies for taking up more room but I want everyone to see it!!!

Hear ye, hear ye ... eeeny, meenie, chile beanie, the spirits are about to speak, er, ANNOUNCEMENT:

The esoteric and unnamed officials of this contest have notified Amarantha that the requirement of checking in twice a week in order to be eligible for the fab nonvirtual prize that will be mailed to the first person completing 21 consecutive days of their challenge be a tad taxing on the challengers. So everyone will be eligible for the prize (except Amarantha) who posts at all!!! Huzzah! That is all! Now a word from our sponsor ...

05-24-2004, 09:59 PM
All Best Wishes, Auntie Wildfire! Good vibes that all goes well and that sis and wee one get to go home relatively soon and begin their journey together.

Happiest of birthdays to Eydie and Cerise. I think that's so neat that you share your big day. And nine days off, Eydie! How relaxing to think of it.

First job (other than babysitting) was to clean house for a school teacher who was married to a funeral director. The "parlor" was on the other side of the house and sometimes I'd get to spruce it up a bit too. I think I've been gifted forever with an easy attitude toward death because of the experience there. Plus I recognize many things about me and my tastes, etc. that probably also come from that gracious woman. I quit once but went back with some of the more onerous chores delegated to some one else and so basically spent all of my high school years working there. During high school I also checked coats and played music for the dances at the local Legion hall two nights a week. Through this job, I got to know pretty much everybody (or at least who they were) in our small town and neighboring ones. Right after graduation I went to work as a secretary at the local AF base.

Sort of tired out tonight. Day started out ok but got thrown off kilter somewhere this afternoon. Dh seems to be somewhat glum tonight too but he had a dr. appt. tomorrow and that might be it for him. Not sure what it is for me. Sometimes it doesn't take much.

See y'all tomorrow.

05-24-2004, 10:03 PM
Now that those rude and intrusive 21-day officials have stopped hijacking the palace thread with their challenge announcements, I can say what's on my mind:

CONGRATULATIONS TO AUNTIE WILDFIRE!!!! Huzzah! :cp: :hb: to the little one and good vibes going out to thy sis and babe!

And a :hb: to Cerise and Eydie! Huzzah! Birthdays are good, be sure to eat cake!!!!

Wsw, thanks for joining the 21-day challenge ... I'm glad thou seemingly be "making friends" with thy new place. What an exciting time it is for thee to be in a new environment, but it can be stressful, so take care o' thyself! :wave:

Kaylets, that's a VERY good sign that they sent you the test ... they don't do that unless they're on the verge of hiring one!

I've heard nothing about my in-town job prospect since I turned in that packet, so I'm kind of putting it out of my mind for now. If they'd liked what they saw, they'd be in touch, methinks.

Anagramatic: Thanks for the pm. I enjoyed "talking" with thee today!!!! Going for more Greek pizzas tomorrow. I have a few days off and shopping's on tap. Yes, since I've gotten procrastination out of my life, I AM knocking out the stories in a more timely fashion. I'm sure I'll regress at some point, though. Busy work week what with graduations to cover.

QOD: I think my first job must have been babysitting, then as a teen, I worked in a hamburger joint (before becoming a vegetarian, which I no longer am).

Anagram, you make me homesick for the midwest by the discussion of hostas. I don't think I've ever seen or heard of any here, but I used to love them ...

Ah, well.

Later ...

05-25-2004, 09:30 AM
Good morning :queen:lies!

What a special day this is!

And congratulations to Auntie Wildfire -- love going out to you, sis, and wee babe!

I have to admit I'm sunk into the pits myself, but I'm going to hit Day 1 again, and try, try, try.


05-25-2004, 01:27 PM
I'm 29 today!!! My last year in my 20s.

Thank you all for your good wishes, and THANK YOU, wsw, for the beautiful card!! You made me feel so special!

Eydie, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a gorgeous, delicious, stress-free day.

Wildfire, I'm on pins and needles here. Your nephew's first 24 hours must be over by everybody OK? Love to you and sis and little one.

Arabella, dang it, it's my birthday and I'm gonna have a talk to the universe about your sunk-in-the-pits deal. Expect lots of unexpected joy and happy "coincidences" today. Love you...

Amarantha, fret not! Time always slows down when people are in possession of your Packet, which you want then to read and cherish and act on immediately. You're amazing - how could they not want you? Hang in there, dearest.

Ugh, darlings, I've not gotten to several of you that I want to talk to, but work beckons. I'll be back!

Thanks to you all for making this a special day for me!

05-25-2004, 07:51 PM
Hello all!

Couldnt get online this am.. am typing quickly as I am not sure if we're back up for awhile...

Happy birthday wishes to the Royal Cerise and Eydie... listing you alphabetically just so no one feels slighted...
You'll have a great day. That's my royal decree.

Wildfire.. Enormous surge of good energy for the new baby boy. Please keep us posted.

And again, I am asking to be kept on the list too. There is some news to report.... I have been "unofficially " advised that its only a matter of the background, etc coming back... I will admit to you that I am nervous about some of DS's antics perhaps reflecting in some of the reports... probably not ... might just be a sympton of how much I want this to come together..

I am nearly at the point of not allowing myself to think about it but 10 minutes at night... I got a voicemail on my cell phone and nearly broke out in a sweat trying to find somewhere private to listen.. then could hardly contain myself for 45 minutes to get to my car to return the call.....


Wildfire.. is your sister ok now too??

Wsw... glad to see you can join us more lately. And yes, how are you liking the remodeled bath ??

Empress... I really will get to the challenge now...

Anagram... You played music? Were you part of a band?? or an early dj??

Arabella... keep smiling...we're all struggling.. today there was a paper jam in the printer and someone said "I think the paper is burning./.. can't you smell it>?
and I said" Oh, I thought the cafeteria was baking brownies, that 's what I smelled..!"

Let me post..

05-25-2004, 08:48 PM
eydie and cerise-i hope your birthdays have been good ones!!!!

so hot here already and just the beginning of summer. not that i am wishing away time, because it is too precious--just hope my poor a/c holds out for the duration.

quick post to say hi. pretty worn out and need to crawl in to bed. good evening, all. take care.

05-25-2004, 09:01 PM
[color=blue]:queen: K, thou be always on my good vibe list and especially now ... sending career coming together vibes eastward as I type!!! I'm sure it'll happen, from what thou beist saying ... no "antics" of anyone else could possibly be an influencing factor, methinks. You WILL get the job. I just know it ... and in worst case scenario (which I don't think will happen), well, you'll find another that you want even more.

Thanks for the encouraging words, :queen: Cerise ... kind of given up years ago on anyone cherishing my work, but would like to think I'm still able to string a word or two together for pay and cover the odd school BORED now and then ... mayhap not! Oh, well! :coffee:

Arabella, if thou looketh at the 21-dayer thread thou'll note that I've crashed and burned YET AGAIN! I'm not giving up, though, as it's an extremely hard challenge to do ... I've only done it twice, actually ... once here and one on that "other" diet forum ... I'm announcing my intention to see this through ... in 21 days I can make great progress towards regularizing my calorie count and reaching my weight goal.

So I'm back on Day 1 tomorrow! Huzzah!

In the meantime, I'm eating some peanut butter ... the natural stuff that I "fix" by pouring off a little oil and adding Splenda ... tastes like the kid stuff.

Re that, doth anyone else find it rather odd that for years we've been told never to eat anything with hydrogenated oil (well, I've been told, at any rate) because it has trans fat and now we're seeing stuff all over the place (like kid's pb) that has hydrogenated oil and lists NO trans fat on the new labels?

Just seems odd ... I realize that it's because there's less than a certain amount in there so they can get away with the ZERO thingie, but with the hydrogenated oil being listed so high on the label on a jar of pb, you wonder why there's not more. I'm seeing that ZERO trans fat label on a lot of things where hydrogenated oil is listed maybe second on the label.

Very suspicious, but of course the food industry would NEVER try to fool us, so it must be ok. Right?

Too right.

05-25-2004, 09:55 PM
Hi all, just a quickie!

Happy Birthday Cerise! :gift:Happy Birthday Eydie! :gift:

Hope you both had wonderful birthdays!!

Baby has a name. Jace. Not sure about that, but I didn't have a say in the matter. Haven't heard the middle name yet. I have been trying for hours to get through to my sister's room but it has been busy. Her BP is coming back down today, so that's good news. Thank goodness for the grapevine.

Have to be to work very early for inventory count, so I'm off to bed. Have a good Wednesday, all!

05-25-2004, 11:20 PM
Kaylets, played records but no dj-ing. Powerful position, let me tell you. Another girl and I got to play (or not) requests that came in. You wanted to hear something particular, you'd better stay on our good side. Or maybe we'd play it - but two seconds after we saw you go into the rest room.

05-26-2004, 07:24 AM
Hello all!

Server is up and I am glad...

Empress-- oh but of course, your gift is cherished...!! I have made it a royal proclamation... You will receive a scroll by royal delivery asap.
and as for the food labels... its all smoke and mirrors... No trans fat but lots of other c*****.... just because its not something equally as bad doesnt make it better.....
Yikes... " Well, consumer, its not mercury so if its lead it must be better, right? "....

Just like labeling Mustard "Lo fat"...well, wasnt it always????

Smoke and mirrors... hand is quicker than the eye...

Don't get me started!

Wildfire-- so glad to hear the Baby Prince is holding his own! Please keep us updated!

Thought of the day :

"The Emperor also has straw-sandaled relatives."
--Chinese Proverb

Question of the day :

"Of all the jobs you've had, is there one you miss? Is there one you definitely don't miss?"


Must be off!

Take care!

05-26-2004, 08:51 AM

Day 2 of no rain...the ground is saturated. Sure glad I don't live in MI where all the flooding is...I too live on a flood plain, but there isn't a river nearby to misbehave.

QOD I hated the hours of my waitressing job. I liked teaching. I like my current job most of the time. Sometimes management gets too managerial but I think that is a fact of jobs!

Glad to hear the child is doing well. Those things are the big important things in life...the things that really matter. When do Jace and Mom go home...or are they?

Yes food labels are a riot aren't they? Mustard..lo-fat...*snork* The sad thing is that people think it is something new....I haven't gone for the margarines etc that have come out for years. If I'm having bread, then darn it I'm having real butter...not slabs, not everyday. Kinda like the old egg controversy.

Anyway, have a great day all...I'm off to hit the tar and chips for a walk.



05-26-2004, 10:51 AM
I like the name, Wildfire! It's distinctive. Glad sis and babe doing well! :wave:

Thanks for the scroll, Kaylets. I can use that ... :sigh: (is that a smilie, we'll see)!!

Another food labeling craze that makes me nuts is this new way of labeling carbs ... the "net impact carb" thing ... once again I must say that in my opinion a carb is a carb and there's no definitive research I can see that supports the idea that we only get fat if we eat carbs that impact blood sugar (e.g., sugar alcohol) and it's ok not to count the calories in fiber (marketing is giving people the idea that fiber calories are negative calories, that they actually subtract calories from the body ... it may be true, it may not, where's the proof?) ... the low carb shakes I buy are now claiming to have half the carbs they used to say they have ... same amount of carbs, same calories, but, oh wait, a carb's not a carb anymore, it's a net impact carb ... forget about the other two carbs, don't think about those, they don't exist.

That said, I have received benefit from the low carb craze because some of the products are lower in calories and lowering simple sugar and increasing fiber is beneficial to regulation of blood sugar. If we're talking about people with diabetes or people who really are insulin resistant, the products make sense. I just don't see that everyone in the civilized world is insulin resistant. That's just a marketing ploy.

Sorry, ranting again.

I'll stop.

My water heater died today and it's irritating me. I won't have to replace it until winter (if then), as the old pipes in this house get quite warm in the Arizona sun ... but it irritates me.

QOD: Yup, I do miss the old days when I was in the newsroom all day and didn't work at home at all nor drive all over the countryside to do interviews and attend meetings.

05-26-2004, 02:06 PM
No, I DON'T have a hangover today! :cool: Me, my husband, brother and SIL went out to this wonderful Mexican joint which served these innocent-looing and -tasting margaritas - halfway through one , I was feeling groovy and trying my hardest not to sing at the table. I had to wear a sombrero, though, while the waiters all sang Happy Birthday. Humiliating. I'll get Ramon back, I swear I will. :devil:

Thank you all again for your kind birthday wishes, my dears. I have now officially known you all for a year, since my first memories of this thread are the first few days after Eydie's birthday last year. :D

Amarantha, I'd be glad to continue your rant about carb labelling, but time presses. Actually, the whole carb-counting thing pisses me off, but that's another rant altogether. Anyway, I'm hoping that Kaylet's scroll does some real good - it should; scrolls from :queen: Kaylets should never be taken lightly.

Ceara, I think you and I have similar philosophies when it comes to eating "real" food as opposed to lo-fat substitutes. My only exception is that I use Smart Balance instead of butter sometimes. I'm quite attached to the taste, I admit. :^:

Wildfire, I'm glad Jace (cool name) and your DSis are doing OK. It was a load off to log in today and hear your glad news. Thanks for keeping us posted, honey. Now, how are you doing?

Kaylets, don't get me started on hydrogenated oils and trans fats. :mad: God, what a mess. Fortunately, I do most of our food shopping at a natural foods co-op, so I miss some of the rat race. Know what trips me out? Those chewy chocolatey calcium supplements. First three ingredients? Sugar, hydrogenated oil, milk. Yuck!!! It's supposed to be good for you, medicine! I'll never understand... :no:

Anagram, I got a damned good laugh hearing about your Records Maven antics! What a fun girl you must've been. What am I saying??? :yikes: What a fun girl you are NOW. :yes:

wsw, take care of you in the hot weather. I may be mistaken, but doesn't hotness aggravate your technical difficulties? Ooooh. Rest well, my dear. It's so good to see you around again. :)

Eydie, have a GREAT time on your vacation!

I'm off, dears. Have a good day!

05-26-2004, 05:50 PM
Despite the recommendation of Viscountess Grins-At-Pigeons to have a good day, I have not been ('tis getting better though). I required a piece of minor surgery (not for the first time, so I was very laid back about it sort of). However, the numbing shot is usually painful and this time the dr. gave me two of them to get me good and numb. Then for some strange reason it didn't work. At least for the first several nips. The last one seemed to (different locations and all). So we had a lot of lip biting and tensing, etc. I didn't even remember to do any relaxation techniques. Haven't been practicing a lot lately so wouldn't have been my best effort but probably better than being tense.

Anyway, dh was warned yesterday to find something to occupy himself this afternoon as I wanted no hovering, just to sit or pace or whatever the mood struck. This was esp. important as I did not want to turn to the comfort of food. And my nervous system was on "WAY HIGH" after the unexpected jolts. He was being ever the good caretaker but finally got the message and went out and mowed the lawn. So I did some laundry, cleaned up some files long in need but not an immediate thing of which there are many.

So anyway, I'm slowly coming down out of the trees and getting more close to civil without having done him any kind of physical harm and have two pieces of GOOD to report.

1. I have not turned too much to food (partly because I have to take an antibiotic either and hour before or two hours after food so can't be gnoshing constantly).

2. Their scale weighed less than mine even with clothes and shoes. Mine is the "official" one but nonetheless it was a pleasant surprise on theirs. Actually today my own had listed a new low on the first try that was probably due to standing on the scale somehow wrong because none of the later tries came even close to my previous low. But it was nice seeing that because I usually feel "see it once and it will come again". And the nice number in the doctor's office was a treat.

So, as my day is getting somewhat better, I'll go along with Cerise's wish for the rest of you. Make it good, what's left of it.

05-26-2004, 09:34 PM
Hmmm, ok, just a little more about carb labeling. I was looking at the dang labels again and realizing that what I wrote above was backward re sugar alcohol. The labeling folk are saying (by their system) that the sugar alcohol does NOT affect blood sugar and thus, presumably, does not contribute to weight gain, so don't count it as a carb. This soundeth like voodoo to me. No wonder I'm confused.

Glad I cleared that up, wouldn't want anyone to think I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE NEW CARB LABELING SYSTEM. Heavens!

Anagram, sorry thou hadst to have the minor surgery but glad it be over for thee and dh soundeth like a good, quiet and cooperative fellow to go mow the lawn in lieu of hovering.

Cerise, picturing thee in a birthday sombrero, trying not to sing! Wouldst love to trade low carb ranting someday (again, apologies to any low carb folkettes I may be offending, I do not mean to downgrade something thou be passionate about ... it's the food industry that's the focus of my irritation, but whatever works for us as individuals is good)!

I am quite bored as I have no work to do and am taking some time off exercise for today at least ... did a little (details on journal thread)! I'm determined to get through my 21-day challenge this time!

05-26-2004, 09:38 PM
P.S., I found some beautiful fluffy and light lime green yarn and started to crochet a stole (old-fashioned word) but became overcome by depression and the futility of it all. I mean, it is just too hot in Arizona in the summer to knit and crochet yarn (thread is different, but how many doilies can one make in a lifetime and what can one do with them).

Minor vent.

Ok, bye.

05-26-2004, 09:58 PM
anagram, sorry to hear your day was painful. :grouphug: Hope it is getting better by the minute and you'll be feeling fine in the morning. Kudos to you for not being tempted by comfort food!

Cerise, your birthday dinner sounds fun! Do we get pictures??? You should have climbed up on your chair and performed right along with the waiters...probably would have put them to shame! WE know what a wonderful singer you are...flaunt it, baby!

I am feeling rather burnt out today. I think it is a tally of travelling last week, long rainy long weekend, which made going to work yesterday painful, all the worry and excitement with Sis and Jace, early start this morning for an inventory count, knowing I just have to get through tomorrow and then I'm travelling again on Friday to see my girlfriend for the weekend, but first I have a hair appointment and shopping and laundry and's like I have a case of dominoes in my brain and they're all falling at once.

Amarantha, I'm with you on the low/no carb fad in the food industry. All trying to capitalize on the current cash cow. :moo: I am applying a "healthy carb" logic to my eating habits, which I think is what the original premise of these plans intended.

ceara, no word yet on when Sis and Jace get to go home. Jace will likely be there until almost his scheduled due date, which was July 31st. Sis can't go home until her BP and kidneys stabilize.

Jace Rishi is his name. Rishi means "ray of light". His dad is Hindu, so they picked a name to reflect that heritage. I just talked with my sister and Jace is doing really well. He is feeding already! She said his feet are 1 3/4 inches long, his hands are 1" long, his head is the size of your closed fist, and he is 12" in overall length. She said he looks very much like my father...fair skinned, reddish hair. I can't wait to see him! And shop for him! :D

Still sending good vibes :goodvibes: to Kaylets and Amarantha in their job quests!

wsw, so nice to have you back posting!

Hello to all our fair :queen:s! I must away to find clothes for the morning.

05-27-2004, 07:44 AM
Hello all!


Was trying to figure out which dress slacks fit the best to wear tonight to meet some folks who havent seen me in awhile.. and then I said.... I'm going to go in there strutting my little jeans!!
Sometimes its really albout LESS IS MORE.

hmmmmmmm...... now that gets me th inking!

Hope everyone who hasnt been feeling well is feeling better.... hope everyone who's been overwhelmed is remembering as long as we stick with the basics, ( breathe, water, move) we will get thru it, and.....
to everyone who feels as though progress is taking too slow.....
Don't forget, just by checking in here, you have opened yourself to making healthy changes....


ok, I promise, I 'll stop shouting and in fact, won't finish this 2nd cup of real coffee....
so, holidays can be very hard on some of us...
I am going to make a commitment to do my darndest to make our thread interesting, positive and FUN for all of us this weekened..
If you can't be here, we'll miss you...
If you can, PLEASE join me ....
We might be suprised at who stops by!!!


Thought of the day :

"From the understanding
of not understanding
comes understanding."
--- Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

"What is your favorite kind of cheese?"



05-27-2004, 08:56 AM

Sun is 3 of no rain yet and the back is still a bog. Nothing like stinky mud!

Went to GP yesterday....had a discussion about only taking 1/2 a BC pill each day...which I started 2 weeks ago without his permission. They were controlling my symptoms at full dose (which is the highest one??? Go figure), but I was going to kill someone...either myself or someone who looked at me the wrong way. I mean I had road rage on the return trip from Baltimore in April...I'm not like that normally. So he agreed to wait and see if the 1/2 dose daily would control symptoms and then I may go to a lower dose pill. It is v-e-r-y hard to cut those little babies in half. However I feel better emotionally, and more in control. And I'm not eating everything that isn't nailed down! Also am going for an upper GI and ultrasound at end of stomach has been killing me and the symptoms are not definitive either for ulcer or gall bladder.....ya-haa!?!

The story of my medical woes. Thank goodness my doctor likes me :lol: You shoulda seen his eyes bug when I confessed to taking 1/2 pills.

Am off to walk. Have stuff to do today. Besides work that is...


05-27-2004, 10:35 AM
Ah, Ceara, you mean IMPORTANT stuff. Good luck on the dosages and the tests.

Kaylets, it took deep thought but I guess I'd have to say white sharp cheese. I like so many it's hard to decide these big questions.

Beautiful day in Central PA. NO APPOINTMENTS OR COMMITMENTS except of ourselves. Had a leisurely brekkie (Slimfast) and paper read on the Patio of Inner Peace so am ready to move it a bit but slowly and non mentally at least for a while. We said we'd work this a.m. and go in search of some fun later in the day. There won't be much a.m. left by the time I start so it won't be much work.

Decent weigh in - not great or exciting but decent - I'm always all over the place. But with only five days left in May I wanted to see how far I've come since May 1. As of today it's a 2.4 loss for the month. It's been more but I jump up and down so much I don't get excited about the upsies and downsies of water retention. And 2.4 is a MAJOR move for moi. So concentrating on keeping that and hoping for a tad more by Tuesday morning.

So move it, me, move it. Sunny skies, all.

05-27-2004, 01:17 PM
Treading carefully on that Patio of Inner Peace (thanks for the image, Anagram), as my anxiety is at an all time high. Translation, I'm not doing much. Went shopping and also to gym to walk slowly on :tread: (until I stop having some symptoms I'm supposed to do everything veeery slowly).

Depression is just around the corner.

Thought I'd just drop by here and cheer everyone up with the above statement! :coffee:

Rats, not supposed to drink that either!

Oh, well!


Anagramatic, congrats on thy May weight loss!!!! Pretty good job there, Kemo Sabe!! :yes:

Kaylets, definitely thou shouldst go with the tiny jeans!!! Jeans are always the best choice and they can be so dressed up. Dost thou have a pink cowgal hat?

Ceara, sorry about thy medical woes ... sounds as though thou be in control of it, though, and know what you want to do about it. BTW, they make little pill cutters that work very well. They're usually in the general area of the vitamins and the little pill boxes.

Ok, I'm going to go experiment with having actual (lite) faux butter again on my whole wheat bread (as opposed to only butter spray ... I'm getting tired of spraying the stuff and am willing to sacrifice the calorie differential).

Later ...

05-27-2004, 04:14 PM
It's raining cats and cats here in Seattle. Thanks for my share of your kind wishes, Anagram, but I juuuust don't see this burning off...I love it, of course, since it's vintage Seattle weather and I love everything about Seattle, but my hair is terribly curly and there's nothing I can do about it. :rolleyes:

Vibe request: Please lend me your positive energy, or a bit of it, friends. Think fertile thoughts for an acquaintance of mine, who goes in to have her fertilized eggs inserted today. She and her husband have tried long and hard to conceive, and as you've no doubt heard, fertility treatment is grueling, invasive on many, many levels, and very stressful. I can feel a small degree of her pain; her empty arms ache to hold a newborn and she rests her hand unconsciously on her abdomen when she speaks, running her hand over and over the place where her baby would grow. Please help her, dears. I know you can. :^:

Anagram, excellent news on your total monthly loss! This and your lovely day will hopefully blow away the cobwebs of yesterday, which didn't sound fun AT ALL. I love the thought of you sitting on your patio sipping your Slim Fast (OK, sorry, but that part doesn't sound all that appetizing :p ) in the spring sun. Happy day to you, darling.

Ceara, do you want more rain? 'Cause I can give you some of mine...Sorry about all the drama with your pills and things. That's what I hate about doctors and vets. So much of curing you is poking and prodding and fiddling, fiddling, fiddling with dosage, etc. It's not their fault, or at least I hope not, but it's horrid all the same. :mad:

Kaylets, I like it when you shout! I'll be in for most of the weekend, I think. Thanks for committing to making this a fun thread over the holiday, dear. Naughty Jeans Girl! Is that all you're going to wear? ;) I'll bet your acquaintances will be astonished at your accomplishment!

Wildfire, NO, you're not getting pictures of me in a sombrero! The very idea! I'm sorry you're feeling a bit frazzled, right now. I know exactly what you mean. Be good to yourself, darling.

Right. I'm off, my dears. :wave:

05-27-2004, 06:29 PM
amarantha-sending positive, uplifting thoughts your way.

anagram-glad you're feeling better and had a pleasant leisurely breakfast on your patio. that does sound relaxing. congrats on the weight loss for may!

wildfire-so glad sis and baby jace are doing better! continued good healthy vibes their way.

cerise-i can picture you in the sombrero at your birthday dinner and it brought a smile to my face. yes, the heat reeks havoc on my ms "technical difficulties." had to go out today to doc appt. and just going to and from parking lot wore me out. crawling in to bed soon as a matter of fact and loving the a/c which is on full tilt at this very moment.

ceara-hope all the tests will give answers soon as to the problem. sympathize about the pill issue. i have to take so many regular meds. and i hate it. well, i hate the shots even more than the pills, but big horse pills are the pitts!

kaylets-the small jeans and new you will no doubt wow your friends. of course, i'm sure the old you was pretty cool too.

hi arabella! thinking of you.

feeling like i am more comfortably back in the "op, exercise" saddle again, though by no means feeling complacent. well, thinking of all the royal court, and wishing you a good evening. take care, all.

05-27-2004, 08:04 PM
Sending soft pink positive baby vibes to thy friends, Cerise!!!! Swooooosh ... (I think that's what a baby vibe would sound like ... :cloud9:

Wsw, thanks for the uplifting thoughts ... they seem to be arriving even as I type in mine air-conditioned hovel ... rainbow colored thought slivers sifting out from the Arizona sun ...

Glad thou be back in that exercise mode, :queen: W, thou inspireth moi always.

Om shanti, Cerise, thy description o' rain maketh me homesick for Seattle and for Indianapolis, where I also lived many years! When I first moved here, I missed the rain the most. Of course, we have rain in Arizona, but only sometimes and when it doth rain it usually floods rather badly because we have a dearth o' storm sewers. For some reason they don't build 'em here.

I have two graduations to cover tomorrow night so am resting today as garduations are hard work.

Have no more thoughts to share. Will go to journal thread as I'm done eating!

05-28-2004, 08:03 AM
hello all!

Just heard moments ago, that an employer from 8yrs ago was contacted to verify my employment....
And theywere told who and why was verifying...

Am just realizing now that the application had no area to mark " May we contact current ..." I didnt even think about it...just assumed discretion would be used...
Made a panicked phone call to DH who says not to stress ... may all work to my advantage anyway...


So, it's FRIDAY!

If anyone is traveling this holiday, take care. Seems as though there are proms, graduations, celebrations everywhere!

And for those of us staying home....try to come by and keep me company!! Holidays are tough for lots of us... all the stores have "holiday goodies"... let's get through this together and have some fun at the same time!


Thought of the day:

"Change is something we must all deal with.
Are you changing
or is it changing you?
Where lies the control of change?"
---Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

"Name your proudest moment"



sorry to be so frazzled but this wouldnt be a good time to be without employment!

05-28-2004, 12:04 PM
Good morning all, Ďtis Friday, true, good? I donít know yetÖ

Itís been a wild and wooly last couple of weeks. Bo-Beena, other best friend, their husbands and Boís daughter were all up at my house last week. Had a blast, but now Iím tiiiiiiired and looking forward to the 3-day weekend for some post-vacation R&R.

The hubbies of the girls helped me move my futon into my den and the elliptical out of the den and into the back spare room. This officially makes my back spare room my home gym!!! :strong: I am also buying a treadmill soon so Iíll have my yoga stuff, treadmill, elliptical, step and weights all in that room with a tv and stereo. Iím so excited to get in there and make it perfect! The computerís in there too so I hope to be in there a lot!

The weekend before Bo-Beena showed up my 21 year old washing machine decided I needed to clean ALL the floors on one side of my house Ė so it filled them with an inch of waterÖ :dz: not to mention the water soaking in a foot into my bedroom carpet. Apparently it no longer knows when to shut off the water so even when itís spinning, itís still filling with water. Oh well, my floors look FAB and since Iím in a very dry climate, mold isnít a problem! Now, where to get the $$$ for a new machine... :chin:

Then, this week, my old Ochoco, my Maine Coon kitty is trying to decide if sheís ready to move on to the next life or not. We found her living under my momís front deck over 5 years ago and sheís been family ever since. Sheís about 11 and has had some issues for the last few months and the vet kept her overnight on Tuesday. Iíve already told her that the choice is up to her. I didnít think sheíd live through the night last night, but she seems to be doing a bit better. Still not eating or using the litter box at all though and just sleeps all day. Iíve been crying on and off all week, and have been preparing myself for the eventual passing. This part of being a mom to a fuzzy kid sucks. Just plain olí sucks.

On to postiesÖ.

Auntie Wildfire, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :cb: Good luck to sis and Jace! If itís any consolation, Bo-Beenaís daughter weighed 2 lb. 7 oz. when she was born and is now a spunky soon-to-be 13 year old and doing great! Enjoy the shopping Auntie!

Ceara, Iím so glad to hear youíre doing ok with all the rain thatís been falling!

Kaylets, mucho luck on the job prospects. :lucky: It honestly sounds like it's going to happen!

Eydie, Happy Belated Birthday!!!! :gift: :hat: :hb:

Cerise, Happy Belated Birthday to you too!!!!! :cheers: :gift: :chockiss: Has it really been a year already??? AmazingÖ. Enjoy your last year of your 20ís, but believe me, life only gets better in your 30ís! :yes:

WSW, itís so good to see you again!

Amarantha, Iím convinced that the food companies are only just a Ĺ step below the cigarette companies when it comes to how much they care for the consumers of their products. Their first priority is to sell, sell, sell. Sick isn't it?

Any word on Frogger? Sheís got to be getting pretty round by now!

:wave: Anagram, Zadie, Arabella!!!!!!

Have a Dr.'s appt next Thursday.... won't she be "happy" to see I've regained 20 pounds???? :dz: Well, I've been back on the wagon for a couple days. Having some palpitations due to stress and have decided to start back on my yoga and HAVE to start working on my daily meditation - even if it's only for 10 minutes. I will NOT be buying new, larger clothes so there's nowhere I can go but back down...

Iíll be working on getting my computer at home set up so that I can use it safely (no spy ware or virus protection on it yet). Have a busy few weeks coming up - Full moon ritual on Thursday, Harry Potter Friday, Saturday watching the Belmont (Gooooo Smarty!!!!!), Sunday mom and I are walking the Heaven Can Wait 5K for breast cancer. The next weekend we're having our garage sale, the weekend after that my dad and stepmom are coming up from Arizona.... :faint: I'm tired just talking about it!!!!!

Toodles for now!

Time for honesty...
loss____/current 227.2/highest 259.9

05-28-2004, 02:49 PM
hi punkin! good to hear from you! fridays just aren't the same without you. having the guests in town sounds like it was fun-and busy.

it is so hot here and i am trying to brace myself for the non-stop wave of heat. my car is in the shop, as i write, having the a/c repaired. it also needs some other work done, but will have to take it back in over several trips since can't afford to fix all at once. just hoping the a/c really will be in top notch shape, since without that, i can't drive at all.

my new place really does look pretty with all the colors i picked out. i love each and every one and my furniture looks very "at home" here. it is tiny (same size as my previous apt.), but having colors which i chose and all the t.l.c. that my friends put in to fixing it up for me, make it feel like a palace! the place still needs a lot of work, but little by little it will get done. i have had fun placing my nick-nacks and prints. the mood indigo shelves in the kitchen look great. the bathroom actually is kind of funny. my friend who wanted me to have a walk-in shower and consequently, did all this hard work, laughs at himself because the tiles are in crooked and the shower floor slopes so much that i have to squeegie it out after each shower. i love it, of course, because he made it, but his idea of making a walk-in shower easier for me than having to step over a tub didn't quite work out as he had planned! my condo. looks very cozy. several of my friends liked the colors i had picked so much that they have since done some painting in their own homes. i hadn't done any decorating in so long. it was nice to find that i still had some good decorating style in me.

today, i have been doing paperwork (which i hate!!) since i'm stuck here without my car and have wanted to eat more (and differently) than i had planned. i didn't succumb though. just wanted to keep myself honest by saying it "out loud."

greetings amarantha, cerise, anagram, arabella, wildfire! and hi to all the remaining courtly personages. hope your afternoons are pleasant.

05-29-2004, 07:58 AM
Hello all!!

Stopped by last night, read posts and then .... realized I was just crashing... and went to bed... it was a very emotional day...



New employment begins June 14!!

Had been carrying my cellphone around with me for days... When I returned from lunch Friday, there was a message on my desk phone... AND THAT WAS THE MESSAGE !!
So the expression about watched pots and all.... and if I had really thought about it, my cell phone number was not listed on my resume nor the j ob application... lesson for next time...

I thank everyone for bearing with me the past weeks of my decsion/indecision/etc/etc.....
In many ways, this experience has been very freeing... very much as we've learned from the Empress and as WW's teaches too... and even Dr Phil... if something isnt working out the way you need it to work, change something....
Its not a question of "giving up" ...
its a retreat to try a new approach, not a surrender....

In fact, I believe some 12 step programs would agree with me that its
"The wisdom to know the difference"....

So my friends... Thanks in so many ways....

I think you will find me more cheerful... less distracted...


Thought of the day ;

"Not all who wander are lost"--
Lord of the Rings

Question of the day :

"When is the last time you were lost?"



Yard sales await!

05-29-2004, 09:13 AM
Back from the beach and I missed you all so much, my friends! Ahh, that was fun but it's so lovely to be home. And lovely to hear so much good news too! Kaylets, I'm thrilled that you got the job---I knew you would! And great news about Jace Rishi--so glad he and Mom are doing well.
wsw, your new place sounds so nice. Sometimes do you find yourself just looking around in awe and utter contentment? I do that sometime here, even after 11 years!
Punkin, I'm so envious of your having a whole room for all your workout stuff. That's a dream of mine, but I have a small house, so the treadmill's in the bedroom and I do my videos and yoga, etc. in the living room. Maybe when I make my first million, I'll put in a gym! Thinking of you and Ochoco and won't try to say anything profound and comforting. I know it's just hard to go thru.
Anagram, did my heart good to visulize you on your patio of inner peace!
Amarantha, sorry to hear that depression's looming for you. I don't want to say anything flippant about it, because I know that feeling. Hope it passes by soon. I do want to join you and my "twin" Cerise, in your low-carb rant. I'm jjust soooooo tired of it!!! It's everywhere and I'll be so happy when this trend passes. It will, right? I mean, I don't recall the low-fat trend being so big.The thing that shatters my mind is perfectly healthy foods like corn, peas, carrots, bananas, potatoes, grains, breads, beans, are verboten on this diet! And also, I think that people are using the lo-carb diet as an excuse to eat a lot of meat and butter and cream. Really, no offense to any low-carbers among us, I'm just so weary of it being everywhere!

I had the most wonderful birthday! Garry went so out of his way to make it, well, pretty spectacular. I think he overdid it this year, because the gifts kept on coming--he even held onto a couple to give me while we were at the beach. A couple more books that we could work on togther--I love that! He made me that wonderful cake--have I mentioned that? Worth every calorie! And the best thing was he gave me this amazing goddess statue of the Morrigan. Quickie lesson: She's the Celtic goddess of war. And she's magnificent--very fierce and strong looking. I'm going to use her as my inspiration when i don't feel like working out! She actually has my body--only I don't have the spiral tattoos all over! It's funny--I've collected all these sweet-faced goddesses over the years, but there's a new goddess in town now. Yee hah!

05-29-2004, 12:25 PM
hi kaylets-congratulations on the new job!! very happy for you.
eydie-glad to hear you had such a nice birthday celebration and time at the beach.

cerise-sending good baby vibes to your friends.

punkin-sending you a big, comforting hug.

empress amarantha-hope you are feeling better soon-- on all fronts. take it easy, my friend!

anagram-when eydie mentioned your phrase again regarding your patio of inner peace, it was reminding me of how you take so many challenging situations in your life and handle them with such grace. i learn a lot from you.

---and hello to all the courtly challengers! i am hanging in there op and exercising. i was thinking about how important it is for me to do this---no matter what! in the past 4 months, i have been feeling very rough physically (due to ms) and because this has been such a long stretch, and knowing that my ms is progressive, i need to make sure i don't waste time using this as an excuse to not be diligent enough with staying op. ms won't go away and so i need to do things that i can to take the best possible care of myself in other ways. losing weight and keeping up with exercise and also changing some of my excercise routines to accomodate increasing mobility issues are helpful things which i can do for myself physically. that is my game plan, and in the time i have been more proactive about this very recently--so far, so good! well, speaking of being proactive, i need to do some exercising now. i hope everyone has a good day. take care, all!

05-29-2004, 05:26 PM
Wow, how quiet! But what wonderful new, Kaylets. You're probably busy floating on air. Just goes to show how life can change in a matter of a few weeks.

And, wsw, glad to hear you're growing stronger and able to get out a bit more. I know I'd be lost without a/c as well. And thanks for the kind words but, really, what choice does one have? You know probably better than I that when we're knocked down, what can we do but get up and keep on going - the only other choice is to give in and queens are predispositioned not to do that.

Cerise, how goes the muscial career? I envision you belting out all sorts of beautiful music as you go about your domestic doings.

Punkin - I'm so glad you checked in. Not sure if Fridays are legal if you're not here. Zadie, professional opinion on that? Pro bono, of course.

And, Wildfire, that description of Jace's tiny hands and toes just made me send lots of light kisses his way. I have this thing about baby feet. Hope Sis is ok too and there's no permanent kidney damage.

Wood Nymph, how's eom going? Or are you still getting dh out and away?

So glad you're back and well celebrated, Eydie. Your Celtic goddess sounds very interesting. I like the tough Momma image there.

Speaking of things Celtic, dh and I took a couple of hours at the local Artsfest today and I felt like it must be Celtic day there, however unofficially. During the time we were there we caught parts of four performances that were Celtic or Celtic influenced. And as we were leaving, I saw two husky fellows go by in kilts so felt there was probably going to be some pipes at some point or another. For a change I hit it right.

One performer was a Celtic harpist, there was a duo with Christian/Celtic, a trio w/mostly Irish and/or folk and then my own fave The Arcona Reel Band (mentioned some time previously). Didn't catch much of them but did buy a new tape for my car.

All in all a great day. Must have walked two or more hours. Weather beautiful, a bit nippy as I like it and even cool when in the shade as it's right along our pretty river and the breezes o'er it are always coolish. Thought we'd beat the crowd and go early. Ha! So did everyone else. Walked through all those good smelling food booths w/nary a whimper for days gone by. We went specifically to get some lunch at our favorite "gypsy" - usually we get his pit beef sandwish but today we both had the pulled pork. Deelicious. But smallish enough - unfortunately. Maybe two ounces on a burger bun ($5.00). But that was it until we got home when I had a banana and two pretzels (and some tea waiting for me as I type).

Ceara, are you firmly demucked yet?

Empress, thou be too quiet today for me to think all has started to bode better. May I trust that thou art also enjoying some pleasant things on a gorgeous day? If not, I am thrusting the strongest of good vibes in your direction and hoping for a goodly report to the court at thy convenience.

Shall now go and enjoy my strong tea to reinvigorate me for the evening.

05-29-2004, 07:12 PM
Hello all!

Eydie, the fair sounded like so much fun... DH and I went out to breakfast, then to a yardsale on the way to bringing a friend a truck load of furniture DH had picked up from storage.... one thing led to another and at noon DH suggested we go see a movie! And since we had spent not one dime at a yard sale, I said yes.
We saw " The Day After Tomorrow".. I thought it not bad. Glad I only paid matinee prices but I did n otice the audience did very little moving around so I thought perhaps they were riveted. I thought the beginning a little slow but didnt realize till we left that DH nearly dozed off... but things kept moving along enough to keep me interested. I thought it was pretty well done.
I think I might have enjoyed Shrek II more... Dh says now he remembers why he enjoys movies at home more... He felt claustophobic w/ people around and was offended that water was $4 a bottle. ( We passed)..

But... I did get thru the whole movie much like Eydie at the fair, not really feeling deprived that I was w/o popcorn or candy. The popcorn lost its allure long ago when I worked a movie theatre and found out about the popcorn. If you love movie popcon, I won't ruin it for you.

Was setting the alarm for 15 minutes a time but got involved and spent nearly 30 minutes tidying up some dress pants I promised a coworker... want to bring, give, return as much as I can remember on Tuesday as I expect the word will travel fast. Am also making sure I am prepared just in case I am asked to leave b/4 my final date... Don't know if that's a possibility... might be just wishful thinking on my part but might as well get these larger sizes to the folks I promised.

So now, I can spend 30 minutes here!

Also have the kettle on... Eydie made it sound so appealing I thought I should have a big cup for myself.

So, with this job move, I can now take the bus and save on downtown parking fees. The bus is also federally funded somehow which means totally free to me... and I get some extra walking in... which will be needed as this job is only on the 2nd floor... I 'll need to run up and down quite a few times to make up the four flights I've been climbing! I figure while on the bus, I'll write/read... I do have audio books yet to hear as well...
Now that slacks are "safe" for me to wear... ( I used to think long skirts 'hid" the extra weight) I imagine I'll be glad for slacks on rainy days...
I must be really losing my mind..... thinking of the bus on winter days made me go try on a coat I found long ago that was so pretty and so cheap ( Goodwill buy) ... And it fits! Of course, anyone who is trying on winter coats
when during record breaking heat wave Memorial Day must be either... losing weight or... going off the edge...

Let me go fix my tea..

05-29-2004, 07:29 PM
This was sent to me, have no idea who the author is...
Too bad most of isnt true!

The Rules of Chocolate

If you get melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly.

Chocolate covered raisins, cherries, orange slices and strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

The problem: How to get two pounds of chocolate home from the store in a hot car. The solution: Eat it in the parking lot.

Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar before each meal. It'll take the edge off your appetite and you'll eat less.

A nice box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place. Isn't that handy?

If you can't eat all your chocolate, it will keep in the freezer. But if you can't eat all your chocolate, what's wrong with you?

If calories are an issue, store your chocolate on top of the fridge. Calories are afraid of heights, and they will jump out of the chocolate to protect themselves.

Money talks. Chocolate sings.

Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger.

Why is there no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous? Because no one wants to quit.

Put eat chocolate at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done.

05-29-2004, 09:18 PM
Yo, to all! I be a bit on the depressed side at the moment and too braindead to type but wanted to say huzzah to Kaylets for the job coup ... it is so perfect how this has worked out for thee, :queen: K, but I knew it would! Congrats ... thou deserveth it ... how wonderful that you don't have to drive ... thanks for the :chockiss: one-liners!

Huzzah to all and I will get back to thee ...

05-29-2004, 10:12 PM
Thanks everyone for the congrats on the new job...

Wish I had as much confidence in myself as all of you have in me!

Certainly, a real part was due to my own feelings about the current job...struggling to find "the niche"... Guess that would make anyone wonder what was up .. or down..

Empress-- I too, can empathize... in fact, the week I was not feeling well, ( the server crash week too) and my mood were so down I knew something was really bothering me to feel so low... and that's when I began to question that wasnt 2 years long enough to be "feeling comfortable"...
I realize that our situations are not the same, but I can empathize with having to "put on your game face" to face the world. It does seem to suck all the energy out of you and leave you wilted.

Punkin-- I am hoping your doctor will be glad the weight gain isnt more...
These things happen... Its happened. Its now time for the next step. You will decide what that will be. You know your options, you know what works best for you. Sometimes we are delayed on our journey. Can you imagine if you planned a trip across country and drove into a delay? You would wait it out, find an alternate route, etc, etc... I don't think you'd cancel the entire trip.
So, we make our next best choice.
I'm hearing more and more at meetings that its common for there to "breaks"
--that the important thing is getting back on program ( whatever your program is) and continuing.... We all remember my year of "Maintaining" that really started a gain of a pound or so a month... and then towards the end of that year, I regained almost 10 lbs in about 3 mos... I got scared and decided that the regained almost 20 was ALL I wanted to re- lose.
I finally said to myself... Its time to fish or cut bait.... S*** or get off the pot... I knew what to do... just thought as long as I kept saying I knew what to do, that's all I had to do.... NOPE....
At my age, the weight is very used to staying... and it was also FINALLY time to just get over this idea that "If you eat like a thin person, you can eat anything... its all about moderation"....
Not for me...
I'll never forget the WW leader years ago asked us what food was totally safe from bingeing in our house... It took me almost a month to finally have the answer.. for me, it was dog food...totally safe...
But then again, in those days, I had lots and lots of processed foods, sugared cereals, lo fat icecreams, etc, etc in the house.
Doesnt work for me that way.

I know 2 women who have been taking pills for maybe 6-8 yrs... before the ban, these two must have spent couple paychecks "stockpiling" ....
I see them often on brunch day picking a doughnut "for our meal "....
Works for them...
One still smokes too...
We'll see how that works out for her later.....

Dr. Phil likes to ask folks who come to him for advice " And how is that working for you?".
He's so right, every time... if you don't like the result you're getting...
( and if its in your control)... you need to change your method....

In fact, lately, I was wondering if that would be a good tatoo for me.....
"And how's that working for you...??"

WSW- you are still my hero. You always try to find the silver lining.... and you are right... the stronger you are, the stronger you will be... I am amazed at how much you have lost considering how many times you have had to wait out "technical difficulties" ... Sometimes I think to myself when something is calling me... " Snap out it, if WSW can work her program without looking for excuses, so can you!" .....

I know you will be quick to tell me that you make choices every day...

Yes, that's what we all have in common...

We 're off to see the wizard... to be told everything we need is already with us....


05-30-2004, 09:17 AM
Hello all!

Here we are! What small change can we reinforce today??
For me, I was very tempted to stay in bed long past regular wake up time.. after all, its a bit overcast, I've had a crazy roller coaster of emotions the past couple weeks....
but, one of our beagles didnt see things that way at all... from her point of view, if you're awake, it a great time to play, get a belly rub, look out the window...
In another words, " No time like NOW!"

So, here I am, cup and a 1/2 of coffee, wondering who else might be up.

Thought of the day :

"The writing of your life is in its days.
The days in which you live are your life.
The life in which you live is you.
Altogether, you are you life."

---Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

"Are you a beach or a mountain person?"



05-30-2004, 09:46 AM
I'm sort of up! :) I always am because my cat is a small morning lion roaring in mine ears at first light, which was at approximately 4:30 a.m.

The small change I'm making today is starting my 21-day challenge over and NOT doing a weigh-in since I ate a lot last night and I do not wish to become discouraged by temporary water weight at this juncture. I am using making a working assumption that my actual weight is the same as last week and we'll see. If I get on in the middle of the week and it's down, I'll use that one, otherwise, I'll go with next Sunday.

Thy beagle soundeth cute, :queen: K!

QOD: I'm a beach AND a mountain person.

Hi, to all, sorry my responses aren't flowing but I'm appreciating and mentally responding to everyone's posts.

05-30-2004, 11:26 AM
I'm up and have read the Sunday paper already. Am putting off shower and being generally lazy. Put all responsibility out of mind yesterday and that worked out so well I'm trying it again today. Well, the small change I hope to try today is not to overeat at a picnic we're going to. I did well on this one last year and hope to do same this year. Won't be down to my calorie limit today, I'm sure, but just want it to be moderate. Same thing for cookout tomorrow. Nagging thoughts of things I have to do are trying to sneak into my consciousness but I am resisting them. I need more fun days (like yesterday) in my life and I'll get to that other stuff sometime (maybe).

Your general improved situation is coming through, Kaylets! Enjoy! How romantic that you and dh spontaneous trip to the movie.

No need for you to flow out in responses right now, Empress. You keep us going so often and it's your turn to get good vibes, etc. until things turn around for you. So glad you took your pria bars and shakes w/you. I usually carry a slimfast bar (sometimes others) with me just to prevent me from going bananas if I'm delayed somewhere or can't get decent food at the right time. Not as necessary now that I've changed lifestyle as it was at first but I still like knowing it's there as a security blanket.

So hi's and hugs to all - lazy morning beckoning.

05-30-2004, 11:29 AM
I'm a mountain person. Raised in them thar and love the softness and coolness in spring and summer and the color in the fall though I no longer hike around in them at all. Like being on the beach in the winter but definitely not in summer

05-30-2004, 04:33 PM
Hello all!

Dh and I spent nearly 3 hrs this am trimming bushes, etc in the front yard.. and planting tomatoes in the back, staking up chicken wire to keep the beagles out ( we had lovely garden fencing last year that both figured out how to squeeze thru)...

Was really great to be out there finishing small chores and looking for other small ones to do next.
I have some egglplant plants... wonder how much room I need for them... also found 2 tomato plants that must have been very brave. Often, we put the compost bucket next to the backdoor overnight so we don't have the smell in the house... Seems like maybe the bucket fell and now we have two tomato plants growing on their own near the door... I plan on making room for them.. I'd like scallions and maybe the eggplant could grow there too.

Am already looking for old windows or glass doors to use for cold frame come this fall.... If I had been thinking last year, it was mild enough I could have had the hardier cabbages, etc, growing right until December...

Am really beginning to see where I could easily become one of these ladies with the hat and great gardening structures ..... In fact, I just got smart... think I 'll let the eggplant grow UNDER the tomato plants... what a nitwit...
should of that of that this morning while I was out there... Ah well...

This years garden might be our best ever as we are using our own compost...
its very satisfying to the tightwad part of my soul... and to know that I am growing healthy food and that action helps me be healthy ( eating healthy, the physical activity part ... as well as recyling yard sale/ flea market finds.. chicken wire, stakes, etc etc) ....

anyway... that's what I did this morning.. then ran and got vegetables to eat this week...

so... DH is now out teaching himself how to use the powerwasher we just got repaired... bought it cheap last year knowing it needed work... DH is hoping some side jobs will come by too.... Its amazing how much mold you suddenly "see" when you've got the washer in your hands... Hopefully, the he'll get the worst of it...

Think its time for a cup of tea...

05-30-2004, 05:15 PM
Something to think about:

Walking the daily journey

***********THE BUILDER**********
An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house building business to be able to live a more leisurely life with his wife and enjoy his extended family. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by.

The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but in time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end his career.

When the carpenter finished his work and the builder came to inspect the house, the contractor handed the front-door key to the carpenter. "This is your house," he said, "my gift to you."

What a shock! What a shame! If he had only known he was building his own house, he would have done it all so differently. Now he had to live in the home he had built none too well.

So it is with us. We build our lives in a distracted way, reacting rather than acting, willing to put up less than the best. At important points we do not give the job our best effort. Then with a shock we look at the situation we have created and find that we are now living in the house we have built. If we had realized, we would have done it differently.

Think of yourself as the carpenter. Think about your house. Each day you hammer a nail, place a board, or erect a wall. Build wisely. It is the only life you will ever build. Even if you live it for only one day more, that day deserves to be lived graciously and with dignity. The plaque on the wall says, "Life is a do-it-yourself project."

05-30-2004, 07:35 PM
Hello Royal Ones!

Fly-by postie -- Anagram guessed it, 'tis the dreaded EOM. Spent much of last week in a terrible stress/depress cycle. Didn't get half as much exercise as usual, fretted non-stop. Was in such a state that it was hard to concentrate. Friday I said to myself, "that's enough, you can't go on feeling this way" and started to do things that I knew would make me feel better -- eating right and getting plenty of exercise, for example :rolleyes:.

Now I have to work like a dog until probably late tomorrow night, but at least I'm in a much better frame of mind. I'll be back Tuesday, which is also the first official day of my new diet program. Starts with a 10-day detox-quick start deal and a fitness test, weigh-in and measurement taking. I'm going to make a LOT of progress this month. :yes:

In the meantime, love to all!

05-30-2004, 08:06 PM
CONGRATS on the JOB Kaylets!!!

Just a flyby say that and to tell all you who have tomorrow off, have a great Memorial Day Holiday!


05-31-2004, 12:38 AM
Yo! I'm working tomorrow as well covering cemeteries. Also going to work out early with trainer ...

Will post later in the day, though, and on the 21-day and menu threads!

Kaylets, I loved the builder story. Thanks for posting that!

Yo to Arabella. Don't work too hard and congrats on starting thy new program!

Yo to all mentioned and unmentioned :queen: s ... sorry for the brevity mode. Will be more verbose in future ... huzzah!

05-31-2004, 09:07 AM
Hello all!!

Empress, I wondered if this was a workday for you....
am wondering if the trainer might have any tips on the upper under arm flapping .... I am working my way up on hanging both arms up over and behind my head ....too soon to out of shape to use any weights... I might have a 1 lb around...
But I really need some ideas other than just keeping that area covered w/ longer sleeves!

Ceara- Hope you are "good busy" and not "Stress busy"... keeping the kettle on for you and your seat saved too...

Arabella- the same message, you're so right...I always forget that what I need the most during stress is the 3 basics... eating well, acitivity, rest....
Good vibes sent to you to let you know we have your back...

Anagram- Any more diggers come by to help you thin out those plants??
DH and I trimmed some bushes yesterday. DH had ideas to wrap a chain around the one and pull it out with the truck... but we are sure many roots are intertwined with the house electric, cable, etc.... much less, might even create problems for everyone else on our "grid".... in this development everything is underground... it was supposed to be a "safer" idea ... to avoid blackouts from overhead lines going down... and for the most part, its great...except when you want to dig!


And for me at least, with no where to be. Although it would be pretty good day for traffic... at least now.. might run to the Big W store for a few things once DH and I have breakfast.

No official weigh in tonight... scale this am says maintain again which is fine as A... its that time again
B...I lost 5 lbs 2 weeks ago
C.. and lost .2 a week ago

In the long run, it does all average out I guess...

oh and by the way...

Any body every figure out if these sweet black bean rolls at the Chinese places are high in points?? calories?
They are tasty.
I guess its like anything else, if you put enough sugar on it, it will taste sweet..

Thought of the day:
"The difficulty is not in the world, but in men's minds."
---Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

" Do you know how much money you have in your pocket ?"



05-31-2004, 09:59 AM
Yo! Happy Memorial Day to us on this side o' the border and Happy Monday to all folkettes north o' that! :hb:

Yo, :queen: K, I be very familiar with that back-o-upper-arm dilemma. Trainer hath shown me lots and lots of ways to work them. Some aren't as effective as others and some (the one you're describing, I think) put too much pressure on the neck for me so we don't use 'em. The trick seemeth to be to hit them from all angles and to really get them tired each time. The best one for me seems to be the triceps dip machine but it's not necessary to go to the gym, you can do dips on a bench or on the floor. You can also do the extensions you're describing lying down, with a triceps bar or dumbells or get some resistance bands or cords at Wally World and use those. If you use a bar, you might want dh to spot you and make sure there's not too much pressure. Then I do some different angles using a cable machine thingie but again you can get the same effect from just doing pushups or pressups (I call them pressups, anyway, just do a modified pushup from a kneeling position but without putting your feet in air ... it's a yoga move ... I can't seem to describe it) ... but I guess what I'm saying (badly) is that just one exercise for the triceps isn't enough IMO ... you need to hit 'em really hard from all angles each time you work them.

I wish they were as easy as biceps! My biceps grow if I just look at them! :)

05-31-2004, 10:22 AM
Flyby today, royalettes. Rainy w/more expected. On way to cookout at youngest sister's. Should be able to manage well as she's the one who has lost at least 50 lbs in recent times and cookout is in honor of home visit by her vegetarian daughter so food choices should be healthy enough. I offered her five choices of what I should bring and she picked cuc salad which is great because I was going to bring that as well so dh could have something he's allowed.

Last two days have been very restful for me as I have somehow managed to banish all concerns and just let the world pass me by. Hoping to do same today. Something I've very much needed. So I've truly taken a "holiday".

Looking forward to thy verbosity, Empress. Congratulations on being back on track again, also to Wood Nymph, Eydie, Ceara and all others.

Off I go........

05-31-2004, 07:08 PM
Hello all!

Dh and I ran to the big W store and I wound up with 2 new pairs of clogs as well as a new bra...

Interesting how I am still the same size cup I was 80 lbs ago..which makes me believe I must have needed larger size then....
No wonder one of my constant expressions was that my bra was trying to strangle me...

Then DH and I reorganized some things in the garage..

and then, I just fell into bed for a 2 hr nap...

been raining since about 3 so I have pretty much become inanimate watching Oprah and Dr Phil reruns in btwn a West Wing marathon on Bravo...

Am getting geared up to write a note to the other Toastmaster Officers so that they hear from me first that I'm leaving my job... I can change to a night meeting club but right this minute, am still "consdiring" my options.

It will be impossible to travel 2 x a month to continue this meeting... with travel time and etc, just impossible...


am off to write a letter ....

05-31-2004, 07:42 PM
Enjoy thy holiday from care, Anagramatic. Nice that thou be going to a bbq with healthy choices. I recall when I was vege, it was always a problem getting together with any extended family as they simply didn't get the "I don't eat meat" thing. Reflecting today how little meat I actually do eat at present and thinking about chicken for tomorrow.

Kaylets, I believe many of us went with that "compressed" look at one time or another ... bras really need to fit right or there's a lot of pain!

I admire thee for the making the contact with the new Toastmasters and wanting to keep that up. They have some meetings here but they are all early in the morning and don't occur in the summer when many of their members go back east or up north. I'd like to join if I could find a suitable club.

Ok, not verbose yet. Finished work, taking nap. Not really hungry today so feel eating is ok. Had a nice workout. Practicing showering at gym (as opposed to spending an extra half hour in the a.m. driving home, showering and going out to work again) so that I might be more employable when and if I'm able to make an advantageous career move.

05-31-2004, 07:57 PM
Empress-- Sometimes the wheel seems to be inanimate too... Keep throwing as much spaghetti on the wall as you can... something will stick... just keep letting folks know you are looking...

In fact, the day I heard about my new job, I was meeting w/ a friend... If I had just taken over the conversation as I love to do, if I hadn't asked her " so how are things with you?" I would'nt have known there were openings...
This might be one of the biggest lessons I'm learning in this whole job stress
of the past few weeks.... that you never know what you might hear if you just shutup and listen... I don't mean that you talk to much or that you need to shutup... I just mean about myself... in other words, this experience has taught me that if don't change what you've been doing, you won't get different results...

and yes, public speaking is an entirely different animal than privately speaking

I think you would be brillant ...

You can be a guest as many times as you like... and its very inexpenive to belong...

Time for a shower

06-01-2004, 08:17 AM
Hello all!

Note to self.... if you keep drinking water right up till bedtime, expect to make trips to bathroom all night long....

Have no idea how I let that happen... what was I thinking!!

Well, even though no one wants to go to work after a 3 day weekend, the good news is that its Tuesday, a short week, and that much closer to the weekend...

So...time to head out..


Thought of the day :

"Dream not what is tomorrow.
Dream what is now."
---Ron Rathbun

Question of the day :

"Do you wear socks? When?"



06-01-2004, 09:05 AM

Boo Hiss :devil: Demon Scale.

On April 30, I was at 207.8 - On May 1, I was 205
On May 32, I was at 204 - on June 1, I'm at 205.6.
Somewhere in between I was at 202.
Yes, I know it's water retention because I've been eating more salty stuff.
Yes, I know it's :devil: Demon Scale and his evil games. And my "range" had gone down from the 206 - 207.8 (a favorite number for :devil: for some reason) to 202-204 for the month (until today). But durn, I really worked at it this month as vs April's party after party and durn, I was hoping for better.

Good thing, Kaylets, that I had decided NOT to think about onederland.

But it's a new month. And fortunately, I had had three peaceful days by dint of putting all concerns in storage for the weekend (at 4:15 this morning they barged through the door again and wouldn't leave but that's another story). Plus before I weighed in I had spent a quiet peaceful time on the Patio of Inner Peace sipping my slimfast and my tea and putting life into perspective in the foggy, cool (59 degrees) of early morn. Even feeling slim and mentally noting :devil: might be mean enough to put me back at 205 and make me a non-loser for the month. (I never dreamed though that I'd end up a "gainer".)

So though :devil: really whacked at me, he did not undo me. I know I've lost something, I feel it, I look it. Not much, but something. And I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH :lol: . :devil: can play his games all he wants. I am on the path and I will stay the path. I have fairly well conquered my stress/comfort eating and have come far on my wild abandon social eating (still a real challenge). My goal has been to be more healthy - AND I AM.

And a great JUNE to we Royals all!

06-01-2004, 09:37 AM
Thanks for the pep talk, Anagram! Yes, it's a new month-a great time for starting something new. I even have a new food journal to write in and it'd be a shame to go off track and spoil its pages! :)
We made a pigrimage to Wal-Mart yesterday and purchased curtains. The thing about this tale is I've NEVER wanted curtains. I've always thought of them as heavy, dark, fussy, so we've always just had mini-blinds--or in our real hippy days one of those Indian bedspread things flung over. :o We bought some rods with a twiggy-leafy motif and some very simple cotton panels and we love them. It's softened up the harsh edges, and they flutter in the breeze. And when they're closed you can see thru them, but you can't see in from the outside. Anyway, my point is it's always good to try something new and I feel very grown-up! My friends are gonna be floored because I've been so rabidly anti-curtain for 25 years!
Speaking of triceps---I've pulled something there somehow. Not during a workout, but just one of those fluke things. You know how it is when you move a certain way and 'Ouch!' Hoping it'll pass soon, I can't get out there and weed the garden or anything with it like this.

06-01-2004, 12:00 PM
Anagramatic, I, too, thank thee for the pep talk (by pm) this a.m. and the reminder that it's a new month. I put up a June journal thread as soon as I signed off your pm and hope we can all keep on posting our menus for another month.

Eydie, a pulled triceps soundeth not good at all!! Hope thou feeleth better. I can't help but smile at thy curtain story as it soundeth so much like me ... I refuse to have them, but might like them if I gave in. I also refuse to have a carpet in Arizona ... too hot, too dusty, just not me!

Anagramatic, I've been having that disappointment with :devil: Scale, too, which is why I didn't get on this week. But as thou sayest, he's a trickster and a :devil: and liketh to play with our minds. I never intend to abandon him but have threatened to turn him into a nightlight if he fails me next Sunday. I think threats are the only way to go with his kind ... you might try that!

Yo, :queen: K, sorry thou had a restless night and have to go to work.

I'm hoping I don't ... I told the publisher yesterday that I'd drive up to the paper if a certain person didn't come in to do some cuts she said she'd do for me but that they had to let me know early. So far no one has let me know and I really need to rest in bed a bit today.

QOD: I wear little socklets in my running shoes but not otherwise ... it's too hot here for socks!

06-01-2004, 02:04 PM
QOD All the time...not in bed, not in sandals, not in the bath or shower. Other than that yes. I have lotsa socks.

Have a great day all..:wave:...have to heigh-ho to work now!


06-01-2004, 02:32 PM
Mornin' everyone!

Good to hear everyone had a pretty good weekend. Mine was too, didn't do much, didn't want to! Watched a few movies, rearranged my new home gym and pulled some weeds.

If you all haven't read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, do. Read it. Today if possible. Life changing book... I read it on Sunday in about 3 hours.

I did something this weekend and I don't know WHY I haven't done before! I cooked up all (and I do mean all) the hamburger and chicken breasts I have - then froze them. If any of you have ever tried to cook for 1, it bites. There are many nights that I would gladly just have a bowl of cereal or bag of popcorn and call it dinner. Why? The trouble and mess to create *1* healthy meal. So, I whipped out the George Foreman and now I have about 2 dozen healthy portions of meats cooked up, just needing defrosting! Protein has always been lacking for me, maybe this will help...

Surprised to find out that I'm down a couple pounds. Then, was hit with a stomach bug over the weekend and I'm so bloated that I was out of breath just walking from my house to my mom's from the pressure in my stomach, etc. pressing up on my lungs. Needless to say, I'll weigh in again after whatever is going on in my innerds has cleared! :dz:

WSW, hang in there! Being stuck at home is the worst when it comes to wanting to eat!

Kaylets, Mega congrats on the new job!!!! :cb: I'm with ya on the crowded movie theaters. I'm going to see Harry Potter on Friday (opening day!) and I'm honestly a little worried about truly enjoying it. I have a feeling a week day matinee will be in my future. :wizard:
Thank you so much for the kind words and advice on my pit-stop in weight loss. I have so (SO) many reasons why, and part of my gain WAS planned (like when my hair started coming out - I found out later it was stress, but still!) but I know she'll be supportive. I just DON'T want to be one of those people - you know, the ones that cause people to whisper "oooh, poor thing, she's gained back all that weight. Again". No. I will NOT be her this time! I miss my clothes. I miss my shape - granted, it still had a way to go, but dammit, I had a waist again! I miss it enough to get my hiney back on the wagon. I may have gained back 20, but it's better than gaining back all 40!

Eydie, I'm so happy you had a special birthday and it beat the snookins out of last year's! What an awesome hubby you've got there... Now, what's this about having issues with curtains?? WalMart is great for that stuff! Your house likes to be all pretty, buy it some more curtains girl!!! You can't go havin' nekkid windows! :lol:

Anagram, loooooove Celtic music. Could just zone out listening to it - must be some engrained past life or gene thing... Guys in kilts huh? :chin:
Thank you too for the pep-talk. I too needed to hear it all.

Amarantha, you too have a 4:30am feline alarm clock? Stella drove me batty all weekend. No sleepin' in for me either... :faint:

Arabella, sending you zippy-ness for your EOM blues!

:wave: to our fly-by Ceara!

Ok, where's Cerise? :mag:

Q o' the day - I wear socks when I wear proper shoes (anything that laces or boots). No socks with my Birkies or my suede "Yetti boots" (lamb wool lined, you can't wear socks or your feet lose a pound each in sweat!)

Must away to work!


06-01-2004, 04:24 PM
Punkin, I am having a bit of a pit stop in my weight loss as well, but dinna worry, it can be reversed and since thou had a loss this week, sounds like you're already on your way.

Great idea to cook up all the meat in individual servings ... I do that and I swear it's key to weight management success.

Hi, Sword Bearer!!!! Have fun at work :wave:

Sorry this is a fly-by. I have to go out and buy ice as I bought a Smoothie Jr. just now. I used to have the same machine in a bigger size and it was great but it was just too big and I gave it away. Now they have this nifty little two-serving one and I just decided to go for it. I deviate from the recipes, of course, and really only make one serving ... my little hand blender works well but not as well as this machine ... I'm thinking of putting some carrots or something in with some berries ... but I don't have any ice.

Later ...

06-01-2004, 06:50 PM
OK! Career vibes needed, o' Magikal :queen: s!!! Found out I'm quite in the running for this job I want but they aren't sure what they're going to do about it right now! Very small paper but would be in the city and I could get off road, more or less. Please, if you have any extra career vibes, direct them in the general direction of Arizona ... something like: "We must have Amarantha! Amarantha is the best! No one else will fit the bill except Amarantha!"

Thankee in advance for any consideration thou canst giveth me in this matter, :queen: s!

06-01-2004, 10:51 PM
Hello all!!

Here I am stopping by as DH is now bowling on Tuesday evenings....

Yes, FRESH START JUNE is a fine, regal way to start the month...

And yes, Anagram... its obvious this gain is a quirk, a spell, something from the tricksters bag of tricks.... Just a another example that we don't have as much control as we think AND.... that the scale is not the only measure of success...
It will happen.. I wish it was this morning too for you but believe me, it will happen... You are doing great, really... After all, didnt you tell us about a pretty blazer you found?? Would that have fit last June?
The patio of peace is exactly the right place!

Punkin-- Thanks for the congrats.... You would think now that the wait is over I'd be in complete control of my appetite... NOPE... now that the Royal Guard is more relaxed, seems like my hands are like calorie seeking missiles...
Even today, where some coworkers keep gum, they had a small bag of cashews.. I had maybe 4... and was happy with my choice... until my hands started moving back again to them.... YIKES I said, and ran to my flavored water.... but still the cashews were calling... singing...
I had to change my name again so I couldnt hear them....
Part of my problem... didnt eat all my lunch... especially the protein part...
Very clever about making all those single portions ahead... I like to keep the momentum going... now when you have chicken for dinner and perhaps make yourself a sidedish ( one that will freeze of course)... you could make 4 servings and freeze some... and on and on.... makes all the difference if you ask me...

Here you go Empress---
Best job vibes for you by special royal express... "YOU MUST HAVE THE EMPRESS! THE EMPRESS IS THE ONLY CHOICE! "



And to the rest of us..


06-02-2004, 07:38 AM
Recvd an email from someone I only met on another messageboard but who is too busy to post because of career demands... it was just a "Hi, how are you..." but I realized how much that little phrase meant to me... that someone I had only met online thought enough to check on me...
And in reverse, do we appreciate how much a few words means to someone in our lives??
I know I really have no idea how it affects people in my life... I have been conciously trying the past couple years to greet as many folks as I can with a smile and its very suprising to me how often a glum face is turned around....

I used to work for someone who would often say>" Its up to us to set the tone"... I used to think that only meant the quality of the work...
Now I see a deeper meaning....
"Its up to us to set the tone".....

***Thought of the day
The trees do not change their leaves in a day!"
--Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

"How much is a pound of butter where you shop?"



zadie k
06-02-2004, 01:35 PM
I am sheepishly wandering back into the royal palace after two weeks of message board vacation. I hope everyone is doing well. I was a bit glum for a while, but things are going rather well now. No particular strides made in terms of weight loss, but work and home life have both been going well. Aside from the rain, which we have had in buckets. Today it is all sunshine.

Just wanted to give a shout out to y'all and let you know that I will be checking back in to my digs at the royal palace :)

06-02-2004, 04:37 PM
Yo! So glad to see the :queen: Z suite be occupied again!!!! Huzzah! Missed thee, Zadie, but know how those needs to be alone can surface. Thanks for joining the 21-day challenge!!! Huzzah! You're my hero ... giving up refined sugar AND have already given up :coffee: ... excellent!!! :cp:

:queen: K, the vibes be appreciated ... I think I hear them in the distance, moving through the thermal inversion with little cat feet!!!! Hopefully, they'll sit on silent haunches over my prospective employer and NOT move on! :jig:

Thy thoughts about how it takes so little time to share a few words but means so much are so true ... both online and off. Huzzah!

QOD: Dunno the price of butter as I would never buy it! :)

06-02-2004, 09:14 PM
greetings royal ones!

amarantha-massive good career thoughts going out to you---"no one else but empress amarantha will do!"

zadie k.-nice to see you in the royal court.

anagram-sorry that demon scale is playing nasty tricks on you. hang in there. you are doing great!!!

a friend called me last night to ask if i would do him a favor. i had been feeling lousy physically all day and almost didn't pick up the phone, but glad that i did. this is a friend who helped me move and is a good soul all around, so when he said i could do him a favor, i said of course. as it turned out, good egg that he is, it wasn't really for himself. he wanted to see if i would call someone we had both worked with in the past because she is out on medical leave and has been feeling depressed. (i haven't spoken with her yet, but i did leave her a message, inviting her to call if she would like.) my friend has a good heart and it made me smile to think how he touches all the folks he knows----which made me think of how all of you touch my heart. it means a lot to me to see all the good support being sent out from here. you ladies are the best!

i didn't make the best food choices today, but could have been worse and i did my exercising. just wanted to catch up on your posts and check in. have a good evening, all. take care.

06-02-2004, 09:32 PM
You be the best, Wsw! You're friends are lucky to have a friend like you!

Thanks for the career vibes!!! Yowza!

06-02-2004, 10:09 PM
Massive employment vibes beaming to the Southwest to make job available and only our Empress can fill the bill.

Also massive physical improvement vibes to our Diva wsw.

Demon Scale was down to 203 today - that's 2.6 lbs since yesterday. And gives me two lbs down from May 1st. That's a good loss for me. Now I go back to either not weighingr for a while or not reporting until I go below the previous low of 202.

Glad to see some returns to the summer palace. Again, Queens quarters are always at the ready though we may wander and meander and just plain leave for a bit. Always a big Welcome Back in the Court.

Another picnic tomorrow and one where there is always so much delicious food of many varieties. Esp. desserts. But also lots of good company and people not seem for a good while so I think that part will be my focus.

Nitely nite.

06-03-2004, 10:33 AM
Yowza! Fantastic loss on the :devil: , Anagramatic! Congratulations!!! You are getting where you want to go!!! :cp: :cheers: :jig: Thankee for the vibes!!! :yes:

Just a flyby postie, but I'm cognizant of what Kaylets posted yesterday re how taking a little time to say hi and be supportive even when we are busy can mean a lot ... I know it means a lot to me to come here and see the participation, even when it's just a quickie hello, so I'm going to try to be more faithful, althought probably all of thou are saying, oh no, Amarantha, you're not going to post more are you? :lol: :coffee: :dizzy:

My newest attempt at a 21-day challenge is NO MORE FREAKIN' PB CUPS (for 21 days, not forever)! The attempt to set a calorie limit wasn't working, but :queen: s, my journaling has shown me that it's the decision to stop and medicate myself with PB cups EVERY DAY that EVERY DAY is sabotaging my efforts and putting the weight back on. So I'm eliminating those :devil: s for awhile! This is day one and I won't bore anyone with the details from now on, will put them in the proper place on the 21-day challenge thread! Huzzah! :coffee2:

06-03-2004, 11:05 AM
Anagram, congrats on the release of a few more pounds! :D

wsw, I absolutely love this friend of yours! As one who's had to release a couple of rather toxic friends back into the wild, I need to hear stories like this. Speaking of that, I'm proud to tell all the queens that I've been making great progress with "putting myself out there" and cultivating new friendships. I think that I've broken the cycle of attracting friends who don't really want the best for me.

Having an adventure tonight. Going to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie! It's insane because we both are in bed by 9:00, but it'll be fun! Once again I say, it's always good to step out of one's comfort zone. I'll be 'reprogramming' my beady little brain to accept this change in routine so I won't be in a daze for, well, days! :lol:

Wildfire and Cerise, where are you? Check in, lovely ones!

06-03-2004, 11:11 AM
I can't believe I forgot to say that you [Amarantha] have all my support and strength behind you in your quest to get those wretched PB cups out of your food life! You can do it!

06-03-2004, 11:28 AM
As the alternate :queen: of peanut butter, believe me I understand their siren call and send all sorts of supporting vibes your way.

Found out (from dh) that picnic today does not start at 1 as I thought and therefore I'd have gone for lunch but at 2 so must have some lunch. Had slimfast for brekkie to give me a start on calories and control (passing up some delicious sticky buns dh bought - he sweetly told me they were not quite as good as they looked).

Nice weather today - have done 45 minutes yard work and am getting urge to go back out and finish the patch I'm working on. Just one more bag of pine nuggets to go down - could use more but I am obsessive and would just keep going. So I have declared that the 28 bags that last one will make will be it for this summer. I'm also getting carried away with new bypass lopper dh bought. Good thing he cleans all the brush up after me.

While cleaning up garage a bit I found the hand weights (dh's actually) that I used to use when I did a lot of walking (in prehistoric times). Think I'll be dusting those off and putting them to some constructive purpose.

Hear ye, hear ye - all :queen:s are to have a good day today!

zadie k
06-03-2004, 03:58 PM
Having a nice day in the office, although I wish I could be outside. This is the second day in a row where it is now raining like mad. Had lunch with a friend at a neighborhood place with a lovely outdoor dining area, so at least I go to enjoy a bit of the sun.

I am enjoying the emptiness of the office. It allows me to alternate work with keeping track of the national spelling bee. Actually work has been rather hectic recently. I had to testify at a county commission meeting the other day and I was very nervous, but it turned out all right and the tenants I was working with ended up better off than otherwise. Still, I would prefer not to do that again for a while till I recover from this last time.

I have plenty of good vibes to send out to all who need them this fine day. And tomorow...Harry Potter. Yep, i am a geek. My mother is going to be in town and we are going to a late show along with some friends. At any rate back to work.

06-03-2004, 07:27 PM
Hello, :queen:s all!
I'm still reeling a bit from EOM. Also got volunteered for a few hurry-up projects, so out of the frying pan into the fire. Good, in a way, I guess, because if I get a lot done now I'll be able to coast a bit towards the next EOM -- is there any need of them EVERY month, i ask :rolleyes:

I started the 10-day detox yesterday and am just finishing up Day 2 of fruit & nuthin' but fruit. I would prefer veggies if I could only have one or the other, but I guess I will trust that there's method to the madness and continue. Tomorrow I get a fruit smoothie as well (can add in soy milk) and then the next day veggies get added on, salads next, then eventually whole grains & finally chicken. Whoooo-hoooo!!!

I can see how this could work as a jumpstart, though. Knock off a few pounds quickly (which would be highly motivating), get used to eating less, get into the habit of eating veggies & fruits as the main part of one's diet.

Also been getting at least 30 mins. high intensity aerobic exercise every day.

WI was a bit of a downer. Up 3 pounds from sig, which was at WW. However, my scale always weighs about that much higher than theirs, so I'm claiming a maintain. :yes:

Hope to do individual posties tomorrow, but in the meantime, much love to all!

06-03-2004, 08:41 PM
Yo, thanks for the support on my pb-cupless quest :queen: E!!!! Hope thou enjoyeth Harry. I am jealous ... I don't think it's out here. Have to see it!

Wish she'd write another book fast, though!

Arabella, thy food program looketh interesting, can't wait to hear more on it as thou progresseth!

Zadie, thy rainy day soundeth so lovely. It's rather hot here, but then it usually is. Would adore a rainy day in Minnesota ... would also adore a legal career and I admire thee for pursuing that. Have a great rest of the week with NO REFINED SUGAR :nono: !!!!

Ok, bye. I shall returneth to the journal thread anon!

06-04-2004, 07:21 AM
Hello all!!

Crazy server issues yesterday but all is well and here I am!

I can relate to the PB demon.... in fact, saw some on tv and mouth actually started watering....

Q Zadie... a big Q Empress Huzzah for your public discourse! I can relate to the nerves that can bring! Can share that practice helps... at least w/ the presentation and confidence... I have yet to conquer the nerves...

Q Wood Nymph... They must think very highly of you to come to you so often!

Your new program sounds interesting... but its not a WW's right? or is it???

Q WSW... yes, good friends are like a treasure chest arent they?? Just when you think you know all about them, you find out something new and wonderful!

Q Anagram-- Glad your picnic happened before the rains began... We have rescheduled our Sat plans as the rain front is covering the entire area ... We had planned to travel near Hershey, Pa to visit a sister's yardsale but the rain has vetoed that plan.


Thought of the day :

"The Beauty of the day is contingent upon your seeing it."
---Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

"Do you mind rainy days?"



06-04-2004, 08:18 AM
QOD not really unless it is an outdoor dog show!!!:s:

Am off to one of those this p.m. Will be back Sunday. Staying with a friend am so looking foreward to getting away!

:wave: to all....where's the :queen: O' Friday?

So have a great week end all, and I will check in later!


06-04-2004, 10:09 AM
Flyby postie because I miss all of thee and resolve to be a more active participant on this thread, as methinks all are needed!!! Huzzah!!!! Except I'm starving so I have to go eat!!!! Huzzah!!!

06-05-2004, 07:04 AM

The ominous sound you heard Thursday afternoon was me falling off the wagon. I almost got back on yesterday but couldn't quite get hold. Last evening, for the first time on this two year journey, I thought perhaps I should give up. I knew I wouldn't but the fact I even thought about it scared me.

I think I know what happened (after a day and a half of thinking about it). I'd been doing pretty well and feeling fairly well. I was doing a lot of yard work but in measured stretches. With RA, it is important not to overdo but to keep things on an even keel (know this will resonate with you, wsw). On Thursday morning, I had done as much yard work as I had planned. But then I saw DH out there on a ladder on a slope on one side of the house. This guy is on so many blood thinners, etc. and doesn't get that awhat might be called a normal fall for someone else could have him dead of internal bleeding before the ambulance could get him to the hospital (I'm quoting an RN friend of mine there).

Anyway, I took over (I can be prone to that). After being about in tears when he was determined not to stop. Told him my way was better - it was. But went at that shrub like someone cutting through jungle. Worked out a lot of emotions and was still feeling ok. But it was too much. I was fine during the first half of the picnic - picking out nice healthy food, etc. But wasn't quite up to socializing a lot. Not too long before we wee to leave, the food called me and SIGH :stress: I responded.

Was still very drained yesterday but gradually pulled it together and had a semi-productive day. But very tired again last night and gave in wholeheartedly and thought of giving up the ghost and food medicating for life (shorter though it would be). And I thought then of the court and felt I must call out for vibes too. I'm struggling uphill this morning, trying to catch up with the wagon.

I'm thinking too of my sister, two years younger. She's still eating and drinking as she pleases while doctors are unable (after seveal years of various tests) to determine why she has little spells, sometimes passes out and falls, has coughing spells that wipe her out, can no longer drive, can barely walk even after her two knee replacements. Those of us who know and love her know what much of it is, console her and act as her codependents. I understand all the reasons she's not able to stop, etc. I DO NOT want to BE her. One doctor I know of did several years ago point out how much her weight was a factor. Probably more have. She has in the long ago past done a lot of yoyo dieting (a familial pattern). And told me many years ago she doesn't plan to live long (as I do).

So, as I said, struggling. Not angry or being upset with me - just trying to see how I got into this trap again and looking around for the quickest way out. I like me better as I was a few days ago and want to again be where I was then. Today's the day...............................

06-05-2004, 09:49 AM
Yo, Anagramatic, minus the dh, thy day could've been mine. I was doing so well all day, then one little thing happened and I went overboard with food yet again and realized how sick and tired I am of trying to fight this weight battle on top of trying to fight all the other battles and feeling as though I couldn't ever win any of 'em and that really, it'd be a lot more fun to just give up altogether. Thanks for sharing this today ... I think the conclusion you seem to have reached and I seemed to have reached is that no matter how hopeless the battle seems, WE HAVE TO CONTINUE TO FIGHT BECAUSE THE CONSEQUENCES OF GIVING UP ARE TOO SERIOUS.

I'm not going to let go of the last little fingertip hold I have on that slippery slope because I understand all too well that the slope's very slippery indeed ...

Avanti, Anagramatic ... that means "let's go!!!" (as opposed to "let go")!!!!

See thee on the journal thread?

06-05-2004, 03:11 PM
anagram- what you said about how important it is to try and not overdo and to keep things on an even keel because of a physical condition certainly does resonate with me! I know how hard that is to accomplish! Being human definitely makes life challenging, and of course, interesting too. ---and boy, am i ever human! I am sending you massive amounts of good, positive vibes. i am with you all the way and i sure do know how this very uphill battle is just that. falling off and getting back on is no small thing. it's really very brave, as are you!

hi amarantha-i sure needed to hear what anagram had to say today also. i needed to be reminded that what we are trying to do is very hard indeed---and so, no wonder it feels like the huge effort that it is. i needed to be reminded i am not alone in feeling like this and that there is strength in numbers. empress, can you feel all the good energy i am sending your way?!

well, i am writing in my food journal consistently again (on day 2.) i realize when i decide to stop writing down everything that goes in my mouth, i am gearing up to put more in there than is necessary. it's not like this is a big news flash to me, but my "selective amnesia" had its way with me the other day. onward and---downward, i say!

a close friend of mine told me that a mutual friend of ours was told the other day that she has thyroid cancer. at this point, i guess she doesn't know any more of the specifics. i looked up information about it and there are some forms which are highly treatable, but one which is very aggressive and accute. i am so hoping that is not her situation. i feel so bad for her, as i know she must be so scared. she is a young mother of 2 babies, 3 and 1 years old. once again, i am reminded how precious and short life is, and that i don't want to be thinking back in a year or so wishing that i had done this or that, so as you said, anagram, "Today's the day...............................!" well, take good care of yourselves, o royal ones! thinking of you all.


06-05-2004, 04:37 PM
I CAN feel those vibes, Wsw!!!! :goodvibes: But I'm so sorry about thy friend and crossing fingers that it'll turn out to be the more treatable form of the disease ...

Congrats on keeping up with thy food journal ... I'm hopping to the 21-day challenge thread because I see you posted there!!!! :wave: Huzzah!

06-06-2004, 11:05 AM
Flying by! Just about to head out for a bike ride and then got to get some gardening done this aft. On Day 6 of the detox, all going well. I feel pretty good, although still a bit loopy. Friday night I drove out to the beach for a party at my sister's boyfriend's cottages.

GORGEOUS beach, just amazing. We stayed over (DS, DGS & I) in a second-floor unit overlooking dunes and water. Went for a walk, played on the shore in the morning. Did a set of tai chi facing the ocean. It was great! And we had sun for about the first time in 2 weeks, so feel much cheerier. There was a potluck dinner, and I stuck to my detox meal (tomatoes & avocado with a squeeze of lemon) and wasn't overly tempted to drink (quite a feat -- all good intentions go out the window sometimes at these things, but somehow the detox diet makes it easier).

K -- Must go, DS is getting the bikes out. Love to all!

06-06-2004, 02:59 PM
Happy Sunday!!! I hope everyone be as pleased with their weight as moi this a.m. ... after two weeks of overeating I'm pleased to say I only gained two pounds ... guess this should upset me but I'm pretty happy with that and ready to begin the game anew! Woo-hoo! :coffee:

Arabella, thy bike ride soundeth like so much fun. I must confess I can't ride a bike ... never learned. Had an adult trike awhile back but gave it away. Sounds as though thou be enjoying thy food program as well. Glad thou had sun ... only once in two weeks, though? I'd love to send you some of ours but it's heavily polluted right now as the sudden heat wave has set off one of our nice thermal inversions.

Wsw, interesting what thou saidest (is that a word?) about how when you make the decision to stop journaling, you're subconciously making the decision to eat more. It's like that with my pb cups, too. I've realized that when I'm making the decision to buy one, I'm really making the decision to binge that day ... though it's often hours later.

Speaking of the pb cup thing, I'm on Day 4 of my 21-day no pb cup challenge. I'm also going to do a private "streak" thing seeing how many consecutive days I can stay in the 1600 calorie range ... won't bore anyone with posting it.

I was thinking about how Eydie (I think it was Eydie) said I'd built the pb cups up in my mind until they were larger than life. This is a true statement. I've demonized those things, when in reality, they are not :devil: s ... just stupid little pieces of chocoalate (or white chocolate :doh: ) and peanut butter (or honey-roasted pb :doh: ) ... when I was listing the kinds of pb cups on the 21-day challenge, I forgot the inside-out ones ... I was quite obsessed with those for a few weeks ...

Anyhow, I was thinking about why I was so obsessed and recalled that pb cups were the very first commercial candy "bars" I can remember buying and eating. I bought a package of them at a grade school fair when I was about five years old ... it was my older brother's school event and I had money of my own to spend ... the pb cups actually tasted quite hateful to me and made me sick (I was always getting sick back then as I was quite nervous and frightened of everything as a child) and I didn't eat 'em again for years ... too bad I didn't keep hating 'em!

But it was not to be. I ate pb cups steadily into my 20s, 30s and up to the present. I ate them during bullemia, for lunch on the job (as a reporter, I was always in the car and stopping for pb cups instead of real food kept me going), at night before covering meetings, while writing late in the newsroom, etc. ...

I always eat pb cups in the same way ... even the giant ones ... I break them up into roughly three to four pieces each and eat them very slowly and always when I'm doing something else ... reading, driving, writing ...

Ok, thanks for listening. Sorry to ramble, but it's Sunday so likely to be slow in here anyhow! :lol:

Yours in beating pb cups (or any other food obsession) into submission, :lol3:


(I really need to go buy some more Pria bars ... hmmmm.)

06-06-2004, 08:19 PM
Ever since telling myself that I didn't have to be so vigilant about counting calories, I've gone off my program in a big, bad way. Very unhappy right now. I've been trying for a few days to get back on track without any success. Arabella, I'm thinking of doing some sort of detox myself. Drastic times, drastic measures and all that sort of thing! Maybe juices for a couple of days? What are you doing?
I'm done eating for Sunday, mostly because I'm nauseous :o , and will try to claw my way back tomorrow! No, scratch that, I WILL get my groove back tomorrow! :D

06-06-2004, 08:44 PM
Hello all!

System issues yesterday and then for the first time I can remember we actually had a power outage this am! Amazing since it must have been very widepspread as we have underground here to purposefully avoid downed wires,etc....

Not sure why I'm so tired lately, went to bed very early Fri, took a long nap yesterday, early to bed again... took a shorter nap today but DH had to do the veg shopping as I sat in the car as I got very nauseous....

Think I am eating very fast as I still feel "ravenous" most of the time... but keep forgetting that a big cup of tea is very satisfying....

Am sure some of it is "cycle" and some of it " ok, who's idea is 2 weeks notice anyway??"....


Here's the thought of the day... even though the day is nearly gone...

Thought of the day :

"A bowl of rice filled is good!
A mind filled is better.
A mind filled with disharmony is not filled but empty.
A glass upside down
can gather no water....."

---Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :

" Did you lose money on Smarty Jones?"


kettle is on!

06-06-2004, 09:23 PM
Yo, here's a notice I also posted on the journal thread ... sorry if I always seem to be dredging up business for new games ... should have been a social director:

I decided to tally my "streak" days of eating in the 1600 calorie range on the 21-day challenge thread and am wondering if that'd be a good place for anyone who wants to do a "streak" but not commit to the full-blown 21 days to also do a personal challenge? Just a thought! And a note on that thread, we've got some absent folks and as far as I can tell Ceara the Stalwart be in the lead of those who're reporting in! Huzzah for Ceara!

Cerise? Be thou ok? Thou wast ahead with thy vege challenge but now art amongs the missing. Hope all is well! Huzzah!

Kaylets, I was wondering if thou had computer probs again ... IMO thy feeling a bit off IS the two-week notice thing ... I'm not sure whose idea it was but whoever it was ruined things for the rest of us ...

Sorry to say I don't know Smarty Jones. Who is he when he's at home? :doh:

I suppose this is one of those things that everyone else knows about that not knowing marks me as either very elderly or very sheltered or just not in step with the in crowd? I have a lot of things like that! :lol3:

A crisis in the newspaper chain I work for has lead to an unscheduled work day tomorrow and I don't know when I'll get back here to post, so huzzah to all.

Hope I am offending no one ... I worry that a lot of the things I said in this post may sound offensive in type but in reality I'm just tired and hot! Huzzah! :doh:

06-07-2004, 07:44 AM
Hello all!

Where did the weekend go??
Scale shows 3 lbs up this am... I've got to wonder if my raging appetite is part of the increase as well as the SF hot chocolate I've been downing to "curb" my appetite. I'm going to check the sodium content...
I really do believe the gain is water but am still wondering how my body will "readjust" to that fast 6 lb loss in 2 weeks when I was sick...

Ah well....

Today's thought:

"It is not bad that you would have a conversation with yourself.
It is however, when you know not who's talking."
--Ron Rathburn

Question of the day :
"When's the last time you've been photographed?"


Empress-- I wondered how many folks would not know about Smarty Jones..
He's a horse.. big excitement on the East Coast as he won 2 of the Triple Crown races and is from Phila, Pa, ( his owners)....
Direct descendant of Secretariat ( wonder how many 100's of those there are!)

I reread your post and cannot see anything to be taken poorly so not to worry!

I can feel the humidity increase here as I type... hmmmmm .... or is it a hot flash???


to everyone! Big hug and here's a cup of your favorite...! I've been missing you all!



06-07-2004, 08:47 AM
Good morning All!

Day 6 (i think I mistakenly said 6 yesterday) of detox, still going well.

Eydie, here's the detox plan:
Day 1 & 2: fruit only
Day 3: Fruit + smoothie (can add juice/or soy milk -- i cheated and used yogurt :shrug: )
Day 4: Add steamed veggies
Day 5: Add salad, 2 t. olive oil
Day 6: Add 2nd salad, 2 t. olive oil
Day 7: Add whole grains
Day 8: Add chicken
Day 9: Add yogurt (see I really cheated having it on Day 3)
Day 10: Add other proteins

I've seen others that appealed to me more -- less fruit, more veg., whole grains & some protein included earlier in the sequence. But I think this one is based on things that are particularly easy to digest early in the stretch, and then adding things on. Really enjoyed my salad yesterday at lunch. Then, at dinnertime, DS was having shepherd's pie, and I wanted some, but didn't weaken even slightly. Felt impulse, and overrode.

After I've finished with this, I'll try and keep the model going: mostly veggies and fruit, next whole (really whole) grains, light proteins (almost no red meat, chicken breast without skin, beans etc.).

Have been very thirsty when I wake up the last couple of days, for some reason. Maybe my system needs extra to wash itself out?

Amarantha, I'm with you on the PB cup thing! Second to really good chocolate (Godiva, for example) in my book.

Kaylets, oh, wouldnt't another weekend be nice! Ah, well, we just have to soldier on until Friday.

wsw, it's so nice to see you back in here regularly, not least because it means you're feeling ok!

Anagram -- re: KABOOM -- it never ceases to amaze me how almost mechanistic (not to mention short) the stress-eat cause and response cycle can be. I've sometimes found myself eating something before I ever even felt the stress. Preventative medicine, dontcha know :rolleyes:

Ceara, how was the dog show (oh, that's funny -- i typoed "god show" first :lol: -- wouldn't that be interesting! )?

Zadie K, was the HP show fun? I've heard rumors that it's darkish.

Cerise, how are you, Darling? Time for a fly-by? (i speak as an occasional AWOL offender, my own self)

Punkin, how was your weekend? Full moon night? I think the moon got up pretty late. I haven't seen it this month at all (of course, big black clouds could be partially to blame, too).

Wildfire, are you around? I seem to have some notion you had a trip lined up, but not sure.

K. I really must hit the gym and then get to work. Love to all! Let's make this a good one!

06-07-2004, 09:36 AM
Uh - happy Monday, folks. Have two decent days behind me and started w/slimfast today but do not seem to be adequately motivated yet.

Interesting detox, wood nymph. Can't say I'd be able but I think I'd like to be able to try it. Your beach stay and bike ride both sounded like great and pleasurable times.

How did the heathens do this weekend, Ceara? And how did thee fare?

Empress, I too have never learned to ride a bike though dh bought me one as an adult and tried to teach me as he had our kids so we could ride as a family. Took one fall and gave up and so deprived my whole family of a nice experience. Bike still hangs upside down in garage as a reminder. Sounds like you are well back on track and inspired by your new challenge. Glad you passed on movie popcorn but it does always smell so good. One must always keep the cardiologist happy.

Kaylets, sorry you missed your trip to sister's near Hershey. 'Twas really a rotten morning here. And I suspect the sodium will be high in your hot chocolate. I am really sodium sensitive and go up several pounds as soon as we eat a meal out. Any unused vacation you can take to shorten this week? Good vibes for new job start. Always unsettling but hopefully a great big improvement.

And good vibes again to the southwest regarding the merits of our Empress and her perfection for the job in which she's interested.

Lots of things coming up here in next few weeks so must get head organized. Good things mostly but there's still a need for my lists or I'll make them less pleasant than they can be. Lunched w/sister & her hubby yesterday and she brought along "surprise guest" - nephew who married last Nov. Had a pleasant visit all around which was about the only bright thing about the weekend. Did watch the Belmont but from home so had no actual money on Smarty. None of my five "pretend" bets worked out either. Have also done a lot of sleeping and REALLY should be rested and ready to take on the world. Maybe later.....

Photographed? If you mean snapshots, probably at the 4/24 First Communion of the elder princess. Professionally - a couple of years ago for some kind of book the church was putting out. I have been thinking I'd like to have a group professionally done of the 8 of us in the family. Last of those was twelve years ago at dd's wedding but we've added two since then. On to the long list of things I'd like to do, it goes.

Ra, Ra, Ra, let's go, Royals, let's go. And let's check in, y'all AWOLers and lurkers.

zadie k
06-07-2004, 04:56 PM
It is a very sleepy Monday so far. Work has been okish, not great but not bad either. I just want to nap.

The weekend was fabulous. HP was fantastic and I saw a play on Saturday night and went to an outdoor blockparty type thing yesterday. Very fun.

At any rate, I must get back to work as the boss person is in town this week. Yikes.

06-08-2004, 07:16 AM
Hello all!!

Here we go!! Ready or not!! It's Tuesday!

I am so tempted to just wish my week away, yet tomorrow is going to be wonderful because I will be speaking... hmm, guess that sounds very conceited doesnt it??

Well, since I used to be tongue tied and frozen in front of groups, getting up in front of a crowd is an accomplishment! At least for me!

Scale showed a gain at last nights meeting too... I suspected that big loss when I had the flu wouldnt last forever but I am also hoping maybe its salt bloat from lots and lots of hot chocolate ....

I think the really important thing is to recognize that this job change is very stressful and gaining nearly 2 lbs is not the end of the world....

So, I am out of here early today as I was late yesterday due to fog and traffic...

also need to pack more of my desk... amazing how much I can just put in the waste paper basket!

Thought of the day :

"Life is no argument. The conditions of life might include error."
--Fredrich Nietzsche

Question of the day :

"Have you ever been glad to have been wrong about something?"