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04-30-2004, 07:16 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

04-30-2004, 07:31 PM
Well, I know that this will not be a long post......but surely better than yesterdays! (none at all!)

Spryng- congrats on the new debit cards. Hey, if they simplify your life (which for most of us is just too complicated anyway) then it is a good thing and I am happy for you. BTW, I love to crochet.....hope you are enjoying your afghan.

Michele- how did your day go? Get everything done that you wanted to?

Crystal- sounds like your back has been bad. Hope you are feeling better! (forgive me for not being up to date)

Geri- good for you getting your WATP tape done......should you be wearing a referree shirt while doing it????? (for Will and Tony) Forgive my sick humor attempt..........

Ricci- can't say I ever craved peanut butter and mustard.....but peanut butter by itself or with jelly is a different story!! So you are a fellow crocheter too?

Leigh- have a great vacation!!!!!!!

Ok, I know I have missed tons of you......but I am really a bear of little brain tonite. It has been a long week. We had that appt with the urologist.....who is taking Dd off all meds with the hope that she will not develop a UTI. IF she does, well, surgery is the next step. We could have the surgery now (same day- home that day) but Dd got awfully upset just hearing about it (minumally invasive, but general anesthesia) so we are for now, just biding our time. The Dr is ok with that. He does expect her to outgrow this condition. Then lets see....just a busy week at work.......Dd has a science fair tonite (so we were busy with her project), lots of softball and the list goes on. I have done some stress eating.....and knew I would ever get to WW this week. Next week I will. I have been a good girl with either walking or doing my tapes.
Oh, well, better go- gotta feed Dd before the science fair. Have a great weekend!
Ginny (Hi to those who I did not greet personally)

04-30-2004, 08:11 PM
Hi all

Ginny...referee shirt :lol: :rofl: :chin: YOU CRACK ME UP!!

Tony just spilled my LARGE mug of water all over the carpet down here :devil: I overdrew our checking account 2 DAYS AGO :mad: :censored: I never do that and they didn't let me know! I just emailed them to see if they're going to charge me and if we can get OD protection in case I'm stupid again and forget some auto withdrawals :mad: :no: :rollpin: This is what I used to do for a living and I've never, NEVER overdrawn my personal account. I'm so freakin' po'd at myself! OK, thanks...I'm over it now :D

Now I've forgotten what everyone else posted so that's all I have to say for now...just came on to vent! Thanks for listening ladies. I'll be much more pleasant later.

04-30-2004, 09:04 PM
this is just a quick one too. I feel like snacking today and I've done pretty good. I have fallen into a few temptations, but I'm trying to hold it under control. You all know Fridays are not easy for me. I'm a little ticked, upset, or whatever at dh so the temptations are flooding me. I'll be back later when I can compose myself better.
Hi to all.

04-30-2004, 09:34 PM
Good Evening!!

Ginny- Good to see you posting again I really hope your life slows down a little bit, lol but I know that is wishful thinking for the sahm!! Yes I got all my stuff taken care of today, my two big projects were cleaning the refridgerator and restocking it, and scrubbing the bathroom top to bottom, I do keep up with it with fly lady but I still like to give it a really good bleach dousing every week.

Geri - I have only overdrawn my checking account twice and they were because hubby used the debit card without telling me, now we have online banking and its so much easier that I can just go online and check my balance before i go out shopping. I really recommend it if you don't already have it.

Spryng - Sounds like you had a busy day! I hope you relaxed while making your afghan I used to know how to crochet when I was a kid but I've long since forgotten maybe when my mom comes back she'll teach me :D.

Well I'm sure everyone knows that I was debating switching from atkins to WW but I went to the doctor today and she wanted me to use the south beach diet because it allows you more fruits and vegetables so I'm officially starting SB tomorrow I went and bought the book today so I'm gonna do some reading. She also gave me the prescription for Meridia (the weight loss drug) and so I see her once a month for a weigh in and check up and I have to keep a diary of all food I put in my mouth and all exercise. So hopefully it will help!! I'm excited to get started and see if it will help me, my sister had great results with meridia she lost about 45 lbs just by using meridia. So if I have a good diet and exercise and meridia I should have wonderful results!! Dinner tonight is BBQ rib eye steak with sauteed mushrooms and a salad with thou. island dressing which is actually low carb 3 carbs for 2 tblspn. Okay guys I'm gonna go eat my dinner. I'll post again later!


04-30-2004, 10:49 PM
Hi girls. I'm a little moody and snacky. I keep telling myself to go have a small bowl of Rocky Road ice cream, but yet I know I shouldn't. At least y'all should know the purpose of this forum is working, normally I wouldn't be pondering it, if I thought about eating some, I would. I know I shouldn't but I'm in one of those moods right now. I think it's the week before TOM which is when I get effected with temptations and mood swings.

I didn't take notes I just hope everyone had a good day and great night. Tomorrow is my garage sale and it's suppose to storm through afternoon, YEAH. But it's already in the paper and those avid garage salers, which I am, will be there.

I'll check in sometime tomorrow, I hope everyone has a great Saturday.

04-30-2004, 11:22 PM
Crystal - Good luck with your garage sale!! I hope the weather reports are wrong!! And, I think that if you really feel like having some ice cream have some just don't overdue it :) My whole philosophy is that if you don't indulge in your cravings sometimes you'll end up falling off the wagon. Moderation, moderation, moderation. :D :grouphug: I went off plan today cuz I'm starting fresh tomorrow with South Beach.

EEKKKKSSSS sorry I didnt know I was carrying on and on lol. HaHa you guys should know by now that I'm a talker lol.

Well I got a new book today that I want to delve into. Anyone read "The Lovely Bones" I've only got a little bit into it and its good so far I'm sure I'll finish it in a few days.

OK I'll talk to ya'll later

04-30-2004, 11:41 PM
Hi ladies, I would love to join your group. I'm a SAHM ( obviously) and just relocated to Iowa. My husband just got out of the Marine Corps, and is working now for the local Police Department. This past year we had our 3rd child, and it has been quite the year. I am not one of those lucky people who loose a ton of wieght by breastfeeding, so I am only 10 lbs lighter over the past year, since he was born. My goal is to loose about 35 lbs, although 20 would make the doctor happy. I'm at 167 now, and want to see 157 by June 7th ( our second wedding anniversary). I guess that's it, I look forward to getting to know you all.

05-01-2004, 12:03 AM Favepairobluejeans!! So glad to have you join our group!! I'm Michelle Sahm to 2 yo girl Taylor and 6.5 month old girl Teagan. Have you decided on a program yet or just counting calories? I'm aiming to lose about 100 lbs myself. Let me just fill you in on something most of us do and you may see us talking about check out it has helped a lot of us get our houses in order!! I know I truely enjoy it and it makes chores so much easier. I have to credit Penny for giving me the link on that one :)
Good luck on your weight loss journey and welcome to SAHM's!! This is the greatest group of women ;)

Take Care

05-01-2004, 09:17 AM
Hi FAVEPAIROBLUEJEANS, welcome. I'm Crystal. SAHM of 3. Alisa -5, Ally almost 3, and Andrew 17 months today. We live in Texas. Love for you to join. Post often, you will begin to feel like we're family. Hope we can help you.

Michelle, I am so proud of myself. I did have some ice cream. But believe it or not, I only had less than a cup, probably 1/3c-3/4c somewhere around there. That's an accomplishment for me. I didn't feel too bad after having it either.

Well girls, I've got to go get ready for this garage sale thing. I'll check in much later tonight.

05-01-2004, 10:23 AM
Hi Ladies,

Please keep us informed about your dd. :) What type of kidney problems does she have? Is it reflux? Andrew has hydroneuprosis. He has a blockage in the tube to his left kidney. We go back to the urologist ourselves in the next couple weeks for another renal scan. Is she having the renal scans done?
I will keep you in my prayers. I know how you feel!

I am not going to lecture you about eating b/c I have been off plan myself for a couple weeks now. But I tell you a couple weeks ago I was down to 167.5 and now I am up to 172 :( I do know the longer you stray from plan the further you will be from goal. Let me know if you need anything :) BTW, Congrats on the ice cream moderation! Yah! Hope you make a fortune at the garage sale.

I know how you feel about the checkbook. I am another one who never overdraws. I do have the od protection to our savings though, just in case.
How are you doing in Tops? Are you the top "loser"?

How are you doing? Congrats on the loss!!! I say 125 is great and if you ever go under that, it is just a bonus :)

Have fun on vacation!!!!

Are you back on plan? Let me know if you need anything or just wanna talk. I know you have alot of your plan with work and everything! When do you go back to MOMS Club?

How is the weather over there? It has been pouring here for days!

Welcome! I am Penny, SAHM to 3 boys :) I know what you mean about not losing while nursing. I just started losing myself and Andrew is 10 1/2 mo old. Are you still nursing or is your little boy finished?

How are you doing?

Is it still raining there?

Congrats on the great loss! WTG!! :cheer: :cheer:

How are you doing so far on South Beach?

As for me, I am back on plan finally ! :) YAH! Michelle motivated me again and I am back on! I have changed my weigh in day to Sunday to hopefully keep me on plan better on the weekend!

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
Does anyone have any big plans this weekend?


05-01-2004, 11:26 AM
Good morning all!
First of all let me welcome favepairobluejeans (do you have a shorter name we can call you? lol) I am Spryng. Mother of 3. Ava 4, Bubba (aka Joseph) 3, and Tanner 10 months old. I've been battling my weight since my wedding 6 years ago and just this month I hit my first goal weight! I am on WW, what plan are you doing or thinking of doing? I hope to see more posts from you and please feel at home here :)
Penny, you can get back down to 167! Don't let that scale get you down. Have you been thinking about trying a different plan? I noticed SB is so difficult for you to stick with. And no, I have no plans for this weekend. I may go to Dh's cousin's house tomorrow for a visit but not sure on that yet. She is the one I tan with.
Crystal, congrats on the portion control with the ice cream! Doesn't that feel good. I did the same thing last night. After tanning I took the kids out for ice cream and got me a great big brownie earthquake, but after eating less than half of it I was satisfied and gave the rest to the kids (who had already scarfed down their cones, lol) Just knowing it's not off limits helps me to not over do it like it will be my last icecream ever, you know?
Michelle, that is you in your avatar right?? You don't look like you are 100 lbs overweight. You look good! Very pretty. And thanks for posting on my success story! I was very bored yesterday and was running around all over these boards, lol. Then I thought posting my story would be a good idea. Thanks for reading it! What is your book about? How is day 1 going on the SB diet? I know you can do it!!
Geri I hope you got things worked out at your bank. That is one reason we switched to bank of america, it has great over draft protection and it's all online too so I can see what goes through and where my balance is. Does yours do that? Hope today is a better day for you.
Ginny, thanks for starting a new thread! And so glad to see a great post from you! I guess I am in the dark on your dd, what is wrong with her? Something with her kidneys or bladdder? I hope she doesn't have to go through surgery but is it enevitable?

Well it's just another long saturday for me. It stormed last night so I put Bubba in bed with Ava and boy was that a mistake. I woke up at 12:30 am to footsteps and stuff and got up to see what was going on and Bubba was jumping around Ava's room and bed having a gay old time! Ava was so tired but couldn't sleep with him doing that. So I got on to him and made him get back into her bed or else he was going to have to go to his room and he was so mad at me! you know those you can go to **** looks kids can give you? Well he gave me a few. So I went back to bed and still heard him going at it until after 1 am. So needless to say I am so tired today from a broken nights sleep and a little cranky, lol. But I'll survive. I have nothing planned for today. Just going to do my morning routine. Finished my entire living room over the course of last week so that is done and my weekend is free from my zone, looking forward to monday and starting on the front porch and such, which needs it. But I guess that is it. I ate all my flexpoints yesterday so I am back to my target today, but it was fun and delicious while they lasted, lol. The good news is DH will be home this upcoming friday. It just about kills me when he is gone 3 weeks. So I'm counting down the days... plus TOM is to hit this upcoming weekend so I'm sure I'll be moody for his hometime, lol. and it will affect my WI... sometimes being a woman sucks. lol. Ok.... blah blah blah... LOL. I'm getting off here to start my day. TTYL!

05-01-2004, 11:39 AM
How is everyone today? I am good. I slept a little late and I am glad.

Food and exercise was great yesterday. I am happy! My 14yo MALE said my pants were all too big! How cool is that? Today I hope I do as good, I need to go buy food and haven't had much time to do so. The fruit selections around here aren't very special right now.

Michelle, I know several people who do South Beach and LOVE it. I do think it's a diet you can live with long term. Especially being allowed fruits and stuff at some point. I am still just using portion control as my guide, once I get to a slow down I might have to do something more specific to kick it up a notch. But I am even babystepping it with my eating plan. I bet you'll like SBD! Let me know if you need recipes, I can hook you up with my friend, who is a moderator for a SBD board at iVillage. She is awesome.

Crystal, Moderation is GOOD! It shows control. I was thrilled for being able to refuse a candy bar at the grocery store!! But to eat and be able to quit is even better.

We will miss you, Leigh!!

Where is Jessi???

Welcome Favepairobluejeans, you will just love it here! I am Cindi, mom to 7. I have lost 17.5 pounds since 3/30/04 and I couldn't have done it wouthout these great ladies!

Penny, Glad you are back on plan!! YOu can do it!!

Ginny, Hope the dd is gonna be okay!!

Where is everyone? WAKE UP!!!!

Gotta scoot!

05-01-2004, 11:50 AM
Good Morning Girls!!

Well I haven't had any breakfast yet I always have to take my thyroid medicine then wait an hour to eat anything but I'm going to have 2 eggs scrambled and a slice of ham with a cup of black coffee and a glass of crystal light. Lunch is gonna be tuna on a salad with viniagrette dressing, and dinner I'm going to have a rib eye steak with mushrooms and some steamed asparagus.

Spryng - yes thats me in my avatar but keep in mind you can only see my face lol and if you pose it a certain way it doesnt look so fat lol. Heres one for ya: you know your fat when you practice face poses in the mirror so you know how to hold your head and only have one chin LOL!! If you go to my profile you can see a slimmer pic of me just after i had my first baby I think I was about 170 in that one. I did get my 2 mile walk in already this morning so thats over with and I dont have to put it off and maybe end up not doing it.

Penny!!! I'm sooo glad to see you posting! How is the plan going? What for breakfast?

Crystal - WTG!! See you can indulge and stay on plan Moderation is the key and I say you have wonderful control, you do know that the ice cream was posing as a test for you right? lol It was saying crystal come eat me you know you want to, but you did just fine and didnt over do it!! I'm so proud!!

Well I should get some things done for today but Hubby cleaned up the house before he went to work so there isnt that much for me to do. I'm sure I'll find something. Yesterday I went to target and got one of those wicker laundry baskets with the linen lining in it, Now taylor can pick up the toys she plays with a lot and keep them in the living room with out the place looking like a train hit it. Maybe I'll go to home depot and get some flowers for my flower boxes ehhh who knows lol saturdays tend to be a bit chaotic for me lol. Ok girls I better get off here and do a few five minute room rescues. My weekends are filled with room rescues lol.
Ok guys ttyl!!

05-01-2004, 11:51 AM
Hi Ladies,

OH cool! I didn't even know ivillage had a sb thread. Gonna check it out!
That is so neat that your pants are getting to big on you!!!!!! :cheer:
Yah for you!!!!

Yes, SB has been difficult for me but I don't think it has been the plan. I think it might be from the breastfeeding. I was doing great on it and with the nursing and then all of sudden the last couple weeks Andrew has been wanting to nurse all the time. I think it is making me hungry. Anyhow, Probably just making excuses for myself blah blah blah.... :blah:
But this is the only plan I have ever liked.. I am still gonna give it a little longer and see how things pan out!

Jump my butt if you see me off plan again though!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!

05-01-2004, 11:57 AM
YOU snuck in on me!

Is ribeye allowed on South Beach. I can't remember but I do know that red meat is high in fat. ???? :confused:
I know what you mean about posing so you look
Thats ME ME ME!

05-01-2004, 12:01 PM
Just a quick hello this morning.

More bad news. My Mom's brother isn't doing well. They found a brain tumor about a month ago and removed as much as they could and then started kemo. Now he's in intensive care and isn't expected to make it. Just what my Mother needs. He's in his early 70' I'll have to take her to the hospital to visit him one last time...I'm no good at that...I ball like a blubbering idiot. :( I feel bad for my aunt too because she lost her mother while my Uncle was in the hospital the first time.

I have online banking but you have to look at it EVERY DAY you know!! I found an alert system on there that will shoot me an email when the balance is below $100.00 so that should help. I look at my email several times a day.

Welcome favpairofbluejeans...I have 2 boys who will be 3 and 1 shortly and want to lose about 70 lbs...AGAIN...and keep it off forever this time. I'm following Dr Phil.

Well, I have to get the boys in the bath...we have a birthday party this evening to attend.

Hi to all...I'll talk to you later.

05-01-2004, 12:33 PM
Hello again!
I'm just in and out of here today as I pick up the house.

Geri so sorry to hear about your uncle. Your mom is losing alot of people right now, I'm so glad she has you to lean on. Enjoy the party tonight, you need something to keep your spirits up!
Penny, I really hope SB works for you! You sound very excited about it again and that is great! Just think it's only May 1st so you still have plenty of time to get lots of weight off before summer is over! Hang in there this time!!
Michelle I know what you mean about practice poses. I do them too! Not for my face so much but for my belly. I know just how to turn my body and suck in so I appear to have a smaller, flatter stomach. but when I sit down it's all a big roll, lol. I will go check out your profile. :) That's funny about the 5 min room recues, that is what I am doing today. Hitting my hot spots, like the top of my microwave oven and bakers rack and then next I'm cleanout my linen closet so all my clean folded towels can actually FIT in there, lol.
Cindi sounds like a shopping trip is in your future! Congrats on the baggy jeans!!

Well just popped in and now I'm out so TTYL!

05-01-2004, 02:12 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your mom ;( Poor thing :(
Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. I know what you mean about not being able to handle that kind of stuff. And I never know what to say :(

Just wanted to say congrats again for being under goal :) You are doing awesome!!!!!
I hope by the end of the year I will be going you in maintenance. I know what you mean about not being able to not have carbs for the rest of my life so I decided that I need one day a week to splurge (kindof like flex points) so that way I can still have something I want but I will be chooser about it knowing it is only once a week.

And my weigh in day being on Sunday now I couldn't be as tempted over the weekend

Have a great day!:)

05-01-2004, 02:51 PM
Penny I think a one day splurge is a great idea! That is what I do when DH is home. I don't really count pts and eat what I want and it usually effects me just fine. Only once or twice did I have a slight gain but it was back off by that next week. They say as long as you are OP 80% of the time you will succeed! And that is what I try to do. But I think you are going to do great this time around. Sounds like you have a solid plan and I can't wait until you and the others are joining me in maintaining our weight! What will we talk about then? LOL.
Ok, kids are down for a nap and I'm beat so I'll chat with you all later!

05-01-2004, 04:10 PM
Hi guys!!

Now is lunch time I'm having 2 cups of salad greens with 2 tblspn shredded lf cheese and 1.5 tblspn tuna 3 medium mushrooms and two medium broccoli florets with 2 tblspn lite italian dressing. So that should be a good lunch and then after I am finished eating I'm gonna try to do the 1 mile easy walk and get a little extra exercise in for today.

Penny - I just checked the SBD good fats good carbs guide and it said that we can have rib eye but to keep it limited and since it is so expensive anyway I wont be having it again for awhile :D I got 5 steaks for 22 bucks half price cuz they were selling it for 3.99 lb vs. 7.99 lb and I trim the fat off it too so it should be ok :).

Geri - So sorry to hear about your uncle I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Have fun at the birthday party.

Cindi - thanks so much for the sbd info me and penny may need some help ;) but hopefully since we have eachother and all of you cheering for us I'm sure we'll do great!!

Well my little cherub is getting fussy and I can see it time for a nap. I'll post again around dinner time.


05-01-2004, 05:13 PM
I just did the easy 1 mile walk with WATP so that makes 3 miles for me today who knows maybe I'll feel motivated to do another mile after dinner!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!
Take Care!!

05-01-2004, 07:14 PM
Hey all!
Just a quick post for me.
Michelle, congrats on all those miles!! Maybe I should check into this WATP videos. Are there any aerobics involved??
I just got a phone call from Ginny and she wanted me to tell you all that her computer is down right now. Not sure what is wrong with it so she will be MIA for awhile. She did say that she will post from the library when she gets a chance this up coming week and to not think she has abandoned us! She WILL be back as soon as her computer gets fixed. :) We will miss you Ginny!!!!!!!

05-01-2004, 07:46 PM
Spryng, the WATP tapes that I have use VERY basic moves. They are challenging, but easy to follow. I bought the 3 mile tape at TArget for just 6.99 and just do however many miles I feel like doing(yes, I am cheap, I know) So that's not much to shell out to try it, if you are interested.

I just took my ds to the 8th grade ball tonight, it was like a prom!!!! You should have seen them!! He wore a tux and converse all stars and Lauren wore a formal dress with flip flops. :lol:

I am so bored, DH is playing PS2! My house isn't really dirty, so I just don't know what to do with myself.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

05-01-2004, 08:29 PM
Good Evening!!

Yes Spryng the WATP tapes are very basic so they are easy moves but they do get your heart rate up and you can use the stretchie band to tone muscle too. My 1&2 mile dvd didnt come with the stretchie so I just bought a set of pilates resistance bands they are the same thing. I really love it because it is an exercise that I can actually do with out my lungs collapsing!!

I think I may even feel up to another mile after dinner but its too soon to tell lol I may just fall right asleep lol. Well I got the house clean and went and bought some more groceries and now I too am bored lol Cindi come on over and we'll play some cribbage or something ;)

Well I'm gonna start prepping for dinner I'll be back in a bit I'm sure
Take Care

05-01-2004, 08:51 PM
Thanks for the info on the WATP tapes. Do you have to have much room to do them? And are they aerobic? I have a tiny living room.
Cindi, that ball sounds like such fun. I never went to prom or anything so I know when my kids are old enough to go I'll be going all out for them! And I know what you mean about not knowing what to do with yourself now that your house stays clean. I'm bored too. i played the kids sega genesis for a little while but I got tired of them climbing all over me. So I came in here to look up some cheat codes. hehe!
Michelle hope you have a wonderful dinner! Cribbage sounds like fun! I'm a canasta girl myself, lol.
Ok, going to go flip the tv channels now. TTYL!

05-01-2004, 08:55 PM
Spryng you need next to no room to do the WATP they are great for small areas. and yes they do give you an aerobic workout :) I think I may get the 3 mile tomorrow, we'll see if hubby clears the fundage for me ;)


05-01-2004, 09:41 PM
Hi girls. I'm back from my day venture at the garage sale. I took notes about half way through.

Penny, Way to go being on plan. Let me know if changing your WI day helps your weekends.

Spryng, Glad to hear your Saturday was just a regular one. I'm beginning to wish mine was too. Glad you enjoyed some ice cream and in moderation. I felt so proud of myself using the moderation technique.

Michelle, thanks for the words about moderation and ice cream. Glad your dh helped you so much. If only.............

Cindi, glad you got exercise and good eating in yesterday. That makes you feel good.

Geri, so sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope your mom is okay. Let us know.

Well, it was COLD and rainy half of the day of the garage sale. Still didn't stop the salers from coming though. Didn't do as well as I had hoped but oh well. Had to deal with the kids, rain and cold all day. DH didn't help out there. Did have my mom, but the point is that I didn't have dh's help. I haven't eaten well most of the day, but I'm NOT in a good mood. I haven't done terribly bad just not nearly good enough. I'm totally pooped and still got the sink shining and laundry done. Bathroom is soso clean too. Well, I may check in again later. TTYL

05-01-2004, 10:34 PM
Crystal - I'm glad you still got some garage salers despite the weather. Hey now don't let some not so great choices get you down. I hope your mood picks up a little bit. WTG on keeping the house clean AND having a garage sale all in one day I know if it were me it wouldnt be done lol. Remember....we're always here for you, and there is always tomorrow!! :grouphug:

05-01-2004, 10:59 PM
Just an update! I am going back to LA Weight Loss. I have about 8 weeks left from pre-preg and was not able to go back due to nursing. Now that he is eating solids, they said I could start back on the program. Good thing I did not shell out the money for WW yet. LA is so expensive I want to use the 8 weeks first, of course I had to pre-pay so that money is already lost to me. It is kind of like South Beach, but I will have to weigh in 3 times a week. I did a starting weight today and will report on Sat. Wish me luck. The good thing about the program is that you get LA Lites which are yummy peanut butter bars.

Sorry not to get personal. DH is getting better, so hopefully I will have some time on-line tomorrow. Busy making baby food tonight.


05-02-2004, 12:35 AM
Good evening all!
Just about to call it a night but wanted to post one last time.
Melinda, you sound very excited about the LA Weightloss, how long were you on it before and how much did you lose? I can't wait to start hearing all about your progress! Why do they weigh you 3 times a week?
Crystal, I'm sorry you had a rough day. Sending you a great big cyber ((((HUG)))) ! Just remember that tomorrow is a new day!
Michelle, I think I will look into those WATP tapes. I just need to find a workout system I like. I love my pilates but just haven't been able to motivate myself to do them. I like The Firm but I hate all the sweating I do. (pathetic I know) But I'm not giving up! I will find something I can do 3-5 times a week.

Well my evening has been very enjoyable. Just watched a movie and played with the kids. Tanner was so cute. He's really starting to get the hang of walking. He'll be cruising the furniture and then let go and start off by himself accross the floor. It was too adorable. He'd get several steps but if you acted like you noticed he'd get all embarassed and giggly and fall down. :) It was fun to watch. He'll be walking well in just a few more weeks.
Well, my bed is calling my name so I will see you all manana. TTYL!

05-02-2004, 01:34 AM
Melinda - Glad to see you posting!! Can't wait to hear about your results with LA!

Spryng - I think that you would like the WATP tapes I sure do and believe me it is hard for me to get into a exercise program. It's easy, makes you sweat (not too much ;) ), and its activity!! Oh yesterday you asked about the book I'm reading its called "The Lovely Bones" and its a good book so far, but kind of tragic but beautiful too.

Here is a book review for "The Lovely Bones":

When we first meet 14-year-old Susie Salmon, she is already in heaven. This was before milk carton photos and public service announcements, she tells us; back in 1973, when Susie mysteriously disappeared, people still believed these things didn't happen.

In the sweet, untroubled voice of a precocious teenage girl, Susie relates the awful events of her death, and her own adjustment to the strange new place she finds herself. (It looks a lot like her school playground, with the good kind of swingset.)

With love, longing, and a growing understanding, Susie watches her family as they cope with their grief--her father embarks on a search for the killer, her sister undertakes a feat of amazing daring, her little brother builds a fort in her honor--and begin the difficult process of healing.

In the hands of a brilliant new novelist, and through the eyes of her winning young heroine, this story of seemingly unbearable tragedy is transformed into a suspenseful, touching, even funny novel about family, memory, love, heaven, and living.

If it sounds like your type of book I definately reccommend checking it out!

Ok I better hit the hay tomorrow is WI day and I hope it goes ok!!

05-02-2004, 10:13 AM
Hi Ladies!

Please let us know how you are doing on the La Weight Loss Plan. Does it consist of
shakes and bars?? And I am curious too about weighing three times a week. Do you do an average for the week? Just being nosey :lol:

Good Luck on weigh in for today! You are doing awesome!

I bet Tanner is so cute walking around! :) Andrew has been walking for two weeks now and he is getting better ever day :) What movie did you watch? And I am thinking about having one meal to be off plan, not one day. I don't wanna gain and I will be satified with one meal.

Hope you have a better day today :)

Geri, Ginny, Jessi, Leigh (have fun on vacation), Mary, Andrea Hope you are having a great day :)

Have a great day everyone!

We have a italian family reunion today so food galore .... But I loss .5 this week. I gained 6.5 this last two weeks. Shows me what happens when I go off plan! Better stay on the wagon :)


05-02-2004, 10:41 AM
Good Morning!!

Penny - Congrats on your loss, keep it up you're doing great!!

Ok well today was weigh in day for me too....(drumroll) 1 lb down from last weeks WI!!!!! I was really scared that I would still show a gain from the 2 days I was OP but I worked hard yesterday and lost a lb!! I'm so excited because with Atkins I was having trouble getting past 238 but I broke it today!!

Ok breakfast today I'm gonna have 2 scrambled eggs with some garlic herb seasoning, with mushrooms and a tblsp of cheese and 32 oz of water and a glass of vegetable juice. But first I'm gonna go do my workout and get it out of the way while I wait for my thyroid med to be absorbed :) Then Breakfast and my meridia. And I'm gonna see if hubby will take a walk with me and the kids maybe just to the school across the street so Taylor can play on the playground. Ok thats enough gabbing for me I need to get my butt walking. I'll post again after breakfast!


05-02-2004, 11:41 AM
Good morning all.
Well it is a better morning now. I almost had to go to the ER this morning (for myself) I woke up to the most horrendous pain in my ovaries. A cyst ruptured. I know this because it's happened several times before. I instantly got nauseated and bent over in pain. I couldn't walk or breathe without it hurting. I took four excedrin and laid on the couch crying. It took about an hour for the pain to subside. I still feel pressure but the pain is gone now (thankfully) but it was awful. I only get these once or twice a year. Last time I got one I did go to the ER and they said there was nothing they could do once it ruptured so I knew it would be a waste of time and money to go this morning. But boy was it bad. Bubba got up and saw me in so much pain and he was extra good. He is usually a bear in the morning demanding breakfast and stuff but he just sat on the couch with me and was very quiet. (it may have scared him seeing me curled up in a ball crying) As soon as the pain started going away I gave him a great big hug for being so great and made him breakfast and turned on his favorite cartoons. But I'm better now and had my shower now I'm ready to start my day.
Michelle, congrats on the lb lost!!! That is fantastic! Hope you were able to talk DH into walking with you this morning. It's cold here today so I won't be going anywhere, lol. That book sounds very interesting. Told in the view of the dead girl, how neat is that! Great imagination.
Penny, congrats on your loss too!! How do you feel this time around on SB? Is that reunion going to be hard on you? I know you can do it!!!! Hang in there and have fun today! I watched The Matrix Reloaded last night on HBO. I hadn't seen it yet and it was pretty good. I saw the first one a long time ago and never got around to seeing the other two. Now I want to go rent the last one so I know what happens, lol.

Well today I am just doing odds and ends around here. My morning routine and some more 5 min hot spot stuff. I really want to clean out my bathroom linen closet today and that will take more than 5 min. But I have no room for all my clean towels, lol! Well, I will check back in later. Hope everyone is having a great sunday!!!

05-02-2004, 11:50 AM
Spryng, glad you are OK!! Sounds horrible.

I'm a big old bi**h! It's like PMS 2-3 weeks early. I want to give my kids up for adoption and be single again. :( I think I just need a break from the boys and I usually get one on the weekends but Dh is working on the deck so there it goes. I'm going to take my Mom to the hospital and then she said she'd watch them if I wanted to mow the lawn. I don't really want to mow but I think I'll take her up on it so I can have some peace & quiet for a couple of hours. I didn't even finish my workout (almost...about 2 1/2 miles)
I'm just so sick and tired of yelling at Will every day about the same crap. It just doesn't get thorough to him. Time outs don't work either. Adoption sounds really good.

Will didn't want to leave the party so he screamed all the way home. Tony doesn't like being in the car at night so he screamed all the way home. People tell me how good my kids's just an act. The minute we're not in public anymore they're little devils.

Dh just got home from Menards, heard me yelling at the kids and took them. I think I'll go cry in the shower now. I'll be fine in a little while. Talk to you later when I'm in a better mood :)

Congrats to you losers.

05-02-2004, 12:20 PM
starting a new thread, see you there...

05-02-2004, 12:24 PM
:grouphug: Geri - I feel that way somedays too. Taylor will throw massive fits in stores and when I pick her up from playdates its horribly embarassing sometimes I'm pretty sure people think I'm kidnapping her. Hang in there girly it will be ok. I think maybe you should tell dh that you especially need a couple hours to yourself today, but thats my opinion lol.

Ok I got my 2 hour walk in and I'm going to try for another mile after lunch. Hubby wants to go use the treadmill since the baby just went down for a nap so I guess we'll go to the park this afternoon.

Well I'm gonna get going and get my house picked up AGAIN!! lol