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04-29-2004, 02:19 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!!!

This is a very warm and friendly group of ladies who provide daily support in our walk towards a healthier lifestyle!! And we would love to have you join us!!!

So Please, Stop in and chat awhile!!


da fat n da furious
04-29-2004, 02:35 AM
Kathy and Marti,
I will have the film crew with me if I get the tv show I auditioned for today...its called Taking It Off check it out
So anyways I will have them follow me around in my day to day life in the battle of the bulge. That means the gym,,,and other things going on in my life.
Well need to get to bed...night all

04-29-2004, 09:30 AM
Good morning ladies, :wave:

Marti - sorry your g'ma is so bad... does she have something they can't do anything about? Hopefully they are giving her something for the pain? I don't watch American Idol or the Swan, whatever that is. But I do know who Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken are just from the talk shows, lol.

Rita - you were posting at about the same time as me.... hi and hope you stop by soon again!

Kathy - well, I have sort of 6 grandkids. DD Mary has a set of twins girls who are 22 months old and then also a 6 1/2 month old daughter. Her DH had a son by a previous marriage and he lives in Mississippi. :( I hardly ever get to see him. Then also, my son goes with a woman with 2 daughters, Ages 5 and 1. I love these girls and hope DS ends up marrying the momma. It was the 5 y/o who I joined for lunch on Monday, and it's a toss-up who had more fun. :D

Angie - omg!! I thought you were auditioning for another play! I thought the TV show thing was over, but I remember now that you said there was a mix-up and they were trying to call you. I watch I Lost It almost everyday - is this something similar? If you get on this show, you gotta mention the JLs, okay? I want to be in the audience!!!! I'll check out the web site.

ShannaBanana - hope you are feeling less depressed, sweetie. Stop by here more often and we promise to cheer you up!! All of the others are pure crazy, but not me, ;) I am the sane one of the bunch, lol!!!! Anyway, we care about you and want to know that you are okay....

Well, I gotta go shopping today. Nothing fun on the list, just same old same old. I want to re-do something in the house - anything... do you ever get like that? I just need a change, I guess. My bedspread needs replaced, thanks to Chloe!! So maybe I could re-do the whole room?

Just for the record, I have been totally OP and drinking enough water! I never have done enough formal exercise, but get some by cleaning the house, working in the yard, running after grandkids, etc. The scale is showing no change yet, but maybe by Saturday it will.....


04-29-2004, 12:36 PM
Good Morning, All!
Well, the walk didn't happen yesterday, though I did manage to do well foodwise. Today I should be able to get a walk in. DD woke up very early this morning, which means she should be taking an earlier nap, then we can have time for a walk before picking DS up from the bus stop. I'm considering joining the 21 day challenge - I'm thinking I might choose tracking my foods. I aspire to track my foods online, but I frequently forget to post my food after about 2 pm. So... I may see some of you over on that thread soon :)

Marti I'm watching AI for the first time this season and I'm surprised at how addicting it is. Red really needed to go... it was getting painful to watch him week after week. I was impressed by his poise for such a young age, but he still needed to go. What surprises me most is how often I agree with Simon - how crazy is that?

Angie The TV show sounds great - I'll check out the link....

Jana - Kudos for staying OP and drinking your H2O - Keep it up.... your weigh in will be a good one - I can feel it

04-29-2004, 03:09 PM
Hiya ladies~

I am getting mad. :mad: The grass guy never showed up yesterday and no phone call to let us know that he wasn't going to until 4:30. He said it was too windy for the seed that it would probably blow away. Well I do agree with that because yesterday the wind was AWFUL! You could barely stand out in it for long. Well, he called, actually one of his guys called this morning and asked if we still wanted the grass?? What! Of course we do! So he said it would be 1-1 1/2 hours before they could get here, fine. Turned around and called a little after 10 and said it would be noon, see ya then. Well, it is after noon and I am waiting. I swear if they are a no show I am cancelling it. This is terrible and I can't believe people run a business like that.

Okay, trying to calm down...breath....

Jana~yeppers, it was These Boots Were Made For Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra, I just wanted to see if anyone knew the silly song like I do. :lol: I too had some white go go boots and thought I was hot! :lol: When I put my boots on now the kids will say something and then I have to sing the song. :lol: DD will be coming for sure. We like to pal around sometimes and really enjoy our time together. I know one day she will go off to be on her own and I will miss her so I am enjoying her while I can. I figured you were talking about Katie, but it would also be nice to meet Mary.

Marti~I hope the newness of a clean house doesn't wear off soon. I do like the look and smell of it being clean even if it doesn't last very long. Sorry to hear about your grandma. I do hope they are making her comfortable and she is not in pain. My grandma suffered so bad because at the time there was nothing they could do, and it was so sad to see. I catch a few minutes of American Idol once in a while. I kind of grew tired of it after the first one because of the way things went. Like RosieKate, I tend to agree with Simon also. I think for the most part he is always on the money. Of course there have been times I think he could have made his point without being so mean, but he is honest. Haven't seen Swan. After Paradise Island (think that was what it was called) I swore I wouldn't watch anymore reality shows, so far I haven't. Glad James passed the test, silly man, 99/100 is excellant!

Angie~keeping my fingers crossed :crossed: in the hopes you do get on the show. That would be so cool, and yes make sure you mention JL! :D

Kathy~no, no sprinkler system. I am sure though the guy would have loved to have charged us an arm and a leg to do it. He wanted to do the trim around the shrubs and such but we said no. We do enjoy fixing the yard up and doing gardening and such, but the grass is such a big project and with hubby working so much we thought we would take the easy way out there. Of course they way our luck has been going with this, we just may end up doing it ourself. The construction going on is new houses going up. They are almost finished with the two at the end of the cul de sac, well in a couple of months. Then there are two at the other end of the street, one is almost done and the other they just started. Then they will start across the street, so I am thinking we have probably a year of this mess still. I can't believe it took so long for that Easter Card to reach you. I know I mailed it a few days before the others in the hopes it would reach you in time. Will have to remember that from now on to mail them at least a week before, maybe that will work.

RosieKate~I tried FitDay but didn't care for it. I keep my journal and everything, points books and such on the counter so that when I fix something I write it down then. Just seems easier for me.

Hi Rita~hope you get a break for yourself soon. Glad you at least popped in and said HI.

Susan~where are you? We are missing you lady, hope everything is all right.

Hope everyone else is doing fine also, and can check in soon.

I guess I will go and do some more waiting. Seems I can't get anything done when I am waiting for someone. I kind of pace back and forth from one room to the next getting mad. :mad: I can just about deal with anything, but when it comes to someone being late and them not letting me know why or if they are even going to show, it really infuriates me. I try to be respectful of others time and if I am going to be late I will let them know ahead of time if possible. Okay, enough of the whining...I am going to go fix some lunch and maybe practice on the keyboard and read some, I think!

Take care ladies and I will try to check in later so I don't get too far behind.

04-29-2004, 07:52 PM
Afternoon ladies---

How are you all doing this Thursday??

Today is a beautiful day. Sun is out and the wind is blowing a light breeze, very comfortable out.

I have no homework tonight! How did that happen? That can only mean that I will be bombarded with it this weekend!! But it's nice to have time to just get to the house and pick it up a little. I really need to sweep and vacuum my floors!! I think I saw an extra dog running around under the couch!! :D I swear, I wouldn't have guess that two little chihuahua's could shed so much dog hair!! Time for a bath and a brushing!! Make them feel and smell good. But I think I'll let James do the honors of bathing them!!! :lol:

Angie--How did I miss that you were going to belong to that show??? I looked at the site and it sounds pretty cool. Is it on a station that we here in Oregon could get? Would like to see the face to the name!! How long does it go for? Or should I have read more on it?

RosieKate--About did need to go, but...I find it amusing that next week the theme is 20's music!! That's right in his league!! (go figure that he gets booted beforehand!!) Glad you decided to join the 21 day challenge!!

Jana--There is nothing they can do anymore for my grandma. Pretty much she has to just wait until it's her time. (sad) It's at the point for me that I would rather her not be in so much pain and discomfort...and that just sounds terrible, but it just hurts to see her like this. Cancer is a horrible thing to die from.

Cristi--Well, did they show up? Or did you have to cancel? How disrespectful of the company to do that to you. Not very organized if you ask me.

Hello to the rest of you girls!!

The swan....anyone heard of it? It's like extreme makeover but only women. And every episode has two women getting surgery, then at the end of the show, they choose who goes on to the next round which is a competition to see who was made up to be the most changed and/or most of the two. Interesting. The makeovers are amazing. And I think it's great that these girls can have it done. So much is being said about the show. Mainly bad. They think it's terrible how they turn something like that into entertainment. And wonder why these women would put themselves in this situation. Wondering if they like themselves. IMO, EVERYONE has something about themselves that they don't like. And if we ever got the chance to have it fixed, I think most of us would do it. So I say let the girls do this. It's their life and that's what they want to do. Sometimes I think people have nothing better to do than to complain about other people. As long as they're not hurting you, why worry about it right? But that's my opinion.

Well, I have to finish up my laundry...I have two more loads to do. How does a couple accumulate so much laundry!! Then I need to do the dishes, then sweep the floors and dust. Make it all pretty and smelling good. Hey, once I'm done sweeping up the floors does anyone want to adopt the puppy I make out of chewy & cocoa's hair?? :D

I'm off, I may check back in tonight.....


04-29-2004, 11:11 PM
Hi ladies,

RosieKate - from your mouth to God's ear about my weight loss!! I will be really really upset if I don't show a loss this week either, because once again, I have been totally OP. Thank you for the kind words though! I hope you and DD got a walk in today.

Cristi - at the risk of sounding like a crotchety old lady, it just seems that some people/companies aren't as ethical and bound to their word anymore. I also hate to be kept waiting and think it is rude to leave someone dangling like that. Dang whippersnappers, lol!! Btw, Katie will be the one coming with me in July. I think she would have more in common with your DD than Mary would. This will be fun!

Marti - When Fern was in the hospital right before she died, she was in a lot of pain even cried out with it. My friend from the Hospice told me to ask for Adavan from the Dr. It basically put her almost comatose, but she was pain free, and since she had no chance of recovery, we felt that was the right thing to do. It was horrible to hear her and watch her writhe in pain like that. When your grandma gets to that point, just know that there are meds available, okay? No one should have to die in pain, imho.

Susan my dear, get your buns in here..... don't make me come out there, lol!!! No matter what kind of mood you're in, we are your buddies and care about you, sweetie. I wondered if maybe something was wrong w/your computer, then I remembered that you use the work one and the library one! Just pop in at least long enough to let us know you're alright, okay?

Got my shopping done, and went in search for some hollyhocks to no avail. Who knew they'd be so hard to find around here???? Made a blackberry smoothie (from frozen blackberries) to share with Katie and that was soooo good if you like blackberries. I can't wait til the strawberries are ripe!

I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so we all had Lean Cuisines and a salad. Neal had a couple pieces of butter bread to go with his, and didn't gripe at all.

See you in the AM,

04-29-2004, 11:58 PM
Evening again ladies--

Jana--Thank you for the information. I believe my grandma has stuff right now to ease the nausea. When it gets real bad I'm sure she'll ask for something. As for don't ripe ones yet?? We've had tons and tons of strawberries. In fact last weekend I had to buy some for Jhanai.....she just had a craving for it. Or...were you talking about strawberries from your garden?

James BBQ'd some steaks tonight. We had some pasta and a salad with it. I should have known better. My whole left side of my face feels horrible!! So I took some IB Profin to help it settle down. Should kick in soon. I'm ready for Shanna to experiment and have her pull my tooth!! (hee-hee...I know you're not going to school to get a dentist job, but you could still be a great friend and put me out of my misery!!) :D

Susan--I'm going to have to agree with everyone need to post one little post just to let us know you're doing ok!! We just worry and start having idea's running through our heads as to what happened!! I hope all is well and that we hear from you soon.

Same with you Kayecee!!! School is almost over and I'm hoping that you don't spend too much time in the hills and forget about us completely!!

I just wanted to check in before I plop my big butt on the couch and nurse my face. You all have a great Friday!!!


04-30-2004, 12:08 AM
I posted on the South Beach threads last Fall. Then I "fell" off the Beach. Now I am just searching for a way to diet. I have been doing exchanges and just started walking again. Hopefully I can get in here and gab with you ladies and have someplace to go instead of to my kitchen.


04-30-2004, 12:35 AM

Not wanting anyone to worry!!

Just super busy this week getting babysitting lined up for Gaby.
The ex and I fought some days so that took some time to resolve.....

I am at work now and need to get a file together but MISS you all.........hopelessly behind.

Glad you got the pictures Kathy :)

Glad you didn't throw up Ang-

May 5th is Kayecee's birthday!! Getting her card out- see Cristi and Shanna are coming up-.........also are we doing mothers day cards??
You're my mom right Jana ??? :)

Doing good so far on my weight- I guess. Was down to 144 and back up to 147............going the wrong way.
Never did have my monthly.........don't know why-

Need to write a note to human resources and get my medical kicked in......*sigh*.......better go.

I will try to catch up over the weekend- sorry again.........

and NOOOOOO Rachel does NOT have a boyfriend Jana........I told her she can do *playdates* and that is all..........she just rolled her'
He is a cutie though and attends church so I like that about him......

Ok-sorry this is a quickie-

Just saying *I'm Alive!!!*

04-30-2004, 12:36 AM
Jana~I don't think you sound like a crochety old lady at all because I totally agree. It makes me wonder how some people stay in business. Glad to hear Katie will be coming, I agree it will be fun and I can't wait.

Marti~I'll adopt the new puppy! Hey, that would be the best kind, you don't have to train or take them potty or bathe them. :lol: Seriously, I have been wanting a new puppy dog but am going to have to wait. :(

Hi Suetalks :wave: and WELCOME! If it's gabbing you want, you have come to the right place. We talk about everything and I must say all the ladies are wonderful!

Well, I must say, after a very frustrating day we did get the backyard done! It's a miracle!!! Geez, I have never in my life ever dealt with people like this. It's like they just don't care. So, he never showed up at 12, or 1, or 2 so at 3 (I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) I called and knew as I dialed I wouldn't get anyone. Got the voicemail so I left a message basically telling him to forget it we will go elsewhere. He called back about 15 minutes later and asked if we still wanted it done??? Geez louise!!! I told him if he is headed over here right now yes, otherwise forget it. The stupid part is he said they couldn't do the sod in the front because they need to give the people where they get their sod a 24 hour notice. This guy apologized a zillion times and even said he didn't know they were supposed to be here yesterday! I will just be glad when it over with. That was my day, and sorry for venting.

Okay, I am going to go find a map somewhere and get directions and times and such for the trip to IN. Keep forgetting to do that.

Hi to everyone else and I hope everyone had a good day. See ya ladies tomorrow. :)

04-30-2004, 12:41 AM
Okay, so I was on my way out till I saw Miss Susan posted.

Hey girl, good to see you. You had us worried, thought we were going to have to hunt you down.

Darn Susan, I was going to surprise everyone by sending a card, but since you asked... Well, they are not actually Mother's Day cards but some pretty blank cards wishing my buddies a Happy Mother's Day. I actually sent Angie's and Kathy's today, since I know our mail is slow and Kathy just received her Easter card. ;) I think I waited too long though, not thinking it was so close.

Anywho, glad to see ya checking in Susan. Now I'm outta here. :)

04-30-2004, 01:29 AM
My oh my....Mother's Day Cards??!!??

I didn't even think of that! I didn't even realize that was coming up!! Oh geez. And here I was thinking that I need to remember Kayecee, Cristi and Shanna's birthday next month....Not to mention James!! His is on the 5th! Where is my head?

Susan--So glad you popped in long enough to let us know you're doing ok!! A huge sigh of relief coming from us all...***sigh***

Suetalks--Hello and Welcome!! :wave: Boy you are in the right place if you want to chat and chat and you may see, I've been on plenty of times today so I enjoy chatting also.

Hmmm...which gets me thinking I have a life outside of 3FC??? :lol: Just teasing....I do have a life. Just when I'm home, and I'm alone, I feel it's better for me to be on here yappin with you gals rather than burying my head in the fridge!!! So, Suetalks, grab a chair and a cup of coffee and start chatting away!! We'll keep us both out of the kitchen!! :D

Cristi--I don't know how you were able to keep it straight and let the people come to your house and do your yard!! I would have blown up long ago and said "to H@ll with it! I'll go elsewhere!" I'm glad you finally got them to come out though. Did you make them feel guilty??!! Hope so!! Serves them right to feel guilty!! (ok...I'll calm down)

Jana--I forgot to mention earlier.....don't get too upset with your weigh in this Saturday if you don't see anything......You have done such a wonderful job so far, and you may have reached a plateau. But I don't think you'll have to worry, I'm sure you'll see a loss. Just remember that if you don't, to just keep your head held high and keep on doing what you're doing and maybe change a little if it's a plateau. I'm just so darned proud of what you've accomplished so far and I can see you in the next WW success story in my next magazine!!!

Well I was just poppin in long enough to see if anyone has posted and ended up writing a book!!

Have a good night!


04-30-2004, 09:32 AM
Good morning ladies,

Sharon/Sassy from Indiana - if you are reading this, please pop in, okay?

Marti - I will remember what you said about the weight, but it is hard when you have stayed faithfully OP and the scale doesn't move down at least a little bit!! How's your tooth today? Much better, I hope. I was talking about home grown strawberries. This is what we grow on our farm: strawberries, cherries, peaches, apples, apricots, blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, sweet corn, popcorn, pumpkins ... I think that's it. Oh, and the guy we rent our ground to grows watermelons and cantaloupes. I have them right out my back door, no kidding.

Suetalks - Welcome!!! I come here all the time to help stay out of the kitchen. It really helps! When you are ready, fill out a bio sheet so we know more about you. Also, when you are ready, PM me your address and I'll send you cards once in awhile. The other girls will tell you the same thing.

Susan - there you are!!! :cp: I felt as though I had lost one of my little chicks! Yes, I am your substitute momma! I worry about you girls like you were my own, that's for sure, lol. Now if I could just get Shanna to post again..... Sorry about your fight w/the ex. My ex is 20 miles from here, and usually high on his own crop, lol. He went to Viet Nam for his Senior trip, got burned very badly and get hooked on drugs in a burn center in Texas. If you've ever heard the song Old Hippie, that's him!

Cristi - glad you got your yard done. I know why you didn't tell him to go fly a kite - you were proabably afraid the next guy would do even worse! A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, right Cristi? Do you need the Evansville link? Try this: and see where that takes you. There is a Holiday Inn right on hwy 41, let's check it out and see if we may want to stay there. It would be easier for you to find than the Signature Inn. Btw, what ever produce is ready when you visit, I will bring you some.

Here's my POA (plan of action) for today:

clean off the back porch
pay the bills (it's payday)
find some white sneakers - mine from last year are pitiful looking!


04-30-2004, 11:15 AM
Morning chickadee's----

Jana--Wow! I would love to roam your garden!! You need to take a photo ands share. Sounds huge!! I saw your link to Evansville and I thought I would put a link of Oregon down so you can see where a bunch of us live. I couldn't find an attractive site like yours (with all the pretty pictures) but this at least has all the different towns you can click on! (Susan & RosieKates )- (mine) (Shanna's). Something to have fun with.

Here it is:
I may browse around and find something better. Later on I plan on checking out everyones home state!! Just to have an idea where you are all at.

Ok...need to get ready for school. You all have a Great Morning!!! I hope the sun is shining for you!!


04-30-2004, 12:04 PM
Good morning...
Welcome Suetalks - I'm new here, too and really enjoying the community. Checking in here helps me focus my thoughts around what healthy activities I am going to to do today. Kind of like mini-mini goals. It's also fun to read where everyone else is at and be cheered by their success.

Marti - sorry about your tooth -what a drag. Can you see a DDS and get some pain relief? That link on Oregon was fun. My little corner of the world is Multnomah, which is in the southwest corner of the Portland map.

Susan - welcome back - have fun at Bookbaggers tonight, good luck getting any sleep :coffee: Here's some coffee for you for tomorrow morning. Note: Susan and I have children who attend the same neighborhood school Bookbaggers is an annual sleepover at the school centered around literature activities. DS is too young (it's for 2-6 graders) I think Susan said she's volunteering at it this year. Sorry the X is annoying. hope the situation has improved.

Christi - Your lawn experience sounds like a nightmare - I hate waiting around for anything, so if I had been your shoes I doubt I would have been as gracious. We've (or rather DH) seeded a stretch of our side yard with some very expensive eco-lawn blend. It's supposed to be drought tolerant, attractive, needs mowing rarely. We were excited about it, but its not looking very good, in fact, it's downright ugly. Sigh. THis fall, I think DH is going to re-do the whole thing.

I was able to walk yesterday and it felt good! I'm going to get out early today because it is supposed to be hot again. I was a dripping mess yesterday afternoon. This weekend is insane. DS has a sleepover tonight - so that means no one is sleeping :dizzy: DH is off to Eugene for a track meet in the very early a.m. Sat. - gone all day. Sunday after church the kids are going to a friend's house so David (DH) and I can go to the Portland Art Museum and maybe a light dinner. Yay! Grown-up time! I'm going to ban shop-talk.....

04-30-2004, 02:30 PM
Marti~I did feel like telling them where to go, but it is exactly like Jana said. This is two companies already and it didn't seem to be any better. We called around to some other places and were told the soonest anyone could get out was in 4 weeks and that was pushing it. Also, that that is getting late in the season to do the seed, the sod would be fine, but the seed it is best to do before the middle of May. So we just stuck with these people. I am going to go check out your site, even though I have been to Oregon, but it is BEAUTIFUL! Of course if you go to a Kansas site you won't see anything. :lol: There is NOTHING in Kansas,(well in Wichita) unless of course you go up by Kansas City or St. Louis.

Okay, I need to go somewhere for a few minutes but will be back in about an hour or so. I hate getting started on a post and then having to leave, oh well. I'll be back...

Have a great day ladies!!

04-30-2004, 05:21 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcome. I will post a bio. I hope to read here and learn a little about all the "Jaded Ladies." Now, if I can just figure out where I am supposed to post every day.


04-30-2004, 05:52 PM
I'm baaaaacccck! :)

Hi Suetalks~we usually post daily in the Chit Chat #__ thread, right now it is #45. Once it reaches about 50 posts though we start a new Chit Chat #__ thread. But we also have the stickies for recipes, laugh lines, inspiration, of course the bio's and throw in different threads along the way. But always look for the newest Chit Chat thread. And please do a bio so we can get to know a little more about ya.

Jana~I am going to go back to that site as soon as I am finished here, and then I am off to Oregon. :) I went there last night but didn't have much time to spend there. And your garden sounds wonderful-wow, a lot of veggies and fruit. There is nothing like home grown. :T You reminded me I need to get some new white sneakers.:thanks: Of course DD keeps reminding me that she wants some new puma's. And you are right about not telling the guy where to go. See above post.

RosieKate~believe me, the yard experience has turned into a nightmare, but one that will soon be over! Didn't know there was an eco-lawn blend, you learn something new everyday. :) Drought tolerant would be good here. Seems it rains terribly for a little while then just stops, no more rain for a good long while. I wish they would have gotten the sod in yesterday with the rain we are having today, it would have been perfect, and soaked it really good.

Susan~sorry to hear about you and the ex fighting, that's never fun and can be very stressful. I'm talking like I know-I don't have an ex, but only imagine from what my friends go through with theirs. Try not to get stressed about it and check in when you can.

Marti~I too have thought about some of the others who were here when I joined up. Michelle I believe was the one going to start the doggie daycare. But I do remember both Michelle and Mel and wonder what is up with them.

Hi to everyone else, Shanna, Angie, Katie, Rita, Kathy and anyone I missed.

For some reason did my weekly shopping today. I normally do it on Wednesdays, oh that's right, I sat around waiting all day Wednesday for the grass guys. Glad I didn't have much to get,a s the store was a little busy. Of course I forgot it was the end of the month. Then DS#1 and I went to lunch, I had already had lunch but went with him anyway and had a diet coke and some chips and salsa. Not very often he wants to spend time with his mom so I take advantage of every moment I can. He's just really busy with school and work and is hardly ever home. Then went to Hallmark to get a couple of cards, an anniversary and graduation card, oh and some (wedding) tea lights. Now I need to catch up with some laundry. Well, that was my day so far. Now I will do some laundry, get dinner cooked and relax the rest of the evening and try to figure out what to get dh for our anniversary and ds for his graduation-have no clue. :shrug: :dunno: Anyway, hope everyone is having a great day. See ya later, I am off to IN and OR. :wave:

04-30-2004, 06:44 PM
Hi ladies, long time no post! ;)

Holy cow, it's been grueling lately. Looks like Mom's Medicaid mess in Montana (sounds like the title of a bad C&W song, hmmm?) is finally getting straightened out. I finally contacted a nice person from the ombudsman's office, and they helped Mom fill out the required forms -- and it looks like they will backdate everything. I'm still going to Montana on the 12th to help Mom out with some other things, and it will be good to see her. My sister will be there, too, and haven't seen her for over a year.

For everyone who gave their condolences, thank you. I did feel sad when Grandma Mary died, but really felt more relief than anything. She was so ready to go. In the last few years she had lost most of her hearing and her sight, couldn't watch TV or read or even visit with anyone anymore. She didn't remember much, and was hurting a lot. She used to crochet and did beautiful work, but even before she lost her sight her hands were so crippled with arthritis that she couldn't do that anymore, and it just seems like nothing really gave her any pleasure. I know that she's happy now, and no longer in any pain.

Marti, I am so sorry to hear about your tooth! :headache: When you have a toothache, it seems like you can't really do anything else but feel miserable. I hope you are able to get it fixed very soon...and I'm glad that it seems to have eased up a bit in the meantime. It's really good that you got to see your grandma, and that you live so close to her. I'll be praying for her. :grouphug:

Angie, how exciting that you got the audition! :hyper: I'm sure you'll let us know right away if you got on the show. Wish it was something that aired down here in the states...

Jana, hang in there! :cheer: You've been doing so great, and you've been so upbeat and such an inspiration to us...plateaus suck, plain and simple. I've gone to WW 3 times in the last 20 years, and every time it was the plateau that got me, made me lose my motivation. Don't quit! You're more than a third of the way to your goal, and we are all so proud of you! ok, let's see...38 3/4 lbs...that's...155 STICKS OF BUTTER GONE!!! :encore:

Susan, did you find a good sitter for Gaby? Hope things work out with your ex...I can say from experience, it's a lot better to be getting along with them than not! And a lot easier for everyone...

Glad you're getting your yard in, Cristi. :flow1: :flow2: :flow1: :sunny: It's so fun when it's starts coming together the way you want it to look. I have to go out and deadhead my roses today, maybe cut a few to bring inside. Everytime I read your posts, I'm overwhelmed by the desire to go shopping! You are dangerous, woman! :lol:

Nice to meet you RosieKate and Suetalks, and hi Rita and Kathy :wave: Where the heck is Kayecee??? She did mention at one point that she was having computer problems. I didn't realize her B-day was 5/5...I'd send her a card, but don't think I have her home address. Kayecee, if you're out there, PM me your address, ok?

OK, off to prune the roses, and then I should probably clean something around here...maybe the bathroom? Or maybe I should...(insert scary music here)...organize the hall closet? :yikes: :eek: :fr:

See you soon,

04-30-2004, 07:13 PM
Okay, I am back AGAIN! One would think I didn't have a life. :D

Just a quick note to RosieKate and Suetalks~we exchange cards for birthday's and such and wanted to let you know so that we may include you. If you ladies wouldn't mind sharing your address with could pm us all or anyone of us and then we could pass it on, also maybe include your email address if you like.

Hi Katie~sorry :( I know it seems like all I do is shop but I don't, really. :D Although, dh sat down and did some figuring and I was a bit shocked at how much we have spent the last month, of course he include the bills so that made it seem a little better. :) Just here lately it seems like we have, but it is all going into the house, well, except for the few trips to Hallmark and the scrapbook store. :lol: It definitely needs to stop if I am going to meet Jana in July. I may have to hitchhike if the gas prices keep going up! Glad to hear you and your mom are getting things straightened out. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom and sis next week, oops the week after. I really need to break down and go visit my family, maybe on the way back from IN.

Marti~I visited Cottage Grove today and must say you live in a very BEAUTIFUL city!! WOW, I love the mountains and the covered bridges, so cool!

Okay, I am really outta here for now. See you ladies tomorrow. :)

Oh, and good luck to everyone on their WI tomorrow! I'm hoping the scales are good to us all. :crossed: :goodscale

04-30-2004, 08:22 PM
Good evening ladies,

Marti - hey thanks for the Oregon link... I will check it out!

RosieKate - what am I, chopped liver?? lol.... I know it's hard to say hi and not miss anyone! Your weekend sounds really crazy but fun. I have to go to a faculty dinner with Neal tomorrow evening and I don't really want to, but it's a recognition dinner and so I will go.

Cristi - glad you like the Holiday Inn. I will go ahead and reserve Katie's and my room soon and may try for poolside, 1st floor. You are right, it will be noisy, but that's okay with me. I just don't want to walk around the hotel with my swimsuit on even though I have a cover up. I think if you call them at 1-800-HOLIDAY, you can request whichever you want. I don't know why, but I don't really like to make ressies over the internet. I've given my cc numbers many times for other stuff, so go figure!

KatieCat - glad the medicaid snafu is working out... that has to be a big relief to you and your mom. Thanks for the weight loss encouragement ... 155 sticks of butter, wow!! No wonder I feel so much lighter! So did you tackle the hall closet? Wouldn't blame you if you skipped it, lol.

Did I find shoes? :no: Cause I didn't look!

Did I clean the back porch? :no: Cause I had better stuff to do!!

But I DID pay the bills, and I also found some recliners. Neal likes a wall-hunger that does not rock, and I like a rocker/recliner. I have been looking for 2 that match and finally found them in a nuetral color. YAY!! Neal picked them up in his truck and we saved 10% off the bill! :cp:

Btw, I am getting ready to post the Crock Pot SW chicken stew in the recipe thread for those who wanted it...

See you tomorrow! Wish me luck with the scale ... :crossed:


04-30-2004, 09:30 PM
WoW!!! Look at this place growing!! :D That means more people to "listen" to my ramblings on!!! :lol:

Well...I got my test back in accounting and I was THRILLED!! I got a borderline B!! Meaning it was borderlining the A/B area!! 88.5 out of 100. I could have done a table dance right then, but the guy next to me would have probably laughed his arse off!! :lol3: Just knowing that the first term that I took accounting and FAILED each and every test I took......this is just a turn around for me. (tells you that I have a better instructor doesn't it?) :yes:

RosieKate--Looks like you're in for a busy weekend girl!! That should be enough for weight to just fall off!! :dizzy:

Cristi--Ok..I understand where you're coming from with the grass guy, I guess I just wanted to throw a tizzy fit for you!! And I did!! Don't you feel better? :D

Suetalks--Just stick with this ChitChat thread and you'll be in a good place. This is where we post everyday. Yap about anything and everything. The girls here probably know more about me than my own family!! :lol:

Katie--Come on over...I have things you can do here!! I even have a "closet" for you to go explore in!!! :eek:

Jana--I had to go back and read what RosiKate posted to see what you were talking about with this "chopped liver"......then it was like ahhhh...I see. I thought it was something to do with your diet! :dunno: I suppose I need to slow down when I read eh? :spin:

Cristi--Visited Cottage Grove did ya? Well...I think the site made it more attractive than what it actually is. But it does have some beautiful country sides that I love to go drive in during the favorite time of year!!

Stephanie--Welcome...and come over to the chitchat thread!!! We'd love to get to know ya!

Hello to Shanna-Kayecee-Angie-Susan-Kathy-Rita------who else??? Wow...we have a lot of K names a few Sue's on here!! Anyone else named Marti?????

Ok...time to go spend some time with my HUSBAND!!! :love: Hee-hee...Love saying that!!

You all have a great evening and I will chat with you later


Oh well looky there....Cristi got two chats from me...don't you feel special??? :D I think I'm going to have to start a head count here.....I'm forgetting whose who and who I've talked to already!! Silly me! :dizzy:

04-30-2004, 10:37 PM

I did read about the passing of your grandmother,Katie. I am sorry I didn't offer my condolences before- I am sure she will be missed in your family. It is great to see you posting! :)

Welcome suetalks....I talk
Anyway- hope you enjoy it here and do fill out a Bio!!

WOW- Cristi- sorry about trying to get workers out to actually work in your yard. It IS the busy season and you probably do have to keep on their butts in reminding......
I know I worked with a lot of different contractors over the years- they were all pretty good and I even lived in a small town.
Anyway- sorry you have had a difficult time this week :)

RosieKate- ahhhh, didn't make Bookbaggers. Rebecca didn't have any friends going so she didn't want to go and with all the *crazies* at work I couldn't take off.
It has been beautiful in the city though!! I took Gaby up to my sisters in SE for tonights babysitting.
The older girls are going to the community center with their friends.
Might head to Astoria in the morning to get away-
Hope you and your husband have a nice time out :)

You are waaaaaaaay too young to be a mother to us Jana you are more like an older sister :) Can't believe you had a hippie type ex?? :)
My ex and I are doing fine now- we have a rocky relationship though.He is so much older and always wants to treat my like a child. That one night he got out the calculator and wanted to go over my budget........that is what started that fight- lol

Anyway- I found a nice lady in SE to watch Gaby - only about 4 miles away.She cares for a 3 yr and 8 week old- brothers. I hope it will be ok
I was going to let the ex do it but I need to wean myself away from him.Besides the older girls keep him busy and this was Gaby has lil ones her age to play with--

So I start Monday full time and am VERY happy!!!!! Noon to 9pm are my hours-

I better go- sorry another quicky!!! :( Hi to Marti-Shanna-Rita-Kathy-Kayecee-Carree-.......Stephanie?? I am going to forget someone - sorry.......

oh ya.......Angie!!!! Hey sweety.......- best of luck on that show!!! You are so pretty and shoe in I am sure!! If not they aren't too
just a side note- Angie and I have known each other for 4 years- that is why I tease her and call her sweety-- she really isn't my type or

Ok-- need to get to work!!


05-01-2004, 12:48 AM
Wow...don't know how I will keep everyone straight here until I learn your names. I won't even try to list messages to each of you...yet.
I had an up and down day today. Went out for breakfast and kept it simple, eggs, canadian bacon and 1 slice of wheat toast. I walked 45 minutes this afternoon, which I am hoping to get that up to over an hour next week. Then I made lasagna for dinner...bad move. I did use fat free cottage cheese instead of ricota and low fat cheeses with very little meat sauce. I am just not sure how many exchanges I used and/or how to figure it. I ate less than I wanted and filled up on a salad with fat free dressing. I even baked my hubby a cake tonight and only tasted it. (Luckily it was not chocolate or I would have not been able to resist.) I am trying to keep providing good meals for him while dieting for me. He isn't dieting right now, although he could lose a few more pounds. lol..
I know I need to push more veggies and fruit, so that is what I am shooting for tomorrow.

suetalks....and talks, and talks

05-01-2004, 12:54 AM
Hi suetalks and talks and talks :)

I think it took me a week or so to learn everyones names. Use to write notes as I read the post because I couldn't'll get it though!!

Gaby is my 2 year old and she LOVES low fat cottage cheese, she also loves all her veggies and pickled beets.

Anyway-back to work! :)


05-01-2004, 01:42 AM
Hi again-

see - now you can't get rid of me- lol

Caught up somewhat-

Marti- Prayers for your grandma. I hope you,James and Jhanai have a great weekend.:)

If you look on the link to Oregon I am in the Nob Hill district. It is very pretty here- also I am about a mile from the Rose Gardens and 3 miles from the zoo.....great place for the JL to meet next year!! :)

Happy you got a free membership to the gym ,Angie!!! YAY- you are so :) I am going to go ahead and join the Y tomorrow- been putting it off because of $$$ but with the extended hours I should be able to afford it- plus I can go in the mornings before work-

Just thinking about it I already miss Gabrielle!!!!

05-01-2004, 02:22 AM
Hello girls--

I just got finished with the vacuuming of the house!! Boy did it need it. And James washed the dogs, so now they smell all pretty for company tomorrow!! Yep Shanna, we have good smellin' dogs here!! Just for your visit.---ok, so they needed a bath anyways......

Sue--(I will shorten your name to Sue and keep Susan as Susan) There is nothing wrong with fixing meals that you and your hubby can both eat and enjoy. WW has a cookbook with ALL kinds of great recipes that you could make and I'm sure your husband would love them too.(I hope I'm not sounding like I'm pushing you to do WW....just making a suggestion so you can BOTH enjoy good foods) I just got in the mail another cookbook (don't know when I ordered that?!) and there are so many dessert recipes that look great in there!! Sounds like a great walk you had today!! 45mins? Wow....20mins for me and I'm back home! :D Only because I usually walk with my daughter and that's about all she can handle.

Susan--You're back!! How are you liking the extra hours? Are they hard to get used to after working less? If I had to go to work tomorrow....I think my body would be in shock! It has been a year since I worked. (OMG....has it been that long?!) The weather has been very nice out lately.....did you see that it's suppose to rain again by Wednesday??? What's up with that?

I just wanted to stop by and say "HI" HI!!! :wave: I think I better get off of here and get some rest.

Have a good night.

05-01-2004, 08:41 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Marti - you always say the kindest things about my weight loss efforts! Thank you for that! WTG on the accounting grade! I am so proud of you! Have fun with Shanna today. Are you going to scrapbook? Btw, I think you girls out there should have a Slumber Party this year, too. Chances are it will be too expensive for some of the JLs to get there next year, so why wait? There are several of you who could join in.... Acually, I will probably fly in for it whenever you do meet up, if someone will pick me up at the airport... I couldn't even think of driving in a big city like that. Cluck cluck :chicken:

Susan - my ex wasn't a hippie type til after Viet Nam. That kinda ruined his life and he let it. He was the "boy next door" type til then. Too sad, really. Glad you found a babysitter for Gaby, and yes, I agree it's good for you to be less dependent on your ex. You are making all kinds of positive changes in your life, aren't you? YAY for you!!

Sue - I also will call you Sue if that's okay? I cook regular meals for my family and me. But gone are the days of macaroni and cheese, pots of noodles, etc. They don't need it any more than I do, and of course I haven't fried anything for a long long time, except fresh bluegill. My DH Neal was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and already has high blood pressure, so I feel even better about healthier cooking. Our desserts, when we have them on Sundays, is mostly based on fruit. There is a Dreamsicle cake receipe that is so goooooood but low in points! Look for it in the recipe thread. if you want.

Cristi - I am getting so excited about our meeting and Katie is looking forward to meeting your DD. If she ever gets on AIM (aol instant messenger, I will PM you Katie's nickname there so they can "talk") Just call when you feel comfortable doing so... or PM me your number and I will call you on my cell phone, and it won't cost anything.

Well, ladies, I maintained once again on the scale. I am trying to stay positive about it, but I really want to smack somebody, lol. My body was at this weight for a long, long time up til a few years ago, and I know it is comfortable here. I promised myself that if the scale didn't move this week either, I would be very diligent about drinking enough water and also about doing the Walk Away the Pounds video.

I want you guys to know, though, that I consider giving up is NOT an option. I feel the same way about this weight as I did when I quit smoking: if I give up, I will have to start at point zero again, and there is no way I will go back to that! I am truly dedicated to losing 100 pounds and I will do it.

Today I have the recognition dinner with Neal once again, and want to be there to support him, but it will be soooooo boring. It's as though the speakers go out of their way to put you to sleep, lol. The good news is, they will have healthy foods available.

This was longer than I meant it to be, lol. :crossed: <----- for the others who are weighing in today!!!


05-01-2004, 10:54 AM
Can I say "Phooey" on scales?

I did my weigh in and I'm UP 2 lbs.!! What?! So here I have been doing crunches and some other exercises, eating WAY better than I have been, drinking tons of water and the scale decides to go UP!! I even calibrated the scale to make sure I wasn't off and it wasn't. So I was a bit disappointed this morning........ I have even noticed the bloatiness of my belly going down so I must be doing something good.

But hey, what's 2lbs right??? :( Whahhhhhhhh!! :( Alright. I let that out. I felt I needed to just share with everyone my gain. I almost decided to not post it at all for fear of failure but what's that going to do for my motivation??? And if I can't post my pitfalls alongside with my successes....then I'm not doing much good for myself. (did that make sense???? too early in the morning!!)

Well, instead of sulking into a big donut, I think I'm going to make myself an english muffin!! I'll check back in later tonight.


05-01-2004, 01:55 PM
Hello Ladies. Another new month. I woke up this morning with a determination to get and stay "good." I am still going to do the exchanges but rev up the exercise and water. As Dr. Phil would say I have decided to "get real."
I quit smoking several years ago and it was very easy for me when I made up my mind to do it for health reasons. Why can't dieting be that simple for me? Others have trouble quitting smoking but yet can diet easily. Different strokes as they say.
The good news is I didn't gain any weight the last few days so I am starting today at 170. (I don't tell my weight often, so this is my first step in getting real) Less than I have been, but much more than I want to be. Now, I need to set a goal for this month and go from there.
Today is rainy, so no walking yet. I hope it clears up, but if not I will force myself to do the treadmill.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

suetalks....*you can call me Sue* :)

05-01-2004, 01:56 PM
:coffee: OK - I've had alot of THIS this am! DS' sleepover went great - the kids even went to bed at a decent hour - then I couldn't sleep. :( I was so ticked! I was reading Under the Banner of Heaven and I think I managed to get 100 pages in before I could finally doze off. Now DH is MIA all day and won't be home 'til late tonight (track meet in Eugene)...maybe I'll be able to get the kids to bed early and catch up my sleep then. I have a bunch of fresh produce from my Manic Organic delivery, so my mini goal for the day is to try a new vegetable recipe. There were some purple potatoes and purple garlic in this order so maybe I'll whip something up out of those.

JANA! - OK I get 100 lashes with a wet noodle! You are far from chopped liver. I'm still getting used to this format, I'm afraid. And I get interrupted by a crazy toddler periodically, so forgive me if I come across as erratic. I'll try to do better. Way to go on your weight loss success! You are my role model! Before DD, I managed to lose 40 lbs ( through the Zone and TOPS), then I got pregnant and it all came back and then some. So I'm trying to get back in that groove I have been in before. You keep the good work!

Marti- Don't let the scales get you down. Right after I started posting here on 3FC, I gained two pounds and I was tempted to just disappear or lie in my posts, but I decided not to and I 'm so glad because seeing my numbers in writing reminded my of my determination. Then the next week, I was -1. When I was in TOPS, I used to do a program on progress. I would encourage people to view their weight loss as if you are going down a flight of stairs bouncing a ball. Your weight is the ball. There may be lots of little ups and downs, but if the general direction is down, then you are a success! Always remember where you've been, and to keep your eye on the prize! You're doing great!

Christi - Sounds like the grass guys threw your whole week off. I can relate to the grocery store experience. I went to Costco yesterday, forgetting it was Friday AND the last day of the month :dizzy: I managed to get it all done before DD had a little toddler meltdown. I try to plan ahead and only go to Costco once a month, 'cause I just don't like the crowds there. Today I may take on the once-a-month Winco trip. But it's Saturday and I'll have to take both kids, so I may just wait..... Hey when's your anniversary? Mine's coming up, too. We'll be 14 years on 6/16...been together 18 - yikes! that's a long time....

Susan - I just love your neighborhood. I had some friends who lived at the Envoy for many years. They threw me a baby shower for DS at their place - just a great old building. Read someplace that it's going condo. Great views of the city. Best wishes on going full time next week. Sounds like your DD is in good hands and all this is happening at a good time for you. Hope you have a fun in Astoria - should be lovely weather. A good friend lives in Hammond - sweet little place.

Sue - I still haven't figured out who everybody is yet, but don't let that stop you from posting here. These gals are a very welcoming bunch, even if I can't remember their names :o I have a great cookbook called Stealth Health which focuses on taking some family favorites and making them healthier yet still tasty.

And to those of you I neglected to mention - keep up the good work and have a great Saturday....If today is your weigh in day I am sending loser vibes (the good kind) your way!

05-01-2004, 02:52 PM
Good Morning!

Come smack me Jana!!! If that will help

CONGRATS on maintining!!!! YAY- :)

CONGRATS on your 2 pound gain Marti!!! YAY- cause you are STILL here and you are still determined!! YAY-

Ang and I knew a lady named Melissa on another board.It took her forever to lose weight but I got more from her *the little engine that could attitiude*- she never gave up and provided me at least with inspiration :)

That said I lost 7 pounds this month!!! lol--- jk---

Made me feel better

I weighed in at 147 this AM- I started at 148 on the first but was down to 144!!! , back to wadder.......kind of let that go by the wayside.

ENVOY?? Is that above in the hills?? Kind of a pink color?? I think the name is right on the building??? Anyway - at Hillsdale library trying to head out of town-
LOVE Hammomd- I was in Warrenton just up the road. ......I get to go visit today!! YAY_ lived near the Warrenton city park- managed the Alder Court Apts..........

Better go!!

Gaby is rowdy!!!!



05-01-2004, 05:32 PM
Just popping back in for a minute -

Marti - yes, lets ban all scales, lol!! I hope you will always share your frustrations here like I do because it is so helpful, and we will always consider each other one of the family no matter what the scales says!! Right?? And we are your cheerleaders, lol, inept though we may be, lol. :cheer:

Sue - I love your new attitude for the new month!! I need for you to PM me your snail mail address if you want a card. I will be mailing them soon, and don't want to leave anyone out! :cool:

RosieKate - same goes for you, could you PM me your snail mail addy? Btw, with the purple potaoes and onions, how about making a dish and calling it the Barney Special , lol!!! Oh I crack myself up, lol!! :rofl: I'll skip the 100 lashes with a wet noodle this time, missy, just don't let it happen again, lol!

Susan - I could never smack you, Susan, but thank you so much for the offer, lol. What a true buddy! :angel:

Hi to the others.:wave:

Regarding Michelle (Elle) who wanted to start the doggy daycare, I did send her an email a long time ago, asking if she was okay... she never answered.... but if she is reading this, I hope she comes back! We miss you, Michelle!!

Had Lean Cuisine for lunch today since I don't know exactly what will be for dinner. Anyway, it was steak tips Dijon,with roasted potatoes and green beans and mmmmm it was de-lish! Try it!

Gotta get, but wanted to stop in and ask Sue and Rosie Kate for their addys... bbl,

05-02-2004, 10:50 PM
What?! No post today? Am I the only one?

Actually I'm just popping in real quick to chat for a min.

I helped some friends move in to their house today and let me tell ya, I gotta work out!! I did lifting, squatting and drank tons of water!! All good.

Then I went to see my grandma and only stayed for a little bit. I was close to tears. We're thinking she may not last the rest of the week. Breaks my heart but our whole family is torn up seeing her suffer. The father from her church came over today and read her rights of passage. (am I calling that right?) So, she is very close to the end.

I will be visiting her as often as possible before she goes. So I may or may not get a chance to log on......just so you know what's going on.

Please, keep her in your prayers.....


05-02-2004, 11:27 PM
Marti....I will keep good thoughts and prayers for your grandmother. Spend as much time with her as you can. We will be here when you have time.

Today I was able to keep OP and also walked. The only exercise I got otherwise was stripping the bed and doing laundry. :)
I made biscuits for my hubby, baked a dozen and froze a dozen. Also made him a pan of cornbread and froze half. That way he can eat those things and I don't have to bake every day. Win win for both of us.


05-02-2004, 11:31 PM
marti my sweetie friend, you are in my prayers and thoughts this week as always. You know I have been through what you are going through and I am hear to talk or lend my shoulder if you need me. Just give me a jiggle or stop by. You and James are the best friends. Keep the faith and your grandmother close to your heart as always.

da fat n da furious
05-02-2004, 11:37 PM
Good evening ladies,
Welcome to all the new Jaded Ladies
one more week this show will be done...*sigh thank goodness.
I have been doing great with the heathly eating. Will start the work outs soon. Work was insane last week, had to recal some beer and there is a beer strike in the next province.

Ok Mothers,,,any of you fed up with the fighting between your kids? Me too,,,I just literally wigged out on both of them a few minutes ago. There is now silence,,,ahhh peace. I usually have to wig out every few months to have them stop the arguing they do over every little thing.

I took Skittles for a nice walk,,,so many other doggies out...unforunately shes not a friendly dog so we have to avoid them. I wish she was nice.

I will find out about the show in 10 days and counting,,,if I hear nothing then I didn't get in. And some of you asked me to talk about the 3FC, I did,,,believe me I

Well I need to get going,,,clean up and finish reading my book...night all.

ps Susan,,,we have known each other 4 yrs? I swear its been longer.


05-03-2004, 01:38 AM

Ang- I seperated in Feb 2000 and I started writing on RA in Nov 1999- so I guess 4 1/2 years???
You were always so sweet and nice..........I guess you still are!!! lol

You are. I am teasing- so 4 1/2 .... I stand corrected.

Hi to Jana- Sue and Shanna :)

Thoughts and prayers for you Marti- so sorry about your beloved Grandmother.

Gabrielle and I need to head home. Laundry is in the dryer---

Night all :)

05-03-2004, 09:32 AM
Good Monday Morning, chickies,

Marti - awww.... :grouphug: ... so sorry about your grandma, yet it is a time of celebration, too, because she will be in a better place. It's just so hard on those who are left behind. Wish I could help you in some way, Marti.

Sue - way to go getting all that baking done!! I do the same thing with soup and have individual servings frozen for when I have a craving for it, lol. Around here we call the laundry "Mount Washmore", lol. Goodness knows there is no end to it!

Shanna - good to see you popping in, and I hope you are feeling happier.

Angie - I thought my daughters would kill each other, and was afraid they would hate each other forever! But now that they are older, they're the best buddies ever! They spend lots of time together and are very close. It makes my heart swell with love and amazement when I see them together like that! I'm sure your kids will grow close, too. Just give it time. It's really cool that you talked about us to the show people! I SO hope you get in!

Susan - sheesh, everyone was doing laundry yesterday... somebody needs to come over and do mine, lol!

Cristi - where are you, my friend? Look for a PM from me about the trip.

Hi to the others. :wave:

Okay, I really am going to clean the back porch today. I bought a new chaise lounge and want to have a nice clean place for it, lol. The weather is chilly here, but it's supposed to warm up real good and hit the 80's tomorrow! Yay!


05-03-2004, 09:56 AM
Good "EARLY" morning ladies--

This is early for me! James had to get up at 5:00 this morning. His first "official" day on the job!! Did I tell you that he got 100% on his Final, Final?? He was very happy with that. (Final final....they had so many finals, I thought final meant Last!) Anyway, he passed with flying colors. So he trains at the local station, then he moves onto Albany for two weeks (40 min. drive) and then it's off to Salem for two weeks (1hr. drive-give or take) and then he has conductor school for two weeks which he has no idea where that'll take him. I guess on group of guys had their schooling in Texas!! So he could be anywhere!! (but I think conductor school in Texas would be crazy in July---HOT HOT HOT! Us Oregonians are not used to weather like that!) :D

Thank you all for the prayers! (thanks for the PM Angie!!) I have come to know that when she goes she'll be feeling so much better! Hard to let her go, but that's what we all need to do. She's done SO much for the whole family!

As for muscles today.....didn't realize how much I squatted yesterday!! My legs are feeling it!! I thought about taking a walk when I got up, but it's still too dark at 5:00 am!! I may take one here in a few minutes. But I'm still so tired, didn't sleep well, my body ached! (wow--excuses for not walking!)

Did everyone have a good weekend? Must have, we had late posting yesterday!! Mine being the first! (well, Jana with her HILARIOUS EBay post!!!)
It was beautiful here. VERY warm. Watched the news and saw that they are already having wildfires in California!! Katie......I hope you don't live anywhere near the wildfires they had! Let us know how you're doing.

Ok, I need to freshen up and think about getting ready for school. (although I still have 3hrs. before class starts. You all have a great Monday.


05-03-2004, 12:08 PM
Okay, I don't have much time to post so can't do individuals but did want to check in and say Hi. :wave:

Friday evening we had a bad storm and took a power hit which knocked out our computers, ours and DS and also the tv in the living room. :mad: :mad: I don't know when it will be up and running. We have been working like crazy trying to figure out what is wrong. We could sign on but after being on for a few mintues a window pops up telling us it is going to shut down in 1 minute and restart. Right now I am at the library and can't come everyday, but sure will try. The only thing is they only let you on for one hour a day-bummer! And it is about 12 miles away so not something I want to do everyday, but possibly could. I am hoping we get it fixed soon, but am afraid it may take a few days, or longer. We'll see. If I have to we will sign up for MSN-tv-whatever it is called.

The good news is, I am down 1/2 pound this week. :D

So HI to EVERYONE, take care and have a good week if I don't get back to the library sooner.

05-03-2004, 12:41 PM
Good morning! Had a busy weekend, but now I am in a quiet house, DD is quietly amusing herself, and I am surrounded by the messiest abode you have ever seen. As of about 6pm last night, I pooped out on everyone and said "I'll catch up tomorrow" Well, tomorrow is today and I have to start wading throught the debris. I swear I have 5 loads of laundry piled up! Did I mention TOM?! So my weigh-in (surprise, surprise) no change. As we used to say in TOPS - a turtle. Since I tend to gain, you know, I'll consider it a successful weigh-in and focus on drinking lots of water.

DH and I spent yesterday afternoon at the Portland Art Museum which is hosting the Rau collection. It was very impressive. This painting by Mary Cassatt particularly moved me.
It hasn't been that long since I was nursing mom, and this painting just really reminded me of how it felt to be a new mother.

Marti - you are in my thoughts and prayers today. Hope your grandmother is pain free and your family is finding peace during this difficult time.

Jana - unfortunately the Barney potatoes didn't happen. The day got away from me and I was too strung out from lack of sleep, so the kids had good ol' mac n' cheese for dinner. Today is Barney potato day - but I can't think of any other purple food besides the taters and garlic. I'm growing some purple green beans in my garden, but it's too early for those

Sue- I like your baking and freeezing idea. I tend to buy and freeze, especially when I buy from Costco. This helps me keep lots of healthy options around, and it's easier on the food budget to buy in bulk. My little freezer has paid for itself many times over!

Angie - good luck on the TV show!

Christi - Sorry about your computer problems...hope it's up and running again soon

Susan- How was Astoria? Good luck on your first week of full time.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

05-03-2004, 03:39 PM
Good afternoon.
Whew, I have been busy. Right now I have a dreamsicle cake chilling in preparation for the topping. It smells sooo good. We are invited to a neighbors house for dinner and I told her I would bring a surprise. She and her hubby are dieting, so it will go over great. She is my walking buddy...we have logged many miles over the years.
I went to the grocery and the library this morning and visited also with a brother-in-law who stopped by. When I get done here I intend to finish the cake and clean the kitchen.
Jana- I also freeze soup and anything else I can think of. There are just two of us here now, and I can't learn to cook smaller portions, so I have to freeze. Luckily we do eat leftovers. Some people don't. (imagine)
Christi- Hello, glad you could make it here, even if you had to go to the library to do it. Nothing worse than computer problems. My hubby used my printer this morning and when I went to use it to print off the cake recipe it wouldn't work. Grrr....I finally got it going and had to change the ink, but it is frustrating not knowing what is going on. Hope your problems are short lived.
Marti- Since I am new here I don't know about your husband's new job. Care to share? What are you studying in school? I have a son in law school and a grandson who will enter college in the Fall.
RosieKate-I don't buy in bulk very much with just the two of us, but I do watch for good sales and use coupons. Retirement income screams out for frugality. :)

Off to finish the cake...and probably lick the spoon.

By the way..hello to all others and hope you have a sunny day.


05-03-2004, 07:40 PM
Afternoon ladies---

I just got back from my grandma's.....she was resting nicely. My aunt and cousin were there so I got to visit with them also. It's nice knowing there is always a family member there to help my grandpa out.

Sue--Silly me, I forgot you were new and had no idea what I was talking about! My husband, I love saying that, (btw, we just got married in March) recently was selected to work for Union Pacific Railroad. And he just finished three weeks of testing (which he passed every one with high scores) and today is his official on the job training. He's been waiting to here from them since January, so it's nice that he was chosen. As for me, I am currently going to school to update my computer skills. I had received a office assistant (fancy name for secretary!! :D ) certificate years ago, but never went to a job to use it. And when Sony (where I last worked) closed last April, I figured I would finally use it only to find that I'm outdate and needed a refresher coarse.

Whew! I tried to make that short so you wouldn't be tired after you finished!

RosieKate--Love the painting. Some day I may go visit an Art Museum. And you know, there is nothing like having a weigh in day when TOM is around...really puts a stall on things doesn't it. But at least it didn't go up, so maybe once TOM is out of the picture you'll see a drop since we usually gain some water weight around that time.

(too much information??)

Cristi--Glad you were able to pop in for a minute to let us know you're ok. I hope you get the bug out of your computer soon so you can chat a little longer. I'll be thinking of ya!

Jana--I want you to come out and clean up my back patio once you're finished with yours!! It needs a little straighting up.

Susan--Hope you got your laundry out in time!! :D How have you been liking this warm weather? I've heard it's suppose to cool down a bit this week....not looking forward to that!

Angie--Your skittles sounds like my cocoa. I don't take her out for walks for that reason. Poor dog. But she does have a big yard to roam in when I take them out.

Hi to the rest of you girls.

I better get some things done around the house. I will chat with you later..


05-03-2004, 08:47 PM
Hiya ladies,

Marti - I am so darn happy for James! When he goes for his training, how long will it be? My grandfather was a train engineer, and son-in-law Dale's mom is a coordinator for engineer pick up. She or someone else picks them up and takes them home or to a hotel when they are in other cites. Odd but necessary profession. Btw, I'll be there tomorrow to clean your patio...NOT!! LOL!!

Cristi - YAY for the 1/2 pound down!! :cp: That's 2 sticks of butter and at this point I would even jump for joy at 1/4 pound down. Hope you find out your computer wasn't zapped too badly and that it doesn't cost too much moolah.

RK - well sweetie at least you didn't gain. That's what they've been telling me for 2 weeks, lol. I too have been drinking looooooots of water. Slosh, slosh, slosh.

Sue - was it my Dreamsicle Cake you made? That thing is so yummy and you'd never know it's "diet"!! Have fun at the neighbors for dinner tonight. It's nice you have a good friend close by.

Well, well, well... guess who came to visit me after 7 months of absence? Aunt FLo!! And it had been 16 (yes, sixteen!!) months the time before that! It would have had no bearing at all on my weight, though, because I used to never show a gain before TOM, only during. And I will be over it before I weigh in on Saturday, thank goodness.

My porch looks so nice and clean! I washed the chairs and cushions and swept it and took away a bunch of Neal's stuff that he mistakenly thought belonged there, lol. I did squats, reaches and lifts... that's my exercise for the day!!

See you later,

05-03-2004, 11:32 PM
Wow the cake was wonderful. Yes Jana, I got the recipe here. I left half of what was left for our hostess and host. Now I am going to buy fixin's and make another for a family get together this week-end. I may never make a regular cake again.


da fat n da furious
05-04-2004, 01:31 AM
Jana,,,the weather here has been hot hot then brrr chilly. I sat on the deck on Sat. drank a glass of wine,,,relaxed..just Monte and I.
Are you at all concerned about the stop and start of your TOM ?

Marti, yay for James!

Susan, gee thinking about how I said that make it sound like 4 yrs is soooo long but what I ment was, it feels like you have always been there for me.

Got some sad news the other day, worked with this woman who is 39 yrs old, just had her first baby 6 months ago, wasn't feeling good, back sore and all. Then one day last week she couldn't walk,,,her legs were numb. Her husband took her to ER and found out she has cancer in her spine, will never walk again. And will be lucky if she lives throu the chemo.

Of course I would talk about you all, infact I was prepaired to answer the question of who do I admire most. They didn't ask me...darn But I had it all ready.... my friends.
well need to get to game still on but its tied and I have too much riding on the game...note to self,,,don't gamble.


05-04-2004, 03:05 AM
Just some suggestions from my husband, who did internet tech support until very recently. I know this just started happening when the storm hit, but he said that this is also a bug in Windows that the Blaster Worm takes advantage of.

Are you running XP or 2000? Is your puter on a network, or a broadband connection?

Try taking your puter off the network, and see if it boots and runs Windows fine. Make sure it's offline, not connecting to broadband, and see if it boots and runs Windows fine.

If it does, and you are running XP (and this probably works for 2000 as well):

Go to start, run, and type services.msc and hit enter. You will get a window that says "services". Scroll down to Remote Procedure Call (RPC) -- not Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator. Doubleclick it, and you will see four tabs. Click the third tab, "Recovery" and set all three failure boxes to Take No Action. This should allow you to get online long enough to patch your operating system.

Then go to Internet Explorer, tools, Windows updates, click "scan for updates" and install any critical updates it finds. If you've never updated your computer, it may take some time to do this. By installing the critical updates, it should patch Windows so that won't happen anymore.

Disclaimer: this may or may not work for you, but if you are fighting with Windows constantly shutting down, it may be worth a try. Good luck! :lucky:

Hi to everyone else. :wave: It's too late tonight to do individuals, :tired: but I read through everyone's posts and I'm thinkin' about ya :)

G'night ladies,

05-04-2004, 09:11 AM