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04-28-2004, 07:08 AM
Spring is definitely here. It's all emerald green out there. Yesterday morning I walked the Girls in the woods on top of the cliff where spring has arrived. Dogtooth violets, bloodroot, hepaticas and Dutchman’s breeches are in bloom with trilliums showing white petals. I love the spring wildflowers up there.

Rob and Doug came around yesterday and got my wicker furniture out of the barn loft and put it on the porch. :) I'll wait for slightly warmer weather before I put out the cushions though.

Kevin did the patio job and hung the new back room doors. I paid him right away and he's very happy! There are lots of deadbeats around here who are very slow to settle bills and I know he's strapped for cash. He also asked me for a lesson in how to make gravy! As a single parent he cooks a lot but is stymied over gravy!

I woke with a start at 6 this morning when I suddenly remembered I have to take the car to the dealer for 8! Strange how your brain bubbles along while you sleep. I should take it out and put it in a jar on the dresser! :lol: Sarah comes for a full day's work at 9 so I'll have to leave her a list to get her started. Hersh has her job after lunch so I'll have another work-on-your-own task for Sarah. She is working out well and is worth every penny!

Yesterday I succumbed to an attack by Ruffles and melba rounds with Cheez Whiz! :yikes: Strange! I had a protein breakfast but just had those cravings. No damage, done according to the scale, but I'll be very careful today. I've got a stupid chest cold which may be the cause. The little girl in me wanted comfort food!

My reminder just popped up to put the dump stuff out on the road for Jeff. I cleaned out a part of the basement where we used to make wine and have a huge mess of wine bottles to send for recycling! Great for the reputation!

Gotta get cracking! Have a Heavenly Hump Day!

04-28-2004, 08:09 AM
Good morning, Ruth. I thought I'd post before I started running today. Beth comes today to clean, and I have to get in a shopping trip for groceries. Not being able to eat foods with MSG and staying OP is quite a challenge. All the new green outside my house is lightly frosted with SNOW this morning. Hope no harm has been done.

I'm glad to hear that Sarah is working out and that the goodies did no harm. Take care with the cold and take care of yourself.

Good morning to all the rest of you Beachers!!!.....................Jo

04-28-2004, 08:47 AM
Give him a box of Bisto.
Ruth, you are incredibly well organized. Sort of gives me hope for my own retirement days. I wonder if I'm retired now. Does being a princess mean that I'm already retired?

Oh, Jo! Not SNOW!! That's just not right. :yikes: You women with your cleaning staff! I think perhaps YOU are the princesses!

Must get to the gym. Ruth, I'm coming down with something, too. Take care... don't do too much!
Love to all... :grouphug:

04-28-2004, 10:46 AM
good morning ladies!!
i love the spring flowes also ruth, i got shorted this year on my favorite pink tulips only 5 of them came up :( i think i will have to dig up the bulbs late in the season and see what's up?? they have only been in 2 years maybe some critter got to them.

ellis i think ruth is the real princess here she has an entire staff working around her, what will the neighbors think with all those people running about taking orders and her wine and scotch bottles in the trash?? :faint:

good luck on the shopping trip jo i think you have your work cut out for you no msg, low fat, good carb. great job so far though so keep it up!! we only had a frost this a.m. thankfully no snow.

p.s. ruth and ellis hope you feel better i hate a spring cold, and a summer cold and a well you get the picture take care.

i havent been able to get on and post much lately seems like everytime i try i get an error hope they are working on the bugs in the system.
tonight is my last official bowling of the season and i can't make it, i am slightly bummed but ds has a game and dd has practice and dh has to work late so i am playing taxi. oh well the temptation to have a beer was getting to great anyway so it is better if i stay away.

hope you all have a great day!!

04-28-2004, 12:09 PM
Things are cold and windy here. Got up early at the urging of my 12 year old daughter to come to the track with her. She wanted to run this morning before school and we won't let her go alone, so I was the target. She has a track meet tomorrow and wanted a little extra practice. I grudgingly went. I went around the track a few times and then did the stadium stairs. Now that's a killer. The thighs are on fire.

Sounds like you all are so busy! I keep a little busy but nothing like you. Played in the garden yesterday, pulling up weeds and getting it ready for the tiller.

Staying OP but feeling cranky today. I want a big old greasy piece of cheesy pizza with a big crust! Good thing there isn't one around right now.

04-28-2004, 02:03 PM
Ellis, I only feel like a princess on Wednesdays when Beth comes; the rest of the week I'm a scullery maid.

You're right, Jodi, I just spent 2 hours mostly reading labels for a not very large grocery order. When I discovered the right kind of tuna, I practically cheered. :goodvibes

You had to go and mention pizza, didn't you, RNMom? When and if I cheat, that's what it's going to be!!!! :devil:

Have fun!!!.....................Jo

04-28-2004, 09:19 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm so glad the week is half over. Work has been busy so the day goes by fast. It also keeps me from thinking about food. That's pretty hard where I work b/c we start obsessing over food right after the AM coffee truck. Of course everyone is trying to lose weight so trying to find something that everyone wants is nearly impossible :rolleyes:.

Right now I'm relaxing & checking out some threads. There is so much information to take in & learn:dizzy:.I'm on my 4th day of Phase 1 & doing okay. I'm trying to mix things up a little so that I don't get bored :halfempty:.

Have a great nite!