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04-23-2004, 05:22 PM
Iíve been sitting on this for a couple of days now. Iíve been back to work for two weeks and I have to tell you that in the past my lunch hour revolved around what the co-workers were eating. Every day now Iíve brought my lunch and I eat in.
On Wednesday they all went out to eat at a nice Mexican restaurant and I so wanted to go. (I had no money to go or I probably would have). It wasnít for the food but for the socialization. I realized that lunch for me is more for interaction and less for eating. So I came up with a list of what I ďmissĒ but also what I ďgainĒ by pretty much eating by myself now every day.
1. Catching up on the latest gossip.
2. Conversation in general.
3. Relaxing and resting during that hour.
1. Iím eating healthier
2. My chances for diabetes and heart failure go down with each of the healthy meals Iím eating.
3. Iím getting that much closer to my goals.
4. I donít really crave the foods I used to.
5. It wonít be much longer and Iíll be down a size in my clothes.
6. By not talking during lunch, I can reflect on my own thoughts and stay focused.

So you see after I sat down with my list, my gains double what I miss so I guess I donít really miss those lunches anymore. I even walked the last 30 minutes of my lunch break today and it felt very invigorating.

So what do you "Miss" about the "gain"?

04-24-2004, 04:58 AM
Hey Dawnyal, that's a really thoughtful post, and its making me think - thankyou.

So, at the moment, I can only think about positive things in all the lifestyle changes that I have been making. Really, to my amazement, there is nothing that I miss. But one thing I realised when I started on this journey, is that I was quite scared that changing my size and shape so much would make me feel much more vulnerable. I'm small in height (5' 2"), and oddly enough, I don't really want to be a 'small', delicate, skinny-thin type girl....I want to be a strong, feisty and curvy woman! So that's motivating me a lot to exercise - for muscle strength, and the sense of being a physically strong person, as much as for losing the weight.

04-24-2004, 10:11 AM
Hi Dawnyal, I thought of another thing you could add to your gain list. Don't forget about all of the money you must be saving by eating in instead of going out every day! You could put the extra cash towards a clothing fund for all the new clothes you'll have to buy as you drop sizes. Or something else fun and rewarding for all of the hard work you're doing. Keep it up girl, you're doing great!!