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da fat n da furious
04-23-2004, 01:51 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies site!!

This is a very warm and friendly group of ladies who provide daily support in our walk towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Please join us!

da fat n da furious
04-23-2004, 01:57 AM
Good evening Ladies,
Figured we needed a new thread.

Marti, am into another play,,,Anton in Show Business,,,funny show. A play within a play.

Jana,,,you ROCK! So are you going to go and buy another SMALLER pair of pants?

Susan tried to call you....will try again

Well got a call from the show,,,it seems they had written down my number wrong and my papers were sent to Edmonton and then someone had to dig throu all the hundreds of forms to find my number....and now 2 days late they got ahold of me and I go for my second audition Wed. The woman I talked to was the same woman who did my first audition,,,she was so relieved to get me...I was flatter and pretty goofy on the phone. I was shaking so bad....and laughing. Of course,,,I always laugh when Im nervous...which makes for things like funerals horrible places for me.
So Im now exhausted from everything....
plus the Wings lost...and I got alot of ribbing about it.
well night all

04-23-2004, 02:16 AM
Hello ladies--

Late night for me...pretty tired. I just now got Jhanai to bed!! Can you believe that? We started at 9:30 and just now left her room. What a way to prolong staying up on a school night!!

RosieKate--Good to see you pop in!! Wasn't the weather just great today? So different from just yesterday!! Typical. Wow, all organic produce delivered? That's pretty cool. I've never heard of the that a Portland paper? I would love to get more organic produce...but they're just so spendy sometimes. I do visit the farms during Spring and Summer to get my veggies....fresh is just so much better. I'm so glad you decided to pop in and visit. I hope you decide to stay awhile.

Jana--Now now lady....I just had to laugh at your post...."make sure and help James exercise that pelvis".....Jana, Jana. (hee-hee) [don't worry] :D I really want to take Jhanai to Disney World someday. My sister in Florida lives near there. So maybe some day when I finally get to go over and visit her, we'll get the chance to go there too. (better stock up on film now!! or if it's digital, extra batteries and extra memory cards!!)

Cristi--You know, 15 mins. is better than nothing. James used to tell me that all the time. So now it's always in my head. (although I try to ignore it quite often) After awhile you'll work up to more time and you'll be getting to where you want to be in no time!! We're going to do it---I can just feel it.

Susan--You're food choices are always so good and healthy. Me...I was doing great all week when James wanted a Pizza!! Now, for any of you who don't know James (which I guess that would be all of you :) ) He is NOT a pizza eater. We maybe eat it 3-4 times a YEAR. So I was shocked and of coarse had to eat some. I ate 2 1/2 slices. And I know I shouldn't have!!!! But I will get back onto track tomorrow and eat much better...already have the chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow dinner.

Angie--You're one of those laughing nervous type too?? I hate that sometimes. And when I get so angry...I tear up like I'm crying even though I'm angry......crazy. I don't think I've heard of "Anton in Show Business". Do like comedy plays? Or more serious? I've never acted in a play...only sang in the choir and I was in the 5th grade!! (years and years ago!!) I'm too darned SHY!! :^:

Well ladies.....I should get myself to bed. I'm tired and I have to get Jhanai up for school. Her school is a 30 min drive from my house so we need to get up early.

Hello to all the MIA girls out there!! Hope to hear from you soon.


04-23-2004, 09:37 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - you are doing so good with healthy eating!! Doesn't it just make you feel so much better? Glad Rachel will be home today. She'll have lots to tell you, I bet.

Angie - I changed the title to Chit Chat # 44, lol. Hope you don't start a debate thread about it, lol. Yes, I am going to buy the next size down in jeans. I already bought several new pairs of dress pants recently, but jeans - that's where you can really tell the difference! Are you doing the audition this coming Wednesday? Break a leg!

Marti - Florida residents get a big discount in May, so when you go, your sister could get good rates on stuff if you go then. Jhanai would love it! I am like a little kid when it comes to Dis, and I have to say I can barely wait! I am a crier when angry, too, and it makes me even madder when that happens!

Hi to Cristi and the others... :wave:

Today I have to finish pricing the yard sale stuff, then, after supper, Neal and I are going to take it over to our son's house, and set it all out on the tables in his garage. I don't have a whole lot, and will be happy to sell $100. worth of stuff. If I've even got that much to take! But it feels good to get some of this stuff out of the house. I'm not really a pack rat, but it all builds up over time, you know?

I have been OP all week and am looking for a nice weigh-in tomorrow AM.

Be good,

da fat n da furious
04-23-2004, 12:01 PM
ME too,,, a crier when angry. Hate that...but I don't get angry often so thats ok.

Yes Im going Wed to the audition,,, I have voice lessons first so I will be all warmed up to talk,,,and talk and talk
btw in the first audition I brought up you all...3FC. The guy interviewing me was like you really need to change the name. 3 FAT chicks grrrr
Well off to work I go....

04-23-2004, 01:07 PM
How funny Marti & Angie-me too! I giggle when I am nervous and have always hated that. I feel that I am not being taken serious when I giggle, you know like at a job interview. I also tear up when angry, I don't actually cry, just tear up.

Jana~I am so jealous!! Can I come with you to Disney World? Just kidding...I know you guys are going to have a fun time and I think it's great that the whole family is going to go. I love the sound of the Hippy Dippy pool! I have never been to Disney World but have been to Disneyland a few times. Who knows, maybe one day I will venture out to Florida. I think though if I ever do venture out it would be to the west coast, just a little partial to CA. WTG on staying OP and I KNOW you will see a loss tomorrow.

Marti~I was going to say something along the lines that Jana said (about you and James) but thought I best keep it quiet. Funny Jana :lol: Will Jhanai be staying with you a lot when school is out?

Angie~keeping my fingers crossed and sending good vibes for the audition. :crossed: :goodvibes:

Susan~bet Rachel will be just as excited to get home as you will. My oldest went to Science Camp for a week, I think in 5th grade and I missed him like crazy. Of course he acted like he didn't miss us but I know he did. The kids came back with a suitcase of clean clothes. I asked him why-he said he didn't take a shower. WHAT!!?? He was stinky!!! Kids are funny.

A big WELCOME to Miss RosieKate!Looking forward to getting to know you. Wow, you and Susan are pretty close to one another, that is so cool.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

This was supposed to be a quickie as we are having bad thunderstorms and I was trying to post before they start. :rain: Had one already go through, one is supposed to hit in about 1/2 hour and it is supposed to be like that all day and through Saturday-yuck! Makes for an ugly weekend, not that I had plans. Not really sure what our plans are for the weekend, yard work is definitely out of the picture. Just going to clean house today, not much cleaning to do. If it wasn't rainy :rain: I would go get a start on the garage. Anyway, have a great day and weekend ladies. See ya :wave:

04-23-2004, 01:20 PM
Thought I would post this in a new post so it wouldn't get lost in the other.

:coach: :coach: :coach: :coach: Okay, listen up ladies~ :coach: :coach: :coach: :coach:

We need to get a count of who all is going to meet in August. I know Marti, and Shanna are not for sure, but can't remember who else said they couldn't. Last talk about all this Kayecee and Angie I think were coming and possibly Susan??? Anymore?? Right now though we need a definite answer as to who is going to make it. I know August is a ways away but believe me, it will be here before you know it and planning ahead is important.

For any newcomers we are planning a get-together in Indiana in August (14th or 24th) for all the Jaded Ladies and would love it if you could join us.

P.S. I was thinking about this post today and thought I should change a couple of things, such as my comment "Right now though we need a definite answer as to who is going to make it." It should say I would like to know. The reason I would like to know is I am contemplating a trip sooner and am not sure that I could make 2 trips. If anyone is going to show up in August I will wait till then because I would love to meet you all, if not I am planning an earlier trip. Anyway, sorry if that came off as bossy, it was not my intent at all. I have been thinking about it since I posted and thoguth I better come back and fix.;)

04-23-2004, 01:39 PM
Good morning ladies--

I just got home from taking Jhanai to school. Then, when I got here, I realized Jhanai left her glasses!!! (sometime I think she just "misplaces" them on purpose)

Suppose to be a gorgeous day today...but it's still morning and kind of foggy looking. We'll see how it actually turns out.

Cristi--We haven't had a thunderstorm this year yet, but just last week we had a terrible day of hard wind and rain!! I think it would have hurt to walk out in it!! Of coarse I just stood on my patio and looked thinking I'm so glad we're in this house!! (the other house leaked!! In fact it was cover with a tarp because it leaked so bad!! NOT PRETTY)

Jana--I wonder why May is a big discount month?? I will have to keep that in mind. I could always start sending my sister money to get our tickets or whatever it is that you need. I just know that Jhanai is at the age that she'll really enjoy it and also be able to remember it!! I'm thinking in the next couple years. If not Disney World, at least Disney Land!! (they're both fun right?)

Angie--You should have told him that we're the Jaded Ladies...But I agree...3FAT chicks don't sound to impressive does it? But how neat that you even mentioned us!! Just to know that someone in Canada is thinking of us..... :smug: Are your friends still thinking about joining us here??

RosieKate--I didn't realize you were a SAHM.....I must have missed reading that somewhere. Boy, you and Susan do live nearby! I live South of you two, down in Cottage Grove....have you heard of it? A real rinky dink of a town....but it's alright. My choice would be on the outskirts of Eugene, so I was closer to more jobs and my daughters school. But we couldn't pass up this house when it was offered to us.

Susan--You haven't posted're more of a late poster aren't ya? Well get back in here and tell us how you're holding up. Have you heard ANYTHING from Alex since your meeting? Or are you just letting it go?

Shanna--You need to come back and post and get us all update with how work is going for you!! Is it getting any better?

Kayecee--Are things slowing down a bit for you to pop in and catch up? I miss your southern humor....are you in the south?

Katie--How is the weather down south in Cali? Are you hitting the beaches??

Kathy--How are things with you? Pop in soon!!

Rita--How are you? Have you been busy with work? We want to hear from you too!!

Who am I missing?? I sure feel like I've left someone out.....If I did, so sorry...come back and post and refresh my memory!! :D

Well, my day is going to consist of finishing up some homework and then relaxing. I'm in a lazy mood. The sun needs to pop out so I can get some energy!! I must have that mood thing....where you need light to have energy!! Or....I'm just flat out lazy today. Yeah, I think that's more like it. Hee-hee......

Alrighty then, I better get off of here and work on math. That should be done and out of my way. (what a way to spend a no school day!!!)



PS....sure wish I could join you girls this year, but I'm not able too...but there is a big possibility for next year!! Who ever does go....SOMEONE make sure they bring their camera!! I want to see GROUP photos!! Also, maybe next year we can meet more on the West Coast...........(maybe....)

04-23-2004, 06:31 PM
Just thought I would check in while the weather isn't bad. I needed to reword something on my last post. Man, what a day for storms. This has been nasty. Two storms have moved through so far and more are expected later. Too bad we don't have grass yet, this would be GREAT for it.

Marti~don't worry missy, I DEFINITELY will have a camera when I go, plenty of film and batteries too! I don't go anywhere without a camera. I think Disneyland is fun, of course Disney World I am sure is 100 times better only because there is more to do. But Disneyland is nice and so much fun. There is a lot to do there also.

Well, I need to go do a few things and get off this thing. Not sure when the next storm is supposed to move in but it is supposed to be a bad one with hail. So, after it stoped raining this last time, I went and rearranged the garage, moved some things around so I could park my mini-van in the garage. I found 2 boxes fo kitchen stuff out there. :lol: I'm sure if I keep cleaning and rearranging I will find more stuff. Our next big chore is to clean that and get rid of a lot of stuff, to the trash, yard sale and goodwill. I can't stand the mess.

Hope everyone is having a nice day. I probably won't check in again today so I will see you all tomorrow sometime. Toodles :wave:

04-23-2004, 09:06 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - when 3FATChicks started, the sisters had a picture of themselves on the home page, at their highest weights, standing together outside a restaurant. I could really identify with them! And although I hate the word "fat", something about how they just put it all out there seemed warm or something. Kind of vulnerable, you know? I knew I would like it here, and feel comfortable among friends.

Cristi - I had to laugh about your son's clean clothes. When my nephew Zane stays here, he's lucky to get one shower all week. Since he's only 8 he doesn't have a lot of body odor yet, thank goodness!!

Marti - May is a slow month at Disney - spring break is over and summer vacation hasn't started for most people yet. So they give the discount to draw in the locals.

Well, I'm just sitting here waiting for my son to get the tables ready for the yard sale... finished pricing everything and am all set to go.


04-23-2004, 09:15 PM
Evening ladies--

Well I have to say....Gorgeous my butt!! The weather was clouded over all day and still is. But Jhanai and I managed to get a walk in. Her idea. (I need her as my coach!!)

Jana--I have to agree about 3FC. When I first saw it, (a year before I finally signed up) it was always a place for me to come and read up on post to get encouragement. And it does have that warm inviting "something" to it. Which is why I'm here!!

Cristi--Boy, you and Jana are just going crazy with the yard sale thing!! I have never had a garage sale. But I have to say that I should after cleaning out James storage of his moms stuff. She has all kind of things that we just don't need. This summer we are cleaning it out. No more paying for a storage for things that don't belong to us.

I am very tired today. I'm not sure why. Drowzy feeling at the moment. I should have had my cup of coffee this morning, but I didn't. And I haven't in a long time......maybe it's the withdrawls!!

Ok..I just wanted to pop in while I had the chance.

Take Care ladies.....


04-23-2004, 11:45 PM

It was soooooooo super nice to hear your voice last night Angie!!! It had been waaaaaaaay too long. I missed you though- I don't get off til 10pm.

CONGRATS on a second meeting with the show- you are perfect for it!

Cristi- It would be so great to make a trip and meet you all but I can't.I am with Marti though maybe next summer have a west coast meeting??

Katy- OMG- very small world!! Don't you love Maplewood school?? Use to be set in the country. My ex is a lot older and lived in the house around the corner with the rock wall......his first 3 kids went to Maplewood back in *whenever*
My 2 year old and I walk the path at Gabriel -she eyes the play area as we make our loops - on the last one I let her play.
Anyway- Rebecca has Ms Lee for a teacher- suppose to be awesome weather- can't wait to get outside. Hope to go to Oaks Bottom and take a walk.
Nice to have you here!! Probably have already crossed paths -lol-

I had a super day! Going full time with HAP (yep- you got it right Katy:) next week. Just a great opportunity- and look forward to learning so much.

I better go!!!

Rachel is home from OD school!! Missed her tons- cried when the bus pulled up. She is tired and came home filthy- lol- Gabster was thrilled to see her :)

Hi Jana!! Hi Marti!! Hi to everyone that NEEDS to post!!! lol......


04-24-2004, 08:26 AM
Hi ladies,

Marti - yeah, you oughta have a yard sale. It amazes me what junk people will buy! I came real close to trying my hand at eBay where you can get more $$ but didn't want to bother with shipping, etc.

Susan - glad your Rachel made it home safe!

The scale says my weight maintained this week. :( :( :( I can't tell you how disappointing that is after being OP all week! But I know I am lucky to have had a steady loss all along (except for 1 other week when I maintained). I have hit a weight that I haven't been down to for over 3 years, and was at this weight for a long time... hope my body isn't thinking of staying here! Grrrr..... Well, anyway, I will keep OP and get through it. But I don't have to like it. :(

Gotta go to the sale, bbl,

04-24-2004, 11:23 AM
Now today is the GORGEOUS day!!! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: I woke up half an hour ago with the sun peaking in......of coarse, I can't sleep in when I see that!! (plus James had to get up and I can't miss saying goodbye!!)

Jana--Maintaining a weight is so much better than gaining!! (which reminds me that I need to go weigh myself) You've done so well and you've lost so much. When you reach a pateau, you're suppose to change the routine a little. So add to your exercise or change your menu around a little. ( I can dish out good advice but taking it is a whole other story!) :D

Ok I weighed....and I'm hanging onto 150. I hate that. Especially since I've really worked on it more this week. Oh well I will strive for next weigh in. I should drink more and walk more!! Keep a positive attitude!! That's the only way it's going to work!! Plus, I'm going to blame the PIZZA !!!! :lol:

Susan--Refresh my memory what HAP is....(I'm too lazy to go back to the other thread and see) Glad that Rachel is back home. Always good to snuggle with our babies.

Morning to the rest of our group!!! Grab yourself a cup of coffee :coffee: and join us for a little chat.

Which is what I'm going to go do right now...grab a cup of coffee then wait for Jhanai to wake up!! (she decided to sleep in!!) I think we're going to go for a walk over to the park...they have a little Saturday Market and it would good to get out in this sunshine!! Plus, who knows what they have available!! Ok...I'm off to have a cup of coffee :coffee2: then watch the squirrels and wait for Jhanai (didn't I already mention that?) I will chat with you later!!


04-24-2004, 11:44 AM
Good morning, everyone!

Marti Nice and sunny as of now in the Rose City. Couldn't believe yesterday. Just as DH was getting home and taking over so I could walk, it poured. I ended up walking Gabriel while DS was at his fencing class at the community center. Met my goal of walking 5x this week. Tho' one was a bit short only 20 min. I have to walk the kids into the Village today to buy some birthday presents, so I'll get a little more in today.

Jana - As you know, I'm new to 3FC, and I am enjoying the camaraderie. I just couldn't get it together to get back to TOPS, for a variety of reasons, so I'm glad this is here. If you've hit a plateau, try changing your exercise. It was a tip passed on from one of the TOPS queens from several years ago. I feel I've become the maintenace expert in that weight hasn't crept up on me since the birth of DD. But I am not losing the way I want either, so I'm focusing on shorter term goals. Gotta get these lbs off!

Susan - I'm sure we have walked right by each other at some point! My son is in Ms. Hawes class. We are loving Maplewood. Such a great your daughter doing Bookbaggers next week? DS is not old enough this year. So glad PPS has been able to hold on to Outdoor School - Hope they can afford to keep it around for my kids. Oaks Bottom will be gorgeous today, have a nice walk.

Ok, Aunt Flo is getting ready for a visit, ;) I responded by eating a bunch of junk food yesterday. After having several great days of feeling in control over my eating, I let it loose. :?: I'm resolved today to eat more of the produce that was delivered this week. I have a great salad just sitting in the fridge and some collard greens. So I think I'll try a new recipe for dinner tonight and see if the family likes collards. Wish us luck.

Have a great weekend everyone - we have a busy one!

04-24-2004, 12:17 PM

Don't you just love that?? Walking into the village?? It is a charming little area! You going to Purple Cow?? Joan & her husband are great basketball coaches- have coached my Rachel for the last 3 years. I was talked into volunteering for Bookbaggers- thinking I am spending the night. Look forward to it- haven't really volunteered as much as I should.The only thing I don't like about the school is the parking----oh wait---- there is no
Anyway- heading out your way in a second- love Vermont Hills coffee shop- there where OHSU has its medical offices!!! LOL

Anyway- YAY for maintaining Jana!! I gained backup to 145.5 from 143.5..........grrrrrr is right!!! I still haven't had my *monthly* though these bck pains have challenged me. Hope the walk at Oaks helps --

HAP?? It is Housing Authourity of Portland- provides low income housing through the HUD program - also vouchers. VERY excited about full time!!! I am ready to and think Gaby is ready for me has been a year of part time- need to bring in more $$$$$

Hi to everyone!!! My back is hurting and I am ready for a cup of jave and time with the girls :)

Church tomorrow!! YAY- :)


04-24-2004, 01:44 PM
Morning again--

I feel like I've been up forever and it's not even 10:00 yet!! The sun went and hid in the clouds.....darn sun...doesn't it want to cooperate with me and my moods?? :D

RosieKate--Do you also have a dd names Gabriel?? that would make two Portlanders with Gaby's! (edit) I just read in your bio that you have two kids and neither are mix up.

Susan--Thanks for the HAP definition. I will try not to forget!

Ok...Jhanai's calling for me...just got her out of the shower and she needs assistance...(or as we would call it "company")

I will chat with you later....Enjoy the weekend.


04-24-2004, 01:51 PM
Hey Ya'all!!!! I know it has been awhile since I posted last, even thought I check in everyday, I am just too pooped to think about what to post and such. I am sooo exhausted from work. I am not used to getting up at 5:00 in the morning and sitting in training all day reading stuff on a screen is really draining. Just when you go to the hospital for someone you love and sit in the waiting room all day. You are sitting doing nothing, but god you feel tired when you get home. It is weird, but that is what I am feeling. My legs feel a little bit better this week, not feeling like I am getting blood clots too much anymore. I guess I should be thankful I have these hours while training, because in a couple weeks when it is over I will go to my regular shift which is nine at night until 5:30 in the morning. Thank god it is a $1.02 raise for that shift. Some incentive for doing that shift. AWWWW, but only some. :lol:
I am hoping with working again and then going back to a night shift, it will help losing the weight I want. I am not home to snack all day and at night I don't feel the need to eat a lot. I will probably be drinking more coffee, but not eating more. Plus they have an exercise room there, small, but it is something I won't have to pay for. So at lunch or break, I can walk on the treadmill and lift some weights without getting too sweaty and making everyone wear nose plugs when I go back to work. hee hee. I am not too thrilled with this job, but it is money coming in that I don't have. I am not joking, I have absolutely no money right now, none, nil, jiltch. My poor boyfriend has to pay for groceries and such. I am sure he is tired of it by now. It means less money for his golfing and his wants. Although he doesn't seem to be slowinng down on them. HHHMMMM maybe he is hiding how much money he has. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)
Well, for some reason this week I have been really depressed with the fact that I want a baby and a dog and I can not have neither. Maybe it is because my 28th birthday is coming up and I don't have anything I thought I would have at this age. I am divorced, not married, no kids, no house, no money, no dog. I am just really sad about this. I have been torturing myself looking at pictures of puppies all this week. Myabe I should take a break from it today, but I can't. Maybe resting today will make me forget for a while. But i don't know. Anywho, I needed to get that out and feel like I was talking to someone about that. :smug:
Well, it is looking like a nice day today, maybe I can get out in it. I wish I had someone to walk with or something, but it looks like I have to go by myself. I also have been wanting, for a month now, to go to the Crab, seafood and wine festival in Astoria oregon this weekend, but could find no one to go with me, so I miss it again this year. POOH and double POOH. We also don't have many flea markets around here and I have been wanting to go to one one those. Maybe I could do some scrapbooking today , so it will feel like I accomplished something. I am chomping at the bit to do some home decorating or remodeling, but I don't own my own home. Which is frustrating, so I decided to subscribed to a couple home magazines and start a simple scrapbook of all my ideas and things that i see and like. That way if a miracle happens and i get a house someday, i can remember all my ideas and thoughts and be able to do some of them. Well, it sounds like a good idea anyway. hee hee
I guess I better stop rambling, I don't have anyone to talk to usually, so I tend to spill when I have so kind of forum to do so.
Congrats to all the weightloss wonders out there. I hope to be one of them soon, I cannot keep looking in the mirror and seeing crap anymore. So it is time to get my behind in gear.
Thanks to you all you cheering me up everyday reading your posts and your humor. Hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend.
chow for now

04-25-2004, 06:33 PM
Woo hoooooo we're back up!!!!!

Marti - hope you've had a good weekend with Jhania.

RosieKaty - how'd the fam like the new recipe? If it was tasty, share it with us, okay?

Susan - we want details about the group at church... how'd it go?

Shanna - it's really cool that you will have the use of a free gym! That is worth a lot of $$! I really like the idea you have about making a scrapbook of decoration idea. You are pretty darn creative to come up with that....

Cristi - I guess your post didn't make it before the shut down.

Thanks to the ones who emailed me! I don't remember who said what, but I know I really liked hearing from you guys!!

Katie's play was real cute. She said she was nervous, but it didn't show.

I feel better today about the weight thing, but thanks to all of you who encouraged me by email, and on here, too. It really makes a difference to have friends like you guys! :grouphug:

Gotta go bowling at the arcade, :D

04-25-2004, 11:02 PM
Darn, my post didn't make it-it was a very long one and I don't remember what was said so please excuse me ladies for not responding to each and everyone of you now. I was typing away yesterday and when I went and clicked on submit it said they were down-bummer. So I didn't know if it took my post or not. But, I am so happy :dance: :dance: that 3fc is up and running again, I was having withdrawals! :lol: Anywho, just wanted to check and see if we were back up and say HI to EVERYONE! :wave:

So how was everyone's weekend?

I did a little bit of scrapbooking, cleaning, and some reading. Wanted to get my hands in the dirt but will have to wait a couple more days. Some of it is dry on the surface, but most is still a little muddy. I skipped out on church today, felt like a kid back in school. Ooops! did I say that?! :sssh: :tape: I got all dressed up and went in and sat down and who walks in? A substitute preacher. The guy is soooooooooooo boring and he speaks like he is reading from a piece of paper, shows no emotion, his tone doesn't change and he puts EVERYONE to sleep. That's terrible isn't it? Walking out of church. I guess it was better than sitting there talking though-out the service trying to stay awake.

Jana~glad Katie's paly went well. What was she in again? Sorry, I forgot. Glad the yard sale went well also.

That's about all I have for now. See ya ladies tomorrow. :wave:

04-25-2004, 11:59 PM
Hey were back up and running!! :cp:

Didn't realize how much this place was addicting until it goes.......(I should have remembered that from last time) Glad we had e-mails to keep in touch though. :cb:

Today was beautiful. :flow1: I really wanted to do some weeding but Jhanai had me promise that I wouldn't do yard work while she was over. So instead I cleaned up this office room. It really needed it. And I managed to get the closet to look more presentable. I'm waiting for the shed my grandpa is making us (our wedding gift) so I can store a bunch of it out there instead of in here. Also, once we get the shed, (I believe it's a 10x10) we will be able to take what is out in our other attached to the house shed and transfer all our stuff. That way we can get it fixed up for a workout room!! I'm really excited about that. :strong:

Jhanai and I went for a walk today. Went over to the church's play yard so she could swing. Took some photo's. Then we walked over to Safeway to get ourselves a drink to take home. Was a nice walk. Almost too hot out for it though...we should have left earlier. (can you believe I just said it was almost too hot????) :sunny: :sunny:

Well girls....I have to say....that I'm really feeling frumpy, bloated, and FAT!! And it's not even near time for TOM!! Sucks. I kept looking at my face in the mirror wondering where my cheek bones went too. :shrug: I"ve been eating very well...getting into the salad mode, but need to find other things or else I will get bored with that quickly. And I have been keeping up with my crunches. I think I will start walking more. Grab my MP3 and pedometer and start walking. Just kind of sucks being alone. :halfempty BUT....must work on myself. Get fit before I even reach 35!! (yeah, it's a year and half away...but heck.....I could gain 40-50lbs. more in that time!!)

Alrighty then, I just wanted to pop in and see if we were up yet and we are.....I will do more yapping individually tomorrow. I need to go post in the 21 day challenge. You all have a good night.


04-26-2004, 09:50 AM
Hiya ladies,

Cristi - I am getting real bad about skipping church. But the people there aren't very friendly, and it gets old. We have a new church that is interdenominational and I think I'm going to check it out. Katie's play was Amy Goes Army. It was a comedy and the girls were funny!

Marti - glad you had fun with Jhanai. And you are doing really good with your exercises! I need to have a set time to do mine so I will be more consistant.

Hi to all the others... :wave:

Today Neal and I are going to have lunch at preschool with Mackenzie Jo - it's "Have Lunch With Your Grandparents" day. When I talked to her yesterday, she was really excited about it, lol. Oh to be 5 again, lol.

Gotta go,

04-26-2004, 11:22 AM
Good Morning everyone--

Sun is out....must remember to find my sunglasses (which are being held together with a piece of wire) before I leave later. Nothing like having sun in your eyes when your driving!!

Jana--Are they still working on the server?? I kept getting booted off last night and then it would say that this site isn't available. Very irratating when you're in a middle of a post. (but I did manage last night) Just kind of wondering what was going on. Have fun with the grandparents day at school!! I remember going to Jhanai's Mommy day in kindergarden. She was so proud to have me there. It was fun. But as she gets older, the other kids get harder to calm down.....and when she wants me to volunteer for field trips I don't feel like I have the patience......(awful aren't I?) although, I haven't actually had time available when she has these field trips. She has an overnight field trip coming and her dad is taking her.......that ought to be interesting.......(picture piercings, tattoo's, stretched ears...and so on) But the kids find him entertaining!

Cristi--Scrapbooking!! What did you do? Give me some inspiration! I have my stuff out everyday and have yet to do the page I want to do!! I've tried different techniques and not one of them has caught my fancy to want to keep it!! As for church...we stay until they do the part with the bread and wine (can't figure out what that's called yet!! Just started going again.) The church is always so crowded!! And it's just about over when we leave, that way we can actually drive out! (although we should just walk home since it's just a field away!!!) I think they need to brighten up the church. It's been around way before I was born and it's all done in dark wood.....I think it would wake a lot people up if they did a little painting. (do they do Trading Spaces for Churches??) :D

Morning to the rest of you!! We're back come back and check in!!

Ok...time to do my hair and get out the door for school. I'm really debating if I want to go to math boring. But I should go just to absorb knowledge!! OT here, but you know, I went to school while pregnant with both kids....Kaarle (pronounced Carly) when I was a senior in highschool and Jhanai while I was going to college....and they are both above average in most of their classes!! Hmmmm...think they absorbed more of the classes than I did?? :lol:

Ok..enough yappin....gotta get to school.

BBL tonight for individuals (if anyone else checks in that is)


04-26-2004, 12:32 PM
I couldn't get on this site all weekend, so time for a little catch-up.

Jana - Everyone liked the collards except DD who is 2 and hates everything but bananas, yogurt, and pizza. Sigh. It was pretty simple. I made up a parmesan sauce (white sauce with 1/4 c. fresh parmesan thrown in) and tossed it with some cooked fusilli pasta. It was very light - like 1 c. sauce to 4 c. pasta. For the collards, I removed the stems then rolled the leaves up tight like a big cigar then cut them into 1/8" strips at a diagonal. Then I sauteed them in olive oil for a minute or two and seasoned with salt and pepper. I heaped a cup of greens on top of a cup of the pasta mixture and sprinkled some fresh parmesan on that. It was yummy! I think it would have been even better had I sauteed the greens with some garlic and/or red pepper, but my son would have been put off, so I kept it mellow (for now :lol: )

Susan - Bookbaggers should be fun - I look forward to getting involved next year. DS doesn't play basketball, so I don't know about Purple Cow. He's kind of odd - doesn't like team sports. But he's young, it could change. Right now he's into swimming and fencing. He also likes taikwondo and has recently learned to golf. You started church? We recently joined St. Luke and are really enjoying it.

Marti -Sorry about Gabriel. It's a huge urban park in my neighborhood and I should have referred to it as Gabriel Park. It's a nice walk and I'm fortunate that I am within walking distance. Saves me $$ on a gym membership.

Squeakmouse - your post moved me as I saw myself at age 30 in your words. I think your idea of getting out and accomplishing something is a good idea and will do you a world of good. Even just getting outside for some fresh air and experience nature can elevate your mood and once you feel good about one little part of your life - it spreads to other parts like wildfire. When I was 30, I couldn't find a job in my field, I wanted a baby but couldn't get pregnant, and my marriage was on the rocks. I recognize that desolation one feels when nothing is going the way you want it to. With some hard work we turned it around... so you hang in there!

Ok this week - I'm continuing with my plan to track all my food on fitday and walk 5x. I'm down a pound. I wish it were more, but I'm feeling that ol' familiar bloating and achiness, so I'm going to hold steady until TOM comes and goes.

Have a great day everyone!

04-26-2004, 03:26 PM
Hi ladies~

Jana~I still haven't found a church that I feel at home with. I grew up baptist, but didn't always go to a babptist church. Vince is Lutheran and my oldest decided he wanted to be Catholic so that is where we go-with him. I feel kind of odd not being Catholic but the people are friendly, and accepting and Father Mike is terrific so for now we will stay there. He ususally let's everyone know when he is going to have a stand-in but we missed the Sunday before because I was too embarrassed about that fever blister, it was just gross looking. Hope you enjoy grandparents day with Mckenzie Jo.

Marti~Oh, I didn't get much done on the scrapbook. I started the one for the house and have waaay too many pictures. I need to make a trip to the scrapbook store and get those flip-top thingy's to put a lot of pictures on one page. I've got to start another one of me from a child to now to share on our get-together. Glad you and Jhanai had a nice time together and the weather was good.

Shanna~just remember, everything will fall into place for you when the time is right. Oh, but I would love to have a new puppy dog. And anytime you need to talk just remember we are here to listen. That is great you have a gym at work, that will come in handy for ya.

Susan~how did Rachel like her trip? And have you heard from Alex yet? How was church?

Hi to everyone else.

I got out this morning and played in the mud! May as well have because I got it all over me. :lol: Was feeding the roses and trying to level the ground where we planted the shrubs and pull some weeds. We are going to put a brick trim around it and fill it with mulch one of these days. Got some straightening up to do around the house and laundry, same old stuff. I may go clean my car out. It is clean , just need to armour all the vinyl. did I mention that I lost 1.5 lbs. this past WI?? Can't remember if I mentioned that. I did I think in the post that was lost. I was hoping for a bigger loss but I will take what I can get. Anywho...take care ladies and have a good day.

04-26-2004, 05:40 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Today is such a pretty day and it's a terrible thing knowing that I have homework to do!! Sheesh!! :dizzy: I just might take it outside if I feel up to tackling the cat that wants constant attention!!

Well so far I'm not booted off. I was having a difficult time just being able to get onto a thread!! So hopefully when I will go through.

RosieKate--Thanks for the clear up on Gabriel. You have a great goal for the week. Do you just do it week at a time? I think that's a great idea. After all my homeowork, I'm going to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I may wait until later in the afternoon when it's cooler. The sun is just beaming too much to be comfortable. And who wants to see me sweat so much just from a stroll?? :D How do you like fitday? I have used it many times, but I just don't like how it doesn't calculate things I made myself (such as soup) Too much. So I'm just going to journal my eating in a notebook. (just to see what went in my mouth for the day!)

Cristi--WTG on that 1.5lbs!! Better than nothing all right? Aren't you the one who had that poem for the one pound? or was it Jana? Either way I printed it out and it such a great and inspirational poem. Keeps me in mind that every little bit counts.

Hi to Shanna (I sent you an e-mail in reply to your post) Jana--Susan--Katie--Kayecee--Angie--Rita--Kathy--and whoever else I may have missed!! (my mind is drawing a blank here)

I better get off the computer and get some stuff done. So I can enjoy a walk later and the sunshine. Talk with you all later....(I'm sure I'll be back tonight!)


04-26-2004, 06:52 PM
Hiya ladies~

Just a quickie here as I probably won't be checking back till tomorrow sometime. I've got to go to therapy early, supposed to take 1 1/2-2 hours! :yikes: Then have errands to run.

Marti~:thanks: so much. Yes, it was I who posted the poem about 1 pound and it is always in the back of my mind. I know that they say more than 2 pounds a week is too fast but usually the first week of being OP a person loses a little more. But I'm not complaining because I think 1.5 is good. Now to keep up the pace.

Hoping to lose a few pounds before the trip in July. Oh, Jana, I will be deciding on a date this evening, going to discuss it with the hubby then will let ya know a definite date. Actually, I may send two in case one is better for you than the other.

You know Marti, I too tried FitDay and it was the same for me, plus the fact that it took waaaay too much time to do. It is faster for me to write what I eat and the points in my daily journal. I keep all the info I need in it.

Well, I need to get going, want to catch the early evening news before I start dinner. Hope everyone is having a nice day. Take care ladies and I'll see ya tomorrow. :)

04-26-2004, 08:41 PM
Hi again--

Well I haven't taken a walk yet and I think I'm going to hold off until later. It's so warm out that I had to turn on the A/C in my house!! Not complaining too much though. (or am I?) :dizzy:

I caught up to most of my homework. I have math to do yet. But it's just to finish up a page. And it's not due until Wednesday so I may just wait to do it during my break in school tomorrow. (what fun!) I had just finished doing a Adv. Word chapter and it's on Electronic Forms. Kind of fun.

Too bad you girls are meeting in Indiana this year........I would love to meet you so you could all say later to your hubby's "My, that Marti is something else....I don't know about her!" hee-hee.....I'm sure Shanna wonders why she's a friend of mine. Ok...I'm just teasing. I'm really a super sweet girl...honest!! As long as were not co-workers than we're ok!! (apparently I change to the mean Marti when I'm at work!) [No wonder James doesn't want me to work!]

Ok...I better get off of here.

Chat with you later

04-26-2004, 08:48 PM
Hello ladies, :wave:

Marti - if you're like me when I was a smoker, I hated to even think about field trips cause I couldn't go that long w/o a cigarette! But I am so proud of you for what all you are doing for your health! Hope you aren't still getting booted off! I haven't had any prob w/that so far. Btw, you are talking about Communion when they take the host (bread) and wine.

RosieKate - :cp:Yay for the 1 pound down!! Did you mention which program you're doing? If so, I missed that.... Mmmmm! Your recipe sounds so good! I just love anything with Parmesan on it.

Cristi - :dancer:Yay for the 1 1/2 pounds down!! That is nothing to sneeze at, missy!! It's the equivalent of 6, yes 6, sticks of butter!!! I am really looking forward to meeting you in Evansville! I could use a couple of days away from domesticity, lol.

Susan and Angie - where are you two??? :dunno:

I also use a notebook to track my points everyday. Well, it's a 3-ring binder and school paper, lol. I also keep my restaurant guide, points slider, loss record, body measurements, points range, andthe FT program in there. I made Neal promise that if I die unexpectantly he will burn it w/o looking through it, lol.

Lunch with Mackenzie was so much fun. She was in trouble when we got there for taking her shoes off and refusing to put them back on, but she apologized to the teacher and then got to help pass out stuff for the lunch. We sat on those itty bitty chairs at an itty bitty table with my knees almost wrapped around my neck, lol. I allowed 6 points for lunch and had no trouble staying within the range. Anyway, I'm so glad we went.


04-26-2004, 10:39 PM
Happy Monday!!

Glad to have the site back up!

Awesome weather today. Though a tad hot for this Oregonian- think the perfect weather is around 75*- what was it today in Portland , Katy??? I haven't seen the news- think mid 80.

I know I said Purple Cow- what a scatter brain I
When you (Katy) said you were walking in the village for a birthday present I thought of a toy store- Purple Cow.
Purple Cow though is in Astoria, should have said Thinker Toys- Joan & Ty who own the store are or have been my Rachel's basketball coaches in the past. Just thinking you might know them since you go to Thinker Toys?? Unless you were buying a present somewhere else in the village?? lol

CONGRATS to Cristi & Katy on the weight loss!!! YAY-

Shanna- hey sweetie :)........I would walk with you and go to the Astoria crab festival. Actually the festival is in Hammond , don't know why the call it Astoria- love that place!!! Funny but we never did go to the festival- cost $$$$ and we were always too
Also- I wasn't very happy where I was at 27/28 either. I was going from one marriage to another- just about to have kids- but it wasn't that perfect life- don't know if there is such a thing???? I JUST started feeling comfortable in my own skin after my last this is the first job I have applied for and held just on my own- HUGE step for me - and I am coming up on my first year and I am going full time- YAhhhhhhooo.
Takes time Shanna- also.........:) think I am a better parent now in my *later* years....Gaby keeps me hopping at 40 :)
Geez- was trying to cheer you up but think I am trying to cheer me

Just a busy day. Rachel came back with a boyfriend- Levi....*roll eyes* he lives about 14 miles away and I promised to go get him this Saturday and they can hang out over at my place- go swimmimg and do some pizza or something.He is a nice kid- but I don't call him a boyfriend- these kids are too young for this stuff.

I DIDN'T make Breakfast Club- sorry!!! I couldn't go in- so many people- next Sunday I PROMISE to actually go IN the

Oh- St Luke is right by my ex - Katy- he is real close to St Fisher also- that is where he attends. I personally go to Portland Christian- have gone there almost 2 years now -on and off. It is a huge church- hard to get to know people. I do attend a bible study on Tuesday mornings but miss out on the evening activities. It had a wonderful children ministry but Rachel & Becky go with their dad most of the time. Though the Gabster LOVES her baby time with the other lil ones!! :)

Anyway, Breakfast Club is just what they call the class for single adults-

No word from Alex since Thursday- wouldn't assume and not holding my

Ok- question Katy. I walked from Gabriel Park to West Slope Library today- think that is 2 1/2 miles at least one way?? So, 5 miles round trip?? I should clock it........what do you think??

I better get busy- I hope to be full time next Monday!


04-26-2004, 11:47 PM
Okay, so I can't stay away! :lol: :D

I am a little hyped up from a walk and needed to do something so thought I would see if anyone is on. DD and I went for a 45 mintue walk and boy was my knee hurting half way through. She asked me if I was going to make it and we laughed! I said do I have a choice? :lol: Not sure how far it was, but it sure was nice outside, and I know I will sleep good tonight. Then I practiced on my keyboard. I HAVE to learn to play it so I can get that piano! Vince bought it for me this past Christmas and our deal is if I can learn to play it I will get a piano. I have ALWAYS wanted an old upright.

:thanks: Jana and Susan! I am going to have to start thinking in terms of sticks of butter. Jana, that's what I have, a 3 ring binder with a notebook and loose paper. It holds everything in it. I also keep a different food journal that I don't record anything in other than my thoughts and how I am doing.

Marti~Suzanne said the problems may be your cookies, check it out. Of course I don't know how that could mess up if it was fine before, but you never know.

Well, this time ladies I am outta here. I am going to hit the hay in a few since I have to be up at the crack of dawn. Ooooo, I forgot I haven't filled out the 15 papers they sent. Of course half of it you cannot read so I don't know if I am going to be able to or not. They either have a bad printer or were almost out of ink. I can't believe they actually sent the papers out like that without looking at them first. Okay, later ladies.

04-27-2004, 12:07 AM
Hello again....

I'm like Critsti today...can't stay away!! (but that's me all the time isn't it?) :lol:

Well, I thought I was going to go for a walk today...but I hit the bottle of wine while we had company and I'm just not in the mood to go walking right now!! I don't think it would be a good idea anyway.

Shanna--I know you'll be coming over Saturday but I will say this. My life sucked horribley (is that spelled correctly?) until I was 28. I was miserable and awful thoughts ran through my brain. BUT......somehow through my misery..James managed to open my eyes to something better. Made me realize that I was worth something and that I have a possibility to a good life. And at 28 my life literally turned around completely. So my good friend...things in life may seem difficult and not going as the way you planned AT THE MOMENT...but give it some time. It WILL get better!! Don't lose faith!! And to me.....being in my 30's has been more memorable and meaningful than my 20's!! I feel like I finally have control over who I am and what I want. (ok....maybe I'm not sure what I really want right now.....but you know what I'm saying) Just come over Saturday and we will do some girl talk!!

Jana--Glad that you enjoyed your lunch with your granddaughter!!! How fun. As for the cigarette....I can go without for some time....(which makes me wonder why I haven't actually QUIT!) but I can see where that would be a may drive you to want one!! Quit smoking will be my next tackle to getting healthier.

Cristi--Cookies??? I thought I had that fixed way before they messed with everything. But I should go check on it. So far since I IM you, I haven't had a problem!!

Susan--The weather down here was HOT!! Very nice. I'm not sure what the temp was but I think it was in the 80's somewhere.....

Dinner and company are here so I better get going.....

Have good night and I will check in tomorrow.


da fat n da furious
04-27-2004, 02:08 AM
You guys tire me out! I feel like I haven't done anything.
I went to work,,,theater and theatre home....etc etc etc

Im tired and kinda was really stressfull today. A few cranky people will do that to a person.

I don't know what to wear to my audition. jean skirt? or long dress(black/red) with cardigan or brown on brown (funky top) or black funky pants and top?

Well need sleep....
night all

04-27-2004, 10:28 AM
Good Morning Jaded Ones!!!

Shanna - it took me awhile to get my life lined out, too. I spent way too much time going back and forth with a man who couldn't commit. I did have a pretty good job, but the rest of my life was chaos! I lived in rental places and couldn't have a pet, either. Then God sent Neal to me, and as much as I hate to say a man changed my life, he really did. He gave me respectibility, unconditional love and most of all, loved my kids like they were his own. He let me pick out a house and bought it for me and the kids before we were married even though he didn't move in it until after the wedding. And the first thing I did was get a dog - a blond cocker spaniel. And we completed his life - we were what he had been waiting for, he says. Anyway, I guess I'm trying to say that things will work out, if you just hang in there, okay? In the meantime, come here and vent all you want.

Susan - So how did things go with Levi? I'm sure DD thinks of him as a "boyfriend" whether you do or not! You can go to the Breakfast Club next Sunday if you are ready. It's good that there is such a large crowd so you can just blend in.

Cristi - we have a keyboard and piano here - come on over!! Katie is the pianist in the family - she started playing by ear when we had a piano given to us when she was 4. Hope your therapy helped you today. 1 -1 1/2 hours does seem like a long time... but I'm sure they know what they're doing. Have you got your dates for Evansville narrowed down? No rush, though, but like I said, I am looking forward to it.

Angie - whatever you wear today to the audition will be fine - just wear something you are comfortable in. People expect artists to be a little eccentric, so don't sweat it, okay? Good luck! :crossed:

Marti - well, you ol' wino!! LOL!! Hope you had fun with your company last night. About the smoking, I couldn't have done it w/o the patch. I bought a box of them and kept them in my underwear drawer for a couple of months. (I knew I was getting close to being ready) So when I was ready, I slapped one of them on, and crushed up my cigs. 17 packs of them... Honestly, if I could quit, ANYBODY can do it. I was really, really addicted and couldn't even start the car w/o first lighting up. And in case you're wondering, I only gained 11 pounds when I quit. The bulk of my weight came on after I quit work and was home all the time. Anyway, when you are ready, you'll do it.

Today I'm having lunch with 2 old friends from grade school. We went to the Catholic school and survived, lol! We're meeting in the same restaurant that has the WW points meals. Yay! I am really looking forward to this. The one friend I see often, but the other I don't.

What are you doing today?

da fat n da furious
04-27-2004, 11:20 AM
I went to bed last night and couldnt' sleep...then at about 2 am I was up again, laid there till 5, and was up again at 7....arghhhh

I want the next 2 weeks over with....the play will be done, the house thing will be done either way, and I can relax about the show. Either way again.
I have gained weight in the last 3 weeks...stress related eating? Anyways I need to get to work....I feel sun shining today...*sigh

04-27-2004, 11:21 AM
Hi ladies...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've popped on usually at least once a day, and try to read through it all and keep up, but just haven't been able to get myself to write anything.

Things have been a little rough here lately. My son came home on leave, which was great...but when he got back to his base, he called and said he probably won't be home in September. It looks like he is getting deployed in September.

If you remember, I told you my mom was having to deal with a Medicaid nightmare for my 98 year old grandmother, who was in a nursing home. My mom didn't get some required paperwork turned in on time, and Medicaid stopped paying, hasn't paid since December. Well, Grandma Mary passed away this weekend. I still have plane tickets for May 12th, because I still have to go to Montana and try to sort out the whole paperwork mess.

So, things have been a little stressful lately.

Marti, I live in Northern CA, pretty far from any beaches :) Went to the Scottish Highland Games this weekend, and it was really hot, though. We are in the mid-90's, record-breaking or record-tying temps for this time of year.

Love you guys, will try to post more later.


04-27-2004, 02:50 PM
Okay, so my therapy was cancelled, not sure why but will need to reschedule. So I went to Wal-Mart instead. I needed to get some mulch for the tree and some sprinklers since the guy is going to do the grass tomorrow, and it looks like my tree is thirsty. We opted not to put in a sprinkler system, main reason it is a bit costly. Besides I haven't had a sprinkler system in every house I have ever lived in and the grass was fine. My only concern is this is new grass and the back, seed. I think it will do fine though, hoping. :crossed:

Jana~That is so cool Katie learned to play by ear. I used to know a few songs but that was when I was a teen, many, many years ago. This one book I have it actually says that most people do learn to play by ear, and don't actually learn all the notes-we'll see. Also, that after reading his book he guarantees you will know how to play. I am dying to learn and told Vince and the kids I will be playing by Christmas this year. I just love all the Christmas music. Here's what I have come up with for dates, July 13-14 or the 20-21, and I will leave on the third day so that we have a full day to spend together. Let me know which one is better for you.

Marti~Wine sounds good, I haven't had a drink in a year, a margarita. :T Not much of a drinker myself but love margaritas and some wines. We had to break down and turn the air on two weeks ago for a few days. Of course last week with all that rain it cooled things off, back to the sweats. Now today it is supposed to get up to 82-nice. :sunny:

Angie~you need some *you* time girly, to de-stress. :) You just always have so much going on you make me feel lazy! I have enough on my plate with just keeping house and running little errands. Of course I would like a part-time job to get out of the house. Is the audition today? Well, whatever you wear I am sure will be fine and you will look nice.

Katie~(((((Hugs))))) to you and your family. :grouphug: So sorry to hear abour your grandma. Also, sorry to hear about your son.

Susan~you said you haven't heard form Alex since Thursday, are you still emailing him? Have you guys talked about just being friends or thinking that that's all you both want right now?? Sorry for being nosey, just curious.

Hi to everyone else.

Well, ladies, guess I best get on with the day even though my day started early this morning. I was up so early already straightened the house and did two loads of laundry, guess I could vacuum. I would go for a walk but really hate walking past those construction workers, save that for this evening I think. I am going to practice on the keyboard every day and after that, hmmm...not sure.

Hope everyone has a great day, take care. :)

04-27-2004, 03:07 PM
Hello All
Well, it's too darn hot here in Portland. At least mid-80s yesterday - had to get a new slip-n-slide for the kids. They will probably use it today as well. I went for a 45 min. walk around the Village today and I was already feeling the heat at 9:30 am. Glad I did it early. I waited too long yesterday and it was just too hot to face pushing the Zoomer up the hills in my neighborhood. So I bagged the walk and worked on the yard while the kids played in the water.

Susan - I know of Portland Christian Center. My son did the Young Champions track camp/vbs at Wilson last year and enjoyed it very much. My DH is a track coach, so we were happy that James had an opportunity to learn some track events at a young age. It does strike me as a very large church, but my impression is that they provide many smaller group opportunities as well. St. Luke isn't nearly as big, but it isn't tiny, either. We were received as members and the kids were baptised in January......
You know, if I recall where West Slope is correctly, you're pretty close on the mileage. I've done volkswalks in the area, so it seems right, but would be worth doublechecking because it could be more. I walk from my house (we're by Marco's) to Hillsdale library and that's just under 2 miles. So there's a frame of reference for you. We got sidetracked and didn't make it to Thinker Toys - ended up going to Target as I had to get a birthday present for MIL as well.

Christi - Way to go on your loss! Keep up the good work!

Marti - Fitday is working for me at the moment 'cause I'm on the computer more often now and it is my home page - so no getting out of it! :lol: I like the calorie breakdown. I'm trying to eat at least 15 g of dietary fiber and it just easier to get this off the computer than to try to write it down. I've done pencil and paper tracking, too. I kind of go back and forth depending on how crazy life is. I think Fitday works well if a person has a good knowledge of portions. If you are doing points or something like that, fitday definitely could be too much additional work, IMO. If I could manage to stay on the Zone 100% of the time, I wouldn't need fitday. I use parts of the Zone, but I rely on portion control and calorie tracking to keep me in line the rest of the time. I just won't give up coffee or pasta or beans n'rice, so I try to fit them in without going overboard.

Katiecat - I'm new to the board, so I don't know you yet, but please accept my condolences on the passing of your grandmother. I look forward to getting to know you as time goes on.

In other news....Stepdad needs picking up from the airport and a place to sleep tonight, so I have to clean today. DS is going to birthday party #2 after school today. It's the height of track season, which means I hardly see DH.....I've felt a little overwhelmed the last few days as there's been lots of socializing and DH is working pms and Sat. with track, so he's not around to help. After today, things should slow down a little. I need to work on not overcommitting myself....Oh well


04-27-2004, 06:51 PM
Hello everyone--

I cannot describe to you how my mouth feels right now!! Remember back in September when I had to go to the dentist because my tooth cracked and the whole front of it just broke off? And then after going in to the dentist and having him put a sealant on until I can get it fixed, the back half broke off once I got home....well that was in is now April and I still haven't had the money to go get it fixed and I'm thinking I have an abscess (sp?) that's starting to really bother me!! I don't want to think of food because it just hurts to eat sometimes. AHHHHH!!!! Soon I will be able to go in and get this fixed. James said next week he will know for sure that he is a definate employee through U.P. and we'll figure something out for finances to get it fixed. (whaaaaahhhhh!!!) :cry:

Ok....enough of my little whining.

Oh geez.....just when I get the chance to sit and yap someone is here. I best get......


04-28-2004, 01:22 AM

How are we all doing? I didn't get the chance to do my individuals earlier so here I go......

Jana--I have never tried the patch only because I don't like the marks it leaves on people....(pitiful excuse isn't it) and James says it gives him strange dreams and doesn't sleep well. I don't sleep the greatest as it is so that is another reason. I feel as though with me going to school I feel more stressed. That is the only thing that truly stresses me out in my life right, not that it's hard, just that it has alot of responsiblity to get things done....I don't like bringing home work. I will eventually quit.....I've done it before I WILL do it again.....just like losing weight...I've done it before and I AM going to do it again. BTW...I had only gained 5lbs or so when I quit the last time. So I hope that won't be an issue for me when I do quit.

Angie--Sorry you're feeling blah today. I think the sun should be out all the time (w/the rain) so our moods stay up! I hope things slow down for you long enough for you to get some "ME" time.

Katie--I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother! I send hugs your way!! And I will be thinking of your son too. I know what that must feel like...not with a son, but my baby brother was in Iraq for almost a year and it was hard. So you and your family will be in my thoughts.

Cristi--How fun to have a keyboard!! James bought himself a keyboard years ago after his car accident. He wanted something to do while he was bummed up. He managed to learn how to play Pachalbels "Cannon". And it sound I know you can do it and you'll get your piano!!!

RosieKate--I have not played on a slip-n-slide since I was a kid!! How fun for your kids. My daughter would have a blast. She has this pool that was given to her from my parents on one of her birthdays (about 2 or 3 years ago!!) and I haven't set it up yet!! This year we'll put it up! We weren't able to before because our yard was hilly and there was no flat area for it. It's been pretty hot out lately hasn't it?? Go from one extreme to the next....crazy weather.

Today I've been pretty lazy. Homework...housework...homework then laying on the couch moaning with my face buried in a pillow. Didn't do much of physical activity...which means I have to start over for the challenge!! Gosh darn it!! But when you're face just don't want to do much. (which is probably why I drank so much wine yesterday....numb me up a bit)

Alrighty...I need to post in the 21 day challenge and then head to bed. I'm tired. Pain makes you tired sometimes...any of you notice that? You all have a great day and keep your fingers crossed that I do ok on my accounting test tomorrow!!


da fat n da furious
04-28-2004, 02:01 AM
ok today was a new day...*sigh and I feel a bit more up. geesh what is up with me anyways?

Cristi, just water the beep out of the grass,,,specially in the morning at evening...
Tanner wanted a keyboard and we got it for him for his 8th birthday...he took lessons but decided he liked the trumpet more...grrr should of told us after the $$ we dished out.

Marti, put the patch on your butt. And do it mid afternoon Friday so you have the weekend to get used to it...

Katie, sorry about your grandma,,,and I hope you get the paperwork all fixed up.

Hi to everyone else!!!!

The show tonight was good. I wasn't cranky,,,always a good thing.
Work was good,,,no cranky people,,,,,always a good
Audition is tomorrow,,,going to wear long jean skirt, with a flowered funky top and if the weather holds out,,,flowered sandles,,,if not my patched looking boots,,,retro 70's ish. And a silver flowered necklace.
I ate healthy today...could of used more food,,,(protein) talked to the owner at my gym,,,which is like Curves. He also owns the big boy gym..asked him to let me have a free membership there...he said I could....darn proud of myself for doing that. But Im think that since the camera crew will be with me there. Plus I asked him to coach me along...for free...dang I was on a roll!

Well anyways thats about me in a nut shell...Im back to my happy normal self.

night all

04-28-2004, 02:48 AM
Hello to all you wonderful ladies.

Wow have I missed alot so I will try and catch up tomorrow.

Just wanted to say Cristi and Susan I got your cards today. Thankyou. Susan I love your pictures.

I haven't had a chance to read anything so I will post individuals tomorrow when I have a chance to.

Little guy came home from the babysitters with lice. Man what a lot of work trying to get everything done, and clean. I do not want anyone else to get it. :D Ok don't everyone start to itch at once. :D

Hope everyone has a great hump day.


04-28-2004, 08:48 AM
Happy Hump Day!

Angie - glad you are feeling better! Way to go on the free gym membership! So you must have gotten accepted for the show??

Katiecat - aww, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma and also about your son being deployed!

Cristi - July 13 and 14 would be fine with me! I'm looking forward to your visit and meeting you and your DD. I may bring my DD with me, too. Keep practising on that keyboard and before you know it, you'll have a piano.

RosieKate - hope you had a nice visit with your stepdad.

Marti - I never wore the patch at night but would put one on when I got up to use the bathroom about 5AM. Hope your tooth isn't hurting as much today. Are you taking any Aleve or anything for the pain? Ouch!! Canon in D was played at Mary's wedding.. how beautiful! :crossed: Here's wishing you good luck on your accounting test today.

Kathy - I have battled head lice before and it's awful! I felt all ashamed and the pharmacist said to not feel bad - it was running rampant in our area at the time, and lots of school kids were passing it around. Ours came from shared helmets at softball practice. The whole team got it. Of course we treated the whole family twice just to be sure, and I remember spraying the couch with some stuff after I swept it real good. Anyway, good luck with that! Btw, I have your b/d listed as 12/25... isn't this correct? If not, sorry I didn't send a card, too.

Today I am going to clean the house. It is so dusty because I have been running around instead of taking care of it, lol.

My lunch yesterday was so much fun! We laughed til we cried about the old days in elementary school, and the nuns. The other two women had big fancy desserts but I skipped that. Actually, I am a very slow eater, and was still working on my turkey pita and fruit when they got the desserts. It felt good to stay OP.


04-28-2004, 10:53 AM
A very good morning ladies~

I am getting an early start on the day because the grass guy is coming and I have no idea what time, wanted to be ready in case he showed up early. Of course with all the noise at the end of the street, kind of hard to sleep in.

Jana~you sound like me, I too am cleaning house today but started last night, somewhat, with cleaning the kitchen rugs and mopping the floors. Need to do the bathrooms today, dust and vacuum-exciting isn't it! :lol: Okay, so the 13th-14th it is! Can't wait! I too look forward to meeting you and yes, bring DD along if you like-I would love to meet her. Glad you had a fun lunch with your friends yesterday.

Marti~I do hope you get to feeling better. I think of all the things to have to deal with as far as pain goes, a toothache is the absolute worst! I can just about deal with anything but when it comes to a toothache or a cold where I can't breath-it is the pits. And Canon in D is a favorite of mine-I love that! I don't know if I will ever be that good but I am going to give it a good try.

Kathy~I am assuming you are talking about the Easter card??! Geez, and I mailed it early hoping you would get it early. Guess next card I better send even earlier. Sorry about the kiddo and the lice. DD got it in pre-school and I was so embarrassed 1. because she had it and 2. because I didn't know what it was. I took her to pre-school and asked them if that is lice and they said yep. It is a big pain in the booty-a lot of work involved and my head is itching! :lol:

Angie~my oldest wanted a guitar because his dad played, that was shortlived. It ended up in the closet after about a month never to be seen again. I think Vince thinks the same is going to happen with this keyboard. I think the 70'ish outfit sounds nice. I think of all the clothes from the 70's, denim skirts, boots and peasant shirts are my favs! These boots were made for walkin'...does anyone remember that song?? :lol: WTG on getting a free memebrship at the gym!

Rosiekate~hope you had a nice visit with your step-dad.

I just realized Susan hasn't posted. Hope everything is fine with you girly.

Hi to everyone else~

Guess I best be getting to work on cleaning the house. I find myself cleaning more often since we moved. There were a lot of days I didn't even make the bed! Now, the first think I do when I roll out of bed is make it. I am also more organized-just don't go in the garage! :lol: I guess it is just different when it is your house and you are not renting. Not that there is anything wrong with renting. Because I was a renter for years, especially when I was single. Funny, I didn't want the responsibility of the upkeep of a house so I rented. Anything went wrong I just called the landlord and it was taken care of. Of course I learned how to fix some things along the way. I was also fortunate to have had some good landlords. Anywho...starting to blab.

Have a wonderful hump day ladies! See ya later :wave:

04-28-2004, 11:11 AM

Just a quick post before I finish getting ready for school.

Angie--You have me wanting to go search my closet for a skirt and some boots!!! Although that would be a waste of my time since I don't own either one!! (I do have boots, but they're only ankle high) I guess I better do some shopping.

Jana--I'm glad that you enjoyed your lunch!! It's fun getting together with friends to just have lunch and do some chitchatting!! Especially old friends that you can reminisce about the good old days in school......(all my "friends" are gone, left the states..or to the hills or who knows where!!)

Kathy--I've been in your shoes with the lice a few times!! I was so irratated!! Only because the woman that babysat Jhanai at the time owns a 2nd hand clothing store for kids, and that's where she got it. I know it's a lot of work to wash all that, but sheesh!! Jhanai got it twice in 5 months!! Poor baby.....having me yank on her long beautiful hair to make sure I got it all!!

Cristi--I clean my new house more often too! Do you think that newness will eventually wear off? Actually, I tend to get more company now and so I just love having the house clean BEFORE they arrive rather than puttin around while they're here.

Ok....I think I caught up!! I'm typing pretty fast so I hope I made sense with everything. You girls all have a great rest of the day and thanks for the fingers crossed on the accounting test!!!

Hello to the rest of the Jaded Ladies!!!!

I'll check in later


04-28-2004, 02:05 PM
Today's a bit crazy... I'll try to get back to address individuals. Good visit w/ stepdad. He's from New Orleans originally and flies back yearly for a long visit with his family. He stays with us en route as we can get him to and from the airport. I could tell it was a good and bad visit. He enjoyed seeing his mother and siblings, but his daughter is very unstable and immature so that didn't happen. He did, however, get to visit two of this four bio-grandkids...even if he didn't get to see their mom.
I'm off to volunteer in my son's classroom, then home to try to get my DD to take a nap. Then DS has swimming lessons this evening...don't know when I'll get a walk in today. Last week I managed to get my 5x in, but this week isn't looking that great. Wish me luck.....

04-28-2004, 05:39 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Well...I think I did alright on my accounting test today. At least I didn't leave with the feeling of failure!! So that's always good. If I manage to pull a C out of that class I will be pleased as punch!! (ok...where did that saying come from?)

I just got a call from James...he wanted to tell me his score on one of the finals he took (he has one more and he's done testing) He sounded upset when he called because he was just going on about how mad he was and how I asked..."what was your score?" 99/100!! WHAT?! What's all the fuss about? He wanted 100/100!! That man. He ended up with the highest score in the class today. I couldn't believe it. Making me think that he failed!!! :lol:

Not much going on with me. Need to finish homework, not a lot to do. And then I need to clean up the house a bit.

My tooth isn't bothering me so much today...only because I've been eating softer foods. Scrambled eggs for breakfast and a hotdog for lunch. Didn't particularly want a hotdog but I didn't feel like making anything else. I'm hoping the pain will ease up after another day.

Well, I better hit the books. I'll check back in later.


da fat n da furious
04-28-2004, 05:53 PM
Well I just got back from the audition,,,and I can proudly say I didn't throw up on anyone there! lol I had to talk about me for 20 minutes with 3 of them asking me questions,,,very unnerving.
I have to wait two weeks now.

04-28-2004, 10:18 PM
HI! everyone just wanted to pop in and sayHI! and hope that everyone is doing good been working a lot so havent had much time to post but thinking of you all Rita

04-28-2004, 10:28 PM
Hiya ladies,

Cristi - your DDs age is right between my 2, Katie is 17 and Mary is 23. Katie is probably the one I will bring, though, if your DD is for sure coming, too. Although Mary is the one that could use the break, lol. Did the grass guy show up? I'm pretty sure the song These Boots Are Made for Walkin' was done by Nancy Sinatra in 1966. The reason I think this is because I got a pair of white go-go boots for Christmas that year, and I was in the 8th grade. I thought I was hot stuff with those boots, lol!

RosieKate - don'tcha just love volunteering in the classroom? I did that for my Katie and we both loved it. So did the teachers, lol. They have an awfully lot to do and were so appreciative of any time I donated.

Marti - YAY for James!! And I hope you get a C or better for the semester in accounting. Have you ever bought the veggie hot dogs? DON'T!!!! They taste like crap and are slimy. Not only that but they were about $3.50!! I will just count the points for a real one next time, lol. Live and learn, right?

Angie - well, at least the audition is over. Now you just gotta wait and see. But remember this - if they don't chose you, it's their loss, sweetie.

Susan - yoo-hoooooo?? Where are you??

Well, I got the house looking a lot better and the laundry all done, too. Plus I made a big pot of chili again and am going to freeze some of it for individual lunch servings.

Gotta go work on my menus and shopping list.


04-28-2004, 10:44 PM
Evening Ladies--

James & I went to visit my grandma today. I just can't believe how fast she is deteriorating! Poor thing. She told me today that she just really wants it to go faster. Breaks my heart but I can totally understand. This woman used to be so active and now she can't even get out of bed and she's in a lot of pain and discomfort. When she smiles the whole rooms smiles with her though!!

I finished my homework that I needed to get done. Electronic Forms. Anyone ever mess around with that? Kind of fun. I'm getting tired of messing with fields though....I'm ready to move onto something more fun.....(I hope there is something more fun!)

Jana--Yep...Nancy Sinatra sang that song. I love that song. I've heard many other bands remake that song.....some good, some bad.

Rita--How good to see you pop in!! Pop in more often.

Angie--Thank God you didn't throw up...but you know, they would remember you for sure if you did!! :D

I thought I would pop in myself and see whose been in. Where is Susan? Where is Kayecee?? I should be used to Kayecee being MIA with the schooling and all, but I still miss her. Heck, I'd like to see Mel and Michelle!!! Which one had the doggy daycare???

Well, I need to go scrub my face. I feel like I'm restarted puberty or something!! I'm breaking out like crazy!! Why?! I haven't changed what I eat, just less of it. And I'm keeping water down......WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!! I look like a walking target board!!

So I'm off to cleanse myself. You all have a great night.


04-29-2004, 01:25 AM
Hi everyone.

Hope everyones week is going fast so that we can get to the weekend.

Marti how close do you live to your grandma? Sorry to hear that she is not doing well. Just did our taxes. Should have sent all the information to you and you could have practiced and sent ours in for us. ;) Lucky you....You married a guy goodlooking and smart. 99/100 and hes acting like somethings wrong Wow if only I could have done that well in school.

Jana your lunch date sounded like alot of fun. I was catching up and I was reading about your lunch with your granddaughter at school...who had more fun you or her?
Do you just have 3 grandchildren? I did see some pictures of your cuties. My brother and his wife had twins in Dec. and their oldest was 14 months. Mom and Dad help them out alot by watching Kyler for them everyday.

Angie glad you got through your audition. 20 minutes improv on yourself? Well I can't wait to see you on Whose Line is it Anyway now that you are experienced! :D How do you fit everything in? Is your family into theatre also? I have :crossed: for you. I think I missed something when I was catching up. Great that you get a gym membership for free, but why will there be a camera crew with you? You shooting a movie?

Cristi yes it was your Easter card that I just received. What type of construction is going on in your neighborhood? What did the grass guy have to say? Did he talk you into a sprinkler system? I am hoping to get out into our yard and do some yard work. I would like to plant a garden this year also.

Rita do you at least get the weekend off? Hope these next 2 days go by really fast for you.

RosieKate did you manage to get you walk in today with everything else you needed to do?

Susan how is everything going for you? How are the girls doing? What is Bookbaggers? (Is that the right name?) Have you and Gaby been getting your walks in?

Hi to everyone else. I hope that the rest of the week goes fast for everyone. Can't wait until the weekend.

Have a great day tomorrow.


04-29-2004, 02:17 AM
Hi again--

I thought I would pop in once more before I head off to bed.

Kathy--Wow....full of questions tonight!! :D I live only a couple miles (if that) from my grandparents. And thanks for saying that I married a good looking guy!! I think so too!! :smug: You had some good questions for the others that I would like to know too! Like Angie.....why is the camera going to be with you at the gym????? I didn't even catch that. So fill us in!! Also, Susan...I would like to know what Bookbaggers is too. I'm just a nosey booger aren't I? Panning in on Kathy's questions!!

Anyone watch American Idol? I've been watching it, even though I keep saying that I need to stop. They finally booted off the red head. He sings ok, but for music like Frank Sinatra. Rat Pack music! Also, I've been watching the Swan....Anyone been watching that? I hear so many people dissing the whole idea...but for me, it's like, the women KNOW what they're doing and it's what THEY want to let them! I find it interesting to hear and read about people going on and on about what other people do with their lives.....why worry about it. Focus on yourself. You'd be a happier person in the long run.

Alright, I guess I better get to bed. Looks like we need to start another thread so since I'm on.....I'll go ahead and start!

Night all


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