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04-21-2004, 06:18 AM
Good morning although it sure looks like night out there! This early wake-up stuff (3:45 today) is for the birds who are just getting up now! I love the sound of robins early in the morning!

The site is still very slow for me so I've not had time to post much so WELCOME to all the new Beach Beauties! Things should be back to normal next week and I'll subject you to my blether.

Another group of workies will install our new kitchen windows today so I need to get down there and clear the decks so to speak. The Girls are going to doggie day care at 8 as there will be guys in and out from 8:30 onward and we don't need any escapes! At 9 I have a young (and strong) woman coming to help with yard work - translation: DO yardwork, once she is trained. Oh yeah! Kevin will probably be working on the patio. He didn't show yesterday as he had to repair a roof that blew apart in Monday's windstorm but he DID phone so things are improving!

I've not been on programme and am trying to relax about it. Too much is happening but things should settle down by Friday. I go to the doc tomorrow afternoon for the results of all the colon testing. It will be good to get that over with and get on with life, no matter what it has in store!

Have a super Hump Day!

04-21-2004, 08:01 AM
Good morning Chickadees~~ :coffee:

I don't mind saying...yesterday was ROUGH. I found myself wandering around the office--I should say *prowling* around, looking for anything to stuff in my mouth. But I do feel lighter this morning. I won't weigh until Monday, though.

I decided to print up a food diary so I can be accountable to myself regarding my food intake. I also put a place for water and exercise. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out where my trouble spots are and fix them. One thing I've learned; if I don't eat a substantial breakfast, I've set myself up for defeat for the rest of the day. :(

Ruth, sounds like you're going great guns on your home improvement project. Good luck with your garden trainee...just make sure she knows the difference between weeds and non-weeds! :D

HAGD on the beach everyone~~


Sweater Girl
04-21-2004, 09:29 AM
Morning All,

Day two went okay, but I am feeling so tired, is this normal? I exercise a lot too so I am thinking I might need to eat a little more. Although I know eating good fats are good for you, I am still slightly in a fat-free mindset when it comes to my food. I guess I should just let the results speak for themselves... My tummy looks less bloated so I guess that's something. I am sure I'll get into the groove of this! But my eating has been great.

Dang it, the Sens lost last night, but at least the Canadiens won on Monday so that makes me happy.

Tonic: yup! I started on Monday as well! I think I am going through Starch/Sugar withdrawl though.

Mamacita: I have started using, it is a really neat little site for journalling. My office has a kitchen where you can buy treats which is about 30 steps away from my desk.... They restocked yesterday, I resisted (they had big chocolate cookies, tons of chocolate bars, chips etc!), but I know that it can be really hard (when I buy a chocolate bar there, I tend to buy at least one more).

Ruth: Good luck with the results, it must be difficult to wait for the results. Take care!



04-21-2004, 09:34 AM
morning everyone!!!

well i got bad news yesterday, my car was terminal!!! the transmission is going and they want upwards of $1500 to fix it yikes!!! before i had the time to pout about it dh took the bull by the horns so to speak went to the dealership picked out a new chevy impala went to the bank got the financing etc. he was going to totally surprise me at work with a new car. he was a little worried about spending that kind of money without talking to me first tho so he called me at work, told me how much the payment would be (since i do all the bills he wanted to be sure we could afford it) i gave my very emphatic YES and he signed the deal!!! this is so not like DH, he usually stalls, takes his time, looks around etc. i am so impressed that he did this for me i can't even describe it!! all he had to say about it was "i'm sick of fixing cars"

so even though yesterday was not a good food day so to speak it was a wonderful relationship day, not because he bought the car but just because he took care of me. does that make sense?

ruth teach your gardengirl right!!

mama i like the idea of a food diary, good luck with it. sometimes it just helps to see it in black and white.

to all you other beach beauties have a great day on the beach!!!

04-21-2004, 10:18 AM
Mornin, Gals. I'm a bit distraught this morning. On my way to work, I see two dogs out and about. I looked in my rear view to see if their owner was around, and didn't see anyone, so I turned around, and got out to talk to the dogs. They were just as sweet as can be, but didn't have any tags on their collars. Then they just decided I was boring because they couldn't pee on me or eat me, so they took off. There were a bunch of kids going to their bus stop so I asked them if they had ever seen them, and they hadn't. I'm so worried about them. I was ready to wrangle them into my car and put them in the basement until I got home and could go knocking on doors. :( I hope they're OK....

I HATE irresponsible pet owners!! You can get a name tag FOR FREE from the back of the biscuit boxes.... :?: WHY? arg...

Ok, I'm done. At least my frumpiness hasn't turned into eating away my sorrow for dogs... I'm such a wierdo.

Ruth- GO BACK TO SLEEP!! I don't really think 3:45 exists... I think it's made up, like WYoming. I don't think Wyoming really exists, either... :lol: Good luck on the results. We're praying for ya!

Mama- I tell you, the food diary keeps you so honest. When you sit down and eat, you know you have to answer to the journal directly afterward, and it keeps you clean, so to speak. Good luck with it! Let us know how it goes.

Sweater- Hang in there! You'll do great!

Jodi- I could not be more jealous. I fear the next time my old clunker has to go in will be it's last, and I don't think Jorge would go out an get a new one!! What a great guy... Not even the material part, just the sentiment!!

Have a great day, ladies

04-21-2004, 10:52 AM
Crystalcity-Yep, Wyoming does exist. Been there. Jackson Hole is so beautiful. Last summer had to drive through the entire state to head toward Tennessee to see two of our kids. Wyoming went on forever.....there's two parts to Wyoming.....(besides Jackson) Barren and Desolate.

Mamacita-good luck on the test results.........sending prayers your way.

Well, listening to birds at 0-dark-thirty sounds like someone who enjoys no sleep.....

Well, I've done OK with the program. My weakness is nuts. Everyday I say I'm not going to have any....and then I do. I think my weight loss wouldn't stall if I didn't have them, but I have given up so much I hate to do that too. They really hit the spot for me. Didn't drink as much water yesterday, but today I'll get my 2 liters in.

Hope everyone has a great OP day!

04-21-2004, 11:30 AM
Good Morning.....I guess....the day didn't start out too good. I got up at 5:20a.m. to drive the 5 miles to town to go to aerobics class, like I do every Wednesday and Friday, and when I got there someone had overslept and the wellness center I go to wasn't open. :mad: About 15 of us were standing out in the parking lot trying to get ahold of the manager. After about 20 minutes, I drove back home. My treadmill at home is on the blink, so no exercise this morning, and if I don't get it done early in the morning is isn't going to happen.

Hopefully the rest of today will be a little better. Had a healthy breakfast and a cup of coffee, so I should be good to go.

04-21-2004, 12:46 PM
Hi all
I am struggling a bit here. Wanting to eat eat eat, and giving in to it I am afraid. Still, the good times would be unnoticable without the bad. :(

04-21-2004, 12:48 PM
Hang in there, Clovey. Go to your allotment, deep breaths, you'll do alright!! LOTS OF WATER.

04-21-2004, 01:38 PM
Ugh.. why is that day 3 of anything is always so hard?? Day 3 on SBD here.. trying to make it through the day.

Sweatergirl - I feel really tired today too.. so its probably day 3 normalness.