South Beach Diet - kinda late but gonna introduce myself anyways lol :)

04-21-2004, 01:36 AM
Hi everyone,
Well I started SB just this week and in my excitement i never properly introduced myself. My name is cheryl and I currently weigh 154 (155 yesterday, lol) and since I'm only 5'1 I really wanna lose about 30 lbs. I lost around 15 pounds (got down to 138) on weight watchers a couple years ago. But then eventually i just stopped counting points and got lax about the whole thing and eventually quit the program. It didn't help that i started WW at home in the summer and then had to move back to university where i didn't rejoin a new group.

I didn't start to gain a lot of weight until i moved back home after i graduated. Lack of walking really contributed. but the worst is that my bf lives in sweden (i'm from canada) and i visit him for a month at a time and we are just the worst together! no working out and we just eat yummy stuff all the time. so everytime i go there, i gain about 5 to 8 pounds. lose maybe 3 pounds by the next time i got back and through that I've gained around 15 lbs since graduation (one and half year i think).

learned about SB on the same website i learned about this forum which is makeupalley. never though low carbs could do it for me but i came to the realization that if i wanna see a real change in my body, i'm gonna have to make real changes to my eating habits. what attracts me to SB is that you aren't banned carbs for life. a main reason i never tried atkins. i'm still on phase 1 but hope to make it through successfully. hope phase 2 will be ok.

thanks to everyone for their help so far. everyone is so sweet!

cheryl :)

04-21-2004, 08:55 AM
Hi again, Cheryl! :wave:

04-21-2004, 09:18 AM
nice to meet you cheryl!!! welcome!!