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04-20-2004, 05:03 PM
Hi Everyone,

My name is Trish and Iím 26 years old and currently trying to conceive my third child with my new husband as of April 1st, 2004. We already have two children from prior marriages- I have a DD who is 4 and my DH has a DS who is 8. Right now, the plan is if we donít conceive this month, we are taking a year break in order for me to lose weight, for us to save more money, and because we are moving into our own house in September.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone is looking to lose weight before becoming pregnant? Iím currently 164 pounds and would like to weight (ideally) 130 when I become pregnant. Iím working out and cutting my caloric intake, but not on any specific Ďplaní. I think it would be great if we could get a buddy group going, so please- come join me :)

04-21-2004, 02:27 PM
Hi Trish,

I was wondering if I could be part of your group. I am not trying to conceive yet, but I want more than to have children and that is one of my motivating factors for losing weight... I want to be fit when I am ready to conceive...

The ideal weight for my height (5'10.5") is like 160# and I am currently 214.2# so I have a long way to go so I figured I better start now...

04-21-2004, 04:28 PM
Welcome, Jen :)

Of course, you can join! This Group is pretty exclusive- there's only two of us right now :lol: Hopefully more people will join us!

Having a child (whether your first or your third) can definitely be a motivating factor for losing weight- I know that being heavier and pregnant is rough since I ran about 225 full-term with my daughter and it was just hard.

What's your plans for losing weight? I'm really lenient right now- I'm just journaling at and working 40 minutes a day on my elliptical machine. I'm hoping it will start me in the right direction!

04-21-2004, 05:39 PM
So I decided to grab some snacks to eat on my short drive back to work and I grabbed 4 mini Reece's Peanutbutter cups- yeah, not healthy, but all I had for a snack in my house (Easter candy). OMG- those little devils are around 35 calories a piece :devil:

Well, at least for dinner tonight, I'm having a veggie sub. Yummm :)

04-21-2004, 08:20 PM
Hey Trish-

I tried to reply earlier and I got this whole long message typed and bam - gone :mad: So here goes again...

As far as a diet goes, I'm subscribing to a professional plan or anything. I'm just watching what I eat and trying to make healthier choices. I am staying away from sweets and writing everything I eat down in a notebook I take with me just about everywhere. I am also drinking about 50 fl. oz. of water a day now versus the average of 0 I used to drink :lol: so I think I'm doing good on that one :smug:

For exercise I go to Curves 3-4 times a week and I'm doing good so far... I have never gone less than 3 times in a week. I also go for walks with my bf when we get the chance. Like Monday we went to the Jetty and walked because it was beautiful out :)

I want to join your 'group' because everyone seems to think Tim is 'the one' and I hope they are right. ;) They all hear wedding bells in the near future and I know I won't want to wait to start a family once I am married because I've been waiting for that since I was like 6 :lol: So I guess I have 2 motivating factors right there... Looking good in a wedding dress and then not having to wait to have kids once I've worn that dress ;)

People think it is silly to lose wait before you get pregnant, but like you said being heavy when you are pg can make it harder...It can also make you more likely to have complications such as gestational diabetes...Not to mention that if I'm already in an exercise routine than it will be easier to lose post-baby weight...So as you can see I am thinking ahead :D

Oh and as far as the candy goes... don't dwell on it too much...I had a spoonful of peanut for breakfast :lol: Sometimes you just have to go with what you got... The veggie sub will make up for it though ;)

04-21-2004, 10:51 PM
Well, the computer just treated me like it treated you :( Wrote a long post and CRASH- it was gone.

I have heard great things about Curves. My problem is I never know when I can exercise due to my husband's odd work schedule. So instead, he just bought me an elliptical machine from Walmart. I guess I HAVE to work out now- that dumb machine wasn't cheap! It's kinda fun to work out on it and watch television though- I watch 'That 70's Show' while working out, hehe.

Anyways, you have a great attitude about losing weight, Jenn! I think we can do this together!

04-22-2004, 11:01 AM
:wave: Thanks Trish! We can definitely do this together...having someone else to answer to makes you think twice about skipping the gym or eating that chocolate, etc. :nono:

:idea: Right now I am making a little "chart" for myself on the inside cover of my food/exercise journal. It says "Pounds Down" at the top and there are 50 stars so I can color one in for every pound I lose :D This way I have a visual to keep track of how I'm doing.... Like a little kids get stars on their 'chore charts' maybe I'll even give myself a reward after every 10 stars or something... :gift: Maybe make it Tim's job to come up with a 'prize' or something for getting 10 ;) I like to get creative, so I thought this would be a good little activity for me....

How are you doing with your eliptical machine? Have you gone on a 'diet' too or sticking with just the exercise for now?

04-22-2004, 11:43 AM
Right now, I'm trying to eat 'healthier' and smaller meals. I have a major problem with just overeating- if someone gives me a huge portion, I will eat that huge portion, darnit! So I'm taking baby steps- if we eat out, I'm trying NOT to clean my plate and only eat until I'm full- I'm also leaving my leftovers (because I usually bring them home and eat them THAT VERY night! *shameful*). So I'm just trying to eat right rather then go on a real 'diet' per se.

I really like the elliptical machine- can definitely feel the workout!

04-22-2004, 12:20 PM
That's exactly what I am doing - making healthier choices and eatting less...I think if I was to follow a specific diet I might give up because I am a very picky eatter and the things you can't eat sometimes go to extremes...I think this is working for me though...I'm not dropping weight super-fast, but I have lost 5# since the 9th :cool:

It's awesome that you enjoy your workouts because that is key....I joined Curves because my mom goes there and because I knew if I was paying for it, I'd go... I'm cheap when it comes to spending money on myself so I have to make it worth it :lol:

04-22-2004, 06:34 PM
How's your day going, Jenn? I'm trying to avoid the cheesecake in our work's fridge. Hah- I brought it here so I wouldn't eat it at home, but now it's calling me! And at a heft 370 calories for an itty bitty sliver! I'm trying not to give in! How's your day?

04-22-2004, 09:43 PM
My day is going well for the most part... I went to the gym after work and I didn't eat anything bad for me all day (woohoo!). I even went to my mom's psychologist with her to talk about my anxiety or whatever and he was really nice....

Unfortunately I am waiting and worrying at the moment though... Tim's car broke a belt on his way home and he is trying to make it here... Why are men so stubborn?:dunno: I just hope he can make is without overheatting :crossed:

You know, I did the same thing as far as bringing stuff to work so other people could eat it.... Last week my mom made me brownies, which was sweet, but do I need to be having brownies, no...I brought them in and passed them off on everyone else... Resist the cheesecake...I know you can do it!!!!

Hope your day went well...look forward to hearing from you soon ;)

04-22-2004, 10:08 PM
I DID manage to resist the evil temptation of the cheesecake! I'm so proud of myself! I know men- my DH had a wicked sinus headache last night that was making him dizzy and fuzzing up his vision, but did he ask to come home? (He was working the late shift) Nooooooooooooooo- he said he was already there, so he might as well stay. Made me so mad! If you honestly feel THAT bad, you might as well come home, ya know?

Well, I just did my 40 minutes on my elliptical machine so now it's off to the showers :) Taking a long shower is one of the best parts of my day :D

04-23-2004, 09:22 AM
Way to go Trish! You resisted the :devil: of junk foods - cheesecake - and came home and did 40 minutes of exercise to boot! Great job! I'm definitely proud of you! :D

Tim actually made it to the garage last night without his car dying...he said he should have played the least he had a sense of humor about the whole thing...

We went to Friendly's when I picked him up and I got a tuna sandwich, no fries, and the best part is that I wasn't even tempted to steal one of Tim's fries and we left without even thinking about I'd say yesterday was a success...

Today is starting slow as I am battling the rainy day blahs....But nonetheless it is Friday...WOOOHOOO! The weekend beckons...Stay dry and I hope your day is going/goes well. :rain:

04-23-2004, 10:08 AM
I'm in Vegas- unfortunately, it is ALWAYS dry here, heh :(

04-23-2004, 11:24 AM
Ahhh...I am about 45 minutes south of Boston....We get all the weather here... Crazy weather sometimes... Like April Fools' Day Blizzards and such :dizzy:

04-23-2004, 12:00 PM
Heh- I was married this April Fool's Day and then spent a week at Walt Disney World :D

How's your morning going? I had a Nouriche Light Peach yogurt drink-thingy. I don't recommend that flavor- uck!

04-23-2004, 02:05 PM
Coolbeans...I've never been to Disney World, but that is such a cute place to go for a honeymoon...

My morning is kinda dragging...but I am talking to an old friend who moved to England and playing Made it my weight now and then a little less at a time until i had it at 165....and seeing that picture is motivation to reach my goal...I have never been that thin and I bet it would feel so great to be.... (The best part of me playing with these websites is I'm at work :lol: )

Thanks for the advice about the Nouriche....I don't really like too much oeach stuff anyhow...My breakfast was not really a breakfast at all....I had a can of regular coke :( I know that's bad, but I had to settle my stomach and at the same time I needed more than water....Lunch was better, 1/2 a turkey wrap...Hope you lunch is better than your breakfast too.

04-23-2004, 05:33 PM
Hey Jenn,

What do you have for snacks? I am always munchy now- today, I'm having reduced fat Wheat Thins, but I'm afraid I may eat the whole box :(

04-23-2004, 06:29 PM
Since I started eating better, I really don't usually have snacks.... If and when I do have something it is usually after work because I don't eat dinner until like 8:00PM when Tim gets home...I've had a banana a few times and a handful of cereal. My way of stopping myself from having move than a handful is to take a handful out and put the box away so I do not feel tempted to stick my hand back in the box (Hard to do that when the box is away ;) ) Good luck fighting the munchies!

04-24-2004, 12:16 PM
Just wanted to post you a quick update... I went to the gym this morning and weighed in... And I'm down another pound! Woohoo! I'm inching toward 'onederland'.... Looking forward to getting an update from you!

04-24-2004, 12:30 PM
YAYAYAYAY!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Me- I want to be in bed, but I found out yesterday that a good friend of mine lost one of her furbabies and I just can't sleep. I feel so bad for her that my stomach is twisted in knots- can ya tell I'm an animal person? Sigh.

Otherwise, I worked out last night for 40 minutes, but I did take my ONE cheat for the week (I'm allowing myself to break the 1750 calories once a week) by going to IHOP. And sadly, I ordered the steak skillet. BUT it looked so much better in my mind then on the plate that I didn't eat as much of it as usual- so I'm really proud of that fact :) I think that will start to become the norm- you start envisioning how good something is, when really- it isn't all that good! It's just the fact that I shouldn't have ate it, ya know?

Anyways, today, I'm back on track. I wish I could be as good about snacks as you, so instead we stocked up on rice cakes and low cal snacks last night while we were shopping. I really wish coconut (fresh) was lower in calories and fat- it's so good.

Well, let me know how your day is going out there. I'm so proud of you losing that pound!

04-24-2004, 03:25 PM
Thanks Trish! I have to say I was pround of me too because the girl at the gym asked me how much I've lost so far because she said "she could see it in my face"...and she wanted to know what I was doing to lose weight... That made my 8.5# seem like so much more! :D

BTW, I am so sorry about your friend's furbaby....I hope she's not taking it too hard :(

As far as the snacks go, I wouldn't feel bad because you are eating stuff that is good for you.... I LOVE popcorn flavored rice cakes and I could eat them every day even if I wasn't trying to lose weight...Just writing that I want to go get some... Mmmmmmm ;)

I've been thinking about trying to do that Special K challenge...I've never tried that cereal though but I love Harmony and the vanilla almond Special K seems like it might taste like that...My mom told me that maybe I should try just doing my own version and do a "Harmony Challenge".... When I go to the store I may compare the two cereals and see if they are close enough in nutrition facts....Have you every had Special K? If so do you like it/would you ever try that challenge?

I totally know what you are saying about something looking so good in your head and not turning out to be that good... Yesterday I got a wrap from lunch and I was looking forward to it until I actually had it...I only ate half....I guess I just wasn't in the mood for it...I also noticed that when I go out and Tim has fries and I don't, I don't even want to take them from him... and I used to say to him all the time "I want ice cream" and be serious and the other day I said it to him just as a joke and I realized that it really was a joke, because I actually DIDN'T want it....

I think I look forward to coloring stars too much... plus I have made a virtual model and I printed pictures of me now and what I will be at goal (165)... I use the skinny picture to keep me out of the fridge and I have the a small one of both in my journal so I can see every time I go to eat something...It helps remind me why I want to make the healthier choice....

Well I'm out to enjoy the day....Hope your day is going well so far....

04-24-2004, 03:37 PM
I really LOVE Special K :) I mean, it's no Coco Pebbles, hehe, but it's really a good cereal! The one I don't like that's like Special K is Smart Start. I've tried doing the Special K challenge, but I get too bored because you have to have it for breakfast AND lunch. Yeah- it's okay because now you've got me wanting a big bowl of Special K :)

04-26-2004, 09:36 AM
Woohoo I can finally get back in here....I haven't been able to access the message boards since I posted my last message... I think I was started to go through withdrawals.... :lol:

I decided not to do the Special K Challenge, at least not with Special K since I have never tried it and I am a PICKY eater. Instead I got 2 boxes LIFE cereal(Cinnamon and the new Graham one) and measure it all out in servings... LIFE and Special K are actually quite similar in nutritional value... I couldn't do Harmony because I couldn't find it :(

So this morning I started my day off with a carefully measure breakfast of 3/4 cup of Life in 1/2 of Skim Milk with 1/2 a banana. And Lunch with be the same....I am hoping that by having the 2 different flavors, it won't be quite as boring.... ;)

The weekend went well...we had my dad's birthday party yesterday and while I was waiting for everyone to arrive, Tim and I went for a walk because I coudn't just sit there...which is unlike me, but in a good way....Today it is raining again :rain: and it may not be done until Wednesday :rolleyes: Maybe we could trade weather for a while....

Well I hope your weekend went well and that your week starts off on the right foot.... :coffee:

04-26-2004, 09:58 PM
Hi Jenn :)

I've had a great start to my week- today has been pretty smashing when it comes to eating right :) I just had two grilled (like Foreman grilled so it removes the fat) small hamburger patties on a bed of white rice for dinner and surprisingly, I'm not starving! LOL! I'm glad your weekend went well :D

04-26-2004, 10:56 PM
ARGH. Wooh. That 40 minutes of working out almost kicked my butt today!

04-27-2004, 10:17 AM
WOO HOO :) I'm on the edge of the world today!!! Well... I'm actually at 160 pounds, so the edge of the 150s- but I'm sooo excited :D

04-27-2004, 11:51 AM
Well look at you go! Eating right, having a good Monday and now you at 160! That's so great, congratulations! :bravo: :cp:

I went to the gym last night and got my sister to go for once...she's slacked off for a while,but now she's trying to get back into the swing of things...unfortunately Monday is the only day I can be her motivation because we work opposing schedules the rest of the week. I was just proud of myself that I went even though I've been exhausted lately...

I am going to try to make myself go 4 times this week so I can hopefully get to 210 by this weekend so I be on track for my "onederland" goal :crossed:

Congratulations again!!! :D

04-27-2004, 11:39 PM
Great job at going to the gym! That's why we bough the whatchamacallit machine- um elliptical- because I just cannot motivate myself to drive to the gym and drive home, plus shower there. UGH. LOL. Of course, after working all day and trying to go to college at night- I don't have too much extra time to spend driving! That's why I'm always in awe of the people who actually GO to the gym- I think it shows great stamina and respect for oneself!

This morning, we ordered breakfast on the company, which happens a lot where I work. It's a small family-run business (no, I'm NOT in that family- thank goodness!) that is branching out. Anyways, they ordered from Blueberry Hill. I loooooooooooooove their pancake breakfasts as well as their salads, but the problem is- the salads are always so BIG and well *blush* I can't stop eating them until they are ALL gone. So instead I had their 'calorie counter' which is a small grilled chicken breast and a scoop of cottage cheese. I was pretty proud of myself- OMG- even more proud of myself that I actually FORGOT until just now that I have half of it left in the fridge! I ALWAYS order something with the intent on saving part of it for later then 20 minutes later, I'm scarfing it down. So I'm really shocked that I didn't remember I had that food in the fridge during the afternoon- yeah :)

Otherwise, I worked out tonight. Am so tired when I do it, but afterwards- it's like YEAH- I did it.

Come on, Jenn- you're almost to your 'onederful' state! I know you can do it :)

04-28-2004, 09:45 AM
Wow you are really going full-tilt into the healthy eatting...passing up the food that you love but know cases you to over-eat for the healthier choice....I, on the other hand, went to Taco Bell with Tim last night...I had 3 soft taco :o but then when I entered them into my fitday thing, I realized that other than the sodium I was okay....I only had 1237 calories yesterday including the taco bell, so I guess I can't be too mad at myself ;)

Last night I didn't feel like going to the gym so I decided to do an exercise tape instead...I did the "Bellydance - Fitness for Beginners: Hips, Buns & Thighs" video...It didn't feel like I was doing too much, but I was all sweaty, so it must have been doing something, but it was definitely a change from the gym. :lol: Tonight I will go to the gym though (I should have tried to get up early and gone this morning so I'd be awake now)

Keep up the great work! As Tim said, we are "kicking this thing in the butt with both feet!" :lol:

04-28-2004, 10:16 AM
Woo woo ;) A belly dancing video! Hey, the three soft tacos probably were sooo tasty and they can't be too high in calories! On Monday, I tried to order a Low Carby from Arby's (right they are supposed to have them) and I wanted the beef and cheese- Arby's site said they were 150 calories, so I wanted two. Well, my poor coworker calls me via the cell because the idiot in the drive thru doesn't know what she's talking about! She's like, "I'll just get you a regular beef and cheese" (or whatever it's called). I looked that up after- that was OVER 500 calories for ONE sandwich. So I split it in half and gave the other half to my hubby when I came home at lunch. Made me so mad though, LOL!

Keep up the good work! I'll check back in later today :)

04-28-2004, 11:33 AM
I'm not the most coordinated person either so that's why I had to do it when Tim wasn't home...I didn't want to give him any reason to :lol3: at me...

Anyways I know how you feel about the websites listing stuff they don't actually have....The TB site lists chicken tacos and the TBs around here don't have them...I wouldn't feel too bad about have 500 cal in one meal because my dinner was like 600 cal :eating2: and it still worked out to be a good day calorie-wise....and water-wise too since I had like 85 fl. oz. throughout the day....and I had to get up at 2:30AM because of it LOL...

Good for you for not having the whole sandwich though since you planned on less calories...It stinks when you have your heart set on something and then you have to settle for less... You must have been "Lady Willpower" ;)

04-28-2004, 12:36 PM
Hehehe- I was cursing away when I found out how much that sandwich was in calories! Cuz I usually would eat a good 2 (at least) of them without a problem!

04-28-2004, 01:25 PM
I'd be cursing too if I found that out and it ruined me being able to eat something I enjoy.... But then again I was mad that eating chocolate wasn't allowed on a diet...:rofl:

04-28-2004, 02:01 PM
LOL- THAT's why I'm not on a diet ;) I'm just eating better and letting myself have a few SMALL sweet things a day- like a Rice Krispy Treat (90 calories) or a PIECE of chocolate (30-40 calories)- but it no longer consists of a FULL BINGE. :)

04-28-2004, 04:47 PM
I'm not really on a diet either....I just am trying to control what I eat and therefore I stay away from chocolate for the most part....I decided that I want the greater satisfaction of feeling good about myself versus feeling good about what's in my mouth...

I'm afraid that if I ate a piece of chocolate, I'll go overboard and I definitely don't want that to I only ate it when I'm with Tim, so he can be my willpower if I don't have any ;)

04-28-2004, 05:21 PM
Hey- that's a good idea! My DH is persistent about WANTING me to eat junk- just because he knoooooooooows I love it so much! But he doesn't realize I'll love the end result of NOT eating a bunch of junk so much more! But he's doing real well at cooking me good dinners and making my portion sizes smaller then what they used to be. I really, really appreciate that fact.

04-28-2004, 08:17 PM
I know - it makes a big difference when you have someone in your corner gunning for your success... I asked Tim to help me stick to a few rules I made for only having ice cream once a week... and he's been great about it and it's gotten to the point where I don't even ask for it... :D

My mom told her psychologist that Tim would "lick 6 miles worth of dirt if it would make me happy"....which just goes to show how much other people can see his commitment...This isn't the first time I tried to lose weight while I had a boyfriend, but this is the first time I have a said he is my willpower when I need him to be...

Anywho, I think I am going to relax for a little bit because I went to the gym after work and then came home and did my bellydance DVD again...Now that I'm all showered up I feel like having some me time...Have a great night!

04-28-2004, 09:42 PM
Wow, you did a ton of work today! What do you do for work-work?

I just found a great snack! It's Quaker Oats Quakes Potato Stix- they are only 110 calories for 31 of them and a total of 4 grams of fat! The flavor I've got them in is Chili Cheese and they are soooo good :) I'm pretty surprised- I've got enough calories left today to have a medium steak and veggies for dinner :) Can't wait!

04-29-2004, 09:33 AM
I am an administrative assistant at a paper recycling company...I don't enjoy it, but I work with my sister and get little extras like tickets to the Redsox and the Patriots, a turkey at Thanksgiving and a Christmas bonus, so they make it worth it ;)

I have never tried the Quakes Potato Stix but my snack this week has been Quakes Caramel Popcorn Mini Rice-Cake type things...mmmmm....I have a serving after work to hold me over until I can have dinner with Tim at like 8:00PM...They are 60 calories and so worth it :D

I bet that steak was great...I don't eat steak but once in a blue a matter of fact I think I've only had it once since the year started...I don't like to order it at restaurants because I like it well done and it never comes out that way... I had soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, so I'm sure your dinner was much better....

Hope you had a great night!

04-29-2004, 10:21 AM
Hey, your job perks sound a lot like mine! LOL! And I don't particularly like my job- Customer Service at a food supplement place either :) But you are right- bonuses, nice treatments (we went out to a nice restaurant and to see the Cirque de Soleil show, Mystere, last month) definitely keep me from going anywhere! Well, hope your day is off to a good start!

04-29-2004, 12:34 PM
Cirque de Soleil, huh? That's definitely cool... I'm at work right now and I'm not doing anything other than reading posts...slow day in the paper industry...but I'm not complaining because I'm getting paid to do nothing more than sit on my butt and surf the net at the moment... :lol: Though it seems like I'm wasting my time by being here sometimes when it's like this...All I can think about is how if I was home I could do my laundry or something... :dizzy: It's almost lunch time though so I have a day and a half left before the freedom of the weekend...WOO-HOO! Not that I'm counting down or anything :lol:

04-29-2004, 03:28 PM
Ugh- I feel bloated today :( *cry* That's always a sucky feeling! No matter how thin you are, you always feel FAT when you are bloated :S

04-29-2004, 04:56 PM
I don't know what it feels like to be thin, but I'm not huge either and when I am bloated I feel like a :sumo: so I hope you started to feel better soon... I hate that feeling...

04-29-2004, 06:23 PM
Well, I guess today won't be my best day. I had a Lean Gourmet Mac and Cheese for lunch, but then my work ordered lunch and I shamefully ordered too :( So I ALSO had 5 chicken wings and fries- bad, bad, bad. Well, no snacks for me today! And for dinner- boiled veggies!

04-30-2004, 09:58 AM
Tim's computer is having issues so I couldn't reply last night... he's going to try to fix it today so I won't go through "3FC withdrawal" over the weekend....He is such a goofball...

It's okay that you ate twice at lunch because you had veggies for dinner and today you'll get back on track, won't you? Yesterday I thought I was bad because I was in the mood for roastbeef and gravy, which is really random for me, so I go one of those Tyson things planning to just have part of that for dinner.... well it was nothing like I had hoped, so I ate what I could stand of it and then had a banana and I was still munchy, so I had a slice of cheese with some peanut butter on it...When I entered it all into my fitday this morning, I was only at 998 calories for the sometimes things aren't as bad as they seem....

I am however feeling a bit disappointed this morning though...I went to the gym at 6 am and I weighed myself while I was there....still at 212....and I thought I was doing so good this week....I didn't have any junk food snacks and I exercised every day....I think I will eat a lighter dinner tonight and weigh myself again tomorrow morning at the gym if I go....the scale at home said 210, so I was hopeful, now I'm kinda bummed...

Hope your day started on a happier note!

04-30-2004, 06:26 PM
Hmm, thought I already posted this! We're going camping this weekend in Utah, so I won't be able to work out :( BUT I'm real proud of actually working out last night- I spent most of the evening cleaning the house (I'm a stickler on returning to a CLEAN house when I go on trips!) and I didn't want to work out. At all. But I did :)

04-30-2004, 08:38 PM
Hi Trish and Jen!

I just found this thread today and thought it was a GREAT idea!! Trish, you and I have SO much in common! My husband and I are trying to conceive (we got married in October last year) and I really want to get to a healthier weight (and get better eating habits) before I get pregnant. I work in the OB-GYN field, so I know only too well what I should be doing. I also have an elliptical cross trainer, which I love.

I have been watching calories, trying to stay under 1600 and trying to get in 64 oz of water a day. I go through exercise phases. Right now I am walking in the mornings, and there is a yoga video I really like to do.

My weakness is at work. We order lunch all the time, and my willpower is terrible some days. I have the same finish-everything-that's-in-front-of-you approach, so large portions just kill me! I've been doing more Healthy Choice dinners since they have portion control. I've finally figured out how to snack better, too - when I leave for work in the morning I measure out one serving of soy nuts (they are SO yummy!) or peanuts, and put it in tupperware. Then at work when I'm starving I have the one serving and no more. It keeps me full longer than carbs tend to.

Well, enough about me! Nice to meet you :D


SW 167 / CW 160 / GW 135

05-02-2004, 08:35 PM
Hi Jessica :)

Sorry it took me so long to respond! We were camping this weekend :)

Your work sounds EXACTLY like mine! Except I always have a skinny-mini coworker who tells me, "GET SOMETHING" when we order lunch. Heh- I tell her if I was HER size, it'd be easy to eat whatever I wanted :) But then, she can eat a kid's meal and be full!

AF started this weekend too- so I'm not stepping onto a scale. I haven't ate that well while camping, but figured with the hiking, I'd even out. BUT today, I came home to really sad news...

As my signature notes, I have some exotic furkids- some of them are my sugargliders. Well, I had a baby glider, named Silvan, and his damn dad killed him this weekend. I was bawling like a baby this morning when we got home. At this moment, I feel like eating anything- when bad things happen, my resolve just melts away. Sigh.

Anyways, we are so glad to have you, Jessica! Oh, what do you do in the OB/GYN field? I'm going to college to become an ultrasound tech :)

And Jenn- how's your weekend going? Keeping up the good work? You probably are- you always motivate me!

05-03-2004, 09:29 AM
:wave: Hi Jessica, welcome to our exclusive little group! ;)

I wasn't away for the weekend, but Tim's computer is still acting up since he didn't get to finish fixing it on Friday, so I was bummed that I couldn't get here to chat...

Trish, I'm so sorry about your furbaby, I think I kind of know how you feel...This weekend I realized that I will probably never see my baby again and it made me sad...See my ex-bf has Dusty, my DLH cat, since I couldn't bring him home when I moved and he was going to be taking pictures and sending me updates and I was going to be getting him back as soon as I could find a place....well I hung up on my ex last Saturday and haven't talked to him since because he was treating me like crap and since I'm not with him I don't need to take that anymore...BUT not talking to him means no pictures and probably no getting Dusty back :( So I can sympathize with you....

I did keep on track most of the weekend though...I had a chicken caesar salad on Friday night (I LOVE those) and then went to the gym on Saturday morning....I weighed myself again out of curiousity and I was down .8#...not as much as I was hoping for, but down any is still good, right?

I didn't workout Sunday because I figured six days in a row was good enough :strong: And I ate well most of Sunday and all of Saturday even kept my water intake up this weekend....But then I was talking to Tim about how I didn't care that I was not talking to Scott(my-ex-bf) anymore...and that's when the realization about Dusty hit me....And I got upset and had was the fat-free kind, but I definitely ate more than 1/2c. :o
It was good, tasted like a fudgicle...but it couldn't fill the void....

So I'm sorry if I wasn't that motivating this weekend... I will probably be going to the gym with my sister this afternoon and I will stay on more ice cream....SO I can start motivating you again :goodvibes

05-03-2004, 09:51 AM
Aww, I'm sorry about Dusty :( That would upset me too...

Well, today, I'm going to be back on track. I've got stupid cramps right now- aaargh. LOL. Hate AF, but I'm going to be eating right again as of NOW :) Hope you two have a good Monday morning out there!

05-03-2004, 10:11 AM
I HATE cramps... they make you feel like if you workout your side might explode... Try having a banana...potassium is supposed to help cramps and if yours are like mine anything is worth a shot ;)

I had cereal and a kiwi for breakfast because I am still doing that little Challenge thing...until next Sunday, then I will figure something else out...I may keep having a premeasured serving of cereal and a piece of fruit for breakfast though, we'll see...what do you do for breakfast?

05-03-2004, 02:09 PM
I've been having a low-fat yogurt. Today, it was two bites of yogurt- YUCK- and then a plain bagel- no butter or anything.

So what motivates you to lose weight? What do you see that makes you WANT to stay on track?

05-03-2004, 03:37 PM
What motivates me is Tim...he gives me so much love and I love him so much but sometimes I feel like I don't/can't show it as much as I want to...So I want to be happy with me so we can stay a happy "us"....I see the way he looks at my sisters' kids and I know he wants his own before it gets too late (he is almost 10 years older than me), but I want to be healthy before I get pregnant, so I want to lose weight for that... SO what I see that makes me want to stay on track is the way Tim looks at me :love:, and I see my sister's with their families and think about how much I want one of my own, and I also see girl walking around in clothes that are so cute....I want to be able to not think "That's so cute, but I could NEVER wear it... I'm too fat"

05-03-2004, 05:30 PM
Well, being healthy motivates me for one thing :) And fitting into cute clothes is a DEFINITE must.

I can't lie- I also look at some people and say in my head, "I will NOT let that happen to me" and it reinforces my need to workout and eat right.

05-03-2004, 07:51 PM
You know something - I do the same thing...I feel bad admitting that, but I see people some times and I do the exact same thing... It makes me want to go to the gym right then because I have to make sure that it not me.... :o It almost makes me feel better to know you do the same thing.

BTW...I wanted to tell you first, I have officially made it to 20% of my 50# goal...I weighed in at the gym this afternoon and I was at 210.5 which is exactly 10# gone.... I bet if I went in the morning and weighed it would have been less too :D I'm excited though because Tim said after 10# he'd get me a "prize" I still haven't thought of something and I made my first 10! :lol:

05-03-2004, 08:03 PM
OMG!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you! What a wonderful job you are doing!!! I'm utterly proud of ya and I just met you last week :) Awesome, Jenn, awesome!!!

Hey, Jessica- come back! We didn't mean to scare ya off! :)

05-03-2004, 08:21 PM
Thank you so much!!! Reading that literally put a new smile on my face! I look forward to coming on this site and telling you how things are going and hearing how you are doing...It feel like me are doing it together which helps so much! Wanting to come and have good news for you motivates me to try harder and not wanting to tell you that I binged or something helps me make better choices!!! Thanks again for the encouragement!! :D

And Jess, I wanted to join Trish in asking you to come back...there's definitely room for you in here! ;)

05-03-2004, 10:34 PM
You are very, very welcome :)

Ya know one of the hard things about working out? Simply once I'm done working out and showering for the night- it seems like the day is COMPLETELY gone. I need to go see my Mom- just cuz I haven't seen her in 2 weeks and yet, I know if we drive out there, I probably won't work out that night. SIGH.

05-03-2004, 10:45 PM
Is there any way you could workout before work one day? That way you can go visit your mom after work with no worries ;) Sometimes when my mom hasn't gone to the gym with me in a while I go meet her there at 6AM to compromise... I also go in at that time when I am getting weighed and measured for the month because I don't want to get weighed in the afternoon... You'll feel energized all day if you start the day by working out even though it stinks getting up that early, it's worth it to not have to miss out on you workout... give it some thought ;)

05-04-2004, 10:15 AM
That's a good idea- except I'd have to get up at 5 am to workout. UGH@the thought. I may just have to push myself to actually workout after driving across town to see my Mom- just might have to do it.

How's your morning going out there?

05-04-2004, 10:45 AM
My morning is going good, just a little slower than I would like :lol: I don't have much work to do here today so other than eating breakfast (Life & a kiwi) and braiding my sister's hair, all I've really done is catch up on the journals here...Tough day at work, huh? :lol:

05-04-2004, 04:38 PM
Mine is sloooooooooooooooooow too :P Had two soft tacos from TB- were so yummy. Did NOT eat the 3rd one, so I'm real proud of myself here :D

05-04-2004, 05:04 PM
Woohoo- GO Trish! I'm so jealous that you had Taco Bell for lunch...I'm still doing my "Life Challenge" until next week so I had cereal and an apple for lunch....It's finally 4:00PM though so I get to leave soon...Not soon enough though, this day has lasted FOREVER....It should be Thursday by now :lol:

05-04-2004, 07:23 PM
How's your evening going? I've gotta go pick up Mom at the doctor's- she had an eye surgery and my Dad can't make it out here to pick her up- one of my younger sisters' has an award ceremony tonight he has to take her to. Anyways, my 'plan' is to workout when we get home tonight from Mom's house- just HAVE TO avoid all yummy food over there! LOL!

05-04-2004, 09:12 PM
My evening is going great... After work I went to my mom's and played with Shaelyn (my 2 month old niece she was babysitting), then it was off to the gym, and back here to take a shower, now I'm just waiting for Tim to get home so we can go get some dinner :hungry: :eating2:

:goodluck: staying away from the temptations....When you see the goodies there, ask to yourself "Will eatting this make feel good about myself later?" and picture me in your mind going " :nono:" LOL....As they say "no food tastes as good as being thin feels" I usually substitute 'healthy' for 'thin' because I don't like that word :lol3:

Have a great visit with your mom and :coach: remember your workout when you get home!!! :tread: :strong: :workout: I know you'll do it!!!

05-05-2004, 12:31 AM
Heh- yeah, it's 8:30 and I'm now trying to convince myself to workout.

I made a food 'boo boo' this evening. When we are on the run, we tend to eat at Fast Food places (hence TB for lunch) and tonight, I wanted to get home fast so we stopped at Jack in the Box. I THOUGHT that just getting the chicken strips and a diet coke would be fine, calorie-wise. Woah- I was WRONG. The strips were 630 calories!!! I could have had a chicken pita for half of that and a lot less fat! Well, I guess you learn as you go. I think I was confusing the chicken strips at JITB with chicken NUGGETS which are much, much smaller- YKWIM?

05-05-2004, 02:08 AM
Woooh! I did it- it's 10:07 PM, but I worked out tonight AND went and saw my Mom AND helped my 8 year old son with his science project for tomorrow. I'm beat- gotta shower, take care of the furkids and get to bed! See ya in the morning! :)

05-05-2004, 09:08 AM
:D I'm sooo proud of you! I know you'd do it! :high: Maybe the chicken strips being higher in calories than you had figured was a blessing in disguise...the extra nudge you needed to make sure you got that workout in ;)

When Tim came home, we went to Ruby Tuesday...I'd never been there before...I had a turkey burger wrap that came with a salad I wouldn't eat-I don't like balsamic vinagrette :no: The good thing was that the menu had the calories/fat/carbs/fiber listed next to just about everything, which made it easier I must say...The meal had 426 calories,some of which would have been the salad dressing, but I am going to count them all anyways...

This morning it was back to my cereal and my fruit of choice today is strawberries :eating2: YUM I love strawberries! Hope your morning is going well.

BTW, :goodluck: to your son on his project ;)

05-05-2004, 10:10 AM
OOOOH, I love Ruby Tuesday- but I love that place for their strawberry shortcake dessert! Heh!

Well, hope you are having a good morning. I'm going to go jump on the scale and see if my hard work has paid off- since we were out camping and AF was in town, my weight is higher then it should be :( GRRR. LOL!

05-05-2004, 11:31 AM
I didn't have dessert, I try to not even look at dessert menus because they are so tempting...... It's like taking someone from a 3rd world country and putting them in a buffet, of course they are going to want EVERYTHING :lol:

Good luck with the weigh in, I'm sure it will be lower since AF is gone now. ;)

05-05-2004, 01:38 PM
Well, I'm in the 150s now!!! HIGH 150s, but 150s nonetheless :D

05-05-2004, 02:20 PM
Proud of myself :D

Weíre ordering from Dennyís for lunch and after printing the nutritional valueÖ

Iíve decided to order a bowl of veggie beef soup and a side salad, sans dressing. And altogether, they are just over 200 calories :) What a healthy lunch! And hopefully FILLING too!

05-05-2004, 03:24 PM
GRRR- supposedly, they had no soup! So I just had a salad, WHICH they put dressing on. GRRR- I didn't want any dressing :(

Well, I ate it anyways.

05-05-2004, 03:25 PM
Hi girls!

Sorry I've been away. My job is insane. I'm a nurse-midwife, so I have the WEIRDEST hours, and I don't get to get on my computer some days. I'm actually at the hospital right now.

I've been doing well calorie-wise. I just (FINALLY) broke 160, so that keeps me motivated. Plus I can fit back into the medium-size scrub pants at the hospital. I've been doing Body Flow at the gym - it's like yoga, tai chi, and pilates all in one. It's great for strengthening and flexibility, but probably doesn't burn too many calories. If I get time I'll take a walk.

My mom and brothers and I are going on vacation next week, so I'll be off here for a while. I'm already worried about the food choices. Restaurants make it so hard!! I'm going to go to the grocery store and get some healthy snacks so I'm not as tempted!!

Sorry to hear about your furbaby woes both of you! I know how tough it is, and you're in my thoughts.


05-05-2004, 03:33 PM
Welcome back! Congrats on breaking 160- I just broke it too, but am Ĺ a pound heavier then you! I just like seeing that my clothes are fitting LESS tight- always motivates me!

Weíre debating on TTC earlier then planned- namely, now, but whether we do or not, Iím keeping up with this group! Because IMHO when you are TTC, as long as you arenít starving yourself or doing something drastic, I donít see the problem with losing 2 pounds a week while TRYING to get pregnant- is there?

05-05-2004, 03:46 PM
Sensible, gradual weight loss prior to pregnancy should be fine. I've never seen anything to the contrary. (Obviously, or I wouldn't do it myself!)

I am just STARVING!! I'm going to go home and have a healthy choice meal. What a splurge, I know!


05-05-2004, 03:55 PM
Letís set some goals.

My goal right now is set for July 11th. I want to weight 142 by that date. It will be my second anniversary from the first day I started dating my husband. That means Iíll have to drop about 2 pounds a week for me to reach my goal.

Anyone else want to set a goal?

Jess, your lunch was probably better then mine!

Jenn, how's your day so far?

05-05-2004, 04:24 PM
:mad: Grrrr....I hate when things don't work...I just posted to the 2 of you a little while ago and it didn't work...Let's try again...

:bravo: :cp: Congratulations to both of you on making it to the 150s!! Isn't it so exciting to break into a lower number in the ten spot! Next time I do that I will be in "Onederland" with you two!!

Sorry about you lunch Trish...I hate when I make a choice and then have to get something else and something wrong on top of it...

I hope that you are enjoying your lunch's go to be better then mine was...which was the same as my breakfast....I am basically just doing this cereal diet so I can prove to myself that I can stick with something...

Mine day is going well...I spent much of it starting my's not much yet but you can see it if you'd like: My Website ( ;)

On the subject of clothes fitting better, I tried on a pair on pants I haven't worn in a while since they were too tight, and they fit I tried on some more...All my jeans fit again...Woohoo!!:cb:

I will set a goal now too only I'm going to cheat and use one I already set in the Canada Day Challenge...I want to see 197 on or by July 1st... that's 12.5# to lose...and to think it was 15# when I started the Canada Day Challenge! :twirly:

05-05-2004, 07:58 PM
Your website is cute! I've got a ton of them...

Here's my rescue website from a looong time ago...

I don't wanna workout tonight *waaaah* LOL. I'm pooped.

05-05-2004, 08:35 PM
How precious! They make me want to take more kitties home...I have a habit of getting myself in trouble by taking in unwanted kitties...My sister's friend saw a kitten get thrown out of a jeep and she brought him to me...Kitty-Wan-Kenobi as he came to be called almost got me kicked out of my apartment since I wasn't supposed to have pets, so I found him a good home. Then I saved two kittens that weren't old enough to be away from their mother out of a gaylord of paper in the plant...Their little eyes weren't even open yet, but I feed them by hand with the help of a neighbor who let me keep them at her place when I wasn't home so they could be watch and I wouldn't get in any more trouble...Smokey and bandit are now full grown and living with a terrific family... Then there was Squeak and Tram, 2 kittens my ex and I adopted so they wouldn't be sent to an untimely grave...When we split up I had to move home and wasn't allowed to bring any animals with me, so my ex has Squeak and Tram as well as my baby, Dusty...He's the one I had the longest and the one I miss the most.....

Anywho....back to the real I started this post....That was to tell you to workout...Your body will thank you later ;) I know you don't want to, but you want what you'll get out of it...closer to your goal :D

05-05-2004, 08:52 PM
You are absolutely right. At the moment, I am fighting my 'engorge myself' reflex that happens when I eat too little during the day- that dumb side salad didn't fill me up at lunch AT ALL. So now I want a slice of cheesecake- haha. Perhaps I will have one slice for a reward on Sunday if I behave the rest of the week.

Heh- Squeak is the name of my Coatimundi. Hehe- I'll place a bet you don't know what a Coati is ;) Least I didn't before I met one at our exotic petstore. Squeak is my big baby- he turns 1 on Monday and we are getting a cake for him:D

Well, off to workout. You're right- I must do it!

05-05-2004, 10:36 PM
I did it, I did it :P Darn, I'm tired now. Heh.

05-05-2004, 11:42 PM
Way to go Trish! I knew you'd do it! :D

I've heard of a Coatimundi before but I had to look him up see what he looks like...what a cutie! I just have one question, how many pets do you have? I'm starting to think you run your on private zoo! :lol:

05-05-2004, 11:47 PM

If I released that info, I'd have to kill ya.

JUST KIDDING. Do you really wanna know how many critters I have?

Okay- this is really frightening though.

We have 3 domestic shorthair cats- Spider, CB, and Lucy.

We have 2 dogs- Boo, a Boston Terrier, and Storm, a three footed Doberman Pinscher.

We have 3 Coatimundis- Squeak, Kamali (they both turn one this month) and Zoey. I only intended on having one, but the other two needed me and I couldn't tell them no!

We have 1 Dama Wallaby- it's a small wallaby about the size of a large house rabbit.

And we have 2 Sugar Gliders, Jessie and Shady, and my son has two rats, Wendy and Kim.

For your sake and MY sanity- DO NOT ADD up those numbers. Heh. At one point, we had 7 Sugar Gliders- so our numbers have gradually dwindled. LOL!

Darn, I lost my bet- you knew what a Coati was! I didn't know until I met Franklin, an adult, at our local petstore. Then my husband-to-be (at the time) said the dumbest words he's ever said, "Hey, if you wanna research on them and they're good in the house, we can get one."

And that's how we ended up with all of the 'odd' pets. LOL!

Well, I just gave my kids a piece of cheesecake, but me? I'm gonna have a lollipop for dessert. 50 calories versus 400. :P

05-05-2004, 11:55 PM
Wow, almost a zoo ;) That's awesome though, it must be interesting at your house! I used to watch animal planet all the time and when I saw a show on Sugar Gliders, I thought they were the sweetest looking little things, but my mom said I wasn't allowed to get one...I was 10, I couldn't have afforded it anyways :lol:

:cp: Bravo on resisting the cheesecake even though you were the one doling it out...What willpower today!

I was good today under, 1000 calories...I probably wouldn't have been if I like my dinner...I got Cream of Brocoli soup and a caesar salad...The soup was awful and the salad dressing definitely tasted like a fish-base :p So we came home and I had a yogurt and 2 pieces of cheese...what a dinner :lol:

05-06-2004, 12:01 AM
LOL- doesn't that suck? Brocolli soup and a Caesar salad SOUNDS so good and then when you get it and it sucks... LOL- I get so grumpy at first! Congrats on keeping your calorie count down today- mine is pretty low too- I think under 1200 which is LOW for me- I'm usually around 1700 which seems to work fine at dropping the pounds.

Anywho, I'm off to bed and watch dumb tv! Night :)

05-06-2004, 10:51 AM
Hehe I am going to blame my little sister for my dinner being bad...I've never had a bad meal at the 99 until yesterday...and I think it is because she jinxed it by saying "You're going to the 99...I don't really like that place because I never get good food" see it is all her fault :lol:

Anywho...I hope you are having a great morning...personally I am suffering or a case of that oriental disease "Drag'nass" this morning :lol3:

05-06-2004, 12:39 PM
LMAO! I suffer from that a lot too! I'm pretty excited- I saw 158 on the scale this morning :) That's lower then I've been in probably 5-6 months since I ALWAYS have a need to eat everything in sight!

05-06-2004, 02:18 PM
That is so awesome Trish!! :bravo: I'm sooo happy for you!! I couldn't even tell you the last time I saw that on the scale...I was probably in 4h grade :lol3:

I'm a bit excited myself today....I have pants on that I have been able to wear in so long...and they are not even tight...I could barely pull the zipper up before they were sooo tight...I has totally made my day :D

05-06-2004, 03:59 PM
Itís funny- I already have my dinner planned for me, calorie-wise. My Hubby has to work late and I have a coupon for a free entrťe with purchase of a drink from Baja Fresh, a Mexican fast-food kinda place. (Except the food is really made fresh and real good). Anyways, Iím going to have a side salad from there- with the vinaigrette dressing (which IS high in calories- hence the side salad versus a chicken salad). Anyways, Iím so excited about dinner!

05-06-2004, 04:29 PM
Well I hope your salad is 100 times better than mine was last night :lol:

05-06-2004, 06:04 PM
I think I'm going to start a new thread for us since this one is 7 pages now :)

05-10-2004, 04:02 PM
I would love to join your group. I'm 23 years old and I would like to lose at least 40lbs before trying to conceive. I have Type II Diabetes and PCOS. I'm concerned about my health if I were to conceive now.

05-10-2004, 04:12 PM
You are SO more then welcome to join us here :) Just click on this link and it will bring you to our newest thread...