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04-20-2004, 02:38 PM
Hi everybody, I came across this in my onsite travels today, and I thought I'd share the good news. I know we all care about how she's doing, and wish her a speedy recovery! ((hugs Noodles!)) Sarah
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Noodles surgery went well, her hubby pm'd Suzanne and well I'm just passing the good news along:


Angel asked me if I would give you an update on her recovery from eye muscle surgery, in hopes that you would post it wherever it is appropriate.

The surgery went great, the doctor was quite pleased with himself. She could see almost immediately afterwards. Aside from nausea and an occasional headache, she is doing fine.

As of now, she still has blurry vision at a distance, but no more double vision. She says there's only one of me now, so I guess I have to double-up on my chores to make up for it.

Anyhow, it may be a day or two more before you see her.

Take care.