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04-18-2004, 02:30 AM
For those of us who want to keep on doing this.......

Well here I am...bringing the 21 day challenge to where I'm usually post!! :D This was a thread that was posted in the Support Groups kind of got lost and many people stopped included. But I started it again then decided, that I would rather stay in my corner of the board and keep track here. This is pretty much for my own benefit...but if any of you would like to join me....that would be great.

Here is how it works. You choose something that you would like to work on and do it for 21 days. (to make it a habit) Such as drink 80oz. of water, walk a mile, or what ever else may come to mind. You do a count down. But if you miss a start over to day one. And you can start over many times, but if you're constantly starting over.....well then....I would say maybe you should find something else to work on for 21 days.

Simple you say.....believe me,,,,it's not as simple as it sounds...there have been times that I just had to start over.

Anyone want to join me??

04-18-2004, 02:32 AM
I'm going to start this challenge on Monday.....since I haven't quite figured out what I want to do just yet...I have idea's but I'm not sure which one. Just wanted to restart this for anyone who wants to join.

04-18-2004, 05:10 PM
I definitely will join you Marti. Of course I have to finsih the first 21 day challenge first. I have 5 more days to go-yay. :cp: I almost messed up today. But here I am on my 3rd bottle of water and took my vitamins with breakfast.

04-18-2004, 07:22 PM
Hey MNJ, remember me from the old challenge? I was browsing around and I think its great that you restarted it. Mind if I join you over here? My water has been slacking lately so I think I'll start with that tomorrow.

04-18-2004, 10:42 PM
Hello Scuzin!! I sure do remember you. I had noticed that many have wondered off on this challenge from the support board,(me included) and since I post here all the time I thought I would bring it here.

And of coarse you can join us!!! Glad to have you around. And if you feel like you would like to chat and not just do the challenge, feel free to join us on the chitchat thread too. Everyone would love to get to know you.

As for my next challenge....I'm still thinking of it. But I will definately have one by tomorrow. I can't have too many days in between or I start to wonder and forget.

So until tomorrow.


04-19-2004, 03:05 PM
Hi Scuzin and a big WELCOME!

Okay, I have 4 days left of the first challenge and there is no problem with finishing but I will still post it. I decided to go ahead and start a second challenge which is staying OP! I started this morning with getting back on track and I am going to stay OP and within my points for the next 21 days and so far so good. I have got to do this this time-no fartin' around.

Good luck to us all on this and every challenge. :goodluck:

04-19-2004, 04:53 PM
Something must have knocked into our heads Cristi because I am thinking the same way as you! NO MORE fartin around!!

So my challenge is going to be an exercise one.....(which could really get me) but I NEED to do this. I too am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the fat accumulating in area's that they haven't been before (at least not in a long time)

So for the next 21 days, I plan on doing crunches. I don't know how many...just as long as I do some. And if I can, get in some pilates since I really enjoyed doing them! it's been said......I need to go do some!! :D

04-19-2004, 05:00 PM
Hello Hello
I'm on Day 1 here and sippin' on my 1st bottle of water. I want to get 3 of these in today. I'm starting with just 64 oz and will hopefully work my way up to more. I'm on my way to the gym. Have a good day and good luck with those crunches.

04-19-2004, 06:32 PM
Day One completed!!

I did 100 crunches, then I did some squats.(boy do I ache after those) and I did some other exercises using my exercise ball.

Pretty happy with myself!!!

Here's to 20 more days! :cp:

04-20-2004, 12:45 PM
Hello Hello!
I completed day one right under the wire....had to catch up with the water kinda late....but its in!
Way to go on those crunches!!!!

04-20-2004, 07:50 PM
Day 2 completed!!

Oh boy...I am so out of shape...I felt it all day at school. My abs and my thighs are just wimpering right now. But it did put a smile on my face because it was reminder to me that I'm doing something about my weight. I'm pretty happy.

So I came home and did my crunches.....didn't want to but just DID IT!! I will be smiling again tomorrow for making this accomplishment. I want to keep this happy feeling all through having to start over!!!

19 more to go.

04-21-2004, 02:11 PM
Day 2 done...on to day 3!
Cristi - you're so close! Where are you?

04-21-2004, 02:47 PM
so far so good. Day 1 was easy, day 2 was easy but I am finding day 3 to be a little hard. I know if I make it through today the rest will be easy, I hope! :crossed:

Day 19 of the first challenge down and I am on my 3rd bottle of water for the day. Two days to go...

You ladies are doing an awesome job! :bravo: Keep it up ladies, we can do this!

I am making another chart/table of 21 days with the starting date to keep track of being OP. I made one for the water/vitamin challenge and put a smiley face :) on the table for each day that I did it. It seems to be working. I should treat myself to a little something when I finish each challenge, something to look forward to.

Have a good one ladies. :wave:

04-21-2004, 05:31 PM
Day 3 completed!!

And I'm really feeling the aches in my abs!! :D But it's well worth it!!

Scuzin--you're doing great!! And I'm glad you've joined us!! Makes it even better when we have company!!

Cristi--I like your little chart idea!! That's great!! I should make one too. I keep saying I'm going to do this or that and do I ever??? I'm terrible.

We're doing great girls......

On to the other 18 days!!

04-22-2004, 01:25 PM
Okay, day 20 down, one more to go!!!

As far as staying OP I am doing great! Today is day 4 and I made it through day 3 so I am doing good. This challenge is A LOT harder than the water and vitiman challenge.

04-22-2004, 02:17 PM
Congrats Cristi, One more day!

I finnished day 3. Its great that I found this place...again...I was really slipping on water for a while. I knew this would set me straight!

04-22-2004, 09:17 PM
Day 4 completed!!

Wow....four days of crunches. That's a hard thing to do (exercise for 21 days straight is hard to do) but I used to work out after work everyday so it's not like it's impossible!!

Scuzin--You'll get those 21 days of water in no problem!! We'll cheer you on the whole way! Good job so far!!

Cristi--Congrats on staying OP!! And only 1 more day for the water challenge!!

Let's keep it up girls. It's nice knowing we're all on the same days too. Keeps me motivated.

Moving along to the other 17 days.....

04-23-2004, 02:07 AM
Day 4: Check!

Great job MNJ...I did I crunch challenge once...sometimes I would forget untill I was RIGHT about to fall asleep and I had to hawl out of bed to get them in.

And Kudos to you Cristi for your challenge....I'm haveing trouble staying OP....I should try something like that!

04-23-2004, 09:48 AM

Are you the same one who's tied with me at the Bowling Arcade at 190?? I have been trying to beat CinnyMamma's 199, but no luck yet! The old reflexes aren't what they used to be, lol.


04-23-2004, 12:48 PM
WTG ladies! You are doing a GREAT job!

Yippee for me! I am doing the happy dance. :dance: :dance: :dance: I finished the 1st challenge-21 days straight of taking my vitamins and drinking 2 bottles of water! On most days I drank three and tried to go with four, just didn't make the four. I figure 2-3 is a darn good start because some is better than none.

Now to finish Challenge two...

Jana~I am going to have to try some of the games at the arcade-I used to could play that bowling game.

04-24-2004, 12:50 AM
Day 5 completed!!!

But....I pulled a muscle near my shoulder... I think I must have done it wrong at one point. Aches.... I will try to do better tomorrow but if it still hurts, I'm going to change it from crunches to just any exercise so that I don't miss out on my 21 days. (plus,,, I've been doing more than just crunches)

Doing great ladies.......

Off we go for the other 16!!

04-24-2004, 02:19 PM
Jana - Yep that's me! I don't know if I'll ever be able to score that high again!

Well I'm down 2 pounds for the week! and I got to add another smiley to my signature :D. Day 5 down! even though it was completed kinda late at night...but it was before I went to bed!

04-26-2004, 12:00 AM
Day 6 & 7 completed!!!

I'm happy. Need to keep it up!!

Here we go for the other 14!

04-26-2004, 12:03 PM
Another couple days down too! Almost didn't make it last night but I'm on a roll and can't stop now!

04-27-2004, 02:56 PM
Still doing good with staying Op and the water and vitamins. Funny, but I thought since the water/vitamin challenge was over I would end up not continuing with it, but I am still going strong. Now to stay OP.

04-28-2004, 01:27 AM
Day 8 completed....but 9 haven't done anything!!! :(

I haven't felt well today so I just flat out didn't do any crunches yet...but you know what...instead of starting over to day one...I think I'm going to go ahead and do some crunches before I go to bed. I can grin and bare it long enough to do that. I won't do my usual 100, but I can at least to 20-30....and that counts since I didn't give a specific number..right??

Cristi--I'm proud of your determination!! And you're still taking your vitamins!! Great job!! I ran out of my vitamins...time to go to the health store and get some more.

Scuzin--I just noticed you said that you lost 2lbs!!!! FANTASTIC!! I'm so happy for you!!! Keep up the good work. Your energy level is going to rise and you'll have people trying to keep up with you!! Good job!!

Ok I go to do those crunches!!


04-29-2004, 02:22 AM
Hello ladies---

Well I have sad news...I must start over. I tried to get some in last night but I just was miserable and plopped myself into bed. So tomorrow will be day one again!! (yeah, that means I didn't do any today either!)

Sorry for the disappointment!!

Scuzin & Cristi, good luck to you both and I hope that you're both doing great!!


BTW...if either of you want to start a new thread since this one is getting long....feel free to do it! (or...I will start one tomorrow) or if you two want to wait until your 21 days...that's cool too, just let me know.

04-29-2004, 02:40 AM
hey hey
I'm just finnishing up on day 10..almost 1/2 way there!
Its ok Marti, we understand....just jump back on the wagon and keep going!
Cristi - good work keeping up on the vitamins

04-29-2004, 12:43 PM
Ok - here I am ready to join in the fun :) I'm going to challenge myself to track all my foods in my online food diary for 21 days. I try to keep my calories between 1500-1800 cals. I've been using FitDay, and I get off to a great start everyday, but frequently forget to catchup after 2 pm and get a total for the whole day. So I think this will be a good goal for me....

I've been scanning over the previous posts and you are all doing such a great's motivating me to succeed as well!

04-30-2004, 11:07 AM
I remembered to check in after dinner, which I found helpful because I had to think about after dinner snacking. I didn't want to write it down, so I didnt do it:) Off and running....will try to check in later and post in chit chat

04-30-2004, 11:55 AM
Welcome RoseKate, A Portlander I see! Me too...well sort of. I'm at OSU at the moment but I grew up just south of Portland.

I'm on day 12 here...Over the hump! and I've got some news....I'm down another 2 pounds which means I've lost ALL the weight I put on this winter PLUS a pound...This is the lightest I've been since I remember stepping on the scale in the 5th grade and I had broken 100 lbs. (I avoided scales at all costs) ALSO....I am ONE POUND from no longer being Obese!!!!!!!!!!

04-30-2004, 05:44 PM
Susan - that's great news! The challenge is helping, I'm sure. Plus your great attitude :) I just survived a trip to Costco and didn't take ANY samples...didn't want to write them down. Onward......

04-30-2004, 05:59 PM
WTG Susan (scuzin)!! And CONGRAT'S on your weight loss, that is awesome!! :bravo: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Like Marti I am having to start over. I really messed up yesterday so I am going to regroup and get back on track tomorrow. This is really hard but I know I can do it. I did it with the water and the vitamins and I will do this also. It may take a few tries, but I will do it!

Rosiekate~WTG on not taking the samples at Costco! :bravo: Glad to see ya jump aboard the challenge thread. :)

05-01-2004, 10:56 AM
Day Two - Complete!

My ISP went down, but as soon as it was fixed, I posted for the day (on FitDay). This challenge is helping me stay on track......onto to day 3....a brand new day!

05-01-2004, 11:07 AM
Morning ladies--

Ok today I'm starting over. I have decided that I will be doing ANY type of excercise in the next 21 days! I don't want to exclude it to just crunches. I get bored with that and I need variety.

RosieKate--Glad to see you over here!! Glad this challenge is helping you out!! I love that you passed by the Costco samples!!! I always find myself searching for the best ones!!!

Cristi--Well hey, nothing like having company while I'm starting over! :) We'll get ourselves on track! Don't you worry!!

Scuzin--WTG on the 2lbs!!!!! I'm so happy for you!! Keep up the good work and next week I'm sure we'll see even more weight loss!!

Ok ladies...I will check in later this evening to post my first day down.

Until then

05-01-2004, 01:59 PM
I'm back!!

Day One went great!!!

I did some pushups....OMG, I have no upper body strength!! :lol: So only did 10 of those. Then I did some crunches.(about 50 or so) Then I decided that it was still early in the day to get a walk in before it gets too hot. So I got ready to go and I was thinking just down a few blocks and back again so I can just get used to the area.....I ended up walking for 45mins!!! I'm so happy. I walked all around one part of the town. Walked alongside the river, down main street (that was too busy) then I finished by taking the bike trail towards home. Felt good to get out!!

And even though it's not part of my challenge I've already drank 40oz. of water this morning!! AND took my vitamin. Boy, I'm on a roll! That 2lb gain really got to me!! :D

Hope everyone else is doing great as well.....
I'll be back tomorrow!

05-01-2004, 02:04 PM
Hey, can anyone join in? Sorry that some are starting over today, but maybe I can start today also. I am going to challenge myself to walking every day, if not outside then on the treadmill. (I hate the treadmill)


05-01-2004, 02:10 PM
Hi Sue!!

Of coarse you can join! This is for anyone who feels they need a challenge to keep them going. Kind of like being accountable to someone (or something like that)

So YES!!!! Join us and this will be day one for a few of us. Start days will vary for everyone so don't worry about not keeping up.

***just a reminder, after 50 posts on this thread, I (or anyone else) will start a new thread, 21 Day Challenge #3......we'll just continue on from there. Just so you know that you don't have to "start over" with a new thread. We do this so the threads don't get so long that we're scrolling back forever to see whose done what.***

05-01-2004, 02:48 PM
Cool...Thanks for telling me about the 50 post thingy. I would have been lost. You have had way more energy than me this morning. Keep up the good work.


05-01-2004, 11:58 PM
WooHoo...I warmed up for 15 minutes with exercise and then walked for 1 hour. Just as I finished the rain started again and I got a little damp, but I sure felt good to get it in.


05-02-2004, 12:10 AM
Hi y'all
Welcome Sue!
Marti - I know all too well what you mean...I have such weak arms!
I'm in the middle of day 13 over here, having fun playing dress up in all the costumes I have to wear for my scenes/monologue in my Acting Styles class. Should be fun.
Everyone have a good weekend

05-02-2004, 11:27 AM
Day 3 - Done!
Marti - WTG on your exercise! I envisioned your walk, I bet Cottage Grove was really pretty yesterday, especially along the river.

Welcome Sue - Good job on your walking plan. I try to walk 5x, didn't do so great this week. My challenge is to keep my food diary every day.

Christi & Susan - Hope your weekends are going well - sending 21 day support vibes your way......

05-02-2004, 02:55 PM
Day 2 for me and it is raining and cold. I am really going to have to force myself to do this walking thing today. Oh well, as they say "just do it."
Marti..I would not be able to do the exercises you are doing...but I intend to do what I can. 13, that's great. Keep it up.
RosieKate...I have never kept a food diary. I have been trying this week to jot things down just so I remember what I have eaten. Maybe I need to go one further and figure the calories, etc.
Christi..Hope your challenge is back on track.
Oh..I think I see the glimmer of the sun. I gotta go walk NOW.


05-02-2004, 10:54 PM
Day two completed.

I helped a friend move today and that was more exercise than I had done in a long time!! (since I moved!)

Lots of squatting and lifting and I'm pretty sore. But it's all good. So I'm counting that as my exercise for the day!!

The rest of you are doing great!!! are you doing? Have you started over yet?

Ok....I'll try to check in tomorrow.

05-02-2004, 11:13 PM
Day 2 complete here.
I got a 45 minute walk in even though it was an ugly day weather-wise.


05-03-2004, 10:41 AM
Day 3 completed---bright and early!!

I got my good brisk walk in this morning. After debating it for and hour or so I finally saw the sun peak out and went for it. Cool breeze...kept me walking a good fast pace!

Hope you all have a great morning!!

05-03-2004, 11:02 AM
Day 4 - done!
Gotta make it short and sweet...I'll try to get back after the guys are off to the school bus..

05-03-2004, 11:52 AM
Great Job everybody!
I'm on day 15!

05-03-2004, 11:36 PM
Day 3 wasn't a very long walk, but I did it. (truth be told, I got down the street and had to come back to go p...hey, it was cold. Couldn't make my self start again) I exercised more today and walked less due to this cold damp weather. By the end of the week it is going to be hot and that poses a different challenge. But I will survive.


05-04-2004, 12:15 PM
Day 5 done.....:)

Marti and Sue - great job on the exercise...I think my next 21 day challenge will be exercise oriented. I've been having a hard time getting my walks in.

Oh no - toddler getting nutty... good luck to everyone on your daily challenge...catch you later!

05-04-2004, 03:16 PM
Day 4 completed.

I got a walk in at the school waiting around. Talk about crazy when you have a huge backpack on!! Got 20mins. in!!

Doing great girls!!

05-05-2004, 12:35 PM
Hi ya ladies!!

MNJ- I just wanted to say hello, and let you know I am doing fine. 6 months now and a 6 pound gain. I checked in on my other thread too. I saw scuzin there.

Hi scuzin!! I am glad you all are doing good. How is everything?

I am having a boy by the way. I have been on pelvic rest for the past three weeks, hopefully at dr appt. on monday she will lift that so I can start walking again. moving, anything. I think I am getting ready to commit to a 21 day challenge myself. I want to wait until after dr appt. tho. In the meantime do you mind if i continue to check in and say hi ??

Hi christie!

Where is Red??

Big hugs around,

05-05-2004, 12:47 PM
Hello again lisa! The thread kind of died out over in "Support" so Marti started it up again over here. That's why certain people aren't still here. I hope you do start a challenge, it would be great to have you!

I'm on day 17! wow, I hadn't counted the days in a while...I'm almost there! I'll have to start thinking up a new one!

You're all doing great

05-05-2004, 01:38 PM
Hi Lisa!!!

I'm glad to see you here! Of coarse you can join when you're ready!! We'd love to have you.

Congratulations on the boy!! I'm so happy for you. You make sure you get plenty of rest and do as the doctor says!!! And as soon as she says you can do a little exercise, feel free to come on over and join us.

I've started #3 thread, so join us over there ok!

Glad to see you back!!

05-17-2004, 09:17 AM
I'll do it. I had a good week of healthy eating and even lost a pound or two. But I fell off the wagon :( so I need to get back on the program! This sounds like a good idea. Today is Monday so it seems like a good time to start. Encouragement from anyone is welcome. I'll do the same for you all! :coffee: