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04-17-2004, 10:45 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies site!! :wave:

This is a very warm and friendly group of ladies who provide daily support in our walk towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Please join us! :)

04-17-2004, 10:54 PM
Just checking in, hoping to see something about Susan's big day.

Susan~I forgot to congratulate you on your loss this week-CONGRAT'S! Glad it was a loss instead of the gain you thought. :bravo: Hope you had a fabulous time with Alex today.

Marti~hope you had a nice visit with your sister, and got some scrapbooking done.

Jana~yes, the results from the pap were good-negative. Now if I could have heard on the MRI.

Angie~girly where are ya?? It's not like you to be gone so long. We are missing ya, and everyone else who is MIA. Hope everything is fine.

Got all my chores done today. Should have done a little scrapbooking myself but just not in the mood for it. I am behind on it. Other than that not much going on. Oh, the last of our blinds finally came in, yippee! I have been waiting so long for them. Now to get the grass in-DH is going to call the guy either tomorrow or Monday and see when he will able to get to it.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday. See ya tomorrow sometime. :wave:

04-18-2004, 01:42 AM
Hi ladies,

Kayecee - so sorry about your uncle. Even an expected death is hard to take.

Susan - oh girl, I'm thinking about you tonight, wondering how it's going with Alex and praying that you didn't need any pepper spray, lol. He sure seems nice, and I just know he is. YAY about the 1 1/2 pound loss!! You're doing so good with weight loss, wadder drinkin', and exercise, too.

Cristi - hope your pain eases up some. Maybe your doc will have the results Monday. Either way, he/she can give you something for the pain. Yes, I weigh more at the doc's office, too, because I usually weigh in in the AM, after I empty my bladder, and totally nude. WW FT was harder than I thought it would be this time. Once the week was about over, I was just about ready to throw in the towel, but didn't. I stayed with it, and now I'm glad I did. I get real proud of my progress, then I see myself in the mirror and think - sheesh, I've got such a long way to go yet!

Marti - hope you had fun with your sister today. Post the new pages you've done, if you want.

I am feeling a lot better today and got a lot done. Katie is at prom, so I'll fall asleep on the couch waiting for her and Kayla to come home. Kayla is her best friend. They will be excited, I know, and will giggle til dawn. I gave her the big "Don't do anything to make me lose trust in you" speech before she left. Hopefully, some of it sunk in.


04-18-2004, 02:22 AM
Cristi and I are planning to clean up some of the sticky threads by deleting or splicing some of them. If you regular posters have any input, preferences, suggestions or comments about this, please PM one or both of us asap. Otherwise, we will use our own judgement and you know how crazy Cristi...... er ...we can get, lol!!


04-18-2004, 02:25 AM
Hee-hee...Jana, that was funny.

You're up awfully late aren't you? It's almost 10:30 here!!

Just wanted to post and say goodnight...was going to do individuals but I will do that tomorrow morning.

Night ladies!


Oh suggestions about the sticky's....There are a lot so clean up would be nice. (not that I'm complaining....)

da fat n da furious
04-18-2004, 01:47 PM
Good morning all,
Sorry I have been MIA
Just busy with work and Brandon and his friend Adam more or less took over the computer.
I came down with another cold this past week,,,feel better already. Major headache thou wich was hard to work with. I was pretty cranky after spending a day with rude people. Plus if you guys know anything about hockey you would know Calgary Flames are in the finals with Vancouver, and well we sell alot of beer to BC and it took twice as long to get the orders out with the BC people (they wanted to talk hockey...duh I hate hockey)
My friend Becky will be joining us soon,,,*I hope! She had trouble getting I think Angelika might be joining too. Another friend.

Kaycee, osry about your uncle,,,warm thoughts and hugs to you and your family.

Jana,,,as always congrats on the weight loss.

Susan,,,details woman! I was sending out good luck signals to you yesterday......did you feel them?

Cristi, ok Im at a loss of what happen to your had an MRI done,,,what happened?

Shanna, I know the feeling about sitting all day,,, I went from a job where you ran all day to sitting,,,my butt and hips hurt so bad the first week. Ive had to go to the chiropractor twice in the last 3 weeks. I stand every hour and stretch. it helps.

Marti, I am going to be doing that too,,,we have 2 MP3 s in the house a couple of walk mans and yet,,,good walking paths close to home. No excuses!
Well we did have (lets hope our last of the yar) snow storm last week. ITs all melted as of yesterday.

Did I miss anyone?

Just finished reading Nora Roberts Birthright,,,going to read next Mary Higgins Clark the second time around.
Well yesterday I went and did my audition for the show. I made Angelika come with me and hold my hand. I was nervous. Anyways will find out tomorrow if Im accepted in,,,I don't know how it went. I was interviewed by 2 people,,, One I knew liked what I said,,,the other was well wacky...can't describe it.
Went to Lacombe after that and had dinner. I worked with these two women like 16 yrs ago at Safeway. Between the 3 of us Brandon was our only Gwen went of and had 5 kids,,,youngest is 5 now...and Colleen had one little girl. The house was insane with kids and all of us. We do this thing called gourmetting (sp) its a bit like fondu with all the food prep. We have sliced up beef and chicken and well everything. We then all get our own frying pan,,(really small) and we cook our meal. ITs with a bunson burner and such. Its fun. Like fondue it takes hours to do.
So now its Sunday....and I can't believe Im saying this but Im heading out to help with a play.
Was called the other day and told I have 4 plays coming up...ummm I did say I would do 2 so I really don't know were the other 2 came But the one seems like I would like it. So ok but the other...arghhhhh

well i need to shower and get myself out there...
you all ahve a great day...
I promise I won't be so MIA ish from now

04-18-2004, 02:14 PM
Good Morning.

YAY- Angie!!! Miss you - glad to see you are busy as ever but safe and well :)

Kathy- I still am mailing off your I went to the PO this morning and it was locked. Couldn't get in to buy stamps- can they do that?? Weird how they lock up when people have their mailboxes in there.

I weighed this morning at 144.....go figure- I don't know.

Ok- Alex Post.........

Overall he is a nice Christian man, his picture doesn't do him justice- he is very handsome in person and very kind.
We planned on meeting at 11:30am , I got there at 11:15 before him. I had stopped at a Wendys 20 miles out to fix the make up and to put my hair back down- didn't look so great anymore pulled back-
So, got there and waited- got out and walked around. Saw his Volvo at the stop sign and sat in the car.
He pulled up with a nice smile on his face- turns out he had just been to the barber that morning so his hair was nice and trim.
We left my car there and went to IHOPs- ordered a garden egg thing- it was good- came with hash browns but didn't eat those- Alex offered me his pancakes but passed-
I guess we were there for over an hour talking-
Felt better when we left- more relaxed- and enjoyed listening to him talk about his mother. She saved $$$$ and brought her family of 10 kids over to the US back in the 70's- thought that was incredible- even the dog came he
So, we went to the theatre and he bought the 3:15 tickets for The Passion Of Christ-
I don't know how long we had to wait but went back the capitol area and took a nice walk around the lake- he talked about his job.....
The weather was sunny- so didn't have to wear a coat- his shirt was the same color sage as my peasant top ((did I get that right Jana????lol)) that was cute.
Drove backto the theatre and saw the movie- I din't really like it. Way too graphic for me- I got the point in the first few minutes- didn't need it to contine on and on- I closed my eyes a lot and got teary eyed.
So, that ended and it was 5:15 now.
Went back to my car and sat until 7:30 and talked.....chatter chatter--
He is a very sweet man. I think by his talking though he still has feelings for his ex wife- He didn't want the seperation 3 years ago or the divorce 1 year ago- so think he still has things to work through.
He was a total gentleman-- paid for lunch and the movie and opened all the doors for me-
Shook my hand hello and good bye-----
Kind of miffed- would have liked a hug but think that is just his way of being a gentleman.Certainly he has been kind to me over the last 6 weeks to think different and we were just meeting-
So, I enjoyed his company and getting out on the open road- so great to listen to music and going
Picked up Gabster at 9:15 and went home- fell asleep in my clothes-- was tired.
Heading for church now-- Rachel leaves later in the day for Outdoor school.
I guess Alex and I get to go back to email now- if anything I feel he would be a true friend and think he is a super catch someday for any lucky lady :)

OK-best get!!!


04-18-2004, 05:15 PM
Cristi - got your PM answer and will start on the clean up soon!

Angie - there you are!! Glad to see you, and I hope you are feeling better now. Tell your friends Becky and Angelina that we won't bite (well, Kayecee might, lol) and to jump on in! Are they doing any special type of program? Wow you are really busy. I would love to see you get a paying job in the theatre someday - you are so gifted.

Susan - sounds like Alex was a true gentleman! And it's cool that you matched w/o even planning it like I do for Neal and me, lol. So did you make plans to see each other again? You said he may still be hung up on his ex... well, at least he is trying, or he wouldn't have met up with you at all.

Hi to the others...

I went to a b/d party for a friend's 2 y/o grandson today and passed on the Sponge Bob Square Pants cake and ice cream. It was scheduled for right after Sunday dinner, so it was a no-brainer. As I've mentioned before, I don't really care for bought cake anyway.


Edited : I unstuck several threads, including the photo one... I am sort of uncomfortable with my fams pics hanging there all the time for anyone to access... so I thought if we could just post a link in chit chat when we have new photos, then let it die out with the thread. To you regular posters - If I took away any thread that you wish I hadn't, just holler, and I'll re-stick it. :)

04-18-2004, 05:57 PM
Howdy Ladies :wave:

Jana~a clean-up of the sticky's is a good thing. Good for you for not throwing in the towel. You have come to far to throw it in now. And while you may have a long way to go-just think and look at how far you have come and remember that. :) So, how was Katie's special night?? Did she have a ball? I bet she was BEAUTIFUL!

Angie~you tired me out reading your post. Glad to see ya posting and hope you are feeling better. You had us worried being gone so long. My arm (shoulder & wrist), well, I started having this pain a few years ago and the doc said it was a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis & tendonitis. Got a cortisonne shot back then and it helped tremendously, but got one a few months ago and it did nada. The ibuprofen didn't even help. Since that didn't work when it should have she (the doc) wants to find out what the heck is going on and go from there. arm is killing me.

Susan~so what does that mean "I guess Alex and I get to go back to email now- if anything I feel he would be a true friend and think he is a super catch someday for any lucky lady." Do you guys plan on another date? I agree with Jana, at least he is trying and he was a gentleman. That was a looong date! Wow! So I think that right there says something-you both enjoyed each others company-right?

Marti~yes, post some scrapbook pages! Waiting to see some of your wedding.

Well, it is such an ugly day today-mother nature must know I am wanting my grass planted! :rain: :lol: That's okay, we got the rest of the blinds hung and I feel like a little kid with a new toy. Who the heck gets excited over blinds?! Oh, me! :lol: I did get that walk in at the park yesterday, forgot to mention that. It felt good. I don't mind walking on the treadmill but it is a little boring at times and a little different from walking outside. I told Vince everytime I go to the PO Box to get the mail I will head over to the park and walk around it. It's just very challenging when the wind is blowing like it is and has been for the last 3 or 4 days. Today is worse! Anywho, I am babbling... :blah: :blah: :blah: It is a good day to go read a good book or watch a good movie. I need to finish the other LaVryle Spencer book I started as it is due tomorrow. Finished the other one and it was good. Am itching to buy a couple of books but I have so many I need to read. Okay, starting in again. :D Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. TTFN

04-18-2004, 06:25 PM
Cristi - I meant "throw in the towel" on FT only, not WW!! FT is so limiting, but I truly do love the WW program!! Thanks for the pep talk, though - you are a good buddy for that. Yes, Katie had a good time and slept quite a bit today, lol. We are having all kinds of wind here in Indiana, too, and it's almost too much to take! The temp is great, but the wind makes it almost impossible to go out.


04-18-2004, 07:10 PM

I am just trying to protect my feelings, I guess. I am not sure what he feels or what he wants out of our friendship.
Didn't really talk of any future meetings- though I would be all for it. I know how I feel- he is a super guy.I would love to get to know him better.
He just said " I will email you"....ok-
Rachel is off to outdoor school - yay- going to do laundry.

Yep- it was a long day together- he seemed to be enjoying my company as much as I was enjoying his-- just one day at a time-- a lot to learn about each other-

best get :)


04-18-2004, 08:06 PM
Hi All,

Once again I have been AWOL. Hospitalized for a short time and now home recuperating from bronchitis. It seems like every time I make up my mind to lose this weight.....SOMETHING happens. I now know that we just have to stay OP no matter what happens.

Jana: Thanks for your Easter card. It was so nice to hear from you.

We saw Yanni in person a few weeks ago. The arena was filled to capacity. He put on a three-hour show.

Kaycee: So sorry to read about your loss.

Susan: Everything works out for the best. (Romans 8:28)

Sorry if I have left so many of you out of my responses. I am just starting to get back in the swing of things, including exercise. I now just do my Firm tapes twice or three times a week, just the weights....I skip all of the choreography...I am NOT a dancer.

It is supposed to be 90 degrees here in CT tomorrow.

Take care all of you.


04-18-2004, 10:38 PM
Hello ladies--

Carree--Always good to see you posting. So sorry to hear that you had to go to the hospital! Glad to hear that you're back home getting better.

Cristi--Didn't do much on my scrapbook at all at my sisters. We did a lot of laughing. At one time I got up from the table and stepped onto on of my nieces toys...landed flat on the floor. My sister was shocked, and thinking I was crying was trying to help me up....only to find me in tears from laughing so hard. She was really trying to not laugh after that making sure I wasn't hurt, but she couldn't help it....laughter is contagious!! :lol:

Jana--You're doing so wonderfully on WW and I'm so proud of you and your determination. Have you thought of what you want to reward yourself with once you have reached your final goal?? Your energy level must be getting better too. I'm just so happy for you.

Angie--My oh my girl!! Your schedule sure is a hectic one. How do you do it? I need to get some lessons from you. Enjoy life to the fullest. At least that is how I see you as doing. For now tell them boys that you need computer time every once in awhile...even for just 10 mins. to let us know how you're doing.

Kayecee--Hey there girly....I have to go back to the other thread to remember what all you wrote, but I'm glad that you checked in. Summer is getting closer, so that means school is almost nearing the finish.....are you getting excited?? I sure am!! When does school end for you guys? I believe ours is in the middle of June. (much too long!!)

Susan--Hmmmm....I'm not sure how I was reading your post. Were you disappointed that he wasn't more physical? (meaning no hug and such) It sounded like he was a very sweet gentleman. I agree with Jana & Cristi, he wouldn't have met up with you if he wasn't trying to move on. Give the man may be the first woman he's dated since his divorce. And I think not getting a kiss or a hug on the first date shows a sign of respect. I'm glad you had a great time with him, and I hope you two get to meet again.

Hi to the rest of the girls!!

Today James & went to my grandparents after Church. My poor grandma is now on Oxygen. She was so out of breath when she went to the bathroom it brought me to tears. I'm really not ready for her to go anytime soon. She has been my "mother" and has always been there for me, and I can't imagine not being able to come to her when I need advice or have something wonderful to share. I've never had someone close to me pass away. It will be hard. She talked about when she was in the hospital someone had come to her room and played the harp......I guess there is a woman who will be coming to my grandparents on Tuesday when my grandmother goes to bed, to play the harpsicord (sp?) not a harp but close. I thought that was a sweet thing to do. She'll enjoy that very much.

The rest of my day I spent cleaning up the house. Didn't have a whole lot to do, I try to keep up with it every Sunday. We bought a squirrel feeder. We have 3 little squirrels that play in the yard every day and James loves to watch them. I keep telling him to go visit Shanna's squirrels. They let her feed them peanuts out of her hand! They're so CUTE!!

Ok...I'm I better get going.

You all have a great Monday.


da fat n da furious
04-19-2004, 12:49 AM
Ah Marti, I watched Monte's grandma age right before my eyes it seems. After Monte's mom died, the light kinda just dimmed. She gave birth to two daughters and both died before her. Both my grandma's died years before so I had her for my surigate (sp) even my younger brother who is 21 called her grandma. HEs like 6'2 and shes 4'10 and he would knee down and hug her...*sigh

Jana, I was sliding the page down and looked at your weightloss,,,over 38 lbs! Why was I thinking 20 something ? you have lost 2 big 20 lbs bags of potatoes.

Susan,,,Im thinking he is probably protecting his heart too. I think you need to do the wait and see thing. Can't expect him to be picking out music for your wedding right? As for his feeling for the ex,,,it could be will always have feelings for the mother of his children,,,but it doesn't mean he can't be in love with someone else.
We all know the feeling of always having that special place for your first love....even if its from 5th grade.

Cristi, did you get the last cortisone shot done right? Cause I have been there and done that and the first time was done wrong and did nothing for me,,,second one hurt like the blazes but ahhhh the relief came soon after.

Well off too bed I go,,,first have to watch Extreme Makeover home edition...


da fat n da furious
04-19-2004, 12:50 AM
oh ya Becky is WW fan,,,shes lost close to 100 lbs and Angelika is going to follow me into Body For Life. Not extreme,,,just the normal 12 week challange.

04-19-2004, 11:22 AM
Morning ladies--

Getting ready for school and I thought I would pop in for a minute....and NO POST???? What's up with that? You're all usually up and going a couple hours before me!! Get some coffee and chat a little!! :coffee:

Ok...I guess I really don't have much time for chatting at the moment but I will be back after school and catch up some.

Angie--I hope your friends decide to join us...the more the merrier!! And maybe they can help you with the posting of your photo!! :D (just teasing, take your time, we're all patient......... :dizzy: )

I think I need some coffee myself.

Ok...time to dry my hair before I leave the house with the '50's slick back look!! :dz:


04-19-2004, 02:57 PM
Hi ladies~

Carree~good to see ya posting. Hope you are feeling better. So, was Yanni good? Okay, kind of a dumb question. He was here and I completely forgot! :yikes: I so wanted to see hime in concert, darn.

Jana~you had me worried-I figured you were talking about the FT but you scared me for a minute. You have come such a long way and I would hate to see ya quit.

Susan~I know what you mean about protecting your feelings. Just don't do like I did and put a wall around you. I still find myself doing that. I also think like Angie said, Alex will probaby always have feelings for his ex, and especially since they have kids together. And I don't think it is so bad that he didn't go in for a hug or kiss. When I was dating I never wanted them to touch me, especially on the first date. But him saying he will email you...?? So has he yet?? Noisy aren't I? Well, if it was meant to be it will. :)

Marti~girly, you need to be careful. Are you sure you didn't hurt yourself? Glad you and yours sis had a wonderful time. Sorry to hear about your grandma. As hard as it is to see a loved one pass just remember, when it is time for her to pass, her body may be gone but her spirit will live on forever and she will always be with you. And the memories you have of your time together will always be there, so she will only be a thought away.

Angie~yeah the doc did the shot right, she did the first one also and did it the same so not sure why it didn't work this time. The ibuprofen didn't work this time either so not sure what they will do. I need to call her and see if they received the results yet. And what is this about you not liking hockey?? You can't live in Canada girly and not like hockey! I love hockey, going to the games, not so much watching on tv. But I have been banned by Vince. :lol: I can not go to a game and not get excited-a little too excited and Vince doesn't want to have to fight his way out. :lol: :lol:

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Well, I started my day off good. I decided I have had enough of being fat. I can't take it anymore. I am so disgusted with myself when I look in the mirror and don't want to look this way anymore. I also, got some pictures back Saturday and saw the one of me and my cousin and I look HORRIBLE! :fr: :moo: :sumo: I am going to tape a copy on my mirror to remind me everyday that I DON'T want to look like that anymore. I am also going to post my weight in my signature as embarrassing as it is. Anyway, because I was out and about this morning I did eat breakfast and lunch out, but I made good choices. McDonalds egg mcmuffin, I think is only 5 pts. and subway club sandwich-plain for lunch, which I think is 5 points-I need to check and make sure. Dinner is going to be a salad and a healthy choice frozen dinner. I will have a snack later, an apple or an orange and I got my vitiamins and water in. This is only day one but I am going to see a loss this Saturday on those scales! :goodscale

Have a GREAT Monday ladies!

04-19-2004, 03:38 PM
Good Morning :)

So sorry about your grandmother Marti- I am sure it is a heartbreaker. sending prayers for her health. Just curious what her age is?? My grandmother is 93.

Carree- Wonderful to see you back!! lol- I haven't seen you post that much since I have been posting but know you have popped in at times.Probably need to go check out the Bio's again and familiarize (sp)) myself again........blah,blah.

I am at the library and some of the letters are worn off the keyboard!!! help me Marti :)

Oh, yes.......he (alex)emailed this morning.Usually he emails in the afternoon ,so that was nice to hear from him.What struck me was this story he told. His wife had an affair and they seperated for 2 years. The papers were finally drawn up and before he signed them he called her up and said " are you ready to come home yet??" She said "what -are you crazy?? " It had been 2 he went ahead and signed the papers.It broke my heart- I could see his eyes get teary. I also think at 28 (she was 18) he was a late bloomer (his words) and this was the first lady he had been with.
So, he really hasn't had that much *dating* in his past. Though when I asked him when we first started emailing if he had dated he said some but nothing ever clicked with these ladies-

So, we'll see. I am not real eager to give him time to figure things out. I have done that in the past with men (remember Kevin, Ang?? Doesn't hurt to be a freind and time will tell. He is a gentleman, very sweet-
I just am looking for a freind and he does give me that-

What else?? Oh ya.......hope you are feeling better Angie :)

My time is up!!!! I better go.


04-19-2004, 05:08 PM
Afternoon ladies--

Susan--do you not have a computer at home? Do you only use the one at the library? I was curious...and maybe a bit nosey!

Cristi--I'm with you and feeling tired of being not in the shape I want to be in. So finally changed my way of thinking and decided that it's now or never and I'm going to do something about it!!

I plan on printing out some kind of routine I want to follow everyday. I decided that when I come home from school....I will put in a half an hour to an hour of some form of exercise (counting my crunch challenge) then do my homework (exercise first since homework can go on for hours) and whatever time I have left, then I can do whatever else I want to do such as scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook, but I have been in a slump on how to do my pages, when just yesterday...I realized's not that I'm in a slump...I'm feeling guilty!!! Guilty because I could be doing some execises instead of sitting staring at my pages accomplishing nothing! Does that make sense? So I just wanted to get rid of that guilt and do something about my weight. (wow...a light bulb finally went off in my head)

I'm also going to make small little goals for each month and post it in my signature. And when I reach it I will make another one and so on. Sounds all good, and I'm hoping I keep this little bit of motivation to get me into the routine again.

And...........(always more to what I have to say) After losing HALF of what I want to lose, I will reward myself with something that I have been wanting.....just gotta figure out what that will be. Give me something to work for!

Wow....I felt like I've said a mouthful.

Well, I will check back in later when ALL my things on my list are finished!! Must put my priorities in order and get my head straightened out before I fall into some sort of depression. (and no one here wants to listen to my boring depressing post right?) :) This will be my first week of getting back into it so please......keep your fingers crossed for me that I can stick with it. Feel free to give me advice or voice your opinions if you "see" me slacking! I need a bootcamp type of atmosphere!! (ok...maybe that's a bit much)

Alrighty....I'm starting to babble on....I will chat later on.


04-19-2004, 05:52 PM
Hi ladies,

Susan - like Cristi, I think Alex taking things slowly is a good thing. And It's sad about how his ex-wife did him. Maybe he wants to take things slowly to protect himself - after all, he only knows what you've told him, and he is probably gunshy, so to speak. Communicating through email may be his way putting a little distance between you until he is more sure of you.

Carree - good to see you! Glad you are out of the hospital and the bronchitis is better! Thank you for your Easter card, too.

Marti - when I get down to where I want to be weightwise, I will get all new clothes. I do already have so much more energy! Just have fun with your grandma while you can, and make lots of memories to hold you over.

Angie - I added to my weight loss info the 10 pounds that I lost and kept off from last year, so the number listed is actually what I've lost from my highest weight. Tell your friends to join us!

Cristi - have you heard anything about the MRI yet? I know it's hard waiting... I am so proud of your renewed determination!! If I didn't still weigh so much, I'd post mine.

I have spent the whole day having fun with Madison. I asked Mary if I could have her for awhile and we went to town to buy some ivy and I just kept her, lol. I let her pick out some impatiens to take to her house - (Mary has a lot of shade) - and she picked out some real pretty pink ones. We had a turkey tortilla and an orange for lunch, then we both took a nap, lol.

My son and Gina started WW today, too. She bought a WW cookbook and will let me know how the recipes are. Hey! I never posted the Southwest Chicken Stew one.... well, maybe next time I'm here, okay?

Be good,

04-19-2004, 10:45 PM
Hi Again

That is so cute Marti!! I wish you the best as you continue with your new weight loss program- thinking- lifestyle- Not sure what you would want to call it???
Enjoyed reading your *babble* :)
I don't have a computer at home. I use it at work- like now - or at the ex's - usually in the mornings - when I am waitingto take the girls to school. On the weekends I can pop in the office and use. So- your not nosey I did use the libraries today.

Sounds like you had a fun time with your grandaughter- Jana......:) I agree about the family pictueres being on the internet- feel uneasy about that.I like the private email thing though-

Thanks Cristi!! Received your card today- very sweet and you are welcome for the pictures-

Kathy- Got yours off finally today!!

Rita- Where are you?? Miss hearing from you :)

I miss my Rachel- she left Sunday. I am going to see my father tomorrow- he might have a computer for me- we'll see.
What else?? Took a nap with the Gabster- had a Atkins shake this morning- missed that. A lot of running around in the car- the ex is keeping Gaby overnight tonight because Becky asked if she could.

Oh yes.......I do agree slow is best- he is a doll, think hightly of him- feel truly blessed to have him for a friend-.

UGH........better get busy :) Walked 2 miles and feel better- need to drink some more wadder though.


04-19-2004, 11:40 PM
Hello again--

Well I did as I wanted to do. I got off this computer, did some workouts, did my homework (the rest I have to finish at school, don't have the same program) and then I did a little more crunches. Feeling pretty good. And I did very good with not snacking. I am such a BIG snacker it's not funny!! And I didn't even realize it until one day I was talking with James about what to get at the grocery store...wondered what he wanted for snacks. He said that he doesn't snack....I thought about that and he's right! He doesn't, but I sure do! So time to put stop to that...unless it's healthy!! Fruits and veggies.....only to keep me going.

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I'm going to watch the Discovery Health Challenge.......

Talk to you all tomorrow.


da fat n da furious
04-20-2004, 12:58 AM
Im ready to strangle both kids...they keep fighting over the computer...then Brandon changed the whole layout of this computer so we all have seperate ownership blah blah meaning for me to login takes forever...I usually take that time to go and yell at Brandon for a bit more....grrrr

Cristi,,,actually I went to an Oilers and Flames game years into a huge fight, and watched the drunk I was fighting get hauled away...I stood there dripping beer...did i mention I hate beer? gag We were in Calgary (Flames) and I was cheering Edmonton (oilers)
But I am a big Red Wings fan...(remember my last name?)
About the arm...acupuncture? deep muscle massage?

Susan,,,thats sad about Alex,,,the ex sounds terrible.

Jana,,,I could of used a nap today...Mondays at work are insane.
Becky and I went and saw Mystic River on Friday. Was not expecting that...thats all I can say....

So far I havne't heard from the show....don't think I got it. *sad I have tomorrow to know for sure if Im not in.

well off to bed I go,,,night all

04-20-2004, 01:07 AM
awwww. Ang & Marti............don't go to bed yet!!!

I feel so alone here in Oregon with out my kids-

Terrible feeling......

You tell Brandon to let you have the figgin computer!!! Tell him Auntie Susie says so......that should scare

Yes, his ex is not so nice. He never says anything bad about her though - another sign what a gentleman he is....he travels that 3 hours every other weekend and if he is 30 mintues late she won't let the kids go with him- even though the court order says she has to meet him half way.

OK- pmsing- taking midol which helps.

Rainy here- just want my Gabster---maybe I will just go get her??lol

Better go-

ttfn :)

04-20-2004, 10:04 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - Mary is the same way when someone else has her kids.... she misses them and is so glad to see them again. Hope your dad gives a computer. I know how aggravating it is to have to use somebody else's.

Marti - you're doing great!! I used to be the Queen of the Snackers in the evening. I would truly eat enough calories to make up a whole extra meal. Now I will have 3 cups of popcorn, or something similar, and that's it. Neal likes popcorn, but never eats like I did. He sure chows done at mealtime, though, lol. You mentioned bootcamp - have you ever been the the Bootcamp weight loss site? Yikes, they kick butt over there to anyone silly enough to say they cheated on WW. I have never been on their sh** list, but have seen what they do to others. The thing is, it is a really good place to go and read the posts for motivation.

Angie - It's been a long time since I saw a movie at the theatre. Secondhand Lions, I think.... We always say we're going to go see this or that, then hardly ever do.

Hi to the others....

I have a hair appointment with a new stylist this afternoon. Wish me luck!

I am doing real good w/WW and I've been getting exercise outside, so I'm not too worried about that, but haven't had nearly enough water! That is my goal today - so I filled a pitcher and am determined to drink it all.

Jana Banana

04-20-2004, 01:39 PM
Good Morning-

I never heard of Secondhand Lion?? What is it about?

Did you see Dr.Phil yesterday. I think he was talking with a lady that had a meal in just her snacks? Kind of reminded me of what you were saying- Jana.

Anyway, my dad gave a computer to my sister already- we'll see if he has any more laying around.:) I don;t think my sister uses hers at all- maybe I can snag that one if nothing else?? He was the director of an AA program that is folding- though he still goes to the office.

It is Toddler Time at the library - so I better go!! I see Gabster getting into other kiddie *sigh*...I am sure the other mothers are going to love me???lol

I weighed in at 143.5 this morning- I just feel there has been a lot of stress going on. Think this Alex thing has totally distracted me and not real happy about that- I need to get back to taking care of me....and stop worrying about other things.....
also I am pmsing and crampy and basically seeing the world through a bent nose???? lol is that possible???

Better get!!!!

Evil Eyes looking at a slacking

04-20-2004, 03:38 PM
My haven't you ladies been busy bees last night and this morning. I had planned on getting on last night but we got busy and I lost track of time. Trapsing all over town trying to find the trees I wanted to plant by the house. Guess where I fine them this morning after checking 2 other Wal-marts?? The Wal-Mart I go to to do my weekly shopping! Geez! Then we had this horrible thunderstorm! The thunder when bad will make me sit up in bed-I am ready to jump out of bed and get somewhere safe. It stems from living in CA for so long. Not sure if anyone, other than Katie has been through a good size earthquake but before it hits it kind of sounds like thunder crashing, a big boom-the ground actually rumbling. Marti, you and Susan probably feel them, or do you? Anywho...we finally got some shrubs, trees and some beautiful shrub roses! OMG-I had to get these roses-4 of them! They are yellow (can't remember the exact name) and virtually impossible to kill-I hope! :lol: And the guy is coming over this evening about the grass. Of course with it supposed to be raining most of the week not sure he will get to it this week.

Angie~a good deep massage sounds soooo good! I wish the insurance would pay for that rather than a trip to the chiro. I'm glad you didn't say anything else about Mystic River-I have been wanting to see that for a while.

Jana~I looked in the mirror and said "NO MORE" Sunday evening I was so uncomfortable in my clothes I went and put my pj's on, that is terrible. I need to do like Dr. Phil says and get rid of all my 'big' clothes. I wear a lot of baggy clothes to hid my big booty and because I like to be comfortable. But it also gives me room to gain without noticing unless I get on the scales. You don't know how embarrassing it is for me to have posted my weight but I thought maybe that's what I need. I am also not concentrating on the big picture but rather doing baby steps. Aiming for 5 pounds at a time. Haven't heard about the MRI yet. I did call yesterday and the nurse was going to find something out and call me back. She did this morning and left a message so as soon as I get off here I will call her back. The pain is so much better today, and wasn't as bad as yesterday but then that's how it goes. It is fine for a while and then all of a sudden it hits and will hurt for weeks at a time. Sounds like you and Madison had a fun time. Good luck at the hairdressers today-of course I didn't see anything wrong with your hair. :)

Marti~good for you! :high: I too was a snacker, but through out the day on the weekend when I was bored. I did quit that though a while back because I quit buying snack food except for Healthy Choice popcorn, slimfast bars, pretzels, fruits and veggies. My problem is fast food-I am addicted! WTG on getting your exercise done-that is going to be my next challenge-regular exercise. I am trying to concentrate on one thing at a time rather than everything. I do believe most of it is in our minds. I have got to work on my way of thinking, and so far it is working. :goodluck: to us ALL on this weight loss journey.

Susan~sounds like Alex has a bear of an ex. That is so wrong that she won't let him see them if he is 30 minutes late. What ig there is a bad wreck or something? Geez, anything could happen and 30 minutes is not that bad. I give him a LOT of credit for putting up with the ex. I did catch part of Dr. Phil-what about those people at the BBQ-did you see all that food! And the one woman had two plates filled high! Was that the same woman? Hope you and Gaby have fun at the library.

Carree~would you like to share (pm) your address with the rest of us so we can send you cards also? Hope you are feeling better today.

Hi to everyone else!

I need to get going ladies and call the doc and do a couple of things around here, like exercise! So far I am doing good staying OP, but then this is only day 2 and it's not over yet. I did very good yesterday and am proud of myself-now to stick with it!

Hope everyone is having a good day. I will try and be back later. :wave:

04-20-2004, 08:10 PM
Hello girls--

Let me start out with I'm TIRED!! :tired: And I have no idea why I'm so tired. Went to school did the school thing, then I went over to my grandparents right after school to visit my grandma. She's looking tired herself. Had a good visit. Got some good advice for my flowers when putting them in a vase.. :)

Then I came home, MADE the dogs go outside, made them because it was raining so hard and when it rains this hard, they don't want to go out!! :lol:

And that was it. So why so tired? Not sure. Ate breakfast and lunch. So I'm not skipping meals. Who knows.

Cristi--This exercise challenge I'm doing is going to be tough, but the next day I'm just so darned proud :smug: that I even got off my butt to do anything that it's worth it. Just need to keep it in my head that it will do wonders for me in the end. :yes:

Susan--You're losing weight girl!! WTG!! :high: But you didn't sound too happy about it. :?: What is the goal weight you're reaching for? You better be staying healthy, don't let stress get to you. You'll start feeling bad and we can't have you getting sick on us!

Jana--The snack queen were ya? Well let's is an example of a day of me snacking....(not anytime recent)
Breakfast.....then a couple hours later searching cupboards for chips, peanuts, popcorn anything salty. If I find anything I would eat that then I would have to find something sweet to counter act the salt. Then back to the salt once I had the sweet. (then I would realize that I've been snacking too much and stop) and I would do this between EACH meal and after dinner!! :yikes: Terrible isn't it? It was like eating all day!!! I haven't done any of that in awhile but if I keep snacking the way that I have been, I could get back into that terrible routine and I'm not wanting that at all. (A girls gotta have her figure you know!! ;) )

Angie--Mystic River...I've heard of that movie, but just can't think who is in it! I've kept my fingers crossed that you got the part today! :crossed: I hope you pop in to let us know!

Hello to the rest of the Jaded Ones :wave: ....I think I better get ready to make dinner...still need to figure out what it's going to be.

You all take care and I may pop in later.


04-20-2004, 08:34 PM
Hi Crsiti & Marti

Yep- I have felt an earthquake before when I was on the coast- think it was down in the Mt Angel area?? Also there was one up in Washington that we felt 4 years ago.

Nope- not happy!!! lol

It is PMS mostly = my back is KILLING me. Taking Midol in the morning and that helps.

Think my goal weight is 140/ that pound is going to make a Just to say I am in the 130's is kind of cool , I guess.

Have training tonight - so better get the Gabster to the Ex-

I snack on carrots-, it was the African American family of women that I was thinking on Dr Phil- Cristi :)

OK- out of here!!

THANKS for the card - Ang :)

04-21-2004, 12:11 AM
Hi ladies,

Susan - if your sis isn't using the computer, maybe she would be glad to get rid of it. Does she live close-by? I did see Dr. Phil, and hope the family learns to eat more healthy. I think it would be okay for them to still get together and eat if they changed the menu! There wasn't one thing there that a person could consider healthy! At least they have come forward for help. What about the woman who's friend turned her in, the one who can't stay away from drive-throughs? I don't think she is really motivated, do you?

Cristi - yay for staying OP so far. It was storming here when I woke up this morning, and it was almost scary. I have some Carefree Delight rose shrubs that are pink with yellow centers. They are truly carefree except for trimming them in the Spring and they bloom all summer. I've got them tumbling over a low concrete wall and am going to put hollyhocks behind them this year, on the other side of the wall. You oughta see my azalea that's in bloom right now - breathtaking!

Marti - glad you are having lots of visits with your grandparents. Hope you get some rest. Glad to know I wasn't the only bad snacker, lol! My favorites were sandwiches with chips on the side followed by something sweet. Yes - an entire meal after dinner. No wonder I got so fat.. but that was then and this is now, and I'm a changed woman, lol.

Well, I got my hair trimmed and .. are you ready for this.... highlighted! They are very subtle, Neal and Katie didn't even notice, but Mary did. I went to a new stylist at Penney's and like her a lot. She is young but didn't try to fix my hair in an old ladies style - you know, all backcombed and rollered, lol.

I stayed OP today but didn't drink the water. Why is it easier for me to not eat than to drink water?? Doesn't make sense......

C ya,

04-21-2004, 01:43 AM

Jana- You mean the lady that had surgery and yet still gained weight??lol

I just catch parts here and there. Your hair do/highlights sound nice :)

I will call my sister. She doesn't live but 20 minutes away- she doesn't use it I am sure.

Gabrielle is keeping me company- otherwise I just don't feel up to par. I feel down and gloomy.I wasn't going to say that - try to be positive and all - but just feel close to tears--pms?? I wish the sun would come out!!!

Ok - training took all night - now I get to go get the Gabster- bring her home and snuggle up with her.


04-21-2004, 01:45 AM
Hello hello--

It's almost 9:30 here and I thought I would pop in before I head to bed.

Jana--I'm hoping to be a changed woman too!! :D My thought process now is "I don't want to get into worse shape than I already am" Improve myself before it's too late. And I'm hoping my weigh in Saturday will be ok. As long as there is no GAIN, I will be happy.

Susan--Hope the PMS goes away for ya...I just got rid of mine and it was no fun. Never is though is it?

So far my routine I've set up for me is working out good. I came home did the exercises, did the homework and then flat out relaxed. I'm still tired. I should have gone to bed earlier but...I want to spend time with James. (will be going here shortly though)

Question for you all:
On Tues. & Thurs. at school, I have a hour and half break in between classes, so after catching up on some homework I would sit and observe people....(yeah, I'm one of those freaks who watch people) anyway...last week I was in the cafeteria and I sat with a friend...and then a friend of hers sat is what went on. The two ladies started talking about working out and eating healthy...(good topic) and the one woman who I didn't know was just going on and on and on about the benefits of exercise and healthy foods and such...yet she sat there with two...TWO I say...plates full of hashbrowns, bacon, and biscuits and gravy and heck I don't know what else and ate it all.( I had thought someone was joining her)

Now...I usually don't judge, but since she was just going on and on about weight loss, I was wondering what to even say!! (btw, she is not thin,,, she is overweight) So I just sat and pretty much said NOTHING. And they kept looking at me to say something.

So what's the question? Well, what should I have said? I felt so uncomfortable with the whole conversation while she sat and ate. I didn't want to sound judgmental to her and comment on what she had on her plate, especially since I didn't even know who she was, everything was just awkward for me. I guess I was pretty much thrown off with the whole thing.
I mean, everyone has the right to eat what they want ,when they want, and where they want and not have someone pick on you and judge you, it's none of our business. (IMO) But if you want to sit and talk about weighloss, exercise, and healthy eating while your pigging out.... Should you be prepared for what the person may say?

I'm very vocal on some things, and if I would have spoken I may have said something and it may have hurt her feelings (without meaning to)....and I wouldn't want that. So do you think it was right for me to just sit and say nothing at all? I feel so rude.

I must be tired because this happen last week sometime and I was just sitting here thinking about how rude I must have looked and it made me feel bad, and the girl probably has forgotten that I even exist!!

Ok I think I'll head off to bed. You're all probably thinking I'm nuts for even bringing this up.....I just wanted an opinion since I do sit with the woman every time I run into her in the cafeteria, and if her friend sat down I would want to know what I should say. (IF the same topic came up)

Alrighty ladies.......forgive me for rambling on.

Take Care

04-21-2004, 09:41 AM

Cristi - what'd the dr's office say about your MRI?

Susan - I think you are down in the dumps because of your visit with Alex and it may take a week or more to get over it. Maybe in your heart you were hoping for more of a connection to him, and the fact that he is still missing his ex bothers you a little. (it would bother me, too) Anyway, I hope you start feeling better today.

Marti - Wow, it would be hard to keep quiet in a situation like that, but you did the right thing, imho. If she really is knowledgeable about nutrition, she already is aware of her bad food choices. This way you didn't make an enemy of her, and I don't think you were rude at all. (I don't think you could EVER be rude, Marti!) And although it is very very doubtful, she may have saved all of her WW points for what she ate even though it wasn't heathy. But that sounds like a weeks worth of points, lol!! Since you will be seeing her again, if the situation comes up again, I would just look at the food then look at her with a questioning look on my face and let her take it for what she wants. That way you didn't accuse her of anything and she can respond or not. You might even ask innocently "wow, what program lets you eat that kind of food???"

Today my goal is to get all of my yard sale stuff into the living room so I can price it. I don't have a lot, but the proceeds will go toward our Disney trip, so every penny helps. The sale is Saturday over at my son's house in town.

I also have to either do the laundry or buy all new stuff. :D

I WILL drink all my water today, I will drink all my water today, I will drink all my water today, I will......


04-21-2004, 10:43 AM
okies been reading the bio´s which has pulled me here to this thread...... ~waves and grinz~ Hi Ladies!! i promise to post a Formal bio soon. please keep in mind my concept of Time isnt all that great ~laughing~ so that could mean either right after i post this or tomorrow morning....... Time is a matter of perception and i have a hard time percieving it ~blush~

but reading about Susan and Alex i just hadda ~grinz n winks towards susan~ prolly because my DH-2-B is named Alex, and i met him over the internet almost 4 years ago. i am from Michigan and he from Austria. after a year he flew over to meet me. and we been bebopping back and forth up until last Thanksgiving when i made the move over. original plan was for him to move to me....... went and taught him all the words to " My Baby is American Made" and everything!! ~laughing~ best laid plans and all...... Hopefully in a few years we will move home again. oooooooo lookie there´s a bit of bio now ~smiling brightly~ this could be written sooner then i think.

anyway just wanted to leave a thought to ponder Susan and maybe a poem to pass when/ if the time is ever right. look forward to getting to know you all! and huge HIYA LUCKY!!! Wo bleibst Denn???? ( Where are Youuuuuuuu????)) <~~ sorry bout that but i have to get in some of german lessons my Alex and i are getting married in May and June. and it might be a pretty good idea ifn the guest could understand my vows eh ~laughing~



Forgetting someone you love
is like remembering someone
you never knew.


Lifetime lesson

After awhile you learn the subtle difference
between holding a hand and chaining a soul
And you learn that love doesnt mean
leaning and company,
and it doesnt mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses arent contracts
and presents arent promises,
And you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes open
WIth the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child,
And you learn to build all your roads on today
Because you never know what will happen tommorrow.

And after awhile you learn that
even sunshine burns if you get to much.
And you learn to plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure,
That you really are strong,
And you really do have worth.


sassy in more ways then 1.........shhhhhhhhhh ~wink~

04-21-2004, 02:24 PM
Hi and WELCOME Sassy! Your post kind of threw me off guard, not sure why, but welcome and we look forward to getting to know you. Love the poem.

Jana~still no word from the doc, actually the nurse. We seem to be playing phone tag and this is getting very irritating. I called Monday evening and she said she would call me right back. Thinking beccause she said right back she would call that day, so I waited. She calls when I am out, I return her call only to get the voicemail. I just realized that the appointment to the ortho doc is not until June-I really don't want to go through the pain that much longer before something is done. You should take some pictures of your flowers-they sound gorgeous. The ones we have are Carefree Sunshine Roses-so pretty-I love the yellow. But they had some beautiful pink ones, not the carefree ones. I think I will get some of those for the backyard. Oh, and I say skip the laundry and go buy new stuff! :lol:

Marti~I too don't think you were rude at all by not saying anything. What do you say to someone you don't really know anyway who is talking all that and then eating enough food for 2 and fattening food at that? Of course me being me would have probably said "What kind of program/diet are you following?" Just to see what she would say because it sounds to me like she is BS'ing. Unless she takes a free day and eats what she wants all day but that would kind of be defeating the purpose.

Susan~yeah, it was the african american family I was talking about-all that fried food. Fried chicken, fried catfish, mac & cheese, BBQ ribs etc. A LOT of food for a cook-out! I hope you are feeling better today. You sound really down and I am wondering too if it is because of the Alex thing? Dating is hard! I have to totally agree with what Jana said, and it would bother me too, about the ex. But if it was his first love I think that is always harder. It doesn't mean though that he can never love again. Anyway, I do hope you get to feeling better. :grouphug:

And Jana I agree about the lady who had the surgery and is still eating terribly. I don't think she is serious about it either. But I had to giggle when Dr. Phil took her picture and put that phrase at the bottom, was it "If you see this lady, don't serve her or Don't serve this lady?" Can't remember the exact words but it made me giggle. I told Vince that's what he should do for me, then thought no, they may think it is because I am a criminal or something. :lol:

Hi Kathy, Rita, Katie, Kayecee, Shanna, Angie, Carree & Kat. Hope I didn't forget anyone. :wave:

Well, we finally got the trees, shrubs and such planted. Yippee! Not finished yet though. In between the roses I am going to put a ground cover and then we need to add the brick trim and bark. Oh and of course the grass. The guy was supposed to come over yesterday at 4, never showed, no call, no message. I told Vince I was kind of leary about the guy now because when we tried calling Monday, his phone had been disconnected. We got through to him on his cell phone. I would hate to pay him and then never see him. I think we should go with the other guy, he had a brand new extended cab truck and I told Vince he must be doing good because he has to pay for that thing. :lol: He is $100 more than the other guy. Now what??? Not much planned for today except cleaning the house and laundry. Didn't make my weekly trip to wally world. Thought since I have to be up early tomorrow for my mammogram I would go after that and I need to make a list. The last few times I have gone I didn't have a list and that is not good. Other than that not much planned for the day. You know I say not much, but housework is a lot.

Hope you all have a nice day today! :sunny:

04-21-2004, 04:48 PM

I had to look at the clock-

Hi Sassy!!! Loved the poem- when I took a class at the college a few years ago they gave us that poem at the end of the term-
Curious if you know who wrote it?? Anyway. will print it off and post it because it is very powerful and so true.

I feel better!! Thanks- I think it was a let down after meeting Alex- just so much focus and he seemed so nice. I don't think we are a match - I am not sure I ever felt that. Though he is sweet and a gentleman- certainly nothing wrong with him in anyway that I know- lol-
ummm.......communicating really poorly these last few days. Maybe because I am sorting out what I want......I think just because a person is nice and decent doesn't make them a *keeper* for you- just means they are nice and decent.
I think what I am looking for is someone that will accept me right where I am at- someone that appreciates how special I am as a person- someone that will be a best friend.....where I don't have to put on a face and hold back what my personality is.....cause I am really senstive and tender hearted- some people (men) don't like

Marti- Not sure about the lady at school. Kind of a firm believer that to change that answer has to come from within ypurself- also ....she knows what she needs to do- some will get sreious when they are tired of being tired-

Hi to Jana and Crist!!

Better go.......


04-21-2004, 05:26 PM
:wave: Hello girls--

Well I agree with you all about the woman at school. It is her choice for what she ate and the topic of conversation and I really shouldn't have judged all that in the first meeting. (I had said that I don't want to judge, but apparently I did) Me keeping quiet was probably the best thing to do.

I got a call today from my sister who lives in Florida. I haven't seen her or her girls in years and I miss them so much. Her husband works on the road construction and they move a lot. (almost as much as Military!) It was a great conversation. (we spoke for over an hour!!)

Then I decided to try and give my son's mom a call (I know that sounds weird to people who don't know what I'm talking about.....had him in highschool and gave him up for adoption) and she wasn't home. But I did talk to her husband for a few minutes......they just recently got married! How neat is that? (ok...maybe it wasn't as recent as mine) the fact that both mom's recently got married to wonderful men is amazing to me. (only because we also share the same birthday!) Anyway...I'm getting OT here, I called because my grandma asked if there would be a way to get a photo of him that she could see before she passes away. And I thought I should call and see if I could get them to come down and visit her. I hope I hear from her later on today...her husband said he'd have her call me back.

Oh my I almost forgot.... :wave: Welcome Sweetnsassy!!! :wave: I hope you enjoy our thread and are able to visit often. Don't worry about the time, we are all in different time zones, although I'm sure yours is very different from ours.

I really need to get off of here and finish my homework.....just wanted to pop in and say hello.

Talk to you girls later,


(I will do individuals later tonight)

04-21-2004, 07:48 PM
Hiya ladies,

Sassy - Hi, :wave: and a big ol welcome to the Jaded Ladies!! German is a hard language to learn, I think. I lived in Kaiserslautern Germany for a while back in the 70's and only learned enough of it to get by, lol. Tell us about about your wedding plans for next month, if you don't mind sharing.

Cristi - I think I would go with the other guy, too, even if it will be a $100 more. If he has a working phone, he's more reliable, lol. I absolutely cannot shop for the week w/o a list. I make menus first, then the list, and have done it that way for ever so long! It helps me save $$ at the store, plus, then I know just what to write down in my food journal, lol. I do keep some frozen casseroles and other stuff on hand just in case I have to go to Plan B for one reason or another.

Susan - how's the training going? Maybe your sister knows a nice guy for you? My sister Katie introduced me to Neal. He played ball on her DHs ball team, and she knew is a nice guy. That's why when we had a child together, we named her Katie - after my sister.

Marti - awww, I hope you get the picture of your son for your grandma. She sounds like a real sweet person, must be where you get it.

Hi to the others...

Talking about judging people - I think it is part of human nature to judge people all the time. Good or bad, you know? Like, if you are standing in line behind a woman at Walmart who has, oh, let's see....pretty hair, a kid who's out of control, and a basket with 12 packs of hot dogs and buns you might think "wonder who does her hair... sheesh, I think that child needs a nap .....I bet she's having a weiner roast or else the hot dogs are on sale". Anytime we see anybody, we form opinions about them, how they look, and what they are doing. Am I getting too crazy here?? LOL

I got a bunch of stuff ready for the yard sale. Well, mostly videos, books and CDs. Tomorrow I'll go through the shed and see what else I need to get rid of. It's a lot of work to get ready for a sale!

Companys here..

04-21-2004, 10:02 PM
Here is a link to photos of my flowers. The front porch flowers don't look like much yet, because they haven't grown, but I wanted you to see my angel statue.

04-21-2004, 10:32 PM

I WILL get to work but wanted to catch up- goodness knows I am behind-lol

BEAUTIFUL angel statue - Jana.I love your porch and the swing.Looks so neat as a pin- so will taken care of-

Cristi- I agree with Jana- go with the guy with the connected phone!! lol- Even though it is more 0r perhapes get a 3rd opinion? Hope you are able to talk with the nurse soon- all that phone tagging would be frustrating- especially when it has to do with a medical issue.
Funny about asking the lady at Marti's college what diet she was people just want to talk about losing weight- think it makes them feel better- less guilty perhapes?

Anyway- Marti. Perhapes if you see her alone sometime you can say that you have some weight you would like to lose and share what you are doing?? Or invite her here??

Jana- my sister?? lol
Ok- I have 3. One is 42 and never has dated,doesn't drive, very picky in men.Very snobby- the one with the computer!!! I don't think she knows any men-lol
Second one is married with 3 kids- marriage on the rocks- suffers with that Fibo??? can't spell- disabled anyway- she doesn't get out- wouldn't know any men-
Third is 22 and in college- a beauty...working towards law school.She is waaaay down south and busy-

My idea!!! :).......we have a Breakfast Club at church- it is for single adults,most are in their 30-40-50' is like a Sunday school and they have outside weekend activities besides meeting on Sunday mornings.I mean it would give me a chance to meet other singles in the church,perhapes other single mom's......and of course dad's.....but just wanting a pal to hang out with.

Also- when I start the extra hours at work I am going to be around all the maintenance men,,,,,lol.....oh, and the, yahoooo.Things are looking up. Just had been 3 years since I had gone out- the last time was Gabys dad-and really haven't dated much at all- but I LOVED just driving the freeway and listening to music- was a highlight.
The other was when I picked up the Gabster from Grandma's and she came running half dressed saying "mommy!!!!" she was so excited to see me-

Cut Rebecca's bangs this morning - Rachel is still at outdoor school, miss her something terrible.Who would have thought?? lol She is a sweety, really need to get her picture posted.

Enjoyed my YARDI training last night- it is a software to do workorders- learned a lot. My boss is out until May due to an illness- so hope to start full time next week perhapes- get trained with the secretery who is leaving-

OK- best get. I had a can of lite peaches tonight for snack was really good-
breast of chicken with some pasta was dinner-also have been eating more almonds- heard they were good for you?? Anyway- think 20 are a serving.

Better go!!!


04-21-2004, 11:02 PM
Evening ladies--

My how beautiful it looks outside right now!! The sun is shining....after is raining hard ALL day! Hope the sun decides to shine tomorrow.

Speaking of rain, on my way home from school today it was pouring pretty good and I was driving at a respectable speed :) when all of a sudden the window wiper on the driver side decides to pop off!! OMG!! My heart about leapt out of my chest!! I drove until I got to a rest stop (thank god it wasn't far) and I had to get out and fix the darn thing. The wiper just pop out and kind of hung on under the arm.....sticking straight up and down. I could not see a thing!! And there were so many semi's out that the splash from the roads weren't helping. But I'm thankful that the rest area was near. If not I suppose I could have pulled off the side of the freeway, but I hate that.....traffic makes me nervous when it's raining hard....people just don't know how to slow down.

Frantic isn't it?

Jana....I love your house!! That front porch looks so cute! Love the swing. And the flowers are very pretty. I need to plant some next year in my yard. I really need to get rid of the tree thats in the front yard. It died last summer before we moved in and it's still all brown. (it's some kind of pine tree....shaped like a christmas tree) Next year will be the year my yard gets attention.

Susan....So you think that Alex isn't the one huh? That's too bad. Has he even e-mailed you since your meeting? He must have been right "the nice guy doesn't get the girl" You'll both find someone. And when you find that perfect love in your life, you just KNOW. With my first husband, I was in love with the idea of getting married. In fact, the day we got married I KNEW I shouldn't be doing it. But being young and stupid..........anyway, when I met James, we were good friends before we got together and something special just started developing. I didn't want it to happen, but it did and boy am I ever glad I did.

Probably didn't want to know all that did you?

Cristi....I can't believe you didn't hear the news yet. Phone tag is awful. Not that I ever experienced it for medical reasons, but for others....and I'm sure the wait is even worse when you want to know information on your health! As for making a list when you go shopping....James & I HAVE to make one or else we go in for one thing...and leave with fifty more!! :lol: Can get pretty costly doing that. Costco is the worst. So much stuff!!! :D

Well heck...James is calling me so I better get going. Hi to all the other girls.

Take Care

04-21-2004, 11:06 PM
Oh Jana, those are such puuuuuurrrdy flowers. I love the angel and bird bath, oh and the flowers too of course! I had to laugh though at your angel. Okay, did you get it a t Wal-mart? Well, if not Wal-mart has the same angel and I almost bought it twice! :lol: Carrie (dd) said Oh mommy you don't need it. I know I don't need it, just want it-I have the perfect spot for it! :) and again, I am agreeing with you because I do think it is natural for others to judge.

And thank you ladies for your opinion on the grass guy. I too thought we should go with the second guy, or maybe get another estimate or two. But I thought I would let Vince give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I have already given up on him and am ready to go elsewhere. I am afraid to give the guy any money for fear of him not coming back.

Susan~you know when it is time for you to find the right person you will. I tried for a while and it seemed the more I tried the worse it got and it made me feel horrible. So I let it go for a while and tried a different approach but with the attitude if it happens it happens, and it did. Believe me I took it very sloooow.

Marti~I do hope you get a picture of your son for your grandma.

Okay, don't mean to cut this short. Thought I would get this posted before the storm starts. It is ugly outside. Oh, I finally got a hold of the nurse. She said all they saw was a touch of arthritis-great! They want to follow up with therapy and medicine, not sure what kind of meds as I tried Vioox (sp?) and it did nothing for me, can't take ibuprofen for long as it upsets my stomach so what else is there?? I will find out tomorrow. Just glad to finally know something, not happy to hear it is arthritis-I am too young! Okay, take care ladies-see ya tomorrow. :wave:

04-22-2004, 12:35 AM

Marti- glad you are safe!! It has been super nice up here.I think in the 70's before this weekend-

You are sweet Cristi- thanks.

Just popping in for a break.

Anyway- working on filing-- better go :)


da fat n da furious
04-22-2004, 02:28 AM
hello all
Just back from rehearsals...hilarious play. A play within a play.

Cristi,,,a bit of bursitis too perhaps...or is that the same as arthritis? cause I know bursitis can cause alot of pain,,,swelling and all.

Jana, the flowers look so pretty...can't wait to start planting.

Susan you know whats right and if Alex isn't right,,,move on. Keep him as a friend.

Marti,,,OMG I would of freaked. I once ran out of washer fluid and it was dirty roads and rain...not a good thing.

Welcome Sassy....

Have I missed anyone?

Monte and I went and checked the show home for the house we want...came away I shouldn't laugh but I can't beleive we made plans and signed a contract all by looking at a paper showing us the house. It was so new it didn't even have a showhome for us to judge by. So now Im praying we don't sell this With my luck it will sell for sure
I went shopping today,,,bought 2 capris and a pair of sweats. And a pretty summery dress. The of course had to buy shoes to
Angelika made me laugh today,,,I had been hounding her to go walking with she goes,,,ok Becky will walk with you one night and me the next. (geesh don't make me sound like a dog or Im just glad shes going to go with me...I could go,,,wear my walkman or something to keep me moving fast but I worry about people jumping me or something from behind...not that were I would go is not out in the open.
Well need to get to bed...
night...I started weaning myself into BFL drank most of my water and had a protein shake for lunch.

04-22-2004, 10:23 AM
Good morning ladies,

Susan - joining a church group for singles is a really good idea! Seems you won't be able to count on any of your sister for an introduction to anyone, lol. Have you ever had peaches on a salad? I take salad greens, cucumber, chicken breast, a little cheese, and any fruit, even orange chunks, and top it with lite ranch dressing.... mmmmmm.... very good! You get your veggies, dairy, protein and fruit that way.

Marti - glad you were able to pull off the road safely. Last spring, we had a teacher/mother of 2 (also the football coach's wife) stop to help someone with car trouble, and when she came around the van, a semi hit and killed her. One of her kids was in the car, but he was playing a Gameboy and didn't see her actually get hit. It was awful! She was only 30 and everybody in town knew and loved her. Anyway, glad you are safe!

Cristi - yes, I did get the statue at Walmart, and I didn't need it either, but isn't it so cool?? I love the way she has her legs crossed, and the baby angel on her lap is just too sweet. And it was only about $25.00! I've got arthritis in my wrists too, and carrying grocery bags really aggrivates it.
When it hurts really bad, I take generic Aleve and that helps a lot. But I'm not one for taking much meds at all.

Angie - what does the new dress look like? Glad you have someone to "walk" you, lol. Just so they don't put you on a leash, lol. Your friends sound fun!

Well ladies, I've got two things to crow about:

I drank all the water yesterday, and
I am now wearing the jeans I bought that were way too tight!!!!

I put the jeans on and danced around the kitchen to show Neal last night. He says I have a sexy a$$, lol. Is he a keeper, or what!?! I feel so good about what I've lost so far, and it reinforces my determination.

Better go, bbl,

04-22-2004, 11:15 AM
Morning ladies!!

Jana--Nothing like boosting your spirits when the hubby comments about the a$$!! Just kind of keeps you going doesn't it? :D

Angie--You were at rehearsals? Does that mean you got the part or is this a different play all together? I had to laugh :lol: about the friends walking ya!! Nothing like having your friends around to support you!

Cristi--Arthritis? I'm sorry. :sorry: Hopefully they can suggest something to give you to ease the pain. James was told that eventually he'll have arthritis in his ankle and pelvis later on after his car accident. PELVIS? I guess you can get arthritis anywhere? So he tries to keep healthy to prevent this from happening. (although at times his ankle really bothers him)

Susan--The weather is suppose to be nice by the weekend? :cb: I hope so. Maybe for the northern part of Oregon!! Right now it's FOOOGGGYYY!! That can be worse than rain sometimes!

Morning to the rest of you girls. Pop in soon at catch us up on what you've all been doing.

Well I have to say...I've been doing great these last three days. :cp: My snacking is under control. I'm doing my crunches and some other form of exercises everyday. And the only thing I have to REALLY work on is the smoking. :halfempty But I can only deal with one thing at a time. (no excuse I know, but I will take it for now) So I'm hoping that I can keep this attitude up and start getting into shape. :hyper:

Alrighty ladies.....I have to get finish getting ready for school. Class starts at 8:30. Adv. Word today and then later its Records Management. Then NO SCHOOL tomorrow!!! :high: Teachers in service day!! Who knew college had those days too!! :D So I will be picking Jhanai up later tonight and take her to school tomorrow. How fun. I miss taking her to school.

Have a great day and I will try to peak in later. :wave:


04-22-2004, 02:11 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Goofy me got up early this morning thinking today was the mammogram. Got ready and then looked at the calendar and saw that it is the 22nd. Had to go check the appt. card because somewhere I saw the 29th for something. Sure enough my appt. is the 29th! :doh: :dizzy: My day has been off and goofy since. I am blaming it all on menopause.

Jana~yes, I do love the angel, and I think I may have to go get it. :) WTG on getting in those new jeans! Yippee!! I am doing the happy dance for ya. :dance: :dance: :dance: And an a$$ complement to boot! Neal is definitely a keeper! He seems like such a sweet, kind man and so in love with you. :love: You know nothing seems to help when my arm/shoulder/wrist hurts. It actually starts from my neck and goes down. Today though it is only the wrist and hand. I may try the Aleve-I too don't care for taking meds and I don't want to have to for the rest of my life. I am hoping physical therapy will help-not sure what it entails but will find out Tuesday. That poor woman, how horrible to die that way, and her son was in the car. :( That is just so sad.

Marti~arthritis in the pelvis and ankle, ouch! My right arm is virtually worthless because of this, of course being on the computer doesn't help. I told Vince I need to learn to use my left arm/hand. Glad you were fine after the wiper ordeal, that really is scary. I had an incident where I was out of water and a truck drove by and splashed mud on my window. It wasn't a lot but enough that the window was a mess. So what do I do, I turn the wipers on to clean it only to find I have no water and all I did was smear the mud-scary not being able to see when you are driving down the road.

Angie~I am glad you have someone to walk with, it always makes it nicer, not as boring. Isn't that the way things usually happen, you don't want to sell your home now and sure enough you probably will. Is there any way you guys can get out of the contract?

Susan~I think a church group would be a good thing, a good way to meet people, not just guys, and always something going on. When does Rachel get back from outdoor school? I bet she is having a fun time.

Okay, I am on day 4 of staying OP and doing good. First day was easy, second day was fine, but the third day-yikes! But I made it through it and am on day 4 and going strong. I am so wanting to weigh myself to see if I have moved the scales, in the right direction of course. But I haven't and won't until Saturday morning. We had that terrible storm last night and it is cloudy today. I think they are supposed to stick around till the weekend, ick. Just when I get gung ho about doing yard work. Oh well...

Hi to everyone else. Take care ladies and have a nice day. :)

04-22-2004, 05:18 PM
Hello ladies--

I just got home from school.....I know I said I would do exercises before anything, but not to worry....I'm getting ready for that. It is just an absolute GORGEOUS day out today and it has put me in such a great mood!! Plus I have some things that need to be done today before I pick up Jhanai that I'm not sure when I will be able to come in and post.

Where is everyone lately???

I had a test today in Adv. Word. I think I did pretty good. And in records management I've gotten high scores on everything so far so I'm pulling a good A in that class. What a great way to end the week!!

This morning I sent the letter to my son's mom. I didn't get a call last night but that could be that James and I both were on the phone a lot last night. (since when are we so popular to get phone calls?) But I'm hoping they get the letter by tomorrow. They only live in Portland so it's not too far. I asked them if they were to travel south anytime soon, to stop by my grandparents for a visit. (and yes, they've all met so it wouldn't be strangers knocking on her door) I hope to hear from them soon.

On my way to my car today, the college had an Earth Day Party going on in one of the fields. Playing music and there were some recylers going through garbage.(that didn't look fun) but the music was loud and fun!! Great atmosphere today.

Ok...I've got to get things going. My weekends starts now and I need to take advantage of it!!

Talk to you girls later

04-22-2004, 10:03 PM
Just a quick check while I have a few minutes before CSI. I am feeling good about being OP and did great today. I fixed meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner tonight but it is too much work figuring the points that I had a Healthy Choice dinner, and I didn't even finish it. One because I wasn't really hungry and two it wasn't so great. I love peas & carrots but have found that the ones in some of the frozen dinners aren't so good. The goofy thing is after I fixed dinner for the family I remembered my WW cookbook in which it has a recipe for meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and the points! DUH!!! Oh well, I wasn't too hungry and I really didn't miss it. I like the healthy choice frozen entrees, but WW is better. I do have some in the freezer too. And since I have been craving dessert after I eat on most days I bought some of the WW carrot cake, and key lime desserts. I even did some exercise today, only 15 minutes but it's a start. I did 5 mns. each on the weights, the exercise bike and the treadmill. I am going to stick with 15 mns. for now till I get used to working out again and then add 5 mns., get used to that, add 5 more mns. etc. Overall, today was a good day, but I am pooped.

Marti~I do hope that if they can't make a trip to see grandma that they do at least send a photo. I think that would make your grandma's day. :) (((((HUGS))))) to her. I'm glad the weather there is nice. I think we got your fog. Got up this morning and it was cloudy but as the day went on it got foggy and drizzly (is that even a word?) oh well-it has been ugly all day.

Oh, I just noticed it's 8 o'clock-I can't miss CSI or Without A Trace. Take care everyone where ever you are. See ya ladies tomorrow. :wave:

04-22-2004, 10:44 PM
Hey there - M.N.J. mentioned there were Oregonians in this forum, so I thought I come over and say "Hi"
I live in Southwest Portland with Mr. RosieKate and DS (7), and DD (2). Dh is a teacher, I'm a SAHM ( ormer teacher). We are having some gorgeous weather - I spent some time poking around in my veggie garden today. Not much to speak of, yet. Didn't get my walk in, but am still on track to get my 5x in this week.
Started the week with a gain, but the last two days, I have felt more in control of my food, so that's a good thing. My weigh in day is Monday.
Big news - I started getting organic produce delivered today. I read an article in the Trib about a local family who deliver organic produce and it was surprisingly affordable. So I signed up! the bin had lots of goodies - all very fresh. And nothing real strange that my picky kids won't touch. I'm hoping this will contribute to the no-fail environment I'm trying to cultivate.
Look forward to chatting some more...

04-22-2004, 11:21 PM
Hiya Ladies,

Marti - yay for you getting good grades! :cp: Neal is counting down the days til school is over, lol. Seems funny for the prof to do that! Now you be sure and help James exercise that pelvis! ;)

Cristi - wow, you are doing great staying OP and doing exercises! I love the Lean Cuisine dinners. The grilled chicken and penne pasta, the fetticini w/brocolli; and the steak tips dijon are my favorites. :hun: And the WW points are printed on the side. I eat them for lunch sometimes, or when Neal and Katie have something I don't want to waste points on.

RosieKate - :wave:WELCOME to our little corner of the world!!! We have a Kathy, a Katie, a Kat and a Kayecee already - how do you feel about being called Rosie?? LOL!! The organic produce sounds great. Tell us more about yourself when you want to....

Susan - where are you?? :?:

I made our reservations with Disney World today for next March. :cp: We'll be staying in one of their budget hotels, but it's new. - Pop Century, in the 60's building, right by the Hippy Dippy Pool. :D :D :D

I didn't do much worth talking about today... same old same old. Had fun with Makenzie, though. Can't believe tomorrow is Friday already... where did the week go?

Goin' to the arcade,

04-22-2004, 11:26 PM

Hi Katy!!! How exciting to have another Oregonian :)

I live in NW((close to the Rose Gardens)) but my kids are in SW- close to Gabriel Park on Vermont- not sure you are familiar with that area? Anyway, I was in Multnomah Village for a while been in NW for a year now.
Though ((( I know...she gets my whole life Oregon story I grew up in Beavercreek and lived on the coast near FT Stevens for 11 years- miss the coast so much.


I am 40 and mom to three daughters((12- 11 and 2)).One goes to Maplewood and the other to Gray.I work for HAP and hope to go full time next week or by May 1st- not sure which.

Jana- CONGRATS on the pants!! Really am sure it is a thrill to have your weight loss reflect in the clothes you can now wear-
Your Neal is a sweety :).....

Cristi- So happy you were able to talk with the nurse!!

Marti- Hope you hear from your son's mom- would be so great if they could make the trip down south.

Ang- I don't know what to say about I miss you- got your card even though you sent it to an old you have super friends in Calgary- wish we lived closer!!!!!! :)

Rita- Kathy- KAt- Katie- Shanna- Carree- Sassy- Kayecee.......omg- I am going to forget someone - sorry!! Hope you all POST soon - miss you :)

I had a good day. I am at work now. I had a peanut butter toast/ with Atkins shake/banana for breakfast- nice albacore salad for lunch (( though what you talked about Jana- that sounds so good- I will try it)) and breast of chicken with rice and veggies for dinner- tons of water and even a can diet coke- tasted so good- had been months.......and walked.

Rachel comes home tomorrow!! She has been at outdoor school for those just popping in.....

I guess that is it. Just wanted to say hello-


04-23-2004, 12:16 PM
OK Susan - I live in Multnomah and DS goes to Maplewood (1st grade)! Small world, huh... What's HAP? I tell you we live at Gabriel Park! The kids do a lot of stuff at the Community Center. I just booked us campsites on the coast for a summer vacation, so I know the feeling of needing to see the ocean. I grew up in Salem, but have been in the Portland Metro area, with the exception of a few years at UO, for 20 + years.
What a fun thread.

Marti - thanks for directing me here from Buddy Up, hope your classes aren't too hard with all the beautiful weather we're having. Used to distract me quite a bit when I was a student.

I'm looking forward to posting more and getting to know more of you so I can comment individually

I hope to get a walk in today. Sneak peek at the scales says I got rid of the 2 lbs I put on last week, so I'm feeling pretty good about my food plan. Drinking the extra water and green tea has helped. And no beer! We'll see how long that lasts....

04-23-2004, 12:18 PM
Susan......Housing Authority? It just hit me :)

04-23-2004, 12:42 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! PLEASE join us at the chit Chat #44. See ya there! :)