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04-17-2004, 05:31 AM
Early good morning from the boonies! I woke at three and am up for the day, I guess. I've been running on overdrive the past week. Does that count as exercise? :lol:

Everything on "The Plan" got done around here yesterday and Kevin will be back Monday to do a few more jobs - like new patio stones! After he does that and the new kitchen windows are installed on Wednesday, I will have spent all the profit I made two years ago selling the condo. Whew!

As they say in Delta, I'll be "seldom" in here for a while. I am having trouble with extremely slow opening and posting. Suzanne is checking into it. It's just on this 3FC website, not on others I visit. Very strange! It takes nearly half a minute to open a post to read it and the same amount of time to post a reply! Oy! (Maybe it's a ploy to shut me up?)

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. This is Syrup Festival weekend so I'm off and running. I will NOT eat pancakes, sausages and maple syrup! When you cook the darn things all day, you sure don't want to eat them!


04-17-2004, 05:40 AM
Ruth, I sent you a PM last week, and it would not go through. After that there was this bug in my system which kept on opening and reopening the page. I rebooted and it went. I wonder whether this is connected to your problems?

Off the the antiques fair today and then dinner with my mum and dad who live nearby (overcooked roast beef I expect ) .

I am down another couple of pounds so that is happy news. I have booked myself a weekend at a fancy countryhouse health club for beginning of June and I would like to be under fifteen stone for that, so that will be under
210 to you. I am about 220 in the mornings at the moment.

Have a good weekend everyone

04-17-2004, 08:14 AM
Good morning, Chicklets---

Ruth, sounds like you've been having a great time spending that money! Hope you're taking "before" and "after" pics. I'd love to see them.

Clovey, what all is entailed in your countryhouse health club weekend? Is that kind of like the fancy health spas we have here like Golden Door and La Costa?

Today is my writer's group meeting. We have to buy lunch and my choices are a) hamburger and french fries, b)miniscule fried chicken salad with honey mustard dressing or c)potato soup and caesar salad. Some choices, huh? I don't know what to do. Last time I had the fried chicken salad, even though it was breaded. I figured it was the least damaging and I asked for caesar dressing instead of honey mustard. But the portion was so stingy, I wanted to eat the tablecloth, just to feel satisfied. I'm thinking of having something before I leave, just so I won't be so starved at the end of the day.

Tonight our office staff is getting together on the Big Boss's dime for a dinner party at a German restaurant. I'm not particularly crazy about German food, and I know it's heavy on starches, so that's going to be another challenge. ~~sigh~~

Had some not so good news yesterday. First, a very dear friend's FIL had emergency surgery yesterday. Don't know details and not sure how things went yet. Also another friend's dh was taken to ER and they found he has esophogeal/lung cancer and they're pretty sure it has metastasized further. The scenario is not a good one. He's quite obese and has diabetes on top of everything. So, if you would, please say a prayer/ send good thoughts for Flo and Bob.

SBD-wise, I was very proud of myself...I stayed 90% on program yesterday. I've noticed a definite change in my body shape. My butt is firmer and my "love handles" are receding, my belly overhang doesn't overhang as much as it did a few months back, my calves are smaller in circumfrence as are my arms. :D

Hope everyone has a great OP day!


04-17-2004, 12:15 PM
OMG I will keep them all in my prayers along with all of the other ill health reports from the week from the other chicks. Wow this has been some week. DH got the bug out of his ear and seems to be doin well. Busy crazy hectic w-end here. Soccer game dd is havin a friend over and I am gonna take the darlings shoppin! Oh my! tee-hee Squel fest! Ok chicks let's all have an OP w-end!

04-17-2004, 01:01 PM
I've just returned from a shopping trip for groceries and other sundries and am sorry to hear such bad news from you, Mamacita. Glad to hear though, that you're managing to stay OP.

I hope you find something fantastic at the antiques fair, Clovey.

Ruth, I envy you getting all that work done on your house, and all at one time. Good luck with the computer problems and beware the maple syrup. Jo

04-17-2004, 02:05 PM
Sorry about your struggles, Mamacita. Hope you are doing well with it all.

Sounds like you all have big weekend plans. I'm stuck here in the ER for the entire weekend. Yuk, 12 long hours with the most unfavorite doc...... :mad:

Hope you all stay OP.

04-17-2004, 05:55 PM
hi all, i'm one of the very newbies here, but i'm just gonna jump right in!!
today (saturday) is a lazy day for me -- i have done what little needed to be done around my apartment and now i am online for a while -- after that i plan on some reading and as little as possible beyond that -- i don't get too many lazy days and just feel that once in a while a person needs to take one of those for themselves.
as i listed in my bio -- i am single, so there is no one for me to worry about whenever i decide it is time for one of my "days" --
hope everyone has a good weekend -- it is warm and sunny here in west tennessee -- i may actually have to sit out on my patio and read my book --
good luck to all.

04-17-2004, 11:01 PM
hello everyone!!!
late check in for me today, it has been one heck of a weekend so far!! TOM arrived AGAIN. so the spring fever got quickly cooled. i ate a huge delmonico steak and a real live baked potato with all the fixins' :yikes: when we went out for dinner tonight. i spent 8 hours in the sun today working at the big garage sale, first real nice day of the year i think, and yes i have sunburn!!! well tomorrow is another day.

mamacita so sorry about your friends hope all goes well keeping them all in my prayers. :grouphug:

ruth nice to hear you are nearing completion of your dream house. will you find other jobs for the "eye candy" namely kevin, scooper and the rest of the boys??? ;) have a good festival!!!

bamie shoppin with the girls you brave soul !!! have a good time!!!

RNMOM dont work too hard!!

lyric good for you having a lazy day!!! take care of you!!

to everyone else have a good weekend!!

04-18-2004, 01:44 AM
Sorry to hear about your friend Mama...they will definitely be in my prayers.

Lazy Sat. for moi. Woke up to rain today! It's not supposed to rain in Southern California! Worked out and did nothing but cook, cook, cook. Tried some of those Atkins ( :o, should I say that word here) muffins. Very odd consistency to them, but they weren't too bad.

Been deabting over getting a dog. I've always had cats, and have one now I would have to take into consideration. I've worked with animals for the past 7 years, so hopfully I know what to expect. Will just have to be very particular when I visit the local shelters. I think something fairly small so it won't freak out my cat. Small dogs seem to be an impossible fid in shelters though.

Hope everyones Sat wet well ;)

04-18-2004, 09:27 AM

Geez, Ruthie... what, have you got squirrels gnawing on the phone lines down there or something? I knew I moved back to the big city for a reason. :lol3:

Marmacita, I'll be saying prayers for Flo and Bob. :grouphug:

I slept all day yesterday (working that Topomax out of my system), and am determined to catch up on life today! Have a good one, girls!
love to all of you ... xoxo

04-18-2004, 10:32 AM
A quick check in this morning as it may be my only chance. Took the girls shopping. DD needed some new bras and lets just say I can be the most embarassing MOM on the planet! tee-hee It was so much fun! They were actually tryin to hide from me if you can imagine that!!!!!!!!! And wow at the padding they put in an A cup! Who needs implants when ya got those! Of course dd is no lace no frills no ribbons just plain jane. Which at 12 there would not be to much lace and frills any ways and definatly no padding! Anyhow all was good with the girls. They wore me out! We came home dh ordered pizza for them and I had chicken! Ok I'm off to the shower we start our revival this morning so it will be a long day cause we usually do not have Sunday night service but will tonight and I have to take ds shopping today since I took dd yesterday! Oh the joys of having kids! tee-hee Have a great day all!