Support Groups - New Year, New Goals, New Me Week 16

04-16-2004, 12:35 PM
Hi all!!

Another successful week for all of us! Excellent!

This week starts my mini-challenge, so my goals until June are:

1. Exercise 20 minutes a day, 5/7 days this week.
2. Get all my water in.
3. Leave one point remaining each day.
4. Lose 15 pounds by June 6th. (Approximately 2 a week.)

Dan: I'm so sorry to hear of your son's medical problems. Along with Chequita, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I know how stressful an illness can be and it causes a ripple effect on your life! We are here for you and look forward to you rejoining us. We still have a lot of weeks left in this year, so we can do it together!!

Jolly: I wondered if you were having a stressful time with your father. I remember you mentioning things about him several months ago on our other thread. I'm sorry to hear things have not gotten better. It's gotta be tough on you, but remember that you have to do what is best for the both of you. If that means him leaving, then that is what has to happen. I know you feel like you are a bad daughter, but he will eventually realize it was what is best! We are here for you to vent/cry/rant and rave to!

Chequita: I'm looking forward to having you in my land next week! (2ferland that is!!) I know you can do it! Have a great weekend OP and we will get you there next week!

I'm off to work. Hubby leaves Tuesday for Thailand. Oh boy!


04-16-2004, 05:41 PM
Thanks for the sentiments and kind words, Chach & Chequita. I'll be checking in more frequently now that the computer situation is squared away; While Eric is top priority, of course, I need to take care of myself, too. I am very mindful that my weight gain of about 50 pounds a few years ago started when Linda got sick. I do not want to let a family illness cause me to lose control of myself again.


04-16-2004, 06:21 PM
well dan, we are here for you. just keep that in mind. and you are right you have to take care of yourself for eric. have a nice weekend. i will check in this weekend, if possible, if not, i'll talk to you all monday.

04-18-2004, 01:52 PM
Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I had a horrible day yesterday eating. Whatever wasn't nailed down was in my mouth! Enough of that. I am up some weight because of it, but I will take care of that! Back OP today!

Hopefully everyone has a wonderful day and I'll talk to you all later.


04-18-2004, 06:21 PM
Hey all. I had a good weekend, all things considered. I had a couple of nice rides on my pony, and actually did a (gasp) weight workout at the gym today. I think I will have stayed the same when I weigh in tomorrow - I missed a couple of workouts, and I was eating some junk. But, I have not been binging. Eating more than I should, but not plowing through half gallons of ice cream in two days, etc. At least that is something. See you all later.

04-19-2004, 08:17 AM
Good morning, everyone.

Well, the next several days are going to be very trying for me. Linda is away until Wednesday night on business. The kids have school vacation and went to their grandparents, also returning Wednesday. They even took the dog, so I am home alone with two cats that are very nervous about whether I'll remember to clean their litter box and feed them! I am also becoming increasingly stressed about my son's condition; his kidney biopsy is early Thursday morning, and I am quite nervous about the outcome and prognosis.

So, the potential is definitely there for eating overload. I am going to try to keep myself busy. I'll log on here frequently, too.

The way that I cope with these things is to learn as much as I can about them so that I can ask the doctors the right questions and make sure that he is getting appropriate care. So, I have immersed myself into the subject. I will probably be going to a local medical school library tomorrow. My wife thinks that I should lay-off it for a while because it has been making me so upset. I think that I would be this upset anyway, though. At least the researching alleviates the sense of helplessness.

Yesterday was a good day. Beautiful weather. There was a huge parade in downtown Hartford to honor the UConn Men's & Women's Basketball teams. Between 250,000 - 300,000 people came - the largest gathering in Hartford since the WWII veterans returned. We had a really nice time at that.

WTG getting back on track, Chach.

You all are inspirations to me.


04-19-2004, 10:55 AM
dan, do please keep us informed. and you know where we all are if you need some support. i have faith that this will be your best week ever. i had wi this morning and i am proud to say i'm down another 2 lbs., still not in twoferville, but will be there next week for sure. i hope everyone had a nice weekend and i will check back in later.

04-19-2004, 03:18 PM
Hello All!

Chequita: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
One more week and it's 2ferland for you! I'm so proud of you. Look at how much you have lost since November!! Great job!

Dan: I know you are stressed, and you are just like me. I want to know all I can about what the disease/illness is. Get all the information you can so when you hear the results and/or the doc's prognosis, you can understand it!

Here's to a great week!!


04-19-2004, 03:36 PM
thanks for the cheer on. if you have time go to my thread "the scales are scared" inthe 100lb club forum. a little rant i think you might find interesting. you better watch out i will be there in twoferville with you next week.

04-20-2004, 10:10 AM
:coffee: Good morning all. you will have to bear with me. This is the first I really looked at all the new smilies. what a hoot :crazy:

Way to go Chequita :cp: :cp: Can't wait to see you in twoferville. You can do it. Dan, I will hope and pray for the best for you son.

I made it to the gym this morning. I did weights :strong: which I hate. But my friend swears by them. Sigh. Anyway. I weighed in, and had a 1 1/2 pound gain. I will blame PMS and the Mcdonald's I had for lunch yesterday, and will vow to do better this week.

Have a good day all.

04-20-2004, 10:56 AM
jollygirl, pms and mickeydees will do it everytime. you'll get em next week. hope everyone has a great tuesday. check back later.

04-20-2004, 01:41 PM
Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers, everybody.

I am doing much better today. I have managed to put myself in a place where I am able to wait until I know for sure before I start contemplating the worst case scenario. Yesterday's anguish arose from the ongoing nature of the learning process. I am still learning about this thing, and I have not yet been able to get a broad perspective on it yet. I've decided that Linda was right and I should put the research on hold until we know precisely what we are dealing with. Late yesterday afternoon, I read some information that was more hopeful than most of the other things that I had read, and I decided to stop right there and hang onto that hope for now.

This isn't going to be the best week ever, Chequita, but I am proud to say that it will not be too bad. I have been eating reasonably and expect that I will lose a little weight. I think that is a realistic and approrpiate goal for the short term, and I fully intend to meet it.

Thanks for the support :)

04-20-2004, 05:36 PM
Hi all!

Jolly: Sorry I didn't get a chance to address your last post. McD's is a killer for me too, but sometimes I just gotta have it. I've limited myself to a cheeseburger happy meal, though, and it not only takes care of the cravings, but also is the portion size we used to get about 10 years ago as adult meals. Crazy how portion sizes have gotten out of control. I am sure you will have a better week next week. 1.5 pounds up is not uncontrolable.

Chequita: I'm glad to see I will have another resident in 2ferville. Please excuse me if I try to get out of there fairly quickly, though. I figure by the end of the year I will be on 1derland!

Dan: Glad to see you are doing better today. It is just going to be crazy until you meet with the doctor again. How are you doing with an empty house? Going crazy yet? Baby steps right now and you will get through all of this!

I got my approval from the insurance coverage for my breast reduction surgery. I am scheduled for August 11th. I am very excited! That is going to be a great weigh in once I get back to WW to weigh after the surgery!! I am guessing in about two weeks I should lose 10 pounds or so. :)

Okay, weigh in for me tomorrow night and meeting! I'm going to be a good girl tonight and tomorrow again. Hubby deploys tonight and won't be back until June 11th. Long time, huh? Going to be a really good girl while he's gone and get 15 pounds off!


04-21-2004, 09:53 AM
10 lbs in 2 weeks, Chach? Maybe I should consider that approach ;)

Everyone comes back home today. We will take my son to the hospital tomorrow morning at 6:00 am and his procedure will be at 8; he'll spend most of the day after that lying flat on his back, and they'll keep him overnight. If all goes well, we'll take him home Friday morning.

I'll probably log on at some point on Friday and let you know how he is.

I'm doing and feeling quite well, considering.


04-21-2004, 12:11 PM
10 lbs. in 2 wks., dan we all need to consider that approach. i am glad to hear everyone is doing great. chach i wouldn't expect you to stick around in twoferville on my account. just remember i am hot on your trail. happy wed. to everyone. catch you all later.

04-21-2004, 03:26 PM
Dan: I'll be thinking of you and your family the next few days. Log on when you can and let us know how things went. I expect you will be very busy! (And hopefully get some stress-relief!) I don't know that you would have enough to get rid of for a reduction surgery, but if you can, go for it!! :) Something to look forward to. I wish there was another way to be down 10 pounds in 2 weeks!

Chequita: Aw, I knew you would understand me not wanting to stick around in 2ferland. I will be more than happy to welcome you to 1derland when I get there. I plan on staying there for a very very very long time!

Okay, so I started this mini-challenge on Sunday. I stepped on the scale this morning and I am down 6 pounds so far. My weigh in is tonight, so I will probably only be down around 2 pounds, as my eating this weekend put me up over last week's weighin. Grrr...

I'll try to check in tonight!


04-22-2004, 12:36 AM
Hi all,

Just wanted to check in quickly and let you know officially down 2.2 tonight to 237.6. Wahoo! Home scales showed much lower, but oh well!


04-22-2004, 10:23 AM
Hi all. Way to go Chachee! 2.2 is great. I hopped on the scale this morning, and despite poor eating yesterday, I did lose the pms/McDonald's weight I gained. Hurray. I also did weights again today. I still hate them. Ah well.

Hope all is going well with everyone else. Have a good day.

04-22-2004, 01:05 PM
CONGRATS jollygirl and chach :cheer: :cheer: you 2 are doing great.

04-22-2004, 06:50 PM
Hi - good news to report. The procedure went just fine and Eric is acting like himself. He needs to lie on his back for about 24 hrs, and he's staying overnight at the hospital. The facility here is great; I am logging in on a computer on his floor that is available for family members.

We will not know the results until about a week; for now, we are pleased that there have been no complications. After about 8 hours, they allowed him to eat something, and he is very hungry. There is a VCR in his room and a large library; he's been watching movies all day long!

Glad to hear everyone is doing so well.


04-22-2004, 07:13 PM
Dan, so glad to hear Eric is doing good! I know that will relieve a lot of stress. I'm glad the facility is nice also. It really is helpful when the hospital/site is good and there is a good staff. I hate going to hospital with mean people. I'm so glad things are good!

Chequita: Thanks for the congrats. I plan on having another 2 pound week next week!!! Actually, almost 3 because I want to hit 20 pounds gone! Wahoo! Me 20 and you in 2ferville! Excellent!

Jolly: I'm so glad that your McD's didn't show up on the scale. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. You must have been really good other than that! I need to start adding the weights back into my regimen, but want to wait until I hit around 30 pounds gone. I'm toning now, but want to build as I lose more!

I'll get the new thread going tomorrow and we have Week 17 to look forward to!! I just realized I am closing in on my 50 pounds gone mark from my highest weight. I'm so excited!

Well, talk to you all later!


04-24-2004, 04:34 AM
I'll start the new thread now - Dan