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04-14-2004, 09:54 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!

04-14-2004, 09:54 PM
Tony won't leave me alone or the 'puter! I'll post later.

04-14-2004, 10:23 PM
HI Everyone!!!!!!

Hope you get Tony down soon and get some time to yourself! AND REMEMBER NO SNACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should be telling myself that! I am wanting to soooo bad!!!!! But it won't help my scale tomorrow!!!

I just wanted to say my scale is being VERY nice to me right now and I am hoping for a great loss tomorrow!!! Maybe in the next set of numbers YAH!!!

Don't you just love flylady??? You are so welcome! I had to end up unsubscribing to it b/c she just sends out too much stuff everyday and my email was overloaded :( But I still log on and do the laundry post and stuff! :) Enjoy!

Congrats on the 10 pounds gone forever!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have an awesome weigh in! Let us know ;)

You are doing awesome working and staying on top of everything! Kudos to you! When is your next MOMS meeting???

Hope you are off of the Cadbury Eggs ! ;) They are really good!
Are things slowing down any for you!??

I hope everyone is having a great night!!!

Crystal, Candy (hope you are still peeking in :), Mary, Cindy, Andrea and anyone else I missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you tomorrow! :)

04-14-2004, 10:51 PM
Penny- ty ty I feel great :) Im so happy it just makes me want to work at it harder :) Well tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out so I'll be living on chicken broth and jello the chicken broth has 2 carbs per cup but Im sure I wont feel too much like eating :) But...Hooooorayyyyyy for success :) Oh and I signed up for flylady too its wonderful

Geri - ty for starting the new thread :) and pennys right noooo snacking hehe if you feel like a snack come chat with us, lol we'll be ur snacking thorn in your paw lol We're here for ya!!

Well for dinner I had a pork chop with 2 tblspoons of shake and bake on it a serving is 1/8 of a packet and has 8g carbs so I figure it has about 3 maybe 4g carbs in it :) then my hubby brought home a box of atkins ice cream cups but I used my carbs for today so Im not gonna have one :) God it feels good to be losing weight despite a thyroid disorder working against me and despite that Ive still lost weight :) I had a horrible migraine today and my imitrex didnt really help so I ended up taking a vicodin on top of it and it finally went away thank god. Well Im gonna go cruise the site a bit :)

I'll be back later Im sure :)
Take Care

04-14-2004, 11:13 PM
Good night Ladies!

Well, did anyone watch American Idol tonight. I love that show. I thought Fantasia's performance was awesome, and there were a couple of other great ones too. I never miss it.

Well, I slept as much as I possibly could today. I think it really helped, because I'm feeling better. Still a bit of a cold, but much better. I did fine with the points today and got some exercise in so I feel good. I hope this will get me going in the right direction, I don't go to meetings, but I think I will make Saturday my personal weigh in day.

Spryng-Good job with the cleaning today. That sounds impressive. It sounds like you are a lady with a lot of energy. On a side note, I can see why your husband working at Sonic would have led to a big weight gain. Good thing he doesn't anymore.

Crystal-Good luck with your new plan. Sounds like that will work great for you and be something you can stick to. I know you will do great ;)

Geri-Well, as far as late-night snacking goes, sounds like you are doing pretty well. It is hard to resist sometimes!

Cindi-Good luck finding the right plan for you. Sometimes just making one substitution at a time is just right.

Penny-The engorged breasts sound painful. I know mine were like that when I first started to feed Cole, I didn't think how they would be when I wean him. Yikes, not looking forward to that! :( Congrats with the scale going down 1.5. After you get over the engorgement you'll probably go down in weight from stopping the nursing.

Ricci-Good job with your jogging.

Ginny-Sounds like a crazy day. Hope things slow down for you.

Michelle-Wow, 10 lbs. down, that has got to feel good.

Well, That is it for tonight. Things are feeling pretty good and I'm feeling optimistic about the future.

04-14-2004, 11:17 PM
Alright, I think I've got things settled down here for the night.

Sounds like everyone had a pretty good day. So here goes...

Ginny, I don't think you had that grand of a day, cold, etc. Hope your night and tomorrow is better for you.

Michelle, bravo, bravo, bravo for you. 10 lbs. is what most of us dream about losing in a month. Don't forget you will hit a plateau. It shows worse with Atkins only because you lose so much when you hit ketosis. Don't give up. Good luck at the dentist, I HATE the dentist. I have some cavities and other work to be done but haven't been in over 2 years.

Penny, 1.5 lbs. is a great loss. Keep up the good work.

Spryng, dinner sounded good. I've always wanted to make that but always forget about it. I'll try it.

Well, my roast and potatoes and carrots was GREAT. I slowly cooked it in the oven with red cooking wine, alittle water, some salt and pepper. It was tender and my kids came back for seconds, I couldn't believe it. I have felt so much better counting calories versus the points thing. I know everything is open to you on WW, but if I opened my mouth for anything, I was worried about how many points and with so many calories per day I'm not as worried. Like I had about 10 M&M's and I wrote that down, but I'm not worried about how many calories because I've got a bit to spare. This feels right. I wish though I could fit that exercise in. I did last week a couple of days and this week started cold and rainy and dh worked late tonight. Maybe I'll ride the stationary bike tomorrow night while I watch the season finale of The Apprentice. I really wish I could fit that in everyday somehow. But I feel good that I've got the eating thing down. It's like one down, one to go. Well I guess that's about it for me tonight. I didn't sleep great last night, maybe I will tonight. Hope everyone else does.

04-14-2004, 11:36 PM
I'm back! :D

I love my little guys :love: but man oh man when they're up past their normal bedtime I go bonkers :dizzy: . Will actually went down first. He has been outside most of the day and doesn't nap anymore so needless to say he wasn't listening to anything I said. :devil: Tony was just hyper/over tired and needed an extra 4 oz to knock him out. He took a late nap this afternoon...he usually crashes around 7 and I just put him to bed at 9! :p

Michelle, congrats on the great loss!! :encore: and Penny for the 1.5 :cheer: Everyone's doing great lately (except for the TOM sufferers...but that'll change next week ;) )

As far as snacking at night I have come to a decision. I think the main reason I have been having such a tough time with it is because I said "I CAN'T" snack at night....the minute I CAN'T do something I want to do it even more! So, I have decided I can have 1 snack anytime after dinner...but it must be something healthy like a piece of fruit or at least something very low cal like the sugar free lime jello with pineapple in it that I just ate while reading all your posts :D . I feel like I'm denying myself by not having something. Thanks for all of your support! Keep it up by making me tell you I'm choosing sensibly! :)

Jessie I only caught the last half of Idol tonight. Had to grocery shop at 2 different stores because 1 had really good specials but the other is cheaper for all the other stuff. At least they're close together. I also thought Fantasia did a great job although I don't really like her personality. LaToya did excellent also.

Crystal, you gotta do what you gotta do! We're here for you no matter what plan you follow!

Michelle, sounds like the Atkins agrees with you....but it wouldn't have anything to do with your migrane's would it? Does your Imitrex usually work?

Spryng, Mom did most of the work in the garden today...I had the kids to keep occupied. I did do a little while she took a break and Will was playing in the neighbor's yard. Tomorrow I'm hauling out the playpen....hope it works! We're planning on planting onions, peas, beans, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers...I think that's it this year. There was a half grown over garden plot in the yard so now it's just digging up all the chunks of grass so we can rent a tiller and get more dirt and such. There's going to be a whole lot of weeding to do for a couple of years! Don't know when it was used last. We should have cleaned it out last year then put down newspaper and covered it with dirt to kill the weeds....oh well. It'll keep us busy this summer.

Ginny, Ricci, Melinda (how's work going?) Cindi, eveyone else out there!! Hope you all have good weather soon. It's supposed to be nice again tomorrow so I won't be around. My nephew's going to be here most of the day along with my Mom so I'll be outside all day - Oh the sacrifice!! It is supposed to rain this weekend so we need to get as much done as possible before the typical Wisconsin weather returns (cold, rain, etc!).

Everyone have a wonderful, restful evening and I'll talk to you tomorrow sometime.

04-14-2004, 11:46 PM
Good evening all!
Boy, I am one pooped mama tonight. I don't think I've ever worked so hard on a house before. But it feels really good.

Crystal, I hope you get some good rest in tonight. It really makes all the difference doesn't it? And so glad counting cals is feeling right to you. I think you are going to do great!!
Jessi, I do watch American Idol and I liked Fantasia's performance too. She is just very sweet I think. She deserves to win. But I like Diana too and George. I'm ready for the red head to go though. He's not very versatile with his voice, but JPL is so cute don't you think?? I don't go to WW meetings either and I just picked my own WI day. I am a lady with some engery on some days, lol. Like yesterday I was very lazy and didn't do ANYTHING but lay around the house. So I made up for that today. When I do get a little energy I have to keep moving or it leaves me fast.
Michelle, I LOVE shake n bake!!! Dh doesn't though so I never make it when he's home. But I've always loved it. I think it is great that you are losing so well despite your thyroid problem too. I have a friend who has an underactive thyroid and she's given up on trying to lose weight, it just takes her a very long time to get off a lb. So keep up the great work!!
Penny, what is the laundry post at flylady?? haven't seen anything about laundry yet, which is something I definitely need help with.
Geri, hope you get some time to yourself tonight! Thanks for starting the new thread. :)

Well, I am very tired myself. Waiting on DH to call me so I can go to bed. I can't believe tomorrow is thursday, this week has flown by! I still have alot of cleaning to do tomorrow. Mainly the kids rooms. They are such a mess. How do you keep your kids rooms clean? Do you pick up every night or something?
Ok, got to get off here. TTYL!

04-14-2004, 11:47 PM
oops... I forgot to hit email notification so ignore this post, lol. G'nite!

04-14-2004, 11:59 PM
Hope everyone is having a great night!!!!!!

Tomorrow is a new day :)

04-15-2004, 01:44 AM
Good night everyone.
I got out of bed to turn the AC on and the computer called my name. :comp:
Penny-Where do get a nice scale? I'd like one. :lol: Oh, the joy of blaming inanimate objects.

Michelle- :encore: on the 10lbs! :cp: Keep it up. Sorry for the headache. When I was younger I used to forget to eat alot and I would get hunger headaches. Well, now I get migraines and subconsciously my first reaction is to eat. :rollpin: Good luck with the wisdom teeth. :goodvibes Mine were a breeze.

Jessi-Glad you are feeling better :)

Crystal-I'm happy for you on the calories. I've been using WW to get in some fiber but I'm still counting my calories. Today I went 2pts over cause I worked hard at the gym today and felt like I needed the extra calories. Please post that recipe for the roast. :^: It sounds delicious. My dh and boys love roast but I feel like mine is always so dry. They say its good but I don't think so.

Geri-I know what you mean about telling yourself you "can't" do something. i started having a snack around 8. I read in a mag that its all about how much you take in not when. I'm jealous on the garden. We live in an apartment but I look forward to being able to have a garden one day. Right now we can barely make our rent on one salary, but when my youngest starts school I am gonna get my degree in nursing, so all good things.........

Spryng-Good job today! Get some rest.

Penny-Good night!

I did pretty good today. With my diet & exercise, that is. I ate an early breakfast and went to the gym about 1, so that put lunch about 2:30. Too long. I ended up with a headache and had to go to bed, but i got a good workout. I'll just have to eat a later breakfast or go after lunch. My 10yo says I "have" to go to the gym tomorrow, cause he has to play another round of checkers with the lady at the daycare. He's on spring break and reluctantly went with me today. He says there are too many little kids. So I get in about an hour and a half workout and come dragging in, starving and pooped, and he says we can't leave till he beats her. I think the lady was just happy to have someone over 3yo to talk to. :lol: I told her next time she should pay me.

Whew! My fingers are hurting. I feel like I just wrote an essay. Catch ya'll tomorrow. Bed's calling me now.

04-15-2004, 01:50 AM
Oh, Penny, thank you for posting that vegetable soup recipe. I love soup! The SB "mashed" potatoes look delish, too. I'm the one that posted on the message baord asking for the soup recipe. I won't post a "thank you" there, since I am logged on here, but thanks again.

04-15-2004, 02:07 AM
Hi ladies!!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes for tomorrow I appreaciate it :)

Geri - Actually Ive just been started on Imitrex about 2 weeks ago and only used it once before not counting when they gave it to me in the hospital in IV, and it took like 2 hours before it really kicked in the first time I took it. so maybe I just need to get used to the meds I dunno. But it doesnt have anything to do with teh diet because Ive been getting them the last 6 months 2-3 times a week, I have an appt coming up with a neurologist to see if we can figure out whats causing them. And don't worry about the snacking, I am craving a bedtime snack right now if I keep typing hopefully it will go away lol.

Mary - I hope mine are easy too I just want a quick recovery so I can get back to working on ME :) I've just been elated lately :) this weight loss journey is exciting to me :)

Crystal - it sounds as if you are doing really well!! Keep it up :)

Jessi - Im an Idol addict too I was so upset when I couldnt watch it last night lol. I really cant stand JPL I want him gone his voice makes me embarassed for him lol I really like george huff, and latoya, and fantasia, and jennifer. I hope those are the bottom 4 I think Diana Degarmo has a good voice but something about her grates me the wrong way.

Well Im gonna hit the sack, I have a day ahead of me tomorrow :) I hope you all sleep well and have a wonderful day I hope I can post when I get home :D
You guys are all the best!! Im so glad I came to this group.

Take Care

04-15-2004, 07:06 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Wow, it's barely 500 am. I've been up reading the posts since 445. Didn't sleep well again because of Andrew. He'll have a good night and then several bad nights. Well, I have to wake up dh at 530 so I decided to just stay up and now I hear Andrew in there crying again. Gosh this is getting old.
Anyway, needless to say I didn't take notes this morning, I'm just going with the flow.

I've got to get to that flylady site. I went yesterday but I didn't spend much time there and there looks to be so much info you've got to spend a while. Maybe I can this morning. I'm not sure if I want to if it's gonna make me clean. Oh well.

I'm not sure who asked for the roast recipe. It wasn't a recipe. It was just a rump roast (beef), in a dutch oven lined with foil. I put the roast in, poured some red cooking wine over it, alittle water, I didn't cover it with these juices, just covered the bottom of the pan. Sprinkled salt and pepper, wrapped the foil around it and cooked it on 300 for a few hours. Alittle ways into it I poured in some worstishire sauce, (that is NOT how you spell it I know), anyway and a little liquid smoke, covered it up, baked some more, then I added cut up potatoes and baby carrots and cooked another hour or until they were tender. That's it. That's all I ate but I made a side of mac and cheese for the rest of the gang.

I ended up having about 1500 calories maybe a few more. I peeked at the scales this morning and it looked good too, but I won't say anything either.

Well I think I could chat here all day, but I've got to get some homeschool info looked up and that flylady thing. Hope everyone has a great day. Sorry not to get personal, but I really am still tired. TTYL

04-15-2004, 09:34 AM
HI Ladies!

I am just ELATED!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!

Official weigh in this morning! READY???


I am finally in the 160s! 150s LOOK OUT! YOUR NEXT!!!! :goodscale :goodscale

How is everyone this morning???

First of all, Just wanting to tell Jessi I am so sorry I left you out of my post! HUGS TO YOU **** :D

I know what you mean about being up early with the kids!!! And through the night! I am lucky Andrew sleeps through the night but my two oldest ones still don't!
Flylady is a great site but yes it does get you motivated to clean!

I am wishing you luck today with the dentist! I am so glad I turned you on to fitday! It seems as if you are REALLY motivated!!!! Good Luck :goodluck:

How are you doing this morning? I agree w/ the idea of wanting what I can't have!

You are so welcome for the recipe! :thanks:


04-15-2004, 10:29 AM
Good morning all!
Just a quick post before I get my flylady day started, lol. I really am addcited. Did I tell you all I got my kitchen sink to shine?! It's beautiful!!! LOL. Her first thing for you to do in the morning is get dressed down to the shoes. Well I always get dressed in the morning because I don't feel like I can function unless I'm dressed, but I don't believe in wearing shoes in my house (tracks in too much stuff) and I love to be bare feet. But she doesn't have to know that (shhhhhhhh!) :) But anyway, I can't get all dressed yet today until I make my bed and grab a shower, then on to the cleaning! Ok, enough about that...

Geri you snuck in on me last night as I was posting so I didn't see you! I think you have made a great descision about late night snacking. It was hard for me to keep on you about it because it wasn't affecting your progress and you weren't going over board with it. But I agree that making better choices is a great idea! I never eat after 5-6 pm and usually don't have a problem with it, but sometimes like the other night I was starving and couldn't figure out why if I would have had any pts to spare I would have had a snack. So don't feel guilty about anything, you are doing fantastic!! Your garden sounds good. I would like to start an indoor herb garden. fresh herbs are so expensive and I love cooking with them. But I wouldn't know where to begin.
Penny CONGRATS!!!!!! You deserve it! I can't wait until my Wi tomorrow too. How is the drying up going?
Crystal, so sorry you are having such a rough night. Was it your son that has the asthma so you can't let him cry it out?? That would be so hard for me. Tanner has slept through the night since he was 8 weeks old (due to crying it out for 3 days off and on) and I need that. I don't function well if I am up too much at night. I only get up now if one of my other two wake up for some reason (like bad dreams) or need some water, but that is rare. Hang in there!
Michelle, my wisdom teeth really need to come out too. They've bothered me since I was 18 but I've never gone to the dentist since I was about 14-15 years old. (bad I know) but by the time I'm ready to break down and make an appointment they stop hurting so I back out like a wimp. But I need to get in there, who knows what else is going on in this mouth, lol. I hope it goes well for you and you get a painfree recovery.
Mary, sounds like your son enjoyed the gym daycare! And you got a great workout in too! Hope you get to go back today. Just remember that if you lifted weights yesterday to avoid that today so your muscles can heal. Have fun!

Ok, enough me-time I suppose. Got to get my bed made and myself in the shower. The kids rooms are on my list to clean today and they are terrible. I asked in my last post how you all keep your kids rooms tidy. Do you clean them daily or make them clean up after themselves or something. I think I need to make them pick up their rooms before bed time but by bedtime I am ready to crash and don't want to be a warden anymore. I just want to get them in bed, read to them, kiss them till they sqeal and call it a night. So how do I keep their rooms looking nice??
Ok, gotta go!!

04-15-2004, 11:08 AM
Have been for 3 years, and yes, it is LIFE CHANGING in so many ways!! For those of you that have AIM/AOL instant messenger, we have a chat room where we do cleaning challenges together throughout the day that is open to anyone. My AIM name is CindiKicksFranny add me to your list, and I will invite you in when I am on. Crystal joined us today, hope she likes it!

As far as the kids rooms, I am working with my little ones to pick up after themselves. But what works best for me is to tidy it myself at bedtime and vacuum(I am a vacuuming fool!!!), I try to get them to pick up daily, but my hope is that if I keep the room really clean, then they will follow suit and do the same. If I stay on top, it's never more than 15 minutes away from clean anyway, so I try hard to do so. Thanks to flylady I did a mad cleaning dash through my house in 40 minutes las night and did every room. I just need to do some sanitizing and my last load of laundry today and I am FLYIN! Before the program it would have taken me DAYS to get my house to look as it does now.

I can't decide if I even want to weigh with TOM here, if it's bad, I might have a set back. It's not a very accurate reflection of my progress at this point I am sure. I think I am over the crazies and can focus on taking better care of myself again now though. I made it through without too many infractions, so I can't complain. I didn't realize how much help the support here would be for me. I love this forum!!

Now let's go exercise! I think I will do WATP today at some point, likely naptime. For now I will do my weights.

Don't forget to drink up

04-15-2004, 11:23 AM
Mom's here already...missed the last couple minutes of my 3 mi walk :(...she know's I was a little PO'd!! TTYL! Congrats Penny!!

04-15-2004, 02:25 PM
I am not having a good morning. My 10yo trys my patience. I have to pray a lot. I made pancakes this morning and woke them up. Erik comes stomping in the kitchen saying he's starving and grabs the plate and then gets mad when I wouldn't let him use half the bottle of syrup. Then he sat on the couch and threw the phone which was in his way. I made him go to his room. He calmed down but now I feel like a heel. Nathan on the other hand sits at the table like a little grown up and says thank you, Mama. And he's 2! Sometimes its so hard not to show favoritism. Nathan makes me feel like a good mother, but I can never do anything right with Erik. Sorry for the rant.
Well, I slept way too late this morning. When I sleep too late I end up having bad dreams over and over. My 2yo is usually up by 8:30 which gets me up, but strangely he decided to sleep till 10 this morning. So guess who else slept. I was having this dream that me and dh decided to get a divorce. And I was so upset but get this I wasn't upset because he was leaving me, I was upset because I would have to leave the beautiful mansion on the beach we had just purchased. :lol: Is that messed up or what?

Well I got on the scale this morning and I have lost a pound. Down to 157! :cb: If I just stick to it and quit cheating so much I know it will come off. Losing it has never really been a problem, I just always gain it back. :mad: Not this time. :nono:

Crystal-thanks, I don't have a dutch oven maybe thats the problem. But I'm still gonna try it in my oven. Sorry about you night. Neither one of mine ever slept through the night till they were about 10 mo. I don't miss those days.

Penny-WTG :bravo: :cp: :dance: :balloons:

Spryng-My 2yo doesn't have a room, but when he spreads his toys across the living room I usually have to get down and make it look like its fun and get him to help and then usually by then he will clean it up by himself. Most times I give him a little reward or praise. Now, my 10yo old is a different story. I usually have to bribe him. Or make him sit in his room till he decides to do it. But thats a totally different age. I think Erik is entering the teen moodiness early.

Ya'll have got me so curious. I'm going right now to check out flylady. Then off to the gym.

04-15-2004, 02:51 PM
Penny - WTG on the 3.5 lb loss!!!! I'm so happy for you keep up the hard work :) Yes I love fitday it has exactly what I was trying to make on a spreadsheet the other night!! I may even try to find the software at staples or office max :) If I do I'll copy discs for anyone who wants them and doesnt particularly care about pirating lol.

:cheer: :bravo: :encore: :cheer: :bravo: :encore: :cheer: :bravo: :encore:

Crystal - I know what you mean about the crying all night thing well maybe not crying but the up and down act, It gets really frustrating, I've been in that boat but my 6 month old is doing well and when she does wake up I just go pop the bottle in her mouth and she's out again.

Well I need to hop in the shower and get ready for the dentist. EEKKKSSS!!! I'm not ready I hope I recover fast my sister was up and running the next day still in pain but she could function but my mom she was down for a week cuz she got dry sockets. I too peeked at the scale but I wont say anything til sunday I was quite pleased though ;)

Everyone have a wonderful day and I hope to be on later tonight.
Take Care

04-15-2004, 02:54 PM
I'm following flylady's advice and have had my shoes on ALL day. I hate it. I can't wait to kick them off. My feet are hot and restrained. However, it has made a world of difference in my work. I haven't stopped to sit down very much. It works to keep you going. You can't get to comfy with them on. But I'm fixing to take a nap, since I didn't sleep much last night, and these dern shoes are coming off.
So, for those of you doing this flylady thing, do you follow exactly what she suggests? I catch myself going from one room to another and another. When I start it's hard to stop when not EVERYTHING is clean. I'm trying to understand the concept one zone at a time. But each zone lasts a week out of a month so does that mean we actually DEEP clean each room once a month? That's what I try to do anyway. I do get backed up on laundry sometimes and mopping so I can see how flylady may help out there. How are the rest of you following it? I'm thinking about taking what I've learned from the reminders and her site and the welcome letter and making my own plan that her reminders will fit into. I'm not sure, what about all of you?

Spryng- I've had the same problem with keeping my kids room clean. My daughters' share and Ally is just now getting old enough to understand the concept of picking up and such. I've tried to set the rule about every night before bedtime it will be picked up but I just can't stick to that. I feel bad because, Alisa gets stuck cleaning all of it even the messes that both Ally and Andrew make. So sometimes I'll help out to cover their portion. Usually once a day I make both of them go pick it up enough to be able to walk in there and once or twice a week they clean under beds and in the closet and such. We have gone through their toys a few times and gotten rid of ALOT which helped. I mean ALOT. Alisa is a pack rat and wants to keep EVERYTHING. So I got her this special little box that is just for her things, when it's full she'll have to go through it and starting trashing some or something. They have one rubbermaid box (shoe box size) with barbies and barbie things. The car won't fit. Another rubbermaid the same size with baby doll accessories and a play baby crib that the babies lay in. A bookshelf with 2 shelves for books and 2 for the little noise makers. Andrew has one toy box in the living room corner, all his toys are just chunked in there. Except we have an entertainment center that has like 1500 shelves and the bottom ones that Andrew can reach hold some of his big toys. That keeps them occupied and with things he can get versus, breakables and tearables and such. When I was a teenager, I kept my room M-E-S-S-Y!!! So now it's coming to haunt me. My suggestion is to just get rid of ALL the toys that maybe they haven't played with in a few months. I also keep a few others way up high that they only get to play with by asking and as soon as they're done, it goes back up high. There is no ONE solution just little things to help control it. Now then, there you go!!!

Mary, hope your day starts to turn around. I think the older kids get the tougher it definitely gets. Congrats on the loss!!!

I hope I had my notes right. :dizzy:
Okay it's nap time, because I've got flylady on the mind and shoes on my feet. I want rid of both for the next hour.

Hope everyone's day is going well.

04-15-2004, 03:04 PM
Whoops I didnt realize we were on page 2 of the thread already lol.

Mary - sorry to hear you kinda had it out with your son. I hope it gets better, and you ARE'NT a bad mom :) Hang in there.

Spryng - I'm hoping that by having my wisdom teeth removed it will maybe get rid of my migraines so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Cindi - I tried the keeping the room picked up and maybe they will....but it didn't work with my daughter in fact it ticked her off lol she didn't like me putting away her stuff its almost as if she likes living in a pig sty lol. Well I wish you luck on your WI I'm sure you'll do great!! Keep it up!

Ok I think I got everyone this time!!
Take Care!!

04-15-2004, 03:44 PM
Hi Girls!

To all the American Idol fans who replied to my last message, I love Fantasia, LaToya, George, & Jennifer (those are my top picks). I also love JPL because I think he is cute and funny, but I agree with Simon that he needs voice lessons, I think his voice would sound great with a little training. I agree that John Stevens has reached his limit. I think Diana Degarmo and Jasmine are good singers, but they are not my faves.

You all have me excited about the Fly Lady site. I had heard of it before but had not visited. Now I simply must, I'm always looking for ways to have a neater yet simpler life.

Penny-great job with your WI, that must be feeling is nice to go down to the next group of tens.

Crystal-Your roast sounds good. That is basically a recipe, it is just one you made yourself. Cooking meat with wine is always delicious. I don't drink wine, so I usually buy the cooking wine at the store. Do you do that, or is the actual stuff better to use?

Geri-I think that is a good idea with a light snack in the evening. Sometimes you just need a little something. Maybe if you actually plan that in, it will be less of a concern.

Spryng-That's funny, I had just thought of starting an herb garden. If you or anyone else has suggestions that would be great. I think it would be wonderful, because fresh herbs are so flavorful, wonderful for low fat cooking, but I never buy them because they are expensive and I know I won't use it all before it goes bad. Oh yeah, I like barefoot a lot better than shoes, and it is actually better for your feet.

Mary-Good job with getting to the gym. I work out at home now, but pre-pregnancy I used to go to the gym almost daily. A lot of times I would bring a snack with me because of time constraints. You might want to try a little dry fruit and nuts, it is portable, quick energy, healthy and easy to eat. Just eat about 2T. of both though because those are calorie-dense foods.

Cindi-TOM is hard. Don't be too hard on yourself whether you decide to weigh in or not.

Michelle-On Atkins, do you get different amounts of carbs at different phases?
I'm glad that you are having such success!!! It is so nice to see the scale go down, I hope on Saturday I too see a smaller number!

Well, my baby is sick with that same cold that I had earlier this week. He is pretty darn fussy. Doesn't know what he wants. Right now he is sitting on my lap nawing on a dried apricot and that is keeping him happy. He loves grown up people food, but doesnt have teeth yet. Sometimes I give him a piece of fruit or bread or pasta and he kinda gums it. I have to keep a good eye on him to make sure he doesn't get too much in his mouth and choke. He is always furious at me for saving him from choking.

Well, not much apetite today again, I guess I'll use it to my advantage. A lot of times when I'm sick I end up eating junky food though because it is the only thing that sounds mildly appetizing. This time I've managed to escape that pitfall. It is a lovely day and I think I'll go for a walk with baby. That will keep him happy and be a bit of exercise for me.

Well, everyone keep up the good work!!!!

04-15-2004, 04:51 PM
You gals have been busy. JW woke up this morning before I had time to read all the post. I am going to have to check the fly lady webstie. JW is too young to make a mess yet. Our study is a disaster, I need some way to organize.

Work is going good. They are going to keep me on as long as I want. I have been bringing salads for lunch, but getting the workouts in on the days that I work are hard. Went to the gym this morning, so that feels good. Went to Wal-mart and for groceries and JW was such a sweetie.

SB is going pretty good as far as the eating. We are doing phase two b/c we cannot go completely carbless. I bought some of the Atkins shakes, had a coupon for $1.10 off, but they were still $4.50 for 4. I probably will not buy that one again.

Spryng - How exciting to have Tanner walking. JW started crawling before he could sit unsupported as well. He is starting to pull up, does that mean we will be walking next. I don't wear shoes in the house either. JW doesn't like socks or shoes either.

Crystal - So excited about the Apprentice tonight. I think Kwame will win. My dh thinks Bill. I watched Dateline and the Today show about the Apprentice. I am hooked.

Geri - You go with your Dr. Phil. It must be working. I am all for improvement. The world would not be fun if everyone was perfect. Good thought on the snacking. I just made some sugar free jello to have this evening.

Mary - Drawing a blank, did you say you had a cold?

Cindi - Did I miss it which is the GI diet? I haven't heard of that one.

Penny - I am with you on the weaning. JW is starting to play around when nursing. I don't know if that means he is not interested or not hungry. I can't wait to buy a non-nursing bra.

Ricci - Good luck with the jogging. I always give up and don't increase my stamina. I can do aerobics, but something about jogging.

Michelle - I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 20. It was awful. But my dh had his taken out at 28 and it was a breeze for him. Wish you all the luck.

Jessi - Target has a meshlike holder that I put fruits in for JW. I gave him one of those teething crackers the other day, he almost choked, it was wedged in his mouth.

Hope everyone is having a great on program day. Looking forward to hearing about the weigh ins tomorrow. JW is calling.


04-15-2004, 05:15 PM
Alright Melinda, quick post to say I'm rootin' for Bill. Sorry. We'll see how it goes......

04-15-2004, 07:00 PM
Hi guys Im back from the dentist already and am still a little woozy and my whole face is numb but Im not feeling too bad at least until my numb wears off, I took a pain pill when I got home and now Im just kind of vegging out. The doc said I'll feel worse after today hopefully its not too bad :) Well just thought I would just stop in and say hi, and let you know it went well :)

04-15-2004, 09:06 PM
just a quick post. I went to flylady, and lets just say, my kitchen sink has never looked better. I need to go get the sos pads to polish it up though. As for American Idol, I like George, JPL and the red haired guy. As for Fantasia, there is already one Macy Gray, and that is enough. I can't stand eithers voice. Congrats on all the weight everyone has lost, can't weight to see the weigh ins tomorrow. Have a great evening all.

04-15-2004, 10:15 PM
What's wrong with America???? I am shocked! I am disappointed...but I will not dive into anything fattening! I really think Red should be gone by now and I think he does too. I guess I hope George wins now!

I have not been very hungry today, so it's been easy to do well. Still not feeling much like exercise, maybe tomorrow I'll get that WATP in. I am having some rough months with TOM so I am wondering what is up with that. Time for a check up.

Glad you all are discovering the Flylady secret, she's one cool lady!

Congrats to the BIG LOSERS of the day, I am still thinking about the scale thing. I know I can't wait another week, so I will probably weigh in tomorrow morning and I won't expect much. I'll be happy with breaking even this week.

Melinda, the GI diet is very similar to the SBD without a phase one or induction phase. It's the foods that are lowest on the glycemic index that you can eat without limits. I was reading about it, but haven't decided if I want to try it. I really think I am going to read that whole Dr. Phil book and take it from there. I love the part I have read, and I love Dr Phil. I am seeing the results on his show and think I should really give it a fair shot. I just have to make time to read the book.

Jessi, glad you feel a little better!

Michelle, glad things went okay, take it easy!

Keep up the good work girls and we will be bikini ready in no time!!

:lol: :dizzy:

04-15-2004, 10:56 PM
Yayyyyyyy!!! sorry JPL fans but I hated him I am so glad he is gone and even though Im in pain I managed to let out a yelp of excitement at the outcome lol. Next week it will be John S. and then perhaps diana.

Well Im all loaded on pain pills and an ice pack and Im not feeling too bad at all lol but it took forever to stop bleeding. Well Im gonna go get some cozy jammies on and get settled for the night but Im sure I'll come back lol thats the great thing about a lap top you can use it while relaxing :)

Talk to you guys later :)
TAke Care

04-15-2004, 11:07 PM
Good evening ladies!

I fear our monitor is about to take a dump! I may be missing in action a day or two if that happens! The screen is all distorted :( It is about 8 years old and I really would like a new one anyway...a bigger one. This one is still the 13.8" viewable. It's really driving Dh nuts so I suppose we'll be getting a new one very soon. :) We shall see.

To all of you JPL very sorry :lol: :rofl: I cannot stand him!! Red's gotta go too...SOON! I loved Diana in the begining but she's faltering quickly. LaToya's my fav for now.

Ricci, Spryng, and the rest of you cleaning freaks ;) now I'm going to have to go to flylady! My house is seriously needing some cleaning...but we're expecting near 80 tomorrow so it won't be cleaned yet again. :devil: We were outside almost all day again. Tony didn't care much for the pack 'n play so I couldn't help my Mom out too much in the garden...she doesn't mind though...he's a good excuse :) I did get most of my 3 mi walk in this morning and took another bike ride tonight...gotta get my bike shorts out...ouch! The odometer works again (it was loose on teh holder and wasn't making correct contact :o ) and it only turned out to be a 4.3 mile ride. Oh well, my left knee cries when I peddle so I would rather take it easy and strengthen it up some before the 20 mile rides I take with my gf.

Michele, I remember those pain pills! Luckily I was single and childless at the time 'cause I just kept taking them whenever I started throbbing and I slept for 3 days! Good for the diet, but not too good if you have kids to care for! Here's to a speedy recovery!! Do not us a straw or smoke anything 'cause I had a dry socket once and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!! They are nasty.

Melinda, so happy that work is going well for you. I wouldn't worry about not working out on those days...there's plenty of time for that when JW gets a little less dependent on you at night. Maybe by then you can do a little something at home...I remember those working days though...too tired at night! Glad that SB is going well also. :D

Cindi..I'm doing the Dr Phil thing and I love it! It's all common sense really, but when you need to get your head out of your butt you pull out the book again and get a quick refresher course! :lol: I tend to beat myself up if I slip and he makes me not do that!

Spryng, Dh comes in tomorrow right?

Well, hi to everyone else out there..having a hard time forming words tonight...must be all that fresh air. Going to head over to the TV to catch the end of the Apprentice.

Mom's coming again tomorrow, but not quite as early :lol: ! I do like spending time with her, but my exercise time is for me you know? She was like " well, I didn't go running could have finished". My nephew came down right away and I don't need an audience while I jiggle :p (my boys don't count :D )

OK, have a wonderful night everyone and hope to see you more clearly soon!!! The screen is curving in from the sides.... )( kind of like that! Ikes!
Can't wait to hear of the WI tomorrow!!

04-15-2004, 11:13 PM
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

04-15-2004, 11:41 PM
Yayyyy Geri so glad Im not the only JPL hater lol I think we are thinking along the same lines for the American Idol Line up :) Yeah the pills are great and hubby has the next 2 days off so I'll be on my big butt recovering lol and I only ate like 600 calories today and 16 carbs so a great day for diet and I had tons of mashed cauliflower and a cup of chicken broth. And I understand about people butting in on your personal time my sister used to do that. I hated it.

Well thats about it for now my attention is limited cuz the pain meds lol and they are making my nose itch like crazy lol ok thats enough from me.

04-15-2004, 11:54 PM
I Will Post In The Morning! Just Wanted To Say

I Am So Glad Everyone Is Doing So Great With Flylady

And Oh Melinda! My Milk Supply Is Doing Fine! It Is Not Leaking At All! He Is Down To One Feeding A Day!

And Spryng,
He Is Drinking Soy Milk That Is Not Formula Out Of His Sippy

I Will Post To Everyone In The Morning!

04-16-2004, 12:14 AM
Well I didn't want to stay on here too long. It's about bedtime.

Melinda, Bill won the Apprentice, YEAH!!!!! I am so glad, I think he deserved it and I loved seeing him win.

Sounds like everyone had a great day. Flyday kept me busy ALL day. Tomorrow is not only WI day but I clean my mom's house, run errands and such. I'm sure my email box will be full of reminders that I won't be able to get to. Anyway, hope everyone has a great night and I'll check in in the am and get more personal.

04-16-2004, 12:36 AM
Hi Girls,

Melinda- Thank you so much for suggesting the mesh fruit holder. That sounds perfect and you wouldn't beleive how much that is going to help out. I run to target tomorrow!!!

Michelle-Hope that your recovery goes super well. The worst for me was the few hours after, but the next day wasn't too bad at all. I even went to work, and at the time I was working at Great Harvest Bread Co. so I had to talk to a lot of people. It depends on how deep the operation was though, good luck.

Ricci-I loved JPL too and I was so sad today. I really wanted him to stay in a couple of more weeks!

Cindi-I see you loved JPL too. I think Dr. Phils book was really good. He makes a lot of really good points. I don't know if I'll ever be comfortable in a bikini, but hey if I can keep up with the good work I may go for a tankini with some decent coverage.

Geri-Good luck with your computer. My method is always turning the computer off for a couple of days and then praying that it works when I turn it on again. Strangely that doesn't always seem to work.

Penny, and others-I took a peek at the Flylady site to day and it appears to be right up my alley, thanks!

Crystal-Great luck with weigh in!!!!

Well, things are going well this evening, the weather was beautiful so I walked for about an hour and a half with the baby. I got exercise and it was one of the only things to keep him happy. We cooked out tonight and had fresh fruit and veggies with meat. I snuck on the scale and was pleased, but I weighed myself with clothes when I normally weigh myself in the buff so I'll wait till WI on Saturday to post my progress.

Nightie Night.

04-16-2004, 01:00 AM
Good evening all!
Wow! So many posts today!! I am so tired so I can't get personal tonight. Been in Olathe all day with DH (he was stuck at the yard) so I drove up and kept him company. He comes home tomorrow!! But of course while I was there we had to go eat and I didn't make great choices... the day before my WI. I really thought I'd hit goal tomorrow but now I think I ruined it for myself. So I feel dissapointed in myself right now. But we'll see in the morning. :( But other than that it was a wonderful afternoon!!! We took the kids to an indoor amusement park/arcade and my son rode his very first roller coaster!!! It was too cute. We all had a blast. But before I left I did 15 min of decluttering in this weeks zone, did my morning routine and everything so my house was in order. Plus I deep cleaned the kids rooms so now they are spotles and gleaming. I love flylady so much. Before bed tonight we picked up all the stuff they got out today so it's nice and tidy again. I think I'll do that as part of my bedtime routine. And my kitchen is still clean, dishes done, sink shining, so it's been a productive day (except for eating). So I feel pretty good. Guess I'll post my WI in the morning but I'm not hoping for much now. I'm sure I'll retain water because of the sodium consumed. TTYL!

04-16-2004, 07:58 AM
Good morning!
Just a short hello...I do hope that this afternoon things will slow down a bit and I can leave a real post. I ended up with a nasty cold......basically feel miserable and so tired. Not a whole lot of energy left. But I should be back here at around 12 and have a whopping 3 hours off......will try to get back here to say hello then.
BTW- Penny, congrats on the 3.5# loss.
SPryng- glad you got to see Dh. I used to get the flylady- just got overwhelmed with the emails. But tons of great ideas. BTW, I made the beef tips recipe (crockpot) and even Ds liked it!!!! (He hates mushrooms and onions, but the flavors went together well) A nice easy dinner, and as you all know my crockpot is my best buddy.
Jesse- glad you got a walk in.
Crystal- you doing flylady too?????
Michele- hope you are feeling better, hon!

Melinda, Geri, Mary, Ricci........sorry I can't get personal now, Dd just woke up and I'd better get her fed and ready for school. Hi to everyone! Have a great day and Happy Friday!

04-16-2004, 08:33 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Okay, well sounds like most of you had a good evening. My night was better, not GREAT, but better. Andrew only woke up once and we laid on the couch and both fell asleep until this morning. Not that the couch is where I want to sleep, but at least I slept after my busy flylady day yesterday.

Spryng, so glad you got to see your dh yesterday I know that was nice. Don't drive yourself crazy over not eating well. For one, the important thing is that you were with your entire family and having fun, second of all, I've learned that one bad day does NOT ruin the entire thing. You'll be fine.

Michelle, hope you feel okay today. At least it's the weekend and your dh will be around to help out and by Monday you'll be back to normal.

Jessi, I think you've been doing well. And getting that walk in with your son is great exercise and alot of fun for him, see two birds with one stone.

Cindi, we haven't been able to talk as much lately. That dang ole flylady has my head spinning. Since I started in so late this week and on this zone, I can't wait until next week and a brand new zone. Not sure what it is though.

One question about this flylady thing. Do you still do your everyday stuff like laundry and kitchen and vaccuming and such and you just add in that zone? And you spend all week in one area getting in like a good deep cleaning so does this mean each room gets deep cleaned once a month and you just tidy up daily? Just double checking.

Oh, I made a dinner yesterday that I thought was so good. I followed a recipe but sort of changed it up making it my own. One dish with fettucine, sauteed chicken and sauteed veggies, including broccoli, squash and zucchini. I thought it was really good and a prime example of a healthy meal. Veggies, pasta and chicken all in one. Only 400 calories and that's sort of a guess but I know it's close enough.

Okay, are you ready for my WI results. Some how or another between the Easter candy I still managed to lose another........................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .....
5 lbs. That makes a total loss of 10 lbs. since I joined this forum I think less than a month ago. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Sure hope everyone else's WI goes good. I'll read the progresses later.

04-16-2004, 10:33 AM
:bravo:Woo hoooooooo CRYSTAL!!!!!! Way to go Girly. You're doing awesome!!!:bravo:

:jig: :cheer: :jig: :cheer: :jig: :cheer: :jig: :cheer: :jig: :cheer:

04-16-2004, 10:45 AM
I hope you are all doing well so far.

Crystal, Remember Flylady is about babysteps and working on a task for only 15 at a time. No need for head spinning and being exhausted. To answer your question, I do 2 loads of laundry daily and keep everything straight and neat as possible with toddlers around. Most people do the vacuuming, dusting, changing sheets,floors, sanitizing the bathrooms on Mondays as part of the weekly home blessing, but I have to do them more often with my large crew of boys, especially the bathrooms. I am a vacuum addict, so I do that at least once daily. Once you get your rooms decluttered(remember 15 a day in the zone is all that's required) it'll be easy to have them 15 minutes from clean at all times, so your whole house will be done in no time and you will have so much free time you don't know what to do. That's the goal, a little every day goes a long way.( I am a poet and didn't know it :lol: )

I will go weigh in shortly, I had to take ds to school who missed the bus and run to the store, so I have not had a chance to do much.

YAY Crystal on another 5 down, YOU ROCK!!!

I ate well yesterday and my blood sugar was normal today again!

This is the first time ever I am proud to be hangin with a bunch of LOSERS!!

See ya in a bit with my numbers! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!
:o :o :o

04-16-2004, 10:45 AM
starting a new thread. SAHM's #151