100 lb. Club - Any tips to avoid/pre-empt yo-yo dieting?

04-14-2004, 05:41 AM
So here's a question for y'all. I have managed to reach the ripe old age of 38, without yo-yo dieting....just steady weight gain all the way :mad: :mad: :mad: . And I am determined that since I am now in a phase of my life where I am really working on these healthy eating and fitness issues/practice, that this does not turn into the yo-yo pattern which seems endemic. So, ladies, any tips/hints/advice/stories to help me avoid the rollercoaster effect?????

04-14-2004, 07:02 PM
Take it off slowly, creating habits that you can stick with forever, not just for X amount of time to take the weight off. Good luck! I know you can do it, Claire!

Also... stick around here! There are a TON (phew, is that a bad choice of word or what?) of us who are taking things super-slowly partly b/c we want to make sure it's off forever. :)

04-14-2004, 09:41 PM
Great advice, Apryl! :)

04-14-2004, 11:37 PM
I think the key is not to deprive yourself... Watch your calories and fat intake, but also don't starve yourself. Make better choices on a daily basis... Treat junk food as a treat, not a normal thing to eat.. Trust me, it even tastes better... I had a small fries on the weekend and it was heavenly.. but I knew it was just a treat and not something I eat all the time anymore...

Make sense?

04-15-2004, 10:30 PM
I've done about every fad yo-yo diet.. THIS TIME.. I am made a lifestyle choice. Just as Br00klyn says, don't deprive. If you can find a good replacement. If you like Ice cream... have some but go for the slimfast or Klondike slimbear kinds. They still taste great. How about potato chips? You should try the fat free pringles.. You can't tell the difference. Eat in moderation and Go ahead, have a slice of pizza every once in a while.. Planning for food such as pizza really helps. Calorie and Fat intake are key. Keep your diet balanced and get plenty of exercise. I can see myself eating as I am now for the rest of my life. If you can get yourself to that point.... you've made it!

:) Good Luck.. I KNOW you can DO IT! You've already made one of the smartest choices by being on this fourm.. These ladies are the BEST for motivation and advice. :cb:

04-16-2004, 12:29 AM
and remember that maintaining is the most important part. and it looks pretty much like the weight loss!!!

soooo, when you've hit your goal, the idea is to not stop what got you there.

see some of meg's and mrsjim's wisdom on the maintainers forum... they REALLY know what they're talking about...