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04-13-2004, 01:16 PM
Hello, I took MotivatedQueen's idea (hope you don't mind, I'm a little overly excited here!) and started a new thread. Welcome! This thread is for anyone who has a goal of getting below 200 pounds.

Let's introduce ourselves and say a little something about ourselves, especially those who have been losing already, and let us know what you've been doing to get closer to that 199 mark. We are all in this together, with the same ultimate goal to lose weight and become healthier, happier people, so don't be shy!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!!!


04-13-2004, 01:27 PM
Hey Girlie - I have been working my butt off literally trying so hard to get under 200.. as you can see I am very, very close...but I had a bad Easter weekend food wise and may be up a couple today, who knows...

I have been doing WW since Jan 6th of this year and have had great results, I love the program... :) I am bad about exercise so I do it like 2 times a week if that...I really need to work on that part, especially for firming and toning...

I cannot wait until I can see and say that I am in the 100's ( Onederland ) ...
I have not seen any 100 figures since I was like 25 ( am 30 now, married, no kids ) ... I CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer: :goodscale :sunny: :encore:

04-13-2004, 01:37 PM
Carri, welcome! You have gotten a great start! What a great motivation to see how well you are doing! You can do it for sure...and when you do, I hope you stick around and help motivate the rest of us. I was to about your weight a couple of years ago and I just gave up...and blah...look at me now! But I'm getting back on the wagon!

I am Girlie and I'm a 25 y/o newlywed. I am 5'4 but have a good deal of muscle. I was in the best shape in high school, around 150-160 pounds, on the track team, running daily and throwing shotput and discus. I want to get back to that size!

I had lost about 25 pounds a few months before my November 2003 wedding but I gained it back and more before the wedding! I decided not to stress myself out about it. I still looked great in my dress and it was still be greatest day of my life. Now that I am married, I don't want to start gaining weight again. I have PCOS which has symptoms of weight gain in certain areas, high testosterone and insulin problems, but it just might be a little harder to lose weight...but I can do it...I've done it before!

I'm not prescribing to any particular weight loss plan but I do exercise almost every day and try to eat moderate portions. I really started both exercise and watching what I eat last week. I've been alternating going to the gym and an 8 mile bike trail course that my husband and I have been doing for fun. Last night I went to the gym. I walked and stretched for a few minutes, 15 mins on the bike, 35 minutes on the elliptical machine and then 10 minutes of crunches and stretching. I want to get back to doing 60 minutes on the elliptical machine. It's a great exercise if any of you are looking for something that really burns calories. It's not boring like the treadmill is to me, kind of a mix between a treadmill and Stairmaster.

Anyway, that's about it for me! I plan to post daily throughout the work week and sometimes at home on the weekends. I look forward to meeting you!

04-13-2004, 06:37 PM
I'm 23 years old, living with my parents until I find a real job and can pay my own bills (which hopefully will be soon soon soon!). I've always been overweight, and never been any good at losing it. I tried Atkins for a few weeks a while back, and managed to lose about 10 pounds, but that was right before I moved into a dorm, and it's not exactly easy to follow a strict diet living off of dorm food (unless your on the All-Cereal-All-The-Time diet). At least I haven't gained it back. The main problem with Atkins, though, is that it's just too hard to stick to. They say "lose weight and still eat your favorite foods!," but that's not very accurate if your favorite foods are pasta and potatoes!
Anyway, this time I'm just trying to cut back on everything, but not cut anything out. I've been trying to analyze how my body responds to different foods, how long it takes me to get hungry after eating X, things like that, and as it turns out my body works best if it has some carbs, but too many makes me tired. I'm basically making my own diet. I'm going to check out that site MQ was talking about... there may be something to that.
As far as exercise goes, I'm trying to walk my butt off. Literally. :D
I've been going 2 miles on the treadmill, and since I've reached my goal of 2 miles in 30 minutes, I'm going to start increasing my time until I get to 3 miles in 45 minutes. I've also started incorporating strength training, because once I shed all of this fat I want to have nice toned muscles. Skinny people with flabby muscles bother me. Besides that, muscle burns more calories than fat does, and it looks better, and it's more compact. Oh, and I try to do yoga/pilates/stretching once or twice a week, just because it feels good.

Let's see... my parents are overweight too, and my dad at least has high cholesterol. I'm trying to get them to eat healthy and exercise too, but it's not working very well. It's driving me crazy. They say, "oh, it's good you're losing weight," but they don't do anything to help, and by that I mean that when I ask Mom to bring home some healthy foods she brings me a bag of grapes and a box of Lean Pockets along with her chips and dips and Twinkies and Snickers. :dizzy:

Whew... that was a long one! Anything else you want to know or discuss, just ask. I'm online 2 or 3 times daily, at least, so I'll be around to comment.
Hope everyone is doing well!

~Miss Elisha

04-13-2004, 11:24 PM
Here's my story:

I am 23 years old, mommy to Allison :bb: and wife to Scott.

Umm...where should I start?? I guess I will start with July 2000, the year I got married. I was skinny I weighed 140lbs, but I thought I was fat simply because I had curves! Fast Forward 4 years, 1 baby, and 60 lbs later! That's right I said 60lbs in 4 years. I look at my Wedding pictures now and I look anorexic compared to now!

I have never really kept track of my weight,and I don't know why!?
When I first became pregnant I weighed 199lbs, my ending weight was 226lbs. At my 6 week post partum check up (wich was 4 months ago) I weighed 206lbs. So I am thinking I still weigh around 200lbs.

I have never dieted either, so I could use all the suggestions I can get. I dont' have the best eating habits, I am working on fixing those. I never exercise, but now that the weather is warmer I am starting to walk outside. So, that is my start, I am not going to start on a diet right now, I am going to see what I can do by changing my eating habits. I would like to weigh anywhere between 130lbs-140lbs.
If you want to know anything else, ask away!
I can not wait to start losing these pounds! COME ON LETS GO GIRLS! :cheer:

04-14-2004, 02:01 AM
I'm glad that you've decided to post and I hope you continue to.

Elisha, I think it's great what you've done so far and your routine! It's hard living with people who don't exactly eat healthy foods. My husband eats bread like it's going out of style, and he loves chips and crackers and Oreos (a bit YUMMY weakness of mine!). Keep up the good work, can definitely attain your goals! Welcome!

Hello again, Rebecca...walking is a great start! Many people lose weight just by starting a walking routine and not changing anything else! Then, as you go along, you can start changing little things and see more results. It's great that you posted here...keep us updated on your walking!

I've been hitting the gym around 9pm and by the time I do my hour of cardio and stretches and take my leisurely shower and put on my PJs, it's 11pm...I think I'll start to go earlier because it's hard for me to sleep when I get home.

Time for bed now...I'm going to have a busy day at work tomorrow! Hope to hear from all of you soon.

04-14-2004, 05:28 AM
I have been with 3fatchicks since 2000 and have been up and down on the weight roller coaster since that time. I am ready to lose the weight permanently. A month ago, I was hospitalized with a bad case of pneumonia and was in the hospital for 9 days. I am still recuperating but one of the issues my pulmonologist stressed to me is that the weight has to come off. I also has asthma (in which has flared up since I was an small child). I have not been under 199 since 1992 (twelve years)!!!!! I am not getting any younger.

My goal is to lose weight and try not to stress out over it. ;)

04-14-2004, 11:27 AM

I'm glad you posted. Sometimes, it's things like medical conditions that have to be our wakeup calls!

You can do it, Erricah...the main thing is that you are here. You have probably been lurking for a long time...just join us! Even if it's just the two of us posting, we can help each other. Just do something small today to change things...switch from regular soda to diet, or take the stairs, etc.

One of the main things that motivated me this time is being out of breath. I was never out of breath like that before and it’s getting so much better after just a week…but in the past several months, I’ve been interviewing for jobs and things and once, in order to get to the meeting room, I had to walk up a flight of stairs. I was kind of out of breath and talking in the interview was more stressful because I was trying not to breathe hard…and I was already nervous. It was embarassing! So now I’m back into my cardio and I feel much better, so that never happens ever again. Pretty terrible, but a wake-up call nevertheless!

So anyway, welcome and I hope more join us. Tell me what you decide to do today to get to your goal of losing weight.


04-14-2004, 11:40 AM
Hey Girls - I thought I was going to hit under 200 sometime this week but I totally blew it over the Easter weekend and I think I am up like 2-3 pounds so I am a little discouraged over amazes me that you can gain that much weight over just two days of over eating , and not like crazy over eating either...but I also am going to get my TOM this week so that might be part of it...I am so close to that 199 number and it just keeps laughing at me
:lol: :lol: :lol:

04-14-2004, 04:37 PM
undefinedundefinedundefinedHi, I am new but feel out of place. I am a 60 yr old Grandmother who weighs in at 204, I need to lose not only for health reasons but for my own self esteem.

I hope there is someone out there close to my age that I can relate to as I need to do this weight loss and a buddy sure would help. I am 5'2 and like I said 204#. I am going to do WW or low fat as I have tried Adkins and I am metabodically risistant to it for some reason and I had a lot of luck years ago doing low fat, I lost 50 in 3mths and was walking 2 miles a day which for me is good as I have a really bad back, another reason to lose, to take some pressure off my back.

Well, I hope there are some buddies out there for me, thanks, Linda( I live iin Florida)

04-14-2004, 04:41 PM
Hi there, Linda. Not sure how many of us in this specific post are closer to your age, but you are welcome to stay and hang out with us!

If you are specifically looking for someone closer to your age, you can post a new thread in the Buddy Up forum stating that. I'm sure you will get replies!


04-14-2004, 04:49 PM
I'm not so sure we can gain that much in just a day or two. I know it seems like that sometimes, but if you really think about it, a pound is 3500 calories, so 2 would be 7000 calories, and 3 would be 10500 calories, and that has to be MORE than our regular on-plan daily intake of 1500 calories or so--that is A LOT of food! I don't think we can really eat that much without being horribly uncomfortable the entire time. You're right--ToM can make your weight fluctuate by a couple of pounds--the good news is that it goes down a couple of pounds at the end (mine always does anyway). I'm guessing most of it is water weight.

I'm doing good. Exercise has been on-plan for a few days, and I'm almost back to where I was before my... ahem... exercise sabatical last week with my treadmill time. 2 miles in 30 minutes and 16 seconds yesterday, whereas I was consistently doing it in almost exactly 30 minutes. But if I get within 10 seconds, I consider it meeting my goal... a few steps can make that variance.
Today is yoga and/or pilates, I haven't decided which yet.
Food is always the hard part for me. Today is going well, yesterday went terribly. I suppose it could have been worse though. I just had the munchies ALL DAY! I hate it when that happens... stupid PMS! I really need to get back on the pill, it helps in more ways than one.
At least if I exercise enough it doesn't seem to matter what I eat, as long as I don't go overboard. If I stay on track with my treadmill and strength training, my weight keeps going down, and that's good, because exercise is the easy part--I only have to make that decision once a day, whereas the eating decision is every single moment. I was thinking about checking out an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, but it's hard to do that since I don't have a regular schedule. Has anyone else tried it, or know anything about OA?
But that regular schedule thing may be on the way. I got a reply from the HR director of the company offering the job I REALLY REALLY REALLY want today, and he says I haven't gotten a reply yet because the VP is on vacation until 4/23, but he'll see my resume as soon as he gets back. I'm so excited! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Ok, enough ramblings for one post. Hope everyone else is having a Super Healthy day!

04-14-2004, 05:19 PM
I just reached the glory of ONEderland two weeks ago. That is one of the most motivating goals, I swear. I lost 18 lbs. in 5 weeks to get down to 199 and now I'm at 193! So you go girls! I'm so happy for you! You won't believe how amazing seeing 199 is, really!

04-14-2004, 06:50 PM
Hi there girls! Great to hear from you!

Miss Elisha, sounds like you've got a great plan going there. Are you walking on the treadmill, running, or both? I was never a fan of treadmills...I would only run on the ground but right now I wouldn't last running around the block. I love the elliptical machine...but I wish it had a way to check how many miles you've gone instead of just revs and calories. I'm glad you've found something that you like. I'm like long as I don't go overboard with eating, I tend to be able to eat what I want and still lose as long as I exercise. Great job!

Jenicra - what a great, inspirational post! It will be awesome when I get there. I feel like I'm so far away but you were in my shoes once, and look at you now! Thanks for visiting us! We all need the inspiration! You'll be beautiful on your wedding day!

I had veggies and chicken breast for lunch...I ate several hershey's kisses too LOL! I'm sure I'm still fine, as long as I get my workout in tonite. I am starting to really look forward to going to the gym because it's "ME" time!


04-15-2004, 11:56 AM
Hi Everyone!!!

Miss Elisha - Thanks for the information on the calorie and pounds thing, well I guess it must make sense that I am holding weight gain as usual from my TOM, I guess I will just wait and weigh myself after the whole TOM thing is over, I guess I also could have had alot of salt over the weekend too....

Jenicra - Congrats on getting to 193!!! I know it must feel so great !!!!!!
I cannot wait !! With me being so close it is driving me absolutely crazy!!!
I dont know why a number can make such a difference but it does...I dont ever want to see the 200's again....

Girlie - Hey how are ya? good lunch with the chicken and veggies ( and the hersheys kisses, ha ) ... hope we can all have a great OP day today!!!

Talk to ya all later :)

04-16-2004, 10:13 AM
Well, I thought I was doing good, but my weigh-in today showed a gain. But, I have been eating like a madwoman all week, so I should have expected it. And yesterday was my dad's birthday, so there was lots of yummy food around the house, and then there's the whole ToM thing, and I have been slacking for a while.
But I can't rationalize it like that. I can't make it seem not so bad. It is bad. I was doing so well, and then I just quit. Why do I do that? Even though I'm exercising again, I know there's more to it than that. I know what works. I just have to do it. Time to refocus my efforts. Time for a good swift kick in the butt. :rollpin:

Anyway, enough whining. Do you guys want to have a weigh-in day when we all report? My weigh-in day is obviously Friday, but I'm willing to change that if the rest of the group so desires.

Ok, off to a day of healthy eating. Hope everyone has a great day!
~Miss E

04-16-2004, 11:20 AM
I think an optional weigh-in sounds good. Maybe Fridays? I take Saturdays off of exercise LOL! Any day is fine though. Or even Mondays...that will make me accountable for the weekend! I don't have a scale at home so I weigh at the gym...Fridays I have softball games so I don't go to the gym and Saturdays I take off, so maybe Sunday/Monday would be good for the beginning of the week.

I haven't had an "official" weigh in, but I peeked and am down one pound. I have been doing great with exercise this week and I'm so proud of myself. I've been eating lots of protein too. Last night I went out to dinner spontaneously with a girlfriend and I had two mozzarella sticks, a salad and veggie lasagna..I could only eat a couple of bites of the lasagna. I think I did quite well for the situation. And I threw in 15 mins of extra time at the gym...30 mins on the bicycle (7 miles) and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine (over 4050 rotations).

I left for the gym the moment they announced who was fired on the Apprentice LOL!

Happy Friday to everyone! Wish me luck in our first softball game of the season tonite!

04-16-2004, 04:36 PM
Hey, I too am "eyeing" that 199 mark. I started last August, 2003 at 319. My main motivation was my daughter's wedding in August 2004, which it still is one of my motivations but also I love the feeling of being thinner. I love not having heartburn, clothes fitting, people noticing me for my weight loss....etc. My daughter will be home on May 13, last time she seen me I was 250, so my goal is when I go to pick her up at the airport is to weigh 199. thats 4 weeks and I weigh this morning 209. So I'm really keeping track of every little thing that goes into my mouth. Some things I do to keep on keeping on....I cut back on portions, I'm not necessarily following any set diet, I eat what my family eats, just smaller portions. I exercise...I try to get in 4 miles of walking a day, I also do weights every other day, I go on the treadmill....the elliptical, I have done some pilates and I got my bike out the other day and have started riding it once again. I WILL GET THAT 199 mark. I drink water and water and water. This is possible....but only I have that power. Thanks for this post. As I can taste that mark....

04-17-2004, 05:41 AM
That is just amazing!!! What a great inspiration you are! That is so neat! Your daughter will be so happy to see you! WOW!!! Thank you for posting can definitely make it as we all can. You have come a long way!

I had my first bad day today. Things got a bit out of hand and I didn't plan very well. First of all, I had McDonalds for lunch. I haven't been there for so long but of course, I was in a rush. Then, My husband wanted to see a movie tonite and I just can't resist the popcorn. I didn't eat nearly as much as I usually do...and I got water with it and brought my own little healthy snacks, but I still had a lot of calories today. I'm going to be extra active tomorrow. It will be a beautiful day and I'm going to try to do my 8 mile bike trek as well as go to the gym.

I am going to do very well tomorrow and Sunday and weigh in on Sunday night. I get too dependent on the scale though and get upset when I don't lose or if I gain. I am doing a lot of cardio and I'm sure I'm building more muscle and I definitely FEEL's just hard because everyone wants to see the numbers on the scale go down.

Well, I'm going to try to weigh in only on Sundays and stay away from the scale. I need to realize that I've been doing a lot of exercise and I have made dramatic changes in the past couple of weeks and I should be proud of myself for that...and that this is going to take time...old habits are hard to break!

So anyway, I'll probably be lurking around and I'll post on Sunday with the results of my weigh in.

PS - I just love Caesar salad but we all know how terrible that is. I've really been in the salad mood lately...for Romaine lettuce...anyway, I found the best Caesar dressing that is just fabulous. I've probably been using it for months. It's Kraft Free Caesar Italian. I will often order a Caesar salad if I'm out, for example, I ordered one at Wendy's today for dinner, and I brought my own dressing. The Caesar side salad there is pretty filling (although I could easily eat two) and comes with bacon bits and a little parmesean, and I opt for no croutons. A light and filling summer meal. The dressing is also good if you put a little on a grilled chicken breast sandwich with lettuce...a chicken Caesar salad sandwich.

Just thought I'd share that. It took me a long time to find a fat free dressing that I really, really liked and haven't gotten tired of.


04-18-2004, 10:40 PM
Anyone want to weigh n? I had a decent one today. I made a small step...out of the 230's! It's hard for me not to make mini-goals, but I just want to take my time and work hard and see where it takes me instead of saying I want to weight a certain amount by a certain date. It makes me feel too pressured.

All I know is one-derland is on the way...29 more to go!


04-19-2004, 12:27 AM
Can't say that my weigh-in was as good: 228. But, as I previously pointed out, ToM makes your weight fluctuate a bit, and it will go down in a few days, so I shouldn't really worry about it. But I am. Because I know I'm slacking. I have been for a few weeks now. And if I want to lose the weight, I've got to get with it and stick with it. I did better on eating today. I'm back to counting calories. That's much easier for me than trying to eat only certain foods. I used the calculator on this site and figured that if I weighed 150 I would need 2027 calories to maintain, so as long as I come in under that I should lose weight until I get down to 150. Today I had around 1700, and that included a trip to Taco Bell (courtesy of my brother, who always makes me get fast food when he picks me up from work, no matter how much I protest). I didn't feel hungry at all today, at least not until I was supposed to, and I think that's the calorie range I'm going to shoot for. I'm going to just count calories to jump start my weight loss again, then once I get going I may switch to some sort of program that includes healthy eating rather than just eating less. That may have to wait until I move out though, or at least until I get a better job and can afford to buy my own food all the time. I didn't exercise today. I had planned to, but then my brother picked me up from work, we went to his girlfriend's place for a bit, we went to eat, and then 2 of the 3 shows I watch per week were on (Sopranos and Deadwood), and now it's after 11pm and too late to get on the treadmill. I'm so tired. I wish I had more time to sleep. And then there's ToM problems... headaches, pissy mood, moodswings, generally feeling pretty crappy, not to mention exhausted. I need some beef, get my iron levels up.
I will exercise tomorrow, and I will keep my calories down.
*deep breath*
I will exercise tomorrow, and I will keep my calories down.

I hope everyone else is doing well.
~Miss E

04-19-2004, 06:33 AM
Miss E:

There will be many times that I will gain as well. We don't need to make excuses for it...we usually know what we've done wrong and know what to do to change it. Just stick here and keep posting no matter what. Look at how far you have come! You definitely can do it.

Maybe now is the time to kick up your exercise, or spice it up. With me, I know that I don't want to count calories or deprive myself of anything. Right now, I want to eat whatever I want to in moderation and still lose...and the only way I can do that is to do a lot of exercise. That's the only way I can feel "normal", and not like I'm on a "diet".

When I look at thin women who are not dieting, they do not restrict themselves. My thinner friends seem to eat what they want, just in small amounts, and still enjoy food. That's how I want to be. I don't like to have to count anything before I eat something. Sometimes I'll think about what I really want and if there is going to be an alternative that is healthier and that will satisfy me...or I will think whether I really NEED to eat something or not, and sometimes I change my mind. But anyway, I don't want to fill my house with low fat foods, fat free foods, sugar free foods, etc. Of course I'll always drink diet sodas or use Splenda...but I want to eat normal stuff. If I want Taco bell, I'll get a seven layer burrito or a taco and feel fine with it (instead of what I used to get...Nachos BellGrande and two taco supremes...and who knows what else LOL!

Anyway, sorry, just some thoughts that came through my head. All I know is, without the exercise, I'd not be able to lose anything. I know that the machines aren't correct, but for example, my 45 minute elliptical workout said that I burned 655 calories for my weight. I just think of that when I long on the elliptical it would take for me to burn off what I want to eat. I also did 30 mins on the bike which said I burned 170. No matter how exact the machines are, I just think, would eating a double cheeseburger be worth it?

And sometimes, it is...and I eat the burger...and exercise a little harder that day.

Some day I'm going to hit a plateau though and have to cut down what I eat. But for now, I'm going to eat a little of what I want and exercise hard.

Keep with it along with me, Miss E!


04-19-2004, 02:07 PM
Hello everyone. I have been browsing here today and decided to join you if it is alright!

I have struggled with my weight for a very long time. I am an emotional eater and it is really hard for me to keep on track. It is the only way I deal with stress - but I am learning. I had an awesome week last week and am really motivated for this one. :strong:

I weigh in for myself on Monday mornings. This morning I was pleasantly surprised when I had lost 3 pounds! I am currently at 213! My goal for right now is 210. I would love to be 199 by June 4th...That is my major goal for right now! I will keep at it if you all can help me along.

You all are doing great on your exercise. Have any of you tried the Walking Away the Pounds Program? Or the Beach Body exercise program? :shrug:
I have them both - still in plastic, of course. Will be breaking them out this week.

Hope everyone is doing well and will be back soon to check in!


04-19-2004, 03:36 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA for a few is everyone doing?
I am still at 201 and counting :lol: I just got off of my TOM yesterday so I have every hope that I can be under 200 in the next week and a half :crossed:

Myrtle - I do the WATP dvd at home. I do the one mile and the two mile. I really like them and they go by so fast. I know you will like it, tear of the plastic and get at it :)

Oh and on the weigh in thing, I dont know what day you guys decided on but I usually weigh myself every Friday...but Monday would work for me as well.

Later.... :bubbles:

04-19-2004, 04:26 PM
Carri - welcome back! You can definitely do it in the next week! I see success in your future for a week from today!

Myrtle - welcome, of course you are welcome here. Congratulations on your loss this week! You are really getting close to ONEderland! I can't wait to get closer! This should be a great summer for all of us!

I went to the Dr. today and weighed there and it sucks to see they have me down as 235...well, that's what happens when you weigh in with shoes and jeans on! I know that's not correct, but it just sounds so bad when I last weighed myself at 229...and I don't wear anything when I do.

Here's to a great week! :cheers:

04-20-2004, 09:06 AM
Hi All,

I'm a 30 year old housewife (by choice) living in Tennessee. I joined 3fatchicks in March. I've been trying to change my diet and lifestyle to incorporate more healthy low fat food and exercise. It hasn't been easy. I've tried Atkins and although that worked for me (I lost 16 pounds), I hated the way of eating so came off it and put all the weight back on.

I was steadily losing weight at 1lb per week until the past couple of weeks where I have gained weight. This has been my own fault though, seeing myself lose weight I thought I could have a can of coke here, a slice of pizza there, turns out I can't if I really want to lose weight.

I walk every weekday and on the weekend I am usually doing something with the husband or gardening. I walk 3.9 miles and it takes me 1h 20 mins to do this. I am trying to make it 3.9 miles in 1 hour.

I've got very low self esteem at the moment due to being unhappy with the way I am and also because I moved to the US from the UK 2 years ago and still haven't made any friends. I also can't drive yet (but am studying to pass test) which limits where I can go etc.

I'm not going to blame my woes on anyone but myself. My diet for the past couple of years has been terrible and I have had little or no exercise.

I'm currently 206lbs and would like to get down to 150, but would probably be happy at 170.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all.

04-20-2004, 10:48 AM
OKAY , the scale said "199" this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so I could wake up and be at 200 tomorrow since weight fluctuates from day to day, but I saw that number on the scale this morning, I am so excited...I knew after my TOM was over that I should probably be under two
but ya never know, now I gotta work hard to keep it there and going down even more --- HAD TO SHARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :strong: :cp: :cheer:

Okay, now I am off to eat, JK :lol:

04-20-2004, 11:53 AM
That's awesome Satine, wtg! :high:

04-20-2004, 12:43 PM

Welcome! I'm so glad that you are here! I think you're doing a GREAT job. We all have setbacks but you know, the main thing is that you are here and getting back on the wagon. Please keep posting and let us know of your future success!

Carri - AWESOME!!!! See, everything comes with time! This should have you motivated to keep going...and going and going! Keep posting here to keep us all inspired because we ALL are trying to get where you are now!

04-20-2004, 01:27 PM
Three cheers for Carrie for making it to 199!!!

Hip Hip......HOORAY!!!!! :cheer:

Hip Hip......HOORAY! :cheer:

Hip Hip......HOORAY!!!!!!!! :cheer:


04-20-2004, 03:29 PM
Thanks so much Lynne and Girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited but it is also so close to the 200... I guess I will really celebrate when I see 195... ha ha

04-21-2004, 03:53 PM
AFternoon All :sunny: Hope you are all doing well...I am good, been staying OP, just need to get the exercise thing down...I have been doing the Walk Away the Pounds dvd about once a week but have slacked off some and my body is paying the price :lol:

So what day did we decide on the weigh in day? Or was that posted here and I didnt read it....

Okay well just checking in, have a good day...

Plan B
04-21-2004, 07:21 PM
Hi All - Mind if I join you? I can bring an upbeat attitude and a quick wit! :cool: Enough tooting of my own horn... I'm 42 pounds away from 199... HELP! I know ya'll can help me get there!

A little about me: I'm 23 and live with my puppy and kitty on a houseboat in Maryland. I have a 2 hour commute (yuck) and I go to school... so I don't have a lot of "down" time. I'm eating pretty much all Lean Cuisine meals, which I know, I know, a lot of people don't agree with, but I've had some success... and lord knows I'm not going to COOK! :p

I weigh in on Fridays... and this week I RE-committed myself to exercise (I do Tae-Bo and Yoga). I look forward to getting to know everyone! - Biz

04-22-2004, 10:33 AM
Hey there, Biz - welcome! We'd love for you to hang out! Wow, a houseboat?! That sounds neat! I watched a movie not too long ago that incorporated people living on a houseboat in New England! And that is a LONG commute! You know, there is an exercise program called Oxycise that some folks involved breathing in certain patterns and strengths to build muscle, something like that, and I know many people have success with it! There is an Oxycise thread in the Exercise forum, I believe. The reason I'm mentioning it is because there is a commuter tape that I read about that people do this on the commute. Anyway, just a thought! Welcome!

Well hello Carri and everyone! I don't think I posted yesterday -- it was pretty busy. Tuesday night I didn't make it to do my WATP tape, mainly because I figured I'd just gone to the gym that morning. I don't need to overdo it and get burned out. Once a day is just fine...even once every other day would be fine. I just sort of get into a routine and it seems weird if I don't go. Last night I went to the gym and warmed up with 15 mins on the bicycle and I did a whopping 50 minutes on the elliptical. I've been able to do 45 and I felt okay at 45 that I decided to do the 5 minute cooldown at the end this time...I was so proud of myself! i couldn't decide what I wanted to eat for dinner last night so I didn't eat anything...I took a nap and then got up to go to the gym...and i had a headache after my elliptical glory. That's not good! So I had some pretzels and a Lean Pocket before bed.

I think part of doing the cardio for me is all in the music. If I didn't have my CD player with me, I don't think I could do it. It keeps my pace going.

It's worth it though, because I am wearing a shirt that I haven't worn in a while today...I finally feel like it looks good enough to wear. Silly, I know, but we all have our moments LOL!

Where are you all...come on and let us know how you are doing!


04-22-2004, 12:01 PM
Hi there ,

I have been dieting and exercising since jan.24/04...was at my all time heaviest at 240( I am 38,married with 2 boys..14 & 18)as we are all the same I have had a habit of putting myself last for a long time...well...I decided to get healthy and lose the weight by my 40th birthday!!! ;)
I have lost 30 lbs by watching my carb intake..swimming every am and adding walking 5-7km 3-4 days a week! :dizzy:
It hasn't been easy but my husband has been my biggest cheerleader and walks with me when he can eats what I eat and has lost weight himself!
I would like to be under 200lbs by the end of May...I don't know if that is possible...I seem to have plateued for the last few weeks..any ideas to jump start me into losing again???Any help would be great, this website has been so great and having other people to talk to with the same weight issues I think will motivate me further...Have a great day!!!! I would love to buddy-up with someone with the same goals!!


04-22-2004, 12:56 PM
Well I am more than a little discouraged right now, I made such a big deal about seeing 199 on the scale on Tuesday and now have went back up to 201 and it is sticking there, I havent changed anything I have been doing, still staying OP, and still nothing...maybe I am going through a plateau after losing the first 34.5 pounds, I dont know, I could just be holding water for some reason, but I will press on and see what happens...
Hope you all have a good day...didnt mean to come on and just bellyache :lol:

04-22-2004, 01:00 PM
[QUOTE=lgroh]undefinedundefinedundefinedHi, I am new but feel out of place. I am a 60 yr old Grandmother who weighs in at 204, I need to lose not only for health reasons but for my own self esteem.

I am a grandma of 5 and I am 50 years old. I am going to overeaters anonymous and having a really hard time not overeating or not eating candy etc. when tempted. I have not started walking yet, but I need to desperately. Most of the people at OA are younger than I am. I think I may need a more defined plan in addition to Overeaters. One thing I have started to realize is when I am cramming food all day or sometimes when I really have the urge to eat, what has happened to cause the craving. Usually stress from an emotion. I.E. Each time I recognized it was my son not coming home at night-he is on probation and has a 9pm curfew. I am trying to let him suffer natural consequences, but that is not working very well. If they don't show up to spot check on him then nothing happens. Anyway good luck. The idea of the 199 group trying to reach that number sounds good to me. Jodi

04-22-2004, 02:56 PM
We could pick Monday as a weigh in day. I used to visit an Atkins community and they had weigh in threads, one started each week. Those threads were really good motivators and gave a lot of support.

I think having a weigh in day is a great idea!

04-22-2004, 04:42 PM
Welcome to everyone new! :wave:
We're glad to have you on board. We're all going to make it through this, one day at a time.

Satine, congrats on the 199, even if it is only one day a week! (That's one more day than I'm there!) :bravo:
You're only supposed to weigh yourself once a week for that very reason. But, who am I to talk, I weigh myself many times a day! But I only count one per week as "official." Right now it's Friday mornings, but that is subject to change without notice.
Everyone remember that your weight can vary by something like 6-8 pounds in a 24-hour period. Weigh-in at the same time of day, and at the same point in your routine. Hint: your lowest weight is first thing in the morning, after your trip to the bathroom and before your shower or cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee.... I'm on about my third cup today. :coffee:
Don't worry, it's decaf. I started putting in my creamer and syrup and then I looked at the calorie content--it's ridiculous! I mean, I knew it's mostly sugar, but geez! So this cup is black.
Oh, and I discovered cheddar cheese mini rice cakes. 9 of them only have 70 calories. They were on sale so I grabbed some, figuring they would be ok but nothing really to shout about, but man! was I wrong! When did rice cakes start being tasty? They taste like cheesy popcorn. I love it when I find low-calorie stuff that tastes yummy!

So here's my poll for the day: what's your favorite low-cal/low-fat/low-carb (according to which diet you're on) treat? I'd love to hear as many suggestions as you've got.

Some other favorites of mine: low-fat string cheese, as many cucumbers as I can eat, popsicles (especially the 100% fruit variety), FF or SF fudgesicles... mmmm, low-fat pudding or yogurt, SF jello, roasted soybeans (I really like the wasabi ones, but the plain ones are good too), a few nuts (not too many though, because they're high in fat--but it's the Good fat!), raw cauliflower, snap peas, sushi (depending on what kind), bananas, dried cranberries and/or raisins, popcorn, a slice of lunchmeat, hard-boiled eggs, 2 or 3 Hershey Kisses (when only chocolate will do), English muffins.... the list goes on and on, doesn't it? What can I say? I like food!

Oh, and I figured out something else last night... how long it's going to take me to get to my goal. Right now I'm aiming for less than 1800 calories a day, plus burning 200 calories in exercise 5 days per week. I'm usually coming in under that on the calorie count. I know 1800 sounds like a lot, but the 3FC calculator says that if I want to weigh 150 I need 2027 per day, so anything less than that is good enough for me. My caloric needs at my current weight are 2462 per day, so knocking it down to 1800 would save 662 calories daily, times 7 = 4634 calories saved per week. Add 1000 for exercise = 5634. Divide by 3500 calories per pound = 1.6 pounds lost per week. If I want to lose 75 pounds, divide 75 by 1.6 and that's 46.9 weeks to my goal. I figured it out at different calorie intake levels, the lowest being 1500 cals/day giving me about 34 weeks. Cutting that additional 300 calories a day would get me to my goal 3 months earlier. I could be there by the end of the year.
I know that formula doesn't incorporate how my body uses calories differently as I lose weight, or as I gain muscles, so I'll have to recalculate occasionally. But the point is that it seems a lot closer when I can break it down into weeks like that. 47 weeks seems a lot shorter than a whole year, you know? Weeks are easy, I handle weeks all the time, weeks are short. Years, however, seem to take.... well, years, getting here. But just one more week I can do. I like to break it down into little tiny things because I know I can do little tiny things. I can meet my goals this week. That's all I have to do, just manage this week. I'll do it again next week, but I'm not going to worry about it until then. Right now is the only moment that matters, the choices I make right now.

Okay, sorry for that really long ramble. I'm taking a break from a project and my brain needed something to think about besides being grammatically correct (I'm a tech writer, btw. Or at least I'm hoping to be a tech writer as soon as I get a real job. Right now I'm just freelancing, i.e. working retail), so I give it a break and then it won't shut up. Okay, back to editing. Whee. :blah:

~Miss E

04-22-2004, 05:24 PM
Hello all,

I'm Lisa. I'm 24 years old. I have two little girls and am about to be married on July 4th 2004. :D I started gaining weight when I was in the first grade and I guess I never stopped. I always wanted to be normal and healthy like everyone else but just couldn't seem to get there. After having my second daughter in 2000 my weight ballooned to 289.5 lbs. and I was miserable. I started to try to lose weight in 2001 and was more determined than ever before. A year later I had made it to 199 lbs.! I was SO happy. In the process of losing the weight I met my fiance and I got off track big time! I slipped right into my old ways and gained almost all of it back. Now, at 257 lbs., I find myself once again faced with the weight battle and am slowly starting the process of getting back on track. Strangly my upcoming wedding is not the main focus for my weight loss but rather to just lose the weight and be happy with myself. Wish me luck! :) \


04-22-2004, 10:02 PM
Hey all, my name is Jenn and I've been reading this for a couple of days and just decided to join you as you quest to "onederland" since that is where I intend to go anyways....

I am currently 213# at 5'10.5" tall and have just set my goal for when I want to reach that glorious place where I no longer have to move the big weight on the scale over 4 times just to start.... That goal is for me to hit 199 by my mom's birthday (June 14th) because I have to go to a wedding on June 26th and I want time to get a new outfit for the big event...

Wish me luck and best of luck to all of you... and remember to aim for the moon because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars! ;)

04-22-2004, 10:17 PM
hey is evening here went for a 6.5km walk did it in 1 hour so that was good...but.... when Zi got home I was famished and ate 3 low fat oreos...oooppps!!
Hope tomorrow is better!!
talk to you guys tomorrow am!!

04-23-2004, 06:21 PM
Hello, Everyone! I'm sorry I've been so absent...the past couple of days have been crazy at work! It is SO nice to see some new "faces" here! Welcome to all of seems like everyone in the right thinking mode.

I didn't go to the gym last night but I did go this morning and did a really great 35 mins on the elliptical. Not as long as the other night, but just as hard since I was pressed for time. Awesome. You know what, it didn't even hurt at all. I'm getting to the point where I KNOW my body can do it, it's just a matter of not getting bored and wanting to stop. Really great music all-time favorite CD to burn fat to is by Prodigy!

I'm glad that you all seem like you're being very concious of what you're eating. just remember, we all eat "bad" things at times...just realize that you are adding more calories to your bodies and that means you have to try to burn some of those calories off. I didn't know there was such a thing as Low-Fat Oreos. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong about eating three of them...I wouldn't stop there! Regular Oreo's are my weakness and my husband loves them...if they are in the house, the two of us will go through a pack of them in a week...a cookie here, a cookie there....etc!

I had to have some bloodwork taken today so I made a hearty dinner last night of baked chicken, pasta and stir-fried Chinese cabbage (yummmy!). I couldn't eat or drink anything but water from 9pm until about noon today and I was starving! I was going to stop somewhere before I had to head to work, but I went home instead and had leftovers which would have been healthier.

I have a softball game tonite...our team is doing really well!!! I might go back to the gym tonite if I don't end up doing anything after the game. A couple girls are meeting for drinks late tonite and if I go, I'll want to burn enough calories for a beer before I go lol!

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep posting!


04-24-2004, 12:46 AM
Hi everyone my name is Brook i am a mom and a fiance from MI. I am getting married next year june 4 and really really want to reach that goal weight. I would love to be involved in any chalanges you all set because thats the kind of push that i need for my self. i am so glade to have found this website. good luck in your goals mine are:

sw 215 cw 215 gw 130 by may 1 05 have to make sure the dress fits before the last minute.


:moo: to :goodscale

:goodluck: :flow1: :df: :cheer: :sunny:

04-24-2004, 05:02 AM
Thanks so much Lynne and Girlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited but it is also so close to the 200... I guess I will really celebrate when I see 195... ha ha

It's so nice to see some happy people visit here. I'm Amber and I'm a newie. I'm a dieter for events. Done atkins a couple of times for a month each-both times lost 1 stone, but no motivation to keep it off!!
Have a wedding to attend late June and deliberately bought a dress one size too small in december, but not done anything to try and get into it yet Until now that is!!
Started the slimsteady 4 week plan today. Has anyone tried it?? All about sensible low fat eating, mixed with exercise which builds up over the 4 weeks.
I currently weigh 180lbs, but at only 5'2" it puts me in the obese category. Not nice when people call you that!!
Anyways, be nice to hear from you folks, any good tips for staving off the hunger?? What diet/exercise do you all do that's working??

04-24-2004, 12:10 PM
Morning ladies! I just got back from the gym and I wanted to let you all that I am 1 pound closer to 'onederland'....That's 8.5 down, 13 to go and 51 days to do it... I can do this! And so can all of you! I look forward to your updates :D

04-24-2004, 12:38 PM
As of yesterday's official weigh-in, I am down to 223! Yay! :high:
Which means that not only did I lose the 3 pounds I gained around Easter, but I have also lost 2 more. Hooray! I stepped on the scale again this morning to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Haha....
A few more pounds and I'll be down to my freshman year weight, though I admit I was chunky then too, just not quite as much.
You know, as odd as this sounds, I'm starting to like counting calories. Weird, huh? But I always seem to come in way under my target, and I can eat what I want when I want, as long as I count it, and somehow it all works out. This is so much easier for me than trying to follow a strict diet, especially since my family is still on the See-Food diet--they see food and they eat it! When I first started counting I was amazed at how many calories food actually has, and then I started obsessing about it and I would hardly eat anything with more than 100 calories--not good, and I was hungry all the time (surprise, surprise). But now I've mellowed out about it, and it's working. Which is definitely a good thing, since my exercise has been slacking recently. I've just been so tired--and I mean completely sapped! Oh well, I've got a couple of days off this week, so hopefully I can get some resting accomplished. I am getting on the treadmill today though, after I get a little bit of work done. That way I'll be energized and awake for work this evening.
Okay, it's off to get something done. Have a wonderful day everyone!

~Miss E

04-24-2004, 12:50 PM
Hello all. Boy, this is a long running thread! I'm new to this forum, was just cruising around avoiding my exercize this morning, when I found it :D

I have PCOS too, Girlie. I'm 23 years old, and I was diagnosed when I was twenty, I believe. Been losing weight ever since ^_^* since I had a lot to lose (still do!). Hard to believe I'm actually looking at 199 as a goal! My high weight was 379, and I'm now at 238. I'm hoping to reach 199 by the end of the summer ^_^ which is four months away, so I know I can do it! I did have another goal, which I won't be making *sad* I wanted to be at 220 for my graduation from college this May 15th...but anyway, I'm still happy where I am!

Okay, going to go do my exercize, which I've been BAD in delaying. Talk to you later! :^:

04-24-2004, 02:50 PM
Wow, Kamitwi! Congrats on your astounding loss so far! What's your secret? hehe...
Welcome to the board. I'm 23 too... graduated in December. I wanted to lose the weight before then too, but alas, here I am. But I'm on the right track now, and so are you, and that is all that matters.
You'll find lots of support here, and this is a great thread. Stick with the chicks, and we will all meet our goals!

~Miss E

04-25-2004, 09:17 PM
well i must tell you all the news that made me put my digital scale in the TRASH! :bomb: :censored: it has been telling me for some time now that i am 215 :nose: :censored: well i went to the docs finally and got on their scale and guess what... 200 :cb: what news that was for me thats 15 that i dont have to worry about but still... :strong: :jig: am going to work hard :coach: to get down to 125-130 wont cry if i hit a platue at 130! :crossed: so i was thrilled to see i had not gotten heavyer then i was when i was prego :sumo: that was the most disapointing part. 212 was the highest at delivery. oh well thanks for listening. all keep up the good work. new stats for me yay! :crazy: :cheer:


hw 212 cw 200 gw 125-130

:grouphug: :flow2: :dance: :flow1: :thanks: :goodluck:

04-26-2004, 01:01 AM
Good Day, everyone!

There is so much weekend action going on here and that is great! I don't have much time to post as bedtime was quite a while ago, but I wanted to say hello and welcome everyone who is new! That is awesome to see so many new people and happy losers lol!

I weighed in today. 'Twas a rough week...Friday night we ordered pizza and I ate three slices, and two more on Saturday LOL! I tried to tell myself that I would only eat one. Anyway, I exercised hard on Saturday and earlier today and weighed in at pound down, not bad! This week, I'm going to keep exercising as usual but lay off the fried food (I really craved fried stuff last week) and eat more veggies. I didn't have a single salad last week and I normally love salads. So I stocked up on fresh green beans and squash and zucchini and yummy romaine lettuce and we'll see how this week goes.

My legs have been so sore the past few days. Maybe I'm building muscle from the elliptical workouts. Yesterday I pedaled on the bike for 30 minutes and went for 50 minutes on the elliptical. This afternoon I pedaled for 15 and went for 35 on the elliptical. I think I'm going to alternate long and short workouts like this plus stretching every day this week.

Anyone have any great tips to share?

Here's to another great week!


04-26-2004, 11:34 AM
Wow so much has happened since I last checked in, Hello to all...I cant believe there are soooooooooooo many of us that are so close to that 199 mark and working so hard for it...the last time I posted I was talking about hitting 199 and then kind of plateauing from 199-200 but I have to be honest with myself and start exercising, I have lost 34.5 pounds and not really exercising, so I guess my body is just telling me "hey you are not going to get away with that anymore."... so today I am starting a fresh with exercise...
even if I can do it only 3-4 times per week I know it will help, even with the flabby skin :lol:
So glad to hear that all of you have such great attitudes and are doing well, dont beat yourself up over the little things, we have time and we will all get there at our own pace...good luck!!
Hope everyone has a great day!!

04-26-2004, 12:13 PM
Morning, All!

Just wanted to check in and say hello. Muscles are still tight today but I stretched a bit before work and will do so at the gym tonite.

I started the day with a low fat, high fiber bagel with just a tad of fat free strawberry cream cheese. I'm drinking a bottle of the new Minute Maid Light Raspberry passion (10 cals per bottle!). It's really not very good. I tried the Tropical flavor yesterday but it wasn't good either to be honest! I'd rather have V8 Splash light.

For lunch, I'm going home to make a giant salad with romaine, bacon bits and my favorite fat free caesar italian dressing. Yum.

Talk to you all soon! Hope you all are having a great day!


04-26-2004, 12:29 PM
Hi all :)

I had a very busy weekend. My in laws came to visit Fri - Sun and we had a great time although I chose to come off the diet for the duration of their stay. Still, I ate sensibly, didn't eat too much sweet foods and this morning I am back on my plan.

For breakfast I had two pieces of fruit, I'm currently glugging down a few glasses of water for the morning and for lunch I am undecided on home made veggie soup, or salad.

It's been pretty yucky weather today so I am thinking of going on the running machine instead of my usual walk.

04-27-2004, 01:13 AM
:wave: Hi girls...

Had a great weekend did not cheat once!!!(amazing...)Have finally come off my plateau by watching my carb in-take a little more closely...and working out a little harder...why is it sooo much harder for us girls then it is for husband seems to be losing weight faster and doing less working out!
Any way ..thanks for the support about the oreos on was great and made me smile :) !!!!!!
I do not know what I did before I found this websight of support and hope and a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel!!!Talk to everyone tomorrow!!

Good-Night.... Jill

04-27-2004, 10:45 AM
Hello, everyone.

I had planned a big old salad last night but went to the store for my favorite English cucumbers and there the steaks were on sale lol! So I broiled steaks and sauteed zucchini squash and had a decent, protein-filled dinner and worked my butt off at the gym. 15 mins bicycle warmup and 50 minutes on the elliptical. I was worn out when I got home close to midnight and planned to get up at 5.30a to head back to the gym...I'm having dinner with a friend tonite (sushi!) and I didn't want to rush dinner so I could go to the gym...but when 5.30a rolled around, I could hardly move LOL! So I set my alarm to the usual 7a and enjoyed another 1.5 hours of sleep. I will probably go to the gym late tonight again. It was a good workout last night, I was dripping!

I'm having a small wheat bagel with a grilled chicken breast for a hearty breakfast and for lunch I have a Healthy Choice meal. The new Taste Sensations line is AWESOME. So flavorful, I feel like I ordered out at a restaurant...and they're on sale at Kroger!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Congratulations on all of success - Lynne, Pebbles and Jilly!

Keep posting!

04-27-2004, 10:55 AM
HI Everyone!!

Girlie - I thought it was odd that you were having a wheat bagel and chicken breast for breakfast, but then I got to thinking that the turkey lunch meat that I have for an afternoon snack fills me up way more than the granola bar that I have for breakfast...I think I should start having some kind of protein for breakfast, what other kind of things do you have for breakfast?

I stayed OP yesterday just barely, I was cutting up cheese for my husbands omelet ( he does Atkins, I cannot do it ) and kept taking bites as I cut it so I am sure I went over points ( WW ) some...Going to exercise when I get home tonight and get back in gear!!

I admire all of you who get out daily and work your butts off exercising, that takes discipline...and I am trying to aquire it, ha :lol:

Have a good day everyone!!

04-27-2004, 10:35 PM
:^: I read about the digital scale and could not believe it... the same thing happened to me but I refused to believe my Doctor and have been going by the digital scale at home!!! Tomorrow I am going to stop by his office and weigh myself again.....if he was right I am at 195lbs!!!! GOD...I HOPE HE WAS RIGHT AND DOESN'T NEED NEW GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
I will let you know!! :D
Talk to you guys tommorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-28-2004, 03:38 AM
Hello Chicks! I did very good on that "No Pizza Diet" tonight at work. I even told a good friend of mine about it......Then at close she made a new buffalo chicken pizza, and said that I should try it cuz it's delish. I know that it's great, and I couldn't have picked a worse time to stop having pizza. So I reminded her that I wasn't eatting pizza anymore, and she forced me to try it. So I had one small bite of thin crust pizza tonight.....I was nibbling on the buff. chicken all nite long :smug: It's just too good for me to pass up. But I skipped my salad since I had some chicken here and there.
I didn't go for a walk today cuz it was pretty cold and I was more lazy than cold. Tomorrow I have to go down to the DMV, Just thinking about how long I'll probably be there makes me not want to go :snail:. I guess that they get paid by the hour and not the work, just like me :lol: . I told my boss that he should pay me by the pizza, instead of hourly, he pretty much laughed at me...

It's supposed to be 75 and sunny tomorrow so I'm going to wash my blanket and hang it on the line to dry. I am also going for that walk, since I so convenantly (SP?) boosed out of it today.
Wow! almost 2am, and I still have to take a shower and cut my hair... It's so nice to have a short du, I just keep it short and spike the back up with hair glue. I got sick of paying someone $25 for something that I can do, and I know exactly the way I like it like :smug:
Good Night, Pebbles

04-28-2004, 10:54 AM
Good Morning, Everyone!

I’m so glad that everyone is here and upbeat today!

Carri – as I eat, I definitely couldn’t do Atkins, but I try to keep in mind that if I want a snack or something, a protein or non-carb would probably be better than crackers, chips or bread. I really don’t eat much bread but pasta or potatoes are unavoidable for me at dinner especially. So if you want to snack on something, at least you chose cheese which is actually good for you. Since you were nibbling, I’m sure it wouldn’t have made a big difference in your calories for the day, but I used to do WW and I know how it sucks to go over pts. I also keep the pts in mind when I eat things…like when I have a light wheat bun or bagel and chicken breast for breakfast…the bagels I found were small, and still had 210 calories, but since they were wheat, they had 6g of fiber per bagel and .5g of fat. So, since I wanted a carb, it’s best that I had a carb with a good amount of fiber. That bagel probably ended up being 2-3 points. And the chicken breast would have added another 4 pts..7pts for breakfast is pretty high, but it got me through until lunch. Some mornings I’m more hungry than others! Anyway, I love chicken breast and it’s filling and hearty and low in fat and high in protein so I figure I might as well eat something I like, even if it’s for breakkie or a snack. I also like to buy the carton of egg whites and fry some in PAM. No fat and super low calories. I normally will have 1/3-1/2 of the carton which is a lot, for only 2-3pts, and I’ll add in mushrooms sometimes. Also, have you ever tried the meatless Boca products? They are expensive, but they have “sausage” patties (like you’d get at Mcdonalds) that are only 1pt each and they taste pretty good, especially with some egg whites on a whole wheat English muffin!
Sorry for the ramble!

Pebbles –

It would be hard for me to work at a pizza place, or any food place. My first job was at a buffet and we had free meals before or after our shift and I didn’t choose healthy foods, but that’s when I was a lean, athletic 160 pounds in high school on the track team so I was always burning calories. I commend you for doing your best while at work. The temptation definitely would get me! The buffalo chicken pizza sounds good…I saw it on a commercial LOL. I think since the temptation is so high, maybe you don’t have to say NO pizza at all since it’s all around you, but that you can have it once a week. Most foods aren’t inherently BAD, it’s eating too much of it. I have a friend who loves pizza and orders a thin crust personal veggie pizza for herself with either half the cheese or no cheese at all and extra sauce (that would be no fun!), but it satisfies her cravings.

Jilly –

It’s funny about the scales! I decided to only go by one scale, no matter what any other scale says. I weigh myself after my shower at the gym, no clothes. It was disheartening when I went to the doc last week and they weigh you with clothes and shoes on and I was 5 pounds heavier than what I weighed myself at, but the gym scale is “official” for me! Next time I’m going to wear lighter clothes and sandals that I can take off. I will be lighter in two weeks when I go, and then it will look like I lost several pounds and maybe the doc will commend me LOL!

I’m glad you all are well. I had a business meeting at a café last night and I ordered iced tea, but I had no idea they were going to order appetizers…and you know how business stuff is, you kind of HAVE to eat with them…so I had some of the spinach dip and chips and nibbled politely. One dish was cocktail shrimp and at least that’s very low in fat! I went to the gym and my 45 minute elliptical session was a little harder than usual. I’m going to try to get to the gym early tonite..I have been going at like 10pm and doing a quick 45 minute or so workout and hitting the showers without stretching and I think my body is tightening up on me.

OH…I forgot to mention…today I am wearing a size 14/16 shirt (Most of mine are 18 now) that I haven’t worn in quite a while…and last night I wore a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in over a year! That’s exciting! I think I could stand to lose another five pounds until they are “perfect” when I sit down, but I could button them just fine and the butt was a perfect fit LOL!!!!!

Anyone else have any little successes to share?

04-28-2004, 11:59 AM
I haven't weighed in yet this week...but I do have a small success of my own to share with you.... Before I started my exercise/'diet' I went shopping with my sister and tried on some pants myself...They would only fit in a 16 and the jeans I already owned from that store were a 14, so I wouldn't let myself buy anything...just kept wearing my 14s that are probably pretty stretched out..... Well, This weekend Tim decided we should go to the store because I kept having to pull my pants up as they settled lower...and the 14s fit with ease again! :dancer: Not a huge deal, but it made me feel a little better!

04-28-2004, 01:07 PM
That IS a huge deal, Jenn! Congrats on your accomplishment so far!

My good news for the day: it's unofficial until Friday, but I have met my goal of 222, which makes 10 whole pounds I have lost! Yay! I had set that goal for May 29th (my birthday), so now I just want to be out of the 220's by then.... 217-218 would be great.

Now I just need to get back on the treadmill. I'm going to go outside and mow the lower half of the lawn today (we've got a huge yard, so it's actually quite a bit), so that will give me some exercise, in addition to anything else I might do. And I'm keeping my calories low this morning, since I did horribly yesterday (road trip to grandparents' house) and today is Mom's birthday so there will be a big dinner (but probably no cake). I'm not going to worry about it too much. Cereal for breakfast, haven't figured out lunch yet, then steak and baked potatoes for dinner.

Oh goodness, lots to do today. I'd better go get to it.
Hope everyone has a great day!
~Miss E

04-28-2004, 03:25 PM
It's nice to see everyone doing so well and having these little victories :).

I have no news to share as yet, my next weigh day is Tuesday, so I will be sure to post some (hopefully positive!) results then. I am up 1lb from last week but to be honest I am happy with that as we had my in laws over this weekend and I came off the diet for their stay, plus it was my hubbie's bday so there was a little bit of cake. I thought I would be up a couple lbs so 1 is good, I am hoping next week to have shifted that pound.

I'm super busy today myself, we're finishing planting our vegetable garden today and I only have garlic, potatoes and a couple of tomato plants to put in. I'm really liking gardening and of course, it burns up some calories so liking it is just a bonus for me!

04-29-2004, 11:20 AM
My hump day wasn't good, y'all!

I felt so good on Tuesday, wearing my old jeans and such...but I was bloated all day yesterday...I decided to take off from the gym last night...I don't have to go 7 days a week...and that's cool cuz I think I needed it!

It sucks to feel bloated...especially when you are trying to keep upbead and on program, you just feel FAT. I'm still a bit today, but not as bad. Last night I figured being bloated means I can pig out and boy did I! I didn't feel like cooking and had a 6-inch steak and cheese sub and shared hand-cut CHEESE FRIES from a local spot with my husband while sitting on the couch watching Extreme Makeover LOL! I don't feel bad about it because I think I need that sometimes, and if I don't lose this week, I'll know why...I hope I'll be okay if I go to the gym each night for the rest of the week and stay active. It's just funny how sometimes when I get my cravings, I want it and I want it NOW!

So anyway, running late again this morning and am having animal crackers and diet coke for breakkie...when losing weight, you really have to be prepared and plan ahead. Hopefully, the bloating and the PMS stuff will be over by weigh in on Sunday and I'll have something positive to report!

In the meantime, my stomach will be messed up all day for eating such grease...that's what happens LOL!

There's my little confession...hope the rest of you are doing better than I am! :devil:

04-29-2004, 12:01 PM
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I am very happy to see that so many of you are uccessful in this weight lost battle that we are fighting. I have been trying to loose weight forever and it is so difficult. At times I just think that its hopeless,I will never loose any weight and want to give up. That actually happens almost always. I found out about 3FC while playing on the comp and I am so happy I did. Reading all of your success stories has helped me and really motivated me. I am currently 190lbs and my goal is by June 1st to go down to 180lbs. Eventually I wan't to go to a total of 160lbs.
Once again just want to say THANK YOU!!!!

04-29-2004, 03:20 PM
Hi All - I am still doing well staying on program but no excercise, I may walk tonight with my husband, it if it not too hot, it may be about 78 degrees then and I get hot easily, I like exercising inside for the summer, I need the central air!!! :lol:

Girlie - dont beat yourself up over it, I have one of those days about every other week, and I think you do need it, if you constantly deprive and deprive and deprive yourself you will go nuts and then totally go off program, so dont feel guilty, you exercise and you do a great job!!

PR Goddess - Glad we could encourage you, yes it can be done if we stop cheating ourselves and stop making excuses...we have to actually follow our program and exercise...took me along time to realize this ( and it still is sometimes hard on the exercise part, ha ). Stick around :)

Everyone have a great day, talk later

04-29-2004, 04:22 PM
Last night I must have been full of energy because I can home from work, went to the gym, then went home and did my bellydance DVD while I waited to Tim... I just hope I see some results this week with the extra exercise and keeping my calories low all week... :crossed:

Girlie- My mom said when she lost 60#, she was strict with herself 6 days a week and ate whatever she felt like on the 7th day, so don't worry about it... You do need to give yourself that day without the guilt ;)

PuertoRicanGoddess- :wave: Welcome aboard! This is a great place to find the support you need and to get encouragement...Satine is right though it can still be hard sometimes, but you have to think about what you are going to get out of it: self respect...and to me that is worth every drop of sweat :strong:

Satine- Go for the walk even if it is 78 degrees outside...I know you'll be happy that you did....and we'll all be sooo proud of you! :cp:

04-30-2004, 11:27 AM
Thanks everyone, for the great support!

All we can do is the best we can for the time. It's not always going to be perfect. I think our thoughts themselves should grant us weight loss lol...but it just doesn't work that way!

I'm going to exercise each day this weekend and weigh in on Sunday and whatever happens, happens.

I hope all of you have a great weekend full of activity and yummy, healthy food choices!

05-02-2004, 12:18 PM
:coffee: good morning all,
thought i'd visit quickly this am.. been busy all wknd. with my neices dance recital(it is our thing..I pay for the lessons and bring her to them and do the group mom thing) it is sooo much fun as I have two teenage boys so it gives me a chance to do gir stuff!! :lol:
I have managed to maintain all wknd. even with not being able to workout and eating whatever i can grab :D ...Oh well it is for a good cause....I will get serious again on Monday :dizzy: ..Hope you all had a good to you all soon.....

05-03-2004, 08:58 AM
Good morning all! Hope everyone is doing well on this dreary Monday morning...

I didn't get to check in all weekend because Tim's computer is acting up :( I did however get to go to the gym on Saturday morning and weigh in I was down .8#...not as much as I would have liked to see, but any downward movement is good...not to mention the ego boost I got from the girl in the gym telling me how good I looked - she totally made my day...

I took Sunday off from exercise as I figured I deserved it since I workouted everyday last week, that and the gym isn't open on Sundays and I won't do my bellydance tapes with Tim around to be an audience...I'm all set with that...

Well, I have to get some work done, (don't you just love Mondays?)....Have a great day!

05-03-2004, 10:13 AM
Morning ladies :)

Well, I had a dreadful week last week. It was that TOM so I wasn't feeling too great, didn't walk outside once although I did use our home gym to do light weights a couple of times and used the running machine twice. My motivation went out of the window last week, DH was supportive though and suggested it was due to it being that TOM.

I'm going out walking this morning though, still don't feel exactly thrilled about it but I have to keep up with the exercise or I'll just be letting myself down. My iPOD is charged and I am ready to go!

Have a good day all, will check back later, tomorrow is my weigh day *gulp*.

05-03-2004, 12:41 PM
hello everyone. i am sue (mother of samanthajo who will be 4rs old in dec). I am a single mom who is 45 yrs old. i had a big hernia that was fixed by surgery this past tuesday. my surgeon alittle over a month ago told me to lose weight before the surgery. i had allready lost 7 lbs before he told me that but it was on the track of going back up. welll after he told me that i went to see my family doctor and told him what he told me to do . well we came up with the atkins diet plan to work with. i started the atkins diet this past jan and had lost some but was putting it back on. i thought i cannot stay on this again but i made up my mind that I can do it all the way. yes i am doing good on it. yes i wish i could have bread but i really am not missing it as much as i thought. I am eating big meat portions ( more then maybe i should). I am doing the carbs the way i am suppose too. my weight when i started the aktins the second time around was 218 and i am 192 lbs now. i am doing so good on the plan that i plan to stay with it so i can get the rest of the weight off. MY FAMILY DOCTOR when we decied to go for this diet ,had done some blood tests and found out the way i am eating i am 2x more to have a heart attack than a normal person who is in good health. well i want to spend my time with my little girl in stead of food. Do not get me wrong I still want snickers bars and other chocolate but i have to control that and take charge of my life.MY DAUGHTER SAMANTHA J O HAS DOWNS SNYDROME AND I AM A SINGLE MOM. well i have only 30 more lbs that right now i want to lose. maybe more but i will see after 160 lb mark. I do go to all you can eat steak house and get broiled chicken ,a peice of steak , a small salad and vegs for the salad. i may have alittle sugar free jello too. i drink almost 3 quarts of water daily! i pee alot but my kidneys are doing great. i am wanting to cook more now but i want to come up with some spices and put in a jar to keep for chicken and beef. I just bought a flavor wave deluxe oven and it is GREAT . i just got done making a broasted chicken for lunch after while. i ate one small piece to see how it tasted. yummy. thanks for listening. sue

05-03-2004, 02:09 PM
Well hello everyone - I hope you all are well and are making good choices today!

Sue - Welcome! Please stay awhile and post about what you are doing and eating. We'll help you be accountable! We all make bad choices and we all make good, so stick around and share your trials and tribulations!

As far as myself - I am the same weight as last week! LOL Didn't lose or gain and I didn't make great eating choices last week so the exercise must have evened me out!

Better get going...gotta decide what I want for lunch...chicken? Hmm...

I will try to post more often!

05-03-2004, 08:14 PM
:wave: Welcome Sue! I would just like to join Girlie in asking you to stick around and share your progress with us...This is a great place for support because we are all going through it...

Girlie, Good for you on the no gain, I know we all like to see the scale moving downward but it's good to at least not see it go up when you've had a few bad food days... Keep up the good work and I'm sure that next week you'll see a loss! ;)

I got back from the gym not too long ago and I weighed in while I was there, just to check up on myself, expecting it to be high since it was afternoon and all, but it was down again...WOO-HOOO! :dance: I officially made it to the 20% mark of my 50# goal... I was at 210.5 which makes exactly 10# gone!! I'm allexcited because my boyfriend said he'd get me a "prize" every time I reached a 10# goal...I guess this means I need to think of something :chin:

Have a great night ladies and keep yours spirits up....Together we will succeed!

05-04-2004, 08:35 AM
Good Morning Ladies :)

Great news! I got on the scales this morning for my weekly weigh in and they said....

198! :cp:

I broke 200! I couldn't believe it at first and thought the scales were broken but after stepping on them a second time, yup, 198 it is. I'm really proud of myself. I have had some bad days where I didn't stick 100% to my plan but for the most part I have eaten well and exercised almost every day.

Jenn, that's great news! Good luck picking your gift! :dancer:

I hope everyone has a great day and is doing well.

05-04-2004, 09:02 AM
:cp: :bravo: :cp: Congratulations Lynne!!! You made it to Onederland!!!!

(I can't wait to join you in that lovely place!)

05-04-2004, 12:07 PM
Hi there

I'm new to this website - so glad I found it. And love this thread about getting below 199!

Quick intro - 38 yrs old, married to hubby almost 11 years, an 8-year old autistic daughter, work full time and love to eat. I noticed over the past few years that as I gained weight I'd say things like "well, at least I'm not over 200 pounds" and then "at least I'm not over 220", etc, etc. I got on the scale and was a whopping 264!! I almost fell over. No wonder I've been feeling so tired, and my feet ache, and my back all know how this goes.

I have all the books from my previous enrollment with WW and will be doing that from home. It's really the only plan I've tried that allows me to eat what I want, within reason. But doing the WW from home, while I do get support from hubby, I needed to find a source of support from other dieters. I was so fortunate to find this website.

Wish me luck - and thanks in advance for being here :)

SW 264/ CW 264/ GW 150

05-04-2004, 12:09 PM
Good Morning, everyone! :coffee:

It's great to see such success! What an inspiration! We're definitely moving forward as a team!!!!!

Jenn -- that's awesome! Ten pounds gone! Ohh, you'll have to tell me what your "surprise" is going to be! Good for you, you deserve it!!! :lol:

Lynne - AWESOME! Congratulations, ONEderland! How does it feel! :dizzy: Don't forget about us all here! We'll get there! Please stick around and share with us! We all wanna be where YOU :o are!!! ;) You definitely deserve've been sticking around and hanging in there from the start!

As for Girlie LOL...I had a great workout at the gym last night. I keep telling myself though, how much more beneficial all of that sweating would be if I ate better. I have been craving FRIED :devil: things lately! I made French toast for dinner last night...I'd been craving that too, and it was GOOOOOD. I stepped on the scale after the gym last night and it was up a pound, but that will go down too by the next weigh in. I must do better this week. Lynne and Jenn, you have inspired me to do better :D

And Sue, I'm trying to get in more water like you do. I have a hard time drinking water...usually, I only have water at the gym during my workout. I like water to be ice cold and we don't have ice at home (our freezer is too tiny). I've been trying to substitute my diet sodas for flavored waters like Fruit 2-0 by Veryfine, the non-carbonated, calorie free, spring water. I figure that is better than the sodas and closer to real water...i'm trying to drink two bottles a day (48oz) at work to start, then drink water only with meals at home.

I'm going to have a grilled chicken breast for lunch with a little BBQ sauce and maybe find a veggie. I did better my first couple of weeks when I was eating lots of protein. For breakfast, I am having a Quaker Oatmeal Square.

CONGRATS to everyone once again! Thanks for inspiring me!

05-04-2004, 12:19 PM
Mary -

WELCOME I will wish you :goodluck: but you don't need it! You are here and that proves that you have the desire and will to do it!!! Please stick around and hang with us! :gossip: I really think we are a great group. I have no problem admitting my faults :o and of course I love reporting my success :dancer: here along with everyone else. I really think I need this so someone can put the smack down on me :judge: when I need it LOL!

Everyone who is "new" or who is lurking, join us! I love reading about everyone's routines. You can write whatever you want, what you are doing for exercise, your food, your activities, recipies, etc. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Okay, I just thought I'd say this since I have time...sometimes I just don't have much time to give a proper welcome. I think we're a great group and I love reading about everyone!


05-04-2004, 12:22 PM

How do you like that Fruit 2-0? I like regular water, but my daughter doesn't. Her doc said she needs to be drinking more water and was thinking she might like the Fruit 2-0 as an alternative. Does it taste ok?

05-04-2004, 12:30 PM
Howdy chicks! And welcome to all the new faces! It's great to have you with us!

Ok, yesterday was monthly measure time. And the results... (drumroll please):

Down 6 pounds and 4.5 inches! Yay!

As I am a notorious Scale Addict (and not even close to recovering!), the last time I hopped on the scale yesterday said 219. Yesterday morning was 221, and that's great too, being my "official" weigh-in. This morning was 221, so I guess that means it's right. :lol:
I'm so anxious to get out of the 220's, you have NO idea! Well okay, maybe you do. ;)
I haven't weighed this little since my freshman year of college when I had the doc put me on diet pills (that didn't last very long--I felt sick all the time, and I only lost about 7 pounds, which came right back and brought some friends!). This time I'm doing it all on my own.

I'm feeling good today. Didn't have a great breakfast--way too many calories, but lunch will be late, so at least I will be full for a while. And I went outside and walked today--what a beautiful day it is, if a bit chilly. I plan to do some more exercising this evening after work.

Speaking of work, have to go. Hope everyone has a great, healthy day!

05-04-2004, 12:32 PM
Oh, and Mary, I love Fruit-20. Tasty stuff, and much better than Crystal Light. I also like Propel fitness water, and the Aquafina flavored ones, but I'm not sure about the calorie content on those. If nothing else, they make a good transition to drinking regular water.

05-04-2004, 12:39 PM

They all seem to have an aftertaste as with most things with artificial sweeteners. The Fruit 2-0 is made with Splenda and even it has an aftertaste. But it tastes okay going down :coffee: I'm drinking some right now on ice. The Veryfine is so expensive...I found a Walgreens brand. 24oz bottles are on sale now 4 for $3, rather than 99 cents for a single bottle!

Something great and very low cal that I recommend that is "close to" water is sugar free Kool-Aid. It is 5 calories per 8oz glass (if I remember correctly) and it tastes GREAT. To me, just like regular, sugar-water Kool-Aid!

Hope this helps.

05-04-2004, 04:28 PM
Girlie- Thanks so much! I'm glad I could have even the smallest influence to help inpsire you... Who have ever thought that I would inspire someone :shrug: :goodvibes BTW, I told Tim he didn't need to get me anything, but that was unacceptable to him, so as a compromise I am having him help me make a webpage...I want to keep track of my progress with pictures and everything and I don't really know how to do that kind of thing :comp:

Mary- Welcome and :goodluck: ! With all of the support and encouragement you will find here, I know you will succeed! :yes: Btw, my mom a calorie-free, carbonation-free flavored water it's made by Adirondack, I like the cherry and lemon ones, and haven't tried any others, but my mom gets orange, strawberry, and lime as well... That might be cheaper than the Fruit-2O ;)

Elisha- :bravo: :cp: :balloons: Congratulations! :balloons: :cp: :bravo:

05-04-2004, 05:56 PM
Thanks for the kind words Girlie and I will certainly be staying around this forum, I may have hit ONEderland today but it may change! Besides, the support in this forum is great, you all inspire me and motivate me and I couldn't go without checking here daily :).

05-04-2004, 08:14 PM
Good evening girls,

Just finished supper(spinach feta burger and a broccoli stir fry) and am letting it settle before my evening walk!
:bravo: HURRAH for you great does that feel????
:gift: Jenn,have fun picking out a great gift(something sparkly perhaps :lol: )
:grouphug: WELCOME Mary,I love this thread also it is GREAT to have so many people who know exactly what the struggle is!!

I asked my husband to hide the scale from me while I am on my walk because I have become OBSESSED with it!!! He can give it back on fridays and then take it away again :lol: !!!
I will leave you with parts of my favorite poem....

Talk to everyone tomorrow....Jill


Go placidly amid the noise and haste,and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.Speak your truth quietly and clearly;and listen to others,everone has a story.

If you compare yourself to others,you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than youself.

Enjoy your achievments as well as your plans....

You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars;you have a right to be here...

05-05-2004, 02:48 PM
Hi Everyone:

I'm 30 years old, 5'7" and with the highest weight being 263 lbs (oh my god, I hate to even write that!). A few months ago I realized that I will be in horrible health if I continue like I was. I also ended a 3 1/2 year relationship with my ex boyfriend and was feeling generally terrible about myself. So one day I met a friend for brunch and she told me about a health counselor she had been seeing. For some reason I felt a connection to this concept as I was sick of failing at dieting.

Hi philosophy is to make several small changes over a 6 month period so that in the end you have made alot of change but not all at once. I am eating little processed food and more salad, whole foods, whole grains, and fruit. I've been on the program for 10 weeks and I've lost 10lbs (one of those weeks I went on vacation and went crazy!). I'm in the process of trying to find a gym but I live in NYC and it's mortifying to be around all of these skinny minnies at the gym. But I'm motivated and know that my goals of 150lbs will take likely over a year.

I'm glad to have found this place.

Starting Weight: 263
Current Weight: 253
Goal: 150

05-05-2004, 02:59 PM
Welcome Beth! If you don't like working out with people who look like Twiggy, maybe you should see if there is a Curves in your area. That's where I workout. It is all women, of all shapes, sizes and age groups...It's alot easier to make myself go there then it ever was to go to the Y....

05-06-2004, 11:06 AM
Good Morning Ladies :)

Beth: welcome to our post, the girls who are all racing to 199 are great, lots of support.

Jilly: it feels awesome! I just hope I can maintain it and hopefully keep losing. I'm not a huge fan of spinach but the spinach and feta burger you mentioned having for dinner sounds awesome, would you mind sharing the recipe?

How are you all today? I'm still feeling pretty positive after my weigh in on Tuesday, I walked this morning and made a really nice chicken stew for dinner last night that we're having again as leftovers tonight.

I'm also doing stomach crunches every day, can manage 20 a day so far! Been doing those for 4 days now. My tummy is my worst area where I (to my eyes anyway) seem to carry most of my excess weight. Well, my tummy, bottom and hips anyway. I'm your classic pear shape.

Hope you all have a great day.

05-06-2004, 01:15 PM
:coffee: good mornin' girls....

the recipe for the spinach feta burgers is as follows...

1# ground beef (extra lean)
1 cup crumbled feta cheese
1 pkg.chopped frozen spinach(thawed and squeezed dry)
1/2 cup chopped onion(very fine)(optional)
1 clove fresh garlic--chopped OR garlic powder 1/2 tsp

Mix altogether ,make patties and grill on BBQ or on a "forman" type grill

you can leave out any of the ingredients as you may not like certain things and replacing the feta with crumbled blue cheese is good also...I have made these with ground chiken breast meat but i had to add an egg and a 1/2cup of bread crumbs to make it hold together.
The nice thing with this recipe is if your kids don't like the burgers you can make them plain burgers with not alot of hassle!!
This recipe is originally from the Atkins website but I tweaked it a little (i can't seem to not do that) :lol:
They are sooo good and even better the next day..I take one for lunch and make a tossed salad to go with it..cold or hot they are great!!

I took the day off work today and am catching up with housework and laundry and am going for a walk this to everyone soon.. hope everybody is doing great!!! ;)


05-06-2004, 04:06 PM
Hello, just checking in after a couple of all are doing so well, so many new additions I cannot keep up...

LynneA - Terrific job on getting to 198!!! When I first got to 199 I about went crazy, then I kept hanging around at 199/200 forever ( of course I was cheating some, ha ) but now finally am back on track and even lost a pound to get to 198 this morning. I am with you, it feels so great to be under that 200 number, but I dont think I will feel safe until it is like 194 or 5 so I have some pounds to play with

Girlie - Hi, ha ya doin?

Everybody have a great day!!!!

05-07-2004, 11:12 AM
Too bad the weather here in Central IL isn't all that great today...I guess another softball game will be missed this evening! :(

I couldn't sleep well last night. The hubs and I went outside late for a "jog" but I was so terrible and couldn't keep up with him so I turned and went back home and walk/jogged intervals around the block until he made it home. It wasn't much of a workout but it kind of got my spirits down because I was hoping I could do it. My husband and I used to make runs around the neighborhood several years ago when we first started dating (and I was 50 pounds lighter!) and now I can't even jog down the block. I will get there. My husband hasn't run in quite a while but he can just sort it...but hey, I can kick :censored: on an elliptical machine, so at least there is something I can do.

This weekend is Race for the Cure in my area. I opted out of the walk this year...I was supposed to go to St. Louis this weekend but it was cancelled at the last minute. Maybe by next year I will be able to run it again as I used to.

Looks like everyone is doing well -

Jilly - thanks for the recipe - looks goooood! Hope you had a great day at home. I need to do that lol! I'm so lazy, I've got a sink full of dishes at home now. I'm seriously considering a cleaning person to come to my house, maybe every other week to do the dirty work.

Lynne - The only real type of stomach work that I do are crunches/situps as well. I use the little Ab thing at the gym that helps you do crunches without straining the back. The nice thing about them is you can kind of target where you want to lose by where you place your feet. For example, if your knees are fully bent when you do them, you're targeting more the natural waist/belly button area. I like to stretch out my legs a little, sometimes barely bending them at the knee and having only my heels touching the floor. This puts the emphasis on the lower tummy which I need to work on.

Carri - Looks like you are doing a good job of holding your weight. I don't know about me - I think I'm eating too many calories a day because I'm not losing. I just started's weird because I missed it in April - I was due around the 19th and have sorta been prementrual ever since, and I finally got it yesteday. Maybe that will make a difference for weigh in next week? Hmm. I've still be exercising so I feel like I should be seeing some results. Sorry if TMI! I hate TOM!

So, this weekend is my 6-month wedding anniversary and I'm sure we'll be going out to long as I keep exercising, I shouldn't gain.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

05-07-2004, 11:21 AM
Hi All !!

Girlie - Congrats on your 6th month anniversary :love: Have a good night out this weekend, I wouldn't worry about splurging, I mean hey it is your anniversary.
Yeah I am doing pretty well holding my own, I just feel a cheat coming on and I think it will put me back at 200!!!! So I am going to try really hard to not cheat, at least until I get down a ways to have some room to cheat :lol:

Have a good weekend all, stay strong !!! :strong: :jig: :cb:

05-07-2004, 11:39 AM
:bravo: I just wanted to check in and congratulate everyone on a job well done! It seems like everyone is going so great this week :D

My big accomplishment of the week was wearing a pair of jeans that I could barely zipper before without them being tight at all!

My monthly weigh in at the gym is coming up and so is TOM so I hope that doesn't make it discouraging...though at least I will have something to blame it on if it's not as good as I am hoping :lol:

Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!

05-07-2004, 07:58 PM
Hi Ladies :)

Just a flying visit but I wanted to say thanks Jilly for that awesome burger recipe, I had them tonight for dinner (made them with blue cheese) and omgosh, how good they were!

Good to see everyone doing well :).

05-07-2004, 11:06 PM
Progress report: today's weigh-in showed 219! Yay!

Jilly--those burgers sound great--I might make some tomorrow night! I love just about anything with feta and/or spinach... put them in a hamburger and I'm in heaven! :cloud9:

Bad weather here too, so I didn't get in my daily walk. But I'm too stinking tired anyway. I hate extended hours at work. Another early and long day tomorrow, so I'm taking the night off from exercise in order to get more sleep. Heading off to bed right after making a journal entry.

Keep up the good work everyone! Have a great weekend!


05-08-2004, 02:03 PM
I just wanted to let you all know that I am recharged that I will meet my 199 goal by the date I set (June 14th) :D I got on the scale tofay at the gym... :goodscale I was at 206.2 - woohoo am I excited!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far...I'll check in again later when I'm not babysitting anymore! :D

05-10-2004, 08:18 AM
Good morning :)

How is everyone this morning? Have a good weekend?

My weekend was great, in that we went out for a movie/dinner Saturday. Sunday was spent in the garden. I didn't eat too great over the weekend though. This seems to be my worst time when it comes to choosing food right. I need to discipline myself to order better, but I love steak too much! I'm going out for my walk soon, weigh day tomorrow!

05-10-2004, 09:41 AM
Good Morning 199er's!
My name is Deenie and I have been on 3FC for a few months now. My first goal long ago was to be under 225 - well I met that but then I lingered for forever in the 220 range. :mad: Then I went through a move with my family and gained back up to 230. I stayed there until I got motivated this December to get on track again. My highest weight was 262 and I am currently at 208 (as of this past Saturday morning). I also must confess :o I am a scale addict. Because of this obsession I am currently not weighing again until June 3rd. That is a few days before the date my DH and I are going on our anniversary trip. I so want to hit 199 by then and I feel I can do it if I will just pump up the exercise more :strong: and stay on points (I do WW). I am happy to report that I started measuring myself in March (don't know why I didn't measure when I started -to scary I guess) and since March 3rd I have lost 19.5 inches. So I am proud of that NSV and am also wearing a size 16 instead of a 20 like I was in Jan. :cb: So I just thought I would post here since I was lurking around reading and I decided to join you and let you know about my progress. You gals are doing great - and some of you have hit below 199 since this thread started and that's really inspiring as well as the person who posted that they had lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks to hit the below 199 mark - WAY TO GO!!! :bravo: :cp: :hat: Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and tell you a little about my journey. I will try to post when I can - May is a busy month for us. I won't be weighing until June but I will be measuring again in 2 weeks or so - I will report on that. God bless all of you for your weight loss efforts. All the glory for my victories goes to Him.


05-10-2004, 02:16 PM
Hey Guys - I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! I'm proud of ya :)

And Deenie - Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like mine, only I'm still just sorta starting. I'd like to be in a 16 by the end of the summer. I have some 14/16 tops but most of my bottoms are a loose 20. It would be nice to get back into my old stuff again.

Jenn and Elisha, you guys are awesome! Thanks for being so great about everything! Kick arse, girls!

I need a good kick in the rear myself. I didn't go to the gym all weekend, which was odd because I felt funny. Friday I had a softball game and I decided not to go to the gym that night, but I got so lazy on Saturday and Sunday! And my eating was TERRIBLE this weekend. I'm so ashamed! So, since I haven't been to the gym, I don't know what my weight is so I'll go in tonite and report the results. I did go to my doctor this morning and weiged 231 with my clothes hopefully I'm still around 229 without as I normally weigh. We'll see. I deserve whatever happens though! My hubs said he'd go to the gym with me tonite and if he doesn't go, screw him cuz I really need to go. It will probably be hard to do my normal routine since I haven't done this in a few days...but I deserve that too. I think I'll go in early so I can do a full cardio workout and take my time with stretches and crunches.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy Monday...and boy, I'm gonna have to try those spinach and feta burgers. I wonder if adding mushrooms will be good...there's nothing like the combination of spinach and mushrooms. Does anyone know which is "better" for you...feta or blue cheese?

Okay, I think I'm going to have a smoothie for lunch.

05-10-2004, 04:49 PM
Welcome Deenie & Congratulations on your loss so far! If you are a scale addict as well you should join us on that thread as well ;) It must feel great to wear a smaller size...I know it felt great just to be able to put all my jeans on again... :goodluck: with your June 3rd goal, not that you will need it, you seem to have exactly the right attitude to succeed and having a reason for a goal always seems to make it more accomplishable to me... I look forward to reading about your successes!

Girlie - Go for you going with or without him! If you didn't go just because he didn't you regret it later, especially if you weren't feeling good later in the week and you wanted to skip up on the gym... Right now I think it is a good thing that I promised my sister we'd go to the gym tonight otherwise I might skip for a nap....I am so exhausted, I can't figure out why though...I wish I had the stamina to do crunches and then go to the gym :D

05-11-2004, 01:27 AM
Hi! My name is Kim and I am new to this site, just joined a coupla of day ago, and I would love to join the race for 199! I haven't weighed that since 8th grade. Right now, everything is going so well for me...great grades in grad school, great, handsome boyfriend...the only thing missing is great health...ok, ok and a little confidence in a bathing suit ;) Well I have about 40-45 lbs to go to get to 199, and I am looking for some support and looking to give some as well, so count me in for the race!

05-11-2004, 08:43 AM
Morning Ladies.

Well, I got on the scales this morning and they said 201.5, I am out of ONEderland and managed to gain 3.5 lbs since last Tuesday. Needless to say I am feeling pretty down right now. I had a bad weekend this weekend but thought I could get away with cheating a little because last week I walked 3.9 miles Mon, Wed and Fri, and walked 2 miles Tue and Thur plus did 40 mins Tue and Thur of light weights on the Bowflex we have.

I know I need to be more careful with food on the weekend but I am feeling so confused over the exercise. Surely when you step up the exercise you will have results no? I really don't know what is the best form of exercise for me. I can't drive and my DH works Mon to Fri, plus we live in the middle of nowhere (an hour from the nearest city with a gym) so going to the gym is out. I like walking but how much should I walk? On Friday after exercising every day I was feeling drained and not well, I think I overdid it a little. I was thinking I should cut out the weights and just walk every day?. I drink a lot of water each day also, at least 64oz.

Sorry for the downer post but I am feeling pretty confused and depressed right now. I was expecting a plateau any day but not expecting a 3.5lb gain especially when that TOM is nowhere to be seen and won't be for another 2 weeks. :cry:

Any advice on the exercise from you continous losers?

Edit: it might help if I let you know what diet I am using. I am following a low fat/low cholesterol diet and trying to eat between 1200 and 1600 calories a day, trying to keep my fat intake to 30 g or less. My diet is carb heavy, low fat. My fitday link is at the bottom.

05-11-2004, 11:27 AM
Kim – Welcome! I think you’re in the right place. We would be happy for you to join us and become a regular here. We need all the support we can get and we would love to help support you! Stick around and keep posting with us and share your routine, food, whatever you want!
Jenn – how was the gym? You know what’s funny? I end up working out the hardest and doing a real kick butt job on the days when it’s the hardest to get into the gym! It’s really weird, but that’s the way it happens! I think when I’m well-rested, I’m over confident and start getting tired midway through my 40 or 45 minute elliptical run and 20 mins is a long time when you’re tired. I didn’t feel super up to it last night but did a decent job. I only got on for 35 minutes along with 15 mins on the bicycle. I went to the gym too late and got out of there just as they were closing. But I did it and I’m looking forward to going tonite.
Lynne – That’s got to be tough…but keep going, girl! Our bodies are so dynamic that you just never know what in the world goes on. In another thread, one woman will wake up 8 pounds heavier than the day before…we all carry water around differently. It’s really easy to want to give up. I’ve been at 229 for a few weeks now and haven’t seen any changes…and there are times when I feel like I do everything right and the scale goes the other way. We’ll never know why! My husband is totally NOT a scale watcher. He says to me, “what the scale says is irrelevant. It’s what you do, the exercise, and your eating, because if you’re doing that right, SOMETHING good is happening to your body even if the scale isn’t going down.”. I try to keep that in mind all the time but it’s so hard. I know how depressing it is. And you know, maybe you are building muscle and that’s why the scale went up. Make this week another great exercise week like last week and weigh in again next week. You just never know, your efforts might be doubly rewarding! Maybe your body recognized that you stepped up the exercise and is holding onto whatever it can. The actual diet plan that you follow is up to you and your doctor. The main thing is that you exercise and you are, and I think your walks are impressive! Keep your chin up!
As for myself…I weighed last night and am still 229...amazingly. I refuse to change the 228 from my signature…hopefully, I won’t need to in a week! I had such a bad eating weekend. That has got to stop. My husband and I went grocery shopping and stocked up on chicken breasts and lamb. We’re having lamb-burgers tonite! Mine will be bunless. I’ve been trying to focus on just meat and veggies lately and cut down on breads like I did when I was losing. My mindset is starting to get lackadaisical about eating and things. I’m thinking about making a goal for June 1st – 225 pounds. That’s what I’d like to do anyway.
Anyway, I’m trying to plan dinners for the week. Anyone have a good idea for chicken breasts?
Have a great day!

05-11-2004, 05:48 PM
Thanks for the support Girlie. I feel better than I did this morning and am determined to lose those pounds. I am planning a walk this evening when it cools down some and am going to have to make sure I don't cheat at weekends.

05-11-2004, 06:42 PM
The gym wasn't bad... I muddle through it and it was much quicker going with someone than it would have seemed if i was by myself... I rewarded myself with an iced coffee (skim and 3 equal - tastes so sweet yum!)

I went this morning too at 6AM (God Help me) because I had to get weighed and measured this morning...My weight was higher than Saturday but it's TOM so that is to be expected...Everything else was down too except for my thighs.... I can't seem to make them any smaller...

Anyone have any good ways to tighten up/trim your thigh (particularly inner thighs)? It's been 2 months and that's the only numbe that won't budge... I think I need some new ideas.... Any help would be appreciated! :D

05-11-2004, 11:37 PM
Hello Ladies!
Well tonight was a very bad eating night....Olive Garden with the girls to celebrate a birthday, and I didn't exercise today because it was so hot here :( but tomorrow I hope to begin some sort of walking regimine, maybe in the morning before everything heats up. This week and next I won't be able to because of my grad school schedule, but eventually I hope to walk in the evenings too.
Jenn: I used to do Tae bo 2-3 times a week in college and I lost about 20 lbs, and I really noticed that in my may be worth a try to rent that for a few days and see how you feel
Lynne; Maybe since you were using weights you gained muscle...that happened to me once too, so I think I lowered the weight but added more repetitions to what I was doing so that I toned more muscle rather than add it....but I def. wish that I had your motivation to exercise :) Keep it up!
My motivation is going to be my summer job. I am going to be working at a camp shadowing a special ed. student, so I will have to do everything he does...including swimming, and right now I don't look so great, well at least good enough to be comfortable in a swimsuit because I hold all my weight in my legs...heck I don't even wear shorts. My goal is to be comfortable enough to wear shorts this summer since I will be outside most of the I guess I gotta get out there! Well have a nice night ladies!

05-12-2004, 01:05 AM
Good evening all..

Been a few days since i chcked in...I am glad you guys are enjoying the recipe it is one of my faves!! :D
WELCOME KIM :wave: This a great place to find support from people battling the same demons..Haha :lol: !!
JENN, I do an exercise that was shown to me bt the physical ed.director at the gym...It is a front leg crossover with weights..i don't know how else to explain it..I do side kick outs and then cross my leg over the front of the other leg the same amount of reps..seems to work but I also swim 3 days a week so I seem to be losing a lot in my any good exercises for the tummy???
I asked and rec. a pair of flippers for Mother's day...boy does that change my morning swim!!! :o
My Hubby hid the scale from me so that is good (i get it back again on fri. to weigh in then have to kiss it bye bye again for another week :( )..Oh well I know it is for the best as i was getting out of control with it :p !!
I'll let eveyone know how the weigh in is on fri.Right now I'm hovering between 208 and212 (big swing but it is my TOM) have a good night talk to ya in a few!!

05-12-2004, 11:46 AM
Good Morning! I've got my morning Diet Mt. Dew! :coffee:

Jenn – I feel that I am losing in the inner thigh. I don’t think you can necessarily target inner thigh fat, but work on the muscles to burn the fat around them. I’m not comfortable with weights just yet, I think I will wait until I’m in ONEderland to do that…but I think the stationery bike and elliptical machine are doing a good job with my thighs. When I use the bicycle, I pedal with my heels instead of the ball of my foot and that targets the thigh. I do the same with the elliptical machine – if I put the emphasis on my heel area, it will target the upper thigh. Likewise, if you want to work on your calves, you just use the ball of your feet instead. I also think squats are a good leg workout overall.
Jill – When you swim, how long do you swim for and do you alternate between different types of swimming? I’m not much of a swimmer…I can’t do it very well and I can’t even tread lol! But my hubs likes to swim as cardio because he doesn’t like cardio machines. I’ve gone in to swim but it’s tiring! I was just curious as to what your workouts were like. As far as tummy, I feel I’m losing in my waist from the elliptical machine. When I use it, I don’t hold onto any bars or anything so I’m pumping my arms and turning at the waist with every stride so I feel like I get a whole body workout.
Kim – that’s a good goal to work for, your summer job. I have thick, muscular legs and now with the extra thigh fat I’m super self-conscious. We all carry weight in such different ways!
I had an abbreviated workout last night. I made my lamb-burgers last night and I had two small burgers w/o bun, peas and cabbage. I only exercised for 35 hard minutes on the elliptical. I met my husband for a movie. I think tonite we are going to try to do our 8 mile bike ride to the next town and back. I’m excited to do this because I haven’t been on the trail in a month and I want to see how my legs have been strengthened with all the cardio I’ve been doing. It should be a breeze! I want to work my way up to the 20 mile ride that I used to do for fun! I also weighed last night since no one was around and I could weigh w/o clothing. 228.3 – yes! I’m back to 228 now and so close to 227. TOM is over and it’s time for a loss finally! We’ll see on Sunday. That has inspired me greatly. Foodwise, I’ve started having a SlimFast granola bar for breakfast only. They are filling and good and 220 cals, better than the Oatmeal bar I’d been eating.
Have a great, active day!

05-13-2004, 12:28 PM
I posted this at my other thread for the details of the day so far:

It's been a great morning for me so far. I was called for two interviews at different companies and that is exciting. I haven't seen this much prospective job action in quite a while! So, I'll give them a call when I go home for lunch.

Last night, I didn't go to the gym (I spent the time sending out resumes!), but I did cook a great meal. I made Chinese roasted chicken using boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the oven. It was awesome! I sauteed some fresh zucchini and made stir-fried Chinese cabbage and steamed some rice. It was a great meal.

Super Wal-Mart has boneless, skinless breasts at a great price - the bags have about 7-8 frozen breasts in them and they are priced at less than $7. They thawed so quickly and were so tender when I baked them last night.

I'm so stoked about these companies calling me back that I can't think straight today! It's gonna be a long next hour until I get to go home and talk to them. I've been writing down notes and things to make a good phone impression. These are jobs that I really would want and didn't figure they'd call me!

If all goes well, I'll be at the gym tonite for a long workout. I'm even skipping a movie with my husband and his mother...they are doing a late dinner and movie thing for Mother's day, and I might even skip going out to eat. I tend to make bad choices when we go out!

I just feel really good about myself today,'s not often that I feel this way so I'm going to enjoy it. I hope all of you are having a good day as well.

Jodie- I think I'll get some crackin' oat bran. I love the stuff! I tend to avoid it because it's pricey and for a cereal, it's high in fat/sugar...but it's healthy oat bran, it's fiber, it's filling and it's just darn good. The serving size is adequate enough to keep you satisfied throughout the morning, especially with a banana. I had a wheat bagel for breakfast, and to be honest, it wasn't filling at all. I should have put chicken breast in it as a sandwich. That's the problem with breads for breakfast...they don't seem to keep me satisfied.

05-13-2004, 12:43 PM
:coffee: hello everyone...

just a quick note before work...
Girlie..i swim for 45-60 minutes doing a front crawl back crawl and side crawl
and a few weeks ago added the use of flippers to step my workout up a little.. I go mon.,wed., and at night I joined a kick boxing class(starts next tues.)I usually walk every night but I thought the kick boxing would make a nice change.I lift weights on the off days from the pool and the class and walk 5km in the evening. I am losing slowly but I know I am gaining alot of muscle and getting healthier.
Anyway I will post tomorrow...yay!!! It is almost FRIDAY!!! :jig:


05-13-2004, 01:30 PM
Good morning Everyone!!! I just wanted to pop in and say thank you to everyone for the ideas on how lose some inches in my thighs ;)

Jilly - You do so much! I don't know if I could handle all that - wow!

Girlie - I used to love cracklin' oat bran! I haven't had that since I was a kid though...and now you got me wanting it! The food you talk about always sound so good!!

Well I have to get back to work... be back later on girls!!

05-14-2004, 10:43 AM
Morning all :)

Been a better week for me so far. I've eaten well and walked every day but yesterday when I decided to be a lazy slug and sat on the couch watching Season 4 of Sex and the City on DVD! :cb:

I did walk 2 miles this morning then did a short workout with light weights. I talked to a couple of ladies who visit the Ladies Who Lift forum and got some good advice on how to use our Bowflex. After putting that advice into practice, I realise now I wasn't using the Bowflex properly, was lifting too lightly. The idea is to lift until failure. So I increased the weight and found I could only manage 1 set of 15 reps on each movement! I feel like jelly now!

This weekend will be a big test for me. We're going to see the movie Troy tomorrow then going for dinner. However, we're going to a mongolian grill so I intend to have a stir fry and choose wisely from the buffet. I'm going to smuggle some grapes into the movie and have water instead of a soda.

I noticed this week too that I am losing weight in the strangest of places. My wrists and fingers! I have to be very careful because sometimes my wedding bands will just fall off my finger. If this continues I will need to get them resized :).

Girlie: did you call the companies back??!

Well, excuse my long post. Hope you ladies are all doing good this morning.

05-14-2004, 11:27 AM
It's a lovely (totally rainy) Friday here in Central Illinois. I had a really nice workout last night...half hour on the bike, 45 mins on the elliptical and about 20 mins of crunches and leg lifts.

It was interesting because I got on the scale with my clothes on just because I was passing by from using the toilet at the gym…the scale read what I last weighed in without any clothes! That’s exciting! So, when I weigh unclothed on Sunday, I am hoping to see good results. I am proud of myself because I cooked just about every night this week and made good choices. I also started taking a multi-vitamin this week and remembered to take it every morning. I’m taking One-a-Day Weight Smart. I hate taking pills or vitamins of any kind so it gets hard for me…and these vitamins are big!
Anyway, oh, and yesterday I went to see my brother. He’s 29 and his major in college was Corporate Fitness…he’s always been an athlete and he’s trying to get into personal training, so of course he’s all buff. Unfortunately, he’s very critical of me and my weight and I guess since I’m his little sister he thinks he has to push me…so that’s why he’s not my trainer! Well, the point of this ramble is that he asked me if I’m losing weight…he said that I’m looking smaller. That was exciting!

I think you have a great routine. I am thinking about joining a class…perhaps a spinning class. I like the bicycle and am pretty good as far as endurance, but I walked by the class and it looked scary…all these skinny folks in spandex! I’m afraid I’ll look out of place.

The movies are always hard for me! I just can’t resist the popcorn there…yes, with butter! It’s deadly! I had some on Tuesday night. We went to see Van Helsing which sucked, IMHO! Anyway, I’m getting to the point now where I have a little of something and stop. My body realizes that I’m not hungry. Your grapes idea sounds good. I do that all the time. I’ll take some sort of healthier snack in my purse and a bottle of water, etc. Have you ever tried Pirate’s Booty? It’s a sort of a corn puff snack that you find in the health food aisle…it’s really good, the servings are two cups and they are low in fat and cals. That’s something I like to take with me.

Oh, and I called the advertising company back – I have an interview today! So, I’m taking a late lunch today and heading over to see what it’s al about. I’m getting nervous! But I’m wearing my one pantsuit that fits today. Last time I wore it was to a business trip to Iowa and that was in early March…and it didn’t fit this well. I am actually wearing the jacket open and my blouse tucked in! I feel very, very good and confident!

The other company I am waiting to see if I qualify for an in-person interview. I feel kind of bad doing this and my boss has no idea…I wonder what the etiquette of that is. I mean, I will give at least 2 weeks notice of course…but I don’t want to say anything until an offer is definite. I don’t want my boss thinking I hate my job and am totally unhappy, but the fact of the matter is that I need to make more money!

Well, toodles, everyone! I’ll let you know how my interview goes! Have a great, happy and healthy weekend…keep moving!

05-15-2004, 12:37 PM
Well I got up this morning and decided to go to the gym....I got to have along talk with the new girl who works there as I was the only one there...It was awesome I think she is a really nice person ;) Then I weighted myself and all the TOM gain was gone and then some.... I weighed in this morning at 203.8!!! Woooohooo!!!! I'm soo excited right now...

Then to top it off, I left Tim in charge of getting me tickets to Tobey Keith if he could since they went on sale at 10AM and I was going to be at the gym...I told him I didn't want to floor if I couldn't get with 20 I came home and he said "I couldn't get 20, but I got something with a 2, is that okay?" HE GOT ME 2ND ROW SEATS!!!!!!! I am having the best day!!! :cb::dance::dancer::flow2::dancer::dance::cb:

I hope that everyone is have such a day themselves!!! :goodvibes

05-15-2004, 03:26 PM
Hi guys my name is Pattie I will be 40 in a week and a half and I am stuggling just to lose the weight I gained 9 months ago with my daughter. I am doing Jenny Craig and have only lost 5 lbs grrrrrrrrr. It is a true struggle with me I walk 1.25 miles 5 days a week and let myself have 2 days .I too am a scale addict and my day begins with my weigh in. I am 212lbs and right now my goal is to get to 200 199 would be great. Please keep up the good work, I know it will come off I did it before it is just frustrating to have to do it again.
Thanks for letting me comment..........Pattie

05-15-2004, 03:30 PM
You all seem so upbeat and happy on this post. My name is Pattie and I am doing Jenny Craig I have only lost 5 lbs grrrrrrrrrrrrr I am 212lbs and am trying to get to 199 reight now. I walk 1.25 miles 5 days a week and give myself 2 days it is hard and I am tired of thinking about weight. Any suggestions? Anyway good luck girls. Thanks Pattie

Janet Hoang
05-15-2004, 08:19 PM
I used this great diet and I lost 34 pounds in 2 weeks. I found it at it was kinda hidden in the internet but If found it and I feel and look great. A lot of fellows are noticing me as well.

05-15-2004, 11:40 PM
34 lbs in 2 weeks???? You know what I say ladies, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is...
I checked out the other posts from this person and they say the same exact thing...
smells fishy to me...

05-16-2004, 10:38 AM
Hi Pattie and welcome.

5lbs is a great start, losing a lot of weight takes time so don't lose your patience! You are doing great and you have started walking as exercise. I walk too and when I started, I found I could only walk 2 miles without feeling like I was going to die. After a couple of weeks though I could walk longer and now I walk 3.9 miles one day, then 2 miles the next and walk every day but Sunday when I give myself the day off and generally act like a lazy slug :lol: . I feel stronger and definately have more stamina. Don't give up, it's hard at first but you will feel better and will hopefully see results too. Drink lots and lots of water too, aim for in excess of 64 fl oz per day. Water helps your kidneys flush fat from your system and is much healthier than soda's.

I'm not sure that losing 34 lbs in two weeks is a healthy way to go. Everything I have read has suggested aiming to lose 1 - 2 lbs per week, which is considered a healthy amount and doing this will let you lose longer before you plateau, which is when you stop losing weight as your body adjusts. Still, everyone is different.

I'm having a good weekend, went to the movies yesterday and ate well at dinner, chose only veggies for my stir fry and the leanest cuts of meat off the mongolian grill :lol: . I am gardening today so am hoping to burn a few calories doing that. Hope the rest of you girls are having a great weekend and I will ttyl!

05-17-2004, 10:05 AM
Good morning :)

I hope everyone is doing well and that you all had a good weekend.

I had a good day yesterday, ate well, no pizza or steak all weekend! I did eat some sunday dinner yesterday but stuck to water as my drink and fruit as desert. I even managed to sit there and watch DH demolish a bowl of peach cobbler whilst I ate grapes and melon. Very proud of myself for not breaking and getting some cobber too :).

My jeans which were previously a little too snug for my liking were quite loose yesterday so I am hoping that tomorrow when I weigh, I will have lost something.

Busy day for me today, I have some planting to do and house cleaning. Will ttyl.

05-17-2004, 10:25 AM
What willpower! Great job Lynne! :goodluck: with your weigh in not that you will need it, I'm sure you did awesome! Look forward to hearing the results! ;)

05-17-2004, 11:12 AM
Hello, Everyone!

It sounds like you are doing such a great job. PATTIE, just being here is a great step for you. Stick around and do the best you can day by day.

Everyone is doing so well. Jenn, awesome about the Toby Keith tickets! I love having great seats at a concert!!! I'm not a big fan of country but I think my hubs has a couple of TK he the guy who did the "courtesy of the red white and blue" song? My husband loves that song, being the military man he is lol!

I had a great, relaxing weekend myself. I must have done something right this week...I'm about four pounds down. 224.0 exactly, and it was wavering to 223.8 but I went with the 224 like a good girl. So close to 223! I'm thinking about trying for 220 or 219 for Memorial Day. How exciting. I'm finally starting to realize that I really can do this...and One-Derland isn't all THAT far's just around the corner.

Congrats to all of you for doing so well this week. There will be good weeks and bad weeks...I'm glad that we're all pretty much in sync this week!

I ate out a few times this week and tried to make good choices. I eat meat and veggies more than anything else because I think they are easier to burn off. I hope to get to the gym every night this week.

I am munching on dry Cracklin Oat Bran for breakfast, have a fruit cup for another hour or so and to be honest, I have no planned lunch...we have this ancient refrigerator at home that we had to defrost this weekend so we let our food run out and ate out most of the weekend, so we have no food LOL! I really am not sure what I'll do. For dinner, I'm probably going to make lambsteaks or Lamburger Helper LOL. Lamb was on sale at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago so we've been eating a lot of lamb.

05-17-2004, 12:34 PM
:bravo: Girlie!! 4# in a week is awesome!!!! Keep up the great work!!! :cp:

BTW - Yes, Toby Keith is the one sings "Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue"... another song your husband might like is "The Taliban Song" it's on the "Shock'n Y'all" CD....

Has anyone here ever heard of "Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates"? I heard that pilates is good for your thighs and I was thinking about getting this DVD because it let you choose a workout based on what you want to target... any thoughts would be appreciated ;)

05-17-2004, 12:44 PM
Good Morning Ladies.... :coffee:
well i made it through the weekend okay and my kick boxing class starts tomorrow evening and I am really excited about that....I went for a 3 mile bikr ride this a.m. (have not been on a bike in years so that was a surprise to my system)then I came home and lifted weights for 1/2 hour.the bike ride was a lot harder than I anticipated way different than swimming and walking which is my usual :dizzy: ...Scale still has not moved and I am feeling a little down about that :mad: .The hubby hid it again until this fri. so we will see then if it has finally moved... I will let you guys know how my class goes tomorrow when i get home.....Talk to you then


05-17-2004, 08:01 PM
Hi Girlie! Whooohoooooooo!!! Congrats on making to ONEderland and beyond! That's awesome! I'm very happy for you! I'm going to join you very soon. I've got about 14 pounds to lose and you've given me some added motivation. Thanks!

Connie :)

05-18-2004, 02:18 AM
Wow. Newbie here. How glad am I that I found this site? You all seem so supportive of eachother and SUCCESSFUL in your own endeavors! Congrats to you all.
How about some history--- My name's Rachel. I'm 20 years old, I'm a college student and living at home until this fall. I work at a CANDY STORE right now (It's not as bad as it seems. I do not have a sweet tooth). I have alwayyyyysssss been the chubby girl and have always had negative feelings towards my body and always have been highly critical of my looks.
My highest weight was somewhere around the 300 mark (at six feet tall), I wouldn't allow myself to be weighed but about 4 pants sizes later I was around 250, and that was in late 1999. Summer/Fall of 02 I had gotten down to 188 with diet and exercise and I had never felt healthier or more alive, but unfortunately the weight didn't stay off.
Here I am now 2 years later at 218 and I am itching to get back to my healthy self. I'm just counting calories (1400-1600/day) and I've been back at the gym every day except Sunday for 2 weeks now doing 20 on the eliptical, 30 on the treadmil @ 3.8mph, and weights when I can remember. No loss yet but I'm choking it up to muscle gain and ToM bloat. I'm considering doubling my cardio- going to the gym in the AM before class as well as my usual 5:30pm. But I don't want to do too much too soon.
I'm shooting for 198 on June 28. That's like 3 pounds a week. I think if I can double my cardio two-three times a week that's an almost-realistic goal.
My biggest problem is munching while I'm on the computer or reading at night. I've managed to curb the cravings with sugarfree popsicles or a glass of 2% milk (I find that little bit of fat makes it so much more satisfying than skim, extra calories be damned) but I still find my eyes wandering towards the ritz crackers...
:halfempty what's a girl to do?

05-18-2004, 11:16 AM
:coffee2: hey there...
just got back from the pool and am getting ready for work... I have my first kick boxing class tonight and I am starting to get a little nervous..I am going with my best friend who is 5' tall and 110lb soaking wet and hope not to be the only BIG girl there......
Just nerves I guess...anyway I'll post later and let you know how it goes...

Jilly :^:

05-18-2004, 12:16 PM
Good morning ladies :)

Well, I am back in ONEderland, scales said 197.5 this morning! :strong:

Not only have I lost the 3.5 lbs that came from out of nowhere, I also managed to drop another half a lb! So I am very pleased with myself right now :).

Jilly, don't be nervous, I am sure you will kick arse, pardon the pun. I'd love to do kick boxing, it's good exercise and a great outlet for frustration too.

Welcome new posters, I am sure you will fit right in with our little thread, some very supportive ladies here.

Well, got to go, will ttyl :) Woo! ONEderland!!!!

05-18-2004, 01:00 PM
Hello All! Good Morning!
My husband took me out last night to a local sushi restaurant and we shared a couple of rolls of sushi and a plate of noodles..mmmm. I went to the gym afterward. One slight problem of mine is that I am trying to arrange my eating and workouts. I save dinner for my bigger meal of the day but if I eat late, then I have to go workout within an hour of eating and so I’m still feeling slightly full and I sometimes will have a bit of indigestions as I’m running on the elliptical. Plus, the scale shows a higher number because dinner is still in my belly. I really like having dinner as my “big” meal…it’s sort of my reward for eating lightly all day, something to look forward to. I think I will just try to make dinner or get dinner first thing after I’m off of work at 5pm. That way I can be eating around 6p or 6.30p and then head to the gym around 8pm. Last night we didn’t get to the restaurant until 8.30p and we were done at 9.30p and I was at the gym around 10pm…too close. Especially with wasabi and soy sauce in my system. Second of all, I just have to NOT weigh myself during the week and wait until Sunday afternoon when I usually go on an empty stomach, with the exception of maybe a bagel or fruit. We really sleep in on the weekends and usually have one meal around 5pm then a snack or popcorn at a movie later.

Jilly – I am excited for your kickboxing class. I wouldn’t have the guts to do it! Let me know how it is, okay? I don’t know how tall you are but my doc said that 155-160 is a realistic target for me even though I’m 5’4 and some say I should be 135 or something. It’s so weird, I remember being that “small” but I can’t imagine it right now.

Jenn – Thanks for the info about Toby Keith. That’s awesome and I’m excited for you! I haven’t heard of the DVD that you mentioned but if you try it, let us know! I know of SEVERAL places I could target. Is there just a whole body target LOL?
Connie – If you were referring to me, I haven’t made it to ONE-derland yet…but I will :dizzy: . In time.

Rachel – Welcome! I’m glad that you joined us! You have the cutest haircut and face!! Stick around and keep posting. We would love to help you achieve your goals. This board helps me more than I probably know…I think about the girls in the thread here when I work out…I feel like if I don’t work out I will let the “girls” down LOL! As for your workouts, maybe you can double your elliptical? I usually do between 35-55 minutes on it and I like it because it burns more cals than really anything else in that time period.

Well, last night I did 30 mins on the bike and 30 mins on the elliptical…I felt a little sluggish since I had just eaten so I stayed on the bike longer and shorter on the elliptical. I did do my crunches and leg lifts and things though, and I felt good. I started running on the elliptical with my feet in a wider stance so my legs are open wider…I think it’s working that darn inner thigh better. I’ll try again tonite.

Be well and move your way onto ONE-derland and beyond… ;)

05-18-2004, 01:23 PM
Jilly- Don't worry about the kickboxing... My sister is not small and she takes a class, and there are all different people in my friends Jackie's class, so just relax, go and have fun!

Lynne- :bravo: on getting back to "ONEderland"! I knew it wuldn't be long and now you've got some room between you and 200, so I think you'll be all good from now on! ;)

HealthyConnie & Sheisaclerk- Welcome a-board! :lol: You both are pretty close to "ONEderland" yourselves and I hope you stick around and post with us on your way there and then after you've hit that glorious mark!

Girlie- I think there is actually a workout on there to target your entire body ;) But once I get it and try it out I will post to y'all and let you know if I like it, then I will post after a bit and let ya know if it's working on my dang thighs

05-18-2004, 05:45 PM
Hello everyone,
My wonderful sister referred me to this site as we both have finally confided in each other our addiction to food. She didn't tell me her user name so I dont know "where" she is, but I know she's on here somewhere!!! It's been so nice to be able to talk to someone else who understands. Unfortunately we live 8 hours away from each other. So anyways, here I am. I'm a 23 year old married mom of 2 kids...a 2 1/2 year old and a 10 month old. I know, I know, my hands are full! I used to be in the I do know what I could look like if I could get rid of all this extra blah on me! I currently weigh 212. My heaviest EVER was 250 (9 months pregnant, but still). I'd love, love, LOVE to be 199. I never want to see TWO HUNDRED anything again!!! I have officially started changing my eating TODAY. I decided to "punish" myself when I get a food craving...or just any general desire to stuff my face for no CLEANING!!! And ARRGGHHHHH do I hate cleaning! So each time I open the fridge/cupboards when I shouldn't be I've cleaned for 5 minutes. WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOO I am going to be SKINNY with a CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!!!! So that's me. I'm here to chat, willing to be supported, and excited to help support others! Have a lovely day everyone! :D

05-18-2004, 10:29 PM
OH MY GOD :cheer:
I did it :cp:

It was GREAT, there was alot of people there in a variety of sizes.
We did so good and it was soooooo much fun.I absolutely loved it!! :love:

I can hardly wait to go again on thursday!!!

Thanks so much for talking me through this and giving me support :balloons: !!

I am going to go for a bath and hit the hay early I am tired :yawn: !

Talk to everyone tomorrow!!

Have A GREAT evening (and also WELCOME Rachel and Lanato) :grouphug:

05-19-2004, 12:06 AM
Oh goodness it's been a long day. Between class and work I didn't have time to eat more than half an apple until 5:30pm. That has to be so terrible for me. But I ate a great dinner- if anyone wants the best recipe for practically non-fat low-er cal best fajita's I've ever had let me know- and
made a full 45 minutes on the eliptical trainer :D (thanks girlie for the inspiration)!!!!
I don't think I've sweat that much in my entire life I started out with 20 minute walk with incline as per usual and then decided to push myself and jog for 5 minutes before I got onto the eliptical. And the fact that I could jog for that long was such a huge motivating factor So I strapped my feet in and bit the bullet
Small successes like that just feel so darn good

Jilly- Way to go with the Kick Boxing! Classes can be so intimidating but really when you get down to it it's just plain fun The last time I really slimmed down I took step aerobics classes and the first day I fell FLAT on my kiester Congrats on trying something new! Trying new things is hard when you're bigger (though you seem to be shrinking steadily! 32 pounds is an amazing achievement if you really think about it so) Just wow. :) way to go!!

Lanato-another newbie just like me Hooray Good luck having a clean house, but comming from a history of problems with body image and eating disorders I always worry when people look at eating food as something to be punished. While it isn't healthy to stuff your face, there is a fine line between healthy aversion of food you don't need and unhealthy restriction of key nutrition
I'm not saying that's what you're doing just be careful!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome you guys

05-19-2004, 12:20 AM
Hi Rachel :) I'm a newbie to 3FC, too. Congrats on all you've accomplished so far! You've come a long way from 300ish pounds! WOW! My heighest weight, that I know because I didn't weigh myself for a long time, was 280. I'm down to 213 now, been maintaining here for a couple months- sort of semi-on purpose. lol I'm ready to move down the scale some more, my long term goal is 145ish. How's that for a quick intro? lol It's nice to meet you and welcome, fellow newbie! I look forward to seeing you around this forum (it's so big and wonderful!). :) Kindly, Connie

05-19-2004, 09:13 AM
Good morning everyone!

Wow, more new faces... this is just terrific!

Welcome Lanato! It's great that you are so motivated! Like Sheisaclerk said though, be careful where you draw that line for yourself.... When I was in junior high I weighed almost 230, then a went to a "smart kid's camp" and started walking all the time to get to class and stuff, well losing weight felt so go I decided I wasn't allowed to eat this and that and the list just kept growing, and I was barely eating anything...Needless to say I started getting sick...Just make sure you don't "punish" yourself too much and take it to an extreme ;)

Jilly- That is sooo awesome! Isn't it such a great feeling to try something new and get that rush of excitement when you realize you just love it?! I'm so glad you are soo pumped for Thursday's class! I am trying something different tonight too....I am going to a water aerobics class....I can't believe I am going to get into a bathing suit :p There will most definitely be shorts worn over it, because my thighs are the :devil: 's work, yuck!

Sheisaclerk- Look at you go! Upping your working and discovering you could jog on the machine.... I've been thinking about going for a jog, just to see if I could do it, because I've always had trouble with jogging/running, but I keep putting it off out of fear of failing :o BTW, you are soo right about small successes feeling good.... The day I put my jeans on that I couldn't wear since last summer, felt soooo good, it was enough to make my own day :lol:

Happy Hump Day everyone!! ;)

05-19-2004, 10:27 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I guess first off I should clarify (so you guys don't think I am going insane here!)...When I said I was "punishing" myself by cleaning, I didn't really mean that literally. I've been reading the Dr. Phil book (The Ultimate Weight Solution) and what I REALLY meant (I think at the time I said punish for lack of a better word and because I really hate cleaning) was that when I get the urge to eat for no reason, which I often do between meals when I am NOT hungry at all, I will replace my bad habit with an incompatible cleaning! That's what I meant. I'm not starving myself by any means, so please don't think I'm a nutcase here. So anyways, it's a beautiful day out here, and I am going to take my kids to the park this morning. I'm really excited about these new changes in my life, I think in one day I already feel more energetic. Last night I made a huge salad for dinner, and my husband (who can eat ANYTHING without gaining an ounce) didn't even complain! I think honestly my biggest fear was not having his support. After telling him everything I was feeling, how I longed to be thin again, how I wanted to change our eating habits, and exercise more, I was pleasantly surprised that he was behind me 100%! (Although the first exercise he suggested guessed!) :love: Well have a great day everyone!

05-19-2004, 11:02 AM
Men! They're all the same! LOL!

I just wanted to let you all know that I weighed in at the gym yesterday at 202.5, it's not an official weight until Saturday, but "ONEderland" is getting sooo close! Tim better start looking up trail rides ;)

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!

05-19-2004, 02:13 PM
Good day, everyone!

I took the afternoon off yesterday and planned to get to the gym quite early, before the 5pm rush…but I went home and cleaned the kitchen and konked out as it stormed violently outside! It was a nice nap though! I had dinner/movie with a friend from Denver and ended up getting home close to midnight so I called it a night and went to bed. I always feel guilty when I don’t go to the gym. I know I don’t have to go every single day, but it just feels weird not having been. I will definitely be there tonite. I want to get there early so I can have a nice long workout and get to bed at a decent hour.

I’m hungry and we still haven’t gone grocery shopping yet since we cleaned out the fridge and defrosted the freezer so I’m not sure what I’m going to eat. This is a scary moment LOL. I’m broiling lamb steaks tonite with Chinese cabbage and zucchini…hmm. I had a slim fast granola bar this morning which was very good. Hmm. I might end up going through a drive through somewhere…and that could become scary!

LANATO – Welcome! I’m glad that you found us! Most of us have a goal of 199 here (if they haven’t already made it!) so you have found your place here! Welcome and share with us! LOL…hey, sex definitely can be a workout! That’s awesome that you have his support. When I started on April 1st, my husband wasn’t as supportive…but now he’s been meeting me at the gym and he’s *trying* to eat better LOL…his poor dear heart!

JILLY - That’s really awesome! Congratulations! I’m sure this will be a great boost to your workout and ONE-derland is just around the corner for you!

RACHEL – YAY! I’m proud of you! That’s exciting! That’s exactly what I do…I typically warm up on the bike for 15-30 mins and step it up in the last few minutes of the warmup. It really helps so when you get on the elliptical, your legs are all stretched and ready for the long haul. The elliptical is an awesome workout. I have a great CD that I listen to and I figured that if I don’t hold onto the bars, I can move my arms and twist at the waist to simulate running – and I think it helps tone the arms and waist as well. When I get on the elliptical tonite, I’ll think of you!

JENN – You are SO close!!!! I can’t wait until I am so close!

I am SO proud of everyone here! Pretty soon, this will be the “Race to 189”!!!! I really am glad that I can think of you guys when I eat and exercise and know that there are other people out there just trucking along like me!

05-20-2004, 09:35 AM
Morning ladies!

Boy am I pooped today! Yesterday I left work early for my psychologist appointment and then decided to make good use of the rest on my afternoon...

So I got my laundry all set and went to the laundrymat (which is worse than it sounds when you figure I had 3 loads and I carried them down 2 flights of stairs at the same time) Then when my clothes were in the dryer I went to the gym and did my workout there.

Next it was back home to drop off my clothes and get ready for the pool, then pick up my sister and head off to water aerobics...What a workout Ms. Ellen gave us! It was awesome! But after the class I was soo hungry and tired I didn't know if I wanted dinner or just to go home and pass out :lol:

It felt great to get some much exercise in in one day! I would have been pumped if I wasn't soo exhausted ;)

BTW, did any of you girls read the "National Women's Magazine Wants To Interview You" post? I did and emailed the woman writing the article. She called me last night and 'interviewed' me, it was kind of being the dork that I am I will have to September magazine to see if she uses anything I said :lol:

Off to get some work done, but I'll check back in shortly... Remember to :D , it's Thursday! One more day until the weekend ;)

05-20-2004, 11:15 AM
:coffee2: Good Morning all

Well I just got back from the pool and was talking to the Phys.Ed director there and she talked me into weighing in on their scale(I told her my Digital scale at home was swinging between 206 and 209 lbs for the last few weeks)
SO :idea: ...........I got on there scale and it says I am 203.5Lbs!!!!! :stars:

I am so confused about my weight it is unbelievable!! She said the digital scales can be extremely sensitive to everything(even if you weigh yourself right bfore you pee and again right after there can be a change)
I think I'll stick with their scale (not only because i like what it says :lol: ) but also because it is a medical scale and bound (i think) to be right on!!

Anyway that means I am closer than I have ever been to being under 200lbs since bafore the birth of my last son(who is going to be 16 at the end of this month) :yikes:

My kick boxing class is again tonight and I just wanted to thank everyone again for their unwavering support :thanks:

I can not believe how much I have come to rely on being able to come to this place and "talk"...

I'll post tomorrow or this evening to check in and see how y'all are doin'....

Later, Jilly

05-20-2004, 11:16 AM
Hello, everyone. It's Thursday! It is a slow day at the office for me and this will make it a looooong day!

I thought of you, RACHEL last night when I was on the elliptical. I did 15 mins on the bike, then 50 on the elliptical (and my discman buggered out on me during the last 20 mins..blah!) and then crunches and stretching. I just love "my" elliptical. There are several to choose from at the gym but I have my fav that I use every time. This is an older one with handgrips on the sides. The new ones have handgrips that move as you pedal and I don't like those...I find it easier not to hold onto anything. I'm afraid one day I'll go in and my old machine will be gone.

JENN, no I didn't see the post. That sounds interesting. To be honest, I really don't browse around the board as much as I used to. I remember I used to be a member of several threads and I started to lose track and never update and then I fell off the wagon LOL!

I made the mistake of getting on the scale mid-week last night. It said 227. Why do our bodies do this to us? I was 224, almost 223 on Sunday. I know it could be anything, from having eaten dinner an hour before, to water, etc...but it's just so disheartening. I will TRY not to weigh again until Sunday for an "official" weigh in LOL! I thought I was doing quite well this week.

I'm munching on dry Cracklin' Oat Bran for breakfast along with a diet Mt. Dew...I haven't been drinking much with carbonation lately but I need the pick-me-up today. I am thinking about taking the afternoon off of work and going to the gym, having a nice, long workout, picking up a salad and watching Dr. Phil and Oprah...haven't done that in a LONG time! Then making dinner which will be baked chicken and green beans, maybe a fat free pudding cup and a walk outside with the husband for dessert.

We are going to Chicago for the day on Saturday for my "surprise" and I hope the weather stays nice and the gas prices get lower!


05-20-2004, 02:21 PM
Morning ladies :)

It is so hot here today, too hot for me to go out on my walk and too hot to garden too :stars: so I might go on the exercise machine we have at home instead. I'm hoping to get out and do some gardening this afternoon when the shade moves over us.

I've had a pretty good week, ate well and done a lot of gardening as my exercise. Our vegetables are all coming up and are big enough now so that I can get in and weed, there is a lot of weeding to be done too.

Girlie and Jilly, don't despair over your weight. Remember when I had my meltdown after seeing I had put 3.5 lbs on? Well a week later those lbs had vanished plus I had lost half a lb. You were very supportive of me during that time so I want to be supportive back! Our bodies are so weird! Maybe you could hide your scales so that you can only weight once a week? I know it's hard but in the long run it will save you a lot of misery seeing your weight fluctuate daily. Don't get down, it's probably just water retention or something mysterious like that. You'll get back to normal, I did!

I'm making those yummy spinach and cheese burgers for my dinner and am going to cook them outside on the grill mmmmm :chef: .

Got to go, have a good afternoon, don't let the mystery that is your body get you down and Girlie, I think taking the avo off and watching Oprah and Phil sounds like the best idea ever.

05-20-2004, 04:08 PM
Girl - Like Lynne said, don't stress about the could simply be the fact that you got on the scale at night....but I'm sure you know all that already... BTW I wanted to tell you that it sounds like you are having the best dessert, so good for you on so many different levels ;)

Lynne- Gardening sounds like fun exercise, I know my mom thinks so anyways, and having your own fresh grown vegetables will be an additional benefit of your exercise! :D Hope you enjoy your burgers tonight too!

Just and hour and a half left of work then it's off to the gym! Woohoo:D

Btw, I just want to ask a random question this afternoon to those of you who are married or just been in love before, when did it hit you that you truly loves your significant other? I only ask this because I am one of those people who always wonders how I know if I really love someone...and today, I had an answer for myself....

I put a picture of my Tim on my computer here at's not a great picture as he isn't even smiling in it, but when I look at it, it makes me smile, EVERY time and it hit me that this is the real deal this time, and I definitely do love him :love: :D

I just had to share this with you all because I am in the greatest mood now! Hope everyone is having an excellent afternoon themselves!!!

05-20-2004, 10:26 PM
Hi All:

I am closer to my July 2004 goal of 240. I've been so depressed over ex-boyfriend and eating emotionally so I figured, "Let me weigh myself to stop the madness" and I had lost another 4 pounds. I'm not sure if this has to do with my salads the last 2 days to make up for my out of control eating, but I'm so happy! So right now I'm 246 and I stared out at 262. I guess even when I eat emotionally I'm making better decisions.

Wow, sounds like everyone is really gearing up the exercise here. I still have to join a gym which I'm not happy about.

CW: 246
SW: 262
GW: 150

05-21-2004, 03:01 AM
Anyone hear a thud? That was me falling off the wagon. I didn't eat as poorly as I would have in the past, but just the same. I don't think Ben and Jerry's and no excercise is on the diet plan :/ but evidently getting dumped WAS on the plan for the day. So Uh. Please Excuse My Emotional Eating. Stupid boys.
There's always tomorrow?

Much credit to you guys for sticking with your plans. I'll let you know if tomorrow goes any better! lol can't go much worse, to be honest.

05-21-2004, 09:20 AM
Beth & Rachel- Sounds like both of y'all are having it rough right now! You poor things! :( Why it is that no matter how stupid men are, then can always be stupider and they can always seem to de-rail even the most committed person?

Beth- Great job with the loss! 16# is awesome! Keep it up! Don't let someone mess this up for you, especially an ex, I know how they can be!

Rachel- The first day is always the hardest and being an emotional eatter myself, Ben & Jerry are some real comforters....BUT today is another day and I know you can do this without them... You are a beautiful girl and you don't need that boy, I'm sure there will be another one soon enough! ;) Keep your chin up!

05-21-2004, 11:59 AM
:coffee2: T G I F

Last night's kick boxing class kicked me arse.....and I am not kiddin'....
I slept like a rock and things hurt on me today that I did not know I had :lol3: ...everything was takin up a notch and while I know that is good I am sore..I guess that means it is working!!

I am looking forward to this long Victoria day wknd. (although it is supposed to rain)I think I'll relax and read a good book hubby is working all weekend anyway!

RACHEL: Boys can be :devil: s and a little comfort food never hurt anyone...just remember tomorrow is another day and climb back on that wagon and do it for yourself!! We are all here for support :grouphug: !!!

BETH: CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss :cheer: ..Keep making those better food choices and everything will be great!!

Anyway I need to get ready for work so... I'll talk to everyone later..............


05-21-2004, 12:31 PM
Hello All --- how I love catching up on the post every morning!

Rachel and Beth - what's up with these boys anyway? Have your Ben and Jerry's, whatever it takes to help the initial hurt...then get back up on the wagon! Rachel, you haven't exactly fallen off the wagon yet...because you're here, and you admitted and hey, that's the first step! Now get on that elliptical machine and take out your frustrations in the form of sweat. Easier said than done...but just think that both of you are making changes for the better and hey, if things didn't work out, maybe it is for the good. Now youc an focus on being good to yourselves, working on your self image and boosting your esteem.

Jenn - your question about love lol I love these kinds of questions! I started dating my husband in June of 1998 and I think I felt I loved him just after a month or so of dating. He was so unlike any other guy I'd known...he was very sentimental, thought the world of me and didn't care if he'd been "whooped" or not. Jim is very lovey-dovey and emotional and we had made a deal to be honest with each other from the start. He had just lost over 100 pounds when we met and he was dealing with his own self image...whereas I was about 165 pounds and looking good and he said he'd never though he'd have a girlie with the looks and brains that I did. Many guys I dated seemed to be so full of themselves and afraid to be emotional but Jim wasn't. We FINALLY got married in November so we are still newlyweds LOL! Whooo! I wanted to wait until I graduated from college and he was out of the military to plan our wedding so it took us 5.5 years to finally tie the knot. He has gained about around 50 pounds since he got out of the military and he's been very supportive of me and my gaining and losing. Every day he comments on how he thinks I look different. He's so sweet.

Jill - I wish I could go to kickboxing! I'm still toying with the idea of a spinning class...oh, darn self esteem and such! Some day, I'll kick my butt because I will have realized all of my worries were for nothing.

I may leave early from the office again today...I will check in on Sunday with the weight thing. Thanks for your support with it all. I weighed again yesterday afternoon and I'm back to 224 but it was 224.9 instead of 224.0 as it was Sunday...I'm obsessing, I know, I'm sorry!!!!!

05-21-2004, 03:32 PM
Jilly- Great job with the kick boxing! I think the other people in the room would be in danger if I did that though.... I'm such a clutz...It won't make you as sore once you get used to it though... Keep it up!

Girlie - That is great that Jim is soo supportive! Tim is very supportive too...He told me that I don't need to lose any weight for him because he thinks I look beautiful now, but if it is something I want to do for myself, he is behind me 100%... He always supports my need for coming online to talk to all the wonderful ladies on here...Since he weighs 165 at 6'2" and can eat whatever he wants, he can't understand what I am going through, so he thinks it is great for me to have people to share this with who are going through the same things themselves!

I tried a spinning class once because my sister was teaching it and if she brought people to the gym she got credit for it...well it was bad news... my back did not like it at all and it started spasming :p I bet I look like such a wimp quitting early but I thought my spine was going to jump out of my back and start beating me! :lol3:

05-21-2004, 03:42 PM
Hello --

I just wanted to update since I'm a bit slow. Thanks for the words, Jenn. Heh heh my Jim and your Tim LOL. Jim is 6'3 and 300 pounds. He's built kinda big, not a thin boy at all and he looks best around 250. Tim sounds so thin! I remember when Jim came back from basic training and he was down to 220 and he looked so emaciated!

We're all different!

You are just around the corner from the next week or so! I can't wait til I'm in that neighborhood! I would like to be there in August...just in time for cute fall clothes, my favorite time of year! I won't have to wear baggy sweaters, but cute clingy ones like I used to! I have this size 14 wool plaid jumper from the Limited that Jim bought for me back in 1999...I was around 185...I would like to wear that this winter...who knows...

05-21-2004, 03:45 PM
Ok Here’s my story…..

This time last year I was a nice size (the scale numbers were a bit high, but hey I’m 5’10). I recently went through a bit of stress and gained all of the weight I lost two years ago back. I don’t want to be skinny just satisfied with the way I look in clothes. I have just recently been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic and have learned that my metabolism has seriously slowed down. I have an event to go to July 4th weekend and am aiming to loose at least 15lbs.

05-21-2004, 04:04 PM
Hi All - I posted here a couple of times early on in the thread and have since slacked off, I regularly post on another daily thread and just forget to come here, so I was checking in and reading through all of your posts!

Sounds like all of you are doing so well, so many of you sooooooooooooo
close to Onederland, and let me tell you it is so nice to be there...I initially posted here when I hit Onederland and have been going down in pounds ever is funny because I worked so hard to get to Onederland and thought that would be so great when I got there, that I would be so satisfied...but now all I do it sit around and say "I really need to get into the 180's, I am not gonna feel good about myself until I get there"...I guess it just changes as you go down in weight, not satisfied until you get down to that goal is 135 but right now I would be estatic with 160 at this point, wouldnt we all? :lol:

Keep up the great work all and have a great weekend!!!!

05-21-2004, 10:19 PM
Hello All!Sorry I haven't bene on in a while, but school just ended for the semester and it was work, work, work till the end...and of course my body is suffering. Not to mention this hot sticky weather is making me feel just wonderful :-p anyway, tomorrow it os back to the grind and back to the race to 199. I think I have gained a little since I last posted, I tried on a pair of Khakis today that used to be tight, and well, now they aren't, so hopefully I am going to get out and walk tomorrow in the AM and I am going to try low-sodium recipies. I know that I get a little bloated around that time, which is soon, so maybe that will help me shed a little of the water weight, so if anybody knows any good recipes that are quick I would love to read them! Thanks and good luck to all!

05-21-2004, 11:24 PM
Girlie- Tim is sooo thin! He has a high metabolism, don't we all wish we could be soo blessed ;) Thanks so much for the encouragement! You will be there soon enough... I was at 220.5# in March, so August is definitely doable! :goodluck:

Tae2tas- Welcome! It's good to not get too caught up in numbers especially at our height! Best of luck with your July 4th goal.... I hope you will keep us posted as you get closer to that goal!

Satine- Great to see you again! I can't wait to join you in won't be too long now! I totally understand what you are saying about how you thought you'd be satisfied, but now you just can't weight to get to you next goal... It's like you thought reaching your goal would make you allow yourself some leeway, but instead it recharges you to make your next goal! The 180s will be here for you soon enough!!

Kiki- Glad that you re-joined us! Congratualtions on the Khakis not being tight anymore! I know that when I put my jeans on I felt like celebrating! Hope you stick around this time and keep posting with us! ;)

05-22-2004, 04:47 AM
today went better. still pretty heart broken. thankfully I've progressed quickly from the "I want anything that will make me feel better" to the "I don't want anything but him" phase. but I ate well enough (again wasn't able to eat but a few crackers until about 7pm because I over slept and work was insane but I had a vegitarian sub from potbellys and a load of fruit and some milk.) and went for a long walk with a girlfriend. We also shopped. And I managed to squeeze myself into a size 14 skirt from the gap. :)
six foot tall size fourteens look good right? right. We'll see when the day I can easily wear fourteens in jeans. That'll be the day. Really that's all I want. Down one size comfortably. I don't want a flat tummy.. I wanna be able to run to the L without breaking a sweat and maybe not have my thighs touch quite so much. I mean everyone likes applause when they walk into a room- just not usually from your thighs.
Anyway. Thanks for the support. Keep up the good work ladies.

05-22-2004, 11:59 AM
:bravo: on the size 14! I want the same thing - to go down a size and to lose some of my thighs....That would really rock! Keep up the great work... and you'll be over this boy in no time ;)

05-22-2004, 03:52 PM
Hi everyone...

God I feel like crap today i woke up with a doozy of a head cold :headache: and do not want to do anything!!

I think I'll take the day off and recuperate.....

On a much happier note Harvey(my hubby) and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out something special for each other for our 20th Anniverary in June :gift: and I suggested a new pup!! We have always wanted to get another German Shepperd (we had one when we first got married ..he passed away at 12yrs old) so... we searched the net and found one and our new "baby" arrives on a flight from South Dakota on this coming Thursday!!

He is absolutely sweet and we are VERY excited...

Anyway hope everyone is doin' great and having a good wknd.(it our long wknd here in Canada)
Talk to tou tomorrow...Jill

05-23-2004, 04:38 PM
Hi ladies!! Happy Sunday!!

Well today was my official weigh in day and I was at 228 down 14 lbs since may 1st!! I thought I had posted here before but I would really like to join you!! I have lost 22 lbs since beginning to "diet" I started Atkins on April 8 and lost 12 lbs there and then I went off plan for 2 days because all the meat gave me some gastric problems but anyway I gained a few lbs back and started south beach on May 1st and have had wonderful success!! I can't wait to get to know each of you, and to reach 199!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

05-23-2004, 07:04 PM
Michelle, hi! :)

So glad to see you post on this thread, this is the second thread I post regularly on, the other of course being May Walkers :). Congrats on your loss, 22 lbs total is great.

I had a bad eating day yesterday but a good one today, plus I worked for two hours in the garden weeding and drank a lot of water.

Satine, I know how you feel when you say ONEderland is not enough haha! I am already thinking how great 180 would sound, so that is what I am aiming for next. I have a goal of 193 lb by 24 July which I should meet in advance. After I beat 193 I'm going to be looking at 180.

Hope you ladies have a relaxing Sunday and I hope you get better Jill!

05-23-2004, 07:10 PM
Lynne - Thanks for the welcome!! Its great to see a familiar face errrr name lol!!

Jilly - I myself am suffering from a terrible cold too uggghhh 2 days in bed now!! I haven't been able to walk and I'm kinda having withdrawls lol. I hope you begin to feel better.

So whats for dinner guys? I don't know what we're having yet haven't decided.

05-23-2004, 11:55 PM
Welcome Michelle! Sounds like you are doing awesome and at the rate you are going you'll be in ONEderland soon enough!

Hope y'all had a great weekend....I can't believe it's 11PM on Sunday night already... where the heck did my weekend go?!?

05-24-2004, 10:43 AM
Good Morning :)

How are you all this Monday?

I had a great day yesterday with lots of gardening. The plants are coming up really well and I only have a couple more rows to weed and the bulk of it will be done.

My jeans definately felt slacker this weekend and DH commented on how he has noticed that I have lost weight, which of course felt great! I got dressed up Saturday and for the first time in ages saw in the mirror some of my old self coming back. Still, I shouldn't get too confident, I need to keep focused on eating right and exercising. I'll ring those bells when I get down to under 180! :lol:

Got a busy day ahead today, will try to check in with you all again this evening. Have a great Monday :).

05-24-2004, 11:02 AM
Good morning Lynne!

Great job with the gardening, soon you'll be reaping the rewards in more ways than one when your vegetables ripen.

:bravo: on your pants being looser too! That is such an awesome feeling isn't it? You should allow yourselve to feel good about what you've done and how much better you already look, and confidence is never a bad thing. You just use that confidence to tell yourself how much better yet you will feel and look when you reach that goal! Keep up the great work!! :cp:

05-24-2004, 11:14 AM
Hello everyone! This weekend was great and ugh…it’s Monday! It has been a bittersweet weekend. I weighed on Friday night because DH was taking me to Chicago on Saturday…no gym and no plans on what I’d be eating. I weighed at 223, just barely made it. I’m glad I weighed then because I was a pretty liberal eater that day. It’s hard to eat well while traveling and eating out the whole time. We went to the Japanese market near Chicago and they were giving out free samples and the whole day in general I had so many tidbits of food…rest stops, lunch, snack break, etc. We had an absolutely wonderful time and we arrived home around 3am on Sunday. I slept in until 1pm or so and went to the gym first thing. But the rest of Sunday didn’t go so well. We bought all kinds of groceries at the oriental market which included childhood snacks and things and I was munching all day. I couldn’t sleep last night and was up until 4.30am…and I snacked all night. Instead of trying to read or something, I kept going back to the kitchen and I could see my old habits coming back. Of course, eating something, especially with sugar in it, would only make my bout of insomnia worse. I woke up around 7am, super tired and unprepared. I stopped at the gas station for a cappuccino. I have had about two sips and I’m done…these things mess with my tummy! I also got a package of 6 mini donuts and stuffed my face immediately. The sugar rush is gone and I feel like crap…not only tired, but heavy and guilty from the mini-donuts. I can’t let this get me down for the day. All I can do is pick up and start again, make good choices for the rest of the day and go to the gym tonite, right? What an icky way to start the day.

Welcome back Satine and KIKI, and hello to you Michelle Rae! Sorry I’m so down in the dumps today. I’m so tired that it’s hard to keep my eyes open and type. I’ll be so sluggish all day today, running on caffeine. I’ll probably fall asleep as soon as I get home this evening, get up and go to the gym, then have another bout of sleeplessness tonite. Part of me thinks I should just go to bed super early to catch up, and try to exercise in the morning. I dunno, I’ll see…I really wanted this to be a week of great rest and health. I was ready for bed at 10pm last night, read for a while…and then I dunno what happened. I think I’ll go home for a nap at lunch.

I hope the rest of you are having a much, much better day than I am!

05-24-2004, 11:55 AM
Girlie - Travelling sure does make staying on-plan difficult, and it's not easy to make choices when you are exhausted and just want to wake yourself up more than anything. You have to give yourself credit for going to the gym first thing when you go up yesterday, and there is so much of today left that it will be easy to make up for the mini-donuts with good choices for lunch and dinner. Just think of it like this: "Okay I've had an indulgance for the day, now I must use that to keep me from binging beause I ALLOWED myself the donuts." If you don't allow yourself little indulgances every now and then, you'll go crazy and have an all out binge. please don't get down on yourself! You've been doing sooo good! you can get over this little slip up!

05-24-2004, 12:20 PM
:coffee: hi all

Well I Made it through the wknd. And I am feeling much better...I think I will even be able to work out today. I am taking my Mom into International Falls today(we are on the Canada/U.S border) to do some shopping and will go for a walk and try and lift weights later.

Sounds like everyone had an O.k. wknd. everyone "splurges" a little every now and then it is what you do the next day that counts...don't let it discourage you into not getting back into the swing of things, if you gained anything it will fall off easy and most of it if anything will be bloat anyway!

Our new puppy arrives in Thurs, and we are ecstatic we decided to call him Dakota since he is coming from South Dakota :D !

Any way talk to everyone soon ....lets all keep working towards our goals with this kind of support from so many places how can we fail?


05-24-2004, 12:29 PM
Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I haven't exactly been mentally sound. My grandfather died at the beginning of last week and my entire life was put on hold. Now the funeral is done and the whole ordeal of the past week is over, so now I get to resume my life as normal. Only not exactly.
I feel like today is the day I get to start again, like this is a completely new phase of my life. Today I go back to tracking my diet. Today I go back to exercise. Today I go back to life as I know it. But it's not life as I know it--it's life without Grandpa. So I have to adjust.
Last week I did not pay a single bit of attention to what I was or was not eating. Everyone brought food to both our house and my grandmother's, and there was lots of fast food on the 2-hour trips between. But I haven't gained anything, so that at least is good. Of course, I didn't lose any either, but that's ok. Sometimes it's all we can do just to get through the day.

But anyway, I'm sorry I missed what was going on here. I hope you are all doing well. I'm back now, and I'm trying to be back on track, so I'll keep you updated. Oh! And my brother is putting my new computer together this evening, so technology shouldn't be a problem any more. Yay! So I guess it's not all bad news.

Talk to you again soon.

05-24-2004, 01:40 PM
jilly- Have fun at the Falls with your mom today! How exciting about the puppy! Just a few more days until your 'baby' arrives :bb: My step-sister had a great dane named Dakota too. I think that is a cute name and very fittinf for your little guy. I hope you share a 'baby picture' once your furbaby arrives!

Elisha- I'm sooo sorry to hear about your loss You poor thing. I think everyone will join my in saying that it quite understandable that you haven't been around and we understand if you still need more time. It can be tough to get through stuff such as this. Just remember we are here for you to turn to when you need us! :grouphug: After your brother finishes your computer and you are feeling more like chatting we know you will be back with us.

05-24-2004, 08:30 PM
To Rachel:

Oh boyfriends (exes too) are so awful and I can say that when I broke up with last ex I gained 20lbs in what felt like 1 month. A few years back I gained 30 lbs after another ex dumped me. Hence, what i now know is emotional eating. So if I'm totally depressed I try to eat something sweet like fruit. And I definitely gain weight from salt. Last night I weighed myself after a weekend of wine and salty food and I was back up to 250lbs, up from 246 on Wednesday. Today I ate fruit and egg white omlettes and salad and I weighed myself (a little obsessive, I know) and I was back down to 243lbs which means I lost 3 lbs in a few days. It's all that salt!

So that makes it official...I lost 20lbs. How come no one has noticed and I haven't noticed either??? Maybe it's all the weight I have to lose. 20lbs is just the tip of the iceberg. But I'm motivated!!


SW: 263
CW: 243
Goal Weight: 150

05-25-2004, 02:00 AM
Elisha - hugs to you in this difficult period in your life. My grandfather passed away 2 years ago and I do miss him so much but I know he is here with me, every now and again I'll catch my daughters just kind of babbling to nothing in particular and I know its him they are talking to :) I have an angel to watch over my angels and now you have an angel to watch over you :)

Beth - I totally know what you mean about not being able to see the difference even after 20 lbs gone!!! I mean I can feel it in my clothing a bit but I can't see it I think I need to hide mirrors and then look in the mirror every 20 lbs gone and I bet I'd see a drastic change :) Keep up the good work!

You all have a wonderful night I need to hit the sack now! Sleep well!!


05-25-2004, 08:17 AM
Good morning :)

Another 2 lbs gone for me this week! :cheer:

Elisha, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I will say a prayer for you and keep you in my thoughts.

Girlie, how are you doing today? Feeling a bit better I hope? You have been a real encouragment for me and you are so bright and bubbly, don't let it beat you.

Jilly I am getting excited for you and the new puppy! We adopted a stray dog last year, well I say adopted he just turned up in our yard one day and stayed, we called him Patch, he is a Pekinese cross and he is just adorable. He brings joy every day to me with his antics. Another stray dog, an adult one this time, turned up in our yard 6 months ago and he stayed too. We called him Jake and although he is much quieter than Patch he is a very loving dog indeed.

Beth I gain weight with salt too but I find that if I have a bad day of eating, the next day if I drink a gallon or four of water and stay to salt free foods, I can lose that horrid bloated feeling.

I'm going out for a walk this morning so I better go make breakfast and get out there before it gets too hot. I hope all you girls have a great day, will ttyl!

05-25-2004, 10:13 AM
Beth - :bravo: on the 20# gone!!! That is awesome! I see 200.5 on my home scale with no clothes which would be 20# but I have to wait for it to say that at the gym for it to be an official weight...anywho...Great job! :cheer:

Michelle - I know what you are saying about thinking your daughters are talking to your grandfather. Sometimes my niece will look at nothing and get all smiley and happy and wave and giglgle/babble and I always wonder if she is seeing her father's grandparents who recently passed... It's good to see that not everyone thinks that is crazy.

Lynne - Look at you go! Another 2# is terrific! Three cheers for you :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

05-25-2004, 01:05 PM
Hi Everyone! I'm kinda busy this week but I wanted to pop in! You guys are AWESOME!!! What a great group we have here!

I'm sorry that I don't have time to write individually right now, but Elisha, I'm sorry about your grandfather - *hugs*

And to all of you LOSERS!!!!! You are really motivating me. You know, we should be keeping a tally of how much we all lose as a group LOL...I bet it's a really great number. I'm so proud of all of you!!! A few of you are SO CLOSE to ONEderland..hopefully, I'll be there before long! It's a daily struggle gals!

Today I feel better. I had a Hostess Cupcake for breakfast, but that's the extent of my munching. Yesterday was really terrible...I munched all day. Probably because I munched during the weekend. To the gym tonite! I'm thinking about tanning. I have kinda dark skin anyway (I am black and Japanese), but it's all uneven and I feel like if I get a little darker and even out I'll feel better about myself. My husband compliments me...I've only lost 13 lbs and my husband notices a lot. I notice a lot about my body that has changed. I'm getting my waist back!

Talk to you soon!

05-25-2004, 01:30 PM
Girlie- 13# is awesome! Don't say you "only" lost... only say 'only' when you are taking about gain! Hehe.

BTW I think that is a great idea to tally up our loss as an entire group...

Let's see, with your 13 and my 18, we're at 31...anyone else want to add theirs in?

05-25-2004, 02:25 PM
I've lost 12 lbs so far to add into the tally :).

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better Girlie.

05-25-2004, 02:46 PM
Woohoo.... we are at 43# now!

05-25-2004, 05:33 PM
I've got 15, so that takes us to 58#! Woohoo!

05-25-2004, 07:33 PM
I have lost 37LBS so that takes us to95LBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb:

05-25-2004, 08:18 PM
I have 20lbs to add to the total!


05-25-2004, 08:23 PM
Wow ladies! We are at 115#! Ladies that is awesome!!! :cheer:

05-26-2004, 12:43 AM
I have lost 24 lbs as of this morning :) You can add that to the total :) 139 #

05-26-2004, 03:24 AM
:) thanks for all your support and kind words. I'm pretty well over him- at the moment. ask me in 45 minutes and we'll see. And am eating like a sane person.
On top of all that- I did an HOUR on the eliptical tonight. Without realizing. It was amazing. And then I did weights. I amaze myself. :)
Weight's the same. Which is a bit of a downer. But considering the way I've been porking out on salt and fat... I'm not surprised. Oh well. I've toned up some muscle(?) and I've clearly built up some endurance! I'm still proud and still motivated.
And I'm so proud of you all. Goodness! That's a lot of weight lost. Keep up the good work!

05-26-2004, 09:50 AM
Rachel - Good for you! I'd say that being the same weight is an accomplishment considering you were/are getting over a breakup and we all know how that can be! And doing an hour on the elliptical is probably more than I could even think of! Keep it up and you will be adding your numbers to this tally soon enough!! ;)

BTW, ladies, I think we should keep a running tally as we all continue to lose, what do y'all think? I'll put the total in my signature and everytime someone loses more, post it and I'll add it in, or if anyone hasn't added their loss yet, yet let me know.... I think we will have an amazing number here! :)

05-26-2004, 10:14 AM
Wow so collectively we've already lost a person!!! Woo hoo way to go!!

Jenn - where in Mass do you live? I used to live in Lincoln, concord, and newton and also spent a little time on the south shore :) But I live in Montana now and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Today is my official weigh in with my doctor so we'll see what she thinks of my progress :) I'm excited!

I hope you all have a wonderful morning!! I'll post later.

05-26-2004, 10:29 AM
Good morning Michelle! :goodluck: at the doctor's! She should be proud of you... you are making great progress!

I live in Middleboro technically.... but I spend most of my time at y boyfriend's place in Raynham. I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life and sometimes I think it would be fun to live somewhere else but then I remember how close I am to my family and I think that it's not a good idea. My boyfriend grew up in Alabama, then move to Chicago before coming out here and he says he doesn't want to move again because he likes it here, so I guess I'm here to stay ;)

05-26-2004, 11:16 AM
WOW :dizzy: Can you hardley believe how much we have lost together....

Kick boxing was GREAT last night we worked on abs at the end of the class and i am a little sore this A.M. :lol: Oh well no pain No gain!!! As the saying goes.

Jenn, WOW 1 hour on the eliptical.. I have a girl friend with one and she can do 1/2 hour I'll have to tell her about your accomplishment she would be here with us too if she had a computer.. she has lost 65lbs and it has taken her a year...she looks FABULOUS!!!!

Any way gotta run talk to everyone tomorrow(puppy day )....Jill

05-26-2004, 02:47 PM
Jilly- I wish I could take credit for that hour on the elliptical, but it was Rachel who did it... I was just commenting on how I didn't think I could last that long either.... I'm great that you are loving your kick boxing class - and you were worried about going the first time!

I am going to water aerobics tonight after the gym. I can't wait - I loved it last time, lots of fun...I might go tomorrow night too with my best friend.... I want to see a loss this weekend, hopefully this will help!

05-26-2004, 04:59 PM
I just got back from my doctor and they are wicked impressed with my progress and dedication to getting happy!! I have lost 16 lbs (with clothes 20 without) since I saw them on April 30th!! They were happy with my journal and exercise and to keep it up. I was worried that I wasn't consuming enough calories but she said not to worry as long as I try to fit in 1000 calories a day minimum.

Jenn - I loved Massachussetts when I was younger and single and no kids lol it was great!!!! But I love montana because its so peaceful and such a great place for a family :). If I remember right wasn't raynham where the dog track is/was? I only lived there for 5 years but loved it while I did :D

Well I'm gonna get off here and relax a bit. You all have a great Day!!


05-26-2004, 07:48 PM
Sorry ladies, I think I missed posting yesterday. It's billing time at work and it's a little consuming!

Jenn, the tally is AWESOME! I'm so proud of us! And if we gain, we don't have to subtract...a pound gone is a pound gone...if you gain one back it's not the same pound LOL. Anyway, great idea. It's so nice to see the number!

Rachel, yay for the hour on the elliptical! I haven't done that yet, prob cuz I'm either too lazy or I'm running late at the gym and have to stop in time for a shower before they close. On my long days, I'll go for 55 minutes. 60 just sounds so...long. But it's quite often that 55 mins seems short. Yay for you. Now you can focus on doing 60 more often, and this time trying to increas your rotations. It's a challenge!

Jill - hooray for kickboxing. Perhaps some day I'll be so brave!

My eating has been terrible lately. I haven't been planning or been prepared so I'm just grabbing things. This morning, I am out of Cracklin Oat Bran and I stopped at Hardees to get an order of hash rounds. For lunch I had a grilled chx salad with the vinaigrette (expensive, but good!) and now McD's here has those apple dippers and that's a great, healthy snack.

I have been craving fried foods lately. That's my big bad scary craving. One of my favorite foods ever is fried chicken gizzards. I know, gross...but there is just something about them. You know, they are so low in fat (unfried)...about a gram of fat per 4oz serving, low in calories...but then deep fry them and man...I don't even know what the nutrition facts are. But I really have been craving greasy things.

Hope all of you are well. Have fun! I really don't think I'll be able to get to the gym tonite, but I think I'll do my 3-mile Walk Away the Pounds video instead. I'm so tired and have to help my husband prepare for his trip to Georgia in the AM.

"see" you all in the AM! I'll try to get on to post. Billing is due tomorrow and I'm already a bit behind!

05-26-2004, 11:14 PM
Michelle - Yes there is a dog track in Raynham....there used to be one in Taunton years and years ago, but I'm sure you are referring to Raynham. Congrats on the good doctor's visit! I told you that they'd be proud! :cp:

Girlie - I just followed through with your idea! The number is awesome! And at the gym I weighed in at 201.5#! That means I have one more pound to add to the tally! 140#!!! Woohoo! Look at us go!

05-27-2004, 01:06 AM
Jenn - Way to go on the 1.5 # down!!!! You are almost there girly!!! So awesome I'm really happy for you!! I can't wait til I get there!!

Girlie - I hear ya on the cravings girl!! I don't crave fried foods but I crave cereal like crazy like cinnamon toast crunch mmmmm ok ok I need to stop talking about it lol. Sounds like you are managing though. I hope life slows down for you a bit :)

Well I just finished my 2 mile watp dvd so I'm gonna head off to bed I got a long day tomorrow. Did anyone catch American Idol tonight?? Oh it just brought me to tears!!! I was so happy for her!! Ok I'm outta here!! You all have a wonderful evening!


05-27-2004, 09:50 AM
Thanks Michelle! I updated the tally this morning... I think we will be at 199 pounds lost before we all get to 199... It gives 'the race to 199' a second meaning! ;)

Keep it up ladies! :D

05-27-2004, 12:28 PM
Ok Here’s my story…..

This time last year I was a nice size (the scale numbers were a bit high, but hey I’m 5’10). I recently went through a bit of stress and gained all of the weight I lost two years ago back. I don’t want to be skinny just satisfied with the way I look in clothes. I have just recently been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic and have learned that my metabolism has seriously slowed down. I have an event to go to July 4th weekend and am aiming to loose at least 15lbs. First of all..You wont lose 15 lbs by July the 4th unless you fast completely! And I am not advising that. Second,and more important is your sig line!!! If you think that way, you're are not respecting yourself and it's sad to read someone putting themselves down this way.YOU are a large WOMAN ...not a cow. I hope you can talk to someone about this .Good luck with your weight loss program. :)

05-27-2004, 12:46 PM
Hey All :)
Well, I haven't posted in a long time - summer time is so busy for me with three kids. Ballgames, church musicals, finishing school - hectic is the only word that comes to mind! I only have a minute to post but I wanted to add my 55 lbs to the tally. I have lost 55 lbs so that takes us up to 195 - I think. Anybody got 4 more to add to get it to 199!!! I hope to have those 4 more by the end of next week! Keep up the great work all!
God Bless

05-27-2004, 12:47 PM
Hi Girlie, Lynne, Jen, and everyone...

I got a situation and I need your opinions...I am going on vacation next week...whether it is right or wrong I have told myself that I am not going to diet that week ( not totally pig out and eat 24-7 but ya know what I mean )
now right now I weigh in at 196, and worked hard to get under 200
( Onederland ) but more than likely once I get back from vacation we are looking at a 5-7 pound gain maybe more...I am making my husband crazy about worrying about "the numbers" when he keeps telling me that I am not on any time line to lose and have done a great job so far so relax and enjoy myself for a week and when I get back just work to get those extra pounds off...what do you all think?
I think I should just be proud of what I have done and not worry about it for that week - and not make his time miserable by worrying about it...I have earned it....

05-27-2004, 02:33 PM
Wow Deenie! What a loss! Keep up the great work and I'll make your addition to the Tally.... 195, AWESOME!

Satine - I think you owe yourself that week... You've done sooo well! This doesn't mean you go crazy and eat EVERYTHING and as much of it as you want 'just because you are on vacation'....Still exercise good decision making but have fun! You could exercise in different ways like sightseeing tours and such were you walk alot... (I don't know where you are headed but I'm sure you won't be sedatary all week.) Just remember to enjoy yourself and your week with your DH! ;)

05-27-2004, 05:19 PM
Wow I see that someone said its not possible to lose 15 lbs by july 4th?? I smell a challenge ;) watch me do it!! lol I don't fast either!! I lost 16lbs since April 30th so believe me it is very possible to lose 15lbs safely before july 4th :) Just takes dedication :D

Satine - I totally agree with Jenn you should be able to eat freely while on vacation but you know that there are limits and I bet you can abide by them and still feel fufilled :) Walking is very easy exercise while on vacation too! I hope you have a wonderful time!!

Deenie - Keep up the good work!! I hope life slows down a bit for you soon!

Jenn - That tally really is a good idea!! 195lbs!!! woohoooo Hope you are having a great day!!

Ugghhh I'm soo sluggish today I dunno why either. OH well lol. I'm planning a 2 mile walk for tonight after everyone is in bed. Hopefully I'll have more energy after dinner. Well I better get off here and go chase my kids around lol I'll ttyl!

05-28-2004, 08:01 AM
Hello girls :)

Sorry I haven't been able to post the past couple of days but our phone line was cut Wednesday morning! The highway dept are digging up our road, widening it and getting ready to gravel it so we're expecting to lose our phone line again before they get done.

Not a great week for me this week, it's that TOM so I'm feeling sluggish as usual, a little bit bloated and yesterday my eating was bad. I didn't eat bad things as such but I did seem to snack pretty much all day. I didn't drink much water either. Still, at least this only happened one day this month, usuall at this TOM I get snacky/sluggish for the whole duration.

Got to go, busy day today, I'll try to post more later.

05-28-2004, 09:53 AM
Michelle - I feel the same way lately...just exhausted, all the time...but I don't let it stop me from going to the gym, because the way I've been feeling, I'd never end up going :lol:

Lynne - That's great that you haven't snacked every day. Maybe the exercise and weight loss is starting to help control those TOM urges ;)

Well ladies... Today is the day. I am meeting Tim's mom and sister. He will be picking me up from work early (my car is at the garage for the day getting serviced) and we will be going to pick them up. I was nervous about this, with all the "what if I say the wrong thing" or "what if she hates me" thoughts running through my head. I don't know how, but I managed to push them out of my head for the most part and now I am excited about meeting them. I want Tim to be happy and have a good visit with his family and I want to take this opportunity to get to them at least a little since I don't know when I will have my next opportunity to see them. I won't be able to come online at all this weekend though because I won't be near a computer, but I'll be sure to let y'all know how everything goes once I can get online again.

05-28-2004, 05:55 PM
Aw Jenn. :) Good luck! But don't worry about it. You seem like such a sweet girl- and Tim very clearly sees something in you that he likes so I bet his family will too!!

Lynne- tough break with the phone lines. I hate construction season so much!! I'm glad things are in order though. Way to fight those TOM blues. I found letting myself give in once- healthfully- kept me from porking out all day.

I lost 3lbs. I don't know when or how. But I got on the scale thismorning and it says 215. It's about effin time. But I'll wait-heh weight- until sunday for it to be official and try to hold off on the weighing until then. Feels good!!!! I'll attribute it to the fact I've been in the ceramics studio 9 hours every day then directly to work. You can't munch on everything when your hands are covered in clay.

05-28-2004, 06:47 PM
LOL Hello all, sorry for not being around today. Busy Friday...and i'm outta here for a long weekend after I post this!!!

I know I won't have a good weigh in this week. I can't let it get me down. I did a great elliptical run last night and i'm still in the game!

Carri - I agree with the others. There is no reason why you can't eat what you want to while you are on vacation. I think people should always eat what they want to, just make healthy decisions and weigh in the factors. You want cake, have cake...just a tiny piece. I am sure by now you have learned that it's moderation that will save you. You may not gain any weight! Be as active as you can and have fun darn it!

Sorry I don't have time to write to everyone..I've got a softball game after work. Keep up the good work all! This week wasn't great, but I want to make next week wonderful!


05-29-2004, 09:34 PM
Hi Everyone:

I just went shopping (ugh usually) to Lane Bryant. I'm sure you ladies all know it well...for those of you in other countries it's a store for "plus" sizes. So I had been a size 22 for the last few months. I had been a 20 for over a year and then gained 20 lbs quickly after my breakup.

Well, I'm back down to a size 20! I am so happy. And next time I'm going to shoot for an 18. I know it's kind of wasteful to buy clothes when you are losing weight but for me it gives me a good feeling when I know that some of my clothes are too big. I'll donate the old ones to the poor so they won't go to waste.

Today I went into one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor, and of course I couldn't fit into anything there but bought some shoes and when I walked out said to myself "Soon I can shop in this store." Can't wait!


SW: 262
CW: 242
Height: 5'7"
Goal Weight: 150
Pounds Lost since 1/04: 20lbs!!! :)

05-30-2004, 10:39 AM
Good Morning Girls!!!

Today was my WI!!! I lost 3lbs!!!! I was so excited!!! Thats another 3lbs we can add to the tally!!

Jenn - How did meeting tims parents go?

Well I better get off of here and get the day started!! TTYL!!

05-30-2004, 12:16 PM
Hey y'all! I thought I sneak on here really quick and let you know how the weekend is going.... I went with Tim to pick up his mother and sister at the airport on Friday and we went out to dinner with my parents. They are very sweet, such nice people not that I expected any less since Tim came from them! ;)

Beth - Congratulations on the smaller size pants!!! Isn't that an awesome feeling! :goodluck: getting into those 18s quickly!

Michelle - :bravo: on the 3# loss!! That's great! Keep up the good work!

05-30-2004, 03:25 PM
Hey girls

Sorry I have not posted for a few days but since we picked up the new puppy on thursday life has benn busy!!!!!
He is soooo cute and we are desperately in LOVE alreay!!!

I have been able to lose a couple more LBS. so I am down to 201 right now.
It is my youngest sons birthday :hb: ...the big 1 6.....and we are having a BBQ (even though it is raining)I made a pasta salad with wholegrain pasta and grilled chicken for those coming that are watching their waistlines and hotdogs,hamburgers and potatoe salad for everyone else.Sounds like everyone is doing great... Talk to you all in the a.m......Jill

05-30-2004, 04:04 PM
Well the scale says 218 again. It really doens't make sense. Physically impossible, really. But oh well, right? I'm eating well and getting very regularly to the gym. I can tell a difference in how my pants and tops fit. I feel a lot better both mentally and physically. Numbers Schmumbers. Screw em.

Oh I wish that were true. lol I'm so upset the numbers aren't shrinking. I can wear my 'skinny' jeans without my eyes bugging out but it says the same weight. I don't get it. So frustrating. 199 where are you???

05-30-2004, 07:41 PM
Rachel - Don't get down on yourself!! I bet you are building muscle from all the workouts!! and that would be why your clothes are fitting better!! You are just having what we call a Non-scale victory!! Don't forget all the work you are doing!!! Keep it up and don't be discouraged :)

Jenn - I'm soo glad you like Tims parents it sounds like you are having an enjoyable weekend!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Jill - A puppy sounds like so much fun!! Congrats on getting to 201!! Keep up the great work!

Well I had just a lazy day and need to go get a walk in still, just waiting for my dinner to settle. I hope everyone is having a great Weekend!!

05-31-2004, 12:21 AM
This has been the worst weekend ever! Eating and health wise, but not mentally!

Well, I mentioned that my husband was going to be out of town for the weekend and I've kept myself busy cleaning, catching up on reading and spending time with a couple friends who were in town. Friday night at my softball game, I got smacked by the ball - twice. I play 2nd base and those darn lefties LOL! Anyway, I got hit on the inside of my wrist and another painful hit on my calve. They still hurt, especially the calve. Because of this, I have taken the weekend off of exercise although I'm not limping any longer LOL. Well, my mind seems to think that since I took off of exercise, I could be totally unhealthy in what I eat. And I have been. I feel like I've been eating as I did a few months ago...almost with no regard to what I'm putting into my body. Since I didn't go to the gym this weekend, I haven't checked my weight...

and I so don't want to!

Maybe I'll just wait for next week? I am sure I have gained. I feel bloated and icky because of the junk (i.e. cheese fries, nachos and ice cream) that I have been putting in my body. I have always had a habit of making these binges, and when I eat badly once in a day, my mind thinks that I might as well screw up the rest of the day as well. It's such a terrible problem.

So, I'm not feeling great physically. I can't wait until my leg feels better and I'm back at the gym. So much for the great exercise I got on Thursday...I'll probably be struggling by the time I get back..hopefully, tomorrow depending on the hours open at the gym for Memorial day.

It's so embarassing. I'm SO afraid to get back on the scale. I'm going to drink tons of water to cleanse my system. TOM is soon and that won't help. Can't I just fast-forward a couple of weeks?

I also think that my eating is related to anxiety of my husband being away. Next week, he leaves for Europe for ten days! TEN days! But my strategy for that will be to work my butt off exercise-wise and maybe I can lose a few pounds before he gets back.

I bought a dress yesterday. I haven't worn one in a while. It's sleeveless (eek!) black and white checked gingham, knee length. I do think it looks good and it's a bit loose, but I was afraid to try on a smaller size. Don't know why. But I think it looks good and of course I'm going to wear a black cardigan with it...have always disliked my arms...and I will wear this for my husband's birthday dinner Wednesday night. I hope he likes it.

Please send your good vibes my way and wish me a great sweaty workout tomorrow, as long as my leg feels okay.


06-01-2004, 08:13 AM
Morning :)

You can get back on your plan Girlie, we all have lapses and feel bad about it afterwards but I know you can do it.

The dress sounds really nice, I always liked gingham but it doesn't suit me very well as a pattern.

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, mine was nice except we lost power early Monday morning due to bad storm weather and only got it back late last night. I'm really happy today though, it was weigh day and I have met my first goal of 193 lbs by 24th July!!! I am soooo happy! I have set myself another goal of 185 lbs by 24th July so am going to work hard to make sure I at least maintain 193.

Got to go, will check back with you later :).

06-01-2004, 09:33 AM
:wave: Mornin' ladies!

The weekend with Tim's mom and sister was great. They are just so nice! We went up to Maine on Saturday and to a cookout at my family's house on Sunday. Yesterday I left them alone so they could have some time with just Tim and while they were out, they bought me wizard of oz magnets because "they saw them and thought of me" - how sweet are they? I went out to dinner with them last night and then we just sat around the apartment for a while. Tim is driving them back to the airport today... I wish I could see them off, but my sister is on vacation this week, which means I can't take the day off, so I said my good-byes last night.

This morning I went to the gym first thing...I wanted to get my workout in now so I could spend my ENTIRE afternoon with Tim since we hadn't had any personal time to just snuggle with his mom and sister staying at his apartment...anywho I weighed myself while I was at the gym, and I actually cried...HAPPY tears... I saw 198.75#!!!! I DID IT!!! I'm in ONEderland!!! After a holiday weekend and not going to the gym since Friday...I am soooo excited! :cb:

06-01-2004, 10:44 AM
Good Morning Girls!!

Lynne - Congrats Congrats on reaching your first goal!!!!!! HOOORRRAAYYYYY!!!!

Jenn- Congrats To you also on getting to Onederland!!! I'm sooo happy for you!!! I can't wait til I get there myself!!

Sorry this is such a short post but I need to get moving and get teh day started.
Have a great day girls!

06-01-2004, 11:05 AM
Yay Jenn on ONEderland!

Doesn't it feel great?!

Awesome job, this is where you see all the hard work paying off, well done!

:dancer: :cheer:

06-01-2004, 11:37 AM
It does feel great! I still can't believe it! I had icecream cake on Sunday and apple pie a la mode on Saturday...and I didn't get to go to the gym all weekend since it wasn't I was surprised to see it, but quite pleasantly so! :D Thanks for the encouragement ladies!!

06-01-2004, 12:19 PM
Lynne and Jenn - How awesome! Congratulations!

Lynne, that is so great that you made your goal almost a month early! You can totally do 185 by then!

Jenn - WOW, ONEderland! That is awesome! You must be doing such a great job on a daily basis. I think once you have a great week of exercise, etc; you will have an even BETTER week next weigh in! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!!!

I was doing terribly on Sunday and I woke up on Monday and changed back into the old Girlie. I went to the gym, ate healthy things and feel better already. I did get on the scale yesterday and want to forget the number that I saw LOL...I hope to have better news next weekend!

Great job ladies!

06-01-2004, 01:17 PM
Thanks Girlie! I'm glad to see that you are feeling like your old self again! I think I would feel the same way if Tim was gone, especially if TOM was looming around the corner!

06-02-2004, 11:33 AM
:coffee: Sorry I have not been able to post in a while ,you now busy with the pup....

I have not been able to work out other than kick boxing because I am remodeling the video store I work at painting and moving things around...and by the time I get home I am exhausted!!!!Any way it is beautiful here today and I AM GOING TO WALK TODAY!!!!NO MATTER WHAT!!!!It is so beautiful down on our walkway on the riverfront and I am thinking it will be relaxing!!

CONGRATULATIONS Jenn and Lynne on getting under 200...WOW that is AWESOME!!!!! :bravo: :balloons: :cheer:

I hope to join you soon I am sooooo close I can taste it!!!(current 201)

Anyway I have to get readty for work... talk to you tommorrow.... Jill

06-02-2004, 03:19 PM
Hi :flow2:
I just joined this forum and when I saw this thread about getting under 200 lbs, I knew I was in the right place!

I joined a local TOPS group on 9-11-04 after having a hyst. on 8-28-04. I've struggled with my weight for years and even though I was working out and eating healthy, I was having a hard time getting the weight to come off (I was/am? a very slow loser). I managed to loose some weight before my surgery and joined TOPS weighing in at 272.50. I've lost 24 lbs to date and my first goal was to get under 250. I did that last week! So, now I'm looking at that "under 200"--that's my long term goal for right now. I would like to achieve it by the end of the year. Is that possible?

Right now, I'm struggling with a metal issue. I'm one pound away from 25 lbs lost since I joined TOPS and it seems like I'm doing things to sabatoge myself. I don't plan on doing that, but I'm eating when I get off work, something I wasn't doing! and I'm not even hungry. Why am I doing this and what can I do to stop it?

I'm really excited about being with a group that has a specific common goal and I'm going back and reading your posts.


06-02-2004, 04:57 PM
Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I was technologically deprived for a few days, but now my new birthday computer is finally up and running like it's supposed to, so all should be well from here on out.
My eating was terrible over the weekend, and even through yesterday, though not as bad as it could have been. We had a cookout Saturday for my birthday, so there was lots of food, but I spent all day Friday and all morning Saturday running around trying to mow the lawn and clean the house and make the food and everything else you could possibly think to do, so I burnt a lot of calories. Sunday I went to IKEA (which I love) and walked around the whole store 2 or 3 times. Then we went to Olive Garden, but I only ate half of the chicken alfredo I ordered and I drank water! Monday and Tuesday I worked all day, so not much activity. Both days I did really well at breakfast and lunch, but man, did dinner wreck my calorie totals for the day! Today, though, I am back on track! Calories good, exercise good, water good. I was going to go for a walk but it's all icky and windy and it's going to start pouring here any minute. I might do an aerobics tape though.
My scale said 214 yesterday morning, but it's been acting funny, giving me a range of about 8 pounds even when I'm not moving, but 214 was the high number yesterday, whereas it was 220, so I'm taking it as a good sign. 214 means I've met my goal for my birthday of 215. Yay! My next goal is getting under 200 by September 1.

Oh, and here comes the rain....


06-02-2004, 08:35 PM
Welcome MyChoice! I totally think you goal is achievable! I am a big believe in the whole "if you believe, you can achieve it" attitude. One thing you could do when you find yourself going to eat even though you aren't even hungry is you could find something to do that is going to keep your hands busy... crochet, knit, cross-stitch, etc. Or you could budget some calories for a healthy after-work snack. Just a couple things to think about.

Elisha - Happy belated Birthday! :gift: :hb: :balloons: Glad to hear you've got your computer up and running! Isn't it funny how on your birthday you end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done... I'm sure you really did burn a lot of calories! BTW, what is IKEA? I've never heard that before... And one more thing... :bravo: on the 214!!! That is awesome! Keep it up! :coach: :workout:

06-04-2004, 02:17 PM
Good afternoon ladies! I Don't know what happened to y'all, but I wanted to post an update in case you are still around but are just lurking...

I went to the gym and water aerobics last night and back to the gym at 6:00 this morning. I got weighed and measured so I wouldn't have to do it during TOM again. Here are my losses: (this month/total)

Bust: -1.50/-2.25
Waist: -1.50/-3.25
Abdomen: -3.0/-4.5
Hips: -2.25/-4.25
Thighs: -0.5/-0.5
Arms: -0.5/-2.0
Weight: -10.5#/-22.5#

Needless to say I was quite please, except for the bust thing

Anywho, I hope y'all are having a great Friday!! :flow: :goodvibes

06-04-2004, 04:15 PM
Hi Jen,
Great idea to get those measurements down. :bravo: I had my body fat done last Thursday and then I'm going to have it done again around Labor Day. It's nice to see the scales go down and I want them to do that, but sometimes it doesn't show up there and I want something else to measure my hard work by.

Great job on getting to the gym..doesn't it make you feel great?! :cp:

Have a great weekend!

06-04-2004, 06:37 PM
It does feel great to go to the gym... sets the pace for the day when you go in the morning ;) BTW, I get measured every month at my gym. It wasn't my idea. Curves does it for members to show them where they are losing from. It's a good thing because sometimes you don't lose weight but you still lose inches. ;)

06-04-2004, 10:58 PM
Hello everyone. I am 45 years. Married for 27 years have a married son. No grandchildren yet, only grand dogs and grand cats and a grand bird! I am at 208.00 not that far from 199, :p I had lost over 80 pounds and was down to 130, but put most of it back on :?: which I could kick myself for, but I have no one to blame but me. Anyway my husband and I are trying to lose together. Please pray, it's the weekend and that usually means trouble, anyway I pray daily for all of us on this site. So God Bless all of you this evening. :dizzy:

06-05-2004, 02:10 AM
Oh goodness. no I'm not dead.
but my losing is. it's so frustrating. it feels like the more I diet and exercise the more weight I gain. I am up to 223! and I've not been cheating! I've been having no more than 1800 calories a day... on that alone I should be at least breaking even...not GAINING!!!!! And I was at the gym every day last week!! granted I missed the last 2 days. But just the same!!! It doesn't feel physically possible. It makes noo sense at all. It is maddening. It's my tom soon enough, but I shouldn't be this bloated this early. It can't be bloat. A total of what... almost ten from what I was down to.. in a matter of 2 weeks? Logically impossible.

Forgive me for not congratulating everyone on their beautiful successes, I'm just too busy thinking about my ever increasing girth. I can NEVER win can I? Sigh.

06-05-2004, 10:55 AM
Hey girls!!

Rachel - Maybe you are gaining some muscle? Do your clothes feel looser?

Jenn - Keep us updated on your inches lost!! That would be exciting to see!!

My WI is tomorrow I'll probably maintain from last week. We'll see though.
Have a good weekend!!

06-06-2004, 06:43 PM
Hey Girls ...I know..I's been awhile....I have been sooo busy with remodeling the store during the day and with the puppy and kick boxing at night that I just can't seem to fit intime to visit on the computer....I had a wedding cake to make (actually it was a 60th Anniversary cake)for my Aunt and Uncle this weekend and have been so busy running around getting groceries and weekend chores,it has been :crazy: CRAZY!!!

My eating was not so good this weekend,just not enough time to plan proper meals...but I will do better this week!!!

I woke up this A.M with a fever and the chills...truthfully I think I am over tired from burning the candle at both ends....BUT such is the life when your a Mom... :lol: !!!

WELCOME My choice!!!This a great forum I am sure you will find it helpful and there is always support and a few laughs along the way!! ;)

I just got back from a walk it is beautiful here today!!!

Anyway the hubby and the boys are gone fishing the puppy is napping and :yawn: I think I am going to lay down for awhile and catch up on a few ZZZZZ's!!

talk to ya'll tomorrow....Jill

06-07-2004, 11:21 AM
Hello everyone, I'm still around. Busy week at work last week, this week too. Clients will be here all month long and I'm basically the gopher LOL!

Well, I guess bad habits are hard to break. I have eaten terribly the past week, not to mention...I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday night! Almost a week! It feels weird. This is where I have to make it stop. I bet I have gained five pounds back. I wouldn't know, of course, cuz I haven't been to the gym! I'm going tonite with my husband...I'm taking to the airport in Chicago tomorrow...he's going to Europe for almost two weeks. I want to do a great job and feel better by the time he comes back.

All of you are doing a great job. Don't get down, RACHEL - you could be gaining muscle. I only have maybe two good weigh ins a month, when I'm doing the right thing, that is...because of TOM and all other crazy things.

Better get back to work!


06-07-2004, 11:31 AM
Hi Girlie (and everyone else!)
I'm new but I wanted to respond to your post.

It's so easy to let life get so busy for us and when it does, we are usually the last thing that we take care of! (why do we do that?!!)

Don't worry about what you might have gained. Today is a new day and you are going to the gym tonight..that's what's important, we can't do anything about yesterday.

I've not been to the gym since Wednesday (and I usually go 6 days a week!), but the little break has renewed me and I'm ready to hit it again! Enjoy your workout tonight and tell yourself it's something special that you are doing...just for you. That's what I'm going to do.

Also, you have a little mini goal right in front of you...your hubby is going to be gone for 2 weeks (I'm sure you will miss him and he will miss you!), but just thinks you could be down 5 lbs by the time he gets back and hopefully he will notice! :yes:

Have a good day everyone. I need to get back to work. I'll check in later.


06-07-2004, 12:34 PM
Hi everyone :)

It sounds like we've all been super busy! Congrats to those who are still losing and maintaining. My weigh in is tomorrow and I am hoping to still be at least 193.

Just a fly by post this time, wanted to let everyone know I am still around and the highway dept is still digging up our road! They are at my drive this morning!

Have a great Monday all :).

06-07-2004, 02:41 PM
Just a post to let you all know I'm still here....I didn't get a chance to post all weekend and now I've been none stop busy here at work all day...Go figure!

I'd just like to say welcome to the newbies, Keep you chin up to Rachel, and Girlie I think mychoice is right about seeing it as a mini goal to work hard and see what you can lose by the time your hubby gets back ;)

Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy Monday! :lol:

06-08-2004, 02:43 PM
Good morning all :)

Well, my weekly weigh in showed no change from last week so it looks like I may have hit a plateau. I'm going to step up the exercise this week and try cut down on the amount of carbs whilst upping the amount of protein I eat to see if this might break the plateau.

Hope everyone is well, ttyl.

06-08-2004, 04:30 PM
Sounds like a good plan to break the plateau. You will do it! :cheer:

Don't give up!! Stay strong :strong:

06-08-2004, 07:20 PM
good evening girls

That is exactly what i did the last time I hit a plateau....step up the exercise or even change to something new for a week or so...your body is tricky and can adapt to the same thing after a while..also dropping your carb intake a little or not eating too many carbs at supper can be good is just good to see you not get down because of it..just recognize it for what it is and work through!! I think we are all doing GREAT especially with this forum to come to and talk to all of us that are going through the same things!!! :lol:

Anyway I am just getting ready for kick boxing...I am feeling better I slept about 16hours between Sunday and monday and feel renewed energy!!
talk to everyone tomorrow!!!


06-09-2004, 04:54 AM
Well. The weight is down to 218 again. I cut back on sodium and upped my cardio (an hour on the eliptical 3 days in a row oy I almost died). I've started adding a couple sets of situp/pushups before bed and getting more calcium and sleep. just to maybe speed things along.
I think it was just bloat. but whooo knows. My body is wacked out right now. And either way... that weird adding of weight aside. I've been busting my proverbial balls for a while now and ZERO loss has been made. Frruuustration.

06-09-2004, 09:14 AM
Rachel - Give it a few more days. At least you got back to your starting weight which is a plus...In my first month on going to the gym, I gained 2.5# right away and all I lost in that month was 2.5#... If you keep up the exercise that you've been doing, you should definitely start seeing the pounds melt away! Keep believing in yourself... you CAN do this and you WILL see results! :grouphug:

06-09-2004, 09:41 AM
Good morning everyone,
I did my final speech last night for class and I'm not taking any classes this summer. It gets to be alot with working full-time, trying to get to the gym and eat healty, but hey that's life, and there will always be things like that to deal with while I'm losing weight and someday when I'm "on maintence". Nevertheless, it's going to be great to have the summer to focus on my weightloss and hopefully the lbs will fall off a little more quickly.

Everyone have a good day.

06-09-2004, 02:09 PM
Welcome Tardy!

Everyone is racing themselve here! I finally got back down to 199, but I'm still here because it is such a great thread and the girls on here are so awesome! I love to read about their successes and share mine with them. I also have to keep offering them support and encouragement as they head to 199# because they gave it to me!

I look forward to reading about your success! ;)

06-09-2004, 02:13 PM
Welcome Tardy :)

Everyone here is in the same boat as you are, we're all supportive and encouraging and I'm sure you'll feel right at home.

06-09-2004, 03:43 PM
Welcome Tardy,
I'm pretty new here too. I've been dieting for most of my life. I had one brief stint in high school where I was thin. It was because I didn't hardly eat anything! Looking back on it, I don't know how I survived! I know that I ruined my health and let me tell you, I'll take healthy anytime over being thin!

I liked your comment about a "girl weight", that's how I think of anything under 200...that's why I'm in this "race". I think we've come to a great place to be encourged and to encourge.

I also have a low thyroid that I take medicine for, along with some other health problems that affect my taking off weight, the main one being Interstitial Cystitis, there are a slew of things I just can't eat! like fruit, and yorgut, but then again I can't have chocolate or soda, so it helps too!

Just wanted to say welcome and I look forward to seeing you around the boards.


06-09-2004, 10:55 PM
hello all

And a GREAt BIG HELLO to Tardy...Welcome,this a great place to be, we all know what you are going through and will give you our support whatever the challenge may be.....Congratulations on your weight loss so far..keep up the good work!! :balloons:

Just got back from a 4 mile walk then walked about 6 extra blocks with the puppy and our other dog Rosie..that was interesting the pup likes to play tug-o- war rather than walk. :lol: It took us about 1 hour to walk 6 blocks and that's what it takes me to walk 4 miles by myself!! :lol:
Anyway I gotta go ...Talk to everyone tomorrow......Jill

06-09-2004, 11:07 PM
Great job with all the walking Jilly! Aren't puppies great even though they slow you up? I bet he's just adorable! :^:

I started my day at the gym, then I went back after work, and then went to water aerobics.... Man am I beat! I hope I sleep well... After all, I think I earned it! :lol:

Have a good night everyone!

06-10-2004, 11:12 AM
:coffee2: Hello Chicks.....

Just havin' my morning coffee and a bowl of raisin bran..hehe!(oh well keeps me regular and all.... :lol: )

As soon as I get my pics developed I will make sure I change my avatar so you all can see the new "Baby"...He really is sooo much fun..although Rosie ..our older mixed breed is not happy...but she is getting lots of extra LOVE & TREATS!! So she will get over it..

Kick boxing is tonight...I do looove it!!!!
(what a change in my butt and thighs...although no great weight loss yet...)

I went shopping for capris last night and got into a size15/ has been a while since I've seen those sizes......!!It felt GREAT!! :high:

Anyway I should go get ready for work.. I'm still painting.. should be done by early next week..YAY!!!! :dancer:

Talk to you all later.....Jill

06-10-2004, 11:30 AM
I can't wait to join you in those 15/16 sizes! I know they are coming. I'm in a 20W now..used to be a 26W. Feels good to have to go get a smaller size to try on doesn't it!

That kickboxing is paying off for you! Keep up the good work. :cp: and CONGRATS!


06-10-2004, 12:21 PM
Woohoo! Way to go Jilly! Keep it up and you'll be in a 13/14 in no time! BTW, I look forward to seeing the pics of your new baby! ;)

06-10-2004, 01:47 PM
OMG ty ty ty all for the reply!

I've been so down the last couple of days listening to "you'll have tons of excess skin"...."you'll never be able to maintain it" know what I mean :)

And the fact that summer is kicking into full effect, lol....darn skinny girls and their cute little outfits...make me so much more aware of it all, lol! :devil:

I really needed to get a "big boost" of positive energy and you all definitely delivered. Hearing how everyone is feeling just like me and struggling (while smiling...I think its cause I'm delerious due to the exercise...otherwise I'm just plain crazy :dizzy: )

Hearing ppl talking about the sizes they're getting into (congrats by the way and the walks they're taking and to even those who just won't give up :D )

Anyone else that can't wait for this? I can't wait to NOT obsess over whether I can fit into this or fit into that (chairs, rides, clothes, everything!!!) and just go do it!?!?!?! lololol....or to finally have a guy "check me out again". I don't want hit on, I just want some guy ANY GUY to admire my looks that isn't required to by marriage and me realize that he's doing it!

06-10-2004, 02:26 PM
Don't let other people's negativity bring you down. I've found that when people do that, it's because they wish they have the mindset to do what you are doing, but they don't really want to try and they don't want to feel bad for not trying.

I hear you about not being able to wait until we don't have to obsess wheather we can fit into something or not!

As far as the guys checking you out...don't worry it will happen. I'm not at goal, or close to it by any means, but I've lost weight and working out makes me feel good, which brings on confidence and confidence is attractive. My husband says he notices me getting looks. Sometimes I do to, but I'm smart enough not to mention it! lol :lol:

Have a good day!


06-10-2004, 03:00 PM
Tell me about it Tardy! Do you ever wish you could stick one of those girls who has always been skinny and gets to wear the cutest clothes ever in a fat suit for a week so they knw why we dispise them? :lol:

06-10-2004, 03:44 PM
Yes....I just want to feed them protein shakes until they get a bubble butt, omg lololol...nah I don't wish that on anyone, but I sure get a kick out of picturing them with one :devil: (little devil coming out of me).

Today was no exception...I swear...what's the point of clothing if you don't wear some?

I've found that I go by a window and look in the mirror now, critiquing my belly and wanting it to leave me, lol.

I definitely haven't gotten so down that I'd quit ---- let me say HECK NO I AM NOT STOPPING NOW, lol ---- but darn it I'm so impatient :p

So, can anyone tell me what a normal weight loss is per month for my weight (276 as of 5/17/04)? I'm hoping to lose by October 30 lbs (using 5/17/04 as my starting point).

I'm currently eating approx. 1200-1400 calories a day. I stairclimb (in my building) 14 floors (takes about 15 mins while doing arm lifts and marching the steps with weights in hands and around ankles), walk for an hour during lunch (normal pace), walk home (15 minute walk), and do stomach crunches (about 10 mins right now) (these are done on average 4-5 days a week). I'm building up to being able to do some light aerobics with weight toning (is there such a thing, lol?!?!). Is a 30lb. goal too much to expect with my current diet and exercise to lose within 5 months? I know no one can say for sure, but I want to make sure I'm not setting an unobtainable goal. I lost a bunch at the get go, but I expect this will continue to taper off as my intake/daily maintenance calories comes closer together.

LoL --- by the way --- my name's Angel :) I think I told you all everything but that, lolol!

06-10-2004, 05:06 PM
Good afternoon Angel!

Just so you know, I'm not cruel like that either, but some people really should have to see how it feels with the things they say, you know? More often then not when I see a "Skinny-Mini" wearing something so cute, I say to myself, "I can't wait until I can look good in something like that!"... I used to think "That is soo cute... too bad I'm too fat to ever fit into something like that"

Anywho, I really wanted to let you know that I think you can TOTALLY do that...30# in 5 months... That's only 6# a month, or 1.5# per week...They say a good pace to lose at is 1-2 # per week, so that is a great target! You may lose more in some weeks and less in others, but just stick with it and you will definitely make it! :goodvibes