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04-05-2001, 12:40 PM
Thank you RoadRunner and Rabbit for the welcome to the group.
I appreciate it.

I checked out Weight Watchers online and they said they don't offer it in
my area. Can you guys explain in to me or is it too involved?

I completely blew it yesterday. I had cookies for breakfast.

I recently turned thirty and it seems like it is so much harder to take it off
then it was a few years ago.

I am a newlywed and my new husband's family reunion
is May 19th. I haven't met all of his family yet. I don't want to be known as
that little chunky girl he married. I need to take off 10 pounds by then!

Any advice on how to get my metabolism jump started and ladies, how
do you find time to exercise with kids and work? Help! It is so discouraging!


04-06-2001, 01:44 PM
Hi Tanya,

Congrats, I am also a newlywed! Mom was always right, the older you get, the harder it is to lose!

Please come and post on the weekly thread, hit "New Reply", not "New Thread", to respond on that thread.

There is a lot of information to try and explain here, but if there's no WW in your area, you can probably go to www.weightwatchers.com and order the "At Home" package.

I'm not sure what you're doing now to try and lose, or at least "behave yourself" :), but I would say the first and probably most important step is to make sure you're drinking a lot of water. WW and doctors recommend 8 glasses a day...I drink about a gallon a day, and a lot of people drink more than that! I bring 3 - 1 liter water bottles with me to work each day, and try to finish them by the time I leave. Then at home with dinner and at night I have more.

Acknowledge and move on with the cookies for breakfast situation!! Planning is everything!! Get some healthy stuff in the house, and in your lunch bag! I buy snacks, like teddy grahams, and count them out and put them in little snack size baggies, that way I'm not mindlessly munching!

Everything depends on how much you need to lose...do you only need to lose 10 lbs.?? Or is that just a beginning to make you feel more comfortable for the reunion. No matter how much you have to lose, WW can help!

As far as finding time to exercise, you have to make it. The weather is getting nicer now (well, I'm in NJ, so it is, I guess it has been in Alabama!), go for a walk on your lunch hour. Walk around the parking lot, if there's no nice paths or anything. Why don't you and your new husband make it a point to go for a walk after dinner every night...that's what we decided to do. We live in an apartment complex and there's a back walkway all the way around!

Hope I've helped! Come join us on the weekly thread for more support and good ideas!

Lauren :D