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04-10-2004, 08:29 AM
Good morning, Chickies!

Sorry I haven't been here the last couple days. Just work catching up with me, KWIM?

Good news is, I'm finished training our newbie. She's taking over the nursing homes on her own as of Monday am. :cp:

Update on the neck/back. My ortho thinks the therapist may have done me no favors by monkeying with my neck the way he did. He's worried about the amount of weakness I'm experiencing.

So, I'm off to have a spinal MRI. I may end up having trigger point injections or even some epidurals done to try and get those muscle spasms under control. Oh, the joy of it all. ~~sigh~~

Well, off to get a cup of :coffee2: I'll be hanging around...


04-10-2004, 08:30 AM
Good morning, chickies. The Girls and I "slept in" until 6 this morning! What is the world coming to? :lol:

Today is an odd-job day and will also be the day I do our Easter Dinner - a lovely leg of lamb and fresh green beans! It's cloudy and cool but no rain so I may be able to start some garden clean-up again. :)

I will be taking a bit of a sabbatical from South Beach eating for a while. I have to go for a follow-up barium enema on Monday and need to start "prep" once again before noon tomorrow. Right now worry about what I eat is the least of my problems. However, I'll still be in here nagging you chickies if you stray from the sand. :lol:

What's happening with you? I hope those choclate bunnies are not attacking - or those insidious Peeps!

04-10-2004, 08:31 AM
You beat me to it, Mama! I'll combine our threads for The Weekend.

Your instincts about your evil therapist were right! I hope the tests can solve the problem. At least the newbie problem is solved! That should lighten your load a bit.

I swear that Lucy is really Lucifer! She just got a ten dollar bill out of my jacket pocket and chewed it to bits. Serves me right for leaving a jacket over the back of a chair!

Need more coffee!

04-10-2004, 08:52 AM
Yikes! Ten dollars down the...ahem...

Bad Lucy!! Bad Dog :nono: :lol:

04-10-2004, 08:54 AM
Good morning all -
It's bright and sunny here for now, but tomorrow is supposed to be a stormy day. We planned an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, now I'll have them traipsing through my newly painted house searching for eggs!

Mamacita - So sorry about your neck and back. Hope the tests bring about some relief finally.

Hey, Ruth, you just concentrate on getting through the "barium" stuff for now, and don't worry about what you eat. You can get back OP when all this is over. Keep us posted as to what's happening with you, OK?

Busy day ahead. We'd BETTER finish with the painting, then put all the furniture back and get pictures back on the walls and curtains up. THEN I have to clean the rest of the house that been neglected through all this, and make 2 pies for tomorrow. Oops! - And get Easter presents wrapped for the grandkids! Oh boy - - -

04-10-2004, 09:03 AM
Good Morning, Ladies! It sounds as though both of you have your hands full. Don't you hate it when the calendar fills up with medical appointments. It's like a cloud hanging overhead.

Mama, I hope your neck problems are easily taken care of soon. Good news about the new help.

And Ruth, that early Easter dinner you're planning sounds wonderful. I was going to do lamb also, but one of my DDs volunteered for Easter dinner duty, so...... That must be some curious puppy you've got there. Why in the world would she even investigate your pocket? And take a ten? Ya gotta laugh. Good luck on Monday.

I am off to fill Easter baskets, one for the grandson and the other for DH who has a sweet tooth the size of Kansas.

Have a great day, everybody. Jo

04-10-2004, 09:10 AM
Jo, I hate to admit it but my bad "puppy" is nearly two and a half years old! She has been naughty and curious since birth. My portable phone got chomped so the buttons wouldn't work and she has also crunched up a few other things - like pedometers! A real brat! Yes, I do train my dogs but this one is something else. I am going to shave her head and look for 666!

04-10-2004, 09:11 AM
Ruth, have you tried Bitter Apple? It sure worked to keep the bunny from chomping electrical cords...

04-10-2004, 09:16 AM
I tried it on electrical cords - she ate teh GF grill cord before she was 6 months. However, I can't really spray all my stuff. She knows she is doing something bad but just can't resist. It's usually something I have handled - separation anxiety? We'll keep working on it. Maybe motherhood will mature her.

04-10-2004, 09:17 AM
good morning chickies,
i got up super early this am 5:30 to be exact. ds had a birthday sleepover last night and they way out lasted me. i was waken at 5:30 by the last 2 stragglers sneaking cookies off the kitchen table, thats right they had not gone to sleep yet my son and his buddy jordan. they are asleep now of course but i know it is not gonna be a great day for them. oh well you only turn 9 once right??

i decided to start a journal today, i think this will be a positive.

i ate pizza last night and chips and ice cream (shame on me) i have a wedding to go to tonight so i will probabally not be even close to plan if they are serving the regular buffett type stuff, and tomorrow is Easter so thats not likely to be op either. i will drink lots of water but thats about the only promise i can make for the weekend.

good luck ruth for monday. i think it is a good idea to take care of the matter at hand and not worry about being op. hang in there!! we are having leg of lamb also with fresh asparagus.

hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

04-10-2004, 09:20 AM
What is it with dogs and phones? My Golden, who's normally as good as, got hold of a guest's cellphone and chomped it to pieces. Innate suspicion of technology, maybe?

04-10-2004, 09:24 AM
We're not really doing an Easter dinner....Dd's birthday is Monday. Talked her into a SB friendly dinner...Steak, asparagus, fresh peas, and baked potatoes for her/dh/bf and a baked sweet potato for me.

She asked for a flourless chocolate cake from Harry's...I'll check the carbs, but I'm betting it's way off the I may have just a sliver....though I could easily eat a huge slice, it's that yummy! :o


04-10-2004, 09:41 AM
Hey, darlin's.

Marmacita, it's good that you're getting an MRI. Get right to the root of the problem without all this fiddling-about nonsense. :yes:

Ruth, I'm still waiting to hear if my sister's over her strep throat. I REALLY want to be served Easter dinner this year. I just want to sit around and watch people working. Speaking of servants, my house is a pigsty. I'd better get to work.

Have a great day, all! :wave:

04-10-2004, 09:42 AM
I can't believe it! About, like, six people posted at the same time as me!
Hi, girls! :D

04-10-2004, 10:24 AM
No way did I get up early today... I had planned to but... well, I got very comfortable and just couldn't get up. (sigh) Some days are like that.

Well, I couldn't wait til tomorrow to weigh in, so I did it this morning. I weigh as soon as I get out of bed, before breakfast. I lost 5 lbs!!!OMG was I shocked!! I knew I did well, but wow! I figured I wouldn't lose that much since Aunt Flo is due, but this is great! Now, it's a total of 10 since March 21!!!! YES YES YES!! :dance:

Other than that, today I have a whole load of cleaning to do. Since I work FT I don't get a chance to do it until the weekend. Then I need to get the kids to Payless to get some shoes, and probably the veg market for fruits and vegs.

Have a wonderul weekend, and if you celebrate Easter, I hope it's especially Blessed and perfect.



I can't believe it! About, like, six people posted at the same time as me!
Hi, girls! :D

04-10-2004, 02:08 PM
Liz, Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome!:cheer:

Marmacita, sorry you're having neck and back problems, good luck with you MRI.

Ruth, you're so funny! Shaving your dog and looking for the numbers 666. :D

cottagebythesea, hope the weather is nice the Easter Egg Hunt!

Jo, have fun filling those Easter basket, but be careful doing it! :)

jodi, good for you on starting your journal. Look like you had your hands full with the sleepover.

Ellis, my house too! I have to get busy with my cleaning also.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Enjoy your family and friends. I'm off to doing more cleaning, laundry and I have plans to go to the park today. If it doesn't rain.


04-10-2004, 02:57 PM
Liz, congratulations!! :hat:

Patricia, thank you for backing me up re: the cow's earrings. :lol3:

Well, my sister has full-blown strep throat. :( So I won't be served Easter dinner, dang it. Poor thing. I DO feel for her, but couldn't she get sick some other time? She's 37 years old, for cryin' out loud! And has never served me a holiday meal!
We're going to Mom and Dad's instead. I'm taking dessert, salad and rolls. And will be doing the cleaning up. :rolleyes: And tonight my MIL is coming over, and she's getting KFC and liking it, because I've GOT to get to the gym.
I just went to Farm Boy and picked up my salad stuff, and then thought I'd pop into the Sally Ann next door to look at the second hand books. While I was looking at them, someone stole my bag of salad stuff right out of my cart! :mad: I had to go back and shop AGAIN at Farm Boy. crap. The nerve of some people!

04-10-2004, 05:33 PM
Good weekend everyone,
Congrats on your weight loss Liz! :cp:
Marmacita, I hope you get some relief with your neck and back problems.
Ruth, Focus on your medical needs, you can always come back to SBD later!My puppy (10 mos old) chews up everything when we're not around. So now we have to keep him in his cage when we leave the house. Every once in a while I'll try leaving him free to roam when I'm gone for a short time, but every time he finds something to chew. If he can't find paper to shred, then he chews on the rugs! Stupid dog!
DH is doing yard work and I am supervizing! :D It is nice and warm here in Southern Ohio, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

04-10-2004, 08:36 PM
It's chilly here, but the sun is out. Can't ask for more than that. It was a good week, loss of 3.5 pounds since Saturday. I can't figure this body of mine out. I get stalled, then I lose great for a week or so then stall again. It's like my body is afraid to lose the fat.

I've exercised everyday this week, except today. Too much running to do to concentrate on me.

Thanks Mamacita for starting this thread. It's fun to see what everyone is up to.

04-10-2004, 09:53 PM
I read your Bio. I'll bet you'd be a lot more p*** off if they had stolen your secondhand books and left the salad stuff. 'Fess up now. :rofl:

04-11-2004, 03:41 AM
Ellis, :) W/C on the laughing cow earrings! Oh, sorry to hear that about your sister! Hope she feels better soon. OMG, the nerve of that person to take your salad stuff out of your cart! :lol3:Sorry, but it is funny! Who would of thought someone would do that! :D

RNmom, Congrats on your weight loss!! :D

Happy Easter Day! :coffee:

04-11-2004, 08:48 AM
:lol: Very funny, Penny. You're absolutely right. :rofl:

Patricia, I figure whoever stole my stuff had to have been hungry. Aside from the salad stuff, there was a nice bag of freshly baked buns in there, and I hope they enjoyed them. :)
And I didn't mean to sound nasty... I DO feel for my sweet little sister. She's a teacher, and was really looking forward to her long weekend off. And she was really looking forward to entertaining the family, too. She and her partner have almost finished renovating their house that they gutted last summer, and she's so proud to show it off.

RNMom, congratulations on your weight loss! :hat: I'm glad to see that some people are actually still losing weight around here. :D

Happy Easter Day to all who celebrate it!

04-11-2004, 09:08 AM
Quick Happy Easter Day to all who celebrate!

The Girls tell me that the chocolate "eggs" in the back room were from the Bunny! :( I think they are lying!

I'm off to Church after a breakfast of a bacon sandwich! I felt pretty decadent but I know it'll be "gone" by this afternoon as I start another glorious day of prep for the barium tomorrow. I will spare you the details. Here's the URL if you want to ruin your day! :lol3:

I may get some outside work done after Church this morning. My daffies are up but covered with leaves. I'll try to rake them off at least. There is a young woman in the village who will do yard work and I may book her to kind of follow me around picking up crud as I clean out my flower beds.

Have a super Sunday, everyone!

Nascar Girl
04-11-2004, 09:40 AM
:coffee: Good morning chicks! I was out in the yard yesterday diggingg up shrubs and planting new ones.

Mama: Great that you are having the MRI; DH has went through a series of the spinal epidurals and they helped for a year; He just had to have another one 2 weeks ago.

Ruth: Hope your test go well. I know how the chewing goes with my little Cairn, he just turned 1 and still loves to chew. He managed to chew up my shredder cord, lamp cords, he even chewed up a brownie lipgloss that he snitched out of my Mary Kay office. That was a mess to clean up!

It's rainy and stormy here today; no egg hunt for the yunguns today. I've been doing pretty good; did have a chocolate attack and ate some rollos and mini reeses but I'll blame that on TOM! :s: Well better get going I have to make potato salad for the family luncheon. They think I make the best so time to start peeling away! There will be 13 of us today :o

04-11-2004, 09:58 AM
Just a quick check in and a Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

There's nothing worse than a deceitful dog, Ruth. I wouldn't believe them either! Book the yard helper by all means. If the beds look good, you'll feel so much better. Good luck tomorrow.

RNMOM, I'm jealous! I've lost a measly .5 lb. in a week. A 3.5 lb. loss is fantastic.

Nascar Girl, planting new shrubs sounds like a dream job to me right. Maybe some snow here tonight. WHAAAA.

Time to go get cleaned up, and I don't even have to cook today!!!! Jo