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04-08-2004, 10:58 AM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!

04-08-2004, 11:07 AM
Good morning all! :sunny:
I hope everyone is feeling better.
Just a quick hello :wave:
I'll post again later

04-08-2004, 11:11 AM
Good morning all!

Crystal, I really hope you feel better today and getting out of the house doesn't aggravate your allergies. Did you say you took a perscription for it or something? Could you get an allergy shot? Wow, your sister already has 8 kids and is expecting another? How old is she and her kids? Did she just want a really large family or does she not believe in birth control?? Dh has a friend who is one of 7 kids and his mom didn't believe in birth control. But she is a little woman and you'd never think she had that many kids because she is very thin with a flat stomach!!! That is how my bf will be, she was 95 lbs before getting pregnant and about 115 the day she gave birth the other night, I know when I see her her stomach will be flat again, she didn't even get any stretch marks. I offered her a few of mine and she passed, lol. I have more than enough for 3 women. yuck. I'll be watching survivor tonight and the apprentice.
Ginny, your life will not slow down until your kids are grown and moved away and you retire! lol. You are a busy woman. :) I didn't know you played the flute!!! I dabbled with the guitar for awhile (a past anniversary gift) and when I was in high school I played the xylaphone (sp?) and some keyboard. But now all I play is the radio. Oh and I fiddle with DH's harmonica every now and then. Did you get to your WW meeting yesterday??? Don't leave me hanging!!! What was the meeting about?

Well today I plan on sticking around the house for awhile. I won't go tan until 7 pm tonight (will have to tape survivor) I've decided since I've been so bad the past few weeks on the weekends that when I WI tomorrow I will not use any flexpoints this week. I just need to stay focused to get these last 2.5 lbs off. I don't expect a loss tomorrow, maybe even more of a gain since TOM is coming, but I'll weigh in none the less to keep me accountable and then next friday I am hoping to see my goal weight staring at me from the scale!!!! I'm keeping positive.
Well, I am off here to chrochet a little. TTYL!

04-08-2004, 11:14 AM
Just a quick note:
Spryng, do you credit all or most of your weight loss to WW? Do you go to the meetings? Where can I get all the info to learn it w/o going to meetings? I think Penny might be sending it to me but I'm not sure. I was just curious. I thought at first you didn't have much to lose although to you I'm sure it was, but when you actually put #'s with it, 40 lbs. is quite a bit. I haven't been around here long enough to know in depth about everyone's weight loss. If you don't feel like sharing the whole story on the thread, maybe you can email me some basic info. Whatever. Just thought I'd ask.

04-08-2004, 11:14 AM
Good Morning Ladies!! I hope today finds you well!!

Spryng-I start atkins today!!!! Im sooo excited I really hope that it will work for me, I am very devoted as of today we'll see how I feel throughout the rest of induction lol.

I have a question in general for anyone....I am having my wisdom teeth out next thursday and I'll still be in induction at that point can anyone reccommend any good SOFT induction foods for me I was thinking perhaps I'd live on chicken broth alone for a few days or can atkins dieters have sugar free jello or sugar free popsicles?

Crystal--Sorry to hear you werent feeling well :( I hope things pick up for you :)

Any hints for indoor rainy day activities to do with a 2 yo? I think we may do some painting today she always likes painting :D

I hope you are all doing well!!!

GW~~145 I changed my goal weight from 150 to 145 which is what my max average weight should be for my height of 5'4"

04-08-2004, 11:29 AM
Hi again!

you girls are quick posters, lol.

Michelle, I hope you have a great first day OP!!! What is your menu today?? If I can give you some advice, the first 3 days are the hardest so hang in there! After your body goes in ketosis your hunger will dissapate and you'll feel much better. Be sure to drink extra water to flush out those ketones and don't be suprised if you get bad breath, that is a by product of ketosis. And as for soft foods.... hmmm... not sure. Let me think about that. Yes you can have sugar free jello, as much of it as you need, it's 0 carbs. Here is a great site for printing out things to do with your 2 yo hope that helps!

Crystal, yes the majority of my weight loss is due to WW, the first 8 lbs was from atkins and then I switched to low calorie (only for about 4 days) and then I switched to WW and the rest came off. No I don't go to meetings, just do it on my own at home. There isn't any meetings around here or I would go.
Here is WW in a nutshell... you get target pts for each day and those are based on your weight. Like for me I get 20 pts a day, those under 150 get 20 pts, I forget how much you weigh or I'd tell you how many pts you'd get. Then you get 35 "flexpoints" to use along with your target for the week. So you can save those pts and use for a big dinner or something or spread them out during the week. When you WI those flexpoints roll over. I hope I am making sense, I'm not the best at explaining stuff. Go to this site and you'll see links on the right side of the page, here you can download a pts calculator for you desktop and also one you can print out, a pts slider which is nice to have in the kitchen or in your purse. Every food has a pts value, if it has a label you can calculate the pts by putting in the calories, fiber and fat and then it gets a number. For everything else, like meats and such you can use to find the food and calculate it from there. But if you download that stuff you can start today! I can't see your signature right now but when I get your current weight I'll tell you how many pts you can have ok? If you have additional questions email me! I'll be happy to help you start WW.
Ok, I really need to get off here. TTYL!

04-08-2004, 11:29 AM
Good morning all :coffee:

Michele, good luck with Atkins...anytime I "can't" have anything I crave it even more! But it works for a lot of people. I'm just using Dr Phil's book as a reference to re-read when I start falling off the wagon and am eating healthy and exercising every day. Today Will & I will be making the Grandma's Easter Cards. He loves to put stickers on and then I either use my stamps or the computer for the words. Sometimes he colors on the cards too...well, he scribbles. The Grandma's love them. Dh's birthday is coming up too so maybe we'll work on his card today too.

Mornin' Spryng, I'll be watching Survivor tonight too. Still don't know who I want to win. Then I'll putz around with The Apprentice on in the background til ER comes on. Then off to bed with me. Even with the time change the boys are still up at 6ish so I'm usually going to bed around 10.

Ginny and Ricci! Nice to hear from you....Ricci, helping your Mom move was probably a good workout!!
Melinda...TOM sucks!! :p Hmmm I now have a craving for very good, but very bad Mexican :devil:

Hi to everyone else...I smell something not too pretty when Tony gets near me so I have to go!! :lol: TTYL!! I may be at the chat today...I'll try anyway.

04-08-2004, 11:31 AM
crystal, if you are 210 then you would get 26 pts a day.
when you hit 199 you go down to 24 pts per day, but you still get the extra 35 flexpoints each week to use!

04-08-2004, 12:08 PM
I posted my week's success on the old thread before I knew there was a new a nutshell, 5.5 pounds this week, 10.5 in the 10 days since my doctor's visit. YIPPEEEEEEEE! Portion control and water and listening to Dr Phil and my friends here. NO restrictions, I am just like Chubba!

Spryng, is there a minimum number of points you must eat on WW? I worry that I don't eat enough and I am going to look at the info you've posted and see if I can use WW to help me out. I could never afford to join either, so it's great to have an alternative.

See ya later, ladies!!!

04-08-2004, 02:31 PM

Spryng...thanks so much for the great link for activities what a wonderful site!! We did end up painting a bit and practicing our ABC's its great shes starting to talk so much better! Looks like I'll be eating sugarfree jello for a bit after my wisdoms are pulled I need to do a little bit of research and see what foods do and dont have carbs.

Cindi...WTG!!!! Congrats on your loss, keep it up your doing great!

Geri...Today I had scrambled eggs with cheese and ham in them it was great and filled me up I even have leftovers I can have for lunch...and dinner Im going to make a big pork roast and just have that..well not the whole thing lol

Take care everyone!

04-08-2004, 03:59 PM
Congrats Cindy!! That's terriffic!!!

Heading over to the chat. Hope to see someone there.

04-08-2004, 05:16 PM
quick post to say I posted a picture of my three little angels at moms losing weight. I've only got the one in there, and my youngest daughter has blue eyes so hers ALWAYS come out red and I can't get it to come out, not sure why. But anyways, I'll add more in time.

04-08-2004, 06:29 PM
Hi Ladies,

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Don't have time to post right now. Hunter started spring break today so they are running around :)

Will post tonight I PROMISE :) :)

04-08-2004, 07:05 PM
Hey all
Lots of posts today!
I haven't been on cause I haven't felt well. Dh and I got into an argument about money. I HATE fighting about money. :mad: Now I've got a killer tension headache. But the bright side is I haven't been stress eating. :) I'm probably below my limit right now. Lets hope it don't catch up with me tonight. For some reason I can eat healthy all day and after supper, my sweet tooth attacks with a vengeance. :devil:

Spryng-I hope TOM is on his way out. I love that website you posted. I downloaded some of the tools. But I can't find anything on how to calculate how many points I need. Since you seem to be the goto gal today, do you know where I could find that? And does everybody get 35 flexpoints no matter what they weigh? I know you said earlier that i would need 22 points, but i was hoping there was a site where i can find out how many points I would need at whatever weight. Without having to ask you. :D Or I guess if its not too long, you could post it. Thanks! We are probably driving you nuts. :crazy:

Crystal-I hope your allergies are better. I take Zyrtec but last week I had to take Benadryl, too. It made me sleepy, but I couldn't take anymore.

Cindy-WTG! :cheer:

Gonna go lay down
Talk to ya'll later

04-08-2004, 08:43 PM
Ok, quick question.
Spryng and whoever else might know..... :D
I could very well be doing this wrong, but lets say I get 22 points. I'm 160 lbs. So far today I figured I've had 19 pts using the pts calcuator I downloaded from the website you posted, Spryng. I've also counted the calories and I come up with the equivalent of 968 cals. Which means I have 3 pts left. Does this sound right? Seems awfully low. :(

04-08-2004, 08:44 PM
Fixing to head out but I wanted to say this to Mary really quick... yes you get 22 pts a day, when you hit 149 you go down to 20 pts per day and yes everyone gets 35 flexpoints no matter what their weight is (that is 35 pts to use per week, not day) I don't know a site that lists those pts, I have them in my little booklet. And I forgot to mention earlier that you can gets books and the pts slider and such on ebay pretty cheap. I would recomment getting the winning pts stuff since it is very similar to flexpoints and then doing flexpoints, but the winning points stuff is cheaper. Anyway... got to go tan, see you all tonight!!

04-08-2004, 08:49 PM
Calories and pts don't always add up... if you eat lower fat things with high fiber you will get more pts for your calories... so is you want to do WW dismiss calories, forget about them and just focus on pts and see how it goes, there are alot of 0 pt foods too, like veggies and salads so that is free calories. So I think you get to eat more on WW then other plans out there, plus nothing is off limits. Here is another site I like to go to sometimes, especially for their restaurant pts... so maybe you'll find more info there. But never go under 20 pts a day, that is the lowest to go. Ok, I really need to get out of here. If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I love being of some help if I can, but I won't be back for a few hours because all my shows will be on when I get home. So TTYL!

04-08-2004, 09:16 PM
Thank you, Spryng!
Enjoy your shows!

04-08-2004, 09:24 PM
I am really investigating this right along with you, Mary! Maybe if we get the questions answered we can start counting out points together. I am almost thinking I could do this plan!

Okay, Spryng, are you doing the regular WW or one of the alternates, like the Wendie Plan? I read it and I think it's very interesting and makes sense. So I thought I'd ask if anyone here has tried that variation and if it works.

Although I have done well, I think I may need a bit more structure down the road. I am just baby stepping it right now...hoping for a permanent change in my lifestyle.

04-08-2004, 09:55 PM
Well girls, I've done pretty good all day even though I haven't kept great track of #'s. Until I just dove into M&M'S. I still feel like crud and my husband says it's a head cold not allergies because it's hitting him now. That's not an excuse I know so as I was reading your posts I quit eating them. I was doing so good until this dang cold hit me, I'm using this time to learn about the WW thing and over the weekend I think I can get that straight. By next week maybe I can be caught up on that and this cold will be gone and I can hit it hard and heavy.

Spryng - I thank you so much too. I emailed you today with quite a few more questions, did you get that?

Mary and Cindi, let's do this together. I need help learning it too. I think I'll look on ebay for some books and such.

I've got the Apprentice coming on, so I'll catch you later or tomorrow.

04-08-2004, 10:32 PM
Hi all,

Crystal, I just finished eating some jelly beans so don't feel too bad about the M&M's...sometimes you just have to! Good for you putting them away too. The point range thing makes a lot of sense when you see it in writing. The Wendie Plan works too but I found it tough on the low point days because it didn't always fit into my schedule. It was easier for me to try to stick to the same points everyday and leave the extras for the weekend. YOu can also manipulate your start date so the higher point days are on the weekend....very flexible.

Well gotta go find something to do...good thing is there were only a few jelly beans around and they're gone now so I'm done!!

Hi to everyone...I only have 1/2 hour before ER so I won't get personal with all.

Take care and have a good night!

04-09-2004, 12:10 AM
Wooohoooo I didnt give in to any cravings tonight omg though it was hard and I was quite grumpy but I had like 4 deviled eggs and now Im full and happy thank god the atkins diet allows mayo and onion lol
Well Im gonna settle down for the night and watch some nick at night
Take Care

04-09-2004, 12:21 AM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I have not been around too much lately! You know how I get when I get off plan. Still can not stick to the low carb thing. So I have finally decided to officially switch to ww starting tomorrow!

Spryng is an inspiration to us all!!! So I am going to turn to her for any questions (Hope you don't mind :) ) I am going to go ahead and pull out my books and just list all the stuff on the Moms Losing Weight website
Heres the link in case you don't have it:

Give me a little time but I am going to start putting the info on there tonight.

Hey Girl, How are you doing w/ the latteral machine??? I am so jealous (i know that is a sin :( ) I wanna tan so bad but I am going to wait until I am skinny like you :) :) :) :)

How are you doing??? How is TOPS going? You are doing so awesome on plan :) :)

I got my watkins book! I love the products and I will hopefully send you an order soon!

Dh apologized last night :) We hardly ever fight and we always make up before we go to bed. The makeup sex last night and tonight made up for the spat (sorry too much information!)

I am up one pound but I know why! I will have it back off and more next week!!!!!

04-09-2004, 12:23 AM
Good evening all!

Michelle, congrats on getting your first day off to a great start!! I used to buy those premade maburger patties and heat one up when I needed a snack and dip it in mustard, and pork rinds are 0 carbs and are great as a chip or crush them and roll your chicken or porkchops in them and then fry them for a nice crunch. I hope tomorrow is easier for you. Hang in there!!

Geri, how was ER? Did you watch the apprentice?

Crystal, I didn't get your email, can you resend it?? And I hope your cold goes away fast. Being sick in the spring and summer really sucks.

Cindi, I'm doing the regular WW, I tried the Wendi plan for a week and ended up gaining a little. But I have found that if I use all my flex on the weekend then I lose the best by not using them during the week. You just have to find what works for you. Also, the wendi plan has a couple really low days of 18 pts and believe me you'll be hungry!! It's hard to stay OP those days. I would say try the normal WW version and then if you start losing slowly and such try the wendi plan as a last resort.

Well I missed all of survivor tonight but I did tape it so I'll watch it tomorrow when I get home. I finished my grocery list so I'll be shopping most of the morning. I'm not really looking forward to my WI tomorrow but I got in extra water today just hoping I won't see a gain due to TOM, but won't know until I step on that scale. But next week will be a loss for sure!!!!
Ok, I'm off to bed now. Hope everyone had a great day and has another one tomorrow! G'nite!

04-09-2004, 12:27 AM
I live in Hammond which is an hour in between New Orleans and Baton Rouge! We go to the Magic Casino over there on the coast all the time!

As far the Crest White Strips, they work really well! They are yuck when I put them on but they are still better than the trays!

I used the paraffin spa tonight (borrowed my mil's) and it was wonderful! I even got my hubby to use it!

What is everyone getting the kids for Easter?????

I don't get them candy so they are getting the
Spiderman webs
Brother Bear
Spy Kids 3D
Yugi Oh Towels
I went ahead and bought a VHS TV for the car today! They love it! Told my hubby it was for Easter :)

04-09-2004, 12:30 AM
Penny you snuck in on me while I was posting, lol. Glad you and Dh have made up :) It's always hard to stay OP when there is tension in the house. And I think it is great that you are starting WW!!! I love the idea behind low carb but I could never stick with it either. Ask Ginny how many times I've bellyached about going off plan while on atkins, lol. I don't know how she put up with me! And I don't mind you coming to me with any questions, and feel free to ask Ginny too, she is the one who got me started. And she attends meetings so she can get advice from her leader also. I do like my LTT but I didn't do it tonight. I have an unwritten rule about exercising the day before WI so I don't. But I will be on there again tomorrow! This is the first time I have ever tanned in a machine before, lol. It's almost becoming a hassle that I'm debating trying a tanning cream. I just get tired of going every night, my tan is still not dark enough to back off to once or twice a week yet. And tonight I just puddled the bed with sweat because so many people had used it today and it was very hot. But I do like my tan so far... helps hide the stretch marks some, lol.
Well, I need to go to bed now! Talk to you all later!

04-09-2004, 09:46 AM
Hi Ladies!!!

Happy Good Friday!

Today is a new day!

I know today is going to take some major planning and counting for me but ww is so easy in terms of the food you can eat!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day :) :)

What does everyone have planned for the weekend???

I will check back in later!

04-09-2004, 09:49 AM
Okay second time I'm typing this, I lost it the first. Well good morning. I feel soooo much better. Throat is a little sore but once this warm coffee gets down it I think I'll be okay. I slept late this morning, I'm usually up between 500 and 530 but slept in til 715 I guess I needed it being sick and all.
Everyone must have been busy last night, not that many posts. I had to watch #1 Friends and The Apprentice.

Michelle- glad you had a good first day, keep it up.

Sprying - I resent that email let me know if you get it.

Penny - glad you're starting WW right along with alot of us. We are all relying on Spryng for this. Glad you liked some things in Watkins. They are having a special Buy One Get One Free on Some products, if you're interested in which ones, let me know I'll email it to you. Also I do not mind a bit putting in an order for you, I actually love doing that but because you live so far, you can put your own order in using my id# and it will ship right to your door. You just let me know which ever is easiest for you, that's what I want.

Okay girls, my WI. I always WI first thing in morning because it's less. Here goes.............................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ......down 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my first goal to be down 5 by Easter. Woohoo..... :D :D
Okay my next goal is to be down 10 by May 8th. That is exactly one month. I have a homeschool bookfair that my sister and I attend and it is sooo much fun. That's the next biggest event I've got. I'll let you know. Let me know how all of your WI go.

04-09-2004, 09:59 AM
"WEIGH TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

:hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

:balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

04-09-2004, 10:35 AM
Crystal-I'm not even gonna try to outdo Penny, but I'm so happy for you! :cb: Was that on the low carb or WW? I am down 2lbs this morning but since thats the 2lbs I gained over the weekend I think it was just fluid. :rolleyes:

Penny-nice to have someone down in these parts. We don't ever go to the casinos. I think most people around here are sick of them. They are taking over. That and eating and shopping is about all we have to do here. We've had an explosion of stores and restaurants. They are supposed to be building a big water park in the summer. Bout time they put something here for kids.

Michelle-WTG on the Atkins. I used to bake zucchini slices till they were crisp and cover them in cheese. Kind of like nachos.

Well, I have to get up and get moving. Erik started spring break today so we all slept in. I'll check back in later.

BTW,on page 3 of this thread the posts go all the way across the screen. I actually had to scroll over to read them all. Kind of annoying. I checked pages 1 & 2 and they're not like that. Anybody know why?


04-09-2004, 10:53 AM
:thanks: Penny! Thats some useful info you posted. I have looked all over for a chart that tell you how many points u should be getting. :)

04-09-2004, 11:03 AM
Good morning all!

Crystal I did just get your email and I will respond to all of it today... maybe after I get this post done. I have to go tan at 10 am today and get groceries for the week so I'll be gone until after noon, but I promise I WILL answer every question! :)

I think the site may be messed up right now for some reason I can't see all the posts posted so I hope they fix that soon.

Ok, my WI, up .5 lbs. Not too bad for TOM, I usually gain 1-2 lbs the week before so half a lb is just fine with me and I know it will be gone next week!

Well I need to get Tanner dressed, the other two are ready. TTYL!

04-09-2004, 11:33 AM
Just a quick hello this morning. Mom is here with my nephew and I'm off to the grocery store. Congrats Crystal!!
No workout for me this am....they got here too early. Now I'll have to wait til the kids go to bed because Dh is bowling tonight. If he gets home from work early I may be able to squeeze it in before he leaves...hope so otherwise it'll be 8:30 pm :(
I'll check back later today!! Have a great one!

04-09-2004, 12:04 PM
Gonna start a new thread !!!