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04-06-2004, 01:49 PM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, friendship and support devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families. We strive to win the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better

04-06-2004, 01:53 PM
Spryng! You look HOT!!! (Um, please take that in good way..LOL)

04-06-2004, 02:39 PM
Spryng, you look great. My weight was down to 155. Only 15 lbs from my goal. I decided my first goal wasn't realistic for me. So I will get down to this one, and then go from there. I think I need to check in more here and post, that seems to help me with my eating. I see some of you eating healthy, and it makes me want to do the same.

04-06-2004, 04:41 PM
Ricci, I think changing your goal weight is a great idea. Then once you get down to it you may find you like the way you look or you may want to lose a few more lbs.
Geri, thanks for the compliment! How is your day going?
Penny, thanks for starting the new thread.

I am sitting here bored and anxious. Why hasn't UPS delivered my package yet?? I am beyond ready for it to get here.
Well, guess I'll get off here and start looking for something for dinner. TTYL!

04-06-2004, 06:56 PM
Just snuck downstairs for a minute! It's absolutely gorgeous outside! I hate April 'cause it'll probably be about 30 degrees tomorrow! Had both boys out for most of the afternoon. Even took a walk to the park...pushing both in the stroller...gosh they're getting heavy! About 65 lbs for the 2 together (or more) plus the stroller.

Gotta go! TTYL

04-06-2004, 08:56 PM
It's here!!!! I got my lateral thigh machine about an hour ago and it's all put together and I got to use it for about 5 min. It came with 2 workout videos that I can't wait to try tonight after the kids go to bed. But I am very happy with it so far. :)
Geri, so glad you got a beautiful day today!! It was wonderful here too. I took Tanner out for a little while. But I had all the doors open and lots of windows open to get a great breeze and to air the house out. I can't wait until I can do that everyday! How was your dinner? I ended up having hamburger helper made with boca crumbles and it was good. Does anyone know how long yogurt is good for? I have a few in the fridge that I bought about 3-4 weeks ago. Are they still good? I have 6 pts still I need to use and I'm not really hungry so I thought a yogurt would do fine but not if it will make me sick.
ok, got to get off of here. Hope everyone is having a great night!! TTYL!

04-06-2004, 09:35 PM
Spryng, there should be a date on the yogurt...that's the sell by date so you probabaly have a good week after that.

Dinner was yucky! I should have known I wouldn't like chicken in the crockpot. It gets to be too much like boiled meat to me. Oh well, I wouldn't make it again.

Hope everyone's having a good night. I'm watching Idol then I'm going to hit my sewing machine then to bed early tonight. Must be all the fresh air...I'm tired. Oh the forecast for the weekend is in the 30's :(....Told ya!

Spryng, I owe you one so I'll give you a buzz tomorrow! Camille Valasco is singing right now and it's making me sick! Ugh!

Have a great night.

04-06-2004, 10:52 PM
Ricci - So good to here from you. Way to go on the weight loss.

Spryng - Have fun with your new toy. I am going to check it out on the internet, did you say QVC?

Geri - I don't like that Camille girl either. I only glanced at it tonight. I think I can only handle one reality tv at a time. The Aprentice wins for now. My chicken never turns out in the crockpot. We had pork chops, salad, green beans, and stuffing. Should have done without the stuffing.

Crystal, Andrea, Ginny, Mary, Penny Hope everyone is having a good day.

Finally got to the gym at about 330pm, after I found no one to chat with. Well, Thanks for getting me to the gym ladies. I just realized that the brand of the machine is a precor. I guess you had no idea what kind of stuff I was doing. BTW, 33 min on the elipictal trainer and 15 weights. I was really ready to do more weights today, but JW was fussing in the nursery. Only a short nap this morning.

Tommorrow I am going to a Easter party at 12 with the MOMS Club. I am assumming I bring JW, being that the group is all sahm. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

Happy Tuesday Evening!

04-07-2004, 12:32 AM
Good evening all!!
Finally got some real exercise in!!! It felt so good!! I did the workout tape that came with the machine, it was 20 min but only 12 of that was on the LTT and the rest was warm up and cool down. But when I got off my legs were shaking so I think it gave me a great workout, plus I was sweating!! I think tomorrow I will use it without the video, maybe while listening to music or watching a show or something so I can get 20 full min on the machine. But I like it so far! We'll see if I am sore in the morning. ;)
Melinda, yes I bought it on QVC... if you buy it from there you get two videos with it, a beginners video and an advanced one. I may try that one tomorrow. I used my 3 lb dumbells with it to get a good upper body workout too. Great job at the gym!! You got in a great workout! Have fun at your party tomorrow!!
Geri, I did find a date on the yogurt and it said the same thing you did, that it is good for 7 days past the sell by date so it was still ok so I had one. It hit the spot. I love chicken in crockpot! Can you email me that recipe? I tried looking it up in the file I downloaded but it seems I lost it. So all those crockpot recipes are gone :( I knew I should have printed them out but never did.
American Idol tonight was dissapointing. I liked Fantasia's performance but the rest didn't do anything for me. And I agree that Camille needs to go. She's a very pretty girl but not idol material. She has a neat voice but not good enough. The red head needs to go too I think.
Well, I guess I should get in bed. I hope everyone had a wonderful evening and an OP day! Lets do it again tomorrow!! :D

04-07-2004, 12:59 AM
HI all I hope you dont mind me joining ur group, I too am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls a 2 year old named taylor and a 6 month old named Teagan!! As you all may understand how hard it is getting a workout with kids goin wild while doing it lol...Im going to start the WATP tapes my husband said I could get them but until they arrive I have been taking my children out on walks through our neighborhood its a great work out!! Well I hope to hear more from you all !!! Good luck to you!
SW 250/CW 247/GW 150

04-07-2004, 03:09 AM
Hi Ladies!

Welcome Michelle! It is great to have you! I am sahm to 3 boys, 4 1/2, 3 1/2 and 9 1/2 months! Hope you love it here :)

Ok Spryng,
I just checked out qvc! There is absoutely NO WAY I could do this machine without busting my A**!!!! It looks like you will just fall over sideways! Let us know how you are doing tomorrow! I did see that Windsor Pilates are on sale cheap there! And I didn't get a chance to post after I started the thread! What do you mean you need to lose a couple more pounds!!! Where at in your toe??? I agree with Geri! YOU LOOK HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!

I don't know if I told you the other day! Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing wonderful!!! Sorry dinner was yucky :(

Thanks for the inspiration! I am still not back on track completely but I will be there tomorrow!

Where are you heading off to eat at? Hope you have a great day there!!!!

I know what you mean about getting inspiration here! This is the only reason why I have never giving up on my weight loss!!!! Congrats on the weight loss so far!!!

I swear I have been soooo busy today. I hate it when I have days like this! Then my hubby worked until 8:30pm. I am trying to get the last of the kids down and start on his paperwork, well he wants me to stop for lovin'. Needless to say he went to bed mad!! :p

I have a full day again tomorrow! Hunter has an Easter play at school tomorrow! My baby is one of the 5 little speckled frogs!!! :) :) Proud Mama! Then we have a parent/child activity day where I go and make crafts and such together. Then we eat lunch together and have an Easter egg hunt! I tell you this is the proud moments of my life!

Oh and I am so proud of Hunter, he received a black stripe in Karate today. He was the only one that got an advancement tonight :D :D !!!

Well It is late and I have no idea why I got up but I need to get back in bed! Have a great day tomorrow! I will check back in soon!!!!

04-07-2004, 07:28 AM
Hi all. Sorry I didn't get a chance to post last night. Instead of walking I had to go to Walmart and I was going to park at the very back of the parkinglot but it was raining and I took Alisa and Ally with me. Then after putting up the groceries and I had to give all three of them a bath. Besides I never suffer from allergies except once a year in spring and guess what, it's spring. I have felt like crud. I ate great yesterday, I think I stayed below 1400 calories. In fact, I know I've lost some more weight, but I only want to acknowledge it once a week so I'll post that on Friday. Alot of you were up posting last night, lets see if I took okay notes.

Ricci - you definitely should post here more often if it helps you eat better. I'll tell you this thread has been awesome for me. I feel like I can do it this time.

Spryng - you do look great. And so glad you got your machine in. I need something like that.

Geri - good for you taking your kids out to the park. Do you have one of those jogging strollers?

Melinda - hope you have fun at MOMS. When you have one it's so easy to get out and enjoy stuff like that. I feel like with three I never get them out. Like today, I have a few errands to run, so they get to go see their meme. That's the extent of their days. Most days we stay in doors. In fact, in the winter, we become hermits. I'm serious, we ONLY get out when it is absolutely necessary. My son with his asthma we try to avoid anything at all costs to keep that from acting up. So have fun. :)

Michelle - So glad you want to join us. I'm Crystal, sahm of 3. 5y, almost 3y, and 16 months. I homeschool and am a Watkins associate from home. I only joined about 2 weeks ago and this place will be a lifesaver. So keep coming back.

Penny - wtg for Hunter, that's a great accomplishment. Anything to always raise the spirits of a kid. Oh yeah, and your dh will get over it.

Hope your days go great. TTYL

04-07-2004, 10:45 AM
Looks like my post from before got lost!
Just stopped in for a quick hello- hope that everyone is doing great today.

Welcome Michele!!!!!!!!
Sorry not to get personal, just have a full plate today.
Guess I'd better go- see ya and have a great day!

04-07-2004, 11:00 AM
:wave: Wow, you guys have been busy.

Michelle-Welcome! I am Mary. I have 2 boys 10y & 2y. Good to have you. I know how hard it is to take care of yourself. Especially when you are a sahm and have them all day. I have been here about a week and these are some encouraging ladies. Post as much as you can. Its therepeutic and cheaper than a therapist or trainer. :yes:

I have had the worst weekend and I thought it would get better yesterday, but.....
We had the passover meal Friday night and it was ok. Really just a regular meal with lots of wine. Dh drank too much. My MIL has high blood pressure so she cooks with NO salt. So I ate a little bit and LOTS of dessert. :( Well, Saturday and Sunday I tried to get back on track, but with Erik and Nathan at home and Erik not being able to go outside, which he loves, things were crazy. When Erik gets bored, look out. So I basically just stress ate all day.
Well, I got up Monday morning all ready to start a new week. Erik was still home from school, but I had a meeting with a new MOMS club that was starting. I didn't eat before I left cause I wasn't hungry and it was early. He's 10 and pretty responsible and since I was going right around the corner I let him stay at home. I was gone about a hour(btw, I called and checked on him every 10min), but as I was leaving my meeting an ambulance came flying up behind me, went around me and proceeded to pull up to my apartment. I was freaking out. I went flying upstairs with Nathan over my shoulder. It turned out to be my husband. He had come home from work cause he was feelin faint. He got dizzy and nearly passed out so he called an ambulance. Since I was home the ambulance left and I took him to the ER. With 2 kids in tow. Anyway it was a **** of a day. I had to go back and forth to my Moms and the hospital all day, where I had to take the kids. By the time I thought about food, I was ravenous and at this point didn't care what I ate. They ran every test imaginable in the hospital and it seems my dh is ok. He works 6 days a week, 8-10hrs a day, so they told him he needed to slow down cause the stress was gonna kill him. I'm like "What about me!" :stress: They put him in a bed with a dose of Ativan so he got to chill for several hours. It gave me some ideas. If thats the only way to get a break..... :D He's off till Monday so maybe I can let him babysit some and get to the gym and get back on track. I think I've actually gained a couple of pounds. I am so exhausted But, the day is early.:crossed:

Spryng-good picture. Encouraging for me.

Geri-I've been thinking about doing a crockpot chicken myself. And I totally understand about the spiders. With me its cockroaches. Every time I see one I scream. And I am not a Southern belle. My dh says "why do you have to scream?" Its a gut reaction and he doesn't get that. When Erik was little he came home one time to find me and Erik on the kitchen table. I wasn't getting down till he found it and killed it. Thats the worst, when u can't see where they go cause then u don't know where they will come out. :)

Crystal- sorry to hear about you allergies. I have them too. I think this spring is worse than usual, cause I'm taking Zyrtec and its not helping lately. I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes notes. :dizzy:

Melinda-glad you got to go the gym. I miss it.
I just joined a MOMS club yesterday. I'm looking forward to it. I have 3 sisters who all live here and we have always been best friends, but none of them have small children so I thought Nathan needed some friends. Me too, actually.

Penny-I noticed you live in La. What part? I live about an hour from New Orleans.

BTW, I read ealier about somebody sending somebody info on WW. If you already have it compiled and it wouldn't be too much trouble could you email it to me. :^: My email is Anybody I missed and I know there was, but ya'll have an awesome day.

Whew! this was long. Sorry. :blah:

04-07-2004, 11:49 AM
Good morning all!
Mary, sounds like you have had a rough few days!! You deserve a break that is for sure. So is your dh cutting back on work now to aleviate some of his stress? What does he do for a living? That is great that you joined a MOMS club. The nearest one to me is in Nevada MO, which is about 20 min away and I wouldn't mind driving to it but they said they don't take out of town members. :( Why? Doesn't make sense to me. O-well... I'm on my own as usual. lol. But don't worry about if you gained weight... most of what you gained the past few days is water weight from extra sodium and such and will flush right out of your system... just focus on the rest of the week being OP, get extra water in a few extra workouts and you will be just fine, and hopefully things settle down for you so you can eat better again. Hang in there!!
Ginny, so sorry your post got lost! I haven't had that happen to me in a long time, but if I make a really long post I will highlight it and copy it just in case and if I do lose it all I have to do is paste in back in and everything is fine. I hope you get to your WW meeting today and get a good WI!! Let us know how it goes!
Crystal, isn't it hard to stay off the scale when you know you are doing good with everything? Sorry about your allergies acting up. Dh gets them bad this time of year too.
Penny, that is so funny that you thought you'd fall of that thigh machine! I wasn't sure if I'd need a high back chair at first but I just played on it right after it came in and got my balance. I have to wear my running shows though to really grip the foot things. But then I feel like I am glued to it and didn't have a problem staying on. The only hard thing about it was when you shift a leg down you aren't suppose to let the peddle hit the floor and that is hard to not do. But it was a good workout. Got my heartrate up and me sweating so that is a good thing. :) Windosr pilates are now being sold at walmart so you may want to check there first and save on shipping... it comes with all the dvd's, the mat and bands I think. It's in a big box in the sporting goods section. That is sweet that you don't think I need to lose anymore weight, a great compliment, thank you!! But my abs and thighs really need more work so I figure with exercise and losing 12 more lbs I should feel comfortable with myself again. I don't know if it's because I have more fat in my lower abs and thighs or if it's from having 3 kids but the last time I was this weight I could easily fit into a size 8 jeans and now I'm in a size 10 comfortably because my thighs and hips aren't small enough for an 8 yet. So I need to shed some more inches there. My ulitmate goal was to be a comfortable size 8 and I'm not there yet. But yes, I have come a long way from when I started. I was a tight 16 when I began this process this time. So I feel much better about myself now. You are going to have to post a picture of your speckled frog!!! How adorable!! And congrats to Hunter!!
Welcome Michelle!!!! I am Spryng (pronounced spring) mother of 3. Ava 4, Joseph (aka Bubba) 3, and Tanner 9 months. I just celebrated my 6th anniversary this past weekend with a wonderful man who is an over the road truck driver so I am a single mom most of the time. he comes in every two weeks for a weekend. But I am pretty much used to it now. I love that neam Teagan!!! How did you come up with it? Very pretty. Several women here do WATP and love them. I hope you do too. What diet plan are you on? I am on weight watchers. I don't get to go to the meetings so I do it on my own at home. I've been on it for 7 months now and am very close to my goal weight. I just love it. But there are some here who are doing Dr.phil, low calories, etc so you will fit right in with whatever plan you are on. I look forward to getting to know you better!! post often!

Well, I guess I need to get off here and hop in the shower. I have to go grocery shopping today for a few items. And I just need to get out of the house. I don't feel sore yet today so that is good. If I don't get sore through the course of the day I will do the lateral thigh trainer again tonight. :) I don't think I will see a loss though this friday on my WI because of TOM... he's right around the corner and I am starting to feel bloated. But we'll see. I'm going to check out that new reality show The Swan tonight after American Idol... seems interesting. Who will be watching the new Bachelor??
What is for dinner? I'm craving soft tacos so I need to pick up some lettuce, tomatoe and boca crumbles and I think we will have that tonight. Oh Geri, I did find my crockpot recipes after all and found the pineapple chicken. I may make that sometime this week, sounds good to me. Besides feeling like boiled chicken did it have a good flavor??
Ok, got to go! Lets have a great OP wednesday all!!!

04-07-2004, 12:12 PM
Good morning ladies :coffee:

Spryng, nice talking to you last night. Sorry to cut it short but I was so tired!! Can I call you back tonight? About the same time? The chicken recipe calls for dijon mustard which I didn't have so I just used mustard powder. It was sweet due to the pineapple...I guess the flavor would have seemed better had the chicken texture been better! I'm not a good judge :p
You know I will be watching the bachelor. It's 2 hours though so I'll try to do other things in between. He was on Good Morning America this mornind and I didn't get the impression that he fell in love. He was really hesitant and just kept saying he met a very special woman...but he wasn't gushing like the girls do. We'll see.

Mary, don't worry about the gain...we'll help you get it back off :cheer: . Hope Dh gets some rest. About taking notes, if you "go advanced" on your reply you can scroll down to see the other posts. Just doesn't work if there's a new thread, but as I told Spryng last night "duh" you can just open another window and pull up the old thread to read it. Never thought of that myslef.

Ginny, have a great day! Hope I sent the warm weather to was 68 here yesterday.

Crystal, sounds like you've been having a wonderful week. Looking forward to your WI on Friday.

Penny, :lol: I think Dh thought he was going to get some lovin' the night of the spider incident! I don't think he realized just how po'd I was ;) . They always get over it hey? Yeah Hunter!! And I want a picture of the speckled frog posted also!! Will asked for an apple for a snack this morning so I'm a proud Mommy too! It's the little things in life. My Mom's stopping over later and I'll be you she'll have some candy for him. Once a month they have a breakfast at her apartment complex so she'll have some kind of treat for me from that too. I'm just going to toss it in the garbage the minute she drives away. I just can't get her to understand how hard it is for me not to eat that stuff...not that I always stay away from it, but with Easter dinner on Sunday, my 1 Recess egg that I plan on eating and Dh and I are going out on Saturday so probably dinner out, I don't need any extra treats during the week :( .

Welcome Michele, I'm Geri Mom to 2 boys Will & Tony who are soon to be 3 and 1 next month. I do the WATP 3 mi power walk & I love it. If I have to go break up one of the boys many fights I can keep going :lol: I'm in the 200's also and know what a tough road it can be. Anything I can do to help!!

Melinda, I don't know how often I'll get to the chat once the weather warms up. It's just too nice to be sitting in the basement some days. Glad you got to the gym! Precors are the machines that Dr Phil gives away...they're like $5,000 machines!! Wish I could afford one :D Have fun at the MOMS club thing today! You're working tomorrow right?

Well, got the 3 mile walk in this morning so must get upstairs and head into the shower before Mom gets here. Hope you all have a great OP day! BTW, I had 4 teddy grahams last night...but that was it after dinner! Today's plan is to not have anything!! I was very close to that last night so I know I can do it (for the newbies...night time snacking is my worst habit!!) Bye now!!

04-07-2004, 12:12 PM
Spryng-dh is a mailman. you know, rain, sleet, snow, etc. He works 6 days a week cause he has to stay on the overtime list. He makes $300-400 extra a paycheck if he gets overtime. Since I don't work we can't really make it on his base pay. Plus, it takes an act of Congress to get an approved day off and if he calls in sick or is late more than twice in 6 months he gets a disciplinary form. I'm hoping to start taking some classes this fall. If I can get a degree in something and make enough for the transition he can find another job. The dr at the ER gave him a slip saying he needed the next few days off, which his boss is NOT going to like, but who cares. Come next week he'll go back to the same old grind.
BTW, what is boca crumbles?
Congrats on all your success! So many times the people that post try and try again(me, being one of them), but its good to see someone who has actually done it.

Geri, ladies, thanks for your support. All this talk of getting outside is making me want to. I need to get a good walking stroller for Nathan cause he gets a wild hair sometimes and decides to make a break for it. :lol: I've always been a hermit, but I'm trying to teach my boys better habits. :D

04-07-2004, 12:22 PM
Cool, Geri. Thanks for the tip on the advanced mode. :thanks:
Gotta get off here now. Maybe a shower will jumpstart me. DH is still asleep, but when he wakes I'm off to the gym

04-07-2004, 12:45 PM
Lost the post! We are suppose to be at the Easter party at 1200 and JW just went to sleep at 1100, he has been playing in the crib since 1015.
It is pretty much a neighborhood over, so I will leave here at 1200. Got about 35 min at the gym this morning! I have started my first period since the baby, that is one thing I did not miss. I thought the cramps were suppose to get better. I am trying to hold off on the meds. I feel like eating a bag of chips, good thing there are none in the house.

Michelle - Welcome, I love the name Teagan as well. I am Melinda, mother of 7 month John Wesley. I work two days a week at my old office, my mom keeps JW. I am not on any formalized program but a combo of all I have been on in the past.

Penny - We ate lunch at Just Fresh yesterday, it is a chain. I had an oriental chicken salad, so good, but they charge $7. I know it does not cost that much to make it. Post the pictures on the boys. I am so looking forward to those days. I am so proud of JW now and he does not even do much.

Ginny - Keeping busy these days!

Mary - I am with you on the cheaper than therapy and trainer. I work in a psych office it can get expensive. Hope your dh is feeling better. I know that must have freaked you out.

Spryng - I have not actually paid dues or officially joined the MOMS club. I will ask about that today. That is stupid that they do not let out of towners, start your own group in your free time. :rofl:

Crystal - Dh and I have allergies and we just know that ds will have them. I have asthma, but don't have many problems with it. Had an attack this year after 10 years without.

Well, I am going to wake up JW. I hope he will be in a good mood. I so need some adult interaction today. These cramps are making me so moody.


04-07-2004, 04:27 PM
Good afternoon all!
Just got back a little while ago, put away the groceries, did a load of dishes and now here I am. :)

Melinda, so sorry about the cramps! Were you on mediaction for them before JW was born? I hope it gets better as the day goes on. And great job on getting to the gym again!! You are doing so great in the exercise department! :tread: I would love to start a MOMS group here but I have no clue how to do that or anything that goes along with it. But I wish someone else would start one! :)
Mary, does you dh drive his route or walk? Maybe i should be a mailman... that would force me to get some exercise in everyday, lol. I hope he gets better soon. Boca crumbles are a vegetarian product. Like morningstar farms products. There are veggie burgers and such that taste like real hamburgers and stuff like that. The crumbles are their version of ground beef and when put in recipes taste just like them without all the fat. But they have lots of protein in them so they are very good for you. I'm not vegetarian by any means but I love those products because I get the same flavors for less points so I can eat more if I like. Regular ground beef is very high in pts and then lean ground beef is so expensive so I use either morningstar farms crumbles are boca crumbles instead. I think they taste like the real thing, but maybe that's because I haven't had the real thing in quite a while. lol. Thank you so much for your kind words about my success but I have been part of this group for 2 1/2 years and have been through the mill on diet after diet. Weight watchers is the first diet I've ever stuck with and I just love it. I think every diet can work if you can make it your lifestyle. I learned that the hard way but I think I got it this time :) I think you will do great too!!
Geri, I enjoyed talking to you last night too! And of course you can call me tonight if you like...around 9:30 pm should be a good time. Usually all the kids are in bed by then. I'm glad you will watch the bachelor, you can tell me all about the secret spy plot... I think that will make it interesting. I think you did great last night on your snacking. You can do this I know you can!!
Well I started this post about 30 min ago, then put Tanner to sleep so forgot everything else I wanted to say. I'm going to go outside and clean out my van so that after tanning tonight I can vacuum it out. It's a french fry mess right now, lol. Then I'm going to get on my LTT for about 20. I'm going to try and get in an hour of exercise today since I won't workout tomorrow. So I decided I'll do some now and the rest tonight. Keep me motivated!!!! :)

04-07-2004, 04:53 PM
Hey, I am Cindi, a Georgia SAHM to 7, 6 boys 1 girl!!!!!!!!!!! I just joined 3FC a couple of weeks ago and I am trying to decide where I fit in best here, this looks like a nice spot to hang out for a while. I have enjoyed my stay here so far, this is a great site.

I am diabetic and after a BIG blood sugar scare last week, I am changing my way of life quite a bit. I am eating much better, trying to exercise and drink up, so far with great results!! This morning my blood sugar was normal for the first time in years! I will get off these meds!! I PROMISE!! I have spent too many months not paying attention to my eating habits, and caring about the restof the world more than myself. I have decided that I am worth it, and that if I don't watch myself, my family will be without me and that would be tragic.

Hey Crystal!!!! Good to see you here. Haven't chatted in a day or two, hope all is well!!

To the rest, I am looking forward to getting to know you better!!

04-07-2004, 05:08 PM
Thanks everyone for the welcome :) I have decided to do the atkins diet for 2 reasons 1 being that my husband will do it with me and the 2nd being that I was told that it is a great diet for people with thyroid disease it helps balance out hormones which is definately what i need as Im on the hormone roller coaster and the meds dont seem to be helping yet. When I joined the forums I hadnt yet decided on a diet plan but was eating healthy ie. low sugar low carb veggies and meat mostly. I think the atkins will hopefully prove itself with great results for me :)
It seems everyone here is as busy as I am with kids and to me it is a workout lol but once i get them calmed down it is very enjoyable to take them out on my walk with me and sometimes we stop at the playground on the way back :) I cant wait to get my WATP DVD's, plus my sister gave me her treadmill so hopefully the pounds will just start melting away.
Well I hope everyone is doing well!! BTW what is everyone doing for easter? How do your diets fit with the holidays, or affect them? Have a great afternoon ladies :)

04-07-2004, 06:13 PM
The Easter Party was fun, about three kids JW age. Most of moms have older children starting school next year, so it looks like they need new blood to start the younger groups. I will see how the part time stuff goes and think about becoming more involved. Elections for new offices are in June.

Didn't eat much at the party, spent most of the time getting to know everyone. Since I have been home, I am craving the salts. Just had some pita chips, so that should hold me over til dinner. We are going to have Mexican tonight. I am craving it so bad. I am already downing the water for all the sodium. PMS is awful, I feel so bloated. I guess it makes up for no sickness during preg. I don't like taking pills, but I just took Aleve. JW is down, maybe I just need a nap.

Cindi- Welcome, I am Melinda, mom to John Wesley 7months. How old are your children and is the girl the youngest. What part of Georgia are you from? I live in Charleston. Hope we can help you out, it is a great group.

Michelle - Good for you doing the Atkins. I am trying a combo of everything, but I think I need to pinpoint it to one since I have been up and down for the last month. I am reading Dr. Phil. I have every diet book in my collection. You would think I would get it by now.

Spryng - Saw you on the chat, but did not get you. Are you the new host of the website? I won't be there tomorrow, working.

Andrea - Where are you? Hope things are well.

Have a good evening! I am going to get some rest. These cramps make me want to have another baby. J/K


04-07-2004, 06:49 PM
Hey all! :wave:
I have had a great day so far. :smug: So far I've only had about 900 cals. I'm not very hungry, but I'm gonna make myself eat at least 400 more cals. Or else I'll be too hungry tomorrow. I got to go to the gym. :strong: God, it felt good. I think thats why I've been so cranky. I'm getting addicted. Nathans nose is still goopy, so I still can't take him to the gym daycare. Maybe by the time dh goes back to work, he his nose will be dry. I don't have any exercise equipment and if I go outside, for some reason Nathan just wants to go where he's not supposed to go,i.e. the road. So I have to give him my full attention. I want to get me a good walking stroller.

Spryng-about the MOMS club. The lady mentioned it yesterday and we are encompassing 4 cities cause we live in a small state, but she said its to ensure that we don't have too many people. Cause we'll be doing stuff like the park and the zoo and lunch at McD's, I guess there has to be limit. But the lady who started did it by herself, so it can't be too hard. If you like I can try to get some info on it.

Melinda-I just waved bye to TOM. I was craving so much. But I think next month I'll satisfy some of my cravings and just add some oomph to my workouts.

Michelle-I lost 30 lbs on Atkins, but my hair started falling out, which is a side effect for a very few. Then I got pregnant and gained it all back. :mad: Good luck! :)

Welcome Cindi-nice to see another Southern girl. Wow! You have your hands full. How old are they? My SIL has 5 and her dh talked her into having her tubes tied after the last one and now she holds a grudge because she wants more. I have 2 boys and I say if I could have a girl I'd go for it. But I'm 3 for 3. (I had another little boy that I lost at 1 day). I just can't handle anymore. But you are right. You do need to take care of yourself. For you first and then for them. I had gestational diabetes with all 3 of mine, which is why I lost my first child. The dumb dr didn't do a blood glucose test, only urine and it never showed up in my urine. I was on insulin with my last. Plus I'm overweight and have diabetes heavy on both sides of my family. So far, I don't have it, but I know its coming if I don't get healthy. So I know where you are coming from.

BTW, what chat are ya'll talking about?
Bye. Gotta get supper started.
Having baked chicken and whatever else I can find.

04-07-2004, 06:55 PM
Mary- hehe the hair falling out is a side effect of one of my medications so Im used to that lol handfuls of it falling out at a time it really is horrible I told my husband that I almost want to get pregnant again so I can have that rich, vibrant pregnancy hair again. But we're calling it quits after this last pregnancy it was too hard on me so no more thick hair for me.

04-07-2004, 07:17 PM
Hey there. I've read all your posts but didn't take notes.

Cindi - I'm still here. The days have been full. I'll catch up with ya later though.

Like I said this morning my allergies have gotten the better of me. I've felt like crap all day and haven't done like a thing. I haven't kept track of calories today, but I'm sure I'm pretty low, I haven't eaten very much, no apetite. I haven't exercised either. I have to feel better. All I want to do is lay down and go to sleep. I'm thinking a couple of days I'll be better. This is Texas and this is Spring, the two combined are just not good for weather. We've been having almost 80 degree days and just great, but Easter looks to be in the 50's. Can you believe that?

I promise I read all your posts, I'm just to blah to keep typing. This may be my last post today. Hopefully in the morning I'll wake up new and refreshed.
Hope you all had a great day and have a great night.


04-07-2004, 10:25 PM
Had Mexican tonight, went crazy. Chips, cheese, enchiladas, and sodium. I think it is out of my system because my stomache is so upset. I can not even think about eating. Did drink tons of water. Tomorrow is a new day! Had the Swan on, I can not get into it. It is awful how those doctors are nit picking those girls. Won't be one I will be watching. I am going to take a pain pill and call it the night. At least I did get a workout in.

04-07-2004, 10:37 PM
Good evening.
Hello to all the newbies. I am Ricci (pronounced Ricky) sahm to two boys 5 and 3. I cleaned my house today, then I had my physical for my study tonight. Since I had to get the physical done, I couldn't eat from 11 on. They needed me fasting to check my blood and all that. My sister called me at 4 today, her friend didn't pick her up from school, and so I had to go get her. She isn't transferring schools since they only have a month left. On the plus side, when they weighed me tonight on the doctor's scale, it said the same as my scale here. Sorry not to get personal, but its been a long day. Did everyone get in their exercise and water? :coach: I did. Have a good evening.

04-07-2004, 11:44 PM
I'm sorry ya'll aren't feeling well. :sorry: Must be the Monday blues.
I did ok today. I am at 1500 cals. I'm going to bed before I get any cravings. :D

Hope everybody feels better tomorrow.

04-08-2004, 12:01 AM
Hi Ladies,

Dh and I are spatting a little tonight and I am feeling crabby so I will post tomorrow when I get anew vibe back :)

Still not on plan ......

Just feeling crappy!

I will post again in the morning, address everyone and hopefully start over once again!

04-08-2004, 12:44 AM
Hi meltin- so you didnt particularly care for the swan? I actually kinda liked it and....Im ashamed to admit...I wished I was one of those girls lol thousands of dollars of free lipo and plastic surgery and a trainer that MAKES you do it when you dont want to **** ya when does the next show start I wanna sign up lol jk....Well I finally got my monster girls to bed lol my 2 yo didnt have a nap today so she was cranky come 9 pm. How did everyone else's night go? Hope all is well :)

04-08-2004, 01:06 AM
Good evening all!
Wow, lots of posts since I posted last. :)

Penny, sorry about you and Dh, hopefully it will all work itself out. And I am routing for you to get back OP so you can feel better about yourself. Get a good nights sleep and we'll "see" you tomorrow.

Ricci, glad you got your exercise in! You are really great at that. I got mine in too. I wanted to do an hour like I mentioned earlier but after 10 min on the LTT my legs were shaking so I called it quits. But my heartrate was up and I was sweating so that is a good thing. I figure it may take a few days to work my way up to 20 min or more on it. It really wears me out!

Melinda, I hope you feel better tomorrow and so glad you enjoyed your mexican dinner!! I LOVE mexican food. I watched the Swan too and I thought it wasn't much different than Extreme Makeover (which I like) I will probably watch it just to see the transformations. But what is with every girl having super long hair????? Even the ones previewed for next week end up with really long hair. Do you have to have long hair to be pageant material? If so then I just lost my chance because I cut my hair off on sunday! lol. Oh and no I'm not the new host of the moms losing weight website... Penny is. I'm an assistant manager I guess. I don't really know what that entails though.

Crystal, are you able to get an allergy shot or something? Rest up and hopefully it passes soon.

Mary, going to the gym is a great thing to be addicted too! :) Glad you got to go. What machines do you use there?? And thanks for wanting to look up info for me to start a MOMS group here but I just am not coordinated enough to do that right now. I would love to join one but not run one, you know? I'm just not confident enough to do that. But thanks for the offer! Oh and the chat someone was talking about is here... we all try to meet here everyday at 2 pm central to chat with each other. A member here started the site just for us so it's nice to talk there. Come join us sometime!!

Michelle, I think you will do great on Atkins. I've been on it many many times and lost weight each time. Even DH joined me once (even though he quit 5 days into it and lost 10 lbs in 5 days!!) The first time I did it I shed 20 lbs in like a month and half. But I kept giving in to my cravings for breads and pastas that I would go off plan and you gain your weight back very quickly if you do that. And then getting your body back into ketosis takes 3 days so it got harder and harder each time I'd fall off the wagon. So I think atkins is a great plan but you have to devote yourself to it and when he says no cheating (especially during induction) then he means it! lol. When are you going to start?

Welcome Cindi!!!! I am so glad you have joined us!! I am Spryng (pronounced spring) mother of 3, Ava 4, Joseph 3, and Tanner 9 months. I give you so much credit for bringing up 7 kids!!!! What are their ages?? I didn't want any kids when I first got married and then as soon as my first came along I knew I'd want a big family. After I had Jospeh everyone told me to be happy with 2 kids, it was enough but I didn't feel the same and neither did my DH so we planned and had one more. And now I feel our family is complete. Was all of yours planned? I'm young (24) so who knows, maybe in 10 years I'll have a couple more, lol. But probably not :) Are you on a specific diet? I hope you feel right at home here and post as often as you can so we can get to know you better!! And welcome again. :encore:

My evening went great. Made those soft tacos I was craving for dinner with some fat free refried beans on the side. It all hit the spot. I bought some low carb tortillas because they are mostly wheat and high in fiber and they are only 1 pt each (my other ones were 2 pts each) and they were actually pretty good. The kids ate it up too. Then I went and tanned, vacuumed out the van and then hit walmart because my WW journal notebook was all used up. So I needed a new one. While I was there I bought some yarn and a beginners book and crochet hook to give myself a hobby! I am so thrilled about this! lol. I did a little tonight and then messed up and had to unravel it all but it was alot of fun and relaxing. I haven't had a hobby in a long time so it feels good to have something to do. I used to cross stitch but haven't in such a long time that it would be hard for me to get back into it and I haven't crocheted since I was pregnant with Ava (never did finish that blanket) but I remember it was soothing back then too. So hopefully I finish a project this time :) I'm making a afgan for DH, it's army camoflauge yarn, very cool looking. It will go in his truck for him. That is if I ever get it done in this lifetime, lol. I am not a very good crocheter. But I try. But I ate well today (came in under pts) got in some intentional exercise and feel good about everything so now I am calling it a night. Talk to you all tomorrow!! G'nite!

04-08-2004, 07:38 AM

Hi there, my night was only so so. My son still wakes up about 2x a night. On top of me not feeling well. This morning I can't say I don't feel much better. But I haven't even been out of the house (except for being outside), in like 6 days, so I'm thinking getting out today may force me to feel better. I've got a ton of errands to run maybe I can do that.
It seems alot of you didn't feel like posting last night, I understand. I did take notes though, so here goes:

Melinda, don't feel bad for not doing well yesterday. TOM is ruthless to us. We ALL understand.

Penny, sorry your evening wasn't too good, been there.

Michelle, I have to agree with Spryng, I got on atkins and at one point lost over 20 pounds, but I honestly think it screwed up some chemicals in my body because once I tried to slowly start bringing back carbs, I went crazy and in no time the weight was back. It does work, but if you can't stick to it FOREVER, I think it's not the one to go on. Wish you the best though whichever you do choose.

Spryng, you sound so much like me. Although I did want kids when I got married and I knew I wanted 3 or 4. My sister is expecting her 8th, and she had already had like 3 and I just couldn't get pregnant. It took two years, then with horrible stressful times, I miscarried. Thought, maybe I'm not ready, but 3 months later got pregnant. When Alisa was about 2 or so, I wanted another one so badly, I cried and cried, then got pregnant. Had Ally. Knew I wanted more, it just didn't feel complete, but when she was only 9 months, I got pregnant, I cried because it was so soon. Ally was a collicy baby, so thinking I was going to have another one so soon, scared me. Had Andrew and it feels complete. In fact, my fil and wife just had their second and when I went to see her and hold her, I did not even get that feeling that I wanted another one. You know that feeling you get sometimes, I didn't get it and I knew it was because I just didn't want anymore. When I was pregnant with Andrew I knew he was a boy and I hate being pregnant. So I had this long talk with God, that if it was indeed a boy, which I knew he was, then I wanted to be finished. I didn't want anymore. And I really believe God listened. However, I do know that it is up to God, if I am to have anymore, but I really don't think I am. I am so happy and complete with the family I have. Did not mean to go on and on like that. Also, you're trying crocheting, I tried that many years ago. I was not good at it. Wish I was I just love afghans. Good luck, let us know.

Well, yesterday wasn't good since I didn't feel good. I did okay most of the day although I never even ate an actual meal so when dinner came, I went for the quickest, easiest and highest in calorie. But I didn't feel too bad about that. I'll get out today and feel better and do so much better. I may have to ride my stationary bike tonight. Can't miss Friends, the #1 viewers choice. I hope everyone has such a wonderful, on plan day. TTYL.

04-08-2004, 10:20 AM
Good morning!!!!
Someday life is going to slow down a bit.......well maybe! :lol:
Got another busy one here, Dd goes to the orthodontist (her baby teeth are not coming out in 2 places and it is holding up the adult teeth.......guess that means extraction, but he will decide that today). Then off to practice a flute piece I am doing for Easter service. Maybe this afternoon things will slow down.... Last nite we went to Dd's softball game, which was nice. Some of them are so far away it is nearly impossible to get to them. But all of us were there and then we went out to Arby's for dinner. I LOVE their Martha's Vineyard salad......awesome.....and I figure about 7 points. (It is a large salad).
Anyway, sorry no time to get personal.....I had better go. Hi to everyone, maybe I can get back here later. Have a great day! Ginny

04-08-2004, 10:59 AM
Started a new new thread! # 146 see you there!

04-08-2004, 11:16 AM
THANKS for the warm welcome!!!

Today was my weigh in day, I have lost 5.5 pounds in week 1 of my challenge and 10.5 in the past 10 days or so. I AM SO EXCITED!!! No specific diet, just portion control and a bit lower on the carbs than I had been, but not like some of the low carb plans out there. My goal is to eat healthy, smaller portions and to drink up. I try to exercise daily, but sometimes a few minutes here and there is all I get, but that's all adds up!!!

My kids are 18,17,14,8,4,3, and 18 mos! My dd is the 3 yo and WOW she is something. Don't know what I expected, but she is a unique character. Tougher than all of my boys! Yet, so emotional and unpredictable, typical girl! It never gets boring here, I can say that! But I do really have great drinking, no drugs, no drama to speak of so I am happy.

I hope EVERYONE has a much better day!! Stay motivated, focused and on you plan...I'll check in again later. Daycare baby is here!!

04-08-2004, 11:37 AM
Cindi, congrats on your loss!!! That is amazing! Whatever plan you have devised it working for you, maybe you should write a book, lol. Sounds very healthy.
We started a new thread... when one gets to 3 pages someone starts a fresh thread, so just go back up to support groups and we are at 146 now! See you there!!