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04-04-2001, 05:52 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

I hope I can beat MISS CJ to the new thread. Let's hope so.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :cool:

04-04-2001, 06:22 PM
Hi guy,s
Whew can't believe I beat Miss CJ to the draw on this new thread.

Anyways guess what guys? Yes you guessed it. The man that killed my brother Robert Persons was found GUILTY today on all the charges. Felony Murder, Murder 1st Degree AND Armed Robbery. The prosecutor was magnificient with his closing arguments. He pieced the whole murder together piece by piece for the jury, like a jigsaw puzzle and took the jury right there to the scene as if they were there. He would tell what happened than go to the confession and read that statement from the confession. Than back to what happened than to the confession and so on and so on. He built such a wonderful case and you could actually see some of the jury smiling and nodding their heads as if to say "That's right". Mr Ken King was brillant, confident and knew this case completely. The defence attorney, stumbled over unfamiliar material, appeared to not know what was even in the evidence files that were availible to her and kept grasping at straws. Saying that just maybe the 2 policeman that took both of the statements were lying and maybe framed her client. Her final stupid act was to suggest that maybe that wasn't even the defendants signature. Now how stupid is that. One crooked cop, maybe but two of them BOTH deciding to frame her client? For what reason? Ken said he knew she had messed up when she suggested that. Hey where was her handwriting analylist? She said that during her closing arguments too? Too late for a handwriting expert to come in isn't it? She tried every trick in the book-violated his rights, how come THEY wrote the statement (their policy according to them), no fingerprints (they hardly ever get perfect fingerprints in something you touch over and over) and she even said "There was no blood or bruises on her client" But he wasn't the one getting beaten up and stabbed, my brother was. No eye witnesses she said, well wouldn't that be great if at 2 o'clock in the morning in a out of the way area with a bunch of unused warehouses if we had an eye witness to see that happen. Than the "NOT HIS SIGNATURE" thing was kind of the last dumb move she made and that kind of sealed this open and shut case.

They deliberated only for 1 hour and 20 minutes before quickly coming out-they didn't even want to eat lunch either. They were very anxious and when they came out a couple of them looked at us and even at the prosecutor and flashed a smile. Well right than and there we had a good feeling. Than when the forman read the verdict-guilty on all counts we wept tears of joy.

Chrissy and I are so very happy at finally getting some justice for her husband and my brother Rick. Now we just have to wait for the sentencing on April 24th, which should be 3 consecutive life sentences with no parole for any of them. He will NEVER EVER get out and as far as an appeal, let him try as he has no grounds for that according to Ken King. She was just court appointed and for him, a homeless crack addited man to be able to afford a paid lawyer is pretty far hard to imagian.

So thanks so much for each and every one of you Thinsters for all you have done for us. I love you guys so much. If you could only know how much you have come to mean to both my sister in law Chrissy and myself.

Thanks guys, I will post again hopefully as soon as I can.

Love ya,. Sassy Sharon :love:

04-04-2001, 07:21 PM
Thanks so much Sharon for telling us the good news. I know it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. No, the jurors decision will not bring Rick back, but it will give you some closure to this and some peace of mind that the monster will spend his remaining life in prison.
Prayers sure do work and you guys sure had lots of people keeping you in their prayers.

Chrissy......Believe in angels. They come in different forms. But they are around .:angel: Give the girls a great big hug for me too.
I am so very happy for all of you.

Love Sandi

04-04-2001, 08:07 PM
Chrissy and Sharon- Thank goodness the trial is finally over!!! I second Sandi's you two can get on with your life and put this whole bad episode to rest.Closure will now help to "put this all behind" you and justice will be done on April 24th with this losers sentancing.

Hi was a dead-end day. Up abit with the weight, now 207.5 lbs. Still stuck and not moving...I really think it could be the medication I'm taking to clear up my kidney infection. On the plus side I bought a new twin sweater set that looked fabulous today..(even if I must say so, the terra cotta colour enhanced my angel-eyes) I'm trying to stay up-beat and positive but you know how it is sometimes.....also haven't been feeling well enough yet to make it to the gym. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to miss it. Dh just called me from out of town and told me he'd be working through the weekend...oh yippie. NOT!!!Well, I'll post my stats on the other thread. Take care ladies...bye

04-04-2001, 09:45 PM

Chrissy and Sharon and all your family......I am sooo glad this is finally over and no more stress of waiting for the trial. I hope now you all can find some closure knowing that scum-bag is going to rot in prison. You'll be able to sleep better now knowing he will never hurt anyone else. {{{{{GROUP HUG}}}}}

Hugs, Judy

04-04-2001, 11:05 PM

I am truly so happy for you and your families that this whole trial ordeal can now be put behind you. Although nothing can bring Rick back, at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that his killer is where he belongs. God bless all of you.

Sorry not to have been around the past few days. I have been awfully busy getting ready for Ken's Mom to come visit the beginning of next week. I always get rattled before she comes - don't know why. We get along fine.

Took Little Big the kitty to the vet to get shaved today. I hated to do it, but his coat was just awful and he is not the most co-operative cat in the world. Now he is a little kitty with a big tail and head - a lion cut, I'm told. He is a persian and there is not much worse to look at than a persian with bad hair. Well, now there's a lot less for sure. :lol: Hopefully it will grow back in looking better.

Sorry not to address all of you this time, but I just popped in for a minute. Will post again soon. Love to all of you. G :wave:

04-04-2001, 11:44 PM
Hi Everyone.......:wave:

I am just popping in to say goodnight myself....... I've been trying to clean out my inbox.... I like to keep it to a minimum but for the last month it has gotten away from me... unanswered e-mails piling up.... yuckers.. but its cleaned out now for sure... I have my WW weigh in tomorrow afternoon.... I am leaving for Kentucky on April 12th for about 10 days..... gotta have that momma fix and sissy fix... hehe.... haven't heard yet but Joanna should be home from Toronto by now....

Chrissy and Sharon What wonderful news!!!!! Prayers do work...... and thank God for the prosecutor...

The scum bag that Robert Persons is... I can't help but think (working downtown like I do) if maybe I had seen this scumbag on the street before..... it just gives me the creeps thats for sure.... he is off the street for good now and will rot in prison .... Now your families can sleep again and know that you are all in our prayers..... take care.

I am off to bed now... everyone take care and I'll let you know what the scales says tomorrow... I feel a gain... I don't know.... we'll see....

Love Carolyn :cool:

04-05-2001, 09:25 AM
{{{Chrissy and Sharon}}} :) :)

I'm in tears here!! I'm so happy for you guys. When I read your post, Sharon, I let out a big "WHOOP!!!" and now everyone here at work thinks I'm a bit nuts. But I don't care. That piece of scum that took Rick away from you can rot in prison like he deserves to. Maybe now you can have some peace. And so can Rick. I'm proud of you both for getting through this and how strong you've been and I bet Rick is too.

Not much else to say this morning. Rich and I spent a couple hours working on the shed and in the backyard last night. Love this daylight savings time thing. We even had time to walk over to the VFW for a drink or two. I had diet cokes! ;) Hoping to sneak out just a little early today too to get more done before the rains come tomorrow and last throughout the weekend. Yuck.

BTW, I tried something new. I bought some lemons and cut them into wedges. I keep them in the freezer here at work and when I fill my water bottle in the morning, I throw a couple in. They last pretty much the whole day and add just a little flavor and make the water go down so much better. I must have done at least a gallon and a half of water yesterday. Our WW leader says you should take your weight and divide in by 2 and that's how many ounces of water you should have per day. Well, I did had plenty!!

Time to work now. Have a good one!
Much love, Jo.

04-05-2001, 11:01 PM
My dearest Chrissy and Sharon ~ I am so, so happy that this ordeal is finally at it's end and that, especially, this horrible excuse for a man will be behind bars for life. I have prayed for your situation and my Lord has always answered prayers......(thank you Lord for your goodness and miracles) His angels were with you all. :angel: You must be so relieved that this is over. Praise God!!!

04-05-2001, 11:07 PM
Hello everyone ~

another week just about over ~ I am really in need of this weekend....I've had a very stressfull few days and I need some relaxation.

Jo ~ I'm so sorry you were sick....and in the hospital!?!?!? Glad you're back and feeling better.

Gina ~ Are you feeling better? I hope so. The Ranger game was GREAT and unfortunately, I'm STILL not back on track. :( I'm really having a rough time here.

Carolyn ~ I know what you mean about the web at work. I use the internet for my job and never, ever get on 3FC cus BIG BROTHER does watch. :eek:

Sandi ~ a friend that gives tours at the ballpark?? Wow, what a great job!!

Kelster ~ I am so, so sorry about your friend. My prayers are with you.

Hi to everyone else. Gotta run. Have a great night

04-05-2001, 11:18 PM
Hi Girls...

It has been quite a while since I have last posted. I see that Sharon has kept you all informed! Thanks Sharon. I am glad that it's all over with. The trial that is. The sentencing is scheduled for April 24th. That is (hopefully) the last time I will have to set my eyes on that stupid, poor excuse of a judge and Robert Person. I know what Robert's sentence will be now, but still want to go and see it happen. He will have all life sentences without any change of parole. Thank God! Plus two of us get a chance to speak and tell how we feel about everything. Person will be there to listen. I figure that I have spoken enough. I told my daughters, Emily and Ellen that it's their turns to speak now. Say whatever they want, on how this has effected them, whatever. It will be interesting to see what Person has to say. He gets to speak too. I just wish that he would show some kind of remorse. He never has. He probably won't. We don't really expect it.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the last year and a half listening to me through all of this. On April 24th that is the day I will bury my husband. I might of buried his body, but not him. Richard has gotten justice. Now he shall rest in peace.

Thank girls......I love you all.....when I get it together again, I will start posting again. But it's funny...not funny....but here we should all be celebrating and all, our victory, but Rick is still dead. It's just weird.

Love, Chrissy

04-05-2001, 11:21 PM
Hi everyone :wave: everyone.... yooooohhhhh where is everyone?????

Well I did the weigh in thing this afternoon and lost 1 pound.... that means that I am still up .8 but thats okay... at least I didn't gain another pound.... thats fine with me.... I was also a good girl and had my mammogram this morning, I should have the results of that in a couple of days.... they are still having me do one every 6 months.... and I had to tell the lady that since my last visit my aunt (mom's twin) has been diagnosed with breast cancer.... this thing is so scarey..... but its just another one of lifes "pleasures" plodding through the muck and getting to the good stuff...

I am looking forward to the week-end even if it is suppose to rain all week-end.... no work.... thats worth it alone.....

You know the saying? Fix Or Repair Daily? FORD???? Its a standing joke here in the Motor City.... that and the fact you never want a vehicle built on a Monday as everyone is hungover from the week-end and never on a Friday... because everyone has skipped out of work early.... WELL..... my Explorer is in for service already, there wasn't a spare tire, no cargo privacy shield and none of the speakers worked on the right side.... maybe I already mentioned this...???? I should get it back tomorrow.... oh well...... my black beauty will be with me again soon...... hehe....

I spoke to mom this evening and she says that Joanna should be in sometime from Toronto tonight... I guess she got a 2 day working vacation out of this one this time.....

I am headed off to bed.... everyone take care and be good......
Carolyn :cool:

04-06-2001, 12:11 PM
Hey Gals!

Chrissy - I am so glad that all of this is finally coming to a close for you and your family. It is really good to hear from you. I look forward to you being with us again but I am glad that you are taking some time to take this all in and really put Rick to rest. I know there is no way I can understand what you are going through but I will keep you close to my heart and in my prayers. . .

Sharon - Thanks for keeping us updated with the details of the trial. I know this has been hard on you too. I can't imagine loosing my brother this way. I will keep up the good thoughts for you too.

Zoe - Glad you had a blast at the game. I am feeling better. Thanks for asking. Right now I am just trying to keep this PMS junk in check and not hurt anyone. . . :)

Sorry I didn't catch everyone. This looks like it is going to be a busy day.
Monday I am going to be in Branson, MO singing with my church choir. Should be a blast. It will be televised around Easter worldwide. If anyone is interested in trying to spot me. . . let me know and I'll give you station info and air times.

04-06-2001, 06:02 PM
It is me again at Chrissy's house. We are waiting for Chrissy and and my niece Emily to come back to celebrate her other daughter Ellen's 18th birthday. So I am here with hubby Ken, my dad/Papa and my other brother Jerry and some of Chrissy's relatives for Ellen.

Anyways a couple of things I forgot to tell you guys was that Chrissy and I really believe we had some devine intervention with this trial.

When the jury first came Chrissy spotted a man getting out of the elevator with of all things-a Baltimore Orioles baseball cap on. Well anyone who knew my brother Rick knew that he ALWAYS wore an Orioles cap and in fact the night he was murdered he had his cap on too. In fact it was a key piece of evidence as he had left that cap and his Dawn Donut travel mug in the parking lot right next to where he was parked so the police knew that he had been there and had been abducted.

Well Chrissy had remarked to me that she hoped that that man with the cap would be on our jury and you know there was so many people there in the hundreds probally all going to different rooms to be questioned by the different lawyers to serve on different jurys. So after the our prosecutor Ken King said that they had picked our jury out they come and wouldn't you know the very last one walked in front of us and put his Oriole cap on his head. (I guess they can't wear hats in the courtroom). Chrissy and I both couldn't believe it and said to Ken King. Did you see that Ken? And I said to him "How the heck did he ever get past Susan Reed the defence attorney? Cause if she knew or saw that hat she would have excused him from being on the jury? He looked at all of us and said to Chrissy. Remember the last time when things didn't go right and we had that mistrial? You were really upset but I think God makes everything happen for a reason. And I think the reason is it wasn't the right time. Did you ever stop to think that this is God's way of telling you that Rick is sending a message to you that everything will be fine now and Rick will be here with us this time, maybe through that man in the Baltimore Orioles Cap? I do believe in Angels that is for sure.

Ken is a very religious man and in fact one thing that really impressed me and Chrissy was that just after the jury went to deliberate he asked us if we would all pray with him in the witness room for justice for Rick. We all piled in there about 12 of us and formed a circle and all held hands and prayed to God that he would hear our prayers and give us a fair and just verdict. Well shortly after that we went in to the courtroom after they announced they were ready to give us a verdict and somehow I think I knew that he had heard our prayers. Can you believe all of this guys? It is funny how God moves in mysterious ways. I also think like Ken that last time wasn't the right time. Ken only had 2 days to study the case and the judge was probally still mad cause we had appealed and won the right for the confession to be heard too. He wouldn't have been fair at all and you know from what I have told you that he wasn't fair and my gosh out of 20 objections to side with the defences side all 20 times?

I can't say enough about Ken our prosecutor, how wonderful he was and what a fabulous job he did for us. I think anyone with name of Ken is wonderful cause I am married to a Ken too. But anyways he was so wonderful and the other prosecutor before him, Tom Fertaugh also was the man responsible for the appeal to get the confession, that the Judge Morrow had thrown out, brought back and therefore head by the jury during this trial.

But this time it was so different. One thing is that the jury was even better and they were so attentive and even took notes as well. Something the last time we never saw. And the same judge was different too. Maybe he was over all of that-being mad that we went and got the confession brought back. Maybe he was watching himself cause of the bad publicity from Pete Waldmeir saying he was known as "Turn him loose Bruce". Who knows why the mistrial. But I think that all things happen for a reason and God knows what he is doing and always will.

We all went to the cemetary after the verdict and released 12 helium colored balloons to the sky to celebrate justice for Rick. Chrissy Tied hers together signifying her and Rick together forever. We all just formed a circle, hugged each other and cried. Now the healing can start for us. We can now begin to have closure after almost 2 whole years.

Well guys, I think Chrissy is home now so time to have birthday cake and ice cream for Ellie's birthday.

I will try to post later on. Ken and I are going to CJ's to go out to dinner with her and her husband Dick than we will spend the night with her. Tomorrow we will head to Ken's sisters house and stay there then the night day go to his brothers for a cookout, since we won't be coming back for Easter.

Talk to you guys later and will try to post soon.

Love ya guys, Sassy Sharon :love:

04-06-2001, 11:57 PM
Hi everyone :wave:

Just wanted to stop in for a moment. It's been a very long week and I for one, am so glad that the weekend is here. I hope that Y'all are doing well and of course, staying OP (I've not been good AT ALL!! :( )

Gina ~ Hope your PMS is in check. I know what you mean about not hurting anyone. Ha!

Chrissy and Sharon ~ Again, my prayers are with you both and your family. I know that you are wanting this to be over with and soon, it will be. I am thinking of you constantly.

Hi to everyone else. Sorry I can't address anyone else as I am rushing to get off this computer and relax.

have a wonderfully blessed weekend,

04-07-2001, 12:41 AM
Hi Ladies.........

I am just stopping in and reading the posts.... I too am glad its the week-end, but I do have a confession... I called in today and took a vacation day....... played hooky...... hehe I picked up my"Black Beauty" and we went for a 3 hour ride... drove just about 100 miles.... headed west then south then back east again..... I thought the roads would never end.... I ended up way out in the country... places I had never heard of and not a party store, McDonalds in sight... hehe..... then headed to Grosse Isle and took a drive around the island..... talk about some beautiful homes on the river..... dang.... I didn't know if I should look at the water as I drove or all the beautiful homes..... had a nice quiet time.....

I drove by the neighborhood in Ecorse where I lived when I was 7 years old to 10 years old.... the grade school was gone, the house that I lived in was gone, in fact there were only 3 houses left on the block of about 10 homes.... I couldn't even tell where the house was that I was raised in.... left that area crying.... so sad to see such a rambling place that was once so nice and taken care of.... it looked like a place where no one lived anymore, no one took pride in the homes anymore..... what a shame.... I remember we had a double lot and my dad always had a beautiful garden.... everything was always green because dad took care of his land.... now there are only weeds and junk in the yards.... such a waste....

Chrissy and Sharon I am so happy for you two... Sharon, I cried when I read your post, it touched me so..... God does work in mysterious ways... we all know that he works in his own time and these things happen for a reason..... the mistrial was a blessing in disguise.... I will keep you both in my prayers....


It's time for bed..... everyone take care and be good.....

Love, Carolyn :cool:

04-07-2001, 04:47 AM
Sharon - Thanks SO much for emailing that newspaper report. I am so relieved and happy for you and Chrissy and your family (especially your girls Chrissy). It is about bloody time that justice was served and that Orioles thing really spins me out - I bet you Rick was there, smiling at you all :)

I'm still pregnant girls, but guess what? We only have 8 days til my due date! I'm off work now and so am trying to relax, but this waiting for baby thing is a bit strange (that and I ahve so much Uni work right now, urgh).

Also today I bit the bullet and weighed myself. So my starting weight (as I don't expect to gain any weight this last week) is ... 176 pounds. Wow, glad I had the courage to say that. It's not good, but I actually expected it to be much more. My goal is to be at 132 by the time I return to work (just under 6 months away). I'm sure I can do it.

I'll try and drop in in the next week sometime and say hi and also to let you know sometime soon after the bub is born. I'm expecting the little bugger to come late as is hasn't engaged yet - hardly even dropped! But you never know...

Love and hugs to all and WOO HOO to Chrissy & Sassy!!

04-07-2001, 02:58 PM
We are at CJ's house now, still in Michigan. Ken and I came last here last night and have been having a really good time with Carol and Dick.

Last night we went out to dinner at a Chinese restaraunt here in Royal Oak where she lives. It was really great. Than of course we both spotted the dollar store next door and had to go there afterwards.

This morning we went to Ram's Horn for breakfast and wouldn't you no it. Next door was an F & M Drug Store, also called Drug Emporiam so naturally we had to go there as well. Dick and Ken waited in their truck while we shopped.

We have had a really good time so far. We watched a movie last night, darn forgot to have our Buttershots too. And Carol has one of those hot wax treatment machines that you stick your hands or whatever in and it works great. My husband had wanted one of those but we wanted to try it first. I guess we will have to get one now. LOL

Dreamer-My gosh girl only 8 more days till the baby is born. Gosh it just seems like yesterday that you told us you were expecting. Good luck to you and I know soon you will have a beautiful new baby to hold and love. Yes I know too that Rick was indeed smiling down at all of us. Without a doubt he was.

Carolyn/CH-How is your spring break coming along so far? Did you say you were going somewhere? I hope it was somewhere warm. LOL Post when you can.

Jello-Hey Jo, so glad you are back in the fold again. Hope you are feeling better by now. So you let out a big WHOOP at work when you heard the news? So do you still have your job? Sure hope so! LOL You have also been through this with us from the very first day it happened and like the rest of the Thin Group have been a big part of Chrissy and myself's support team. Thanks so much!

Carolyn/Regency-Gosh I know how you feel about going to your old neighbor hood and it such a shambles. Ken and I both lived in Detroit and whenever we go there we leave crying as well. Such a shame to see everything either boarded up or torn down. Especially when we had memories of how our houses used to look. Thanks so much for keeping Chrissy and myself in your prayers. Oh yes and also good job on the 1 pound loss AND the mammogram as well. :D

Zoe-How great that you stayed so well on your program. Should pay off for you. Thanks so much too for your kind thoughts as well. Means alot to us to know that you are thinking of us so much.

ginabob-Wow you get to sing in Branson, Mo and it will be televised as well? Wow how wonderful! Yes I would be interested in the station/time ect. I do know what you look like, from you websight. Thanks in advance and thanks for being there for Chrissy and myself as well.

Chrissy-Hey I miss you already and even though the circumstances of seeing you were not idea. I still loved being with you and the girls and my Dad and Jerry again. You are very special to me sister in law and best friend and you know that. I too have mixed feelings about everything. Like you I am glad the trial is over and we go the verdict we wanted, but Rick is still gone and I miss him so badly. But together we will heal and have closure now. I am here for you always as I know you are there for me. LOVE YOU CHRISSY!

Sandi-Yes we have had such a lot of people praying for us. It is amazing how much support we have had. Thanks also to you so much for all your prayers, love and support you have given to Chrissy and myself.

angel-Thanks to you too for all your support during this time. We really needed our wonderful Thin Group friends like yourself. Don't worry about being up a bit. I too feel that it probally is the medication and it will come off soon. That sweater set really sounds like it looks great on you.

Judy-How are you doing? I really look for your posts and love when you get a chance to post with us. How is Cal doing? Better I hope. Thanks so much to you too for everything and where would be without all you and everyone elses prayers?

Gail-I am glad you posted. I always look for them. So almost time for Ken's Mom to pay you a visit? I'll bet you are like a little busy beaver there getting ready for her visit. Take care of yourself too and don't get yourself run down as I sometimes do when we get out of town company. Ha Ha I can almost see Mr. Big with hardly any fur. Oh boy, could you take a picture of him? I would love to see how he looks now. I will email you or call you again when I get back and things slow down. Thanks for being there for me. You are a special friend to me and always make me feel so much better when I am down. Thanks for all you have done for me.

CJ is going to be posting soon. She told me to let you guys know that she has just been busy with things like getting her taxes done and some other projects. She misses you and will talk to you soon.

Well it is time to get off here. We are heading out to Ken's sister Diane, in Dearborn to spend the night and than after the cookout at his other brothers in Ann Arbor we will head for home to Indiana.

I will post when I can after I do everything I have to when one comes home again.

OK guys, love you and thanks again for being such a great bunch. I love each and every one of you's so much.

Love ya, Sassy Sharon :love:

04-07-2001, 07:10 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say hi to you all. It seems like everything is so busy around here right now. I've managed to stay OP for 32 days now but still losing slow. Oh well at least at this pace it'll never come back:D

Chrissy and Sharon:) I'm so happy to hear things are finally coming to a close for you. My prayers are with you and your families:) Take care

Well gotta run but hopefully things will quiet down soon so I can get back in more regularly

Have a super weekend and I'll talk to you soon

Today is day 32 OP

04-08-2001, 02:36 AM
Hi all.......

Its very late and I am just in to say goodnight..... TAXES!!!!!!! dang I forgot all about mine...... I had better get my done before I leave on the 12th.... doesn't leave much time does it?

I see Joanna still hasn't posted..... gonna have to get after her....

Everyone take care..... and good luck Dreamer on having your little one......

Love Carolyn :cool:

04-08-2001, 08:52 AM
Hey everyone! It's the weekend and I have a day off!!!! WOOHOO!! Actually yesterday was my last weekend to work for the next 2 weeks.... next weekend we should all be off for the Easter holiday and the following weekend I will be in Virginia Beach. I have a meeting on Friday morning at the Norfolk Ford Assembly Plant but Tim and I are staying the whole weekend to get away and celebrate 6 months together. Can't wait!

Just stopped by to say a quick hello and take a break from cleaning house..... This new job is keeping me on the road. No working vacations either..... Had an okay time in Toronto but no time to do anything.... I've got in almost 60 hours this week..... and I am traveling 10 days out of the normal 20 work week days.... This month I will be in Toronto, Detroit (on the 12th - flying up and back the same day - don't worry sis), Lansing, Kansas City, Edison (NJ) and Norfolk (VA).... busy busy.... I have started a new shift (noon-8pm).... I like it because I get to sleep in and most of my road trips leave me exhausted and getting in too late to make into work by 8am......

Hugs to Sharon and Chrissy.... I am so glad everything has worked out and that scum is in prison......

Sorry not to address everyone, but I seem to have all my time reading and catching up.....

One more thing Zoe.... I know all about Big Brother watching at work, I got busted a few months ago for sending a joke from my email at work. Now I've lost my email privileges there..... It kind of sucks though because all of the salary personnel just got their hands smacked while two of us hourly personnel lost their email..... sucks to be just a pee-on sometimes. The kicker is I was passing on a joke from a salary person.....

Hugs to all!
Love, Joanna

04-08-2001, 11:53 PM
I am back after the most difficult weekend of my life...

I would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts...

I was very fortunate that I had the friendship I did have with my friend...there will be no one else like her...

I will say I am hangin in there and I haven't even given a thought to what I put in my mouth over the past week...hopefully I will be back on track soon...

I will try to catch up on everything in a couple of days

Everyone have a wonderful evening...

Sharon and Chrissy.....I am happy that things are finally settled for you and your it gives you the opportunity to move on....{{HUGS}}

04-09-2001, 12:21 AM
Hi Ladies.....

I see that Joanna has finally posted... and I didn't even have to call her on the phone... hehe.... I am only stopping in to say good night again..... I am trying to get in the habit of posting everyday no matter what.... this way I can stay on top of the posts and discipline myself.....

I went out to my Aunt Rose's house today and visited with my cousins.... went to their houses and seen where they live... I've always gone to see my Aunt and whoever was at her house I would see them.... I have never been to their houses..... I put 170 miles on my "Black Beauty" today.... I've got just over 500 miles on it in just one week!!!!!! That is some kind of record for me... I normally don't drive 1000 miles per month!!!!! I am sure the newness will soon fade.... But first my trip to Kentucky come Thursday.... I know dad and I will be singin "my car is better than your car" as he just bought a 2001 Sable and he thinks he has died and gone to heaven too..... :D We are just to weird for our own good..... I guess being from the Motor City and having all these vehicles around us does something to you....

Still having problems of drinking real pop...... diet pop is just so yucky... am working on it a glass at a time.... thats all I can promise... My cousin that I visited today takes 3 insulin shots a day.... I don't want to be like that thats for sure..... so I need to work on the pop thing just a little harder.... We always think its not going to happen to us... and bam it does..... when he realized he was diabetic he was started out with 2 shots a day... he did not heed the warnings until it was almost to late... he was driving the car and lost his vision.... and I am not sure if he passed out or not... but that was one of the first clues to diabetes that heeded the warning to.... he ignored all the others.... and still drank his beer after he found out too...... Its really sad to because he is only about 40 and has two boys he needs to watch get married and have kids of their own...

Kelster So sorry about your friend's death.... I know that there are no words of comfort in this kind of situation..... its hard to reason why it has happen... but know that you are in my prayers and like in the poem "Footprints" God is carrying you through this time of your life... as well as your friend's family.... Take care of yourself.

I am headed to bed.... my eyelids are feeling a bit heavy....

Everyone take care.....

Love Carolyn :cool:

04-10-2001, 12:21 AM
Hi everyone! I have been busy working. We had a lady out the week of Masters Golf Tournament. Now we will go into our Turtle tournament at the bowling center. That will be every weekend until the end of May. This is just the short one. I don't know what hours I will be working except I know I am working both SAt and Sun daytimes. The rest of the week will see?

My son got called to jury duty. We aren't sure how. He didn't sign up to vote. Anyway, I have to take him next Monday to see if he can be excused. He dosen't have any transportation. I sure hope they let him off. If they don't I will have to ask for time off to take him. My boss won't like that.

Chrissy and Sharon: It is WONDERFUL news that monster was convicted.

Dreamer: Good luck ! Can't wait to here the baby is here.

Well., got to go for now. take care
Mary Kay

04-10-2001, 08:22 AM
I got my TOM and incredibly....from one day to the next BANG!!!.....almost 5 lbs heavier. Sunday was my lightest I can remember (bf.....before kids) I weighed 203, and let me tell you, I was floating the whole day!! Then Monday hit....(I'll call it Black Monday...he he) and now I'm 207.5. Well, nothing I can do about it. Not going to get all worried, stressed and psycotic....(ya right?)....just going to continue hopping on my way to my Easter goal of 201.5 and you know what? Whatever I reach come Sunday...I'll be thankfull that I finally got there. Still think I'm doing really well: #1 I'm thinking before I I really want this? #2 I'm aware of the value of my choices....Is this good for me? and #3 I'm still highly motivated.......Still energized my articles, way clothes are fitting me and full of ideas to help others.
So.....there's still no doubt in my mind.....I'll get there and actually my mini goal was 40 lbs by the summertime. Here it is almost Easter and I've lost (w/o TOM...over 30 lbs) so I'm AHEAD of schedule! HA! WHO KNEW.... Anyway Ladies, thanks for letting me ramble on.
Have a great the way found a GREAT FANTASTIC! Lots and Lots of weight loss success stories.....over 300!!! If they can do it can we!!!

04-10-2001, 01:00 PM
Hey folks. We taped our special last night. I got a special surprise because Sandi Patti and Larnelle Harris were there too. So at one point I was on stage singing about 3 feet away from Sandi . . . my childhood singing HERO! It was an unbelievable night. And I did really good on the eating front. They had pizza. I had a sandwich!
Here are the times that we will be on TV. They are all CST so adjust accordingly.

It's on TBN worldwide at the following times.
Friday April 13th 4 PM
Sat. 14th 9PM
Sun 15th 10:30 PM

I had a really great spot. Second row on the floor, right behind Dino's piano. Just look for the glittering thing in the middle of the stage. Then look up and you should see me! A full 20 LBS lighter than just a 5 weeks ago!!! Yes the scale read 224 this morning. YAY!!!!!

Sharon - That story you told about the baseball cap was incredible. I love the way God sends signs to us to let us know He is paying attention. :) I am SO happy that all of this is finally coming to a close.

Sam - 8 days. Wow I know you are getting excited. You have a good goal set. I am sure you will have no troubles reaching it!

Bernice - Slow is better than never. You just keep shedding those lbs and you'll be there before you know it.

Kelster - Hang in there. Here are some cyber hugs from me (((((You)))))!

Angel-Eyes - Keep working towards that goal. I know you can do it. Just keep plugging.

A big howdy to everyone I missed addressing. I have been e-mailing everyone I know in the world and telling them to catch me on TV this weekend. :smug:

Love you guys!

04-11-2001, 12:30 AM
Hi everyone. I am actually on here 2 days in a row.

Gina: I must have missed it somewhere, but what show did you tape? I don't reconize that station. I want to watch it. I hope you can help. Way to go on the weight loss you are doing GREAT :)

Well, have to do the dishes. I can only run the dishwasher late at night because we turned on the AC. We are having the hottest April so far is a long time.

Take care. Mary Kay

04-11-2001, 09:31 AM
Hi all! Sorry I haven't checked in lately but have been really busy at work. Then after work, we've been taking advantage of the warmer dryer weather (that is, until today anyway) and working in the backyard. Rich is building me a raised garden box type thing (what would you call it?) for my rose bushes. It's 12 feet long and about 3 feet wide for a row of rose bushes along the side of our new shed ... which by the way is ALMOST done. LOL. One of these days, we'll get the yard in shape. Was hoping to till and prepare the garden area over Easter weekend but I don't think the weather will hold out. The good news is all the exercise I'm getting!!!

Would love to address all you guys personally but there's just not enough time! Boss just came in so I guess I'd better at least look like I'm working. Hope to pop in at least once more before Easter. My home computer needs a little work so I can post from there. It works most of the time but it's soooooo sloooooowwwww.

If I don't get back in here ... HAVE A GREAT EASTER!!!

Much love to you all.

04-11-2001, 04:27 PM
Mary Kay
We taped an Easter Special with Dino. He is a really incredible piano player. It was a great experience. TBN is the Trinity Broadcasting Network. I don't agree with everything that is on there but there are a lot of good things coming from it. A lot of my online frineds have found it once they started looking for it. :P Hope you can watch.

See you guys later. I am fighting with a cold and trying to work. Fun, fun.


04-11-2001, 06:10 PM
Well, I have a post but since this is the last one for this thread ... I'll just go to #48 .... see ya there!

Love, CJ

04-13-2001, 08:19 PM
I have been looking for a group to join. I checked out your webpage and I see that you have some older members. I am 55. I am not thin. Today I am motivated to get more serious about losing some of my extra weight but I know from past experience that sometimes my motivation leaves. Can I join you?

04-15-2001, 11:41 PM
A big welcome to you Jetall .... I transferred your post to our most recent thread - #48 ... so come on over there and post with us.


04-16-2001, 07:47 AM
Thank you for the welcome. Now that I'm here, I don't know what to say.

It is Monday. Don't all diets start on Monday? LOL
The day after Easter too. I'm sure someone besides me is ready to start again, start over, restart (you don't suppose I've tried to lose before, do you?)

Anyway, let's do it together.