South Beach Diet - What IS it with men??? (But I love 'em anyway...)

04-03-2004, 02:21 PM
Okay, okay, I know they have higher metabolisms, higher muscle mass, and they just lose it faster, so this is a rhetorical question, but what IS it with men??? Dh has lost 22 pounds since we started, with absolutely NO exercise, almost NO water, and cheating a helluva lot more often than I. He even admits that it's only because of my cooking & shopping that he can do it.

It's SO not fair! (grumble, grumble, grumble)

Phew! Nice to get that off my chest! Back to the positive attitude! :coffee:

04-03-2004, 02:55 PM
I know what you mean! My DH loses SO much faster than me (although he has more to lose! :o ) and it is so frustrating. And technically he is not following SB...He pretends, but with all his cheating it really isn't! It's not fair. But I DO love him, and whatever he's doing, it's working for him. I just want him to be healthy so he's around for a LONG time!

04-03-2004, 04:43 PM
Dido here. When I started phase one. Hubby was complaining he needed to loose a few pounds around the middle. This man has been slender all his life and now that he has turned 50 he has put on a FEW pounds. He has been watching and listening but not really following the plan like I have. Well he has been away to school for two weeks now and has been telling me how he has been cutting out the bread and floury stuff and sugars. Not really on what I would call a phase but his own. lol. The school he is staying at provides him with room and board, besides a gym, track, pool, sauna and jaquzi. So he and the buddies he has made are all walking and using the facilaties in the evening after school. You just watch when he gets back he will have lost his ten pounds and be looking good....meanwhile, back at the homefront. I'll be working my not so little tale off to get my weight off. Go figure!! His problem isnt his weight, it's his cholestorel. So I am happy he is doing something about it don't get me wrong.