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04-02-2004, 07:29 AM

We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Report our losses!
Saturday: Sunny Thoughts Saturday We share stories and jokes to help us smile
Sunday: Silly Poll Sunday A new poll to give your thoughts to every week





04-02-2004, 07:37 AM
FRIDAY: Today is Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. How did you do this week?

Morning girls! Hope you had a good night. Don't know if I will get back in here today or not, but will check in tomorrow. Have a great day today and remember to stay op.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Quit being a statistic for fat people and be a statistic of healthy people.

Faye :)

04-02-2004, 08:59 AM
Good Morning lovelies!

Faye, have a great trip! I'm praying for you to have a safe and happy time. Wish I were going somewhere too.

I got 3 points yesterday.....yes, I drank my water! But I didn't exercise....and I felt like crap all day because of it. The weather here is really jerking me around emotionally. It's cold and grey and rainy/snowy and is supposed to be the same for the foreseeable future. So, this morning I got up and decided I wasn't going to let it bother me today. I took my walk and feel so much better now. Cat, I know what you mean about things falling into place in the Spring and summer. Today I will keep reminding myself that I managed to LOSE during the winter! It might not be as much as I wanted, but I still LOST. That is so hard for me to do, and I did it! Yay me. Once spring and summer really kick in, then I can push myself harder. But it's not a bad thing to be gentle when you need it.

I didn't lose anything this week. I did see 207 on the scale briefly at the beginning of the week, but I think it was a fluke. I really didn't do much this week, so I don't feel bad. Next week will be better.

Well, gotta get the kids to school! I'm so proud of each and every one of you are making an incredible journey and you are succeeding!!!

Everyone have a GREAT day!

04-02-2004, 09:05 AM
Hello, I know this is not Weds woes day but boy I am feeling sick this morning...I dont know why, sick to my stomach and my neck hurts, which is making my head hurt a little ... I know I slept wrong on my neck but my stomach is really bothering me. And no I am not pregnant :lol:

I did end up losing only "1" pound this week, but I guess it is better than gaining, considering the bad weekend I had last week.

I will check in later, hopefully I will feel better ...

Have a good day all .... :D

04-02-2004, 10:14 AM
Hi Ladies,
Pounds down huh? Well, I lost two pounds. And 3 inches! Yeah! :cheer: I know I have gotten stronger; I have really been working at the gym.

I have been OP for 11 days now, with no slips. Yesterday I had a hard day. Only 2.5 points. I got to school late so I was down on my water (I tend to only drink at school) and, while I went to the gym (and had a great workout :strong: ) I, excuses coming... didnít go run/walking because it was raining. Hard! Flooding in fact, and quite miserable out. :rain:

Yes, I was also being lame. :no: At least I went to the gym.

I am letting myself off plan for easter. But not too far. There are some easter candy that I really enjoy and I have not had this season. I will be upping my daily sugar intake on easter to allow me to indulge in some of these things, because after easter they will not be available for a year.

On the other had I would love to be down to 190 lbs before then. And I am looking forward to getting back to the 180s which I havenít seen since the way up here. :yes:

Julie - hang in there. Spring is always grey up here, and muddy but then when you think you can't handle a day more the sun shines and there are dandelions evreywhere. :flow1:

Carri - I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully you will feel better soon. And I recommend a hot bath will make your neck feel better.

Have a great day ladies.

04-02-2004, 11:58 AM
Good Morning
1 point for me...why have I been forgetting water!!!! Well I got a good workout so the day was not wasted.
I didn't lose anything this week, but I gained 2 the week before because of Spring Break. Next week will be better!
I'm calling about an apartment for next year later today...wish me luck. I will be glad to get out of the dorms!

Carri - Hope you feel better

knobhdy - way to go being OP for 11 days!!


04-02-2004, 12:16 PM
Thanks everyone, I have been feeling better as the morning wore on, I had half an apple and that seemed to settle it some...

Knobhdy - Congrats on the loss and the inches off, keep up the good work :)

Susan, good luck on the apt, those dorm rooms are so small....... :cool:

will check in later...

04-02-2004, 04:17 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

Carri, glad you are feeling a little better :D Congrats to you and Knobhdy on the losses :cp:

Another 4pt day for me yesterday and i've just finished my 3ml walk/jog a short while ago :cb: Gorgeous George (my scale) is co-operating this week and i'm down 2.5lbs :dance: the weather is absolutely beautiful :flow1: so i'm going to hang laundry out which will be the first time this year :lol: just pondering what i should have for lunch :chin: i don't just grab things anymore, which is good :) i put in a conscious effort to eat something that is "good for me" :)

169/165 :) /166.5 :( /164 :D

Amanda Panda
04-02-2004, 08:03 PM
Hi Girls!
I'm just saying a quick hello. My diet has gone to pot (again!) - but I am going through a very stressful period in my life, so I'm TRYING not to beat myself up about it. Once the funeral is over and things start to get back to normal I will get back into it.

I never realised how much stress their is when someone dies - along with the obvious grief and loss, there are so many arrangements to make for the funeral. Poor Nigel has been on the phone for 6 hours a day trying to organise everything - it is all the more difficult because of Easter. The priest more of less said to Nigel that Easter week was his busiest week of the year and it was very inconsiderate for Nigel to be trying to book a funeral!

On a more positive note - I had a job interview today. the job is working in a residential home for children with learning difficulties, which is something I have done before and really enjoyed. i think the interview went well - but i will have to wait and see! I've also joined an employment agency who are very keen and have several possible vacancies for me - so hopefully I will be back at work soon! I actually think that being in work will really help my diet - having a regular routine will help me structure my eating habits.

Take care !

Love Amanda xxx

04-03-2004, 03:41 AM
hey ladies we finally made it but i won't be posting at all because we have aol and they charge here for local calls by the minute. talk to you when we get back


04-03-2004, 02:18 PM
Amanda, what a moron that priest is :o :rollpin: sorry, but i think that he is the inconsiderate one :mad: to be so rude to someone who has just lost their mother :(
:goodluck: with the job hunting :D

Faye, i did'nt realise you had left :^: i'm sure you'll have a wonderful time :)

Its just like a summer's day here :flow1: hard to believe its only April i think i might even sunbathe this afternoon :wave:

04-03-2004, 02:31 PM
Happy Saturday
Did pretty well yesterday. I did my usual amount of exercise but it took me a lot longer to complete that usual, and I cut my weight training short, not because my muscles were tired but because my BRAIN was tired. However, I did use the pool for the first time! After my workout I thought I would just take a few minutes in the hot tub...but after that I thought what the heck and did a few laps. I stuck to the "slow lane". It was quite relaxing. I plan on doing more...but not too often because of the absolute HAVOC it reeped on my hair. :lol:

04-04-2004, 11:25 AM
Morning all,
Just thought I'd check in. Looks like everyone's out enjoying the weekend. I've lost track of my points the past two days. Working hard to get everything ready for my show. Had a long rehearsal yesterday and got to go see a play with my younger daughter. That was so nice! One of her friends was in a production of The King and I, so we went to see her. It's funny, as much of a theater junkie as I am, I really don't just go to SEE it very often. Probably because I have to spend $100 by the time I pay for tickets and a baby sitter, etc. etc. etc.

It's still cold and gloomy you all send some of that sunshine this way, ok?

Talk to you all tomorrow!


04-04-2004, 03:59 PM
Well, i took yesterday off yesterday :lol: i did'nt exercise either and it does'nt look like i'll be getting any done today apart from what i'll get helping hubby to load firewood :) been busy starting more seed trays this morning i want to make sure i have lots of flowers around here this summer even if they do end up being lunch for the deer :lol:

04-04-2004, 07:04 PM
Slow weekend huh?
I'm off to the gym in a work off the iced latte I'm having :coffee: its such a nice day!
:rollpin: <-- this is what I would like to do to all college students who's idea of fun on a saturday night is to get drunk and prank call people at midnight!
I was fast asleep at midnight and the phone started ringing...I didn't realize what was going on till the answering machine picked up and I hear..."I was just wondering...if you were hot....and a girl...yeah let me know" click. the poor kid sounded tired and out of it. He was probably put up to it. but GRRR! It was not long after that someone started yelling right outside my window.
Anyway, vent completed. At least I have an amusing story to tell. ;)

04-05-2004, 09:02 AM
Well, it's just another lovely spring day in Maine! 2" of snow on the ground this morning and it ain't supposed to stop snowing until Wednesday :rolleyes: On the bright side, I got 4 points yesterday. Even though I told myself I was not going to exercise and didn't really pay attention to my eating.....I behaved without "watching myself", which is pretty cool.

Susan, I've never actually gotten a prank call.....that must've been annoying!

So, it's Monday and we've no Faye to put us on a mission........well, my goal this week (besides trying not to implode from stifled spring fever!) is to get my garage/gym cleaned out so I can start using it again. I moved alot of the equipment inside for the winter, but now I want my floor space and mirrors back! I've noticed my workouts have been really laid back for the past month or so and I'd like to start really working up a sweat again. So that's what I'm going to do this week. What about you gals? Any words of wisdom to keep us all on the straight and narrow this week?

Hey, nohbdy, congrats on your great loss last week!!!!! :clap: :clap: Keep it up!

Amanda--Hang in there, girl! You and Nigel will get through all this hassle and then I know you'll get right back to business.....good luck with the job interview!!

Guess I'll talk to you all later, gotta go scrape snow off my windshield so I can get the kids to school. (Not one stinkin' snow day all'd think they could call one, just to be nice!)


04-05-2004, 09:51 AM
Good Morning
ITS 5:45am!!! I woke up at 3:30 and COULD NOT SLEEP, so I'm going to head to the gym for an early work out. I did great yesterday as fas as exercise....but then had pizza and and a mongo sundae. The sheer weight of the food itself caused me to be up 2 pounds this morning...TWO! I'll just concentrate on controling myself this week.

Julie - good luck getting back into the more intence work out.

04-05-2004, 10:12 AM
Good Morning All , hope you all had a great weekend....I did, my husband worked all weekend so I basically just vegged on the couch and caught up on my TV, ha...I did stay OP all weekend, but no exercise, so I guess we can say 3 points for Sat and mission again this week would be to get alot of exercise in, at least 4 times...

Amanda - good luck with everything, it will get better ... might make you feel better to get back OP, then you have some control over something :)

Susan - I hear ya on the prank calls, we thought that was hilarious back in the day, now I dont think it is funny, but maybe because back then I was the one doing the pranking :lol:

Faye - I know you wont read this now, but hope you are having a blast!! :dizzy:

Julie - Snow?? Still? yeah that has to suck....I am wishing you sun and warmth

Everyone else have a great OP day....I know it is the dreaded Monday ( for those of us who work ) but we can get through it, the weekend is only 4 days away, ha ha :dance:

04-05-2004, 03:31 PM
Good Morning Ladies :)

Another warm and sunny day here :flow1: i feel so good at this time of year :strong: i've just walked 3mls and i'm going to make some lunch soon :T I had my usual weekend binge :lol: and its back to business today :cb:

Susan, I would have been so :mad: if i'd been asleep because i have such a hard time dropping off :lol:

04-06-2004, 09:39 AM
Good Morning ladies!

Gee, it sure is quiet around here when Faye is gone, huh! Well, I managed 3 points yesterday.....not enough water, again! This morning I'm cleaning out that garage. I desperately need to get working on my solo for the show, and I need room to dance.

Not much else happening. It's still cold and white here, but the sun is shining so maybe we'll get rid of all yesterday's snow.

I hope everyone has a great day!


04-06-2004, 10:05 AM
Julie - wow it is awfully quiet here w/o many MIA's ... Faye must be the main attraction, ha ha :lol:

I had a 3 pointer myself but I actually didnt get in the exercise, I am going to try and do that tonight...

Well I guess we do not have a Target Tuesday, although I guess we could say our target would be to post everyday till Faye comes back so she could see we still stuck together and posted ... huh??

Well I will visit this Ghost town later :D

04-06-2004, 12:31 PM
I had a pretty good day yesterday. Just glad I actually got sleep tonight!
Sadly its turned overcast here. Hopefully the sun is saving itself for Easter.
Have a good day everyone

04-06-2004, 01:35 PM
Hi all,
Well its sunny outside, even if it is still cold. At least it is not snowing. :D
I have been kinda on a roll with good days but today has been trouble. I can't go running this afternoon cause I have a doctor's app. (No big deal, but I am getting contact lenses.) and then the boys are comming over so there will not be time to go.

I have also not been to the gym yet today. I will go, I must. Encourage me, ladies, Please!

04-06-2004, 02:53 PM
HEY KNOBHDY----GO TO THE GYM!!!!! :drill: :drill:

Is that encouraging enough? :lol:

Seriously, just think how great you'll feel when you're done. I'm gonna take my own advice and head out to the garage.

Later babes,

04-06-2004, 05:15 PM
Hey Knobhdy :coach: i've just walked/jogged 3mls so you can go to the gym :nono: and no excuses! i've been playing in the arcade most of the morning :lol: have any of you tried it yet? it is fun but so addictive :) i had to force myself to quit and go exercise :lol: its lovely and sunny out and i'm in the middle of varnishing a couple of chairs and a coffee table, they are all outside in a row waiting for me to second coat them today :D I WILL do them, i must'nt stay in the arcade all day :wave:

04-06-2004, 08:34 PM
I went, I went. Thanks ladies!

I hope everyone else has as good a day as I did. Gym, good eating and contact lenses.

04-06-2004, 08:53 PM
Good Afternoon all
I did have a good day in fact. I thought it might make a small difference depending on my mood...but I have found there is a DIRECT correlation between how hard I work out and what music I'm listening to. I was planning on going alphabetically through all my cdís but have found that the slower, melodic ones, no matter how energetic I am before hand, slow me down. So OUT with those.
Iím growing a little impatient, which I know is bad. I have no problem with exercising every day, I like it most of the time, and I donít mind eating healthier, I feel better when I do, and I have accepted that I will be doing this long term, but, Iím growing impatient for the fat to GO AWAY. Even if the scale crawls downward, I see no real difference in the mirror. Occasionally I will notice my neck and jaw line looking slimmerÖbut as far as my torso...even after 20 pounds I really donít feel any thinner sometimes. DAH!
Well have a good evening ladies

04-07-2004, 09:25 AM
Morning ladies!

Been MIA puter when.

Susan I know about wanting to see that look of being slimmer. I think that it all that I think about sometimes and that is not a good thing. Sorry about your prank caller, have you ever thought about getting a whistle and setting it beside your phone. I had one that liked to call around 2 am and when I got a whistle and blew it in their ear the calls stopped. But hey with drunks there is nothing that I have found will stop them that it unless they pass out.

Julie have you gotten that garage cleaned out yet? I need to get jiggy and go thru Corey's cloths but I keep on putting it off. I am off on Friday maybe I will be able to get to it then that is ifin I am not too busy doing and going for everyone else.

Cathy, you rock! Impressive 3 miles. Before you know it you will be ready for a marathon.

The weather's been cool one day and then warm the next. We are suppose to be in the 70's today and then it will be getting cooler. Easter is suppose to bring rain and cold temps. I guess that the egg hunt will be inside. Corey and I will be going to my mother's house for dinner, I have to work my Keebler route that morning so I will not be able to go to church unless I get everything finsihed early. So what is everyone plans for Easter?

Been getting in water and the eating is getting much better now that I am finsihed with the steriods. The exercise has been going so so. I have been getting in my ab workouts but as bad as I want to use my stair climber I am afraid to do it more than 5 mins at a time. The stepping action makes my leg hurt worse than it already does. I have had this thing with my leg for over a month mow and according to all that I have research about it this will still be with me for about 3 more weeks. YUCK!

Time to get moving and get a start on the day! Everyone have a super day!


04-07-2004, 10:10 AM
Good Morning everyone!

3 points for yesterday......didn't exercise :( Well, except for cleaning out the garage. That did take a little extra energy. It's all turned back into a gym/dance space...and I even used it this morning! So I'm on track for today.

Susan, I TOTALLY understand your frustration with things progressing so slowly. It drives me crazy sometimes!! Eeven after losing nearly 50 pounds, I still see myself in the same way. Fortunately, I have an awesome DH who keeps telling me every day how proud he is of me and how great I look. It does help to have support! I would take a picture of yourself now and then in another 10 pounds or so......just to have a visual record. Whenever I feel down, I look at pictures from last year and THEN I can really see the difference.

My workouts fluctuate with the music I listen to as well. I like to listen to such a huge variety of music, though, that I never get bored.

Sandy, take it easy on that leg. I know it's hard, but it will only take longer to heal if you keep pushing it. Do you have anywhere you can swim? That would take all the pressure off the leg, and you can still get a great workout! Our Easter celebrations will definitely be inside this year!

HEY! I just realized something........I haven't bought a single bag of jelly beans during the whole "pre-easter season" at the grocery store! Normally I start buying those things in Feb., cuz I LUVS EM!!! During the whole "low fat" phase of the 90s I bought so much candy....jelly beans and candy corn and candy hearts, all cuz they were fat free! :rofl: What a joke! No wonder I gained weight......I was living on sugar!!!! But I haven't even thought about it this year... WOO HOOOOOO I must be changing! I wonder how I'm going to deal with Easter day? SHould I allow myself a free day? Should I allow myself a "few" treats? Or will that just set off a whole week of binging? Hmmm.........maybe I'll go easy on the candy and get the kids some spring toys and bubbles instead! If there's not much here, I can't go crazy.

Knobhdy & Cat---WAY TO GO on your exercise!!!! Keep it up, you'll be glad you did!!!

Guess I better go.........sure do miss Faye.

Later babes,

04-07-2004, 11:41 AM





04-07-2004, 12:08 PM
Faye - You look like you are having a great time ( and you look great too )...
win some money for me huh? :lol: Glad you could check in with us ...

Okay, I had 3 points yesterday, and still doing well....just lacking exercise which would no doubt step up the weight loss, bad Carri, bad Carri :D

Today is Weds Woes, normally, I really do not think that I have any this week, so we will go with has been great weather lately here and it looks like another great sunny day :flow1: yesterday it got to like 70 degrees, my husband used the grill last night for the first time this season, we grilled chicken, it was soooooooooooo good ... :chef: :yes:

Susan - I also get frustrated not being able to see it, and that others dont see it so much, I have lost over 30 pounds since January and not one person at work has said squat, I am amazed...I guess maybe because they see me everyday, who knows...I dont see it that much either but my dh does, so that makes me feel good....

Julie - Yes it has been hard this Easter season not buying any candy, I love those little hard shelled mini eggs from cadburys, and I did have a tiny bag a couple of weeks ago - but still was able to stay OP that day....hey I wonder why we dont have any Easter smileys? Or did I miss them .... anyhow ...

Sandy - Hope the leg gets better :)

Have a good day all ...

04-07-2004, 01:33 PM

Faye, awesome pictures! Wish that I was there with ya.

Julie, jelly beans are my favorite that is if I can get the jelly bellys. I love them.

So far today I have gotten in 5 min on the stair climber and my ab workout. Water has been easy so far and I am on the road to eating healthy today! Yeah!!

Carri, don't beat yourself up over the exercise thing. Hey take everything one day at at time. You will get there I just that you will. Good Carri.........good Carri.

Gotta run work is a calling. Later chickies.


04-07-2004, 03:58 PM
Hello All
I've been to the gym already and had a good workout. I really comfused the guy at the dest though. He's in one of my classes. Here I come marching in, we greet each other and I go on my way. I have to go ask a prof a question and its the only time I can hope to run into him durring the day so I leave the gym and come back right after. Same guy at the dest hasa puzzled look but is on the phone so I can't explain. I finnish my workout and head out of the soon as I'm out I notice I'm missing something and have to go back in and find it, "You're back again!!!?" To top it all off what I thought I had lost was outside by my bike th whole time :lol:

Go Carri! the hardest part is just starting.

Faye - :lol: looks like you're having a great time!

My favorite Easter candy is bar none the traditional cadburry cream eggs. I savor every second a piece of one of those is in my mouth

04-08-2004, 09:05 AM
Good Morning everyone.

No time to chit chat.........4 points for me yesterday, WOO HOO>

Had a hard time waking up this morning to go walk, but I did drag myself out of bed and the sun was shining. So I'm glad I did.

Faye, You look great! Glad you're having fun.

Gotta go........Everyone have a great day!

04-08-2004, 12:53 PM
Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good day, it looks to be another great day here in IN, sunny and warm... high about 63 degrees and so sunny... :flow2: :cb: - too bad I am stuck inside this office :(

3 points for me yesterday :sunny: :dancer:

Thursday, time for me will be going out with the girls tonight for dinner, no men....but I will be good for dinner, I think we are doing mexican so it may just be a couple of chicken tacos, not alot of cheese or sour creme ..and maybe some rice, I gotta be good since we weigh in tomorrow ( and I have been having some good numbers on the scale !! ) :cp:

Have a good day everyone...Stay OPP ( whoops too many p's ), "yeah you know me", ha ha ha ha :rofl:

Later ...

04-08-2004, 05:16 PM
Well this is just sad .... no posts since mine this morning? Where is everyone hiding????

04-08-2004, 07:21 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

No exercise for me yesterday as i took to spring cleaning with a vengeance :lol: moved furniture, shampoo-ed carpets :) i need to tackle the kitchen cupboards next but i'm not really in the mood today as i had a few drinks with hubby last night :dizzy: and i've lost my ooomph :( You'll have to quit talking about chocolate easter eggs :T cos i have no willpower where they are concerned :lol3: i'm currently addicted to the caramilk ones :T used to be the creme ones but now they are second :lol: will be searching for cheap ones over the weekend :devil: hopefully someone will beat me to it and buy them all :D

04-08-2004, 07:24 PM
Forgot to say :o your pics are great Faye but does'nt the Rock look puny :?: he does'nt look very big at all :dunno: or is it me :?: :lol:

04-08-2004, 08:49 PM
hello all
Boy did I get a work out today! Besides doing my usual cardio and weights...I got trained for rock climbing! OUCH! Now that's an arm work out!
I am deleriously happy at the moment because I'm on the running crew for the up comming play at my school. I miss it so much! I haven't been on crew in almost 2 years! ahhh the theater, I may just have to double major....

04-09-2004, 07:45 AM
Morning ladies!

Carri, hope that you enjoyed your girls nite out.

Cathy, wooo I think that the house work in itself is a total workout. With all the lifting and tuging what better workout. OK I know that it isn't the most fun to be had but hey it is a workout.

Susan rock climbing. That sounds like so much fun. Theater...........I miss that so much. Use to be involoved heavily way back when. Life some how got in the way. Really hope that you have the time of your life.

Yesterday was a pitiful day as far as food goes but did get in some exercise and water. This morning I am very dizzy so I think that until I get over that I will take it easy. Gotta move and go to work.

04-09-2004, 09:04 AM
Morning Ladies!
Well, no pounds down this Friday. Plateau.......time to change up the program AGAIN!! SO, this time I think I will try not eating after 7pm. I'm a big pm snacker, but I don't think I'm usually hungry when I do it. I just eat while watching tv out of habit. So, time to work on getting rid of that habit. I hope that will nudge that scale down a few pounds.

I've decided not to do a turkey for this Easter.......if I make a turkey, then I HAVE to make mashed potatoes and stuffing, etc etc and it will just send me into a tailspin for the next week. Really don't want that! Guess I'll cook up a turkey ham and greek phyllo pie w/spinach and leeks and artichokes. Also, not going to go overboard with the kids candy......I always eat a bunch of that too.

Yesterday I bought dh and I new baseball mitts and a softball. We actually had the whole family outside after dinner throwing a ball around.......TOGETHER! I swear it was positively Norman Rockwell!!! Gonna see if we can keep encouraging after dinner activity outside instead of just automatically turning on the tv. We're getting rid of our satellite service when our contract runs out in June, so that will be a huge change. No more regular tv, just videos.

Oh, I also broke out the grill last night.......Guess spring fever just got the best of me at last! It was in the 50s and sunny, which seemed so balmy after the past week of snow and rain.

Well, guess I gotta go. Susan, enjoy your theater gig! I love it so much, but it's impossible to be a theatre geek and a mom at the same time. I settle for working on my dance production, which is PLENTY of work! And I make them very theatrical too. Stage managing was my favorite thing to do back in college. Oh and WTG on the rock climbing!!

Carrie, can't wait to see your numbers today!

Everyone else have a great day and Happy Easter, if you don't pop back in until Monday!

Later babes,

04-09-2004, 10:28 AM
Happy Good Friday everyone !!!! :)

I had three points yesterday - and I do have pounds down to report, I lost 2.5 pounds this week !!! :cb: :cheer: I am so excited to be this close to
being under 200, I have not weighed in at 201.5 for like 4 years....and yes this weekend will be hard ( for everyone ) too much candy and food floating around :hungry:

We have got a full, full weekend starting tonight, my dh is making me go out tonight to a bar where our friends band plays, so maybe I will be home by 3 or 4, then our best friends little girl turns 3 on Saturday so there is a kid/adult party there that night, and then Sunday - Easter of course with both sets of parents...My dh and I are actually taking off Monday just to recoop....

Julie - Sorry to hear about the plateau but I know it wont last long, I think you should try what you said...I usually try not to eat after 8:00 and I go to bed around 10:30 or so....we fired up the grill the other night too, something about warm spring weather....I am glad that you can enjoy being out now :flow1:

Sandy - hope you got over the dizzyness and feel better :flow2:

Susan - congrats on the play ( the crew ) - that sounds like alot of fun :coffee2:

Cat - I need to start in with the Spring cleaning, and soon, we are about to put our house on the market and it needs to be clean, clean, clean, wanna come help? Ha! :lol:

Everyone have a great Easter weekend!!! Talk to you all later ....

04-09-2004, 11:19 AM
Hi Ladies,
I have been quiet because this has been a really busy week. So busy, in fact, that I have been really skimping on the workouts.

Tuesday I went to the gym, but then ran out of time for my afternoon cardio. (Stayed OP and drank water though so 3.5 pts)

Wednsday (my not gym day) I didn't do anything because by the time I got back dropping off my car to be fixed (Windshield crasked, fixed under warrenty) The Boys were there and cardio was not an option. (3 pts)

Thursday I went to the gym, but I was really pushed for time so I only did one set of my cycle. I did get in a good hour and a half, run/walk in the afternoon before I went to get my car. Still my rutine was thrown off so I was low on water. (2.5 pts)

Yet dispite all that: I am down this week. 3 lbs, I am not sure on inches cause I haven't measured yet. I haven't been 190 in years. I might even get to the 180s next week. How exciting! It is motivating. I am going to drink all my water today, and watch what I eat. (I have the day off, and it is so much harder to eat well when you are at home without a schedule, I find.)

Susan: cool on the play. I love crew, although I usually end up on stage when I am involved. My Sweety is a master set builder/designer.

Spring is here finally! It is sunny and mostly dry and promising to stay that way for at least a week. That is all we ask for here in NE. :D

Have a great day ladies!

04-09-2004, 11:23 AM
Knobhdy - Congrats on the loss !!!! Great Job :cp: :cb: :hat: :dance:

04-09-2004, 11:38 AM
WOO HOOOOO FOR CARRIE AND NOBHDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb: :dancer: :cb: :dancer: :cb: :dancer: :cp: :cp:

You Girls ROCK!!!! This is just the news I needed to keep me on the straight and narrow this holiday weekend! It motivates me so much when I see my friends succeeding. I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to join you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


04-09-2004, 11:39 AM
Thanks Julie, I appreciate that.... :grouphug:

04-09-2004, 11:58 AM
Its busy around here this morning!
I down about a pound for the week. Which leaves me with about 8 pounds in 9 weeks for my next goal...hmmmm
I'll have to work extra next week because of Easter...We're going my my grandmother's house and eating a Ham as well as who know what else.
Great Job on all the losses!

04-10-2004, 03:36 AM
Carri, Knobhdy and Susan :cp: Well Done with the losses :bravo:

Its getting late and i had a full day spring cleaning the kitchen cabinets :yawn: i did'nt realise i owned so much tupperware :lol: it is nice to get everything organised tho' :D
The weather is really nice :flow1: so nice in fact that i intend to take it easy tomorrow and soak up some rays :) Sorry Carri, you'll have to find somebody else to help you ;)

04-10-2004, 10:08 AM
Ok, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day........dh and I decided we'd go to the beach and have a fun day..........came downstairs and it's SNOWING! I mean, it's FREAKIN" SNOWING!!!!!! :?:


Well, 4 points for me yesterday! I did stick to the "no food after 7pm" rule, and it wasn't too hard. Except that my dd wanted the usual snacks for the tv, and I had to keep saying "NO". That was hard. I also got lots of extra exercise in playing softball and basketball with the kids after dinner.

I hope everyone has a happy Easter, if you celebrate it, if not......Happy Spring! And you gals soak up some rays for me, will ya? It's gonna be a few more weeks in this part of the world.

Later babes,

04-10-2004, 01:20 PM
Good Morning!
I get 4 points for yesterday too. However, I'm home for the Easter weekend so not only the big dinner tomorrow at my Grandmother's but my mother wants to go out to this Italian place tonight. AND I'm away from my gym...but its only two days. Just for the record, Ihate my parent's scale! Its a little unreliable. It will say one thing, and if you "adjust" it will drop 2 pounds. I'll rely on my own scale back at in my dorm room (its newer too ;) )

Julie - Sorry about your weather problems

Have a great day all

04-10-2004, 08:58 PM
Let me just express that I HATE this is not a jilted romantic vent...I hate that a guy (my brother) can lose 20 pounds an look like a new person and I lose 25 and look close to the same (and no, he has more than just 20 to lose). DAH! Darn weight distribution. Well I did take some measurements today and was pleased with what I saw as far as my waste...but I am 1/2 ready to start chewing my arms off. They are the absolute BANE of my weightloss efforts and measure the exact same as when I started this whole thing. ARG!!!

04-11-2004, 02:31 PM
Hi Everyone :wave:

Well Done Julie and Susan on your 4pt days :cp: I have been busy doing jobs around the house and i have somewhat fallen off the wagon :eek: i always do that when other things take presidence :rolleyes: seems i can only give this 100% if i plan ahead, if i don't i just grab the nearest thing to eat. I intend to get back on track with exercise and diet in the morning. The weather is gorgeous :flow1: hopefully i'll find time to get some rays today.

04-11-2004, 11:05 PM

We got home around 6:30 pm but have to go back out and pick my dd up from work at midnight as she had a car accident on Friday and it is messed up pretty bad. I am so tired I can't even think straight.

Here is my baby boy and his new wife, me in the red dress, and mom,dad, best man, and son (no Jack doesn't normally look like a serial killer he was just looking right into the sun with this pic!) (oh and I gained about 10 lbs eating nothing but junk, but that is a-ok because tomorrow it is back to business!)

Back to normal tomorrow!

Faye :)

04-12-2004, 08:57 AM
Morning Lovelies!

I was a total slug yesterday! Other than cooking waaayyy too much food, I just sat in front of the tv for a 12 hour miniseries! I never do this, I never watch that much tv even in a whole week........but it was just nice to relax and do nothing. Well, I didn't exactly do nothing. I got alot of beadwork done on my costume for my show in May. I ate way too much, the kids shared their candy, got no exercise.....but today is another day. I gave myself permission to do that yesterday, and now it's back to work.

Faye, I'm so glad you had such a great time. You look beautiful in those pictures! I guess that break was just what you it's focus-time.

Susan, I totally understand your frustration with how men and women lose weight differently. The worst part is that they don't even CARE about how they look most of the time!!! Up 25 pounds, down 25's all the same to most of them. (at least on the outside :wink: )

Well, it's time to go get the kids in the car.
Talk to you all later........have a great day!


04-12-2004, 03:59 PM
Where is everybody?
I"m getting a late start to the gym because I just can't seem to wake up this morning. hmpf

Faye - must have felt great to finally get to strut around in that red dress!

No worries anyone who slipped yesterday, its a holiday and we should enjoy ourselves, as long as we are back in action the next day. I myself am still paying for NOT getting back into action after Christmas.

04-12-2004, 05:57 PM
Hello. this thing on?

Where is everybody?

04-13-2004, 12:09 AM