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04-01-2004, 01:22 PM
I'm having a hard time managing to eat breakfast & exercise before I get ready for work each morning. :faint: I've been doing alright for my first few days on SBD but am quickly seeing it's not realistic for me to fit everything in before I have to be at work at 8am. :coffee:

So I was wondering when others fit their exercise in around taking care of kids, work, school, gardening, etc. :shrug: Could you let me know what time of day works best for you? I'd also love to hear more details about your workout like where you do it (home, gym, etc.), what you like to do and if you have exercise buddies.

I'm hoping your feedback will inspire me! :thanks:
04-01-2004, 01:58 PM
i attempted to do it while my son (11 months) was taking his morning nap. but it got to be too hard. he would always wake up right in the middle.

so now i just take his exersaucer down into the family room where the weights and treadmill are and put him in there and turn the tv on. he watches blues clues and i do my thing.

sorry, i know this doesn't help you much because you work. :sorry:

04-01-2004, 02:59 PM
I have to be at school by 7:15 and I have 2 teenage daughters, so the only time that I can guarantee that nothing interferes is 5:15 AM. I go to the gym and teach a pilates and weights class four days a week. I never have any conflicts and I have been working out at that time for 6 years. I used to meet some people in town and run under streetlights at the same time. You do get used to it, but most people think it is totally crazy.

04-01-2004, 03:40 PM
I mostly work from home so this is easy. Get up at 6am and start work. Do the morning chores and drop my daughter off at school then go for a swim or walk. If I have to go into work then I am usually home by 1pm and I can go for a walk then have a swim before picking her up from school. These breaks during the day mean that I end up working in the evening but I take a big break from 3pm to 8pm anyway (family time). Two nights a week and Sunday morning I go to an aqua aerobics class because I can take my daughter and she can play in the pool while I exercise. These exercise breaks are what I would be taking for a lunch break presumably if I were at work all day.

04-01-2004, 04:20 PM
I drag my butt out of bed at 4:30 Monday through Friday so I can exercise before I go to work. This was something that I forced myself to start doing back in December. I think it is getting really close to being a habit now even though there are mornings when I think seriously about staying in bed. One thing great about doing it first thing is that it is done with for the rest of the day. I used to workout at a gym after work but our work location changed so I had to switch. Now I workout from home using "The Firm" tapes which I really like. I am seriously thinking about getting a treadmill.

04-01-2004, 06:43 PM
I get home from work usually around 5:00 pm. I then jump on the treadmill and get it out of the way. I then reward myself after with a visit to :)

04-02-2004, 01:43 PM
Thanks gang for all of your exercise details! While I think I am stuck with an a.m. workout if I'm really going to do this everyday, it's good to know I'm not alone! You all are great motivation. Thanks! :smile:

04-02-2004, 04:09 PM
We have a mall not too far away that is exactly one mile around, inside. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hubby and I walk the mall, 2 to 3 times. It's never too hot, too cold, too excuses. And I get to look at all the new stuff in the windows. :D


04-02-2004, 04:53 PM
When I can, I like to split my stationery bike riding between AM and PM...3 miles before work and 3 miles after work. It only takes about 15 minutes each session instead of one long half hour that way.

I also have a buddy who does stairs with me at work. We work at a community college, so we just do our "workout" when classes are in session, so we don't run into a lot of traffic on the stairs.

04-02-2004, 04:55 PM
Thanks gang for all of your exercise details! While I think I am stuck with an a.m. workout if I'm really going to do this everyday, it's good to know I'm not alone! You all are great motivation. Thanks! :smile:

Just start doing it every day no matter what and before long it will become a routine and you will really miss it if you can't exercise for some reason. Start small and build up as you get fitter. You will feel better for the whole day if you exercise early in the morning.

04-02-2004, 08:30 PM
I'm so bad on this...I usually don't get my exercise in until after 8 PM. :(

04-02-2004, 08:43 PM
I guess I'm lucky. I'm an elementary school teacher. Our playground is basically inside a walking track, so while the kids play I walk the track. It is a great way for me to keep an eye on the kids. They know I'm going to be walking right by their area every few minutes, so it keeps them out of mischief! Nothing like being paid and getting my walking done at the same time!

04-04-2004, 03:38 AM
Hmm...well although I do not have children, I am a full-time student with a full-time job. I work in the evenings and attend school 2 days a week before work and find it is easiest for me to workout in the mornings. Mind you I only do a 20 minute workout on the mornings I have school. I alternate my workouts and vary them too. I will do an hour of pilates on Mon-Wed-Fri and then on the other days alternate a shorter pilates workout with a 20 minute walk on my tredmill. I'm bad at working out, so if I do not do it first thing when I wake up, I know I won't do it.

Nascar Girl
04-04-2004, 11:13 AM
Imarah: I'm restarting my exercise program; I find that 5AM is the best time for me. You're getting married the same day I did! Congrads!!

ButtBeGone: I purchased the Firm; I tried the first Cd and about killed myself! Didd you start out just doing part of it? Any suggestions would be greatful!!! I'm way outta shape so this could be part of it ;)

04-05-2004, 12:37 AM
I do it when it is most convenient...I only work every other Thursday through Monday, so on my nine days off I do pushups, situps, and run 2-4 miles while they are in school. Occasionally, since I'm a home health nurse I get off work early enough to do it before I pick up kids, but rarely can I do it with work (my work is intense).

See, I am at the tail end of my five work days, and I have lost several pounds, but I can FEEL myself getting flabby. I didn't even rejoice when I saw myself drop to a new tens place on the scale, because I could feel some of it was muscle mass. Exercise is CRITICAL. Changes your whole shape and firms you up. :D

04-05-2004, 04:53 PM
Hi Nascar Girl,

With "The Firm" tapes, I finished the tapes everytime but when I first started I used the remote to pause the tapes quite alot. It took me a while to get used to the changes in the equipment as they went from one segment to the next. I also did alot of pausing to catch my breath, wipe up the sweat and to drink water. I would modify the move or only do as much as possible, rest a couple of counts and then join back in.

I think by doing as much as you can, resting and then moving again it gives you a chance to get used to the routine and the equipment changes and also a chance to try a little bit of everything as you are building up your strength and endurance.