Support Groups - Rears in Gear for the New Year - April

04-01-2004, 06:47 AM
Good morning ladies, and Happy April Fools Day!! Time for everyone to report in with their successes (and failures :o ) for last month, and re-establish goals or create new goals for this month! Where do we stand?

I did pretty well. I weighed in this morning with my water retention still being a little bit of an issue, but not as much as yesterday. I'm at 177 now, which puts me at a 9 pound loss for the month. I missed my stealth goal by ONE pound, but that's ok, I know I was there, and I know I'd still be there if this weren't PMS week. I can live with that. My calories, water, and sleep were all really good overall. I had a few days here and there where I'd go under on calories and forget to drink water. I'll resolve that by getting myself a big cooler and filling it with bottled water and healthy food for the stables. As I mentioned last post, my exercise has been slacking off as my summer starts to get busier and busier. I'm going to have to recommit to that, and if I can support Hippy by pushing harder and making that promise, then so be it. My riding has definitely improved. But I didn't make the two point trotting goal. I blew my weight loss goal and my original stealth goal out of the water. THAT makes me feel good.

Ok .. Goals for April!!

Calories - 1200 - 1400 per day as they have been.
Water - 6 bottles or large glasses per day.
Sleep - In bed by 9:30, up by 4:30.
Cardio - 30 minutes on the treadmill Tue, Thu, Sat mornings. I need to hit the 2 mile in 25 minute goal still.
Pilates - Mon, Wed, Fri mornings.
Weights - Erk. This was an area in which I was STILL not consistent last month. I'm revising the goals a little bit. I'll give myself some flexibility, but I need to do squats/lunges at least twice a week in the evenings, and UB at least twice a week in the evenings. They don't take long, so I need to stop making excuses and just do it.
Riding - Continue aiming for 3 times a week. I will use Copper at least 1 day a week to get a substantial posting trot workout and work on my canter. My goal this month will be to do at least 4 laps around the arena in each direction at a posting trot and one complete lap in each direction at a two point canter. Additional goal - remains the same at being able to do a two point trot at least once in each direction around the arena.
Scale Victory - I want to drop 5 pounds by 04/30/04, putting me at 172.
Stealth Goal - Drop 10 pounds and hit 167 - That's the weight I was at when I moved to Georgia in November of '95. Huge goal. If I can do this I'll be one hella happy chickie, lemme tell you. Again, 160anything would be awesome.

Out of the blue, someone finally responded to my horsesitting website and I may have picked up a week long sitting job. It's right on my way to work, so it's cake, and she wants to pay me $34 a day to do it. Really, I offered to drop all trip fees because she was so easy to get to, but she said the other lady she called charged $17 per visit (two feedings per day) so she couldn't pay me any less. She has three beasties, all rescues. I go to meet her tonight, and I hope it works out!! Today is payday, that means too much to do, as usual. But it also means good groceries again! And Happy, you're absolutely right, sodium isn't as bad as calories and fat. If that's the worst thing I have to deal with, I'm doing ok. Girls, I think we're doing so well. Hippy - you gotta hang in there. Happy made me cry with that post of hers, and she has so many good points. Chachee - look at you go!! Sassy - I'm so glad you've joined us, and I can tell you're ready to hit this month hard and accomplish your goals. Let's make this a good month, ladies!! :drill:

04-01-2004, 10:09 AM
Good Morning!!!

I'm crying again :lol: Not because I'm losing it but because you all are so sweet!!

I think this is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am wondering how to give up these 2 cigarettes a day since they have now become my crutch. The first thing that I must do is rip these cigarettes up, throw them away and refuse to bring more into my house. This will be hard because right now they seem to be my sanity but I will remind myself how terruble they are for me and how I do not want cancer.

I did wake up this morning with a new way of thinking. I got Jordan off to school, had a few cups of coffee, I EXERCISED!!!!! and am drinking water all ready. I so appreciate you all making sacrifices for me, what a wonderful thought! I knew I couldn't possibly let you all give something up for me and be sneaky :devil: and not do anything to help myself. Therefore, I exercised! I can't let Raven hurt herself doing all of the exercise and Chach, are you sure you want to give up some of your favorites :lol: I promise to work hard to lose these pounds but it might take awhile!

Happy, you had some very good ideas. I'm going to write all of this stuff down and post it all over my house. Thank you so much for reminding me that I am not a loser. I do feel like that. I have tried to quite smoking so many times and can never succeed. Gary also threw them away and never picked them up again. He thinks I should be able to do the same but that has never worked for me. I don't know if you felt like this when you quite but to be honest I don't know what to do if I don't smoke. What do non smokers do??????? I try to stay busy, focus on how much better I feel, how much better i can breathe but I associate smoking with everything that I do so I always want to smoke. Talk on the phone, light a cigarette, fold laundry, light a cigarette. I guess I just don't know how to break that habit. I have been chewing gum and sucking on sf hard candy but my mouth gets so sore. I have tried the patches, the gum, I use them and still smoke :o Anyway, I am not giving up. I will do everything my power to kick this habit and I will do anything for you that I can.

Sassy, the Smoke Away that I took had most of those ingredients in it, all natural, and I have to say it helped me alot. Thanks for the info.

As for all of you as a group, I am so proud of all of you for your weightloss accomplishments for March!!!!! You are an excellent group of women and I am so glad that I have all of you to rely on.

Okay, I'm off to battle the battle of not smoking and not eating every 15 minutes. I will eat healthy, drink water, exercise and be smoke free!

Have a great day!!

04-01-2004, 10:33 AM
OMG, it's April already???? :yikes:

Ok recap of the month. I am exactly at the same weight I was March 1. During the month I have gained and lost the same 2 pounds over and over and over. I am a testiment to the saying "if you always do what you've always done, then you'll always be where you always are" :(

Didn't stick with any of my goals. I've been slacking on the water - big time. Food - not really eating sin foods as much as I've been hungry and have been eating to satisfy rather than practicing portion control. Exercise - pffft - what's that? :?: I've been thinking about it but for some reason stubbornly resisting it. I don't think I've gotten to sleep at a decent hour more than once this month. I daudle on the computer, playing games, surfing here and the Internet instead of doing what needs to get done around the house and for my own best interests physically. And I need to really buckle down with the school and studies.

In short, I have spent the month giving in to the stubborn part of myself that addresses the short term wants rather than the long term needs. And the results show it. It's a constant tug of war between you should :drill: and nope, doan wanna :no: :shrug: :devil: And in the end it just makes me feel like a lazy, schluff off loser. Maybe I'm just a mental case. Or maybe I'm just content to drift along in life.

The month of April will bring particularly tough challenges. I will be on vacation for 11 days mid month. At the same time I am going to force myself to quit smoking which a tiny bit of me definitely does NOT want to do. They raised cigarette taxes in our area by 82 cents a pack today as a deterent for people to give it up. That adds another $8+ a carton to the price which brings it to $45 a carton at the discount stores. $200 a month I'm burning up literally to poison myself each day. How can I justify that anymore? And on the 27th I will have to face the fact that like it or not, I will be 50 years old which just bums the heck out of me for reasons I can't explain, even to myself.

I have 2 goals for this month:
1) develop a new habit - self discipline in all aspects of my life
2) each day focus on and count my successes (no matter how small) rather than giving in to failures

My new mantra for this month is "You get out of it what you put into it..." I can be frumpy 50 or fabulous 50. It's all up to me.

04-01-2004, 04:11 PM
Hello Ladies!

I am on a roll not having gained this week! Isn’t that funny how I was not going to weigh in because of fear of a gain, then my good friends here encouraged me to face the music and hit the problem head on. I believe it was Raven who said, “Why take a pass when the problem may have resolved itself by the time you have to weigh in”. Exactly right, my dear friend! I did my big happy dance off the scale and had a wonderful meeting. My first plateau since I joined in February, so I am okay with that! (Secretly Chachee hopes for a 5 pound loss this week…..)

My goals for this week are:

1. Exercise 5 times this week.
2. Leave 2 points over each day
3. No ice cream/desserts in support of Hippy. (Oh man, those darned Skinny Cows are calling my name now. Well, Moo right back at ya! I’m helping out my friend this week.

My goal for April is:

Be down 8 pounds by April 28th.
Make working out more of a lifestyle, rather than a choice.

Happy: Great post on last month. Some really good suggestions. I liked the one about the butts in the jar. Amazing what that will look like! I love the new mantra and it looks like April will be a tough challenge for you to get through. Remember to post here often and get the support you need! And so we can also send happy birthday wishes to you!

Hippy: Congrats on the exercising. You know, you will look back in a few months and say, “Man, why did I stress over those two cigs? That was nothing to get over!”. You are going to be so much healthier and happier once that habit is gone! Remember we are here for you and will be struggling with our own demons!!

Raven: My stealth girl! Or should I say Drill Sarge!! Great goals for you and you know what? I think you are going to more than succeed with your stealth goal this month. I am almost at my lowest since 1997. I only need 3 more pounds on my scales at home (8 on the WW scale) to see that goal. I am going to do the happy skinny dance. We can dance it together come April 30th!!!

Okay, off to work. I am working the last double/split shift tonight, then I am off Friday. I’ll check in at home this weekend. Let’s have a wonderful month and reach all our goals. We can do it and with each other, we are going to be the biggest group of winners that are losers!!


04-01-2004, 04:20 PM
greets sweets! hope ya played at least 1 funny today....laughter is exercise to yanno ~cheeky grin~

i have been thinking long and hard on this "Show Your Support for Hippy" and well, considering i just jumped on this bandwagon of health. already doing my best to eat right and exercise daily that it makes no sense and would seem kind of hollow or shallow if i gave up a food ( cuz i already did ~laughing~) or tried to push myself harder on the exercise. i really dont want to hurt myself i have been so sedentary for years. that the only true thing i could do in support would be to......... CUT BACK ON MY SMOKING. <~~ i wrote that big so when i come here tomorrow morning it will be in my face......~laughing~ right now i smoke at least 2 packs a day. and like you Hippy ( or the old you) i smoke doing everything. the only thing i can think of that i dont smoke during is sex. right after You betcha, but not during. fire hazard or i havent figured out how to yet i dont know.. ~laughing~ did i really right that??!! so for those two crutch cigs you smoke, i wont smoke those 2. this may look menial but in actuallity it isnt, not for me. because it will make me concious of what, when, and how much i am smoking. and you gotta start somewhere right ~hopeful look~

for those of you who didnt make it thru my last diatribe, err stats and goals ~sheepish grin~ i repost it correctly here....for those of you who did....... a fast scroll would prolly be your best option right now ~laughing~

<< i have aquired MasterCook 7.0 AND DietPower to go along with my WW Palm! loving these software programs!! had my face in them for days. i could go on and on extolling their virtues and how wonderful they are for me. if any of these programs could be of use or service to you........ i am but a pm/e-mail away ~smiling her bestest and brightest~ thats what we are here for to back up and support one another, so please if there´s anything i can do to help you in your journey......... nutrition analasys, points......whatnots, anythings, joe-whose-so-phats....just ask!!

as its March 31 here are my stats for the month. we are suppose to do this right? ~sheepish grin~

i have walked that dog o´ mine 30 out of the 31 days, most times twice a day. ( alex and i have a schedule, i do mornings, he afternoons, and we evenings ~grinz~) starting out at 15 minutes wheezing walks going up to 45 with no problems!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh me!

March 1st i weighed in at 211 ( i cant believe how hard that was to write, i have never ever been so heavy. if i went over 175 i used to panic...... old tapes ...going back )

March 31st weighed in at 202.
this should be so exciting for me i know, 9 pounds gone. but its not. isnt that awful, i wont be getting excited until i am in the 180´s and still losing. getting back to the old me as far as figure and shape. right now i still see the roly poly wench, hating what i see. but on the brighter side....... there will come a day.......~wink~

goals for April.... last week i stair stepped twice (man were my legs sore doing that and walking). i adore house invaders and wont miss it. so i decided that while it was on i would step up ~sniggering at her pun~ and do some step work on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays...... to rest my sore legs, i will stationary row for my arms.

i will keep walking Bosko ( of course , spoiled pup cant get enough of these walks. he fetches his own leash when we say the word.....laughing) but here is my goal. our path is gorgeous, wooded, on a hill, where you can look down and see the Enns river back dropped Austrians call them hills, being from Michigan them thar hills look like Mini Mountains to me ~laughing~ anyhoo..... there are these stairs that twist and turn that i am terrfied of. not because there dangerous or anything, but beacause what goes down....~swallows hard~ yes.......... must go back up. alright which one of you can throw a bullet the hardest!! ~laughing~ shoot me now for even thinking about these stairs..........Motivation behind this endeavor, that pampered pooch and his needs. ya see i have met along this path 2 adorable lil old austrians who walk their dogs every morning as well. warm, friendly, just the sweetest peeps who speak english with me. bless their lil hearts. her dogs love Bosko and they get along famously. his little corgie on the other hand is older and does not like this young studley movin in on his territory.. Bosko likes him though, so hopefully they can come to a truce of sorts soon. back to why....... down the stairs, across the bridge, and to the left is a doggie play area where everyone congregates with their pooches letting them roam free and socialize, while we catch up on the latest happenings in the nieghborhood. doesnt that sound nice??!! nice enough to get me down those stairs come mid month?? hey happy, how bout i use the date you set to quit smoking. you put them down and i will go up......... (this all looks good on paper ladies. i am soooooo going to need you come the 16th)

food and program wise, keep setting up and doing what i am doing, cuz so far its working!! there are 5 fridays in April, and 5 saturdays in May, toss in tuesdays in April, and wednesdays in May for weigh in´s and come the first Saturday in June (my wedding day) how could i not be lighter then what i am now. it is so hard not to be number obsessive.>>

Addendum: minus 2 cigs a day. April has 30 days, thats 60 cigarettes, or 3 packs less this month............ not so little after all eh ~laughing~

have a good one ladies..........

sassy...who is showing her sweet side ~winks n grinz~

04-02-2004, 01:50 AM
Raven, I am so thrilled for you that someone responded to your website with a horse sitting job. I hope it's the first of the longgggggg line of requests for your services. Well, may you have "enough". Enough to bring in a bit of cash to do some guilt free spending on your passions but not enough that it takes you away from your own riding and training. Wow, to hit the 160's by the end of the month - how awesome would THAT be? You can do it little engine friend ;) :yes: :D And I'm sorry I gave you the sniffles this morning - thank you so much for caring that much :grouphug:

Hippy, when I started smoking again in 1998 after my short quit stint, I vowed not to smoke inside anymore. Actually I quit smoking upstairs in '96 when we redid our kitchen to all light walls and cabinets. For 2 years I smoked in the basement - in the laundry room of all places! Then I thought how dumb is that - I've just washed clothes and now they smell like smoke. I'm amazed poor hubby put up with me :o - but in 98 I did stop altogether inside. In the good weather I sit outside on the front porch and in the cold I smoke in the garage. I almost don't even know what it's like to smoke indoors anymore :lol: And that helped me break alot of my former habits associated to smoking. Of course it also meant I spent alot more time in the garage :rofl: If you can give up the 2 you're having now full outright - go for it - that would be best. However if you need a bit of time to do some head games on yourself and prepare, that's ok too. Apparently you've tried this before so you know what will work for you best. I am in the psych up my head phase now. As a show of support for you, when I want a cig I put it off for 30 minutes. And then another 30 minutes. Tonight I got as far as an hour and a half waiting. The funny thing was, I was watching TV. Each time the commercial came on, I'd think to run out for a quick one but I'd look at the clock and say wait a little longer. About an hour into this game I found myself thinking - hmmm what can I munch on? I remembered you saying every 15 minutes you feel like eating something and "what do non smokers do?" It made me laugh so hard that I completely tossed out the idea of eating and did wait another 30 minutes before I finally had a smoke. So thank you for the helpful comment that is going to stick with me for quite a while when I need it most!

Sassy, I think you have a good plan outlined for yourself for this month. So you are getting married in June? Big wedding or just a small intimate affair? Do you speak enough German to make the wedding plans? That ought to be an adventure - silly woman has ordered pumpernickel for her wedding cake :lol:

Chachee, I really liked your comment that echoed what Raven said about making this a lifestyle CHOICE. I think if you put it as a choice, then there's not so much resistance to it when you're doing something you WANT to do instead of HAVE to do. Hope your shifts go fast and you can get some fun time and rest on Friday.

I had a not too bad day today. It's supposed to be warmer and sunny tomorrow so I'm making sure I work in a lunch time walk. And being very specific on my meals has really helped me stick to plan this week more than before so guess what I'll be doing Sunday night? :write: but until then... Hooray for Friday!

04-02-2004, 09:29 AM
Good Morning!!

Happy, I'm so glad I helped you out and gave you a good laugh :lol: I'm sitting here right now laughing because I honestly don't know what non smokers do! I asked my brother who has never touched a cigartee in his life and he said," We drink beer" :rofl: That cracked me up!! I need to move closer to you! I couldn't afford to pay for a carton of smokes there!! They are around $20.00 a carton here for Marlboro lights. I am impressed that you put off having a smoke for so long and most of all for not eating! You will have a lovely vacation not smoking and you will be so busy that maybe you won't even notice that you aren't smoking!!

Sassy, those 2 cigarettes a day will add up!!! I smoked 2 packs a day also, cough..choke :lol:

Raven, horse sitting? What a great idea!!! Something you love to do and the extra money will be great!! Are you exercising hard? The ONLY reason that I am exercising is because I can't stand the thought of being lazy since you are helping me out!! It would be wonderful if you could exercise for me too BUT I have to do my share!!!!

Okay, yesterday I pumped myself full of water all day. My eating was better. I still ate some things that I shouldn't have but it wasn't an all day event. I felt better the whole day and I know it was because I exercised. Did I smoke? Who asked that question? Okay, I'll fess up... I did :o I'm trying girls! Today when I go to Wal Mart I'm going to look for some crafty things to do to help keep me busy. The weather is breaking so soon it will be time to plant flowers and the garden so this will help too. I can work in the garden be smoke free and have lots of fresh veggies to eat!

I have to go this weekend and gets Jordan's tux for the dance. I am making his boutenere, how do you spell that??????? and his girlfriends corsage. They are going to be so damn cute!!

Have a lovely Friday!!

04-02-2004, 09:10 PM
Heeeyyyy ladies... I'm so tired. :tired: It's been such a week. My period started 4-5 days early, and I it always wears me out. Plus I just had so much to do all at once.

Hippy - Toss those cigarettes, dear!! :drill: :devil: Yes, I've been doing my workouts. I have to admit they have been less than enthusiastic, because I'm so tired, but I've done them!! My treadmill time yesterday was a little slow, but I kept my routine in place. Pilates this morning was more "going through the motions" and I have got to put more push into it. I think tomorrow I'll try for another run and maybe an UB workout. I need to be careful about that lower body, I'll do that on Tuesday night. If I do it Sunday I won't be able to stay on my horse Monday night! But hon, you're so right that when you start the day out with exercise, the energy level is higher. Will we get pics of the adorable couple?? What do non-smokers do? Log into 3FC! :lol3:

Happy - Silly gurl, of course I care. I keep thinking it's so amazing that I've found such a wonderful group of ladies who will listen to me ramble and support me along the way. All I can do is try to return that favor. You're such a strong and determined lady, I admire that you're in school and working so hard. So .. are you gonna take a laptop along on your vacation so you can report in??? :comp:

Sassy - A wedding! Aw, a blushing bride. How sweet! Yeah, what Happy said ... what kind of wedding? Are we invited??? :yikes: I think your plan is very doable, and I've already offered to come boot you down those stairs... :rofl:

Chachee - :bravo: Good for you!! For being accountable AND for not showing a gain! Sometimes I think that learning all this new lifestyle stuff hinges a lot in facing our misconceptions and fears about food and eating. I know my ideas about calories and portions were all out of whack. I *thought* I knew what I was eating, but when I started logging into fitday, it amazed me how much I thought I knew was wrong. And all the stuff about the scale fluctuations, and how so MANY things can affect our weight on a day to day basis... and learning to not be afraid of that.

Thank you guys for being all happy about the horsesitting. I know some people would think I'm insane, but .. I'd give so much to just leave off with the darn 8-5 and design web pages and horse sit with my daughter. I'd give so much to have the freedom to go to an all summer training school to get certified to train horses, then add that to the mix, too. Who knows, Happy... maybe your hopes for me will turn into a reality, and this is just the beginning. Someone commented in my journal that the horses seem to bring out the best in me, and I have to admit... I think they're right. Between my horses, kids, and 3FC - this has been absolutely the most rewarding year emotionally and spiritually for me since long before my mom passed away. Financially can't be far off, right!?!?! :lol:

And HEY!!! I'm a Super WalMart freak, because it's so much cheaper than the regular grocery stores, you know? But I have to drive over 30 minutes to get to the nearest one, so it's been a real pain! BUT!!! I was driving home tonight and I noticed they've broken ground for one about 5 minutes from me!! WOO! Score! :rofl:

Ok, off to check the meatloaf (made with lean hamburger, of course) and cook the broccoli... Hope everyone's Friday was GREAT, and the weekend is wonderful!

04-03-2004, 12:13 AM
Evenin' y'all :D

Raven, I am so proud of you for sticking to your workout even though you were tired AND dealing with TOM. Guess it don't get done just thinking about it, does it? I read your post and dropped on the floor and did 50 crunches. Just cuz if you could do it then I had no excuse either. :lol: It does sound like you're getting one heckofa LB workout just riding - so if that will continue to strengthen things along with the treadmill work, go for it. Also, I am one of the world's biggest believers that you CAN live your dreams. One of the keys is that we talk ourselves out of getting to the steps of what we need - that's silly, we can't afford it, we'd look like a fool, what would people think? And you have to take a what dah heck attitude and sometimes walk into the scary unknown. Admittedly though, it is harder when you have kids to think about. No matter what changes or sacrifices you're willing to make for yourself, you can't always impose your needs on others. However, you definitely have one leg up on the game by being creative to meet your dreams. The horse sitting, the bartering Rosa for lessons - it's those kinds of think out of the box methods that help bring you a little closer each day. Just keep doing those kinds of things and someday you will be running a rescue shelter. And you better keep up on the losing weight and getting strong kick because you'll be working the rest of your buns off getting that shelter up and running :lol: Don't let your life pass you by... Just don't spend it all at the new Super Walmart! They are building a Mejier store just down the street from me. It's a massive store from the looks of it. Never been to one - saw them up in Michigan but they are just coming around here. I'm sure it will give the Walmart a little competion and that's good.

Hippy - that's pretty good to go from 2 packs a day to quitting. More than half the cost of the cigarettes here is "sin" taxes. Everytime they want money they up the taxes on cigs and booze. Pretty soon we will all quit and then where will they get their money? So what kind of flowers are you doing for Jordan and his girlfriend? (I can't spell boutinier either :lol:) It's got to be somewhat bittersweet seeing them growing up. :cry:

Well I have set my quit smoking date firmly for April 16. I might have a few that morning, but once I get on the plane for vacation - that's it. I am calling my doctor tomorrow - I'm going to try Zyban this time around and if I can't deal with the urges, I'll add the patch too only because that will really keep me from smoking. I told my husband of my plans and said he'd have to be especially understanding for a while and not get mad at me and leave me on the side of the road on vacation if I got nasty. Through my husband's work I can sign up for an online smoking cessation program and I've plugged my date in and started reading up and getting myself psyched. If you can get past the "I wanna" Hippy I can too because I know you are so much like me that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

I'm scared to be honest. Scared of my inner self sabotage. Scared of changing and more than anything scared of the inevitable weight gain. It's possible that I might gain everything I've lost so far and go beyond my highest weight ever and I don't know if I can handle that. The one positive is that as we hit the better weather, I will be more active. My husband wants to lose weight too and one thing we like to do is walk together. He just walks alot faster than I do and I get winded but I know that part will go away as my lungs clean out.

You all have faced your own personal challenges so that doesn't make me any different or special or deserving of excuses. I think one of my motivators for staying quit is going to be imagining telling my mom that I have cancer and seeing the look of profound sadness on her face. I lost my older brother 6 years ago to bone marrow cancer. I think it would put Mom in her grave if she lost 2 of her children before her and that would leave my sister all by herself. I just can't do that to them.

And no Raven, I am NOT taking my laptop with me. I am looking forward to 11 days without a computer believe it or not. :rofl: I might be able to check in part way through the trip when we go to his aunt's house. I wonder if Las Vegas has internet cafes? Geez, I'm having a hard enough time figuring out how I'm going to pack and still get under the 50 pound suitcase limit!

This will be a busy weekend. I need to go through my clothes and figure out what to take and start to make my little packing lists so I don't forget anything. I also want to give the house a good cleaning. It's much nicer to walk back into a clean house from vacation than to see one that was torn apart in a last minute packing frenzy with stuff all over the place. I also have to buckle down on the homework - have a mid term test to study for on Tuesday and a web site to develop for my project. I have to also work ahead on the homework as I will miss almost 2 weeks of school - I'll never catch up if I put it off.

So I hope you all have a grand weekend. We go to daylight savings time on Saturday and lose an hour of time. How come they never institute that on a weekday in the middle of the work day? Why do we get cheated out of an hour of a precious weekend? :?: Inquirig minds want to know but then again I truly appreciate that extra hour in the fall, even if it does mean it's getting darker sooner.

04-03-2004, 04:35 AM
Hello ladies.

Ahh.....a day off today. It's because I worked my hours after that graveyard shift last night at the Jail. That's tough working 8a-4:30p, then to the jail 10:00 p-2:30 a. Wow, I'm glad it's over, but it sure is fun to go down and see how the "other half" live! One guy in a holding cell last night was fluent in dropping the "f" bomb and was sharing that with all of us. He was calling us "f"heads and that he wanted his "f"ing phone call. Yeah, once he realized we weren't going to drop everything and help him at the precise moment, he started to kick at the windows and door. They shackled him to the metal bed and we were done with that one! Too fun!

Guess what I did today???? I went SHOPPING. Yes, I know that I had said I didn't need to because all the smaller ones were fitting, but I realized I had pretty much mostly black clothes in that size. So, I went on a bargain shopping mission. I am happy to report that size 18 clothes are fitting and a little loose. When I first started this back in February I was in a 22. Something is working! I am addicted to Tommy Hilfiger clothes, and when I waltzed over to the clearance rack, low and behold all the Tommy "women" clothes were clearanced out, then it was an additional 70% off that. Oh my goodness, I almost wet myself at that point! I'm glad I used the bathroom before I started. I ended up getting two pairs of navy pants (one pinstriped), a cream colored zip up cardigan, a multi blue striped sweater, a navy and cream sweater, a cute plaid "schoolgirl" skirt and a red shirt. Ladies, I bought all that for $97.50!!! Oh my goodness, I was dancing all around that store. Walked a few extra laps around the mall also! Put my son in his stroller and we cooked around that mall. I was pretty much nonstop after those bargains. Modeled the clothes to my hubby tonight, which I haven't done since we met because I got so big, and he was so excited for me. He said they all looked nice and it was really showing how much I was losing. Aw, shucks! Gave him a peck on the cheek for that one!

My weekend now is going to be pulling out the other sweaters that are bagging out, donate them to the abused women's shelter and then bust out a bunch of scarves for my project.

Hippy: Take up knitting, crocheting or working with FIMO clay. Your hands are busy and can't eat or smoke while you are doing it and it's a very inexpensive craft. That's what I did when I wanted to occupy my hands so I didn't sit in front of the tv and eat. Now I sit in front of the tv and knit! It's really helped. You can't eat when you are working with the yarn because it messes it up. You don't want to smoke because then whatever you are making will smell like smoke and you might drop ashes on it! Seriously, check into it!! And I know Raven is plugging through those exercises, but don't forget about me and the lack of Skinny Cows!! Heehee. They are right there in my freezer waiting for your 5 pounds to go away! Actually, it's helping me stay my 2 points under.

Happy: April 16th, huh? Okay, that's the day we all are going to up the support to you to beat this addiction just like Hippy is doing. How wonderful you are both tackling this at the same time. Baby steps is the way to go and don't think you are a failure if you have a little slip up!! Sounds like you are going to be real busy. Oh, and no laptop?? I'm crushed!! Ha!

Raven: You know what was funny when I was reading your post? I remember you before the horses. I remember the struggles you had and how stressed out you were about a lot of things. These horses have brought such a calm and peace to your life it's incredible. I'm so happy these things are working out for you. Your refocus came about the time of the horsies. I'm so thrilled you are able to do that and get so much out of it! I know you were busy and run down this week. Just be good over the weekend and you will do fine! I have no doubt you will be to your stealth goal by the end of this month.

Sassy: A wedding in June, huh? Congrats! I love your sacrifice for Hippy. It doesn't seem like a lot, but those 2 cigs a day will add up in no time at all. Think of how much your lungs will love you for that! And the extra money in the pocketbook. You know we expect wedding pictures on here, right? Oh yeah!! You are going to be so much lighter by your wedding. I would guess you to be at least 20 pounds lighter, but more like 30!

Okay, I stepped on the scale this morning and I am two pounds from my lowest in over 7 years. If things hold out for this week, I should be down around 5. That would put me under my lowest that I remember in "recent" history. I'm hoping it happens, wait, I'M GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! When I step on that scale on Wednesday morning, it's going to say under 235! I just know it!

Okay, off to bed. Big hugs all around. You know we need to schedule a time we can all get together once we all reach our goals and go shopping! I figure it's going to take me a year, but we all need to get together! Whatcha' think?

Later, taters.


04-03-2004, 09:23 AM
Good morning :coffee:

Chach, I in no way forgot about your skinny cow sacrfice! I just didn't mention them because I didn't want to throw you into a I WANT A SKINNY COW SO BAD THAT CAN'T STAND IT FIT :lol: You might not have to wait much longer, I weighed this morning and 3 of those 5 pounds is gone. Maybe I was retaining water or something. Now we are just looking at 2 pounds until you can have a skinny cow!!!

I have tried knitting and crocheting but I can't understand the instructions :o If someone shows me how I can do it but I can't make heads or tails out of those directions DUH!!!

Raven, You are strong!!!! Exercising during TOM. I get PMS really bad and cramp and bloat and whine, so I sure don't want to exercise!! I have exercised this week and boy can I feel it. I keep telling myself if I keep it I won't have to go through the it hurts so bad phase again!!!

Happy, I think you are going to be quit successful on not smoking! Anything that you learn through your support group will be so helpful and I would appreciate any hints that you can keep passing on! That's a great thought about your mom. I have been telling myself the same thing about Jordan. I am so sorry to hear that you lost a brother. I can't imagine that pain.

Yesterday was very stressful. As you all know my brother is going through a divorce. His final cout date isn't until July. They had their first caout date in January. Anyway, this is killing him financially. He has to pay the van payment, half of the utilities, house and auto insurance, $100.00 a week child support. He doesn't mind the support but these other bills are keeping him from being able to save for his own place and so on. This is his weekend to have Alex but as usual when he got there she wasn't home with him. He came home, called his lawyer and found out that Monday morning his lawyer is going to file criminal charges against her for keeping his court ordered visitation from him. I know it sounds terrible but it serves her right, I hope she gets into some kind of trouble. She is hurting my brother and she is hurting Alex. They love eachother so much and even though she is hurting she doesn't have the right to interfer with Chris and Alex's relationship. I could see tears welling up in his eyes when he got home because he hasn't seen him but 1 time in 6 weeks. My heart broke for him and I just sat down and cried.

I did get a bit of good news yesterday. First off Gary is thinking about quitting his second job after vacation!!! I am so excited. I have forgotten what it's like to have him around! Second, it's long distance for me to call anyone in my family and friends that live away from here. It's long distance for Chris to call Alex and his lawywer so anyway my phone bills have been running anywhere from $130.00 to $180.00 :yikes: I changed companies yesterday and got my local, long distance and internet for $80.00 a month! I can call anywhere in the US and don't have to pay long distance charges! I'm excited because I have friends in California and Illinois and I can call Mom and Grandma and so on!!!! That's still alot of money for a phone bill but I will be saving alot!

Jordan went with Gary today so so much for getting to get his clothes! We are on Spring Break So I guess we will go one day through the week. I would love to post some pics of my little guy for all of you to see but I don't know how :lol: I will ask him to show me!

It's a beautiful sunny day so I am going to go outside for a walk today. Flowers are blooming and the fresh air is wonderful. I might start working on the pool some. It's a little early but it's a job to get that thing ready.

I have talked your heads off so I better be going!

Hello to Sassy!

Have a good day!

04-03-2004, 02:14 PM
Hey ladies! Just a quickie right now - trying so much to get organized. I have so much on my plate and I'm thinking I really need to get a handle on all of it before I start dropping the ball on things.

Food good, I figured out how to keep my water up on the weekends finally. I carry a 1 liter bottle with me wherever I go, and I just make sure I drink a minimum of two of those. How simple is that? I think I can handle it.

Weight back to 175.5 today. :D :D :D

Today going to Rosa's to try to fix her computer problems. Can we say operator error? *sigh* We rebuilt her machine with 2000, told her to under NO circumstances let her son (who is 23 or 24 btw) log in with her admin account and/or download crap music software (remember kazaa?) onto her machine, and guess what she did? Now she's trying to say it's 2000. Then she tries to install the OLD version of Quicken over the top of the NEW version because the old one was business, the new is personal, and it screwed up the software completely - oh, but that's 2000's fault, too. :rolleyes: Ok, I will be nice about this. Up to a point. Oh wait there's more. She has an old Brother printer (don't get me started about Brother) and they still sell the stupid thing, but they don't offer any drivers past 98 or ME. So now she's ticked because her printer doesn't work with 2000 and wants ME back on her machine. :lol3: Yeah. *cough* Till she tries to install new software or another piece of hardware. *twitch spazz* Hm. Sorry about the rant, I didn't mean to go off in THAT direction.

Then off to feed for the TGAAH customer (wow I have one!!!) :lol: and then home to make spaghetti and start designing my new website. I bought a domain, we're going to be (Once it's set up, that is.) That will give my daughter and I a place to practice our crap. I need to upgrade it to perl/cgi because I got the cheap cheap hosting, but I can do that in a month or so once I get some sort of layout set up. I'm really babbling here.

Right. I really need to go. :p Hope everyone is having a great Saturday, and I'll be back later to catch up with all the posts!

04-04-2004, 01:12 AM
okies ladies just going to let my fingers fly thru this post and answer the questions or comments directed at me. feeling a lil selfish for it too, but i have no time right now. hopefully tomorrow morning ....forgive me

Alex´s grandmother´s (Oma) 80th b-day party is in 6 hours, after the party she will be coming to spend the next few days with us. its his Mom´s mom..oh the pressure ~laughing~ i spent yesterday cleaning the no-see-ums, saving the floors for the very last...... been seriously considering changing Bosko´s name to "That Molting Monster Mutt" ~laughing~ his hair is everywhere! and i just know after a brushing i have way more then enough stuffing to make 2 pillows! Spring has finally Sprung in austria my friends ~nodnodnodnod~

i am nervous about Oma coming, i dont know the language well enough to have an actual conversation with her. which is so disappointing for me cuz i would love to get to know her better and hear all about the family history yada yada. in case you guys havent gathered.i love to talk and the next few days will be like silence, struggling for words. there whew. got my wah wah whiney out ~pathetic pouty puss~ i do have solutions though ( remeber me basses covered girl..winks n grinz) Oma used to make those lovely intricate doilies as did my grandmother ( and when mine past i was given her yarn and needles, being the craftsey one in the fam) so along with my crochetting ( i am in the process of making another blanket as well) i have the doilie supplies in my yarn bag as well. Oma is also an avid gardener. i love gardening, so i am hoping she will help me with designing our garden. what kind of flowers (blümen) do best where..... they have alot that i am accoustoned to, plus so many more that are native here. also bought the fixings for a mini Herb garden. maybe she would like to help me plant that too. i dont know......~laughing~ she likes to walk so naturally i will invite her to go with bosko and i, plus in the opposite direction is an adorable lil mall complete with the ultimate bakery/ coffee house. so we will walk that way too, enjoy a cup of coffee and then return. and lastly but not leastly i will show her my lessons, from what i have heard about Oma she is really looking forward to this visit and helping me learn austrian. intersperse that with our love for cooking and well that ought to take care of the first day ~laughing~ any suggestions for next 2-3 ??

the wedding..... the REAL one, or the one we americans are used to with a clergy and the dress and the works will be the first Saturday in June, on the 5th. ~tick tick tick tick~ marrying is so different here. the Official marriage is the 23rd of this month. you have to married by the state before the church for it to be legal. so that will give me 2 anniversaries!! the state one consist of about 30 of your closest friends and family then a dinner afterwards. nice dress is required but not formal wear. ooooooo you ladies are going to love this!! i am getting married in an old castle!! (which has been turned into the government housing.) in a 17th century rectory! another of my passions is history. so much to say so little time.......... ~pant pant~ the church wedding ( 200 guests) will be held outside, in the garden next to where the reception will be. they have never had a request like that before so we had to get special permission and a permit to hold an outdoor wedding. if it rains, not even an option! it wont Jesus and i are good buds dontcha know ~winks n grinz~ so it will be a quick dash to get inside, but the flower girl 5 ( his neice ) and i have decided we look Fabulous wet, so it wont matter either way to us ~laughing~ the whole to-do will be bilingual in english and austrian and a cross of traditions. i have peeps coming from america and the UK. so YES your all invited, just tell me where to send the invites!! i am making our invitations and wedding favors, his Mom has decorations and flowers, a close friend of hers is doing the cake. Alex is taking care of food, booze and music. and right now whistling thru this my brain decides to fart..~laughing~ meaning i forget who is doing what.... i will tell you more of our plans when i slow down a bit. i will need to pick your brians as well so be preparred........~wigglin her brow playfully, angelic lil smile~

pictures, if you would like them you bet i will supply them. inserting a link like i did for a previous post.

Raven: i appreciate you booting me down But the real test of friendship would be.......ARE YOU TOSSING ME A ROPE TO CLIMB BACK UP??!! ~laughing~

okies i so got to go this has taken me an hour to write ( who would of thoght?? ) wishing you all nothing but the very best of successes this month!


04-04-2004, 01:10 PM
Good morning ladies,

Sassy - hope you enjoy your visit with Oma. I think if you start cooking and gardening you can overcome the language barrier. And no doubt you will have some entertaining moments when you are both lost for words! Your wedding plans sound wonderful, interesting that you have to have a civil ceremony first before the church one. That's the first time I heard of that, though I am no expert on the ways of different lands. Sounds like you will be one very busy woman!

Speaking of busy - RAVEN - whoo, I'm tired just reading about all you have on your plate. Just make sure you don't burn yourself out trying to be all to everyone. And yes.. I sure don't envy you with Rosa's computer. Sonny boy is sure going to mess things up royal. Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth the offer to help. Especially when you're dealing with people who just don't understand no matter how much you explain. :?: Good luck.

Hippy, that is so awful about your brother. Should be against the law for divorcing people to use the kids as a means to hurt the other. Just give ex-SIL a good :rollpin: on the back of the head. On the other hand, that's great news about Gary. Hopefully you'll have some good summertime fun together.

Chachee, what a cool shopping spree and how cool to be nearing a new low weight goal. Makes you feel like this is doable, doesn't it?

I am mentally preparing myself to quit smoking. Have been taking deep breaths alot (smokers breathe deeper than non smokers and deep breaths simulate the inhaling habit of a cigarette). I'm trying to make a good effort to smoke less. And when I think of having one, I tell myself (to borrow from Miss Chris' excellent comment in her journal - pretend as if you are not a smoker anymore - just work through it and tell yourself you won't smoke). I will tell you one thing, as I smoke less I am thinking about food more. Last night I had some reduced fat potato chips and a Coke. As soon as I finished them, I regretted it. Told myself I can't swap out one bad habit for another. I'm going grocery shopping today and I'm going to make extra sure I have healthy nibblies or snacks and make sure that I list my food plan and stick to it this week. I've already got the water bottle out.

Lots to do today so I'd better get with it. Bad enough we lost an hour today for Daylight Savings time. I really miss that though I do enjoy the extra hour we get back in the fall. Have a good one ladies and don't run yourself ragged today.

Congrats to all who've sustained a weight loss :cp: :cheer:

04-05-2004, 11:00 AM
G'morning chickies! :coffee:

Let's see if I can't catch up a little bit here.

Happy - You know.. it means a LOT to me that you say the things you do about my daughter and I trying to create this dream life of ours out of thin air. :thanks: I mean.. Yes, it is a dream. A big, huge, amazing, incredible, maybe unattainable dream. But it means so much to her, and so much to me - I can't just pull the "we can't do this" on her. I know when I was her age I would have done nearly anything to be able to work to earn lessons, or earn board for a horse. But my folks were pretty typical and went the standard "we can't afford that, you don't know what you're getting into, you have no idea how much responsibility that is..." :blah: They never gave me a chance. And so, with my daughter on the one hand - I have to give her that chance. I just have to. And on the other hand, in giving her that chance, I'm giving myself the opportunity to be 14 again and live the dream. My son is younger, only just now turning 12, but he's already wanting to be a part of it too. All I know is I have to try. What is Mejier? Another WalMart like store? I read the part about how you'd imagine you were going to tell your mom you had cancer, and about your brother. That must have been so hard on all of you. I'm so sorry. :( Of course it made me tear up again. You do that to me a lot lately. :p Fear is really something, isn't it. It can stop us from doing things because of things we imagine might happen, or because we're scared of the unknown. Fear of losing weight has been very frustrating for me. My daughter and I ran head on into one of the fears we both face, bless her heart. See, she may be only 14, but she looks much older. She's around 5'7", and is already wearing a C-D cup. She's lost about 20 pounds now, and is starting to be very attractive. Not that she wasn't before.. but there's that invisibility factor. She and I are both starting to realize people are "seeing" us again. I wish I could help her through it, but I'm just as awkward with it. There were two guys working on a car (we're not talking kids here.. these were young men - 20s or so) a couple houses over, and they stopped working on it to stare at my daughter while she was waiting for her brother to get in the truck. One of them even waved, smiled, and asked her how she was doing. This is a completely new thing for her, and I watched her blush, turn away, and push her brother into the truck so she could climb in quickly and get away from the attention. That's when she talked to me about her invisibility disappearing, and how frightened she is of that. I just hope her fear won't stop her from continuing to be healthy and fit. Just like I hope your fears won't stop you from quitting smoking. You're right in that we all have our fears to face. I hope you know that we're all here to help you work through those fears if we can. :grouphug:

Sassy - I really hope your visit with Oma is going well! that language barrier can be so awkward! But she sounds like a lovely lady, and I'll bet that all the effort you're making towards bridging that barrier will be greatly appreciated, and I'm sure, reciprocated. I personally love the idea of the legal and religious ceremonies being seperate. I wish the U.S. would get their act together and do the same thing. Of course, I'm also of the opinion that anyone who wants to should be able to be legally bound in a partnership agreement, regardless of sex, religious beliefs, whatever. *shrug* Your wedding in the castle sounds like a fairy tale! So beautiful! Gives me goosebumps. :D I hope it's everything you dream it should be! And .. a ROPE!? Bah! :rofl: Climb up those stairs, girlie! :drill: ;) (But don't hurt yourself, ok?)

Hippy - I'm so sorry all this is happening to your brother. I could never understand why some people behave the way they do during a divorce. I told my ex when I told him I wanted the divorce that all I really wanted was for him to be happy, for me to be happy, and for those wonderful kids of ours to be happy - and that was never going to happen if we stayed married. I walked away and left him with just about everything. I didn't want STUFF or money, I wanted to live and smile and enjoy a relationship. And I didn't want my kids to grow up thinking that a relationship was all about fighting and passive aggression and lies and tears. Yes, it can be difficult, but it's a labor of love. And if it isn't, then why be in it? And you're right that she needs to stop getting in between her ex and his son. It's not right, it's not fair, and it will only, ultimately, end up with her son being very, very angry with her for it. That boy needs his father. She's being a selfish idiot. Great news about Gary! I hope that can work out for you! And saving money is ALWAYS a wonderful thing!

Chachee - Oh great.. now you're making me cry, too. You're right, of course. I think if Arashi and Shadow hadn't come into our lives right when they did, I would have had a nervous breakdown. Between the job thing and the dad thing and cars and weight and everything else - our horses have kept me sane. They ground me, they do give me focus. Horse peace. :D They've been my four-legged angels. :angel: So cool that you went shopping, and SO cool that you modeled for your husband!! I think that's awesome! Talk about an NSV! :bravo: Maybe you'd better wear some depends the next time you find a sale, just in case. :lol3: And the scale is being good to you too, what a month, eh!? I think it would be unbelievably fantastic to get together. Ok, one of us seriously needs to win a lottery about now. The one down here is up to 75 Mil... would that do? Ok, I'll plan on winning that one here in the next week or two. ;)

Wow. What a weekend. Does cleaning a stable for 3 hours count as a workout? How about arm-wrestling my kids for another hour - it sure seemed like it anyway! Dang ... my son is left handed and can nearly beat me with that one. My daughter is getting STRONG and can nearly beat me, too! I'm gonna have to start upping those UB weights! :yikes: Can't have the offspring beating up Mom yet! I rode Mt. Shadow on Saturday, and I have to say - now that my seat has gotten better, she doesn't seem quite as tall as she used to. And her little hi-jinks don't scare me anymore, either. I can ride them out and feel fine. But I can really see where my daughter's leg muscles are getting their workout. She's a horse you really have to hang on to when you're up there, and you have to tell her EVERYthing with your body. She's a very willing horse, but she's young and only partially trained. What a love, though. I worked Arashi on go forward cue using the John Lyon's method, and I have to say, I love the way it works. He's a pretty smart little guy, if a wee bit stubborn. I'm very excited about being able to train him myself, even if I kind of feel sorry for him being my first real green horse. I'm going to be learning along the way, but at least I found a great discussion board on the John Lyon's method to ask questions on... that plus the books should keep me from screwing up TOO badly! I hope. :o

Food has been pretty much on track, no screwups. Water was much better this weekend because of the 2-liter method. I confess that yesterday I didn't do any "workout" other than cleaning the barn because I was just too darned busy between the horsesitting, working for Rosa, working with my pony, getting her computer up and running, then the horsesitting again... and yeah, I lost an hour on top of that! Agh! Today I'm counting my riding lesson as my workout, because it sure as heck is one. Rosa will beat us into the dirt I know it. I just hope she doesn't remember she wanted us to start posting with no stirrups. :yikes: Weight is still 175.5, which is fine. I'm still amazed I've made it this far, to tell you the truth. I'm really looking forward to my three day weekend... we're off Good Friday, not sure why. :lol: Richard is not off - so that means it's just me 'n the kidlets!! Horse day, here we come!! :hyper: Hope it's good weather!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope the week started out on a good note for you all!

04-06-2004, 03:04 AM
Raven, one of the things I realized as I got older and wiser was reflecting back on my life. As a child we dream of being a ballerina, astronaut, rock star, video game champ :lol: - whatever it is that kids dream about now a days. We get a little older and we're told to grow up, get real, get serious. So we lose our dreams and our passions and we fall into the mainstream rut. Go to school, get a job, make a career, get married, have kids, be stressed. Time passes quickly and as you approach your 40's and 50's and 60's you start to wonder where the time went. You feel dissastified or that something is lacking. We tend to sit in front of the TV, spend too much, eat too much, move too little and spend alot of time complaining because we don't have anything we feel passionate or joyful about anymore. Life's a rut and a dull one at that. Then things happen - people you love die prematurely, people get sick, lose their livelihoods that they poured their life into and you question the meaning of life even more. When you have some passion in your life, just a bit to focus on, it keeps your attitude adjusted and you can deal with the crap parts of life for that little bit of time when your creative juices flow and you're just loving life. Trouble is, once we've lost it, it's hard to find it again. There are the social pressures "are you NUTS" or the people who say "gee I wish I had the courage to do what you're done". And we're really good at talking ourselves out of things "you'll never succeed" "think about your other responsibilities". Or we just plain can't figure out how to make baby steps to get to what we'd love.

Teach your children to be responsible and accountable for their actions. Teach them that dreams are possible but there is always a trade off - giving something up to get what you want and nothing, even if it's something you love, comes without good old fashioned work and effort. Teach them to be creative - to use a cliche "think out of the box" to get what you want.

I think it's especially important in these times when you can't rely on the old school where you got a career, stuck with it until retirement and left after 45 years with a gold watch and a nice pension.

You have to be creative in this world, accept that life isn't fair and be prepared to change courses a few times. One of my favorite song lines is from a Sarah McLaughlin song "... don't let your life pass you by... wait not for the memories..." Life's too short and the older I get, the more that means to me. I might not live to be 85 years old but I sure am going to enjoy the time that I do have left. Well most days of course :lol:

04-06-2004, 06:51 AM
Awww, I love that song!! Always brings a tear to my eye. I agree with all you've said, Happy. I wish it hadn't found me so late, but .. better late than never!! :D Ok, why am I sitting here when I'm supposed to be doing pilates? God, the pollen is making me insane! Even with the allergy meds, the count is through the roof and it just minimizes the symptoms, not alleviates them. Everything is yellow and fuzzy. ;)

Alright, off to pilatisize - pilaticize? pilaticise? :lol: Yeah. That.

04-06-2004, 01:23 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Sorry for being MIA the last couple of days. My dad got here Sunday night and it's been very busy since then. We bought all the stuff to finishing the basement (paint, texture, etc.) They are going to finish sanding and taping up today, texture tomorrow, and we will all start painting on Thursday. I'm so excited to get some of this done!

Hippy: How is my non-smoker doing? Only a week more and Happy will be joining you! Sorry to hear about your brother. Is he still living with you? That really sucks that she is being that way, and I would definitely get the law involved! How is it looking for my Skinny Cows???? :dizzy:

Sassy: How is the visit with Oma going? Language barriers can be tough! A castle for the wedding? Pictures are a must! I can't wait to see how beautiful it is!!!

Happy: Are you gearing up for the 16th? Hey, we lose all our money to taxes on the 15th, so April is the month for giving things up! I loved your last post! How very true it is! How much do we have to give up to have everything?? Too much!

Raven: That lottery should be able to get us all together. Did you get your ticket yet? How can you win if you don't buy a ticket? Are you still coming up here in May? I'll be here!! I loved what you said about your daughter. She is getting to that age when boys are going to really start to notice her and if she's not prepared for that it can be tough. She's gorgeous anyway, especially with that long beautiful hair!! She just needs to know she is as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside.

Well, hubby is going to depart to Thailand next week, not the 22nd. Moved it up a week. He'll be back mid-June. You know, I hate to see him go, but this is going to be my big concentration time! I am going to be so focused on exercise and eating right that I might not notice he's gone. (Yeah,right!!)

Weigh in is tomorrow and I honestly have not a clue what it's going to say. I'd like a 3 pound loss so I can get my next 5 pound star, putting me up to 15, but any loss is great by me!

Talk to you all later.


04-07-2004, 12:04 AM
Hollooooooo Ladies!!!

WOW! It's been a crazy few days! I went to stay with my Grandmother Sunday and Monday. She is 77 and needs help Spring cleaning and enjoys the company. I love her to death but let me tell you! All she knows how to do is b*tch,b*tch,b*tch :lol: I always say I will never worry about her unless she stops b*tching :lol: She is always mad at someone in the family and lets not forget being totally pissed of at Pres. Bush!!! I smoked like a crazy woman while I was there! Today I lit a cigarette and it tasted like crap, made me feel like crap so I threw it out the window. It's taking awhile but I'm going to get there!

Jordan went home with ny Mom Sunday and he will be home tomorrow. I told him we have to shop for the dance and if he doesn't want to shop then he just won't go. I hate last minute rushing around and I refuse to put myself through total madness trying to get this done. I guess we will see what happens!

I just sort of skipped through the posts and I'll try to catch up more later but for now...

Sassy, hows the visit going? Are you giving up those 2 cigarettes a day?

Raven, the horse sitting? I remember seeing where you had a customer? How did that turn out?

Happy, ready for vacation? Ready to butt out those cigarettes?

Chach, GO AHEAD!!! Have a skinny cow, I'm sure you deserve it!!!

Gotta run.... Catch you girls later!

04-07-2004, 06:46 AM
*yawn* :coffee: I think I need about a pot and a half to get going this morning. Between the horse sitting and the antihistamines I'm about ready to drop. One or the other would be ok, but both!?! *sneeze hack wheeze cough-up-yellow-fuzzy-things* So much for "non-drowsy."

Hippy! Nice to see you reporting in! You only sound a WEE bit stressed. :D Grandma sounds like one of those people you can take in small doses. Love her much, but only a couple hours at a time! Is the dance this weekend? Sometimes getting teens out shopping is like nailing jello to a wall, though. Good luck! Yep, I got one customer. :lol: And she's a wonderful lady who has three rescue horses. One of which is 32 years old. Pretty impressive. They're sweeties, and thankfully it's not much out of my way on my drive to and from work. It's about 40 minutes from my house though, so on my days off I still have to make the trip twice. Ohwell... I needed the money! Saturday morning will be the last feeding... kind of blows sleeping in out of the water for my three day weekend though, because Sunday I work at Rosa's. :lol: You know, I really love it though. Last night I stayed at Kathy's place and swept out the barn just to keep the horses company while they ate. Now are you using that zyban? Or was that Happy who was going to try that? I can't remember. I need more sleep. :tired:

Chachee - It must be great to have your dad there! I won't be up in May, it's now looking more like August. Which is fine with me... August up there is so pretty!! Maybe the raspberries will be ripe! :D I look forward to seeing that basement. Well, I didn't win the lottery in last night's drawing, so I guess I'll try again for Friday! The jackpot is up to 105 million now. Hm. Even with the cash buyout I suppose I could share a little with each of you. :rofl: Yep, we're gonna win the lottery. :lucky: Thank you for the sweet comments about Nickie... She's really a good kid - a teenager, but a good kid. She has a huge heart. I wish she were coming with in August so you could see her weight loss too - I'll have to take some pics. She keeps thinking about hacking off all her hair, then chickens out. She is going to be getting her tongue pierced for her 15th birthday, though! Well, unless she chickens out of that, too. ;) :chicken: I know what you mean about missing the husband but looking forward to that focus time. Sometimes I wish I could get some time like that. ;) Richard will be gone for a week over Mother's day to visit his mom. But that's just enough time to get used to him not being here, then he's back again. :lol: He's really starting to make a lot of comments (positive) about my weight loss. I think he really just didn't figure I was serious about it this time - no reason why he should have thought I was. But now I guess he sees this time is different. This time isn't a "time," it's my life. Ok girlie! I'm looking forward to seeing a post tonight about weigh in!! :goodscale I hope you reach your 3 pound goal, but like you said, any loss is good! :crossed:

Well I seem to have hit a bit of a plateau. Not that it's unexpected, and it might have a lot to do with the allergies kicking in and the antihistamines, etc. I'm TRYING to drink lots of water, but jeez, I'm just flakey lately. It's been really hard to stay on track with the exercise this week with the horsesitting, and I'm squeezing it in - but it's not intense. I haven't run for a couple days, and I probably won't till next week. It's just far easier right now to do a taebo or pilates video. Even if they don't give me the same intensity of workout, at least I know I'm doing SOMETHING. Oh, and let me tell you... the armwrestling with my kids left both my arms achy yesterday! Interesting that I have one right hander and one left hander, so both arms get a workout!

Food is ok... my mood was way down yesterday, not sure why. But it was SOOOOOO hard not to hit the chocolate. I felt very hormonal, which is weird - my period was so early, but it's like I still got all the hormonal cravings and moodiness when I was "supposed" to. :dizzy: I hope today is better. I'm sure fatigue might have something to do with it. I just don't know if I can resist things all day again if I have a day like yesterday. Even all the way up till bedtime last night I was having to convince myself that eating more was NOT going to make me feel any better about anything. :rolleyes: Does that EVER stop?

Ok, I better get rolling here. It is Wednesday, right? Only one more day, then at least I can come home and take a nap after I feed the ponies!! *crawls off to the shower* Hope everyone is doing well... Lucky, are you out there? What ever happened to Tracy? Sassy! :wave: Happy, I know you must be busy as ****, I just hope you're hanging in!

04-07-2004, 11:16 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

Peace and quiet and a big cup of coffee :D I love it, though I'm ready for Jordan to come home!

Raven, You are totally right about Grandma. I know she is very lonely bur geez! Noone wants to spend alot of time with her because it isn't an enjoyable visit. I do go see her as much as I can because I know she won't be here forever. I use to live with her and we got really close. My Grandfather died about 15 years ago, I lived with them at the time, and I think it helped her to have someone there. I married and moved out and she been alone ever since except for her dog. She's a strong woman. She has gone through 3 knee operations and 2 operations for lung cancer, beat it and is still going pretty strong considering. Happy is going to try Zyban. I'm thinking about checking into that but I already know that insurance won't pay for it and I'm sure it's very expensive. I think I'm just going to have to do this on my own. It might take me awhile to be totally smoke free but I'm working on it real hard and am not giving up! Don't get discouraged about exercise. As you said, you are doing some sort of exercise and that counts a whole lot. The dance is a week from Friday but Jordan has decided that he doesn't want to wear a tux. He wants to wear a suit wich is fine other than he doesn't own one! I am just going to buy the jacket and get his pants and so on at good old Wal Mart! The only problem is those jackets start at $150.00. Can't afford that :lol: There are several gently used shops around and I'm hoping to find him one there. I know we will have to go from place to place and might not have any luck but I have to try. If not, I'll go from there.

The weather has been beautiful the past week. Temps in the 60's and 70's. My brother will be getting Alex Friday and Saturday for his Easter time so we will have a little egg hunt for him. Jordan outgrew Easter egg hunts a long time ago but you can bet he still wants a basket :lol:

Better go get ready. Happy, Sassy, Chach, Hope you are well! OH! Chach, I'm thinking about checking into weight watchers. Can you give me a rundown on the program and why you think it works? Talk to you later.

04-07-2004, 12:41 PM
Howdy pardners!

Yesterday I had to take the mid term for my class so with studying and stuff, I was kinda busy lurking more than posting. But I think I got an A on my test and that's out of the way for a while. I also have to put the old nose to the grindstone and work ahead on my homework to make up for the time I'll lose being on vacation. I also dumped over $300 on my car for routine maintenance. :( The money sure flies out faster than it comes in.

I'm doing ok with the smoking. Instead of just unconsciously doing it, I'm thinking about when, why and trying to cut back. I do think about I'm so much closer to my last one but I try to push those thoughts out of my head because that's negative feedback - if I think I can't have it, I will want it all the more. Instead I'm trying to focus on how it will free me and how I'll feel better and have more money and there won't be ashes and butts all over the place!

You're right Hippy about the cost of the Zyban. I had my doctor call in a prescription to the pharmacy over the weekend. Went to pick it up on Sunday and they said it was $145!!!!! For a one month supply :yikes: I almost fell over. I had checked with the pharmacy insurance program and it is a covered medicine. However, certain types of meds have to be pre approved by having the doctor call the insurance company first. You don't know which meds they are until you go to the pharmacy and pick up your prescription. Under the prescription plan I'd pay $22 a month and a little less if I ordered it by mail. So we are going back and forth trying to get this straightened out because I'm NOT paying $145 for something that I should only pay $22 for. I'm glad that I made arrangements ahead of time because I'm supposed to start taking the Zyban on Friday - a week before your quit date. I'll stop at the pharmacy today, they said yesterday it should be all straighted out by today - usually takes a couple of days for all the right parties to get their act together. The Nicotine Replacement Therapy stuff - patches, sprays, meds are frightfully expensive - just as expensive as the cigarettes. Not sure if their theory is that if you spend alot of money on it you'll have more incentive to stick with it or what... I suppose if you look at it realistically, it's probably a better investment than the cost of long term continued smoking - money you are literally burning up. I'm still nervous about doing this but I am trying to be positive - I guess we each have to find our own way of dealing with it and recognize and plan for our weaknesses.

Hippy, maybe with all the pre-Easter sales you can find Jordan something nice to wear. Good luck! It's funny, your grandmother is my mom's age and while my mom's generally happy and in good spirits, when something ticks her off ... look out :bomb: I think it's part of getting older and maybe as you say being lonely and having your fill of all the crap in the world and feeling achy and old and sometimes not enough to look forward to.

Raven, if you don't mind a little sisterly well intented advice... :o I think you are really trying to do too much and be everything to everyone. It seems that when you tackle something, it's full on and then you get overwhelmed at the enormity of it all and it crashes in on you. Forward momentum is a great thing except when it goes too fast and just crashes you into a wall. And when that happens as you know, we turn to food or booze or cigarettes or being a couch potato - all kinds of bad habits just to confort ourselves. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to change your way of thinking to achieve a balance in your life. We have to let go of ideas that we're lazy, selfish, not doing the right things, etc. Sometimes not doing everything that's presented to us and not being a perfectionist is the the right way to keep on the upswing.

I saw your journal the other day about the money. I'm not sure anyone ever has enough of it tho it is frustrating to see wealthy people fritter away money on $900 shoes when you can't afford a box of antihistmines! One way I got a handle on my money was to write every penny down that I spent - sort of a "fit day" journal for finances. I then went over it with a fine toothed comb after I had a month of spending down. And I looked for ways to see where I wasted money while I was reviewing where the money went. If you mark down everything, you can then see the little things like you have to buy a book of stamps each month to pay the bills - little things that you might not otherwise notice. And then I looked at waste - I would buy magazines because the covers had interesting articles and I think it's good to occasionally read and get some new ideas in your head. But I'd buy the magazines, plop them on the table where they'd clutter up and I'd never read them. The clutter got to me and I didn't want to toss them before I read them. It was a vicious cycle so I told myself if I didn't read them immediately, then I couldn't buy them at all. It was hard at first to resist but I only occasionally buy a magazine now. I also was great at "stocking up on sale" and buying things when I thought I was getting a good price. That's ok too but then when you open the closet and find 20 bottles of shampoo or 3 bottles of onion salt, maybe it's not such a bargain. Most things now I buy as I need them. When I run out of something, I put it on the shopping list and if it's on sale, I generally only buy 1 extra of the item unless it's something like laundry detergent that I use quickly. I have cut my grocery bill doing that along with planning my meals and making sure I use up what I bought that week instead of impusively buying what ever looked good at the store. Another tip to save money I saw on Oprah a few years back. They had a segment on people who made very little money and retired as millionaires. One lady was a librarian making about $18,000 a year. One of her tips besides living under your means was to take your loose change each day and put it in a can, bank, or jar. You might not notice 36 cents or $1.57 each day but at the end of a year it can really add up. My husband and I just counted the change from our banks. It's been about 2 years since we did this but we had 51 pounds of change between the 2 of us - $576 dollars!

So eventually you get to a point where you say, hey maybe it's not 200 percent but I am making progress and I can deal with this.

I have been pushing myself to do things because I too have been not in the best state I'd like to be in. I've been walking each day - yesterday I even got my husband to go with me before supper. I figure starting out at 20 minutes regularly is better than 1 hour every week and a half. I'm forcing the water down and watching my food and trying not to judge my progress by the fickle scale. Baby steps to the promised land :lol:

Have a good one all!

04-07-2004, 01:51 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Okay, weigh in tonight...... :goodscale :goodscale :goodscale :goodscale :goodluck: :goodluck:

I peeked at the scales this morning after my workout. According to my scales, I have hit my lowest weight in over 10 years. I actually remember that weight around 1992. The scales at WW do weigh my heavier, but this is the scale the I go by for my own personal tracking. So, with that in mind, I am down almost 20 pounds, but according tot he WW scale, probably only around 15. So, I might hit that mark tonight. I was 239.5 when I left last week to weigh in. If I am 236 I might hit the 15 mark. I was 235 this morning, and I am usually up a couple pounds by the night, so I am guessing next week will hit the 15 pound mark. Doesn't matter, I'm on the downward spiral and I love it!

Raven: I'm sorry that I won't be seeing you in May. I'll be having my surgery hopefully in August, so maybe I'll get to see you with the new me. I am sure your daughter's weight loss in incredible. I can't wait to see you, my friend, because I am sure you are a shadow of what you used to be! Take care of yourself and I know my pollen season is coming up also. Gotta love the Zytec!!

Happy: Sounds like your mental preparedness is coming together quite nicely! Congrats on your A on your test. It's always nice to see you are learning something and it's sticking with you, huh?? Sounds also like you are getting your finances in order. I'm working on that too!

Hippy: Girl, my grandma is the same way. B****, etc. She's got it out for Pres Bush also. I can't handle much of it, so it's good she's in Oregon and I'm here. She's been giving my mom a hard time, and it's making me very angry. She lives with my parents, but wants to be on her own. She's making their lives **** and I want to put an end to it. She will hopefully get out on an assisted living situation soon. I think my mom might go postal on her before then, though! You were stress-smoking, so I understand that. Just get refocused and it will all come together. Let's see...WW stuff. Honestly, it's really easy to do. You just have to journal your food! Make sure to get 6 8oz glasses of water a day, 2 servings of milk (yogurt, chesse) a day, 5 servings of fruits and veggies (one serving =1/2 cup) and stay in your points range. Most veggies are 0 points and fruit is only 1 point. You gotta watch sauces and dressing. Those will eat up your points like nothing I've seen. There is a really good website for eating out, also. I can send it to you later if you want. This lady has all the points values for a ton of restaurants. When I get ready to go out to eat, I check there first so I know what is low in points. I can email you more info later if you want. I would really suggest going to the meetings and staying for all of it. It's really helped me this time.

Okay, back to work!

I'll check in tomorrow with my results. I'm off work the next three days for painting the basement. That should be a good workout!!

Take care and wish me luck!


04-07-2004, 03:24 PM
:goodluck: :goodluck: Chachee with weigh in tonight! :crossed: :crossed: That is really great to hit a new "low" in your life. Usually we complain about the lows :lol: When you're finished painting, can you come over by me? Hmmm, pleeeeeeasssseeee? I paint leaving about an inch of paint on the walls and 2 inches on me.

04-08-2004, 12:58 AM
Hey Chickies, back again. Chachee how'd you do on the weigh in? Very good I hope!

I did my walking 3 days in a row. Even added some crunches tonight while I was watching TV for an hour. I don't know why I have such a mental block about exercising. Actually I don't know why I have such a mental problem when it comes to doing the things I know I should be doing. I have even thought about therapy but the only therapist I ever met that I respected just had a baby last week and lives in another state so I guess I have to work it out on my own.

I did have popcorn for a snack today. I have broken so many fillings in my teeth crunching on hard kernels that it should be banned from my life. And once I started eating it, it wasn't that good anyway. That has happened with other foods before. I guess it takes a long time for the cravings for something to go away, even when you don't want it anymore. Either that or I'm just plain goofy. :dizzy: Other than that, food was good and on plan today.

8 more days to vacation. I thought I had 2 weeks left. Eeek. Good thing we have Friday off and a long weekend. I just hope the dumb insurance approves my Zyban as I intent to smoke my last cigarette next Friday right before we get into the cab to the airport. You're supposed to start the medication a week before your quit date so I have to have it by Friday. As of today they were still waiting for approval. I will let you know how it works Hippy when I come back from vacation.

Hey, are we ever to old to not want an Easter basket? My mom, bless her heart still makes one up for me and my sister. Gotta love her!

Wow Chachee, all on your own until mid-June? That's a long time! But like you said, it gives you time to focus so that's good and you are doing so well that you can keep the momentum going.

Raven, hope you are feeling better today and got some extra sleep in last night.

Speaking of which, I WILL be in bed before midnight tonight so I think I'm just going to sign off now. Happy Thursday peeps.

04-08-2004, 01:04 AM
Hello Everyone.

Wow what a lot to catch up on...

I'm just popping in to let everyone know that I am still here and I actually do try to read what everyone has to say everyday.

In support of Hippy and Happy with their smoking, I have been getting up an hour earlier and walking to work in the morning. It is 4.5 km and takes me 45 minutes at a very brisk walk.

Happy have fun on your vacation. My mother and her friend will also be there the same time that you are. Must be a good time to go.

Chachee good luck tonight on your weigh in. You are doing so well.

Raven, I hope that things settle down for you soon. Great news about the horse sitting.

Sassy, oh a wedding. That is so cool. Hope your visit is going well.

I'll try to catch up more tomorrow.

Chachee by the way, keep the skinny cows in the freezer. They are worth a small fortune here. A pack of 5 of them is almost 9.00 (Yes they are finally in Canada)

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

04-08-2004, 01:36 AM
Hello wonderful supportive ladies!

Well, weigh in was a couple hours ago. Brace yourselves.....

I was down another 3.2, to make it a total of 15.2 now. I got another 5 pound star!! Wahoo!!! :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

Ah, it pays if you focus on your goals and stick to whatever program you are working. Guys, this is the lowest I've been in over 10 years! I'm so happy!

My goals for this week:

1. Exercise 5 times this week, and consider moving it up to 30 minutes each time. Baby steps!
2. I'm going to need a lot of help with this one! Only look at the scale next Wednesday before I weigh in.

I am finding I am weighing myself almost 4 or 5 times a day. It's becoming an obsession. I need to know it's okay not to weigh each time I go to the bathroom. Please kick me in the butt if I get on here and tell you all that I am doing it!

Lucky, I've missed you on both threads. Great job on walking to work. I'm sure Hippy and Happy will appreciate your sacrifice. I bet the weight is coming off quickly by doing that!

Happy, I can take or leave popcorn. About the only way I enjoy it is to have lightly buttered with some garlic salt. Sounds weird, but it's really good. Other than that, ick. I want an Easter basket, but I don't think I'm getting one. I guess painting my bathroom purple will have to do. Oh well! Thanks for all your well wishes with the weigh in. See, it worked!!

Okay, chickies, I'm off for the next few days, but will try to check in. Painting and Toys R Us tomorrow. Wahoo!!

Good luck everyone with your goals this week and weigh ins!


04-08-2004, 02:06 AM
Yeah Chachee!!!! Guess it sure goes to prove between you and Raven that the exercise makes all the difference.

Nice to hear from you again Lucky. Thank YOU for walking for us. That is so cool!!!!

And a reminder for you Chachee, yes your weight loss is real and no, it's not going to change by going to the bathroom :lol:

04-08-2004, 01:59 PM
Well. Wow.

Chachee - Would you look at yourself GO!? Fantastic!! :bravo: That is awesome!! I went through that "weigh in at every opportunity" phase, too. At least for me it was just a phase. Now I weigh in every morning, just to keep tabs on things. Usually I don't let the ups and downs bother me, I note them and move on. I know I gain here, lose there, and it all averages out to about a pound and a half (sometimes more, sometimes less) or so a week of loss. It's all good. But when I stop weighing, I stop being accountable. So for now, this works. And hey .. think of it this way - if I keep going at my rate of loss, by the time I can get to Anchorage I could be into the 140s! :yikes: And you will have disappeared completely.... :lol3:

Lucky ! - Hi there!! So glad to see you're still alive. :D Holy Skinny Cows!! Is that 9 american dollars??!?! :faint:

Happy - I've gone through much of what you talked about with the money, as far as writing things down, etc. I've found my biggest problem (other than the fact that I just suck at managing money) is that I MUST do my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart like once a week and NOT stop by Publix every night on the way home to pick up stuff to cook dinner, etc. Not so much because of impulse buying, because I'm not really bad with that. Just because Wal-Mart is SO much cheaper. Right now too I'm running into gas price issues because I'm driving the company truck, which snarfs gas like I used to eat pizza. :rofl: I'm spending a HUGE amount of money on gas, and it keeps taking me by surprise. I'm going to be taking my car in on Monday to get work done on it, so hopefully I'll have it driveable in the next week or two. That will help over time with finances tremendously. I'll just keep plugging along. It's just that every once in a while, I really wish I were independently wealthy, you know? *sigh* You know, I used to LOVE popcorn, but anymore it just .. well .. yech. I don't know. Yech. :lol: Potato chips... I used to be able to eat them handful by handful. Now.. two or three and .. yech. It's weird. I don't like overly salty things. And lately, nearly anything processed is overly salty. I'm going to make sure my kids get a basket.. my mom used to make one up for each one of us even after we were grown, too. I loved it. I miss it. I just hope I can stay away from the kids goodies. ;)

I am feeling much better today. I think a lot of what I've been feeling is anxiety about the weight loss. I journaled today about it, and then PainterWoman went and posted a Ralph Marston quote that was dead on what I needed to hear. I'm going to post it here for those who don't do the journal thang... ;)

The faster you move forward, the more intensely you'll feel the wind against your face. The more progress you make, the more resistance you're likely to encounter.

When the challenges become more formidable, it's because you've become strong enough to handle them. Failure rarely meets much opposition. Success, on the other hand, is often challenged at every turn.

When you're meeting up with resistance, it's because you're having an effect. That's one of the strongest signals you could ever receive to keep on keeping on. Achievement does not come easy. That's why it is so celebrated and valuable.

Each challenge serves to further prove the value of your pursuit and the depth of your strength. Persist and endure, for the challenges confirm that you are already making it happen.

Ralph Marston

I needed to hear that SO badly, and it makes me feel really good about staying OP these last couple days, and even doing my exercises, even if they've been just about THE most lazy workouts I've ever done in my life. I think after reading that I understand a lot of what I've been up against in my own head. And it's given me renewed determination to keep going and more enthusiasm to do so.

I have tomorrow off! Woo! I do still have to get up early to go feed the ponies, but that's ok - planning on riding tomorrow, and hopefully both weekend days if the weather cooperates.

04-09-2004, 09:32 AM
Good Morning!!!

Chach....I want to be you!! Or atleast have your success :lol: Great news on the weight loss :bravo:

Hey there Kathy! Hadn't heard from you in awhile! Glad you came back and thatnks for the support!

Happy, I hope you get Zyban paid for. I hadn't checked the cost but I was sure it was extremely high. Our insurance company won't pay for stop smoking aids or for any kind of weightloss meds or surgery. Isn't that silly? It will be wonderful to get it for $22.00!!! Hey! Can you get 2 bottles :lol: I'll gladly mail you 22 buckks plus postage :lol: Wouldn't it be nice if things worked like that?

Raven, so glad you are feeling better!! The price of gas is something right now isn't it? I don't know what it is where you live but here it's $1.70 a gallon. Sure hate to hear that you are stressing about money. The bad thing about that is worrying doesn't seem to make the situation any better. This is none of my business so you can tell me to butt out or whatever BUT does your boyfriend live with you? If so does he help you financially? Like I said, none of my business so if I overstepped kick me to the curb but after you do please help me up :lol:

We went shopping for Jordan. We found a gorgeous suit jacket at a second hand store that was originally from Famous Barr, very expensive store, for $5.00!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! Also got his dress shirt there for $3.00!!! Hid tie cost more than the jacket and shirt put together :lol: I got his tie, pants, sock and shoes at Wal Mart. Total cost for everything that he needed....$41.00!!!!! :D

Better run, have to go to the grocery and prepare for Alex to be here later for Easter.

Happy Friday!

04-09-2004, 01:19 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well, I've decided that I can't give up the scale thing yet. It's too much of a tool I need to use to keep accountable. Maybe further down the road I can let go of that obsession, but just not now. My other goal for exercising is in tact and will be my focus this week.

Raven: You know, next time you come up we'll have to put beepers on ourselves, because we are going to be so skinny we'll look right through each other! You in the 140's and me in the low 200's maybe. Oh, what a wonderful feeling that is going to be! I'm glad your head is better. I hate it when I get all "clogged up" with my thinking.

Happy: Thanks for the congrats. How is the non-smoker in you doing since April 16th is rapidly approaching??

Hippy: My kind of woman! What a bargain shopper!! I'm so proud of you for finding such good deals. Excellent!!! How is the smoking going? You know what? I haven't had a Skinny Cow in about a week, and don't really miss them. I will probably have one once you get those last two pounds off, but won't be eating them like there is not tomorrow. Thanks for helping me put something into perspective!!

I might be a little MIA the next few days. I am off after noon today and off Monday. Dad is still here until Tuesday, and we got two rooms painted out yesterday. One sky blue and one lavendar. Have touch up and trim work left on those rooms, but just the main family room left. We'll finish that up tonight and do touchup tomorrow. We kicked booty! We didn't start until around 12:30, and finished at 4:30. Pretty good, I think. Only minimal paint on my hands, but nowhere else.

Who had weighins today? Is it you, Raven? I can't remember. Good luck to those who do!


04-09-2004, 02:00 PM
Hi Ladies,
Sounds like we're all very busy bees today. I have a today off (yeah for 3 day weekends!!!!) Got a little extra sleep, it's cool but sunny and I feel full of energy. DH had to work today so I have the house all to myself which is good because I seem to get more done when I am all by myself. Perfect conditions for getting mega stuff done. I want to clean the house up really well so all I have to do during the week is tidy up a bit before we leave. It's so nice to come home from vacation to a nice house instead of junk all over with last minute rushing around. I also want to start packing or at least put aside everything I want to take with me on vacation. No matter how organized I get, it seems like the night before vacation I never get any sleep - always one more thing to do! I'm in charge of desserts for the family Easter dinner, have to figure out something tasty but not too sinful and then go fight the crowds at the store. I'm sure the weekend will fly by.

I'm down a pound and a half from last week but I've been bouncing up and down the last few weeks so I don't really count it as a loss. If I'm really strict next week I could possibly hit 1-derland next Friday as I leave for vacation. Will have to be rather creative with the cooking this week as I am trying to use up everything perishable before we leave - don't want to come back after 11 days to a refrigerator full of yucky mushy stuff and I also hate to toss perfectly good food out.

Been doing fairly well on the smoking. I'm trying to focus on all the negatives as I smoke. Also been delaying having them as much as possible and saying to myself - I quit smoking and haven't had a cigarette in x number of days, weeks, months. I also find that deep breathing when I want one sort of helps me to delay. Of course it's easy now because I know I can have one, even if I put it off for a while. I do think - 7 days and counting and as we get closer to Q-day (quit day) that old self sabotage will rear it's head so I have to be strong. But it will be much more inconvenient to smoke on vacation so that's why I picked that time. Easier to avoid it if you can't do it. I hope the insurance has straightened out the Zyban, will find out today when I go to the pharmacy - I'm supposed to start taking that today.

So all in all, a busy weekend planned. Chachee - the room colors sound very pretty. How nice to have a fresh house for spring! Sounds like you are really zooming through your project - have fun!

Gas prices here are horrendous too - I think we're one of the highest cities in the nation what with all the taxes they tack on. It's $2.06 a gallon for premium and the prices are still rising. I have an SUV so it's good that I don't have to use it much. $40 for a fill up. That's insane. As bad as Skinny Cows for $9 :yikes: No wonder we never have any money! Glad you were able to find a nice outfit for Jordan Hippy and at a great price too!

Raven, you know I was thinking. You said as you get closer to goal you get nervous about being noticed. Maybe you should remind yourself of why you wanted to lose weight. I remember a past posting where you said you'd like to be comfortable in the summer, no chafing or sweating and that you wanted to wear sleeveless shirts rather than an extra overshirt to hide the flab. And there was the stuff about setting a good example for your kids. Perhaps those are the thoughts you should focus on when the scary "I'm going to be visible again" kind of thoughts jump into your head and try to redirect you away from your goals. With the intense work you do with the horses, it sure would be more comfortable to do it with less weight and less clothes - not that you'll ever aspire to being Lady Godiva :rofl: After all, you said you liked short hair more anyway :lol: I read something the other day that struck me - it said don't think of excuses, think of answers. That really hit home to me and helped me to keep my perspective when sometimes things get a little bleak or overwhelming.

Hey Lucky, good to hear from you again. I'll give mom a wave in Las Vegas. It does seem like we picked a popular weekend to be there - 2 sets of my friends will also be there and we didn't even plan it that way.

Well, I'm not getting anything done here in front of the computer so I'd better get a move on before the day is gone and so is my energy. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter! Stay away from those evil chocolate bunnies and peeps!

04-09-2004, 04:16 PM
Hi ladies Oma is gone but its late here so no time to catch up. will do that in the morning..... thought i would leave a few quick easies desert recipes to help keep the Easter OFF our Bunnies ~grinz~ hope this helps you all as much as its going to help me!


Fresh Strawberry Pie - 1 point

1 quart of fresh strawberries
1 pkg. Jello Sugar Free Cook and Serve Vanilla Pudding (chocolate)
1 pkg. Jello Sugar Free Strawberry Jello
2 cups water

Slice the berries in a 9" pie plate sprayed with Pam.
Prepare the Vanilla Pudding according to package directions but substitute water for the milk. When pudding is cooked stir in the Jello. Pour over the strawberries - chill and serve.

Makes 4 servings - 1 points each.

74 cals/0 fat/3 fiber
(( i cant make this one so please tell me how wonderful they are))

Oven Fried Peach Pies 1.5. pts serves 10

1 cup canned peaches, packed in extra-light syrup, DRAINED WELL and diced
2 Tablespoons sugar, divided
3/4 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon, divided
10 Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits (1 point each)
Butter flavored cooking spray

Drain peaches and dice. Mix with 1 tablespoon sugar and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.
Open and separate biscuits.
On a lightly floured surface, roll out each biscuit into a 4 inch circle.
Spoon one rounded tablespoon of peach mixture into center of biscuit circle.
Lightly brush edges of each biscuit with water, fold over and seal edges with a fork.
Place pies on a ungreased cookie sheet and spray with butter flavored cooking spray.
Take remaining Tablespoon of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and mix. Sprinkle on tops of pies.
Bake at 375 for 10 minutes or until browned.
Strawberry Cheesecake Bites 1 pt. serves 11

8 oz. Fat Free Cream Cheese, softened
1/3 Cup Powdered Sugar
2 teaspoons Lemon Juice
44 Medium Strawberries, whole
1/2 Cup Graham Cracker Crumbs

In a small mixing bowl, beat together the cream cheese, sugar, and lemon juice until smooth and creamy, set aside.
Using a paring knife, hollow out the top of the strawberries to a depth of approx. 3/4 inch.
Gently fill each with cream cheese mixture using a pastry bag just slightly above the tops. Place them on a cookie sheet(s) as you do this.
Once all of the strawberries are filled, dip each top into the graham cracker crumbs and place back onto the cookie sheet(s).
Place the cookie sheet(s) into the refrigerator and leave them for a few hours or over night to completely chill
Honey-Lime Fruit Toss 2pts per serving

7 servings

1 can (20 oz Dole Pineapple chunks
1 can (11 or 15 oz) Dole Mandarin Ornages, drained
1 large Dole Banana, sliced
1 Dole Kiwi fruit, peeled, halved and sliced
1 cup quartered Dole Strawberries
1/4 tsp grated lime peel
2 tbl lime juice
1 tbl honey

Drain pineapple; reserve 1/4 c juice.
Combine pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, banana, kiwi fruit and strawberries in bowl.
Stir together reserved juice, lime peel, lime juice and honey. Pour over salad; toss to coat.

93 calories, 0g fat (0g sat.), 0mg cholesterol, 3 mg sodium, 24g carbohydrate, 1g protein.
(( if you gotta have cake or chocolate try this))

Chocolate Frosting - Sugar Free Makes 12 servings
1 envelope Dream Whip
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup skim milk
1 2-oz package sugarfree chocolate pudding
Blend together skim milk, vanilla, and dream whip (or sugarfree
topping mix). Beat till stiff. Add pudding mix and continue to beat
light and fluffy.
Add more skim milk if too thick. Use as frosting on lowfat cupcakes
using 1
tablespoon per cupcake. Can also be used to frost cake or brownies.
1T = 9cals, cholesterol Points: 0
One pt. Cobbler

3 cups Fresh fruit (Blueberries, raspberries or blackberries)
1/2cup non fat milk
1/2cup flour
1/3cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp salt

preheat overn to 375*,
spray an 8x8 inch baking dish with non stick spray.
combine fruit with honey or Sugar substitute to sweeten, and a pinch of nutmeg.
Place in bottom of baking dish.
In a bowl combine milk, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, cinnamon, and salt and wisk until smooth.
pour mixture over fruit and bake for 30 min. serve warm

1 pt per serving makes 8 servings
93 calories, 0 grams fat, 2 grams fiber

( a whole pan is eight points :-)

okies ladies see ya in the morning and congrats on all the good things in your lives right now!!!

04-10-2004, 12:51 PM
Good morning, chicks! :chicken:

Hippy - No worries on asking about the boyfriend. He and I do live together, and he foots more than his share of the bills. He's always there to help me out if I need it, always has been. One of the things that made me angry about this situation is that he ends up spending more of his money on my kids than their father does. :mad: That will, hopefully, change soon. I just don't ever want to take advantage of Richard, you know? Go you on finding those great deals!! That's fantastic!

Chachee - Like I said, I fully understand needing the scale to keep you in line and on track. I do. Perhaps when I'm into maintaining, I can drop it back to once a week just to start learning better how to live the rest of my life on an even keel without being dependant on that scale to keep me within a certain weight range. But for now, I also use it to keep me accountable to eat enough, and to drink enough. If I see a huge and sudden drop, more times than not it's because I let myself get dehydrated or forgot to eat (which is happening less and less, but it does still happen, and I need to really be careful with that). And it's a good reminder for me to get myself back into the drinking and eating the right amount of calories. Or if I don't drop any weight at all for more than a week, I can look hard at what I've been doing and be honest about whether I'm really applying myself or not. It's a learning process, I need to get really familiar with my body, and how the weight fluctuates, and what makes it do so. Not me on the weighin - I only do the OFFICIAL weigh in at the beginning of every month. I hope you have a great time painting! ;) What a great UB workout!

Happy - You're so right. Sometimes I lose track of why I'm doing this and I need to remember all the things I thought about. That's one of the reasons journals are so great, I can go back and re-read a bunch of stuff from when I was heavier and it really gives me a perspective check. I know I gained this weight for a lot of reasons, and some of those reasons are things I'm going to have to face as I lose it. But like that Ralph Marston quote says - the adversity I'm feeling only means I'm actually succeeding. This is no time to stop, this is when I really need to push through and keep going. The discomfort I feel socially will ease over time, as I find myself in situations which would have been terrifying before and nothing happens, the fear will diminish. Sort of like sacking out a horse with something scary till it's not scary anymore. ;) I hope you got everything done you wanted to, and good for you on starting the quitting process before you even quit.

Sassy - So glad the visit went well, and those desserts look yummy. :)

I think I figured out, in part, why my body keeps freaking me out this time - so much more than it did the last several times I lost weight without knowing what I was doing. This time, not only am I actually paying attention to what's going on, I'm also working my upper body a LOT (LOT!!) more that I ever did before, and consequently, these changes to everything above my tummy are so new to me. Actual arm *pits*, collar bones, shoulder blades, forearm definition... wow. All so alien! :lol: Cool, but .. weird.

And speaking of keeping an eye on the scale, I dropped way down today, not good. From 175.5 to 172.5. I'm not sure why. I had yesterday off and I lost track of time working with my horse, but I DID drink my water yesterday (thanks to Richard for reminding me gently that I do need to drink water), and .. well I ate. *blink* Not maybe as much or when I should have, but I did. I had two whole eggs and one egg white with a piece of wheat toast for .. well .. lunch. :o And then lost track of time and didn't eat dinner till about 9:30 last night, but had a healthy couple of quesadillas with grilled chicken and low fat cheese, onions, and tomatos. Oh, and some low fat sour cream on the side. Yum. But last night I woke up with the most painful stomach cramps and .. well .. Let's just say I can see why I might have been down on the scale rather drastically this morning. I don't understand why I had that reaction, unless it was just too much food at once (they weren't that big!) too late in the night? I've never had that happen before, but who knows. I know it wasn't the food itself, because Richard ate the same stuff, and he was fine. Anyway, I'm watching my water and food today as closely as I can... I ate my breakfast and I've already started my water. I'll eat lunch before I go to the stable, and tonight we're having pork chops. I would hate to see it bounce all the way back up to 175.5, but 174 or so would be fine. :D

I just love three day weekends!! Off I go... going to finish up a load or two of laundry then off to train my pony some more. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Oh oh oh .. and I forgot to mention this!! I have THE skirt. Don't we all have one piece of clothing that kind of is the epitome of our longing to fit into our smaller stuff? Well, I have this black skirt I wore when I first met Richard in person... the skirt I flew down here in. It fit me for about a year after I moved, then I grew out of it. When I tried it on a year ago, I couldn't even get it over my hips and tummy. Three months ago I tried it again. I could get it ON, but forget buttoning or zipping it. Today... it fits. And it fits well. I can wear it comfortably. I actually started crying. That skirt has symbolized a HUGE amount of stuff for me over the last 8 years. Wow. What a huge NSV. So yeah, I guess I really am doing something right, huh? :D

04-11-2004, 01:33 AM
Sassy, THANK YOU for posting those recipes. I happened to have all the ingredients on hand for the Honey Lime Fruit toss - yes, I am a nut when it comes to fruit and I was glad to be able to use the Kiwi fruit that had been staring at me all week. It was delicious! I had my husband taste test it and he said this is soooo good - can we live on this and fish all summer? I'm definitely bringing this as one of my desserts. I will also make a version with pears and cantelope for my mom who can't have anything with seeds in it - I even have to cut out the little black seeds from the bananna. I feel bad for her because I'll bring a salad like that and she can't have any - that's sort of cruel so I'll make a small serving for her with no seeded fruits.

I'm ticked off. :bomb: I called the doctor more than a week ago to get my Zyban. Tuesday the pharmacy faxed them a letter that they had to call the insurance company. I kept checking with the pharmacy, no approval yet. Yesterday I stopped at the pharmacy and they said the doctor never called the insurance company. I was supposed to start taking the medicine yesterday. Today I tromp to the doctor's office and the nurse says oh yeah, the form's right here - there's a note to follow up with the patient to get an answer to a question (is patient enrolled in a smoking cessation program - YES!!!!). She said the doctor signed the paper Tuesday and "I guess we should have called you, huh??" DUH YEAH!!!! And here I thought it was the insurance company holding up things... You have to take the Zyban for at least a week before you quit to get the right levels in your system. Timing was important as it was my plan to stop smoking the minute I landed in California - a place that is not smoker friendly :nono: :smoking: I figured it would be much easier to deal with if I was in a place I couldn't do it. We will be in California 7 days and are wrapping up the trip with a 3 day weekend in Las Vegas - smoker heaven. :yes: :smoking: :hat: I know that's going to be a challenge (kind of like your barbeque Hippy) but I thought that if I had 7 days smoke free at that point, I could (with gentle prodding from the hubby :rollpin: ) maybe stick it out. What with the weekend and all, the pharmacist said today she thought that by maybe Tuesday everything would be straightened out. We'll see if willpower (which is NOT my strong point) will carry me through. I hate to have to shell out $50 - $60 for a box of nicotine patches too - besides the expense, they did irritate my skin. But I might get a small pack just in case...

Was a busy day today, can't believe 2 days are gone from the 3 day weekend already and it seems like I barely touched the to-do list and tomorrow's blown with the family dinner. I'm sorry Grandma but I'm just going to have to do some laundry on Easter Sunday when I get home. She's in heaven scowling at me now.

DH wanted to pick up a movie and I really didn't have the time but you know how they get pouty if you don't spend time with them... we got the Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton "Something's Gotta Give". It's a really cute movie and they have good chemistry. Enough laughs so it's not entirely a chick flick.

Time to go fix the Easter Baskets for the kids and then off to bed. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your Sunday!

04-11-2004, 01:35 AM
Oh and congrats on fitting into that oh so important skirt Raven! Way cool lady :cool:

04-11-2004, 11:18 PM
Happy - Hope you get the zyban thing worked out, isn't the lack of communication these days almost mind boggling?

Trying to get regrouped after last weeks overload of "doing." Calories.. yeah, I had some. Water. :rolleyes: I'm down to 174 from 177. Did mostly taebo and pilates, unenthusiastically. I need to start running again. Riding is taking a bit of a back seat now as I move into training my horse. So much is ground work, and the under the saddle is mostly cue training, all at a walk. But you know, I wouldn't trade it for anything right now. We may have found my son's new horse, but time will tell. We all need to commit to really push ourselves on the riding/training this year.

So .. why am I still awake? Off to bed, running and UB tomorrow morning. :wave:

04-12-2004, 01:16 AM
Hello all,
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I had 3 days off and they zoomed by - still a huge to do list. Had a great family dinner today. No overindulgences which surprised me. Maybe I'm getting it after all - well at times I guess. We leave Friday morning so it's going to be a VERY busy week for me. I've already made my lists out - I have to get anal about lists - little things to do each day otherwise I let them pile up and get freaked out and overwhelmed. Got some things to do each day (baby steps to the end goal) and I inventoried my refrigerator when I got home tonight. Made my meal plans for the week to use up as much as possible of the perishable food in the fridge. It's going to be colder than I would like on vacation - average temps low 60's and as low as 35 at night :( so that means careful planning to pack the bulkier sweaters and slacks. Good news is that I don't have to go rumaging around in the basement looking for the summer wear. I just hope it's not all rainy too - they're talking about rain a couple of days and outside of Las Vegas, everything we plan to do is outdoors.

I did well on my walking this week. Walked every day but today. I can feel it in my feet and my physical therapy stretches are right in front of me now to remind me to do them twice a day.

Been doing some Internet reading on quitting smoking - will be glad to share links with you Hippy if you're interested. I am trying to focus on what I'm gaining, not what I'm giving up to avoid the mental self sabotage. I am also trying to live by the motto this week of "find answers, not excuses". I know what ever helps me quit smoking will also help me with eating and exercising too. I find that as the smoking cravings diminish, the "hmmmm I'd like something to eat" cravings increase. Trying to feed it when necessary with good stuff and chugging the water down.

I might not be able to post much but if not I'll still be rooting for you all.

My goals for this week:
1) Exercise each day and do my stretches
2) Tackle my to do list in little chunks as laid out
3) Stick to eating on plan and make sure I get enough water in
4) Leave on Friday organized, happy and prepared instead of panicked, frantic and sleep deprived :lol:

Have a good week everyone.

Raven, why the lackluster on the exercise? Other things on your mind? Just restless or not liking your routine? And YAY!!! :cheer: for you on the steady downward climb of the scale. Regarding your earlier post on the tummy upset - on the weekends, I too often get out of sync with meals - just busy doing other stuff. Sometimes it's just coffee for breakfast and I don't "eat again" until 4pm or so. Stomach definitely doesn't like that. Lots of growling and all sorts of other things. From your post it seemed like you went for a really long stretch between meals. Not good for you, your metabolism or your innards lady. Remember how upset you were a few weeks back when you asked Nickie to pack a lunch and all she had was an apple and a bottle of water? Same goes for Mom. Maybe if you're planning a day at the stables you could pack a lunch for the both of you and schedule a break if for nothing more than to touch base. Hmmm, maybe, huh?

Sassy - everyone loved the Honey Lime Fruit Toss, including the kids!

04-12-2004, 09:54 AM
Good morning...

Happy - I dunno, I'm just rather apathetic about most everything right now. Just a phase. Too much on my mind, too little sleep, just .. I'll be ok. We all go through it, this too shall pass :blah: And yes, I know I need to watch my food better, especially when I expect my kids to follow my example. It's something I fight with on a regular basis. I've gotten much, much better, so I'm not going to rail on myself about it, but when I get preoccupied and stop watching things very carefully, I slip. Sometimes I just have trouble caring. I think we all do. :) I hope your week isn't too hectic, and your "to do" lists get whittled away till you're completely ready to go. And as far as the weather goes.. they're just guessing anyway. ;) I hope it's nice for you!

Not much more to report this morning, just kind of going through the days. I will confess to oversleeping this morning and not getting in my workout. *sigh* Tonight is Machine's lesson, so no time then either. There's always tomorrow, I guess.

I am filling up my water bottle ... *runs off to the breakroom* ... ok, all filled up. Now I just need to keep doing that and get in my water today. I brought fruit and yogurt for snacks, and I have my spaghetti for lunch. Tonight is the pork chops I was supposed to cook a couple nights ago, and didn't.

Ok... back to work. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is facing the week bright eyed and bushy tailed!

04-12-2004, 06:52 PM
Hi Ladies,

Not much to report here, other than going overboard at brunch on Sunday. I'm up, but I am pms'ing, so oh well.

Had (yes, HAD) to go to the store to buy new jeans in a smaller size. My bigger ones fell off the other night and it was a tad big embarassing. I am in a size 18 comfortably, so I am happy.

I'll try to post more tomorrow, as my dad is still here.

Take care!


04-12-2004, 07:33 PM
:censored: Argh what a day! :bomb: :hot: :stress:

After much to do and I mean MUCH, I finally got the Zyban approved and into my hot little hands. Now I can proceed with my program :nono: :smoking: . I also asked my teacher to post the next 2 assignments so I can get them done before I go on vacation. ACK!!! I will be doing homework for 6 hours a night for the next 3 days. :cry: :cry:

I am trying - not too successfully not to be freaked out. I don't know how I'll get everything done that I need to this week. Deep breaths, breathe in and say "I will be" breathe out and say "calm". Remember, you can do alot (except for your homework) in 15 minutes batches... oy vay!!!

04-13-2004, 09:41 AM
Good morning ladies...

Chachee - Good for you on the pants!! :lol: I don't seem to ever quite get to that point, mostly because of that tummy thing. Well I suppose at some point I'll reach that, but it takes longer because my waist is significantly smaller than my hips and tummy put together. Can you say "cut along the dotted line?" *grumble* ANYway.. You're doing great, woman! Enjoy your visit with Dad! :)

Happy - A bit stressed out, there? :D Congrats on pushing the zyban mess through, and good luck on the homework!! That's a lot to handle right before you leave for vacation. Sometimes I think vacations are more stressful than not taking one. :D Also remember you can only do so much, girl.

I'm .. sort of in a holding pattern. Not a bad thing. I'm not falling off the wagon or going off plan or anything really negative. I think I'm just adjusting. My body has changed so much with the upper body stuff, which is completely different than any other time in my life, and I feel like I just need a little time to come to terms with this new look. It has taken me by surprise at how much change occurred with just this last 21 pounds. Again, it's not like I've stopped or even that I'm taking a break, I'm not... I'm just mentally not pushing. I'm not taking my foot off the gas pedal, I'm just letting up on the acceleration a little bit. :p I will be completely happy if all I do is make my 5 pounds this month. Since I'm 3 pounds into my 5 already, somehow I don't think that will be a problem. I haven't been justifying any crappy eating, or not exercising, I just need to ease up a little. It's kind of hard to accept that, on one hand. But on the other I do realize that I don't want to burn out and give up. I actually had a couple glasses of wine the other night, and the sky didn't fall. :lol: So I think this month will be a slower pace, and little more relaxed, then I'll see how I feel about pushing hard come the first of next month. I need to let my mind accept this new body for a little bit.

04-13-2004, 09:51 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

The dreaded first day back to school after Spring Break! We have 7 weeks of school left but they will drag by. I told Jordan we can focus on if we have 7 weeks of school left then that means 10 weeks until vacation :lol:

Raven, I bet you were doing a big old happy dance in your skirt!! Great job :dance: Glad to hear Richard helps you out! I know you don't want to take advantage of him but I think it's great that he doesn't mind to help out and that he spends money on your kids! What a nice guy he must be!

Happy, losing weight even facing the dreaded no smoking!! I think that's great! Are you sooooo ready for vacation??? Have you started the Zyban?

Chach, new, SMALLER pants!!!!!!! :cb: HMMMMM........I can't remember the last time I saw a size 18 :lol: At one time I hated being a size 18, now I would be tickled to death to wear that size again :lol:

Yesterday I had the plumbers here for 2 and a half hours. It was raining and they tracked mud everywhere just to decide that I have a venting problem and they will have to come on a pretty day. He put a temp. vent on my kitchen sink so it will drain but I can use only a half full sink of water or I will flood the floor. I will be glad to have it fixed.

Okay, here goes my confession time. I have not lost any weight, I haven't even tried to be honest. I'm in a big whirlwind because I'm totally out of control. I'm eating and I'm smoking :o Not as much as normal but way too much to stop all together. All I can think about is that there must be some way to kick this habit. People do it everyday. They throw them away, refuse to buy more and never smoke again. I wonder how they do it. Yesterday my eating was excellent, I actually ate healthy and drank water but I smoked all day. I felt so good about eating right but so crappy because I was smoking. Jordan said, "Mom, are still smoking just 2 cigarettes a day" and I tod him no so he was so disappointed, then I was mad at myself and then I smoked more :( I keep reminding myself of all of the reasons that I want to stop smoking and how much better I felt when I wasn't puffing away but there just seems to be a part of me that can't say no. Happy, did you go through this when you tried to quite? I know if I continue to smoke that is probably going to kill me. I KNOW THIS so why can't I face the facts and throw them away? The same with losing weight, it might kill me so why can't I stick to it instead of losing 25 pounds and then maintaining for 6 months before I lose anymore. I know you all don't have the answers. I'm just blowing. The answers are inside of me and I just have to work on myself to find them.
Enough of me whinning!

Okay, I said enough but I forgot! Last night was really hard for me. I cut Jordan's hair and he went to take a shower. When he came out he had shaved. I about died!!!! I knew he was going to have to because the hair on his lip was very dark and long but I just wasn't ready!! Tears were rolling down my face like I was some sort of idiot but I couldn't help it! I know he's 13 and growing up but I can't put 13 and shaving together. I think in my own mind that 13 is waaayyyyyyyyy too young to be shaving. I look at him all growing up but all I see is my baby :cry: This transition is so hard on me!! Gary says when Jordan is grown that I will have to go on prozac to be able to deal with him not living at home :lol:

Better go, talk to you all later!

04-13-2004, 10:09 AM
Morning ladies :coffee:

Last night I made it through 1/3 of my homework and half the laundry. So I'm making progress even if I'd rather be doing other things. I have to take my daily walk at lunchtime if it's going to happen at all because the evenings are jam packed. But it's getting there ;) I agree with you Raven, sometimes with all the work you have to do ahead of time, I don't know if it's worth leaving in the first place :lol: It's not like I've left everything until the last minute, more like a wedding in that you can do some things ahead of time, some you have to wait until almost the due date to get done. Especially with packing - I watch the weather to get an idea what to pack - thank goodness for long range forecasts on the Internet! Even if it's off a few degrees you get a general idea of what the weather will be like. A long time ago I went to Toronto for a business trip. Was looking at the weather in the newspaper and they were in what was apparently a freak warm streak, so I packed lighter clothes. As we were decending through the clouds to land, I was freaked when I saw snow cover ALL over the ground! My coat, my clothes were all too lightweight for the weather. I tried to go shopping to get some closed shoes and sweaters but it was spring and like the stores here, all the summer stuff was out. It was a cold trip :eek: :hyper:

Chachee congrats on the wonderful feeling of having your pants fall off of you :lol: :o - Still painting with dad?

Raven, it's good to hear that you're out of the "I don't care" mood. Your plans sound wise, don't want to burn out and there's always something else screaming for our attention, isn't there? As long as you keep with the forward momentum, you should be good to go. And it sounds like you get quite the workout at the stables too. Bet that upper body is looking prepped for those summer tops, isn't it? :strong:

Well, it's time to go sieze the day as Ruth would say... grab the day and squeeze the crap out of it :twirly:

04-13-2004, 10:59 AM
Hippy? Can I play armchair analyst for a minute? By all means, ignore me completely if you want. I'm poking my nose in where it really doesn't belong. You sound so much like I did, though, when I wanted to lose weight and just couldn't. I would try and try and try to get on plan, and .. it would last a day or two or maybe not even that, then boom, right back to finding "reasons" to eat special ice cream or fix something really high in calories for dinner or even just go out and eat something that wasn't healthy. You're right, the reasons you're doing this are inside you. Do you get a panic feeling or anxious when you really think about being slender and fit and all the ramifications of that? Do you start to panic when you think of not smoking anymore? Are you ready to really lose weight? Are you ready to really quit smoking? There are usually reasons we hold on to our weight and smoking. If you don't replace one habit with another, it can be more difficult. Honestly, if I didn't have my horses, I'm sure losing weight would have been FAR more difficult. Because it distracts me from the cravings, it gives me a focus other than "now what do I do?" Now I realize you aren't going to run right out and pick up a couple ponies... :lol: But if you have something you love to focus on rather than the habit you're used to, would that help? And also.. look inside. What are you afraid of? Why are you hiding behind your weight, your smoking? You've read about my past, you know why I hung on for dear life to my weight for so long. Even if I THOUGHT I wanted to lose weight, THOUGHT I was ready... until I started journaling out all that crap in my head, I couldn't do it. Which, again, is not to say you went through what I did. But my guess would be there's something more to this than just watching your portions and eating the right foods. I posted in my journal that Richard made a comment one time about how he thought half my weight lost was in mental baggage. Have a revelation, lose 3 pounds. ;) I think that's a huge part of it for me. I don't believe that all people have those emotional connections to food or smoking. But I think lots do. And so, sometimes, for some people - like my mom, who was a smoker more because it was "the thing to do" than any other reason, was able to put them down and never pick one up again. Other people, like my ex-husband, started smoking out of emotional needs. Needs to fit in, to fill the boredom, to deal with loneliness, to relieve anxiety. Those are far more difficult to deal with. And chickie.. you're trying to do both at once. I don't mean to be discouraging, but wow, that's a lot to take on. Well, it would be for me. I'm so much of a "one thing at a time" person. At least till I get one thing going really right, anyway. Then you know, if adding something else completely throws everything out of whack, I go back to where it was working and start all over again.

I guess I'm just trying to tell you - don't get discouraged. Don't feel like you've failed. Don't give up. Refine your approach, think through the muck in your head, find a way around the wall, or over it, or under it... but don't stop trying.

And as far as Jordan goes.. wow. My boy is just now turning 12. I can't imagine him having to shave yet. But he has changed so much in the last year. I look at him now and he's slowly losing that "little boy" look. He's starting to look more like a young man every day, it seems like. And he's my baby, my little boy - I know it will be hard for me to see him start to shave too. But at the same time, hon... Jordan sounds like such a sweet young man. Look at him and be proud, darlin'. You have to smile through those tears and be happy that he's growing up to be consderate and real and all the things you wanted him to be. Part of being a parent is knowing that someday they'll be out on their own. As hard as that is ... my kids are my friends, too. We're very close. I only hope and pray that we can live our dream of having the acreage and the houses built pretty close together so we can share our riding facilities - be seperate, have our own lives, but be close enough to walk "next door" and have a cup of tea or glass of wine or dinner together. I just hope they never change their minds about wanting that, but ... they are kids, and kids change. :grouphug: Hang in there, kiddo!

04-13-2004, 11:29 AM
Hippy, I saw your post after I posted. :grouphug: Boy this is a B*tch, isn't it? :bomb: I know exactly what you're talking about and I'm in the same place myself. The are SO many parallels between weight loss and quitting smoking. It comes down to something that you have to get that moment when you really, truly want something so bad that you will go through the pain it takes to get there. Sounds like you're where I was in '98 when I quit the last time. It was right after my brother died and my sister came to me in tears and said "I really wish you'd quit smoking, it's bad enough that we just lost our brother, I couldn't bear to lose you too" :cry: :cry: :cry: God, I felt awful. So I enrolled in a hospital smoking cessation program, bought some patches and tried to quit for other people, even though I knew it was good for me but honestly, I didn't want to do it myself. I stayed quit for 7 weeks but resented every minute of it. I knew I felt better but I thought of it constantly and looked for an excuse to start again. The 10 pound weight gain did it. And honestly, that's what concerns me this time around too. Do I have it in me to really quit? I have more resolve this time around than I did in '98 yet there is still the mourning that I am giving up a "friend" and I know you know what that means even if it sounds creepy to non-smokers. My head is not 100% that I WANT to do this - about 90%.

I am reading alot to keep myself motivated and I have told the world that I am quitting so that they hold me accountable because there is a bit of shame in admitting to people that you're going to do this and then you dash their hopes when you get weak again. I needed to get some cigarettes yesterday. I should have started the Zyban Friday and my quit date would have been this coming Friday when I got off the plane in California. But I didn't start taking the medicine until yesterday which would set my quit date the earliest next Monday - halfway through vacation. I'm waffling about quitting when I come home instead on the 26th instead of the 19th. Reason being is that it will be easy to not smoke in California but we are going to Las Vegas on the 22nd for the weekend. There everyone smokes everywhere and I'm thinking my somewhat steely resolve will weaken and I'll break down like you did at your BBQ. The good me is saying "tough, just deal with it - commit and stick with it". The bad me, the weak me is making excuses. I was trying to figure out how many cigarettes I should take on vacation. I really didn't want to spend $90 for 2 cartons to take with me. I kept going back and forth back and forth. Finally I decided on 1 carton and 3 packs and told myself that if I bought 2 cartons, it was admitting I didn't want to quit and that I'd just have to ration out the cigarettes to last me and that yes, I will quit on vacation even if I have to suck on straws in Las Vegas :lol:

I'm trying to focus on what I'm gaining (except for weight :rofl: ) - breathing better, chest not hurting, more money in my pocket, not being concerned about starting the house on fire (a real concern actually), not having the mess of butts and ashes all over, etc. That's a more positive mental spin than the negative of what I'm giving up. I also am trying to think of the people I know who were die hard smokers like my aunt who actually did quit for good. They suffered no less than me. I'm also trying to think of the people who are die hard smokers who continue to smoke and their somewhat rude behavior and insistance that they will smoke anywhere, anytime they want to. I'm not like that - I try to keep my habit from infringing on others by only smoking outside, away from non smokers, etc. But do I have some nasty traits too? I'm also trying to focus on the fact that this is just another bad habit of mine and I have been successful at quitting other bad habits - like 4 cans of Coca Cola a day and wild, thoughtless spending of all my money, etc...

If it will help you, here's some links to some online resources:

American Lung Association - Freedom from Smoking Program ( D22933)

Why Quit ( Why Quit advocated the cold turkey method. Two reasons, first either you're going to quit or you're not. It's that simple. Crap or get off the pot as they say. Two - if you cut down as most of us are prone to do, you're waffling more than committing and it takes about 2 weeks for the body to go through withdrawal. If you have even a single cigarette, your brain says - hey I'm getting some and you go through withdrawal again. As long as you keep smoking - even if it's one cigarette a day, you're always 1 day + 2 weeks into withdrawal. And that keeps your body in a constant state of stress. Freedom from Tobacco - An MSN online forum ( - this one's an online forum - kinda like 3FC for people quitting smoking. Most of these sites you have to register with. I've done so but haven't gotten any spam mail so they are ok to register with.

I started the Zyban yesterday. You take 1 pill for the first 3 days and then take 2 pills at least 8 hours apart for the next 7 to 12 weeks. One of the side effects is insomnia and I have enough trouble getting to bed at night so they suggested not taking the second pill in the evening. I had to figure out the timing so I figured I'd start the one a day at 4pm and then add the second pill at 8am to get me through the day. What I noticed about an hour after I took it was that when I smoked it tasted like "cotton". It's like bumming a cigarette from someone and it's not your brand and it tastes funny and isn't satisfying. I also noticed that while I had the urge to smoke in the evening, it wasn't as strong as usual. I'd think to take a break and have a smoke and immediately I'd ask myself, can you put it off for 15 minutes? And I'd say, yeah, sure whereas typically it would be like no way, I'm going out NOW. This morning the pill wore off and the cigarette was back to being more like "normal" and so were the strong urges. I'd say I'm smoking normally right now. But they also tell you that you have to build up some of the Zyban in your system and that's why you take it for a while but definitely set your quit date somewhere between 7 to 14 days after you start it. The more you smoke beyond the 14 days, the less a chance you have of it working for you. I guess that's because it makes smoking a little less satisfying and if that's not enough for you to resist it, then maybe you're not ready to quit yet. I also had a couple of pieces of chocolate last night and that tasted odd too. I thought - hey, wouldn't this be great if it made food taste bad too :lol: We'll see what happens as I get more of the medicine in me.

It is a huge head game more than anything and I think you have to prepare for it and pump yourself up. If you need more time, then take it. Better you get well prepared and be successful than to do it on a whim, give up and then beat yourself up about it.

I was thinking of starting a thread here about quitting smoking. There's a few other people on the forum who are quitting or thinking about it too. I just didn't want to start something and then go away for a week and a half, so I might start it when I come back so as not to clog up this thread with a bunch of stuff no one but us care about.

We can do this Hippy - I know for me it's the hardest thing I will probably ever do in my life. And it forces me to confront a bunch of things I probably don't want to either. Alot like the discipline you have to deal with in weight loss and healthy living.

I'll get off my :soap: now as I have work to do. But I'm in there with you, knowing we have to do this but scared, angry, frustrated and quite nervous about it too. :grouphug:

04-13-2004, 11:42 AM
Good post Raven, thanks for giving me some things to think about too! I have accepted the fact that I will probably gain some weight and I won't let that discourage me again. As you say, you have to find another substitute habit. I don't intend to run to Ben and Jerry's but I am going to try and push the exercise. When I get cravings I think I'll go back to what I tried the last time - drinking a glass of water and sniffing men's Brut cologne. :rolleyes: But hey, they're non food habits! My new replacement habit may be visiting every toilet I see across America :lol3:

04-13-2004, 03:46 PM
Okay, back to my regular schedule! Woo, that time off is killer!!

I am going to let you all know I am probably going to be up this week. I've given into the Easter bunny and pms. Chocolate is my friend and is sticking around right now. I hate pms weeks. I've been lucky enough in the last two months to squeak out a minimal loss or maintain, but I think this week is going to be a gain. It's okay, I'm prepared for it and had a great week last weigh in. I'll catch up with it next week. Just really bloated and puffy. I have been doing extra exercising, so that might save me from a huge gain, but we shall see. I'm not stressing over it!

I came to work without my veggies or string cheese. Gosh, I guess it's WW bar and some Wasabi peas for me this morning. Running low on veggies at home, so it's to the grocery store this week for veggies. Gosh, it all hits at once, doesn't it??

Happy: Glad you got the Zyban. Hey, if it makes chocolate taste bad, could I get some?? I'm in need this week!!! Sounds like you are preparing nicely for the vacation, albeit a lot of homework also! Take it easy and enjoy yourself. Give yourself a break, also, and allow yourself to have fun not needing to do anything! We'll be here when you get back!

Raven: I'm glad you are off the accelerator. Maintaining is a good thing or else you were rapidly approaching breakdown speed. I find when I do too many things it all starts catching up with me and I totally fail. I was approaching that last week, but this week I am better. My visit with dad was great and we got so much accomplished!

Hippy: I'm glad you got your confession out. I understand we all have those bad days, and it just seems like things for you are a little out of control. Breathe deeply and try to relax about things. How about tackling one thing at a time instead of both? I'd say concentrate on your quitting smoking. The weight will come off after, but one big thing at a time!! I'm still supporting you, and haven't had any SCows. I have had some of the soda cake I made, but nothing frozen or dessert frozen. I'm going to maintain this for you, not until those 5 pounds are off, but until some control comes back. I know you can do this and Happy is going to be able to help immensely!! Hang in there, girl!

Weather is turning nice, so I have been outside more. Hubby leaves next week for Thailand and will return June 11th. Ahh,,,,some peace and quiet!! ha!

Hang in there, girls, we'll get through this week!!!


04-14-2004, 04:07 AM
hello ladies miss me? ~grinz n waves~ even though i havent been able to post in the last couple fo days, i have read all of yours. and again i have to say i am so glad i found a group of women such as yourselves. Raven when you told us about your skirt, i sooooooooo related. i have a dress thats packed away, its white leather on the front and back with black sides. criss cross straps and laces up the front. its my grand prix dress. it screams sexy, curvey, vixen on the way. every now and then i can hear it calling out to me........come back. but at the shape i am in currently, my dress would hate me!! so when i hear it calling me now i whisper back........soon dress soon. trust me i could care less when i finally get back to form if that dress is completely out of style. i´m wearing it! ~laughing~ Cachee your jeans...... wow these are exciting NSV`s and sassy wants one of those too! my scale once again is hating me and doing the same dance it did last month. hopefully the song will end the same as last month.

Happy i am thrilled you and your fam loved the recipe. i wasnt sure if i should post recipes or not to this thread. part of me says, i cook, therfore i am ~laughing~ its my gift. also its a quick way for me to say i am here and i am thinking about you, i want to help and be supportive too. i adore reading your posts. your words are tempered with warmth, wisedom , and witism´s. for me inspirational. lately when you have been speaking to Raven and Hippy you can feel the hug. i will miss you while your gone. i know i will be thinking on you often wondering how your doing and hoping your having the time of your life! ~grinz~ you deserve it!

Hippy confessions are good for the soul or so they say ~laughing~ thank you for being honest on where you are right now. i know when i first read about your endeavour all i could think of was.......Wow, i could never...... not 2 major things at once. life on life´s terms is hard enough. and so easily we can get carried away by it. made even harder when we decide to make a change. you not only threw one monkey wrench but chucked two into the mix at the same time!! dont beat yourself up, i am a firm believer that there are enough people who would willing step up to bring us down....... dont be one of those people, your all you´ve got. instead start beating on your resolve.

it appears that the spring bug has biten and left its mark on each of us. ~smiling softly~ at the first sting of spring we are so ready, gung ho, looking forward. this has to be done, that has to be done.oh boy oh boy ho boy!! followed closely by the reflective nature of the season. as the earth slowly wakes from its sleep so do we. we think about the past year, our present, and where we would like to be. its a good time, i love this time even though it might seem like a down time. its an awakening, when the leaves fill the tree´s we are invigorated once again. enjoy your time here. life moves so fast, take the time to nuture yourself as the earth is nuturing itself. reap the rewards of beauty and growth that can only come from within.

where i am at right now. i already mentioned the scale dance. been on program did most of the cooking for Easter, delicious safe foods, but that did not keep me away from the home-made treats. i´m sorry but holidays are a celebration for everything, including taste buds. and if somebody is going to take that time in the kitchen filled with joy and love making something special for the family..... darn tootin i am showing my appreciation for her. ~smiling brightly~ its a meal, one meal. with months and months inbetween till the next fabulous feast! i had a great Easter! and those strawberry cheese cake bites are to die for!

i havent been doing the stair stepping. at first it was because Oma was here and i hate grunting, groaning, and sweating in front of others. (mind you the gym is totally different, there everybody else is so no big deal) they also took off my favoritest show House Invader´s that i was going to do this too....first ainsley now this ~power pout~ hopefully they will bring them back soon. maybe its just a seasonal break or something. but all is not lost ladies...Drum Roll Please........ not only have i upped the length in my walks........i,barbi, a.k.a. sassy........ went down the stairs!!! yes, i did.i really did!! and you wouldnt believe what i found down there.......

right at the bottom of my nemesis has got to be the only Greek restraurant in Upper Austria!! and thy´re open till midnight with glorious seating and bar, and stage and dance floor.....all outside. next to the river.....gorgeous! okies so now we are excited, we have a place to rest before we go back ~swallows hard and looks once again at the 70 ft. climb... squeeks~ up. the incline was steep girls, stairs going half the way, so down was no piece of cake either. anywaysssssssssssss........... we trot happily over the bridge to see what wonders lay over there. to the right a game reservation, state owned forest that your welcome to roam dogs must be leashed. huge signs that said so ~nodnodnod~ k... to the left and on our way to the puppy playground ~grinz n winks~ was putt-putt, shuffle boards, tennis, and canoeing! i couldnt believe it! all this fun stuff to do no matter what your current health level was........again open till midnight. yesssssssssssssssssssss, i win!! ~laughing~ but it gets even better........... i know ......i can hear you saying......"how sassy how??!!" ~laughing~ i past a house, a house that i will pass alot on my way to the P & P (puppy playpark) that flying gloriously atop its pole was an AMERICAN FLAG!! i could almost feel what Francis Scott Key felt, composing our anthem. naturally i peeked over and saw no one........this time ~winks n grinz~

doing a little fast forwarding here.the windy wordy wench going off again.........

up sucked!! up sucked real bad........ everything from the belly button down was screaming at me........and not screaming very nice things i should add........nothing i can write on paper ~laughing~ so i wait a day thinking rest lil muscles rest.i gots plans for you ~insert menacing laugh here~ monday i go down the stairs again. ooo-ing and ah-ing and begging my dog to slow down........please. but this time i am looking for an easier way back up. we dont cross the bridge just keep on our side of the river...and naturally i find it! because if theres an easy way darn tootin i Will find it. maybe i should insert the word easier, because you still have to go back up. but this way is longer slower twistier up. Raven i sure hope your still reading this ~laughing~ cuz guess what i found....... Horse stables! where you can ride, get lessons, like yours!! oh and did i start chittering away to Alcant (you may of seen his post to the mens board...... he is by the way a little disappointed that there arent very many active men here at 3fc, but enjoys the site all the same) about you and your horses ... i sounded just like that girl from the movie American Pie, the band girl....~laughing, does her impersonation~ " theres this girl raven....on the 3fc board.... and and and once at the horse farm she....... and and and" ~laughs harder~

well to cut a long story short.......shhhhhhh, i know ~wink~ its a curse..... lord help these people when i finally learn the language enough to actually converse beyond the a 2 year old level!! ~laughing~

the possibilities are endless for me! keeping it simple........ Spring, build yourself up for summer. Summer, build yourself up for fall. Fall, prepare yourself for winter. Winter, prepare yourself for Spring. simple is never simple........ so signing........



Cachee chocolate is my friend too...............~with a sheepish grin she rises slowly~ name is sassy and i´m a choco-holic. i find chocolate calls to me Especially during that time of the month. here´s a little trick i do, same great taste... double the length of savour!! i freeze my favorite or a couple different fav´s.....ya never know which one your going to crave at that time ~nodnodnodnod~ if it´s a chocolate bar i break off two squares and freeze, which usually breaks down to 5 itty bitty baggies of pure unadulterated bliss......~deep sigh~ and when i am in need i pull 1 out and suckle on it. i do not /will not Chew frozen chocolate ( its a me thing ~grinz~) just letting it melt in my mouth till its a tiny tidbit of tantalizing treat. then my tongue will do the mushing not my teeth ~laughing~ savouring every sweet succulent moment. i tell ya that one tiny lil bit of chocolate could last a half an hour or more that way. Yummmmmmmmmmm! i have grabbed my baggie of bliss and my walking shoes and hit the trail seeing how far i could get before all the reminscent choccie flavour was but a pleasant memory. turning it into a game of sorts..... alright a am a wacky wench thats for sure! but hey its the little things in life ~laughing~

04-14-2004, 09:51 AM
Morning :coffee:

What great posts from you ladies!

Raven, I thought alot about what you said and well, here goes!! First off I don't panic when I think about eating healthy. Actually, knowing that I feel better kind of calms me. To be honest on the weight issue, I just get tired of being soooooo limited on what I can eat. As you know I hate veggies. When you like just 4 or 5 veggies it's rough. I have tried new ones, new ways of cooking old ones and it boils down to I don't like them. I'm not real worried about weightloss because I know if I set my mind to it that I can do it. I have discovered that as much as I love it here and all of the support from all of you I need more. I'm thinking about joining WW so that I have the meetings to go to, I surely wouldn't want to go to weigh in and be the one that didn't lose a pound or that gained a pound. I think combining coming here and going to WW might be the answer for me. As far as the smoking....YES!!!! I go into a dead panic. Now, I don't know if this is going to make sense but I will try to explain. I do feel like I'm ready to quite but I will leave room for accepting that maybe I'm not. Anyway, I feel like I'm ready but I don't know how. I know that sounds stupid but listen.... Smoking hurts me, literally hurts me, My lungs, my chest, etc.....they stink, they upset my belly, they make me cough so yes, I hate it that I can't seem to throw them away. I don't know what to do if I don't smoke. I know, again, that sounds stupid but I tried replacing one habit with another. Chewing gum, sucking on candy, exercising, drinking water, scrapbooking, cleaning, etc....ANYTHING to keep my mind off of smoking. I could not stop thinking about it. Even when I didn't want a cigarette I couldn't not think about smoking. Do I enjoy smoking???? NO!! For all of the reasons and more that I stated above. Is it a habit? Yes, but how is that this habit is so hard to break? I have no idea. What do I replace it with? I don't know. It's hard to get past the mental addiction. I have no doubt that that is what mine is. I went through a few spells of nicotine withdrawl but that part wasn't near as bad as not being able to stop thinking about cigarettes. I know we are no closer to knowing why I am still smoking but I sure feel better :lol:

Happy, when you come back, fire up that smoking thread!!!! I'll be there!!! I'm so glad you started the Zyban and glad you didn't buy 2 cartons of cigarettes. I feel like you are going to be successful and that you will be helpful in helpinmg others kick the habit also.

I have not given up. I did alot of research online last night. Getting ideas on how to deal with the habit breaking and so on. There's alot of info out there. I even read about Quest cigarettes. They are low, lower and non nicotine cigarettes. They are made to reduce you to no nicotine and then you break the habit of smoking yourself. Here I am!!! Back to square one, how is that habit broken? :lol:

I did very well on eating yesterday and drank alot of water. We got 6 inches of snow around here yesterday :lol: Snow in April!! It's gone now and it will be 80 over the weekend!!!! Today it will be in the 60's so I will get out and take care of some things and keep myself busy.

Hello to Chach and Sassy, thanks for your kind words.

Catch you ladies later!

04-14-2004, 11:38 AM
Good morning ladies..

Wow.. what a lot of wonderful stuff to read!

Sassy - First off.. :bravo: Congratulations to you for making it down and UP that hill!!! I know how intimidated you were, and look at you!! All sorts of new adventure! So now does that mean you're going to start horseback riding lessons!? :D Phoo girl, pretty soon you'll be RUNNING that hill! :devil: And as far as the recipes go? Dang.. PLEASE post them!! I thought that was wonderful! I may have a lot on my mind, and not respond too well to everything, but I LOVE new recipes from people who have talent in that area, because I surely do NOT. :D If I get a recipe, I can tweak it here and there, but I have no imagination when it comes to that kind of stuff whatsoever. That dress sounds like a knockout! So .. when you fit into it, we get pictures, right!? :yes: You know, the scale dances for me on a daily basis. It's down three, up two, down one, up two, down four, up ... you get the picture. As long as the general direction over a period of time is down, then we're doing good. I think you're right about that spring thing. And this spring is being kind of poopy here... yesterday it actually snowed a little north of my house. It's cold and windy and .. yuck. This compared to a couple weekends ago when it was in the 80s and I got a sunburn. :shrug: Hopefully this weekend will be better.

Chachee - I *always* gain on my PMS week. I hate it, it's annoying, but I deal with it. I know that the week after will reflect more accurately what's really going on. So just relax, let your body do its thing, and move on. You know.. my boyfriend always goes up to visit his mom twice a year for a week each time. Once for her birthday, which is coincidentally like the day after Mother's Day or something like that, and once in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So this time I told him I'm going to take a couple days off while he's gone for a week so I can kind of destress too, and he got all pissy about it. "You're going to take time off while I'm GONE!?" :rolleyes: He'll get over it. Men. OTOH, he still expects me to pick him up at the airport (which is about an hour away from our house) at 10:00 pm on SUNDAY night - and I have to go to work the next day. Guess that's nothing huh? :lol: Sorry, didn't mean to turn that into a BF rant. I hope your time is productive and relaxing while Hubby is gone!

Happy - :rofl: Girl you crack me up. Visiting toilets... It sounds to me like you are putting so much thought into this whole smoking cessation thing. I truly hope this works for you, because it sounds like this time you really WANT this to happen. Not for anyone else, but for you. I'm sure going to miss your posts while you're gone!! I really hope you have a great time, especially after as much preparation as you've put into this.

Hippy - :D You feel the same way about quitting smoking as I did about losing weight. To me, it doesn't sound stupid at all to say you don't know how to quit smoking. I truly didn't even know where to begin with this healthy life change losing weight thing. I mean.. I thought I did, but really, I had no clue. Thank God for this site, because when I stumbled across this place is when I really started to learn about the mental connection, the healthy eating, the fact I could actually EAT and lose weight, all that stuff. I didn't realize I had so much to learn. I think you and Happy starting a thread on smoking cessation would be awesome. I have no doubt that as you learn more about you and the habit and all that, you'll figure out how to break this one. And Hippy - you know Chachee found success with WW, maybe you will too! Whatever it takes, woman! I get tired of the same kinds of food too, Hippy. I really do. OTOH, I don't have a lot of time at all, so doing the new recipe thing for me is always tricky. It has to be fast, easy, cheap, and feed a lot of people, AND it has to provide leftovers!! Oh, don't forget low in calories and fat. And kid friendly. *twitch* Sometimes it just gets really old having to think all the time about crap like that and I wish I didn't have to.

Ok .. I am in such a weird headspace. I don't know if it's just stressed out tiredness, weather, money.. all of the above... I have no clue. My body is acting strange, my thoughts are all over the place. Yesterday I was simply starving all day long. I NEVER have trouble when I get home waiting till dinner is done to eat, but yesterday it was like some alien being posessed my brain and *I* sat back in a corner throwing pebbles at it. Not that I did anything really off the charts, it was just so out of the norm for me that it kind of freaked me out a little. I had a banana with a little peanut butter before dinner, and that really helped. But obviously not enough, because then I ate TWO pork chops with dinner, which I never do, and then.. the really awful one... I ate my Healthy Choice caramel ice cream sandwich and .. then ate another one. :o The last time I remember doing that was what... a year ago!? :rolleyes: Of course about a half hour later my tummy was aching something fierce because it's just not used to that at ALL. Today I woke up still with a little bit of a tummy ache, and feeling kind of weird, shakey even. I ate my oatmeal and that helped, but ... I just feel odd. *sigh* Maybe I'm just really, really tired. That's kind of what it feels like.

Tonight I need to take Nickie to the stables again because she must work hard on her canter. There's a lot behind this, and a lot riding on it (no pun intended). She worked her butt off Monday, then yesterday Shadow was being used in a lesson (lord I wish we had her paid off already), so tonight she's back on her trying to get to the point where her fear and Shadow's behavior with her (and only her, because Shadow has her number on the canter/sharp turn means she gets scared and lets me walk crap) are no longer an issue. This all goes back to when Nick flipped over Shadow's neck when she pulled the canter/sharp turn thing, and it was a bad fall. I know it's hard for her. I wish we had all the time in the world for her to work this out slowly, but we don't. Nick can do the walk/trot with NO problem whatsoever, but Rosa is telling Nick that she's going to put another trainer up on Shadow in about three weeks to resolve this canter thing, and Nick is desperate to get this ironed out before it comes to that. I wish she didn't have this hanging over her head, but I have no say in it because we don't own Shadow yet. I know Nick is capable of doing this, but Rosa doesn't. It's maddening to Nick, and it's painful for me. Yes, I know the rhetoric of putting a trainer on the horse to help the rider... I know that. But not in this case, because Nick desperately needs to work through this issue with this horse or she's going to hang on to this fear. Hence, the push. So tonight, she rides hard. And tomorrow is her lesson, which we've moved so that she will now be with two other girls, one of whom is much more advanced. It's a big challenge for her, but I think she needs it. My daughter is a young lady to whom things come far too easy. She's very smart, and consequently, rather lazy. She's been able to skate through nearly everything I've thrown at her. But not this. This is taking a huge effort on her part, for nearly the first time in her life. It's good for her, it really is. But watching this as a parent is both heartbreaking and making me very proud of her. All I can pray is that Rosa finally opens her eyes and sees what Nick is actually accomplishing with that horse, instead of blathering on about how DeeDee (the trainer she's bringing in who used to be a student of hers and is now two or three years into an equestrian college) could make Shadow do ANYTHING.. the point is that Shadow was unusable when Nickie started riding her. She behaved terribly, she bit, kicked, and couldn't be ridden by anyone except really good riders who could ride her through the BS she would throw out. Bucking, swerving, head tossing, the whole bit. She may have been trained at one point, but when Nickie started riding her, she was NOT, and Rosa refuses to see how much work Nick has done with this animal, and that's coming from a kid who'd never ridden english before in her life!! *vent vent vent* I'm sorry.. I don't think I realized how much this was bothering me till I started typing it out. And there's precious little I can do about this if Rosa doesn't open her freaking eyes. I just have to keep making payments.. a little at a time. I'm afraid this situation is going to come to a point where as soon as that last payment is made, we'll have to switch barns and instructors. It's not that Rosa isn't a good teacher, I just think she's being really, really blind about this situation because of her need to use Shadow because she let herself get into a situation where she didn't have enough lesson horses, and now that Nick has put all this work into Shadow, she can use her again. I dunno.. *sigh* It's very frustrating to me. Wow. Rant. I know that Monday night Nickie actually got to the point where she could keep Shadow in a canter almost all the way around the ring without her trying to drop to a trot or without shying off into the middle of the ring. I know Nick almost came off at least three times because of her nonsense, but she kept trying, kept pushing. I am SO proud of her. And at the end of two HOURS of this, Nick was laughing and breathing hard and enjoying the **** out of herself, and Shadow was looking at things a little differently, and starting to try to behave, and she was breathing hard and sweating a little, too. So tonight.. we shall see. Please keep your fingers crossed for her, will you? I know it sounds silly, but this is so important to my girl(s?).

Ok. I feel better now. I think that's been eating at me for a while.. maybe that's why I ate so much last night. I'm sorry I went on for so long, and I know it might seem silly to attach so much importance to this - for Nick or for me... but we do. :dunno:

I really need to get to work now.. thanks for reading all that, if you made it through it. :^:

04-14-2004, 12:46 PM
Sassy, that dress of yours sounds so gorgeous - you get back in it and strut your stuff woman! Congrats on conquering your hesitance at going down those stairs! :cp: and what wonderful things you have found all around you in the hills and valleys. Sometimes that first step into the unknown is the worst part of all. We look forward to hearing more about your area. Sure is nicer than the cement I'm looking at here :lol: Yesterday 2 hawks nailed one of the doves that feeds here. My husband saw it all. I just saw the hawks and thank goodness could not tell what was going on. Bird feathers ALL over the yard. Ick. There are some things about nature that are hard for me to deal with.

Hippy - I know exactly what you're talking about. One of the most amazing things to me is how smoking just totally takes over every waking thought. Especially when you want to stop. This morning, before I read your post, I was thinking that my resolve today is not as strong as I get nearer to the quit date. The logical part of me says that it's time to start cutting back and weaning myself off. The illogical part says NOOOOOO smoke even more because your days are numbered!!!! I think that's part of it too. If you say you're going to give up chocolate or soda or ice cream for a month, at least at the end of the month you know you can have some - even if after 30 days your taste buds say - hey, this isn't as good as I remember it being. But you can have it. With smoking, it's forever, just like an alchoholic - when you stop, that's it. Forever. Just one taste of a beer or cigarette and you're right back to where you started from. Maybe it's because your brain is hardwired to your addiction as I have been reading. Last night I was thinking about this. I stopped smoking in my house many years ago and I wouldn't even THINK of lighting up inside. In fact sometimes I absentmindedly light up as I'm walking out the door or I'll run inside with a lit cigarette to answer the phone and I feel as if the police will be right behind me :lol: It took about 6 months before I got used to smoking outside. And during that time there were several moments when I so desperately wanted to light up inside. But I told myself no, I can't and hubby would have hollered at me anyway which would have started world war 3. All I can suggest is that you start to break some of your habits - no more smoking in the house starting today. I have found that helps since I'm a habit smoker - stop the triggers that remind you of a cigarette and put yourself into situations as much as possible where you can't smoke. My husband just totally doesn't understand how I can say I want to stop this habit and still have so many problems trying to deal with it. He said if I keep thinking about it, maybe I don't want to stop after all. He said to grit my teeth and just make up my mind that I'm going to do it. Arrgghhh. Wish I could just go into a coma for 30 days so I wouldn't have to think about it. :( And good luck with the WW program. When you don't know where to start, an organized program is the best way to go. I've always liked WW - they are nutrionally sound. The only thing is you have to sometimes hunt around for a meeting with a good leader. I've had some awesome ones and some duds. The best leader I ever had was actually a man! He gave all sorts of tips and motivation each week. Some of the bad leaders just kinda stood up and read through the materials like a robot. But weighing in and paying money to do so is motivating. My only criticism of the Flex points system is that I've seen a number of people posting here who eat crap but as they say - still stayed within their points! Weight Watchers really stresses that first you get your proteins, fruits and veggies in - THEN you work in the treat stuff. And some people with obsessive personalities said it made them more obsessive trying to figure out what was the maximum amount of food they could take in while still staying within points - even if it was odd combinations of foods like 1 orange and a bowl of spinach vs 4 small apples. :dizzy: But hey, take it for what it's worth - it's a good program. Can't hurt to try it, eh?

Wow Chachee, you are going to be on your own for a long time once hubby leaves. In a way it gives you time to get some things done for yourself, but it must also be a little hard on your own for so long. Your phone bills must be monsterous :lol: Enjoy your last few days together.

Wow Raven, what an incredible story about Nickie and Shadow. As you say, there may come a time when you and Rosa part ways because of different styles. The thing I really admire is when you said you are pushing Nickie because up until this point things have been somewhat easy for her. Maybe I'm showing my age but it does seem to me that we worked harder as kids for what we wanted in life and it didn't kill us. Maybe I'm just old and cranky but it seems that the younger kids - I see it in my nieces and nephews - have a different perspective of things. If she learns that sometimes you have to really really work hard at something - the pleasure that can be gained when you finally get it is SO rewarding. A really important life's lesson, especially at this stage of her life. And it will help her so very much build self confidence! Good for you for supporting her through this as stressful as it may be for you. Hopefully you've worked out the foodie issues or at least you're aware of them now which is half the battle. Onward we go, eh?

I am plodding along through things. Food's good - yesterday I had grilled salmon, grape tomatoes and steamed green beans with strips of red pepper and a little parmesan cheese. It looked so pretty on the plate and I realized how much there is to the look of food as much as it's appeal. I am struggling with the hungries about 10:30pm. This week I have so much to do before vacation that I work until 5pm, walk into the kitchen (thank God for 30 second commutes :rofl: ) make dinner, we eat around 6pm and by 6:30 both hubby and I are at our respective computers churning away at the homework. :comp: The thing is he quits at 10pm and I'm still going strong until about 1:30am. Not getting enough sleep, been waking up groggy and achy as I am all twisted up. Today my neck really hurts - way too much time on the computer! I will miss you guys when I'm gone but I have so much stuff to take with me I can't fathom dragging my laptop with me. Why do I need a suitcase just for toiletries? Hmm shampoo, conditioner, detangler, mousse, hairspray, moisterizer, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Would be much simpler to just go "au natural" and be stinky and homeless looking - kinda like that famous picture of Nick Nolte when he got picked up by the cops for drugs or drinking or something. :rofl: Someday I aspire to going on a trip taking only a toothbrush and a sarong. :cloud9:

Well I've written a book here and used up my lunch hour and it's not even lunch time yet so I'd better get busy. Have a good one ladies!

04-14-2004, 05:41 PM
Hello Ladies!

Sassy: Your posts crack me up. You are such a creative writer! ~scratches head wondering why Sassy doesn't write books??~ Thanks for the tips on chocolate. You know, it's like the first two days of pms that kill me, then I don't want it. By the time it took to freeze the stuff I'd be over it, but I might stick a bar in the freezer for emergency purposes!!

Hippy: I think you might like WW. I love the fact that not only am I accountable to you all here, I also have some people in person that are struggling with the same issues. I've met three in my group so far that I would like to do things with and it's so social, minus the eating/drinking that usually comes along with the social settings. I don't think $9.95 a week is too much to pay for better healthy and being accountable. You might want to check it out. I know they are having Open House up here where you can visit and decide after the meeting if you want to join.

Happy: Would you consider me a toiletrie and pack me???? Puh-leez???? Aw, come one!! The good thing about my hubby deploying is that he is the Superintendent of the Combat Communications Squad that is going. He will be able to call whenever he wants for free, just using the satelite phone. The big problem is the 18 hour time difference. He's sleeping when we are getting up, etc. Kinda tough!!

Raven: Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your horse problems. Too bad you guys don't see eye to eye on this issue. That is where your eating came from last night. Stress, girl! And, in all honesty, you didn't "blow" it like you might have a year ago. Sounds like you didn't do too bad, nothing you can't correct today. Pick yourself up, brush off the negatives, and have a great day!!!

Weigh in tonight for me. Egads. I am guessing up 2, hopefully not more than that. I can get that gone by next week. We are going to Chuck E Cheese this weekend, though. Thank goodness there is a salad bar there now.

I'll check in tomorrow.


04-14-2004, 07:02 PM
Chachee :lol: I'd certainly be game to pass you off as a tolietry but they weigh the suitcases now and if you are over 50 pounds they charge you horrendously. Not sure either of us could afford that. :rolleyes: But if you can squish yourself under the seat or in the overhead luggage bin, I'd try and pass you off as a carry on... ;) Of course you'd have to get yourself to Chicago and then we'd just take you back west again. But southwest this time...

Good luck on the weigh in tonight!

04-15-2004, 02:03 AM
Here is a story about a woman, an overweight average woman, who attended a meeting expecting to be up a couple of pounds due to the Easter chocolate she ate and it being TOM.

Upon arriving at "The Twi-weight Zone" she cautiously and apprehensively stepped onto the scales. Through all space and time, the Scale Gods smiled on her an not only allowed her to maintain her lowest weight, but also loose an additional 0.2 pounds, bringing her loss to 15.4. Strange but true.....

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Okay, so I'm stumped but happy. Down 0.2 pounds to a loss of 15.4, weight down to 239.6. Wahoo!!! It must be based upon my ultimate goal of being a carry-on bag with Happy! (Althought I believe 50 pounds is a bit little for my frame!)

Anyway, it was a great night and I am so excited to see what I can do these next 8 weeks while hubby is gone. Talk about a boost. I can't remember the last time I lost when I was TOM. Actually, last month was a 0.6 loss on that week. Excellent! WW is awesome and I am so motivated!!


04-15-2004, 03:08 AM
Hi everyone.

Wow what a lot of great reading I just did, but now I have to go to bed as I must get up in 6 hours to get ready to go to work.

Chachee I also sat and wondered if maybe Sassy wrote books also and if she doesn't then maybe this should be the new career.

Raven, sorry about Rosa and Nickie and Shadow. I am surprised that Rosa doesn't see what Nickie has accomplished already.

Hippy hang in there. Oh and about Jordan, Cody is about to turn 13 in 2 weeks. When he starts to shave, can I cry on your shoulder? They grow up way to fast....

Happy have fun on your vacation. My mother will be at the imperial... (she told me now I forgot) If you see her she looks just like me. Make sure you say hi... Oh yeah we look exactly like Pamela Anderson :lol3:

Well I have been trying to cope with teenage daughter issues. She is only grounded until she is 18. Maybe longer we shall see.


Have a super thursday everyone.

04-15-2004, 09:48 AM
Good morning all,
Nice to see you checking back in again Kathy. Chachee another :cp: and :dance: to you too for last night's wi.

This will probably be my last post before I leave early tomorrow morning. Today is going to be SUPER BUSY and I'm sure the day will fly by. My goal is to actually get some sleep tonight and not pull an all nighter as I usually do. As long as the important stuff gets done, the rest will just have to wait or do without :lol:

Wish me luck for Las Vegas but more than anything - wish me STRENGTH to carry through with my committment to stop smoking. Tuesday the 20th is my quit date. I waffled about waiting until I come back home on the 26th because I wasn't sure if I could make it through Las Vegas with smoking all around me, but I decided that I just HAVE to take a stand, grit my teeth and commit. Otherwise I will always find an excuse because that's what I do best :o Will miss you guys and if I get the chance to check in, I will. Take care and be good!

04-16-2004, 09:22 AM
Morning Ladies!

Happy, I know I missed you but just incase that you might check in real fast, I hope you have a wonderful vacation and sooooooooo much luck on not smoking :D

Lucky, by all means please cry on my shoulder :lol: Everyone here thinks I'm crazy because that stuff makes me cry! They just don't understand, he's my only child and WOW! he's almost grown!! Glad to see you posted!

Raven, I'm so glad that you can relate between our situations! I was ready to take an earfull from the BOSS :lol:

Chach, does WW have alot of material that you have to buy?

Tonight is Jordan's big night! He has been so funny since he shaved, almost like he aged a few years! He's been acting so grown up. I can't wait to see him getting ready this evening! I can see it taking forever! The hair has to be perfect :lol:

Busy day ahead so I gotta run. Talk to you later.

04-16-2004, 12:28 PM
Hi All.

I thought I posted yesterday, but I guess not. Duh, Chach!!

Hippy: When I went to WW, I bought the stuff I knew I would use. I bought the big book set, which comes with some handouts and a nice black carrying case and a nylon tote bag. That was $20.00. It has the restaurant guide and the other companion book that lists a lot of store bought items. I then bought the spiral 12 week journal because I felt it would hold up better. That was $4.00. They still give you free journals and take as many as you want/need. I've been buying their candy bars and their fruit candies. They also have smoothies and other things, but I wasn't interested in those. Their 2 point bars are wonderful for when you need a chocolate fix!! A box of 4 of those is $4.50 and well worth it. They are smaller, but they are wonderful! A 2 pack of the fruities is $2.50 and they take forever to get through. They still give you weekly handouts and on week three they give you another slider for your activity points. My meetings are $9.95 a week and I pay for missed meetings. I did that plan because I needed a firm committment from myself. The other plan is pay as you attend but it's $13.95 a week. You have to weigh at least once a month if you take that plan or you pay a new registration fee. At the time, they were waiving the registration, which I think is still going on until May. You are going to have a busy day, so good luck and enjoy watching your son grow!!

Lucky: I thought I was the only one who looked like Pamela!! :) How is your daughter doing??

Raven, where are you? Sassy, where are you????

Gotta scoot!!


04-16-2004, 05:22 PM
Hey ladies!! I'm here. Please don't mind me if I'm a tad quiet for the next couple weeks. I have some stuff going on that is kind of occupying my time and brain extensively.

I'm feeling far better than I was, I'm still reading everyone's posts, and I'm doing good. I dropped another pound - only 1 away from my 5 pound goal for this month. I need to start running again, and I need to pay better attention to my water. But really, I really will be very happy just to hit my 5 pounds. I think I needed to drop back a bit like I said earlier. There are so many things fighting with my brain right now, and as you know, the constant push push push of food and water and exercise takes a lot of focus. I couldn't do it all. But I did learn that my eating has changed substantially over the last year plus. I went to the mall with my daughter and instead of heading to the Smoothie King or the other food court wonders, we trekked to Pannera Breads and had the most wonderful sandwiches with green tea to drink. I know that doesn't sound like much, but when you think about the cucumbers and tomatoes and fresh chicken over a greasy processed burger and fries... it makes a difference. And I really had a good time, too. I didn't sweat it. It's so cool that my whole attitude towards food and my life has changed so much. And Nick? She's lost another 3 pounds. I'm so proud of her!! And she's working her BUTT off on Shadow, she's been riding for around two hours at a time, all that at trot and canter, and she did that Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - and she'll be riding tonight, Saturday, and Sunday.. then start all over again. I think somehow she's going to get that horse of hers to behave, yes? I saw her fear change to determination Wednesday night, and I saw laughter and joy in her face last night as she raced around the arena in what she calls Shadow's "wild horse canter" which is completely different from the "collected dressage horse canter." Just watching her confidence blossom again is a dream for me, it's so beautiful to watch!!

Gah... I'm rambling on so much. I'm sorry.. I need to get my butt off the computer and on the road. I will do my best to sit down at some point this weekend and really respond to all of you lovely women!! It's my son's birthday this weekend, wheee!!! Mexican, cake, and ice cream - fun to be had by all! Plan? What plan!?!? :yikes:

04-17-2004, 01:15 PM
Hiyas chickies!!

I'm feeling much better today.. still things going on in my brain, and I'm anxious about some stuff that might be happening (praying, hoping). Good stuff. So .. I'm just doing the impatient dance and crossing my fingers a lot lately.

My life feels better. How is everyone doing? I know Happy is off traveling the world.

Hippy!? How went the big night??

Chachee - Having a good weekend? When does DH depart?

Sassy - Have you walked the walk again? :devil:

Lucky - Things are getting better (I hope!), thank goodness. I'll PM you later and fill you in!

Ok girlies... I need to run off - no horse time for me today. :( But, it's Machine's birthday!! So I need to go finish his shopping, get a few groceries, come home and wrap and bake his cake, then we're going out to dinner, coming home and eating cake and ice cream, and then he gets to open his presents! I'm getting him breeches and a new PS2, which he is SO not expecting. He knows mom is broke, but .. I've saved a little here, a little there, and managed to swing it. I think he'll be tickled. His dad sent presents, too... so all in all, I think it's going to be a good little birthday for my Machine!

Hope everyone's weekend is beautiful and fun!

04-18-2004, 12:28 PM
Happy Sunday Chickies.

So why does the week drag on and on and the weekends just seem to fly?

Raven how was the birthday? Did you get any sleep last night or were you all up playing games and watching movies? ;) Here is some more :goodluck: :crossed: for you and your goodstuff to happen for you very soon.
That is great about Nick losing a few pounds also. Kristi used to be a fairly chunky until she started riding 4 years ago. I will maybe have to post some before and after pics of her. I wouldn't think that you would get such a workout riding, but you sure do. Did you have any problems with Machine or Richard when you started your family eating healthier? Or do they just eat what you put in front of them?

Hippy so how did the big night go? You will have to post some pictures also. Did you shed a few tears when you saw him all dressed up and ready to go for his first big night? Did you get to see his date all dolled up also? Did you and hubby sneak out and peek through the windows at the dance? :lol: (I would)

Chachee :bravo: and good job on your wi. There are alot of people that have been successful on the ww program. Have you still been working out on your gazelle? So is your hubby gone now for the next 8 weeks? What is he going to say when he comes home to a new woman? In 8 weeks you could have lost another 16 pounds. I hope he gets paid well, as you will have to go on another shopping trip. ;)

Sassy, I hope you have a few extra rooms at your house, :hat: :wave: because I plan on winning the lottery in the next few weeks and then we are all coming to visit you. :coffee: Then we can all do the stairs with you. I got a new computer for christmas as our last one crashed and I haven't put icq on this new one yet, as I am still trying to talk myself into believing it is a safe program to put on here. Kristi did set up msn for me but I can't remember my name :^: I will have to get her to set it up so I can add all of you who have it.

Happy I sure hope that you are having fun. Hey win lots just in case I don't win the lottery ok? :D Here are some good vibes and :crossed: :goodvibes for you to quit smoking. Hope you have a chance to check in.

Well as for the daughter, I got a call from her best friends mom yesterday, she found a note and it sounds like the girls are doing the drug ecstasy. They have found a group of 18 year old boys that have decided that they like her and her friends. It has been a little battle. Today, this morning we are taking a little trip as she assures me that her and a friend were going to a horse sale in a little town 30 minutes from here. I told her they could only go if I took them so I guess we will see if they were trying to pull something or if there really is a sale.

I must run and get some breakfast for the little guy here who is letting me know that he is hungry, so I hope that everyone enjoys their day and I will be back later.

04-18-2004, 02:00 PM
Hello ladies!

Okay, so I had a horrible day yesterday with my eating. I ate everything bad for me and everything that wasn't nailed down. Enough of that, because I feel like crud!

Today starts my mini-challenge to myself and some other WW friends. While hubby is gone (he leaves Tuesday night) I am going to be so focused!!!

Raven: I know how it is to get in a head funk. It passes and hopefully things are okay now. Sounds like you are going to give Machine a wonderful birthday. PS2 is great and he is going to be so excited! You are a cool mom! I bought my family the Gamecube for Christmas last year. We love it!

Lucky: Hubby does get paid extra while he's gone, so the new clothes shouldn't be a problem! Actually, I want to lose enough to get into a cute little sweater I have and the notorious "skinny" jeans that are tight right now. That would be a wonderful present to myself and to him.

Okay, ladies, so my hubby and I had "the talk" people need to have when one starts really losing weight and changing their image. I assured him that I am doing it for myself and our family so we can have a more active and longer life together. He just was nervous that I am going to lose this weight and go find someone else. No way that will ever happen. He's a wonderful man and I can't believe he was feeling that way about the whole situation. Cleared the air and things are good. So silly!

Alrighty, I'm off to my last board and then to clean house, go for a walk, and then to Sam's Club to get veggies, yogurt and fruit.

Take care and talk to you all later!


04-18-2004, 02:07 PM
Oh, Lucky, I forgot to let you know that I am doing my Gazelle each morning for about 20 minutes. I am really enjoying it! Let me know what new piece of equipment you dream about and I'll go check it out!! Tha was so funny!


04-19-2004, 10:07 AM
Good morning, chicks...

Back to work, back to reality... :D

Lucky - YOUR daughter isn't doing ecstacy, is she!?! :yikes: Isn't she only like one year older than Nickie?? :( Machine's birthday went well, other than the birthday cake turning out like crap. That's ok - Maybe it was me trying to protect myself from eating too much of it. But he got his breeches and his PS2 and some stuff from his Dad and all is good. I'd love to see some before and after pics of Kristi! I know Nickie is now wearing stuff she was in about two years ago, so there is definite improvement happening. I think it helps that she now has a focus, not just physically but emotionally too. She doesn't eat to fill the void, you know what I mean? I think I'm really lucky in the sense that both my guys are very happy with eating healthy, too. Richard could stand to lose a couple pounds (maybe 20?) and Machine needed to get a little less fluffy, too. We were all well on our way to being a very chubby little family. Machine's "fat" jeans are now nearly falling off him, and he's fitting into jeans shorts he was wearing two summers ago, too. I told him he doesn't need to lose weight, he just needs to maintain, and he'll grow into it! What about you, do you have trouble with your family eating the healthy stuff? Please keep us posted on the Kristi thing... Older boys and drugs is a SCARY combination, and teen girls seem to think nothing will ever happen "to them." Yeah.. it always happens to someone else. :(

Chachee - Your eating day sounds like my Saturday. I was prepared for it, but wow... still took me a little by surprise. Water under the bridge now, and yesterday was OP again, so is today... it was a birthday and I'm not going to let it worry me. Ah yes.. "the talk." Richard and I have had a few of those - noteably right after Valentine's day when he was trying to feed me more chocolate. And that is SO unlike him - he's usually right there cheering me on and I don't think he's EVER sabotaged me, so I was pretty shocked when he started that. I think it's true, they always think we're losing so we can find "someone better." :rolleyes: Ok, yeah .. I do want someone better, a BETTER ME!! So there. I think he understands now, but I imagine we'll have more moments as I get into better and better shape, and especially after I get the tummy tuck, whenever that happens. (Lottery, right.)

Ok, I'm paying for my multitudinous sins on Saturday. The sodium is still making me feel poofed out - my hands feel like Mickey Mouse hands, all fat. The pollen count isn't helping. It's SO high here right now, and even the allergy meds are only denting the symptoms. And of course I was out in the sun all day yesterday, which means that even though I drank a reasonable amount of water, it wasn't enough. All combined to mean I'm carrying a whole BUNCH of water weight right now. *slosh* I expect it will take me most of the week to get back to normal. So... for right now, go get my oatmeal and fill my water bottle.

Happy Monday everyone!!

04-20-2004, 02:27 AM
Hi all.

I just wanted to share part of a letter I received today in the mail dated 04/14/04:

This letter is to inform you that we have received and reviewed the submitted chart notes, photos and questionare for a Bilateral breast reduction.

Upon review of the above information, we have determined the procedure is medically necessary for the medical diagnosis' given.

THEY APPROVED MY BREAST REDUCTION SURGERY!! ONE THE FIRST ATTEMPT!!! Oh my gosh, guys, I am so excited! I am still going to lose the rest of the weight, and want to lose a lot before the surgery so he can remove more, but dang, I'm so thrilled. It's only been 3 weeks!

It's kinda hard for me to concentrate on anything else right now, other than diet and exercise and now my surgery. My hubby leaving tomorrow is going to make me even more determined to get more fat off so this surgery is easier for me.

Raven: Sounds like everyone in your family is shaping up! Funny how "the talk" comes up, huh? I had not a clue my hubby was feeling that way!

Well, I'm off to bed, but I wanted to share that with you all since you have been so supportive of me through all this.



04-20-2004, 06:42 AM
:cheer: :dance: :bravo: :cb: Chachee!!!! That is awesome, fantastic, WONDERFUL news!!! Congrats, girl!!! Now you have some real, positive, tangible motivation, and I bet it makes staying OP just that wee bit easier till you reach goal! *big hug* Woo! :D

04-20-2004, 01:25 PM
....trying to wake up my daughter. ;)

04-21-2004, 03:28 AM
sorry i been MIA for a few days got my gunk in a funk and am struggling forgive me for withdrawling. got that ingrained Mommie know the one...... " Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone." ~hears her mothers haunting words.....nobody wants to hear your problems, so keep them to yourself. bleck....shaking it off and fulfills a promise made to post, no matter what or how~ i really hate doing this with this attitude....but here goes......

i am really battling the discouraging demons dolls and i hate it! i´m an instigator, motivator, glass half full gal. i really thought by this time i would be into the One-der-land. instead i am up Another pound. ( i truely Hate my scale. stupid techie thingie..... where are the good old adjustable ones? the ones where the numbers whizzed by the slowly settled? boy would i like to give this one an adjustment...think hammer ~wink~)first time in my life i have ever been this big and i too was under the same misconception, figured because i was so big that first 20 would just "melt" right off of me. but Noooooooooooooo. i get to be the Exception to that statement.

like my tag says its the little things..... well Ladies YOU are my little things right now. each success, each achievement big or small, scale or non-scale are what keeps me keeping on right now. thank you ~smiling softly~ and kudos to you all, i am so very happy for you. living vicariously thru you at the moment.

i wont even shop for a wedding dress right now and my state wedding is the 28th of May ( got changed again) and gala event June 5th. i´m going to roll down the isle...<~~ oh was that self defeating. NO i refuse to do that to myself. i am not erasing those words i am going to fight that attitude. sorry you all have to witness this but i need to dig up my little things. okies i started WW March 1st and lost 10 lbs so far. the slow way, good for you never going to see those 10 again pounds way. okies wheres my windows calculator....... 10 lbs divided by 7 weeks equals 1.4 lbs a week. well that looks good on paper ~trys for the brave lil solider smile~ fine those 10 came off in march, hmmmmmmm. alrighty i danced the same dance in march with my scale. there is 1 day less this month, so that still gives me 9 more days to dance and it aint over till its over right? and hopefully this fat lady will sing come the 30th ~grinz n winks~ on the other hand, lets say i dont lose anything this month what would be the positive to that non-negative.......... i will have maintained. my body stabalizing and settling in, good practice for when i reach goal. have been reading those boards too because i fear complacency and its not over when you reach goal. look at all the ones who come back time and time again. and i dont ever want to be Over-weight again. learned my lesson and like all the lessons i learned in life, naturally its the hard way. ~laughing as she hears the song hard headed hannah running thru her head~ on a roll here.......go sassy go! feed yourself girlfriend ~laughing~ Walking, never was a walker except when i had to or just short lil jaunts around malls, fairs that kind of stuff. started out at a windy 20 and can now do 40 minutes comfortably. learning my neighborhood and the lay of the land, meeting people with a smile and a howdy do, and lastly but not leastly on a love / hate relationship with my nemesis " THE STAIRS ", the 70 ft down and egads up stairs. to a wonderland of fun things for both me and my dog. all in all the good outway the bad here ~smiling brightly~ tweeking my perception a bit. sun is up, birds are singing and i have been gifted another day. my choice on how i am going to live it....... i choose to make the most of it! might even dance like nobodys watching ~wink~ the austrians around me already think i am a kooky, happy, nut. i´ve no intention on changing that either, its fun!

so far i am meeting not exceeding. drinking all my water, walking twice a day totalling no less then an hour. AND got a tastey new summer fruit salad yesterday. loved it, needed a quick easy to go with the burgers and wild rice i was serving for lunch. recipe to follow...... have a good one ladies and thanks for being my lil things!!!


Cottage Cheese Fruit Salad
1c serv. 1.8 pts. serves 6

1 can Pineapple chunks (drained well)
2 sm. cans Mandarine Oranges (drained well)
2 cups LF Cottage Cheese
1 T Sweetner ( i have to use diabetic, because thats all i can find here)

dump, mix, delve...............Yummmmmmmm, cool refeshing and darned tastey!

04-21-2004, 09:35 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

I have been reading but not posting :o I've been in a mood and I know this place is also for ranting and raving but I feel people might get tired of me not being positive :lol: I have done some soul searching, feel much better and I have a plan. First I am taking Happy's advice on thinking before I smoke. No need to do it out of habit so therefore I am making myself wait and have that I don't smoke alot. Kicking this habit is going to be hard and take awhile. I have to continue to work on myself mentally because that seems to be the big issue for me. Next, as far as losing weight I was grabbing at straws. I'm sure the WW program is great for some but I know it isn't for me. I can't eat carbs and be successful because when I eat them I want more. It is a proven fact that the South Beach is what works for me. Not only do I feel better but I lose weight every week. I even feel the need to exercise when I'm on that plan because my energy level is huge. I have discovered that I eat out of boredom so it's important that I fill my time. I also know that any plan is going to be hard for me because I'm queen of the veggie haters club. I will have to be more creative with the veggies that I do like and deal with myself in a strict way when I get stuck in the I'm sick of green crap mood. I am starting the program today and have a chance of losing 20 pounds before vacation.

Raven, I see you are down another pound!!!! WONDERFUL :D

Chach, so glad to hear you are going to get to have your breast reduction :D

Sassy, hope you are in a better mood! Glad that you let it all out!

Lucky, glad you posted! Are you preparing for your son to shave? Does he have alot of facial hair? Jordan hasn't had to shave again yet but since he has I keep waiting for it to grow back really dark!!

The dance was a success and Jordan looked so handsome! He couldn't take his girlfriend because she is a 6th grader. Only 7th and 8th were allowed. He danced several times with his old girlfriend and she had someone to take pics and told Jordan she would get double prints. Can't wait to see them!

I made some vacation plans yesterday. We are going to go deep sea fishing and will swim with the dolphins. I can't wait!!!!

Better run!

04-21-2004, 01:22 PM
Hi Ladies!

Raven: Yes, this definitely gives me something to work towards. I am so focused right now I can't even believe it! I loved your little picture. That is me trying to wake myself up in the morning.

Sassy: Girl, if you have been exercising more, give your body some time to adjust. I know that is why my loss has slowed, but things are fitting better now. Just give your body some time and concentrate on what you are eating and doing! You can drop that 10 in no time!

Hippy: If SBD works for you,then awesome. I think it's all a matter of finding a program that works for you. The Atkins and SBD don't really work for me because I'm not a big meat eater. I go days sometimes without any meat to speak of. (Other than tuna on my salad sometimes.) Plus, you have to be in the right mindset to want to get this accomplished. I know you have many things going on in your life and have to take it one day at a time right now. Please don't ever feel you can't post because it's negative. We are here to help celebrate victories and support on the tough times. If everyone was always doing good, I'd have to hurt myself!! That means things are "real" and I don't want to be involved in something fake.

Hubby left last night. I started my mini-challenge on Sunday. Doing good so far. This is the first time in weeks I haven't done my Gazelle in the am, but couldn't get up after 4 hours of sleep and workout. Just too tired. Walking at work on my two 15 minute breaks, so that is good enough for me today!

I weigh in tonight. I am guessing about 2 pounds for a loss, because I really messed up last weekend. Not anymore! No more sabotauging myself!!

I'll let you all know how it went!

Happy Wednesday!


04-22-2004, 09:35 AM
Good morning!

RAAAAAAVEN.......Where are you? Some of us thrive on your attitude and consistency!!! Hope you are well!

Well Gary and I were suppose to go away this weekend for our anniversary. It has been raining here all week and is suppose to carry through Monday so I think we might shoot for next weekend. We wanted to go to Kentucky Lake but I wanted pretty weather. I don't want to be stuck in the hotel room because of rain. Yes, sometime in the room is a must but there is so much to do there. We just enjoy getting outside. The do have an indoor pool and hottub and so on so who knows, if they change the forcast we might just go ahead and go. Some time away would be great!!

I feel pretty good today. I made it through yesterday without eating everything in sight :D I had gotten really bad about eating every night while I watched tv and I didn't even do that. For me yesterday was a huge accomplishment so today will be even better!

Gary lost his wedding band awhile ago at work and we have never gone and got another one. I'm really glad because I got him one for our aniversary. I can never think of what to get him so this year was a relief just knowing I had something in mind.

Chach, I keep bouncing around about this WW thing. The meetings appeal to me. I know I said it's not for me but I keep wondering because I know so many people around here that have had great success. Can you what you want, when you want as long as you don't go over your points? Do you feel satisfied? Do you eat their frozen foods or make your own? Do you eat out? I know it's alot of questions but I'm curious.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

04-22-2004, 02:29 PM
Hi Ladies! Where is everyone at?? Hmmm…

Okay, weigh in was last night. I am down 2.2 for a total of 17.6 so far. Down to 237.4. Yay for me. I knew it was going to be right around there, as I messed up last weekend. Oh well. I’m very happy for the loss and only 2.4 more and I’m at 20 pounds gone. Something mental with me—doesn’t feel like a real big loss until I am out of the “teens”. Once I hit 20 gone, that is substantial to me. Weird how our brains work.

Hippy: Let me try to answer your questions.

You have a point range for the day depending on your weight. For me, I was at 30 points per day at my highest, but I have moved to the next weight category, so I am at 28 points for the day. After your third week, you can earn “Activity” points, meaning you can add points to your daily amount by exercising. That also depends on your weight and your activity. (They give you a slider to help you calculate how many points you earn.) For me right now, I earn 2 points on my Gazelle in the morning, and 2 more each 15 minute break at work because I walk at a very intense rate. I end up with 6 extra points per day that I do that workout, bringing me up to 34 points a day. I can eat whatever food I want, I just have to subtract the points for it. For instance, I had 15 points left over for dinner last night once I was done with the meeting. I spent 6 of those on a big 3 Musketeers bar because I was craving it. I woke up this morning and wasn’t up any on the scales either. There is also something called “Flex points” which I don’t use. They are 35 weekly points to use above and beyond your normal daily range for something extra i.e. birthday cake, going out to a high points dinner, etc. I do it the old WW way, and bank points if I want. I think that works better for me.

I have never eaten so much food as I have since joining. I will be honest, I think about food more often and plan my food more often now. I fill up on foods that are lower points so I can snack all day long. I’m a big snacker, so it’s important to me to have those points available to do that. My biggest snack at home right now is graham crackers with Lite Cool Whip. I love that snack and I can eat and eat and only use about 5 points. My other snack I like at work are hot Wasabi peas. They are 2 points for ½ or ¾ cup, and they take care of my “mindless” snacking problem. I am also eating a lot of dry cereal for a snack. Grape Nuts “O”’s are wonderful and only 2 points per 1 whole cup! It’s a lot of cereal!

I do eat out, and my favorite place is Applebees. I order their blackended chicken salad and use just vinegar for dressing (no points) instead of any other dressing. That whole thing, for a large size I can’t get through, is only 8 points. That is really good for a meal. I also rely heavily on WW, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice frozen meals for lunches if I am not in the mood for salad. I also enjoy Taco Bell, because I think one of their soft tacos is only about 5 points. Two of those and I’m stuffed. Their Cinnamon Crisps are very low in points also.

I love my meetings, and my leader. If you go and don’t like the leader, shop around until you find someone who fits your style. I would not stay with a leader that did not inspire me. My leader lost 66 pounds last year and looks amazing! I want to be a leader once I hit goal. She’s on vacation now and her fill-in is not so good, but she will be back next week.

I hope I answered your questions. Basically, if you stay within your points, you can eat what you want when you want it—if you want to use the points on something “bad”, then sacrifice on another meal that same day and you will be fine!

Sorry I rambled!


04-23-2004, 03:43 AM
Hippy: i felt fab after i wrote that. during the writing i wrote myself right out of the Duldrums. and hadnt gone back! i think alot of that has to do with the weather, i am deffinately solar powered. a couple of days of sun and i am rejuvinated! our spring has been dank, dreary, damp, and defeating mood wise. i know i am one of those who has SAD and needs light. but thanks babes ~grinz n winks~ by the way i am on WW winning points too. i have a gazillion recipes and a puter program that can take any of yours and calculate the nutrition value so we can switch it over to points. feel free to PM me or email me anytime ~smiling brightly~

Lucky: my door is open 24/7 to you guys!! one at a time or all at once i would adore it!! and hey get back here and post, you have been on my mind a lot. i been sending you all these good vibes and warm fuzzies......... can ya feel it??!! ~laughing~

Cachee: my motivation Cueen (Queen)!! your words meant alot. thank you and congrats on ANOTHER loss, beaming for ya babes!! and i am right on your heels following your lead to Fat Freedom ~laughing~

RAVEN............... WO BLEIBST DENN???!!! ~whispers with a cheeky grin~ now she´s got to post just to know what those words are........~snigger, snigger, snigger~

as for me....... i have been having Epiphanies....epifannies...... e-poop-how-do-you-spell-this-word-annies?? ~laughing~ left and right, from the big ones to the itty bitty ones sparked at seeing my shadow. the shadow one was funny may have to share that later ~grinz~ but i want to share a big one and we know how i can get so doing my best to spare you all ~laughing~ time really is a commodity isnt it ( another e-pifa-whatever) so without further ado here goes ....... its about my love/hate relationship/dance with our addicting o-dear-me-meters The Scale......~ba-ba-ba-BUMMMMMMMMMMMMM~

~smiling brightly~ yep found my smile and it is Not directly connected to that mechanical metal monster the Scale. in fact i am showing it a thing or two right now. i slid it under the counter with a huge HAH, take that! turned my back and walked away from it this morning. what is going to help me with my resolve is that i KNOW i am eating within my point range. i KNOW i am getting all my water plus some. and i KNOW that i am moving and grooving twice a day by walking Bosko. (30 minutes minimum in the morning and evening) Bosko just turned a year in february and he is a very rambunctious pooch. you can see it in his face that " oh boy.....oh boy....oh boy" look. a smiling happy puppy. when we go out for our walks every fibre of his being seems to scream " whats that? lets go see!!" or " ooo, ooo, ooo theres something up there....lets go, lets go , lets go!!!" ~laughing~ i know we need better leash lessons. but he pushes me to go faster then i would normally walk. pulling me up hills. he is a fabulous dog and a great motivator. his need fuels my drive. and i wasnt doing any of this a year ago. or even a few months ago. ~smiling softly~

back to the scale. starting today i am going to treat it like i would a craving. whenever i feel drawn towards it i am going to wait 15 minutes. if that doesnt help i will pick a chore or an activity and wait another 15 minutes. if all else fails i will drink 8 oz. of water which will have to kill the urge right there. because we all no 8 oz will add 2-172 pounds.........~nodnodnodnod......laughing~ while i was gaining i wasnt using the scale like a trampoline, jumping on and off all day long. in fact for the longest time it didnt even exist for me. i will not allow an inatimate object to dictate my mood or how i feel about myself on a paticular day. i dont need it for validation. i have my journal, my palm points calculator. diet power for my charts, graphs, what i need more of or less of, and masterchef for my recipes to store, calculate and geez a gazillion other things. just got it still playing around with it. ~sheepish grin~ i have my clothes, mirror, and my shadow on sunny days.<~ i could go off on a tangent here with the shadow thingie. had a revelation bout that too yesterday ~laughing~ but my posts are wordy and windy enough. in fact i would be very suprised if 2 of you actually made it thru a whole post of mine ~laughing~

i am going to use the scale instead of it using me. i will weigh myself on wednesdays and saturdays. i am still contemplating on the time i weigh myself. weighing the pros and cons if you will, of mornings or before i go to bed. mornings we are lighter, but that still sets up or makes me vulnerable to a certain mood for the day. before bed, i may be heavier. but how much heavier could i really be 2lbs tops? and if its going down? hmmmm, also i know what kind of day/days i had. whether they are a.k.a: good ones or bad. i would be able to use it to motivate me for a better day on the morrow. think about what kind of changes i could make before i fall asleep for the next day. and if its going down could help me dream about a thinner more energetic me.

still need to give it more thought which i will do right now. i am off to walk that adorable, thoroughly bred, mixed mongrel with the happy-go-whacky grin. have a fab day ladies and my advice..........Kick that Scale to the Curb. i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders already! ~her fair face beaming~

USE IT..... dont let it Use YOU!!


sassy who adores these lil growth spurts of the Mental not the Physical.......~grinz n winks~


wise words written by a wonderful woman....... thank you Cachee!!

<< I will try to overcome the bad food cravings, but if I only slip up by having a couple extra slices of pizza, than dang-it, that is wonderful compared to what I used to do! I need to not beat myself up and realize I'm only human, not a weight loss machine that never has an off week.>>

04-23-2004, 06:32 AM
HA!! Sassy - Ich bin hier, gerade wenig verloren...

I'll post more from work, I just wanted to let you all know (translation forthcoming) I am here, just a little lost...

It's been a very emotional week. Big highs (with even highers to come, if things work out right) and some bad lows (can we say boyfriend?), but today feels (please God) almost on an even keel so far. I know I'm being cryptic. All will be revealed (omg I sound like a reality TV show) in a couple weeks or less. Please bear with me, or alternately if you are actually curious about my screwy life, e-mail me. ;)

I am SO glad you guys are all trucking right along, you all are my lifeline, I swear. Ok, I need to get my butt to work. :grouphug: I'll write more from there!

04-23-2004, 09:41 AM
Good morning my dear friends!!

Raven, I'm so glad to see you are still here!!

Sassy, I have to have the sun too! It has rained here everyday this week, cloudy, dreary. It drives me crazy and me lazy. I'm in a total different mood on sunny days and much more productive. So glad to hear you are feeling better.

Chach, you are so helpful. Can I ask how long it took to lose 20 pounds and is 2 pounds a week about normal? 20 pounds is a huge accomplishment, I think, so I hope you are beaming over hitting that goal :D

Yesterday was another great day for me. I didn't have alot of the things this week that I needed to eat the SB way but I made do with what I had. I had my 3 meals a day and 2 snacks and alot of water. I feel pretty good about this. I think I have always known why I overeat, well, not really overeat but what I eat, anyway, I guess I never wanted to accept some of the things that I have to accept. Don't know if it will make any sense to you all but the past 2 years have been rough. As you all know Gary works 2 jobs. I asked him, begged him not to take the second job. I pointed out all of the reasons that I didn't want him to take it and he pointed out all of the reasons that he thought he should. Anyway, no matter what I said it didn't seem to matter. Since then I have spent alot of time alone. I get lonely, depressed, bored so therefore I eat. Yes, I go places, do things, alot of times with our friends that are couples but Gary is never there. I get really tired of feeling like I'm single, tired of feeling like I'm a single parent. Gary knows how I feel but I still play second best to that all mighty dollar. I know he has great reasons why he is doing this but I feel like it's at my expense. I feel like I'm being selfish but when I look back and see how our lives went from one extreme to another I feel cheated. I am working really hard to fix these feelings. I have no doubt in my mind that Gary loves me so therefore he is doing what he thinks is best. I know this job will be coming to an end soon and I can't wait. Until then I will try to be more understanding and not dwell on feeling like he deserted me. BLAH...BLAH...BLAH.... Enough of that :D

Tomorrw is supposed to be cloudy but no rain until the afternoon. I am going to plant some tomatoes and cucumbers, squash and peppers. I love to plant the garden, just don't like picking! I hate snakes!!!

Have a great Friday!!

04-24-2004, 10:26 AM
Helloooooo.......Is anyone here? Where is everyone?

Raven, are you okay?




The weather is cloudy and nasty here again today. It rained alot last night so it's way too muddy to work in the garden. Instead I'm going to load up my stuff and head to a scrapbooking class.

Have a great Saturday

04-24-2004, 12:30 PM
G'morning, folks!

Ok it's official I was suffering from PMS in addition to all the other stuff I'm so spazzed about. My period started yesterday, which is 5 days early. My body is getting very whacked lately. Maybe it's the stress that did it, or maybe I'm just getting old enough for the hormones to start being bizarre. Who knows. In any case... at least that explains SOME of the moodiness and eating.

As regards the eating... go figure. I'm down to 171. Six pounds down, and I have a a week left to go. Think I can do 2 more pounds and get myself down to 169? Oooooo the suspense, the drama!! :lol:

Hippy - I'm so sorry you're having a string of bad weather. That gets to me. I do much better with sun, though I do need rain once in a while because unrelenting heat and sun will fry my brain. As regards Gary and his work... boy do I feel for you on that one. I was married to a guy who really, truly believed that his whole responsibility as a husband and father was to bring in the most money he could. I mean, he wasn't trying to be bad, he just really, really believed that. And even after talking to him about it repeatedly, for years, he never got it that his kids needed HIM more than they needed "extra" money. *I* needed him more than we needed the extra money. I was, effectively, a single parent, single... alone. I did everything by myself. I was lonely, I felt unloved, unwanted, unneeded, uncared about. Maybe it wasn't fair, but ... that's what happened. We ended up divorced - though there was far more wrong than just that, it was a big part of it. He ended up divorced from his second wife, too, because he still hadn't learned - again, there was more to it than that, but it played a huge part. I truly hope Gary comes to understand where you are coming from. You need him. I really hope he makes good on his committment to end that second job. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to come here and vent, rant, rave, pour out the frustration and all that. I really do understand.

Sassy - I'm a scale addict. Emotionally I've gotten better, but I need to weigh every day. If I don't, I seem to lose connection with what I'm doing. I note the number and move on. Like last week after my mexican fiasco (which I really enjoyed, btw) I knew the weight would go up, and it did, and that was that. Yay. I noted it and moved on. This weekend, it's down, like I knew it would be. Yay. That's a good thing, note it and move on. :D It's information, that's all it is now. Though I do admit if it gets stuck for weeks at a time for seemingly no reason, that still really bothers me. The last time that happened was in February, and for three weeks - even though I was eating perfectly OP and working out - that scale wouldn't budge. I was reaching the end of my rope when it finally dropped a pound or something like that. *whew* What a relief! I suppose it will happen again at some point when I plateau. I hope I just have the tenacity to stick to the plan, keep going, and it will break. And I agree - those mental breakthroughs are wonderful! My whole life has changed in the last year or so. Between this place and my horse training epiphanies... my perspective on me, life, and everything has been reevaluated more than once. I don't think I've grown this much emotionally and mentally since I was 14. ;)

Cachee my wonderful friend... I wish I could just reach out and give you a hug. I am so proud of you, and so impressed with your determination and motivation. I'm leaning on you heavily right now, can you feel it? I think my e-mail to you will explain why I'm so twitchy right now. I'll be ok. I will. I will I will I will I will dammit I WILL. :lol:

Alright... I actually slept in today. Unheard of. But it sure felt good. And then I spent two hours reading through 3FC and the horse training board I belong to as well. I could do this all day, sadly. :rolleyes: But I truly need to get off my lazy *** and do my pilates (I got my windsor DVD back from Rosa now that we have the PS2 again!) and then clean up the house a little, then go play with my horse (he has become a different animal entirely since I started following this method of training, it's so incredible, nearly brings me to tears!), and then Richard and I are going out to dinner tonight... hopefully to talk about some things in a non-confrontational, adult manner. It's sad but he needs to understand I will not give up on this dream now that I've found it again. I will not stop moving forward, I will make this happen. I will at LEAST get my 15 acres and have my 7 horses. That will be the start. I WILL get my JL certification, and maybe even become select. It may take me years to do it, but these are my goals. They are not "fantasies," they are goals, and I will NOT shove them aside for anyone again. :o Oops, I'm ranting again, aren't I. Off my :soap: now... sorry!! ;)

04-26-2004, 09:31 AM
Good Morning Everyone,
I am back and ready to make some noise again. We got home after midnight last night and being that we were used to it being 2 hours earlier with the time change, both of us got to bed quite late and didn't get nearly enough sleep before the alarm started ringing.

Tried to catch up on posts but seemed to have a bit of trouble with the site last night. At one point it quit altogether which is probably a good thing or I may not hav gotten any sleep at all.

Vacation was nice. We had a good time, took in some beautiful sights and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Had a good time with DH's family too - they are such wonderful people. On the bad side, I developed extreme blisters on each of my little toes at the onset of our trip. Since we did lots of walking each day, I never got a chance to stay off the feet and let them rest up. At times I was quite the hobbling thing. I did take 3 pairs of shoes with me but was only able to wear my sneakers for the most part as my feet got worse.

I was also horrified to see that I have gained 5 pounds while away. :yikes: Food was on an odd schedule - we seemed to eat breakfast at a normal time but often had a late lunch and skipped dinner or had a very late dinner. Since we were doing lots of traveling by car, I did not drink near enough water.

And... yes I have quit smoking. Had my last cigarette right before bed last Tuesday night as I was leaning over the pier watching the surf roll in. Had debated about waiting until vacation was over but decided that no, I had to commit. It wasn't too hard not smoking for 2 days in California as I didn't have the opportunity to smoke. Las Vegas was another story. Smoking all around me made it difficult. Many times I was tempted but was able to resist. I had about 5 packs of cigarettes with me - for the few days I smoked on vacation, I didn't smoke near as much as I usually do so I had some leftovers and at the horrid prices I was not about to toss them - will send them to my aunt instead. Today is day 6 smoke free but now that I am home I am finding it harder than ever - so many habits I had that I associated with cigarettes all around me. I think it is more difficult now than last week when I stopped. But I will be strong and overcome this! Fortunately after 11 days away there is not much of anything to nibble on in the house.

Will take me a while to catch up with you so bear with me. The next few days will be busy as I have homework to catch up on and getting back into the swing of work is always a challenge when you've been away. I should be chatting away by Wednesday at the latest. Have a good week!!!!

04-26-2004, 09:32 AM
Good morning :D

After a week of rain I woke up this morning to sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven, hate to hear that you had to go through this but glad to know you can relate. We have all that we need but Gary feels it's important that we have what we want also. I hate to admit it but Jordan and I get pretty much everything we want. Gary very seldom says no. Anyway, I'd give it up in a minute to have what is important. I'm so glad to hear you have lost more :D As for 2 more pounds, YES!! You can do it! You have done amazing things and will continue to do more!

Saturday I ditched the scrapbooing class and me and a friend of mine went and had girls day. We went to lunch, went shopping, got haircuts. Getting my hair cut was the best part! I love to let someone else wash, cut, dry and fix it!!!

Our anniversary is Wednesday. 14 years. I get excited every year because making a marriage work is hard. You know what I mean? I don't know what I'm trying to say. I just get a great feeling knowing we have made it so many years and are still going strong. We love eachother and though you never know I never see us not being together.

Sassy, I can't remember what you said you do for your mails to make them strong. Refresh my memory please :D

Chach, How are you?

I started working on the pool before the rain set in. It's a mess. I don't cover it because the wind out here always shredds the covers. It gets fuul of leaves and so on. Getting it ready is hard work and time consuming. I put 10 gallon of bleach in it and run the pump for a few days and when the water clears I have to vacuum the leaves out, that takes a few days because it gets stirred up. Then it's a matter of getting the chemicals right. The kids get in it every year Memorial Day weekend but it's way too cold for me. It's going to be pretty here all week so today I plan to stay outdoors and work on that mess.

I ate well over the weekend. I made a salad and tossed it with olive oil and vinegar. It sure isn't as good as ranch dressing but I can eat it and know it's much better for me. I threw some baby spinach leaves in with the lettuce. I am glad they don't taste like cooked spinach :p

Lucky, how are you?

My other brother, Jonathan, had to have hernia surgery the other day. The surgeon said it worse than he thought. His intestines had dropped and were all knotted up and twisted. They had to straighten them out and attach them to something but said he will be fine.

Guess I had better run.

04-26-2004, 09:37 AM
Happy!!!!!! We crossposted. Glad to hear you are back and had a wonderful time :D

I am so impressed with you not smoking :bravo: :cp: :cb: :dancer: :cheer: Stay strong! You can do it!

04-26-2004, 11:52 AM
:cry: :cry: :cry:

Returned to work today and got a phone call today - seems our company has been bought by another. More than likely we will all lose our jobs in June.

The idea of going through a job hunt again is more than depressing. I just keep saying to myself that a cigarette will NOT fix this. I'm going off to a corner to sort out my thoughts...

04-26-2004, 04:00 PM
Afternoon, chicks..

Well I may have bitten off more than I can chew financially, but my gut is telling me I did the right thing. So hopefully things will work out the way they're supposed to, and this will all be good. We are in the process of adopting a new horse. I have my horse, my daughter is leasing hers (and we're on a payment plan to own her by the end of this year), and my son was going insane because he didn't have a horse of his own to ride. He takes lessons once a week, but that meant whenever we went to the stables to ride and it wasn't his lesson day, he would have to wait for an invite from one of us to ride our horses, and it was really beginning to depress him, poor little dude. And he's such a good rider, too... so ... we had heard about a mare coming back to the rescue center. She really did sound too good to be true, so I didn't even take Machine with me to go look at her. But you know what? From what I could see, she's perfect. She's young, well trained, is in pretty good shape, and has a wonderful disposition. She's 16 hands, is a dark dark liver bay and only has one little teeny white star for markings. Her name is Folly's Love (Eve) - she's an ex racer, registered thoroughbred. She's had almost a year of dressage and jump training. Now we just have to coordinate getting her from the center to the stables, and we're all set! My son is dying to meet her.

Happy - Wow. What a crappy thing to come home to! I'm sorry! After that last post about your great vacation and quitting smoking... I was all ready to jump up and down, and now this. I guess prepare for the worst and hope for the best, eh? Seems kind of amazing they were able to keep it so quiet that in one week everything could be a done deal like that.

Hippy - Gads that sounds like one nasty hernia!! I'm glad they got it all taken care of. Sounds like you worked pretty darn hard on that pool. I'd love to have one, we're all such water babies. We LOVE to swim.

Riding yesterday was interesting. It ended up being a very extended ride, because Nickie came off that horse again. She was doing SO well, and they were zipping right along, but Shadow started to act up. Nick kept trying to get her to behave, but Shadow kept doing all the wrong things, and instead of dropping back and taking a few deep breaths and reevaluating things, my daughter got frustrated and angry and pushed even harder, which mean that now she's all tense and not thinking right... and Shadow did a very fast swerve going at a very high rate of speed, and Nick came off going so fast she hit the ground rolling and popped right back up on her feet about 6' away from her horse but facing her. It was one of those falls that is far more emotionally damaging than physically. She had come so far so fast, and this, in her mind, just blew it all out of the water. So we rode together and talked and she worked through as much as she could emotionally. She hyperventilated when she started to canter again, and then she took her horse over in the corner and cried for a while, then tried again. We talked some more, and she understood what happened, and will now remember that when things start getting to the point where she's frustrated, she'll back off. She is desperate not to lose the ground she's covered in the last two weeks.

It was kind of a surreal weekend. Anyway.. food is pretty good, water is acceptable. I rode for over two hours yesterday, a large part of it at a posting trot, so my legs are trashed today. One day at a time.. :)

04-26-2004, 05:47 PM
Hi All!

MIA Chachee back in Action!!!

Okay, first, as you can tell from my signature, I am down 5 pounds from last week's weigh in at home. Bad news, I am so out of control from my weekend eating! I reeled it back in today, but why do I keep doing this to myself on the weekends? I must have eaten 2 cups of guacamole yesterday for my meals with chips. Was it a good choice? Not nutritionally, but it sure tasted good at the time. I think I was a little stressed, as the hubby not being home hit me hard on Saturday. Plus, I have such a busy week scheduled this week, it's not even funny! I can't keep making excuses, though. This is my focus time while hubby is gone.

Now, I am not going to beat myself up any more than I already have. One thing that has not suffered is my exercise. I've really stepped it up the last two weeks. I'm working out about 1-1.5 hours a day. I'm very happy with that, and that could also explain the gain a little.

Sorry, had to rant and vent a little!

Raven: Got your email, and girl, all I want to say is I hope things work out for you exactly how you want them to. I understand everything, so I won't say anymore! Great job on talking your daughter down from the horse experience and that is wonderful news about Machine's horse! You are doing so well with your execise and weight loss! Such an inspiration to me! I started back on my Taebo this weekend. So, I am doing 30 minutes on Gazelle in the morning, two 15 minute power walks at work, then a bike ride or walk pulling my son in his wagon at night for about 30-60 minutes. We are doing so good with enjoying this Alaska Summer!

Happy: I'm so sorry to hear about your job, but so happy for you with the non-smoking! Sounds like a great vacation! I will keep you and your family in my prayers for the job situation!

Hippy: I'm sorry I didn't get back to your post earlier. I couldn't get on 3FC this weekend! I am at 17.6 pounds lost and it has taken me 9 weeks to do it so far. I am hoping to hit the 20 pound mark this week, but you can read from above that I'm struggling a little. My own fault, no one else's. Sorry to hear about your brother. Sounds very painful. My son had an operation at 3 months old to correct a double hernia and hydraseal problem. I guess it's more common than I thought it was. How is your smoking going?

Okay, I gotta scoot to lunch. Sorry for MIA. I will try to not let it happen again!

Welcome back everyone!


04-27-2004, 09:32 AM
Morning Peoples :coffee:

Day 2 of waking up to sunshine! I feel energetic and ready to go :D

Happy, I'm sorry to hear about your job but you are right, smoking won't fix it. So fill me in on how well the Zyban works. I'm ashamed to tell but I am smoking like a chimney :mad: I have to ask how you are handling the habit part. Not smoking didn't bother me alot craving wise. I just didn't know how to deal with the mental part. I tried replacing one habit with another but could not get to the point of the new habit doing me any good. Any suggestions?

Raven, I think it's great that all of you now have a horse!!!!! What a great family activity :D I bet your son feels like the "BIG GUY" now that he has his own!

Chach, down 5 pouds!! How wonderful!!! I can't help you on the issue of eating poorly on the weekend because as you well know I sabatoge myself on a regular basis :lol: Really, I know it isn't funny but I have not learned how to fix it.

I feel much better than I have for the past few weeks. I have been much happier and much more willing to do what's good for me. I have eaten well and have drank a ton of water daily. Today I am going to start some kind of walking program. Jordan likes to go for walks so I'm thinking on doing it in the afternoons when he gets home from school.

Got to go, talk to you wonderful ladies later!

04-27-2004, 11:23 AM
Good morning chickies :coffee:

Raven, you would just love one of my husband's cousins that we just visited. She trains young horses for a living along with giving lessons and all that fun stuff. A real, live cowgirl. She loves her career but as you can imagine you don't make doodle squat for money - you do it for the love of it. Her biggest worry is that if something big or catastrophic happened, she would is not in a financial position to handle it. But as we talked I so often thought of you and saw the excitement in her that you must feel yourself. Good luck in your new plans!

Chachee congrats on the loss this week (you too Raven). I kind of fell into that habit of eating good during the week and then kind of blowing it on the weekends. Started with my "treat meal" for Friday's dinner and slid through the weekend. It's something you have to be aware of and work very hard at not overdoing. You are doing great on the exercise. Just focus on your goal of a "remodeled" you when hubby returns back home again. And thank you for your prayers. I have a feeling this is a crossroads in my life.

Sassy, what a great post about the scale monster! I laughed so hard about the part where you say drinking 8 oz of water makes you gain 172 pounds on the scale :rofl: :rofl: - geez doesn't THAT seem to be the truth! Keep up the good work on eating, exercising and water and the rest will fall in line.

Hippy - as far as the Zyban goes... I think it does help to minimize the cravings - somewhat. Well... better than just using the patch or going cold turkey. You still get strong cravings but they don't seem to be as intense as going it alone. Honestly, I am finding it MUCH harder to stay quit now that I am back home. The only thing that is really keeping me going is the fact that I've been clean for 7 days now and I don't want to undo all that with one cigarette. Also, if I have just 1 I KNOW with absolute certainty that within 2 days I will be back to smoking on a regular basis again. I was debating about changing my quit date to when I got back home Monday or to tomorrow (I'd use my birthday today as an excuse for one last day of smoking) - boy how you just HATE to accept that first day of no smoking, right? Anyway, I told myself no, I just have to commit here so last Tuesday was the last day I smoked. And I'm glad I did it then because to tell you the truth, the cravings and triggers are so strong here at home, I'm not sure I could have kept up with it.

Today I am 50 years old - a milestone birthday that I was NOT looking forward to. I will lose the best job I ever had in a few months, be back pounding the pavement again (not looking forward to THAT) and I was looking at vacation pictures and seeing what a cow I have become. Teeny head on a huge body. Not exactly a banner day for me here.

And yes I want to smoke - my crutch for making it all seem better except that I know it won't help at all except to just make things seem worse. But as I once heard, every day you have a choice to make - either push on or lay down and die and I'm not ready for that yet ;)

Have a good one ladies...

04-27-2004, 12:54 PM
:hb: :hb: :hb: :hb: :hb: :hb:
:hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:
:gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift:
:queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen:

Happy Birthday, Happy! Congrats on the non-smoking birthday! How many times has that happened!?

I'll post more later, busy this morning! (And up too many pounds to mention!)


04-27-2004, 03:10 PM
Hi Ladies,

Hippy: Hopefully you and your son will start walking. I am really enjoying it, which I didn't ever think I would say. I have no tips for you on the smoking. I've never been a smoker, but my addiction manifests itself in the form of food, and I can't go with it, so I am trying to deal with it. Sorry, but I am sure you will be able to overcome it!

Happy: Okay, so now I am thinking of the "remodeled" version of myself. I know I need to not go by what the scales say, but I am struggling this week!

I will most likely be up about 3 pounds this week. I have been tripling my exercise, working out around 1-1.5 hours per day, and I did have a little bit of bad eating last weekend. Those things combined have made my scales jump up. I need to not get so worried about it, because since February 18th I've lost weight each week, except one week I stayed the same. I have done very well, and can't expect to continue to lose each week! It's still hard to not beat myself up over it, though.

Okay, enough bad thinking. I will check in later, and hope the scales come back down for me tomorrow!


04-28-2004, 02:29 AM
Hi Everyone.

:hb: :gift:


Also congrats on the non smoking. You are doing so well with that also. I sure hope that you had a great holiday. My mom is back also and she brought us all lots of great gifts.

You and my son share the same birthday. He is 13 today. Teenagers and toddlers what a great combination. I hope that you enjoyed your day.

Raven how is everything going for you? Are you ok? That will be so great for Machine to get his own horse. How come she is in for rescue or do they let you know the story on the horses that are in?

Chachee, how are you? I am so proud of you and how far you have come in the last 16 or so weeks! I have actually been thinking of looking into ww as I seem to need something more to help me focus!

Hippy how are things for you? That would be nice for you and Jordan to walk together. Kristi would like me to get 2 memberships to the indoor track that we have here so that the 2 of us can exercise together. It is really cheap about 10.00 a month. Sorry to read about your brother, but glad that he is ok.

Sassy :lol3: :rofl: you crack me up. Really. Think about writing a book so that I can take it to work and it could keep me going all day. Good to hear that your dog is taking you out for a couple of walks a day. :) We have been having such terrible weather here, hurricane like winds for the last week. I hope it clears up soon so that I can start walking the dog to work every morning.

Well I must run. The little guy came home from the babysitter today, and I found a lice in his hair. :D Now I can see you all sitting there starting to itch...So I am trying to wash all the bedding on everyones bed as he has not been limited to just his bed. And wash out his car seat, and all the other cleaning that goes with it. All the rest of us had our heads checked and at least he was the only one that had any. Poor little guy.

Hope everyone has a happy hump day tomorrow.


04-28-2004, 09:27 AM
Good morning!

Happy Birthday Happy!!!!!! Sorry I'm a day late. How's the not smoking coming along? Staying strong? Send some of that determination my way PLEASE!!!!!

Lucky, Get out that razor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that your kids are so far apart in age! I hand it to you! Gary wants another one but I can't imagine a teenager and a baby. I don't think I could do the night time feedings and all that comes with it. I tried to get pregnant a few times when Jordan was 2. It didn't happen so I just stopped trying but I'm okay with that. That lice is a mess to deal with isn't it? Jordan has never had it but a little boy that spent the night one night had it and I didn't know it until his mom called me. Takes alot of time and work to rid all of the sheets and pillows and so on of those little things.

Raven, How are you? Hanging in there I'm sure!

Today is our 14th anniversary. I got up this morning to find 14 roses and 14 notes strolled all over my house :D He knows my morning routine and every step I take so he had roses and notes at my every stop! He is so sweet!!!

I am still eating right and drinking water. Monday I plan to weigh and have a good feeling that I will see some sort of loss.

Better run, talk to you all later!

04-28-2004, 10:16 AM
Good morning Hippy...


;) :gift: :balloons:

That is so sweet ahhh roses. Hope you have a great day.

Yes my kids have quite a difference in age. My daughter will be 15 in June. People think that Cole is hers and not mine.

Hope everyone has a great day.

04-28-2004, 12:54 PM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HIPPY!!!!! :encore: :encore: :hat: :hat: :hat:

That was sooooooo sweet of your husband with the roses and the notes! Whadda guy!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. We went to dinner last night - I had pasta because the steak I was craving was no longer on the menu. And we split a decadent chocolate dessert. Today it is back to reality again.

Lucky, a few times in Las Vegas I waved across the street at the Imperial Palace to your mom, where ever she might have been. :wave: Sorry to hear about your baby getting head lice. What made you notice it? Was he scratching his head? I hope the babysitter checks their place too. Always something with kids, eh?

Chachee, I suppose that we will always occasionally encounter bumps on the road - whether we plan them or not. The important thing is not to let it become a steady downhill roll or to get overconfident sometimes which undermines our efforts. You'll do fine and I'm sure you'll see success again at the next weigh in.

There's lots of similarities between quitting smoking and quitting bad food habits. LOTS, believe me.

Yesterday I had a particularly emotional day - not like me but I do recognize it as part of the normal cycle of things. Sometimes you have to hit bottom and have a pity party before you can take a deep breath, dust yourself off and head for a better course in life.

I am really struggling with the smoking thing. I totally underestimated what an emotional crutch it is for me. In some regards it gets harder as each day goes by, not easier. The only thing that is keeping me on the straight and narrow is that I know if I give in, I will just have to go through this cycle over and over and over again. Geeeeezzzzzz already. And it's not about keeping my hands busy or having something in my mouth... can't even put my finger on what it is that I miss or I'm craving here. Perhaps it was just the idea that a smoke break was a 3 minute time out from things. I am worried about the job loss and what I will do to earn a living as my industry is slowly slipping away overseas. Time to decide on a new career I suppose. Too much in my head right now.

IwillnotgiveinIwillnotgiveinIwillnotgiveinIwillnot givein.....

04-28-2004, 08:38 PM
Hi Ladies!

Lucky: I'm itching and scratching here! Ick! How do you cure that? I hope my son doesn't get that, but will most likely! Boys like to share things, especially germs.

Hippy: Happy Anniversary. Wow! 14 years. We are on our 5th this year. What a romantic hubby you have! Very thoughtful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on your next weigh in. I finally gave in and had a Skinny Cow last weekend. Couldn't hold off anymore!

Happy: DON'T GIVE UP! DON'T GIVE UP! I'm sorry you are having a struggle right now. Somehow we are always thrown the tough curve balls when we are trying to overcome something tough. Show your determination and keep with it!

Off to WW tonight. Ready for this, even though it's not going to be pretty! Thank you all for your support this week. It's been tough with hubby gone. Ugh, six more weeks!


04-28-2004, 09:52 PM
Just checking in!

Thanks to all of you for the anniversary wishes!

Lucky, I just don't know how you do it! How old is the little guy? Jordan says no babies in this house! He's way too use to being an only child! Spoiled!!!

Chach, you are practically newlyweds!!!!! I don't know why I thought you had been married for several years! Good luck on your weigh in!

Happy, I can relate. The cravings weren't so bad but I could never get it out of my head and still haven't figured out how to do it. You are doing great! Hang in there!

Raven, are you still out there?

I worked outside in the garden today. Planted some tomatoes. I hear gardening is great exercise and I got alot of sun. I ate OP all day and have had my water.

Talk to you later!

04-29-2004, 12:34 AM
Good Evening everyone.

I hope that everyone had a great day. Only 2 more days until the weekend.. :cheer:

Raven, I saw the pictures of the new horse on your journal. Machine must be pretty happy. I hope that they are having a great bonding time tonight.

Hippy how did your day go? Any romantic phone calls? Our little guy is 18 months old. He is growing up so fast that it really is hard to believe. Time to start potty training. :lol3: Potty training, shaving and teenage girls. What a combination.

Happy how did your day go? You are doing so well with not smoking. Are you still on the zyban? Is it helping at all? Did you win on your vacation? Or break even. Mom broke even. She had a lot of fun. She waved at you also.

Chachee how did your weigh in go? :crossed: for you that you still maintained as you were worried about what you ate this weekend. You get rid of lice with special shampoo or conditioner. We used the conditioner. Then you have to comb the hair until you get all the eggs out. We will have to redo the treatment in 10 days to make sure that all are completely gone. Once kids are in school it is a common problem.

Sassy where are you girl? ~cheeky grin and big waves to you~ Need some more laughs. So have you gone for a horseback ride yet at the ranch you discovered?

Must run, the middle child wants to run to the bank right now and cash his birthday checks. Can't spend it anywhere but need to do this now.


04-29-2004, 01:58 AM
Hi Ladies!

Quick check in....I was up tonight at weigh in, but it was only 0.8. Not even a pound. My goal for next week is to not only lose that 0.8. but then another 2.6 to hit 20. Also, my scale is going away until my weigh in for the challenge on Sunday. Baby steps!


04-29-2004, 09:23 AM
Good morning :coffee:

Chach, I bet you were relieved! I think you posted earlier about expecting a 2 pound gain, is that right? Anyway, I'm glad you didn't see a big gain. I have noticed that you set alot of goals which is wonderful, just wondering how you stay so goal oriented? I'm sure alot of it has to do with wanting to be successful at your weigh ins?

AWWW, Lucky, he is a little guy! Those little toddlers I think are the best! They say and do the cutest things! Potty training :yikes: I'm glad it's you :lol:

Raven, I haven't read you journal but it's unlike you to not post. Everything okay? I don't remember if you have said but does Richard ride with you?

Happy, how are you today? Standing strong?

Sassy, where in the world are you?

It's beautiful here today. Calling for rain Friday and Saturday so I have to make the most of today. I have alot of flowers that I need to get into pots and sat around on the patio. I will probably do that early then I really need to shampoo carpets. I have planned to do that for a week but something always comes up.

Have a great Thursday!

04-29-2004, 11:07 AM
Hey chickies...

I'm so sorry I'm MIA. I'm not really.. I'm reading, lurking. It's just that I'm so majorly preoccupied right now (god please let it only be for one more day) that I'm finding it very hard to focus or even think of words to type. I'm doing fine... other than chewing my nails down to about the second joint of my fingers.

I just can't think. Well... I can, it's just that all I can think about is one thing. :lol: I haven't been this anxious since we were trying to move into this house and because my credit was (is) total poo I figured they'd reject our app, and I had NO where to move to, as I had to vacate my apartment at the end of that month and I had two kids moving to GA in about one week.

This is a test of the totally spazzed out RT system. This is only a test. If this had been an actual spazz attack, your computer would have started smoking as soon as you opened this thread. We now return you to your regularly scheduled posts. :yikes: Ok, but I am verging on a total meltdown. :D (*breathe Marian, breathe*)

04-29-2004, 12:58 PM
Hi ladies!

Raven: Girl, I understand. Breathe, relax, breathe, relax. You GOTTA let me know when you hear something. I've been saying extra prayers! I know this is going to be wonderful for you. Don't spazz on me now!

Hippy: I am glad that I was only up that little amount. I was up 3 pounds yesterday morning, but focused, brought it all back in line, and went about things! I have to have a lot of goals, or else I slack in some areas. My goals are what keep me focused. I try to set a new one each week, then conquer that and move on. They say it takes 28 days to break a bad habit. I work on them for that amount of time, then re-assess how it went. It really helps me focus and know I am working towards something. I'm a little OCD, if you haven't guessed that yet, so it's better to obsess about goals, rather than food.

I am craving a Starbucks Mocha Frap, though. If I go today and get one, that will calm the craving. If I wait until this weekend, then it might end up being a Venti, not a Grande!

My goals for this week are:

1. Only get on the scale 2 times this week--once on Sunday, once on Wednesday.
2. Lose my 0.8 I gained and 2.6 more--that makes 20 for me!

Have a great day, everyone!


04-30-2004, 02:00 AM
:?: Eee gads Marian, if you don't share the details soon, gonna have to bombard you with PMs. Hope everything works out for you... and don't forget to breathe ;)

I am very jealous that some of you are able to plant your garden tomatoes already. Still too early for us - always a chance of cold and warm weather up and down dips yet. :( And our summers have been too cool to grow good tomatoes anyway. I try every year but can't remember the last time I got a really good crop.

Chachee - great idea about working on the habits for 28 days. I will have to try that - sometimes I think we take too much on at once and then drop all the balls we're holding.

Hmmm, I'll play with the toddlers but you can potty train them :rofl:

Still practicing being a non smoker here. I went into the office today. 2 others had quit smoking about 2 weeks ago but with the bad news about the company getting sold, they both went back to smoking again (for a while they say). I'm glad I resisted. I still get some strong cravings but I think the Zyban really helped this time around. I still have not quite figured out what non smokers do to fill the waiting around/thinking/time-out break/ types of things that smokers do but I guess I'll figure it out eventually. :dunno: I have indeed gained 5 pounds and so my focus is to knock that off and not let the scale go any higher. I've done pretty good with food and water this week, just need to pump up the exercise now. Guess it will have to be indoors as it's raining now and is supposed to continue all through the weekend. I'm kind of curious to see if I have more stamina with all this extra oxygen floating around in my body. :balloons: I already notice a difference running up the stairs.

Weekend's almost upon us... have a good one everybody!

04-30-2004, 09:39 AM
You go Happy!!!! I am so proud of you!! I am trying to prepare myself mentally to try to stop smoking again. I know a few weeks ago when I tried I bought smoke away and decided I had better start it before I changed my mind. I didn't take the time to prepare myself for what was to come. It helped more than I can say with the cravings and withdrawl but I have to do the mental work. I will use the program again but feel like I have to take the time to get prepared. Not trying to be nosy but do you live in upper Illinois? Just wondering, Gary hauls Amish built buildings, his second job, anyway, he delivers them all over Illinois. Awhile back it was so nice here, warm and sunny but it was cold enough where he was that he and Jordan had to wear coats! I was talking to him on the cell phone sitting outside on the patio and they were freezing :lol:

Raven, Lucky, Sassy, hello's to all of you!

I'm so glad it's Friday! Hope all of you enjoy!

04-30-2004, 01:44 PM
Well ... HI There!!! I'm still really out of it today. As most of you know by now from the PMs, things are progressing nicely at this point.

I have to admit, my food and water and exercise have been of little concern to me for the last couple weeks. That doesn't mean I've been stuffing my face or anything, I just haven't given it much thought. This morning I was at 172, which is just fine. After everything going on these last couple weeks, I'm thrilled with that, and I'll take that as my weigh-in for the end of the month. Tomorrow I'll start the May thread, and re-evaluate my goals and set new ones. I did want to be down to 169, that was my stealth goal for the month, but... I lost my 5, even with everything that's been going on, so I can't complain. As a matter of fact, I'm quite tickled with that. I'm already feeling pretty good about the upcoming month. I know that I'll hit 167, which is the weight I was at when I moved down here so long ago. That is my reasonable 5 pound weight loss goal. I don't even really have a stealth goal for next month. The next really meaningful number will be 155, because that's the lowest I've been at since well before I was married, and I hit that here in GA when my boyfriend and I split up one summer. It was even my idea, and I needed to be alone with my kids to really think about my life and where I was heading. And I think in a lot of ways, that was the summer I finally started mourning my mother's death. So I just didn't eat. Very bad. I look at pictures of me back then and I wonder why I didn't look more slender. I looked just as fat back then as I am now - actually moreso. But the reason was because I lost muscle, not fat. I stayed fat and went down in weight. This time is different. This time I'll do it the right way. So I guess we'll just wait and see what the number is by the end of next month, and 5 is good, more is better, but... whatever happens happens. The one thing I do know is that the more I lose this month, the better a chance I stand of hitting 155 by the end of June. And that would be phenomenal.

Happy - I think it is incredible that you are continueing down that non-smoker's path. You are holding your own against some really tough stuff here, and I am SO proud of you, girl!!

Chachee - Your little slip up was minor, and look at you get back OP. WTG, girl! I have NO doubt that you'll reach that goal!

Hippy - Preparation and a plan of attack are your best weapons, I agree. It's odd how even if we want something badly, we can't just DO it till we're actually ready to do it. Sometimes that's really frustrating.

Alright.. I guess I didn't update on Machine's horse! Well, we got her to the stables just fine, and she's gorgeous!! She's going to take some work, and needs to gain some weight, but I really do have a very good feeling about this one. I think she and Machine are going to end up doing very well together! If anyone wants to see pics of her, just hit my journal.

Pictures of Eve (

If I don't post much this weekend (THREE horses now, omg!) I hope everyone has a wonderful one!!

05-01-2004, 02:49 AM
Hi ladies,
I'm sorry but I'm taking a selfish day today. For some reason I can't really determine, today was just one big LONG day of constant cravings to smoke. I'm on day 10 but even with the Zyban helping, the psychological and habit addictions are hard to kick. Was talking to my sister today and said that for the last 32 years I have done an activity (smoking) 30 to 40 times a day. Cripes, there is NOTHING in your life that you do that much (even going to the potty if you drink all your allocated water doesn't add up to 30 times in a day :lol: ) So I have spent the better part of the evening on the quit smoking website, reading a bunch of articles and lurking on the posts on the forum.

I AM going to beat this thing because I don't want to go through it again. But I may be doing more lurking than posting the next few days as I get my head on straight. Will be thinking of you all - please start by having a good weekend...

05-01-2004, 02:57 AM
geeeeeeeeeeeeeez, i am feeling so lost here. like being in the land of Oz, i´ve missed so much. well call me dorothy........birthdays........... anniversaries..........and horsies.........OH MY! smoke-free..............minor gainage.........and lice...... OH MY! oooooooooo ~shudders and ducks as the funky monkeys swirl above all our heads ~ life on lifes terms can be a kick in the head sometimes!! ~desparately reaching for her puter screen and this site she hears her aunty em friends calling out to her......sassy where are you? sassy? Sassy come back......... calling back- i´m here! i´m right here! but theres this nasty old witch puter, and shes holding me captive.......... clicking her brand new neon pink "good n plenty" walking shoe heels together and mewing........ there´s no place like 3fc.....theres no place like 3fc...........~ oooooo the drama eh ~laughing~ those darned little things. be it good, bad or inbetween can really cause havok with our nice , calm, orderly lives. even disorderly is orderly if your used to it. i´m so NOT used to it ~laughing~

i tried sending e-mails to raven and hippy and happy .........OH MY! (dohhhhhhhhh now i got the lions and tigers and bears stuck in my head. dag goned it ~laughing) but i got the......"Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help." i didnt want to bother the adminstrator´s, you know how busy they must be, just to send on my huggles and well wishes. but i want you all to know i was sending you my warm fuzzies, good vibes, please let this pass fast for them wishes upwards. i also added those of you whom have them to my instant messengers...... now would you be so kind as to Turn them ON ~laughing~

okies raven is going to start a new thread today so i am going to save my funnies, punnies and dum-dummies for it. ~laughing~ needless to say i gots lots!! this book thingie is sounding better and better. i prolly should start out with a journal, hmmmmmmmmm. yanno my fam has been on me for years to write a cookbook. there are 3 up there and one even made it so far as to win word. Timeless Treats, which is dee-lishes dishes in 20 minutes or less. From our Hearth to Yours and a childrens cookbook that would be nothing but pictures. turns out that kiddie kookbook is the hardest to coneptualize. <~ that spelling has either gone horribly wrong or i just made up a new word......~laughing~

Quick Blips:

Raven, you floored me! i kid you not. did a once around the house laughing when you answered me in shilly chit! boy woman... me thinks i have barely just scratched the surface of our Mighty Mistress here ~laughing~ time to toss the drill sargent hat or frame it. put it with your "fat" pants. with the way your going you would look far better in a pair of high heeled thigh high boots. oooooooo and they would go so well with that riding crop! ~grinz n winks~ Schau auf deine Regenbogen, mein Schatzie!!

Hippy: sing with me doll........... oh mister sun, Sun.......... mister golden sun.....PLEASE SHINE DOWN ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! i´m with ya babes. and be still my lil heart when i read about your anni. my Alex is the romantic one of us two. (thank goodness, my mind works in mysterious ways when it comes to that mushy stuffs ~wink~) for valentines day he had made 5 hearts and placed them about each heart holding a poem and wee nice nice that made me beam and feel like a queen. i on the other hand almost forgot the day till i awoke to those. i was shocked that the date didnt click with me and just as i was thinking...well color me red, i got another thought, which led to a sassier thought and i thought okies i will........ and got nakie right there in my kitchen and did a quick lick and stick with those hearts.....and woke him with coffee and a .........~ due to the nature of the subsequent words and the PG rating here at 3fc.....text has been edited by the author~ knowing smile!!

Cachee: my queen even your bad is good! i am still trailing you! ~smiling brightly~ you know how i kicked my scale to the curb, well at least under the counter. i am now afraid of it! ~laughing~ ascared to step back on and see how good bad or ugly it will be! eeeeeeep! may thread......nodnodnodnod

LUCKYYYYYYYYYYYY, did i count 4 or was it 5 posts from you??!! oh happy days.....she´sssssssssssssss backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! ~laughing~ a few years ago i became an expert on the very last thing i ever wanted to know about.......Lice. being blonde myself and producing varying shades of towheads each with different types of hair..... 6 weeks we battled with that. first attack not my fault .......School, second attack my fault.....ignorance and an ooooooooopsie hadnt thought of the car roof when spraying.... arrrrrrrrrrrg. finally ending up on a first mane basis with the state health dept. Pm me if you need me.

Happy: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! your back, your birthdayyyyyyyy, your smoke free, your job, your everything. so much to say and so little time left for this thread ~smiling brightly~ nutshell, missed you heaps....yeah you!! the hugest cyber hug hun. You will deffinately make it thru!!!

oh i gotta end this.....where does the time go?? my turn for the eats and treats peeps. ~sings~ dog needs a walking and house needs a cleanin and i´m on my wayyyyyyyyyyy........ name that tune!!! ~laughing~


~blows softly as she taps at the this thing on??~