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04-01-2004, 03:09 AM
Ok, so maybe there's not 80 chicks on this thread - but there COULD be if you guys would stop lurking and start :write: :comp:

Welcome to the new spring home (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) and autumn home (for those who live down the southern way) of the former Focused Chicks of the World.

We are a happy bunch of good natured people from around the world sharing laughs and hugs and support and playing "what do you call that where you come from". So if you live in this world, join in. If you're out of this world, c'mon in anyway as we like finding out new things.

Some of us also are rather fond of the smilies.
:grouphug: :balloons: :encore: :gossip: :cheers: :write: :rollpin: :cheer: :cofdate:

Welcome, take your shoes off, set a spell...

04-01-2004, 10:14 AM
THE WHEELCHAIR WAS APPROVED AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I just found out. Got a message from the company that they got approval!!! Also got approval to fix the 2 chairs so I can keep them all running 24/7!!!! Gotta love that nurse!!!! My Drs letter was a little over zealous and I sounded like I was dying. Now that the nurse conveyed my strength in all things to her Dr....He decided to approve it!!! She left a message too. We are all so happy now!! I want to thank all of you for your caring and words of encouragement. Just knowing you're there is what keeps me going. I haven't even told Jen yet. She's still sleeping! :lol: I must get dressed and go wake her up!

Linus~ Maybe I was too excited to laugh! :rofl: I thought it would be some long and horrid name! :lol: Between my first name and my last.....I was teased at school unmercifully!!! It always rhymed with too many things!!! :lol:

Shad~ Hope you're feeeling better. Bet you are looking forward to the weekend! Enjoy!

Happy~ I'll send the addie and thanks again!! :D Thanks for the new home too. I like the change in names also.:lol: Very cute.

Well girls, I hope you all have a lovely day and as soon as I come off :cloud9: I'll drop in and we can have another chat :cofdate: I hope some others see this thread and come for a cuppa too! :coffee:

04-01-2004, 10:15 AM
glad i found you why o we have to change does it get to a certain lenghth and then cut us off has anyone sent teel and shaker the new home and no happy its not pronounced mcbain its the full blown heinz mcbean and if you only knew the torture i had going through school with that youd know why i hate it my eldest will call me mcbean when i say something he doesnt like for example tidy your room wash your face get pjs on get up go to sleep anf youngest is catching up to i reckon the hormones go up with the number of zits they get :drill: :drill: :soap: :headache: :censored: :censored: :stress: :nono: :mad: :crazy: :crazy: speak later after i get some meds on board
thanks for the new home and what happens to the old one

04-01-2004, 10:19 AM
:lol: mel thats absolutly fantastic ill put the comoflage gear and the tear gas away :wave: :cb: :cb: :gift: :grouphug: :dancer: :cloud9: :high: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :lol3: :rofl: :rofl: :cheers: as soon as you get it we expect a photo agaunwell done and hope you and it will live happily after after :)

04-01-2004, 03:04 PM
Hi ladies, I would like to join your chats if I can? Mel I sent you a messge one time, I am so happy for you in getting what you so deserve. Fighting for equipment is a very hard job and so timeconsuming. SO GLAD FOR YOUR VICTORY! I don't have a lot of time right now but I be back and give a sort bio on myself in my next post! Have A Good Day All!

04-01-2004, 03:05 PM
Can't spell today.....

04-01-2004, 04:24 PM
hey rosebud welcome to the clan the girls on this thread are a great bunch and between them can answer most questions and lets be honest if theyll put up with me theyll talk to anyone once again welcome

04-01-2004, 05:21 PM
Roseblush, how nice to have you join the madding crowds of the world chicks. You're from Idaho I see. Is that on a different time zone from Happy and/or Mel too?

MEL - THAT IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE HEARD ALL WEEK, MAYBE ALL YEAR, MAYBE FOR EVER!!!!!!! Please imagine every possible smilie here. YEEHAA :dance: YEEHAA :dance: YEEHAA :dance: YEEHAA :dance: YEEHAA :dance: YEEHAA :dance: YEEHAA :dance:

Oh drat, I am in tears of joy here, so I better go get the witches hat on before the first student arrives.

Back Later

04-01-2004, 07:02 PM
hey rosebluch sorry about the name my only exscuse apart from the medication is the fact that this lot is always talking about roses sorry again

04-01-2004, 07:51 PM
Roseblush~ So good to see you here. Yes you sent me a great e-mail!!:lol: I couldn't fit my head through the door for a week!! :lol: Nice of you to come in! See you soon! Thankyou for the words. I know you have been following the twisted tales of Mel:cb:
I'm surprised I didn't frighten everyone away! :lol:

Linus~whatever drugs they are, I think we could use a barrel full of them! :rofl: Thank you also for the Mail with the kind words also:D

Shad~ I have been dancing all over the place today!!! I can hardly wait!!! Just when I stop crying, I start all over again! :lol: It's funny but I haven't got the "up" feeling from it all......I feel so relieved I just wanted to cry and go to bed. It must be old age! :rofl: Battles are harder and harder to fight! Next time I'm gonna hire LINUS!!! She had all the armor out and the big guns too! :lol: How are you feeling? A weekend of just being HOME will do wonders! Just think.....your OWN bed!!!

More pot roast tonight. I'm turning into a side of beef! If I don't go food shopping tomorrow I'm staying up in the apt. Need to get the bills done and some snail mail to the Auntie. I actually got a letter from her. I need to do my exercise. Funny but the back stopped hurting!:lol: Good news is so much better than meds! :D Sweet dreams to some and Goodmorning Chickies to others. We're on a trip around the world and we have 79 days still to go!!!OH I am thinking I will join Jennifer's spring challenge. "No crap" days worked for me somewhat so maybe this would too!?!? I'll give it a whirl! Adios friends!

peacock 2
04-02-2004, 02:28 AM
Mel ! Good news about the wheelchair! Will you be wheelies in it? Is that the wheelchair happy dance?!

Is it one you can operate yourself? My mum has one that has to be pushed She feels a bit embarrased to be out in it. She is not absolutely wheelchair bound but cannot walk much and her legs keep giving way. Dad is trying to encourage her so he can get out more with her. She only went out once and got soaked in the rain so I said she needs one of those cover things.

04-02-2004, 02:30 AM
Hey chickies,

Mel, I couldn't be happier if I was getting a new chair myself! I am so glad they approved your request. It's wonderful news. So do you have to Flylady your house to find room to store your old chairs? I am very flattered that we knew before Jen did!

Shad, I just loved your dancing yee haws - most impressive with all the colored fonts and dancing going on. I think I like that better than a bunch of different smilies actually. By now I hope you are on your way home safe and sound and off to a productive weekend at home.

Linus, the reason we start a new thread every few months is because it seems that when the thread gets long and older and there are many pages of posts on it, we at times seem to have trouble posting or we'll lose our posts because the system doesn't respond fast enough. Very frustrating when you've spent a good lot of time pouring your heart out and you hit click and lose the whole thing into cyberspace. So when we accumulate about 20 pages of posts, we generally start a new thread. Glad you all found your way over here. I can always private message Shaker so she can find her way back again - particularly because I have changed the thread name. As to your other question - where do the old threads go? Well they just sit here and get farther back on the pages for this particular forum. I'm actually surprised that Suzanne has not deleted some of the older posts. There are threads dating back to October of 2001 when I think this forum first started.

You know, it makes me wonder if I should have changed the thread name. Do you think Teel will be able to find us? Maybe I should change it to Focused Chicks of the World again? Shad do you email Teel? If so, perhaps you can let her know where to find us when she gets back home again. See, the problem with me putting up the new thread is that when I do it, I change the name.

We started out as Help, I'm Just Drifting, then we went to Not Drifting Anymore, we're Focused, then we went to Focused Chicks of the World. :lol: We've been around these parts for a LONG time :lol:

Roseblush, it is nice to make your acquaintance. Hope you come back soon, pull up a chair, get a coffee and tell us a little about yourself.

Shad, Idaho where Roseblush hails from is more in the direction of north of Arizona. She is 2 hours earlier than me I believe, or perhaps it's 1 hour. Roseblush are you on Mountain time or Pacific time? And I am one hour earlier than Mel on the east coast.

Two weeks until vacation - I'm getting excited here!

04-02-2004, 02:49 AM
Hello - Brand new chick here - I'm from Sydney, Australia and found this fantastic message board by sheer accident - I was so inspired I kicked off on Atkins the very next day and I'm excited! :)

04-02-2004, 03:54 AM
hi raven and welcome the good thing is on this site the inspiration never ends

04-02-2004, 04:57 AM
Whoo, maybe naming this thread was a good thing happy. Now we also have Raven from Sydney town. We are getting very international again.
I'm sure Teel will find us again. But I'll send her the addy anyway. Haven't heard from Simon again so presume all is well.
Welcome Raven. Glad to have you on board. Did you mean to post with us or post with the new buddy forum. We'd love to have you chat and see how you go on the Atkins diet. Some folk here do very well on it. All sorts of people on all sorts of plans post here. You might like to chart your progress in the Journals as well. I do believe there is an Atkins Forum as well for you to check out. Yes this is an amazing site for information and support.

Happy I meant all those colours to come out as a rainbow effect but somehow the purple and the indigo just look like blue. More experimentation of the colours required I suspect. But it was fun and looked as happy as I felt for Mel. We're honoured that she told us before she told DD. Bet DD is spitting chips! :rofl:

I'm back from the wilds of Toowoomba. Had a quiet drive back down the hill to Bris tonight and got home just in time for a fantastic sunset. It will be an early night tonight and busy busy busy tomorrow. I had a brief glance at the rose garden tonight before it got dark and it is blooming. The rose "Shocking Blue" is covered in lavender blooms and has also decided to become fragrant as well. Different fragrance from Double Delight or Just Joey - two of the best perfumes around but still fragrant. Thats all I ask.

Son is still waiting for the news of his loan to buy the house next door. It seems that it is not yet sold. The person who was going to put a deposit on it had their 'priest' out to have a look at it to see if it had the right 'vibes' (WTF) but they haven't heard back yet. Perhaps the priest is waiting for an e-mail from on high????

So onward and upwards towards a little mindless tv and then bed. My tea tonight is comfort food and it's lo cal. :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: (love this wee bloke) Shall I say what it is?? no maybe not

04-02-2004, 05:39 AM
I found you!! And yes this means I AM home after 12 days in the cardiac unit. I will keep this short so I can play catch up :coffee: and have my first decent cup of coffee for weeks!!
Here I was going to insert a few dozen smilies but the link does not work this morning :mad: :lol:
Back soon....thank you so much for all your messages!!!!!

04-02-2004, 07:13 AM
Teel, you are home!! Oh Wow, whhoooohooo! :dance: Yeehaa :dance: Yeehaa :dance: :lol3: :lol3: How are you????

04-02-2004, 08:53 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Thanks for the warm welcome! I am in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. I live a very very small community quite remote by the world's standards. The statement I made when I moved from Alaska in 1994 was I was moving to the wilderness, which is true. The nearest town in both directions you can travel is 150 miles. So needless to say you gals will be hearing about the creatures I get to view almost daily right out my windows. Spring is such a great time of renewal and I need to get some help and encouragement in this weight loss road,sort of step out of my usual comfort zone for support.
I am divorced since 2000 and I have two terrific sons who are in college and reside together in Boise,ID. Just as most Mothers tend to be they were my world and I miss them so much. It is at least a 5 hours drive to see them. Chad is the oldest and Jesse is the youngest. Chad just turned 22 on Monday and Jesse is 20. I have a little dog, a Yorkie all of 4 lbs. who is my best mate, her name is Teeka and she is 9yrs. old. I work for a fabulous Physical Therapist as her Tech and I have a terrific job that is keeping me in this area for right now. I am short and stocky 5'3" have always carried too much weight but I am not totally out of shape because I am active. I have a thyroid condition that was diagnosed in 1998 and I put on weight before I received medication and I seem to lose and then gain it back. Working a hard day that is very busy then coming home and not being motivated is the increasing problem for me. You gals seem to be such a good source of friendship and broad shoulders to cry on so I thought I would try to draw from that in my battle of the bulge!
I love to travel and have been to australia twice since my divorce. I love it there. I love anything English and watch more BBC than american tv. So I am looking forward to visiting with all of you about so many things. I like to hike and bike and knit and when given someone to cook for I love to cook different foods. Well, I am through my first cup of coffee for the day...hope to get to know each of you and Thanks again for the warm welcome!
Take Good Care,

peacock 2
04-02-2004, 12:38 PM
Way! She's jogged (very very gently) over here!! Hiya Teel! Glad they let you out! I hope in time you will tell all (you know how nosey we all are - OK just me then!). I was very impressed with the standard of care my friend got when in for a hernia. Mind you she was in a private room (although a non paying NHS person). Hope your stay was not too stressful. I might work in a hospital but like every normal person would not like to stay in one (only those with Munchausen's would I expect!). A work colleague helped another clean out a cupboard and when I spotted a whole trolley of needles I suddenly came over all peculiar. I hate them! I was an absolute pin cushion when younger . Always up the hospital for blood tests! Luckily I am in the academic side so rarely see the blood, guts and gore side. Actually that would not bother me but the needles do. I am even a bit uncomfortable with the squeezy blood pressure thing. "What if they keep on squeezing when they should stop" goes through my mind...

04-02-2004, 02:43 PM
WE ARE ALL SO GLAD TO SEE YOU!!! I just mailed you a card this morning to the hospital:rofl: But it's sooo much better to have you back here!!! :grouphug: :dancer: :flow1: :flow2: :encore: :cheers: :cheer:

Peacock~ Hope mom goes out more. My chairs are motorized so I go out alone. In the beginning I was embarassed but you get used to the stares. I smile at all of them now! :lol: My DD hates needles too!

Happy~ I love the name and think Shad is right! Now we are 2 more!!! :lol:
Give it a new name and they will come?!?! :rofl:Getting excited about the vacation huh? Great to get away and don't forget to take some cauliflower with you! :lol: Good thing I got the avatar thing straightened out befor you left!!! I was going to send it all to Shad in one e-mail for when she came home!:rofl:

Raven~ Welcome and nice to see you here. Good luck with the diet plan and let us know how you're doing! :D

Shad~ i didn't notice it was a rainbow but the colors and dancers made me happy all the same. Now I went back and can see the rainbow!! :lol:
Glad you're home. Feel better and hope there is some ME time in there with the work time! Trying to think if I missed anything......well it's in the journal part if I did.:D OH YES.......what wee bloke did you eat for your tea?!?!?
Do let us in on the Mystery At Teatime!!!!

Well I finally came off cloud 9 and took the day off to boot. Did my bills and mailed them out. Not much left this month. I'm sending out extra to lower them. Feels good when you see them dropping down! :lol: Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay well and happy!! Love~ Mel

04-02-2004, 05:55 PM
hey roseblush ive got two very english {well scottish } kids that you can have just give me the adress and ill send them right over

04-02-2004, 06:12 PM
Oh come on Linus, you know that you would not know what to do without those two wee men - who would you be able to roar at.
Roseblush so nice to hear back from you. Sounds like you live a really good lifestyle and it is so nice to hear about people who like their jobs. I look forward to hearing of the flora and fauna as seen from the windows. I'm a nature freak. Things like reflections in water, landscapes, clouds and colours really set me alight. I have two grown sons as well. To visit one involves a 31/2 flight as he is in New Zealand (the homeland) and the other is looking to buy the house next door so he's not leaving home anytime soon. My boys are 30 and 28 so they are not kids anymore. Like you I am on my own. Most times I am happy with that. I live just south of Brisbane in Queensland Australia. My job involves workplace training. I tend to travel a lot so I am often not at home. I actually work for myself so I work on contract for different companies. I am about to finish this current contract this month.
I have a dog and a cat that rule my life!!!

Time to go do the washing. I may ring Teel tonight to get the latest gossip and see how she is. Nothing like pushing the issue and checking her out. Dr Shad to the rescue!!! :lol3:

04-02-2004, 06:30 PM
Roseblush~ I didn't have time to read your post and do it justice so I left it till now. You probably know more about me than you wanted to:rofl: Not to make you blush(lol) but that e-mail you sent me awhile back really made my day. Thanks again. I would love to live in the country but would need many batteries and much better tires!! I envy you that peaceful life. At least in my mind it sounds that way! And I LOVE pictures as Shad will tell you!! I haunt her everytime she goes somewhere! :lol: :lol: With working for a physical certainly came to the right place:rofl: maybe the name should have been Around The World With 79 Chicks On 4 wheels! Hope you like it here. I'm so glad I found them. Not a day goes by that one or more don't make me feel good and keep me believing in myself! So welcome again and sorry I took so long but duty called! :lol:

04-03-2004, 12:51 AM
Holy cow we are on page 2 already? :yikes: I'm not sure I can keep up with all of you!

Teel :balloons: Welcome HOME!!!!! We kept the homefires burning for you :flame: I hope they have gotten you stablized and more comfortable. I'm sure you didn't get any substantial rest at the hospital so take it easy for the next few days, ok?

Mel if you lived in the country with Roseblush, you wouldn't need batteries, we'd just hitch you up to a nice wagon so you could get out and admire those wide open skies. I think I might have seen your super chair on the news today. This one raises you so that you can talk to people at eye level (I didn't realize till I thought about it that you must spend alot of time having to talk to people's noses rather than their eyes). However a good lot of us here are just above the 5 foot level so most of us could look at you straight on. This chair also can actually climb stairs! I think it was called an IBOT or something but it sounded a bit like what you were describing. Really cool.

Shad, I didn't realize that your son was looking into buying the house next to you. That will be nice. Tell him he has to finish helping you renovate your house before he starts on his :lol: Hope everything works out for him. Give our love to Teel when you talk to her if you haven't already rung her up.

Linus, you know that you'd lose half of your funny stories if you went and lent out your children. :lol: :nono:

Peacock, nice to see you back again. I too have often wondered with the blood pressure machine, will you keep squeezing until my arm pops right off? It gets to the point where it hurts and they give it a few more squeezes for good measure. :headache:

Wow Roseblush, it's seems you are custom made for this group here! You share many similar interests and after a while and some gentle prodding :rollpin: we'd get you to see things our way anway - no, not really :lol: It's a fine group of people here. Boy you really ARE in the middle of the wilderness, aren't you? My husband and I are into astronomy and I'll bet we'd get some fine observing out by you. I am jealous you get to see all the good meteor showers. Perhaps we should set up our commune by Roseblush girls. But wait, aren't your winters rather BRUTAL? I would imagine that after a day of body tiring physical therapy work that it's pretty hard not to come home and just pop the easiest thing into the oven and sit in a chair for exercise, isn't it? But welcome, we're all struggling and nudging each other here.

Well. Ahem. :soap: I have set April 16th as my quit smoking date. I had wanted to lose some weight before I quit but that is slow in coming. I have set my date as the first day of my vacation because I am going to a smoker unfriendly state (California) and will be in a situation where it will not be easy to smoke. That is also right before my birthday and one of my committments was to quit by my birthday. The real challenge will be when we get to Las Vegas where you can pretty much smoke freely all over. But I'm hoping 7 days down and I will be strong. (Besides DH would leave me out in the dessert if I started again). Wish me luck. I will need it. A tiny part of me does not want to stop tho most of me knows I need to and should. I hope that's enough to overcome the weak part of me. And I am really really afraid of gaining weight again which I know will happen. That's what sent me back to smoking again after I quit the last time. But I am getting some prescription drugs to help, I have an online smoking cessation program to help me prepare and I have announced to both my mom, sister and DH that I am quitting. DH is sceptical but supportive. That's my news for the day. Have a great weekend everyone.

Raven, I hope you can find your way back here again! And has Shaker run off with Annie? Worrysome as it is hot cross bun season you know :rofl: :flame: :chef:

04-03-2004, 04:20 AM
Poor Annie, she is never going to live down the hot cross bun episode is she!! Haven't heard any strange news flashes regarding hot cross buns this year (yet) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so maybe she is thinking up something else.

Happy, Mel is dangerous enough without a chair that goes upstairs. Oh heck, just think where she could chase those firemen !!!!
I'm right behind you with the giving up smoking bit Happy. You can do it. It just takes perseverance and patience. Are you using those patches this time? I know several people who did it on them.

I don't think I will be visiting you lot in the US anytime soon anymore. I had thought of doing a similar trip as I did last year, on the way to Italy next year, however I hear on the latest news that now, apart from the physical handling and searches and the screening and xraying, your lot are now about to finger print and photograph us all just as if we were common criminals. Absolute paranoia has set in. What ever happened to human rights? Afraid you'll have to come visit me in Canada or Mexico. Your lot also tried to ban people queuing for the loos on international flights to the States (non American flights I might add) a while back. The Aussies gave them the bird and the NZers simply queued up at the back of the aircraft until the pilot appealed to them to move forward to the front loos as the plane was sinking at the *** end. Sorry, the Australian govt. might like to live in Uncle Sam's pocket, the rest of us do not. Nothing against the American people, most of the ones I have met have been lovely people. We just don't like your foreign policies. I'll hazard a bet that most of you don't like them either. Rant over.

My day has been lazy. I have done little of what I planned. I just did not feel well and went back to bed at 2 oclock and slept until 4 in the warm sunshine and gentle breezes. Maybe I should have taken MELs advice and had some hammock time. So tomorrow will be busy trying to get things done before I head back up the hill again on Monday until Thursday. Then we get 4 days off. Oh yahoo. :dance: :dance: then it is all downhill until our birthdays.

I haven't rung Teel yet. I figure that our time difference is 10 hours. If I wait until about 8.00 or 8.30pm I will catch her getting her act together for Saturday around 10.30. Otherwise I may wake her up.

Teel, I can ring night or morning. The American lot I have to get up fairly early to catch you at a time that I think you may be home and or getting ready for tea or bed. Thank goodness the Internet has world times - otherwise I would never keep up. The closer to me that you live on the American continent, the earlier I have to get up in the morning.

Okay, I had best go and get started on tea. I have bought me some salmon which I will have with a salad. DS will get the steak I bought this morning. I also bought some fresh fruit - strawberries, kiwiberries (no not kiwifruit) and pawpaw plus some nectarines that I will make into fruit salad for my snacks and treats. All the summer fruit is nearly gone. That makes me sad.

Just remembered that I ought to have gone to the post office this morning as there is a parcel there for me. I think it is the bits to install Broadband. I shall have to ring them again on Monday and try to get DS to pick it up during the week.

My memories is going :crazy: I could yet end up like my mother :eek: :yikes: :stress:

04-03-2004, 09:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Linus that is a great thought to send the boys over....... I really wanted to have 6 kids but that didn't work out. Boys are so great to raise and I am so glad my two are still very close. Happytobeme..... you have a delightful sense of humor ...... yes it is very remote here but winters are really not much...not after living in Alaska for 20 years and being raised in Montana..... they are quite manageable. The night sky here for viewing is so good, right now with Venus being so bright it seems so close. There isn't much light from any close by big cities so the stars can really shine. In the town there are only two traffic lights.....
I am a happy girl today my sister came to visit for the first time in over a year and then something with her boyfriend and my neice Aileena who is my only neice to spoil. I also have a nephew Arian so the kids have been quite close. I am taking my neice out to a ranch today to see the baby calves a friend of mine is raising longhorn type cows for roping stock. That is becoming a craze for kids and families to do together. then we may stop by another gals place who is a horse have ridden her horses before and she doesn't use bridles or anything on her horse we just had halters and off to the hills we went. She can voice command most every horse she has, never experienced anything quite like it before. My neice is an animal crazed girl so we should have a great day and it looks like the sun might shine and no snow...yeah!!
I ordered a pizza for their late arrival last night.... I had chicken artichoke hearts, almonds, sun dried tomatoes with a white sauce.... it was very very tasty. But I only had one piece so I was pretty good. My sis and her squeeze are going to go hiking up to a hotsprings today which she loves to do, so everyone gets to enjoy their day here in the Wilderness. We have lots of hot springs in this area.
Sending out good thoughts to Teel hope your recovery is quick. Hope all is well with everyone as I get to know everyone here.... I love all the little characters you use I don't have those. Morning Mel, when do you get your chair now? We started paperwork for a patient and it took one year, so frustrating. So glad for you.
My sis did bring me down a used monitor so my screen is now blue again and not yellow yellow yellow...... I am so happy. WEll, my coffee is done brewing and smells great.... so I will check back with you later. Take Good Care!

04-03-2004, 12:25 PM
Good morning and Happy Saturday!
I am helping Jen paint the lobby windows for Spring. Can't say Easter.....It's a govt. Bldg!!! Gotta be politically correct! We're taking a break. Snack time. I have been pretty good on the eating plan, water and exercise but no go with the scale as yet. Maybe next week:(

Rose~ I have the paper work in, the approval and now need the chair to be made to my size and the covering put on the seat. After all this brouhaha over the $$ they are arguing over the seat material! :faint: Can you believe it?! I told the girl......Call me when yuou are ready to deliver it and not until then! :rofl:
Glad you had such nice visits. You're lucky I don't go anywhere! I'd be building on a spare corner of the lot! :lol:

Happy~ Yes I get to see a lot of nose bottoms and their HAIRS!! :faint: :yikes:
I won't go into the details of what those little buggers can hold! :rofl: It bothers my neck so I back up to get a better look and people follow me so I give up! I am level with a lot of mens butts and women's underarms........does that say it all! :rofl:
I will pray for you(and I don't do this for just anyone) with your quitting the smoking. Been there and done that myself. Wasn't easy but well worth it. Just keep telling yourself CANCER!! I looked at awful pics before I quit!! It was enough to make me quit and I was a 3 pack a day girl. so good luck and just think how sweet smelling you and the house and the car will be!! No more yellow curtain tops!! LOL

Shad~ I about said it all in the journal but I was hoping you would rest up before work again!!! :rollingpin: Great that next weekend will be a longer one. Pray that the week is fast and easy. Hey, isn't that what my boyfriends used to say about me?! :rofl: Have a good sleep and see you tomorrow! our fruit season is not started yet so we're still eating "foreign" fruit. LOL Probably sprayed with all the DDT we sold to the 3rd world nations!! And now we buy our fruit from them!!! :faint: :lol:

Guess the others are resting their fingers!!! Have a great day and take care!!

04-03-2004, 12:32 PM
Rose~ Because they are more would be better if Happy or Shad told you this but....when you want to reply..look at the bottom of the last post. Click on "post reply" button and a screen pops up with the blank post to fill in like a letter. On the right you will see a box of smilies and click on the word "more" another screen will pop up with more smilies. You can scroll down and click on the one you want. It magically appears on the post as "letters". BUT- When you submit the post it turns into the smilie you picked. Hope I said this the right way! :lol: I am sure someone else can tell you better how to keep both screens on top at the same time! :lol:

Had to edit. I made some mistakes and 1/2 sentences!

04-03-2004, 04:57 PM
hi all back again feel abit better as ive been pretty crap all week so i thought id catch up with every body
MEL i just about fell off my chair fast and easy :rofl: :rofl: my craig came ben to see what i was laughing about and then he said he didnt know what i was laughing at i was the one who got sent home when i was 6 because i was snogging the inn keeper under the stage when i should have been on the stage being the virgin mary :rofl: :rofl: :sssh: and no it was not me that gave him that ammo it was my lovely sweet mother who is taking great delight in taking her revenge on me she said she didnt think she was ever going to get the chance because i was having dogs not children and sometimes i wished id stuck to that :tape: :tape: ROSEBLUSH the kids were all for it until i tald them where you lived and they declined pretty quickly they are definantly city kids well i got a letter from the local housing association this morning i have been approved for a new house so hopefully ill hear soon and insted of a flat ill have a lovely main door house with a garden :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: i have missed having a garden so badly and my magnolia tree is still in dads garden where i left it until i got a new house it might just be a bit big for transplanting ill have to wait and see im not much into flowers although i must admit i do love lillies and used to grow lots i like foliage and absolutely love larel and spruce and i really miss having to spend hours cleaning soil out from under my nails {i know im nuts }vut isnt it strange the things you miss and my poor goldfish will be so glad to get back in a pond i just didnt have the heart to give them away when i moved so i took them with me and there in a tank in my kitchen but they really are geting a bit big for it i really should stop calling them goldfish i have two black moors and one red comet
well bored you all enough and robert palmer has just came on vh1 so im away for a boogie
speak later
kirsty :lol:

04-03-2004, 05:38 PM
hey ive actually managed to put some normal sized pics on the gallery so you can see who i moan about and ROSEBLUSH you might not want them after you see them and the wee dog cleo is what i call a staffie even though as my son will tell you when you pay 450.00 for a dog you should give them there proper title so shes a staffordshire bull terrier speak later

04-03-2004, 07:05 PM
So Mel is painting and Linus is boogeying and Roseblush is riding and roping. Sounds like a busy time is had by all.
So it's raining today, we wont be going out into the garden. But there is plenty to do in here so housework will probably be next on the list to do. I feel much better this morning as I slept solid for about 6 hours and didn't even have to get up to get rid of the water and neither did I get wakened up by coughing. Unbelievable. DS tells me I snored through the night. How glamourous. :snooty: :snooty: :rofl: :lol3:

I seem to have stirred up a few bad memories in my journal for which I have apologised. Roseblush, when you get to know us a lot better, you will see that I get great amusement out of stirring up some of the things in life that I consider to be stupid, ill conceived and/or just plain bad form. :soap: I don't mean to tread on toes deliberately but feel that sometimes people should look further than the nose on their faces and consider the consequences of their actions. It has caused some comment in the journals from time to time. Happy2bme and Mel have gotten to know me now. They let me get on with it knowing it will blow over. Teel is English and she knows me as well. Linus is probably worse than me when it comes to standing on toes. We're a couple of :bomb: waiting to be triggered.

So now breakfast is over, coffee is finished, there is work to be done - best I get off here and go find out what has happened in the rest of the world overnight while cleaning and shining the kitchen. Besides which Shad the dog has another tummy ache. It is time to move upwind.
:kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan:

Oh yes and I forgot to mention that Mel was pretty good with the directions for the smilies in your posts. You can only see the little pictures to put in the post from the Advanced posting - ie by clicking Post Reply. If you type into the Quick Reply box, the only way you can put smilies into there is if you know the letters or characters that make up the smilie - usually colons and words. Okay gotta go.

04-04-2004, 05:44 AM
hey all i really dont want to be standing on anyones toes or other body bits so if i offend i wish youd tell me its the way i was brought up if you have something to say spit it out and dont dither

04-04-2004, 07:28 AM
Oh we will Linus - don't worry. You haven't offended anyone here that I know of. You like me are the blunt variety possibly even blunter than me. Nothing wrong with that I like it. My dad used to say "always call a spade a spade, never a digging implement" Similar I guess to your 'spit it out and don't dither!' Lovely word that - dither.
Had a very productive day today - sort of flylady stuff. Work 15 mins have a break and a glass of water. Now all I have left to do is put away the folded washing and pack my bag for tomorrow. Mind you that DS is about to cop a pasting shortly as I see a couple of coke cans sitting on the phone table. Grrrrr. I get very tired of working and cleaning and having to tidy up after a 28 year old. Guess I might hide the car keys for the week or something.
Linus are you up early or is this your normal time??
Anyway time to go, another week dawns. It's been a good day and I feel a helluva lot better than I did.

04-04-2004, 10:02 AM
Please girls let's not start worrying whose toes we are stepping on! :lol: We have to do that in enough places in our lives:rofl: Besides my toes aren't even where you CAN step on them! :lol: :lol:

Glad to hear Shad is up and feeling so fine today. Linus please just be yourself here.
I wouldn't change either of you even if I had the chance.:D
The forecast is "dreary and gloomy" so the weatherman says. Seem lower temps, snow and thunderstorms are on it's way. Guess Mother Nature is having her last fling:yikes:
Wish she'd have flung it in another direction! i keep getting the feeling I'm never getting OUT!!! Summer will come with a vengence I bet. We'll go from 35 to 80 degrees and feel awful when it comes:rofl:Enough of the weather. I have been a good girl with food etc. The windows are done and they look colorful and full of Spring flowers. Jen got them done before the Seniors came home from their party. I heard they were thrilled. Today I am doing nothing exciting. Can anyone say the word hemmoroid?:rofl: You know the "if it's not one thing it's another" syndrome? Well I think I got caught in it's web. May be watching movies in the prone position today! :lol:

Hope you all have a great Sunday/Monday and stay well!! Hope we didn't scare the others away! :lol: OH Shaker, OH teel, OH Rose .............

04-04-2004, 10:18 AM
hey mel i worked with people in wheelchairs for years youd be surprised what i can stand on and its just me making sure i hadnt pi***d anybody of ican be a bit too blunt sometimes and for gods sake if i go over the score someone give me a kick and yes this is my normal time im on this thing nearly all day i do abit of housework sit down for a fag {the doc says im supposed to rest a lot }pop on the comp and have a neb and then get on and do a bit more its just that i dont normally post until evening so you dont get fed up with me on all the time anyway speak later

04-04-2004, 10:23 AM
Good morning ladies. :coffee:

I too can get pretty outspoken but have for the most part contained myself at those moments when I've been highly excited - I do have my hot buttons :mad:

DH decided to get the latest and greatest new digital camera - a Cannon 8 megapixel. He's been eyeing them ever since they've been announced and did try to talk himself out of the purchase. I know they are alot of money but he takes such pleasure in his hobby and it is his only de-stressor activity. Besides it does get us up and out of the house on the weekends, walking about and taking pictures so that's a good thing too. So of course, with the new camera in hand we are off to the butterfly garden this morning.

Daylight savings time kicked in which meant I went to bed at the usual late time and had to get up an hour "earlier" to synch with the clocks :tired: :tired: I did spend yesterday on housework, will return this afternoon and finish up, take care of groceries, plan my meals and wrap up the evening with some studying. Mid-term exam for my class on Tuesday.

So it has been a rather boring but typical weekend. Easter will be here next weekend. How the time does fly! Well DH is almost done with his shower, time for me to get ready and act perky :tired: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

04-04-2004, 12:43 PM
Aha, well DH let me off the hook going to the Butterfly garden. He knows I have lots to do today and spending 5 hours away (especially when we lost an hour today to Daylight Savings Time) would just put me behind, enjoyable as that might be. So he went off to take his pictures and I can be free to dash about the house and get my task list done. That is once I get off this computer :lol:

Shad, regarding your journal rant about the airlines not letting you "queue for the loo" - it's not just the international flights. Last year DH and I went to the west coast - a 3-1/2 hour flight. As soon as the seat belt light went out, we all made the mad dash too. The pilot came on and asked us not to block the aisles. At first I sat back down but then when it got more urgent it was like :shrug: what can you do? The stewards asked us to sit down but I said the constitution of this country guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I interpreted happiness as the right to relieve myself when needed. We all started giggling and it broke up a tense moment. We asked if we could use the royal loo in the first class section but were told no, commoners were not allowed in the elite section. So... we said well then you just have to deal with a queue. Wouldn't be so bad if people would just go in, do their business and leave quickly. I am very claustrophobic and I got stuck in one of the tiny airplane loos once. The door got stuck and in a panic I darn near ripped the door off it's hinges. So I really hate using them. When I can't wait any longer, I can take care of things in about 35 seconds flat. I don't know why some of these people take 5 minutes or more - what's there to see or do in there? And that doesn't help move the line along either. Long ago I saw a skit on Monty Python (Brit TV) that I never forgot. They had public loos on the streets and had a problem with long queues. To solve that, they installed a timer. After 2 minutes a warning bell sounded and the door opened full wide, whether you were done or not! :rofl: I thought - you know, that's not such a bad idea. :idea: Don't know how it is in Australia, but here in the states there are never enough stalls for the ladies and you consider it a lucky day if there's only 2 or 3 people waiting when you walk into a public loo. They have even passed laws that sports stadiums must have a 3:2 ratio of women's stations vs the men's as there have been times when women have actually taken over the men's rooms when there are great crowds of non moving queues.

Yes, this is an interesting country. :rolleyes: and you wonder why we are frustrated. With that, I'd better go get busy. Have a good one!

04-04-2004, 05:33 PM
hi all how are we today {what ever day it might be } :wave: well ive finally worked out some goals for my weight loss the first is to get under 200 pound and ill take it from there :rofl: im going swimming tomorrow as my local centre have had a policy change and thrers always a spare life guard on duty so they dont have to announce it over the tannoy that theer is a lady in the pool that needs assistance to exit the water {soul destroying and as one old lady said i probably fancy the life guard me being so young and all}well ive got some new exercise music guns and roses vangellis and rasmus and anastsia at the moment by exercise i mean house work and getting up and down from my fag breaks :rofl: :rofl: :smoking: :smoking: but im really a music feind and i have pretty weird tastes i gave my poor houseplants a spring clean they were desperate for a bit of tlc so they have now had a shower and a trim and a de leafing {the dead ones} and im now going to go and kill some wee men in settlers and ill speak all to soon you cant shut me up actually my hubby said i can talk enough for eighty so we justify 80 chicks

04-04-2004, 07:01 PM
Ok, first we have Mel chasing firemen, now Kirsty reveals that she fancies lifeguards. What a bunch! Guess no man is safe around us :rofl: :lol3: Now that you've cleaned your houseplants, will you come over and do mine? They're pretty dusty - I just blow at them when I walk by. Loved your comment about you talking enough for 80 people so it justifies the new thread name. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well I went to the pharmacy/chemist to pick up my Zyban quit smoking medicine. The doctor called the prescription in for me - no problem. However, I suspect because the primary reason for this medication is an anti-depressant, it appears that the doctor must call the insurance company to pre approve it first. I don't understand it at all myself. As the pharmacist said, you'd think they'd WANT you to quit smoking and not give you a hassle. But the difference between pre approved is a cost of 22 dollars to me vs not approved being $145 dollars. FOR ONE MONTH! :yikes: almost cheaper to keep :smoking: So tomorrow I have to call the doctor's office again. This will give me a chance to ask them, if I'm normally quite happy, what will an anti-depressant do for me. Make me giddy and silly? (too bad, no clown smilie). :hat: So come next Friday, pay no heed to what I say and don't make fun of me :gossip:

I have sent DH out on a mission to find an oven thermometer that we can put in the grill so we can cook my roast properly. Poor man... what I put him through...

04-04-2004, 07:21 PM
hey im not fussy anything in a uniform or jon bon jovi and i dont want to keep them just play with them for a while

04-04-2004, 08:38 PM
Happy I wish you tons of all my best wishes. An antidepressant should take the edge off the anxiety of the withdrawal. Much easier that way....or so I am told!! Keep the courage. as I said a few posts back, it is well worth the effort. I have so many less headaches, sinuses are controllable now and my eyes don't bother me as much. also the house smells sooo much nicer.:rofl: i will ignore you next Friday! :lol: Nice that you got to stay home and get to the LIST! :lol: I'll have to go and check on the butterflies sometime when they get on the site. Remind me, OK?

Linus~ Just want to play with them??!!! :rofl: I cracked up!!! Hope you like the swim and can't you just pretend you're drowning?! :lol: I used to LOVE lifeguards!! I had such a crush on one of them when I was a kid!! OMG I almost killed myself on the high diving board just to get his attention. I did too! When I got out of the water he told me to never go up there again. :lol: He said I wasn't good enough yet. Maybe this guy saved me from a broken neck cause he was RIGHT!

Well chicks.....half the day was spent in the loo and the other half in bed. Seems like the body is having a fit with the antibiotics for the face/eyes. What else can go wrong this year!!:lol: Maybe I shouldn't ask! :yikes: My diet was great today cause I could hardly eat! :D The scale mught actually move this week! :rofl: Have a nice night/morning and take care.

Shad~ I was reading an article about how the wine industry in Yarra Glen is so lovely with family owned vineyards. I never knew this. No pics though:lol: Hope your day will be a good one.

04-04-2004, 09:20 PM
hey mel i was trying to leave a comment for you in your journal but for some reason i cant but anyway do you realise that you had my sons in fits of laughter they where rolling about the floor im afraid that fanny has an altogether different meaning over here it means another part of the female anatomyand my sons found the fact that you found a song for it really hysterical and when my eldest said he was going toi wet himself if he didnt stop laughing i told him to stop reading over my shoulder but he said i was to tell you you made his day
ps whats wrong with me playing i was always told a little bit of what you fancy does you good

04-05-2004, 12:44 AM
Okay, well it is now official that my contract is not to be extended but as you all know I was sort of geared up for that anyway. Now I know that I have to get my cv around the joint and get some more work. Jobs come and jobs go, blessed be the name of the next job. Don't really know how I feel about it, probably relief is up there with it. Time for the next challenge. Best go and get on with this one for the time being tho. Next victim has arrived.

04-05-2004, 03:09 AM
I'm sorry Shad, :( I know this job has had it's trying moments, but there is still something to be said for a steady income when you only have yourself to depend on. I do hope something new and exciting is just around the bend. When does your contact end? The end of the month? Hopefully jobs are a bit more plentiful by you than by us. I remember we first met just as you were interviewing for this job and making the finishing touches on your rain tank.

It does sound as if this place does not have all the pieces necessary to finish laying the foundation, so perhaps you will save yourself some future frustration. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and send good karma your way!

peacock 2
04-05-2004, 04:24 AM
Ha Ha! Mel! That bit about "fanny" reminds me that my (German) boss (who had spent some time in USA) spoke about something being "fanny side up". My look (convulsed in glggles) told him there was something "wrong" so I explained that in USA the funny was this (patted my bum/arse/***/whatever) and in UK it was around the front! He decided not to use the word again!

Happy - the bit where you rant (rightly so) about the aeroplane loos reminds me why I find it such a bore flying. YOu just get out your seat and the "trolley dollies" come around, leaving you standing by your seat crossed legs while they dish out the drinks and stuff. Then we you are able to get past, on your way back they are still blocking your seat! Grr!

peacock 2
04-05-2004, 04:25 AM
Oops -typo - fanny not funny!

04-05-2004, 09:48 AM
HI Everyone,
The time has changed and this morning when I woke up the full moon was still so bright in the sky right behind my house. WOW what a sight. My company left yesterday and we had a terrific time together. So nice when people take time to visit me because I am always the one burning up the miles to go North to see my friends and family, no one seems to think the road goes south to my place!!! I have my problem wood pecker back now and I couldn't find my bullets I bought last year ...... I know it sounds cruel but they have made a hole completely throught the logs the side the insulation and into the closet in my back bedroom and after a tempory fix last year they are back to do it again!!! :mad: So I open a window when I am gone all day and play the radio and that does seems to keep them off the house when I am not here.
Took Aileena over to my sweet friend Denise who is disabled from a mountain biking accident. Her passion is card making and she has very thing you can imagine to sit down and just create. She is a powerful person to be around, so that was fun for Aileena and myself. Then we went out to a ranch and saw the baby calves of the long horn cattle and they were so cute all different colors and markings. And the best part for my neice is I gave her a driving lesson for the first time on the way home.... She is 13 and she was so excited and couldn't believe I would let her get behind the wheel.
Actually even with company my eating was pretty good.... but I will say it here this morning I am going to try to do my bike for starters 20 minutes in the evenings for 5 days a week. I will be accountable to you gals for the week..... keep me hones :dizzy: ,,,OK?
Shad I will keep you in good thoughts and prayers that the right job comes your way soon! You are so busy with all the travel you undertake for your work. Linus you are so funny.... Mel, chasing firemen ...that must keep you in shape...lots of emergencies in that building.... ??? Happy2beme, good luck with the quitting is so difficult to do and your body will thank you so much for it. Good Luck and I am sure all of these gals are here for you whenever you need to vent or type to not have the next fag! ;)
Well, here it is April already and trying lose weight and keep the motivation up is waning a little but summer is just around the corner now. Maybe finding this unique group will help to keep me on track a bit better. I hope all is well with everyone and I will try to learn & get to know each of your better and try to keep up with you gals..... :D
Take Good Care,

04-05-2004, 11:23 AM
Shad~ I'm really so sorry it actually happened. I was hoping it would go a little longer and give you more time to look around. You know we're all thinking and pulling for you. I can only send (((((HUGS))))). Take whatever you need with you before you go!! :lol: There may be another client in their list? Don't know what you have access to! anyway fingers are crossed!

Rose~ I love your posts. They're like little vacations in my mind like when Shad travels and posts pictures or Happy's DH has his butterflies posted. Nice for the mind to wander around. Come to think of it....maybe that is what's WRONG with me:rofl:
Glad you had a nice time. Sounded great. Does Denise do the cards as a living? or hobby? You came to the right place for the accountability! :lol: While I keep falling off the wagon, I'll try and keep you on yours. I'm great at being a hypocrate! Had lots of practice this past year!! So did you get on the bike yet! :lol:

Peacock and Linus~ I am cracking up myself now!!! I can't believe that's what it means. I have heard IT called a lot of things but never FANNY!!:rofl: I hope the sons enjoyed themselves. Send me a list of things and I will tell new stories!!! :lol: :lol:
Funny how words mean so many different things.!!!

Happy~Wishing you all good thoughts to stay calm and get over the hump. I will send you thoughts of sweet breezes over meadows and birds and daisies and tall grasses waving in those breezes. Think of water lapping onto the shores and all quiet things. I found that visualization worked pretty good for that and now I'm trying to remember it for the weight. I read in a few sites that visualizing things helps to get the person to their goal. I think it works. i did one and am doing the other. If you take the curtains down and start washing everything out, the smell will leave the house. The smell becomes more noticeable as you go along. It also triggers cravings. Every day I washed something else till the house smelled like a house! :lol: ((((HUGS))))) too!

Well chicks, time to brush off the sand and get out of the box. Hope you all have a great day. I am doing a load of wash. After telling Happy that story, I remembered I should change the sheets. My old BUM wouldn't let me do that yesterday. Have a great day and stay well!

04-05-2004, 12:46 PM
Oh my goodnight! Every time I get on to reply I have to read through a million words to try and catch up with all the epistles you lot have written! I am exhausted before I write a single word...:write: :write: .. :dizzy: :spin: goes. The excitement, for want of a better word, started on the 20th March, when I started getting bad, very bad pain between my shouldar blades. By late evening I had taken all the pills and potions I could to try and ease it, even two sachets of Andrews in case it was indegestion (didn't think it was but was willing to see) and I went to bed around midnight, :tired: slept for an hour,woke up in agony :stress: :stress:with pain shearing through my back. I rang the NHS Direct helpline and the guy on the other end of the phone said "you know what I am going to do?" "no!!" "I'm calling the ambulance " to which I said "oh no you're not are you" and he said he could hear how much pain I was in down the phone so let them come out and if they don't think you need to go in, they won't take you, so I said ok then, and the crew came and...well yes they thought I should be in, so I got to A & E about 03:30 and to the cardiac ward at about 05:00. Intravenous Diamorphine dulled the pain to a dull roar and the consultant came and saw me in the afternoon. Thankfully he knows me of old (oh dear) and over the next few days I was on telemetary (mobile heart monitor thats being viewed on coronary care unit and they ring the cardiac ward if any strange tracings happen) and having e.c.g.'s and diamorphine and my blood pressure was, well leats say, as the doc did, more of a flow than a pressure...the worst was 68/41.....oooops don't get off that bed! :^: But the good news was that the pain is not of cardiac origin so it is the costachrondritis that I had in December that took hold with a vengeance. I had expected some trouble, having to come off the oxycontin, but I have never had the pain shearing through my shoulder blades like it was. So the cardiac registrar came down and started me on Oramorph, (liquid morphine) and we awaited Professor Munglani again, except he is on holiday and the chances of seeing him in the next two weeks 'cos of Easter are less than nil! :( :lol: And so the covering consultant said I would be safer at home away from all the hospital bugs with lots of oramorph to keep me sane and a promise that I would see the big man as soon as humanly possible. And so here I am. The good news though, is that today I saw Dr Lee my cardiologist at an out patients appointment I have been waiting for over a couple of months. She said she had kept up to date with all the recent events but was very pleased and impressed with the state of my heart which is performing magnificently in spite of all the problems. She said my heart was possibly the best bit of me!!! :rofl: :thanks: :rofl: As it was in such a disasterous mess when I got the viral cardiomyopathy she thought I only had a year to live about three years ago so she is very impressed! YEE HAAA!!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheers: :encore: :encore: :wizard: :cloud9: :dancer: :dancer: :goodvibes :flow2: :flow1: :dance: :hat: :cp: So. She did take on board my worries about my blood pressure and said she could lower the tablets a bit if I was finding the hypotension very troublesome, but I said no I would stick with it as she was instrumental in using the mix and the high doses and it is obviously working. Unfortunately she said she didn't have any answers to the costachrondritis, why I have it, and more importantly why I can't get rid of it or the best drug to take for it. She was sorry that Gabapentin had caused a disasterous weight gain and that, understandably, the depression is rather grim at the moment but the outcome was better than I even hoped, for she has discharged me from her clinic, to go on the "s.o.s." list, that is, seen on scream, so I know if I feel that I am getting cardiac problems I can ring either her or the specialist cardiac nurse and be seen as soon as possible.
Yipee!!!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :hyper: :hyper:
And now I am going to take a break cos I am tired now!!!

04-05-2004, 07:58 PM
Teel, good to have you back with us again. :flow2: Yes, we are a chatty group :gossip: I think you have to check in 5 times a day to keep up with us :lol: Tis also good to hear that the heart is holding its own, even under the stresses of everything else that is going on around you. Are you still going to be on the Gabapentin or will they try something else. At least you know the weight gain is not the result of shoveling food into you :hungry: small comfort that might be.

Mel, thank you for the visualization suggestion. I will try that along with the calming deep breaths I take. I don't have to clean my house of smoke because I don't smoke in the house and haven't for the last 6 years. That's not to say it still couldn't use a good cleaning :lol: I hope you are feeling better yourself today. Sometimes I wish I could flash back 20 years for a bit - I'm sure I felt better way back then but with my luck I'd flash back to a day of horrid cramps or something! The older I get, the more I appreciate that saying that youth is wasted on the young!

Roseblush, sounds like you live in a most wonderful place. I too enjoyed your description of things. Since it is time for you to get on track, tomorrow you can report in what you have done for yourself in a healthy way. Better think hard and act righteously as Mel and Shad have a friend with a cattle prod and they are not afraid to use it if we get slacking here. :devil: Of course from your description, sounds like you wouldn't have a hard time finding a cattle prod or bullwhip yourself which might make things interesting.

Peacock, one of the fun parts of being on an international thread is that we occasionally run into things that mean totally different things in different places. We are big baseball fans in the states and at one point, everyone stands up, stretches out and sings a baseball song - Take me out to the ballgame... dah dah dah. One of the song lines is "Root, root, root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame..." Well we mean root to cheer on enthusiastically :cheer: but apparently to the Australians at least root is another kind of 2 person horizontal happy dance, if you know what I mean. But it's always fun to stumble across these things. Mel, say something to crack the other side of the pond up, will you?

Linus, time to report on your daily adventures. And what has happened to our Shaker? Has Annie kidnapped her? We are all too poor to pay a randsom you know. :sssh:

Well I think it is time to quit smoking. Yesterday I was in the garage, leaning against the car, smoking with my thoughts elsewhere as is the case. It was cool and I had a sweater on that has big baggy pockets. Something made me glance down (perhaps a FLAMING ORANGE BUTT in a black sweater pocket), but part of the cigarette had fallen into my pocket. Since I am my mother's daughter I have 2 bad habits - 1) the sudden uncontrollable urge to use any loo that I see whether I need to or not and 2) I always seem to have half a box of tissues in my pockets - just what you need bulging out the sides in case the big wing span of heavy hips is not flattering enough. Though they make nice bumper guards too. Anyway, the butt was just about to touch the tissue which would have set me instantly ablaze. :flame: I was standing next to my bottled water supply so I just uncapped a bottle and calmly poured it into my pocket. That's why I never travel anywhere without a bottle of water :rofl: I suppose this is a sign from God that I'm getting too feeble minded to smoke anymore.

DH is slow cooking a beef roast outside on the grill. He is following the directions to the exact letter and they said to pour some liquid in the drip pan under the roast. They recommended beer. It was nice to use the bottles we've had laying in the basement for about 10 years but when you go outside for all intents and purposes, it smells like we are grilling beer, not meat. So stand up straight, take a good whiff and when you catch the smell of a pub, head my way and I'll slice you a piece of roast.

Shad, I hope you get as much time off between jobs as you can comfortablely afford. Will give you some time to tackle jobs around the house and I'm sure you'll more than enough keep yourself busy. May your next job keep you out of the traffic but heading to interesting places as you are the resident travel guide here.

Gotta go check on DH now...

04-05-2004, 09:31 PM
Smells good happy, on my way over for a roast. Haven't had one of those for a while guess it probably has something to do with no time to cook it. Maybe when I get home and back to Brisbane full time!!!
Laughed like crazy about the flaming pocket. You will be joining Annie in the burning stakes if you are not careful. Maybe a good thing you giving up if you are going to do that. Easter seems to be a time where this group get pyromaniacal tendencies.

Aaah yes the strangeness of words. Now the Americans call road networks routes - they pronounce it sort of rowt - we pronounce it as root. In itself that conjures up a few possibilities right - then of course there is grammar. Changes from place to place. There used to be a poster around - The Kiwi eats roots and leaves. Some enterprising Australian put in a couple of commas (probably about the only time an Australian has ever used commas!!!) - therefore the Kiwi was having a fine time stuffing himself with food, doing the horizontal happy dance (well put by the way) and getting out of there before the consequences hit.
When we first came to Australia, we used the words Mickey Mouse to describe something which was a bit strange, a bit suspicious, not quite kosher. In Australia, Mickey Mouse is a happy thing. Consequently we were totally misunderstanding each other and this from a couple of countries which ostensibly speak the same language. 'snort', 'gasp', 'bah humbug'.

So since Roseblush is gearing up to take control of her life, health and wisdoms, maybe we should all join in some sort of challenge to go along with her and help her out. Let us know about your new commitments to yourself Rosie and I'll think up something for me at the same time. Deal???

Oh by the way Roseblush - well done on the smilies in the post. And happy?? do you really want to make that poster into fact????

04-05-2004, 09:56 PM
evening ladies how are we all fine i hope SHAD i was trying to comment in your journal but having mega probs with my firewall you were not boasting i bet you had to work dammned hard to get the qualifications to do the job you do and if you went for an interview and said i think im good you blooming wouldnt be getting that job :rollpin: MEL my youngest came into the livingroom earlier and asked if the fanny ladie was on yet i had some swift explaining to do before my hubby cloute him around the ear :rofl: :rofl: and im sure if asked they could come up with a whole list for you to look into but encouraging them is not a good idea according to billy connelly we have more words for the private bits than any other country and lets be honest he would know {i totally love the man i have all his dvds} ROSE i would love to come to your part of the world when i was in hospital a few years ago my mum wouldnt let me take my horror books in with me and she brought me a pile of mills and boons and quite a few of them were based in wyoming and there abouts and just the discription of the places made it sound so much like scotland but on a much laeger scale and i know the feeling of standing up a glen staring across the lochs that makes you feel so insignificant and puts everythind back in its rightful place that to experience it on a larger scale would blow me away :cloud9: i had a very unusual conversation with the leader of the local ww she was fine and really chaty telling me how welcome id be right up till i told her mt weight and all of a sudden it was i dont think theres anybody as new as you and no one nearly as heavy so youd sort of be on your own so needless to say i start slimming world on thursday :censored: :mad: :?: :censored: and i didnt quite make it to swimming it wasnt the swimming that was the problem it was trying to shave my legs that did it i am now the proud owner of a pair of half shaved legs so hopefully my back will ease up a bit tomorrow so i can finish the job :crazy: :rofl: as much as i love my hubby he is not getting within three feet of me with a razor HAPPY good luck with the no smoking thing ive tried and failed miserably so you show me how to do it please :thanks: :goodluck:
speak later

04-06-2004, 02:38 AM
Shad, I thought the sign about the smokers was cute when I saw it. It's getting me pumped up for holiday in California where I think they really do pummel the smokers :lol: And if you're from Chicago you pronounce root and route the same way - like root. We have our own bizzare accent here. English must be such a hard language to learn.

I am up for a challenge. My biggest issues will be quitting smoking and trying the avoid the almost obvious weight gain. Perhaps people could make suggestions and we can decide. Here's my thoughts - I need to concentrate on food, water, and exercise - every day. Eat on plan, drink your allotment of water, move your body in some way. 3 out of 3 you get a gold star, 2 of 3 = silver, 1 of 3 = bronze. 0 of 3 gets you a lump of coal and we all get to take a whack at you with the cattle prod or rolling pin since we don't have a cattle prod smilie :rollpin: I also liked Matcat's no (eating) crap week challenge. Maybe we can work in some short term fun things like that.

Linus, I think that was incredibly rude :snooty: of the WW leader to make such remarks to you. She should be banned from WW. :mad: When I was going to water aerobics classes we were in waist high water (well for me it was to the point the breasts were floating freely :lol:) We had several elderly gents in class with us so no one really cared if you shaved your legs as most of us couldn't see anyone's legs anyway! I had to wear my glasses in the pool because otherwise I would not have been able to see the teacher. I would make a fuss when the man next to me got too enthusiastic and kept splashing my glasses. Glad to hear that half your legs are smooth and sleek tho. Have fun with your classes.

Oh the roast we made was roasted prime rib of beef. A rather fancy meal that was intended for Sunday supper but then we got distracted trying to find an oven thermometer. When I saw the recipe for the rotisserie I just had to try it and the store had the roasts on sale. It was HEAVENLY! DH kept chewing away with a big smile on his face. I said there really is no reason to go to a restaurant anymore. And since we will get 2 days of meals from it, it really wasn't all that badly priced. I'm just glad I had a light breakfast and a salad for lunch so I didn't feel guilty about enjoying a good meal. I told him after tonight, tomorrow's meal of left over turkey will be quite boring.

04-06-2004, 03:41 AM
Just keep on following the nose........

Bet there is no fingerprinting (paw printing???) with this lot!! :rofl: :lol3:

04-06-2004, 09:55 AM
Well, I got in 10 minutes on the bike last night before the phone starting ringing and then I never got back to it....but I was there. Today I will try again for my 20 minutes. Happy, I barbqued a roast for my company also this weekend..... I pushed lots of garlic in it put some sauce and spices on it and left it in the frig over night. Then peeled lots of onions and wrapped it in foil and let the heat do the rest......It was delicious and for me I have enough left for my week of lunches or dinners to munch on.....
I think shad has a good idea any one going to join me in the week? ;) I should just get on the bike at work before I leave but I feel so spent when I am done with my day I thought coming home might put some energy into my evenings if I did it at home.....
I can't believe it is Easter this weekend. I have to get my cards out today. Happy Easter to Everyone Here!
I do have a story to share about the weekend with my sis and her BF Jon. They took off behind my house for a short hike before their long drive. It is very steep and Deb's little poodle went with them Sapa. Well they were on the way down and came around a corner and facing them and staring at them was a Wolf. Sapa was in Deb's arms and usually he is barking at other dogs but he is scrambling up around her shoulders and head. Deb is telling Jon to find a rock or something and Jon is just wanting to move off the trail.... so for those few moments they were both just frozen. Then Jon noticed a rope off of its neck and then a lady came around the corner. She never spoke or called the wolf dog back and then it came and circled Deb its head almost to her shoulders sniffing at Sapa. When the lady passed Deb said is that what I think it is and she said yes it is a Wolf..... oh great. They were pretty excited whne they got home and little Sapa was so happy he just torn around the house....... :lol: After living in Alaska and seeing so many wolf hybreds I have my own opinion on them for pets..... It is always an adventure at Auntie's house.
Well, I hope everyone is well today and trying eat less and move more!
Take Care,

04-06-2004, 04:28 PM
oh wow rose ima coming to stay i just love the soumd of your place and shad your next all i have to do is conquer my fear of flying and im there

04-06-2004, 06:22 PM
In that case Linus, you need the Round the World ticket like I had last year. Great idea those. You can stop in Ireland, then Canada, head off to Happy's place and down to Roseblush's homestead - you're right it does sound a great place - then you can visit Disneyland and go shake up Shaker in Akl. After that you can come to me and smell the peace and the roses in my backyard (while I dig up the weeds and those rogue sweet potatoes) before flying off to Singapore or HK and home. We could just about find you a place to stay wherever you wanted to go. I have a couple of friends in India if you want to drop off there. Aah the joys of the internet.

Have a MEL type song in my head this morning:
Woke up this morning, feeling fine
Something special on my mind.
La La La Hmm
Anyway swung the legs out of bed at 5.00am, did some pilates and stretches, got dressed in the gym gear and went for a walk/jog for 30 minutes. First time I have felt well enough to do that for ages. Life is getting back to normal again. Just need to pummel the sinus' into shape and I'm raring to go! Such is the power of decision making.
Yesterday I was reading through the jobs on which I subscribe to. Not a lot there yesterday but I found an old one that I could do (and which had probably been filled) and rung the agency concerned and asked if there was much work about. The guy nearly cried on my shoulder!??! WTF?? Anyway he said send in your resume CV and I said I don't have it with me online but I could do a quick and dirty one and send it through to him through Seek or he could wait until Thursday night when I could email it to him (all nicely updated) But he didn't want to wait until Thursday so I had to put one together quickly and send it to him. It's not complete but hey. Anyway he tells me there is plenty of work around at the moment but not to wait too long to do anything about it. Nice thought for the day.

Time to move along again. The first victim arrives in 10........hopefully or do I have to go dig him out from under a rock again?

04-06-2004, 06:27 PM
Ooooohhhh Herman's Hermits! Love that song, now it's stuck in my mind...

Im Into Something Good Lyrics
Artist: Herman's Hermits

Herman's Hermits
(Gerry Goffin / Carole King)

Woke up this mornin' feelin' fine
There's somethin' special on my mind
Last night I met a new girl in the neighbourhood, whoa yeah
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')

She's the kind of girl who's not too shy
And I can tell I'm her kind of guy
She danced close to me like I hoped she would
(she danced with me like I hoped she would)
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')

We only danced for a minute or two
But then she stuck close to me the whole night through
Can I be fallin' in love
She's everthing I've been dreamin' of
She's everthing I've been dreamin' of

I walked her home and she held my hand
I knew it couldn't be just a one-night stand
So I asked to see her next week and she told me I could
(I asked to see her and she told me I could)
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
(Somethin' tells me I'm into somethin', ahhh)

I walked her home and she held my hand
I knew it couldn't be just a one-night stand
So I asked to see her next week and she told me I could
(I asked to see her and she told me I could)
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
Somethin' tells me I'm into something good
(somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
To something good, oh yeah, something good
(somethin' tells me I'm into somethin')
To something good, something good, something good

04-06-2004, 06:29 PM
Also sounds like timing is on your side looking for work. :cp: You know, it's all about being in the right place at the right time!

04-06-2004, 07:04 PM
Thanks happy. Yep the right place at the right time is the way to do it. Let's just hope something comes out of it or that I can give out the right vibes or whatever is needed to get another job.
I'll stand for the cyber celebratory dinner if 'something good' comes up!

04-06-2004, 07:15 PM
Shad~ No wonder that song is in your head. I just sang that for you in your journal the other day! LOL I think when you were first sick.:rofl: At least I think it was YOUR journal.
HELLO GIRLS...........
I am really behind today getting ready for the Drs Wed. and bed tonight. I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow. Have a great night/day. Going to the eye Drs in the AM. Did the food shopping today. Got home LATE!!! Some idiot woman took it upon herself to shop the entire store out AND some of the neighboring stores as well!! Poor willy had to go and look for her. We did not get home with the food till almost 1PM!!! Then everyone and his brother needed something all at once and here I am. Tired and in need of a hot shower! Have great Wednesdays and take care. I'll read tomorrow!!!

04-06-2004, 07:45 PM
I couldn't wait till tomorrow to see what is going on!!! :lol:
Teel~ Such great news !! Hope you are resting and taking good care of yourself. A page was filled up already today!! LOL Lots of reading again!!

Linus~ glad the kid did not get smacked in the ear!! :lol: Poor kids getting into trouble cause of Olld Aunt Mel! :lol: Mills and Boon!!! We had a bunch of them donated to the seniors a few years ago. They love their romance stories. Read a few myself but then I can't go to sleep!!!! :lol:an at WW was an *ss!! People like that have no right breathing the same air as us or anyone else for that matter! Ignore the ignorant!!!

Happy! The fire in the pocket almost had me in shock then in hysterics!!! OMG!!! Thank the Lord you weren't burned. I think YOUR WATER BOTTLE was in the right place at the right time!!! :rofl: are you trying to outdo annies story? One I have never read by the way. LOL Save me a slice of roast! Love that smell too! Tell you a funny story....The other day I could smel "cola" all day. finally just before bed I found a can had exploded in my closet and wet everything cardboard!!! No wonder I could smell it! :lol:

Shad~ Great news and hope the job sounds good enough to take. your resume must be impressive dirty or clean. good luck!!!! I say root too for route. Route is supposed to be proper englidh but I'm just a jerseyite. so we say root. :rofl: We use fruit loops instead of Mickey mouse! :lol: Think I will join you and Rose. Give us something to do? or are we all on our own. Finding motivation a hard thing to keep in other places. Too many people at once and I cannot keep up with the reading. PHEW! Count me in anyway!

Rose! As I just told Shad....yes count me in. but do wer have to sit with the wolves?? may not be too bad for me. I might be able to outrun them but don't know about the others. maybe I should wait for the new chair and see if it's equipped with oozies!!(sp?)
A very Happy Easter and Weekend to you also in case I miss you. Now get that butt on the bike and give me another 20!!!!! :rofl:

This time I really am getting in the shower and see you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams/sweet day!!

04-07-2004, 09:31 AM
Ok confessions first,,,,,I did not get my 20 in yesterday but today is a new day. I have a meeting and 14 more to organize and I am being amushed by the phone when I get home. But I am going to make the effort to do it today.
It seems like months go by without much to do and then all of a sudden there is toooooo much to get done. :?: Is anyone else have success? Shad is so good to get up and do her exercises..... my mornings start alittle slower with :coffee: and reading the mail and news on my computer. Waiting to see the sun come over the Bitteroot Mountains.
My eating has been ok...and I am trying to drink water during the day just like we push on our patients every moment of the day. DO as I say not as I do!!!!!!!!!
Mel hope your appointments go well for you and you don't get tooo tired. You do too much somedays, what would they do without Mel to sort them out? Good Luck on the job search Shad you will be off to all parts of the country again. Would love to come and smell your roses....things are just starting to peek out of the dirt and turn green. Happy have you made the date yet for the final fag....maybe I will have to go back and read to see if I missed it..... The best of luck, we are so glad you didn't go up in flames :lol:
Hope all of you have a great day with lots of little successes...... Teel I hope you are feeling stronger every day!
Take Good Care,

04-07-2004, 05:25 PM
hello ladies well imglad everything seems to be working out for everyone SHAD see your work speaks for its self and just by reading your posts i think your very good at explaining problems to us you must be so good at your job and good luck for the new one{whatever that might be}MEL if you wernt so far away i could kep you stocked with books for life im such an avid reader i even read the writing on the back of shampoo bottles :gift: take some time for your self im getting that through to myself slowly and boy do i mean slowly HAPPY ive so nearly set myself on fire so many times im a walking fire hazard ROSE i never get any exercise apart from walking my dogs and running after my kids and the house work and the shopping and the cooking actually i take that back i do get exercise too much actually i think ill go on strike by the way ladies what gives with annie and the hot cross buns its like hearing gossip at a bus stop and not catching the beginning or god forbid the end :sssh: well im off to drink more water and being very nervous about joining slimming world tomorow i think its just fear of the unknown ? so ill speak later

04-07-2004, 05:50 PM
:?: :rolleyes: :shrug: :stress: :faint: :headache: :dunno: :kickcan:
I think the smilies say it all. i didn't want to say but....last Thursday I noticed I had hot flashes starting again and the eyes hurt. Then the rosacea started again. Well it is in both eyes this time at the same time AND while I'm taking the antibiotic:faint: I must go back in a week and they will decide if a change in drugs is needed. Had a room full of Drs and no one had any ideas what to do. I can have absolutely no spices, caffeine, or de-caf anything, no alcohol even in candy, no hot liquids of any kind, or warm foods if it makes me flush.
Why is there something that makes you want to go out and just eat and drink everything on that list!!:rofl: They want a routine set up by the weekend with times and applications of wet heat, artificial tears, the meds and washing the eyelashes. Some kind of schedule where everything is the same and nothing new will be introduced either. Whether it be food, drink, detergents etc. No candles or incense. Most of this stuff I ALREADY HAVE BEEN DOING!! IT'S COMMON SENSE!!!:rofl: So I am pissed off today. Crying burns the eyes so I will try to avoid that again today!! :lol: I forgot what I just read for Rose and Linus. They both made me giggle though and that was a first! :lol:
WTF!!!! That is exactly what I said to all of them!!! I am in a corner and cannot get out. Well, I am always fond of saying.........if there's a will., theres a way. So nmow it's time to put up or shut up. I'll dig my heels into the ground. I feel a loooonger battle coming on! :drill: I better gear up!!!
Other than this, the day was good, food was good but too little, water was not great but I had no loos, exercise I can do and pedal my frustrations away! :lol: [color=red]ROSE~ drop and give me 20!!!! :Lol:
Ok chicks enough b*tching from me and hope you gals have a nice night!!!
I may just have one soda for the road and give the last 3 away:lol: Adios!

04-07-2004, 06:03 PM
Ok, for those of you who don't know the story of the Hot Cross Buns... I dug up the original post of February 19, 2003. Kiwi-Annie, like Shad is a Kiwi living in Australia and she started the thread that brought us all together. We occasionally get a guest appearance from her tho I suppose she is busy finding new things to toast in Oz. ;)

Howdy all

My thoughts are with Teel and hope she gets better soon. Heres a few smilies to cheer you up Teel ....

:dancer: :flow2: :flow1: :cb: :balloons:

I had a bit of a disaster this morning and almost triggered the next bushfire for Australia:devil: I was toasting my hot cross buns for breakfast since Shaker (i blame this entirely on her) had put the thought in my head!! As i pulled them out of oven 2 of them got caught on element and burst into flames :flame: :flame: ..since when are hot cross buns combustable (sp?)..PLUS they got stuck on element and were burning away..staggered around trying to turn element off (oven still new to me and a bit confusing..hee hee)..trying to turn fan on too so that smoke alarms didn't start..buns still flaming even though oven is OFF...was trying to decide if its ok to use a knife when everything is off even if ya damn buns are on fire..finally knocked them off and retrieved..i should work for burger king given my skill at flame grilled..:flame: :burger: :burger:

So am now sitting peacefully trying not to touch anything that might go up in flames....:lol:

From Hot-stuff-Annie

04-07-2004, 06:35 PM
Kiwi Annie had many adventures. There was the one of the spider in the car too. That was much more recent. I seem to remember a shopping adventure while she was living up here in Brisbane as well - oh no I know what it was - the counterfeit money scam at the ATM and Annie is an accountant as well!

Well I didn't hear back from the man, so either he hasn't received my e-mail or he is so blown away by my achievements and responsibilities that he can't get off the floor to ring me back. Not to worry. I will survive.

So the bags are packed and I'm ready to go back down the hill again. 4 days off over Easter. Life is good, life is sweet. Hammock, roses, dog and cat and son here comes Mum.

04-07-2004, 07:25 PM
oh mel im so sorry hon just whn things start evening out you seem to come down with a clatter i think id better come and nurse you all better actually with me flying is a no no not after the last time so youd better come to me i have a bottom bunk with your name on it craig said if it was for the fanny lady she could have his bed :rofl: SHAD the guy is busy phoning round all his clients biding them off one against the other for your brilliant services youll hear very soon i bet cha annie sounds like she gets into more scrapes than me and dont mention spiders you know ive worked with clydesdale horses some of them nearly 20 hands high i voulenteered at a rescue centre for abused dogs and lost count of the amount of times i was bitten but i kept going back for more but put one of those horrid creepy crawly things and im reduced to tears and a frozen statue at the same time {thats if i dont run away screaming }anyway speak to yoiu all later wish me luck for tomorrow

04-08-2004, 12:28 AM
Evenin' chickies,
Quick post here as I am trying to get ahead on my homework. Only 8 more days to vacation. EEK I'd better get ready! I was thinking it was 2 weeks. Ah well I do have Friday off for a 3 day weekend, so I plan on getting things together. Been rolling stuff around in my head for a few days so I've started to make mental lists.

Mel, I am sorry that you are feeling so poorly. :grouphug: No spices, no caffine, no hot liquids? Geez, what are you supposed to eat???? And of course I'm sure even though you know it aggrivate your symptoms, it still sounds like a bland diet. Keep your spirits up though, we are behind you all the way.

Whoa Linus you worked with Clydesdales? Those are some massive horses! I'm sure between you and Annie you both would have us in stitches all the time.

Shad, enjoy your nice long weekend. I'll bet with the upcoming holiday, people are probably not around in the offices to ring up, and you know those agency types. They want you to hurry up and then you wait and wait and wait. When will your contract be over at the current place?

Roseblush, I am like you - a bit slow to start in the morning. If I know I have to get going early, I get up 2 hours ahead of time because I get quite annoyed if the DH is right behind me going c'mon, c'mon. Shall be interesting on vacation... That sounded scary with the wolf. When my uncle was stationed in the army in Alaska long, long ago, he brought home a dog that was part wolf and part Husky - Gulcana. Mean dog but beautiful. I was young but I felt sorry for that poor dog with the heavy coat spending the summers in Chicago's heat. And for a dog that was meant to roam free it also seemed rather cruel that he spent most of his time chained to the apartment door. I also remember the first good snow we had that winter. The dog was in it's glory. Thankfully my uncle realized this was not a good fit and he gave the dog to a friend of his who had a great big farm with lots of room to roam. The dog I assumed lived out quite a happy life.

I have done my walking 3 days in a row now. Even got DH doing it but today we took separate walks. He walks much faster than me and I can't keep up and it frustrates him to slow down to my pace so we each took off in separate directions. I also started doing some crunches today for the abs. Slowly working back up to the exercising again. Food wasn't too bad except I had some popcorn for a snack. There are foods I used to love - popcorn being one of them but I've had some expensive dental work from breaking fillings on hard kernels so you'd think I'd learn my lesson. But honestly, it wasn't that good. I still get the urge once in a while and when I have some, I wonder why because I just don't like it that much anymore. Guess it takes years to lose the cravings for some things. Water wasn't too bad either. We had a good dinner of grilled fish, steamed and raw veggies and some fresh fruit. I'm so glad we can grill again - the food is so much healthier and better tasting. I am still waiting for the insurance company to approve my Zyban medication for the smoking thing. They have one more day because I need to start it by Friday a week before I quit. You have to take it for at least a week prior and I intend to have my last cigarette next Friday before we get into the cab to go to the airport for vacation. These insurance companies - good thing I didn't need this medicine for serious health issues!

Time to move on, have a good day and will check back later.

04-08-2004, 11:22 AM
Mel I am so sorry to hear about your suffering....why why why do some people have to carry such loads. Even if they could come to the source of the problem would be helpful........I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. When is your next appointment with the Dr.s? Hang in there girl I know these woman are all here for you! Thanks for being such a good motivator for me Mel....drop and give you 20.... ;) Well, I have some big projects going on right now so when I get home from my money making job then my non making money job kicks in and I have been phone to ear for the last two evenings....hopefully I can get some of that taken care of today. I have most of Thursdays off usually.
I don't know if I told you gals I also have two Red Slider Turtles...the largest one is Sparky and the little one is Squirt, they are in a tank by my computer and they are so entertaining..... Sparky is digging his way somewhere and moving everything in that tank he is a brute. He ate one of the last two remaining guppies the other day so now I have one lone survivor in the tank.
It looks to be another beautiful Spring day here again. I have so much work to do outside but I am not very motivated to get my chores done. Good Job to all of you who have been walking and exercising......
Will check in later today to see if anyone is around...have any of you ever used the chat rooms on this site? Have a good day!

04-08-2004, 12:49 PM
rose my tropical fish are on strike knowing you keep turtles with fish thats really cruel talk about on site sushi bar ill send my black moors over to sort them out beckham the biggest one is nearly 6 incges long {not counting fins } and ronaldo is not far behind actually hes a lot behind but wee dont want to upset the wee chap and yes happy i worked with clydesdales and shires and i loved every minute of it i also worked with normal sized horses and thats what ive promised myself that when i get to a reasonable weight i will go horse riding again cause i miss it so much mind you it was murder riding the clydesdales very large backs and ill leave the rest up to your imaginations
off to slimming world post later

04-08-2004, 06:30 PM
Where to start?! You girls have been busy again on this post I see!
Linus, I hope that SW will work out fine for you. Often times it pays to have to face up to the scale weigh ins on a regular basis. If you know you have to do it publicly it often works. Good Luck to you. Some of those weighin people deserve the Order of Australia for their work (voluntarily) in the scale area. Some people are so rude to then as if it was their fault.
Roseblush, and the rest of you too, I think we might make exercise each day as our Challenge for the month. I enjoy my early morning exercise but am finding excuses not to do it, now that it stays dark longer. But I must, I really must.
Love the wolf story. I think I would like it in your neck of the woods Rosie. But there you go, not likely in the near future.
Happy, sounds strange that the Insurance is not paying up for the quit time. I would have thought that they would jump at the opportunity to distance themselves from the dreaded weed. I haven't kept up with the quit smoking aids since I gave up but I understand that the nicobate patchs here you can buy at the supermarket or chemist. They are not cheap, but they certainly aren't $100 or more per pack. Whatever you have, I wish you luck and once you get past that first blast of reality, you will be happy that you gave up. This I promise. I did it nearly 15 years ago now - but hey who's counting.
Mel - my New Jersey buddy, what can I say. I am so sorry :cry: for your new problem and just as you were getting excited that the treatment was working. I wish I could be there to bathe the skin and wipe the brow and generally cheer you up. I wouln't sing to you tho' never that!
Teel - my pommy buddy, how are you going and feeling? I read your post with a feeling of horror, all those things for your poor body to suffer. I hope that you are getting better and better and so is the weather. How is Holly the Hound???
So I got back from Toowooma last night. Traffic was pretty busy, but I was relatively relaxed so the idiots didn't upset me at all and there were a few of them. Naturally enough the petrol companies have raised the price of fuel because of the long weekend. They really do treat us like idiots - and because we put up with it, they try it on again and again.
I guess it is time to get on with things again. Shad the dog is standing by the front door with a plaintive look in the big brown eyes. Time for his walk - has been for an hour according to him. Sunday the cat is hanging around in the hope that I will cook bacon or eggs or something - tough luck puss, all out of bacon today. All out of most things today and I was too tired to go shopping on the way home last night. Shopping is deferred until tomorrow. So its off down to the park and the bush we go and see what we can see and smell. The cat will come part of the way until some dog barks at us and then she will turn and go like the clappers until she gets home. Oh and Simon's loan got approved, unfortunately the priest blessed the house the day before so he will have to look elsewhere now.

04-08-2004, 08:07 PM
well i survived just a quick post hope everyone is all right and ill post loads tomorrow promise

04-09-2004, 07:42 AM
Phew at last I am back to talk to you all :coffee: with a mug of coffee in one hand and all nice and showered and hair washed and me dressed (and I have shaved my legs in recognition of Easter arriving!)
Gosh there is so much info to digest I really don't know where to begin :p
However here I go with big apologies to any bits of news I miss out writing about.
SHADI am so sorry m'dear to hear the news you didn't really want about your job. I do hope something good comes up before you need to start on the bread and water :fr: and sending Shad dog down the coal mine or somewhere! :devil:
MEL what brill news about the new chair...I hardly dare call it a chair...far too humble a description! :cloud9: :hat: I am very sorry tho' to read about your non-abating rosacea in your eyes. I pray it will soon "shove off" .You have far and enough to cope with without any hidden extras. :stress: THANK YOU for my get well card which came yesterday (by hand from my neighbour who works in C.C.U. very handy at times as well as my other neighbour who works on the orthopaedic ward...the lady across the green to me works in the E.C.G. clinic...what a useful bunch!) ;)
LINUS I hope now grandma's funeral is over the family can begin to settle down again and your heap of pain and immobility is not causing an overload of emotion and grief. :( THANK YOU for my lovely card which came back to me during the was sort of a chicken crossed with a turkey!
Now whose next? :comp: :comp:
HAPPY2BMEcoo no wonder we just call you Happy usually! Well done on fishing out the hot cross bun story from Kiwi-Annie! I wouldn't have had a clue where to even start looking for still makes me smile :D I wonder what she is up to at the moment? Good luck on the stopping smocking challenge...we are all right behind you! And well done with the route marches even if you and DH have to go on seperate routes :lol:
ROSEBLUSH nice to make your aquaintance. And that of Sparky and Squirt!(lock up your guppies!) :p and keep out of wolf-infested forests! :yikes: There was a programme on BBC1 the other night about reptiles and all things dragon said that everybody and there aunt bought terrapins and turtles in the 1980's and didn't realise what enormous beasties they would grow into so loads and loads got dumped in local park lakes where they may live up to 40 years or so, but they are decimating the local lake and park wildlife by eating all the baby ducklings and anything else bite and snack sized that swims near those gaping jaws.... :eek: :nono:
Well I cant read anyone elses post to remind me of what I am repling to so I will tell of my news and then come back later for part 2.
I rang the pain consultants secretary yesterday to see if my name was somewhere on an appointments list.BAD BAD MOVE. :stress: Apparently...are you ready for this?? She said that time and time again she tells the ward based doctors that Professor Munglani does not see out patients as emergencies...if the patient is in hospital then yes he will be seen as soon as possible but once they have been discharged their name goes autommatically to the very bottom of his waiting list to wait possibly as long as 9 months like I have done for my back before they get to the top of the list and are seen. I said I had only aggreed to be discharged on the promise that not being in hospital would not forstall my seeing the professor in 2 weeks.She said that the consultant firms are always doing this to patients and there was nothing she could do about it. I don't know what do. Luckily my community support worker, Boo, was with me when I made the phone call as I put the phone down and dissolved in tears.I CANNOT wait 9 weeks let alone 9 months. By then I shall be so screwed up and addicted to Oramorph (liquid morphine) I won't know whether I am coming or going. As it is its messing my insides up... 1 10mg dose of the stuff equals 2 docusate tablets for "being bunged up".
Oh I forgot to say I am now totally off Gabapentin and have lost the first 3 lbs off the 16 I put on on that evil drug. Hey ho! Only another 13lbs to get back to where I least the balance is now in my favour :dancer: :dancer: Byeeee for now...I will try and get back soon.


04-09-2004, 07:55 AM

Something made me glance down (perhaps a FLAMING ORANGE BUTT in a black sweater pocket), was just about to touch the tissue which would have set me instantly ablaze. :flame: I was standing next to my bottled water supply so I just uncapped a bottle and calmly poured it into my pocket. That's why I never travel anywhere without a bottle of water :rofl: I suppose this is a sign from God that I'm getting too feeble minded to smoke anymore.

Oh HAPPY what on earth are we going to do with you??? :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: Thats certainly a tale to tell the grandchildren in years to come! For the sake of your health PLEASE give up VERY SOON!!!!!

04-09-2004, 08:10 AM
- The Kiwi eats roots and leaves. Some enterprising Australian put in a couple of commas (probably about the only time an Australian has ever used commas!!!) - therefore the Kiwi was having a fine time stuffing himself with food, doing the horizontal happy dance (well put by the way) and getting out of there before the consequences hit.

Yes it's me again...another 5 minutes in the sand box and Miss Mel will be turfing me out saying I am taking her turn as well as mine!!
:coach: :blah: :blah: :rofl:
Anyway I wanted to say that there is a book published fairly recently over in the UK at least that's called EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES and has the story of a panda that goes into a bar and orders a drink and a meal, eats everything, then pulls out a gun and shoots the barman before leaving.....hence the title of EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES.
Hmmmmn....time I definately went, I think!!!
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

04-09-2004, 09:41 AM
Good Morning, Happy Easter weekend to all of you. Teel it was so nice to read your posts. I laughed all over again :lol: I do hope you are able to get into seeing the Dr. Sounds like you have some good neighbors by you. Your friends here are all sending good thoughts and prayers your way,too. I really like your name Teel is there a story there?
Oh Miss MEL, I am sure we are all wondering how you are today and how yesterday went for you. I do hope you are alright. Let us hear from you!
Shad I do hope you are enjoying your weekend and just kicking back a little bit. SO it is your dog's name he a german sheperd? Have you ever hiked through any parts of the Dorrigo Nat'l Park? That is as far North as I have been during my trips to OZ. and the furthest south was hiking in Wilson's Promontory Nat'l Park. I so enjoyed my trips there..... probably my once in a lifetime adventures.
Linus how old are your lads? Are you ready for the holiday weekend? I won't be able to be with my boys this holiday but have sent them a few things to enjoy, no matter how old they get I will spoil them. School is very stressful for them right now and they both have girlfriends who I know will make sure they have a nice meal.
Happy hope you are doing well and we are all pulling for you in kicking the butts. The more times you try to quit the more successfull you are...... This site with these terrific woman is a great place to come and vent and to keep those fingers busy.... Where are you going on your trip?
WEll, my exercise didn't work out quite the way I had planned but I am not giving up I am still going for increased activity this month.....It was very windy at the end of the day yesterday and I think I see fresh snow on the tops of the mountains this morning.
Many Blessings to everyone and their loved ones this weekend......
Take Good Care,

04-09-2004, 01:57 PM
:write: :comp: :write: :comp: :write: :comp: :write: :comp: :write:
You Gals have been busy for sure:lol: I have done enough sulking for the time being. But I kept busy too. I am going back next Weds. to the eye guy and will argue for steroid drops. I found another bottle with about 4 drops in it and put 1 drop in each eye. Like a miracle they are much improved. I know there is a danger with them but I think we all need to sit down and trust each other. We'll see if they are truly concerned with my "happiness" of pain free eyes and if they have faith in ME as well as I with THEM!:rofl: Thanks for all the warmth and caring. Reading these posts today was good for what ailed me. You all keep me "rolling" along! :thanks:

Happy~Loved the Annie story. I once set a paper towel on fore and it flew all over the kitchen while burning! :lol: I almost had a heartattack trying to run around chasing it! :rofl: I am cooking today and had to use new ideas for spices. I made a soup but have to eat it only warm and not hot:faint: Thank God summer is coming. Many salads! Hope you are getting packed and how goes the :smoking:? Hope it goes well my friend! Lots of hugs!!! Keep visualizing!! I'm visualizing blue eyes with no RED in them!!!

Shad~ My Southern friend. What would I do without you? Perish the thought.
Sorry to hear about the priest but happy to hear about the loan!!!
Maybe the folks next door won't buy after all?!?! :lol: When next you cook the bacon look over by the cat and I will be there waiting for my bits too! :rofl: My most favorite food!!! Hope the CV's find a good home and bring some new and wonderful job your way! i almost bought myself flowers but remembered they would probably start the eyes even worse!! WTF!!! :rofl: My sense of humor prevails and hope it can keep up with these visits. I AM WOMAN!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!

linus~I may need that bunk bed! I imagine clydesdale riding could be hard on the fanny......oops......I mean the bum or whatevery you call it!!!:rofl:
The kids will think these posts are X-rated!!:lol: Hope you get to ride again soon and how goes the WW. Hope you ignore anymore rude stuff!!! I have adopted a new oputlook that helps most of the time.....I will endure whatever I have to just to get where I am going. I has been working so far. Once in awhile I threaten to run over toes or whatever gets in my way!!! Keep us posted.:)

teel~ My God Woman.....What more can go wrong with us!!! I am very SORRY to hear about the morph and the professor story. I cannot believe it! Is there no one to intervene? What a big pill to swallow! (((((HUGS))))) I was glad though to hear about the pounds and hope it continues. Yay for one thing that is going right :cheer: Hope you are feeling a bit better and getting around. Can you go to the pool at all in the near future? Take care.

Rose~ I laugh in wonder of what you will write next!!! Turtles! Having gone through many animals with Jen, I had a chuckle at the story. My DD had a small turtle and was so delighted with it and the responsibility that went along with it. I thought the DH was keeping tabs on her and IT and he thought I was!! :lol: Well one day she came and said "He doesn't want to eat anymore" I went in there and there was an empty shell!:faint: :yikes: I said he was sick like Grandma and off he went to turtle heaven. God only knows how long he was dead or why?! I have been sitting here laughing and feeling bad all at the same time for that poor turtle of long ago! :rofl: Now that I remember this.....I think I'll find someone else to take care of me when the time comes instead of Jen!!! :lol:

I must go and package up my soup and grilled chicken. Made the salad and cut fruit up already. Easter will be quiet. Kids and a movie on Sunday night with a light dinner of their choice(take-out) I have many days to get into window cleaning and perhaps hang some curtains with some help. :D
Have a wonderful Friday and take care. Happy Saturday to the others!!!
Has Shaker gone and left us?!?!?

04-09-2004, 02:27 PM
Hi Chickies,

It's a cool day but nice and sunny and I got a little extra sleep today because it's a holiday weekend - yeah for 3 day weekends! DH has to work today so I have the house all to myself. Extra sleep, a quiet house and energy - perfect makings for getting lots done today and lots I have to do. I want to have a clean house and everything put aside for vacation Friday so that I'm not running around like a headless chickie on Thursday night. Very often, no matter how organized I am it seems I don't get any sleep at all the night before vacation. Always one more thing to do. I'm trying to break that habit this time. Am doing well with the smoking - getting it into my head that I WANT to stop this instead of the negative idea that I am giving something up. I start the Zyban today and quit day is next Friday.

Mel and Teel, I hope you both are feeling better. Such trials you both have to endure. :grouphug: Makes me really grateful for my health even if there are occasional aches and pains along the way, they are really nothing to speak of.

Rose, everytime you describe your area, I get such a lovely picture of the wide open spaces. I'm sure Alaska must have been pretty too, if not rather cold - brrrr. Someday DH and I hope to take a cruise to Alaska. Let's get moving next week - we'll be watching you! :lol:

Linus, how's the Slimming World coming along? What do you do there?

Shad, sorry to hear that the house didn't work out for DS but I'm sure he'll find another. Sounds like you'll be quite busy yourself out and about the garden this weekend. Enjoy the weather!

We are having the Easter family dinner at my nephew's place on Sunday. I am in charge of desserts. :devil: Will have to come up with something tasty but not too sinful. The company that makes the best chocolate in the world was bought out by another company earlier this year and they have been shut down. It was depressing but also in a way good as I will not be tempted by chocolate bunnies or a face full of pimples as an after effect. It still won't be the same without - yes Linus don't laugh Fannie Mae chocolates.

Well half the day is over and I'd better get moving along here. Have a good weekend and Happy Easter to you all!

04-09-2004, 07:26 PM
No chocolates here either Happy. Both DS and I have a horrible habit of forgetting they are there. We once threw out a box of chocolates that was 2 years out of date. Obviously exDH was not around at the time - otherwise it would have been gone.
Teel, what can I say about the British Health System. Nothing really and I guess the same thing happens here as well. Bureaucracy gone beserk. The 3lbs is good news though. Just as an awful afterthought - what happens when they have turned you into a Heroin addict??? Do they then have to treat you for that as well?? Horrible, horrible, horrible thought Shad. As if you didn't have enough to cope with
Yes Linus, how did you go at Slimming World? We need to know. You know how nosy we are. Pity Mel and I weren't over there. We would have gone to WW with you and caused some consternation with the leader. They are not all like that you know. I think you just found the wrong one for you. I have heard of it happening before from a friend in Phoenix who. when they changed leaders on her did not do well at all and then my friend was finally asked to leave the group and find another one. I think that sort of finished her at WW.
Rosblush - Shad the dog is a crossbreed, part Australian Kelpie and part German Shepherd. He is 15 years old this year and is slowing down quite rapidly. It is hard to watch the degeneration, but I have promised him that as long as he is happy to go for his walk in the morning, and to line up for dinner at night and to generally be glad to see us home at night then he shall stay. When the time comes we will sort it out for him. Right now in spite of his various aged related problems he seems indestructible.
I have been to Wilsons Promontory, Rosie but obviously not the Dorrigo. Presume that must be in NSW. I have heard of it but can't recall much about it. I live in sub-tropical Queensland near Brisbane. I've seen most of this State and must admit that my favourite area is Central Inland Queensland - Carnarvon National Park has to be one of the most beautiful places in this country if not elsewhere as well. I like the area because of the diversity. I can go Sapphire hunting, Opal hunting, go to the Stockmans Hall of Fame, go to the Birdsville races, and generally have a great time. There's plenty to see and do. Only State I haven't been to is the Northern Territory. I had hoped to do that on this job, but it was not to be. This is a big country and theres lot's to see and do yet. Such a pity that it is cheaper to holiday abroad than it is here!
Did a couple of hours in the garden yesterday and got rid of a large amount of weeds and those darned sweet potatoes. Today I will go out there again and rake it smooth and plant a few veges and make a final plan for that part of the garden. It's the area I want to put in some pavers and a seat. It should be cool enough down that corner for lounging around even on the hottest summer days. Well I hope it is anyway. Then I can move on to other parts of the garden and mow the lawns. Probably for the last time this summer. Lawns grow very little in winter over here. Then I better get to and do some housework and the washing etc etc etc - who ever said 'A wonan's work is never done' was spot on the mark.
Funny thing happened last week. Robbie has taken away my computer. He is about to fix the problems I have been having since the virus. He left a message for me to ring him on Thursday. I rang him on Friday and he has gone away for the 4 day Easter break. Now it occurs to me that my resume is on that computer!!! Ho hum. So now I have to take the written copy and re do it. Probably not a bad idea as the layout is dated anyway or find it on the back up disk and try to get it up on Simons machine. Guess that is tonights job. Oh no it isn't. There is some good British TV on tonight - new series of Monarch of the Glen. I love that program. Also a couple of lifestyle programs I want to watch. So the resume will fit in somewhere. Mind you I have done it so often now - for me and for others - that I could just about do it with the eyes closed. Only dates and times change.
Alrighty eno' of this blether as Linus would say. Time to go get on with it.

04-09-2004, 07:59 PM
OH Monarch of the Glen!!! It's on Monday nights over here! Love that show!!! I missed it last week though. I must remember to set the VCR next time! :D

I have cooked my tushy off and cleaned the kitchen too. I even made SF pudding and salad dressing. Such a Suzie Homemaker am I:lol: I have a pot of soup, hard boiled eggs, tuna salad and rice for the grilled chicken. No cooking for a week. Freezer and fridge are filled.

Goodnight all and good morning Shad! :rofl: :flow1:

04-10-2004, 08:06 AM
morning all feeling a bit crap after affects of a night out my back keeps trying to insist im 90 so ill medicate all day and pop back on tonight and give you all a nice big post thanks for the nosiness its what keeps me going
speak tonight

04-10-2004, 10:10 AM
HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE! :D I will put on something a little warmer then.....Going to throw open the window and CLEAN the bedroom. I think I hear the dust bunnies multiplying under the bed! :yikes: Hope you all have a lovely day. See ya later!
Linus~ Hope the back feels better too!!


GOOD NEWSThe mall bus driver is on vacation so Willie is driving them. He asked if I wanted to go as his LIFT is in working order!!! :cheer: So on Monday I am taking my BD giftcards and going out for clothes!!I should be able to get a few pieces!!! I'm soooo excited! Hope nothing happens to throw a spanner into the works again! Seems like I'm doomed each time:rofl:

04-10-2004, 06:39 PM
hi all and a good easter to you all MEL thanks for the kind thoughts but i think my spine thinks its eighty and the rest of the body is following suit its my own fault i was really sore after sitting in the hairdressers for an hour getting my hair cut my back was screaming so i went for a kip and felt a bit better when i woke up decieded for once that my illness wasnt going to rule my life and went to hubbys cousins thirtyth party anyway i had a really good night didnt dance well one slow one with hubby but i refuse to give that up {you never know when i lose this weight he can carry me}and for some strange reason the function suite is down three flights of stairs and when it came time to come home getting up those stairs was so painful i just about cried so to cut a long story short i ended up on the floor at 4 oclock this morning and couldnt get up to get my painkillers and wouldnt wake hubby up to get them as my brother in law was asleep in the living room and he was working this morning so i lay nd cried like a baby and to make things worse my dog decieded i was playing and kept jumping on me from the bed and god does she weigh a ton i think its all those muscles so now im stuck indoors for another week and bang goes any thought of exerciseing :^: now slimming world its like weight watchers and i joined on thursday night and was made very welcome and the diet is going to suit me down to the ground there is so much food you are allowed and whats really good if i stick to red days i can eat as much meat or fish or seafood as i like because ive never been on a diet before i was worried that it would be all salad and fruit neither of which i eat much { salad not at all} actually ive not found anything i cant fit into the diet somewhere so heres hoping :crossed: i might be able to stick to this i just need toi put aside some time to work out my eating plans and i should be set anyway ive bored you all senseless now so im going and hope you all have a nice easter
ps yes rose i love having all these special days with my kids and because myself and my sisters only buy easter eggs for our own {its too expensive to go all round them all }hopefully they shouldnt be sick last year my youngest had munched his way through six large eggs and the accompnying sweets before we had even got out of bed and no he wasnt sick so didnt learn any lesson from it so this year hes only got three :chockiss: :chockiss: :rofl: :rofl: and the best of it was he still ate his dinner i think hes got hollow legs

04-10-2004, 07:05 PM
:chockiss: Here's hoping he's hippity hopping your la la :chockiss:

04-10-2004, 07:41 PM
Ah MEL you are such a big boost to the brain in the morning - log onto Rainbows. You are so amazing with your kindnesses.
Actually I got up this morning fairly late for me and only just got back in the door when the phone rang. A call from England no less. So good to hear from you Teel. Sorry that I couldn't arrange for the birds to sing for you. They've all gone down the bush to keep warm for the winter - actually I can hear a couple in the trees now that that the day has warmed up a bit. We are now officially 9 hours in front of England. Teel and I declared that it was eleven hours but when I go back to do the maths, it is nine 10 oclock on Saturday evening in Suffolk equals 7 oclock Sunday morning in Queensland. It should be ten but Teel is on Summertime and we are not.
Linus so sorry to hear that your back is so painful. I hope you enjoyed that party because otherwise it wasn't worth the pain. I well remember the stairs in England and Scotland. There are heaps of them. Particularly in the Underground in London. Not all that many lifts either. (Umm elevators). DS got up shortly after the phone call was terminated and asked if that was my wake up call from America. No said I, it was the wake up call from England. He's gone outside muttering something about international alarm clocks.

So I am back out into the garden today. I feel better and better for this break, despite the fact that I am still coughing after the cold, usually when I laugh. Maybe I should just be serious until the cough goes away. Naaaaaah that won't work.

So happy, how is the medication going for no smoking? I'm trying to work out how it works - does it make you feel sick if you smoke while taking it? Or is it controlled doses to help the nicotine intake reduction or something?

Had an interesting experience last night. (No not that kind of experience) I told Teel about it on the phone. My cat is a little dimwitted to say the least. Well maybe she isn't since she tends to get her own way most of the time. But a hunter she is not. Anyway, last night was a beauty. Bright moonlight and the stars were big and twinkling in the sky. In fact it was so bright that you could see the plants just moving in a very slight breeze. And into this idyllic setting that I can see from my bed comes the cat - she is white, ginger and black and she stands out in the light like she has a uv light on her. Silently she goes about her secret cat business, intent on the lizards and geckos in the bushes when she hears the birds twittering in the tree next door. They've seen her too. She, fairly stupidly, is trying to stalk a bunch of birds in a tree 30 feet in the air. What an idiot. All the way up the tree, she stands out like a beacon and when she gets within cooee of the birds, the branches won't even bear her weight and she plummets to the ground with a cat like roar. Doesn't stop her tho. She must have tried that tree half a dozen times. The birds were almost falling out of the tree with laughter I think.

Oh and Teel, remember you sent me some photos to my mailbox some time ago. I meant to say that unfortunately I couldn't open them (that was about the time I got the virus) so I had to delete them. When my computer comes back I'll get you to send them again if you will.

So time to get on with the day. I had best go and see if the markets are open today for some fruit and veges. They probably aren't but it is a nice day for a drive.
Catch up later.

04-11-2004, 01:43 AM
Hi everyone, Happy Easter to you all! Great colorful post there Mel - very festive!!!

I'm ticked off. :bomb: I called the doctor more than a week ago to get my Zyban. Tuesday the pharmacy faxed them a letter that they had to call the insurance company. I kept checking with the pharmacy, no approval yet. Yesterday I stopped at the pharmacy and they said the doctor never called the insurance company. I was supposed to start taking the medicine yesterday. Today I tromp to the doctor's office and the nurse says oh yeah, the form's right here - there's a note to follow up with the patient to get an answer to a question (is patient enrolled in a smoking cessation program - YES!!!!). She said the doctor signed the paper Tuesday and "I guess we should have called you, huh??" DUH YEAH!!!! And here I thought it was the insurance company holding up things... You have to take the Zyban for at least a week before you quit to get the right levels in your system. Timing was important as it was my plan to stop smoking the minute I landed in California - a place that is not smoker friendly :nono: :smoking: I figured it would be much easier to deal with if I was in a place I couldn't do it. We will be in California 7 days and are wrapping up the trip with a 3 day weekend in Las Vegas - smoker heaven. :yes: :smoking: :hat: I know that's going to be a HUGE challenge to ignore it when everyone around me is puffing away freely, but I thought that if I had 7 days smoke free at that point, I could (with gentle prodding from the hubby :rollpin: ) maybe stick it out. What with the weekend and all, the pharmacist said today she thought that by maybe Tuesday everything would be straightened out. We'll see if willpower (which is NOT my strong point) will carry me through. I hate to have to shell out $50 - $60 for a box of nicotine patches too - besides the expense, they did irritate my skin. But I might get a small pack just in case... Shad, to answer your question, I'm not exactly sure what the Zyban does - it's an antidepressent that in studies they found really helped people quit smoking as a "side benefit" to the drug. And they've been prescribing it for that reason for several years now. I think it helps to lessen the cravings a bit and as Mel said, probably helps with the tempermental mood swings a drug addict would be having :rollpin: :D: :mad: :cry: :spin: :lol: :hyper: Guess I'll find out when I start taking it. I told DH he has to let me know if I start acting weird which might be hard to tell as I am naturally wierd.

Was a busy day today, can't believe 2 days are gone from the 3 day weekend already and it seems like I barely touched the to-do list and tomorrow's blown with the family dinner. I'm sorry Grandma but I'm just going to have to do some laundry on Easter Sunday when I get home. She's in heaven scowling at me now. :nono: :yikes: :(

DH wanted to pick up a movie and I really didn't have the time but you know how they get pouty if you don't spend time with them... so we got the Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton "Something's Gotta Give". It's a really cute movie and they have good chemistry. Enough laughs so it's not entirely a chick flick.

Time to go fix the Easter Baskets for the kids and then off to bed. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your Sunday!

04-11-2004, 08:21 AM
happy ive sen that movie and its not a chick flick its a blooming good comedy my aunt stopped smoking with zyban and she swears by it much better than the patches she smoked while being on them the only thing is one of the side affects of zyban is if you try and smoke while on them you will get very nauseus and might even be sick thats one way of stopping i suppose but she hasnt smoked for three years now so good luck and one of these days i will stop iwill iwill

04-11-2004, 11:04 AM
Linus~ Hope the back is better. I forget what you posted now! :lol:

Happy~ So sorry about the meds!!! Be calm and just go with the flow!! Deep breaths! In through the nose and out through the mouth. In with the good and out with the bad!!! Try it it works:rofl: Good luck!!

Shad~ happy little gardener! Loved the cat story! :lol: You still work for the same place till the end of the month? I forget?! :lol: Was wondering if you go back up the hill this week?! I'm so confused! :rofl:

I'm showered and ready for company! BUT...No visitors till late. OK I'm hopping down the bunnytrail======================================hi ppity hoppity Easter's here la la
Have a Great Day:D

04-11-2004, 01:22 PM

I found a few Easter-tide pictures to attach to add to the general colourfulness of the posts this weekend...hope you like them!Shad everytime I post I forget to ask a question from my mum...she even asked me if I had mentioned it on the phone yesterday..(oh, b.t.w., sorry DS for the early wakeup call!!)It is this! What has happened to all the crops the locusts were homing in on over your end of the world? Mum said there had been heaps on our news channels about a plague of locusts attacking everywhere and everything but I have seen nithing at all about it!!
It has come out a lovely afternoon here in Suffolk so I made Holly's day by taking her on a 20 minute circular past the lovely horse in the field that ate my pear for me and said thank you quite lovingly. She is about 16 hands, a bay and the name printed on her bridle was Saffron Bay . It made me yearn to be able to get back on a horse again. I did used to love it years ago.

04-11-2004, 01:32 PM
Very strange. I remembered something I was going to write and now I have the page has gone! Never mind.
Oh sorry about the cow pic., not sure what that has to do with Easter but she looks quite cute, I think!! :lol: :lol:
:mad: oh darn it, my smilie link isn't working again.......

04-11-2004, 06:15 PM
I do wish :genie: :wizard: that in this time of miracles, I could wave the wand and all of you who suffer could be well. It is after all time of the resurrection - a time of miracles.
Then Teel and linus could ride the wind again and Mel could run after the bunny instead of running him over and happy would not have to go through withdrawal symptons to stop smoking.

Not long to vacation time now Happy. Are you all prepared and ready? Raring to go I guess. At the can't wait stage I'll bet!

Teel, the plague of locusts never came to be I guess. We did have a lot of them out west but they are in the middle of drought so there was little for the locusts to eat. They went the way of all starved pests and stopped breeding. They will however be back like most pests. Instead the grain farmers have a plague of mice. If you can spare the Pied Piper from Hamlin then we would be grateful.

Another lovely day, but which won't be spent in the garden. I have taken 3 barrow loads of clippings and weeds out to the bin in the front. The lawn needs mowing but I'll do that later tonight. Otherwise, the roses are reduced to sticks and the lavender hedge is pruned. The smell out there is great. Now I will have to work out a schedule to do an hour in the yard per night or something to keep it up until things stop growing again.

Okay I am off to sweep, clean, dust and wash. Then plaster and paint and sand. Have a good day all - or what is left of it. It's only 07.45 here. A whole day stretches in front of me.

04-11-2004, 08:33 PM
thanks shad i wish you had a magic wand to and i promise if you find one ill come and do your gardening for you

04-11-2004, 10:31 PM
Hi Chickies,
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Am I to understand the way you are posting Shad that you have Monday off also? I am jealous... sure could use an extra day. Even tho we have 3 days off they sure did fly by.

Have a lovely Easter dinner with the family. Lots of good food, laughs and a good time had by all. No overindulging at all. I looked at my plate and DH's. His was filled with all the meal selections, mine was filled with mostly veggies. I like the outer crust of pizza, he likes the inner part - too bad we don't like the same toppings :lol: Guess when left to chose on our own we like different things. Not so with dinner, he gets whatever I put out for him. I was thinking the other day how differently I have changed my cooking over the years. Guess it's a good thing or we'd both be weighing a thousand pounds each. My biggest sin today was probably having 2 cans of Coca Cola. Not bad, all in all.

Yes, vacation is at the end of the week. Am I ready? :no: It's a bit disappointing as it will be cool and rainy there, even in the dessert of Las Vegas - highs in the low 60F/14F and at night brrr as low as 35F/2C. Would have preferred it to be a bit warmer than that. At least it gets me out of kyaking (sp???) with the SIL. Also means we have to bring bulkier clothes. I told DH we have to plan a mid week trip to the laundromat so we can pack less, otherwise I'd need a trunk. I am carefully planning out the meals this week - want to clean out the refrigerator before we leave. Good thing it's filled mostly fish, fruit and veggies right now.

And then there's the homework I have to catch up on :( It's one of those things that there's alot of work up front for 11 days of having to do nothing but think of ways to have fun! So, I'd best get my bum in gear here. Hope you all had a nice Sunday doing whatever struck your fancy...

Shad, the garden is sounding quite lovely. What's a secret garden that you mentioned?

Teel, good to hear that you got out and about today getting some fresh air and giving the horse a treat of a nice juicy pear. Eee gads. I can't go back and check posts so will just have to bid you an enthusiastic hello Linus...

04-12-2004, 05:53 AM
Yes we get Easter Monday off as well. 4 whole days of bliss and contentment. I really can't think why I was born rich instead of beautiful :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

I've been really busy today and hurrah, I have managed to accomplish a lot. I've dug, planted, mowed, painted, sanded, painted again, pruned, chopped and mowed some more. So I feel real pleased with myself. Wish that every day was as productive.

So it's back to work tomorrow. But only for a 4 day week so that is okay. We have birthdays coming up the week after - happy and I although I think happy will be away for it - yess??? I get a Public Holiday for my birthday too, although since it is on a Sunday, it wont be another day off work. For us it is Anzac Day, sort of like your Memorial Day.

So now it is time to fish out the resume and retype it. I hope I can find the Word program on sons computer. It is probably renamed something like = that stuff I have to write when me Mum tells me too!

See ya

04-12-2004, 09:23 AM
Anzac / Memorial Day you say? Hmmm sort of like Remember Shad fondly on her special day - send BIG presents and wads of cash :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:balloons: :encore: :hat: :cheers: :hb: :gift:

Happy early birthday Shad as I will still be away on yours spending the last of what's in DH's wallet in Las Vegas on Sunday before we board the plane back home at 6pm. I will be home for my birthday on Tuesday the 27th. Haven't decided yet if I'll leap out of bed and face 50 in the eye boldly or turn around and yank the covers and pillows over my head and cower. Depends I guess on how the Zyban sets my mood :lol:

You are just the whirlwind of activity this weekend, aren't you? I am inspired and must follow your lead. Guess I can at least get some laundry started and a quick Fly Lady 15 minute whisk through the house before the workday begins.

Yesterday when we were at the nephew's house, my niece got a new dog - an Australian sheep dog. I was expecting this big huge horse but it is a cute little thing. It's 7 years old so approaching doggie middle age but it was the most calm dog I have ever seen. Such a good little puppy...

Well I'm off to get busy and stay out of trouble. Have a good one all...

04-12-2004, 10:00 AM
Nice to see you gals are still visiting with ech other over the weekend it is so fun to read your posts. April seems to be a month full of birthday...Happy Birthday to Shad & Happy..... hope it turns out to be a Great Day leading to another Great Year....and Happy you will be Fabulous and Fifty...... ;)
I had a slow but good weekend.....I failed to go grocery shopping last week so just got by on what was here....sort of boring. I worked a bit in the yard ...I love flowers but I am not much motivated...the battle of the knapweed here is so overwhelming. The male robins around this year are bonkers...... I had one trying to fight with its reflection on the windows and mirrors of my van.....quite entertaining. I had a nest of robing underneath my deck last cool I could just peek down and see the eggs and then the babies maturing..... they had two batches of birds.
Hope all is well with everyone. Yes, I am going to try to do the bike this week..... I hope my phone calls are a bit more undercontrol in the evenings.
Make it a good one,

04-12-2004, 05:42 PM
I copied and pasted my journal here. I'll be back to read later. Had a wonderful time at the Mall!!! Adios for now!:cb:

Bought new clothes!

I finally went to the mall and bought out the stores. I got 2 capri sets with rayon blouses to match, 1 denim capris and shirt set, 7 t-shirts & tanks to match everything for different looks.
I had to get 1X in the pants though. I get dressed sitting down so they have to stretch a LOT to be able to di it myself. The tops were all Xlarges! I can throw out all the rest of the #X summer stuff!! YAY FOR ME!! :lol: I even got a moisturizer to try with all my skin probs and an old Walt Disney movie

The Parent Trap w/ Haley Mills. I love her movies. Even Willie the driver was happy!!! It was good of him to take this run. They usually cancel this when there is a driver missing. He took it especially to get me out of the house. I must think of a thing to do for him. He loves beef stew and his wife won't make it. Guess I'll make that again. I did this last year for him too! :lol: Funny he was just hinting about stew a few weeks ago.:lol: He's a good and caring man. Even respects my diet plans! :DSpeaking of which......
Food was good for 2 days. A little piece of carrot cake yesterday. Hershey kisses of course!
but just a few!!!
Water was good yesterday but not good today cause of the Mall trip..... so tomorrow it will be back to normal.
Exercise was great yesterday~almost 60 mins worth!!! I'll pedal tonite too.
I need to shower and get dinner ready and put all the new stuff on hangers!!! :lol: I am sooo tired but I'm still so excited I could POP!!! Doing the Mall Dance!!! :lol: I'll catch up later and tomorrow. Hope all the Chicks had a great day and a good night!!! Good morning to our Aussie friends!!! :lol:

04-12-2004, 05:52 PM
hi all how are we all good i hope all ive done today is washing i think it breeds in my washing basket well i got through easter without one piece of chocolate not even a sniff of it but then again the speed my youngest went through his there really wasnt time to smell it :yikes: :rofl: :rofl: had my nephew staying last night the one who broke his wrist poor bugger is in plaster from fingers to past his elbow and when i asked him to get dressed this morning he looked really uncomfortable and when i asked him what was wrong he said that he could do everything except his socks and would i help him yyou know i had never even gave him not being able to do stuff a thought :doh: :tape: when i asked him how he managed to get them off he said "ive always been able to do that i just do what you do and take them off with my toe of the other foot"see i come in handy for something :rofl: :rofl: well for the very first time in my whole life i have gone a whole day on a diet and stuck to the plan ive even kept some sins back for sugar in mty coffee later {i cant drink the stuff without sugar} :cofdate: and im rather proud of myself and when i weighed i am down three pound and after all the southern comfort i drunk on friday night im totally amazed but im not knocking it i really didnt want to go back to slimming world on thursday only to have put on weight on my first week on the plan :cheer: so im going to play tetrus now and i will speak to you all later

04-12-2004, 07:35 PM
:censored: Argh what a day! :bomb: :hot: :stress:

After much to do and I mean MUCH, I finally got the Zyban approved and into my hot little hands. Now I can proceed with my program. :nono: :smoking: I also asked my teacher to post the next 2 assignments so I can get them done before I go on vacation. ACK!!! I will be doing homework for 6 hours a night for the next 3 days. :cry: :cry:

I am trying - not too successfully not to be freaked out. I don't know how I'll get everything done that I need to this week. Deep breaths, breathe in and say "I will be" breathe out and say "calm". Remember, you can do alot (except for your homework) in 15 minutes batches... oy vay!!!

Mel, I'm glad to hear you had a fantastic shopping trip. When do we see pictures of your new duds? Maybe I can make a movie to post online :queen:

04-12-2004, 08:51 PM
Showered and fed and feeling much better!
Linus~ Poor nephew!!! Kids are so resilient though! Guess he'll bounce back. Nice loss too!! 3lbs!!! Congrats and good luck in SW with the weigh in! Nice to be down some! :lol:

Happy~ Good news with the meds. I need some of them:rofl: Hope you gegt your plan going and have a great time away!!! Too bad about the homework and hope you get it all done!! :D Sounded like a nice Easter! No piocs of the clothes. Alas no camera! :rofl:

Shad~ If I had a magic wand I would finish your house, make shad the dog younger, get Simon a house nearby and find you a great job or make you a BOSS of your OWN companmy! :rofl: In return I would come and dig in the garden with Linus!! :lol:
Hope today will be a great work day and your cv gets answered! Your BD is the 25th right?

Rose~ What do you mean you will TRY to get to the bike?! HUH??? Now you can do much better than that!! Let's move the butt Girl!!!! :lol: I hope Shad catches that post of yours!!! We'll give you motivation!!!:D

Teel~ You never came back with what you forgot!!! :rofl:

I'm so tired I can hardly think straight but tired in a good way:D Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday no matter when it starts! :rofl:

04-12-2004, 08:53 PM
Why is it that the nearer our holiday gets, the more there seems to be done. Is it because (well me anyway) procrasinate until the last possible moment or does the need to have everything ship shape just seem to multiply over time.

Dug out my written resume last night only to find that I have given out the last of the written copies. Robbie was away until today. I have just rung him and will drive down to his place after work tonight to pick up my newly repaired device - all free of spyware and the mydoom virus - which I had mostly fixed myself. He tells me that it is in good working order again. He has also taken a backup of my stuff and put it onto his machine as well and will do a cd write from there. It will be more up to date than the one I have here. I just have to get the virus scan up to date and put on the firewall again when I get it back. Thank heavens for friends like Robbie. He doesn't even want to charge me for this work!!! I may have to have a word about an upgrade and rebuild.
So here I am back at work again. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing, so I am working on what was happening before I went to Toowoomba (in the absence of other instructions) reading your posts and generally wasting my day. Aaah didn't mean that reading the posts here was wasting my day. More than time I moved on I think.
Looks like a glorious day out there again. Maybe I will tread the boardwalk at lunchtime to make up for not going to the gym tonight (believe it or not - I forgot my gear). Just think about what I could do at home - noooo maybe not.

Mel the new gear sounds great, we wait to see the photos - don't make us wait too long.

Linus, I know exactly what you mean about breeding washing. There is only DS and me in the house but the washing is amazing. You'd think we were the dirtiest people on this planet. Or maybe I am obsessive about laundry???

Roseblush, you need a portable phone - talk and pedal at the same time. I love the robins nest story under the deck. Isn't nature amazing.

Teel, get back online again - where have you gone??? or are you fighting that doctor again?

Shaker - Easter is over, where have you gone?

Peacock too seems to have flapped off again.

Dog was very slow to get moving this morning. I had to wake him and get him out of bed to go for our walk. Times used be when he would dig me out of bed in the morning to go for his walk. Cat is behaving as per nornal again. Deaf to the sound of birds - but totally tuned to the sound of the fridge door opening. It never fails to amaze me how a cat can sleep for 23 hours and then appear to be in training for the 100metre sprint when the fridge is opened.

Well, guess I had better get out of here and go do some work.

04-13-2004, 09:51 AM
Hi All, Hope all is welll with everyone today....I am making my coffee :coffee: to help me get started today. am up early! When I tried to get the rest of the smilies to show my computer was blocking them so now I did get to view them, will see if they work for me. Doesn't look like it will be happening :p , oh well.
Mel so glad you had such a great day shopping...don't you love it when everything sort of comes together!!! You deserve it and you sounded so happy. ;) I need something new, I have to attend a convention at the end of the month and am dreading the wardrobe that I have at this time!!!!nMay have to resort to some online shopping at the last minute. I am a terrible shopper! Today we are having a staff meeting and I am not looking forward to it...for some reason I have been having an odd vibe about the whole thing. We have a terrifc group of woman but there has been a bit of a weak link for a while ........ so now that has been brought to the surface it feels like everyone is going to take some static.....oh well.... nothing wrong with some constructive criticism..... :?:
Happy, have a great time on vacation and the best of luck with your kicking the habit, we are all cheering you on :^: . I lived in California for a very short time but it so beautiful and to imagine it during a time without all the has everything! Win big in Vegas then you can fly us all to some groovy place to meet and party!!!!!!!!!
I do hope the gal Teel is doing ok... she hasn't posted in a while. Shad you sounded so ambitious over you holiday....I did one day of some outside work but have tons left to do....My favorite time to be Australia was during your winter the temps were perfect for me at that time of year. My friend that I spent time with down under is going through cancer treatments right now am not sure about his future yet at this time!
I bought some more bird shot yesterday and fired a few times at the birds peeking away at the house...they are very quick and clever...... I am determined to alter their behavior!!! :devil:
Hello to linus hope all is well in your your stories.
I have been not following through on my bike plan...... I have not a great excuse but maybe after my meeing is over tomorrow night I won't have such a load when I get home at night..... I really am about spent in the evening. I know excuses excuses....... :o
Well Have a Great Day everyone....hope to hear from all of you today....
Roseblush :coffee:

04-13-2004, 11:52 AM
Good morning Chicks. I'm rather lazy today. By the time I move my butt it will be noon! Sinus today so that is the dragging feeling. Today I try on clothes and see if I guessed right!! :lol: Jen is coming down soon too. Let the fashion show begin! :cheer: :lol:

:write: I can hear Happy writing busily with her homework even as I post!
Those assignments should keep our little Happy busy! :comp: I sent my wheels on fire to Suzanne to see if I can get it in my journal! LOL Jen and I just love it so. Told Sizie to give me the old boot if I become too much of a pest! :rofl:

Shad~ If you want photos then you better get fingerprinted and tatooed and come here and do it yourself! Don't forget to pee before you leave the house! :rofl:

Rose~ Yes the day did wonders for me. I am used to wearing stretchy cotton knits so it will be interesting to see how I like woven cotton pants!:lol: maybe it will motivate me to try even harder....

Which reminds me. As I said in my journal, I think I may be getting nearer to the end of the weight loss line. I cannot seem to get past this point and I have been pretty good to. I;ll keep giving it a few month more, but without moving about and no walking~ I may have gone as far as I can. What do you think? I would assume one of the Drs was right in saying there will be a level at which I won't be able to go past. It made sense at the time he said it but now I question it and am hoping he is WRONG!! I go between 168 and 173(roughly) Guess I will just have to work a bit harder!!! Rabbit food here I come!! Hope you all have a great day and take care! Guess if we want to say hello to Peacock we'll have to go THERE!! LOL Maybe teel is there too?! Shaker has shaken herself off the boards!!!!Must have been a **** of a wedding. "PEOPLE DO COME AND GO SO QUICKLY AROUND HERE". Let me click my heels together :wizard: and get out of here! :lol: By the way.....tomorrow is eye day again. I think the news will be the same. I see no great success this past week. Ho Hum. So Glum! :ROFL: Adieu mi amis!

04-13-2004, 08:23 PM

04-13-2004, 09:04 PM
how come the more disabled we are the more we appreciate the simple things with mel its her wheels and with me at the moment its a pot of very white and very beautiful lillies that are in full bloom on my coffee table i also love to see my kids sleep without a care in the world i still go and watch them sleep and most of the time cry come on girls what simple things do you love to do sunsets make me a wee bit sad remembering things that have gone also but sunrises especially the ones rising beside the forth bridges are so rewarding and just for that special moment everything is all right with the world

04-13-2004, 09:29 PM
Mel, I am thrilled that you have your avatar in place and you have carved out your own special corner here in the community. Nothin' like home, is there? :cloud9:

Linus, after spending the first half of my life rushing through things, I have learned in the last few years to greatly appreciate what is around me. Like you I love sunsets - I will rush outside if I see one and stand there for a few minutes to enjoy the colors and the quiet beauty. I also like mountaintops and landscapes - things that make me realize how insignificant we are in the grand relm of things. I also like a quiet winter's night when the air is still and it's so quiet that you can actually hear the snow fall. There's something perfectly peaceful about that. A double bonus is if someone has a fireplace going and you can smell the scent of the wood burning. And for those few times that we can get away from the city lights and enjoy a meteor shower up in the skies - perfect. Just as you say - those special moments when all is right with the world.

**Thunk *** - ahem. Now to get back to homework. :write: Thanks for a few calming moments - catch you later...

04-13-2004, 10:56 PM
Umm, the special things in life.
Yes well there are so many - actually life itself is pretty special. So we will start from there.
I love to watch a rose unfurl in the garden. Aaah the scent of flowers.
I love the sunrise. A new day all pristine and unused is in front of me.
I love natural landscapes especially the really beautiful ones. If that landscape contains reflections in water then I am beside myself with joy.
I love the way the dog throws himself into expressions of glee when I come home from work. Wouldn't it be nice to see humans displaying such love for their family and friends
I love the telephone ringing early in the morning (daylight hours please). It is a delightful surprise from overseas usually. Then I can make a coffee and sit on the patio and chat.
I love to sit on the patio and enjoy the peace of the early morning. I love to sit on the patio and enjoy the stars at night - especially with a glass of good wine.
I love the peace of a winters night like Happy when the fire is glowing and the toes are warm.
I love the thought of another journey. Another place, another time, different people to meet and greet. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the reality.

There's more, much more but I've got work to do
Just keep me out of the hustle and bustle of big cities. They don't excite me at all except for a sail through or a quick pass through to see the gardens or fountains or sculptures!

04-14-2004, 01:26 PM
Hi everyone and yes it is me. Sorry for not getting back for a few days....I haven't disappeared off anywhere!! :devil:
I am though feeling rather depressed at the moment and am bursting into tears at the drop of a hat....or Easter bonnet. After my phone call to the pain consultants secretary last week I just felt as if I was banging my head against a brick wall and getting absolutely nowhere. I did get in to se my g.p. yesterday and he was not terribly amused :coach: to say the least. He did agree with a couple of things though...1. The plan of getting me back into hospital where there is m.r.s.a. on the ward is not a very sensible approach and 2. he understood my reticance at going back on Oxycontin and having to take another drug to get rid of the side effects.Oh and he said no way was I going to wait for 9 weeks let alone 9 months before seeing Prof. Munglani to get a change of drug from the liquid morphine I am currently on...addicted or not a heroin addict. :fr: :stress: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :sumo: :sumo: So he has started me on Morphine Sulphate slow release use the Oramorph for breakthrough pain as and when.He is going to write to Prof. Munglani and "have a few words"!. :write: :write: :write: Thank the Lord he is on my side.
It is such a beautiful :sunny: :bubbles: day today. I took myself out to lunch after my hairdressors appointment and had a very :hungry: :yes: :T :T vegetarian linguine but I am absolutely hopeless at eating linguine or spaghetti nicely in public and ended up with a few messy splashes on my white and aquamarine piped t-shirt. I was so mortified I went and bought a new long sleeved tee..... :o :lol:
Happy I am very pleased you at last have your Zyban :smoking: :smoking: :nono: :nono: :halffull: :halffull: GOOD LUCK with it, m'dear.
Shad thank you for updating me on the locust situation down under....mum won't think I have not got any grey matter between my ears afterall.I hope by now you have your new bug free, virus free, 100 % healthy computer in situ? I shall dig out those photos again and e-mail them off to you post-haste :comp: :comp: :comp:
Happy have you packed your case yet??? :lol: :p
Lucky you off to Vegas...I am extremely jealous these days of anyone able to go off on vacation.
Ooops sorry not a very positive note to end a post on.....guess I am rather more unhappy than I care to let on at the moment.....
Oh MISS MEL.....I almost forgot.... I found you a wee fireman.....only my stupid attachment button won't do anything useful

04-14-2004, 01:32 PM
Ah I have discovered something. If MSN is open the attachment link doesn't when you close does!!! :rofl:
:crazy: :crazy: :rollpin: :rollpin: :sumo: :sumo: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan:

04-14-2004, 06:53 PM
Some fireman Teel, it looks like he is nodding in agreement which doesn't augur well for him when Mel gets hold of him. What a sweetie. I hope that this concoction of drugs is going to help and not hinder as the last lot did. Interesting that MSN interferes with the upload of pics.!!!!!

Well I didn't get back to fix the computer last night. Lazy day and evening. Just did not want to do anything. Best get out of that mood unless I am going to vegetate for the rest of my days.

Happy you will be getting really twitchy about the upcoming holiday on Friday only another couple of days to go. Are you all ready??? Willing and able I know you are. Ready I wonder about.

Had an email from a friend the other day who I worked with last year. She has now got a job as a training manager in Melbourne and has offered to be a referee for me now looking for other work. Nice lady huh!

Okay, not a lot to report at the moment. Time to go do some work I guess. Aaaaah to be rich instead of beautiful.

04-14-2004, 07:03 PM
A fireman! :rofl: what a lovely thing to come home to!!! :lol: Thanks teel!!!! :lol:
Thank god someone is helping you with the drug/professor thing. it's tough to go it alone till someone finally gives a hoot. Hope it goes a bit smoother from now on.

Linus~ I love all tings like the others have mentioned. Just sitting near water gives me the best feeling. Little things really do mean a lot. I used to be in such a "rush" that I had no time for them. But now I find I make the time. Even buying books or journals. The library with all it's book smells. Lots to love when you find the time. Nice of you to breing it all up too. Seems like it made everyones day a little lighter! :lol: Thanks

Shad~ You said a lot of my favorite things. I was almost on that porch with the wine glass in my hand! :rofl: I used to wiggle my *ss all over the house when the BF came home and all I got was a pat on the head and Good Doggie look! :rofl: Guess I had the wrong BFs!! HUH???? lol: Hope the PC is working?? Did you get into it yet and wiggle everything in there? the never ending stories of our lives!:lol:

Happy~ Yopu know I am so thrilled!! :lol: All packed yet?! Or still last minute choices? Better get a move on Girl. It's almost time. All my good thoughts to you for a great trip and strength for the YOU KNOW WHAT! Hope the zyban works. Have heard great things about it from others!! so sounds positive. Now do not forget....think before you open your mouth and rip someones head off! :rofl: Love and hugs for success. YOU CAN DO THIS!! :cheer:

I am pasting my journal here so I don't have to type it over. I had a great day as you will read. Have a great night/morning to all of you!!

GOOD NEWS~ Went to the eye guy and had the original one. first thing he said was he's leaving and before he goes he gave me the script for the eye drops that I wanted. He said everyone has fooled around long enouth-december-and i deserved to be trusted with long term steroid drops. I almost cried!!! I do not have to go back till may 12th!!! HOORAY for me!!!
I rushed up here to tell you all the good news!!! The Pharmacist is so excited for me he had the paper picked up already!!

I get the drops tonite!!! So I lose a good doctor to a private practice but I got what I wanted! Trust and drops. Yes there is a God in the Heavens and all is right in Mel's little corner of the world. This guy gave me all kinds of compliments and I blushed!! Told me I had all the patience of a Saint. I told him I really don't but I have no where else I can go for help of this magnitude so I try not to say WTF every 5 minutes and I left him rolling on the floor. Also told him to stay out of trouble wherever he goes cause he has a good heart and some patients will abuse that. He laughed and said I was 100% right! So what started out as a gloomy day turned out to be a great one!!! The eyes are still screwed up but i have hopes for better times ahead. I may be on the pills for 6 months or longer. They wanted to double them but this guy fought for me to stay at the same dosage. Hope after he leaves the others listen to me like he did. He really HEARS what you say. so few do. Well, I gotta go and eat and shower. Thanks for all the good thoughts! I'm sure they helped a LOT!!! love to all~ Mel

Posted by: MEL on Apr 14, 04 | 5:33 pm | Profile

04-14-2004, 07:26 PM
Hi ladies,
Mel's got her eyedrops and she's cutting and pasting and Teel's got new meds and she's posting pictures and I guess all is right with the world, isn't it? :grouphug: I hope that both of you find success in the new regimes and a little much needed peace and joy. I am really glad that you both found some friends to help you fight the cause.

One of the other things I love is sitting on the beach listening to the ocean surf. And I will have 5 days to do that in California as I insisted we get the more expensive hotel that overlooks the bay area. Just so I could listen to the surf and the sea lions barking and feel so relaxed and ahhhhhhhh. Thanks for suggesting this Linus, was good to focus on the pleasant things for a change.

You're right Shad, I'm everything but ready. I still have a full night to get as much homework done as I can but it won't be near to complete. I'll just have to lose some points for tardiness but at this point I don't care, I've spent the last 3 night from 6pm to 1am doing nothing but homework. Tomorrow I MUST pack and I'm not pulling an all nighter getting no sleep just to get everything done. I've been doing the Fly lady 15 minutes as I can to keep the house relatively tidy. I think I'll make it but I will miss you guys while I'm gone. I already have too much to take and I'm not lugging my laptop with me - in fact I'm looking forward to being away from the computer for a while actually. The Zyban is making the cigarettes taste funny, tomorrow I start on the full dosage. Part of me is nervous as quit day (next Tuesday) approaches. Like giving up a toxic friendship as bizarre as that may seem.

Shad, I hope your friend can help you out with some referrals or job leads. How's the economy out by you? Hope it's not as stinky as it is out here.

DH is pestering me to get a move on so we can take our nightly walk, come back, make dinner and then spend the rest of the night in our respective corners typing away and cursing school. :comp: :bomb: :no: :censored:

04-14-2004, 07:34 PM
well this will be a very short post as ive got my favourite sounds on the headphones full blast and im kidding on im 15 again {boy will i be disapointed when i open my eyes so i just wanted to pop in and say hello and to wish happy a great smoke free holiday and to tell mel and teel im glad some one is listening for a change i must have the best set of docs in the world they always listen to me first then tell me what they think may you be blessed with the same by all

peacock 2
04-15-2004, 05:00 AM
Teel you are in good company with the food stains. Thank god for "vanish" bars I say. I don't think I own a piece of clthing that does not have some food stain which luckily the vanish gets rid of (if I remember to do this before I wear it again as ordinary washing doesn't work - crikey I have turned into a commercial!).

04-15-2004, 06:51 AM
[QUOTE=happy2bme]Hi ladies,
Part of me is nervous as quit day (next Tuesday) approaches.


:coffee: :coffee: :strong: :angel: :cp: :hat: :goodvibes :goodvibes :wizard: :drill: :drill: :lucky: :lucky: :bubbles: :cheers: :cofdate: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

04-15-2004, 09:33 AM
Good morning ladies!

May I join your club of "don't own a shirt without a stain on it"? Seems over the last few years that no matter how careful I am, I always seems to spill, drip, smudge something on my shirt throughout the day? :rolleyes: DH said I need a baby's bib.

Thank you for your good wishes. This will probably be my last post before I leave very early tomorrow morning. Today will be quite the busy one indeed :hyper: :spin: :hyper: :spin: I will miss you all when I'm gone, if I have the chance, will peek in and say hello but am not taking my laptop with me - too much other stuff to bring and now that they weigh the suitcases there's no hiding all this extra stuff :devil: Must have Shad pack for me :idea: :chin:

Wish me luck in Las Vegas but more than anything, please send me some good strength vibes so that I can overcome the temptation and go through with my quit smoking committment :strong: :goodvibes: :snooty: :no: :nono: :smoking: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And to my friend Shad Happy Birthday to you on the 25th!!! :hb: :hat: :gift: :grouphug:

I will be back on the 26th, don't be getting yourselves into too much trouble - just enough to have a bit of fun :devil: ;)

04-15-2004, 05:16 PM

04-15-2004, 05:21 PM
I had a slow day today and funny thing top is in the sink with some kind of stain on it!!! I just noticed it affter a Boss-type had visited! :blush: Don't know what is on it but hope spray and wash takes it out! :rofl: maybe the title of our next thread should be THE SPOTTED T'S! :lol:
Eyes feel good. More or less. Can't complain. Weather today was very nice. Bit windy for the peepers but nice. Hoping to get outside over the weekend and blow away some cobwebs in the brain. I'm feeling sleepy and think I need a nap:yikes: :faint:
Hope everyone has a great night and take care!

04-15-2004, 05:36 PM
Hi :) I guess right now, is as good a time to jump in as any and say hi to all you fine folk out there. Ya'll are a hoot... boy I am really LOL. Anways, I really enjoyed reading your all's posts! Wow! :) Lots of things going on here on this thread... I don't think I own a shirt that doesn't have a stain on it.... :) Have fun in Las Vegas Happytobeme!

Anyways, thanks for the posts! I'm off to more lurking and posting.......

04-15-2004, 07:09 PM
Morning all and welcome mistiel. Glad to see you posting instead of lurking. How about telling us a bit about yourself and what you are up to.

Last night I went to the gym after work and horror of horrors my apple green tee shirt has a brown stain on it which looks horribly like chocolate. So I guess I too will apply to join the Spotted T's brigade.

You lot have been busy overnight - but hang on am I missing Roseblush for a couple of days?? But it is good to see the thread so busy again.

Happy, have a wonderful holiday and spend so much time running around the hi-ways and bi-ways of California that you don't have time to miss smoking. You can do it as Teel says.
There is a fair amount of tech writing work around at the moment and a bit of training stuff too. I must admit I am not all that worried about getting more work. When will be the problem. I sort of depleted the reserves last year with the holiday and the new car so maybe I will have to live off the DS for a while. :rofl: :lol3:
Thank you also for the birthday wishes.

I was talking to the NZ DS last night and he too is trying to get himself some property. Lending is a bit more strict in NZ so he is very envious of his brother. Lets face it - #1 son is serious about money, he has savings and investments totalling nearly $100K and can only get $100K out of the bank. #2 son is careless with money, saves occasionally and when the sum gets to a couple of grand he blows the lot. He has managed to save enough to give him the 10% deposit required for the house this time around provided he gets the first home owners grant and his mama can help him out somewhat - another reason for depleted funds, yet he manages to con $200K out of the bank!!!!! Such is life. I know which one I prefer to lend money to, but as yet he has not asked.

So the Office Manager has handed me the worst job in the world to complete my last weeks. I'll not complain. I will also probably not finish it. But what the heck.

Okay, hi ho, hi ho it's off to work I go.

04-15-2004, 07:26 PM
evening all everybody good i hope HAPPY ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY AND GOOD LUCK well went to slimming world this evening could only go and get weighed and come out again as i had to take the kids with me as hubby had to go and rescue someones pc so on the way down i got them a chippie for there tea :hungry: :hungry: and never thought anything about it so after i got weighed im glad i didnt stay as conner was waiting just outside the hall with a deep fried pizza and chips in his hand so if id stayed they probably would have lynched me :rofl: :rofl: anyway was felling very pleased with myself as with being out and everything i had lost three pound and it felt good right up until craig pointed out that i was the only one there who looked like they needed to diet as they where all thin :mad: :p :mad: :mad: nough said he wont be going with me again SHAD youll be working again soon enough enjoy the free time MEL glad the meds are working ROSE WHERE ARE YOU was the carpeting at work bad have you gone into hiding or have you all got to put in mega overtime ??? come back soon MISTIEL welcome to our wee home tell us all as me and mel are very nosy and want to know everything well nearly everything we blush very very easily{says me as my nose starts growing just call me pinochio} but do tell and no more lurking lurking is banned here well im going to play settlers now speak later

04-16-2004, 07:29 AM
:coffee: Good morning to you all!
Linus, I am shocked that Conner even dared so much as set foot in a hall corridor next to a load of slimming worlders!!!!! My goodness he lives dangerously :devil: :lol:
Happy I know you have gone and I hope you are already starting to have a really good time on your holiday.. :wave: :wave: :dancer: :cloud9:
Mel, you will have to teach me how to post a message in colour and LARGE to boot! I seem to be only able to do normal size font or a colour....not the two together. :shrug:
Where is Shaker???? :genie: :dunno:
Mistiel....welcome to our mad thread! Where have you been posting since you have not been over here with us?
Shad!!!! At least the stain on my tee was tomato passata that was on a linguine dish....NOT CHOCOLATE!!! You bad girl you!! :lol: :lol: Hope it came out ok. My tee is nice and clean now :smug: after I slathered a paste of vanish all over the offending area AND bleach as well AND then put it through a hot wash!!!! Any stain surviving that treatment would have had me well (un)impressed!!
Where has Rosie disappeared off to recently? :mag: :genie: perhaps she is off with Shaker...... :cofdate:
:kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan:well I am sorryt o say that at the moment I am not in control of any of the pains I have. The chest pains are pretty horrible and not really responding to MST and last night I bumped it up with a dose of Oramorph so I got back to sleep. The back pain is also horrendous but I suppose everything is fighting with everything else for pole position in the "let's drag Sheila down stakes". I had physio yesterday on my chondritis joints so actually I don't have chest pain, it has all gone round into my shoulder blades again :rollpin: :rollpin: and the lumbar spine pain is probably worsened 'cos I am playing the violin tomorrow for my composer freind who is putting on a choir concert in Diss, Norfolk, that includes an Easter Cantata that he wrote 6 years ago now. Diss is about 45 minutes drive away from me.....(I know, a stone's throw for you girls who travel that far to get their morning paper but quite a long way for me!! ) and we have had one rehearsal this week, another one tonight and one tomorrow fternoon before the evening concert. I am not doing that last rehearsal. I need to be ok for the evening. I am fairly dreading tonights little bash through. I am in too much pain to start with without having a second, third and fourth helping :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan:
Oh I have decided to join the ever swelling massess and go Broadband with Tiscali. Hopefully my PC will stop playing silly buggers and not crash at very inopportune moments (sorry cannot spell long words this morning! Just having my first mug of coffee..a bit overdue! :coffee: :coffee: ) It takes about 10 days to get all the equipment sent and the exchange checked out and the work done on my phone line so I will let you know when I actually change.
I think it is time for me to get out of the sand box before I am chased out by Miss Mel as America wakes up! Oh I have out in an attachment....on MSN you had the opportunity to create a "weemee" to send with e-mails and obviously download the picture for future use. I created the one below....I am a violinist and used to front up a folk band so that is the excuse for the drink in one hand!!!!:hat:
Ta ta chicks....... :cheers:

04-16-2004, 06:03 PM
Aaargh, I just managed to spill tomato down my clean tee while reading teels post. :shrug: Guess I can't help it I am just a grub and now doubt ds would be saying that I shouldn't be eating over his computer anyway. No lets see what I can do with the :coffee:
Woken up to grey skies and :rain: this morning. Hope it doesn't last too long as I have a mountain of laundry to do this weekend. As well as other things.

I'm feeling a little excited this morning. No I'm not going to tell you what it is about, you will have to wait till next week. It may yet not come off.

Happy will no doubt by this time be sticking her toes into the water at San Francisco or somewhere equally exotic. I hope both of you are having a wonderful time. One thing I did want to do when I went to the States was the Ocean Drive between SF and LA but I didn't get time.

I hope that Roseblush's job meeting was not a bad thing for her. She seemed to really enjoy her job. One of the few.

Teel, I certainly hope that they can come up with some answers for this pain of yours really soon. I do not wish to return to the UK to find a drug addicted friend to stay with. That morphine stuff is lethal. It is good that there is no chest pain at the moment but worrying that it is now in the back. God you, linus and Mel need some relief from the stresses of modern day living. Where is the Fairy Godmother. (I can bring you fairies by the truckload, but the godmother variety is few and far between) (and I don't think you'd appreciate the type of fairies I'm talking about)

You know that Mel must be a very intelligent person. She seems to soak up information like a sponge despite what language it is spoken in. For example: I gave her directions on finding, saving and uploading things like pictures. It took less than 5 minutes in a foreign accent for her to grasp and write the important details down. Then Mooz49 gave her more instructions in another foreign accent and she's got that down pat as well. Maybe we should get up a campaign for MEL for President. I'm sure she could come to grips with the US Foreign policies and make them sing.

Enough yada. I have work to do. Good morning to us on this side of the world and good night to them on the other. If you are in the middle of that lot then Yakky dah as the Welsh would say or seeya as the Aussies would put it. I bid you adieu until later.

04-16-2004, 07:09 PM
good evening freinds how are we all good i hope TEEL honey im so sorry :angel: :grouphug: :sorry: :sorry: that you are in the position you are in pain wise im afraid im not that brave and would have taken more and hid under the duvet i think thats why im trying so hard to lose the weight because im in grave danger of missing whats left of my sons childhood holidays and such are all ready a no no as i never know from one day to the next how i am going to be and i know the weightloss wont cure anything but it might stop it getting so bad so quick and should help ease the oa .SHAD what are you hiding girl you know how nosy i am next week will kill me i need to know !!! :gossip: :gossip: :crazy: :yikes: well im having a good diet day and have finally spring cleaned my wardrobe and have given away clothes that are too big for me its really a great feeling and now ive given them away i cant put back on the weight as ill have nothing to wear and thats not a prety sight at all :rofl: :rofl: anyway im going to post my new stats in my journal and will speak to you all later

04-17-2004, 08:55 AM
Hi Everyone, I know I have been missing for a few days....thanks for missing guys are great! I suffered quite a blow as did the other staff members on Tuesday......I sort of thought I was ok about the changes going on but then the more I thought about it the sicker and more sensitive I became. When I got up Friday morning my insides were really causing me problems and it is the first time I have felt like my fibroid might be getting in the way of my health....yikes I am just happy to ignore like I have done for years....... Today I feel better just weak and drained.... I will call my boss sometime this moring and apologize...I never never miss work and it just doesn't feel right.
My eating has been ok or not at all the last few good or bad it is just getting back some energy right now. Our weather has turned a little cooler which is fine we are a month ahead of time because of the heat we have had all Spring...I looked at my window and saw four young white tails crossing my lawn. I love to see the white tail deer mostly we have mule deer in this area. I haven't gotten my flicker yet but I am getting more accurate with my shots I have been firing at him.....I think he is getting the message. So for right now he is still here to live another day>>>>
Take Care all I will try to be a bit cheerier in the future posts..... :dizzy:
Have a great weekend all,

04-17-2004, 09:00 AM
hey its about time you joined the rest of us for a good ***** its good for your health to get it off your chest you moan all you like well just talk about you when your not here ha ha

04-17-2004, 09:16 AM
So what happened at your meeting Rosie to make you feel so bad? Workplaces are funny things - they change and evolve and what was once grand becomes small etc.etc. I'm not sure what it is like in the States, but here it can be a dogs life to work for a company - here one day, gone the next. I've been made redundant a couple of times which is now why I work for myself. I'm the best boss I ever had. I'm also the worst.
Don't let whatever happened make your health spiral downwards. It's hard but sometimes all there is to cling onto is yourself, your home and your family.

Okay that's it, I'm off outside to find that darned squealing gecko that is pooping all over my patio and who somehow gets inside the house and poops everywhere there as well. I like the geckos but they sure make a mess!!! Been quiet in here today, but it's nice to see you all dropping in again.

04-17-2004, 10:53 AM
You Gals have been chatting up a storm!!! :lol: I will have to read later! Just wanted to check in. Had little time for myself this week. Even Jen had issues. Nothing bad just the usual crap! :rofl: If I stay and read I will never get out and my inner soul needs to get away. The temp is good for me but too windy for the will mess up their new "dos" they got on Friday! :lol: :lol: So I should have some great alone time after and before the re-do of my bedroom. Gonna use the back yard for my breaks. Don't tell Happy but even 14 years later I still miss my ciggies when I relax or am having a bad day!:( :rofl: Sorry to post and run. Love ya!
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!

04-17-2004, 01:45 PM
:joker: :lol3: :lol3: hee hee!!! Oh I can be so thick at times! Linus, it has taken me a few days to work out what the quote at the end of your signature means and now I have I can't stop :lol: Mr. Always Right!!!!Of course!!!!! Good one!! :cool: :hyper: :twirly:
And Rosie I think you had a good one as well but I will have to check back to see what it was.....
I AM SO STUPID!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: last night the orchestra and choir had a rehearsal for tonights Easter Cantata at the parish church in Diss. I dutifully remembered to take my new MST with me to take at 20:00hrs as they are slow release 12 hr tablets....AND I even remembered the drink AND THEN I CAME HOME AND LEFT THEM UNDER MY MUSIC STAND!!!!! Aaaaargh!!! :shrug: :fr: :doh: :doh: :doh: :stress: :stress: :rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin: yes so this morning I rang my g.p.'s surgery and spoke to the receptionist who understood my predicament thank goodness without a major inquisition into my stupidity and got the duty doc to write out another prescription for me to go to the pharmacy with. So I now have approximately 112 MST to get through........IDIOT!! IDIOT!!IDIOT!!!
Anyway at least I know that they are safe in the conductor's briefcase as he rang me just as I had rung the dr.'s to say he had a rather important little box belonging to me and was I still alive or did he have to do an s.o.s. drive to deliver them to me? Ho hum :yikes: :dunno: what planet my brain is on sometimes.
Better go now...I've had a shower and washed hair and done the nail varnish bit with Wonderblast number blue to go with the all black concert where did I put my violin????? :rofl: :rofl:

04-17-2004, 03:22 PM
Teel~ I hope everything feels good while you play your heart out at the concert!!:D I am sorry to hear the pain is not under control as yet(or ever?) :( About the size, color and even bold with font. you type in the following without the spaces I'm putting here:
[ size=7][ color=red][ b] then type the word or letter[ /b][ /color][ /size]
if you want only size and color leave out the B for bold. Sizes are 1 to 7. I learned this on another website and Mooz just showed me that color can go into the comments too!! I love playing around!!!:lol:

Mistie~ Welcome and sorry I'm so late saying it!!! Come in the water is fine and we are not sharks!! We don't bite. Just nibble a WEE BIT! :rofl:

Shad~ It would serve the company right if you could not finish the program in the 2 weeks!! I'll run for President if you'll be my VP! :rofl: :lol: :cheer:
Funny how the 2 sons can get different $$. Some things just do not make any sense to me! :D What a week I had but it felt good to have the old harness back on and then be able to leave! :lol: Will I ever be retired before Xmas?! LOL It's hard not to respond to the "need to be needed" syndrome! One day I will know my value without all this hoopla! Think? :faint:

Rosie~ What made you sooo sick poor girl. I am terribly nosey so just smack me in the head if I'm too personnal!:rollpin: :lol: Jen has fibroids and when they "act up" as she calls it there are a LOT of trips to the loo for BOTH ends of her poor skinny body! Sweaty hands, flushes etc. Isn't it enough that women are the ones to have the babies?! :faint: Whatever happened....I hope you will feel better soon. Please do not apologize for unhappy posts!!! When I get unhappy...people have to bring out the hankies!!! :rofl:

Happy~ You better not even be here reading any of this!!! You are on vacation and should be having fun in the sun!!!:D :flow1: :flow2:

Linus~ Your Conner IS a brave man or a glutton for punishment!! Next time he makes a comment smack him for me!!!:rollpin: :rofl: and tell him no more fanny for him!!! :rofl: :rofl: Hope you are fceeling better too. Seems like all our backs are the trouble area! :dizzy:

Hope I did not miss anyone! I will not speak of MY back at the moment but tell you this...I changed my OWN curtains, re-did the bed with summer sheets and quilt, dusted and Hoovered, washed the window, decorated around with bits of leftover ribbon, sprayed lavendar water on everything and it's about done. That is one room finished!! I will need no cardio today!!! :rofl: I hope I can move tomorrow! :lol: Getting out the Aleve to take as soon as I finish this epistle!:write: Have a great day and take good care of yourselves. You mean the world to me!

04-17-2004, 06:10 PM
Geez Mel, I know that good help is hard to find but all this activity .......??? WTF Happy once described me as being a bit driven. Strewth, I hope she never sees that post of yours/ She will be off and running about your activities. So look after yourself hey?

Teel, you poor thing. what are we going to do with you. Your brain is on another planet because you are stressing yourself. Mine goes walkabout with pain as well. Make notes for yourself. Those sticky postit notes are good. Plonk them inside the Violin case and you will see them when you put the violin away. Things like:

Have you had your water today
Have you got your tablets
Have you got your carkeys
have you got the house keys
Do you know where you are going?
Do you know how to get there.
Are you wearing your knickers (oh no sorry that's for MEL)

You can not be expected to remember everything. So do as I do and make lists. Actually I find the list improves my memory as well. Sometimes I have my list but never refer to it and never forget anything. That's not so often these days.

Well did not achieve too much yesterday. Saturday often is a down day for me. I tend to work early in the mornings then slack off with a cuppa and the day goes down hill from there. So today I had better get with it and do some of the things on the list.

Good morning to you all from a sunny and gentle Autumn day in Queensland.

04-17-2004, 06:35 PM
shad i use those post it notes nd also a very large diary which i write everything in its my life everything i do and have to remember is is there or i forget then i have to put big notes to remind me to look at the diary yes i would like to weigh in with you and mel at the end of the month so just let me know where and when

04-18-2004, 04:46 AM
shad i thought the pic in your journal was gorgeous and just what i need his morning i read an article yesterday something to do with eating ddairy whilst on a diet helped shift problem areas like the stomach some university in america did this controlled study ill look it out and post it later

04-18-2004, 09:25 AM
No knickers on yet!!! Got the nightie still on. :lol: Maybe I should put the post-it on my bum!!! :rofl: Linus...I am the queen of post-its. I have them all over the house, PC, and hanging on each wheelchaior! I even have a palm pilot I put reminders in and a little alarm goes off! Next I will be waiting for the alarm to go off so I can PEE!!

Well girls I am dragging today. The Milk of magnesia worked right along with the fruit and salad. Too much info you say!?!?!?:lol: Been upo since 5AM and feel like a wee nap! :faint: Can't think either. Now all I can think of is bed and "Rocketman " with good old Elton. Maybe see you all later. Have a great Sunday! Tucking Shad into bed and turning out the light. Sweet dreams friend! I will laze around today and have a day of rest and dvds!! Adios Amigas!

04-18-2004, 11:56 AM
Hello everyone, :coffee: I am back enjoying my coffee and trying to pull myself back up by my bootstraps........Thanks for your concern from each of you, it really helped me. Linus, I found the journal site and am just amazed at how helpful that could be...thankyou so very much. You are so funny I enjoy reading all your posts. Teel, I am in such awe at your talent and will power. I would love to be in that audience listening to the concert...I think that is a child I played the violin and still have all the sizes of instruments I used. You are inspiring. Mel, you are my hero...doing those curtains by yourself wow girl..... that is fantastic. The undies are so funny. Hope you feel better today can understand how drained you feel about the loo thing...sort of had a bout of that myself this week, yuck. Shad the pic you posted put me right back in a park I was in while in australia a few years beautiful and so peaceful thanks for sharing and thanks for your concern. I am still learning about the rest of you gals give more time and I will know each of you better.
It is cold here this morning with snow out my back window...but I feel like getting out today and doing some projects so that is good. I have a blood test to do at the end of this week so then I will have to make a decision about getting an appointment to do some follow up......
I still haven't gotten my flicker but I do think I have scared him off for a few days which makes me so happy. Speaking of Happy hope she is having a terrific time and succes with her new goal. Just sitting here chatting with all of you makes one feel perky again..... :lol:
Hope all is well today with all of you and I will be back later today to see how the world treated everyone...... You are all so terrific...thanks for being here.
Roseblush.... :coffee:

04-18-2004, 01:24 PM
glad to see your brimming again lass och ave come over all scottish must be because i feel dricht at the mo ive either got a reaccurance of my bowel infection or food poisoning and because i cooked everything i ate it must be the latter
speak as soon as i can stop throwing up

04-18-2004, 06:50 PM
i cant sem to cut and paste the article so i wrote out the jist of it on uk and will copy it here
sorry veggie i should have thought it was a study done in america they took 32 obese people and split them into three groups for six months they all cut out 500 calories from there usual diet one lot ate dairy four times a day and another took calcium pills the rest where on a low dairy diet those on dairy products lost four percent more weight and six percent more body fat than the low dairy group they also lost ten percent more fat from there midriffs the calcium group did well too showing that a steady supply of calcium boosts the bodys fat burning mechanism

04-18-2004, 07:09 PM
So it's Monday once more. One more full week and one 4 day week and that's the end of me here at this job. Output wise it would probably have been better for me to go last week but financially I need the extra. So be it, 2 more weeks of work.

The weekend just flew by. I did manage to achieve a fair amount yesterday, but the veggie market was a failure. It seems that it is closed for a period of time. I'm still trying to decipher the words from the little Vietnamese lady selling flowers in the Mall. I had recognised her from the market and asked her what the story was. From the explanation I gleaned a couple of facts such as "cro'ed" and "mont's" - hence the idea it may have closed for a month or two. Since I refuse to buy veg and fruit from the supermarket because of it's poor quality and high prices, I will now have to look elsewhere from my stuff. Few more enquiries may be necessary. Anyway I bought 2 bunches of gerberas in bright sunny yellow and hot pinks and a red and orange or two and they now brighten up the kitchen benchtop. :flow2: :flow1:

Stayed up too late watching television last night. There was a movie on called '1st to die' and since I had read James Pattersons book I thought I might watch the movie. Quite enjoyed it too. Consequentially I am a bit blah this morning. :yawn: :yawn: :tired:

Computer decided to play up again yesterday. The CD is not working. I can't install a better version of Internet Explorer and the one I have has decided that I can no longer open internet sites. I can get mail and send mail but can't get on the 'net unless I use the sons machine. It is wearing out my patience fast. However I can't at this point afford another one until I have another job so it will just have to do. I am at this time busy shifting files across to the other computer so I can work and play at the same time. Damned gadgetry!!!!! :mad: :stress: :crazy: :rollpin: :tape: :censored:
I took the thing to pieces as per Robbies instructions and wiggled the thing around, even took out the CD and cleaned and checked that too. Then when I put the whole thing back together again, it started to beep. I threw a wobbly and went and got the washing and DS fixed the beep. So I have a working computer, but no cd and no internet. :kickcan: :kickcan:

Okay so what is on the menu today. Well more of the same I guess and back to the gym tonight for a :workout: and :tread: and then home to some of the to do list again and a cuddle with the dog and cat. Gotta go. Happy if you are reading this, I hope you are enjoying yourself.

And for Teel, Rosie, linus and Mel all of whom seem to be suffering a bit at the moment healthwise at least here you go. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

04-18-2004, 07:36 PM
Sunday night at the old ponderosa and I got a lot accomplished. Moved all the summer clothes to the other closet and vice versa with the winter stuff. Got a lot of wash to do this week!!!:lol: I find that when you don't feel so good it's time to go to work and ignore the bits that aren't right. Today was no different. Once I got started I felt better. Jen came home and was shocked at the curtains:lol: I think we both are:rofl:
But the apt is shaping up. Flylady would be proud of me!:D

Shad~ Thanks for the hug!! I'll save it for later when I try to lie flat in bed! :lol:
Sorry about the PC. My heart is with you at work. There must be a dozen mixed feelings going on in your head right now. Sending my best vibes your way for something to open up. Life can suck. Of this I know! :lol: Hope you can stay busy so the time passes and doesn't give you any time to think!((((HUGS)))) for you too.

Linus~ I have heard a lot about dairy and calcium for a few months now. I make sure I have 3 servings of some kind of dairy each day. Yogurt is my fave! Sorry to hear you were not well either!!! What a lovely bunch of coconuts we are, HUH? :lol:

Rose~ It was so nice to see you in the journal!!! Good luck again with your plans. Did you ever get around to giving me those 20 minutes???? Seems like Shad and I forgot what you were going after!!! :lol: Which reminds me that I have not pedalled yet! :lol:
I'm glad you are getting back to your "ols" self. Hope the tests are ok and you don't have to make any drastic decisions. Sending my good thoughts your way too!:D

I need a shower, some anti-inflammatories and some dinner. Gotta watch the Sopranos and Deadwood. Seem I got hooked on both. I always leave the room when the violent stuff comes on and get some more cleaning done! :lol: I'm not much for blood and guts. BBC TV is really more my style and cartoon shows! :rofl: Well Girls I better get started last nights shower was at 10:30 PM and I'm sure my neighbor just loved me!!!:lol:
Have a wonderful Monday to all!!

04-19-2004, 06:27 PM
good evening ladies how are we all on this lovely monday night fine i hope well as you can tell by my cheery attitude the kids go back to school tomorrow and as i got them out of bed at 9 this morning {they havent been getting up till after one in the afternoon} and dragging them up town clothes and trainer shopping they are now drifting off in to the land of nod as i am posting :cloud9: :cloud9: :yawn: :yawn: so i am sitting having a coffee and mum brought me eggs from the farm this morning so i had scrambled eggs for my supper and am going to take my meds and hopefully get to bed before three as im up at seven in the morning so good evening and goodnight to you all and i will speak to you all tomorrow
night night
and may your dreams be hot and heavy { if mine are my hubbys in for a treat he might think its his birthday} :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy:

04-19-2004, 07:11 PM
I guess I have survived the killer step class as I am here to tell the tale.
Madcat on the journals has challenged me to 5 days of down and sweaty exercise so last night at the gym, I went and did the weight stuff and then did 10 minutes on the rowing machine when I discovered there was a step class about to start. So off I went and nearly killed myself. I don't think I stopped dripping until I was halfway home, a 30 minute drive. I sort of wondered how I would wake up this morning but all seems to be working okay at the moment and I am nowhere stiff as I thought I might be. So Roseblush, if I can drag my old body through a step class, then you better be doing 20mins of steep pedalling to catch up to me.

Mel is not a happy camper today. She has received some negative comments about her new clothes (*****y people) so she is licking her wounds in private. Mel - just get back up there and run right over them. Life is too short to worry about them. Legs too pink???!!!! WTF are they talking about?

One of the consulting team on this project has collapsed outside the building this morning. They are carting him off to hospital in an ambulance as we speak. Just goes to show what you get when you wrap yourself in a project, work atrocious hours, get grumpy, smoke heavily, have no exercise or home life and worry too much about work.

Anyway, its time to go read the journals and get on with whatever the day brings. Roll with the punches girls. Oh and Linus - hope the DH's birthday treat was special.

04-19-2004, 07:45 PM
When my dreams are hot and heavy I stick my head in the refrigerator!!! :rofl:
Linus, you make me giggle!!! Hope the hubby got a treat!!! Happy Birthday!!! :lol:
Sounds like the kids are all set. Your eggs reminded me that I used to eat them with the beans on toast. Now I have beans in my head again! :lol: Guess it's better than rocks!:D

Shad~ I cannot believe I let that bother me for as long as it did. Pink legs...Because i have very bad circulation the legs are a lovely shade of pink or purple once I am up and they are hanging down for awhile :lol: I guess they thought I was going somewhere to impress people or something. The new clothes accentuated the loss instead of covering it up and I think THAT was what set them off. the guy told me they were just all arguing about weightloss just before I entered all "spiffy" as he put it! :rofl: Must have been too much for them to take so early in the morning! :D
WOW what a shocker about the guy at work huh? Jeez It's a good thing I went out and stayed out!!! Don't want any carting off the the hosp. for ME! :lol: Hope he's OK. How goes the job? Got a chuckle out of your post on the journal. No one will be able to top it with out killing themselves too! :rofl: You guys are too much. I will watch from the sidelines and use it as a demonstration of WHAT NOT TO DO TO MYSELF!! Maybe this should be the journal or book you should write!!!! :rofl:

I had a great day with a Robert Parker mystery and lunch and the sun. Only one problem......I forgot that the pills I am taking are photosensitive!!! :lol: I got a little burned and realized something was wrong. Thought it was dry skin and then Jen called me to find out why I would sit in the sun with this antibiotic! :rofl: Guess I still need some kind of keeper! :lol:
Well I got to take a shower and eat dinner and WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYONE ELSE???!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday. I am going food shopping for more fruit. :lol:

04-20-2004, 05:58 AM
I thought I would bring a bit of spring to the thread today....all inspired 'cos my gardener has just mowed the lawn for the first time this season and the wet cut grass smells lovely. Holly hound loves rolling around and kicking the grass around :devil: and she always comes in with green feet and a green tummy..... :lol: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2:
After yesterday's April showers today we have wall to wall blue sky and it should be good enough to "take tea on the patio" in the sun trap corner later this afternoon.
The Aliums are coming up a treat and the peonnies (sp.?) are showing their lovely blood red coloured buds. I would like to have a potted magnolia as I think they are really beautiful.....
Ho hum I have an appointment with my social worker in an hours time so I had better keep this short for now and go get back later.....Good morning America when you wake up and a good evening to Shad and all people down under!!!!

04-20-2004, 06:06 AM
Geez it is quiet in here today. Must be Happy and Teel that make all the noise hey? So where have we all gone.
Oh yes - Linus is celebrating the husbands non-birthday and giving him a non-brithday surprise. Mel is sitting in the sun and burning - naughty naughty MEL.
And where is Roseblush? We get to miss our friends when they don't come in once a day.
I've been to the gym and sweated it out again. I think I will commit murder if this 30 minute sweat doesn't do something for the weight and shape!!!!!! I ache tonight from the rowing machine and the treadmill. Geez I have travelled some metres tonight. Anyway I came home, have had a microwaved sweet potato with light natural yoghurt, sprinkle of chopped herbs and cranberry sauce for dinner plus a banana and later I am about to get a lo fat ice cream slice out of the freezer. It's not been a particularly good eating day today because we had a birthday morning tea for on of the guys (another kiwi) and I ate some carrot cake. I ate too much carrot cake but there you go. I'm not going to get in a tizz about it.
My (wonderful!?! Not) manager today asked me if I would go to Toowoomba next week and the week after. I had great delight in saying that next week was okay, but I wasn't going to be around after that, so she would need to find someone else. Ho hum. Not my problem anymore and I am not volunteering.

Better go. Time to do something around the house.

04-20-2004, 06:08 AM
We must have been posting at the same time Teel. How are you?

04-20-2004, 06:48 AM
shad that really must have felt good telling her you wouldnt be there to clean up their mess anymore you go girl!!!!

04-20-2004, 10:07 AM
Good Morning Good Morning Everyone!
I am here to post and to tell everyone hello. I am getting myself back to the good ole nickname..... slowly but surely. Weird to have been so knocked back. I saw the challenge you posted Shad..... bravo...for your hard work and I am sure it will pay off in many ways for you..... I will start today if that is alright..... 30 min for 5 days right? You sound like you have been going at it hard. Is anyone else in our group picking up the challenge?
My eating has been good for the last couple of days and that is helping. I have a few things planned to eat and actually have some groceries in the house so maybe I can eat something balanced for the next 5 days.
I have to tell you girls about something. These kids came tearing around the corner of my lower driveway lost control and almost rolled the cars as I stood there watching.... the only thing that stopped them was a huge mound of dirt that sort of high centered them..I picked up their license plate later on the mound of dirt. I almost took it to the police station yesterday but a little voice said oh wait for tomorrow. Last night I saw this kid down there kicking around looking for it. We had a little conversation and I now just pray that it was enough of a scare to teach him how dangerous speed is in a car. I see too many people who are capable ambulating people one day and then the next they are not..... and it is so heartbreaking.
Love the talk of taking tea on the patio...watching the ground come alive. One of my goals in life is to be in England.... anytime of the year but especially to see the gardens. Thanks so much for sharing that this morning Teel... hope you are well.
Mel, people say such hurtful things sometime and don't even realize it.... and when it happens it takes us back. But I guess you truely begin to see that to make someone smile or to say something of encouragement is of such great value. Please be of good cheer..... you look MARVELOUS DARLING....and we love you and this place would not be the same without you here for us to talk with and share your life with us...we are the better for it!
Linus, fair lass how are you doing today? You make me laugh so much I loved the scottish post. I do hope your insides are cooperating again...mine have adjusted and seem ok..... and yes I even made a Dr. appt. for the end of May to be once again assured about this stupid fibroid. How did that unbirthday go.....???? :dizzy:
Well, my coffee is great today and the sky is gray and we still need more gray and I was informed that offing that flicker is illegal....oops.... he is fairly safe with my shooting at this point. I have some little flowers coming up too and am actually hoping to do more gardening this year..... Take Good Care everyone who is posting here and lurking here as I did for so long. I am so glad I came out to play with great group of gals!!!
Talk to you all later..... I will share my name today since I gave my nickname is Renae....

04-20-2004, 12:49 PM
i just love your name i got lumbered with christina is it woodpeckers you having trouble with?if it is let me know and ill go into the rspb site and get some safer getting rid of tactics they had to post these as log cabins have become very popular over here and the woodpecker population was taking a tumble so let me know and ill look for you soooo very glad to hear you sounding better and very glad you didnt have to scrape anyone off your road speak soon

04-20-2004, 08:21 PM
Morning, afternoon and evening ladies.
Another day has dawned here in sunny Queensland and I am stiff and sore from the sweaty exercise over the last couple of days. Still one hopes it will achieve the purpose of some movement in the body weight and shape at the weigh in at the end of next week.
Teel, the garden sounds great as does tea on the patio. I'm jealous as we can't really grow peonies here. Too tropical for the lil darlings. My garden is turning green at the moment as it is cooling down and the flowers are dying down, but the morning moisture is greening things up. Won't be long and I'll be sweeping up the leaves from the Silky Oak (Grevillea Robusta) and the Poinciana tree. However they don't stay bare for long - often the new leaves push the old ones off. I miss the Autumn colours.
Roseblush, I was lucky enough to see some of the great gardens of England on the two trips I have done over there. Sissinghurst in Kent is beautiful and I saw some wonderful floral displays in Scotland in 2000 and who can forget the Abbey at Bury St Edmunds gardens one wet and rainy day? One day I would like to do a tour of Britain and Europe just wandering around the gardens of the world. Next year my friend on I are off to Italy - and I am looking forward to that.

Well best go do something for which I get paid I suppose. Hei ho.

04-20-2004, 08:52 PM
WOW!!! What a busy thread!!! I went food shopping and came home and found no one had been sent to help with the election. So guess who was elected?! Just got in a while ago and journalled or commented in them. Had dinner and typed. Feel like I'm still trying to catch up and it's getting dark outside already:lol: But the good thing was I saw a man who will make this a thing of the past where I am left holding the bag all alone without a replacement. I told him about the eye/face/stress thing. He said my problem is that people don't see the wheelchair cause I don't use it as a crutch. His words not mine:rofl: But he's a sincere man and sees I'm winding down some. So real help is on the way. I will have to get used to the feeling of "out of sight, out of their minds". But I will! :lol:
Rosie! good to see you getting back to your old self. I leave mine from time to time too! :lol: Kids and speedy things!! Sometimes I wonder who teaches them!!! I have met some kids who in this day and age have no conception of how fragile life can be in a speeding car. Makes you wonder. Get those dang birds yet?! I'll have to start training and come and get those suckers for ya! LOL

Shad~ You are way ahead of the crowd in exercise! :lol: I can see those muscles glistening with sweat from here! :lol: Hope you have fun in TOOOOWOOOOMBA!!! I still laugh at that name!!! Feel good to say you wont be here to her?! I hope so. Let them wonder who the **** is gonna clean up their messes! :Lol: any news yet?!

Linus~ Maybe Rose can catch them with a net!!! :lol: How are you feeling? Some very short posts there young lady!!! :lol:

Teel~ Hope the tea was a nice one in the sun. Sounded so lovely to read. Nice and peaceful!! How are you feeling as well?! Heard any more news on appointments and forthcoming help?

Well girls it has been a long day and I am truly beat up. I need a hotter shower on the back and am going back in there and then bed and TV!! :lol: Hope you all have a great day tomorrow/today! LOL Sleep well and good morning!!!! Think tomorrow is a Meliday for me!!! (yawn)

04-21-2004, 05:48 PM
(size=5)(colour=red)I forgot to say thank you Mel for the lesson on how to write colur and size that you put on the thread the other day, so I am seeing if it works!(size)(colour)
:cp: :bravo: :dancer: :cb:
I shall have to wait till the end to find out :devil:
Today I have been swimming at LAFitness and I am very proud to announce that I DID 10 LENGTHS!!!
:cp: :cp: :cp: :goodvibes :strong: :wizard: :encore: :encore: :bubbles: :cheers: :cheer: and then I got in the jacuzzi so I felt very good...and then I went to have a shower and they had gone wrong and there was no heat so you could have a freezing cold one or not bother, and go home looking like a swimming accident and hope you met no-one on the way.... :o That rather ruined the atmosphere but it was great whilst it lasted!! The water was superb and warm and the jacuzzi was HOTand the company was good too. A little cosy with 5 of us sitting in it all at once but never mind. But now I hurt :sumo: :sumo: :rollpin: :rollpin: and as ever I wonder whether it was all worth it. I loved it at the time but I cannot seem to stop an abundance of pain and misery as soon as half an hour after I get out. It always happens.... :devil: :devil: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: and it puts me off going too often. Does anyone know if chronic pain conditions actually stop kicking back after excersise the more you do? Does the body get lulled in to a sense of false security?
Eating has been good today if you discount breakfast....I did...I got up too late to bother so I had cereal and skimmed milk for lunch and pasta with tomato and basil pasatta and brocolli and haddock fish cakes for dinner, and 2 plums and a couple of sugar free vanilla biscuits.. :T :T .and 2 MST slow release!!!! :p :p :rofl:
My neighbour commented that was I losing weight again and I had to say the scales did not think so! :dunno: :kickcan: But perhaps the swimming would help....and eating more sensibly.
I am afraid I didn't get to take tea on my patio the time I got in from my social worker session I was tired and went to sleep for 2 hours instead!!! Another day permitting, of course. ;)
Oh I almost forgot, readers of the journal, I found plenty of room in my neighbour's bin to fill it up with my over flowing recyclables.....the joke is....the :doh: :crazy: binmen didn't EMPTY MY BIN!!!!! As I am a "back door collection" I really cannot understand why they just don't turn in at the gate whilst they pass it to collect the next door's bin...Now I will have to ring them up and :coach: :coach: :coach: :sumo: :sumo: :censored:
Night night all. Good morning Shad....and SHAKER???? :genie:

04-21-2004, 05:50 PM
:mad: :mad: :yikes: :yikes:
Oh dear. It didn't work!!! What did I do wrong, Miss Mel????

04-21-2004, 05:52 PM
Teel you must spell " color " the american way. LOL

04-21-2004, 05:54 PM
and you forgot the slashes~ /size /color to end the size and color at the end

04-21-2004, 05:59 PM
Right. Let's try again!!!(size=5)(color=red)Hello (size/color)

04-21-2004, 06:01 PM
:yikes: :yikes: :rollpin: :rollpin: :sumo: :sumo: :sumo: :sumo: I think it must be my being extremely thick!!!! Sorry Miss. 0/10.... :coach: :coach: :coach: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan:

04-21-2004, 06:03 PM
Teel~ Nice work out in the pool but could I make a suggestion? Maybe for a few weeks you could just paddle around and do somw stretching and get the body started. Then little by little you could do a length here and a length there. Swimming twists the body and back as you turn your head from side to side. There are therapy water exercises that maybe you could find on the internet OR from your therapist? Then you wouldn't feel like it's a mistake to go. You know how we all love to do too much too soon thinking it's a good think while the body wants to shoot us!:rofl: Hope it all works out and hope the color lessons do too! :lol:

04-21-2004, 06:21 PM
hi all my post from last night seems to have disappeared or was removed "eeeek" so ill post the one i put on uk so as youll know what im talking about
my freind has just called me and remiinded me that im supposed to be at court tomorrow as a witness thank f**k she remembered or tomorrow night i would be detained at her majestys pleasure and if i go here at 9 and the bloody woman doesnt turn up again {this will be the third time weve been here and she hasnt turned up and sent in exscuses such as her kid was sick or she didnt have any money to get there } ill be getting a sick line from my doctor to say i wont be going back again bugger i really dont want to go its not my idea of fun at all sitting in a witness room all day only to be told that the accused has decieded not to grace us with her presence again oh well musnt grumble at least its not me on trial so im going to go and get something to eat and get everything ready for in the morning i hate rushing about and i hate mornings i am not a morning person at all SAL ill put that recipie on at some time tonight promise
speak soon kirsty

04-21-2004, 06:24 PM
right ill now continue the saga but because im knackered im pasting this from uk so that i dont get anymore rows about short post{sorry am i forgiven} will speak to you all later
hi all im freeeeee


well as you can probably all tell they didnt lock me up but it was a close shave i arrived at court at the un godly hour of nine am and had a not so lovely surprise to let you all understand this person {and i use the term loosely}assaulted made up false allegations and generally made life **** for my downstairs neighbours it was tommys ex girlfreind and i was a witness to this girl trying top kick in their door and assaulting tommy so i get to court and was standing outside having a fag when this nutter stood beside me talking to herself and approaching everyone that looked like a lawyer stating that shed been assaulted so someone got security and they got this lass a chair and found her lawyerand got the police and of course me being nosy just stood their and listned to what was going on apparantly the three witnesses against her had got a hold of her and gave her a good kicking and as the policemen asked for names she blurted out mine and my two freinds who hadnt even got there yet so the policewoman came and asked me if id seen anything and i said to her youd better not ask me as im supposed to have assaulted her she just sort of looked at me and went over to the lassie and said do you recognise that lady and she said no but she might have seen them attacking me the policewoman said she should have according to you she assaulted you well everybody collapsed about laughing heres this great big tall strapping lassie and poor wee me with my walking stick well that was the start of a very interesting day and to top it all im now going to be cited again to appear against this nutter again as she has been charged with waistng police time making false allegations and waisting court time and staff
so i got home at three oclock and was so dammned tired i promtly sat down and fell asleep and have done no housework and ordered takeaway for tea{at seven thirty im going to get done for cruelty} and my poor dogs never got fed till 7.45 so they arent talking to me and because of the takeaway ill probably be weight plus 10 tomorrow at slimming world sal the next time your in edinburgh give me a call and ill meet you for lunch you can steer me away from do you know they call to me when im asleep PEACOCK thanks very much for that very good advice im going to sit and put in all my appointments later im not normally this bad but i think its been that long since i was originally cited {november last year} that i completely forgot SAL while i remember i will put that goulash recipie in later as im nice abd awake now the only thing is the weights and measyrements are for a family of four so you can either feed the clan or freeze some or just cut everything in halfwell im going to go and get semi organized and will be back later thanks for all the good wishes and one day i will find out why it always happens to me you know crowded bus stop and the nutcase or alckie always talk to me

04-21-2004, 06:25 PM
sorry it took out all the smileys so its a bit long winded

04-22-2004, 12:32 AM
:rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3: :rofl: :lol3:
Love it linus. Reminds me of something that happened in the days I was driving taxis. Remind me to tell you about it one day when I am at home.

Well I've just been out to lunch with a couple of workmates, we went to the local sizzler and had an enjoyable time away from the office. I was really good and went for the salad bar and had lots of veges. So many in fact that there was no room on my plate for bread or pasta. I splurged a bit with some guacomole as well, but very little damage done. You gotta love the vegetable bar.

Gym last night was a ooooooohhh allllllllrighhhhht I better go. I don't wanna go, but I better go. Lucky the car is an obedient little girl and turned off at all the right places and deposited me in a car park right outside the gym!!!!! Once into it, I was saying things like, well just get to the 15 minute mark, just get to 150 cals, just get to 1.7k and then you can go home. Then the rowing machine got in the way as well and I had to stop on that, but I have to admit that at the end I was a very slow rower. Cambridge or Oxford will never take me on I fear. Might be able to row in the Olympics for some team like Ethiopa I guess :lol:

DS#1 sent me a birthday parcel of some yummy new body creams, gels, salts and oils. I think I will pamper myself in the bath on Saturday night all ready for the non-party birthday the following day :balloons: :hb: Actually I am hoping to go out to breakfast with the family if possible. Little bro has suggested the Calamvale Pub on many occasions so maybe we could all go there. :cofdate: :coffee2: :coffee:

Anyway I had best go find some work to do, or even better get lost for an hour or so. Catch up later.

peacock 2
04-22-2004, 03:57 AM
Teel - it sounds like it will be good weatherwise the weekend so you may be abe to have tea, brekkie and dinner out on your patio, you never know!

I am off to an Italia restaurant tonight with the girls from work, then staying with a friend unti Sunday night, then a pub quiz. I hope I do ok. If it is about who is in the charts at the moment, or too much sport, I am afraid I wil be cr*p. We shall see.

04-22-2004, 06:09 AM
Oh LINUS :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: a few hundred hugs to you m'dear after yesterdays turmoils.:headache: No wonder you are exhausted.:hot: :bomb: ..never mind about the housework and the cooking. Just get your poor body a bit more pain free and relaaaaaax. :bubbles:
:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
What on earth was that pathetic woman thinking of, with false accusations as stupid as the one she made? Thank goodness for an inch of sense from the criminal justice system in this occassion.
Shad, m'dear, are you counting the days yet or even the hours till you are a free woman for a while? And here is a teeling off!! :coach: (or even a telling off) You should not be opening your birthday pressies :devil: :mad: :s: until your birthday!!! BAD GIRL!! :rollpin: :nono: :nono: :dz: Hope breakfast with brother comes to he paying? :^: :love: :T
I won't forget on the day but here are a few not-your-birthday greetings to help you get there!! :hb: :cool: :gift: :flow2: :grouphug:
My bit of excercise did not make for a good nights sleep! :stress: But I have physio today so perhaps the chest pain that is now all in the shoulder blades (!) will abate a bit. :devil: :(
The sun is out to play today so far :sunny: :sunny: so I have hung the washing out. The next big task for me is to completely tidy up my house so the parents can visit! :dizzy: I have finished sorting my video collection out from one cabinet to my new "entertainment cabinet" but I don't want to throw the old one out as it is a big deep drawer and very useful for keeping things like big telephone directories in. I just don't know where to put it!! :dunno:
Eating has been good today!!!(yes I know it is only 10:06hrs but still, a lovely full English could have ruined everything! For breakfast I had 2 crackers with onion and chives cottage cheese and a (revolting) mug of black coffee.... :coffee:
That's it for now....oh! I forgot! I rang up the bin emptying service today and gave a bit of what for..:coach: :coach: :coach: ..should be emptied today....fingers crossed!!!

04-22-2004, 07:20 AM
if they dont teel give me a call my bucketmen are sweeties ill send them down im sure theyd enjoy the trip i had an old cabinet that i didnt want to throw out so i put it inside a cupboard and use it for storage its handy having everything put away and hubby says the cupboard is that clean it only took him two hours to find the drill !!men!!!

04-22-2004, 09:51 AM
Linus~ wasn't sure wether to laugh or cry! :rofl: Sometimes life is like a sick comedy of errors. Glad you were standing there. Imagine if the 3 of you walked up and THEN she pointed a finger?! OMG!!!:yikes: :faint: Too bad you have to go back! Hope today is much more calmer and no hanging around the Bobbies!!

Shad~ I hope the Birthday breakfast is a good one!!! On your special day I think you should treat yourself! :hb: Nice present from the DS :gift: I love soaps and things. Sounds like a lovely weekend coming up. Glad you got out with the co-workers. Can't imagine what the topic of conversation was! :rofl: or did they ignore it ALL-together:lol: May the sun shines on your Birthday Parade!!

Teel~I am calling those chair people today. I still have not heard a word. Thanks for asking as it also reminded me I didn't get the call yet this week! :shrug: :mad: Sounds like Linus needs help with this crazie! You sic the dog on her and I'll run her over as she runs away! We'll sort this whole mess out in 5 minutes! Hope the sun shines on your tea party too!

I better go and do a wash so as the day is not wasted. I did absolutely nothing yesterday. The only movement out of me was 30 mins on the pedaller and about 15 mins with weights. Not bad but messy house! :rofl:
Have a great day and :coach: WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE!!!! :dunno:

peacock 2
04-22-2004, 10:06 AM
Poor Ol' Linus. Can't even get arrested!!!!!!!

04-22-2004, 12:03 PM
nope nobody loves me in saying that the carry on were having over here with the private security company they hired to do the contract for looking after prisoners and transporting them id just be let go anyway they let go a 17 year old murderer last week and they still havent found him MEL the word to set my dog on anyone is "munch them" its a good idea to have words that you average person wouldnt know as people will walk past you and shout fatch or sic um and think its funny when your dog goes nuts and my cleo is nuttty enough i sometimes wish that some dog will bite her {not to hard } as it might calm her down a bit at the moment she thinks shes invincable anyway will come back in tonight and let you all know how i get on at slimming world
speak later

04-22-2004, 01:09 PM
:smug: :smug: :spin: I have just found a wonderful site for those struggling with the everlasting challenge of weight loss. I found it first in Slimming Magazine and hiked on over on the net to take a look. It is one of these sites where you input all the food you eat during the day, all the excercise you do and it comes up like magic with how many calories you have indulged in, all the nutritional info, how many calories were burned doing an excercise and goal planning and everything else you could possibl want in a data base site. I don't know if I can advertise it here so if anyone wants it, give me a shout and I will give you the address. At the moment they have a three day free trial going on so you can "try before you buy"! After that it costs between 7 and 9 a month depending on which package you decide to go for. I think it's an absolute beauty of a resource. :wizard: Takes discipline :comp: :comp: to fill in all the data required but then isn't that what losing weight is all about?DISCIPLINE!!!I am trying Miss Mels trick again :lol: So far today I have 135 cals left to play with after dinner.:chin:....a yoghurt perhaps?? :strong: :drill: :drill: :lol3: :lol3:
:flow2: lets see what's happened this time????
Oh and the bin man knocked on the door enquiring where the bin was hiding that he was supposed to be emptying so I showed him down the back pathway and left him to it. He also asked where Stoney Lane was....having enlightened hime I asked if that was another missed bin....:rollpin::devil: :devil: are correct. Genius. It was..... :lol3: :lol3:

04-22-2004, 01:15 PM
[SIZE=7]IT WORKED!!YIPEE! YIPEE! THANK'S MISS MEL :queen: FOR THE CYBER-LESSON[SIZE=7] :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Capital letters and American spelling make for the important differance! :wizard:
Now to celebrate!!! Lets have a glass of Diet Coke!! :cheers: :cheers: :encore: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

04-22-2004, 01:31 PM
hey you did it way to go you

04-22-2004, 06:13 PM
Bad day at the gym yesterday - although I did manage to get my 30 minutes sweat up. It was hard going. I think Madcat has the right idea, do 2 days hard toil and have a day off then another 2 days. It's taking its toll on this unfit body. I have to force myself to eat when I get home. It is getting easier, and I will keep it up at least 4 times a week, 5 if I can make it. I make a future commitment to 4.
My biggest problem is the perceived lack of movement both in the way clothes fit and on those evil scales. The only time I see movement downward on those scales is when I take the fluid reduction tablets. If I forget, it just keeps going up and it is bl**dy difficult to bring back down again. I've cut back on pasta, and potatoes. I eat rice occasionally, and still nothing budges. The pants I wore yesterday feel different, they make me feel like something is happening but it is difficult to say what as one bit seems a bit looser - as in they don't fit as snugly in the waist and upper hip, and they are baggier in the crutch but they fit tight in the lower hip area - is my butt growing????? I HOPE NOT!!!!!
Enough whinging, I best get ready and go to work. I've decided to go in late today and take in a gym class at 5.30pm instead of going early and finishing at late as well. I'm going to work to office hours, now there is a real change. Normally my day is around 9.-91/2 hours, today I am going to work 8. Yeehaa.

Weekend coming up tonight - again yeehaa - so much to do and blessing of all blessings it is another long weekend. We have a whole series of them from Easter to the beginning of May, one more in June and then the long drought until Christmas. I wish I knew how to speed the weekdays up and draw out the weekends. Seems to work in reverse down here.

Mel I am sorry to hear that the DD is having BF problems. The Latin lovers are so hard to live with. Seems that to be able to put up with them you need two houses where you can both take time out and rejuvenate and have some peace. Of course that doesn't suit the Latin temperament, but it sure as **** does the solid British stiff upper lip. Why do you think those Aristocrats built places like Buck House and Woburn Abbey. 600 odd rooms to get lost in! At Hampton Court Palace for instance it was a good 20 minutes walk from the Queens apartments to the Kings Apartments. Plenty of time for the temper to cool.

Teel, I hope you gave him directions for the long way round to get to Stoney Lane. Or maybe got confused and sent him to Sandy Lane. Getting clever with the colours hey!!

Okay, best get ready for another day. Should now be in the thick of the commuter traffic so I will be even later than expected. Care factor - on a scale of 1 - 10 about negative 2

04-23-2004, 05:54 AM
We have one of those nights here tonight. One of those nights where the stars are just hanging in the sky and you just feel like you can reach out and touch them. To add to that, the moon is a silver crescent hanging up there by one tiny point with the brightest Venus right next to it.
I can identify the Southern Cross with its 2 huge pointers, I can see Centaurus (the bull) and Orion as clear as a bell. Those are the ones I can identify easily. There's the pot up there and just maybe if I stood out there for a bit longer I would see some else that I know.

Happy's DH would never come inside!!!!

04-23-2004, 07:03 AM
I think the whole world must have been scanning the beautiful sky last night. We had one to die for.... :dizzy: :stars: :stars: :wizard: sorry about the starts but I couldn't find a more decent smilie! There was a gleaming silvery/gold (!) crescent moon (how come Australasia had the same moon? I'd kind of assumed it would be opposite.. :chin: ) and some gorgeous shining as bright as they could stars...but I am not as clever as Shad so I don't know which ones they were, and I didn't hang around long enough to work the positions out....
Pause there for a slurp of coffee. :coffee2: :coffee2: I have just finished updating my food diary. It really is the most amazing thing. I looked at yesterdays final report and I have a pie chart (couldn't they call it something other than a pie!) showing my nutritional profile and charts of calorie summary, nutritional summary and how many calories I ate at each meal. AWESOME!! :cheer: :cheer: Sorry to be ranting and raving about this but at least I am excited about something again...must be spring...!!! :flow2: :flow1: :flow1: :flow2:
I am meeting my support worker at midday to go to LAFitness....hope the showers are working again....
HAPPY!! Isn't it time you were back from the big city of lights?
LINUS are you recovered from nearly being a criminal the other day?
ROSEBLUSH you haven't been to say heelo for a while.:mag:where are you hiding? ..I hope you are well and please come back and see us...I for one want to know how the wolves are doing in the forest! ;)
It is a beautiful sunny day today :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: and Holly has been lying on the newly cut (well okay three day old cut!) lawn sunning herself. I haven't had time yet for my tea on the patio!!Perhaps this afternoon!!! :coffee: :coffee:
PEACOCK you are a bit quiet with your news as well, come! Regale us with tales from the big smoke!!!
MEL!!!What are you up to today....hope it is a nice morning over the pond when you wake up over there.... :faint: :faint: how are the firemen doing...:flame: :flame:
AND SHAKER!!!Come on in, the water's lovely!!!
Right. I shall leave you in peace ....bye bye! :wave: :wave: :wave:

04-23-2004, 07:28 AM
Happy swimming little teel. Don't go too far out of your depth!!!

04-23-2004, 02:14 PM
[COLOR=RED]12 LENGTHS...YEEHAAAAA!!!![COLOR] :strong: :strong: :spin: :spin: :cp: :cp: :dancer: :dancer: :dance: :dance: :goodvibes :goodvibes :cheer: :cheer:
:bubbles: :bubbles: :bubbles: :bubbles: :bubbles: and 2 7 minute jacuzzi cycles....for the second one I had the jacuzzi pool ALL to myself.......ooooooooh!

04-23-2004, 02:15 PM
Ah. That was not as I thought it was going to be....ho hum. Back to Miss MEL'S lesson plan......

04-23-2004, 05:49 PM
well done you i was going to send you a rubber ring just in case but as freindly as your neighbourly nurse is i dont think the coronary care unit would accept a rubber ring or would want to deliver it

04-23-2004, 06:31 PM
Thanks for the thought, Linus!! :lol:
It's a bit quiet round here tonight! Where is everyone???
I am listening to Simon & Garfuncle playing through my pc. Homeward Bound is on as I :comp: :comp: Ah has finished. Now it is Kathy's Song....I need Shad tonight to tell me what that bright shining star is that's kind of hanging from the bottom of the moon. It is such a bright silver crescent moon with a star as clear as clear down at the bottom right hand corner....sort of a 10:00 moon witha 16:00 star.... :wizard: :D Absolutely beautiful. And now as we are on "I Am A Rock " and it is 22:30hrs I guess I should be heading in the direction of the bedroom. Holly has already had her bedtime chewy...if I don't go soon she will think she is entitled to another one! :s: :s:
Good night all. Happy weekend..... :wave: :wave: :grouphug: :grouphug:

04-23-2004, 06:35 PM
Teel, you forgot to put the / in front of color in the last bracket. I always put a space between color = whatever and it doesn't work. I think it is the shock of spelling the word wrong!!! :nono:
Big YAHOO :dance: on the 12 lengths of the pool. You are going to win the weight battle by swimming young Teel and I don't think there is any better way to do it for people with bad backs and limbs etc. There is little pressure on the faulty bit/s :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
I've had a good nights sleep and now there is three days ahead of me with which to enjoy myself. I've done the majority of the washing and just need to do the rest of the house this morning. Dust sweep etc. and then I can enjoy the days. Don't have much planned yet, Dawn Parade on Sunday morning, then breakfast and maybe a trip down the Gold Coast at some stage. Back to the gym on Monday.
Teel you ought to be on the phone this morning - the parrots are back. There are Eastern Rosellas - sometimes known as Rainbow Lorikeets, and the Indian Ring neck Rosella - so named because there are times when you would like to wring its neck. And I guess soon the big guys, the sulphur crested cockatoos will be back to squawk and sh*t upon us. The Native Acacia trees are starting to bloom. That's what is bringing them in. All that nectar and the birds get quite drunk on it. It's fun to watch them hanging upside down by one foot and screeching at the others. Sometimes they even fall off the tree. Fortunately for those in this garden, the cat is an highly unusual and highly unsuccessful hunter.
Still haven't lost any weight despite all this frantic exercise. Think I may have to shake up the metabolism and put myself on a fast and see if that will budge anything. I wouldn't mind if I was only 10lb from my goal, but I'm 30lb out and have been trying to get rid of it for what seems like forever.

Okay, time to stop moaning and move on. Have a great day all. And Mel, it's not my birthday till tomorrow, but thank you all the same. I will enjoy the cyber cake.

04-23-2004, 06:38 PM
We are posting at the same time again Teel. Don't have a clue about the star. I thought it was Venus which is usually in that area of our sky from dusk to about 9.00pm or thereabouts. However it may not be.

04-23-2004, 07:01 PM
you may well be right...whatever, it sure is a beautiful sight.....I'd love to be able to do astonomy....the stars and planets really enthrall me and I know prcious little about them...I would like Heaven to be like that. All galaxies and moons and planets and wonderful colours....we are lucky here in Thurston....not too much ambient light to mess up the darkness of the sky. I feel quite priveledged! :stars: :stars: :wizard: :dance: :dancer:
Oh and by the way,:coach: :drill: NO MORE opening birthday pressies till the day :nono: but enjoy your bath full of smellies and bubbles tonight....just don't forget you have to get out at some point before you turn into a lobster....or a raisin....or a sultana! :lol3: :lol3:
Night night. Again. Holly has given up waiting!!

04-23-2004, 07:02 PM
Ooops sorry little drill man. It looks as if the coach is shouting in your ear!!! :lol:

04-23-2004, 09:48 PM
good evening ladies how are we all tonight {i just use my time zone i get so confused} sorry for not coming in last night i was in a bit of a funk with myself went to slimming world and had only lost 2 pound i was totally disgusted with myself that is the least ive lost in a week since i started dieting but it was my own fault i ate really really badly take aways crisps and chinkies :rolleyes: :moo: :ink: :doh: :sumo: so ive spent last night and today giving myself a sever talking to and think ive got a handle on this funk so ive been super on plan all day my poor dogs wont talk to me as weve walked five miles today i should be knacked off at myself more often its done wonders so ive set my self the task of losing three pounds by next thursday and i will do it i WANT to be under 16 stone for the first time in twelve years and im 16.2 so three will take me under my son gave me a sideways compliment tonight he said hed have to stop calling me the chinese phone book as my chins where disappearing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: so with that ringing in my ears and the scolding :censored: :drill: :drill: :drill: :coach: :coach: i gave myself hopefully ill get rid of that 3 pound and wipe some smirks off some faces at the next meeting they are all much slimmer than me the only one remotely close is only 14 stone and i beat her by 2 stone so im now off to bed to cuddle into my hubby and off to sleep for me as im absolutely knackered i will speak to you all tomorrow and have a good a good evening or whatever is suitable

04-23-2004, 09:49 PM
ps ROSE WHERE ARE YOU WERE BEGINING TO THINK THE WOLVES HAVE GOT YOU or the woodpeckers are taking revenge

04-24-2004, 07:12 AM
[SIZE=4]LINUS!! :nono: STOP IT! BERATING YOURSELF FOR LOSING "ONLY" 2 LBS!!! 2lbs is a good loss in a week so BE PROUD of yourself!
[SIZE=4] :wizard: :cp: :cp: :bravo:

04-24-2004, 10:42 AM

04-24-2004, 10:57 AM
Teel~ Wow what great swimming!! You are a wonder. I think Shad is right and you will conquer this within the water!!! Had a good laugh with linus' rubber ring! :rofl:
with the posts, always remember what ever goes into brackets before a word or letter must come off at the end. Loved the colors and smileys! :lol: Cannot wait to see how you progress! People will be coming from miles around just to see YOUR POSTS!

Linus~ Congrats on the loss! I will be happy with ONE pound! :lol: You and the dogs certainly walked your little feet of huh? Nice workout!! Good luck with the plan and please.....what are chinkies!? :rofl: I have been trying to guess but you didn't give enough to go on! :rofl:

Shad~ The DD and BF looked at the sky and told me not to bother. We were overcast and nothing much was showing. Ah the pains of living on the coast. Too much smog!!!!
Your description reminded me of days of olde when I was young and my brother and I would lie on the grass and show each other things in the sky. At night the stars and the dippers and in day the animals in the clouds. What a simpler time it was. NO STRESS! :rofl: Hope the weekend is progressing well!!! :lol:

Where have all the women gone? Long time passing......
I want to get some sorting finished. I think the clothes closet needs cleaning out. There are somethings that have too many "worn" spots and I keep them anyway. Need to toss them and take a bit more pride in what I wear. I have come a loooong way though. :rofl: Have a wonderful weekend and take care!!!

04-24-2004, 12:58 PM
[QUOTE=MELODY525] please.....what are chinkies!?

er......Chinese Take Away Meals..:yikes: ..very scrummy and VERY NAUGHTY!! :nono: :nono: :T :hun: :hun: bad girl you!!!

04-24-2004, 01:05 PM
:rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin: :rollpin: please tell me what I am doing wrong!! :^: :^: :sumo: :sumo: :sumo: :sumo: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan:

04-24-2004, 01:25 PM
:cofdate: :cheer: :gift: :cp: :cb: :dance: :flow1: :flow2: :dancer: :twirly: :wizard: :balloons: :bubbles: :encore: :sunny: Hope the day starts off just fine!! :cheer: :hb: :gift: :dance: :cb: :cp: :hb: :wave: :love:

04-24-2004, 01:30 PM
The letters can be upper or lower cas. Doesn't matter. In the last post you had a "/" in the beginning instead of just at the end. and you for got to put a "/" at the end for size. so it should have been:

[size=5 ][color=blue ] blah blah blah[/color ][/size ]

the Slashes( / ) are to end color, size, bold etc.

04-24-2004, 03:39 PM
:cb: :cb: i know i was naughty thats why i was berating myself but gave oneself a sever talking too and am fine now just will not be going off plan i will lose three pound HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAD :hb: :hb: :bravo: :bravo: :gift: :gift: :gift: :dancer: :dancer: :grouphug: :grouphug: :high: :high: :queen: :queen: :queen: :encore: :encore: :encore: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :goodluck: :stars: :stars: :sunny: :sunny: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: SORRY SHAD I JUST CANT LOOK AT ANY MORE SMILEYS HAVE A GREAT DAY and sending you lots of love and luck just for you

04-24-2004, 04:49 PM
Hello everyone, Shad I hope you have a great day and terrific year..... new adventures, new jobs, new people to meet and places to go await you!!!!
I have had a rough week, hopefully things will be better after next week for me. I am under alot of pressure and have been really putting up with this female stuff for toooo long.... I think my family is ready to operate on me themselves!!!! Scary thought.
I do hope everyone is well and I need to learn how to make pretties like Teel... someday when my mind can wrap around it I will tackle it. Thanks for being here ladies and I will post more later...I am actually outside getting some work done for a change...yah!
Linus thanks for the email for the bird guy I will see what he has to say about these little trouble makers.... hope you are welll. and glad everything turned out alright at court.
Have a great weekend all.
Thinking of you,

04-25-2004, 07:01 PM
Have only just managed to get back onto the threads. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and smilies. I like cyber cakes, they have no calories.
Yes I had a wonderful day. I went out to breakfast with the little bro. There were no holds barred and I did not need to eat again (or even want to) until dinner. Breakfast was full on, the works etc. Bacon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes grilled with cheese, hash browns, toast, cereal, fruit, yoghurt and coffee. The lot. Then I went home to a plethora of overseas phone calls. First our own Melody called on the Saturday. I'm still trying to figure out if she got the days and times mixed up or she knew she was a day in front! Then on Sunday #1 DS and then our Teel, then my sister in NZ and finally Chris from Japan. Chris complained that she had been trying since 11oclock in the morning to get in. Then I had interstate phone calls, and finally some friends calling in, so I well spoilt. Only one I did not hear from is my big brother. No doubt he will ring sometime during the week full of apologies and it will be my fault because he could not get through on the phone. He will never admit that he may have forgotten!!! Men.

So what to do on my day off. It looks like another beautiful day coming up. I wonder when the temps will start falling to be winter type temps. It's still sunburn stuff out there. The night temps have fallen somewhat and that makes sleeping a much more pleasant pastime, but the days are still right up there at 30C. There's plenty to do and I will need to make a list and stick to it today to achieve the goals set for this weekend.

Roseblush it is good to have you back again. We were beginning to get a bit worried about you. Please get something done before it drives you over the edge - you could get as silly as we are?!!! and that's saying something.

Linus, 2lb is 2lb. Right now I would be delighted with 2oz. My weight hasn't moved (except up) in months.

Teel, keep up the swimming. One thing I do know is that swimming is so good for gentle and non pressure exercise. I used to enjoy aquarobics and wish that there was a pool near me that had classes.

Mel, hope the flooding has subsided in the foyer. One day someone will invent a robot maintenance man. Actually we have them now, but the new variety will be able to think and reason and actually act on thoughts.

Well I better go and get this list of mine up and running. Can't sit here all day. Have a good one everyone. Happy should be back soon and regaling us with tales of her vacation - or maybe she has won a fortune at Vegas and is on her way to tell us in person!

04-26-2004, 09:30 AM
Good Morning Everyone,
I am back and ready to make some noise again. We got home after midnight last night and being that we were used to it being 2 hours earlier with the time change, both of us got to bed quite late and didn't get nearly enough sleep before the alarm started ringing.

Tried to catch up on posts but seemed to have a bit of trouble with the site last night. At one point it quit altogether which is probably a good thing or I may not hav gotten any sleep at all.

Vacation was nice. We had a good time, took in some beautiful sights and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Had a good time with DH's family too - they are such wonderful people. On the bad side, I developed extreme blisters on each of my little toes at the onset of our trip. Since we did lots of walking each day, I never got a chance to stay off the feet and let them rest up. At times I was quite the hobbling thing. I did take 3 pairs of shoes with me but was only able to wear my sneakers for the most part as my feet got worse.

I was also horrified to see that I have gained 5 pounds while away. :yikes: Food was on an odd schedule - we seemed to eat breakfast at a normal time but often had a late lunch and skipped dinner or had a very late dinner. Since we were doing lots of traveling by car, I did not drink near enough water.

And... yes I have quit smoking. Had my last cigarette right before bed last Tuesday night as I was leaning over the pier watching the surf roll in. Had debated about waiting until vacation was over but decided that no, I had to commit. It wasn't too hard not smoking for 2 days in California as I didn't have the opportunity to smoke. Las Vegas was another story. Smoking all around me made it difficult. Many times I was tempted but was able to resist. I had about 5 packs of cigarettes with me - for the few days I smoked on vacation, I didn't smoke near as much as I usually do so I had some leftovers and at the horrid prices I was not about to toss them - will send them to my aunt instead. Today is day 6 smoke free but now that I am home I am finding it harder than ever - so many habits I had that I associated with cigarettes all around me. I think it is more difficult now than last week when I stopped. But I will be strong and overcome this! Fortunately after 11 days away there is not much of anything to nibble on in the house.

Will take me a while to catch up with you so bear with me. The next few days will be busy as I have homework to catch up on and getting back into the swing of work is always a challenge when you've been away. I should be chatting away by Wednesday at the latest. Have a good week!!!!

04-26-2004, 09:33 AM
I just posted a long reply and then it was gone........ I have seen others say that has happened to them....and now I have experienced it.....oh dear...will write more later........
Roseblush :(

04-26-2004, 09:38 AM
I see we posted at the same time I wonder if that is what happened to the post.... welcome home and good luck with the non smoking...... I think the battle is when you are in your own environment and fighting the demons on your own turf...... you have done it 6 days just do it one more day.....
Have a good one!

04-26-2004, 11:50 AM
:cry: :cry: :cry:

Looks like Shad won't be the only one looking for a job... got a phone call today - seems our company has been bought by another. More than likely we will all lose our jobs in June.

The idea of going through a job hunt again is more than depressing. I just keep saying to myself that a cigarette will NOT fix this. I'm going off to a corner to sort out my thoughts...

04-26-2004, 02:00 PM
Oh Happy I am so sorry that you, too may be joining Shad in the hunt for a new job in a few weeks time... :mad: :( I do hope and pray that something comes along that cries out to you to go and grab it without too much hassle..That sort of news is not the sort you want this near to a birthday!...Well done though for the no-smoking.:cool:.YOU ARE BRILL!:strong: :bravo: :goodvibes:And you know that the 5 lbs gain will come off now you are home and eating "normal for you" food.

I was so SO BAD yesterday in the evening when my eating plan went to pot. A VERY BIG POT!! I was an angel all day but very tired through not having enough sleep the night before. I also regretted having a cooked breakfast although it was very nice at the I didn't eat much lunch (fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt) and by the evening I was over hungry. The meal I had was not enough even with a load of vegetables and in the middle of the evening I suddenly had this craving for the 2 slices of ham in the fridage in a margarined bread sandwich...and just to make a bad situation even worse, I put the end of the mini tub of philadelphia light cheese on the bread as well...:fr:I wont tell you what else I had! I have already confessed all on the UKFatChicks site. To say I am ashamed is the understatement!!
So today I am back on track and have calorie counted even the diet coke, and been swimming again. I know I did 12 lengths but I can't remember whether it was actually 14....never mind, an extra 2 will do me the power of good!!!

04-26-2004, 07:28 PM
Aaaah Happy, welcome home, it's good to see you back although not with the news on the job front which awaited you. Such is life for the workers of this world. Get that resume updated because you never know when you may need it. Do you subscribe to any of the jobs online sites? I sent my resume in to a couple of places over the weekend. The automatic replies came back shortly after. Thanks for the interest, however due to the huge amount of interest in this placement, you may not hear from us if we find people with better qualifications than yours. If you....blah blah blah. Interestingly at least one of the jobs started the ad as: Urgently required, must start next week etc etc etc.
Such forethought and planning. :blah:
Good going on the smoking. You can beat this. It is another curve in life's pathway. Eventually you will forget that you want a cigarette. Believe me, been there done that.
Roseblush, the loss of a post seems to happen quite often for one reason or another. No one seems to be able to say why. However when I have a nice long post which may have taken me ages to do, I copy it. Highlight all the lines and press Ctrl and C together and if it disappears, I go back and paste it all back in again and have another go. Usually works by time number 2.
Keep up that swimming Teel. I'm sure you will see some results in measurements if not weight soon.
Talking of weight. I'm having some more problems. Not sure whether it is the scale or me, but I am piling on weight according to the scale, another 1.5 went on this weekend despite all the gym and I an now back to 77.5kg another .5 and I will be heavier than I was when I started weight watching shortly after my Dad died 10 years ago. When I consider that I lost 10kg then and only had another 8 to go, I feel fairly depressed about it. i"ve now got 17.5kg to go. I'm drinking the water, eating good food, and exercising and gaining. Tutai, tutai, tutai. So I am going to have to take some drastic action to try and work this out. I'm about to make an appointment with the Dr. I'll need some more Moduretic in the next 3 weeks anyway and see if he can spot anything that is going on or wrong.
Guess I had best go and do something that I get paid for. Only 4 days to go and counting.

04-26-2004, 07:41 PM
Since it is the 27th of April here in the land downunder:

Happy Birthday to HAPPY2BME

04-26-2004, 08:49 PM
:wave: :hb: :cb: :cp: :hat: :gift: :flow1: :dance: :dancer: :twirly: :balloons: :encore: :cheer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HAPPY!! :wave: :hb: :joker: :hb: :cp: :cb: :dance: :hat: :gift: :flow1: :flow2: :dancer: :twirly: :wizard: :balloons: :bubbles: :encore: :cheer:

:cheer:Happy~Welcome home and great work on the ciggie thing!!! :cheer:I am very proud of you!! Continued success!! sorry about the job hunt. Seems like a lot of that is going around..Hope you all find something soon! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! Have any plans?! Or just you and the Hubby!!!
Missed your chatty posts. a friend maybe taking a pic of me again. One with my new clothes on. I'll send it to you so you can aid the disabled (mentally) PC person! LOL If she cannot figure it out herself! LOL Have a great day tomorrow!

Nae~ Good to see you back and sounding like yourself despite the probs. Hope you're feeling ok too. I have lost many a post because I posted with another. I wonder where they go to though?! :lol:

Shad~ Yes I called on saturday so I wouldn't interfere with the breakfast thing! :lol: I was afraid you would leave early and who knows when you would get back! So glad a good time was had. so sorry about the weight gain. I go from169 to 173. Up and down and up and down and seem to be stuck on the 173 now!!! :( Ahhhhh the joys of wight loss!:rofl:

Linus~ 2 lbs YAY YAY YAY!!! Good for you! Congrats!!! I hope to start the losing part again soon! :lol:

Teel~ WOW what a spree!!! Was it tasty at least? Hope you enjoyed it. There is always tomorrow so don't go nuts on yourself. Great work on the continued swimming!!! I can almost smell the water when you post! :lol:

I am beat. 6 loads of winter and summer wash are done. Back is tired but a good tired if you know what I mean. Thought the eyes were going bad again but this morning I see they look ok. I think tomorrow is a well deserved day of rest. Maybe a little cooking but something simple like a meatloaf! One dish and one pot!!!:lol: Have a great night/day and take care.

04-26-2004, 08:56 PM
We keep this up Mel, Happy will be having a 48hour birthday. Still it is a special one for her.

04-26-2004, 09:14 PM
Wait till she sees the journal! :faint::rofl: I put them all up in case she gets up first. I am thinking of sleeping in and have a video all picked out for the mornings lie in! :lol: :lol:

04-26-2004, 09:25 PM
Ooooh you are naughty. Happy is likely to kill us off before too long. :lol3: :rofl:

04-27-2004, 07:07 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAPPY!! :wave: :gift: :grouphug: :dancer: :flow2: :dance: :hat: :bravo: :cp: :cb: :hb: :goodvibes :queen: :wizard: :balloons: :lucky: :encore: :bubbles: :sunny: :cheers: :cheer: :lol3:

04-27-2004, 09:36 AM
Hope you had a great day and a Terrific Year to come....... You deserve it and we are all here to support you in your new year facing new challenges!
Good Moring everyone,
Hope this finds all well with the chicks around the world! It looks to be another beautiful day here, the meadowlarks are singing and the robins are busy pulling worms from the lawn. It was hot yesterday and today looks abou the same. Makes the outlook for summer sort of scary again with the dry summers and terrible fires we have been having for the last 4 years. My oldest son Chad got his dream job for the summer of jumping out of helicopters to fire location....oh my..... the worry stone and non stop prayers that will follow for me. He is excited about it....if you can find the jobs that you love is worth so much!
I did well with my eating yesterday but still after running around that clinic all day and then meetings til late after work I am just not getting that 20 =30 minutes I need..... but I have hope that it is still a goal worth attaining.
Well more later.... take good care Alll!

04-27-2004, 09:45 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your good wishes and all the of the smilies and cheerful posts. I think you have set records for the number of smilies in a single post. It's most colorful to look at! And that is quite a greeting in the journals Ms. Mel!!!

I have allowed myself one day to be in a grand funk and that day is over so on to bigger and better things indeed.

That lovely star you see hanging a bit off the moon - the really bright one is the planet Venus. The second brightest "star" in the sky - in a path similar to Venus but trying to "catch up" to the moon would be the planet Jupiter. Was a rather unusual planetary alignment a few weeks ago - Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury all in the sky at the same time, but if you didn't know where to look, you wouldn't be able to pick them out amongst the stars - especially if you live in a lovely dark area like Roseblush.

Speaking of which, I hope you are feeling better and getting some things done. Teel, very good going on the swimming my dear. Linus, I hope you get the weight loss you seek this week at weigh in and Ms. Shad - good luck on the job interviews. I have told DH that I want to be a stay at home princess next. :queen: He said I only get one of two and am already a princess so I can't have the stay at home part :lol:

One look at vacation pictures is all I need to convince myself that I really need to get going with the diet and exercise. Funny how you don't see the same thing in the mirror each day that pictures all of a sudden really MAGNIFY!

So, off to get busy for the day. Look forward to your new pictures Mel. Have a good day everyone and thanks again for the birthday wishes! You guys are the BEST!!!!!

04-27-2004, 11:40 AM
The sun is out, it's warmer and I am trying to find some energy today! So far journalling is all I have gotten done!! :lol;
Nae~ Glad you try for the 20-30 but the running around must account for You are busy on your feet? By the this the right name you like? I got it from your popst. If not just smack me and give me the one you do like! :rofl: Love the post. I could almost see the birds! I know what you mean about the son and his job. Life and kids move on though.
Nice that you go with the flow, so to speak! (((((JUGS))))for the Mom in you! :lol:

Shad~ Glad Happy was Happy!! I was afraid we would have to stay after class and clean the blackboards!!! :lol2: :rofl: :lol: After all the wash and getting the gifs to pea brain was exhausted and I slept like a baby!!! :lol:I am bound and determined to lose those 12 ounces that they are challenging on the journal!!!! I WILL .....I WILL..... I WILLLLLLLLL!!!!

Happy~ Did I say..................

04-27-2004, 12:55 PM
hi all mine has just come back online so im just popping in and promise a long chat later HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY and mel why are you giving rose{{{{{jugs}}}}] are they full of alcohol to calm her nerves if so can i have some too
speak later kirsty

04-27-2004, 01:02 PM
I could use some of those jugs today too :rofl: :lol: :lol3:

04-27-2004, 02:34 PM

Linus leave it to you to see the jusgs!!! Over here that means bust in slang!!!! Sorry Rose!!!!
Happy, I am so proud of your ciggie challenge too!

04-27-2004, 07:30 PM
Ho hum, so where to start!!!!
Salt. There's a good starting place. Salt and water appear to have combined to keep the weight on. And I dare say the birthday breakfast contributed greatly. Yesterday as you know I went on a bit of a fast. I did eat dinner, but that was it. So my day consisted of water, coffee and a piece of swordfish and huge pile of salad. Oh and two bananas. And I feel a lot better for it I can tell you. I might add that I spent the night back and forth, back and forth to the loo and although I feel I am very big still, I am able to fit things a bit better than before. Not weighing tho' that is too depressing. Anyway I figure I might just do the same today and see what happens. Then go back to eating but watching the salt contents like a hawk. :nono: :nono:

Happy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YOUR TODAY . :hb: :hat: :gift: Yesterday was your birthday here, today is your birthday there, although it is probably nearly over for you. Hope it has been a good day for you. DH is right, what would you do with yourself as a stay at home princess all day? :queen:

Linus, good to see you back again. I've missed your cheery posts. :high:

Roseblush - sons must do what sons must do. I have one whom we renamed 'Action Man' as he leaps off cliffs, out of aeroplanes, scubas, skis and does 4x4 gymkhana (that's rv driving I think - he has one of those vehicles that goes almost anywhere, and that is where he takes it.) Sometimes I hear about his adventures 2nd hand, most times he tells me only when he has done it and comes back to tell the tale! It helps to only know about it after the event. A couple of times I went with him to jump off cliffs and scuba etc. but I draw the line at jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane. Bungy is not something I wish to try either. :fr: :faint:

Teel, have you counted how many smilies were in that post????

Okay, best go do some work for the cause. I'm leaving early today as I have an interview with a recruitment place for a job. It's not really a job interview as such, just the preliminary. Lots of hurdles to cross before you actually get the job.

First things first :coffee: then more :coffee: and maybe some :comp: unless I can find an excuse not to.

04-27-2004, 08:27 PM
Shad~ Well prelims are better than walking the streets. I mean looking for a job not street walking per say! :rofl: Now that I think of it...Jesus....I might have made a tidy sum of $$$$ in my hay day. Too bad I didn't think of that then! I was probably sitting on a fortune and never knew it! :rofl: :rofl: I won't repeat the journal, but you really have me "seeing" things I have been cheating on. Even the cheese. God How much salt have I ingested these last few months! OUCH! No wonder my feet keep swelling up.... sometimes I wonder about my brain. HELLO...IS ANYONE HOME IN THERE?
So I will revamp the eating to where I was before I got so effin creative with my plan!!! :rofl: Thanks again for the wake-up call! good thing the fridge and pantry are bare-ish. I can start fresh with Thursday's or Friday's shopping. Jen can have the rest.
Well gotta pedal and shower yet and it's almost 7:30. Have a great morning!

04-27-2004, 09:33 PM
When you go shopping, don't forget to look at the labels and find out how much salt is in the whatever in the packet or box. I am constantly amazed at the different words and chemical formulae used to disguise the fact that the item is literally and liberally laced with salt.

I forgot to mention that I went to the gym last night as well as walking the boardwalk. Hey I even outlasted a young bloke on the rowing machine. He gave in 2 minutes before I finished and muttered, you win!!! Yeehaa - 15 minutes at 30 strokes per hour for 152 calories. How come the calories take so long to burn?

04-28-2004, 07:16 AM
Well that was an interesting job interview - actually it was a job interview at all. Apparently the agency has forwarded my cv to the place who are humming and haaing because I have not trained in Peoplesoft before. They expect a (probably no) answer by tomorrow, so I was left to chat with the Recruitment consultant and tell him how wonderful I am. :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :rofl: So I obligingly gave him an insight into the Shad brain (whats left of it) :yikes: :faint: regarding training techniques and dealing with twits :crazy: and why most people hate to read manuals :write:. Then I hopped on the River Cat again and found the car (it wasn't lost) and came home. I've done what I can and will no doubt get an answer in due course. Don't keep your fingers crossed or your eyes and certainly don't hold your breath. Apart from the exposure to Peoplesoft, the job is about 20 mins drive from home - sort of in the next suburb so to speak. No traffic - that would make a change. But anyway.........:shrug: now you are as up to date as I am. Have a good night or day.

04-28-2004, 10:43 AM
Shad ~ Well I will at least cross my toes!!! Lots of good luck wishes headed your way. Someone should recognize your talents! :D Thank God the country supports me! :lol: Imagine nme out there pounding the pavement looking for work!!:faint: I shudder at the very thought!!!
I thought I was a label reader! :rofl: But just started adding cheeses and things on a whim! I never lost weight with them and won't now. So I am going back to the original plan and stop worrying what I'm missing or what others are eating. I really know what all I can or cannot eat. I did this last year too. Shame on me! Well I am starting AGAIN!

04-28-2004, 12:52 PM
Teel, have you counted how many smilies were in that post????

[/QUOTE] :joker: :joker: :dizzy: :lol: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

Only 22...Miss Mel beat me by a mile...she had 40 odd!!

I am an unhappy bunny today. :( First I leapt out of bed this morning...ok, hauled my body in to an upright position, threw on some clothes and trundled off to the local supermarket that were putting on one of their "Diabetes & Nutrition" talks with a cookery demo. It was at 10:00hrs till 12:00. And so I got there and thought funny, no-one else loitering round customer services so I enquired was yesterday :mad: :sumo: :rollpin: :doh: :fr: and I was doubly annoyed 'cos yesterday my friend and neighbour could have come too and today I had to go on my own!!!:rolleyes: :mad: :mad: So then I thought I ought to go into town to but my friends' birthday pressies for tomorrow and May and not go home, as I was meeting a few people for lunch in a reunion from a course I did a few weeks ago, and it seemed a waste of petrol to go home and come all the way back and further out the other side of I went and shopped and had a cafe latte and thought a cheese omelette and a few chips would be fairly safe for lunch, except the pub only had diet pepsi :shrug: :stress: :p to drink so I had orange/lemonade mix.... And I was really mad 'cos I have tried really hard this week and calorie counted and swam loads and walked and I got on the scales and they said "you have gained 3 lbs..." :devil: :devil: :kickcan: :kickcan: :sumo: So Shad, take heart for you are not the only one who wants to give in and stop excersising and be thinner 'cos you are not building up muscle..... :^:
Anyway mum and dad are coming to stay on Sunday till Wednesday so I have tidied up the house and dusted and polished...and now the weather has turned really cold and I am sitting here freezing...gone from Monday wearing a tee shirt (with no stains) to today wearing a fleece lined rugby shirt AND a cardigan....and still I am cold.

Hey ho. Sorry about the rant and rave.... :blah: :blah: perhaps 3FC could include a bad scale smilie as that is all I seem to get these days.....

04-28-2004, 01:06 PM
Hope you have a better day too! I just got off the scale and weigh a whopping 176! I have no idea what is going on here!!! Did we swallow fat seeds?! :rofl: OH well I must find the cause as that is 4 lbs in one week!

Teel~ Sorry you missed the demonstration!!! Sounded like fun! Have a good time with the parents too!!! They will be calling you MISS CLEAN!!:lol:

04-28-2004, 01:49 PM
Oh my....
:( :mad: :?: :cry: :eek: :rolleyes: :sp: :fr: :bb: :headache: :hyper: :hot: :no: :tied: :halfempty :kickcan: :coffee2:

Sure does seem like we are having not too good of a week, aren't we?

I am having a really hard time keeping my mind off of the cigarettes. Seems harder to deal with now than when I first quit. And the 5 pounds I gained while on vacation is staying on the scale so I guess it's not water. Am whittling that away bit by bit each day. Salt is the :devil: and you're right, you really REALLY have to watch the labels on things.

Shad, I know JD Edwards and PeopleSoft are competitors. Do you have to develop your own training materials or do you train using the company or vendor supplied training instructionals? Sorry the interview didn't work out, but it's a new networking opportunity... perhaps something else will come out of it soon. If nothing more, always good to practice the interviewing skills. Know what bothers me more than anything about interviewing again? The older I get the more brain "gaps" in memory I have. They are temporary and last only a few minutes and eventually I can remember what I was thinking of. It's ok in normal conversations when you scrunch your face and say hmmm what WAS his name???? But it's really intimidating when it happens to you on an interview. :o :o

Hang in there ladies, tomorrow will be a better day...

04-28-2004, 05:17 PM
my goodness you lot are down in the dumps and i came on to be cheered up!!! so i guess i might as well join in the moan my kitchen has had its second coat of gloss so ill be able to emulsion it tomorrow and the kitchen will finally be finished and i can get my collection of pigs and magnets back where they belong as it looks so bare without them :ink: :ink: :gift: so how were the collective birthdays ?good i hope sorry i missed your happy but my connection to 3fc only came back on yesterday afternoon and my god did i miss this place i had to do horrid stuff like housework and ironing and decorating but walked about 8 miles three of those unintentional as i kept on getting to the shops and discovering i couldnt remember what id went for so when i got home and discovered it was something i really needed like dog food or f**s {dont read that happy}and i had to go all the way back again so extra exercise :rofl: :rofl: and a dose of premature senility and boy am i gonna be knacked as im only 32 so what on earth am i going to be like in 10 years time the mind boggles and thank god my kids will be old enogh to leave home or the poor buggers would starve hubby can afford to lose weight so he can stay anyway ladies my dogs havent had there walk yet so im off and ill speak later

04-28-2004, 05:25 PM
With sparse eating and loads of water and the diuretics I have shrunk this week. Well since that rant about the rogue scales and the fast. Mind you the money I may have saved in food, has been spent on toilet paper because I sure have made a few trips down the hall.
Yuk 3lbs for Teel, 4 for Mel and 5 for Happy and I guess mine was around 4.5lbs but appears to have been water retention. Are you sure you can't make that bad scale smilie (shouldn't it be called a frownie) bigger??? Just need Linus and Roseblush and Peacock in to make it a whammy.
It's 6.00am here and raining hard. Yahoo, one less job to do this weekend. It has just dawned (both literally and figuratively) on Shad the dog that walking is not a happening thing today. That will make an old dog fairly grumpy! Shad the dog won't like it much either!
Training materials vary between jobs Happy. Generally speaking you develop the training materials to fit the job. Depending on how much customisation has occurred, this can be easy or fiddly. These days, sensible businesses do not customise very much since it costs big time to install it, then even bigger to customise it, then every time you do an upgrade it costs again. So if you have an iota of business sense you choose the program that is the closest fit to what business practices you use and configure as the program allows. This means people have to bend to do those things which were taylor made in their old program. So as you see, one program fits all. There are the 4 biggies - SAP, Peoplesoft, JDE and Baan. All huge programs that go anywhere and do anything (and cost $$$$$) and then the others such as Arrow, Myob, etc. Basically they all do the same thing. Some do it better than others. But the generic program is what you buy, then you configure it to suit yourself. Thats where the doco bit comes in. Some of the biggies have a side program which helps you develop training materials and stuff. It's good but again it costs - we looked at SAP's ITutor when I was at QNI - the cost for 450 users was phenomenal. Around $360,000 - Scotty and I found a thing called CamTasia on the web. Not as sophisticated as ITutor but cost $350.00 and no user licences - we could distribute the material over the network and update in the flash of an eye. Anyway, enough about the joys of training. I had best get off here and think about putting the gym gear together - I have committed to 4 times down and sweaty in a week. I've only done one so far - the Madcat will not be pleased.

04-28-2004, 05:29 PM
:lol: :lol3: :rofl: Oh Linus - you ARE so good for a bit of cheer. You should write a book! My sister said one of the reasons she had a child was so that he could remind her of all the things she forgets like 'what did I come to the store for?'

Yes it is horrible the few times 3FC has been out of service. I have never tho been so desperate that I resorted to housework to occupy myself - best to hunt the internet or play games :comp: --- Ok Flyladies and Flybabies - no :rollpin: to me!!!!

04-28-2004, 06:49 PM
MY ARSE HURTS AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!! If I haven't lost weight after today then there is no justice in this world! :rofl: amd my effin eye hurts today too!
So both top and bottom are just ruining my happy-go-lucky personality! I want to ask Suzanne for sore tushy smiley, bad scale and a smiley with an eye patch! That should about cover it for me. Oh and yes, maybe a wheelchair smiley with a flat tire being as how one chair had died an awful death of broken pulley. Very painful I hear. Now having said all this I will go and find some tushy cream and my own smile! :rofl:

PS~ Linus you had me really howling too!!! What a great post!!! ROFLMAO
I wish I could laugh it right off!!! :rofl:

Happy~ sending you relaxing thoughts for a continued victory!!!! YAY HAPPY!!!

04-28-2004, 06:55 PM
Shad~ somehow I did not see your post!!! Maybe we will both have good news at the end of the month!!! :lol: Sounds like my day! As for the rest of the techno post.....I knew that! ( :rofl: )

04-29-2004, 01:50 AM
Hi everyone,....Mel that was so sweet and so funny! Thanks for the warm busty thoughts..... Whew!!! My meeting is over for the week and all went well that that is a hurdle behind me. Now I have to pack clothes to go to a convention for the weekend so I won't be here to laugh and keep up with you characters. I miss this post when I don't get to come here every day.
I will check in tomorrow before I leave to see if everyone is having a better day. I hope so. My friend Mary will stay at my house to tend to my turtles and to Teeka, that will make me feel better.
Night All,

04-29-2004, 06:54 AM
Well guess what, I got an interview for the job. However they are haggling over rates (mine naturally) and I am having a bit of a problem staying calm and centred on all this. Showing agitation or backing down are not options here. It seems that they want to see me on Tuesday with a view to starting Wednesday. Sooooooo putting two and two together, they are desperate but still want to haggle. Well two can play at that game. I've already negotiated to my rock bottom price. I'll go no lower. And I will insist on my umbrella company reading the contract before I sign - that should set things back until at least Thursday. I realise they have a budget to stick to, but so do I and I will not be pushed around. Much more of this dithering and I won't be turning up on Tuesday at all.
Other than that it has been a fairly grey sort of day. I feel vaguely depressed, I feel grey and ordinary. I went to the gym tonight and did a Bodypump class. I did get a bit puffed and a bit sweaty but I couldn't get into the rhythm and I couldn't get a spark up over it. I did my weights as well so I'm feeling a bit tired and sore. Early night tonight I guess to try and get some enthusiasm for tomorrow going. Sorry to be so grey and dull and boring today. Maybe I need a :cofdate: or to get on the outside of a bottle of bubbly. Whatever, I wish I could raise a :D

04-29-2004, 10:11 AM
You are probably grey after reading about my poor arse! :rofl: That post was enough to make anyone grey!! :lol: We will all give you a :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: or two or three or four! Hope the interview goes well and they come around. Yes they must be in some kind or crunch for such a rush! Well if you get it they are getting the best! :comp: Numero Uno! :dancer: The Top Banana :cb: The Big Kahuna :queen: Hope you have sweet dreams tonite!!! :cloud9:

Nae~ So good to see you and also that the meeting is over. Nice to see you breathing again! :lol: Have a nice time at the convention and think of us and all our "funnies"!:rofl: Who is winning by the way? You or Woody woodpecker? Inquiring minds want to know! My DD came down yesterday to discuss fibroids again! Sigh! Poor kid is having some probs but not as bad as before so we will leave well enough alone for now. Just wanted someone to b*tch to. I pretended that sitting on one "cheek" was exercise and sat there listeniong:rofl: Have a safe trip.

Well girls God is in Heaven, the sun is shining and I can sit here all is right in Mel's little corner of the world.Hope you all have a great day and take care:D

04-29-2004, 12:41 PM
Oh Shaddie my dear I wish I was over in Oz to be able to give you a big hug or five! But as Mel has said, we can only send you a few :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: instead and remind you that our thoughts and prayers are with you always. I can see why you are depressed especially today. Am I right and it is because life and being a career woman as you have known it for a long time is about to screech to a rapid halt and it is all change for a while? Of course I am probably wrong! Whatever the cause I hope the black thunder clouds get blown away really soon and you start to feel very much better. I can't even wish you joy (ooops no pun intended) with the sight of all the spring flowers coming into colourful bloom, cos thats for us lot over here whilst you face Autumn colours, beautiful as they are. But here are a few flowers to brighten up a cold day over here where it has been raining and my hands are freezing.... :wave: :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: :flow1: :flow2: :grouphug:
My news of the day is that in 1 week I have gained 2 lb officially. :devil: :faint: :headache: :censored: :bomb: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: :kickcan: I have also lived through a dentist appointment and an xray but apart froma clean and polish for tartar not plaque (ok for a dumb one...what is the difference?) but much as I dread the dentist she is very nice and they have ClassicFM playing which is quite a change from the usual stuff you are blasted with in a supermarket....
Someone write something to cheer us all up! Except I don't want to know if you have lost 7 lb in a week I don't think I could stand it!!:^:(Not know I would be SO SO pleased :crazy: :joker:
Happy how is the no-smoking zone coming along? :nono: :smoking: You go for it, girl!!

04-29-2004, 04:41 PM
i dont know if i can manage the cheering up bit but the weight gain i can i.5 pounds on so im joining the club {just as long as were not in the club} :cry: :eek: :rolleyes: :shrug: and im really knacked off as ive been a total angel this week {diet wise dont ask about the rest} :angel: :angel: so well whats happening this week well the kitchens finally finished and everythings back the plants and the pigs and the magnets i wouldnt mind but the blooming things only 7 foot by 12 foot but its nice and clean and fresh and the kids rooms next ill need two skips just to empty the thing but the glaring yellow paint work has to go its starting to get to me :dancer: {thats for the sunglasses not the dancing} anyway kids are good craigs being an angel :angel: :angel: {touch wood} conner is fine had a slight accident at gym fell over the hurdle and twisted his ankle so we got a call from the school telling us that he had a pressure bandage on well he came limping home {we live right out the school gates and were watching out the window}he hobbled up the stairs and came in and collapsed on the setee and demanded the walking stick out of the cupboard and used it as a crutch right up till 7 oclock when i told him there was a packet of jelly babies in the kitchen drawer and he ran yes ran through the kitchen and the walking stick was abandoned and all was well :encore: :cheer: talk about amazing recoveries so we made him take the dogs out anyway im going to drown my sorows in a nice can of diet iron bru and dream of losing weight next week ill get under 16 stone eventually the group leader said it was fluid retention with my periods but i think it was catch up for the two chipies and the chinky and the packet of minstrels from last week so ill speak to you all later
ps SHAD great news about the job youll get the rates you want and a good technique i use for feeling better is wait till tonight and stand outside and count the stars and for everyone you count tell it a problem and i guarentee there will always be more stars than problems and anyway just think you might still be married :sorry: :tape: :bomb: :foot:
MEL hope the FANNYS feeling better soon
TEEL see i put on weight bet that makes you feel better i did it just for you
ROSE cheer up chuck and try and enjoy the weekend you never know you might come back and find out that the woodpecker has left home and moved to canada {he likes maple syrup}
HAPPY ive tried the trick of asking the kids to remind me but the wee buggers wont go with me and only tell me when i get back and that doesnt help
and finally what happened to all the new ones have we driven them off or am i just bonkers bye for now

04-29-2004, 08:17 PM
Linus - you are the most, girl. You never fail to cheer.
Isn't it amazing how fast the kids will recover from their misadventures.

Talking of misadventures: got up late this morning - I slept in - and when I went to take the dog out for a walk, I discover DS car still in the carport. Huh!!! WT.... So back in I go and there he is in bed snoring. He's slept through his alarm and would probably be sleeping still if I hadn't woken him. So he missed work last night. The bossman is p*ss*d and son is not a happy camper either. Knew it had to happen sometime. Somewhere he is going to stop this punishing schedule he has set for himself and sort out his priorities. Not much sympathy from the mother I'm afraid.
Thanks for all the hugs Mel and Teel I think that is what made me feel so much better this morning. Teel I have no idea what the difference between plaque and tartar is. Chemical reactions no doubt. Dentist with classical music. Well thats different - last one I went to had a tv and it was playing the Simpsons. I had to stop him halfway through and request a change of station. Bart makes me grind my teeth!!!
Roseblush - enjoy the convention. Never know who you might find in places like that. Hope Woody has tootled off to Canada - I believe the its Maple syrup time up there as Linus says.
Happy - how you going? can't get a word in? Yeah well we understand.

Okay, gotta go, do some assertive language lessons and ring the recruitment place. Happy days.

04-29-2004, 10:30 PM
Happy, the Guilt Free Soup and Salad Kitchen sounds just great to me. I have a large stack of interesting skinny recipes (all waiting to be tried out). But to get the Dh's to visit, we will have to think of a much more interesting name for the place. Best get Mel onto that.
(Frozen lo cal meals for gourmet dinners as a sideline?)

04-30-2004, 02:27 AM
But to get the Dh's to visit, we will have to think of a much more interesting name for the place.

Honestly, I don't think it would take much prodding to get them on a plane, though we are still trying to figure out how we could possibly make the long trip cooped up on an airplane. Even if we could afford the roomier seats in first class (the only way to go I imagine), I still think I'd be fidgety shortly after we took off over the pond. Do you really think that seat cushion works as a proper floatation device when you're adrift in the seas?

Shad I think we're have more luck with our restaurant out here. We'd have you as the hostess because us yanks just love an accent. And we'd have to figure out how to get Teel and Linus talking to the crowds. Mel could ride around the restaurant serenading the customers just like any fine Italian restaurant. And heck, why shouldn't we jump on the diet crusade and offer frozen meals too? I'm sure I could take some basic meals and with a little tweaking make them Atkins/South Beach/Weight Watchers friendly without too much fuss. Most of my cookbooks are the "lite" type and there's a zillion more to check out on the internet. I will be in the back cooking up a storm but will need someone to come back and help me with the dishes!

I hope you are feeling a bit better now Shad. I will be following in your footsteps shortly and I don't fancy the journey :( In between things I am giving some thought to what I want to do when I grow up. :lol: Stick to your guns and don't sell yourself short.

I'm not sure either but isn't tartar the stuff they can easily scrape off your teeth with a cleaning but if left to it's own it turns to plaque - the hard stuff that eventually adds cavities? :dunno: There's plaque buildup in the arteries too - and how does that get cleaned out?

Nae - have a good time at the convention. Kick up your heels a bit in our honor, ok? I would have had a few drinks for you all in Las Vegas but was advised no alchohol while on the Zyban.

Teel, I see it is still quite cool in your part of the country. We are building up some spring rains which we need and I will be passing Mel's way in a few days but if we ever get some sunshine, I'll be sure to send it your way. All the flower bulbs are in bloom and the flowering trees are all budded. It's so pretty out. Our tree out in front of the house is just a riot of tiny, white fragrant flowers. Oh so pretty except for the bees which like it too!

I am still holding strong to my new role as a non smoker. I had to go into the office for a bit today. 2 girls quit smoking about a week before me but with the recent company news, both have stressed out and gone back to it again. I am glad I was able to resist (tho not easily I must say). I just have to keep thinking in a different light. And I also must get on the exercise bandwagon, after all, I have all this extra oxygen floating around in me so I should have some decent stamina, you would think, right? :strong:

Another week flown by, where does the time go even at times when it seems to drag on and on? Hope you all have a great Friday and a good weekend!

04-30-2004, 03:34 AM
Actually I was thinking more of a franchise in the States and Canada. Don't know about here. There is less population and more food shops - they tell me than there is enought restaurants in Melbourne to be able to go to a different one each night for 2 full years and still have some left over and that is only Melbourne, not the surrounding areas. Brisbane and surrounds apparently has around 3k of restaurants, coffee shops and eateries. Yee gads, there is only 1.6 million people in the whole city. We must eat a lot!!!!! We are actually obsessed with food.

So the job has ended. I finished about 2 this afternoon, drove down to the gym, worked up a real sweat and came home. Now I best think about some dinner and what to shop for this weekend. This poor unemployed person must budget to the 'nth you know! :lol3: :lol3: Oh it is good to be able to laugh about it. Happy, I know you are feeling down. I also know that job prospects are not so good over there at the moment so I feel for you. But I know that something will turn up. Mind you I like the restaurant idea. Wonder if they would let me back into the country after the things I have said!!! :rofl: or would their be a lynch party waiting for me?

I'm really proud of you for sticking to the non smoking thing. While I feel sorry for the others for not hanging in there, they may have to give it away if they can no longer afford to smoke because they have no job. I just know you have done the right thing and will appreciate it later. I know you probably don't feel like that now but you will.

04-30-2004, 05:33 PM
hey i went to catering college ill wash the dishes

04-30-2004, 06:05 PM
I'll serenade the customers on the violin!!!! :p

04-30-2004, 06:21 PM
[QUOTE=happy2bme][B] :dunno: There's plaque buildup in the arteries too - and how does that get cleaned out?
:( Hee doesn't!! It gives you a heart attack..... :devil:

I am still holding strong to my new role as a non smoker. I had to go into the office for a bit today. QUOTE]
:D WELL DONE HAPPY!!! YOU ARE A STAR!! :strong: :angel: :bravo: :cp: :hat: :dance: :dancer: :high: :cloud9: :wizard: :yes: :yes: :encore: :cheers:

Mum and dad are coming to stay for a few days from Sunday till Wednesday and then I am off for my stay away for the next few days... :coffee: :D A perfectly timed respite stay this time, except that my neighbour who usually helps look after Holly, will be in Spain for the whole week!!! :devil: Tried to go for a swim today but there were notices up warning that the water weas overly cold so I didn't bother. It seemed a bit too much to just go in for a jacuzzi so I went into town and bought mum's birthday pressie instead...a. George Foreman mini grill. Hope she likes it and makes use of it. I'm still smarting from putting on weight:mad: after swimming three times in a week to swim in very cold water. I don't really want a heart attack... :^:

04-30-2004, 06:57 PM
Sounds like the staff are ready happy. However Mels silence is ominous. Whatever is she thinking up - shades of bumbles the clown with balloons????

Mel did we not post weights and measures at the end of March? I can't find it anywhere so have had to go back to Feb for the last lot. Here we go:

Weight - 75/75/75/74.5
Upper Chest 40/39.5/39/39.5
Bust 44/43.5/42.5/43.5
Lower Chest 36/35.75/35.5/36
Waist 36/36.5/35.5/35.75
Upper Hips 42/41.5/41/42.25
Lower Hips 41/40.5/40/40.5
Top of Leg 22.5/22/21.5/22
Top of Arm 12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5

All in all I'll take it and not get excited. Some of it is in the measuring, some in muscle tone and probably some in water as well. And it is a darn sight better than the 77.5 I weighed at the beginning of the week. That's it for another month.

Teel, mast the most of your respite stay after the folks visit. I hope Mum likes the grill.

Okay, so now the sun has risen enough to warm up the place, it is time to go out there and see what is what. Yep winter temps have hit us at last. The natives are all scurrying around buying blankets and heaters!!! :rofl: :rofl: The temps for winter - well last night it went below 16C and todays top will be 26C. Brrr now thats cold hey - :lol3: We bought a heater over with us 15 years ago. It's still up in the roof and is probably half eaten away by rust and rodents.

Time to roll on out there

04-30-2004, 08:24 PM
hey shad thats not cold were at minus three at the moment nobody told me what stats to put in and what scale you are using so if someone would enlighten me ill do my best im not posting much as im too blooming sore from decorating the kitchen i might delay starting the kids room for a couple of weeks as ive also got craig to get ready for going to camp in germany in june and he takes that long for him to make up his mind im still waiting on him deciding what clothes he wants to wear to get his passport done anyw\ay speak later

04-30-2004, 08:43 PM
Humm we are just measuring (using inches) whatever bits we wish to keep a check on. I do the body bits and arm and leg. Mel also does calves. Some people I have met do necks and shoulders etc. Measure whatever you want to see progress in. We weigh in on our scale. Mine is in kg. To get to pounds just multiply by 2.2. It's near enough. We do this at the end of the month.

Oh yeah, you and I know that it is not cold. And all I do is put a jumper on for about an hour in the morning until it warms up to shorts and t shirt weather again. But for the native Queenslander out there anything that gets below 20C is freezing :rofl: and you then need to wrap up the kids till they look like the michelin man with a red face and get out the fireplaces.

04-30-2004, 09:30 PM
When I got home from shopping I found a message on the machine telling me the new chair was going to be delivered!!! I called and said ok I'll be here. They were very late and when I saw it I thought "this doesn't look like the right chair". We got upstairs and there are features missing on it, namely the tilt and recline!! The poor kid gets on the phone and we spend an hour trying to find out what is going on.......the chair company sent the wrong chair!!!
So of course I got out of it, kissed it goodbye and off it went!!! Had dinner with the kids and I'm ready for bed!! :lol:

Read all your posts but cannot think what to say! I just feel brain dead! :faint: OH YES~ I will serve the food! Meals on wheels!! :rofl: :rofl: Fastest waitress in town!!!
I need a shower and sleep. It was a long day and a disappointing one and I still feel a little week with those 3 loo days. I spent some time outside and I think I over did it. Too many hours sitting up. I took no meds today to see if the tummy will go back to "normal"! :lol: Sweet dreams Chicklettes and see you all tomorrow! Hope you all have a great weekend too!

05-01-2004, 02:51 AM
Hi ladies,
I'm sorry but I'm taking a selfish day today. For some reason I can't really determine, today was just one big LONG day of constant cravings to smoke. I'm on day 10 but even with the Zyban helping, the psychological and habit addictions are hard to kick. Was talking to my sister today and said that for the last 32 years I have done an activity (smoking) 30 to 40 times a day. Cripes, there is NOTHING in your life that you do that much (even going to the loo if you drink all your allocated water doesn't add up to 30 times in a day :lol: ) - I figured I have gained back about 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day by not smoking - problem is that I don't know what to do with that time yet :dizzy: So I have spent the better part of the evening on the quit smoking website, reading a bunch of articles and lurking on the posts on the forum.

I AM going to beat this thing because I don't want to go through it again. But I may be doing more lurking than posting the next few days as I get my head on straight. Will be thinking of you all - please start by having a good weekend...

05-01-2004, 06:00 AM
right well ill start my weigh in then so weight
start day 1st march
252llb /237/227.5
upper arm... 14/14/14
upper thigh...25/25/24.5
so thats that i only started on the first of march so thats all ive got

05-01-2004, 10:57 AM
Weight=174 +1lb
neck=15" same
shoulders=44.75 +.75
bust=44.5 -.5
waist=43 +.5
hips=46 +1.5
up.arm=12.5 same
f.arm=9.75 -.5
thigh=19.5= -.5
calf=13.5 same
Now that the good/bad news is over with! :rofl: I am up 1 from April 1st but down 2 from Monday. Because I was 176 then! :faint: The Dr is Weds. so I will see if I can stay off the pills. :crossed: we shall see. I am not as disappointed as I thought. The #'s are not that bad.

Happy~ I think you need time toi relax and lurking and games or whatever is better right now than other peoples problems!!! Stress is tough with the kicking habit routine! Hang in ther and we love you! Take as much time as you need! :D :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

Linus~ Welcome to the wights and measures part of the group! :rofl: I am terribly sorry but my mind is not working and I forget what you posted! :rofl:
I'm in the EDIT mode and cannot see it! LOLOL

Shad~ Yes we both posted last month. I have mine in a book too! LOL
I still cannot believe I only lost 2 of the gained pounds after feeling so crappy! :lol: Where is the justice in the world!!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend. I got up early and left messages on everyones ans. machine about the chair. Hope someone listens and returns the calls! :lol: Today I am putting it all behind me till Monday. Not wasting a weekend worrying. Got to think of eyes and stress. Don't want the pills anymore so I better behave! :lol: Adios friends!

05-01-2004, 07:27 PM
Happy, take your time. You are recovering from an addiction and that time gap is what everyone finds a problem when they first stop. At some stage probably quite shortly, you will find that your sense of smell begins to get better. Unfortunately you notice the bad smells quicker. That's when you get to find out how bad a dirty ashtray actually smells. :rofl: You can not rush the process. All I can suggest is that you keep away from smokey places for the next couple of weeks, and when the 'WTF do I do now' happens go do a spot of flylady. That means that you will have some spare time in the weekends to go to the butterfly house with DH or pop down to the Buckingham Fountain and photograph its beautiful colours!!! :dance: :dance:

Linus, welcome to the weigh-in on this thread. It sems that if I do my sums and work out the loss/gain up there, we have rid this earth of 9.5lbs of lard this month. Most of it Linus' Congratulations to linus for being the winning loser of the month! You get to wear the Princess crown for the month Linus!! :queen: :gift: :hat: :balloons:

Went out to dinner last night. My friend Chris and husband Tim (another Chris - not Japanese Chris) experimented with Thai food. These two are the ultimate hosts. One thing for sure, you are never going to go hungry in their house. Tim is ex-chef. His idea of a fat free meal for 4 would fit on the dining table at Buck House with room for 50 people and there would be left overs for the week. He comes second only to my Mother in terms of catering for the 8th Army at each meal. Anyway, I tried hard not to overeat, and stuck my butt to my seat and refused to go back for seconds. So glad they put the dishes on the counter top, and not on the table else I may still be eating.

It's turning very cool in the mornings now. So I have had to dig out my sweatshirts for our walk down the road in the early hours. However it's not long after that, that I can go back to shorts and tees. Don'tcha just love winter down under. Later in June/July/August temps will go down under 10 at night, but they climb fairly rapidly to the 20's during the day. Oh bliss. Still hammock weather without the sunburn. You ought to hear the Aussies whinge!!!! Yesterday they were out buying blankets and heaters.

Okay, best get off here and finish fly ladying the kitchen. Yesterday I shifted the fridge and freezer and cleaned down behind and under them. Now I need to clean inside them and tidy up the kitchen again. Another job done. Such fun. One day it will all be done and then with a flick of the :wizard: I will be able to get the :genie: to wave the wand and clear all the dust and b*llsh*t - better get out of here, I am dreaming.

Hang in there Happy. We (Mel, Teel, and I (and probably Roseblush)) are all over in the smokefree zone waiting for you to join us. Then we'll need to get Linus over the hill as well. :grouphug: Luv ya

05-02-2004, 07:34 AM
not a bloody chance as i keep saying to the kids when they moan and say just think of all the money youd save and i say yes but you wouldnt be alive to enjoy it ill deal with one thing at a time i know its terrible and i can get stop smoking stuff from the doc but ive already beat my addiction to coca cola this year {i can even have it in the house without drinking it}and im dealing with the weight thing so the smoking will have to wait sorry girls but i do support happy all the way and someday soonish i will try honestly and then none of you will ever talk to me again and ill be divorced and my kids will have me commited but i will try

05-02-2004, 08:54 AM
Good morning Chicks! Gloomy weather and cool over here. Windows closed and the radiator on low! Miss Mel is turning blue:( The chair company never returned my call yesterday so I will be on them first thing Monday. Spent yesterday cleaning the bathroom. Tiles and all. Today will be spent sitting and trying to get over yesterday! :rofl:OUCH!! Monday is the skin Dr but there is a problem with transport. Tuesday is shopping and Wednesday is the eye Dr. So if I go amongst the missing you'll know why! :lol:

Shad~My ex used to say "How many people are coming to dinner" in a shocked voice! The hardest thing for me was cooking for 2! :lol: Even Jen laughs. Glad the Thai food was good. Anything Like Chinese? I imagine it totally different. Good luck on the interview in case I forget. Maybe this one os the charm?!:crossed:

Linus~ We all have to do it in our own time. I did many things before I could give them up. I was a 3 pack a day smoker by that time. I smoked for almost 30 years. We will love you anyway. Fags and all!:D If you come and visit me there are ashtrays out in the hall! :yikes: :rofl: I thought I was going to the looney hatch myself. :lol:

Happy~ Just sending love and good thoughts your way:D Hang in there.It DOES get better.

Well kids gotta go and eat breakfast. Just getting started and it's almost 8! Have a great Day/night and take care. Think I'll watch me some Hercule Poirot DVD's. That should keep me from raising my arms for a few hours!:lol: Adieu mon petits!

05-02-2004, 07:26 PM
Shouldn't that be Adieu mes petites or even ma petite (since we are women)?? French is slipping but I'm pretty sure of the plural and genders.

Another lovely day in Paradise and I will be getting out into the yard as soon as I can finish in the kitchen and laundry. The cockatoos are back so it must be winter and it was cool this morning. They fly into the interior during the Summer and Autumn to feast on the Sunflower and corn and nut fields in the outback. It's a wonderful sight to see these huge flocks of cockies raiding a field of huge sunflowers. Don't know if the farmer thinks so tho'. They come back to feast on the honey flowers that begin to bloom here.

Food is slipping a bit now that I am home, however I have cleaned out the fridge and thrown out the bad bits and the scientific experiments and we ate the scraps for lunch yesterday. I've sorted and packed the bacon into small packs and stuck it in the freezer along with the homemade bread - so now if I pull out the packet I only have a proper portion to eat and not the whole damn loaf. Ditto for butter, cheese and all the stuff I love to eat in abundance. I'll train myself if it is the last thing I do!

So onto the day. Happy, I hope you do drop in daily. There's at least two of us here that have been through what you are going through and we know where you are at. Feel free to shout at us and rant and throw tantrums - although you better set up a camera so we can interact on that one. It will get better. It will get better

Okay Teel, if you can come up for air, let's know how the housework is going? And say hi to the Mum and Dad for me. :wave: :wave: You can tell Mum the plague of locusts is alive and well and living somewhere west of Dubbo. I saw it on the tv the other night. We've got mice plagues in far western Queensland, always open to suggestions as to how to eradicate the wee beasties.

Linus, one thing at a time is more than enough for the human mind to contend with so you just hang in there and try to cut down instead of out. The weight is more important because of your spine. Evenutally we can all stand in the fresh air as I am sure you will, but I wasn't putting any pressure on you to quit.

Gotta go. Be seeing you - Aroha

05-02-2004, 07:39 PM
I really don't know any French. I took a guess! :rofl: I must have heard it someplace! It was in the mind...along with the songs! Have a great day Miss Shad!