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03-31-2004, 01:34 PM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies site!!

This is a very warm group of ladies who provide daily support in our walk towards a healthier lifestyle!!

Pull up a chair and a bag of chips..........umm, errr.....bag of carrots and join us!!!

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

03-31-2004, 01:39 PM

Is that ok to do, start a new Chit Chat thread?? Hope so, just have too much time on my hands.

Though why is #39 above #40?? Anyway, if I missed it up, maybe you can fix it?? *sigh*

I better get busy with job search stuff and get my walk in.

You all have a good day :)

03-31-2004, 03:28 PM
Hello Ladies,

Susan - you did a great job starting the new thread! Very warm with a little humor! I have heard of a fish taco before, but I have to tell you, I don't think I could ever eat one. I love fish, but the idea of it on a taco shell makes me want to ralph. Okay, now that you know the exact day of the date, what are you going to wear? We will want pictures just like for Marti's wedding! Speaking of which....

Marti- you looked very pretty in your wedding pictures! Sometimes we are just too critical of ourselves! YAY for you getting all As and Bs so far! The semester will be over before you know it.

Katie - The way you do your taxes is how I pay for Disney. I will be sending them a certain amount of money every month from now til we go next March, and some people think I should just put the money in the bank. But I'm afraid it would end up going towards something else! I have already bought all the park hopper tickets rather than keep that money in the bank, too. And I feel real good about seeing them all paid for!

I helped Mary today by watching Caylin for about 3 hours. She is getting overwhelmed by the 21 month old twins and 5 1/2 month old Caylin, who is cranky because she's teething.

I've got the best meal cooking in the crock pot - peeled potatoes and chicken breasts with lite Italian dressing and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top. Yum! :hun: Only 7 WW points per serving. Which reminds me, I am ready for my afternoon snack, so I'll see you guys later.

Jana Banana

03-31-2004, 05:26 PM
Hey, Jana.

Your soup thing sounds yummy!! I just had a can of salmon and for breakfast was the usual wheat toast with peanut butter.
Course it is payday!! So back to Atkins shake tomorrow.......there is a God!!

I don't mean Atkins is a God........there is a God because it is payday....course God is there everyday????.......*sigh*.......whatever,,,

I have done job search things and the ex has been my driver with Gabster in the backseat (like Driving Miss Daisy??)........what a grand morning I have had.

Went to the child support and went around in circles with my worker. I have received nada since Sept.03 and can't do a darn thing about it.After 3 months I can go after his ODL but if they are working on an adjustment that time doesn't 6 months down the drain.........would so love to see his drivers license taken away.....that'll show't they put deadbeats in jail anymore? lol

Anyway, trying to release stress through goofy humor........

What am I wearing?? Has to be comfy....going to be a 1 1/2 hour drive...causual,cute,,wanting,needin I am working on my romance

Oh joy.....the ex just called the deadbeat and asked if he an adopt Gabster....deadbeat slammed the phone men in my life.....

You have heard of a fish taco, Jana?? Sounds icky.....couldn't believe he was going to continue on the fish theme with a shrimp cocktail after going home sick....he is so brave....:)........I need to email him.So, better go.

OMG!!!! THANK YOU for the card!! I did get it in the mail this morning.....knew I was here for a reason!! lol.....geesh...
Thank-you :) very nice.......


03-31-2004, 05:27 PM
Hi Ladies~
Forgive me for not trying to catch up-I really hate missing more than one day on here because playing catch-up is a bear. So I won't even try except to say...

Jana~thoughts and prayers with your family. :grouphug: I am so sorry to hear of Deborah's passing, but she is not suffering anymore and that is always a good thing. I remember when my grandma passed, seeing her slowly dwindle away with each day. It was so sad :( but what helped was when she passed seeing her at the viewing looking so peaceful, almost angelic. I knew then she was in a better place and would no longer suffer. I am slowly coming out of my little funk and thanks for the offer. :thanks: Your dinner sounds delicious! :hungry:

Angie~EGADS!! woman! $13,000!!! I thought that was a misprint and had to reread that one. :yikes:

Susan~are you getting excited about meeting Alex? I know when I first met Vince I was extremely nervous and don't know why because it was like we knew each other already. I wish you luck on your date and hope Alex is all you want in a man. And as Jana said-pictures lady, pictures! I hope you find the perfect Sandra Bullock dress.

Marti~I thought your wedding pictures were nice. I do think we are too critical of ourselves, I know I am-really bad!! I am going to have to take a look at them again. I went to print them out but found I am out of color ink so will have to wait. Can't wait to see your scrapbook pages of your wedding.

Hi to everyone else, Kayecee, Katie, Kathy, Shanna and anyone else I missed. :wave:

Not much going on with me. Fighting with the landdlords from the other house over our security deposit. We called them two weeks after we were out of that house to see what is up, and left several messages. None were returned. Vince got a hold of the lady last Thursday and she said she would get a check in the mail. He called again yesterday and now she said she is waiting for her carpet cleaning guy to come sometime this week and then she will get a check in the mail. What??!! Well, DH called the Housing Authority to see what to do and we were told that KS law states that we were supposed to receive our deposit within 14 days after vacating the premises and that unless the carpets were soiled, stained bad or torn they cannot charge us for the cleaning of the carpets, because it is considered normal wear and tear. He suggested we write a letter demanding the full deposit and if that doesn't work we will have to take them to small claims court where we would be entitled to 1 1/2 times the deposit plus the deposit and yadda, yadda, yadda...we think we are going to have to take them to court. We don't understand this because we kept the house clean and never had any problems. They were always nice people, until now and I don't understand them not giving us the deposit back-just doesn't make sense. I am hoping the letter I wrote to them solves it. I don't want to have to take them to court but we will if we have to.

Today instead of going to wally world I cleaned house. Also, went and washed and vacuumed my car out real good finally, getting ready to clean the inside as soon as I get off the :comp: I am dying to get out in the yard and do some planting, maybe this weekend. We finally did get some estimates on the yard, which is not as bad as we thought it was going to be. We are doing sod in the front and seed in the back. Probably do that in the next couple of weeks. Trying to decide what type of tree to put in the front and back yard. Haven't gotten much exercise in in the last few days but I plan on going for a walk later this evening, after dinner. That's about all I have.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day! See ya later ladies:wave:

03-31-2004, 05:32 PM
Hi Susan :wave: I see we were posting at the same time. I am with Jana on the fish taco-gross! I like tacos and I like fish but a fish taco-no thank you. I have heard of them and seen them on the menu but would never try one. Hey, wasn't it Marti that had one not too long ago?? Anyway, just wanted to say hi before I log off. See ya...

da fat n da furious
03-31-2004, 06:55 PM
ya Marti was eating fish tacos not long ago...I don't care how good you guys tell me it is,,i think it sounds yucky!
I had a great day today,,,had to get the brakes done on the van aka money pit on wheels. only 350 there...*sigh
To make myself feel better i went to Wally World and bought a couple of necklaces and a ring,,,I was going there for rug cleaner...I did leave with the rug cleaner,,,wrong stuff but still...
Tanners schoolhad a silent auction last night,,,I tried to win a couple of things but I refuse to pay over the actual price it is worth. I pushed the bids up thou so I felt like I did my
Anyways I better get going,,,

03-31-2004, 07:48 PM
Yep! Ask Marti about fish tacos! :p LOL

03-31-2004, 08:39 PM
Hello ladies-- was me who had a fish taco. They really aren't terrible...but I wouldn't buy one from Taco Time (or Bell) Gotta go to a mexican restaurant. But I totally understand NOT wanting to try it. The two just don't sound like a good combination. But what does it hurt to try?? :D

Anyone ever been to Krispy Kreme? James and I went up to Portland and stopped by one......they are just not all that people say they are!! But they were still good. Really liked the creme filled one......

Went to Michaels for a few minutes to pick me up some Brads and eyelets and other stuff....couldn't find the brads...then Shanna tells me that they were in an area not with the eyelets!!! I should have called her butt to help me out. But I didn't. She came over and did a page while I sat there trying to figure out HOW do layout my page. I think I'm in a stump. OR is it Scrapbookers block?? :dizzy:

I got my ring back today!! James picked it up before coming home. I had the two saudered together and I missed wearing it for FOUR days!!! It's nice and shiney!! They cleaned it up nicely. I will have to take a photo of it and share with you girls. It's Love Story .....something something. Pretty.

I will have to do individuals another time. This place is busy and hard to keep up!!! :D

But I hope you all have a great night. I will try to post my individuals later tonight or tomorrow.

take care

03-31-2004, 10:45 PM
I know, I really need to start work but am so bored here. I could do all that they want me to in 30 minutes.

Hi Cristi! :) Never heard of Wally World.

Never hear of fish taco's.....I wouldn't try them either.

Your ring sounds nice Marti, I am glad you got it back so fast. I know when I was wearing a ring even after you take it off it still feels like you are wearing a ring......does that make sense??

I have been really tired. I was up at 4 and raring to go though.

The Gabster threw up all over me tonight before I had to start work.She just laid there, so sweet.I don't think she has a fever though.......maybe her teeth?? I went and bought her some diet 7up and she held that down.

Ok, I will go to work......*sigh*. are you Kayecee?? You didn't write much!! Miss hearing from Shanna also....


03-31-2004, 11:38 PM
Ev'nin' Ladies,

Susan - Wally World = Walmart, lol. Hope Gaby is feeling better. Just curiuos - would you let your ex adopt Gaby? Maybe she will have Alex's last name someday. Glad you liked the card, even tho it was soooooo late.

Cristi - sorry for your troubles with the ex landlord. Some people can be a pain! Good for you, not letting them get by with holding on to the deposit.

Angie - glad you got some new bling bling! I got mine yesterday at Penneys!

Marti - I like Krispy Kreams but don't think they are as good as everyone says. I've had 1 since I've been on WW - 6 points! Not worth it. Glad you got your rings back!

Kayecee - hey, girl. How's the testing going at school?

I will be gone in the morning and then tomorrow afternoon and evening we are going to the showing and service for Deborah. Friday AM is the actual graveside burial.

Has anyone here used Priceline for hotels? If so, how'd it turn out?


04-01-2004, 12:13 AM
Hi Jana,

Thanks about Wally World!! Thought it was some theme park or something. I must say all our Wallys are clear cross town.I don't go there much but did when I was calling Arkansas a lot, good prices on phone cards and all.

I wouldn't let the ex adopt Gabrielle. I pray that some day she has a wonderful father that will treat her like the princess she is. It won't be my ex
He does love her and she adores him. I try to have her call him Papa but she hears the other girls calling him she runs and flings her little arms around his legs and says "daddy!!!!!!".......ugh,I don't really encourage it but that is what is happening. I use Papa a lot.
His thoughts were that if he were to adopt her she could at least get his social security someday.....he is trying to look for the future.
I know he means the best but that wouldn't be the best for me.

It isn't like I am going to run out any time soon and get married but when I do it would be kind of nice to have the new husband be a father figure.I don't know........
Alex sounds like a wonderful father.Any man that I would get involved with has to take Gaby as a side am the main

I am not nervous Cristi.I still have 3 weeks though and I probably won't get nervous until I actually have to see him face to face.Just would like for him to think I am pretty and interested in getting to know me.Course I may not like him at I think I will.
My only concern is that his children seem so well behaved and mine are so is that going to match up??? I can't lock Rachel and Rebecca away forever........*sigh*.... :)

OK.......I will go back to work. :)

04-01-2004, 12:25 PM
It's really weird to come on here early and be the first one to post for the day. I have NEVER been a morning person. :tired: Maybe since my husband now works days and no longer comes home from work at midnight and expects me to entertain him for 3 hours it's not so bad to wake up in the mornings now. Especially when I have coffee... :coffee2: :hyper:

Cristi - ya got me! I almost fell outta my chair! And that's all I'm gonna say about that. :lol: I'm sorry you're having a hassle with your former landlord. I wonder...if maybe the delay is because they simply didn't have the money to refund your deposit yet? Maybe they were waiting for some funds to come in, didn't want to admit that they didn't have the cash, and that's why they were stalling? I dunno, but I know that a LOT of our business customers call to say they don't have the money to pay their bills and ask for extentions on their accounts...

Marti - I don't really like Krispy Kremes, because they glaze everything, bleah. My favorite donuts are raised donuts with sugar (regular old granulated sugar) and chocolate cake donuts - some places call them Devil's Food :devil: - with plain chocolate icing, or maybe chopped peanuts. As for fish tacos, I'm in the minority here, but I'd eat them at a good Mexican restaurant. Tacos de Pescado, and they are actually not all that uncommon here, especially in Southern California, and Baja...not with the same fixings as say beef or chicken tacos, sometimes with a vinegar/cabbage slaw or with salsa...the vinegar and cabbage taste isn't all that different than like, British fish and chips with coleslaw. Anyway, I don't think you are weird for eating them! And I'm glad you got your pretty sparkly ring back from the jeweler :D

Kayecee, I must have missed something -- how come your hips hurt from walking because of standardized testing??? :?: Is is like...PE testing? Or you are having to walk around the room watching the kids like a hawk while they take their tests? :tread:

Susan - is Gaby feeling better? I hated it when my little ones were sick. And when they are too little to realize they have to throw up and get to the bathroom in time....EEK! :fr: One time Mike didn't make it to the bathroom...he was like maybe 4...and he threw up into a huge plastic box of Legos. was maybe $300 worth of Legos, and the boys loved them and played with them all the time. And they pleaded, "MOM! Don't throw away our Legos!!!" What could I do? I washed them. With hot, hot :flame: water, and rinsed them with bleach water. I knelt by the bathtub, washing Legos, while my two kids with the stomach flu laid on the bathroom floor, faces somewhere between sickly green and ashen-gray, moaning, "Thanks, Mom..." One of those precious Kodak moments of motherhood.

Jana, I'll be thinking of your and your family this afternoon while you are at the service for Deborah. :grouphug: I've never used Priceline, but I have used some other online services to compare hotel prices and reviews, like when we went to Monterey.

Angie...I'm have two sons, Tanner and Brandon? How old are they? Which one acts? Which one is in a band, and what does he play? I have: Erik, 20, in the Air Force in South Dakota; Mike, 18, plays guitar, Senior in High School, and just got a job, yay!; and Noah, 13...hasn't found his place in the world yet. He is learning to play guitar, too...

OK, it's that time, gotta fly! :angel:


04-01-2004, 05:15 PM
Hi ladies~

Once again, bad timing in getting on the 'puter, but I definitely will be back later this evening for individuals. Real quick though...

Katie~I am such a dork-I couldn't think of an April Fools joke-wouldn't that be funny if the joke was on me??? Not! About the ex-landlords-DH and I both thought the same thing, that they didn't have the money. I mentioned that I bet they are waiting till they rent the place. :shrug: They have several rentals though and I would think they would have some money-for some reason she mentioned that they are leaving this week and will be gone for 2 weeks-not sure what is up with that. The way it looks they have no intention of giving us a dime back. :dunno:

Susan~hope little Miss Gaby is feeling better today.

Jana~never used Priceline but my son has several times and liked it, no problems with them.

Okay, I need to get outta here. Vince will be home in about 30 mns. and I have a couple of things to do then we are on our way to Lowe's for a few things.

Hope EVERYONE is having a wonderful day! BBL

04-01-2004, 05:51 PM
Wow....where is everyone today?

Katie--So glad I'm not the only one who eats fish tacos!! :D I had a co-worker who made them with smoked tuna that he smoked himself....and he would bring them for some of his buddies.....they smelled so good that I asked him to bring me some.....of coarse, I never got them...Sony closed a week later!!

Well today is BEAUTIFUL out!! And this weekend is suppose to be wonderful too which has me with a smile on my face!! My sister is having a reception held at her house for me & James and she wanted to have room by letting people out on her back deck.....and we were a little worried about the weather...but it's suppose to be nice!!

James is such a sweetie!! Today while I was at school....he went to Michaels and bought me a big slide cutter for my scrapbooking. Do you know what I'm talking about? Well I had one that I had bought from Wal-mart and I guess I must have made comments about how small it he said that he was thinking of me and bought me a gift. Boy I just kept hugging him!! Such a sweet man to go into a craft store and buy something for me!! So now I can cut larger paper!!

I'm so happy.

Well, I need to get ready to go visit my aunt and my grandparents....I will check in later tonight.

Take Care

04-02-2004, 12:26 AM
Marti~I think it is me, I think I ran everyone off! :cry: :cry: Yes, James is such a sweetie. :love: I do know what you are talking about, the slider. I have one and man are they great. I still can't cut a straight line! LOL Can't wait to see a photo of your rings. I have had the Krispy Kreme donuts and I think they are delicious-when they are warm. But definitely overrated. I remember when they opened one in OK, people were camped out to get one the next day-ridiculous! It's a donut. The same when they opened the one in Wichita. I ain't campin' out for a stinking donut.

Susan~hoping Gaby is feeling better. She sounds so adorable, I can just see her wrapping her arms around "daddy", so cute. He sounds like a great guy for wanting to adopt her but I totally understand how you feel. About Alex and your kids-I know he will adore them. Good luck with your meeting on the 17th. Hey, did you find a Sandra Bullock dress?

Jana~thinking about you and yours today and tomorrow. :grouphug:

Kayecee~all I have to say is lighthouses make for a purdy bathroom! :D I think I am finished with the boys, except for a rug I need to order online. Found a nice picture today at Michaels. I really like the lighthouses, it makes me think of CA.

Angie~WTG on the jewelry, hey you got what you went for right?! Just got a bonus. So what did ya get? Gold necklaces & rings, any stones?

I splurged today and went to the scrapbook store, that was my little treat to myself. Funny though, in the end it actually isn't for me. Hadn't been in a while and stocked up on some more stickers and a few sheets of paper. They have a lot of cool new stuff, papers, and sets of diecuts and such, but won't buy any until I start working on and planning the pages. Didn't find what we were looking for at Lowes this evening, or Home Depot. Looking for some brushed nickel ceiling fans for the boys rooms and the kitchen, but 44 inch. They have the 52 inch ones but they are a tad too big I think. Figured out what we are planting in the front yard, think we will do the planting before we have the guys do the grass. Anyway, that's about all we did this evening. Nothing much on the agenda for tomorrow. Have a couple of errands to run in the morning and then straighten up things around the house. Probably do a load or two of laundry and my ironing so I can have the weekend free. I still can't believe that this is April 1st already. Where as the time gone?? Okay, have a good evening ladies. See ya tomorrow. :)

04-02-2004, 01:37 AM
Just a fast hello.
I am just super tired.Gabster is feeling better but I did take her to the Dr's this morning after a night of high fever.
It must have been a 24 hour thing because she is being her usual self.
I must say she is a very polite little girl. Even though she had a fever she still said thank you for some 7up that I gave her :)

Prayers for you and your family Jana......

Oh, Alex leaves tomorrow night for California with his children, back on Easter.I haven't even LOOKED for a SB dress Cristi,so crazy here with trying to look for a job and Gab being sick......

I do have some weight good news!!!! I weighed in at 150.5 this morning......just because I wanted to see. 1 whole pound.......yay....

Ok.......will try and catch up tomorrow :)


da fat n da furious
04-02-2004, 02:07 AM
Good evening ladies

Cristi, I bought some good ol cheapy jewellery,,,the kind I The ex landlords sound a bit not on the good side..

Jana, my thoughts will be with you and your family.

Susan, ah poor lil Gabster,,,shes too sweet. Give her a kiss from Auntie Ang

Marti, yes James is a gem...

Katie, Brandon is 16 and plays guitar, and does lighting for some plays. Tanner is in band plays the trumpet and acts. I am blessed with two great kids (most of the time) Tanner set his alarm clock for 1:30 am last night to saran wrap Brandon,,,didnt' work so he tried again at 4:30 am,,,*sigh and again at 6:30...%$$^#%$ dang kids

I hope Im not missing anyone....

So my show is in its last week. Thank goodness cause the props are starting to stink bad. I can't even go near one PROP without Sad I
They just opened a Krispey Creme in Calgary,,,first one in Canada from what I hear. I won't be going near it for awhile. Right close to my neighbourhood they just opened a Winners,,,wahooo! Lots of
Im thinking of auditioning for a weightloss program that is on tv. Its called Taking It Off go ahead and check it out.
let me know what you think...I contacted them a year ago about if they would ever come to Calgary,,,and they said maybe next year which is this anyways I contacted them again today and they will be here in 2 weeks...*nail biting
well I need sleep...night

04-02-2004, 10:12 AM
A very Happy Friday to All~

A little quiet around here...

Angie~I think it would be so cool to get on that show! Keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes you get on. :crossed: :goodluck: I love costume (cheap) jewelry, just don't buy a lot. And that is because I don't wear a lot of jewelry. My DD and I could spend hours in Claire's,she usually gets some stuff. I had a bunch but cleaned out my jewelry box and gave it all to her.

Susan~Yaaaay!! CONGRAT'S on the pound! :cp: :bravo: Glad to hear Gaby is feeling better.

Jana~I am thinking of you and yours this morning. :grouphug:

Hi Marti, Shanna, Kayecee, Katie, Kathy, & Rita.

I am off to an early start this morning. The last few mornings I have been waking up at 4:30 am for some reason. I dozed off again but was wide awake at 6 so thought I would just get up. It is going to be such a beautiful day! :sunny: I love this weather. Have errands to run this morning but will be back by noon. That gives me the rest of the day to get things done around the house and cook a pot of chili. I know it's too warm for that but I had planned it a couple of days ago when it was cool so thought I would go ahead and cook it today. The beans have been soaking since yesterday-planned it yesterday but ended up eating out so...Anywho, hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday! See ya later :wave:

da fat n da furious
04-02-2004, 11:23 AM
I just did something nuts...*hyperventilating now...
I said I would sing in a caberat..*gulp
auditions are in less then 2 weeks...*gasping

ok ok I have to get past auditions,,,so just wait and

well thats enough drama for one morning eh?

04-02-2004, 12:34 PM
Good Morning,

Angie,Angie,Angie........singing caberat in your spare time? lol......They should replace the Energizer Bunny and put your pretty lil face there.
You EXHAUST me just reading about all that you do!!!!
I kind of looked at the site for the show you are interested in applying for.....I think you would be GREAT on a show like that.
Just hope you remember us Jaded Ladies when you become a TV Star! :)

Cristi- Chili sounds hearty.I love bean recipes and they are so healthy for you. I was soaking Lima beans and kept finding other things to eat and they laid sitting , soaking for days.....this foam thing starts happening and they start, can't soak for TOO long!
I would pursue the small claims things if you don't get the deposit back from your former home.
My thinking is they might think if they delay it that you will just give up and right it off as a lost.Landlords should have an account for deposits that they don't touch until after the tenant moves out.......after all that is what the $$$$ is for.....silly to spend it and when the time comes say.......opps,we have o money to refund them back what is
anyway..........I think it will work out fine........just set a fire under their butts and they will produce that money!

Marti- What a sweet sister!! Is the reception this weekend? I think the weather is suppose to be sunny for a few days, wonderful time to hold a gathering outside.....if Shanna is there , take a picture together!!
James is a sweetie for buying you a cutter........very thoughtful.

Katie- So, what does your husband do for work?? He had odd hours of that he was working? I think mainly I am a night person, kind of gain spend as the day goes on........
Though I do love my coffee in the morning.....
Have you posted a picture?? Would love to see what you looked like,....kind of have a picture of a petite blonde lady.....and you are pretty!!! lol

Kayecee- Where are you ???? Back to work and all?? Climbing Mt.Washmore??? Miss you :)

and Rita,Kat,Kathy??? :)

I grounded some fresh peanuts yesterday at Fred Myers.It taste waaaay too fresh and healthy.I need some oils and salt in was good though, would take some getting use to.Also bought some celery & carrots to munch on......

Had a good nights rest so hope to get back to walking today.There is a chance they will make me a full time employee!! Maybe.........
I just need to earn a little more and this would provide that.......also would get the full time benefits and it is a federal job , so there are a lot of benefits....we'll see. I really don't like my apartment.....and the view of the baskeyball courts......

Best get my arse busy!!!


04-02-2004, 05:20 PM
Hiya ladies,

Sheesh, I've really missed a lot!

Cristi - you got me good with the AF Card!!!!! At first I was like - WHAT???? LOL. Good luck with finding the fan you want. My ironing is waaaaay behind because I got out the summer stuff out and washed, and lots of it is 100% cotton.

Susan - :cp: YAY :cp: for the 1 # down!! About Wally World, in the movie Vacation with Chevy Chase, he takes his kids to Wally World in California, so maybe that's why you thought of a theme park. Neal took on my 2 older kids when he married me. And you would never know he isn't their biological father. I dated some guys before Neal who had problems accepting the kids so I had to dump them - the guys, not the kids! :rofl: Hope your job does turn into fulltime.

Kathy - all I can say is you get the Mother Of The Year Award for cleaning barf out of Legos!! For $300 worth of them, I guess I would have done it too...

Marti - awww, it's so sweet of your sister to give a reception for you and James. Hope the weather will be pretty for it. I have the small cutter, but all my paper is the 8 1/2 x 11, so it works okay. Mary and I are supposed to start scrapbooking on Wednesday evenings.... not sure if she really will be able to or not, though.

Angie - why were your kids saran wrapping each other? If you said, I missed it! I'd love to hear you sing at a Caberet! If you get famous, we'll say we knew you "when".

Thanks to all of you for the kind words about Deborah. I have to admit that I am glad it is all over. The service was beautiful - she planned all of it herself.

Tomorrow is weigh in, and I've done well all week, so I hope to see a nice loss. Our church is starting up an exercise class for women, and the main lady in charge is about my size, so I think I would feel comfortable going. I have been very lax about exercise, and don't want to get even flabbier due to weight loss! Btw - I am eating Vitamin C everyday in some form or another, but don't usually get to the other thread to report in.

The weather here is really nice, too, so I'm headed outdoors for awhile. See you tomorrow!


04-02-2004, 07:18 PM
Good Afternoon ladies--

Ok, so it's a little later than the afternoon but it's still before the evening! :D

How is everyone doing today?
James went and bought a printer today. Very nice. It's a photo printer so now my photos will be printed out much nicer than my old one.
We had just bought my sisters printer, then while we were up in Portland we roamed around Fry's (don't know if any of you have that, but it's a HUGE computer outlet place...kind of like Office Depot,,,just much bigger) and we saw some better printers for cheap. So we sold the one we got from my sister and used the money toward the better one.

Just what you all wanted to hear isn't it?

Jana--I'm glad to hear the the service was nice. How is her husband doing? And as for your weight loss....I'm sure you'll see another loss. And the exercise group sounds great!! I miss that at Sony. You're going to do great. You ought to post an update photo after losing 21 lbs.!!!

Susan--My goodness girl,,,you too are losing like there is no tomorrow. Congrats!!

Angie--I bet you'll do fine with the singing. I would love to hear you sing!! Why don't you sing into a video tape and mail it to me so I can hear you!! :D Has Susan ever heard you sing?

Cristi--Chilli is one of those meals that it doesn't matter what the weather is it's still good. In fact, last Sunday James made some for dinner.....mmmmm....was very good. And I like how he makes it. He cubes up beef sirloin and tosses it in for the meat. Very good.....especially with cornbread on the side!!

Katie--When I read that you washed lego's......the vision I had was just terrible!! You ARE a wonderful mother to have "saved" those lego's!! I never had an experience with Jhanai making a mess....although I have one of my ex-husband...he had drank way too much one night (which upset me at the time) and he didn't bother to get out of bed when he felt imagine my surprise when heard him getting sick in our bed!!! What did I do? Well.....I rolled him up in all his blankets, pushed him to the far edge and got myself a clean blanket and went to bed! Then made him clean it up himself when he got up. Not my job do clean up after him.

Kayecee--How are you doing lady?? I went to scroll back and you didn't post much on this thread yet so I wasn't able to see what you have written. I hope you're doing ok with all the it over yet? How long does it last? I can't seem to remember that time in my life back in grade school.

Rita--How are you doing? I hope all is well with you and that you have great weather to enjoy.

Kat--How is school going? Are you getting excited that it's almost over? Come back and keep us posted.

Shanna--I'll be seeing you tomorrow....and as Susan suggested and that I already had planned....I DO intend to get a picture of you and me together!! No way of getting out of it.

Who am I missing? I feel like I'm missing someone. If I am I apologize. But I hope you're doing well.

Tonight there is a Sony "reunion". Some one had rented a hall or something like that for everyone to get together and catch up. Today has been a year that Sony closed in Springfield. Doesn't feel like it. James & I plan on stopping by to say hi. We don't plan on staying long. Shanna & her man said they didn't plan on coming.... :( I see her a lot, but I still like her company!!
(You hear that Shanna!!)

Ok...need to get cleaned up and have dinner before I leave. I will talk to you ladies tomorrow.


04-02-2004, 11:20 PM
I'm baaaaack! :D Just being silly. I think it is the weather that is making me feel silly and in such a great mood. I hope it continues. :)

Jana~glad the funeral was nice. My heart goes out to your BIL. Hope he is dealing with it okay, and has lots of support from everyone. I say okay, because I know how hard it is to lose a spouse. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. :goodluck: I know you will have another loss. You and Susan are doing FANTASTIC!

Angie~goodness woman, where do you get your energy?? I want you to send me 1/4 of it. I agree with Susan and I have said it before, you are like the energizer bunny. We are going to have to see you perform one of these days-I know you are GREAT!

Susan~yeah, the foam thing-gross! That didn't happen this time, but I do think I did soak them a little too long, longer than I ever have. I still didn't get the chili made, just too busy today. I did get the beans cooked and we will have chili tomorrow. I am not going anywhere. And guess what we received in the mail today? The deposit! The letter worked. She said they weren't going to keep the deposit. But didn't say when they actually planned on giving it to us. :shrug: If they didn't plan on keeping it then why not mail it after we moved out?? :shrug: Oh well, it's over thank goodness. I did not cherish the thought of going to court.

Katie~I guess I totally missed you cleaning the legos. Wow, what a mother! :queen: I would have thrown them away. I actually have thrown away toys that the kids have gotten sick on, but I guess $300 worth of legos is a lot to just trash. My DD was sick once (well, more than once) and wasn't far from the restroom. She was eating cherry jello of all things and a look came over her face. She jumped up from the table, headed to the bathroom but didn't make it. She went to throw up and put her hands out to catch it right in front of the fireplace on our brand new blue carpet. :yikes: Never did get that red stain out of the carpet.

Marti~have fun tonight at the Sony reunion and tomorrow at the reception. Apparently I missed that also. Geez, where is my head. :dizzy: Hope it is a BEAUTIFUL :sunny: day just for you and James' special day. Vince bought color ink so now I can print out some of your wedding photos! Yippee! :D Make sure you guys get lots tomorrow also and especially one of you and Shanna. Glad you guys are buds and you live close. I also make cornbread with chili, actually corn muffins-so goooood on a cold day. :T

Well, just thought I would check in and she how everyone's day went. Mine has been long and I am fighting to stay awake. :yawn: :tired: I know if I go to bed early I will wake up early so trying to last as long as I can. Nothing planned for tomorrow. Vince has to work, bummer. Of course this is the time they start all the overtime. Anyway, HI to EVERYONE else! Have a wonderful weekend all. Till tomorrow...

04-02-2004, 11:46 PM

It is freeeeezing in this fricking office.......I should probably go home and get a sweater??

I must have missed the infamous $300 Lego story from Katie,is it in the 39 thread?? I will go back and look. So, I gather you cleaned poopy lego's?? Also......who did the poo???? lol
I will go back and lookie for it. How is the weather in S.CAl???

I am glad you got the deposit back Cristi!!! Must be a huge relief off your mind....
Chili does sound good and everyone keeps mentioning cornbread, love cornbread, especially when it is still hot----- with butter!!!

I am just having a hard time with my back right now.....pms ache and all....seems to sap my energy.
Think Ang could spare some for me

I will throw this out........Alex didn't call or email today.I know he left for California tonight, just surprised he didn't say good bye. I know he was busy getting ready to leave the office for a week and was worried about the drive and getting to his childrens house before too late tonight - it is a 3 hour drive to pick them up.
He just has always been very thoughtful.I am ready to put a strike against him but also want to give him the benefit of the doubt.I mean we have been writing almost every day for 5 weeks........just seems out of the norm.....

Also, just very sensitive with this *monthly* thing going on ......*sigh*....anyway, neither here nor there. Just trust you all with your opinion.

So, weigh in is tomorrow!!!! YAY........I know I just did it yesterday but will keep to Saturdays.

Tomorrow is a play called The Passion, my church is putting on- going to take the kids and their friends- putting Gabster in the nursery.
We drove by the church today and Gab just started to cry and pointed at the church up on the hill "PLAY!!!!!, PLAY!!!!"....and she was just howling up a, she is so cute.

Hello to everyone!!!! Glad you are safely home Jana :)


04-03-2004, 08:34 AM
Hello Ladies,

Marti - I will be glad to see more pics of you and your wedding. Also, one of you and Shanna. At my height and weight level, 20-some pounds doesn't make a huge difference, but I may post a picture anyway. Hope you had a good time at the reunion last night. Did most of the other employees know you and James got married? Have fun at the reception. Is that today or tomorrow?

Cristi - :cp: YAY - glad you got your deposit back! If you have time on your hands you can always come and visit me. You don't have to wait til August.

Susan - hey, I like your new avatar! I think you should give Alex the benefit of the doubt. Who knows what happened before he left? I bet he has a good reason for not saying goodbye. The nursery is a good place for the Gabster while the others watch the play. She would have nightmares for weeks, maybe.

Hi to the others!

Well, today is weigh-in and I'm down 2 1/4 more!!!!!!! That makes 23 3/4 pounds in 10 weeks. Only 1 1/4th to go til I can change the number in my chick avatar!

Today we are leaving for Nashville Indiana to see the Bellamy Brothers in concert. I have loved them for years and will be loud and rowdy during the show. We'll be back tomorrow early afternoon, so try to behave yourselves while I'm gone. :D Cristi - get out the whip, just in case, okay? LOL Have a great Saturday!


04-03-2004, 12:04 PM
Well, I thought I better make an appearance since I haven't been on in a while. It will be a quick on since I have to get ready for Marti's Reception. I am bringing some stuff and I have to get myself prepared too. :D
WEll, I finally got a job ya'all. Not that I am too excited about it or anything. It is for Pentagon Federal Credit union. A military bank. I will be working 9pm to 5;30 in the morning with a head set on and sitting at a desk. I start on the 12th and work a month on days to get trained. I don't look forward to working nights again, but I chose it because I thought it would work best when I went back to school in the fall. It should be interesting to work full time and go to school fulltime ( 20 credits) aaaagh, I can imagine the sleepless nights. Hey, maybe I will lose weight since I will get no sleep and not feel like eating . AAAGGGHHH I wish I could go to school and not have to get a job until next year when I graduate. WAAAWAAA :tired: :stress:
Ok, I am feeling sorry for myself.
WEll Gals, You won't get a picture of me from today if I can run fast enough. YOU CAN"T GET ONE MARTI IF YOU CAN"T CATCH ME!! BWAAAAHAHA BWAHAHA :devil: :lol:
To all the wonderful people losing weight, congratulations!! ( jealously earing it's head!!) :p I envy you all, but I am proud of your progress.
I hope every one has a wonderful weekend and I shall hopefully do some more posting before I get into the job and have little time. Only a week left and I am no longer having fun. my stomach is in knots jjst thinking about it. :(
Ta ta for now.
P.S. Hey Kayecee, those pictures developed yet??? Needs some pointers on how to get them posted???? :D

04-03-2004, 01:30 PM
A very good morning to all~:wave:

Jana~I've got the whip out and ready. ;) Have fun at the concert, which I know you will. And you be as loud and rowdy as you want to be. I just may take you up on that offer of visiting before August-I have lots of time on my hands right now. I have to say how very proud I am of you with your weight loss. You are doing an awesome job getting it off. CONGRAT'S on your 2 1/4 lbs. gone this week!! :bravo: I am doing a happy dance for ya. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Susan~Gaby sounds so very cute and sweet. I miss my kids being that age-they are so much fun. I too would give Alex the benefit of the doubt. Was there anything in the last email about leaving for his trip? Could be that he knew you knew he was leaving and the email Thursday was the last one. Could also be a zillion could be's so I would wait on the strike. But I do understand-I totally would be thinking all kinds of things and wondering why also. But keep an open mind.

Shanna~Glad to see ya. CONGRAT'S on the new job!! You are going to be one busy lady when school starts, 20 credits and working! Just think of the outcome when you feel the stress coming. You will have a wonderful job in the end. Have fun at the reception today, and YES we do want to see pictures of YOU and Mrs. D. Hear that Marti? :D

Okay, well on with my boring day. Have a great Saturday everyone. :wave:

04-03-2004, 02:55 PM
Good Morning,

CONGRATS to Jana!!!!! Very happy for you and just pray for continued success in the weight loss.I never heard of the concert you are going to attend but sure it will be tons of fun :)
I called on a Wiggles concert for Gabster & I to go to up at the Rose Garden and it was going to be $60-$40 depending on the seating..... :fr: I thought it would be a nice afternoon thing to do with her but at that price she can sit in front of the tv and watch them.
BTW- Wiggles is 4 grown mean dancing and singing on Nick think they look English but hard to tell because they are always singing.
Besides I ........errr,Gabster loves Clifford better.
Also, there is an exhibit on Mr Rogers at the childrens museum and if I get the free pass at the library I wouldn't have to shell me thrifty, don't call me

CONGRATS to Shanna!!!! I know you say it might not be the job you would desire but it will pay the bills.......and sometimes we have to settle for that in life to get to where we want to be in the long run..........
I certainly hate looking out at an indoor basketball court and would LOVE to move but it is a good job and it does provide housing and utilities free, plus the salary. 6PM to 10PM suck though but I can take Gabster to the park during the day and we take naps together ........(hey!!! I am 40 :))
SO, might really enjoy it and like you say it gives you a chance to continue schooling-


Ok- I will let Alex live for a while longer........looking at his last email he was asking for prayers for the trip and that plans had changed where he has to go home next Saturday with the kids -have them Easter and take them home Sunday evening, instead of just taking them home after their trip.So, he seemed under the gun.

Besides, he isn't a *boyfriend*, doesn't owe me anything really.So.........I am *centered*

It is SUNNY out and a nice day ahead to be outside.Course the play tonight......can't be as gory as the movie Jana I wouldn't go see the movie,I have an idea of what that is all about.Real life is intense enough........I go to movies to

OK- out of here........

Weigh In- Lost 1 1/2 pounds this week from 151.5 to 150! Stunned because I was kind of liking those 1/2 pounders.....SOOO excited because I haven't been in the 140's since before the Gabster was born, can't wait til next Saturday......yay....
Also going to work on getting recent pictures and posting those in the next few day.........

whew...........thats it.....ttfn :)

04-03-2004, 04:09 PM
Back again, but just for a quick sec. Was still on the computer and thought I would check to see if anyone has posted.

Susan~I wouldn't go see the movie either but DD & DS went to see it yesterday and they really liked it. Said it was gory, A LOT of blood but otherwise very good. I wouldn't imagine a play would be as gory, or gory at all-but then you never know. Hope you like it. CONGRAT'S on your loss this week! :bravo: Doing the happy dance for you too! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: And I wouldn't call you cheap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving a buck or two or more. You can't beat your work schedule. I wouldn't pay too much for a concert. I wanted to go see Martina McBride and the tickets were 50-75-for her I would have paid it. But they were high because Alan Jackson was with her also. I don't care much for his music but she is GREAT! And she is a home girl (from KS). We went to see her Christmas concert Dec. '02 and it was WONDERFUL! She has such a powerful voice for being a tiny, little woman. Anyway, I am starting to babble.

Hope everyone is having a nice day. See ya...

04-04-2004, 01:38 AM
Hello ladies--

The reception was nice. The weather was beautiful. AND.....I got a picture of Shanna!!! :D But I won't post it unless she wants me too. I can't do that to her ladies......sorry.

Tomorrow I will post some of the photos.

I just wanted to pop in real quick before I relax for the night to let you all know how it went. I will post much more tomorrow. (yep...that was a warning!) :lol:

You all have a great night.

BTW.....Fantastic on the weight loss Jana & Susan. (I envy you two!!)


04-04-2004, 02:32 PM
Good morning ladies---

It's a beautiful Sunday and James & I are planning to visit a friend then have lunch later. What are your plans?

The reception yesterday was very nice. My sister did a wonderful job and I was almost in tears when I saw just how much she did for me. It wasn't something too extravagant but it was just so nice!! I will have to get my pictures loaded onto the computer so I can share with you.

My daughter gave a speech and it was just so sweet. Here is what she wrote:

To mom and my new step-dad
You both have hearts full of love for each other, as everyone can see. Your love is stronger than a brick wall and now your married with every minute with each other. I wish you a wonderful life together.

I thought it was sweet. She wanted to say her speech but at the same time she felt embarrassed to have all the attention. She did good (after some coaxing!)

My grandparents showed up!! I couldn't believe it. It made it that more special to have her come. She has difficulty getting around and the trip from her living room to her bathroom tires her to have her travel 20 miles to get to my sisters house was wonderful! I made sure I got a picture of her and me together.

Ladies...I need to get going. I will do my individuals tonight though....

Take care

04-04-2004, 05:00 PM
Hiya ladies,

Shanna - Congrats on the new job! With your personality, you will be good at working with people on the phone.

Cristi - I was serious about meeting up before August. That would be great! I love Martina McBride's music as well, and have just about worn out her Christmas CD. The way she does "What Child is This" just about brings tears to my eyes.

Susan - :cp:CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!! The twins would love a Wiggles concert! Fruit salad, fruit salad, mashed banana, mashed banana!!! LOL! They also love Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Square Pants, lol. I didn't even know there was a Mr. Rogers exhibit. When he passed away, I cried! (Btw, just so you'll know, I went to see the Bellamy Brothers last night.)

Marti - awww, how sweet of your grandparents to come to the reception! That had to mean so much to you and James. And Jhania's speech was so heartfelt! I liked the brick wall part so much! Also, you are a good friend to not post Shanna pic w/o her consent - I'm proud of you for that.

Well, the concert was great! I did get a little rowdy and loved every minute of it. The best part of all was that, if you remember, last year when I went permanently Off Program, it was after going to the same place. Well, this time, girls, I was 100% OP!!!! I planned it all out, and stay with the plan. Then today, we had lunch with Neal's brother who just lost his wife, and I stayed OP at that reastaurant, too.

The weather here is gorgeous! I'm on my way outside to brush the dogs. They are already beginning to shed quite a bit.

Chat at ya later,

04-04-2004, 05:59 PM
Good Afternoon,

Very sweet what Jhanai wrote Marti- nice of you to share it here :) She sounds like a wonderful young lady. Look forward to seeing the pictures- you will include one of your grandmother??
I am not real close to my grandmother but do have an elderly lady that is like a mother, she lives down in Oakridge, hope to see her in May or June.

Bellamy Brothers?? I have heard of them- give me a song that they sing Jana.....probably will know them that way. I haven't been to a concert since my first one back in 1977?? The Bay City Rollers.......loved
Mr. Rogers was a neat person.....Gabster & I watch him everyday. I saw today where Seasame Street is 35 years old........

YAY- on staying 100% OP :)

I just wanted to say hello. I need to get out for a walk.
Took the girls to see The Passion play, thought it was very well done.....
I attend a beauitful church set up on a grassy hill........we turned into the drive and Gabster just was thrilled as could be- started kicking her little legs and yelling- YAY!!!!
Picked up Rebecca and her friend for the play. Heard that she had hurt her arm Friday afternoon - she had been doing a sleep over so just talked with her on the phone and she said she was fine.........never thought much of it til I picked her up.
I asked to see it as we walked up to the church. She showed me and I could tell it was puffy, swelled up and all....
So, we sat and she leaned her head on me during the play and I whispered over to her in the dark that we were going to OHSU emergency after the play.
Anyway- long story short we got to the hospital at 9:30 and left at 3am....she has 2 broken bones in her wrist and will get a cast on Tuesday after the swelling goes down.
Guess some heavyset boy rammed into her while playing soccer........
I must say the Gabster was a typical 2 year old while at the hospital- almost had me close to tears running after her...she was tired and we waited 2 hours just in the waiting room.........horrible
Got home at 4:30 and the birds were

Best get for a walk


da fat n da furious
04-05-2004, 01:18 AM
Susan, poor Becks...been there done that too. Brandon broke his wrist falling out of a tree fort. Then jumping from a swing a year later,,,other wrist. Tanner broke his wrist getting his picture taken,,,on his roller blades,,no wrist guard. And I remember Tanner was over a 18 months old and I was close to tears when we went to get Brandon's cast.

Funny thing when you guys talk about my energy,,,I spend so much time yawning.
Brandon went back to Sylvan for a week, hes at his best friends home,,,they will be back Sat. both of them for another week of visiting at our house...YAY...*shudder

Jana, Im glad that the funeral was beautiful...sad still for one so young.
And YAY for you to have lost more! good for loose skin.

Cristi, good to know you got your money back. Im going to get tickets to see Aerosmith,,,Brandon has tickets but I really want to go even thou he doesn't want me there I am thinking of going to see Default (very similiar to Nickleback, saw them a couple of years back)

My show is was great. Was given a rounding of applause,,,standing O and had the cast show their appreciation...I was spoiled! Didn't get home till afte 2 am...then we had to drive to Sylvan,,,Im exhausted! But I did get to shop at my fav place,,,its called Your Divine Indulgence...I bought a wrought iron key set...huge old fashion keys,,,really heav. And a beautiful picture for a girlfriends birthday. And the funny thing is I didnt know the sales person,,,shes new. But she knew of ya i do love shopping there. My mom bought me a purse...a cute box with silver trim purse.

So April 17th which is a Sat I will audition for the show. I have decided to NOT do the caberat,,,I need to really take a break.

well I need to get to bed...
night all

04-05-2004, 03:35 AM
Late night for me ladies!!

How was everyones weekend? I wish mine hadn't ended!! I really don't want to go to school. (ok...I'm being pouty) Here is my schedule in case I forgot to mention it.

Accounting (again) :rolleyes:
Math20 (I'm starting low...have to refresh my old brain!) :dizzy:
Advanced Word (my favorite class) :hyper:
Records Management (it's all about filing!! who wants to do that??) :shrug:

Simple classes (except accouting) but I still whine about having to go to school. Jhanai just laughs at me about it. :lol:

Angie--Good for you for giving yourself some time to rest :cp: and not doing the cabaret.....although I believe you would have done a fabulous job. I really wish I could see some of your plays/shows....(what do you call them?) I would like to see the things you do!!

Jana--Nothing wrong at all for being a little rowdy. That's the fun part of being at a concert. So I hear anyway since I've never been to one!! And excellent job on staying OP!! :high: I am soooooo proud of you and your determination!! You are a huge inspiration to me!!

Susan--Sorry to hear about Rebecca's arm!! :( Poor thing having to wait to swell down before getting a cast on! And poor Gaby, being the little one, being her little self and getting tired of waiting. I feel for you! I hope the rest of your night went better.

Cristi--You and Jana talking about Christmas music makes me want to put some in and just listen to it now!! Neighbors might think I'm crazy though since I still have my light up and we just got rid of our christmas tree in the yard!! :lol: I've never listened to Martina McBride..I'm assuming she's country? I don't listen to much country although I do listen to some.

Shanna--I know you're going to do just fine when you start working on the 12th. Just don't forget about me!! :( Although I know you're going to be way too tired for visits working the night shift...especially when school starts back up for you! Just keep in touch with e-mail!

The rest of the girls here.....hello to you and come back soon to keep in touch. Like to hear how you're all doing!!

As you all have seen....I started another thread. Actually RE-started another thread. I didn't feel like finding the old one so I don't exactly remember what everyone thought of it. I just wanted to see which "challenge" you all preferred doing. After the first week, I figured I would ask everyone which one we all preferred, or if we even wanted to continue with it. Nothing like keeping ourselves involved with getting ourselves on track. (although Jana & Susan are doing a fine job WITHOUT the challenges!!)

So....visit it,,,, see what you think....and let me know. We can keep it or get rid of it. I'm flexible and understanding. Don't ever want to push anything on you all if you don't want it. (am I making any sense here?)

I need to get some sleep.....Accounting and Math tomorrow....(the two classes I'm not fond of)

You all have a great start of the we come!!


04-05-2004, 10:17 AM
Happy Monday, Ladies,

Susan - so sorry about Rebecca's wrist! She'll feel better once the cast is on tomorrow and the swelling has gone down. The Bellamy Bros. biggest songs were Let Your Love FLow, Reggae Cowboy, If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me, Kids of the Baby Boom. They are old now, but can still belt 'em out.

Angie - glad the show was a success. I don't blame you for not singing in the cabaret. You need a break!

Marti - good classes! I think you'll like them all. I like your weekly challenge idea! I think I'll challenge myself to drinking water. I used to be real good at getting it in, but have slacked off. Also, please know that you can change or edit any thread you have started. Just don't mess with the Chit Chat one, lol! Seriously, though, I am glad that you take the initiative to make this site more interesting and useful with new ideas, Marti.

Well, ladies, I have a lot of worry today. First of all, Macy is in the hospital. My son said she has had diahrea and vomitting and was close to dehydrating. She has an IV for forcing fluids, so she should be okay, but it's still tough on her. She just turned 1 in January. But my biggest concern in Makenzie, one of the twins. She has always had turned-in feet, and bowed legs, but the doc told Mary to not worry about it, that she would probably outgrow it. Now she complains of her legs hurting a lot. Yesterday she was in misery with the pain in her legs, and got a 102 fever out of the blue. So they called the doc, (he was doing his turn at the ER last night) and he said to bring her to his office first thing today, or to the ER if her fever got worse. Of course, we are worried that she has some dreaded disease like MS or MD. I know it isn't good to borrow trouble, but I just can't help it. I am sick with worry over that little sweetheart.

So Dale took the day off to go with Mary in case there are x-rays or whatever, and I'm going to watch Caylin for them. At least she will distract me.

Thanks for all the kind words about me losing weight. It really means a lot, especially since I have such a long way to go. Having you guys to report in to has been a great help, too.


04-05-2004, 12:49 PM
Good Morning,

Mackenzie & Macy are your grandaughters? I would be worried sick also- just never seems right to see little ones sick or have something wrong physically.
Just will pray for your peace of mind and that answers will be found for Mackenzies aches. I think having an answer will be a big help- thinking and wondering is the horrible part.

I take the girls up to Dorenbecher ---a childrens hospital. Once when Gabster was having a cold they ended up giving her chest she ends up in this horrible looking thing, strapped in---she was 3 months
Poor baby........poor mommy. It is a learning hospital they always do every blood test -xray they can think of......

Anyway, Beck is home because mom, nor dad filled her pain medicine.Now she claims to be in pain, though yesterday she said she didn't want to go because of the splinter on...
Going to get the prescription filled and maybe get her to school for 1/2 a day.

"Let Your Love Flow"!! I love that song- yes, it is an old song .....70's??? I love the oldies in the 60's.I kind of like to get a Cheryl Crow CD....hate to spend the 11.99

The 21 challenge is kind of hard for me , Marti.......HATE to admit that.Convinced myself that walking every day isn't needed to lose weight......made me feel TONS better. Now I can enjoy being a

To go along with Marti's they video tape your plays?? Can we like purchase one?? Are you behind the scenes??? I thought you were.....or are you an actress?? lol........You are so talented Ang. LOVE your "I made my own dresses for my wedding" must have been a young 20 something?? Your mother taught you?? Or did you teach yourself?? Bet you taught
Oh, ya..........went by Home Depot and thought of you :)

How are you Cristi???? Miss everyone else- hope all is well and everyone is taking advantage of the beautiful Spring weather.

Some job things to do and get The Beck to school......


04-05-2004, 03:15 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Jana~thoughts and prayers of you and your grandbabies in the hopes everything is fine. :grouphug: I just hate to see little ones ill. Glad you enjoyed the concert and :cp: for staying OP! I too was serious about having time on my hands and visiting. Throw out a date and we can go from there.

Susan~sorry to hear about Rebecca, hope she is doing better today. I can't imagine the pain of a broken bone-luckily the kids never had one, nor did my brothers or sisters. My mother however, broke her wrist once trying to break a fall and broke her wrist in several places, very painful. I like Sheryl Crow, have one of her CD's and it is good. I want to get her new one. WOW, Bay City Rollers?? I remember them.

Marti~yes, Martina McBride is a country singer, and a good one. She has A LOT of good songs. I think my favorite is Blessed, the video is nice, her dh and daughters are in it. She just has a beautiful voice. I don't listen to country music as much as I used to but I have my favorites. Glad the reception was nice, as well as the weather, and your grandma was there to boot, what a special day for you. Jhanai is so sweet, such a nice speech. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Angie~ooooohh, Default, I like them too. I have waaaaay too many favorite groups/singers. I guess I am glad I am the way I am as I enjoy a variety of music. If you looked at my collection I have everything from Classical to Rap and everything in between. I may be old but I am not dead. :lol: My kids are the same way. I have always loved music since I was young. Was always singing to the radio.

Today is weigh in for me and I swear I am going to throw the scales out the window. It says I gained 4 pounds this week! :yikes: I know for a fact there is NO WAY I gained 4 pounds! UGH!! I am not going to let it get me down though because I know they are wrong. I go to the doctor next Tuesday and will see what their scales say.

Well, had to make a trip to the library this morning. Didn't plan on getting any books, just returning but found a couple of LaVryle Spencers that I hadn't read-love her. Of course I have a lot of books here that I haven't read. Oh well, I am sure one day I will get to them. Ran to Wal-Mart real quick to pick up a coffee maker for DH birthday Sunday. Not sure what else I am going to get him, probably clothes. While there, I picked up a WW Easy Homestyle Cookbook-so cool. It has a lot of receipes for the foods that I cook and the points. Have you seen that Jana?? Should have picked up some new scales. I need to get some laundry and cleaning done today since I took the weekend off. Yesterday we went to church, then to the cemetery and lunch, actually a late lunch/early dinner. It was nice to actually spend the whole day together, seems like it has been so long. Take care ladies.

04-05-2004, 08:52 PM
I'm back....

Susan - hope Rebecca is pain free now. Have you picked out a dress yet for the meeting with Alex? We want details.

Cristi - almost anytime is okay for getting together. We can do a test run at Evansville and tell the others what was the most fun! I'll PM you with some date suggestions. No, I haven't seen the WW book, but if you run across some good recipes, share, okay? I got your Easter card today, thank you very much!!

Marti, Angie, and the others... hi!

Okay, the girls are both okay. All that worry for nothing! Macy's holding down food now, and has had turds instead of watery stuff in her diaper. YAY! About Makenzie, the doc said the fever is because she has a slight viral thing going on. And he said her legs hurt because she walks so funny. They have an appointment with a theraputic place that makes special shoes for kids like that. He said she could also be having growing pains. I truly thanked God when the news came in.

What's everyone doing for Easter? (Btw - I mailed cards to the JLs who live far away on Saturday, and to you closer ones today.) Anyway, the kids are coming over for dinner and I'm looking forward to that. I bought candy for Katie and Neal, but not too much, and for myself I got a chocolate bunny and a Milky Way bunny. That's it... but that's all I want.

Gotta go PM Cristi w/dates.

04-05-2004, 09:18 PM
HI! everyone just wanted to pop in and say hope that you all are having a great monday did get some walking in to nite kind of cool but felt good being out probably will feel it in the morning since I am out of shape so have a great evening!!!!! Rita

04-05-2004, 10:41 PM
Good evening ladies~

Jana~so very glad to hear the girls are fine. You sound like me with the worrying. I am the biggest worry wart and ALWAYS borrow trouble. I wish there was a switch I could turn off in my brain to make it stop. There are a lot of recipes in that book that look and sound good, from bread, to main courses. I love how it has the points already figured out for you. I definitely will share as I try them.

We don't have anything special planned for Easter, as far as going anywhere or having company. I do plan on cooking a ham and since it is Vince's birthday we will have cake. Going to go to church Saturday evening as to avoid the crowds on Sunday. I too bought the kids candy. I have been doing that since they were little of course and just continued minus toys. I know they are kind of old but they still enjoy getting it and a card. I used to put candy out in a dish for the holidays but not any more.

Hi Rita :wave: WTG on the walking. I challenged myself to 3 days and need to get started.

Okay, off to read my pm. Take care ladies and see ya tomorrow. :wave:

da fat n da furious
04-06-2004, 01:13 AM
Jana, O thank goodness, like you I worry about things,,,yes its called borrowing trouble...must be the virgo thing. Im just glad its nothing too serious.

Cristi I saw those books at Wally's the other day...I am going to take the time to read my Dr Phil book. Stopped at the bank tonight and had a great talk with one of the loan officers...we are going to start walking.

Had to go to Future Shop and will need to get a new printer...too expensive to fix this one even thou its only a year old. Not happy about that. But they are cheap. Cheaply made too...grrrr

The directors gave me gift certificates for Chapters so I plan to go and get a couple of books for the boys, for Easter and possibly a paperback for me,,,like you Cristi I like that author too. And Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown,,,Lisa Jackman. Im waiting for Janet Evanovich to have another book out. OMG that woman makes me laugh so much...I remember once waking Monte to read this one part.

One of my Aunts was diagnosed with cancer last week. Its in her kidneys, and breast bone. I really feel bad for her husband, they have two daughers, one is kinda flakey. And the other I just heard actually lives in this city, but is horribly hooked on major drugs. Just sad really.

well off to bed I go...night all

04-06-2004, 01:57 AM was your day?

Looks like the weekly challenge fits our needs better than the 21 day challenge. But I plan on keeping that one around until whoever is doing finished. Cristi...Me....Susan??

Jana--I'm glad to hear the girls are ok. Nothing like spending the day worrying. And believe me,,, I do that often also! As for family plans on going to my grandparents. My grandma's birthday is this friday...we all want to be there for this birthday....may not see her on her next.
Also, my niece is being baptised and my sister asked me to be her god-mother. I was honored!!

Cristi--Don't worry about the scale! Our body can hold water like crazy and that may be what's going on. I weighed in this morning and I'm back to 150. Not too happy with that, but I really haven't been good with all the wedding cake and goodies that have been around. Which is why I decided to start a new challenge. Get myself in gear!!

Angie--I hope that sometime soon you are able to at least post pictures of your plays. I really liked the one you sent to me, but I would also like to see YOU in some of them!! You may be tired while doing what you do, but always sound like you really enjoy what you do!!

Susan--I think I know exactly what you're talking about when you mentioned a strap thing for putting babies in. Was it a metal contraption thing where their poor little legs are just a dangling?? Jhanai was very sick one time when she was about 8 months old. I felt like a horrible mother bringing her in....I felt like I was too late! She had bronchitis (sp?) and something else at the time.Then she ended up with Rosiola (sp?) (I can't spell tonight!) It's never a fun thing to experience.

Rita--So good to hear from you. Walking in any kind of weather is good for you. Now if only I got out there and just started walking myself!!

Shanna, Kayecee, Katie, Kathy....who else am I missing? I hope to hear from you soon! Love to chitchat.

Well, I need to get of the computer and finish some homework then get ready for bed. Shanna plans on coming over tomorrow...she got back her pictures she took of the & white. I'm really excited about seeing them.

You all have a good night.

04-06-2004, 02:00 AM
I forgot to say....

Angie--I'm sorry to hear about your aunt!! I will be keeping her in my thoughts. I hope she has family that will be there for during this time!!

04-06-2004, 09:16 AM
Hi Ladies,

Rita - glad you are walking a lot, keep up the good work.

Cristi - Mary and Terry are the "grown-ups" in their households now, and buy Easter stuff for their own kids, so Katie's my last one.... kinda sad. But easier. :D I agree with Marti - don't worry about the scale until you get a nw one. Or just weigh in at the doc's office once in awhile.

Angie - I also read Janet Evanovich books. The grandma cracks me up! I'm very sorry about your aunt. And it sounds like her daughters won't be much help... About the Dr. Phil book, I bought mine when it very first came out, and I wasn't ready to start again. I remember I was eating a huge bowl of Cheetos as I read it, lol. I think I will get it off the shelf and re-read it now. He always inspires me. Did you see the show yesterday with the 611 pound woman? God bless her.... I will think of her when I get down about having so much to lose!

Marti - your Easter plans w/grandparents sounds nice. How old will g'ma be on Friday? Hope you and Shanna have a good time today and share the pics with us. Everyone seems to like your new thread - you're good at thinking up new ones.

Today is supposed to be as pretty as yesterday was, and I'm loving that. I plan to clean off my back patio. It is screened in, with lawn chairs, little tables, and a kid's swing hanging from one of the rafters. But it is all dirty from the winter and needs some TLC. Plus, I have to tackle Mt. Washmore again - why is there no end to laundry!!

I'm trying a new crock pot recipe today - Southwest Chicken Stew. It has chicken, salsa, corn, pinto beans, broth and a few spices. I'll let you know if it was any good. 3 WW points per 1 1/2 cup serving - YAY!


04-06-2004, 01:22 PM
Morning ladies~

I got on the scales this morning to see what is up and they were down two from yesterday. I am definitely thinking the scales are bad so will get some new ones sometime this week. Then see what the difference is with those and the doctors when I go next week. I thought about going back to weighing once a month but that would bug me, and I like to *try* and stay on top of things before it gets too bad.

Angie~I am so sorry to hear of your Aunt. I also like Sandra Brown and Nora Roberts-I have too many favs. Also like Mary Higgins Clark-haven't read her new one. Of course I haven't done much reading period. How goes the selling of your house?

Jana~I agree witht he laundry-did three loads yesterday and it has piled up again today. Yes, let us know how good the Southwest Chicken Stew is, it sounds delicious. :T I am cooking chicken today also, just don't know how yet. :) I think I will look in the cookbook for something different.

Marti~I know what you mean. Too many celebrations and goodies catch up with us in the end-no pun intended. ;) Even though with me that's where it usually ends up. Sounds like you guys are going to have a nice Easter.

Hi Shanna, Kathy, Katie, Rita.

I did catch Dr. Phil yesterday and it has made me get out the book again. I started rereading it again. I keep seeing all these people losing so much weight and I am a little embarrassed that I haven't gotten it yet. I definitely need to work through the steps again. Can't remember her name, but the 600 lb. woman inspired me-she is finally moving around and losing weight and I think that is great! The whole show actually inspired me. So that is what I am doing today, catching up on reading, as soon as I get to Walgreens to get a couple of things and the post office. Also, going to clean a bit. Just really need to vacuum and dust a little. Trying to stay on top of things. There is nothing like the feeling of having your *own* house. We didn't do shrubs and such this past weekend but plan on doing it Sunday. Vince is getting a hold of one of the guys about the grass-just can't wait. :)

Have a GREAT day everyone! :wave:

04-06-2004, 02:42 PM
Good Morning,

I am headed for a walk with the Gabster.

Your chicken stew sounds SOOO good Jana.....I wish I had a family to cook for, I think that is what I miss the must being divorced.Course I still could cook and eat it over a few days??
Anyway, sounds yummy!!!!
Curious what WW has you do in weighing?? Is it once a week or bi- monthly??

So sorry about your aunt Angie :)

THANKS for the Easter card Cristi! :) Very sweet.....don't let the scale get you down.I am kind of getting leary of it and always thinking about what I am eating and if it is healthy........need some Dr Phil inspiration myself.

Took Beck for her cast this morning, she picked powder blue for her color- thought she would pick pink....

Gaby went to work with me last and that worked out great. I got TONS't have time to be on the puter with her around so I actually worked and she tagged along- very well behaved and said "hi" and bye to all the tenants.....sure she charmed the drunks and drug addicts along the
I think that is funny.......I mean I manage a low income housing and I know there is drug activity and people that shift through the garbage looking for pop Gabster charmed everyone......:)

I don't know what I am wearing for the Alex meeting,Jana......feel discontected when I haven't heard from him in 4 days.I will go for my walk and drop in at the mall and stroll around and look.........would be nice to get something for Easter.

BTW- I work that weekend, might go to my sisters and hope I don't get a page.Think it will be a quite 2 days.......

Rita,Rita!!! I don't think I have your addie!!!! I will go look,sent out cards yesterday.If anyone has it, can you send to me??? Thanks:)

Hope you are having a good day Marti :)

Best get busy,haven't even started on the water drinking.....

Breakfast was Atkins shake,banana,cracked what bread with peanut butter....and some coffee.... get!!!! :)

Hi to all you MIA'S!!!! :)

04-06-2004, 02:46 PM
I have Rita addie!! Thanks Cristi-,,,,,se where you sent it to me awhile back.........

04-06-2004, 04:15 PM
Hey Ladies~

I'm back for a few minutes. Just realized I forgot to say Hi to Susan. See, I knew I always forget someone. :( Not that I forgot you Susan-never, thought I had said a few words to ya. I love the nn Gabster-so cute. I bet she did charm everyone along the way. But then don't all two-year-olds?? I say that because there was a cute little boy at church Sunday I would have loved to bring home-soooo cute. Hope Rebecca is feeling better. Bet she can't wait to get to school to get her cast signed. No word from Alex in 4 days?? Bummer :( Does he have a laptop?? Did he say he wouldn't be in touch till he returned?? Well, don't let it get ya down, I am sure he can't wait to get back and talk with you.

Oooo, just realized I forgot Kayecee also. Okay, Hi to EVERYONE! :) I always forget someone when we don't hear from ya daily-sorry. :(

Okay, I am outta here for now. Just returned from the store and need to get the house vacuumed and be done by 3 for Dr. Phil. I want to get his book on CD-I think hearing his voice will do more for me than reading the book. See ya later :wave:

04-07-2004, 12:30 AM

THANKS for the Easter card Jana:)

Hi Cristi- No he never said much of anything before he left for Cali. I don't think he has a laptop, really don't think he has a computer at home because he always emails from work.
He has called from work and home though.
Anyway- pretty sure California has computers *snicker*....also even think they have telephones.Course he isn't a boyfriend and I am sure it was a long drive for him.......
We will see what happens......don't feel too eager to spend $$$$ on a dress though......

Took a walk with the Gabster.

Having a hard time with the ex.....very distressing.I will probably just see the girls on the weekend.I HATE this......I miss my babies.....
He can be great or he can be a bully.....

Anyway, I have the Gabster......

I guess that is it.Work is going fine so far with Gaby with me-

I better go :)


04-07-2004, 12:39 AM
Hi everybody...

I'm listening to Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and feeling rather blue. :( My mom is not doing too well -- she's 74 -- and I need to go to Montana in May for a few days to try to help her. I'd go sooner, but couldn't get the time off work and get plane tickets. As it is, I had to spend $700 on round trip tickets for both Tim and me. *sigh* I'm pretty worried about her...her blood pressure is through the roof and she is under a huge amount of stress, and...when I talk to her on the phone, she just doesn't...sound like herself, I guess. Hopefully, I can help her in just the few days I have there.

I bought Easter cards for everyone, but haven't gotten them sent yet. I will get them in the mail tomorrow; hopefully most of you will get them by Saturday.

Susan, I think you said you pictured me as a petite blonde? Not exactly, hon :lol: -- I'm 5' 10" in my bare feet, and even when I'm not heavy, I am a BIG girl: broad shoulders, big hands, size 10 feet. My hair is really long and curly, and sort of the dark reddish-brown of an old penny, and it's usually messy looking because I'm a total klutz and can't do a dang thing with it. Hope I didn't mess up your mental picture too badly. :dizzy:

Anyway, ladies, sorry I haven't been on for a while...just been very preoccupied. I try to pop on here everyday at least to read how you all are doing, so I'm thinking of you, even when I don't post.

See you soon,

"It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily.
"So it is."
"And freezing."
"Is it?"
"Yes," said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening a little, "we haven't had an earthquake lately."

04-07-2004, 12:55 AM
Hi Katie

You SURE you ain't petite??? I am pretty sure you

Post a picture sometime?? Would love to see what you look like,,,,,,,,,,,or color photo a pic and send in my Easter card!! :)

I NEED to get some pictures taken. I keep putting it off,,,,,,
Tomorrow I will go to my mothers and have her take some.

Sorry about your mother , Katie.My dad is 73 and he was sick for awhile back in November....just sending best wishes for her :)

Gaby is watching a show and being a sweetie.......sitting behind me on the chair and leaning her head on my back.....awww,love the Gabster,,,,,,,miss my other girls!! waaaaa,waaaaa.......

K- out of here .....:)

04-07-2004, 01:56 AM
Hi girls--

To start off will have to forgive me for not sending out Easter Cards...I did the e-mail again! I have to do my Thank You cards and I completely forgot about Easter!! ((Sorry))
Thank you Jana & Cristi for your cards. BTW can send things to Marti D for now on! :D
I have idea's for scrapbook pages that involve pockets to hold cards. And I figured I could do a page for each holiday!! (Plus my wedding cards I received) I just got to get my rear in gear and start scrapping. Michaels has a sale this weekend. I'm meeting Shanna this Friday to get some stuff. I had bought a bunch of eyelets and I really want to use them....well this weekend they have to tools to use them for only $14.99!! That's down from $32.99. Is that a deal or what?

Jana--Your Chicken Stew sounds yummy!! :eating2: Maybe post the recipe? I need to eat much healthier than I have been. I'm not sure where my motivation went. I think with everything going on the last couple months I've kind of put myself (health) on the back burner. Now it's time to concentrate on me. I did finish a "Me" page in my scrapbook. I'm pleased with it. :smug:

Cristi--I need to start figuring out ways to celebrate without food!! But there are so many good things out there that are just too tempting sometimes... Obviously I have no self control. :nono: Tonight we had a roast.....I gave myself a small helping...but I still managed to eat too much.....only because I thought my helping was too small and I went for seconds. Why!? I only feel bloated and uncomfortable!! My jeans are screaming at me!! :fr:

Susan--Let me say this about Alex and not getting in touch with you.....he must be enjoying EVERY minute with his kids. He travels a distance to be with them and they may want to keep him occupied most of the don't feel like you've been abandoned, just know that he is a wonderful father who wants to enjoy the company of his children. And once he gets back....I'm sure you'll have long conversations and e-mails telling you all about it. And telling you how much he missed your conversations. Abscents make the heart grow fonder!! :love:

Katie--So sorry to hear about your mother. I think you going to see her will help her very much. Just having you near will make her smile and that alone can bring the blood pressure down a bit!! I send good thoughts her way!! :flow1: About what you said to Susan about how you looked.....for some reason I pictured you a blonde too!! Isn't that strange how we envision someone before we see them? Unfortunately I can't keep you all in the dark....I post my photo too often!!! Have you all noticed my size increasing??? :dizzy:

Hi to Angie, Kayecee, Shanna, Kat, Kathy, Rita!!! Come back soon and post!!

Ok is a question to ponder....What was it that finally took hold of you and gave you the motivation to lose weight??!! Jana & Susan, two are having the most success....what got you going? I'm having such difficulty sticking with anything, it's pathetic. You would have thought that my wedding would have gave me TONS of motivation....but obviously it didn't. I'm disappointed in myself, but instead of kicking myself until I can't see anymore,,,I seek your advice. So if any of you have a "trick" or what have you....please share.

Hmmmm :chin: ....maybe if I take close up photos of part of my body naked :eek: ...then post them all over my fridge...that might make me choke and take notice!! I could post my butt on my dresser with all my jeans..... my belly on the fridge for when I'm hungry....and my thighs in the closet with all my dresses!! Yeah...that would do it!! :D
But seriously...I need to get "moving" Just got to start!!

Ok...I better get off of here and organize my kitchen. Need to get my dishes done before bed. It's late, but the dishes sitting all night will bug me!!

You all take Care

04-07-2004, 09:26 AM
Please go to Chit Chat #41!!!!