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03-31-2004, 01:32 PM
Our family has relied on soy milk for a while now, since my daughter is allergic to milk and my husband is lactose-intolerant. But I read an article in Low Carb Portal (on the web) that soy in its natural form contains toxins that leach minerals, and natural estrogens that cause early puberty, asthma, and emotional problems in children, and feminizing properties in men. This increases with larger doses of soy. They said that Asians do not take soy in the huge doses that we do now. Their rates of illness due to soy are lower because of this. Now, I haven't noticed any feminizing in my husband (thank goodness, he's still 100% masculine ;) ) but my daughter does have problems with asthma and concentrating in class...she was given soy formula (after breastfeeding for 6-7 months) and has taken in lots of soy in her five years. This kind of thing freaks me out. I really hate all these new "findings," I never know what to believe, and then I don't know what to eat!! I already buy organic beef and only wild-caught fish, now we can't eat soy? Arrrrggh. I can't imagine trying to get my little daughter off her Very Vanilla Silk, which she loves. Any thoughts? Any ideas? Has anyone read anything about this? :?: