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03-31-2004, 11:46 AM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, friendship and support devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families. We strive to win the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better.

03-31-2004, 11:54 AM
Good morning ladies :wave:

Welcome Angela, I'm Geri SAHM of 2 boys, Will and Tony, who will be 3 and 1 respectively in May. This is a great place for both weight loss and Mommy support!! Once we get to the 3rd page of a post we usually start a new thread because it's easier to keep up with not so many pages!! You know how scatter brained Mommies can be :lol: . I agree with Cindy...try to plan out your meals in advance and make what you can in advance so you have convenient foods to grab. Maybe if I had done that I wouldn't be in this predicament :D . You're down like 30 lbs from prepregnancy weight, so that is great.

Cindy, the numbers on the scale can be very discouraging. I have a friend who decided she is only going to go by her clothes sizes because her weight fluctuates so much. It's also a good idea if you are weighing yourself to only WI once a week at the same time of day. Whatever works for you!! Glad no damage was done with the dinosaur!!

I have been coloring my hair for many years...I don't do anything wild and I'm too cheap to have it done professionally!! I use L'Oreal Preference Medium Golden Brown. Covers the greys nicely :D and I do it about every 5-6 weeks. Someday when I'm too grey I'll have to fork out the money to have it done professionally!!

Got my 3 mile walk in again this morning but didn't think I was going to 'cause the little devils were acting up :devil: . Wish I could get them outside but it's not supposed to get out of the 30's today :( . Spring is coming this weekend again :) . Tony needs a bottle so he's really whining right now...I'll be back later.

Hi to everyone!

03-31-2004, 12:06 PM
Hi And Welcome To The New Faces :) :)

I Can't Remember Anything From The Last Thread. Scattered Brain Mommy ;(

I Am So Happy For You To Get Your Workout In Everyday. You Are My Inspiration! I Have Worked Out The Last Three Days And That Is A Biggie For Me! How Is The Dr Phil Plan Going? Do You Take His Supplements And Such?

Well I Am Full Forced Back On Plan On Day Two Now! My Scale Was Down To 171.5 So I Am Hoping To Keep It There For Tomorrow Or Lower Would Be Nice Too :) :) :)

Have A Great Day!
I Am Running To The Veggie Stand And Will Be Back Later:)

Whats For Supper???

03-31-2004, 12:31 PM
Good morning all!
Thanks for starting the new thread Geri! Now if I can remember what everyone said in the last thread. Hey I know... I'll open it in another window so I can re-read those posts :) I'm such a cheat! lol.
Geri, I am with you on coloring my hair. I've always done it myself. Now I don't do all over color anymore but just highlights. Easier to maintain and keep up. But I know when I see my first strand of gray hair (lets hope it isn't for many more years) I will do an all over color again. How old were you when you started getting grey hair?
Candy, I hate waiting for things too! And yes, waiting for my LTT is torture. I keep track on it and it hasn't been mailed yet. Ugh. I thought since they processed the check yesterday it would be mailed today, but not yet. O-well... I need to keep my mind off of it. And my DH likes electronic things. He wants XM radio for his semi but it's expensive and I wouldn't know what I was buying... he also wants a gamecube but we have one already at home so I don't see the point of buying another right now. So I'm not sure what to get him. He doesn't do golf, there isn't even a course around here. So I am clueless. Did you get all your laundry done yesterday? Was your helper better?
Ricci, that study sounds interesting. How long does it last? You won't be harmed will you?? (you don't have to contract yellow fever do you??) the money sounds great though! Let us know all the details. I hope you get your appetite back soon.
Crystal, I am so happy that we were able to help you feel better about being a SAHM. I know it is tough but it's the best job in the world. :) and I really enjoyed chatting with you yesterday too! And congrats on the 1# down!!! That is great. You are already heading in the right direction.
Candy, so glad your bread turned out great! I am horrible at making homemade bread or rolls. I just can't seem to get them to rise. I've tried 3 times and it never works. What is the secret to putting the yeast into warm water???
Geri, that avon nail stuff is called Nail Experts Strong Results Length and Strength Complex. I need to start using mine again right after I get this polish off.
Welcome Angela!!! I am Spryng, mother of 3 - Ava 4, Joseph 3, and Tanner 9 months. I am currently on weight watchers (doing it at home on my own) and am really close to my goal weight now. I got up to 195 lbs with Tanner (I was always in the 190's with each of my pregnancies) so I've lost alot of weight since then. You have too! What plan are you on or thinking about? But if you want support and encouragement you have found the right place. Hope to see you often here!
Cindy, that is funny about the dinasaur. :) So far my kids haven't put toys in the toilet yet... but they were getting good at unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper (the double roll kind) and trying to flush it all down the toilet. Needless to say it didn't work. And about weighing phobia... no I don't suffer from that. In fact I used to weigh every day and sometimes more than once a day. Now I only weigh once a week. Sometimes if I know I've done really well I may step on the scale to check my progress but I only write my weight down on my WI day, which is fridays. I think going by how your clothes fit is a good idea unless you wear stretch pants or elestic waist because they will allow you to gain several lbs before really beoming uncomfortable.
Well, I think I caught up with everyone!!
Now about my "expensive dinner" the macadamina nut pesto. How can I sum it up??? Oh yeah, here is the perfect word---- YUK!!!!! I didn't realize it would taste like basil. I thought I was eating a leaf from a tree outside over pasta. It was terrible. I guess if you love basil then this is the dish for you. But I did eat all of mine because I knew there wasn't anything else I could eat so I choked it down. The rolls and oven fried squash was good though ,lol. So the price of the ingredients was outrageous and then it was a flop in the taste department. :( O-well... never know until you try. Tonight though I am having spaghetti and garlic toast. What is everyone else planning??
Did anyone watch american idol?? Who do you want sent home tonight?? I really think Camile Velasco (the girl ffrom hawaii, not the one who wears a flower in her hair) is super pretty but her last two performances were nil... so I think she should go. But I'm not into motown so I really didn't love any of the performances last night. I wonder what next week will be?
Well I guess I better get off of here. Hope everyone is having a great wednesday!! Lets stay OP!!!!!

03-31-2004, 02:29 PM
Geri- thanks for starting a new thread.! Gee, I was here twice yesterday and feel totally out of the loop. Glad you got your walk in this am. Bet that felt good!!!! I hear ya with the hair color. I have been coloring mine for a long time- first of all I started because I used to have permed hair and the perm lightened me up too much (looked funny) and now because of grey. My dad was totally grey by the age of 30- so I got some of that genetics. Ugh......
I alternate doing it myself, and when I need something to pick me up will have it professionally done. And the one thing bad about being a dark brunette......those stupid greys really stick out.

Spryng- sorry that your meal was a flop. Doesn't it bug you when a recipe is so out of balance? Sorry it was so bad, and expensive...... Boy were you in a mood to post!!!!!! :)

Penny- congrats on the good WI!!!!!!!! I finally checked out your house- very cute!!!! Do you garden much?

Well, the kiddies had a half day (the little ones) but the big ones have yet to be picked up......guess I'd better get out of here and back to work. Have a great day.

03-31-2004, 03:09 PM
Welcome, Angela. I am Ricci sahm to two boys 5 and 3. The ladies here are great at encouraging you and giving advice.
As for the study, I only have to get the vaccine. They will draw my blood, and then give me the vaccine for 5 or 6 days and draw my blood again to see if I have built up the antibodies. I did a study about two years ago for cold medicine. For that one I had to go in every two hours a day for a week and take the medicine, and then stay the night on the weekend. They drew my blood about twenty times during the weekend. The next week it I had to take it every 4 hours, and the week after that it was only twice a day. I think they ended up drawing my blood and everyone elses close to 120 times during the course of the study. I got $2000 for that one, and it really helped since dh had had surgery.
Sounds like everyone is doing really well. Spryng, sorry your dinner didn't turn out so well. I hate it when that happens.
As for hair coloring, I haven't colored mine in years. I just need to brighten it a little. Since my SIL is my stylist, she would hunt me down if I did my own color. :lol: Well, I need to get off of here for now. I will check back in later.

03-31-2004, 03:21 PM
Hi Girls

I posted several times back about two or three months ago. Just wanted to pop in and say Hello. I have talked with Karen and Spryng before. A little update on me Spryng, we both started out around the same weight and now we are around the same weight now. Hahaha....It takes alot of work doesn't it? I hope to reach 120 by June 1st. We'll see. I know my body is not going to be the same ever again after having two kids but I want to be healthy and fit just like everyone else. I am not really following any kind of program just excercising here and there and trying to eat as healthy as I can. Just a reminder I am a Sahm of two. The loves of my life! Spryng can you let us all know how your thigh excerciser thing works. I have been thinking about getting one. I check in on this board all the time. So I will see what you have to say. Another thing we have in common is that my Wedding Anniversary is April 5th and like you I have no idea what to get him. I think I would be surprised if he even got me something hahaha....its been seven years, I can't believe how time flys. Well Hello to everyone else on this board, its really moving along since I was last here. Take care and good wishes for everyone! Julie

03-31-2004, 04:30 PM
Good afternoon! I hope everybody is doing great. I've had a good day so far - ran errands with the kids in tow. They were great exceot for the crying incident at the McDonalds'd think I was the meanest mom in the world because we had to leave! :lol: I made it to the gym, but only got in a 30 minute cardio workout. I worked on intervals and got that heart rate pumping! I even passed up fired ay McDonalds - that is a big accomplishment!

Thanks all for making me feel better about not using the scale to weigh in! I'll keep using my jeans as my gauge until I feel a bit better about myself!

Geri - I just started Dr. Phil... I know you can have two snacks a day. What do you usually have? I've been either drinking a glass of skim milk (the one I don't drink at breakfast), a piece of fruit, or some veggies. Any other ideas?

Ricci - I give you credit for getting your blood drawn! I don't think they could pay me enough for that. I seem to pass out everytime I have blood drawn... hope it goes well for you.

Spryng - Caught bits and pieces of Idol and have to agree with you. DId your thigh machine come yet? It's sooo hard to wait for things! Better luck with your dinner tonight!

03-31-2004, 05:04 PM
Hey all! Welcome to all the newbies! Sorry to not be personal but I am brain dead! We just spent 2 1/2 hrs at the park. I was trying to wear the kids out so they would nap so I could work and wore myself out too! Anyhows, as I mentioned before I have really been stressing about my goof with the postdated check at work but my boss was so sweet about the whole thing. So, I am feeling better today though my eating has been out the window. I really need to get back on track so I will feel better so I can get back to exercising! What a vicious (is that how you spell that???) circle! Anyhows, sounds like everyone is having a pretty good day today! The weather here is absolutely gorgeous. Would have to be the last day of the month! Oh well. I'm off to get some work done. I have no intentions of being up until the wee hours! I will get personal later!!!

03-31-2004, 06:02 PM
I can't believe this is my first post of the day. :dizzy: I've been on spring break this week so I'm trying to get caught up with everything I have going on. I have to plan my next week's homeschool lesson plan, it's a unit study for Easter, I've tried to get organized with my ebay, trying to sell to make money, I've been getting my Watkins back on track for the end of the month and I've tried to get organized to begin my weekly menu and grocery list planning. Oh yeah, on top of a 16 month old BOY, teething with asthma, an almost 3 year old trying to potty train and the 5 year old. :dizzy: I've also been learning more about my internet, incredimail, hotmail, all kinds of goodies. I have a weekly bible study with one other lady on Wednesday mornings that I totally forgot about today, I was still in my PJ's when she got here at 11AM :o

Penny, I'm still having a problem getting that WW info readible, I don't know why. I told you I'm only 1/2 internet saavy. :?:

Spryng, Candy and Penny - I got your Watkins catalogs in the mail, hopefully you'll get them in a few days, please let me know when you do so I will know. Thanks. :)

Ricci, I don't know if we've met, I'm a 26y, sahm of 3. 5y, almost 3y, and 16m. I homeschool and do all that other stuff up there I talked about. It's nice to meet you. :D

Hi Angela, we're so glad you're here. I just joined up this weekend and I'll tell you the help I've already had. The motivation here is NONSTOP, it's great. Hope you stick around and good luck on your weight loss journey. :)

I'll check in later, Bye.

03-31-2004, 08:25 PM
Hi again!
Crystal, sounds like you have been busy today!! And yes I will let you know when I get your catalog.
Candy, so glad you were able to get outside. Fresh air always makes things better. I hope your eating is better tomorrow. Just think of when you want to achieve your goal and never give up! :)
Cindy, passing up fries at mcdonals IS a big accomplishment! What did you end up having? I try to save pts for when I go there and have a mcvalue fry (7 pts) and a grilled mcchicken with no mayo (7 pts) I'm burned out on salads so I never eat them anymore. And no my thigh trainer has not got here. I'm keeping tabs on it and it's still processing, not even in the mail yet, so it won't get here until next week sometime. I'm anxious for it to get here too.
Julie, welcome back! I'll have to go back through past posts to find you. I'm bad with remembering everyone who comes through here. You should stay and post more often! We would love that!! Sounds like whatever you have been doing is working for you!! Congrats on being so close to your goal. My personal goal is 120 lbs and I'm hoping to be there by the end of summer this year. We'll see. And yes I will let everyone know how I like that Lateral thigh Trainer when I start using it. I think I will like it alot, it's small and compact. I can store it under a table in my living room when I'm not using it and all the reviews I've read on it are good ones. So I think it will be great! But I'll let everyone know for sure.
Ricci, that study sound pretty easy!! I hope you have fun doing it and more fun reaping that big check for it!!
Ginny, yes it was annoying that my dinner was a flop because I thought it was going to be so good. It wasn't creamy enough, too basily, etc... o-well... I made spaghetti tonight with boca crumbles and it was wonderful! So it made up for it. :) And I guess my last post was long huh? :o I was just far behind everyone else so to address everyone it took alot of time and words, lol. I think we have a record number of members here, do you think so? Hope your afternoon went well!
Well, all morning I felt so tired and lazy. Took at nap at 12:30 whtn the kids went down, got up watched a little tv and then made dinner. After dinner I got a surge of energy and started cleaning my kitchen, and my little porch/entryway thing and put my plants out there. They look good out there and after a long winter they needed the sunlight the porch provides. So now I want to sweep and mop my kitchen and call it a night. I'm glad I finally got some energy though, I was beginning to wonder what was making me so tired, but it passed. Ok, got to get off here. TTYL!

04-01-2004, 12:28 AM
Hello everyone,

Just a quickie from me. Decided that I needed to clean my craft/JUNK room out before the sewing machine gets here :lol: Plus I plan on having my 1st annual rummage sale this summer so I have been piling junk for that. There is another storage room down here that I'll have to attack before the rummage too :( I have so much JUNK!! Now that we have the boys it's even worse! I saved all Will's clothes for Tony so now I can start getting rid of those as Tony grows out of them. That's one of the reasons I wanted another boy rather than a girl but of course I was going to take what I got :D

Spryng, sorry that the meal wasn't good last night but the spaghetti made up for it tongiht. We had soup since Dh had to stay late for a safety meeting at work.

Ricci, how did you hear about the study? I could use some easy money like that :D This deal sounds alot better than the first one...are you sure they weren't vampires??? sound like me yesterday...I wasn't in my PJ's but hoped no one would show up unexpectedly because after my workout I just threw a sweatshirt over my smelly exercise clothes and didn't take a shower til later in the day :) You were busy today!! Good going.

Candy I will think about you getting back OP tomorrow!! I'll send you some vibes :goodvibes

Cindy, I took one of Ds fries the last time he had Mickey D's and it wasn't all that great tasting anymore! I'm hoping that's a change for the good for me 'cause I know how hard it is to skip the fries! My snacks are usually a piece of fruit and a glass of milk if I don't have milk with breakfast and some yogurt in the afternoon with another piece of fruit. I don't do the veggie snacks because I eat a lot of veggies with my lunch and dinner.

Welcome Julie...stick around...this group's getting big (members, not size :lol: ).

Ginny, yep, those greys stick out like a sore thumb. I think i was 18 when I saw the first one. I've been coloring it so long that I'm shocked when it starts to grow out and I see how many there are now :lol: It's still not even close to 50% but I would never go natural. We all have our vanities :p

Well, I can't think anymore so it's off to bed for me. Goodnight everyone and have a great OP night. did day 2 go? Penny...waiting for WI results tomorrow...Angela is Dh still home?? I think we have 2 Angela's now...hi to everyone else.

04-01-2004, 07:59 AM
Day 2 of work went fine. I was busy until I left at 500. I think I am working harder at 16, then I did at 40. That is all right, I rather stay busy. My co-worker is actually bringing my check by my house today. Her kids play soccer nearby. I am going to buy JW and myself some things for Easter. DH will have to wait, b/c he only wears a certain name of suit and they are very expensive.

I feel like I have been on program even though i have not tracked. Getting the workouts in on days that I work is going be a challenge, but I figure 5/7 is good.

Happy Thursday! I will be back on once JW is asleep. He is crawling all over so I have to watch him every minute.

04-01-2004, 08:08 AM
Just a quick hello!!!!!!!Today I am gone all day- going up to the HighSchool to have lunch with my 2 older kids. Usually a hectic day, but nice as I get to be a wee little part of their lives...... got a 15 minute walk in this am. I am so tired this week.
Sorry not to get personal....see you later!

04-01-2004, 09:15 AM
Hi everyone!

I was thinking about you last night. :) :) How is JW doing with your mom? Is she still rocking him to sleep? I am so glad you are still on plan. I know it is good to stay busy. It keeps you away from the munchies :) Congrats on JW crawling everywhere. And I think 5 days of exercise is wonderfuL!!!!

I am so excited for you!!! Hope you have a great time with the kids!!!! Congrats on the walk :) :)

Did you get the whole craft room clean? I tell you, I hate getting ready of my kids baby stuff and clothes :( It means they are growing up! :cry:

With all that energy, you need to come clean my house!!!! Hope the plants look great outside!!

I am so happy your boss was not too upset about the mistake. We are only human and it happens! But I know how you feel. You need to go eat a 1/2 dozen donuts so you can get back on plan :)

Congrats on the weight loss! Check in here with us more often.

I don't know how you are doing that study. I absoutely HATE needles. You are braver than me!

If you are going to do ww, let me know and i will mail the info to you. :)

I am down 1.5 pounds for weigh in this morning! I wanna be out of the 170s so that is my goal for next week :)

Hope I didn't miss anyone :( Have a great on plan day. I am bringing Hunter to school then to the park to walk :)

TTYL! Penny

04-01-2004, 09:19 AM
Good Thursday Morning!!! :)
Yesterday was crazy :dizzy: , it was one of those days where I felt like I was running around with my head cut off or turned backwards. I think today is going to be a little calmer. I ate okay yesterday but not as great as I would like to, however I went grocery shopping yesterday and that always helps to eat better I can pile up on the produce. :T

I still haven't been able to exercise, I've honestly tried and tried to figure out when I can put it in my day. All of you sahm seem to be able to and I can't figure it out. Does anyone have 3 kids, and homeschool and is still able to exercise, please tell me if so. Alot of you take your older kids to school which leaves some time open or you only have 1 little one and I can see how you can exercise I did when I only had one, but I can't figure it out. :dunno:
I mean, my 16 month old son still wakes up 2 to 4 times a night. Most of the time he won't go back to sleep so he and I have to lay on the couch and we both pass out there. See we only have a 2 bedroom house and my daughters are in one room and my son shares a room with me and my husband, so when he wakes up crying I have to deal with him quickly so he doesn't wake everyone else up. :sssh: So all that said I can't find the time to exercise. However, the time is changing this weekend which means it's going to stay lighter later and I'm hoping I can have my husband watch my son while I go outdoors and exercise at least 3 days a week, maybe the other days I can manage something indoors. :tread: I'll let y'all know how that pans out.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. :drill:
BTW, down 3# in less than a week w/o exercise. Not sure how that happened but I'll take it. :encore:

I hope everyone had an on plan day yesterday.

04-01-2004, 09:55 AM
Hi all! :wave: Ya'll are doing great. My name is Mary and I am a SAHM of 2 boys; 10yrs and 2yrs. I have been married for 13 yrs. I am 157lbs and want to get between 110-120. I don't really know what my ideal weight is, but I'm 5ft so I figure thats a reasonable goal.
Right now I'm doing the Body for Life and the Eating for Life. I don't really have a problem losing the weight. Its sticking to a plan and then I usually regain it. But I recently started weight training and its adddicting! :strong: I actually look forward to going to the gym. :hyper:
Anyway, I gotta go. My 2yr old wants to get on the bus with my 10yr old. He has been sick the last couple of days and he is desparate to go somewhere.
Talk to ya later.

04-01-2004, 09:56 AM
Penny - Way to get it off. Did you start the South Beach? I am lost in all of the threads. I think I am going to have to get some more structured plan.

Candy - What program do you use at work? Ours is Medisoft, I guess you have it on your computer at home so you can do the billing. Are you doing any on-line billing for the office? We will have to get together so I can pick your brain. I don't know how long they will need me, but I was thinking of doing some on-line billing on the side. Psych is not as complicated, we only have about 10 procedure codes they use. I will just see how this works. I am enjoying being back. It seems like they appreciate me more since I left.

Ginny - How neat, lunch with the kids? Do all mothers come or just you? How does that work? I can not imagine JW in high school. Do they date yet?

Crystal - Good for you on the weight loss! Your exercise is probably running around with the kids.

WOW, ladies! How many do we know have on board. Hello all, I am still trying to caught up with the threads.

A&A's Mom
04-01-2004, 10:15 AM
Welcome Mary!

I'm Andrea a SAHM of 2 boys Andrew 6 and Alex 2. I'm 5'4 wiegh 157 and am trying to get to 125. I've been doing weight watchers at home. I have lost 13lbs so far. We are here to help you out in any way. If you need to vent or need support. I'm curious about you diet. What kinds of foods to you eat? Whats the general plan like? Anyway, good luck and congrats on the weight you've already lost!

Welcome to the other newbies out there! It's been a couple of days since I've been able to get on and I've missed a lot!

Dh left early yest. morning and will be back home late Sat. night or early Sun. morn. I'm going to try and get housework done today and paint the boys room too. Yeah right! I know I won't get all of that done!!! LOL!! Maybe I can't at least get a start on it. Well, I hope all of you have a great day and I'm sorry I'm not getting personal now... to tired this morning and to much to do! I'll take a break later and jump on again!

04-01-2004, 10:47 AM
Good morning all!!
Wow! Look at all the posts this morning! :) Everyone seems off to a great start today.

Andrea, what color are you painting the boys room?? I've been working on my house since yesterday evening since I haven't done much all weekend. But it seems things go more smoothly once DH leaves. Are you used to DH being gone now?
Melinda, don't feel bad about trying to get everyone straight here on the thread! I've been here 2 years and I'm lost half the time too! And 5/7 days for exercise is great! You sound like you have everything under control!
Welcome Mary! I am Spryng, mother of 3, Ava-4, Joseph 3, and Tanner 9 months. I think 110-120 is a great weight for your height, once you get closer you'll be able to gauge it more to your needs. I am 5'4 and my personal goal is 120, which is at the low end of my range. I can go down to 116 lbs though and still be considered in a healthy weight range. I'm curious about Body For Life too, is it low fat? Low carb? How long have you been on it? and I know what you mean about regaining once you lose the weight. I'm currently on weight watchers (doing it on my own at home) and I think I finally found a plan I can make into a lifestyle so once I hit my goal weight I can maintain it forever instead of gaining it all back. I can't wait to start trying :) But welcome to our thread and I hope you feel right at home here, I look forward to getting to know you better!
Crystal, you can still get in some exercise. I have 3 kids who are with me 24/7 and I can get in some exercise everyday (if I wasn't so lazy, lol) maybe you can get up a little earlier and get in 10 to 20 min or after the kids go to bed get in some. I do the after bed one. My youngest is in my room too still and he sleeps all night because when he was younger we did the crying it out thing and within 2 nights he stayed alseep. Can you try that?? But if you can't get structured exercise in then maybe try getting outside and playing with them or parking further away from the grocery store or whatever to get some walking in. If you are watching tv grab your dumbells and use them for awhile. Any little thing helps. But congrats on the 3# gone!!! You are doing something right. You know some women lose weight with out ever exercising. You just have to find what works for you. When Dh was home everyday he would watch them for 30 minutes in the evening while I went for a long walk. It felt nice. So maybe you can work something out with your dh to do something like that. Hope I was some help.
Penny, congrats on the 1.5# loss!!!! That is so great!! South beach must be working for you now. Are you adapting to it a little better now?
Ginny, that is so sweet that you will eat lunch with your kids today. Enjoy them! And have a great day!!
Geri, when is your sewing machine suppose to get there? I'm sure you are excited! I love getting things in the mail.

Well I was going to stay home today and just piddle around the house. But dh might be home early tomorrow so I think I may go to joplin today to buy some new jeans and a cute top to wear on saturday. But I'm not sure. I stayed up late last night cleaning my kitchen floor. What a mess. We made cupcakes the day before yesterday and Tanner had made a mess with his. So I swept and mopped it before I went to bed. All I have to do today is little things and then the house is done! :) I still have energy today so maybe I'll put it to good use. Well my WI is tomorrow and I hope I've lost those 2#'s I gained last week. I really needed to because I know this weekend I won't be tracking pts. But I won't know until tomorrow. Ok, I'm getting off here now! Have a great day!

04-01-2004, 11:27 AM
I'm back just for a minute.

:) Hi Andrea, I'm not sure if we've met or not.

:) Welcome Mary, hope you stick around and hope we can all help you.

:( You girls are making me feel bad. I'm only 5'3" and my goal was 145. I'm a fairly larger frame and the doc said that's what she would like to see me at. But the books say I should weigh between 118 and 132. I haven't weighed that since I was a freshmand and sophomore in high school. When I get to 145 I may need to add another goal. Let's just accomplish one at a time.

Spryng - :D Thanks for your sugguestions. About my son, crying it out, tried that. He has asthma and it's harder on him at night and I think that is the main reason he doesn't sleep well. And getting up early, I usually get up between 5:00 and 5:30. But here lately my son has been doing worse at night and I don't get up until around 6 am and he's up with me and I can't exercise while he's up. I'm gonna try to work it out with my husband to watch the kids for about 30 minutes in the evening when he gets home and I'll get outside to exercise, it may only work about 3 days a week, but that's better than nothing. You are doing great with your 3 small kids and still able to exercise. WTG. :D

I hope all of you girls the best.

04-01-2004, 12:15 PM
Good morning! :coffee:

Got the 3 mi walk in again this morning. Crystal...I'm usually stopping to run and break up a fight between the boys and sometimes I have to pause my dvd to pick Tony up because Will caused him some pain :( or something, but I can usually make it through. It takes about 45 minutes so I'm surprised at just how much they let me do it. Tony's 10.5 months and Will's almost 3. Hopefully your Dh will help you out at least 3 days a week. He will if he wants you to lose the weight ;) My Dh does it for me when I ask him.
As for crying at night, luckily Tony doesn't have asthma so I can't relate to that, but we finally decided to let him cry himself to sleep because I wasn't getting any sleep. We have the boys share a room and I was afraid he would wake up Will, but it only took a couple of days and he's not too bad anymore...once in a while he wakes up for the nuk, but falls right back to sleep now. Good luck with that!!

Andrea, good luck with the painting! I need to do more of that but there are so many other projects to do!! I should really concentrate on the inside stuff before it gets too nice out!

Spryng, give me some of that cleaning energy!! I'm going grocery shopping today and really need to empty the fridge out first and clean all of the shelves (YUK!) Where does all that stuff come from???? My machine is supposed to be here tomorrow (estimate from fed ex) so we'll see. I got the craft area of the room cleaned up but I have a bunch of craft boxes in the other storage area to go through yet. Some will be tossed and some will be put in the rummage.

Melinda, glad the job's working out for you! Staying busy is one way not to munch...if you can plan your meals in advance. Isn't it amazing how much you're missed when you're not there?? Now they know how much you're needed!

Penny, congrats on the WI!! :bravo: :cp: :cb: :cheer: Do you have to start all over with the first 2 weeks again since you were off plan for awhile? What kinds of carbs/fruits can you add back in during phase 2? It's been awhile since I read the book.

Welcome Mary!! Please feel free to post anytime! We love to talk here. This thread's really been hopping lately.

Well, Tony calls again. Hi to everyone I missed!!! Ginny have a great lunch! Is this put on by the school or what?

Have a great OP day and I'll talk to you later.

04-01-2004, 12:35 PM




I have exercised since I got pregnant with the first one. I used to go to the gym before the last one came along. They would go to the daycare there for one hour but now I stay at home and exercise.

Now Hunter is in a Pre-K program so I only have the two at home until 2:30.

Anyhow, I drop Hunter off at school and then we head to the park. I walk, push Andrew in the stroller and Nicholas rides his bike. WE usually go two miles (one day, Nicholas was tired :) ) and then I let him play. It has been working out well.

On the days we don't go to the park I have been getting up at 5:00 or 5:30 and do an exercise tape in the living room. Andrew usually gets up shortly after.

I have even put Nicholas on the computer playing a game and put Andrew in the highchair with some cherrios in front of me and did a tape then.

Like Spryng said,
Start small.
Park further.
Do the dumbells.

I always find that if I don't do any exercise for the day, I always do 20 crunches and 20 leg lifts right before I get into bed.

Hope this helps!!!

There is always time, you just gotta find it! You have to put yourself first sometimes and do something that makes you happy. (Easier said than done, I know :))

04-01-2004, 05:43 PM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
Crystal, I'm not sure what weight I will end up as. Whatever feels comfortable. If I have to develop an eating disorder to be 110 then forget it. Thats what i was at 24 when I started gaining all this weight. I know before my son was born 3.5 yrs ago I got down to 130 and felt great. After 160,170 & 180 I was thrilled. I stayed 130 till I got pregnant. At that point I was happy with my weight. So I think if you are happy and healthy who cares what the scales say. Ha! If only. :joker: Listen to me. Do as I say not as I do.

Anyway, the body for life is basically eating 6x a day. Although I can't seem to get past that 5th meal. You eat a serving of protein and a serving of carbs at every meal and vegetables 2x a day. Most substitute a protein shake w/ fruit or something for 2 or 3 meals since it is a lot of meals. Its low fat but not low carb. He likes whole wheat products and pasta sometimes but no sugar. He recommends getting some good fats like olive oil or nuts daily. Its ok but he doesn't count calories just portions. As in measuring or as big as your fist. Sometimes I feel like I'm eating too much, though.

I am curious about WW. How can I find out how to do the plan w/o joining? I like a lot of body for life principles but I'm thinking of modofying it.

I went shopping with my Mom today and she took my 2yr old and I to KFC. I had a baked chicken breast and a serving of rice w/ no gravy. I was doing good till my son came over with a choc chip cookie. I took a bite and it was so good. I ate 4 of them. :ink: But I won't beat myself up about it. Its 4 oclock and I've only had 900 calories so far today, so if I don't go over 1700 today I'll be happy. As u can see I'm still counting calories. Its a hard habit to break. Thats why I think I would like WW. U seem to be able to incorporate sweets into your daily allowance.

Look forward to talking to ya'll

04-01-2004, 06:42 PM
Hi everybody! I just got home from subbing - my old principal asked me to teach a first grade class today. I packed a salad and some fruit, so I managed to stick on the diet. DH left today for his seminar...will be back late Sunday.

Mary - Welome! I am familiar with the BFL program. I was doing the program before I got pregant a few years ago. It was hard for me because I don't like meat very much, but I liked the exercise program. I've also tried WW wich does give you a lot more freedom to chose foods you like - incorporating sweets in moderation if your daily points allow it.

Spryng - I didn't end up having anything at Mcdonalds because I was wise enough to eat before I took the girls out! That helped a lot. Hope you found a cure new outfit and your WI goes well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Penny - Congrats on your weight loss!

Andrea - Hi! Good luck on the housekeeping and painting job. What color do you plan to use?

I'm sorry this isn't longer, but I have to throw dinner together and get ready for the student I tutor. I'm still having a hard time keeping names straight too - I know I'll catch on, just bear with me!

04-01-2004, 07:06 PM
Oh my gosh! There is no way to keep up with all these posts, at least not today. Tomorrow will be easier, I am bidding on a table on Ebay tomorrow nite and will be hanging out here for a while.......
So, I am just going to say hi quickly and make a few comments.
Welcome Mary!!!!!! Glad to meet you here and I hope to get to know you better- I am a pseudo stay at home mom- I drive a school bus, so at least summers, vacations etc....I am one!! These ladies are I am sure you will find out too.

Crystal- I think this was your question about working out. My Ds was an AWFUL sleeper, and my life sounded much like yours does now. Excercise does not have to be a 45 minute marathon.....(even though you might like it to be!) 10 minutes of dancing around the house (can your kids last that long?) several times a day counts too!!!! Weight watchers would count it! You might have to try something like that. Even going for walks - kids in a stroller, bigger ones on a trike count. I know it is tough......and yes a wee bit easier when they are in school. But I do remember (and so do my oldest) the days that Dd (17) would workout with me and a tape, with Ds in the playpen trashing stuff (which was what he did best!)
Penny- congrats on the weight loss!!!! Spryng, Geri, Andrea.......hope I did not miss anyone......Hi!!!
Lunch went well, Dd seemed happy to see me, Ds, well he is just too cool, if you know what I mean! But even he seemed a bit happy to see his own way. Once they get into HS it is so tough to be a part of their I do enjoy this. Even though the man I was helping out with broke the lid to my crockpot!!!!!! (urge to strangle- I use my crockpot so much). Oh well, tomorrow when I have time, I will check out the Hamilton Beech web site and see if they sell a replacement.......I am sure it is available.
Gotta go get dinner on. Have a great nite.

04-01-2004, 08:54 PM
Ginny - Sorry about the crockpot. The lid probably cost more than buying a new one. Doesn't that always happen. We had crock pot stew last night. I used london broil so that it would be lower fat and it is really tough, but the crock pot made it so tender.

Mary - We have a Body for Life program at our gym? Do you go every week or something? I thought there was a book out there named that as well. I actually enjoy my workouts as well. I really like the aerobics class,but it is sometimes hard to get JW up and out of the house that early. He is 7 months. I do the precor when I am not doing aerobics. I need to get a program on the weights. I can meet with a trainer free at the gym for 3 visits, but I am weird about that. One of those things. Welcome.

Crystal - It is whatever weight you feel good at. 145 is my comfort zone and I am only 5'4. Have a long way to go!

Spryng - Buy yourself a cute outfit. I was going to buy JW something for Easter and I look in his closet first. I realized he has enough things for the spring already, so I am just looking for an easter hat for him that does not look to sissy.

I was at chat today, I guess it was beautiful outside for all. JW slept 5 hours today, so we did not get out until 500pm.

Happy TV Night!


04-01-2004, 10:08 PM
Hi all :wave:

Boy this is getting tough to keep up with :lol: I'll do my best! Tony's down for the night and Will's down here playing without his baby brother knocking down everything he builds up. It's almost peaceful :p

Candy, looks like ER might be a new one finally! I could be wrong though.

Melinda, we went grocery shopping this afternoon then outside for a little while once we got home...not exactly beautiful...maybe 40's but the sun was out so we had to go out for a little while. JW slept 5 hours? Your Mom must be wearing him out. :D ;)

Ginny, glad you enjoyed the lunch with your kids. Ds is too cool...funny how they get that way hey? I agree with Melinda, the lid to the crockpot may cost more than a new one!

Firefli10...sorry I don't remember your real name :o often do you sub? Good that you could stay OP at work. Sometimes it's easier if you aren't long as you plan ahead.

Spryng, enjoy the weekend with Dh! Have you decided what you will do while in KC? Well, other than the obvious :o :love: :lol3:!!
BTW, I got my new Cooking Light today and I won't be making the macadamia pesto thingy!!! We had the WW Curry Shrimp again tonight...YUMMY.

Well, I have some more work to do around here. The kitchen floor needs mopping, I have more junk to go through, and I want to watch ER so I best get going.

Everyone who has WI tomorrow...can't wait to see the progress!

Have a great night and a hello to everyone I didn't personally address!

04-02-2004, 12:59 AM
Good evening all!
So many posts to reply to!

Geri, how do you like the cookinglight magazine? I just love mine! And yes, steer clear of that macadamia nut pesto unless you like to chew on leaves, then it's for you! lol. And I think we have a good idea what we will do in KC, we are going to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, watch a matinee (sp?) and then head over to the Isle of Capri or Americasino casinos to check it out. I've never been in or near a casino before so I thought we'd check out the shows and all that and just enjoy the atmosphere. I didn't realize casino's have more to offer than gambling, pretty neat! :) But we will play it all by ear.
Melinda, sorry I was not at chat today, I ended up taking a nap. For some reason I just drag all morning and then after dinner my energy picks up and I'm rearing to go. Maybe I should look into some energy herbs or something for the mornings.
Ginny, what kind of table are you bidding on?? I've never even thought to look at furniture there, wouldn't the shipping be high?? That is one thing I hate about ebay, shipping can kill the deal for me. Sometimes it cheaper to buy it brand new at a store. But I have found good deals in the past. And sorry about your crockpot! I use mine alot too so I would be upset if it got broken. I hope you can get a replacement lid.
Firelfi10 (cindy right?) that was great that you ate before going to mcD's. That's thinking ahead!
Mary, body for life sounds really nice! And about WW, well they will be doing an open house soon so maybe you can go to that meeting and find out the gist of the program. It would take me awhile to write it all down here. But I will see what I can do for you next week ok? After the weekend is over I'll have more time to explain it all in depth. Did you get that new boneless chicken breat fillet? I've been wanting to try that but I can't find the nutritional values for it yet. So I have no clue how many pts it is.
Penny, I hope you had a great day! And you are right about the exercise, you have to make the time for it. Because if we look at our busy schedules we'll see we never have anytime so sometimes we have to make the time anyway. We are worth it, :) I just wish I would do it. lol.
Crystal, don't feel bad about your goal weight. Get to 145 and see how you look when you get there. You may have more muscle mass than the rest of us so will look great at 145! But 145 is a healthy weight for being 5'4" so don't worry about it until you get there and then you'll know if you want to lose more or stay put :)
Well, what did everyone end up making for dinner tonight? I made soft tacos with boca crumbles. They were very good and filling. The kids ate all of their too plus some! They had quite an appetite today for some reason. Maybe it's a growth spurt. I didn't go to joplin today. Just stuck around the house. I didn't even go tanning. But I will tomorrow. Also I was roped into watching DH's neice tomorrow, she's 1 1/2 and a holy terror. Cries constantly over everything. But only until 1 pm thankfully. Then after 1 pm I'll go shopping to buy an outfit for this weekend. I'm hoping DH is home by then so he can go with me to wrestle the kids. But if not I'll take them and go by myself. So if I'm frazzled by tomorrow night you'll know it's because I had to take care of 4 kids!!!! :eek: But maybe it will be ok. You never know. Well I got my shower in tonight and I'm all shaved and clean now, doesn't that always feel good? And I painted my nails and toenails so I guess I am officially ready for my anniversary!!!! I'm so excited for saturday to get here. We haven't did anything for our anniversary in 4 years now so this means alot to me. Well, I need to get in bed. TTYL!

04-02-2004, 01:03 AM
Oh I just checked the status of my order on QVC and they said it was shipped today!! It said it should be here monday!! I'm so excited!! Anyone want to start a new exercise challenge??? :) I'm so happy right now! G'nite!

04-02-2004, 07:45 AM
:coffee: .......... :D
Good Friday morning all. I didn't post last night, it was "Friends", and "the Apprentice", can't miss my Thursday TV night. :cp:
Alot of posts yesterday, I decided that now to be able to post back towards everyone I have to actually write notes as I'm reading through. I noticed that Candybar74 didn't post unless I missed it. She must've been busy. :hyper:
I'll start with Spryng that was the last one I read and it's fresh in my mind.
Spryng-Happy Anniversary, 6???, congrats. :bravo: I'm only 26 and I'm going on 9 years in September. And I know how you feel I don't think we've done anything the past few years for ours. Hope you have lots of fun. Never been to a casino? :yikes: Don't worry, I've actually only been a few times. It's fun for a while, it gets old. If you're like me I HATE smoking and obviously they are full of it. I was pregnant when I went the first time so I couldn't drink. I went to Vegas, I was pregnant and I HATED being in those smokey places. But like I said they can be fun for a while. Good Luck and Have Lots of Fun. About not having any energy in the mornings, do you drink coffee? :coffee2: I use to not, but now I love my 3 cups EVERY morning and it makes me get ready for the day. But I wanted to tell you that Watkins has a whole line up of supplements that they are so proud of. :) You'll be getting your book but I wanted to bring this to your attention. It's Balanced Ginseng, obviously ALL natural, but the catalog won't include this testimony that I have about them..."I work the night shift and I've found that when I take Watkins Balanced Ginseng before my shift, I can get through the night with all kinds of energy. If I don't take it, I feel tired in the early morning. What a difference it makes!" Look into that will you when you get that catalog. Hope it helps.

Mary-you're right counting calories can be addictive I have done it, I don't now, but I actually like to until I cook stuff that I can't get the total count for, then that blows me off of it. I'll tell you that is how I've lost weight 2x in the past. It works. :yes: In losing weight I try to stay at 1500 and as I lose I try to reduce that to a total of 1200 to maintain. I think that's good to be addicted to counting, it means you know what you're eating and you care. I say keep doing it. :yes:

Geri-I don't know how you do 3 mi. That is great. Keep it up! :encore:

Melinda-sorry I wasn't at the chat yesterday. I've just joined this forum this past weekend and I've been forgetting about it. I went once. I've been trying to keep myself busy and off this computer :comp: as much as I can during the day. I won't be there today, maybe Monday.

Ginny-Good Luck with eBay. I've made that a part time job, buying and selling. It's addictive. Good luck with that table.

Well, now about me. I made a pork chop casserole last night which has some rice in it, and I had a big, pretty salad. I don't eat many salads, but I knew I should. The ONLY snacking I've been doing is on sugar free stuff, I had 2 chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I've been drinking water ONLY. I also had light yogurt last night. I don't drink milk and like to get my calcium in that way. I think for now I've been doing much better. Each day gets easier for me. Oh yeah.....I EXERCISED..... :tread: Rode my stationary bike for 25 minutes. I was so proud. I also joined the Easter challenge on this site yesterday. I'll let y'all know how that goes. Hope everyone had a great night. It's Friday, I run all my errands and clean my mom's house. So have a GREAT FRIDAY. :D

04-02-2004, 09:45 AM
Good morning all!
Well I just did my WI... the same as last week. 132.5 Those two lbs I gained are getting really hard to get rid of. But when I posted my big loss two weeks ago on the WW site they told me there was no way I lost 4 lbs this close to goal and I would gain some back. Do you think that is true?? Well it doesn't matter, next week my lateral thigh trainer will be here and I will get in alot of exercise so I know I'll get this weight off eventually. But I wanted to post my results anyway. :)

Crystal, no I've never been to a casino. I lived in oklaoma since I was 13 years old and there is no gambling there, against the law. So it was weird when i moved here to Kansas to see lottery tickets and such everywhere. But kansas city has alot of stuff like that and I thought I'd finally come out of the dark and see what all the hype is, lol. Plus it may be fun. But if it is filled with cigarette smoke I may not be there long... it really makes me sick, literally. So we'll play it by ear. Your dinner last night sounded really good! I want to do pork chops this week sometime. I haven't made any in weeks now. Alot of chicken here. And congrats on getting on that stationary bike!!!! 25 minutes is great! What a great workout. :)
Well I need to get around today. My babysitting job starts really soon and I wanted to have everything done here first before she got here. TTYL!

04-02-2004, 01:13 PM
Just a short hello, but then I will be back later on when it is bidding time. Just got back from the gyencologist.....they want to do a sonogram as my uterus is enlarged. Guess I am a bit bummed by that one.....sure was not expecting it at all. So, I will be back on Monday for the sono. I do remember hearing during one of my pregnancies that I had a fibroid.....never heard of it since......hopefully that is all it is. Not much else is new other than that. Got my WW tape done this am- and so far my eating has been good.
BTW- Spryng as far as the table goes, some sellers will ship, this table is located close enough to me that I am willing to pick it up, instead of paying the $135 to ship it. Sounds like you are so excited for your anniversary!

Everyone else, I had better go.......sorry this is short, but hopefully I will be back later.
Enjoy your day!

04-02-2004, 03:05 PM
Well, I am up .5 from last week. 5.5 loss in 2 months, I need to do better than that. Maybe the two days of working messed me up. I will have to bring a snack at work, I probably overate in the evening b/c I was so hungry once I got home. 5/7 workouts, 3/7 tracking, 6/7 late night eating.

We will be out of town for a wedding JW is staying with mil/fil overnight. Need to devise a plan of action for my eating. You know weekends are the worst for me.

Geri - Curry Shirmp, yum. I love curry but dh does not like it so I don't cook it. I love Indian food, went to a place a couple of months ago and JW did not like the after effects. Do you supplement with the Dr. Phil products? I was thinking of getting some bars or shakes for snack, good for on the go. Not necessarily his products though. I am trying to work on slowing down for meals. I know that I eat too fast.

Spryng - Have a great weekend with dh! We went to Vegas a couple of years ago and the casinos have so many other forms of entertainment we spent maybe $10 on gambling. I get the WW e-mail sent to me weekly. Maybe you should submit yourself for reaching goal. Of Course you have to mention us in your success.

Crystal - Love the Apprentice. Who do you think will win? I like Troy, but he is not really CEO quality. I don't know who will win at this point. I do not think it will be Amy. Good job on the exercise.

Ginny - Don't worry to much about the test. You know dr have to do all these precautions for insurance companies and stuff. I will be thinking about you, but don't let it stress you out.

I can not find my two fav workout videos. I searched the house and have no clue. I was so upset, I put another one in and did not even finish bc I hated it so much. BTW, I did get a walk with JW yesterday. Did the precor and weights today. It is driving me nuts that I can't find it.

Happy Friday! Oh dinner last night was salad ( no suprise there), salmon, and pasta with light alfredo. Ragu makes it and it is great, I will have to check the points out though.


04-02-2004, 03:17 PM
Hi everyone,

Just a quick hello. Took the boys to the library this morning for a play group that meets 2 das a month. We made bunny ears and danced the bunny hop...well, I did...Will wouldn't dance :(. Oh well. We'll go again in 2 weeks.

I have a gf stopping by this afternoon and tonight I am going to another gf house for a jewelry show. Another of her friends makes jewelry & sells it...she's been doing it for years..long before it became popular to do. Anyway, I'll get back to you all later.

Spryng, at least you stayed the same! I won't even ride you about exercise...since you haven't been listening to me anyway ;). My sewing machine came today...gotta go try it out!
Melinda...I pigged out last night after dinner! I don't know what the heck that was about....but I'm very angry at myself...I'll get over it though and forgive myself. Gotta be po'd first! Hope you find your video's! I tried Dr Phil's meal bars as snacks and some other brand...liked his better actually but they're $1.89 or so each at Target. Don't know if I'll buy anymore. Take some fruit or yogurt or something for snack and try his plate dividing method at dinner & NO SECONDS! Works great unless you get into the cupboards at night (arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh)
Crystal...congrats on the exercise!
I'll talk to you all later! Hi to everyone else.

04-02-2004, 07:01 PM
It started out great this morning, :) but Fridays are the WORST for me. I run my errands, clean my moms house and usually do so bad on Fridays because I'm not at home. Today was no different. :( I tell myself that I did good all week and it's okay to screw up every once in a while, but even though I tell myself that I don't really think it. At least not for me, when I screw up once, it makes me crave more and more. Please tell me how you feel. :^: How do you cope when this happens to you? How can I keep it from happening EVERY Friday? I'll try to get outside later and get some exercise in. Wowy, I feel bad.


Ginny- Good luck with the sono, let us know how that goes. I'm sure everything will be fine. :yes:

Geri- Have fun at your gf house, I don't have many of those, so I wouldn't know. :chin:

Spryng- Have fun for your anniversary. :lucky:

Melinda- My Apprentice buddy. I was so upset that Troy got fired. I liked him so much and you're right he was lacking some CEO qualities, but I think his better qualities outweighed his bad ones. He was so cute. And because he only has a high school diploma I wanted him to go all the way, I hate when people think you can't get that far with only the diploma. He did good though, made it to the last 5. I don't think Amy will get the job, I liked her at first, but I think she was strong as a group but not on her own. Bill or Kwame would both bo ok. I don't think Nick will get it, he's a little weak I think. Did you see the scenes for next week? Two get fired and something about Omerosa being back, what's that about? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Glad I could talk with you about this. :)

I hope everyone else had a great day. Like I said Fridays are the worst for me, so I should be ok this weekend.

04-02-2004, 08:56 PM
Stress eating is wonderful, isn't it???? I had soup for dinner, and then some candy (not a small amount either) after. I do not dare even mention to Dh about this sono on Monday- he is so stressed out (and hates doctors so much) that I will not tell him until I have something more concrete to talk about. I know that sounds bad, but he can be so argumentive when it comes to doctors, that this way is easier.

Crystal- plan, plan, plan. Weight watchers would suggest you packing all your food- or preplanning for anything that you would eat out to avoid making poor choices. Even go as far as leaving notes for yourself to eat the salad you made for lunch- or snack is carrots.....or whatever. try to make the day as goof proof as possible. Or just go for damage control and go off plan as little as possible (a planned off plan). Hope that helps. And tomorrow is another day!!!!!!!!!!

Geri- how is the sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!????????? Fun???? What kind did you end up getting? What does it do? What are you planning to sew??

Well, I survived the afternoon with the kiddies......and monsters they were, but I did get them to calm down. The total trip was not too bad. And I am so happy that I do not have to see them for over a week!!!!!! I do have to drive next week, but only for the parochial school that I bring students home from. So that is only 2 hours a day. Not too bad....And only Monday-Wednesday.
So far the ebay auction has heated up... 45 minutes left. Dh has given me the green light to go as high as necessary (he knows that finding this table again will not be easy). He just does not want to know how bad the damage is! I will do my usual and jump in at the last minute. Guess I'd better scoot. I will let you know if I win or not. Hi to everyone......and have a great weekend.

04-02-2004, 09:54 PM
We won the auction!!! (at least something happened good today to me).
I am so excited, Dh and I did not have the money for this table when we first bought the end tables years ago, and we did not have the room either. But, my Dm gave me some of the money for the table as a Christmas /bday gift (almost half) and I have been patiently waiting for it to show up on I saw a similar one around November. So, now we just have to figure out how to get it up here (not tough, Philadelphia is not all that far, and Dh works with some folks who come from that area). So we will see......gotta go get my sleepy headed Dd to bed (her momma is tired too!) Have a good weekend.

04-05-2004, 11:02 AM
SAHM's #144 has been started... just thought I'd post this in case anyone didn't know.

05-29-2006, 12:39 AM
Hi everyone my name is Liberty. I am 31 yr old mother of two girls. I recently quit my job and decided to be a SAHM once again. I have tried to work outside the home and even went to school to become a Nail Tech but I always seem to be drawn back to my kids and home. I am currently at my highest weight 232 lbs. Last year this time I was comfortable even at 200 lbs wearing a bathing suit, but this year I tried on my suit from last year and was absolutly disgusted! I can not fit into any of my summer clothes and I just break down in tears everytime I see myself trying something on and it is to tioght or doesn't fit at all. My last jog as a nail tech contributed to alot of my weight gain due to I was sitting all day. And the ladies I worked with were big on ordering out so I quickly sank into their routine of fast food and sweets. I usually don't crave sweets or tend to binge. My biggest problem is trying to afford to diet and feed my picky family at the same time. I tend to not eat much durring the day and stuff myself at night. I have absolutly NO energy to exersize and it physically hurts to do alot of activities. I just know that I need some sort of support system and encouragement to motivate me! I am looking into Weight watchers meetings in my area. If anyone knows of any other method that is working for you please give me any advise because I am at a breaking point. I am afraid that if I don't do something now I will have much bigger problems with my health!!

Luc's mom
06-01-2006, 03:22 AM
Hi Liberty! My name is Mary. I am 34 yr old mom of 2 boys and one teenage daughter. I also recently quit my job, last September, and now work from home and home school my boys. I love being able to work from home (small business owner) and home schooling my boys, BUT it has some draw backs....I have gained a bit of weight! Am afraid to get on the scale! Also, my youngest son has always had a weight problem. I am getting ready to start the South beach diet, and it will be more costly and take ALOT of will power to get the family to eat healthy all of the time! I feel like I don't have any time to exercise, but deep down, I know that I can find 45 minutes three days a week. I just get so over whelmed with life that it is easy for me to not make exercise a priority! I have been having alot of muscle pain for about 1 1/2 yrs now and a severe lack of energy. I know it must be due to being so out of shape. I also need some ideas for cheap & easy healthy meals as well as some motivation too! Have you choosen a particulair weight lose plan yet? I am sure we can come up with some ideas together!