South Beach Diet - Wednesday... where the heck is everyone

03-31-2004, 08:10 AM
Gotta get to the gym... back later, darlings...

03-31-2004, 08:54 AM
Good morning, Chicks--

Dh is on a later schedule today, so naturally, HE was hogging the computer. :mad:

I'm training a new hire today and tomorrow and probably next Monday. She's going to take over a couple of nursing homes that used to be mine.

Well, I got the scale to nudge down a pound. I was hoping for a whoosh, but I'll settle for what I can get.

Had one of those domino effects a couple days ago. Didn't have the right kind of food when I was hungry, so I nibbled on a pretzel. (bad move). That set up a chain reaction of me snarfing down a bunch of stuff that was NOT good for me. Felt terrible afterwards, too.

Tonight is walking night. I'm hoping to get in 3 miles.

Hope you all have a great day.


03-31-2004, 09:09 AM
good morning everyone,
well i am back, trying to get back into the swing of things the last few days is a total blur. my aunt passed away on friday morning suddenly and her funeral was yesterday. i have been way out of sinc and totally off plan. today i am back in the game. i think i got all my frustrations out on the pizza and wings i ordered for dinner last night. :). i have been very fortunate in my life so far and i have not lost many close family members so this one hit me very hard. i got on the scale this morning and only gained 1lb though so i don't think that is too bad and i woke up this morning ready to start all over again.
i am sure i missed alot will try to read back through some of the posts, hello to all the new beach babes!!!

have a great day!

03-31-2004, 09:15 AM
Jodi, I'm so sorry about your aunt. :( Sending you love and hugs... :grouphug:

03-31-2004, 09:17 AM
I was in at 5:45 this morning and then The Girls started a holler downstairs. I have no idea what the excitement was - probably a robin was extra loud! Anyhow, I had a lovely doggie deposit to clear before I even thought of coffee. Harry "forgot" I'd fed the Girls and gave them some of the old diet kibble! :mad: Grrrr!

So now the kitchen floor is washed with Pinesol, the Girls are fed, the dump stuff has been lugged out to the road AND Snow Mountain out front has melted off the flowerbed and THE DAFFIES ARE UP! :encore: We still have a smaller snow mountain beside the barn but it's kind of handy for chilling wine. :lol3:

Ellis, "enjoy" the gym. You are gonna be one heck of a babe when that guy gets through with you.

Mamacita, I understand the domino effect perfectly! I feel awful after I carb out and don't know if it's all mental or all physical - probably both.

I am taking the Girls to weigh shortly and then will do a Library run with Harry - in the car, sillies! Early afternoon Hersh goes to her Clinic job and then I take her to treadmill. I think I should get a DogMother of the year award! If it doesn't rain, I may get some more outside work done late this afternoon.

Have a happy Hump Day, Beauties.

Under a Palm Tree
03-31-2004, 09:32 AM
Morning all! I am down 3 lbs and on day 3. I am so excited. This plan is so awesome. It's raining and dreary in Cleveland, but I feel on top of the world!

Have a great day!

03-31-2004, 09:54 AM
Good Morning to Everyone!!! :wave:

This is Day 3 for me and I'm on top of the world. I don't remember ever feeling better!!! This SB definitely is agreeing with me. I have had no real hunger to speak of, I'm eating foods I like, I'm not as fatiqued, and I sneaked a peek on the scales this morning and I'm already down 1 1/2 lbs in 2 days!!!! Yay!! :cheer: :dance:
AND It's that TOM for me, and I haven't craved chocolate and it's been many years since that happened, if ever. I always have to have some type of chocolate. Nope, not this time!!!! :D:D

I am a HAPPY, HAPPY girl this morning!!!! :thanks: for all your sweet encouragement and support!!! I've only got a few patients to see today and then I have several projects in the house to do. Did the garden thing, yesterday.

I have a question . . . Is there a bio section somewhere? If there is, I must have missed it. Let me know please.

Hope everyone has a GREAT ON PLAN DAY!!!! Stay strong!!! :strong:

03-31-2004, 09:55 AM
Well I weighed today since it is the Day the Challenge is up...I lost my 5 plus two more, and I have stayed there this week, for a total of 7 in 2 weeks. I finally drove the track I take on my cycle rides and I am up to 4.5 miles now!!!!! After 2 more weeks I will add another 1/2 mile for 5 and keep going. I want to reach 10. I am doing the 4.5 in right under 30 minutes now, and I think that is pretty good. Once I get to 10 miles I will try to decrease the time some. Hopefully I won't kill myself! I might start alternating walking and riding. Walking with some arm weights so I can work out some upper body to.

Jodi dear take care and I am sorry for your loss (((hug)))

Ruth! You got it! You are Officially DOG MOM of the YEAR!!!

03-31-2004, 10:30 AM
Busy girls!! Seems like we're all doing OK! Even Jodi, and she's had a rough week. I am sorry, Jodi! Feel better! :D

The window :censored: are coming today. They are supposedly going to fix things, but I doubt it. grrrrr... If only Noodles attacked people....

Ellis- :cheer: You go girl! GREAT JOB getting to the, what's is called, a "gym" so regularly! That's awesome!

Mamcita- I know what you mean about the domino effect. Good job on the loss, though! :goodscale

Ruth- You are definitely dog mom of the year. I screamed at mine for not coming in after her pittance of an outing this morning. Wonder why she didn't come? :dizzy: Poor animal. If only I could get her on the :tread: treadmill!! Wait, if only I could get ME on the treadmill!! :lol:

Sunshine and Palm- Good job, girls!! Keep up the good work! :goodluck:

RubensMuse- Good job!! I tried getting my bike out, only to realize it has been sitting a wee bit too long and needs a tune up... this weekend I'll get back out for sure!

Have a great day, ladies!! OP! OP!OP!OP!OP!OP!OP!OP! :cheer:

03-31-2004, 11:10 AM
Good morning all! I'm on day three and just couldn't help but peak at the scale even though I have committed to only weighing weekly (I know it was naughty) but it had great news!!! I'm down 5 pounds so I'll meet my mini-goal of 4 pounds this week!! Now that's a good motivator. I got up early and exercised for the third day straight. That is a big deal for me. I LOVE to sleep. Plus, it's rainy here in Baltimore so I couldn't walk. Had to do one of those workout videos hosted by Ms. Denise "Too Perky" Austin = :devil: . YUCK! Trust me Pilates is NOT "for Every Body". It's really tough to get in a workout and breakfast in before getting ready for work each morning. :coffee: I'll have to work on streamlining that process.

Muse - Keep on running! I hope to be able to keep up with you one day!

Ruth - Your doggies are lucky to have you and I'm sure they reward you with lots of love.

Palm Tree & Sunshine - We're hitting the beach all at the same time! I look forward to us being able to support each other along the way! :bravo:

Have a great day gang! Thanks for all your help. :grouphug:

03-31-2004, 11:34 AM
Sunshinelady there is a bio thread under F&Q.

Hey all quick checkin as the garage is calling my name today! I can't take it anymore and I have to clean it up. I also have freight out there I need to get ready for pick up. Laundry goin coffee gone and I need to get off here and movin! haha
Let's have an OP day all!

little chick
03-31-2004, 12:31 PM
Good afternoon chickies just a quick check in busy with the wee ones and a dd home sick to boot. Not doing so well food wise. And I have not even gone near the scales. Well I guess this is short my wee one sarah is licking the bottom of her ice cream bowl and boy does she look cute. But I must go chase her with the face cloth or I will have ice cream everywhere. I will check in later. Love ya chickies. :)

03-31-2004, 12:52 PM
Good morning (grumble grumble)

Overslept so this will be quick. How could the scale possibly be UP 2 pounds in one day!

I think that I need to do more than just think about exercise. That has to be it because I am staying on program.

Caity--My bike needs a tune up too. I also am nervous about even riding the thing. The ground is so much harder when you are over 45! I bought it at a garage sale with good intentions a couple of years ago.

As for the challenge, I thought it was up tomorrow and had hoped to turn the 4lbs into 5 (not gain 2 back). Well, I am sometimes late for other things in my life so I will just be late on making the challenge...but I WILL do it!

Ruth--I think you are Dog Mom of the Decade. Or Queen of the Dog Moms. Or somethig like that.

Hang in there everybody.

03-31-2004, 01:14 PM
Hi guys --
Beginning of week three here, and struggling through. Had some long talks with my husband, just venting/consoling talks about trying to lose weight and how hard it is. He's been trying to do this diet also, although I added some yams to dinner last night and he ate them (on phase 1). I'm not interested in harping on him though, in fact (little secret) I like him a little bigger. He's about 5'9/180 lbs, which seems ok to me but he wants a flat stomach. He and I both have about the same amount to lose and we are at about the same activity level. Interestingly enough though I lost quicker on phase one than he did. So he has been a little frustrated also.

I am planning to exercise today, to try to brighten up my mood, and focus on all the good work I've done for my health so far. I'm going to a music store to buy beginning piano books for my daughters so I can start teaching them (I used to be a piano major) and I have some gymnastics or dance classes I'm looking into for them also. My daughters are five and seven and I've never done dance or gymnastics for them!!! Its keeping me awake at night and I NEED to find some appropriate classes. The other night the WHOLE family went out to exercise! My husband and I ran, our two daughters biked, and our dog jogged along with us...we went for four miles. We all got a great workout and it was a neat family/dog activity.

Thanks all of you lovely chicks for your enduring support during this journey!! You are all such great people. And I'm so proud of all of you! There are so many people in this world that do not have the courage to improve their health because it takes so much guts and strength. You've all got what it takes!!! have a great day!! MM :)

03-31-2004, 03:17 PM
Well I survived day 1 and am onto day 2! I made sure my house is stocked with SB friendly foods and snacks so I should have no reason to slip. I am also getting back into exercising which I haven't been for about a month because I have been really sick. But now that I think I am on the mend I am ready to get my butt in gear again.

I am off to do some house cleaning and then to take a nice walk. I look forward to getting to know everyone better!

04-01-2004, 03:50 AM
Jodi, sorry to hear about your aunt!

SoCalBirdLady, the scale can go up & down at random according to things like if you've had anything to eat or drink recently, the time of day, even (depending on your scale) where you stand on it. :D So don't feel bad if it goes "up" from yesterday.

I need to sleep...But this is my quiet time, when hubby & girls are in bed. We got a :tread: today. Not the exact one I wanted, but a good one anyhow. So now I don't have any more excuses for not exercising!

I weighed in today...down 2 pounds, refreshing after my gain of 4 last week. I was 192 when I found out I was pregnant with Linda, so I count that as my prepregnancy weight. She's just over two months old, and all 16 pounds are gone! (I actually gained 26 with the pregnancy, but you lose a huge amount of weight right after giving birth, from baby and amniotic fluid & such.) Linda, OTOH, has fat rolls on her fat rolls. :lol: On a baby, it's cute. And she's eating the best infant food in existence. ;) She's up to where she smiles at me now and I know it's a smile, not just gas, because she does it in return to my smiles. This kid was 4 weeks early and weighed 5lbs 9.9oz, and now she's 2 months, 1 week old, and 12 pounds, in size 2 diapers, and I'm fixing to have to move her up to 3-6 month clothes. :eek: Totally amazing to me; Bobbie was nothing like this size at the same age.