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Under a Palm Tree
03-30-2004, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone! My name is Mary and today is day 2 for me on the beach. I must confess, I've been lurking and getting lots of encouragement/support and ideas from all of you. I'm going to post on the bio to fill you all in. Thanks for being here!

03-30-2004, 02:11 PM
Today is day 3 for me and my hubby. How are you doing on it? I am finding that I spend too much time with food prep! I don't like salad very much, and salad is the only way hubby will eat any veges. So I'm having to make salads for him and cooked veges for me, plus the meat course and the ricotta cream (yuck!).

03-30-2004, 02:40 PM
Today is Day 4 for me. My biggest problem right now is the water. I'm not thirsty at all. I think I have drank 8 oz of water so far.

What are you all eating for breakfast? I work so I don't have alot of time. Yesterday I had boiled eggs and today I stopped at a breakfast shop and had them make me some eggs...

any ideas?

03-30-2004, 02:55 PM
We're eating eggs any way we can get them. Yesterday was hard boiled and this morning dh scrambled a few for us. Plus canadian bacon and some cheese if you scramble the eggs. I made the quiche cups and they are OK for me but DH won't touch them (too much spinach).

The hardest part for me is all the veges.........I'm just not real crazy about veges and about the only thing I've found that I like from the recipes in the book is the roasted veges. But 2 days in a row and I'm tired of them :(

And I'm hungry alot of the time, even though the book says I shouldn't be. I had a huge appetite before and ate alot........if I eat that much now, even if it's no or low carb stuff, I won't lose weight. I remember a part in the book where he said something like "you wouldn't sit around at night an pop bites of steak into your mouth" like you would with chips, and I thought to myself "Hmmm, this guy doens't know me" cause I WOULD pop bites of steak into my mouth all night if I could.

But I'm hanging in there.

03-30-2004, 03:24 PM
Hi! I am new here, but I am not new to the "beach". I have been on sbd for 11 weeks now (I think).

The first two weeks are really hard...the first few days, I didn't know if I would survive. But I did!

When I started, I read the book and thought, "I hate all those foods!" But with time, and getting all that bad stuff out of my system, my tastes changed.

Believe me, after 2 weeks of no carbs, ANYTHING looked good!

My advice is to hang in there and vary your diet. Breakfast was hard. I got tired of eating scrambled eggs all the time. Omelets are great. There are egg beaters w/ veggies (garden style) or southwestern.

I believe that Dr. Agatston made some changes after the book was released and the diet now allows tomatoes in phase 1. So, to spice up my eggs, I put on a little salsa.

The other day, I had deviled eggs for breakfast.

One more thing! Around the 2 week point, I discovered that my cravings were totally gone. Also, my huge appetite was a thing of the past too.

Good luck!

03-30-2004, 03:43 PM
I find that you really need to eat the vegies and drink the water to give you some bulk otherwise you are just hungry all the time. It pays to persevere with the vegies and try to find something that you like otherwise you are likely to just put the weight back on again once you have achieved your goal weight. I tend to eat the same things (time and budget) but experiment with herbs, spices and use a variety of low fat dressings and seasonings to make it a little more interesting. I feel much better for the increased vegie and water consumption although the increased fitness and weight loss is probably contributing to that.

Under a Palm Tree
03-30-2004, 09:18 PM
I'm having no problem with the veggies. I love them. I'm trying to stay away from the nuts though. Does anyone know how many servings you can have in a day before it's too much? I made a whole bunch of the individual veggie quiches and have been eating them for breakfast. It's really convenient. I've put salsa on top and had turkey bacon with it and some V8. I love the riccotta desserts. It's just like canolli filling. Yum yum.

03-31-2004, 02:27 AM
Guacamole helps a lot. I love it and sometimes have a serving with eggs or salad or dinner. I like almost all kinds of food, so the "diet" suits me. I just hadn't been cooking so much in a while due to friends who go to restaurants a lot. Tomorrow is one week on Phase I for me, and I may go to Outback Steakhouse for steak, veggies and a salad. Breakfast is sometimes eggs, including the crepe recipe someone kindly posted. I had something like an English or Scottish breakfast on the weekend: omelet with beans on the side. Sometimes dinner leftovers for breakfast. The last couple of days I have not had time to grab a decent lunch, so I grab some nuts I keep in my purse. But them I am starving for dinner. Still, I am pretty much staying on plan, with a few extra nuts and extra spoon of Cool Whip. I really cannot believe I have had NO bread, no pasta, no potatoes, no rice, no sugar stuff. Radical change for me. Good luck, everyone!

03-31-2004, 02:37 AM
I don't know about you Chickpea, but I don't even miss the starchy stuff anymore. I had a sandwich for lunch a couple of days ago, and felt like I had eaten a lead weight!


03-31-2004, 02:40 AM
I don't know about you Chickpea, but I don't even miss the starchy stuff anymore. I had a sandwich for lunch a couple of days ago, and felt like I had eaten a lead weight!

I guess I don't miss the bread, etc., because the beans, especially CHICKPEAS! take their place. Interestingly, no gas, either! Thankfully.

03-31-2004, 08:51 AM
Hello To All!!! :wave:

I am on day 3 of SBD. I have done so well and have not been hungry, but I make sure since I'm diabetic that I get plenty of veggies and protein. Here's some of what I have had:

BKFT - Ham cut up small,
2 eggs (will be using egg beaters some) (But it's hard we have
chickens which as you know produce the best eggs)
1/4 green bell pepper
1/4 cup shredded cheese
Spices to taste - pepper, salt, garlic pepper, Mrs Dash, etc.. and
a little Tabasco (3 drops)
Cook the bell pepper in a little water, barely enough to cover pan
until water is gone then all ham and cook a little longer then add the
egg mixture and scramble. Yum!!!
Add a cup of skim milk. You have Bkft

Sauteed Zucchini - Take small skillet and add enough water to cover the bottom. Add slice zucchini (slice about 1/4 inch thick) and add seasonings to your taste and maybe spray with a little, I can't believe it's not butter. Cook slowly stirring occasionally, adding water as needed. Cook about 10 minutes until the squash starts to turn brown. Don't let stick, add a little water when it dries up until it's ready then take out.

I have a George Foreman grill or you could use one outside. That's another good secret. You can grill meats, veggies, etc... You can use Italian dressing and marinade your chicken breasts or use a little worcestershire sauce and add a little water and marinade for an hour or more. The most important secret is SEASONINGS!!!!! Be creative.

I noticed last night while eating supper : fish, zucchini, greens that my taste buds are already changing. I drank 12 oz of water before eating and then made myself eat slowly and I so enjoyed EVERY BITE!!!!

Also another thing that has helped me, the first afternoon I was scared my blood sugar would drop while having a softball practice, so I got a teaspoon and dipped it in peanut butter (natural) and ate that and it held me for another 1 1/2 hours and got rid of the little bit of hunger I had. Also string cheese is good for that. And you can take both of these with you to work, etc.. I had my peanut butter in my vehicle. I keep it there due to my diabetes. :yes:

I hope this helps any of you. This diet is sure helping me. I am having my TOM this week and it's the first time in many years that I didn't give into chocolate. Cause you know I have to have chocolate during that week. Always!! Not this time!!!! :D:D

I sneaked a peek on the scales this morning and weighed 288. which means I'm down 1 1/2 lbs!!!! Yes!!!! :cb: :dance: :flow1: :jig: :flow2:

Hope everyone has a GREAT on plan day!!!!!!:wave: