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03-29-2004, 06:57 PM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, friendship and support devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families. We strive to win the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better.

03-29-2004, 07:05 PM
I sure did not think I would get back here today, but here I am. This afternoon went well, most of the monster kiddies were picked up. The only snag was at one of my last stops, one parent owns a rotweiller- which was untied today and attacks the student (she is terrified of the dog). Now,I have known some really tame rotweillers, but this ain't one of them! I refused to let the student off.....had to radio in to have mom come out to get her dog.......why me??????

Anyway- some quick responses. Penny - my 2 oldest have tried the white strips (let me use some too) they work well, but are kind of yucky while on (you know that by now!) Hope you got your workout in!

Crystal- I am on Weight watchers (forgive me if I mentioned that). Hope you can find a plan you can live with, that is half the battle!

Spryng- tomorrow should be more sane than today was and I might get to that DVD. Had to go to HR block to get the dumb taxes done.......grrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Partytime- thanks for stopping by.

Gotta go get dinner on.......see ya tomorrow!

03-29-2004, 07:48 PM
I'm in the midst of cooking dinner, but wanted to check in. I see alot of you are on WW. I may have to give it another whirl. Since I only know about the old way they did it, how do I find out about this new way? I can't go to meetings although I wish I could. I can't afford alot if any. How can I learn it?

I think I've done really well today. No exercise, but more water than normal and very light on the eating.

I'll check in before bed time.

03-29-2004, 09:52 PM
I have all the new ww points and such if you want I can email them to you or snail mail them!

Let me know if you are interested!

I think I am going to do ww myself

03-29-2004, 10:18 PM
Howdy ladies :wave:

:cb: :strong: :cp: :hat: :dance: :flow2: :dancer: :balloons:

I lost 3.5 pounds!! Only 1 more pound to go to my mini goal. I KNOW I can lose a pound this week!!

We had wonderful weather again today...that's why you haven't heard from me yet! Once summer hits I probably won't be posting much during the day! My Mom came over this morning 'cause she wanted to vac her car out. So we played outside with the kids. Ginny, I got to hang clothes outside today :sunny: Ok, so tomorrow it'll be raining/snowing and who knows what! But the last 3 days have been gorgeous. Congrats on your walk btw.

We went to Wendy's for lunch. I got the Manderine Chicken Salad. Thank goodness I looked at the dressing package before opening.... 250 cals and 19 grams of fat! :yikes: Needless to say I ate it without dressing. The mandarine oranges were moisture enough anyway. It was very good. Then stopped at the grocery store and then to Target to get things for Easter baskets. There's a 6 pack of Recess Eggs in my spare room for the next 2 weeks. I won't open it 'til I have too and then I'm saving 1 for me!!

Spryng, get that exercise in??? I can't even imagine thong underwear!! I would look like one of those cartoons you see every once in a while :rofl: So now I'm confused... Dh was just in last weekend wasn't he?? Is this vacation now?

Candy, get outside and play in the does a world of good! Of course I don't have a job to keep up with.

Crystal, I'm using Dr Phil's plan as a guide...eating healthy and exercising. I have done WW but can't seem to stick to the points...but I think WW is an excellent plan for those who can do it.

Penny, good luck with it if you try it. How's ds ear?? Hope someone was able to chat with you. What tape did you do?

Ricci, hope you 'weathered' the storm :rolleyes: :lol: I crack myself up.

Melinda, hope you had a good day too and anyone else out there.

Did my 3 mile walk this morning before my mother showed up so now I'm going to go relax and read my book.

Will's cold hasn't really turned into anything...I said to Dh "coincidence, I think not"! I can't remember if I told you that I put some of the aromatherapy oil on a cotton ball and stuck it to his bedpost the last two nights (it's a cold blend of 3 oils) and Dh kind of just rolled his eyes. :p

Anyway, I sure hope I didn't miss anyone here! I hope everyone gets the good weather we've been having and that it sticks around for a while.

03-29-2004, 10:29 PM
Good evening all,
This will be my last post for the night. Working on grocery list. I am very proud of myself today, I think I've done great. I hope everyone else has done good as well. I hope everyone was able to follow their goals.

mompen - I would love that WW info. Is it the new way they do it? I don't really understand how it's done now. Let me know.

Hope everyone has a GREAT night. :yawn:

03-29-2004, 11:26 PM


HAPPY DANCE! :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

BRAVO! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

LETS GIVE YOU A HAND! :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

I am so glad you had a great day in town! You deserve it!!!!

It is the new flex points! I will try to get it to you tomorrow. Email me with your address. Mine is

How is everyone doing tonight! Hopefully great!

03-29-2004, 11:35 PM
Hi! I am a stay at home mommy raising a set of beautiful twin girls who just turned three. I'm trying to lose about 30 pounds and am having a hard time getting motivated! I could use some advice on how to make healthy meals that even picky 3 year olds will love, get motivated to get off the couch, and just meet some new mommies who love staying home with their children!

best wishes to all,

03-30-2004, 07:54 AM
Hi Cindy,

It is wonderful to have new faces here! When you are motivated, it helps me stay motivated! Welcome Welcome!!!!

I am Penny, SAHM Mom to three boys, Hunter 4, Nicholas, 3 and Andrew 9 months! I have about 32 pounds to goal plus I should really be down another 10 or so once I get there! But one step at a time!

Hope you enjoy your stay here! We are a great bunch of mummies :)

03-30-2004, 08:34 AM
I sure hope everyone had a great night. My 16 month old son that still wakes up 2 to 4 times a night, didn't last night. Not sure why. But husband is mad at me, not sure why. Oh well, still a beautiful day. :sunny:

Penny, I emailed you and thanked you for the WW info. :thanks:

Geri, congratulations, you are doing GREAT. :cheer: :encore: :high:

Hi Cindy, :wave: wanting to join in. I just joined in this past weekend. It's already doing alot of good for me. I check in here several times a day and I have two weight buddies on my im. That way they are a step closer. If you want to be on my buddy list let me know and we can swap info. I am a 26 year old stay at home mother of 3. Alisa 5 1/2, Ally is almost 3, and Andrew is 16 months. I am a Watkins Associate from home and I homeschool. I have about 65 lbs. to go. My mini mini goal is to be down 5 by Easter. I'll let you know how that goes.

You all have a GREAT day.

03-30-2004, 09:12 AM
GERI!!! WAY TO GO!!! We are all sooooooo proud of you! I did get out in the yard a little yesterday. Started something and left it half done (my DH HATES when I do that!!! He says I am always making messes for him to clean up which is very true!) Anyhows, I plan to get out there and work on it some more today. I bought some plants at Lowe's and don't want them to die so I will need to get them in the ground. is laundry day and the end of the month! Ugh!! This will be the last time my laundry helper comes! Yeah!!! I know that sounds bad but it will really be a relief. I have also not been motivated to work so I have a pretty big stack I need to work on but I will get outside sometime today. So glad Will didn't get really sick! I'm not rolling my eyes about the oils! You know I'm all about all things natural!!!

Crystal, sounds like you had a great day!!! Way to go!!! Glad your baby slept through the night! That's always kinda scary but nice!!! Hope hubby gets over it!!! Where in Texas are you? I have family all over Texas. My grandfather lives in Sulphur Bluff which is not too far from Dallas. How is homeschooling going? My son will be 5 in May and I will begin homeschooling him this fall. Last question, what is a Watkins Associate??? Hope you have another great on plan day! I'm sure you will!!!

Penny, how's Hunter doing? Sorry to abandon you yesterday but something came up!!! The life of a mother! So have you officially decided to do WW?

Ginny, the student and the dog...she is afraid of her own dog??? If so, that is horrible!!! Sorry you had the little incident. TAXES...UGH!!! I did ours in February.
Hope today is nice and smooth with the kiddies.

Spryng, how's everything going? How's the tan coming along? How was dinner? I just ended up having salad. The kids had salad and mac & cheese. Nothing too exciting. I'm fixing the MSF's Chicken Parmesan for dinner tonight. I'm even going to make homemade baguettes. Or so I think!

Melinda, where ya at girl??? How's everything going?

Andrea, how's everything going for you? Kids doing ok? Did DH get his next assignment yet?

Well, I've got a LOT to do today!!! I need to work in the yard, do the laundry and get my work done! The dr fussed last month about the fact that I wait until the last day of the month to do a whole bunch instead of doing a nice steady flow each day so I have trying to do better but I took Friday off and have lost my motivation since then. Better get it back!!! Can't afford to lose my job yet!!! Which reminds me, does anyone else's hubby say one thing to them and then the exact opposite to everyone else? My dh is the one who talked me into another kid but if I say something about it in front of anyone, he acts like he doesn't want anymore kids and it is all me. Ugh! That drives me crazy. It took a good 2 years of him talking about having more kids for me to finally decide, ok, yeah, I would like another and now he makes it out like it is all me! Neither of our parents is keen on the idea. They are nice about it, they don't say they aren't keen on it, but I can tell by their reactions. Of course, that's how they were before we had kids at all. Ok, well I've babbled enough. Hope everyone has a great op day!!!

03-30-2004, 10:02 AM
Good morning again...
I was just checking in...

Candy, good luck homeschooling, it's HARD but worth it in the end. I live in Terrell about 30 miles East of Dallas.

I'm a Watkins associate, ever heard of it? World's famous Watkins Vanilla or black pepper or cinnamon? Well, it is a company that has been around for 135 years. Watkins was a doctor in the 1800's. They have four categories of GREAT products. Most of their products are natural, root extracts and such. They have the pantry ingredients, spices, extracts, flavorings. Soup and gravy bases. Really Good Things. Then they have the indulgences section, this is your shampoos, bath soaps, lotions. They have two basic personal care product lines: Vanilla and Aloe & Green Tea. One of the most impressive categories is the medicines. You name it. Petro Carbo salve, sunblock, burn cream, cough medicines, lots and lots of supplements. They have a great weight management supplement pack. However, because I am so financially busted right now, I haven't been able to afford it. Can't wait to try it though. And lastly is the home care, laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaners, plant care, carpet care. :)

All of their products are highly concentrated so you use less than you use of the stuff you buy in the store. I'll tell you, this stuff is VERY impressive, I can't say that enough. You should try some of it. :D

Let me know if you'd like to. I'd love to share a catalog and some samples with you.

Anyway, that's it for now.

03-30-2004, 10:29 AM
Good morning all!
Sorry I did not post again last night, by the time the kids went to bed I was ready to go myself. I bought a novel at one of those yard sales last weekend and I'm very in to it right now. A very good book. So I started reading more of it last night and then before I knew it I was so tired and went straight to bed.
Crystal, I've never heard of Watkins. Is it only in texas? do you get a discount there? If the catalogs are free I would take one! :) email me at and I'll send you my address.
Candy, dinner was good. I just ended up getting subway. But we all love it so it worked. Today I plan to go grocery shopping. In my new cookinglight magazine there is a recipe for macadamia nut pesto fettuccine that I am dying to try. So hopefully I can get all the ingrediants today and have that for dinner tonight. And the tan is coming along. Slow but steady. I'm getting burnt out doing it every night though. I am up to 12 minutes now though so maybe my base will deepen soon and I can cut back on how often I go. But I am definitely brown all over :)
Penny, how are you doing?
Cindy, WELCOME!!!! I am Spryng. Mother to 3 kids. Ava 4, Joseph 3, and Tanner 9 months old. I know it can be hard to make kid friendly meals while trying to make them healthy too. My kids aren't too picky so it isn't too hard for me. Plus at this age their tastes can really be influenced. So I try all kinds of new vegetables and recipes. I know they love meat so we have protein all the time. I only buy them sweets as rewards and treats instead of having them lying around the house constantly. But my motto is if it is good enough for me to eat then they can eat it too. So if I make a dinner they want to pick at they won't get anything else until they eat some of it (I don't require them to clean their plates) and it's been working great so far. But every few nights I'll make something I know they love (like mac and cheese) and I won't eat any of it. But you just have to try variety and see what works for your girls. Also if you let them help prepare the meals in some way they are more likely to want to eat it. Make mealtime fun :) I hope that helps some. I can't wait to get to know you better, feel free to post often! :)
CONGRATS GERI!!!!! That is a fantastic WI!!!!!! You must have been on cloud nine!!! You sure deserve it!! And no Dh wasn't in last weekend, I kept his cousins daughters this past weekend remember? No Dh around. So he will be in on friday.
Ginny, dog on the loose huh? Sounds scary. Those are big dogs. Hope today is uneventful in the school bus area. But I hope the rest of your day goes great!!
What is everyone having for dinner? I guess I need to get off of here and get dressed and out the door. So many things to do and so little time. I checked my order status on QVC and they recieved my check so only a matter of time before it gets sent out!!! I'm so excited!!! Oh, and anyone have some suggestions on a nice gift for my DH that won't break the bank?? I have no clue what to buy him. Something electronic maybe? TTYL!

03-30-2004, 11:42 AM
Good morning all :coffee:

Tony's in one arm so this may be a short post. Thanks for all the good wishes...after TOM last week I needed a big loss to not get discouraged! Did my 3 mile walk this morning then got on the balance ball for some upper and lower ab work but then Tony crawled on me so I couldn't do as much as I wanted too. At least they usually let me get the walk part done...that's why I do it almost every day.

Spryng, time flies! Could have sworn Dh was just in...too much alcohol in my youth I guess :lol: . What novel are you reading? I love to read but it makes me tired too. I know how you are waiting for your thigh thingy (btw I saw the infomercial last Sunday and I think I would fall off :dizzy: ). Still waiting for my sewing machine. It took 4 days for the money order to get there (I could have walked it to California faster :mad: and gotten alot of exercise :D ) so he didn't get it 'til Friday and didn't ship out the machine 'til Monday morning. I should have it by the end of the week.

Crystal... I can't believe that Candy and Spryng don't know Watkins! I thought everyone knew what that was! I have the cinnamon and vanilla and some black as a gift... but they have a wonderful reputation. Sounds like you really enjoy the products. What's all included in the weight management pack? Glad your 16 mo decided to sleep. My 10 mo needed his nuk about 3 times last night then was wide awake at 5:30 this morning :yawn: And I hope Dh gets over it quick :lol: Home schooling sounds like a really tough job....not for me though. I give you lots of credit.

Candy, that is exactly why I'm reluctant to work from sounds all nice and everything, but by the time you actually have some time to work who the heck feels like it???? I want to plant flowers so bad, but it's way too early in my neck of the woods. I passed a garden center yesterday and had to pull on the steering wheel hard to make the car not turn into the parking lot :lol: :rofl: I hope you find time to finish your gardening today so Dh stays off your back ;) . Don't know what to say about the 3rd child thing...maybe he just doesn't want to take the blame if it doesn't work out like he thinks it would :lol:

Welcome Cindy. This is THE place to get motivated! I'm Geri mom to 2 boys Will and Tony who will be 3 and 1 respectively in May. I'm also one of, if not the oldest poster here at 40 a late start with marriage and kids ;) but glad I waited because I have a terriffic hubby. Lost my job in Dec due to a company shut down ( I worked in an office as the supervisor of a Cash Management department) so for the time being I'm a SAHM! Come fall I'll start looking for a part time job to help us pay the bills and put money away for the kids college funds...and be able to have fun ourselves and continue to save for retirement (only 25+ years to go!).

Melinda, Ricci where are you??

Ginny hope the beasts behave! Did you get the nice weather yet?

Penny are you counting points yet?? I couldn't do the SB my carbs although I try to choose the good ones. :)

Gotta scoot...Tony's ready for bottle and a nap. Raining here today and back in the 40's so we'll be inside. Might even make it to the chat this afternoon.

TTYL and a big hi to anyone I missed :wave:

03-30-2004, 12:17 PM
Good morning!
Going to be hard to keep up with all the posts.......

Geri- WTG girl!!!!The 3.5# loss is wonderful, and I am so happy for you!!!!!! :D BTW, add me to the list, I have no idea what Watkins is, other than what I just read here. Our nice weather was yesterday- got 2 loads of laundry out on the line. Today it is cloudy and cool. Glad you got some laundry out too- it smells soooooo good.

Spryng- glad that your thigh machine will be with you soon...Do you shop much from QVC? I am good for a few things a year, I guess we have that in common, that shopping (or pretty decent shopping) is a distance away. Let us know when you get your shipment. :)

Crystal- ok, so now you know that I too know nothing about Watkins. You enjoy selling their products? Is it catalog only, or do you have home parties and the like also.

Welcome Cindy!!!!!!! I am glad that you joined us and I hope you find us good company.

Candy- oh, the end of the month woes.....SOunds like you have a busy day ontap- gardening, laundry and billing. Hope you can get a break in.

Penny- Duh on me!!! I did not realize you were on flex points also! Did you get your materials online?

Gotmy walk in this am, but I am so tired. Might go easy on myself tomorrow, when it will be raining anyway. Can't make it to WW this week- tomorrow elementary schools have a 1/2 day- and Thursday is my morning at the high school to see my 2 older kids......I am trying to be really good this week though, so that maybe I can break out of this plateau. Gee, I wanted to leave something else here, but I am so brain dead. Oh well. Hope to get back here later. Have a great day!!!!!

Oh, I remember....the dog- well once I dropped the student off at her stop, the dog was loose and jumped all over her many times,knocking her down until she finally made it to the house. She told me that that dog had already killed another dog that she had......... Can't blame the kid for being terrified of it! What I do not understand is why the mother keeps the thing!!! It lives outside- chained up (obviously never goes in and the student has a younger sibling, about age 3) so this dog will be a problem to the family for a long time.
Is there something wrong with this picture????? Or am I just nuts? (don't answer that, Jackie!)

03-30-2004, 12:22 PM
Hey, CONGRATULATIONS, on your weight loss. Good for you. :high:
Thanks for those good words about Watkins. Actually I had never heard of them before I got involved. I am glad I did. :)
The weight management system includes this:
Reduce Plus
ThereaTrim Duo (which is the two above together for a savings)
Inner Cleanse/Restore
SoyNilla (also GREAT for menopausal symptoms; this is a powder to mix)
Watkins Energy Bars
Superfood Multiple (mostly just an overall vitamin)
There is also a supplement Female Formula, it's not included in this but it's great for female. I'm fixing to begin taking it.
Let me know if you're interested.

03-30-2004, 12:31 PM
Just a quick note .....

Got playgroup coming over in an hour so I gotta run around and clean.

I have not yet switched over to ww. I went to the meetings last year and got all my stuff.

I am still on south beach. I am going to give it a little longer and see how things pan out.

I had a long talk with my cousin last night. She was 220 and now she is down to 150 and she is 5'7". I guess you can say she motivated me to keep with it for now. Only time will tell.

I started aerobics this morning and then Drew woke up so I had to stop. Well I loading up the stroller and Nicholas's bike and we went to the track at the park. We walked 2 miles so I feel much better now :)

I will get personal after playgroup!

Have a great one!

03-30-2004, 12:46 PM
Hi there.
I'm answering your questions about Watkins. They are catalog only, but my mother did host a home party for me. It was a GREAT way to get started and get a base clientele. Other wise it's just catalogs and samples that I pass out. You can shop online as well. They do have something called Great Tastings. That is where you host a party to eat and you cook with most of their things and get orders that way. I've never done that. I'll tell you that once someone uses their products, they are hooked. If you're interested ask me more, email me at or visit [/COLOR] [/U] but please let me be your rep. If you're interested in selling and receiving the discount visit and enter code CM4933.
I'd love talking about this some more. I'll try to be at the chat this afternoon. Thanks for your interest.

03-30-2004, 01:22 PM
Ladies, you have been busy. :comp: I started my job yesterday and dh was on the computer all last night. I think it is going to be the best of both worlds. I will be working Mon and Wed 9-5 for at least the next two months. At that point, they will evaluate what they and I want to do and take it from there. I was so busy catching everything up that the first day away from JW was not so bad. About 4, I was ready to see him. My mom had a blast with him, it helps to know that he is in good hands. So I did not get a workout in being the first day back. Ate well though. I am hoping to get to pilates tomorrow evening at 800 if everything goes well after work.

Penny - Hope the white strips work. Are the ingred. all right for nursing? We have a dental school in town and they do procedure at a cut rate so they can learn. I think I might see what there prices are on teeth whitening. I got my second round of braces there, didn't wear the retainer the first time around and they moved. Taught me my lesson when I had to pay for it on my own.

Geri - I am so proud of you. I am going to have to finish Dr. Phil. I am doing all of the inventories and that takes a long time. I read that one in the day, and am reading The Da Vinci Code at night, so good it is hard to put it down.

Welcome, Cindy. I looking forward to hearing about you and your family. I am Melinda, now working 2 days a week as an office manager for a psych office. I have a 7 month old son named John Wesley.

Crystal - Had tons of questions about the Watkins, but it look like you feel us in. Good Luck with it. Good for you for homeschooling. The schools here are not that good, so we will have to send them to private. Might mean the difference on whether I have to work full time again.

Candy - Do you do cloth diapers? Seem you have a lot of landry or do you just do it once a week. Enjoy the weather it is so beautiful here.

Did the precor and weights this morning, so I am feeling pretty good. Haven't been tracking my food, but I haven't put any junk in my mouth. 3 nights without late night eating. I hate going to bed with my stomach upset or maybe it is PMS starting. I have been feeling like I was getting a period for a week now, but nothing. I don't know how much longer nursing will keep it away. I am nursing 4 times a day now. Oh, my mom brought JW to work for lunch so I was able to nurse him, so I only missed one feeding from working.

Have a great on program day. I will have to check more often. Everyone is hoppin'.


03-30-2004, 02:43 PM
Thank you so much for your warm welcome! I hope everybody is having a great day. Missed aerobics, but am planning to go to the gym when my hubby finally gets home. He's a fireman and has a few other side jobs - so he's gone a lot! Anyway, this is day 2 following Dr. Phil's weight loss plan and I'm doing o.k.

Melinda - How do you like working? I started working outside the house for a few hours a week a few months ago and I really enjoy it!

Ginny- Hi! How long have you been doing WW? I looked at their program a while ago but didn't stick with it :(

Geri- Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your lay-off, but I hope you are enjoying staying at home for a while! I'm so glad
i'm ablle to be home with my girls. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your walking! I'm hoping to get outside to do more of that once winter finally breaks!

Spryng - Thanks for your advice! I really do need to have less sweets around the house. I'm in the process of weaning the girls off getting a treat every time they go potty. I'm thinking about switching to giving them stickers or stamps. Did you finish your book?

Sorry if I forget anyone - I'm trying to remember names.


03-30-2004, 03:52 PM
Good afternoon all!
Wow, this thread is hopping today!! :)

Cindy, glad to hear dr.phil's plan is working out for you!! What will you be making for dinner tonight? I hope you get to go to the gym. Sounds like fun. There isn't any near me or I would try and join one too. But I did order that Lateral Thigh Trainer from QVC and I'm hoping it's here before the week is over. :) But mostly I do pilates (which I've neglected the past several days) Stickers or stamps sound like great treats for potty training!
Melinda, so glad the job is working out for you! What a relief huh? Was it nice to be around adults all day? Sometimes I think about going back to work just for the company it will provide. Even though you haven't been tracking your food sounds like you have been OP! Great job!
Penny, I think it is great that you will give SB more time to work for you. I've heard great things about it. But if you can't stick with it you have WW as a back up plan. :) Hope your play group is fun!!
Ginny, no I don't shop with QVC much. I bought my feather bed and comforter set from them last year and really liked how fast they shipped it and it's great quality. I love watching their show. Oh and I did buy a freeze drying flower kit (I've not used it yet) from them too. You can freeze dry flowers and plants in your microwave and they look fresh and retain their color. I wanted to buy a bunch of roses after valentines day to try it out (when flowers are marked down) but I forgot. I guess if DH gets me flowers for our anniversary I can try it then, but I wouldn't hold my breath, lol. I am thinking about buying a swimsuit from them, their It Figures brand it very nice, but everything is on a waitlist right now. What have you bought from them? Are you on a plateau? I thought you lost .6 lbs last week. Maybe I forgot. You've been on WW quite a while now so I'm sure it's getting harder for you to get the pounds off. Did you try the fast track kit?
Geri, I am reading a novel called Let the Drum Speak. It's really good so far. And it all takes place in Spiro oklahoma (well what is spiro oklahoma today, I lived about 5 miles from the spiro mounds when I lived down there, so it's neat to see how the indians lived there.) but it's really good so far. Not a romace novel though, darn, lol. But a good story line none-the-less. That's funny that you think you would fall off the thigh machine, lol. They say some people have to start by holding on to a chair or wall when they begin to get their balance. I wonder if I will fall off?? :^: Guess I'll see soon enough, lol.
Well I got my grocery shopping done today. What a hassle. I didn't need many things since half the week is over, but the ingredients for the macadamia nut pesto fettuccine I'll be making tonight cost a fortune!! Fresh basil leaves ran me 10 bucks all by themselves!!! Highway robbery. Dh said he will build me a planter to grow my own herbs in. I think that is a great idea. Fresh herbs cost WAY too much. Pathetic. Then the roasted macadamia nuts ran 5 bucks. Ugh. It better be worth it. But I'll be making some low fat cresent rolls and oven fried squash to go with it. Sounds so good right now. What is everyone else making?????????
I will be chatting at 2. Don't know for how long. The kids are watching Brother Bear right now. Such a cute, sad, funny movie. I'm not watching it with them because I don't feel like crying today. I know.... I'm a big baby!!!!! :D

03-30-2004, 04:05 PM
Hi all!!! Welcome Cindy! I am Candy, sahm to Sean 4 and Kylie 2. I also work full-time from home doing the medical billing for a gyn/oncology practice. A few months back I started weaning my kids off sweets and junk (white flour products). Now they eat salads, avocados, and all kinds of fruit. If they are hungry, they will grab a banana or something nutritious. It was really hard at first and there were plenty of tears shed but we took it slow and now it is just they way things are. Hope it will be somewhat easy for you!

Ginny, the dog thing sounds awful!!! I feel so bad for the poor kid. Hope you get some rest, sounded kinda pooped! Only 3 more days until the weekend!!! :)

Melinda, glad your first day back went so well! And no, we don't do diapers at all anymore. Kylie has been potty trained since she turned 2 last June. But I do only do my laundry once a week and I get every last bit done and the washer and dryer sit empty until the next Tuesday. This is a big improvement over the way it used to be when I tried to do a couple loads a day. I'd often end up having to rewash something that had sat in the washer too long. That was so sweet of your mom to bring JW over. My mom would do that on occasion when I first had to start working. There is just nothing like nursing your baby!!!

Spryng, hope your thigh thingy gets there soon! I know you must be so excited and waiting is torture! I hate waiting for things! What kind of things does your DH like? I could get mine a round of golf somewhere and he would be in heaven. Seems I buy him a watch almost every year since he breaks them so often!!! Hope you come up with something in budget that he will really like!!!

Crystal, I would definitely like to see a catalog. I have never heard of Watkins products before but they sound great!!!

Ok, sorry for anyone I missed and not to get more personal right now, Crystal but I have to go get my laundry helper real quick. I'll be back in a bit.

03-30-2004, 04:42 PM
Hi everyone. Hopefully I can get this post in.
Welcome Crystal and Cindy. I am Ricci sahm to two boys 5 and 3. I have heard of watkins. I have an aunt who has tons of the stuff. She doesn't use anything else in her kitchen.
Geri, congrats on the weight loss. Melinda, glad your liking the job. It sounds like everyone is doing really well. I haven't heard from the tanning salon yet, but I think I will call them if I haven't heard by Thursday. I am getting ready to do a medical study for a vaccine for yellow fever. If I pass the physical and get into the study, it pays $1150. I have been getting in my exercise still, and been helping my mom move small stuff. This weekend is the big move. Fun, Fun. I have had trouble with my eating lately, but it isn't eating too much. I haven't been hungry. I eat any way, because I know I need to, I just don't want to. Well, I will check back in later. Have a great OP day.

03-30-2004, 05:10 PM
Ok, back for a quickie. Ricci, the study sounds interesting. The money sounds great! What all is involved for that $$$? How long does it last? And lastly, what is yellow fever??? Hope you can get an appetite back. Not having one is almost as bad as having an overactive one! Hope your mom's move goes well this weekend!

Spryng, wow!!! $10 for basil! I would have freaked out!!! You can substitute dried. I think you use about 1/2. I found with cilantro, I actually like dried better than fresh but with basil, you might really need fresh. Hope it turns out and is everything your dreaming of! :) ha,ha

Crystal, thanks for sending the catalog. I'm very interested in checking it out. Don't really have a lot of money right now as I am on restriction (self-imposed) since we are building a house and I want to get my credit card debt paid off before we finish the house but I will definitely give it a look. Crystal, with the homeschooling, do you do a program or are you making your own lessons? Where we are building is out in the country and the schools are even worse out there than in other parts of Charleston so there is no way I would send my kids to the public schools and I'm not paying $3500/year for private school just so I can be tied to a schedule. I would much rather educate my kids myself at their pace with wholesome association, no matter how hard! I actually think it will be easy though. It can't be harder than working full-time from home with 2 babies!!!

Geri, I did get out in the yard and get my berm finished. I think I'll borrow my mom's digital camera and take a picture of it and the house. I even cleaned up my mess (DH's biggest pet peave!) I still haven't gotten any formal excercise in but that yard work kicked my butt today. Dragging the hose around front alone was an upper body workout!!! My dad dropped my pine straw off this afternoon so I even got to get the pine straw laid. I hope DH will be impressed when he gets home! I even did the flower boxes! Hope I picked something hardy that will live in there. I'm not very good at picking the right plant for the job!!! Anyhows, hope it will warm up for you soon so you can get outside where you love to be!!!

Penny, how was play group today? How much have you lost so far with SB? You do get to start adding the carbs back in with SB, don't you? Hope it will get the weightloss ball rolling, even if you do decide to switch to something else down the road.

Hi Andrea. Hope I didn't miss anyone else, and sorry if I did! I've gotta get off here and work on this laundry. Helper is here now so I want to make sure we get it all done. Had a problem with work today. Apparently I posted a postdated check and it bounced and my office manager wants to talk to me about it but I'm not talking about it until I go to the office and find the receipt that was attached to the check. It is the front desks responsibility to write on the receipt if the check is postdated and then I usually hold them until the date and I don't recall seeing one of those lately. I wouldn't know to look for a postdate if they didn't note it. Hope it was their mistake and not mine!!! Probably was mine though! I hate that!!! I am making chicken parmesan for dinner. MSF's for me and real chicken for everybody else. First time I've cooked meat since I went veggie!!! (Only doing it to get the meat out of my freezer...ha,ha) I am also making homemade baguettes. You start them off in the bread maker. It looks really easy but looks can be deceiving!!! Hope everyone has a great evening! TTYL

03-30-2004, 06:09 PM
Hi! I'm getting ready to make dinner... grilled chicken breasts, steamed broccoli, and some whole wheat pasta for the rest of the family. I'll toss a big salad for myself too.

Good luck to the moms who have posted about homeschooling. In my life before kids I was an elementary teacher and I really loved it. I still tutor 7 kids during the week - ranging from second grade to seventh grade.

Ricci - good luck with the study. Is yellow fever the same thing as malaria or am I on a different wavelength?

Spryng - let me know how you like the thigh thingy. I know I like the machine on at the gym that works the inner thighs!

Candy-Thanks for giving me some pointers on weaning the kids of sweets. I'd really like to have the whole family eat healthier!

Oops gotta run! One of the twins just dropped a toy in the potty! Ugh! That's what I get for trusting their silence!

03-30-2004, 06:35 PM
Wow this thread is hot today. :cool:
There seems to be so much that I want to say. It's almost time to start cooking dinner so I'm not sure if I can get it all in.
Candy - I'm glad you're going to look at a Watkins catalog. I understand about the money. We want to build but are trying to figure out financially if we can. But I appreciate you looking. About homeschooling, I thought it wouldn't be hard because my daughter seemed to be a fast learner always ready and willing. I just realized this past week that whoever said trying to teach a kid to read is the hardest thing ever, was NOT wrong. It is so hard and trying. But I know it will be worth it when it is accomplished. I'm so happy to hear you want to homeschool. Where I live which is where I graduated from is so low academically. I know I can do better for my kids. Besides I want them to learn their social skills and manners from me not the other kids at school, no telling how most of them act. Anyway, I use a curriculum but I work up my own lesson plans most of the time. I've been using Alpha Omega, my sister uses Abeka and Bob Jones. I think I'm switching to Abeka for next year. They are suppose to have a GREAT reading program. The teacher books usually have lesson plans in them, but since you homeschool for your specific child it's good to make your own based around them. Close to where I live every year in May is a homeschool book fair, booths are set up and it is so much fun. You can learn SO much. Visit and find one in your area. It is so worth it. But a bit of advice, don't spend too much for Pre-K or K because this is when you learn how your child learns and what would be better for the two of you. It is hard but rewarding.
Okay, next I want to say something to ALL of you - I just joined up here this weekend and let me tell you the effect it has had on me. I don't know if I can put it in words. Before I joined up I never felt right, I mean I knew my duties of a sahm but that's all they were, were duties. I did them because I had to not because I wanted to. I've delt with for years trying to figure out my purpose for God. I want to know what I can do to bring others to know him. I have no gifts or talents. I'm stuck at home with kids, what can I do? Well, after reading all of your posts and just sitting back taking a look at your lives through words and smilies it hit me...I can do my duties because I WANT to. I can do them for the Glory of God. :angel: If I wake up every day with a smile on my face and do my sahm duties happily, my kids will see that, other people will see that and that may make others say, "Why are you so happy", "Don't you get bored", "How can you be happy doing that"? Then I can say to them, "it's because I'm doing it for God", "It's what God wants me to do". I know I'm just babbling but I wanted all of you to know that because of y'all it made me see this. For that I'm grateful. :thanks:
And by the way, I'm down 1 lb. :encore:

03-30-2004, 08:13 PM
Crystal- well I do not know much about Watkins, but I can tell you about the A Beka program. My children were not homeschooled, but have gone to a Christian elementary school (still have one there) that uses Bob Jones and A Beka. It is a challenging reading program. The great thing about Abeka is that all the program course leads to another (the vocab/spelling list is in the reading program etc...). My kids learned well from it.
Well, the big guys just got home from softball/baseball......gotta go. Have a great nite!

03-30-2004, 10:44 PM
Hi there, I was just posting for the last time tonight. I think I've done pretty good today. Still didn't fit in exercise, but plenty of water, no snacking and smaller portions. Over all healthier choices. :chef:

Spryng - Thanks for chatting with me today in the chat room. I'm getting your Watkins catalog in the mail tomorrow. Let me know when you get it, I want to know what you think. :thanks:

Candy - I'm getting your catalog out tomorrow as well. I'd like to know what you think. Let me answer any questions you may have. :comp:

Geri - Still proud of your weight loss, way to go. :cheer:

Penny - I think you were leaving the chat room when I arrived, wish we could have chatted. :comp:

Good night girls. :yawn:

03-30-2004, 11:08 PM
Crystal OK OK


I JUST SCANNED ALL THE WW INFO, if you still want it!
I am trying to get it emailed.

03-30-2004, 11:12 PM
Crystal, congrats on the #1 loss and the kind words! Sounds like you are very motivated right now and I know you will be able to get that weight off this time!!!

I'm fixin' to head off to bed but I just wanted to say that I went to the office and checked on that postdated check receipt and sure enough, plain as day on the top of the receipt it said "Postdated until 3/26". I emailed my boss to own up to my mistake and ask if there was anything I could do as apparently this mistake caused the check to bounce. Ugh! I hate making mistakes!!! Anyhows, dinner was yum! The bread turned out good even though I skipped one of the risings due to time. My DH asked which bakery I got it from. Ha! Ok, well, I'm off. Hope everyone has a good night.

03-30-2004, 11:20 PM
Hello girls,

So sorry I missed the chat. Got down here about 2:25 and everyone was gone...oh well. Tony had napped about an hour then fell asleep on me upstairs and Will was watching a video. I think I even konked out for maybe 2 soon as Will sees me sleeping he yells 'MOM' :lol: :devil:

Spryng, before I forget, what is the Avon nail stuff you were telling me about that prevents your nails from chipping/peeling. You said it gets absorbed into the nail? There is an Avon store in the town the my Mom lives in now and I would love to get her some. :dizzy: I've been meaning to ask you for like a week and kept forgetting!

Crystal, being a SAHM takes plenty of skills and talents! Belive me, I worked in an office for 16 years and was in management the last 11 years and I work harder now than I did when I worked...and that was an extremely high-pressure job! It's not easy staying home with kids and it takes a very special person to do it without killing your kids :p ! Congrats on the 1 lb down!! Smaller portion sizes and healthy food is key! Tonight we had grilled Mahi Mahi, some flavored rice, broccoli and I also had a salad. I wasn't too unhappy about the layoff. I was sick to death of my job and I got a really nice severance package that will allow us to do some stuff around our house and I won't have to go to work full time. In fact, I could stay home for 2+ years but I don't want to rely on the severance money for everyday stuff...better to keep it for emergencies.

Cindy, NEVER trust silence :lol: . Hope you got the toy out of the toilet before they flushed! Dinner sounded yummy.

Candy, get that picture taken and posted! Sounds like you were very busy and I hope that Dh complimented your efforts. I need ideas...and I have at least a whole month before I can plant flowers other than pansies. I may just get some of those this year so I can look at the beautiful colors. Dh grilled the Mahi tonight and he put on Ds hat when he went out 'cause it was so cold...too funny because the hat is way too small and has ear flaps! :lol: Anyway, I'm not taking any pictures until we have leaves on our trees! Looks too nasty otherwise. ;)

Ricci glad to hear from you!! Where did you hear about this study? The money sounds wonderful. Please let us know what is all involved!! I'm not exactly sure what yellow fever is either.

Melinda, sounds like you enjoyed being at work yesterday. Good for you! I would love 2 days a week! It's good that your Mom is watching JW for you. Mine watched Tony until I was done working and Will part time. I never had to worry about anything. Made it much easier to leave.

This thread is so busy today! It's hard to keep up. I'm sitting here with haircolor on my head and I have a few more things to do. If I didn't address you personally, I'm sorry!!! :^: Hope everyone had a really good OP kind of day!! Take care and have a great night.

03-30-2004, 11:21 PM
Ooops, Penny! I was thinking about trying SB at one time but didn't like someone telling me I CANT eat something lol! If you have your cousin to rely on in tough times it will really, really help!

Bye now.

03-31-2004, 12:48 AM
Hey everyone,
This is my first post on this SAHM support group page. My name is Angela, I'm 22 years old and I have a wonderfull husband named Brandon who is 21 years old. We've been married for a year and a half now and have a son who will be 6 months old on April 1st named Austin. We live in BC, Canada. When I got pregnant I was 185 lbs, I went into the hospital on October 1st to be induced at 201 lbs and I am now 159 lbs (as of Sunday). I'm looking for some SAHM's for support. I find it very hard finding the time to take care of myself while caring for a baby. It's very very very easy just to open the cupboards and grab whatever is edible. LOL. Anyways, looking forward to meeting some new people!!


03-31-2004, 10:17 AM
Hi everybody! The day is starting of well. I made an egg white omelet with red peppers and whole wheat toast. I also had some fresh berries - yum! As soon as I get the girls' hair brushed and braided we are out the door to go to the gym for some elliptical traning and weights. I really would like to get some organzing done in the house. My hubby ls teaching today and then leaves for the next 4 days :(

Geri- Yes, I should not trust the silences. The dinosaur is now roaming the city sewers, but our toilet was not broken! I am keeping the laptop today so I can work on the computer downstairs! How did your hair color come out? I'm actually biting the bullet and having it done professionally next week - I think a new look will do me a world of good!

Hi Angela and welcome! You have already lost quite a bit of your baby weight! Congratulations! I know how hard it is to eat right while you are taking care of an infant. Maybe you could try writing out a food plan or preparing some things ahead of time so you just have to pop it in the microwave. I know it's easier said than done, but hang in there!

Cystal- Way to go on your 1# loss!

Candy - Don't worry too much about the postdated check - hopefully things will straighten out. Glad to hear your bread truned out yummy.

A general question - Is there anyone else who has a phobia about getting weighed? I hate it and just generally judge my weight by how my clothes fit. I know if I get weighed and it shows a gain or no loss - I fixate on those nuymbers and it spins off a whole bunch of negative thought. Am I crazy???

Hope everybody has a great day! I'll check in later!

03-31-2004, 11:45 AM
Going to start a new thread. See you there!