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04-03-2001, 12:00 PM
I had to report a spammer so I think MrsJim deleted our whole thread-- SO I started another one for us.

Sorry-- but the power diet guy (spammer) was trying to sell stuff.

Anyway I also wanted to let LisaSue know how sorry I am that she had to go through that with her husband-- how scary!! You are talking Wake up call!! Good luck to both of you----- wow!

Well, I'm not going to rewrite my whole post from before-- I will check in later. Sorry it had to be deleted but we can start anew here.

Have a great day-- I wish EVERYONE sunshine-- we need here in CT!


PS-- thank you MrsJim-- next time I will use the link "report to 3fc"-- I didn't realize I could just do that. Thanks!

04-03-2001, 01:20 PM

Amy: I went looking for #28 this morning and it was gone! Too bad the entire thread had to be deleted, I must've missed the spam guy.

LisaSue: I missed what happened to your husband. I hope he is okay?

Things are going well here. Same old drill - work all day, study all night. :-P The good news is I have lost another 1-1/2 pounds, so I am now ....


Woo!!! When I get to 155 I am going to buy myself a reward, although I'm not sure what yet. Maybe something pretty to wear for Spring from one of my fave stores.

Better get to work, hope all is well.


04-03-2001, 07:45 PM
Hi! Okay, I finally did it. I just ordered a used "Enter The Zone" diet book from

I have never been on this diet but I have heard so many good things about it. Does anyone that is familiar with this diet have any advice or tips for me? My problem is that I do not stick to diets very well unless it had lots of variety and doesn't starve me.

I need to lose about 40 to 45 pounds. I am trying not to give myself a strict deadline, but I would like to enter 2002 with my new weight.

So, anyone have any tips, advice, warnings, ect for me?


Ann W
04-06-2001, 02:40 AM
Hi Zoners!

Have been away from the thread a bit - just too much other stuff going on and probably because I don't have any good news to report. I will be doing great for a couple of days and then just start munching on cookies, wheat thins, ice cream etc. Feel like 'I deserve it" kind of mentality

Sabrina: I would love to see 155 again. Just have been gaining a few pounds every now and then so now to get down to 155 is a challenge instead of a few days of light eating.
Lisa Sue: Hope all is okay with your husband. Like Sabrina, I missed your posting on #28 thread.
Jakeswoman: Are you still doing so great. You are such an inspiration. Are you still combining weight watchers?

I was traveling a bit so wasn't able to work out. Finally got together with my personal trainer and had a great workout - why don't I do this more often! Little bit sore today but in a nice way. It always gets me perked up so that I start on the Zone again.

Anyway, have to get some bills paid - haven't even started taxes YUCK

Take care everyone and welcome to all the recent new people posting.
Happy Zoning

04-06-2001, 07:44 PM
Hi all,

I'm bored at work, trying to make it another 15 minutes or so before I take off for the weekend. Our company has recently undergone some restructuring, and I've been in sort of a holding pattern for the last couple of weeks as they figure out where my team fits into the bigger picture. The good news is, we met with the new Senior VP earlier today and it looks like plenty of exciting, cutting-edge stuff is on the horizon. Thank goodness, because I hate being bored!!!

Duchess Nicole: Welcome. I guess my only advice would be to find a copy of Mastering the Zone and use that the supplement Enter the Zone. Mastering the Zone is lot more reader-friendly, and it's easier to make sense of the whole thing.

Lisa Sue: We haven't heard from you - how are you doing?

Ann: Nice to see you post again. Sounds like you have been busy travelling, and I know just how difficult it is to stick with eating properly and exercising when you're on the road.

Well, I'd better wrap this up and get ready to leave for the weekend. Thank goodness for weekends!


Ann W
04-09-2001, 12:13 AM
Hi Gang,

I really have to get motivated as I my waistbands have been getting tighter and tighter. Will try to stay as close to the zone as possible starting this week. In addition will start walking again.

Received somewhat of a promotion at work where I now surpervise four other sales executives. It is interesting and gives my job a new twist, however, it is more work. Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed at work then I don't workout and eat properly and unfortunately I am now more overwhelmed than ever. It is somewhat nice with the slowdown. San Francisco's economy was just going crazy and everything was rush rush rush with highways filled with traffic. Our traffic problems has eased up a bit with all the layoffs and some people are now moving out of state. Just trying to find that darn life balance everyone talks about!!!

Will keep you posted as I want to just make a small dent in my weight this week - would be thrilled with two pounds! Take care everyone and happy zoning

Ann W

04-09-2001, 10:11 AM
Hi Gang:

Everything is going pretty good here.
Hubby is doing fine. Please don't think I'm cruel, but I've actually NOT pampered him as he'd like me to. Since the heart scare, (no heart attack, Thank GOD) he want's to take it easy (and I did too at first) but I had to get him outside walking, but he wanted to take a leisurely stroll and we did the first three times that we've walked, then (without being too obvious, I've increased the pace slightly each time) and he's feeling much better. Since I've cut calories with him, I dropped a total of 6 lbs. and I have 9 more to go to be at my goal weight, but now, I need to work on toning up some. I'm so happy to be at 149, but I am SCARED! How do I keep off what's taken me a whole year to lose? I've NEVER had this problem before and do I continue doing what I'm doing or what do I do? :?:

Anyhow, I know hubby's scared and thinks that one day he could have a heart attack, with his high blood pressure and high cholestrol, I'm sure it's a possibility with him, but I told him that he can't sit back and let things happen and not do anything other than count calories. (we have the same wonderful doctor, so I didn't just assume he could move it a little faster without talking with the doctor). He has an appointment today and he's worried about his weight, but I think he's starting to look better in the face and around the chin area, looks like he's lost a bit.

He thinks it was more stress related and anxiety, and I believe he just might be right with this. With the stressful job and one of his best buddies/co-worker was dying of liver cancer (and sadly he did) was only 48, and hubby turns 50 this summer, I know there was quite a bit on his mind.

Well, I'm sorry to have babbled on and on, and I thank all of you for asking.

I hope everyone stays OP and gets/stays motivated --we're having beautiful weather....smells so good outside too, major thunderstorms last night, so it smells like the earth and spring! :)

Take care :wave:

04-10-2001, 05:54 PM
Hi Gang,
Amy, I think the last thread was doomed from the start! First of all I used the wrong number. I missed the spammer. Thank you for taking care of the situation for us.
Sabrina, congratulations on your loss of 1 1/2 pounds. It sounds like some new exciting things will be happening with your work.
Duchess Nicole, welcome. Sabrina is right about Mastering the Zone being an easier read. Also you might want to check out and there is information, testimonials and recipes on these sites.
Ann, congratulation on your promotion.
LisaSue, I am sorry you have had such a scare with hubby's health. Have you put him on the zone? It would certainly bring down the blood pressure and cholesterol numbers quickly. Would he be interested? You are smart to get him out walking.
I've had my first good week in awhile and lost 4.5 pounds. that's the good news, the bad is I still have to lose what I gained when I went off the diet at the end of the year. But I have made a start. We are leaving for Vegas early next week. Talk about lots of temptation.
I will check in before we go away and see how everyone is doing.
Keep the faith!

04-12-2001, 05:30 PM
Hi Gang:

Maureen: WTG :D on the 4.5 loss! That's fantastic!

Hubby has been on the Zone (but it didn't work with his snacking) and he gave up and packed on the weight. I've been preparing Zone meals for dinner and I even have him switched from scrambled eggs to Egg beaters and much leaner deli ham/turkey breast etc. I don't think he realizes it neither, but we've been eating chicken and salmon like crazy lately, but a combination of calorie counting and the Zone is working for him. He's lost 7 lbs. so far.

Ann: Congrats on your promotion at work. I'm sure things will even out and you'll be back on track in no time. Just think how fast time flies. phew!

My weigh in is tomorrow and I'm a little nervous here. I've been doing fine, but not great, but then again, not bad either. It just doesn't "Feel" like its gonna be a good morning. But we'll see.

Take care all and have a great day!

04-13-2001, 11:17 AM
Good Morning!!

Well-- midmorning! It is spring break for me and my kids so I plan on not keeping track of time! We need this break so badly!! What a long winter!

Everyone seems to be doing well-- A big pat on the back, LisaSue for your husband!! He is on is way to healthier living!

Ann-- Congrats on your promotion. You are like Power Woman-- the promotions and traveling and raising kids, I really admire you!

Maureen-- 4.5 pounds WOW!! Doesn't it feel good to be back on track--- you must be so happy-- and your motivation high! My sister is coming in from Buffalo today-- we will have our niece with us for a week because she has spring break up there and for once her vacation matches with my kids. My sister has lost 51 pounds since October (2000) so I am anxious to see her!

How is school going Sabrina??

Hello to DuchessNicole, I don't think I welcomed you yet.

Well I lost another 2 pounds. I am really slowing down. I was this weight 3 weeks ago-- had a set back and it has taken two weeks to pull it back together to get back to 162. But I am still determined as ever-- THIS IS MY YEAR!!! I have changed my goal from 150 top 145 so I have 17 to go-- THAT IS IT. I CAN DO THIS!! I started my running training and I am hoping this program will kick my butt and get me into the 150's before April is over. I am doing 2.5- 3.1 miles 3-4X a week-- my goal is 5 miles per run. We have some great hills so the terrain is excellent on the legs and the lungs! It has been warm enough to run outside and I AM LOVING IT!

I had to send back a dress I ordered-- a petite (I am pretty short!) large because it was too big-- I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!! I had to order a medium. I really do not remember the last time I wore a medium anything!! This is the biggest deal to me!! You know it just goes to show you can't just use the scale to measure your body-- I mean I am still overweight but because of all the exercise my body shape is tight and small enough for a medium (well one dress is a medium, everything else is a large). I haven't been able to shop in Lane Bryant or any "Women's" store in about 3 or 4 months and now I am into a regular medium-- WOW! Can you guys see my head swelling?

Anyway-- I am so glad you all are still posting when you can-- I believe the support system I have built for myself has been real key and instrumental in my success and you guys are a big part of that system! Some of you have been around since 1999 (right? longer? 98?) for me. Thanks! It is so good to have good friends along on a long long journey!

Have a great Easter/Passover!

Remember keep everything in perspective and your eyes on the goal or mini-goal!

Amy aka Jakeswoman
225/215/170's forever!/162 (now)/145 (soon)

04-14-2001, 10:28 PM
Hi Kids,
I just want to wish everyone a nice Easter or Passover.
We leave tomorrow afternoon for Vegas and will return on Friday.
Lisa, you are doing well by your hubby. Good for you. I'm sure he is grateful to you.
Amy have a great visit with your sis and niece. I had been wondering how she was doing. Wow 51 pounds, between her, you and your mom, you guys are melting away!!;)

04-15-2001, 08:36 PM
Thanks to everyone that responded to my first post.


I just recieved the book I have been waiting for to get into "The Zone". I have "Enter The Zone". I just read the important parts of it and have just figured out my Protein, Carbo., and Fat blocks.

I need 9 blocks a day. Now, the next step is to stick to it and get used to knowing what I can and can't eat by eyesight rather than carrying that book every where I go.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how you do this?

04-19-2001, 03:34 PM
Hello Everyone:

Duchessnicole: I still write things down in a note book, I try and plan my days, sometimes one day at a time, or rather one meal at a time, because I tend to "change my mind" and am not in the mood say for example, tuna, I'll rather have chicken instead and after crossing off so many meals, I just plan it meal by meal.

I always try and have lean protien, with veggie soup or salad/fruit, etc... but I still depend on the Zone bars whenever I need to eat something, but there aren't many options around. Instead of hitting the fast food places for burgers and fries, I'll have a zone bar and order a diet soda or coffee, or even iced tea. It'll come to you ...sooner than you think it will. Just keep at it and you'll see how much it becomes second nature.

Did you see they have a small paper back book of I think it's MTZ, or the best food choices for staying in the Zone.

I hope everyone is doing well and hope to talk with you guy's again soon.

Take care.


Mrs. Yogi
04-23-2001, 06:45 PM
Wow, been gone three weeks and look what happens. Mr. Spam, was he the one on ephedrine and caffeine? Just wondering. He was kinda scary...

You girls all go!

Had an *amazing* vacation. We spent Easter Sunday on the beach in Kauai, all day... In the water 8-10 times a day, snorkelling and swimming against some of the highest surf of the year. Awesome. DH cooked fresh fish and farmers market veggies every day, and I went a little OffP in terms of papaya smoothies with those little sugar bananas - it's not hard to give up bananas again because the commercial ones taste like styrofoam now!

Also had to break down and have some kettle chips from Maui, my twice a year thing - vacation and xmas I have to have those salty treats. We did pretty well on the macadamia nuts - didn't overdo. We did buy one batch of special local cake which was too sweet even for Mr. Sweet Tooth himself! It took him two weeks to finish a couple of slices, I couldn't eat any because it gave me a headache and immediate sugar shock. Ugh.

Boy, Hawaiians eat a lot of sugar. Is it just me or are the foods in the US pickled in high fructose corn syrup more than Canadian ones? Everything, and I mean everything, has that yucky stuff in it. We came back via Washington State and I had to leave Fred Meyer asap because I was getting dizzy from the sensory overload - the selection of junk food is unreal - how does anyone resist? I don't know.

Waiting for DH to go back on the road so I can get back with the program - he's starting to show an interest in it (and looking fabulous with all that swimming I might add...) but since we've got back we've been putting the house back together after painting, so it's been a great excuse to order Chinese food (too busy to cook) and drink the champagne we've been stockpiling in the garage fridge. Yeah yeah yeah. Life's too short for *total* deprivation, and we won't see each other much for the rest of the summer, so that's another great excuse, ain't it? :)

Anyway, my clothes are still loose - I'm actually wearing the pants I couldn't get into last spring! - and soon enough I'll be back at the gym, in the pool and out on the bike (DH is getting a new one next week...) and getting started on the next 15 lbs. Can't wait.

Happy spring!

04-23-2001, 09:33 PM
LisaSue: Thanks for your advice. I do need to buy that book for more food choices.


Sweet Cheeks
04-25-2001, 06:31 PM
Hello there!

I have just finished reading Mastering the Zone as it was recommended to my sister who is recovering from anorexia as a helpful tool for incorporating healthier food choices into her diet. With me at the other extreme needing to lose weight and not being successful with low fat/relatively high carb eating, I figured I would try it too. I am excited about it and I was just wondering what kind of results to expect? Did people find that they lose inches before they lose pounds? And how much weight have you lost using the Zone? How rapidly do you find that you are losing weight? With my job right now, I have to eat out a lot and I was wondering what types of things people order in restaurants. I know these are a lot of questions but I appreciate any feedback at all!

Sweet Cheeks

Mrs. Yogi
04-26-2001, 01:36 PM
Hi and welcome ...

Once you read the book you'll get a good understanding of the basics and once you start you will probably never want to go back. I've been taking in more carbs than I'm used to lately b/c my husband is just getting into it, and so we have been finishing up the rice we had in stock. I find now that when I eat rice or pasta I am just ravenous an hour later! However, if I have a plateful of skillet-veggies done in a bit of olive oil and simmered in some low-salt soy sauce with Indian spices, with a big salad piled on top and some chicken, shrimp or fish, it satisfies me for 3 to 4 hours until my next snack.

The snacks are essential. They keep you from going hypoglycemic, even though it goes against what everyone has been told about not eating before bed or between lunch and dinner etc etc. It works. Just a few nuts, a couple of olives and a bit of "good" fruit is what I usually eat. Avoid papayas, bananas and dried fruits - they are pure sugar... only for the occasional treat. Tinned or fresh pears, pineapple and especially grapefruit are my favourites. It takes three minutes to have a good snack that holds you over for a couple of hours at least.

I have a good organic breakfast cereal, but have cut back my intake by half and eliminated honey and sugar from my tea, coffee and cereal. Now skim milk tastes sweet to me!

I also used to love *corn*! Popped, niblets, nuts, tortillas, you name it. But it is extremely high on the glycemic index and so is now just an occasional treat :) However, we just found some pappadums (Indian tortillas made with chickpea flower) that you can put in the microwave and they crisp up just like a fried tortilla. They satisfy the crunchy/salty craving, but be careful not to go overboard b/c chickpeas are fairly high in carbs... moderation is the key. (THE GOOD NEWS is that salsa and guacamole are *good* for us!)

good luck with the program and keep us posted on your successes!

Sweet Cheeks
04-26-2001, 06:09 PM
Thanks for the info Mrs. Yogi.

This morning, I used the formula to calculate my protein requirement and I have figured out that I need 9 blocks a day. Using blocks, I have calculated that 9 blocks of protein come out to 252 calories (7 g per block times 4 calories per gram); 9 blocks of carbohydrate come out to 360 calories (10g per block times 4 calories per gram); and 9 fat blocks come out to 121.5 calories (1.5 g per block times 9 calories per gram)... which comes out to a daily total of 733.5 calories. This hardly seems like enough calories when I have been warned previously about consuming under 1000 calories a day... Sorry to get bogged down in the math, but can anyone help me out with this? Is it okay to reduce so drastically your caloric intake? I know I have a lot of body fat to get rid of but I don't want to further damage my metabolism by cutting calories too much...

Sweet Cheeks

Mrs. Yogi
04-26-2001, 06:35 PM
Perhaps you should run your menu by your MD if you're concerned about the calorie count.
And remember nothing is written in stone with this program - you can modify it to suit your needs, that's the beauty of it.

Sounds to me like you're not factoring in the snax...

I do appx. 9 for breakfast, 9 for lunch, 3 for snack #1, 9 for dinner and 3 for snack #2

I don't count calories, just eat good stuff if I'm hungry - some days moreso than others. If you go by the palm-size rule (bit of cheese or olives/bit of fruit/bit of protein) it's a bit simpler (veggies excepted of course - I eat MOUNDS of these!)

Try bumping up the calories with a protein shake perhaps?

The main thing is to avoid stuffing yourself with baked goods, any kind of sweets, bread, potatoes, corn, pasta, rice or alcohol if you want to drop the pounds.

Also exercise and waterwaterwater are *essential* to the process.

Maybe post your menus and get more feedback from the other wise souls here. :)

Sweet Cheeks
04-26-2001, 06:41 PM
Thanks again Mrs. Yogi...

So are you telling me you eat 24 blocks a day for each macronutrient? Would you mind giving me an example of what a daily menu looks like for you?

Would you also mind telling me what rate of weight loss you have experienced following this program?

Thanks again!
Sweet Cheeks

04-26-2001, 09:04 PM
Hi Everyone, I have been back from Vegas almost a week and am still getting over the jet lag.
Sweetcheeks and Duchessnichol, Dr Sears has revised the daily blocks requirements since the first book and minimum for women is 11. 9 is too few as it works out to only about 900 calories a day. If you do not have MTZ, please got to and you can get the information there or you can call the 800 number that is listed on the site or on the zone bars if you have them.
Sweetcheeks, when I started on the zone, I lost pounds and inches both very quickly.
BuBu, spending Easter in Hawaii sounds heavenly and all in all it sounds like you did quite well there.
LisaSue, it sounds like you have things well organized.
I managed to stay the same while on vacation, which we all know is an accomplishment. Now I am being very strict because I go the dr next thurs. I was supposed to lose 20 lbs by then. Well that's not going to happen. I hope I can make it 10 or as near that as possible.

Sweet Cheeks
04-26-2001, 10:52 PM

I went to and I haven`t been able to find where it tells you how to determine how many blocks you need in a day... could you help me out (again!) I`m sorry...

Thanks for your help!
Sweet Cheeks

Mrs. Yogi
04-27-2001, 01:31 PM
Sweetcheeks, no apologies necessary, we're all in this together!

I've been doing this one for about two months. Lost about 13 lbs. in the first month, plus 3-4 inches off my waist and general tightening up of everything else b/c I was going to the gym pretty regularly and doing weight training and the elliptical machine, which burns fat like nothing else I've ever tried.

I haven't weighed in since coming home from vacation, so I'm assuming I gained back a pound or two (too many of those weak American beers, eh?).

Just quitting sugar and getting it out of my system increased my overall alertness (no more nodding out at 3:00 pm from the lunch crash) and gave me tons and tons of energy.

Here's a sampling of my personal modification of the Zone which, come to think of it, is probably more like 11 blocks than the original 9 :


small bowl organic whole grain cereal w/ handful of nuts and 1/2 c skim milk
OR slow cooked oatmeal
OR eggs + toast (weekend treat)
whole pink grapefruit or cup of pure pineapple juice
(add 1 slice whole grain rye toast and organic peanut butter if I'm extra hungry)
skim milk latte, no sweetener

waterwaterwater/herb tea


large salad with mixed greens, tomato, avocado if I have a nice one,
and cooked brocolli, cauliflower, asparagus, water chestnuts, either in the salad or heated up on the side
plus handful of chicken, shrimp or turkey breast (boiled egg if on hand)
(I chose to ignore the ban on egg yolks, as they are chock full of iron and stuff and I don't eat them that I like to eat free range or organic whenever possible, and I don't know where eggbeaters come from...)
lemon juice/soy sauce dressing
half grapefruit or some tinned pears

waterwaterwater/herb tea


grilled or stirfry fish, prawns, shrimp or chicken (done in olive oil)
OR homemade bean burrito w/lowfat cheese
OR shrimp omelette w/ lowfat cheese, tomato, onions and mushrooms (I eat a LOT of mushrooms!)
veggies, lots
1 small baby potato if I'm in the mood
mixed green salad
fruit salad

Snack sample #1: 3 olives/6 almonds/1/2 tinned pear
Snack sample #2: matchbook size chunk of lowfat cheese/6 cashews/3 spoonfuls crushed pineapple in juice

(could anyone help me out with a calorie count? I'm curious- and I'm hopeless at that!)

We'll skip the re-entry happy hour beer/cocktails/popcorn that we've been having for the past 10 days :) back on program starting next week...

Maureen, that's interesting that he's upped the block count. This is why it's wise to do personal modification I guess. Your body will tell you what you need!

And yes, Hawaii was great. I found a pic of "our" beach on the web and saved it as my wallpaper... lots of show and tell going on here!

Thanks everyone for the info. This is a great forum!

04-27-2001, 04:17 PM
Sweetcheeks, BuBu is right we are all here to help each other and you don't need to be sorry. Besides, when I checked the website, I couldn't find what I sent you looking for either. But if you scroll down and click on body fat calculator, then click on women enter here, and fill in a short survery (you will need your hip and abdomen measurements) and they will calculate you block requirement on the spot.
I think I may have seen the info about raising the minimum block requirement in the forums on that site. You can enter there by clicking on discuss. I didn't bother once I found the calculator. It would have been almost two years ago that I read that and I don't know if the info would still be there.
Also, don't hesitate to call or e-mail their tech support with any questions or problems.
BuBu, I'm glad you can revisit your beach every time you go on your computer. What did we do before we had these amazing little machines.
Amy ,Sabrina and Ann where are you? I miss you.


Ann W
04-30-2001, 04:14 AM
Hi all you old and new zoners!

The other night I typed up a nice long post and it all blew up as I went to submit - very frustrating! Was so tired that just couldn't do another one.

Finally was posting because I have positive news - lost four pounds while I was on vacation to the East Coast. We spent everyday driving to colleges and walking around. Although we ate in restaurants I attempted to stay in the zone and had absolutely NO snacks. Amazing what a difference it makes. Our favoriet school was Wake Forest in North Carolina - think I want to quit work and go back to being a student. Wishfull thinking.

Maureen: Glad to here you are kick starting some weight loss too. What do you think of Vegas. It just seems toooo much. Sometimes I wonder when foreigners visit Las Vegas if that is what they think America really is.
Sabrina: Sounds like work is going good - at least you still have a job! So many of the tech companies are laying off in the Bay Area but at least the commute has gotten better - fewer cars out on the road.
Jakeswoman: Are you getting the kids ready for summer and getting all the activities planned. Congrats on your weight loss. Think the great thing about the zone is that you will be able to keep the pounds off.
Mrs. Yogi: Kauai is my all time favorite island - we spent last Easter there. My daughter's girl scout troop is going next spring break and we will be backpacking and camping out. I volunteered to go thinking I could rent a condo but must chaperone so will be doing the camping deal.
Sweet Cheeks: I think everyone is right - 11 blocks is the number. It still isn't a lot of calories though. Check out - think it is still around. They had a site that broke down all the fast food and prepackaged food (i.e. Healthy Choice, Budget Gourmet etc) and recommended which ones were in the zone. I am not as industrious as Mrs. Yogi and Maureen so I do eat disgusting prepackaged food on occasion. It gives me a nice meal so that I am not tempted to just "graze" through the evening meal.

Good luck to everyone. Trying to see the other side of the 155 hash mark. Happy Zoning
Ann W

04-30-2001, 01:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm still here Maureen, just been busy with work and school and looking for a new job. Oh, and I've been going to the gym religiously for the past week as well. This will be week #2 of my re-committment to fitness, and it feels great.

Wow, we have a lot of new people here. Welcome everybody!

I've been really great with the exercise and water, but not so good on the food. This is a particular problem on Thursday nights, when I have school. After working 8-5, I drive through rush hour traffic and down a quick dinner (usually something pretty healthy) and then go sit in class from 6pm - 10pm, and don't get home until 10:30pm. Long day! By the time I get home, I am ravenous again and either grab something on the way home or eat something at home that is way too many calories. (sigh) Not to mention I am spending a lot of time in front of the computer both for work and for school. However, I'm hoping the lunchtime workouts and evening walks, combined with better food choices will nudge some pounds off of me. I'm getting desperate!!!

Well, I'd better get some work done now, but I just thought I'd check in. Sounds like everyone is doing great.

Take care,


Mrs. Yogi
05-01-2001, 02:55 PM
Akkk, just got hit with a serious craving for hot tea with SUGAR... (used to be my favourite thing to drink at lunchtime and during the morning at work).

This is probably due to the fact that DH has been home and, although he has been sticking a big toe in Zone water (I'm *so* proud of him :) ), we have been having drinkies every night (it's hockey playoffs, say no more...). I switched from beer to red wine and have been cutting back, but still taking in a bit more carboliciousness (new word I just invented) than I was doing last month.

I'm staving off this latest hit with a nice slice of whole grain rye and sunflower seed butter warmed in the microwave. Eating slowly and hitting the water cooler and the blackberry tea.

Gym tomorrow - I had a great workout on Sunday and those muscles are remembering what they are for again! Also hit the scale out of curiosity and was pleased to see I only got one pound back during vacation. :) :) :)

As soon as he gets his new bike (and as soon as the playoffs are over...) I'll be getting him off the couch and outta the house after dinner.

Wish me luck ladies!

05-01-2001, 04:51 PM
Hi Mrs. Yogi -

I just wanted to say I can totally relate to your fondness for beer. I absolutely *hate* the mass produced stuff, but here in Portland we are blessed with a substantial number of microbreweries and brew pubs. There's one just down the street from where I live, and they are featuring a new seasonal brew called "Pandora's Bock". OH MY GOSH!!!! It is total
BEERVANA for me! It's like a very thick amber ale, but with hints of carmelly nuttiness. It's absolutely delicious and is turning out to be my new fave microbrew.

As for the Budweisers, Coors, and so forth, I just can't stomach the taste of them. Even the imports taste naaaasty.


Mrs. Yogi
05-03-2001, 06:07 PM
Sabrina, you are in restaurant and beer heaven down there! Love Portland. One of my favourite eating towns...

We were just in a bar in Kent WA on our way home from vacation and I had some Fat Tire on tap and really liked it. And I really don't like ale, I'm a lager girl all the way. BTW I totally agree about the Bud etc. What a waste of carb blocks! Give me a genuine Kirin or Heineken any day...

Anyway, back to calorie counting, I found and looks like I'm anywhere between 1600 to 2100 calories a day depending on what variation of food I'm craving that day. Have to definitely keep the wine to the weekends. We each had a really rich slice of chocolate cake for dessert last night (DH is going away on Saturday for 2 weeks so he said "let's call this the weekend cos I won't be here" ha ha.) I nearly almost could not get it all down. I'm looking at two weeks of **gym** every day yay! No distractions! :) :) :)

Aside from all that, it looks like overall I'm pretty close to the Zone ratios in terms of fat/protein/carbs, although I'll have to revisit the book or the site to review the basics.

05-07-2001, 07:03 PM
Hello Hello!!!

I am so sorry, I have been so absent!

Just dealing with some family stuff and ending my school for this semester-- a lot of paperwork do-- a lot of documentation of the hours involved with my internship-- yadda yadda!

I also have been maintaining (or tossing the same 4 pounds back and forth) for 9 weeks-- UGH!!! But last week I finally broke my plateau and lost the 3 pounds I've been tossing around plus another 3 pounds and I am at my lowest weight since 1991 and only 11 pounds from my goal. I am so happy!! I am running a lot-- I haven't been weight training much because I hate to spend a minute in the gym when it is so beautiful outside. But I have been very consistent with the running! I am doing 2.75 to 4.5 miles 3-4 times a week. I am happy with that-- I am not stressing out about working out anymore than that for the summer.

You all sound like you are doing well. Sabrina-- I am a lager girl myself--- my husband and I like to try new stuff when we travel. I do not like ANY light beer-- I can tolerate Amstel Light but otherwise it is not worth it to me.

Maureen-- We had a great visit on Easter-- between my mom and my sister and myself we have lost 135 pounds-- a whole person. And so many inches!!! My sister looks so great------ she is down 56 now. We are all happy-- even though it is such a struggle! We can['t wait for our annual family vacation-- we are all looking forward to our family portrait this year-- we will all be fighting for the front spot!! Instead of hiding behind our kids and husbands!

I am taking the summer off------ and May 17th is my last day-- I will be posting more often then!

Everyone is being so supportive here-- keep it up!


Mrs. Yogi
05-11-2001, 02:36 PM
Hi everyone

Just had to check in and let you know that a co-worker (who is quite overweight, lethargic and menopausal) remarked on my weight loss this morning and asked me what I was doing. (I started riding my bike to work this week which is really boosting my energy level, I guess I arrive just glowing... :) )

I told her about the Zone and she sounds ready to check it out. She is not big on exercise due to her high blood pressure, tiny feet and swollen ankles. I mention my visits to the gym, and gently prompt her to start getting some kind of exercise (she will drive two blocks instead of walking if at all possible...)

She and her husband eat a lot of starchy baked goods and not a lot of good stuff, which has led to her husband going diabetic and she is headed in the same direction.

She has also noticed how much food I bring to work with me (stacks of tupperware, it takes me my full hour to eat it all!) and we discussed how it's not about deprivation, it's about readjusting your intake and really looking at what you're eating.

So hopefully she will embark on a similar path and we will see her looking a lot happier!

I've been going to the gym all week and feel grrrrrrrrrrrreat! Happy Friday everyone.


Mrs. Yogi
05-11-2001, 02:43 PM
Time to start a fresh thread?

05-12-2001, 02:37 PM
Yes, let's start a new thread.

Hope everyone is doing well, I've been really really busy but will catch up with you all soon. I *am* here, lurking and reading, and look forward to everyone's posts.


05-13-2001, 12:13 PM
Hi everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies here. :)

I have never visited one of the Zone message boards before but you all sound like THE most upbeat, positive group of people I've ever "read" on here!!!

I want to start the Zone plan.....I am getting married next January and am currently 220 pounds. I don't want to be stick-think by then but I would be totally HAPPY around 150-160 pounds - enough to feel COMFORTABLE and at PEACE with my body and self-esteem again. That's all I want. I know a few things about high-glycemic non-no's and have no trouble avoiding those (cakes, candies, corn, etc).

Anyhow, I have a question for you...when I've gone to Borders looking at Dr. Sears' books, I see several of them....."Mastering the Zone"...."Entering the Zone" and maybe even another one that I remember. What is the basic difference bertween them and which do you all recommend first for someone totally new to the Zone way of eating?

Thank you and have a super day!!!!!!!!!

:) Jennifer

Mrs. Yogi
05-14-2001, 01:38 PM
Hey Jennifer, welcome to the gang. :)

You have plenty of time to drop down into your comfort zone, so you're well on your way already. "Enter the Zone" is the starter book, which came out quite awhile ago and has been updated (visit the zone website for updates on increased calorie intake for women - it's not 9 blocks anymore, it's 11, very important to eat enough!)

Mastering the Zone has recipes in it for those who need more in-depth info on meal preparation. You'll find that once you get started, it will become intuitive. The main thing is to get an exercise plan in place and to just do it regularly. Whether it's walking, running, biking or going to the gym, you have to incorporate it into your day somehow or you might not attain the goal you've set for yourself.

And drink lots and lots of water :)

I'll look forward to seeing your progress as you post.

Starting weight/present/goal