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03-27-2004, 10:27 PM
Hi, I've been new to the site all day. I've looked around, met a few buddies and tried to figure it out for the coming up week. The weekdays are the hardest for me.

I am a 26 year old, married for 8 1/2 years, stay at home mother of three. 5y, almost 3y, and 16m SON!! :stress: (teething, asthma, etc., etc.) I homeschool my oldest daughter, I'm starting to work from home as a Watkins Associate and trying to start alittle side stuff on ebay. With all that said, I'm bushed. :tired:

I've lost and gained, lost and gained over the years. I've done the Atkins thing, it works but I can't stay on it. I've started to try the WW thing, but for some reason that one is not for me. I've glanced through the South Beach diet, it doesn't appeal to me. I'll tell you the best way I've ever lost weight, was simple, low cal, low fat, low sugar diet plus exercise. However, that was a couple of kids ago. I can handle that eating although it costs money and right now, my family doesn't have any extra to spend. The exercise is what I'm having trouble fitting in. All I have at home is a stationary bike. Early mornings are mine for coffee, bible, net and news. Then my day begins. Any stops I have during the day get interrupted with fights, dirty diapers, screaming, falling you name it. I could start something but I would never get a full workout in. Late at night is the only other time I have, but my husband is watching tv and I'm sorry, but I can't exercise on a stationary bike without having something interesting on tv to keep my eyes off the clock. I know that is alot of whining, but honestly that's what keeps me from exercising. I'm at a loss for that. :dunno:

I'll begin my eating pattern and hope the rest falls into place. Now that summer is coming on, I'll get to be outside a little more often.

I have about 65 lbs. to go. I want to be down 5 by Easter. I hope some of you join me in this thread, I'm gonna start one each day with the same heading. I'm close to my computer all day and hope to meet up with some buddies that are only a click away when those impulses hit. :comp:

Hope to hear from all of you. :goodvibes

03-27-2004, 10:49 PM Hello....Got a lot on your hands....literally!! You are certainly blessed! One of my daughters had 3 little girls in a row...they are now 12, 13 & 15....finally growing up. Only thing, now that they're out of diapers, etc, 2 are cheerleaders, & one plays expensive!! :lol: As she looks back, though...time really flew.
I'm quite a bit older than you, (although I don't feel it) at almost 55, have twin daughters who are 35, another daughter 30, and a son 25. We have 11 grands!
I lost 47 lbs last summer without exercising, so it CAN be done. It's better, of course, if you can. I have OA & RA, though, so had no choice. Be sure to drink LOTS of water! I ate mostly fruits until supper. Ate a regular supper, only put my food in a saucer, so I ate less, but, slowly. I picked one meal each week (Friday nights...we usually go out) to eat anything I wanted, so I didn't feel deprived. I love sweets, so kept fat-free things for my cravings. If I really wanted something, though, I ate it....else I would eat everything in the house trying to satisfy my hunger. I lost this way about 1-3 pounds per week. Would come to a plateau sometimes....just kept with it, & it would start leaving again.(Went from size 16 to size 8-10)
Wish you a lot of luck. This is a great forum, with lots of threads to join. Let me know if I can be of any help.

03-28-2004, 08:04 AM
:coffee: :sunny:
Good morning, has to be my favorite day of the week. Wow, well yesterday was my first day around here, I looked around, met some buddies and became motivated. :goodvibes
Angel lover, glad to read your reply. My mother is 50 or 51 and has RA, it's in remission and has been for a few years, though. Sorry to hear that. Hope to see you around here more. Your words are encouraging.
Well, I hope everyone has a marvelous day and I'll be off and on here all day.