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03-26-2004, 02:45 PM
Last spring and summer I was part of a group of wonderful women who logged their personal miles walked. We never challenged each other we just supported each other. I fany of you are still out there I'd love to reconnect and hear how you're doing, but also I'd love to meet new walkers as well. Let's support each other at being the very best we can be.

04-01-2004, 03:32 PM
It's April 1st and I've done a mile on the treadmill. I know a mile sounds like nothing to avid exerciser, but my personal goal for the month is to do 1 mile start to finish in 11 min and 30 sec. Last months best was 12 min. I pushed this morning and actually did an 11 min 37 sec mile. Something I never thought I'd be able to do. When I got my treadmill in Jan. the fastest I'd ever gone was 4 miles an hr. When I hit 5 miles p/h last month I thought wow you're cruising girl!!! Today I held 5.4 mph for 3/4 of a mile. I was pretty relieved when the mile was up, but I'd made it and every time it will get easier.


Todays Exercise : 8 Min. Super tae bo and 1.28 miles

04-02-2004, 07:01 PM
Hi Lovnmom,

I just saw your thread and decided to pop in and say that it's so motivational to post miles. I use Leslie walks and I did a two mile walk last night and plan on a 3 mile tonight. I can't post on weekends due to my computer not working at home so you won't hear from me until Monday but keep walking. I usually do a four mile walk on Saturday and hope to do that this Saturday as well. I hope more walkers find us:D! Have a great weekend.

04-02-2004, 07:34 PM
Welcome Rose, It helps me to stay on track when I feel I have someone to be accountable to. Plus, it's a great motivator if I'm trailing behind the other posters.
A little about me, if you don't mind.
I live in a very small rural town in WI. I am a stay at home mother (by choice) of 4 beautiful children. G 10 / B 8 / G 7 / B 4 / Needless to say it's pretty busy around here. I've battle my weight since I was 12. I was never "really" heavy as an adult until after my 4th child. At 5'2" and 185# I made every obese list there was. This shocked me into action. I bought a food mover by Richard Simmons to help me keep track of what I was eating. I started exercising and managed to lose 50# (this was 1999) Every winter since I have ate my way back to 155 and every spring since I have lost my gain. So far this spring I've lost 8# of a 16# winter gain. My magor goal is to learn to take care of myself ALL year long. Ok, I know I said a little about me. Hope you get your walk in Rose and I too hope more people will join to give and receive support.

HW 185/ SW 156/ CW 148/ GW 130

04-03-2004, 01:02 PM
OMG, Hi Kristi!! I am here and have been. So glad to see you back and I would love to start up the walking thread again. Funny, I just pm'ed you. This is exactly what I need to get back on track. :thanks:

Hi Rose and WELCOME!

I haven't done a walk yet today but I definitely will and will check back later. Take care ladies and have a wonderful Saturday.

04-05-2004, 04:59 PM
Hi too you too, Cristi!!! I knew you'd find me eventually and reply. I haven't read your PM yet, but I'm going there next. Things are going pretty much the same for me as always. Kids are great, hubby too, me I'm a little crazy, but that's ok too. As you can see I sabatoged all my work, but once again. So, here I am begging for support. I should've never let myself slide from 3fc it is like cheap therapy. Everyone here is just the greatest. My miles for the month are adding up andI'm watching my cals. I'm gonna blow 140 out of the water this year and actually shoot for 130. It's great to see you respond!

April miles 6 total

04-05-2004, 05:51 PM
Hi Cristi and Kristi,

Kristi I was born in a small town in WI called Oconto. I lived there until I went to college and at the age of 21 moved to CA where I currently live. My mother still lives there and I visit her often. What a small world.:) I do remember the winters well and although I have great weather here I am addicted to Leslie Sansone indoor walking and do that the majority of time.

Cristi-Hi, I was lucky enough to happen upon Krisit's post and decided what a great way to keep me motivated and walking. I can't post on weekends due to a sick computer at home but I will be able to during the week. I always enjoy the support I get on these boards. Thanks to the 3FCs.:D

So this weekend I did a Leslie 4 mile walk and this morning I did a 1 mile and will do maybe another 2 or 3 tonight. I usually only do the 4 miles on the weekend because it takes almost an hour. :dizzy: I just received a new pedometer and I never realized how much it takes to make 10,000 steps. It will take me a while to get in the recommended steps but I really like the pedometer. It not only counts steps and distance but calories burned based on weight! That's scary to put in but at least it will help me in the long run:D! I'll be back tomorrow. Keep walking!

04-05-2004, 06:20 PM
Hi Rose, I too was addicted to Leslie all last winter. This year my Dh bought me a great treadmil so I haven't done one of her tapes in awhile, but I'm sure I'll go back to her when the "newness" of the TM wears off. What kind of pedometer di you purchase. It sounds terrific! Have a great day, talk to you tomorrow.
P.S. I'm going to look up Oconto, the name sounds familiar.


04-06-2004, 11:00 AM
Just a quick note. I'm feeling pretty awesome today. I did a 1.5 mile hike with my cub scouts last night. It started straight up a huge hill and then continued through the woods. It was a lot of fun. I just hit the TM for 1.25. Can't guarante that I'll do any more today, but hopefully! have a great day all.

April miles 8.25

04-06-2004, 11:47 AM
Hi friends:wave!

lovenmom-Way to go:D! Three miles is an awesome workout! I wanted to do three last night but decided on 2 instead. I will try to get in 3 today though. I have Leslie's Walk Strong Express which is walking with some toning thrown in and I really like this one. I can really feel it in my legs today from the lunges and squats. :dizzy:

Cristi-How are you doing?:)

Well back to work. It's cloudy and rainy here today so it will definitely be an indoor workout for me. I have a CD rom workout from Leslie but I don't work in an office by myself so I'm hesitant to use it. Maybe one day when I'm alone I'll give it a try.:D

04-06-2004, 04:30 PM
Hi Rose & Kristi :wave:

Ooops, sorry ladies for not posting in a couple of days. Haven't really had anything to post yet. I am doing a challenge and challenged myself to walk/exercise 3-5 days this week, aiming for three to start. Just haven't deceide which three days. :) I am going to try and get a walk in this evening either outdoors at the park or on the treadmill and post that. I would love to do my Leslie Sansone (Love it too Rose) but I broke the VCR when we moved a little over a month ago. Dropped it down the basement stairs and boy did it tumble-broke to pieces. :yikes: Plan on getting a DVD/VCR player within the next two weeks. I like having the variety otherwise I get bored.

WTG on getting a treadmill Kristi and your walking.

On with the day ladies, what's left of it. Hope you have a great one. TTFN

04-07-2004, 11:26 AM
Hi Everyone:wave:!

Well I managed to get in 3 miles of walking yesterday! Not only that but I did laundry which requires me to go up and down stairs, allot! That should count for something right :?: ! So today so far nothing. Didn't have the energy to get out of bed due to TOM so tonight I have to do at least a 2 mile walk.

Cristi-I don't know what I'd do withou Leslie. I would have to steal my DS VCR if mine broke :^: ! I have a DVD player too but allot of her older workouts are only on VHS so I absolutely need both. It would be great if one day she would put all of her workouts on one DVD package then I could get rid of the VHS and have more room! I've used some of the tapes so much I've worn them out in places :dizzy: !

Kristi-Do you have a manual or motorized treadmill? I've seen allot of infomercials lately for the manual ones and maybe one for a motorized one but the cost factor is what gets me. I think it would be fun especially if I could watch TV or read a magazine while doing it:D!

Okay back to work for me. Keep walking everybody!

04-08-2004, 12:16 PM
Hi friends:wave:!

I got my two mile walk in yesterday! I sure didn't feel like it though. It's been gloomy here and when the weather is like this all I want to do is be a couch potato. I plan on doing maybe 2 or 3 miles today. I'm hoping I see some of the sun today :D !

04-08-2004, 01:01 PM
YAY another walking thread! I jumped on the bandwagon with the April WATP challenge, I just picked up the 1,2,3mi express on Saturday. I've done six miles since. (Wheee!) I'm hoping to do two miles tonight, to help work off the cupcakes I had this morning. Bad Lisa, forgot her healthy snack at home and hit the gas station instead.

Much luck all, have a wonderful day!

04-08-2004, 05:52 PM
WTG Rose your walking away the pounds! I know what you mean about the TOM factor, sometimes I'm just so tired, but then feel foolish because it's something every woman goes through right! I suppose I won't hear from you now until Mon. so have a great holiday!

Welcome Lisa, I think setting a goal for the month is great. It looks as though your well on your way to achieving yours. Mine for this month is to just use the TM for at least 1.25 miles daily. If I get more that'll be great. If not that's ok too. I used to use Leslie alot, but since my DH got me my TM I've been addicted. I don't know why anyone would call it a "dreadmill". Oh yeah Rose, mine is motorized and it was quite pricey, but my DH earns gift cards from Sears for a certain product he sell at work soooo, I got a much nicer one than I would have had we had to actually fork over the cash for it!!!

Well, it's a big day my 4th grader is taking her 1st communion tonight. We're all very excited, so I'd better get off here and get ready!

April miles 10.75

04-09-2004, 01:52 PM
Just a quick note. DD 1st communion went beautifully last night.
I was down to 146 on Wed. whoohooo!
I did 2.25 miles today.


April miles 13

04-10-2004, 10:54 PM
I'm not sure where the other ladies have gone, but it's very important to me to post my miles. I'm not into challenging anyone other than myself, but it helps me stay motivated to know other people are reading and seeing whether I'm sticking OP or not. Had a great day today. My house is clean, my pies are baked, and DD and I have communion all set up for tomorrow. Now it's play the bunny and hide some 100 candy filled eggs, get a good night sleep, and pray tomorrow goes as well. All together we'll have some 15 - 20 people here. Which is not a lot of guests since there's 6 of us to begin with, but it'll be nice. My BIL is home from NY, my kids think that's totally cool. We saw "Home On the Range" today, pretty funny movie. Too much popcorn of course, but I did come home and rune an extra 2.25 miles. It all helps.
Have a blessed Easter!


April Miles 16.5

04-12-2004, 01:00 PM
Hi Kristi,

I can't post on the weekends with no computer at home:(! But I'm here during the week! I wish I would have gotten more walks in this weekend but I didn't. I only got in 2 on Friday and 2 yesterday. I hope to do better this week. After looking in the mirror I realized how much I need to work out more. Do you all weight train too? I think I need to do more of this as well. I hope more people get a chance to post! :D

04-13-2004, 02:19 PM
Hey Rose, 2 walks on Fri. and 2 walks on Sun. sounds pretty darn good to me. Especially, since it was a holiday weekend. I have to admit that I'm pretty slack about weight training. I'll do real good for a month or so and then I end up stressed by it rather than energized. I too have spots that could use a good shot of weight training, but right now it's much more important that I enjoy what I'm doing. I rather blew it for calories on Easter, but that was in he plan. I had 19 people for dinner and I wasn't going to count cals. etc. I just wanted to enjoy my guests. My eating was back on track yesterday. I didn't exercise at all Sun. or Mon., but did manage 2.25 miles today. What kind of plan do you use for eating and is walking your main exercise too? I'm glad your posting here with me and you never know quite a few people read our posts maybe some other walkers will join us eventually. Keep up the good work.......hope you get yor walk in today if it's in your plans!


April miles 18.75

04-13-2004, 07:16 PM
Just a quick update. I did a second 2.25 miles today. Trying to make up for all the extra eating on Sat. and Sun. I weighed 146 this past Wed. That was down 2#. I'm hoping that when I weigh Fri. I've been able to maintain. A loss of course would be better, but if I can make it through a holiday like Easter (with 4 children there is a LOT of candy in thhis house) without gaining I'll be really happy.


April miles 21

04-13-2004, 07:18 PM
I think that is great! I too will start to post my walking. I didn't do any today but I cleaned a two story house from top to bottom for 5 hours! Drinking lots of water!

Stay cool!

04-14-2004, 12:10 PM
Hi Mistie, It sounds like you did plenty of exercise yesterday with or without walking. I had a great day yesterday staying OP. I've got my walk in today. Early for me!! I managed to get to the grocery store and made wise choices. Lots of fruits and veggies. Making stir fry tonight ( I make it more like stir steamed )I hadn't had my breakfast yet so I did indulge in 2 "free" doughnut holes. They were soooo good. Gotta love that fried sugary stuff!!! Tell me some about yourself. Have a great day.


April miles 23.25

04-14-2004, 12:36 PM
Hi Mistie and Kristi:wave:! Hey that rimes!

Kristi-I mainly do Leslie walks but sometimes I will switch it around and do some Denise Austin or some tae bo. Leslie just works for me though. I never get hurt doing her workouts and I always get good results. She has a 10 minute toning tape that I do and it really does work. I just need to use it more often:D!

Mistie-welcome. I'm glad you are joining us:D! Post as often as you can even if you haven't done a thing. It really does help to post. It keeps me going!

Back to work. Have a great day everyone!

04-15-2004, 09:34 AM
I use to do nothing but Leslie. I totally believe her tapes can either get people oe keep people in great shape! Since I got my TM though it's all I've used except for tae bo one day. I think I actually like the monotany of it together with the fact that no one is talking. I kind of like to hear myself think!!! I'll post later. Wish me luck, I'm going shopping today with people who LOVE to eat out. I'm still clawing my way back from all the goodies I ate Easter!!


04-15-2004, 01:46 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:!

Kristi-Good luck today with your shopping trip! I work with people who love to eat lunch out every day! It is so hard sometimes to not go along with them but not only is it bad for me but it also gets expensive. I figure one lunch out could buy me a new workout video ;) ! I really do lose weight quicker if I eat out less. I ate candy over Easter too but thankfully I put it out of sight as soon as the day was over. Out of sight out of mind right? :lol: I have been thinking of getting a TM myself but I really have a small apartment so it would be hard for me to keep it out of the way. Even if it did fold I still have almost all space in my apartment occupied and that would just make it more crowded. I know what you mean about thinking while you are working out. I tune Leslie out most of the time and my mind is on something else. The walking actually helps me think better :?: ! I hope you have a great day!

I hope everyone finds some time to post today:D!

04-15-2004, 08:43 PM
Hi Rose, All in all I had a good shopping trip. My SIL and my 4 yr. old went along. I was searching for new bedding. We ordered a new bed 2 mths ago and it's finally here. Now I have to get busy and paint before we go pick it up. I'm such a procrastinator! I had luck finding a really nice comforter on sale cheap enough that I splurged on expensive sheets. Normally I'm a WAl-Mart or K-Mart sheet buyer. I probably won't know how to act when I crawl in. We ate at Red Lobster. My choice was probably pretty high cal. high fat, but it was an appetizer and I brought half home and only ate one of those yummy biscuits. That's all I've had to eat so far today and I did get my 2.25 mile walk in. I'm going to check 3fc and see if they have a Red Lobster cal.chart. We did have a little bad luck. I hit something on the interstate on the way there and of course my less than a month old tire was flat by the time we were done shopping. Luckily we were right by a Firestone place and a real nice guy first tried to plug it. (it ended up having 2 holes, one too large to plug) Then he put my little doughnut tire on and remarkabely he only asked me for ten bucks. Of course I only had a few 20's so that's what he got. It was well worth it. I hope he doesn't get in any kind of trouble. I'm sure it went right in his pocket. The best part though, we own a Mobil station so we order our tires ourselves and the tire guy told me he'd take it back and give me a new one!!!! God does love me. I knew it!! To top it off I was going to weigh myself tomorrow with hopes of just maintaining over the holiday and I've actually lost a pound woohoo!! This was in many ways my lucky day!

I too froze all the rest of the Easter candy and my TM takes up alot of room in my living room, but I don't care. If I kept it anywhere else I wouldn't use it. Plain and simple. I just fold it when we have company.

Well Rose, I hope your day was good as well!


April miles : 25.5

04-16-2004, 01:43 PM
Just a quick note. HAving a great day did a s-l-o-w 2 mile walk with my 4 yr. old today. I totally enjoy meandering with him and that just may be all the exercise I do today. You never know!


April miles : 27.5

04-16-2004, 02:46 PM
Hi Kristi,
I haven't been walking much these last few days. I have a toothache and I'm sure it means a root canal.:( I'm not a happy camper about that. The pain comes and goes so I guess I'll just wait until it gets unbearable. I will try to do some workout tonight depending on how I feel. I just hate missing my walks. I hope you have a great weekend:D!

04-18-2004, 09:33 PM
Oh Rose, I'm so sorry to hear that you are in pain. I know how tempting it can be to waite (especially with the prices for dental work) But I really think you should get it fixed. There's nothing worse than living with some kind of nagging pain. I hope your weekend wasn't too bad.
I had a good weekend. The weather was beautiful. I spent Sat. at Camp Dekora (Boy Scout Camp) I was getting some outdoor training. I really enjoyed the cooking lessons and I never knew there were so many ways to build a camp fire. They even taught me how to use a compass. I wouldn't want to be lost in the woods and have to depend on my skills, but I did locate all the places I was sent to find!!! So, I had no real exercixe to report yesterday, but I did get in 2.25 on the TM. I kept it slow, but increased my incline so even 3.5 miles an hr. I was able to burn 402 cals. and since I had a huge t-bone today I needed to burn at least that many.
Well , I came on to just post my miles and ended up blathering. Have a great Mon.


April miles : 29.75

04-18-2004, 10:10 PM
sorry i dont really post in this thread, but i have a question hehe.. what do all these shortforms mean? like TM, OP, etc? if someone could help me out that would be great! thanks hehe

04-19-2004, 11:35 AM
Hi Gillian, TM = treadmill OP = On Program SIL = sister-in-law BIL = brother-in-law FIL MIL etc.... DD = dear daughter DS = dear son DH = dear husband those are ones I can think of that I use quite often. Don't feel silly asking questions, it's no fun reading a foreign language so to speak. I see you have 12.5 miles left for your running goal. Do you find sharing how far your goal is? I started the month wanting to avg. at least 1 mile a day, because I had become a real slacker. Sometimes going 2 wks. without walking. Which is why I started posting my miles. If I think even one person is monitoring my post it encourages me to get off my hiney and do it. I'd love to have you post yours here as well.
Have a great day!


04-19-2004, 02:52 PM
Hi girls can I join ya? I was bhere last summer looking for the walkers and could not find them.
Anyway for 3 years I lived right on top of the Montour trail here in PA. It is a beautiful walking/bycycle/horse trail that used to be an old railroad, ther is about a 9 mile section that goes right past my house and I never used it until last summer. I never had much inclination to walk because I could not get a buddy to join me. So last spring I adopted this adorable puppy and she is my motivation to walk almost every day in warmer weather. We still don't like the snow though. A friend gave me a treadmill for the winter but it does not work. So I got to see if fixing it will be affordable for me.

Yesterday we walked 3.27 miles in about 45 minuts. Today I did a light weightlift and if weather cooperates (it is very windy and supposed to rain) I hope to get at least 2 miles in later on.

04-19-2004, 04:31 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:!

Well I managed a three mile walk yesterday. I didn't do too much on Friday or Saturday. On Friday I did laundry which requires me to go up and down stairs so I'm counting that for about 1 mile. I should have worn my pedometer but didn't think of it :dizzy: !

Kristi-I will be getting my tooth fixed after this pay day. I hate toothaches. It is such an annoying pain :mad: ! You are doing a great job with the walks! Keep it up:D!

Hi Gillian-you should post with us:)!

Welcome Cowgirl! It sounds like you have a great place to walk. I use Leslie indoor walks or I would never walk because I dislike walking alone too. I prefer walking with someone. Plus I live in a big city and you have to be careful. I hope you can post often:)!

Well I have to get back to work. Take care everyone!

04-19-2004, 04:53 PM
Rose, I'm so glad your tooth will be fixed soon. I hated thinking of you living with that pain for long. It's sounds like you had a pretty active weekend. Keep up the good work. How's eating and weigh ins going? Share only if you want to. Don't work too hard!

Welcome Cowgirl, Wow, you live in a very similar place as me. One 5 mile stretch of 400 miles worth of trails runs right in front of my house.Technically it's across the highway from me, but very easily accessed. I love to walk and walk with my dog as well, but alas I too am a fair weather walker. My DH bought me a terrific TM for Christmas. I don't know now how I lived without one in the past. Well, with the help of Leslie Sansone I guess. I'll look forward to your posts. I personally don't get into challenging anyone other than myself!!! Are you a reader or just a fan of the movies? ( Tolkien's awesome)

I managed to do 2.25 again today. Pushed myself on the incline today so I could give my hip a rest. It seems to ache when I run at say 5 mph, but I can handle a 10% incline at 4mph without it hurting at all!?! I'm suppose to be taking my son's Wolfe den to the high school baseball game today, but I've got kind of a cold and it's real windy and gloomy. There are only 3 boys and I reserved them computers at the local library. I'm hoping they'll go for that outing instead. We can go to the game next week when it's warmer!!! Keep your fingers crossed that no one's too dissapointed.

Gillian, Are you there?

Have a great day all!


April miles : 32

04-20-2004, 04:34 PM
Hi all, I had a great day today. I picked up paint to do my bedroom with. Oddly I picked kind of a lilac color. Normally I'm not a purple or pastel type of person, but it matched the some of the flowers in my new bedspread sooooo, we're gonna try it. I hope to start painting on Thursday and then I can pick up my new bed on Sat. Yeahhh! I gotta get on the TM now I kind of feel like watching Oprah or Dr. Phil and I made a deal with myself, "no talk TV unless the miles have been walked," Have a great day all.


April miles : 34.25

04-21-2004, 12:45 PM
Yesterday I had posted 2.25 miles before I did them and actually managed 2.5 yippee! I did another 2.5 this morning and I am so psyched. I finally pushed myself again on the first mile and finished it in 11 min. 17 sec. Woohoo!!! This is my personal best and I totally feel like mega woman or something. Totally hear me roar. My goal when I first got my TM in Jan. was to be able to do a 12 min. mile. When I walk the bike trail I never do better than 4 mph (15 min mile). Now I want it to STOP raining so I can try a little running on the trail. I don't feel real confident that I could that kind of time for real. What I mean is with the TM your feet have to keep going as long as you don't slow the speed!!! Whatever I feel awesome. I'm turning 40 in Aug. and am totally planning to be in my best physical shape ever!!! I hope you all are too having a spectacular day! Post soon! Where are you!! Oh yeah, Out for a walk!! WTG !!!!!


April miles : 37

04-21-2004, 02:34 PM
Hi Ladies~

Sorry I haven't been regular with my posting here. I haven't been regular with my walking either which is part of the reason. Also, I mostly post on another thread and hardly venture far from there. It's the Jaded Ladies thread, feel free to join us if you like. I also have a challenge going over there and am working on one thing at a time. I guess I am putting exercise last on the list to work on. Before I always tried to do everything at the same time and found it just doesn't work so I started a 21 day challenge to drink no less than 2 bottles of water a day and take my vitamins. I have 2days to go on that one. But went ahead and started a second challenge to stay OP for 21 days. This is just day 3 but I have stayed OP so far. My next challenge will be the exercise challenge.

Sounds like you ladies are doing a GREAT job with your walking. :bravo:

Have a good one ladies. :wave:

04-22-2004, 05:42 PM
Well, I've only manage 1.25 miles today so far and I'm pretty sure that's all I'll be doing. I did manage to empty most of the furniture from one room and paint the ceiling today. I plan to paint the walls tomorrow so I probably won't get much walking in tomorrow either, nut my new bed is in and I want it set up no later than Sat. I figure if I have the room all painted my husband will have no "good" excuse for not getting it put up right away. I weighed this afternoon and was up a pound. Hopefully it was the time of day etc..., if not I'll have to do better this next week. A little less beef and pork would be in order, but some days I just crave meat. My children have their spring program tonight. I love to go and hear them sing!
Have a great day, hope someone else posts again soon!


April miles : 38.25

04-23-2004, 05:31 PM
Hi Kristi and Cristi:wave:!

Sorry I haven't been posting but it's hard to do at work sometimes:(! I've been doing pretty good with my workouts. Usually a 2 mile per day. I've been using other videos besides Leslie too and I've been trying to work some toning in as well. Can't forget that. Now all I need is to change my eating and I'd be on a roll.

Kristi-I know you've been on here alone for a while but thanks for hanging in there:D! I really need to paint my place too but it's a matter of clearing it with the landlady. Always a hassle. You've been doing great with the walks too:D! I'll try to post more.

Cristi-don't worry about not working out. Just pop in and say hi anyway! I know I'm the worst for not working out. I try all excuses in the book to get out of actually doing something. I'm such a couch potato sometimes. :dizzy: I'll have to check out the other thread you post on. It sounds like fun. I also post on another board called the Ya Yas and they are great over there as well.

Back to work for me. Take care everyone and have a great weekend. I won't be able to post until Monday:(! But I hope to get some good workouts in. Don't forget Mother's Day is on May 9th and its right around the corner. It's hard to believe it's almost May! :^:

04-28-2004, 11:36 AM
Wow! almost a week has gone by and I finally have some miles to report. I've been so busy with painting, Sunday school, and Cub Scouts that I hadn't been walking at all. I was down a pound on Fri again so that made me feel much better. The window guys were here Mon. and Tues. both and I felt silly exercising with them here so I just didn't, but it's great having new windows and finally the weather is warm today so they can be open. Yippee! We signed our oldest up for band last night. That proved to be an expensive adventure. She wants to play the sax so it cost $1,020 to purchase one!!! At least they have a guarenteed buy back program for up to 2 yrs. If she should quit they will pay us the full amt. minus $35 a mth. that she used it. Like a rental fee. Now I really wish I would have hung on to mine!!! Anyway, eating is going great and exercise is back on track today.
Rose, It sounds like you're doing really good. Keep it up! I know how that landlord thing can be. When I was young I rented from a lot of different people. Some were awefull. My last landlord was great though. I rented from him for 4 yrs. and any time I wanted paint or wallpaper he'd let me get it from the local hardware store as long as I was willing to do the work myself. Have a great day!


April miles : 40.75

04-29-2004, 12:32 PM
I was watching Dr. Phil on Mon. with his weight loss people. They had a fitness challenge and I was blown away by the fact that people were walking miles in just over 10 and 11 min. This means a walking pace of close to 6 mph. I'd never been able to hold a walking stride at more than 4.5 mph after that I had to jog. Today I tried to WALK faster. I was able to maintain 5 mph, but it was very difficult for my legs, but so much easier on my lungs and heart. I'm hoping to continue and maybe as my legs grow stronger they will move faster. I know my legs are far stronger than they were even at the beginning of this month. I am now able to maintain 4 mph at a 6% incline. That's a 1/2 mile faster. I felt so good on there this morning I actually did 3 miles and felt like going more, but alas I have other things to do.
I see there are people reading my posts daily. I sure wish some of you would join me in logging your miles and talking about your progress!


April miles : 43.75

04-30-2004, 11:38 AM
I'm feeling really bloaty and just plain yuck (TOM) so I'm going to be a big chicken and waite a week to weigh in. It's raining and cold here again today. Usually May is much better in WI than April so I'm glad it's the last day of April. My husband got my garden all tilled so I can be putting in seeds soon. I need to work in some fertilizer first though. I never put plants in until at least the 3rd week of May, but I've learned seeds can go in allready. I plan to do 3 miles on the TM again today. I'm adding them to my April miles allready that way I know I'll do them. That'll put me at 46.75 for them month. That is such a huge improvement for me. Posting here as always helped me do better than if no one is looking over my shoulder. Thanks for keeping me on track. I'm thinking of actually setting a goal for May. Hope you'll join me.


April miles :46.75

04-30-2004, 12:01 PM

Hello KRISTI -
I believe we have met on the Faith Based Forum ;)
Nice to see that you have begun a Walker's Thread...
I like how you wrote it too (ApRiL WaLkErS ) - clever :)

I am 47 and am really working hard trying to lose this 42#'s
I have left to lose ~ hopefully reaching my goal weight
of 155 by Fall of this year..

I would love to join you on this Thread
when I am able to... if you will have me :^:

Here is my schedule on an average week...

Monday: Curves & *T-Mill (* I walk for 1 hour everytime I walk the T-Mill... not always sure of the distance till I am finished)
Tuesday: Sculpture Bands (**Michael Thurmond**) & *T-Mill
Wednesday: Curves & *T-Mill
Thursday: Sculpture Bands & *T-Mill
Friday: Curves & *T-Mill
Saturday: I walk in the park with my hubby - aprox 3 to 3.25miles
Sunday: Much needed REST ;)

**Michael Thurmond** has a great Food Program as well, but you have to get his package to know how he does it ~ it is given to you with your "body type" in mind... I love his program. I mainly ordered his package so I could learn more about the exercises he teaches... you get great results.

You have put in 46.75 miles in April so far ~
:cp: Awesome Job! :cp:
I have put in 40.97 miles so far this month ~ I haven't walked today yet. Usually I get up early and walk (5:15 to 6:15am), but had a very hard week this week, so I will get back on track next week.

My pace is not fast either... I don't know how others WALK at a faster pace! It hurts my legs & left hip and I find that the tendons become very tight... so I just do what Michael Thurmond says to do --- Walk slower and Longer to burn off "body fat". My machine has a heart-rate monitor and I keep it in the Fat Burning Range that is posted on my machine & for me it is 110 - 115bpm on the monitor.

When I began April 6th, 2004... I walked about 1.8 miles in that hour and now I will get in about 2.25 in an hour as my heart becomes stronger I find I have to increase the speed to maintain the heart-rate. So that's how I do it...

It will be FUN to note my progress here
along with you and the others :)
*Thanks for the thread*

*God Bless*
:sunny: SunnyD


05-01-2004, 07:15 AM

Good Morning KRISTI -
Just wondering if you are going to begin a
MaY WaLkkErS Thread?


Hoping to hear from you soon...
:sunny: SunnyD