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03-25-2004, 11:40 AM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, friendhship and support devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families. We strive to win the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better.

03-25-2004, 11:57 AM
Good morning,

So now I've forgotten everything from the old thread :lol: . Heaven forbid I print it before starting a new one! Oh well.

Melinda, I would love a job where I only had to work 2 days a week...I hope it works out for you. Would they consider you permanently for part time? Would you consider continuing? Maybe you would need to see how it goes first before you decide. In the fall I will have to look for something...I'm always looking but notice that most of the part time office jobs are daily for about 4 hours...I know my Mom doesn't want to baby sit every day so it may take a while for me to find something. We'll need the money to keep up our lavish lifestyle :lol: :p ...we don't go anywhere these days but expenses sure do add up!

Spryng, how did your 8 min tanning session go? Did you get a workout in :drill: Told you I would hound you til you got sick of me! So who got voted off of American Idol and Survivor??? Forgot about them both!

Andrea, anytime you need us we're here for you! Painting is very good therapy. Wish I could get my bathroom finished so I could start on the laundry room...maybe tonight because ER is probably a rerun again.

Ginny, sorry the bus ride was not so good yesterday. I'm sure the walk was very therapudic (sp?). I couldn't drive a bus! I don't have the patience.

Dinner was good last night...of course I didn't order the tuna because it came with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots and I wasn't that hungry. Besides I would have eaten all of the mashed potatoes (yum!) and I'm sure they would have been loaded with butter. I skipped the appitizer and ordered an Adobo Chicken sandwich....a seasoned chicken breast, avacado, provalone cheese and a tomato mayonaise. I only ate 1/4 of the bun and had the fresh fruit instead of the fries...I was very proud of myself...then we had Jewish Coffee cake for dessert at one of the girl's afterwards. I did have some Resess bites in the afternoon that I didn't need so I wasn't all that proud of myself then :o but these things happen once in a while and I didn't use that as an excuse to eat a horrible dinner so that was good! Most of the girls are also in my TOPS group but usually anthing goes at girls dinner. My bf asked why I didn't want the appitizer (deep fried brie cheese) and I said I'm trying to stay away from appitizers 'cause I don't need them. She made some comment about "oh aren't we being the good one" but I didn't let it bother me. She's lost over 50 lbs and looks good but eats alot of the "quick" foods because she says she doesn't have time to she has been holding pretty steady for a little over a year. She still weighs more than me but looks good...she could lose a lot more if she started eating right...but you all know you can't force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. At least she works out....and hey, I'm no expert!

I only got in a 2 mile walk this knees are very achy today. Don't know if I did something wrong in the 4 mile walk yesterday or if it's the weather. Took some Aleve this morning but it's not doing much yet. Then I tried to do the 30 min balance ball tape but Tony wouldn't stop crawling on me so I'm hoping to do that after Dh gets home tonight. :p

My plan is to be at the chat today but my Mom might be stopping over at some point today or we may be's in the 50's but is supposed to rain later so I'm not sure if we'll get out. Hopefully I'll be talking to someone later!!

Hi to Ricci, Candy and anyone else I may have missed!

03-25-2004, 01:59 PM
Just back for a short visit, I felt so guilty with this am's post.

Spryng- what is a lateral thigh trainer??? Never heard of one, but then I do not really have the time to do much research anyway. Sounds like it fits in with what was mentioned at WW yesterday. Laura used a blown up balloon, and then told us that the balloon was a member b4 WW. Then she let the air out- of course the balloon sagged......and said that is how we are if we do not tone up. Funny, but good example. Hope you enjoy your thigh trainer!

Andrea and Melinda, I am such a bear of little brain. I am lucky I remember anything from the last thread....forgive me. Melinda, the job sounds good- so you will check it out Monday? Andrea- did you get that bath in???? Want to come paint my living room- we will be doing so shortly. The color sounds nice. Does Walmart have good paint?

Geri- thanks for starting the new thread. The dinner sounded great, and I am so proud of you!!!!! All that self control. Great! Good job gettng the walk in.

The kiddies were ok this am- but then they usually are good in the am. It is the afternoon that they are wacky. I did gently tell them that they would never, ever give me another trip home like yesterday- at least not without writeups. That way the monster mom's who are out for me stand warned......and I can know that (one more time......) I laid out the law of the bus clearly and it had better be followed.
Gotta go get the finishing touches on dinner. See ya tomorrow!!!!

03-25-2004, 02:01 PM
Ricci, Candy, Jackie, hi to anyone I missed!!!!!!!!

03-25-2004, 02:08 PM
Geri - So good for you staying on plan on girls night out, my biggest problem. You know Dr. Phil says, :nono: that you need to get people out of your life that sabatoge your diet. I can't do that step, I would be getting of dh, mother,etc. I guess he means not to let them influence you in eating, which you did. You go girl! I will see about permanent part-time. It might be ideal, but I really want to make sure it is working for them too.

Spryng - The thigh machine sounds like great fun. They have them at the gym but I do not touch them. I try to workout an hour. I like going to the classes, but they are at 8 and 9 in the am. JW was sleeping this morning, so I just did the precor 33, weights.

I will start work Monday morning. They agreed to the schedule and everything. They know that I am nursing, so I will probably pump once or twice. JW is good with taking the bottle so that should not be a problem. My mom lives about 20 min from me, 10 min from where my job will be. I will try to leave the house at 800 to get there at 900, should work depending on the traffic. I will make a salad to take for lunch. The problem will be rushing out of the house without breakfast and wanting to eat out after work. I will probably buy some kind of breakfast bar. Anyway, lots of things to think about.

Thanks for all the support.


03-25-2004, 03:54 PM
Hi Ladies

I really wanted to comment on everyone's posts but I am running out the door to get Hunter from school!

I also have playgroup at the house at 2:30 so I will have ladies waiting at my backdoor when I walk in the house!!! LOL


03-25-2004, 03:58 PM
Good afternoon all!
melinda, I am so happy that you are going to get the days and hours you want! Makes things easier. You aren't going to leave us now that you are a working mom again are you??
Ginny, the lateral thigh trainer is a new machine (lots of infomercials with it) that is like a stepper but it swivels like you are roller skating and really works the glutes, inner and outer thighs and abs. And if you use weights while doing it works the whole body. I called all over God's Creation today and no one carries them so I had to buy it off of QVC. I sent my check today so it should be here sometime next week I hope. No later than April 9th. But I'm sure it will be here earlier. I'm just not so great about being patient. But now I have to, lol.
Geri, my tanning went great! No burn! lol. I go again tonight at 7 pm. I'm really enjoying it but at the same time hating what it may do to my skin. I just hear all the horror stories about skin cancer or premature wrinkles and I cringe while I am tanning thinking about it. I'll just be careful. You are really at risk if you burn and then continue to tan anyway. But when my back burned I took a day off and then laid on a towel to protect it until it healed completely, so I should be fine. And no, I didn't get a workout in yesterday and won't today because my WI is tomorrow. :( I know... poor excuses. but once my lateral thigh trainer gets here I will get lots of exercise in!!!! LOL. I PROMISE!! The nice thing about ordering it off of QVC was that is was a little cheaper in price and comes with 2 workout videos!! I can't wait until it is here. You did so great on your dinner last night!! What is planned for tonight? I'm having pizza! I bought the kids a frozen pizza and myself a lean cuisine pizza, so it's a healthy pizza night for me. Tomorrow you all won't here from me because I am going to fayettville to visit my very pregnant BF. She is almost 38 weeks and lots of false labor and such. She is off of bed rest now but I have a few things to take to her before the baby is born so I'm doing that tomorrow. It's almost a 3 hour drive there... so it will be a long day for me. I may post tomorrow night though. Oh- well you may hear from me in the morning to quickly post my WI, I forgot about that.
Ok, well I am off here for now! TTYL!

03-25-2004, 04:00 PM
Melinda .... EAT BREAKFAST even if it means getting up early!! How do you like the Dr Phil book?

Heading to the chat room!

03-25-2004, 05:36 PM
Geri - Still on Step 2 in Dr. Phils Book, put it down for a quick nap today and woke it two hours later. JW slept for 3. Haven't had a nap like that in months, felt good.

Spryng - I have seen the stepper, thing machine on TV. I thought they were pretty pricey. Let me know if it works. The two days that I work, I am going to need to do tapes and stuff, as I won't want to be away from JW another hour for a workout at the gym.

We are having chinese takeout for dinner. Hope it does not show on the scale, so much MSG. They say they don't use it, but I don't believe them. I will say that I am allergic to it. I am going to a production of CATS with my MIL, FIL had surgery a couple of weeks of ago and he is still not fully recovered. We are eating at there house then going to the show at 730. I saw the production on Broadway and the costume and music was great, but the plot was silly. I quess not if you are into cats.

Have a great evenings, ladies. I will be in tomorrow with a weigh in good or bad.


03-25-2004, 06:31 PM
Hey all!!! Everyone has been so busy!!! Melinda, the job sounds great! Hope it works out!!! If the long days prove to be too much, would they go for 3 shorter ones? When I first started at this job, Sean was 7 weeks and I had to work 4 hours in the office every day for 2 weeks then I went to 3 hours for a month and I had to pump once while I was at work. Thursdays I would bring him with me and he would sleep in the chemo room or play with his little floor gym thingy so Thursdays were great!!! But that wouldn't have worked for long as he became mobile!!! Thankfully by then I was totally at home. Anyhows, hope it works out and we will still be here for you!!!

Ginny, sorry your rugrats were not so good! What age group do you drive? Is it elementary only or do you drive for different schools? My SIL had thought about driving a bus as she has 2 little girls but nothing ever came of it. Anyhows, hope they were better today.

Spryng, I'm interested in your lateral thigh thingy. You'll have to let us know how it works and if it is something you will stick with. I am with exercise equipment as I am with hobbies!!! I use them for a week then it could be months before I get them out again. Same with the videos. I really need to do better. What I really need is something to whip my body into shape. I am the thinnest I've been in forever but my belly and thighs are just gross. I can't stand to look at them in the mirror and I definitely am dreading a bathing suit at this point. So if you machine works, I want to know!!!

Geri, dinner sounded yummy but don't you just hate it when people try to make you feel bad for treating your body good? I've had to really deal with that as far as my kids are concerned since we changed the way we eat. Am I a bad mom because my kids eat salad instead of fries and fruit instead of candy??? You sure would think so the way some people talk. Oh well, we are really proud of you for your self-control!!! You are a changed woman since Dr. Phil got a hold of you!!!

Andrea, so good to hear from you. I was a little worried that you might be having a rough time with Dh settling into his new job. Good that you've been keeping busy though. So what are you going to do with the spare room? I really need to do some painting on this house before we get hot and heavy into the new house. Have you ever seen that roller thing that has a tube that feeds paint to it? I heard it works wonderfully. If there is anything we can do to help you feel better, just let us know!!!

Ricci, nice that your mom is so close and you can help her out. Hope you'll hear something from the salon soon. How many hours a week are you interested in working?

Penny, did you have a bunch of kids at your house today? How many are in the group? I used to do something like that with a friend of mine. It was just her 2 girls but my kids loved it. She moved though and so did my other friend and now they are both 20-30 minutes away. Anyways, hope you had a great day.

Well, I'm off. Gotta go get dinner. I went shopping for Sean some dress clothes today. Man are little boys dress clothes expensive! On sale and I had a 15% off coupon and still spent $75 on a suit, a 4 piece pants,vest, shirt and tie, another shirt and tie combo and a shirt. The suit was $35 but he should be able to wear it for a while. The 4 was too small and the 5 was kinda big so I guess I'll need to get my mom to hem it or something. We'll see. Anyhows, had a quizno's veggie sub for lunch and we're having a japanese/korean dinner. Gotta go fix it. TTYL!!!

A&A's Mom
03-25-2004, 07:32 PM
Good Afternoon!

Dh is coming home tonight so I can't type for long, too much housework to be done. I'm going to have tuna sandwiches for supper. Just thought I would let all of you know! lol!

Candy, I have seen the roller with the paint fed to it. I've never used one though. I just do it the old fashioned way!

Ginny, I have always used WalMart paint cause it's about half the price and that's the only way Dh won't gripe about me painting so much. Then I also don't feel so bad about painting over it in a couple of years when I want something different. It runs about $11 dollars a gallon down here. The key is to be able to pick out a good color and sometimes it's trial and error. I got lucky this time!

Well I can't address you all cause I have to much work to do but I hope you all have a great night! Good luck on all of the wiegh-ins in the morning!

03-25-2004, 11:37 PM
Hello ladies,

Andrea, so glad Dh is home tonight ... how long is he in for? I haven't tried the Walmart paint. I did buy Lucite from Menards because it was inexpensive (OK, it was CHEAP) but I didn't like the coverage. I've been using Dutch Boy ever since. Do you ever have to paint more than one coat with the Walmart paint?

Candy, I think it makes people feel good when they ride you about doing something good because they're feeling guilty...did that come out right :dizzy: ? You know what I mean?? It didn't really bother me too much each their own!

Melinda, I'm with you about getting rid of people who don't support your would mean getting rid of my Mom!! Couldn't do's not that she doesn't support it...she just doesn't think there is anything wrong with bringing chocolate into my house :^: but that's my Mom! She did comment that I'm getting skinny today. She was being nice...but my pants are fitting looser already and it's nice that she noticed. Hope you enjoyed CATS...I have never seen it.

Spryng and was nice chatting with you for a bit today. It's been a while for me. Spryng, enjoy your trip tomorrow. Ricci, try to get a little rest from packing!!

Well I finished the bathroom tonight so I'm posting the during wallpaper removal and after pictures plus a picture of the fish rug I got at Target that I just adore. The blue on the walls looks a lot different in the's much brighter. So, one project is finally done! Now I just have to get the motivation to tackle the next one. I don't get much done during the day with the you all are well aware of! By night time I'm bushed. I stayed out too late last night so I'm heading off to bed early tonight.

Have a good one and sorry if I missed anyone!!

03-25-2004, 11:39 PM
If the pictures are too small I'll try it again in the morning...I'm too tired to figure it out now!

03-26-2004, 12:39 AM
Good evening all!
Geri, the pictures are small, I can't wait to see the larger versions of them! :) It looks great from what I can see. What will be your next project??
Andrea, enjoy your DH being home!! Mine will be in olathe tomorrow and I really want to go see him but I've already made plans. Ugh. I'm torn right now. I know my BF would be fine if I came saturday instead of tomorrow but then it would be my luck that DH would get to the yard and then get sent right back out. :( So I guess I'll go see my BF as planned. I had tuna sandwiches yesterday for the first time in months! I finally broke down and bought some miracle whip free and the sandwiches were only 2 pts each!! And filling.
Candy, I will let you all know how I like the lateral thigh machine. I think I will really like it. It will come with two workout videos or you can just set it up in front of the tv and use while watching a show (which I'm sure I will love!) here is two sites on it if anyone wants to check it out, this first one has a short clip that shows how it works and the second is the infomercial review site if you want to read about what others thought of it. And I know what you mean about being the thinnest you've ever been but still hate the mirror. My thighs and lower abs need toning and my inner thighs could use some attention too, lol. So I'm hoping this machine is everything it says it is. Can't wait until it comes in!!
Melinda, I think chinese has lots of MSG too. The sodium makes me thirsty for hours after eating it. Which I guess is a good thing because it flushes my system out. I hope you enjoyed it!! I love chinese food.
Well, my lean cuisine pizza was really good. Dipped it in some FF ranch dressing. I got in all my water today and now all I can do is pray my WI goes well tomorrow. But I just know I'll see a gain. O-well. I will try doubly hard this next week.
Well, got to get in bed. TTYL!

03-26-2004, 01:17 AM
Hi Ladies,

Today was a crazy day :dizzy: :dizzy:

What kind of supper did you make that was japanese/korean. I have never had either type. Hope the suit last a while ;) Kids grow soooo fast

How was the show???? Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Hope you are enjoying your paint colors you picked and your hubby coming home :)

I LOVE THE PICCCCCCSSSSS!!!! From what I can see, so far :) :) I have the kids bath done in tropical fish and love it!!!! Great work! WANNA do mine?????

Glad you enjoyed supper! You gotta post a new pic so we can see this tan :) Hope your scale is good to you in the morning. And enjoy your trip to see your friend!!!

I am with you girl!!!! I am going to bust my butt this next week!!!! I am at 172.5 right now and wanna be in the 160s again bad!!! I am so stupid, I weighed in Tuesday thinking it was Told you I was Well I weighed in morning (which is actually my weigh in day) and behold my scale was down more (go figure but heck I will take it!!!)

How much calories does "lovin'" burn??? LOL LOL LOL LOL

Neither woman and kids showed up today! Go figure. I will call tomorrow to make sure everything is ok with them. It is not like either of them. I met things woman off about 4 years ago and we have done playgroup ever since! We started off with 3 kids b/t the three of us and now we have 7! And we occasionally have girls night out

Have a great night everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-26-2004, 01:38 AM
Oh, I have a question.....

Does anyone have a paraffin spa??

I want one and Mother's Day is coming up, right??? But I also want a new patio set... hummmmm hummmmmm

Ok off the subject, anyhow!

Does anyone have one, and how well do they work??? Which brand?

Have a great night!

Just painted my toes and put back on my toe ring. Pampering myself for a change!

03-26-2004, 02:07 AM
Last one for the night! LOL :)

Has anyone tried the self tanning lotion from avon???

03-26-2004, 08:45 AM
Hi Ladies,
Late to bed, early to rise!

I just wanted to say I hope everyone has a great Friday!

Hunter is out of school today so I think I am going to take the boys to the park. It is nice when it is not crowded.


03-26-2004, 08:46 AM
Just a quick post, I am down 1.5 We are back in business. I have an appt today, so I am on the run. She wanted me to be back to pre-preg weight, so at least that goal is accomplished, just need to lose the extra.

Good day! I will be back this afternoon.


03-26-2004, 09:06 AM
Just a quickie! Andrea, hope you got everything done before dh got in. Geri, definitely need bigger pictures but looks cute from what I can see. Spryng, checked out the thigh thingy, I am really interested to see how you like it. Hope you have a good trip to see your bf. Penny, I just made fried rice like you get at a japanese restaurant and then I also did some marinated mung bean sprouts and kimchee with nori sheets (seaweed). It was yummy! The kids love the seaweed and rice and will eat the bean sprouts so it is pretty nutritious. Anyhows, I haven't tried a parafin spa though they look nice and I haven't tried the avon tanning lotion but if anyone knows of a good tanning lotion that doesn't leave streaks for blotches I'd be interested! Congrats on the loss, Penny!!!! Melinda, congrats on the 1.5 down!!! Hope your dr visit goes well! I maintained this week, still 144 which is fine with me considering the way I ate this week. I am gonna start with the exercising today. I am also adjusting my goal weight. I had it at 130 but the bare minimum for my height is 127 and I think 130 may be too low so I think I will go for 135 though I would be be happy at 140 if I toned up. 153 is the max for my height so even 140 is good. Anyhows, we'll see how it goes! Hope everyone has a great Friday. We may go to the park too since it is so beautiful out. TTYL!!

03-26-2004, 10:15 AM
Good morning all!
Well I am up 2# like I thought I would be. O-well... I am learning still, lol. But I will be good all this week and that 2# should be gone by next friday. I'm not letting it get me down.
I wish I could get personal but I've already wasted too much time this morning. Got to grab a shower, paint my barn, and get on down the road! lol. I will check in with you all tonight!!! Have a fantastic friday!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

03-26-2004, 11:37 AM
I had shrunk the pics down to avatar size (oops!) I think I may have it right now.

03-26-2004, 11:39 AM
Good morning!!!!!
The kiddies have a 1/2 day, so I only have a few minutes to post. Got my walk in this am, and the peepers are out (tree frogs) so it was so neat to hear them too. Guess it finally got warm enough for them......guess spring is finally here.
You know I was thinking aboat Jen ( she lives up in New England) anyone hear from her? She's a nurse, had some kooly hours and was probably going to need surgery early this year for a thyroid condition, I think. I miss her- if anyone hears from her, please tell her that.

Spryng don't sweat the 2#! BTW- did you ever send something to me in the mail? Not to worry if you did not, I did not want you to think I was rude......
Candy- I agree with you on the goal weight, you are much taller than I and I think 130 would be tough. Things do change after mommyhood, too.

Melinda - congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!! :) Penny- enjoy the park!! Sounds like a perfect day!
Geri-love the pictures, you inspired me to get some paint chips for the living room (Dh will LOVE you for that! :lol: )
Andrea, enjoy your visit with Dh.
Gotta go hang out the last load of wash b4 I go back for the kiddies....Have a great weekend! Ginny

03-26-2004, 11:52 AM
Geri, wow, what an improvement!!! Did you retile too? I thought you were only painting! You did a really good job on that stencil.

Spryng, I'm with Ginny. Don't sweat the #2. You will have it back off in no time. Hope you have a safe trip. That sounds like more driving than I would want to do in one day!!!

Ginny, congrats on getting in your walk! I tried to do my watp's 2 mile but only made it 1/2 way through. Guess I need to start off slow. I LOVE tree frogs. When we lived in Florida we had tons but at this house I have none. I do have a little toad that visits my deck each night but it is not the same!!! I remember Jen! Wow, it has been a long time since she posted here, huh? I was thinking about Karen the other day too with her crocheting. And I know what you mean about things changing!!! I so want some surgery on this tummy to remove this flappy skin but since I may not be done having children I will wait! I don't know that I could ever really do surgery anyways but watching all these shows sure makes me want it!!! Anyhows, hope you get some rest this weekend!!!

I'm gonna try and clean my house a bit today, maybe clean my carpets after we go to the park. We really need to get outside and get some yard work done. I'll see if I can motivate the dh this weekend. Hope everyone has a good day!

03-26-2004, 11:56 AM
Good morning ladies :coffee:

OK, I got the pictures sized correctly. It's amazing what some coffee will do for you :lol:

Spryng, great attitude about the 2 lbs. I know you can get it off this week also 'cause I'm going to ride your butt to exercise :D . Hope you have a great trip to see your bf. You're probably right about Dh having to go right away if you went to see him because that's just the way it always works. :shrug:

Candy...glad you maintained this week! Hopefully your ear will feel well enough that you can get some exercise in also. Where are you at with the house? Did you ever get that cabinet estimate? They're talking about building a Lowe's in Milwaukee but on the north side of town...not the best area. They'll give Menards and Home Depot a run for their money!

Melinda :cb: :cp: Congrats on the 1.5#! Isn't it amazing how you can put it on in a week but it takes 2 to get it off?? So very frustrating! But that's behind you now!!

Penny... :cheer: :hat: congrats on your loss too! You're all doing great! I can't answer any of your questions....sorry!!

I had a great day foodwise yesterday till after I posted here...went and got a bowl of lucky charms :( I need to stop that!

Got my 3 mile walk in this morning so at least I have that down.

Got a phone call...gotta run. Hi to everyone else.

03-26-2004, 12:25 PM
Geri - Drastic improvement on the bathroom. Do you want a job at my house? I think I am going to think about doing the downstairs bathroom. DH told me that we would be in our house for another 2 years if I want to have the next one close in age. The babies room is the only room that is kid friendly, we have not baby proofed yet. JW room is next to ours upstairs so he shares our bathroom. When he is older he will want his own kids bathroom, so we will move him downstairs then.

Candy - With your height, I am sure you carry your weight well. I am only 5'4 so you can tell when I gain even 5 pounds. I am all for doing what your body is comfortable.

Went to the doctor today and everything checked out fine. She is glad that I am past pre-preg, but understands that I want to lose more. I told her that we eat out a lot and she says now we have to worry about JW getting good eating habits. I knew that all along, but when a dr says it,it sticks. We are doing better, only 2 nights this week, but the weekend is not here.
She did say being the I had endometris that it would be good for us to have children close together. Have to tell dh that one.

BTW, we are at my moms, JW is sleeping so I don't want to wake him. I will get a workout sometimes today. Good weekend to all. No big plans for us. I am volunteering at church.

The thigh machine sounds great, but a really good cheap workout is the dynabands. They will work you hard.


03-26-2004, 12:56 PM
OK, off the phone, gave Tony a bottle so I should have a few minutes here! :lol:

Candy, the tile was already there. I just removed the wallpaper and part of the wall with it! Dh is very good at repairing walls. Then just painted and put the fish on the wall. I traced from the stencil then filled in with a paintbrush and acrylic paints. It looked way to stencilly (if that makes any sense!) so painted where all the blank spaces should be. It turned out nice I think. So the bathroom is finally done! I would love to get the boys outside as it is near 60 but is also rainy! This afternoon it's supposed to drop back to the 40s :( .

The next project is the laundry room. Just needs a fresh coat of paint and since there are no windows in there I want to do a nice sunny yellow. There are cabinets above the washer and dryer that are white and I'll leave them that way. The room also functions as a mud room and we're always in there. I would someday love to add a door because when doing laundry you have to turn up the TV to hear it! Even a nice bi-fold would be good enough for me but we would have to put a header up in the doorway and possibly add to the walls to fit a standard door...haven't measured yet to see if that has to be done.

Ginny, HAPPY HALF DAY :D . Hope you get some time for you this weekend. Congrats on getting the walk in.

Well, better get going. It's almost 11 and I haven't even taken my shower yet! No where to go so who cares???? :D I'll get there eventually.

Have a great Friday everyone!

03-26-2004, 05:48 PM
Geri, I could have sworn the tile was white in 1 picture and pink in the next. That is why I thought you retiled. You did a great job on the fish. I was thinking that it didn't look like a stencil at all but now I see why. You are very crafty!!! Hope you guys got outside. I opened my big mouth then was too tired to go anywhere. Took a little nap and of course dh came home with us all asleep. I hate when that happens because I know he thinks that is what goes on all day anyways!!! Anyhows, Melinda, glad your visit went well. Why does the dr say it is better to have the babies closer together with your condition? The closer in age they are, the harder it is at first and the easier it is later. Mine are 2 years apart and although I had planned to have them 3 years apart, it really worked out well. They play so well together now. But the first 6mos-1yr was really hard. I would love to have another this year, or get pregnant in September anyway so the next one won't be so far behind but I just don't see that happening unless I get a sudden unexpected inheritance!!! So, let us know what dh thinks about all this. Do you kinda have an idea, in your mind anyway, about when you might like another?

Well, I'm gonna try and motivate myself to do something. What's for dinner??? Don't know yet here.

Oh, and who asked about the cabinet estimate? I did finally get the 2nd estimate this week and they were way higher than Lowe's so we will probably be going with Lowe's after all. My problem is, I want a nice house but not a big house payment!!!
Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

03-26-2004, 06:10 PM
THis is going to be short.....I tried to leave a post before and the site was all locked up- so I lost it. Who knows why.

Candy- the kitchen sounds nice and I have seen some gorgeous kitchens come from Lowes/Home Depot. I'm 30 year old cabinets ( I did paint them) aw, really I am happy for you!!!!! How is your ear?

Geri- the concept of not taking a shower until whenever sounds great to me!!!!Hope you enjoyed your homebound day. And the bathroom looks so cute. Proud of ya!!!
BTW, I decorated my laundry is tiny so to call it a room is a laugher.....but I did find a sweet border online (only $5 a roll, it was closeout online!) and put up some other decorative stuff. What a big impact! Makes it almost fun to be in! Good luck with yours.

Melinda- hope your enjoyed the visit with Dm. I did not know you had endrio. Did it interfere with your first attempt to become pregnant?

Spryng- how are you doing????? Seems odd not to hear from you in a day.

Got the kiddies home ok. The toxic moms actually seem better- will even look me in the eye now after the poison pen letter. Their kids......well......time will tell. I can see the one is cruising for trouble if he does not clean up his act.
Can't believe it is Friday!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

03-26-2004, 06:14 PM
I will post later.....

Just wanted to tell Geri.....

My mom and 3 year old now have the same stomach virus that keeps getting passed ;(

Add the van! and the couch cushions and couch pillows to the list!!!! :(

Got some more stripping and disinfecting to do.....

I'll check in later when things calm down

03-26-2004, 06:43 PM
Penny - You need some healthy vibes going your way. Luckily we have not been thru all of that.

Typing with one, JW in hand.

Candy, Ginny - I have had endom., but it did not seem to affect my getting preg. I just know some people struggling with infertility I am always worried. Maybe the part-time work will get my mind off of another one so soon. I just did so much pre-baby, I feel like I have a lot of free time on my hands. I think I am the only one with one child on the thread.

BTW, got in a walk today with dog and JW. Bentley has hip problems and he started limping. I don't know why I always take both of them, always a nightmare.

Happy Friday! Ruby Tuesday night for us.


03-26-2004, 11:37 PM
Good evening all!
I am home now and so very tired. What a lonnnnngggg drive!!! I don't want to do that again for awhile. But we had lots of fun visiting my bf and I can't wait until she has her baby!! She'll be 38 weeks along on sunday so it's anytime now.
Well sorry I can't get personal... the kids napped on the way home so they are full of energy now. I may not get in bed until after midnight at this rate.(lets hope not) well.... TTYtomorrow!

A&A's Mom
03-27-2004, 01:44 AM
Just wanted to pop in and say "hi". We have had a long day shopping. Dh needed some things for work and I wound up getting new shoes and a new purse! Yeah! It's been a long time since I bought myself something personal, it felt good!
I think it was Ginny or Geri who asked about the WalMart paint. I only use one good coat and I have to do two coats on trim.
Well, my mom is keeping the boys for a while tomorrow so dh and I can get some chores done around the house. I have a list a mile long! I don't know how long he will be in, he's waiting on a call from Northwest to tell him when to leave again. Makes it hard to plan anything. I guess I'd better get to bed, I have my work cut out for me tomorrow. I sure will feel good once it's done! TTYL!

03-27-2004, 10:28 AM
Good morning all!
Boy do I feel so much better after getting some sleep! I wasn't up to midnight but got in bed at 11:30 pm, so close enough, lol.
Andrea, your shopping sounded like fun! What kind of shoes did you buy? Friday I bought me some cute sandals for summer. I am so glad I'm able to get out of my boots and sneakers now. I'll be cleaning like you today. I have a long list too I hope I get alot of it done.
Well, my day with my bf was wonderful. We went out to eat and then she took me to the most awesome health food store. The herbal store I have close to me is very small and just has a few rows of bottles and tinctures and that is about it... I walked into this one and it was huge! Even had a little restaurant in it and groceries along with all the thousands of herbs and such too. I even say bedwetting tablets. Anyone heard of these? I almost bought them to see if they worked. But my ds hasn't wet the bed in several days so maybe I don't need them anymore. I didn't have time to really shop but I wish there was one close to me! I bought tanner some juice and all natural animal cookies for the ride home. What an awesome store! She was buying some black cohosh. She is ready to start getting her body ready for labor. She has contractions all day long with them never getting stronger or closer together so her midwife told her to start taking the black cohosh to get things moving along. (as most of you know I tried all that when I was pregnant with Tanner and nothing worked, I was still induced) but it doesn't hurt to try. And then we went back to her house and talked for hours. I wanted to leave before it got dark but didn't get out of there until 7 pm. So needless to say I drove home completely in the dark. It made me nervous but I did ok.
Well, guess I need to get off of here and start in on this house. It rained yesterday and all night and now my house smells closed in and musty (is that the right word?) so I'm hoping to get a couple windows open and get some cleaning in and my house will smell fresh again. Has that happened to any of you? Plus my ds room smells really bad and I've tried using febreeze on everything and nothing is working. Any sugestions on how to get his room smelling fresh again? Maybe I need to steam clean his carpet, but I don't have a steam cleaner. O-well.... let me go strain myback and get his window open. The paint sticks to the frame and makes it so hard to open. ok, TTYL!

03-27-2004, 10:49 AM
Good morning!

Just a quick post so I can get back upstairs and get breakfast for the boys. Tony already had a bottle and Will got up about 1/2 hour ago. Both sound like they're getting colds. Dh has one and so does Grandma.

Penny... :( sorry about that flu bug!! Hope it goes away soon! At least everything will be clean :lol:

Spryng, glad you had a great time with the long drive and all. It seems like her shower was so long ago and she still hasn't had that baby??? The carpeting in Ds room may need cleaning if nothing else is working. Does it just smell musty or is it something else?

Melinda...JW is still under a year! Don't worry about that 2nd baby yet. Once he really starts moving around you'll be chasing him all over creation :D . Mine are 2 years and 2 weeks apart. It was hard at first but I'm glad they're so close in age. Will can do alot for himself's tough when they fight over Mommy's lap but is kind of cute too.

Candy, no pink tile. It's all white (kind of off white) with little gold like flecks in it. So glad it's done!

Ginny, my laundry room isn't all that huge either, but it is bigger than a closet. I would love to get some cute things hung on the walls too. Right now there are coat hooks and a shelf in one section and that's it. I need some "girly" stuff in there once I get it painted.

Andrea...enjoy the time alone with Dh and get all those "projects" done :lol: :o ;) !!

Well I got my 3 mile walk I'm cooling off right now. It's raining out again here but that is normal for this time of year and so much better than snow :D . Once Christmas is over I've had it with snow...time for flowers and birds and such. I have to get outside soon. We redid some garden areas next to the house and outlined them with brick and thought we had dug out all of the bulbs and transplanted but I see a lot of crocus growing in the lawn. I swear they weren't there last year so I think we shook things up when we dug. Mom's coming over later to help with that. Gotta go get the boys breakfast. Have a great OP Saturday! Hi to anyone I missed...Ricci, Jackie....

03-27-2004, 11:32 AM
Hi Again!
Geri, hope your kids aren't getting sick. DH's family has come down with strep so I won't be going around them for awhile. I found the culprit in ds's room... he had went to the bathroom in there and hid it (and I think you know what "it" is :o ) so once I whisked that away and scrubbed the carpet and febreezed the room again, and opened up his windows it is much better. I have lots of windows open though to air out the entire house. The rest of the house just smelled closed in. But now his room and the kitchen is about done and all the living room needs is to be vacuumed so it's much better now. I can relax a little. Great job for getting in your 3 mi workout! Is that the WATP series? Well, ds is calling me, gotta go!TTYL!

03-27-2004, 01:18 PM
I've been reading through some of your posts. It sounds like you all have your own little thing going on, it's really motivating to see that. I'm new here. I am a stay at home mom of 3. 5 1/2 yrs, almost 3 years and 16 months. I homeschool my daughter so needless to say I'm home alot. This is a hard place to stay sane and on track. I weigh over 200 lbs. Did I add I'm only 26 and 4 months ago, I found out my cholesterol is borderline high, and this does NOT run in my family.
I need friends that are alot like me, I need motivation and advice and anything else you have to offer. Is there room for a newbie here?
210/145 :^:

03-27-2004, 02:23 PM


I am Penny, 23 married and SAHM to three boys 4 1/2, 3 1/2 and 9 1/2 months.

I hear ya about your cholesterol being borderline high! I have high blood pressure diagosned at 19!!!! I started gaining weight about 19 and the high pressure has been here ever since!

We are a wonderful "family" of women here that love supporting each other, offering advice and listening to each other!

Are you following any plan?

Hope you like it here!!! :)

03-27-2004, 02:37 PM
Hi, thanks for replying to my post. No I am not following a plan. Sometimes I think following a plan is good for me, but I never stay on it so then I think that a plan is not good for me. I've done the Atkins thing, I can't stick to it, I would like to do the weight watcher things, but for whatever reason I can't stick to that either.
Once before, I simply cut back on my calories, started low calorie, low fat and exercised and I lost over 20 lbs. But that was 2 kids ago. I don't have that kind of time to exercise EVERY day. I love to cook and own a library of low fat cook books, but getting into it is hard and then staying on it is hard. It costs alot of money to eat healthy and right now my family is really tight.
So I'm just going day by day.
What are your suggestions? I see you're on the south beach diet. I have that book and only glanced at it.
I don't like having to watch a clock and eat when it tells me too, and I'm REALLY picky, so there is so much in there that I just do not like. This is where I start falling off the wagon. I seem to do better in the summer so this seems like a good time for me to start.
I need help and motivation.
I also was wanting to know how to add all that neat stuff to my posts.
:^: Crystal

03-27-2004, 04:15 PM
Welcome Crystal!!!! We love to have new ones join us!! I am Spryng (pronounced spring, like the season) and I am 24 with 3 kids, Ava is 4, Joseph (aka bubba) is 3, and Tanner who is 9 months. (btw my first name is Krystol!! but I go by Spryng) I am on weight watchers, and have been for 6 months now. I'm almost to my goal. I have been on just about every diet out there too. Did atkins more times than I can count and like you I couldn't stick with it. But weight watchers has been "my" diet. It fits my life perfectly and I don't think I will ever change. You have to find that for you too. Just takes time. I am so glad you have decided to stop lurking and post with us!! Can't wait to get to know you better.
Well, I have been gone all morning. Used the rest of my flexpoints so now I have to behave, lol. :) Hit a few garage sales too and got a pair of calvin klien jeans for 2 bucks!! and pepe jean shorts for 2 bucks (both in great shape) and a camera for .25 cents and some books. So it was a nice morning out. But going to those yard sales made me really want to start planning my own. Maybe 3 weeks from now would be a good time. I need to find out when the city wide yard sale is so I can do it on that day and get more people to come take away my junk, lol. But first I need to start going through boxes and closets and start setting aside things I want to sell. I know my recumbant bike will be in it. I'll never get it out of the closet to use again so it's time to sell it.
Well, it's almost nap time! :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far!! And staying OP! TTYL!

03-27-2004, 04:24 PM
Hi Crystal!!! Welcome!!! We love having new people join and stick around! I will love having you here as I am going to begin homeschooling my son this year and could use all the advice I can get. I'm Candy, 29 yo SAHM to Sean, who will be 5 in May and Kylie, who will be 3 in June. I also work full-time from home for a gyn/oncology practice. Some of the ladies here have had great success with Weight Watchers. I am on an eating plan for health reasons that is also helping to take the weight off.

To add stuff to your posts, you need to hit the "Go Advanced" button at the bottom and you can add all the smilies and change the text size and color. Same works for the signature. You just edit signature and add whatever you want in it.

Spryng, glad you had fun but a trip like that would have put me out of commission today. Sounds like you're doing fine though!!!! Glad you figured out the problem in ds's room. I had a similar problem in the bathroom but mine was caused by my ds's lousy aim at the toilet and the pressboard spacesaver we had in there had absorbed the yuckiness. So that is why I took it out and replace it with a metal one that has 4 little legs and it can be lifted and wiped under. I have also banned ds from standing while pottying since he has been making such a mess. Hope this will do the trick. Funny thing is, he has been potty trained since he was 2.5 yo and he is just now making the mess at almost 5. Ugh!!! Anyways, hope you get all your chores done.

Same for you Andrea! I know it kinda stinks having to do work when your DH is home since he is gone so much but at least you guys are getting a little alone time!!! Hope you get everything done. You've really got me wanting to paint now too!!! We plan to give this place a fresh coat before we sell and I am thinking of trying a faux finish in my room. We'll see.

Geri, hope you get all your yard work done! That was what I was out doing until dh kicked me out. We found a poor little dead turtle that had gotten caught in the fence trying to cross from 1 yard to the next. :( I felt so bad for him. I really need to work on my flower beds but the gnats are so bad I just couldn't stand it. We will be going to out in-laws here shortly so I'm chillin' for a sec. We are going to play on the tractor on our property for a bit and then eat. I will need to have salad as my bad-influence husband took us to Mexican for lunch. Ok, maybe it wasn't all his fault but he knows I am easily influenced. Actually, he wanted chinese but the chinese buffet really doesn't have much selection for vegetarians so I chose Mexican which has great choices for veggies!!!

Penny, how's everyone doing there? Getting better? I felt so bad for you and your messes!!!

Hi Ricci, Ginny, Melinda and anyone else I'm missing. Hope you are all having a great weekend!!! TTYL!

03-27-2004, 04:26 PM
I'm gonna start a new thread!!!