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03-25-2004, 09:20 AM
Hi and welcome to the Jaded Ladies site! :wave:

We are a small group who support each other through life in general and especially toward a healthier lifestyle.

Pull up a chair and join us!


03-25-2004, 09:22 AM
:balloons::gift::hb:Happy Birthday Susan!! :hb::gift::balloons:
Hope the day is everything you want it to be!

Marti - hope you had fun last night .... uh.... you know, scrapbooking!

Cristi - they were going to name the baby Steven after the grandfather who has passed away, but didn't like the female version Stephanie. So I suggested Stevie, like Stevie Nicks. The mom really likes that, but I'm not sure about the dad...

Angie - yes, you better get a ring before you go any further with the dentist young lady! LOL!! Poor Brandon! Just reading about it made me curl my toes under.

Zane's mom and her boyfriend and his 2 kids came for him and visited for awhile last night. Today I am attacking Mount Washmore and that's it. I am still worn out from yesterday, and don't care if I even get off the couch today.

Have a good one, ladies!

03-25-2004, 04:20 PM
Wow, I am surprised to see that no one has posted today except Jana. Well, I know Susan is out enjoying her special day. And Marti is out scrapbooking ;)

Jana~I love the name Steven and Stephanie, of course I am biased as I have a nephew Steven and niece Stefani. Her mother thought she would be unique with the spelling. I think Stevie is cute for a girl. Hope you are relaxing today. Sometimes I think we all need to have a lazy day-I know I do!! :lol:

Susan~a very :hb: :gift: :hat:HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU :hat: :gift: :hb: today!!! Hope you are having a great celebration! And that Alex came through.

Angie~SAMS is like Costco, not sure if you guys have them in Canada. A big wherehouse type store where you can buy in bulk. They sell everything, groceries, jewelry, flowers, furniture... Sorry to hear about Brandon's toe, OUCH! It must be a very bad one if he has to go back to finish it. :yikes: Poor guy, I hope this visit at least made it better.

I was supposed to be home doing laundry and cleaning but instead decided to go shopping this A.M. I was on a mission looking for this rubbermaid type shelf that fits beside the toilet to put extra paper, etc. in. I can't find one anywhere. I went to Target, looked in Wal-Mart while there yesterday. Went to Lines and Things, Bed, Bath and Beyond and gave up. I know they have them but where?? Anyway, ended up getting some small plants, and two rugs for the kitchen at Target. While at Linens and Things I thought since Hallmark is just across the way I may as well stock up on votive candles. That Hallmark is the only one I can find the votive candles in the Wedding scent. I bought some for our wedding almost five years ago and fell in love with the scent. Won't buy anything else now. But you can't always find them and when I do I stock up on the votives and the tea lights. Didn't need any tea lights though. Good thing I ran out of checks coz I was on a roll. :lol:

Now I have to get to work. I need to clean and finish laundry. I had a surprise (a surprise in that she will be dropping by, not that I received an email from her) email from my cousin a couple of nights ago and she is headed to Dallas this weekend. She will be coming through KS so is going to stop and spend the night tomorrow. We grew up together and spent A LOT of time together till we were teenagers when my Aunt transferred to New Mexico after a horrible divorce. While we have kept in touch over the years with letters, cards, emails I haven't seen her since I moved to KS which has been five years. I did make a visit to Houston 2 1/2 years ago while living in OK, and spent some time with her sister and mom, my cousin and Aunt. Had planned on visiting them in CO but now she is headed back to Dallas to find a job. Anyway, I need to get the house cleaned, want it to look decent for company ya know. ;)

Well, ladies hope ALL is having a fantastic Thursday. See ya later :wave:

03-25-2004, 08:58 PM
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Just popping in.It has been a fast and furious day!!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday dearie Suuuuuuuusieeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee

Keep Comin Back!!!!! :)

My dad is an AA counselor.He ALWAYS sings that......keep coming back to meetings , I

I recieved 2 bouquets of flowers, each just as special.
Ok- the girls was smaller but of course means EVERYTHING!!! They are my babies.
The other was from.....................Alex!!! OMG- He came through.
I got on the computer at 11 and there was an email from him telling me where to go pick up some birthday flowers.
I swear.........pms??? I started to cry.
Went to the floral shop and the lady went into the glass refrigerator and picked up this HUGE bundle of flowers. I thought "oh, please........not them...waaaaay too much".
She brought them out though.
Pinks,Purples,Whites,Yellows....and the coolest, 1 sun flower.
I had to go to my mothers for a vase becuase I don't have one.
Took them home and put them by my window.
He had called while I was out to say Happy Birthday & he sent me an egreeting.
So, sweet.

I also thought of mine & Angie's friend, Brian. Just miss him so much.......and of course cried over that.

Thinking it is, so darn emotional today.

K- girls want me, so best get!!

THANKS to Marti for the homemade B-card!!!! Can't believe she had time to put that together with her wedding and, much thanks:)
Looked at Cristis card with the slice of cake and candle......looks yummy but not going to eat cake today.I will just look at the

Yes, Brandon's feet sound hurtful, poor kid. You are a good mother though Angie :)


03-26-2004, 12:23 AM
Good evening~

Pretty quiet around here today. :sssh:

Susan~I am sooooo glad Alex came through-I KNEW he would! He sounded like a man of his word and he definitely sounds like a keeper. Hey, when do you guys meet in person?? Can't remember?? I am glad you are having a wonderful day also, but sorry about the pms. That cake on the card did look good didn't it? :T

Well, got most of my cleaning done-just need to vacuum tomorrow morning. Guess where I found a sailboat today? I forgot to mention it earlier. I found some nautical stuff at Hallmark. Never thought about them having anything like that. It was between the seagulls, which were quite big and the sailboat-just thought the sailboat would look better on the top of that shelf. And the best part-it was only $9. I am still looking for some nautical stuff. I did find some online but thought I would look in the stores first. Found a kleenex holder, a rug, and a swag that I plan on getting online. JC Penneys has some pictures I think I am going to get. I was undecided when I saw them. Just hope they are still there. Anyway, I am babbling. Take care ladies and see ya tomorrow. :wave:

da fat n da furious
03-26-2004, 02:04 AM
Cristi, oooo SAMS,,,I think they are coming to Calgary soon,,,something I heard throu the grapvine. I love days when I find everything and more on my travels...
cheques? what you need is a debit that way you never have to worry about running out of cheques...only money.

I am so glad Alex came throu for you deserve flowers on your birthday...well any day of the year. But you should get some on your birthday.

The opening night of Odd Couple (female version) went well. I am heading for bed now,,,I wiped out!
night all

03-26-2004, 02:07 AM
Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening...

:hat: :gift: :encore: :hb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!! You know we are all with you in spirit -- hope you had a wonderful day. Getting flowers is absolutely fantastic -- from your girls AND your sweetie! How nice :)

Angie -- ow ow ow on Brandon's toe! I cringed reading that. Hope he's feeling better soon. How long was it bothering him before he finally told you? When my middle son was about 5 he picked up a washer in the church parking lot and put it on his finger (don't ask me why). He didn't tell us until a few hours after church, and by then his finger was swollen and kind of purple. We tried stopping by the fire station because someone told us they have a ring cutter, but they couldn't get it under the washer to cut it. We ended up at the emergency room, and they were talking about knocking him out and dislocating his finger to get it off!!! Fortunately, a smart nurse :idea: thought to wrap his finger very tightly in string to counteract the swelling, dumped about a quart of mineral oil on his hand, and managed to work it off his finger. Yay for smart nurses! :)

Marti, hoping you and James are having a lovely honeymoon ;)

Cristi -- stop, you are making me want to shop! I already spent a bit today...books and went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. I had a big salad for dinner, but drank a Hurricane, so I don't feel too virtuous. Ah well, tomorrow is another least we didn't order dessert.

OK, gotta get a shower and off to bed. See y'all soon...


03-26-2004, 09:04 AM
Good morning Ladies! TGIF!!

Cristi - well, they named the baby Kacey. (Didya hear that, Kayecee?) She sure is pretty. There is a huge Sam's in Evansville, so be sure and bring your card in August. I don't belong, but I go with my sister once in awhile who does belong. I buy Yankee candles at Hallmark, but haven't smelled the Wedding scent. Now I will.... One of my faves is Home Sweet Home scent. Yay for finding the sailboat.

Susan - bet your birthday was lots of fun. I was hoping Alex would come through for you! Hope your celebration was great. I can't believe I forgot to send you a snail mail card!!!!! My bad!!!!! I was concentrating so hard to get Marti's wedding card sent, I guess I spaced it. I'll send you two next year, ok?

Angie - wish I coulda been there for the opening of your play. I bet it's a hoot. Katie is stage manager for at least one play they are doing at school. She asked for that position although she has no clue what to do. But the drama teacher is supposed to teach her... that's what it's all about in high school, I guess. I have a debit card but forget to use it! Monday when I was shopping in Evansville w/dsil, the guy at Journeys said they don't take checks. So I was real glad I had the card.

Remember my friend who had a hysterectomy last week? She is doing fine and we are going out to lunch today. It is supposed to be in the 70's again and I'm loving that! Mary is going to clean the house tomorrow for $$ so I don't have to worry about cleaning. Like I was worried about that, lol.

Better run,

03-26-2004, 09:49 AM
Gee! I think I missed posting yesterday even though I quickly scanned through yesterday morning. I decided to ride with Tim to take the kids to school so I didn't have time to do much more than that. Hmmmm.... wonder where Marti is? :chin: It's not like her to stay away. She must be very busy. :shrug: K- Shanna- get your butt over here and report- have they taken down the Do Not Disturb sign yet? LOL

I can't remember what was on #38 so I'll just start from here.

Jana- Ooooooweeeee..... you had a house full didn't you? Is Mount Washmore dead yet? Mine is getting to where it rivals Mount Everest this week. I'm so drained once I get in from jury duty. Hopefully, today is the last day. Dang, I don't get to flirt with the judge again. :judge: :D

Cristi- Sounds like you had a great time shopping. I love redecorating and buying new stuff. It's so much fun to do. I found a bunch of nautical stuff at TJ Maxx and Cato's within the last few weeks. You might try there if you have any of those close. There is also a website that I use to order some stuff and I have seen a lot of nautical things. You sign up online (you have to own a business but I don't think they really check it cuz I know a couple of people who just made up names ;) ) and then they send you a catalog but you can order online. My puter is so slow that I just usually look through their catalogs. They give you a credit limit of like $100 or so to start out. You do have to pay shipping though and I haunt Dollar General and Fred's- sometimes you can find their products there. But they have a lot of stuff that I haven't seen either.

Susan- Well, young lady. How does 40 feel? I'm gonna be there in a little over 3 years so give me a heads up. I think I'm gonna miss being in my flirties.... ooops..... meant thirties! :devil: I'm glad Alex sent you such a beautiful bunch of flowers. Question: All of our florists around here deliver. Do they not do that everywhere? Or is it just because our communities are so small that they have an easy time finding anyone that they deliver to? Just curious. That just kinda hit me cuz around here when you call to order something they automatically ask "Where do you want that delivered to?" :shrug:

Angie- You French type people- us Americans spell it checks and I notice y'all are cheques. Love it. :D We're debating about whether to visit Louisiana or Florida this year. (I know the kids will vote for Florida..... duh... Disney!) I would love to go to Louisiana though. A few years ago, I had a student who lived over in the field behind us. He is cajun and I loved to hear their Frenchy accent! Anyway, one day he comes in and says "Miss Mary..... my momma wanna know if you bring yo family fo dinner. We got dem crawfish to cook and dey good." I was floored. I had been teaching about 10 years and had never been invited to a student's house before. (Don't really know of any other teachers who have either unless they were friends with the family previously.) Anyway, we all became friends and they moved back to Louisiana about 2 years ago. Rod (the dad) keeps telling us to come down and he'll take us on an airboat and tour the swamps. Mom loves to visit graveyards so I know she would be fascinated by the ones in New Orleans and I am craving Chicory coffee, but I can't find it anywhere around here. Tim and I have talked and if his work goes well for the next few months, we may go to both places. :crossed: I'm glad opening night went so well. I would love to see the female version. Hope Brandon's toe is better- poor baby. Typical male for you though- don't wanna see the doctor until something is about to fall off! :D

Katie- OMG I'm so glad you had that nurse there. :cp: Kids can do the strangest things sometimes. :) Sometimes I feel like I need to give mine a head to toe check every 5 minutes to make sure they haven't stuck a cheerio up their nose or something. :lol:

Hey to everyone else who hasn't posted on this thread!

I think I have sufficiently made up for not posting yesterday. :lol: Gotta go flirt with the judge and bailiff one more time. :judge: Have a good day! :wave:

03-26-2004, 09:57 AM
Jana- Awwwwww..... I'm so flattered they named the baby after me! :D Hear that girls? Anyone around here gets preggers with a girl, I expect to be honored in a similar fashion! :queen: Seriously, how did they come up with that name?

da fat n da furious
03-26-2004, 10:49 AM
ya sure Kaycee, Im gonna go get preggers so I can name the baby after you...hubby's family don't make that means we will have to keep trying till a girl comes along,,,in that time I can get my own hockey and baseball team going. But for you anything.... My vocal coach has a dog named KC shes real cute....
Monte and I are talking about taking the boys to DisneyWorld this year...Im cool with
His toe looks so gross....hes gonna be a very unhappy boy in a couple of weeks when he has to wear the inserts plus getting the ingrown out...ewwwwwwwww
well off to work I go
lator gator

Jana, tell Katie that SM is not hard,,,you sit and take notes of where the actors are on the stage. You make sure everyone is there and accountable, ,,, wait actually SM is The Director directs,,,and the SM does everything else...geesh no wonder Im so tired! When the play is on stage you are the one in charge,,,calling the lights and sound and actors going on.

03-26-2004, 01:10 PM
Good Morning,

You don't need to send me 2 birthday cards next year, Jana!!!! LOL.....You all have been very sweet here at JL's.

VERY happy that your friend is well, how about your SIL???

I will give you a heads up on how 40 feels, Kayecee if you tell me what 37 is like........I am too old to
You just feel old and that you are headed down need to fight gravity

40 is a wonderful age when you ((or I , at least)) feel comfortable in who you are to pursue your dreams instead of looking for others approval. It has taken me this long to feel that..........

Also, Alex and I have only *talked* for a month now.I gave him 3 floral shops in my area and he picked one.He never asked for my address , I think mainly because he wants me to feel comfortable. I appreciate that,also........I head out early in the AM, and am rarely home for a flower
So, he is a sweet man. He is headed 170 miles southwest to see his children this weekend, staying over at his brothers.
Umm,thinking we are meeting after he gets back from California on the the following weekend from that time.

Cristi- you are buying things for your bathroom?? I know.........I am

I was reading Dr Phil last night and got up to turn the floral bouquet around and noticed another SUNFLOWER!!!!! Yahooooo, thrilled my heart.Just my fave flower, think they are kindof cool.......

Hey, Angie :) What are you doing in The Odd Couple?? Hope you and Monte have a good weekend.

Best get- kiddies want me..........:)

03-26-2004, 03:05 PM
Good "pre" afternoon ladies--

Yesterday James and I went to the coast. First we headed down to where the company he works for is at and picked up his paycheck. I had no idea how far it was!! (an hour 1/2 drive!)

We didn't go to the beach because it was windy and raining, so we went to a casino instead.....should have gone to the beach!! We spent way too much and left without anything!!! But we had fun.

Today we are tinkering around home. Have to go and get an oil change in our truck.....may roam the mall.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Portland. Yep, Susan, we'll be up there. I will yell "hello" to you while we're there!! Shanna and I have talked about how we need to go up together and give you a heads up and we could all meet. We'll do that this summer!

Just wanted to pop in before my day gets started. (yeah....I slept in today!)

You all take care and if I get a chance I will pop in again tonight.


03-26-2004, 03:45 PM
Morning Marti,

Just tell me where you are in Portland and I will be there.........promise not to take up too much of your Sure in the sumertime when it is nicer out.

Teasing, sure you and James have more important things to do. I think it will be nice, I know Sunday will be for sure.

I am tired today, need to take a nap before I go for my walk.

Another thing about 40...... are allowed naps without feeling too, my back is killing me with this darn pms....

Ok- going to lay down and get some zzzzzzzzz's


03-26-2004, 09:04 PM
Hi ladies,

Kayecee - are they just about finishing picking the jury? Are you on it?

Angie - Katie's play is Amy Goes Army. Sounds sorta like Private Benjamin to me.

Susan - our town delivers flowers, but not out here in the boonies. Also no pizza delivery.

Marti - hey, girl! So you're taking a break from scrapbooking, huh? ;) Wow, the coast, a casino and the mall. Sounds like a lot of fun! When Neal and I went to San Diego I got to wade around in the Pacific and loved it! It was too cold to swim but the view is fantastic. Glad you two are relaxing and having fun.

Cristi - where are you, woman?? Out buying boats and other nautical stuff?

Oh you guys will be so proud of me! I went for lunch with my friend and we went to this little tea room downtown. Guess what? They actually had a WW Winning Points section on the menu! I've been to this place before, but this is new. So I had 1/2 of a warm pita, w/turkey and lettuce with an array of fruit. Yum! The atmosphere in there is so feminine and nice. Anyway, I had a great time with my friend and stayed OP, too.

Better go,

03-26-2004, 10:19 PM
That is really nice the little tea room had a WW winning point menu,isn't that alittle different? Very nice and I am sure it helped you in your choice of what to eat?

We have delivery in pizza and Chinese....I think there is a 2 mile radius for free delivery, maybe they just have a small charge after that?? Course being in the city there is always a pizza/Chinese restaurant close by.....certainly wouldn't pay for delivery....

Funny, but Alex did pick the furthest floral shop away from me,but the flowers are soooo pretty.
He had called and left a message when I got home this afternoon, he sounded so nice.He even said hello to Gaby, who is on my machine.His Spanish accent is rather soothing and very attractive.
Oh, ya........we are just friends....
Though he did say he would try over the weekend while he is out of town to call, so that is sweet.


In a PMS mood.I have munched on waaaay too many carrots so feeling sorry for myself I had a baked potato with butter.......and looking for pasta for dinner.
I had a hard boiled egg, and wheat toast for breakfast....
and I STILL have 33 oz's to drink.....*rolling eyes*......whatEVER.....I would realy like some oreo', and a tamale....yummy, Mexican food......

My mother offered to take care of Gaby for me tomorrow, so that was nice.
It is also weigh in tomorrow morning!!! YAY.....

k- best go get the girls from the community center and am heading home, mybe get a hot soak and shave my, too much Info??? Sorry...

Take Care Everyone! :)

03-27-2004, 02:18 AM
Another quick post.....(I will do individuals at another time)

I want to thank you Jana & Susan for the beautiful cards! I got them both today! And I told James that I'm creating a pocket in my scrapbook to keep all of them in!! (Got that idea on a show!)

I'm looking forward to creating more pages in my scrapbook. I just need to finish my roll of film then take it in to get developed!

Well ladies....I need to get off of here, just wanted to pop in and say hello!!


03-27-2004, 08:33 AM
Good morning ladies,

Cristi - where ARE you???? Don't make me come after you, lol! Seriously, though, you never mentioned being gone so I am sorta worried!

Susan - I know if I had a message by a man w/an accent on my machine, I would replay it over and over! Do you think you'll be meeting him on the 17th, then? I guess you know that all of us JLs will have to approve the location. We want you to be safe!

Marti - yw for the card. It was very hard to pick one - I looked at them all and had to get one that was just right! Hope you have a great weekend!

Angie - hope you are getting some rest.

My sister Maggie and I talk on the phone every Saturday at 7:30, so I have to hurry, but wanted to say I am down 1 more pound. YAY! And I will be adding a new dancer to my signature for each 5 pounds gone.

Have a good one, and I'll bbl,

03-27-2004, 02:22 PM
Good Morning,

You are welcome Marti!!! I hope you and James have a safe trip to Portland. It is suppose to be nice but chilly today. If you waited until Sunday, should be in the 70"s.

We are meeting in Olympia, the state capitol. I have been there before meeting my other internet Ok, I have met 1 other man there.
It is a lovely place with water all around and the older section is soooooo pretty.
It is half way and I hope it is the 17th , he goes to CA from the 3rd to the 9th.
I did write that while I am sorry to keep missing his calls it gives me the chance to play his message over and OMG- Jana,,,,,,,,he speaks French and is learning Italian....I will date him just for that....Spanish whispers in my ear......omg- I have won the lottery and gone to heaven all at once!! lol

YES, where IS Cristi?? Hope all is well.......

I am down half a pound, from 152 to 151.5.....I am ok with that, I guess., I just walkd everyday and was hoping for at least a whole pound!! Course it just might be that time of month?? I don't know.....not going to get crazed on it.

I did have toast,eggs and bacon this morning. I will watch it the rest of the day.

K- off for a walk.


03-27-2004, 02:55 PM
HI! everyone hope that you are having a great weekend Susan, Jana congrats on the weight loss regardless how much at least you are not movin up well I finally hit below 150 so maybe there is hope for me yet!!!!!!!!! well got to go so have a great week endit is dreary here but need to keep attitude so I can motivate my self to do some exercise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rita

03-27-2004, 05:07 PM
:bravo: :bravo: :dance: :dance: :cp: :cp:

I meant to say CONGRATS to Jana- good thing I came bck now I can include Rita!!!!!

Congrats to you both and really to us all that wake up everyday to make positive lifestyle changes........we are all winners!!!



03-27-2004, 06:11 PM
Hi Ladies~

Sorry...I did get on the :comp: yesterday just to read what was going on with everyone but didn't really have time to post. My cousin was dropping by to spend the night on her way to Dallas and I was just so excited about it I couldn't concentrate on anything else. I ran a couple of errands yesterday morning then came home and Jason thought since he received a bonus at work he would take his old mom out to lunch. Got back in time to vacuum, run to the store for paper towels and get dinner cooked early so as not to take away from our visiting time since she was only spending the night and we hadn't seen each other in 5 years.

Anyway, the visit was nice. We were up till 1:30 am talking and laughing and then up at 7 this morning, she left a little after 8. She is such a sweetie and a fun girl. I say girl but she is a year younger than me-that's still young! :D After she left, I straightened things up and layed down and haven't been able to wake up since. I think it is the weather. It is dreary here-got chilly and has been raining all day.

Jana~CONGRAT'S on yet another loss! WTG missy. :bravo: That is so cool, that the tea room has WW winning points on the menu. I have never seen that. Glad you had a nice time/lunch with your friend and you stayed OP! :cp:

Susan~I definitely think Alex is a keeper, and yes it sounds like you hit the lottery with him. I sincerely hope everything goes as you wish. Whether it be a friendship, or romance, I wish all the happiness one deserves. And everyone deserves to be happy! :) I like how he included Gaby by saying Hi to her on the answering machine-so sweet. :love: You sound like you are on :cloud9: CONGRAT'S also to you missy on your loss this week. :bravo:I am going to have to jump on the bandwagon with you and Jana and get to losing. WTG! :cp:

Hi Rita~CONGRAT'S to you also. :bravo: You didn't say how much you lost but that you are down in the 150's but WTG.:cp:

Keep up the good work ladies! :high:

Marti~glad you and James are having a great time! You sound so very happy and I am happy for you.

Kayecee~we had a TJ Max here a couple of years ago and it closed down, or moved. If it moved I am not sure where it moved to. Not sure if there is a Cato's here. Swear I saw one one day, just not sure where. That abcdistributing sounds like something Vince was trying to sell when I met him, he still receives the catalogs but never gets anyone to buy. just reminded me to find the catalogs and see what they have. He can order the stuff and get it super cheap. I do enjoy shopping to fix up the house and I am trying to get that bathroom finished, but don't want to go overboard with the nautical stuff-it's not a real big bathroom.

Angie~I did have a debit card! I cut it up!! :D I actually never used it as a debit card, instead would just go to the ATM and get cash when I didn't want to write a check or was out of checks.

Katie~OUCH!! Your poor son. Kids do do the darnest things don't they.

I guess I have gone on enough ladies. Catching up is hard to do. Hi to everyone else, Kathy, Kat, Shanna and anyone I may have missed. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I think I will go watch a *Lifetime* movie and try to stay awake. See ya later or possibly tomorrow sometime. :wave:

03-27-2004, 11:10 PM
Hello Ladies,

Susan - YAY for the 1/2 pound down! :cp: You are doing really good with the diet and exercise! Where in Olympia are you planning this meeting? Somewhere really public, I hope. He sounds like a total sweetie, but you should still take a can of pepper spray in your purse, just in case. Stop laughing - I'm serious, young lady. Like Cristi, I also liked how he included Gaby.

Rita - :cp: YAY to you, too, for getting below 150!! I will be totally elated when I get below 200, lol. At 5' 9", and at my age, my goal will probably be about 160-170. But I don't think about that too much yet.

Cristi - Glad to see you here! I forgot about your cousin's visit. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun! And it's nice Jason took you out to lunch. You know, I don't think I've ever been in a restaurant that has WW winning points listed on the menu either, til yesterday. I do have Dotti's listing printed out for lots of restaurants, but they are national chains, not little tea rooms.

Angie - hope the play is going well.

Hi to the others.

Remember the sick SIL in Louisiana we went to see a few weeks ago? She passed away today. But don't be sad - she is out of her misery now. I feel so sorry for her husband, though(Neals brother). They never had any children and have been married for 27 years, so he will be lost without her.

On a brighter note, my nephew and his wife announced that they are expecting a new baby in November. They have 2 DDs and I sorta hope they get a boy this time....

Gotta run,

03-28-2004, 01:46 AM
Wow!! Congrats to you all for being on a losing streak!! That is fantastic!!

I keep saying that my weigh ins are on Mondays but I have yet to weigh in. I'm thinking that I may have gained due to not really watching what I eat or getting in any exercise!!

Just wanted to pop in real quick to give my Congrats!! I hope I'm going to be joining you all with the weight losses soon!!

Talk more tomorrow.....


da fat n da furious
03-28-2004, 02:03 AM
You guys are doing so well,,,YAY for Susan, Rita and Jana

The play is doing well,,, we got a standing O tonight...had some OMG I can't beleive this is happening Like the door and the Spagetti not sticking to the wall...*sigh and I have experimented so much. Spent hours throwing spagetti at the
3 more shows and Im taking a break for a full 5 months! Ive got a date with the girls to go see Mikado on the 10th and the week after to see Councillor of Law.
Just finished reading Lisa Jackmans The morning after...pretty good.
We had an open house today... one realitor came early and was totally rude. He came an hour early, rang the doorbell and asked us if we were ok if he was there early, said he would checkout the backyard so we can leave. The met us in the front yard saying the yard was too small. If you want bigger yards your in the wrong neighbourhood....*duh

Jana, I feel for your BIL, that is heartbreaking, the ones who are left behind.

Well off to bed I go,
night all

03-28-2004, 01:17 PM
Good Morning!!

I am headed for a walk before church.

Tell that realtor to shove it up his arse!! He can't be rude to our Angie!! What an :censored: .........oh, maybe I should go to church before the walk??lol

I am sorry for your BIL and the loss within your family Jana. I am sure she suffered enough,and is in a better place.God Bless her.....

Congrats on the new baby!!

So, did you get a chance to rest up from your lady friend visit, Cristi?? That is nice you were able to catch up and send her on her I think 3 days is long enough for visitors.....about the time that you visited Angie???

Yep..........that was looooooong enough.....couldn't wait to get her on that airplane!! Back to Monte she j/k..........

I am not going to pepper spray Alex am I??? I am
There is an information center in the old section of Olympia,very public place....have the state capitol right behind you.....have a Starbucks right down the street.........pretty sure nothing *bad* will
I was in Starbucks one morning and the Gov. jumped out of his limo and ran in to place an order....I swear!!!!

Alex is a sweetie. The longer we talk the more he opens up. He was talking about how he is part of the group that leads songs on Sunday morning and I asked if he was a good singer. He laughed and said no.....thought that was cute.

Hi Marti!!! is that scrapbooking going?? I hope you are almost done!! We miss you here!! :)

Hello to all you Jaded Ladies!!!

Best get that walk in :)


03-28-2004, 08:05 PM
Just a quickie. (Post that is! :D ) I know, I know! I ain't been here since Friday, but I ain't felt like talking. Now that my jury duty is over, I can spill my guts. This little old woman needed dialysis so she checks into the hospital in a nearby town and has a catheter inserted into her arm. After she gets out, she is in major agony, so she goes back and forth to the emergency room. Finally, one of our local doctors calls the hospital and tells them that he is sending her back to them in an ambulance and they'd better keep her this time and DO SOMETHING! So she gets into this hospital and apparantly all this time the catheter is acting like a tourniquet and is taking blood away from her hand and lower arm. They keep her like 18 days then send her home WITH GANGRENE! Can you believe it? The pictures were horiffic. So her doctor that is gonna do her dialysis the next day says it's like something from the Tales from the Crypt, freaks out, and sends her to St. Louis that day. 2 days later, they finally have to amputate. Simple case, right? I walk back to deliberate thinking that it's gonna take us about 10 minutes to award the woman a couple of million dollars. WRONG!!!!!!! Half the freaking jury thought there was no way that these highly educated concerned doctors could let something go this far. (The woman had very limited education and raised 6 kids on welfare.) They figured the woman refused to follow doctor's orders when there wasn't any solid evidence for that (kind of he said/ she said- she didn't check out against doctor's orders and there wasn't any mention in their records that she refused treatment- I think that was important enough that they would have documented it- DUH! They documented the fact that she asked for a Big Mac one day and I kinda think that refusing treatment is a little more important than that). But there was evidence that they hadn't followed procedures and shoulda caught this a lot earlier. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! We ARGUED for like 4 1/2 hours then went and told the judge that we were hung. He sends us back to argue for another hour then calls us out and says that they settled so I'm sure that she didn't get anywhere near what she should have. To make matters worse, she had polio as a kid and has no use of her other arm so in effect she now has no arms and has to have her daughters do EVERYTHING for her. Frustrating!!!!

K- nuf said!

Gotta go, but Jana- sorry about your SIL. I really hate to hear that, but you are right about her being in a better place.

Cristi- ABC doesn't have sales reps- you just order from their catalog or on the net.

Later girls!

03-28-2004, 08:40 PM
Hello everyone--

Kayecee--How awful for that poor woman! Amputate?! And the other arm is not workable? Poor poor woman. I will be thinking of her. How are you other than having to be part of that?

Cristi--We received your card yesterday.Thank you. I love the little trinket that was inside....I may have to put that on one of my "wedding" pages!!

Jana--I'm sorry about's never easy letting someone go even if you know that she is in a better place. My thoughts are with your BIL. Oh...about the hair must not have been ready to let it go just yet. And there is nothing wrong with that. You're going to look cute either way!

Susan--Hope your meeting with Alex turns into a very romantic time for you! Nothing too mushy just something that will never leave you. I think that it was sweet that he got you flowers for your birthday!! (Happy Birthday btw!)

Angie--Sounds like you got Cristi's realtor!! Was he serious about the yard? I'm glad I didn't have to go through that to get this house. But when we decide to get another one,,,,,who knows!?

Katie--How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. What is the weather like in California? I picture it to be warm and beautiful. Today is very nice. Wish is was like this the days James & I went out!

Rita--You're doing great with the weight loss. Not knowing how much you lost, I'm sure it still must feel FANTASTIC!

Kat--How is school going? School starts back up for me tomorrow....and I'm really not wanting to go. But.....I suppose I should.

Shanna--Hey girl...give me a call sometime soon. We need to get together and do some scrapbooking!!

Did I miss anyone? I hope not...if I did.....Hello....

Well, back to normal routine tomorrow. I'm not thrilled with having to go back to school. But hopfully this is my last term and I won't have to go back.
James & I went to take my rings in to have them sautered together. They were just spinning around and driving me now my finger is naked until Wednesday!!

I haven't done ANY scrapbooking all week!! I will be doing some soon!! I need to get some pictured developed and scanned and all that. I want to do some of my wedding day. Sure wish I could have had one done with me & Shanna!!! (yeah,,,you Shanna) I have one with James and his best man.....I may have to take some later!

Well, I'm catching up on house work.....and I need to run to Wal-mart so I better get going. I thought I would stop in and finally do my individuals.

You all enjoy the rest of the day!!

take care

03-28-2004, 09:09 PM
HI! girls hope you all had a great Sundaywell I had a great day it was sunny and so I had some motivation walked the park with hubby almost 2 milesI was like the little train I think I can LOL and it got me thru well girlsI was up to 158 now down to 149 I only got serious after I had the flu and lost a couple then decided that I have to do something loosing slowly but loosing !!!!!!!!!!!and hopeing everyone else is loosing what they want also so have a great night Rita

03-28-2004, 09:39 PM
Hey girls! Another quickie! (post!) My smilies weren't working earlier. May be this million year old computer. :) (I'm typing the smilies in that I know.) Sorry to dump earlier, but I have been having nightmares all week and needed to vent. :(

Vallory's birthday was yesterday! :D She turned 4! :D We took her and a few friends to the park for cake and playing, but the wind was soooo bad that we didn't stay long. Then we went to see Scooby Doo and ate out. She spent the night next door with my mom last night. We got up this morning and had a huge breakfast at mom's then went to look at a camper. It's huge (36 feet) and has a bedroom on both ends. :D (Somebody's gonna have to send me a sign that says "If this camper's rocking, don't come knocking!" :devil: ) I think we may break down and get it. :crossed:

I'll check in again later. Bye.

03-28-2004, 10:51 PM
Good evening ladies,

Marti - so glad you had a nice honeymoon. Now it's back to the real world, huh. Doesn't marriage give you a sense of completeness and security? I did to me. And I like saying "my husband" and hearing "my wife". Don't tell the women's libbers where I live! LOL

Susan - I'm sure Alex is very nice, but I just want you to be careful! And I'm glad the place you picked is public.

Angie - you need a 5 month break, girl. Gotta have time off to play this summer. We got really lucky when we sold our house in town. The realtor always gave us notice and was real nice. Considering what they get out of it, you'd think they would be nicer to you!

Kayecee - I hope the poor woman got a huge settlement. Hope you get the camper. I always wanted to go camping until we moved to the boonies. Now I feel like I am camping all the time, lol. I like to go to the city for a change.

Rita - glad you enjoyed your walk. Has it been as windy in Ohio as it is in Indiana?

Cristi - are you still watching the movie???? LOL

We are all sad about Deborah but had a nice weekend anyway. The weather was just beautiful today and we spent most of the day outside. I played ball with the twins, and can really tell the difference in my weight from last fall. It made me feel really good, and I can't wait to see how I feel after losing even more!

Btw, the chickie avatars are available to anyone, and have weight loss numbers of any denomination, by 5s. (5, 10, 15 etc.) For anyonw who is interested, just click on user cp, then edit avatar to change yours.

See you sometime tomorrow,

da fat n da furious
03-28-2004, 10:55 PM
I just don't understand some poeple. GRRRR the DR and other medical presonell are HUMAN,,,humans make mistakes. Geesh, that poor woman's life has been altered,,,so has her family if they have to help her now all the time.

Jana,,,hair coloring is a pain in the keester...I just did mine yesterday. I know there will come a time when I will stop. And go natural....*sigh hopefully in about 20 yrs.
till then Im a slave to the bottle...

Susan...3 days? thats all it was? geesh coulf of sworn it was weeks...and weeks...kidding. Seems like it was only one day. Wish you could come here. Bring the Gabsters and hang out here. It gets hot here but its a dry heat so bring moiturizer

Im cranky again,,,PMS big time. Got our our tax to pay..13 thousand yay!

Anyone watch Extreme HOUSE makeover? I just love that show. The did a show for a woman named Sweet Alice,,,I was crying along with

3more shows to go,,,Im tired out. I slept into 10:30 this morning,,,and would of slept more if jim the voice coach hadn't called..
Monte Tanner and I went to see Master and was so awesome! I had read somewhere that there was close to 200 extras,,,and out of them only 5 weren't sea (motion) sick.

So many movies to see....
Tanner's band is having an auction on Tuesday. Its a bad place for me to be love

Well off to bed I go,.....night

03-29-2004, 11:37 AM
:hb: :gift: :wizard: :balloons:

Happy Belated 4th Birthday Vallory!!!!!

Good Morning,

It is nice to have you back posting Kayecee,sounds like a sad jury case thing..........((UGH- I don't know what it is called!!)) It was very sad nontheless.....just makes me realize how blessed I am to have good health,never should take that for granted.

Ang- You just wished your visit was weeks and I was a lousy hostness, you were a wonderful guest though.
I would meet you half way in Vancouver,BC??? I will have to bring my pepper spray though.......don't know if I trust you

Sorry..........waaaay too much morning coffee.

Hi Jana. Thanks!! I know you care about my safety, that is sweet and I appeciate it.

He called last night at 9pm, just got home from his weekend with his children.We agreed on April 17th for a lunch *date*. :dance: :hun:
He thought that was kind of far off and thought the 9th ((??)) but he is just getting home from Cali. and that is Easter weekend,and besides I work.............and besides,it gives me a chance to hit the 140", that is my main reason.
Also, I get paid on the 15th and I can go buy myself a Sandra Bullock dress to wear.........

Yikes, need to take Beck to school!!


03-29-2004, 03:32 PM
Ok, I am baaaaaaack.

Gabster & I just got in from a walk and play time at the park.

Rita- I see that 140 is your goal weight?? Think that is a good one for me also, in the 140/145 range, curious how tall are you?

I have some cute Gap jeans that might be able to fit if I was 145, they are 6's. I can put them on and button them laying on the bed *roll eyes* .......anyway,149 would be my 199 for some,I am sure it will be a huge boost to finally break below that darn 150.

YIKES,,,,,,,,you owe 13 thousand Angie?? I hope that is a typo?? I don't even think I made that much last Hey! I only worked 6 months. part time...thats why....not a slacker or anything....:)

I must say the avatar chickie is cute Jana. I also have been reading from the journals , lots of inspiration there.

Ok,,,,,,,,,gotta go clean and basically get off my butt.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday :dance: :dance: :dance:

03-29-2004, 07:04 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - I sure hope you meant 13 hundred that you owe the IRS!!! Speaking of movies, my DS recommended one called Matchstick Men... have you seen that one yet?

Susan - you don't have to take the pepper spray when you meet Angie, smartie pants! lol! I can't help but feel a little Motherly to you girls, ya know. You would look so pretty in a Sandra Bullock dress. But, remember the photos you sent? I think you got too thin when you were down to 135, so don't lose too much!

When the weather is so pretty, it's hard for me to stay indoors, but I got some cleaning done before I went outside. Neal is putting in some blocks (stepping stones) for me to have a container garden on, in the front of the house. I'm excited about this! At Walmart, I bought the coolest garden statue. It is of a mother angel in a swing, holding on to the swing chains, with her legs crossed, with a tiny baby angel on her lap. It's about 18" high, and about 15" wide, and it really swings. So sweet!

No other news, lol.

03-29-2004, 07:31 PM
Hi Jana,

Thank goodness there is life in Jaded Ladiesville....

I hope she meant 1,300 and not 13,000.......those Canadians..... you know....they have their $$$ all messed

Teasing Kathy & Angie....

I thought 135 was too thin for me also, would be happy at 145.Actually would be happy at

Had a Buffalo (sp) pattie and low fat cottage cheese for lunch and just had some pork n beans for, that sounds is the end of the month blues, we eat what is in the

oh, ya.........99 oz's of water......

I would love a Bullock dress. I saw in the news pink is the hot color this season.That would be a nice color for a little *meet Alex dress*....or just a dress for heck with the guys.

UGH, back to work tonight!!

Would love to have a garden to putter in , you are so lucky Jana :)


da fat n da furious
03-29-2004, 08:29 PM
I wish it was only 13 hundred too but nope...its thousand...*gulp

Funny you should mention pepper spray and I mentioned before about working as an executive body guard once right? Had to learn about pepper spray (which is illegal in Cnd= Bear spray is similar and not illigal here) Anyways I worked the G8, and learned alot about explosives and such. I frisked so many people it wasn't even fun matter how

Mondays at work ar harsh...everyone wants beer...arghhhh

Susan how about meeting half way as in Victoria BC...nicer.
Well I need toget cleaning up...

03-29-2004, 08:52 PM
Hello ladies--

Poppin in real quick before I make some dinner.

Susan--I have to agree with Jana....I also thought you looked too thin at 135. Not to sound like I'm trying to keep you from reaching your goal or anything, but some people just don't look as healthy when they are too thin. (did that make sense?) :dizzy: When I looked at your picture at 150 I thought you looked great.

Angie--OMG! :eek: $13000!! That is a lot. I owe this year, just don't know how much yet...(I it's nothing near what you have to pay!)I'm still waiting on my W2 from Sony......I had to send them a letter to get a duplicate since they sent it to my old address (James got his!!) and it was never forwarded and got lost!

Jana--I know what you mean about the weather and staying in doors. Scrapbooking is going to be done outdoors this summer!! :lol:

I hope everyone is doing great today. I will try to check in later tonight...James has been having his turn on the computer lately.....I'm might have to throw a fit to just get on! :D

You all take care


03-29-2004, 10:18 PM
Just a quick check-in girlies! Not much done at work today- all the Crap Sisters were glad to see me back though. I have to go to upper elementary tomorrow to help give the standardized test. Yuck! :( I hate doing that.

We went to visit my SIL after school. She is about to have a yard sale and I bought a cute picture and a huge boat shelf from her. I may do a nautical theme for the kid's bathroom so look out Cristi- I'm gonna be on a buying frenzy! :lol: Then Tim took us to eat at Mi Pueblo's so now I'm sitting here with jalapeno breath and heartburn. :D

Well, nothing much else to say. Except, dang Angie!!!! Whatta ya do? Save up and pay taxes for the past 5 years? If so, I know they say stripes are slimming, but I don't think ya need to do time to wear them. :lol: My heart bleeds for ya. (And Marti- hmmmm..... April 15th is what.... 17 days away? Can we all say "Procrastinate?" :devil: Not that you would be known to do that or anything! :shrug: LOL ) Night girlies! :wave:

03-29-2004, 10:19 PM
Confession: I ain't done my taxes yet either Marti so don't feel bad! :D :D :D :D :D :D

03-29-2004, 10:56 PM
Hi again,

I should get a laptop that way I wouldn't miss anything!! 3 of you posted and I am already behind!! lol

haha,thought that was funny.

You owe so much because Monte has his own business?? Anyway, that is a high amount.Soooooo, sorry. That could buy a lot of elephant ears Ang. :)

Hi Kayecee :)

Hi Marti :).........

Will I am 151.5 now.I could never be 135 again,though 145 looks nice, just so I have a cushion and all,and get into my Gaps,since I bought them for 4.99 at Goodwill.

OMG!!! Alex emailed me late. I was about to go into a funk not hearing from him all day.
He is so mature he doesn't email personal notes til his shift is over with......

Unlike me who spends all her working hours on the

Anyways......I had told him about the answering message thing.About missing his calls but I can just play his voice over and over again.
He said that that sounded familiar....he does the same thing with my messages.....course he only has 1 message from me...and he laughed. Isn't he sweet??? I think he likes

Ok, I will go work *sigh*......I am leaving this job in June!!

Victoria BC sounds fine , Angie. I don't know where that is though, will have to go look it up.....would be great to see you again :)
Curious what happened to BFL??

Anyways,hi to everyone!!! :)

03-30-2004, 08:36 AM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - my Katie looks pretty in pink and the color is everywhere in the stores now. They have lots of little retro dresses you would look good in. Awww, it's sweet that Alex saved your recording, too, and I think he likes you, too! Btw - you are doing great with the walking and water. :cp:

Angie - I never heard of bear spray, but it sounds effective! Take a can of it to Susan when you meet up, okay? lol. I bet you got a lot of wisecracks from the men you frisked, right? :D They probably liked it too much! I know Neal would love it, lol, if some strange woman frisked him. They're all dogs, lol.

Marti - I'm pretty sure you can easily get an extension for your tax deadline since not having your W2 isn't your fault. Will you have to pay a lot of $$ since you got unemployment compensation? Hope not. How's Jhanai?

Kayecee - I'm having a big yard sale with DS and Gina on Holy Saturday. All of my proceeds will go towards our big Disney trip next year. I still have to pay for the airfare and rooms for 13 people. :yikes: Well, the smallest child flies free. I can't wait to go back!! I'm sure you were missed last week at school. Good luck with the kids' testing today.

A friend asked me over for lunch today, and the best part is, she asked what I would like, since she knows I'm a WW. So I think I'll be having a turkey sandwich and an orange.


03-30-2004, 12:32 PM
Good Morning Jana,

You are taking 13 people to Disneyland? What is the age limit that children can fly free?? I thought it was like 6? or 12?

I have been when I was 6 but I need to take the girls in the next couple of years.....meaning, I want Gabster old enough to remember, course that really isn't fair to the older girls to have to wait.

I might not get a chance for a walk today . I am dressed to go out and look for a job. I really need to get something done in that area, kind of slacking.....kind of reading too much in the 3fatchicks

Though has anyone seen StarPrincesses before and now pictures?? I think you have Marti?? Anyway, she really is a pretty gal,and she is from Portland.I think she was at 200 and is now 138?? Not sure.....

Anyway, I need to also get my apt ready for roach baiting..........yep ROACH BAITING!!! yuck.........I haven't seen any lately, HAVE to move, can't stand living there.

My ex wants to know when I am going to move in because I am always hanging at his

Maybe tomorrow the Gabster and I can go mall looking?? Pink does sound lovely, though I kind of like powder blue also.....

Yep,I think Alex likes me, I like him also....just feel comfortable with him.

I can see you Jaded Ladies meeting in Aug with your pepper spray cans......though hands down Ang will be the

Best Get!!!

Cross fingers on getting a walk in :)


03-30-2004, 12:47 PM
HI! Everyone hope tht you are having a great day cant believe the change in the weather beatiful yesterday and rain today oh well tht is Ohio Susan you asked how5"5 but when I got on the scales sunday nite at work I was back up to 150.5 so it is a struggle to get past 150 so blew it and ate lemon pir and everything I wasnt supposed to so got to start over !!!!!!! Angie I feel for you with the tax been there and done that as I worked for a contracter and always had to pay I just made monthly payments so try not to freak out it will work out just check into itabout the payments and good luck well girls have a good tuesday Rita

03-30-2004, 06:57 PM
Hiya ladies~:wave:

Sorry to be gone so long. I have been in a funk and just not wanting to do anything, not even get on the :comp:! I must be sick! :D Anyway, don't have a lot of time right now as this is a bad time to get on the :comp:, but will catch up with everyone tomorrow for sure.

Take care :wave:

03-30-2004, 09:46 PM
Hey Gang! Dang I can't spell tonight! :crazy: Nothing much here. Just a hip that hurts from 3 hours of walking this morning. And I have to repeat the routine for the next 2 days. :( I hate standardized tests. And the crappy teachers that Landon has gave him homework tonight. *sigh* I've never seen any teachers give homework the night before a big test. *sigh* My pi$$y hubby is on my nerves. Can't stand his butt. I think I will divorce him. *teasing* (He was reading over my shoulder and I just made him have a cow! :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm so rotten! :devil: ) He's laughing so hard that he's crying now. :D Uh oh...... the wrestling match of the century is on... gotta go kick his butt. :sumo: LOL Night girlies! :wave:

03-30-2004, 10:12 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - there you are! I was beginning to worry! Sorry you've been in a funk - is there anything I can do? :?:

Susan - only kids under 2 fly free at most (all?) airlines. But the good news is, kids under 3 get into the Disney parks free. So there will be 4 of them who are under 3. Good luck with the job search. :crossed:

Kayecee - LOL, I bet your DH about freaked reading what you wrote! No matter who you get into a wrestling match with, my money's on you! :yes:

Rita - it is colder here in Indiana, too. I sometimes weigh in at night just to see what it is, but I don't ever count it! Ya gotta weigh in the morning after you pee, in the buff! :goodscale:

Hi also to Marti, Angie, Katie, Kathy, Shanna, and anyone else I missed.

Penny's has the cutest Crazy Horse bracelet and earring sets on sale for $10. I bought two - the blue and the pink. Also got Neal a shirt to wear to the funeral Friday.

I had fun at my friends house. We kicked off our shoes and yapped about everything and nothing.

See ya later,

03-30-2004, 10:14 PM
Hah! Stomped him good! :sumo: All hail the queen! :queen:

03-30-2004, 10:15 PM
Hello ladies--

How is everyone doing? School is alright I suppose.....just really not into it right now. But just gotta get it done!!

BTW...did I tell you all that I got two B's and two A's last term? Not to bad. I wanted all A's but having the divorce finalized and then the wedding thing, I really got distracted at the end!

Sorry to make this just came and I think I better answer the door!! :D (actually James got it but I still need to go)

I will post more later----I promise.


03-30-2004, 10:21 PM
Well, I'm promised!! :D :D

Company is for James....I don't need to yap guy stuff right now! Hee-hee!!

Let's see here......

I once again forgot to weigh myself yesterday.....I think I may be scared of the scale. I just know it's going to be up!!!! I have GOT to work on myself!! Summer is just around the corner and I want to wear cute summer clothes!!

The pictures I posted of the wedding I just hate how my face looks! Almost like my face is blending into my neck!! What the HECK is up with that?!! When did I start melting into myself??

So....I need to start my walking and eating right. WHY?! WHY must it be such a pain to stay in shape? :p

Ok...I'm just being crazy.

Ok ladies...this time I need to get off. I need to give Shanna a call.

You all take Care!


03-31-2004, 12:22 PM
Hope everyone is having a good day so far. I'm just finishing my coffee :coffee: and trying to get the nerve to get my shoes on and get out the door. :eek: Today is Cesar Chavez Day and all the state workers have the day off, so the commute into downtown shouldn't be too horrific this morning.

I've been trying to pop on here every day and quickly read the latest news, even though I haven't had time to post for a few forgive me if I ask dumb questions because I missed something :lol:

Susan, what's a Sandra Bullock dress? Like one she wore in a particular movie? When is your lunch date w/Alex?

Kayecee -- that's awful about that poor woman. I hope she got a HUGE settlement. Yes, doctors are human and make mistakes, but her life is changed, she obviously went through a lot of pain, and she is now disabled permanently. Hers was NOT a frivolous lawsuit, and that's why doctors are insured like crazy in case something like that happens. And then you hear about stupid lawsuits that people win -- like the woman that sued a fast food place because she slipped on a drink that was spilled on the floor...and she was the one who got in a fight with her boyfriend and threw the soda at him in the first place! It's just not right.

Jana, I am very sorry to hear about your SIL, but I am glad she is no longer hurting. It's good that Neal's brother has family that love him to help him get through this hard time.

Angie -- $13,000?!? :fr: :yikes: Ay yi yi! I am always so afraid of owing taxes that I claim zero exemptions and get taxed a ridiculous amount...but then I always get at least a modest refund at the end of the year. Lots of people have told me that's stupid, and I should claim enough exemptions so that I don't owe anything, but so the government doesn't have use of my money all year, because I could be earning interest on it. But that's really a joke :joker: If I had more money in my pocket all year, I'd probably just spend it -- so I guess I use the Federal government as sort of a 0%-interest-earning piggy bank. :lol:

Marti, sounds like married life suits you well! Welcome back to the real world from honeymoon land :cheers: It's been cooler here the last few days but should be up in the 80's again the end of this week, I think... :sunny: I just wish Spring would last longer here. We tend to jump right to Summer, and I HATE the heat!

Alright ladies, gotta run to work. Have a great day, and I'll be "reading" you all soon :)


03-31-2004, 12:35 PM
Good Morning,

Katie- Hi.
My idea of what a Sandra Bullock dress is what she wore in Hope Floats. Those little sleeveless sundresses with a cute sweaters.

summery,girlie, pretty things......

April 17th is the lunch date.He called yesterday afternoon after I was finihed with my roach baiting readiness,,,,,and said he had gone home early cause he hadn't felt good. Had some darn thing called a fish taco?? at taco time?....and that made him not feel well. Anyway, I heard a bing sound in the background and asked what it was..........oh, he said ....just the microwave, thawing out some shrimp for dinner.
*roll eyes*,,,,,,,I just said he better cook it well and hope he takes care.Call me Dr,Susan and I will be sending you a bill in the

Trying to get back on track.

best get

03-31-2004, 01:36 PM
Please go to Chit Chat #40

Thanks :)