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03-25-2004, 06:47 AM
:flow1: "WELCOME!!!" :flow1:
This Thread is for anyone wanting to join us in
sharing about their "CURVES experiences"
or if you are thinking about joining and have any questions.
Come on in!!!



What is Curves:
Curves is an all women gym... It is like circuit training with hydraulic machines done in 30 second intervals with "recovery stations" in between each machine...30 seconds on a machine, 30 seconds jogging in place or whatever you feel like on the recovery station...for a 30 minute workout. Most places begin with 8 machines, but we have 12 in ours & you go around the circle 2-3x. It is a great place, I love going there! They do have nutritional supplements and protein shakes and even a diet plan you can follow if you choose...it is all outlined in the member guide they offer you.

The Cost of CURVES in NE OHIO:
*Note* ~ The Cost may vary from one Curves to another
depending on the state

There are three ways to pay that I know of:

is to pay monthly & for me that was $39.00
(+tx - some places/states don't charge tax)

is to have them automatically take from your checking (or in my case they are charging my VISA ea mo) @ $29.00 (+tx) and

to pay in full for the year the day you come to sign up (which they do not offer unless you ask, because it is the cheapest way to go & I think they lose $ on it, so they don't offer unless you ask) & that fee is less then the $29.00 but I don't know by how much for sure... I think it was 10% less each month that way.

**Oh and there is a fee you pay on your FIRST visit when you sign up also - usually $149.00, but in my case it was discounted and I only paid the $49.00 PLUS the first payment (I paid about $90.00 on my first month).**

You will also then be allowed to go to ANY curves that you would like.

Also... Some places offer FREE CLASSES ~
so ask allot of questions when you go there :)

Here is the LINK to the Curves Site:


03-25-2004, 12:46 PM
Hi everybody, I've not posted much lately, but have been trying to keep up on the reading! I did join Curves 2 weeks ago, and do really enjoy it. I made 4x the first week, 3x the 2nd and I'm pretty sure will make 4x this week. I have lost a little I believe, I weigh myself on Mondays at Curves and was 169 on their scale, so that was exciting for me!!! That 170 has been my nemisis for quite some time now. Pray for me to be able to keep in in the past! I really need to jump start the weight loss, and I've vehemently drug my feet on jumping on the low-carb band wagon. I'm an addict...I could live on carbs alone. I think that its about time to COMMIT myself to changing something though. I'm making some small goals, just like from another post I read here, and I'm soooooo sorry for not remembering your names. I'm bad, bad, bad about names. Anyway, I'm going to try to make a consious effort to cut out potatoes, bread, pasta for 2 weeks, and not eat after 7:30pm (I don't get home until just before 7, so that's impossible for me). I already drink LOADS of water each day, so I've made that one! Just wanted to let everybody know that I enjoy reading your posts, and you all keeping each other motivated!! Later...

03-25-2004, 01:45 PM
http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/flowers_ii/flower_9.gifGood Afternoon!

I went for my walk this morning in the rain... it wasn't raining very hard, so it was nice. It felt so good to get out and do some exercise in the fresh air. I plan on walking to my Curves and back the mornings that are clear this Spring & Summer... it's only about 3/4 of a mile there and back. It will be just right for a warm up and then a cool down :)


loribug26, http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/animals/butterfly.gif
Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job going to Curves! You will see results within a month or two (especially if you are watching your diet) --- sometimes you don't see the results the first month and then a huge change the second. Everyone is different, but just wanted to let you know, so you won't become disappointed like I did. Make sure you get the rest you need too... you are working out quite a bit and may need to get to bed earlier. I workout everyday, but I change things up a bit. I do Curves on Tues/Wed/Fri and on Mon/Thurs I workout with my Michael Thurmond Body Sculpting Bands for an hour and I plan to walk at least 30 min each day of the week (5days) along with what I do. I am in bed most evenings by 10pm and asleep - if not earlier. Last night at 9:30 I was out like a light! :lol: Rest is so important to weight loss and fat loss. I wish you only the best!

http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/flowers/blue_reject.gif Hi Ladies, KAR73, SPROUT & JSSCMNGN,
Hope that you all are doing & feeling much better today!!
Hi KARI, hope you are well too...
and that ~All~ our fellow Curver's are Curving and feeling great!

*God Bless*


03-25-2004, 01:46 PM
SunnyD - WTG on getting under the "terrible two's" - good for you :-)

Did my curves last night - feels so great afterwards & I have stayed OP all week with my ww eating. Next week I am off to Vegas with 2 buddies & we are all looking forward to the break. Last Fri I won $1,000 at bingo so hopefully that is a start of a winning streak & got a winners mug as well.

Hope everyone is doing well, staying focussed & getting in all their water.

Bye for now - lunch time & I am getting hungry.

03-25-2004, 01:54 PM
http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/flowers/buttercup.gif Thanks BANDIT2!!
In case we don't see you again till you get back --- "Have a wonderful time in Vegas!" Sounds like you too are doing a wonderful job staying OP :cp: So happy for you. I too drink allot of water... over 100oz a day now. That's my limit - I was told for my weight to help flush out fat you need to drink 90 - 100oz, so that's what I have been doing. Water is very important next to sleep in getting great results!

Have a great time!


03-25-2004, 02:40 PM
How did you find out about the water amount that your body needs? I would be interested in getting that info for myself. I don't "measure" how much I drink, but I sure can tell when I don't get enough. I always have a 44oz styrofoam cup with ice and water in it. I probably refill it at least 2x a day sometimes 3-4x. I drink more water after I get home from work also, so I figure I get at least 64oz a day sometimes quite a bit more....?? I figure the ice takes up some obviously, but by the end of the day its more H2O than Ice in the glass. I've just recently given up caffine, so I have to keep water in front of me at all times :)

03-25-2004, 02:46 PM
Am starting to feel much better re the flu / cold that I have had. But not 100% yet but getting there.

Monday I tried to do my 1 mile walk but was only able to do 1 lap due to the cold/flu. Then went over to Curves - only did 2 x the workout rather than 3 as was just feeling strong enough because of being sick.

On Tuesday thought I would give another try at Curves - only did 1 x due to the fact that I started coughing so bad that I did not feel it was fair to the other ladies me spreading my germs.

Took yesterday off to 'rest' up some more.

Today went for my walk - wanted to get in 1 mile but only did 1/2 mile but that is ok as still have some of this cold.

Eating has been much better. All week have been having scrambled eggs for breakfast and for lunch it has been a tossed salad with left over chicken.

Water. Did I get an eye opener on this. I have been trying so hard to drink 8 bottles of water per day. All week I have been able to only get in 5 bottles - so felt pretty good about that but also sad that I just couldn't get the other few in. Then a friend told me that 5 bottles of water is actually 10 glasses of water. Thought that didn't sound right so I got out my trusty measuring cup and low and behold 1 bottle is 2 cups (16 oz.) so here I have been getting in my water plus and didn't even no it!! So now that I know I can drink 5 bottles with no problem I know that my water is under control. And am doing really great at not eating after 7 pm - so once I am fully recovered and able to get back to Curves and my walking full time I know that the weight will start coming off.

Having some stomach ailments today - started last night - always a concern when you have had cancer - think I am going to have to have it checked out by doctor as it just doesn't feel right.

Anyway, am on my down town with hubby so have to run

03-25-2004, 03:19 PM
I bought this exercise & diet pkg. from Michael Thurmond (I left the link on the last thread - he is from the Extreme Makeover Show) and in the information he gives you he speaks about the importance of water and tells you (the average person trying to lose weight) to drink anywhere from 90 to 100oz of pure water and to give up caffeine & salt. It's very difficult to go no sodium, but I have lowered it considerably! As for the caffeine... I only have 1cup of decaf coffee in the morning, so no worries there. MT has a wonderful program and it works well with my Curves program. I have been stuck at 204 for the longest time and then I began his program 11 days ago... am now down to 198.5. So that's how I got my water info.

But I bet you could go to GOOGLE Search and type in Water-How much to Drink? Here you go... I just did that for you and got this site: http://www.ultimatewatermassage.com/fitness-water-how-much.htm
Maybe this will help you ;)



03-25-2004, 03:24 PM
Hey I'm here alot today huh? Thursdays is my slowwwww day at work, so I've been reading old posts almost all day!!! SunnyD I found some old posts of yours in one of these threads, and you were chatting with a lady Cassandra B. She and I seem to have a lot in common, and she seemed like such a sweet girl, do you know how she is doing? I was just wondering. I also want to say * congrats * ;) to everyone who has had success lately....I'm sort of bad about talking about myself and not pumping up others, which is particularly bad of me when I'm needing some pumping up myself!! Oh and Sunny I too share your love of animals...we have 4 house cats (yes 4) and most of our friends/family think we're crazy. Luckily my hubby loves them as much as I do, as a matter of fact he's the one that's brought them all home!!! (and then some that we've gotten other homes!) I grew up with horses, and still have one at my parents. He's my baby. I just wanted to share that we have things in common. I'm always in need of some new friends.

03-25-2004, 03:25 PM
Glad that you are feeling a bit better... hope you reach that 100% soon!
Get plenty of rest! You goals sound right on the money, so now if you could only feel better, huh.

Take Care, Marilyn...


03-25-2004, 03:27 PM
Oops sorry Sunny forgot to thank you for the Water info!!!

03-25-2004, 03:33 PM
Yes Lori,
I just loved Cassandra B. --- she began the Curves Thread some time ago and when she didn't come back I kept it going, but have not heard from her in a very long time!!! I have PM'd her and nothing back. If you go to where you found the places she posted and then go to her name at the left and then click on it you will see "find more post by Cassandra B" click on that --- there it will show you her last posting if she is still posting. Or you can try sending her a PM. The last I heard from her she was terribly depressed and just stopped posting... that was so long ago. Good luck searching her out. Give her my best if you locate her, would you.

You are welcome for the information.


03-25-2004, 03:34 PM
Ok I'm back again, I'm looking for an easy healthy breakfast to jumpstart my metabolism in the mornings....I struggle so with the "eating" part of dieting....I think I'm eating better than usual, but am not really. I'm really going to try low carb, but I'm so skeptical b/c I know how I am about LOVING those carbs.....oh and do you ladies own the Curves book? Was wondering how you like it.

03-25-2004, 04:31 PM
Hi everyone!
I've been trying to talk my mom, who is 58, into joining Curves. I go to a gym and do weight lifting and what not, but I've seen the commercials and read some reviews about Curves and it sounds like just the kind of thing that would be really good for her. She's been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember and has been doing some walking everyday. The only problem - about 10 years ago we were in a car accident and as a result she had to have some of the disks in her neck fused together. There was some nerve damage in her right arm and I know she still has some pain from it. Would she still be able to get a good workout from Curves and would they give her the attention she would need to avoid being in more pain? I know that pain is a big disincentive for her and I would really hate to recommend something that was going to cause her further injury. Thanks for the help!

03-25-2004, 05:23 PM
Now here is where I do not give advice... You or your mother would have to go to her Dr. with information from Curves and seek his advice (*you can go to any Curves and get a sheet with all the equipment that is being used listed & with pics & how it's used). Sounds like her injuries were/are pretty bad. I sure do wish you well and would love to know what her Dr. has to say.

Thank you for stopping by and asking ;)
*God Bless*


03-25-2004, 05:38 PM
My Breakfast @ 6:30/7am:
*1/4C old fashion oats to 1/2C of water with a pket. of Spenda and a 1/2tsp of vanilla flavoring & 1/4tsp of butter flavoring & 1/2 Banana sliced on top --- yummy. I'll have this before my Curves workout and have the best workout!
*I will have Eggbeaters with 1/2 Grapefruit sprinkled with a bit of Splenda
*2-Harboiled EggWHITEs with 1/2 Grapefruit sprinkled with a bit of Splenda

I find these all good, but I am also following MT's program and this is what he tells you to have. He also states you should eat 5x a day and for me that is:
Breakfast @ 6 or 7am
Snack @ 10am
Lunch @ 12:30/1pm
Snack @ 3pm
Dinner @ 5:30/6pm
Snack @ 6:30/7pm DONE EATING at 7pm.

If you want any other information as far as his program goes I would suggest his site... only because it is so very detailed and full of info ;)
Hope I have been of some help :)
*Take Care*


03-25-2004, 05:43 PM
I too am a huge animal lover --- always have been :D I have three boys (my cats) and have shared many pictures of them. Don't know if they are all still posted because I cleared out all last years pics :^:
I'll have to post some current ones for you ;)



03-25-2004, 05:52 PM
Woops... I forgot that MT also does not believe in giving up carbs at all ~ just making better carb choices!! He said you need carbs for muscle toning...

I was doing the SBD & lost 12lbs on it till I got MT program, but I still believe that Phase-II of the SBD (South Beach Diet) is good and the Curves Diet in the Lavender handbook they give out (if you give them 3 names to call OR pay $7.00) is very similar to the Phase-II of SBD --- both good!!

Okay, I think I have covered everything now ;)


03-25-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi Ladies,
Sounds like everyone is enjoying the spring weather. I went to Curves twice so far this week. I plan on going tomorrow night for my weigh-in and measurements. Then also on Saturday morning. I was able to talk a friend in to going for a walk tonight. It was so warm and pretty out today. I just love the springtime!
Well I only had a moment to pop in and check in with everyone. So I hope everyone keeps up the good work. I hope to pop in tomorrow evening with good news. Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful Friday!

03-26-2004, 10:12 AM
Good Rainy http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/nature_ii/rain_md_clr.gif Spring Morning Ladies :)

Well, I have just gotten home from day #3 at Curves... tired today, but got it done. My hubby & I are fighting allergies already. It's so bad here in OHIO... allot of people were complaining about their eyes and sinus' this morning at Curves.

Hope you all have a wonderful OP day & weekend...
may you have Springlike http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/flowers_ii/flower_12.gif temps :D to enjoy.

*God Bless*


http://www2.incredimail.com/contents/animations/butterflies/butterfly_1.gif Oh... Hi KAR73! :wave:
Hope your weigh & measure was good!!!!
Thinking of you...


03-26-2004, 10:30 AM
Hi everyone:

Did my curves again last night & am going to go tonight if I can work it in. Trying to get in some extra sessions before my trip next Thurs.

Lori - some things I have for breakfast are: raisin bran w/skim milk or dry, yogurt with dry cereal in it, toasted tomatoe & cheese sandwich, fruit & cheese, toasted english muffin with p/butter. All of these I prepare at home then eat when I get to work - I really don't like eating first thing. Hope this helps.

Keep on curving!

03-26-2004, 02:06 PM
Thanks for all your answers!! Hope everybody is having a great Friday and enjoying some (finally) warm weather. It's rainey here, but pretty warm! Have a good weekend!

03-26-2004, 03:50 PM
Hello everyone! So glad to see the Curves thread moving along!!! :) I just thought I would pop in and say Hi real quick, and hope everyone is having a great day! I have to get off to work, so when I get home, I'll catch up with you all!

Have a great day!

~ Kari ~

03-26-2004, 04:45 PM
Gosh another week pretty well finished - sure is going fast.

Was not able to go for my walk (the rec plex was closed due to a concert coming to town tonight) and not feeling well enough to go to Curves.

Was up all last night with pain in stomach and side - thought it could be the beginning of gall bladder trouble - like I really need another medical problem.

Went to clinic this morning at 8:30 to see first available doctor. Did blood work and has order an ultra sound for April 5 for gall bladder and liver. Said to stay off all fatty foods and especially dairy products. That got me thinking this past week I started my new eating plan which included having 2 - 3 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of cheese and some milk each day. Doc. said this could be what triggered it.

So now am back to working on finding other 'breakfast' foods that don't consist of milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, or eggs. Did have a bowl of oatmeal this morning with some skim milk - pain is not to bad but stil not 100%.

So I am back looking at healthy foods to make up my food plan in order to get some of this weight off.

Am planning to go to Curves Monday, March 29, but then we are off to Calgary to see the cancer doctor so will probably not be at Curves for most of next week either. Can't weight till April 5 when I can get back into a better routine re exercise again

Have a good day and a good weekend (just in case I don't get to get in here on the weekend - will try though)

03-26-2004, 09:03 PM
Hi everyone,
I went into Curves tonight and lost a pound and .10 body fat, but once again no inches. These is the second month in a row. So I am a little down in the dumps. I told the lady that I was getting a little discouraged because I have lost 5 pounds now since joining at the end of Dec. I am happy with that it is not losing any more inches since the first month there. It is time for my TOM to start and she said that might be what is causing my no inches lost. So we are going to try again next week and see if it any different. Any suggestions from you wonderful ladies? Other than that I am just slumping around working on a mirgraine headache. Think I might just go to be early tonight and try to forget about it. Talk to you all later. Sorry I am so depressing tonight. I will try to be more upbeat next time.

03-26-2004, 10:33 PM
Good evening ladies...I see SunnyD started a new string which is cool!! WTG!!! I just love the color green...LOL...Im so silly...i guess I caught a case of the fresh air happiness today...LOL...It hit almost 70 here and OMG was is great...I loved it...what a day to start fresh...I did my first session at Curves today and I just LOVED it...it was so refreshing, so motivating and just so wonderful...im so glad I decided to take part in that place...and I think you gals for such good words about it...Every person there was just so friendly and nice...I even saw 2 women who were well over 60 year olds there...the instructor said they were both in their 70s if i heard right but you couldn't tell...there are even silly things they do there to earn Curve dollars...like Wednesday is funky hat day...I wish I could go more than 3x a week though..I'd love to go each day...but alas maybe the happiness will wear off one day...I surely hope not though...I do have a question...how often do you get weighed and measured at your centers...they do it once a month at ours...is that normal???

Well I guess thats all for now...I sure just love this forum and i'm glad y'all had welcomed me as graciously as you all have done...

:grouphug: for everyone

Jessica :queen:

03-27-2004, 12:44 AM
Hello everyone! :) I hope everyone had a great day today. I spent my morning grocery shopping, and taking care of a few other errands, then I was off to work.

Today was SUCH a beautiful day! I'm looking forward to more warm spring days! :) It did rain here all day, but it was still in the high 50's. That made me happy :D

I am SO excited. The other day I ordered my Walk Away The Pounds Tapes. I cannot WAIT for the UPS man to bring them to my door!!! lol :dizzy: I keep reading all the reviews about the tapes, and they are all good! I'll let you all know how I like the tapes when I go through them all. I'll probably watch them first, then start the one mile tape.

SunnyD57 - Way to go on hitting ONE-derland!!! :cb: :cb: :cb: You must feel GREAT!!! I am so happy for you! :) Oh - and thanks for posting that link for the water information. I was kinda wondering how much water I needed everyday, and now I know that I need over 120 ouces a day! :eek: I really need to start working on my water consumption! I found a really cool mug at wal-mart (not sure if any of you saw it, or have it) but it's a HUGE 64 ounce mug, it's white with a black lid, and it has all kinds of info about water printed on it. Mostly the health benefits of drinking water. I thought this mug was really cool, but it was absolutly HUGE and it would take up TOO much room on my desk at work, so I need to find something smaller.

loribug26 - Glad you are enjoying Curves so much! :) Sounds like you are getting there like you are supposed to! Way to go! :cp: One thing that I REALLY like for breakfast sometimes is a small/medium bagel toasted, with 1 or two thin slices of tomatoe, and a half a slice of cheese, or a full slice, depending on what you want. After the bagel is toasted, I put the tomatoe & cheese on it, and put in the the microwave for about 15-20 seconds to melt the cheese a little. Or you can just eat it with out melting the cheese, whatever you like.

bandit2 - Way to go with an OP week! :cb: :dancer: How awesome that you won $1000 !!! I used to go to Canada with my boyfriends mother before she passed away, and I also won $1000. I was SO excited. I LOVED the look on all the ladies faces when I yelled **BINGO** - and then you hear everyone sigh....and start crinkling up their cards...lol. Gotta love it... ;) I hope you have a BLAST in Vegas. I went there with my friend and her family when I was 16 years old. Even though I couldn't gamble, I had a fun time! I'm just itching to go back there! (Throw some coins in a slot machine for me!) ;) ;)

sprout - Glad that you are starting to feel better. I've been sick over a week now, and I have no clue as to what I really have. First it just seemed like a cold, then it seemed like bronchitis, then it felt like a chest cold, then yesterday and today it REALLY felt like a head cold, and today I feel as if I have a sinus infection. This MUST be the end of it though. I don't feel AS bad as I did before. I still have a yucky cough that I can feel deep in my chest, but it gets better each day. Hopefully your's does too. :) And I hope you'll feel better, so you can get back to Curves. :)

emilyatau - Welcome! :) Hopefully you can get your mom to join curves. It is such a fun place! If you need any info, I'm sure many of the ladies here would be glad to tell you more about it! :) If yourmom has a computer, you should tell her to stop in on our thread! We'de love to chat with her too :) (And you're welcome ANY time!) ;)

Kar73 - Way to go with the 1 lb loss and the now 5 lb total loss! :cb: I'm sure you will begin to lose inches eventually. Everyone is different. I've seen some who lose the inches before the weight, and other's who lose the weight before inches. You are doing GREAT so far, and I believe that you WILL begin to see more changes soon :) Just keep on Curvin, and you'll get there! :strong:

jsscmngn - That's great that you are enjoying your Curves so much! The one you go to sounds like so much fun! Our didn't do anything like that, but occasionally they would have little contests and give aways. :) The Curves I went to weighed & measured once a month, and I think all of them are like that. When I was going to Curves though, I weighed myself once a week on their scale, just so I could see where I was at. :)

*** Now I have a quick question before I go to bed! ***

This may sound kinda silly, but what do you think is the BEST time of day to weigh yourself??? My sister and I debate this all the time. She says it is best to weigh in the evening, because you've eaten, and drunk everything for the day, and that is your *actual* weight. I say it's best to weigh in the morning *obviously* because you are lighter, and you haven't eaten. I would think that the morning weight would be your *real* weight because there is really nothing there (like food, water, ect...) to mess with the weight.

What you you all think???

So with that final word,

Good Night ALL!!!! :cloud9:

~ Kari ~

03-27-2004, 07:50 AM
Good Saturday Morning Curver's :wave:

I was told that you get your "true body weight" in the mornings --- AFTER you have been up for 30 minutes and have gone potty. The 30 minutes is to allow your body to stable from sleep... sometime you may wake with water retention that will dissipate after that time. But that is what I have always done --- in the mornings. By evening, not only do you have a gut full of food, but you may retain even more water from fatigue which will throw off your actual weight. So there's my 2c's worth ;)

Also, I HAVE that mug! That is the one that KAR73 recommended to me some time back on the last thread. It's great and I drink two of them a day and know that I am getting more then enough water for my body weight. I highly recommend the mug also. I think it was only $3-4.00 and it's insulated, so that will be great for the summer ;)

It's wonderful to see a cheery post... you are adorable! I too felt like you when I joined Curves and still do! I joined in Sept/2003... so I think you will continue to enjoy it --- I am not only hooked to the exercise and how good I feel afterwards, but the friends I have made there :) Keep up the great work!

All your hard work will show up soon... hang in there, okay. Are you watching your diet & drinking your water? Cuz that will make a difference also. I cannot speak against your feelings at all because a few weeks ago "I was with you!" I came home from Curves all sad and crying... but I didn't give up & then the following week I began to see real change in me and did get some weight off. So it will come off - it just takes patience and perseverance. You will do it :grouphug:

I so wish you all the best in trying to figure out a diet plan... that is so difficult when you ar e limited. Sure do hope you feel better real soon too! I will be thinking of you while you are at Calgary... hoping and praying for only GOOD NEWS! *Prayers*

"Luck" getting in those extra workouts before your trip... you will do it and feel great and have a wonderful time on your trip ;) In case we don't see you till after you get back... "Have a great time!" My favorite place in Vegas was the 'M & M store' (bet you couldn't have guessed that :lol: ) Joe & I bought allot of things there - hats & tee's but most of all $50.00 worth of M & M's!!! We were heading to see my family and when I got there I grabbed a huge bowl from their cupboard and filled it with all the different color M & M's we bought and placed the bowl in the center of the table for all to enjoy --- loved the colors! It was fun to see what colors everyone favored.
Have fun!!! :D

Glad we could be of some help LORIBUG,
We are getting rain here also, but temps in the high 60's! Nice!!


Well... the hubby and I have a breakfast date this morning at 7:30, so I must be off and getting ready for the day... so great to see you all here and posting.
I love it when it's hopping here :lol:

Have a wonderful Spring Day!


03-27-2004, 10:07 AM
Morning Ladies,
I am back to normal this morning. I did all my boo hooing last night. I think alot of my problem last night was my DH made a comment about my stomach and it hurt my feelings so I just had a big old pity party for myself. I got up this morning and went to Curves and put in my 4th workout for the week. It was a great sweaty workout. So I feel much better today. I have to go hit the shower and then it is off to the repair shop to get my brakes fixed. Then I have to go shopping for birthday presents this afternoon. We have a birthday party to go to today. So I will check back with you wonderful ladies later.
Have a great day!

03-28-2004, 03:55 PM
Feeling under the nice weather :(...I have a severe case of insomnia going on...haven't been able to sleep in 3 days...only a couple of hours...and that doesn't mix well with straight 8 hours at work each day...early hours too...so Im gonna go lay in bed for a bit...hopefully catch a few hours...gonna pull myself together and make me go to curves tomorrow...only thing i've been looking forward too...had a nice walk today though home from work which made me not tired...AHHHH what am I going to do....


03-28-2004, 09:30 PM
Hey everybody! I have a question for you. Since I started Curves (started actually exercising) Ive noticed I get heartburn every night after I do it. It doesnt matter what I eat, and it just happens on that day, a few hours after I exercise. Did anyone have this happen to them when they started exercising?

SunnyD - thanks for that website, I had never heard that before. But drinking that much? Do you not have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes?

03-30-2004, 11:00 AM

:coffee2: Good Morning gals :wave:

I just got home from Curves this morning and weighed in another 1/2 lb less :D I am so excited!!! It really keeps you going when you see results! I am so happy I hung in there, because I now --- not only feel differently I can see the difference in my body... so cool :cool:!

Yesterday I walked 45min and then in the afternoon worked about 40min with the Michael Thurmond bands. And I got in well over 78oz of water yesterday... that 100oz is very difficult to do everyday, but I try.


Hi Tara,
As far as the water goes... at first I was always going potty, but now that I have gotten use to it - it's not so bad. All I know is this "when I haveta go --- get out of my way!" Then I feel like I am in there forever :lol: But it is working! Every time I get a feeling to eat something I shouldn't I just drink some water and before long the feeling to eat goes away :)

Your heartburn... are you having a small meal 1 hour before you exercise with a little bit of complex carbs? If not, you may be producing extra acids in your tummy (especially if it's empty!)... maybe have something small to eat before you go. I exercise in the morning, so at 7am I have had 1/4C of Oatmeal with a 1/2 of banana sliced in it with Splenda to sweeten it & then by 8:00am when I go to Curves I feel great! I hope I have helped some... but if it continues, maybe you should see your Dr. :^: You may overproduce stomach acids and that can cause health problems... Be careful, okay.

Hi Jessica,
I sure do hope you feel better real soon! I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling ill :( Maybe you should by some "Sleepytime" tea and have some before bedtime with no sweeteners. Don't have any sugars of any kind, because it will cause you to have insomnia, as will caffeine. I use to have it and still wake about 2 or 2:30am, but it doesn't take long for me to get back to sleep after a potty break. Watch your sugar & Caffeine about 6 hours before bedtime, okay. I hope you feel better soon and get some rest! Sleep is so important for weight-loss among many other things. Oh... I also put on soothing music at night now (on a 60min sleep-timer) - it is wonderful! No TV before bed - it stimulates.

Hi Kerry,
I am so glad to hear that you are having better days again :) How was your Birthday Party? Did you have a good time? I'm sorry your feelings were hurt --- criticism never sounds good, but it's the worst when your hubby makes the comment. Just keep on truckin' there girl... you will get the weight off :goodvibes

http://skins.hotbar.com/skins/mailskins/img/Flower/Flowers_Blue_flower_prv.gif :wave: "Hello's" :wave: out there for everyone!!!
Have a wonderful Spring Day!


03-31-2004, 12:04 AM
Hey everyone...feeling much better now...thanks SunnyD for those tips..I guess I'll try the music thing...Im not much on tea or stuff like that...I usually put my tv on sleep timer on CMT *country music television* and that puts me to bed...but since i was staying at my BF's house I didnt get that station or what not...hehe...well Im better now and can't wait to head to Curves tomorrow after a nice long day at work...it will be good to get rid of all the frustrations...

Jessica :queen:

03-31-2004, 03:31 PM
It has been a while since I posted - page 6 on Curves#4, I think.

I was having some problems with my Curves - apparently one of my cheques didn't go thru and that had to be cleared up. There was the awful weather, then I had a vacation. But a few weeks ago there was a really beautiful day and I just had to go outside. I walked over to the mall and did some shopping and then decided to head over to Curves. I had a great workout. That night I had the best nights sleep that I've had in a while.
So for the past few weeks I've been managing 3 workouts a week - I hope to make it 4 this week. On Monday I went for a workout but since I got there so late I only managed to get one circuit and the stretching done.
I'm not on any diet plan but am more water and cutting back on the fried/fast foods. I haven't had a weigh-in yet but hope my numbers are better when I do have one.

Sunny - congrats on your weight loss.

03-31-2004, 03:35 PM
Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here, but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Curves and am so glad I joined back in January. I joined on Jan. 12th and actually started doing Weight Watchers at the same time and I've lost 24 lbs. so far. I love the fact that Curves makes exercising seem FUN! As for the lady who wanted to know if her mom could do it (Emily, was it?), I just wanted to give you my perspective. I have no idea how bad your mom's condition is, but I did want to tell you that I myself have a rare, chronic muscle disease called Polymyositis and I was actually bed-bound for awhile. Granted, I'm doing much better now, but I still do take my fair share of pain meds. (Morphine being only one of them). And I'm able to do it. I find the employees at MY Curves are absolutely wonderful in taking their time to show women how to work out and modify the program if they're experiencing pain, so I'm sure most of the Curves are the same way (I'm sure you get the odd one that's not so great, but for the most part, they're TERRIFIC!) When you go into speak to them about joining, they usually allow you to test a couple different machines to see how they feel for you, so that would give her some idea if she could do it or not. I go to Curves 3 times a week and walk on my treadmill the other days, and it's fantastic. I can't say enough good things about Curves!!


03-31-2004, 11:07 PM
I am home between two different travels. Just got back tonight from Calgary from my cancer check up this morning at 8 am (then hubby had to drive 5 hours to get us home) but all went well - don't need to go back till June.
Tomorrow we are off for another 8 -9 hour car trip to visit my mother for 2 days.

Tara - you mentioned heartburn. I mentioned this to the doc this morning (the one that puts you to sleep) He was a big fellow - well over 6'5" and must have weighed close to 300 pounds. I meantioned that I had heartburn/acid reflus and he said from his training re putting people to sleep - (1) you have to get the weight off and (2) don't eat anything after 6:30 at night as eating in the evening will make it worse. So that sure confirmed my no eating after 7 pm.

Well, got to go - am feeling tired - so am going to crawl into my bed early and let hubby wait up for son to get home from youth group - and then up at 6 tomorrow morning to continue our trip.

Will check back in next week when I am home and a big more organized.

04-01-2004, 10:09 PM
Hi Ladies,
I have been busy at work this week. I just sat down at the computer to check emails and catch up on my forum reading. I had a really bad day at school today. It was so bad I almost told my boss that I quit. I guess some of my coworkers have been talking about me behind my back to my boss. He asked if I was stressed and overwhelmed with my job. I said that March was a busy time for me at school. I was in tears by the time I left for the day. I came home and typed him a letter telling him why I had been stressed and then called two of my friends and talked to them. I felt a little better after this, but was still in a little funk, so I went to Curves. I feel much better now. Hope everyone is doing great this week!
I hope to be a little less stressed in the days to come. Gotta go and get ready for bed soon. It has been a long exhausting day!
Take care,

04-02-2004, 12:07 PM
Hey everyone. Well, yesterday I had to take my daughter to have a bone scan at a hospital that is over an hour away and in a different city than where I usually go to Curves. As we were eating dinner after out appt., I was thinking to myself how I really hated to go home and get on the treadmill and wished I could go to Curves. That's when it dawned on me that there was a Curves nearby, but since I had my DD with me, I was concerned that they may not let me come. So I called them and told them I was from out of town (I wasn't given my out of town card that you're supposed to have either) and they said it wasn't a problem and that they would just call my Curves to confirm that I'm a member and since I was in a bind with my DD, that she could come and just sit and watch. It was bigger than my Curves...my Curves only has 10 machines and this one had 12 machines, but it was nice. I felt great that I not only took the initiative and went to a Curves that I had never been to before but also that I had the courage to do it! And I had gone shopping at one of my favourite Plus Size stores earlier and bought myself 2 T-shirts in a size 1X. I always took a size 3X, so I was pretty psyched! YIPPEE!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. TGIF!


04-03-2004, 09:21 PM
Hey Ladies,
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I went to Curves this morning. Remember last weekend I was depressed cause I wasn't losing inches. Well I remeasured today and I lost 1 1/4 inches from my waist and 1/4 inches from my bust. Plus I have went down .40% in my body fat in a week. So I asked the girl if we could change my weigh-in date to the beginning of the month and she said yes. So I don't have to do it during my TOM. I was on cloud nine. Tonight after having a nice dinner with my parents, sister, hubby and stepkids, two of my stepkids and I went for a nice long walk around town. So it was great to get out in the cool spring night air. I just love spring evenings for walking. Well I need to go. I will check back with everyone tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend!

04-04-2004, 06:52 PM
Hello - I thought I would write real quick to let you all know I am not MIA lol. Last week our Internet Explorer would not allow us to browse the internet. I've spent the last week on the phone with SBC Yahoo DSL and they kept telling me that the problem wasn't on their end of the line, and that it was my computer. They told me I would have to take it in and have it fixed at a computer shop.

I didn't want to do that, so I re-formatted the entire computer today, and re-insalled our internet provider, and now the internet works. Come to find out, our Internet Explorer was corrupted, and needed to be re-moved, and re-installed, which is what happened when I re-formated the computer.

This past week I FINALLY got my Walk Away The Pounds Tapes. :) :) :) I was SO thrilled to get them! Unfortunatly I have not used them yet. I've watched them, just to get a feel for what the moves are, but I'll let you all know how they are AFTER I use them. ;) My only problem was that we have a DVD player in the living room, and a Tape player in the bedroom, but there is no space to exercise in the bedroom, so yesterday I went out and bought a small 13 inch tv with a VCR already in the tv. I put it in the spare bedroom, and that will be my official "exercise" room. :cb: I am really excited. :) Yesterday I also went to walmart and bought one of those HUGE 64 oz mugs that has all the water info on it. I LOVE IT so far! I have had no problem walking around drinking water out of it all day. It is great!

Well I have to get going. Ricardo's sister-in-law and I are taking a trip over the bridge into Canada tonight to go to a Bingo Hall, and maybe try our luck at Casino Windsor. :) Just thought I'de check in though. I'll post more tomorrow!

Hope everyone had or is having a great weekend!

~ Kari ~

04-05-2004, 11:33 PM
Hi Ladies,
How is everyone doing? I had a nice weekend. I even had a great day at school. The first one in a long time. I went to Curves tonight about 40 minutes before closing and actually had to wait for a free spot. I couldn't believe how busy they were. My goal this week is to go a 4 or 5 days since I am going home to see my family for Easter. I know if we have dinner at my grandma's I will enjoy her homecooking so I need to boost my workouts this week so I don't fall off the bandwagon. Well I better go and get some rest for my kids at school tomorrow. I am looking forward to another great day at school. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Take Care,

04-06-2004, 01:23 AM
Hello everyone :) I hope you all are doing well.

Today was an all around good day. I woke up early this morning, and completed the WATP 1 mile tape. The first 5 -10 minutes were pretty rough on me. It is really different than just "going out for a walk". You can really feel ALL the different muscles working, that you normally don't feel while doing a regular outdoors walk. My legs were REALLY sore, but as the workout progressed, the soreness went away, because my muscles were stretching out.

About 10 minutes ago, I did the 1 mile tape again, and like before, I got the soreness in my muscles, but it went away. I think once my body adjusts to the workout, it will be okay. :) I feel great that I actually walked 2 miles today! :)

I also managed to get in a nice amount of water too! I got in 111 ounces of water today. I drunk a full 64 ounces this morning/afternoon (thanks to my new 64 oz. mug). Then I got in another 15 ounces at work. Then when I came home I drunk a half of my mug full of water (32 oz.) My goal is to get atleast 120 oz of water a day, so I came pretty close! :)

It really is amazing how water can affect you, because I feel great, I don't feel hungry, and I really feel refreshed!

Kar73 - way to go on the inches you lost!!! :cp: :cp: What a great job!

Dawn73 - That was nice that the Curves you attended allowed your daughter to come in and watch while you exercised. :) And it's great that you had the confidence to do into a WHOLE entire different location, and work out! I don't think I could have done that, because I get so self consious lol. But what a confidence boost! And going from a 3x shirt to a 1x??? AWESOME! :dancer:

wryly - Welcome back!!! ;) So glad to see you! I am so happy that Curves got everything straightened out so you could get back to working out. It's not fun when stuff like that happens, it tends to slow you down. How are you progressing with Curves?? :)

SunnyD57 - Another 1/2 lb??? How wonderful!!! I am SOOOOO happy for you! Keep up the great work!!!

Well - I don't mean to keep this so short, but sleep is calling me lol.

I'll update tomorrow!

~ Kari ~

04-06-2004, 10:37 PM
Evening Ladies,
I gained another 2 pounds last week. I have to get myself in the butt and get moviated again. I am having a great week at school, so that is a good thing. I am going to try very hard not to get stressed and then turn to food for my satisifaction. I am setting a goal here tonight that by my birthday on May 15th I will weigh 200 pounds. I currently weigh 213 3/4. But with spring arriving a few of my friend from TOPS asked me to walk with them in the evenings. So I will still go to Curves 3 to 5 times a week and also walk. So I am asking for your help in reaching my goal. Well I best be getting off here and going to bed soon. Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday!

04-07-2004, 01:02 AM
Hi Kerry - Glad you are having a great week at school. Isn't it wonderful when you have a full week that just goes well??? At work I'm usually really tense because of certain deadlines, and quota's (sp?) that we have. This week, for some reason hasn't been bad at all, and I've been really relaxed at work. (I hope it keeps up for a while!) lol.

I think you'll lose that 2 pounds in no time. Motivation is the key. So lets all keep each other motivated! :coach: lol I know you can do it! You have gotten this far. Everyone slips every now and again. Just imagine how GREAT you are going to feel on your birthday when you KNOW you made your set goal! It's going to feel great! We are always here to cheer you on! :cheer:

I'm not sure if I've lost, gained, or maintained any weight. I know my starting weight LAST April 2003 was 305 lbs. I ended getting down to 255 lbs by the end of summer. BUT since I quit Curves, I've bounced up to around 280 lbs. Defintley NOT cool. But I know I want to lose the weight, because I am still here, and even though I don't always succeed, I still keep trying. I think that is important.

I have been really good so far with exercising everyday and getting in all my water. I have been doing my WATP tapes daily. It feels good to be doing them. :) This is a HUGE change since November, because I really haven't done too much since then.

Today I also managed to get in 148 oz of water! I find it easy to just fill my 64 oz mug all the way up, and drink it while I am on the computer. Time flys, and by the time I get off the computer, my mug is empty! :)

Now I really just need to work on my eating habits. I keep saying that, and I've said it for months now, but I haven't really changed much. I know I have to make it happen, and I will.

Well - I have to get to bed. I hope you all are doing okay! Please stop in and say Hi when you get a chance! :)

~ Kari ~

04-07-2004, 10:21 AM

Good Morning Gals!

Sorry I have been MIA... I was with my hubby all day Monday (he was off)... well, guess what we went to get!? I got a brand new ProForm Treadmill!!! It is so beautiful! I got it on sale at Sears for only $399.00! I paid that much for my old one 10 years ago with less bells & whistles. I just couldn't stand waiting on this weather any longer to get in my walks.

Yesterday morning I walked within my FAT-BURNING HEARTRATE of 110 to 115 for 1 hour and burned 208 Cal/96 of them Fat Cal. and went 2 miles. The display on the treadmill has a graph for Heart Rate Training Zones (so cool!). Michael Thurmond (the weight-loss program I am doing along with Curves) wants you to work in your Fat Burning Zone and this is perfect! The T-Mill has a thumb Heart Rate Monitor that is so easy to use, so you are able to stay within your zone.

I haven't lost any more weight, but do see a difference in how my clothes feel. It's great! So 3 weeks into his program along with the Curves I have lost 7lbs :)

I just got home from Curves and thought I would check to see how you all are doing ~ don't know if I will be able to catch up... you ladies have been busy! :D


I am so sorry I haven't been around in a week to welcome you in, but it looks like you have been very well cared for my the lovely ladies here ;)

Wishing you "Luck" in getting off those 13lbs before your birthday... you can do it.

WRYLY!!! -
Is that you!?! :cp: Welcome Back!!

WoW :o 148oz of water!!!! Where's the bathroom!! I can barely
keep up with the 100+oz I drink a day. Good for you.

Hope you are feeling better!

Glad I could be of some help, hope you are doing well...


And a warm Hello to everyone else lurking...
Have a Beautiful OP day!!!
*God Bless*
:sunny: SunnyD


04-07-2004, 11:28 AM
Hi ladies! I just wanted to thank you all! I wrote a while back that I wanted my mom to try Curves. She visited a Curves and was so excited. She called me and said "you know, I can DO this". She was so impressed with it that her and my father are looking at opening a franchise in our home town - as the nearest Curves is a half hour drive away and several of the ladies in town have said that they would go if it wasn't such a hike to get there. I've never seen my mom so excited about exercise before and I think its WONDERFUL! :)

04-07-2004, 08:07 PM
awww - thanks Kari and Sunny.

I got in 4 workouts last week (3 during the week and 1 on Saturday). I felt great and noticed that some jeans fit a bit better. But this week I haven't been able to go at all. And even tho I've been careful with my meals I haven't been walking as much or drinking enough water. And this morning I noticed that one of the jeans that were kind of loose last week were tight this morning.
Oh, well. I'll have to get my butt in gear when I get back from the weekend at my sisters.

04-07-2004, 09:47 PM
Thought I should touch base as it has been awhile.

From my highest weight I have actually lost 18.5 pounds as of today - I have update my avtar to show 15 pounds lost -- will change this when the next 5 are off.

Have not been to Curves for 3 weeks due to being sick.

I have given up my membership with Curves. I am not up to giving reasons other than what happened was not called for.

We have a new place in town owned by local people - same machines as Curves only it is not a franshise. There is no start up fee. You can take it by the month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. And should during your membership you become ill say for 1 or 2 weeks - they will extend your membership by that time. Also during your membership should you go on holidays they will extend your membership for that also. They also give you one free visit.

Today I took out a 3 month membership. Tomorrow morning I have my free visit and then the membership will actually start on Saturday April 10 for 3 months. Another thing that I like is that there scale is digital rather than balance beam. And the same person weighs and measures you each time.

As I am just beginning tomorrow I have decided that for the next 3 months that there are going to be some changes I will work on. They are the following:
(1) Workouts min. of 3 x each week
(2) When not doing the workout out I will walk to a tape I have for 30 minutes as well as walking at our rec plec for 2 miles
(3) 8 - 10 glasses of water every day
(4) No eating after 7 pm
(5) No potatoes or bread or added sugar during this time.

Tomorrow will be day 1 - wish me 'luck' to be able to stick with this for the 90 days as I would like to see some positive changes by then. I believe if I do this as outlined I could feasibly lose 30 pounds - so here I go !!!!

04-08-2004, 03:59 PM
Hey everyone. I just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY EASTER, in case I don't get back on-line until after the weekend. I got weighed in at Curves on Tuesday and I lost another 3 lbs. last week, making that a total of 27 lbs. and 22 & 3/4 inches since Jan. 12th of this year. I am thrilled at my progress! I presently go to Curves 3 times a week and walk on my treadmill 3 times a week, so I'm doing some form of exercise at least 6 days a week (I take Sundays off). I think it's really helped. I sorted through some of my clothes that were too small today and was able to fit into all the clothes that I was wearing in Nov/01. This is when I got sick and started putting on all my weight from the steroids I have to take. It feels great to fit into them again!! Just wanted to share my good news with you all and let you know I'm thinking of you! Have a great Easter weekend!


04-08-2004, 04:01 PM
Oh, one more thing....can someone tell me what the walk away the pounds videos are and how you do them? I've heard so much about them, but don't have a clue what you do. Thanks!


04-08-2004, 04:54 PM
Hi Everybody! Talk about being MIA!! I've been soooo busy lately (doing what I'm not sure, but hey ya know!) I've not even had time to lurk let alone post! Ok somebody has got to tell me how to get my posts to be more interesting!! How do I get a font formatted in a color and a different font?? I'm usually pretty good at stuff like this, but this is throwing me! :?:

I weighed and measured at Curves for the 1st time on Monday and (drum roll please) I've lost 6 lbs and 2.25 inches!!!! I am sooooo pumped. :D
I really enjoy going to Curves and really feel that this may be a long term commitment for me for the first time. I do have this bad habit of falling off a little after seeing results. I know that's backwards, I should want to go more, but it's like my little "reward" in my warped brain I guess. Who knows, but I'm trying my best to not let it get me this time. .
I just wanted to say hi to everybody and good to see new faces and this thread taking off!!! Hope everybody has a blessed Easter!!! Take care all.

04-09-2004, 01:18 PM

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/8/8_3_8.gif A very Good Afternoon Ladies!
It's a great day here because the sun has finally broken through the clouds http://skins.hotbar.com/skins/mailskins/em/030104/030104_emM5_prv.gif here and it is absolutely beautiful here today! What a difference a day with sunshine makes! :D

I went to Curves this morning and was so excited because my girlfriend (Mary Beth) who usually goes in the afternoons after she teaches school is on Easter Break and came with me this morning --- it was so much fun to have her join me :) And then I got home and weighed myself guess what!?! I have lost another lb! So now I am down 19 lbs... now 197 :D
I am soooo close to that 20# loss :^:

Well gang I will try to catch up next Tuesday --- so good to see everyone!!! I have to get off here soon and go help the hubby with the bread we have to get baked up - about 6-8 loaves -
they are Easter Gifts...


"Have a Wonderful Blessed Easter!" http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/8/8_3_11.gif
*God Bless you ALL!*
:sunny: SunnyD/Donna


04-10-2004, 08:22 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Glad to see that everyone is having a great week. I went to a workshop on Thursday for school and had a nice time. Then yesterday I went to Curves in the morning before I got in my car and drove 4 hours to Northeast Ohio to visit my family. So it was a nice day for a drive. I am planning on going to check out the local Curves here this morning.
Dawn isn't it a great feeling when your clothes start to feel looser and you can actually wear smaller sizes. I am proud for you!
Well I need to get my butt in gear. I have to go workout and then come back to my parents and get ready to go out for lunch with my best friend. I haven't seen her in four months so I am kind of excited to see her again. Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Easter!

04-10-2004, 08:12 PM
How much are membership fees generally speaking? A new curves just opened up in my town, and I was wondering.

04-12-2004, 09:30 PM
Hello everyone - I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter!

I wanted to post before Easter, but I took a trip up to Traverse City to stay with my cousin for the weekend, and I was pretty busy packing, and cleaning up the house so I wouldn't have to do it when I got home.

I did have a great Easter though! It was a "girls" Easter weekend....lol. On Saturday my Cousin and I went shopping, and out to lunch. In the evening we stayed up, prepared some foods for Easter dinner, watched movies, and played Trivial Persuit. (I lost) :lol:

This weekend was really bad for food though lol. I don't even want to go through the list of everything that I consumed. My cousin did buy me a big box of Godiva Chocolates though. I ate two and when I got home this morning, gave them to Ricardo.

I HAVE to start getting my eating under control so I can actually lose some weight. My mother and her fiance' are planning an August/September wedding and I'd like to lose some lbs before hand.

Now it is time to get back on track! I need to do my WATP tapes now, since I have not done them in 3 days. I am actually going to do them as soon as I get off of the computer. :) Sounds weird, but I was really excited to come home and be able to do my tapes again.

Well - I'm sorry this is so short, just wanted to say hi to everyone! I will post again tomorrow! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

~ Kari ~

04-13-2004, 05:30 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I spent time with my family and my best friend this past weekend. So I really enjoyed my weekend. I was not ready to go back to school yesterday. But I went and the thing that made me get through the day was the fact that I was going to Curves last night.
I go tonight to my TOPS meeting so we will see how well I did this weekend in regards to food. I didn't give into all my craves, so I hope it pays off some. Well I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was. I am going to go ride my exercise bike for about 20 to 30 minutes. I just didn't want to go out in the rain again until my meeting later this evening. I like spring weather but am getting sick of all this rain. The creeks and lakes all around my area are high. It would be my luck to go workout at Curves and not able to get home without a long detour. Have a great evening ladies.
Take care,

04-13-2004, 11:44 PM
Kar73 - Just curious...what is TOPS???

Could you tell me a little more about it when you get a chance?

Thanks a bunch! :)

~ Kari ~

04-14-2004, 09:18 AM
Hello Ladies,
Kari TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. It is a weight loss support group. It costs $20 a year. Then monthly dues are $2.50. Since I joined last April 1st, I have lost close to 20 pounds. They hold weekly meetings were you get weighed in and then you have a business meeting and then do a fun activity afterwards. At least that is how my group is ran. I really enjoy the extra support that I get from going. Plus I know that I have to be more accountable for my weight loss. If you want to find out more about TOPS, you might want to check out their website www.tops.org Plus to see if there is a TOPS near you. I lost 1 1/2 pounds last week.
I did go and ride my excerise bike for about 20 minutes last night. I am looking forward to going into Curves tonight and working out.
Well I better go and get my kids started on their daily work. Have a great day!

04-14-2004, 04:51 PM

Good afternoon... :wave:

What a beautiful day we are having today ~ it's hard to sit inside & be on the computer when it's nice like this (we have so few nice days), but it has been so long since I last checked in I thought I would show up and have a chat ;)

:flow2: I have some new pictures on another thread if you all are interested:
I posted three sets of pictures so go to the next page, okay ;)

Joe & I had such a nice Easter with his family and it sounds like you all had a nice one as well. I had such a nice time watching the kids have fun with what they all received. And the weather wasn't nearly as bad as they predicted (thank the Lord). And today is beautiful after the last few days of rain. I think we may see temps in the 70's by the weekend! Won't that be nice to feel... we have been waiting a long time for some nice weather.

T-Mill ~
I walked on the Saturday before Easter and again each day up to today... I will walk at 4:00. I take my time walking 1 hour each time getting in about 2miles.

Curves ~
I have gone on Tuesday and this morning and will go again on Friday. It is so wonderful to see all the ladies working out after the Easter weekend. We have well over 500 signed up at our Curves as of this morning and they were signing up 3 new people when I left :D


Looks like you two have kept this thread going... thanks!
Sounds like you both are getting back on track just beautifully!!

I will come back with some info soon... I have posted it so many times on these threads, so I am going to go back and look for the info and then I will post it for you, okay.


Catch you all later...
:sunny: SunnyD


04-14-2004, 05:14 PM
Hope this helps you...

There are three ways to pay:
FIRST is to pay monthly & for me that was $39.00 (+tx - some places/states don't charge tax)

SECOND is to have them automatically take from your checking (or in my case they are charging my VISA ea mo) @ $29.00 (+tx) and

THIRD to pay in full for the year the day you come to sign up (which they do not offer unless you ask, because it is the cheapest way to go & I think they lose $ on it, so they don't offer unless you ask) & that fee is less then the $29.00 but I don't know by how much for sure... I think it was 10% less each month that way.

**Oh and there is a fee you pay at the beginning too - usually $149.00, but in my case it was dicounted and I only paid the $49.00 PLUS the first payment (about $90.00).**

You will also then be allowed to go to ANY curves that you would like.

Also... Some places offer FREE CLASSES - so ask allot of questions when you go there :)

:sunny: SunnyD


04-15-2004, 12:00 PM
I had a good Easter - ate too much chocolate and watched too much hockey!!
Went to Curves 4 times last week and will get there 5 times this week (I hope).
Yesterday I was measured before my workout: I lost 6 inches, mostly around the arms and thighs. But I did gain weight and my BMI is up. Go figure!

And I broke a toe last night. I was watching a hockey game and had gone to the kitchen to get a snack. It looked like the fridge door wasn't going to close so I went to close it with my foot. Big mistake. I ended up kicking the door jamb - really hard. I ended up dropping grapes all over the place!
It is sort of uncomfortable to walk today but I'm going to go to Curves tonight anyway. I'll just take it easy between machines.

04-15-2004, 01:29 PM

Hello WRYLY -
So good to see you again :)
Glad you had a nice Easter... sounds like you really had a great time :)

I ate a bit more then I should have in chocolate also, but the day after Easter I asked my hubby to take the rest out of the house or I would spend more time eating it and exercising less... :o
I know myself very well --- I cannot resist a good piece of chocolate! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/8/8_3_16.gif :lol:

:bravo: in losing 6"!!!!!!!!!! :cp:
And with being so devoted in going to your Curves classes.
You are doing very, very well!!!!!
I am so happy for you.

You did what :eek: You broke your toe! Bummer! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/10/10_1_116.gif (closest image I could find to what happened to you :lol: ) OUCH! I hope you do okay when you go to Curves today... be very careful when going from one machine to another, okay.

I just finished my Sculpting Bands (it takes me about 40 min to do) I do the Bands 2x a week ~ Curves 2-3x a week ~ and walk my T-Mill for 1 hour everyday except on Sunday's. I am really wanting to get this last 42lbs off me for good!

Be careful Wryly, and have a good weekend!


:wave: "Hello's" :wave: to everyone else out there!
Have a GREAT weekend!!!
I know I will --- suppose to be bright with sunshine http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/16/16_6_1v.gif and warm all weekend and we are looking forward to it here in OHIO :D

:sunny: SunnyD


04-16-2004, 12:38 AM
Good evening ladies! Hope you all had a great day! It was a sun shiny, clear 65 degree day! :flow2: I LOVED it!

SunnyD57 - It looks like you and Joe had a great time dying eggs! We didn't get to do them this year. I spend every Easter with my cousin and her family, and we usually do one Easter activity. Last year we made Easter Bunner Sugar Cookies and decorated them. This year we didn't do anything because we spent a lot of time shopping and cooking. :D That's awesome that you finally got your treadmill! :dancer: Wish I had one, but there is noooo room at our house lol.

Wryly - Sooooo sorry to hear about you breaking your toe! :eek: I've done that before too (though under different circumstances) and it HURTS. Take it easy when working out. You don't want to make it hurt any more than it already does. Glad you are still getting your Curves in, you are doing GREAT!!! 6 inches is wonderful! :bravo: :cp: :cb: :dancer:

Kar73 - Thanks for the info about TOPS. I found the thread here, and posted too. :) I did go to the website and found many different groups in my area. I called one of the ladies to get some basic information from her, but she has not called back yet. Hopefully she will contact me tomorrow. It sounds like something I would like to do, Lord knows I could use some extra support, plus I may make some new friends. :) (And it is affordable!) ;)

Yesterday I had quite a scare at work. About half way through my shift, I started feeling ill. I kept having to get up because I thought I was going to toss my cookies, and then I started feeling light headed, like I was going to pass out. I felt like all the blood was drained from me, and ended up with a terrible headache. Every time I moved my head just hurt worse, and worse. Then I started shaking. It was uncontrollable. I do notice that *sometimes* when I don't eat enough, I feel light headed, and shake a little, but this was really bad. To the point where people could notice.

My father has type 2 diabetes, and my mother has hypoglycemia. I know that is not a good combination for me. I have never been tested for either of these, but I probably should. I'm thinking maybe my sugar went too low, because I have most of the symptoms of low blood sugar, but I don't know. When I got out of work, I stopped at McDonalds and got a vanilla ice cream cone, and by the time I got home (a 35 minute drive) I was feeling 100 % better. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.

Well - I have to get going, it's bed time for me. Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! Talk with you all later!

~ Kari ~

P.S. - I did my 1 mile WATP tape today, and got in 70 oz of water :D

04-18-2004, 05:21 PM
Hello Ladies,
Glad to hear that everyone is doing fine! Sound to hear about your broken toe Wryly. How is it today? I bet that must hurt trying to walk around and do your normal everyday to day routine. Kari, I am glad that you started to feel better after you had an ice cream cone. I bet that was very scary feeling. So are you going to get yourself tested? I don't want you to jepardize your health with your family's history of Type 2 diabetes and hypoglycemia. It has been a very busy weekend for me. I had to go to a TOPS Recognition Day yesterday to see two of my member's recieve awards. Then last night, my dh, myself and my stepds' went to a demoltion derby. So I wasn't home at all yesterday. Then today I went to church ( walked to and from) and then off to ball practice for my stepdd. So I got to soak up some sun rays. I just hope that I had enough sunscreen on so that I don't get sun burned. This evening I get to clean house some. Plus I am hoping to squeeze in a walk with my dh. I would love to walk around the local lake with him. I haven't been there since last fall. I better scoot and get busy with cleaning house. Talk to you all later. Have a great day!

04-19-2004, 06:08 PM
Hi all. :wave:

My toe is a lot better - the swelling is almost all gone, the bruising isn't that bad anymore and the pain is barely noticable when I walk. When I'm not walking I usually keep my foot elevated on a chair or something.

I wasn't able to got to Curves on Friday, so I only got in 4 work-outs last week. They close at 6:30 and I wasn't able to get there until 6:15. Saturday was raining and miserable. I thought for sure that Curves would be empty but almost every machine was in use. :lol:
I got in a great work-out and then treated myself to a blueberry tea. Then back to my apartment to knit and wait for the hockey games to start. Detroit won!!!
Sunday I went and did laundry, some grocery shopping and other busy stuff until dinner. Then the Leafs had to ruin my productive day by losing.
I was doing other stuff this morning and couldn't get in for a work-out and forgot my newly-laundered stuff :dz: at my apartment so I can't go during my dinner break at work.

04-20-2004, 06:18 PM
Hi all:
I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I loved the beautiful weather we had this past weekend. Now it is raining here again. Not fun at all!
My week is okay. I had one student push a tv off my tv cart yesterday and it hit one of my other student's in the head. So I am on super edge when these two kids are around each other. I don't want him to hurt anyone else. Thank God I have been working out at Curves to get more engery and strength to body block this student from the others. Can you all tell that I am a special needs teacher?
So far this week, I have been to Curves twice. I am hoping to go three more times before Saturday. On Saturday, I am participating in a 3 mile walk for MS. I just hope it doesn't rain that day. Because they are saying rain or shine we are still walking.
Wryly glad to hear that your toe is getting better.
Where is everyone else at?
Well I better go and check some stuff out on line before my TOPS meeting tonight.
Check in later. Have a great day!

04-20-2004, 09:45 PM
Just wanted to share my news with you all. I lost another 1 1/4 pounds this past week. So I am only 11 pounds away from reaching my mini goal of being 200 pounds by my birthday on 5-15. I have been drinking half my body weight in ounces of water daily. That seems to be helping me lose the weight. Plus watching what I eat and working out. I am just so happy that I am starting to lose again. Since in the month of March I gained 5 pounds back. But it was stress related due to work and my sister being ill. Well I have to go and get ready for school tomorrow. Only 27 more days to go after tomorrow!

04-22-2004, 11:07 AM
http://www.sweetrainbow.com/freeclipart/con_cappello_celeste.gif Good Morning Ladies :coffee2:

I went to Curves this morning and had my weigh in and measure -
It was all good... :D I knew I had lost weight and was down to 197 (from 204 last month), so that wasn't a surprise at all and my scale is reading the same as their scale - :cool: cool beans! I lost 6.5 inches this month & over all from September/2003 a total of 16" So you see... I have lost most of those inches and weight in the last 4 weeks --- I am a happy camper :yes: I am hoping to see another 5# loss and another 6 - 7" less next month... that's my mini goal :D


Wonderful news!!!! :cp: Losing 1.25#'s!! I know that I get all excited to see even 1/2# down! Wishing you "Luck" in getting off those 11#'s by your birthday... keep up the great work!

We are getting pretty nice weather also - finally! The weekend was awesome, that's why I haven't posted much, I have been enjoying the sunshine while it's around. Today we have rain, but I don't mind - it is Spring ;)

"Wishing you well" on your 3 mile walk for MS!
My DSIL died of MS 3yrs ago. She suffered so.
*Prayers* that you weather is sunny and bright -
just right and not too hot ;)

So glad to hear that you toe is getting better and you are able
to get in your workouts still... 4x in the week was good! I go 3x a week.
Hope you week is going well!

We did have a wonderful time coloring eggs! It's always fun!
We don't have room for a T-Mill either :lol: I made room - It's in my foyer!
Thank goodness it folds up - so I am able to move it for cleaning
and when we get company.

Kari, you must eat to lose your weight! You are stressing your body and
will make yourself very ill by dieting like you are! I eat 5 - 6x a day! All
small portions, but it keeps my engine burning and my sugar levers even. Very important - I am hypoglycemic. I never have bad spells now that I
eat this way... and have lost weight. Take Care of yourself, sweetie!


I really must be going...
time for me to have a bit to eat & to get in the shower.
Take Care everyone!!! Keep up the wonderful work!

:sunny: SunnyD


04-22-2004, 11:59 AM
Sunny :bravo: on the inches and pounds lost!!! Doesn't it feel good? Nice to know all your hard work is paying off.

Kerry - good luck on your goals. I'm sure you'll do well for your birthday.

I was talking to one of the Curves leaders and she mentioned trying to eat 5/6 meals a day, too. I've been doing that this week. For breakfast I have a couple pouches of instant oatmeal. An orange or granola bar a few hours later. Lunch. Another fruit snack around 4 and I'm good until dinner. My appetite is great and I don't snack on chips or cookies in the evening - - I'm just not hungry at all. Plus I've started knitting again so my hands are too busy to snack!

04-22-2004, 12:34 PM
http://www.tonitags.co.uk/images/thanks9.gif WRYLY - :)
Yes, it does feel great to see that all the hard work is paying off :D
Thanks so much for your encouragement.

Yep, the smaller more frequent meals are so much better for your body in every way - I also do not eat after 7pm everyday - it has really helped me in losing! I did allot of snacking at night before I started this not eating after 7. The first few nights were hard, but it doesn't bother me at all now.



04-26-2004, 05:28 PM

Okayyyyyy... ... ... Where is everyone!??????!
I hope I didn't leave anyone out :o
Time to stop lurking now and pop on in and say "hey there" ;)

Miss you guys!
:sunny: SunnyD


04-27-2004, 10:19 AM
Hi everyone:

SunnyD - congrats on your losses! Good for you & everyone else who is doing well.

I have been really focussing on curves and my ww. Last week I lost 3.2# and this week's w/i I was down 3.8# and got to curves 5 times last week. So I am feeling great - I have alot of social functions coming up so I have to be prepared for them.

Keep up the good work & talk to everyone soon. I went to curves last night & am going again tonight - can't wait. Feel so good when I leave there - some days I am really tired walking in & feel energized when I leave. YEAH CURVES!!!

Sexy Bookworm
04-27-2004, 11:01 AM
hmm, my post didn't go through. if this shows up twice, please overlook it :)

i'm concerned about curves, as a consumer. i read an article over the weekend that the owner of curves donates 10% of curves profits to anti-abortion groups that have been violent and radical in the past, i.e., the past and present forms of operation rescue. the article was an interview with the owner so it wasn't a secondary source and the medium in which it was printed is reputable, IMHO.

i guess consumer beware :?:


04-27-2004, 11:42 AM
The leaders at my Curves have said that the company owners are devout Christians and that is the reason there are no Sunday workouts. I've never heard about the anti-abortion link tho. Perhaps you could post a link?

I had a terrible weekend - I so need to have a workout today.

04-28-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi everyone:

My curves has just started opening on Sundays - 1/2 day. I think it is from 9 til 1.
I went last Sunday & it was pretty busy. We were told though that if there is not enough interest then it will be cancelled.

Keep up the good work, bye for now.

04-29-2004, 09:15 AM
Hi everyone,
Sorry I have not been posting lately. I have been very busy with school and going to my workouts at Curves in the evenings to destress from my busy day at school. I am tired by the time I get home in the evenings and end up getting my stuff ready for the next day and doing a little bit of light housework and then it is off to bed.
I did lose 3 1/4 pounds last week. The ladies at my TOPS group asked how I did it. I laughed and said that I ate some fat free cookies one evening and the ingredients did not sit well with my stomach. I was sick for one whole night and half the next day with a severe stomachache. So now I only have 7 3/4 pounds to go until my 200 pound goal by my birthday on the 15th of May. Well my kids are here. So I need to go and get them ready for the day. It is going to be another long day! But I will make it through and go workout at Curves tonight so I can relax. Have a great day!
Take care,

04-29-2004, 09:21 PM
hey everyone its been ages since i dropped in here...can't stay long either but i just wanted to continue to rave about Curves...I love the place and i wasn't even disappointed today when i went for my first weigh in...*drumroll please* I have since i started curves a month ago lost 7 pounds and 6.5 inches...I couldn't believe it either...I thought i was doing so bad but I guess not...and i will keep on curving it up!!


04-30-2004, 09:50 AM
Congrats Jessica on your weight loss and inches lost. Keep up the good work.
I didn't make it in to Curves last night and boy did I miss working out. I had gotten use to go everyday of the week last week. I am planning to go in tonight and tomorrow morning though. I had a hard time sleeping last night and I really think it was because I didn't get to workout.
Well I need to get back to work. Have a great weekend!

04-30-2004, 12:25 PM
Because the Detroit/Calgary game went so late I didn't get to bed until almost 1 a.m. Then I couldn't get up in time to go to Curves this morning before work. By time I'm done work it is too late to go for a work-out. (They close at 6:30 on Friday)
I'm like Kerry - I'm used to going every day and I really miss it when I don't work out.

:bravo: on the inches and weight lost Jessica. I'm losing inches but not weight - I notice jeans fit differently around the legs or butt but not around the stomach.

04-30-2004, 12:35 PM

Hello Everyone!
So great seeing you all come in and post! :)

I haven't been to Curves this week - it has been a odd
sort of week for me...
I'll be back on my schedule come Monday next week.

I had a GYN appointment Wednesday morning (4/28) that was very important. The Dr. was going to lower my estrogen dose -again- and I was a very concerned about it... I was on 1.25mg and then she lowered me to .90mg last yr and wanted to lower me again to .625 :o & I don't want it to be that low! I am only 47! If you all only knew how much havoc it plays on the system when the dose changes like that... I have been on it since I was in my 20's because I have had 4 surgeries removing my Ovaries, Tubes, Uterus & almost all my Cervix - all stemming from my car accident when I was 19. I am blessed that my hubby, Joe, takes it as serious as I do and he took the day off to come with me to meet my Dr. and speak with her... in all fairness ~ my Dr. was concerned about breast cancer & that's why she wanted to lower me.

It all turned out very well! She was thrilled to see a husband so involved in his wife's care and was very attentive to both of us. I am not going to be lowered again and am feeling wonderful about that! Another hurtle jumped successfully :D I just have to get another mammo. done this year and I should be fine... I feel so blessed to have a good Dr. not to mention a good husband who really cares about me.

:bravo: To all you gals losing inches and weight! :cp:

Catch you all next week!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!!
:sunny: SunnyD


04-30-2004, 01:08 PM
Hello everyone. Sorry about being MIA again. These past two weeks, I have been sitting around, beating myself up :stars: for gaining back 27 lbs. Everyday I woke up, sat around, sulked, and went to work. Then this past week, I woke up and realized that I gained back 27 lbs (I am at 282 lbs right now) - but I still didn't gain back the other 23 lbs.

So I decided that I could either sit around, get bigger, complain, and do nothing, or STOP eating myself to death, and DO something about it.

So this week I decided what I was going to do.

Basically, I am going to follow a plan some what like "Jenny Craig". I am not going to be joining Jenny Craig, or buying their food. But what I am doing is buying my OWN prepared frozen meals, right from the grocery store (Healthy Choice brand to be exact.)

Each morning, I will eat a sensible breakfast (1 protein, 1 starch, 1 fruit). For lunch I will eat one of my Healthy Choice meals. For a snack (at work) I will eat a "Kellogg's Krave" bar, and when I get home in the evening for dinner, I will have another Healthy Choice meal. (Plus I'll be adding in extra veggies, and a few more fruits since they really don't provide that.)

I will follow this plan Monday - Friday because Ricardo works all day, and I only see him before I go to bed each night. And on the weekends when we are home together, I will cook dinner as usual, and try to lighten it up.

This plan seems a lot easier for me, because during the week when I am home alone, I don't like to cook for myself, so I either go and grab fast food, :mcd: or eat junk that I don't need. I think this will start to give me a little more control, plus help me with my portions.

Once again, sorry for being MIA. I should be here, helping to support all of you too, like you all have supported me.

This time I'm back, and I think I'm staying on track.

I hope you all have a great day, and I am sending good vibes :goodvibes: your way!

~ Kari ~

04-30-2004, 03:19 PM
Hi Sunny, Kari and Everyone else,
Sunny glad to hear that your appointment at the doctor's went so well. It is nice to hear that you have a wonderful supportive husband. My husband has yet to go to the doctor's office with me when I am sick. When I got the chicken pox's in Dec. he was very kind and caring, but I still went to the doctor's by myself the day I came down with them.
Kari I am glad to see that you stopped beating yourself up over your weight. Your plan sounds like a great one. You will see great results shortly if you sit your mind to it. I have been like you in feeling down in the dumps when I gained weight back. But I have learned that you are going to have ups and downs in life and just need to learn to deal with them the best way that you can. You will be able to take those pounds off and more. It is a great feeling to be losing weight, getting healthier and able to wear new smaller clothes.
Have a great weekend!
Keep up the good work ladies.
I am getting ready to go home and get ready to go workout at Curves. It is such a dreary rainy day outside so I will add a little sunshine to my life by going to workout.
Take care,

04-30-2004, 04:53 PM
I just did my second "trial" workout at Curves. I have one concern about lower back problems - which I have. I just feel that the assumed position for some of the exercises, and the exercises themselves put a bit of stress on the lumbar region. I know the key to any exercise is good form, and to keep your tummy tucked in - this is a great back protector too. But, I wonder if anyone else feels back strain with the Curves workout - or is it just me? By the way, our place has great hours as far as I can tell: Mon-thurs 5:30-8, Mon-Fri 5:30-6, Sat 7-noon. I'm hoping that when my trial week is up, my back will feel stronger.

05-03-2004, 02:47 PM
Good afternoon to all! I hope everyone is doing well!

It is SUCH a beautiful day outside today! (I almost hate to go to work! lol)


How has everyone been doing with their Curves? I sure miss going to Curves. I was going to re-join with the $$$ I got back from my totaled out car, but I ended up having to use that for some bills. *One Day* I'll get back to Curves :)

I have been doing very well on my plan so far. Saturday, which was my second day on plan turned out to be crummy because I ate at a fast food restaraunt. (There's a whole story behind it - and it's in my journal) lol. But since then, I have been totally OP and it is feeling great.


I have been working on getting all of my water in. Today so far I've had 64 oz. I'll probably drink a 20 oz water at work, and then come home and *maybe* drink another 64 oz.

Well - I'm off to go try my new Lean Cuisine - Baked Fish w/Mac & Cheese and some steamed broccoli. I hope everyone is doing well - and stops in soon. :)

Talk with you all soon,

~ Kari ~

Cassandra B
05-03-2004, 06:47 PM
:D Hello everybody! I have read through a few of the posts and yall are doing great. I have not been to Curves in forever but I am officially going back tomorrow. Everything is still the same with me. I am still taking my lexapro and still wanting a baby so bad it hurts but thats ok.

I have really missed everyone. Its good to be back.

I did have surgery in January. I found a breast lump that actually came back to be nothing. The Dr. is worried about my estrogen level causing breast cancer. I think I have another appt in about a month or two. Maybe I will have lost some inches from them by the time I go back! :cool:

Well, I am going to cut grass. I will write more later

05-04-2004, 10:58 AM
CassandraB - Welcome Back! We've missed you!!!

I'm glad that you are getting back to Curves! You'll feel MUCH better once you start getting your exercise in. (I don't know what it is about exercising that makes a person feel good) lol. I still haven't been able to get back to Curves. Too many bills and others things to take care of right now, but I have my Walk Away The Pounds Tapes. I just have to start using them more. :dizzy:

I'm sorry that you had to have surgery! I'm glad that it turned out to be nothing! That must have been a very scary situation!

I can also relate to how you feel about wanting a baby. When I was 17 I had a miscarriage. For about 2 - 3 years following the miscarriage, I wanted a baby so badly. It was probably the worst time in my life. My heart ached all the time because I wanted a baby. (((Big Hugs))) :grouphug: to you CassandraB - one day your dreams will come true!:angel:

Well - I have to get going. Once again welcome back! If you ever need to talk, just send me a PM or e-mail me at kari_hager@sbcglobal.net

Hope to see you around the boards!

~ Kari ~

05-04-2004, 11:27 AM
Welcome back Cassandra!
Hi Ladies,
Tonight after work I have to go into Curves to be weighed and measured. I am hoping that I lost some inches this past month. I bumped up how many days a week I went to Curves from 3 to 5 or 6 days. So I hope that it might have helped. I have also bumped up how much water I intake on a daily basis. I drank 160 oz. of water yesterday. For some reason, that is the only drink I crave anymore. I still drink my milk, iced tea and a pop(occassionaly), but water is my main choice of beverage.
So Kari, I am glad to see that you are sticking to your plan. That is great. Please don't beat yourself up over having a meal at a fast food restaurant. It is okay to have one every once in a while. What did the baked fish and mac and cheese dinner taste like? I have been taking Lean Cruisine dinners for my lunches on my long days here at school. I am so glad that I only have 18 more days of school. Then it is summer vacation. I can't wait. I am hoping to drop off some of these much unwanted pounds over the summer. I will check in with you all later. Have a wonderful day ladies!

05-04-2004, 11:55 AM
Hi Kar73 - Wow! You sure are getting your Curves in! :cp: Way to go! Let us know what your results are! I'll keep my :crossed: for you! :) The lean cuisine meal that I bought was *okay*. I'm not sure if I would buy it again for not. The fish was a little soggy (and I baked mine in the oven). And it had a weird spice on it that I wasn't really fond of. But I did make a low fat tartar sauce (1 tbsp) to spread on top of it.

I too have been getting my water in. (Amazingly). I should be getting in about 140 oz everyday - but It's been more like 100 oz. That is an accomplishment though - I guess lol. (Been running to the potty an aweful lot though!) :lol:

Well - gotta get going. Hope ya have a great day!

~ Kari ~

05-06-2004, 12:22 AM
Hi everyone,
I went last night and got the results. I lost a pound according to their scales. But they are about 4 or 5 pounds off from mine scales and the scales at TOPS. I lost 1.50 inches in my arms. But I gained .25 inches in my bust, hips and thighs. But I am still happy with my inches lost. So that is not going to get me down. I missed my workout tonight. I had a staff meeting from 4 to 7 and then my stepsons' ball game to go to. So there was just not a enough time to squeeze everything in. Oh well I will make time tomorrow night before another ball game at 7.
So how is everyone enjoying the spring weather we are having? My friend and I did squeeze in a tiny walk after school before our meeting started. So it is not like I didn't get any excerise today in. Just not a lot. Well I better be off to bed.
Have a great day on Thursday!

05-06-2004, 01:00 AM
Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. :) It's been kinda quiet around here lately, I hope ya'll stop in when you get the chance. ;)

Kari73 - Way to go on the weight loss and inch lost! You are on your way! :cp: I would definatly stick with the scale that you use the most. It will probably be more accurate for you.

I am going to the grocery store on Friday to do my first weight in, and to pick up some more Healthy Choice dinners.

I have been sticking to plan REALLY well. I am surprised with myself. I haven't cheated all week, and I feel great! Over the last 5 - 6 months I haven't stuck with ANY plan that I wanted to do. So I am pleased so far. :)

Water has been fairly good. Today I got in about 74 ounces. I tried sooo hard to get in more, but just couldn't. Yesterday I got in about 84 ounces.

Today for lunch before work, I made one of my Healthy Choice meals, and it was YUCKY. It was grilled chicken breast strips, in some WEIRD sauce, with mashed potatos. The chicken tasted funky, and the sauce didn't do anything for me either. In fact, I could taste it all night at work. (And I brushed my teeth afterwards!) I was forced to buy a pack of mints to get rid of the taste! Blah!

All of the other meals I have eaten so far, have been pretty good. My favorite was the Turkey w/gravy - mixed veggies, stuffing, and pumpkin/raisin dessert. It was closest to the real thing!!! YUM.

As far as exercise goes, I FINALLY got up the courage to do my 2 mile WATP tape! WOO HOO! I kept wanting to stop because I was TIRED, but I pushed, and made it through the whole tape! I can't wait to do it again!

Well - I'm off to bed, just thought I'd check in, see how everyone was, and update on my plan. :) I hope you all have a great night!

~ Kari ~

05-06-2004, 01:42 PM

Hello there fellow Curver's ;)

Do my eyes deceive me :o Or do I see CASSANDRA! :D
WELCOME BACK, Cassandra!!! :wave:
I was wondering about you, it's wonderful to hear from you again! So glad we have!! Cassandra, we are Mom's in many ways to children... I have learned that with what I have gone through also. I will keep you in my *Prayers* that all works out well for you and your efforts for a child :goodvibes (((Hugs for you))) :grouphug:

How was your first day back at Curves? I didn't go all last week due to pulled muscles in my shoulder. I just went back today after a week & 1/2... we now have 12 machines and are suppose to only go around 2x, but it comes out to 25min :?: --- so my next visit I am going around 2 1/2 times so I get in a full 30 minutes of workout time. How many machines does your Curves have? I am so happy to see you back!

I hope that you Dr. finds you healthy when you go back next month. I am staying on my estrogen :D and I am very happy about that! Being that I do not have Ovaries or a Uterus she didn't see any reason or stats to change me. She said that even the reports she just got in have not proven that the estrogen adds to breast cancer... a concern of hers for me as well because my Mother's Mother had Breast Cancer. So I'll just go for mammo. each year and see her each year and go from there. Keep us informed on how you are doing --- come back!!!!! I did miss seeing you!

I am sorry to see you struggle as you have, but we all have been there and truly feel for you! You are right in looking at your glass as 1/2 full - you have still lost so much and you will lose that 27 again and then some! Keep your focus and take it a moment at a time. That's what I tell myself too... it's so easy to look at the size of the mountain and feel exhausted before you even begin to climb it, but if you look at what is just in front of you and take each step as needed - before you know it you are at the top ;) We will do it and this will be the year --- right!?!

So good to hear that you are drinking the water, Kari... it is so important to weight loss. Do you find that you think clearer? And feel better?

As far as frozen dinners go --- I think that the Lean Cuisine's are the very best! I tried the Healthy Choice and did not like them at all. Although, the Healthy Choice Fudge Bar is great for a low calorie snack! Only 80 Cal and 1 gram of Fat - yummy.

Thanks so much KERRY ~
Yes, I do feel very blessed to have a husband who will take off and be with me when I need him. Ever since I almost died from my car accident in 1976 he has been very attentive (that's when I lost my baby girl & all chances of ever having children again)... although, he has always had a very tender heart and is a man who loves the Lord. I do wish other women had that experience with their hubbies too --- if I could wave a wand I would make it so, but instead I will say a *prayer* for you and others like you who do not have that kind of support in your marriage. If they only knew how important it was...

So good to hear that you are getting in so much water and liking it - it will help you in your results! I think all in all you did very well in your Curves weigh-in & measure. Did you go at night? The reason I asked you was not to make you feel discouraged --- quite the opposite --- I wanted you to feel better that you probably weigh allot less then you think. It does make a big difference... you will have the days fatigue and water retention on you at night, not to mention your meals. Wow! 4-5lbs difference in the scale... I wouldn't like that. My scale was right with theirs and I get weighed-in in the mornings before my workout --- they do not want to do a weigh & measure after because your muscles are all pumped up and can alter your measurements.

I did have back strain when I first began in the UPPER part of my back across my shoulders & in my neck. I found out that it was from me not putting my head all the way back on the machine as I should... they were catching me in the wrong place and I was using the machine's wrong. Instead of feeling it in my arms for instance I was catching it in my neck and shoulders till I put my head back. So make sure you ask for guidance if you need it, don't be afraid to ask them - that's what they are there for, okay ;)

Hi WRYLY ~ How are those clothes fitting these days ;) and
JESSICA ~ Congrats on your loss of 7 pounds and 6.5 inches!!!!
Good to see you again!


Here is my usual schedule every week...

Monday: Curves & *T-Mill (* I walk for 1 hour everytime I walk the T-Mill... not always sure of the distance till I am finished)
Tuesday: Sculpture Bands (**Michael Thurmond**) & *T-Mill
Wednesday: Curves & *T-Mill
Thursday: Sculpture Bands & *T-Mill
Friday: Curves & *T-Mill
Saturday: I walk in the park with my hubby - aprox 3 to 3.25miles
Sunday: Much needed REST ;)

This week and last were messed up, but I will be back on schedule next week. I kept up my walking the whole time putting in over 40 miles last month and 11.5 miles so far this month, but didn't keep up with the bands or Curves because of my pulled muscles. I am all better now and will be ready come Monday to get back on schedule ;)

Up till yesterday our weather has been terrible --- cold & wet and cloudy! But yesterday was nice and today is beautiful! Makes you feel alive to feel the warmth of the sun and hear the outdoors coming in! I love it!

Well, I must be going and getting back to work - have tons to do today.
Take Care Gals!
:sunny: SunnyD


05-06-2004, 01:55 PM
Sunny -
I haven't been in at all this week. I'm going on vacation and running around with the last minute details meant that Curves is at the bottom of my to-do list.
But - I've been careful with my eating (more fruits and salads) and drinking a lot of water. The clothes aren't as loose as I'd like but at least they're not as tight as they used to be. Plus I'm pulling out last year's summer clothes and most of them fit.
I'm thinking of getting a t-mill. I know it would be really handy for those days I can't make it to Curves.
My Curves just got another machine - it's up to 12 now. I usually go around 3X - with the stretching it takes about 45 minutes or so.

05-06-2004, 02:04 PM
Cannot say that I blame you - putting your Curves at the bottom of your list. I know what it takes to go on a vacation in planning and preparing! Allot of work! :dizzy: Where are you going?? I hope where ever it is - you have a wonderful time!!!

Sounds like you are staying OP with your food and water (thumbs up!) - good for you! So awesome that last years summer clothes are fitting you... keep up the great work!!!

We have 12 machines too and I want to go around 3x so maybe I will. They don't stop you from going around 3x - but do like it best when you only go around 2x. I will do what I can each time I go ;)
Thanx for letting me know what you do :)

Have a great TRIP!
:sunny: SunnyD


05-08-2004, 11:54 PM
Happy Mother's Day Ladies,
How is everyone's weekend going so far? My weekend is good. I drove home to my parent's last night. It is a four hour drive. Then when I got home, my sister asked me if I wanted to go with her to The Relay for Life. So I wanted with her for an hour and then came home and went to bed. This morning I went to one of the Curves and worked out. Then my best friend and I went shopping at Fashion Bug. I got a new shirt in a smaller size and a pair of capri's. Tonight I celebrated my birthday with my family. My birthday is next Saturday and I will be busy getting ready to go on a fieldtrip with the sixth grade class from school. We are going to Cleveland to Geauga Lake, the zoo and the rainforest. We are leaving early Sunday morning. Even though I celebrated my birthday tonight, I only ate a little piece of cake and a small scoop of ice cream. Well I need to go and get off the computer, my sister needs to use the phone. Take care everyone!

05-10-2004, 01:19 AM
Hello all you Curvers out there! I hope you are all doing well. I hope all of you had a wonderful mother's day. :)

This weekend was fun, but I sure didn't stick to plan. I have no problem during the week sticking to plan, but man-o-man, these weekends just kill me! lol. I probably would have done better if we wouldn't have eaten out for our Mother's day dinner yesterday. I won't go into detail what I ate - but we'll just assume it wasn't very good. ;) Today wasn't good either. But I WILL be back on track tomorrow! :)

SunnyD57 - Sounds like you have really been keeping yourself active! Way to go! :cp: I need your motivation!!! ;)

My aunt is giving me her exercise bike that she has. It is VERY nice. She said she bought it for her Mother-In-Law for her Physical Therapy (paid $399.99) for it - and her MIL refused to use it. She said that she used it a few times and she cannot use it because of the way the seat is (makes her feel short of breath). So she said that I could have it if I wanted it. I said YES. In the front - it has the computer consol - above that it has a little ledge where you can prop and book and read while working out, and it has an area for you to set your water jug. I thought that the best part was that there is a built in weight set in the very back behind the seat. There are 2, 5, and 10 lb dumbells, (which I can now use to pump up my WATP workout!) This bike will also be great for me, because it won't hurt my back/tailbone like our little stationary bike does. This picture below is not the *exact* bike - but similar in the way it is used & built. :)


Well - next weekend is going to be a busy one for me. My mother & her fiance' finally got the keys to their house they bought, and we are helping them move on Saturday. (That outta be a workout!) Then on Sunday, my Aunt and I are running around buying all the stuff for my mom's surprise b-day party. There won't be many people there, about 20 or so, but it will still be fun. :)

Well - there's not too much going on around here now. I hope everyone had a fun (beautiful) weekend! We are getting a really neat thunderstorm right now. (Lots and lightening & thunder). I sleep SO much better when it's storming....so I'm OFF to bed! :)

~ Kari ~

05-10-2004, 02:47 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I was good yesterday when we went to brunch for Mother's Day. I only went through the buffet line once and then got a small piece of cake and some fruit for dessert. So I was proud of myself. Kari going off our plan for a day or two is okay. It is a treat to yourself for working so hard the other five or six days of the week. So please don't beat yourself up sweetie!
I got some money for my birthday, so I am planning on putting it towards my layway. I put a bike in layway. My stepkids will be happy once I finally get it out. Then we can go for bike rides around town.
Well I better go and get my kids back on track. I gave them a 10 minutes of free time. So I will check back with you either tonight or tomorrow. Have a great afternoon!

05-12-2004, 03:56 PM
"Where did everybody GO!?"

Good Afternoon ladies...
Boy! I guess it's been a few days since I last visited here...
I have been going to Curves --- I went on Monday and this morning and will go again on Friday morning and I also have been walking everyday. So far this week I have put in 7.25miles on my T-Mill and for the month of May so far - 20.5miles. I also have been really watching how I eat... so far all is going great.

And our weather has been really wonderful the last few days (which reallly helps)! We have had a few storms come through here, but most have been in the evenings or early mornings - perfect. So I have no complaints about our weather at all... I have waited what seems like forever for this warmth and sunshine, so I am not complaining. Yesterday went to 83* and today it's already 86* with a wonderful breeze. Just love it!

How was your trip??? Or are you still on it :o ;)
Come back soon and let us know how it all went, okay.

Wonderful to hear that you had such a lovely Mother's Day!
Me too - Joe & I had a great time with our friends and their children.

So you went shopping for some SMALLER clothes -
:cp: wayyyy coool! :^: I love The Fashion Bug store too :D
How are you doing towards your goal? It sounds like you are doing really well! And your birthday is coming up this Saturday... Do you know that I live only 30 minutes away from Geauga Lake?!? You will have a good time... Cedar Point is a nicer park, but you will enjoy Geauga Lake too... it was Geauga Lake then 6 Flags and now Geauga Lake again :lol: And I think we have a wonderful Zoo and Rain forest --- you will have a great time there!

Come back as soon as you are able and fill us in too, okay!

How are things going with you? Riding that bike? That is a nice bike, if the one you have is anywhere like it... I know that I sure do love my T-Mill!

How did the move go with your Mom? Did you give her a nice Mother's Day? :^:

The weekends kill me too, Kari... it is very hard to stay OP when you are with your friends and family. I try to do the best I can and don't beat myself up over it and it's all you can do too. Then just get right back on come Monday. All you can do is try ;)

I too love the sound of a rainstorm at night - a soothing sound.

Hope to hear from everyone ASA it is P ;)
*God Bless*
:sunny: SunnyD


05-13-2004, 12:15 AM
Hi Ladies,
Well I lost a 1/4 of a pound last week. I think that is good since I went home this weekend and my parent's have snack food laying out on the counter. But I was good and didn't eat any of it. But the tempation was there lurking in the back of my head. As for my goal, since I gained 2 3/4 pounds the week before at TOPS. I am not going to get to my mini goal of 200 pounds by my birthday. But that is all right. I will just set myself another goal. That by the beginning of July I have reached my 200 or less mark.
I made it to Curves Monday and tonight. I am hoping to make it again tomorrow night and Friday night.
Sunny I lived near Youngstown for the first 24 years of my life. So I have been to Geauga Lake, the zoo and the rainforest. I love all three of them. It is just nice that I am able to go and not have to pay for my way in. LOL. But it has been about 5 or 6 years since I have been to any of them. So I am going to enjoy sharing these special places with the students from my school.
Well I better head off to bed and get my rest. I had a long stressful day today. I am praying that tomorrow is better. I only have 12 more school days. Then I will have a break for a few months. Thank God for the summer!
Take care,

05-15-2004, 06:47 AM
Well it looks as if it that time of year!!!!


:sunny: SunnyD


05-16-2004, 04:47 AM
Hey. I've been thinking of joining Curves. Do they have exercise classes and workout equipment? Are there trainers? I really want to join but I'm a college student with a lot of bills and don't have nearly as much money as what it costs. Did I read it right that when you sign up it's $149.00 plus the cost of the month? Sorry, I'm confused :(

05-18-2004, 07:35 AM
Good Morning BECKY ~
Curves is an all women gym... It is like circuit training with hydraulic machines done in 30 second intervals with "recovery stations" in between each machine...30 seconds on a machine, 30 seconds jogging in place or whatever you feel like on the recovery station...for a 30 minute workout. Most places begin with 8 machines, but we have 12 in ours & you go around the circle 2-3x. It is a great place, I love going there! They do have nutritional supplements and protein shakes and even a diet plan you can follow if you choose...it is all outlined in the member guide... I hope this helps!

Oh... I think I put in brackets that I paid $90.00 on my first visit including the first month, but I highly suggest you go into your nearest Curves and ask because they have made some changes. You will not be obligated to sign up just for asking ;) Have a great day!

:sunny: SunnyD


05-18-2004, 10:07 AM
Deja vu (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=40729)

I'm flattered ;)

05-18-2004, 10:16 AM
I am so glad you are flattered and not upset... I find that I repeat myself so much so when I saw your reply it was so good and fit her needs ;)

I really do hope I didn't offend you... I was in such a hurry to get to my Curves class this morning I had no time to write and let you know. I also used what you had to say in the beginning of my thread so I have less to repeat.

I have a weigh-in and measure this Firday...
Keep on Curving ;)
:sunny: SunnyD


05-18-2004, 10:20 AM
What a beautiful young lady you are!!!
I saw your picture in your profile ;)
Soon you will be doing the "ONE" - derland dance :dance: like I did last month!

Keep Curving...
:sunny: SunnyD


05-18-2004, 10:45 AM
No problem... My aunt always tells me I have a way with words and I was actually flattered that you used my post...It means that I must have said something right ;) I'm just glad I could help!

BTW, Thank you very much!! :flow2: I think you just made my day! The only people who call me beautiful are my family and my wonderful boyfriend, Tim :love: So that just went to straight to my head :cloud9: :lol:

Have a great day!!! :goodvibes

05-18-2004, 12:12 PM
Yep! Unfortunately (or fortunately- however you see it ;) ) Most women will lose from the upper part of the body first. The thickest part of the body (for me that is my hips, abs and upper thighs :^: ) is the last to see move... it seems that when fat finds it's way there ~ it likes to settle :o So we have to just be very consistant and persistant... don't give up, it WILL come off :goodvibes In time... ... you will see it begin to come off. I am fianally seeing it in my hips & thighs and it has been 7 months of going 2-3x a week & walking 5x a week since the beginning of April/04 (I am on the MaY WaLkErS thread too). Some see it sooner... so just be patient with yourself, okay.

*I wish you well on your venture to a NEW you :goodvibes*
:sunny: SunnyD


05-18-2004, 12:45 PM
I have been going to Curves since March 8th and I have yet to lose anything from my thighs... I have lost from everywhere else but my thighs which is where I really want to see a loss... I started out going 3 or 4 times a week...Now I go 5 (or some times 6) times a week... AND it is indeed frustrating... Yesterday I ordered "Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates" and hope that will help me thin my thighs :crossed:

Don't give up! You CAN do this!!! ;)

05-18-2004, 02:47 PM
;) That's the spirit! Keep tha attitude about it and you will go far... In my first month I only lost 2.5# and less than 2" total so you are already ahead of where I was! :D

If you want to see exactly what I've lost and where it is coming off, you can check out my website: my home page (http://www.geocities.com/ozgirl323)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

05-18-2004, 06:28 PM
Hi everyone,
I survied my fieldtrip this weekend. I had a fun time with the kids. Boy did we do a lot of walking. So I am hoping that tonight when I go to TOPS that I have a lose instead of a gain. LOL. I was going to go workout tonight but functioning on less than 12 hours of sleep for the last 3 days, I thought taking a nap sounded better. I will go tomorrow night for sure. Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone. I will write more when I have the time.
Take care,

05-19-2004, 10:35 AM
Hi ladies:

Had my weight/measure day last night & was down 6.4 inches overall & 8.4#
Have been going at least 3x and been really focussed on my eating. So I was pleased to see results. Hope everyone is doing well & keep on curving :-)

05-20-2004, 11:29 AM
Good morning y'all!

Bandit- Great job!!! My monthly weigh and measure showed quite similar results for the month and I was elated!

NeverTooLate- It's good to see you are looking at it more positively now...as they say, "If you believe it, you CAN achieve it!"

Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy day! ;)

05-20-2004, 04:49 PM
Hey guys- way to go on your losses & thanks Jenn/Sheila for the encouraging words.

Keep on drinking your water!

05-20-2004, 09:25 PM
Any time Bandit! That's what I'm here for!

BTW - when I was at my Curves today, they were having a "Sweating to the Oldies Day", and I was just wondering if anyone else's Curves has ever done that?

Hope y'all had a great day!

05-21-2004, 12:02 PM
http://www.countryclipart.com/peachset/basketpeachespie.gif Good Morning Gals ~
I went to Curves this morning for my weigh-in and measure... all I lost in inches from last month was a quarter inch in my hips... and my weight is still 195 (down 21lbs all together). I am not disappointed, I just have to keep on truckin' and increase my workouts a little bit. I think I am puffy from the water I am holding (even thought I drink tons of water in a day ~ over 100oz )- it is very muggy here and hot! Not complaining 'bout the weather, mind you... but it is a reason for holding water. So I really think that my next Curves weigh and measure will be much better and look forward to next month. I did go down a bit in body fat --- from 41.40% to 40.80% --- down 1.19lbs in fat. I know it will be a better result next month cuz I am just gonna work harder!


So glad to see you and to hear you had a good time over the weekend in spite of the weather we had here... it was very wet!

You never said... ... ... How was your BIRTHDAY weekend???? Do anything special? Other then the field trip?

CONGRATS on being down 6.4 inches & 8.4#'s!
:cheer: ***THREE :cheer: CHEERS*** :cheer:
Keep up the great work! I too go 3x's a week... wish I could go more :^:

WoW! Everyday!?! Good for you!!!!! I wish I could go more then 3x a week, but I lack the time right now... keep up the wonderful job!
Fingers-crossed :crossed: for good results in June.

You make a great Cheerleader ;) :cheer: So glad to have you join us :)
Yep --- we have "Theme" days at our Curves too. I love the oldies myself - a huge fan of the late 40's and early 1950's music.


Well gals, I really must be going... things to do, people to see :goodvibes
Have a wonderful Day Ladies!!!!
:sunny: SunnyD <><


05-21-2004, 01:46 PM
It's sooo funny that you would say I make a good cheerleader! Last week I was named SAA's official head-cheerleader :lol:

I even made up a little cheer after they said that, because I'm so corny...

It went like this:

:cheer: 2-4-6-8, Losing weight feels really great! As you watch the scale go down, There no way to wear a frown! Be really proud of what you've done, As you watch the pounds fall off one by one!!!!
Yeaaa chicks!! :cheer:


05-22-2004, 02:07 PM
Hi Ladies,
I was able to make it to my Curves only three times this week. I usually go 4 to 5 times a week. Only going three times this week, I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel and act. I am more tired and moody. Not a good thing for my kids are school.LOL. But this coming week I will be back on my routine schedule.
My birthday was just okay. It rained for almost day long. I ended up doing tons of laundry. Then had to eat pasta for dinner because that is what my stepkids told my mother in law what they wanted for dinner. So she made a big old pot of it. My DH could not understand why I was a little upset about the dinner plans. I said that we let the kids pick what they wanted to eat on their birthday's and that it was my special day. We had went out the day before and picked up the stuff to have steak,baked potatoes and salad for dinner that night. But he just laughed and said that I needed to be more flexable. Then we went shopping for batting gloves for the kids that evening. So I had a wonderful 31st Birthday. LOL I finally got my steak and sweet potato the other night when I went out with a group of friends from work. I guess I should just get use to the fact that my birthday is just another day and I have to do for everyone else. Sorry to rant and rave, but I am just getting tired of doing things for everyone else and not getting anything done for myself unless I do it.
Glad to hear that everyone is doing great with their diet's and working out. I am going to kick myself in the butt this summer. I am hoping to be able to take some more weight off this summer. I did get a new bike to ride around town last week. But it has either been too hot or raining. So I hope that after school is out after the 28th, the weather will cooperate.
Well I have to go and get ready to go to the ball field my stepsons have a ball game at 2. Talk to you all later.

05-23-2004, 08:15 PM
OK, I'm ready to begin again. Reading your remarks has made me totally ashamed of myself for not following through on a dream of finally doing something about my weight. Joined Curves the last of April but due to some health concerns didn't keep it up, although the payments have been regular. ha. Going to begin a new day tomorrow and get this ole body going down, down, down.
Wish me luck!

CW: 245
GW: 145

05-24-2004, 10:02 AM
Kerry - Sorry to here that you didn't have a good birthday... Your husband should have volunteered to do the laundry for you and give you some time to relax for your day! At least your friends took you out for the dinner that you wanted! Isn't it funny how sometimes your friends treat you better than your family? A least it wasn't a total wash.

Lolow - Welcome! It's good to see that you are making a new commitment to yourself! I hope that we can continue to motivate you to go to the gym. I love my Curves! it is sooo much better than having to workout in front of a bunch of men and the people are so nice! Hopefully the people at your Curves will be a good support group for you too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I Kept myself busy. I went to the gym on Saturday morning, then played taxi for my sister and watch her 3-month old daughter all day while Tim and I looked for a digital camera. Everyone kept telling me that "my daughter" was beautiful and that she looked soo much like me :lol: Then yesterday I went curtain shopping with my mother and then for a 4.5 mile, hilly walk with one of my other sisters. We were so proud of ourselves because we didn't get all crampy and tired! Curves must really be helping our stamina! Next time maybe we will make the round-trip.... 9 mi, think we could handle it? ;)

05-25-2004, 07:42 AM

Here is the LINK to the New Thread - CURVES #6:

See you all there ;)