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03-24-2004, 08:53 PM
Hi, all--

Thought the thread was getting a little too long so we're shoot for lucky #13.

Jacquie, babysitting a one year old--you're very brave! Is she walking yet? Either way, sounds like a handful, but fun. Does she have hair yet? I'm imagining a little mostly bald baby toddling around the house with you chasing after her. My two babies (my bio babies) were baldies until they were almost three. My DD once was afraid to go out in the wind because she thought it would blow her hair off and she'd be bald again. :) Little kids are so funny!

Bluet, yes, I do wish you lived near me. What a wonderful gift to your daughter! Do you have any photos? I bet everyone else would love to see what you made--it sounds incredible. I could not do that if you paid me big money, and let me eat all the sugar I wanted. My DD called and wants me to make candy bar wrappers as favors. I did that for my DH's 50th birthday party. I put photos of him from earlier years, a different one on each candy bar. All the guests got a kick out of them. Hey, do you think that TLC and HGTV just watches British shows and then makes an American version? The programs you mentioned sound like Mission Organization and Clean Sweep (or something like that). I know that Trading Spaces is the American version of Changing Rooms (is that right?).

Charlotte, the mess sounds awful, but at least it's a start and that must feel good. Any idea how long it's going to take? We remodeled my Dad's house and the builders weren't done by the time we moved in. It was pretty bad--very stressful. Maybe you can take a little minivacation while the work is going on?

Puss, it doesn't seem fair. You give us all these great BBC shows, and we give you Judge Judy! :) I'm glad your friend got a favorable diagnosis. I'm hoping the same for the ovary problem. How was your lunch? Did all your coworkers drool as you ate your gooey, carb-laden dessert? I had creme brulee yesterday, which was good, but my body hasn't had anything that rich in a long time and it rebelled. I will spare you the details. Stayed within my WW points, though, so that's pretty cool.

With this wedding coming up fairly soon, we're going to have to postpone our trip to the UK in September. I'm totally bummed about that, but I can't fork over that much money for a wedding and a vacation in the space of two months.

Hey, on a serious note, my Dad is really starting to either scare or annoy me. I can't decide which. He keeps talking about getting a gun and "taking care of things." He said this after talking about a woman who lived to be 116, and he mentions it when I say something about his birthday. And at other times when he's talking about his ailments. My DH and I don't know if we should take this seriously, or if he's just playing with us. He's kind of obnoxious in that respect. My DH said if we take him to a psychiatrist, it would be the best recreation my Dad's had in a long time. He lives to "discuss." The last time he said it (yesterday), I told him I didn't want to hear that kind of stuff. Kind of a head in the sand attitude, I'm afraid. Maybe I should ask him why he keeps saying that. Any thoughts?

We're having a very wet Wednesday!

03-25-2004, 01:38 AM
Well, I'm glad to see you're all doing fairly well.
I don't know where I was last time I posted, but, I've been on a med. leave since March, 8, and I only worked 1 day the week before that.
Things are about the same, healthwise.

I went to visit some of my kids and grandkids last weekend, and I loved it, but by night time I was pretty sore.

I took my 3 grandsons shopping for sports trading cards, and they're worse than women! :lol: They each got a box of them with 660 cards in, and the cards were baseball, basketball, hockey and football. Then I got them pages to put them into when they put them into their books. You would have thought I bought them the moon! ;) They kept thanking me all weekend.
My youngest son and his wife are on a cruise to the Dominican Republic, and staying at a resort there for a week. I was at their house and it was their sons and another grandson I had out shopping, but one of my other sons is babysitting those 2 boys for the week. he's single and only has one daughter, she's the one who just graduated from college last year, so he really has a blast with those boys.

I've been having major computer problems too.
It got so bad it would freeze up on me as soon as I turned it back on, so I called around for prices to get it straightened out. WOW! $60.00 an hour, for up to 2 hours and if it took more than that I wouldn't be charged any more. Plus, he said he would install an update with a firewall for my antivirus for another $60.00.
Well, tonight I figured what have I got to lose, so I went to Dell Help and printed out the info and did a system restore starting back the first part of Feb. I chose that date because my granddaughter was here the end of Feb. and downloaded that damned sharebear, or bearshare or whatever you call it. It's a music thing, and that's where all the spyware and malicious script came from.
Anyway, I did it and can't believe I did it! :dizzy: I'm so computer dumb.
So, if it keeps working like it is now, I'll call tomorrow and cancel the appt. and save myself $180.00.

I'm going for physical therapy, and now I'll be going for pool therapy twice a week starting next week. I think they're on the wrong track, but I don't have much choice because it's too painful to sit on it all day, or stand on it, and I can't get in to the Mayo Dr until the 18th of May. These local Drs don't want to put a person off work for very long, so, I may just have to quit.
I don't know what I'll do for health insurance, but I just cannot go sit on that thing all day.
Don't know if I told you, but I don't think so, ... I have some lumps in my thigh on that leg that the therapist wanted the Dr to check out, and when I went she said they are tumors, but just fatty tumors and are not cancerous and never will be.
Well, that's what they told me about the lump on my arm too, in fact 4 drs told me that over 4 yrs, and when I wanted it out, nobody wanted to touch it and sent me to Mayo and it turned out to be malignant.
I was on prednisone for the past couple of weeks, and I think it helped the inflammation some for a few days, but, it starts up again as soon as I start moving around.

Sheila, a woman at work said she did her daughters wedding in a sea motif. She said she used sand and sea shells, and clear glass containers with ribbon. I don't remember now what all it was she did, but it sounded beautiful the way she did it.
As for Dad, I would ask him why he keeps saying that. He just might tell you. I think that as a person gets older, they know they're getting closer to their end, and get a bit depressed. Especially diabetics.

Charlotte, I just got your PM a little while ago. Thanks for thinking of me.
Sounds like you've finally got things moving in your house. That will be so nice for you to finally get it done.

Bonnie and Jacquie, it sounds like you both do a lot of babysitting too.
I treasure those times with the little ones. Bonnie, you also got your storage cleaned out? Egads! I have a whole attic to do, and it hasn't been touched in 12 years! I'll have to wear one of those suits that protect against bio-hazards! :lol:

I'm trying to remember who has done what. I should have brought up both screens, but, i'm lazy tonight.

Sunny, a big CONGRATULATIONS on that fantastic loss! AND getting down into onederland! That is just awesome!

I've been eating large portions all my adult life because I was so active I kept it worn off until later years, so now I'm trying to cut my portions down a little at a time. I know what I'd do if I suddenly cut my portions in half, .... I'd go right off my plan, so I'm gona let myself down easy. :D Sounds like a love affair, only with food.

Puss, that luncheon sounded lovely. Especially all your carbs!
Geez! You and your hubby must be loaded with money! I'm lucky I can buy one car! :lol:

Well, Ladies, i need to move on and answer more messages.

Take care. See ya later!

03-25-2004, 06:39 AM
So Good to see you back WILLOW!!!
I haven't read any post yet and have allot to catch up with before I post...

I went to leave a link as I usually do and the thread was CLOSED so I couldn't leave a link for them :( --- I hope everyone finds us okay :?: I will be back after my hubby goes to work this morning, okay...



03-25-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi everybody...

Willow....sooooo glad to see you back!!! :coffee: Sounds like you've been a busy lady. I do believe you have a virus. Restore is very good...but, doesn't get rid of the virus. One thing you need to do is run a virus scan. There should be one on you pc if it's run out, you don't have to pay anyone to install it or your firewall. They do cost, though. Very well worth it. I use McAfee. If you already have an anti-virus, open it & click on run scan. It takes a couple of hrs just leave it going. It will find all viruses and get rid of them. Then go to a firewall website...mine is When the blue box comes up with on save. Be SURE to restart your pc after installing....then go to the place you saved it & click on set up to finish installing) If you get messed don't have to pay again. Just email them & they will send it again. If you're not confident, call for the helper you won't get frustrated & lose your money, as I almost did! Shoot, wish I could do it for you! I wouldn't charge anything.
Just go there & costs about $45 to $60, but well worth it. Also, I have a free anti-virus...very good You can do these things & you'll find your pc works better. I also have window cleans all the files so no one can follow where I've been to download something I don't want. I also use restore a lot. Best thing I found. Just remember, doesn't get rid of the virus!

Sheila ....we're trying to finish up by late summer. Hopefully. You see, we didn't get enough in insurance to contract it out. DH is doing almost all of it alone. And I mean ALONE! Where are friends & family when you need them? That's one reason I was so upset....he's always been there for all of them. But, we'll make it. He DOES wish he had just finished tearing it down, & started from scratch. It would have been easier.

Well...gotta go to beauty shop & get beautiful! YEAH...RIGHT!!!
Everyone have a good day.....(Willow, this pic is especially for you!)

03-25-2004, 01:53 PM

Willow, so nice to see you back again. Sorry to hear your hip is still a problem for you. Those grankids are great aren't they? And at the end of the day they can go home sometimes too. Grandson next door has been confused since he was born to actually where he lives, our house or his house. That's o.k. he is such a sweetie and good company. He likes to climb into my recliner with me and watch the Disney Movie in the evenings when he is at our house. You have your medical leave when the weather is finally getting better, so that is a good thing right? You can get a comfortable lawn chair and spend a little time in the sun. Now that is a happy thought.

Shiela, I worked on scanning in some pictures of DD's wedding last night, but the size is too large to upload. Charlotte will have to refresh me as to how to make them smaller so you can at least see them, some of them are rather dark. Sounds like Dear Dad is bummed and looking for attention. You will have to pick a topic that gets him really riled and get a good discussion going. Perhaps the presidental race would start his blood boiling! It does mine. It would be really tough on you and DH, but worth it if you are worried about him. It is a serious matter when some starts giving up.

Charlotte, if we were closer to you DH and I would come over to help you and then I'd insist SIL come along because he is a home builder. Well, it is nice to dream isn't it. I feel for your DH, things would go so much better, if he had a few helping hands. I think Maytag should have just built you a new home and be done with it.

Gotta run now, I'll work on the pictures again tonight. Take care everyone.
Puss, SunnyD and Jacquie hope your day is going exactly the way you want it to.


03-26-2004, 11:00 AM
I kind of slept in today. Got up at 7, but I was awake since 5:30 AM. There's nothing to do at that hour, so I watch a couple of shows and wish I could do what they are doing. LOL!
On the OXYGEN channel at 5 AM central time there is a show called INHALE, which is yoga. I love to just watch it. I remember when I used to be able to do that.
Then at 6 AM on LIFETIME channel is the DENISE AUSTIN exercise show. She has a half hour of yoga and milder workout at 6 o'clock, then at 6:30 she has a more intense workout of regular cardio and aerobic workout.
Maybe someday again, .....

It really poured rain here last night. It is kind of foggy this morning, and only 52 degrees, but you can feel and smell spring in the air.

I wonder if I could have any better luck tending to a few plants this summer if I had them in containers. I'm going to miss my yard work and plants so much. I know I can't dig and all that, but, maybe if I put stuff in pots and containers, it will be feasible.

Well, I'm off to start my day. Have a good one everyone!

03-26-2004, 06:16 PM
Willow, I think plants in containers is a great idea. Also, if you could have someone make you a raised bed planter, then you could sit on the edge and tend the garden. I wish there was a quick fix for this hip thing--it's no fun being in pain and not able to do the stuff you want to do. So are you going to insist the doctor biopsies the lumps in your thigh? I think you should--the fact that this happened before should make the doctor more suspicious. I remember seeing a young woman on TV who had breast cancer and had to go to six doctors before they quit dismissing her symptoms, and ordered more tests.

I did talk to my dad about the gun thing. I think he gets bummed about needing help, and he calls himself a "nuisance." I just have to keep reassuring him that he's not, but I can understand how he feels.

Not a good couple of days for me. Lots of pain, which makes it hard to do anything. I'm thinking about applying for SS disability. I was turned down once when I was 49, but now that I'm almost 51, they aren't as quick to dismiss. It bums me out, but unless they find a cure for this, I don't see how I will ever work again.

Sorry--kind of feeling sorry for myself today as well as grumpy. It's cold and grey and dismal outside, too. However, I shouldn't be surprised at that given where I live!

You should have heard my DH trying to explain I-Pods to my Dad, who couldn't believe that you could get 1,000 songs on that little device. He barely understands computers and has never used one. My poor DH was floundering trying to figure out something my Dad could relate to. My Dad either got tired of the explanation or he decided he understood because they've quit talking about it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! We're off to the bridal shop tomorrow to put a deposit on my DD's gown. I discovered that I was using an incorrect zip code on all the stuff I was sending her, and in the case of two pieces of mail, an incorrect address. She's still missing one of those two pieces, which includes photos from the place where we are planning to hold her reception. Bummer!

03-26-2004, 09:43 PM
I had another relaxing day today. If nothing else, this being on medical leave is having a calming effect on my stress levels in other areas.

the weather here was low 50's all day and of course a peek of the sun teased us just before it set.

Is there nothing on television now days except sports? geesh! every evening! I guess I need to get some better books again.

Anybody got any good low fat recipes for fish? I need some new ideas. can't seem to think of anything different.

I'm going to look into getting one of those lift chairs. Maybe I can get a nice used one if it's not in too bad shape.

Well, now I need to work on the next 5 pounds. I'm not even going to think beyond that anymore. Makes the task seem too daunting.

Sheila, yes, I'm going to see her again on the 5th of April, and I'm going to bring it up again, and if she doesn't think it warrants checking it out further, then I'll call my cancer Dr at Mayo, but it's so hard to get in to see him if it's not scheduled months ahead of time. I'm not so sure I want a biopsy unless it's a complete removal of the lump because if there IS a malignancy, I wouldn't want "seeding" of cells along the needle track.

Good Lord, woman! You mean to tell me that you're not getting disability??? I can't imagine a more obvious case of need for it. If you're not disabled from work, how come a fat *** former neighbor of mine can get disability at age 33 because she says it depresses her to put up with the stress of having to go to work every day? and her brother has been getting it since age 47 for "back problems" and his son, age 24 is getting it because he's addicted to pain drugs that his Dad gave him to begin with, and he gets too depressed when he goes off them. They all go to the same Dr too.
They say if you're turned down, there are attorneys who will represent you on a contingency basis and you have to sometimes go back another time or two.
Go for it Sheila, what the hey!
You just go ahead and feel sorry for yourself. If anybody deserves to, you do. Besides, it's not feeling sorry for yourself, it's just telling it the way it is.

If you had the wrong address on some mail, won't it be returned to you if you had your return address on it?
I don't think I'd have the patience to tackle the job you got ahead of you. But, in a way it sounds kind of exciting too.

Guess I'd better move on here.
Everybody have a good weekend.

I wonder if Puss got through. Did you all get a message from her this AM saying she couldn't get on to 3fc but could access other sites?

03-26-2004, 11:22 PM

Dh and I just got through renting and watching the Under The Tuscan Sun. We both enjoyed it very much. I think all of you would too. What a dream to purchase a run down Tuscan Villa in Italy and restore it and then live there and write books. Another good movie we watched recently was Second Hand Lions and also Open Range. Highly recommend all three movies.

Shiela, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. You are always so upbeat, you took me by suprise saying that you weren't at your best. Caused me to be concerned. This too shall pass, and you can tell us how you really feel anytime you choose. Glad to hear Dear Dad is feeling better, at least if he is up for discussing ipods with DH, that should be a positive sign.

Willow, your mind is always going a hundred miles a minute. I admire the fact that even though life has dealt you a bum hip, you are thinking of ways to get around it like pots for flowers and a raised garden bed to work in. You go girl. By all means get a biopsy, you can never be too safe. I am not a good cook, so I wouldn't be the one to look for recipes from. I love to eat, just don't like to cook. Got all that cooking out of my system while the kids were growing up and it was cook three meals a day for family including some days farm help.

Perhaps the site was down for a little while, but when I got Puss's message I checked the site and it was up and running again.

Tomorrow I want to get that stuff in my living room tagged and in the garage. I am tired of looking at it. First I have to sweep out the garage and do some straightening up. Looks like another long Saturday.

Hello to Puss, Charlotte, SunnyD and Jacquie, have a loverly Saturday. Hope the sun is shinning in all our parts of the world tomorrow.

Take care.


03-27-2004, 10:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm over 50 (50 years 6 months 2 days to be exact), and definitel need to get healthy. I'd like to lose 75 pounds.... okay, let's start with 5.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.

03-27-2004, 10:47 AM
Welcome Connie!! So glad you've joined us! I'm 60 years old in a couple of weeks, live in MN. and have been doing battle with this weight longer than I care to admit. 10 to 12 years now that it's been really bad. I can remember when I thought it was terrible to have 20 pounds to lose. Well, 20 pounds probably is hard to lose when you have 20 to go because the closer you are to goal the more it wants to stick to ya I guess. Anyway, as I've gotten older and gained more, I find it's even harder to get any of it off, but I'm not gonna give up.
I've been kind of a yoyo dieter. worst kind.
I have a large family, 6 sons, their wives and 12 grandkids. They are my heart.

You're gonna love these gals here. Lots of support.
Tell us some more about yourself, as much as you're comfortable telling, of course. :D

Just a quick post this morning.
For some reason I'm in an exceptionally good mood for the second morning in a row.

I have had my breakfast and am going to jump(well, not really jump!) into the shower, then I have to get to the bank and to the store to get some veggies etc. If I get this all done early before I start getting too uncomfortable, then I'll have the whole rest of the day to relax and make spring plans in my head and on paper. I want so badly to do this container planting, and I know I'll get it done too.

Does anybody grow anything on your windowsills, like chives or anything? I'm wondering what grows good indoors. I'm good with outdoor flowers and gardening, but I'm less than worthless with house plants. I murder them. I think they are beautiful, but I sometimes wonder if I don't OVER tend to them.

Would a bean or a pea plant look similar to a philodendron or an ivy plant? I'm going to experiment. I think it would be fun to see what I can get for house plants.

Bonnie, the movies sounded good. I should do that more often I guess.
Don't work too hard today.

Sheila, I hope you're feeling a bit better today. Do you take a good stress supplement? All these wedding plans etc may be exacting a toll on you right now too.

Hello to Charlotte and Sunny, Jacquie and Puss, and everyone else reading this. Come on in and say hello!

I'm out of here for now. Had a big old veggie omelet for breakfast and I'm all primed for a good day!
Come on everybody! Let's all have a good day today. Just think about today for now. Positive thoughts!

I have green grass peeking up in my yard!! :cp:

Have a great day everyone and DRINK YOUR WATER!!

03-27-2004, 08:57 PM
Well, I learned another lesson today.
Don't go shopping for a lot of stuff AND carry it into the house too. OUCH! I'll know to take one of my grandsons along next time.
Then, to add insult to injury, I stood leaning against the counter tops and cleaned, cut up and packaged veggies to freeze and made 2 different kinds of breakfast sausage and froze that. I'm pretty sore.

It ended up raining here again today, but at least it waited until I got home.
My car was soaked when I went out this morning because I left the window down the other day and we had pouring, flooding rain night before last. I'm such a ditz.

I had a huge supper tonight, and even though I know I ate too much, it was worth it. I think 2 oz. of spaghetti is just such a small amount. But, I also didn't have any meat, so I saved myself some calories there. Had portabella mushrooms instead. Yummy.
Maybe the work I did today will wear off some of it.

My show is coming on in a couple of minutes, so I'm out of here.
I have 2 shows that I like to watch, and if I don't have anything else to do I turn on the TV to watch them, otherwise I seldom watch TV. COPS and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND.
Have a good night!

03-27-2004, 09:08 PM

A stress supplement sounds like a good idea, especially after ordering the wedding dress and veil today. Ouch! Okay, blew that budget already even with the 20% discount the shop gave my DD because she used to work there. Went over $125 so I guess it wasn't too bad. She's going to have to walk down the aisle barefoot, though.

I'm the worst person to give advice on houseplants. I actually was able to grow some at one point until I got cats that liked to knock them over and eat them. Then I stuck the plants in a room, and always forgot to water them. I do know you can grow those things in pots so I don't see why you can't grow them inside if you have a sunny window. Would be a good experiment. I've always wanted to try portabella mushrooms, but just never got around to it. I hear they are good grilled.

Welcome, Connie! I hope you post often so we get to know you. I'm turning 51 in April, live with my DH, my Dad, who is quite a character (he's now gotten on this kick about "Where are the pictures they're taking from Mars?" He asks that at least once a week or more now. After the first couple of times trying to answer that question, we now go, "Gee, I don't know!" It's easier.), my three cats, and two dogs. I have a blended family of four children, with one living in the same state. My DD is getting married in November to a guy she met in Navy bootcamp last year.

I think you have the right attitude by starting with looking at 5 lbs., then another 5 lbs, etc., etc. It does add up. I've lost almost 70 so far. It feels really good to be able to finally quit shopping in plus size stores!

A mostly sunny day here, and we spent most of the day doing errands like ordering expensive wedding gowns, and trying to send a TV via UPS. I finally told my DD that it was cheaper for us to just buy her another TV rather than send it.

It sounds like you had a pretty good day, Willow. I hope you're enjoying your shows and relaxing. Did everyone else have a great day?

03-27-2004, 11:15 PM!!! Hope you stay with us!

Sheila....sorry you feel so bad....hey, it's ok to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, & we're willing to listen. I don't know how it is where you're at, but,'s automatic turn down on your first application for SS Disability. Most of the time, you have to hire an attorney to get it for you. That's just how it works. The attorney gets a portion of the back time pay that you receive, as his pay. Need to get it started, usually takes the better part of a year. You also have to be off work, I think it's 6 mos before you apply. Go for it, woman....don't let them discourage you. I've heard they do all that to discourage those who don't need it. Of course, as Willow said....I know people who get it, that I REALLY don't understand....WHY!

Willow....I LOVE "Everybody Loves Raymond"! Hope you get to doing better, soon.

Well, DIL is working on the 5 yr old. She told her daddy tonight that he was mean. That he did bad things to mommy & she was crying a lot & said she loved daddy. He finally figured out a "guy" her mommy knows is trying to convince her that her daddy is mean. We told her that the "guy" doesn't even know him. (& he doesn't!) My son tried to explain to her that mommy was getting the divorce, & not him....she won't allow him around. I can't believe she is using this child that way! It is tearing her up. Both children are soooo attached to their daddy, & she's trying to break up that attachment.
He hasn't been doing that to them. He never says anything bad about her. He tried to explain, the last time she asked, that mommy & daddy just couldn't get along too it was better to live apart. But, they still liked each other, & both loved her & her sister very much. That they both would be taking care of them as always.
He is looking so much better. Eating a lot, & gaining weight. Has totally stopped having panic attacks, etc. Hasn't missed a day's work, or church service. Doesn't seem to be an "act", either....we know our son.

Well, getting late...gotta get ready for Sunday. Hope all have a great day!

03-28-2004, 01:22 AM
Sheila, you are definitely an inspiration to me! Look at those stats!

Okay... a bit about me.... I'll be 51 in September (why does it look like such a big number when you write it?). I live in NE California with my husband, and nearly 3-year-old granddaughter, whom we're adopting (we had also adopted her mother at the age of 10). I never thought I'd be this age and raising another child, but I don't know what I'd do without her. I also work full time, as a secretary in a maximum-security prison, and I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant ( I have many reasons for losing this weight.... the most important reason is my HEALTH so I can be young feeling for Genesy. My husband definitely needs to do something about his cholesterol and blood sugar. So off we go.... on a grand adventure. I've done every diet in the world, but I know the best one for me is CALORIE COUNTING!

I hope everyone is having a joyous weekend!

03-28-2004, 04:29 AM
Phew!! I turn my back for 2 days and the site is full. Thanks girls for emails, I just could not get into 3Chicks but I notice SunnyD had a problem too. Page displayed was the grey one (nothing to do with Chicks site), the one when your computer times out and you have to log in again but it was only for here. I went straight to FitDay with no problem and this has happened a few times over the last year or so.
Willow, brilliant to see your posts again - you were missed. I do hope you can get your doctor to get his act together over the fatty tissue lump and do something concrete to reassure you. I have bought a smashing cook book by Sophie Grigson (her mum was a celebrated cook here too). Work colleagues love it too and I will look for nice fish recipies later and send you the best. It's not a diet cook book but down to earth and very tasty. As for plants on window sills, herbs grow lovely and so do peppers (bell peppers?). I grow tomatoes and cucumbers in container pots and put out on the patio when they get big. Recently I found an old packet of seeds 6 years old and following my rule of gardening 'march or die' scattered them in a tray in my greenhouse. 8 of them are now transplanted into pots and getting big and compact. I named them after friends in work which prompted a male colleague to as what colour was the sky in my world but he was happy and asked if he could have his own lettuce in pot to care for. Maybe got a convert here.
Welcome Connie, we are the same age and I have been here about a year. I live in the UK near London and need to lose around 15-20 lbs. I have gained 10lb since Xmas and I am a yo yo dieter. You will get the support you need here. How lovely that you have your dear GD living with you, I am a frustrated GM wanabee. If you are calorie counting, have you tried Willow told me about it and it's a good site for calculating weight, calories eaten/burned etc.
Angel - Sad that your DIL has tried to turn little GD from your son, her poor little mind must be so confused. It is brilliant that your DS is trying so hard to stay on track, I really hope he makes it but living with you and DH in a loving family unit is a firm base to attack his problems. How are your DDs? When do they start more tests/treatments? You have had a rough couple of years but as my dear dad used to say, each time the sword goes into the fire, it comes out stronger.Did you enjoy your trip to the beauty parlour?
Sheila, I am sorry you are in so much pain and I agree with Willow, have another go at the authorities over disability allowance. Sounds like your DD was going through a depressed period in spite of your loving care, bless him. I wasn't able to be mischievious and eat pudding at the lunch to make the Atkins two jealous because they caved in and had sticky toffee pudding with Cornish clotted cream!! Other friend and I had warm waffles with chunky monkey ice cream with sliced banana and maple syrup. Four happy (and sleepy) workers went back wanting a siesta not work. I notice you like creme brulee, I love it but rest of family don't, same as rice pudding. My DD used to love watching Judge Judy on satellite when he visited. Really admired her and favourite phrase was "lying so-and-so, she'll sort him out". Ha ha. His kind of lady.
Bluet, you sure went to a lot of hard work over your DDs weddings. I am not very artistic so wouldn't trust myself to do anything like that. It's only in the last couple of years we have been able to get married in the UK in places other than church or a registry office (Government building). Now many places are licensed to perform marriage ceremonies and two colleagues at work are having theirs at hotels this year though I don't think you can have it performed at home yet. The farm cats sound adorable. I think it is still too soon for me to get another puss, I miss Alf so much and still expect him to come strolling round the back fence. All the tulips and daffodils we planted together last October are out (me planting and him messing about or doing little waterworks in the holes!).
Jacqui, you must have bags of energy having your dear GKs for a few days and I bet you slept well at night! You are not feeling sorry for yourself at all, it must be awful living with pain and I am very aware of how lucky I am not to be on any medication or have any ailments compared to the girls here. I can't imagine how miserable it must get at times and I don't think I would be brave coping with it. Try to make time just for yourself doing the things you like but don't get time for usually. How is your DM now? As for your MIL, I think that with my mum that she is sucking me dry at times and she will go on forever in the same mode.
SunnyD, glad to know it was not just me with the problem in accessing this site the other day. You are doing really well with your healthy regime and have inspired me to try again from today.
DH went to Holland on thursday and left for the middle east for 12 days on friday so I am hoping to eat sensibly now I have no excuse to eat forbiddens like slim-line hubby can and does. DD arrive friday night (her boyfriend drove her the 200 miles) to collect new car from the dealership. She was like a little girl so excited and I got tired of the number of thanks ha ha. She said she felt like a spoilt brat and I said she had never been that, ever. Always grateful for anything no matter how small and trivial. She left yesterday early evening and telephoned to say she had taken a wrong turning at motorway intersections which took her 30 mins the wrong way but said she didn't care she loved driving the car which she described as like a hire car all shiny and new. Bless her, I have forgotten what it was like to feel that way about a car, must come with age.
Sorry this is an epistle, two days away and heaps of posts! Great!
Best wishes to all, and thanks for emails when I had trouble getting in,

03-28-2004, 04:31 AM
Sheila, I am sorry you are not coming to the UK this year but you have a better thing to spend your money on with DDs wedding. I will just have to try and photo and post my feet to you on here, ha ha.

03-28-2004, 09:49 PM
I had a quiet day today.
I painted my nails green, and it probably sounds horrid, but the color matches a top I have on perfectly and it looks nice! this is kind of fun having time to mess around with my nails. never can do that when I'm working because they get all broken and chipped at work anyway.

Puss, good to see your post.
I was wondering what you thought of your little guru Richard Simmons slapping that man at the airport. :lol: My first mental image was of him in his little red shorts with his curls prancing over to the guy and slapping his face with his head tilted up.
Cool idea naming those plants after co-workers. :D

Hi Connie! Reading all your jobs I'm thinking, " this lady wears many hats!"
Calorie counting seems to work best for me too.
So, is your hubby going on this weight loss journey with you? you may have said already and I just don't remember. It sure makes it a lot easier if they join you doesn't it?

Today my grandson wanted some treats and I didn't have anything for him. All I had was fruit, apples, grapes and strawberries. He didn't want any of those though. I explained to him that I'm not going to have any of that stuff at my house anymore because then I eat it too and it's not good for anybody's health.
Now I suppose he won't want to come to grandma's house anymore. :lol: He's only 6 yrs old.
That must be a challenge to raise a grandchild when you thought you were all done raising kids.
My mom and Dad raised one of my brothers 3 children, and they never said it but I bet there were times when they were really tired out. Especially my mom.

Charlotte, glad you posted.
I hope everything turns out for the best with your son and DIL. All you can do is keep being loving to the kids and hope that eventually they will realize that your son isn't as bad as their mother is telling them.
How old are the kids? They must know how your son has been to them prior to the split up. Damned drugs!
Soc. Sec. told me that they don't pay anything at all until at least 5 months after the last month you have worked. I worked one day in March so they said the very earliest a determination would be made would be September.
Everyone has told me that I will be denied. All I can do is wait and try again if they deny me.

Sheila, I had to laugh at the thought of your daughter walking down the isle barefoot. :lol:
This time will fly by for you and you'll look back on it and think, well, .... maybe it wasn't so bad.

My son and daughter-in-law and grandson came for a couple hours this afternoon. I had ordered some things from my grandson for a fundraiser and now I can start to plant some herbs etc because I got some really pretty little pots.
I kept the pit from an avocado today and I'm going to see if I can get that to grow in a pot in the house until summer then move it outside for the summer.

I had an awesome salad for supper. I am so full now, but I'll gladly suffer like this.

Tomorrow is lots of phone time setting up appts and getting info etc.

Everybody have a great evening!

03-29-2004, 05:19 PM
Green means GO WIllow and you are certainly a go getter with your trendy polish! I have some blue and some green that were bought for me but am too lazy to change my polish for the outfit I wear ha ha. Your little GS should have been in my house tonight, I bought a huge bag of sweets from the pick-and-mix range and chose some adult chocolates and turkish delight and also the kiddie ones I like such as pink paste shrimps and fizzy bananas and marshmellow ice cream cones. You must let us know what herbs you grow in your pots when you decide. At the moment I have a huge load of basil growing but I cheated and bought it as a small plant at the supermarket. I don't recall hearing about Richard whacking some man at the airport. What was that all about?
Reason i am late posting tonight instead of early morning is I was up till very late as mum took another o/d and poor brother had to attend to ambulance then on to hospital etc. I had spoken to her in the morning and same old stuff but as usual hysterical weeping and I couldn't understand her. Told her gently that I was hanging up and to call me back when she was calmer. I never heard from her all day and there was no answer when I rang at 7 last night. Sometimes she stays over on sunday night with her sister but I rang my DB and he said he would swing by her house to check. Very drowsy and slurring in bed and empty tablets on the bedside table. Been through this before and medics didnt think it an emergency. She knew from the last time that the sleeping tablets were not the dangerous ones but the anti-depressants and she hadn't taken them at all. She was kept in a regular hospital overnight and today she is back in the pyschiatric unit she usually goes in to. She does not like the staff or doctor there but she is so rude to them on occasions I can't blame them. Also, after a day or so there she is right as rain. Already tonight she has been criticising my DB - I am sure she is using my DB as a substitute husband as she nags him (or tries to) the way she did my DD though DB is no pushover like dad was. Have realised there is no solution to this at all and will end only when one of us (probably not her) kicks the bucket. Never mind. Reason for telling you this tedious tale is to excuse myself in advance if I am not on the site for the next few days. I will probably have to drive up there for the weekend as my brother said he could do with some support - although she will probably be in the unit for a few weeks, he has the busy end of it up there, I just get the phone calls. I hope to be able to be here each day but just in case something crops up I wouldn't like you to think I just can't be bothered. x

03-29-2004, 09:40 PM
Today was a pretty good day.
I had programmed my one VCR to tape a program that comes on at 5 AM in case I would happen to be asleep at that time, which doesn't happen very often, and during the night last night the cable company changed the line-up of all the channels. So, I had to re-do it , but that wasn't too bad.
I just have to learn the new line-up now.

My 12-year old grandson rode his bike up here today and watched movies and visited for about 3 hours. COOL! I love it! Then before he left he asked if there was anything I needed to have done. He's such a sweety!

Foods were good today, if too much.

Wednesday one of my other sons is coming from out of town with his 2 boys to spend the day. can't wait.
Everybody is on spring break.

Puss, Thanks for letting us know what may be up for the next few days.
too bad your Mother is so emotionally unstable, but, you also know don't you that you can't own any of that. Certainly none of it is anybody's fault, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, so maybe it would be a good idea for your brother to stay away from her as long as she's in the psychiatric unit and take a break for himself. Tell the staff there that she is not to be calling the family until they have her stable. You both need a break and I would think the staff and Drs there need time to counsel her also. Heck, .... enjoy a few days reprieve!

I should have edited last nights post to say I ended up nibbling away at that blasted seafood salad last night until I had the whole thing gone! 1800 calories worth! And that wasn't the whole days worth of calories either! Just the salad! here piggy, piggy, piggy!!

Hi to all!

Everybody have a good evening!

03-29-2004, 09:52 PM
Hi Everyone,

I don't know what good I'll be, had another rough day at work. I'll just keep typing see what happens.

I got up very early this morning, because I had a seven o'clock appointment to have my car greased and the oil changed. DH kept pestering me because I had gone more than 3,000 miles since the last oil change and grease. so to get him off my back so to speak I made an appointment for this morning. He kept telling me he couldn't see what the milage was on the sticker, since the last time I had the car in, because the sun had faded it so badly it wasn't legible. That's how long it had been. So it is done now. They also rotated the tires and told me I needed a new battery, because the battery had a black eye instead of a green eye. Yeah, right like I knew what that meant. Well, I knew I didn't want to be stranded someplace so I had that replaced too. The battery was $75.75. A simple oil change turned into a $160.00 car bill. It is always that way, that is why I hate taking the car in in the first place.

Willow, I have never worn green nail polish in my entire life. You are very adventurous. I just go pale pink, once in awhile for occasions. I don't wear much jewlery either, just my rings and I have never had my ears pierced. I think I am the only person I know without pierced ears. I always thought, "Oh no, another thing for me to worry about remembering when I get dressed to go someplace." Sounds like the Spring bug has bitten you with the desire to plant and see things growing. It hasn't hit me yet, but DH and I were out raking until it got dark. Even though we have a big yard, having two adult retrievers can play havoc on the yard all winter. A big Yellow Lab boy and a shy brown Chesapeake Bay Retriever girl. The Lab is our sons, the Lab got too big to have in the city and the Chessie is mine, only because I saw her at the animal shelter and felt sorry for her. I was sitting on a chair in the viewing room and when she came in she ran over and put her head on my lap, well how was I suppose to leave her there? she's been attached to me ever since. We built a large kennel and have an insulated dog house large enough for both of them to stay in, so they do fine out doors. I hope things work out for you with the disability, the sooner the better.

Puss, My you have your hands full. I just don't know how you handle all of this so well. If you have to go, you have to go and you know we will all be here when you get back. I watched Mrs. Bucket, lady of the house Saturday evening. She is such a riot. Her poor suffering husband. The Office is going to start from the beginning on April 1st. I think I will start watching it to see if it is anything like the office I work in. The show or the actors, don't remember which, won two American awards here this year. I didn't end up watching hardly any television on Saturday. I felt like a quite day and ended up working mostly be myself without any back ground noise going on. Did not see hide nor hair of grandson or grandaughter from next door, they must have been doing something to keep them pretty busy. The other three grandsons were in Florida at Disney World last week. I am sure they had a good time. Best of luck handling Mom this week.

Connie, welcome to our little group glad you want to join us. I live on a farm in Wisconsin with my husband. We no longer farm, but still work the land and rent the barn to a neighbor who raises young stock here. We have three daughters and one son. We have seven grandchildren, four boys and 3 girls. The girls are starting to catch up. We had only grandson for the longest time. They love to come to the farm and stay overnight or the weekend to see what grandma and grandpa are up to. DH and I work full time off of the farm.

Shiela, glad to see the wedding plans are moving right along. Hope you are feeling better health wise. Charlotte, best wishes to you and your family. SunnyD, your such a busy girl, been awhile since we heard from you. Jacquie, how's the babysitting going?

Take care everyone.


03-30-2004, 12:34 AM
Oh, gosh, Puss, I'm sorry about your Mom. As Willow said, you cannot own any of that. Hopefully I won't offend you when I say that your Mom is like the black hole of attention-seeking, and that nobody can fill her up. I'm mixing metaphors here, I'm sure, but I'm betting you understand. There just has to be some kind of therapy that will help her. Tell the darn shrinks to force her to get out and do something with herself! I feel bad for you and your brother, and for your mother, too, who appears to have her physical health, but for some reason won't make the most of it.

Hey, I'm really going to miss not being greeted at Heathrow by a short barefoot woman waving her feet and a sign that says "I'm Fatpuss!"

Willow, you kill me--green finger nail polish! If only my nails would grow because I would love to paint them. Even green! Do you like the nail art that some women have? I love it, especially around Christmas when I see Christmas trees on nails, and holly and ribbons. I imagine that kind of stuff costs a pretty penny, but it would be fun to have it done.

What a great grandson you have--asking if there was anything he could do. That kid's definitely a keeper!

Bluet, don't you hate it when the bill for the oil change gets that high, especially if you have a coupon? My DH always takes the car in for one of those $15.95 oil changes and ends up with a bill that's five times that amount. It's so frustrating, but I have a phobia about driving over that big hole in the ground so I let him do the oil change. Speaking of cars, the repair for the ding on our trunk is going to be $562. OUCH! My son told me that's with the "Mommy" discount. I didn't feel like I could go out and get bids because he'd be offended.

I couldn't get into The Office, but I watched Trust with Robson Greene (I think that's his name) one time and liked it. I always liked him in Touching Evil--I haven't watched the American version yet. I also watched part of McCallum with John Hanna (the younger gay guy from Four Wedding and a Funeral), and like that, too. Love his accent, and when I was married before, my name was McCallum. :)

Well, as I'm about to sign the contract for the reception site, my daughter calls to tell me that they have to change the date. Her fiance got his orders, and he's supposed to be deployed sometime before the year's end so they want to move the date up, or push it back. I will know tomorrow. It's really hard planning around the schedules of two military people.

SunnyD, Charlotte, and Jacquie, hope you're doing okay. Has spring sprung where you guys live? My tulips came out yesterday and look wonderful. It was a record high today. That's all I heard--have to wait until 11:00 pm to find out what the high was. Tomorrow is rain. Oh, well.

03-30-2004, 10:59 PM
Hi all !!!

I had a terrible time finding this site .....don't know why but thank goodness I did.
Babysitting is over....lots of fun but boy was I tired!!

I didn't have a chance to post right of my former co-workers and a very good friend passed away suddenly after a 2 week illness. The funeral was yesterday so things have been hectic to say the least. The traumas never seem to end.

I will post is the morning after I have read this thread (#13). I was stuck on 12 and couldn't find it so now I should be OK.

Talk to you tomorrow!


03-31-2004, 03:13 AM
Willow, Sheila and Bluet thanks for support and sound comments, appreciate them very much.
Willow, I told my brother to visit the unit every other day not every day and he has started doing that. There is no patients phone in this new ward she is on so I rang the office one and the nurse mother detests brought her to the phone. she was very guarded and i asked her if it was because the nurse was with her and she said yes. Very difficult really as i now worry she is feeling isolated and abandoned yet she has been very rude and personal to this particular nurse who has been ok with me. I asked my brother to take her mobile phone in if it's allowed. I looked up fish recipies in my book for you and whether it's because I am not a fish lover, or what, I didn't fancy any of them and certainly couldn't recommend any to you. All seemed a lot of messing about with different herbs etc for very little at the end of it all. Your dear GS sounds a love, how long does it take for him to bike over to your house?
Bluet, I know all about garage bills which is why I have bought two almost new cars for the kids - their old cars were money pits! With our compulsory annual road test certificate here, I always have each car serviced at the same time as the test with any faults rectified. Bills never less than 130 pounds and often 300. Your retrievers sound lovely but they would be pushed for space in my garden ha ha. The Office is an acquired taste, I loved it but my brother didn't. David Brent the office manager is such a monster, yet deeply insecure, I think we have all met someone like him at work. It is done documentary style but I loved it.
Sheila, good job you hadn't signed the contract for the reception with the change of dates now. It must be really difficult in the forces planning ahead and never knowing where you will be at that time. I loved your expression 'black hole of attention seeking' it sums it all up really. Wasn't McCallum the name of the blonde bloke in Man from Uncle, David McCallum alias Illya Kuryakin? His wife in real life, Jill Ireland, left him for Charles Bronson.(usless piece of information there). My wallflowers are now in bud but disaster with the lettuces transplanted into individual pots. All the leaves have collapsed and wilted and look like they are dying yet were so healthy in the shallow, crowed little tray. Have I overwatered them? Help, I need advice and look very silly now as I promised them to their namesakes. All is lost on the lettuce front I fear. How is poor Pooch doing now? I know Alfie had another four good months after he was 'hospitalised' on a drip for a weekend but the second time we tried it, it didn't work as his kidneys were too bad. Such a shame when our animals don't live as long as us.
Jacqui, I am sorry about your friend. Two weeks is not time enough notice to do and say all the things one would like to do before leaving loved ones behind.Better than lingering for months in pain, I know, but so sudden is really sad.
Have a right dilemma this weekend. I feel I should go up north to visit my mother even if it's only for a few hours each day but had a call from the chap who is selling the car we are buying for DS saying all the little bits and pieces like small dent and few scratches are being done by garage and should be ready Friday or Saturday. Also, brother asked if I fancy our bi-annual trip to France this weekend. I would really like a quite one in the garden and plant all the stuff I bought the last few weeks as I worked the whole of last weekend finishing audit reports on my laptop. Yesterday was the cut off date and I got it all done, thankfully. Today I have it easy, an area meeting held at a venue near me - but miles away from the office and everyone complaining about the travel involved, ha ha. now they know why I didn't want my office to close when I had to join their branch near Heathrow!
Angel, SunnyD and Bluet and Connie, hope you are all well and having a good Wednesday.

03-31-2004, 10:01 AM
:coffee2: A very Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

Forgive me for being MIA the last few weeks... I have found it very difficult to juggle all I have going in a day these days!! And now with Easter coming we are even busier :o We had a 2 hour practice last night for our Easter Sunday Celebration... I just love Easter! As much as I do Christmas :)
Both a symbol of birth and rebirth... new beginnings :D

I am doing well and still losing :D A bit slower but it is still coming off... I am down to 198 even now and am working so hard exercising each day and drinking plenty of water and watching my portions at mealtime. Although, today I have decided to take a rest from exercise. I am feeling very tired today. So I am staying home and changing out bed sheets and catching up with some house cleaning --- have floors to wash too. The boys (my cats) are shedding their winter coats and I have to keep after them or it will be all over the place. I hate seeing their fur floating in my kitchen!! Thank the Lord for Swiffer!!!! Really works well for lifting their fur.

The program I am on takes allot of time because I am cooking allot and I also belong to their Forum, so it's been taking up allot of my time also. I am so very sorry I never made it back here to post. I just finished reading --- whew --- I think I have been sitting here for better then 40min. just trying to catch up with you gals ;)

*~*~* SHEILA,
When my DFIL was alive he use to feel like he was a nuisance also... he wasn't but he felt that way. I think if any one of us were in there positions we'd probably feel the same way. No one wants to be a burden on anyone. Well, most anyway... my heart goes out to PUSS with her DM problems!

Sounds like your DD's wedding is coming along... did she ever get her pictures that were lost in the mail? As far as her dress... I paid $100.00 for my dress and $25.00 for my vail total! :lol: I bought it at a second hand shop and it was very pretty on me. Weddings are so very costly these days, I didn't do half of what they do today in planning and we are happy ;) I sure do hope you will be able to provide for her needs without having to go into the poor-house :^: Sure hope that you will post some wedding pictures when the time comes --- sure would love to see!!!

Yes! Joe & I spent the whole weekend outdoors this weekend clearing up the yard from winter. We had some beautiful weather all weekend!! Sunday went up to 70*!! So clear and sunny - just beautiful! My daffodils are up about 6" and I see buds beginning. We are in the midst of rain storms now and for the next few days, but I don't mind...
it is Spring WILLOW,
It is so good to see you back! I can barely keep up with you girl!!! When will you be 60 in April????

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your children and g-children. I can tell you that those boys will never forget the time you spent with them shopping or otherwise... my nephews remember to this day the things I did when them when they were young. You are very Special to them all!!! Believe me ~ none of your g-children will ever forget the time you took out to spend with them.

You don't think the pool-therapy will help you? I have heard allot of great things about pool-therapy from the ladies here that go. I have chatted with them at the Curves I go to... and they said if it weren't for that therapy they would have never been able to do Curves. I do hope it helps you too. It is a shame you have to wait till May 18th to go to the Mayo Clinic. Will you have a biopsy on the lumps in your leg? Safe then sorry is what I believe.

Thank you for the 'pat-on-the-back' on my weight loss! It always is great to hear :D And you mentioned that there's nothing on TV ~ how right you are!!!! All the stations we have and nothing to watch! Everything is in reruns already!!!! So frustrating... I was just complaining to my DM the other day about it. And then... ... ... they move the programs around so much I forget to watch them because I forgot it was ON that night! I have basically given up! I am "in bed" by 9/9:30 now and don't even set the deck anymore. ANGEL,
I am so sorry to hear of your DS's problems... please KNOW that I hold him and his family in my *prayers*!!!!

You mentioned that you didn't have any help from family or friends now that you need it for your home ---- same thing happened to my hubby & I! We have ALWAYS been there for each of Joe's family members when they moved and when we moved into this place and placed calls for help, they were all busy and couldn't be there! Joe has a very large family too! Joe & I ended up moving ourselves into our home --- rented a truck and actually moved all the furniture in ourselves (do you know how heavy a hide-a-bed sofa is! :o !?). I was stronger then, sure couldn't do that now! But we never forgot how abandoned we felt when we needed a hand. I sure do hope someone comes through for you both. Sad how things work, huh. BLUET,
Thanks so much for your kind wishes as well... so far all is going well on my program (lost a total of 18.5lbs now). It's so nice to see I have been missed here ;) I think I just felt overwhelmed with trying to catch up with all the posting. I have been so tired by the end of a day - I rarely post in the evenings now. And didn't even read any of the posts till this morning, I am sorry to say. I have missed you all very much (!) just felt like I could never catch up with you all.

I saw the movie "Second Hand Lions" - just a wonderful movie! I bought it for my folks and they loved it as well! I haven't seen "Under the Tuscan Sun" yet, but have heard that it is great... now you have given it your high-five, so off I will go to rent it this weekend ;)

I am sorry that you are having some rough days! Maybe you long for some sunshine... no? I know how hard it is on 'me' when we don't have sun around for a long time. I felt like a new person over the weekend working in the yard and sunshine! I so miss it! And cannot wait to be out in the gardens over the summer. Hey there CONNIE,
So good to see you posting here :) You will love these gals! They are the best! I am not 50 yet (only 47), but they have welcomed me with "open arms" :D Connie, when is your birthday in September? I like keeping track ;) PUSS,
Thanks for your encouragement as well....

I so wish there was something I could do to help you with your DM! My Heart and *Prayers* go out to you!!!! It is so very hard because you love her, but may not like her ways... and that's okay. That's how we felt with DFIL too... he did allot of things we didn't agree with, but it was his choice to do and he had to cope with the results. We tried to help when we could, but in some area's it best to rely on experts to help and believe me we did. As I said, you are in my *prayers*!!!!
{{{Big Warm Hugs}}} for you sweetie! And JACQUIE,
I am so very sorry I was MIA on your birthday! I do hope you had a Wonderful day!!! Belated "Happy Birthday" wishes for you


Well gang... I really have allot to do again today, so off I go :wave:
It has been great catching up with you all --- I hope to not be away so long next time. I will do my very best to keep up... sometimes it is hard because our days are so very busy & as it gets nicer out I find I spend less time on the computer.

See you soon!
{{{Luvs & Hugs}}}
:sunny: SunnyD


03-31-2004, 12:02 PM

Hi again Gals,

As you can see I am home today :D

I was just reading over the posts from the last Thread and wanted to be sure and "Thank-you" ~All~ again for the support and encouragement you gave me when I posted my news of being in "ONE-derland"... I just could not have done it without all your prayers, support and encouragement! Not to mention the "atta-girl's" :goodvibes I remember the day I came home from Curves all sad and bummed out. Reading your post encouraged me to hang in there! Now I am feeling so strong and ready for this challange because of you...

*May the Lord Bless you all a whole lot :grouphug:*
:sunny: SunnyD


04-01-2004, 12:16 AM
Puss, maybe the lettuce is just suffering some transplant shock and will be okay eventually. I'm crossing my fingers that's the case! And, hey, I'd opt for the trip to France for the weekend--sounds like fun and you could use some fun about now.

SunnyD, you're doing so well! Congratulations! Sounds like you've been awfully busy, but still not too busy to stick to your weight loss plan. That's exciting.

Jacquie, I'm so sorry about your friend. What a shock that must have been. I'm glad that you were able to find this thread. Whoever does #14 should post a link to the last thread. I didn't, but I didn't know it would be closed.

My birthday present showed up today. His name is Andrew. Now, get your mind out of the gutter! :) He does landscape stuff for us, and for my birthday, I wanted my DH to get Andrew to finish up the flowerbeds that DH and I started last year. Now I'll have to think of something to plant in them. My tulips look spectacular in the beds that we finished last summer, and I'm going to the tulip festival on Monday so we'll order more to plant next October. I think I'll just put some "happy flowers" in the beds, like dahlias and gladiolas. I always think of them as being cheerful. And maybe some delphiniums. It will be kind of a hodgepodge of flowers that I like rather than something a designer would do. The landscape person that we're hiring to plant our front yard is coming by tomorrow with her rock guy. The rock guy is going to make a walkway and small patio (large enough for a cafe table and two chairs), and the landscape crew is going to plant according to the plan that the landscape designer did last fall. I think I have some photos of what it looked like before (a weed patch) so I'll post before/after photos once it's done. I'm excited about it.

My DH and I did water aerobics today. It's tougher than I thought. He lagged at the end of class, but I was still going pretty strong, which I attribute to my 3X a week land aerobics. I might pay for it in the morning, though, because that resistance kind of sneaks up on you.

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!

04-01-2004, 08:18 AM
I am so very sorry for your loss... somehow I missed reading the postings just before mine! I just don't know how I do that --- I am rushing I guess. I feel badly. Again... I am so very sorry for your loss. :(

Last year my hubby & I lost 3 Dear Friends and 2 Dear Family members all within months of one another. And just a few weeks ago we found out that one of our pianist at our chuch has cancer and will not live, it has already invaded her liver. She is such a Dear Person! *Prayers* for she and her family would be much appreciated... as I will lift you and your DFriends up as well.

So my heart does go out to you in your sadness :cry:
*May the Lord Surround You in the Peace & Comfort of His Arms*


04-01-2004, 09:11 AM

:coffee2: Good Morning SHEILA,
Thank-you so much for the encouragement... I feel like I need it today. I have had a struggle the last couple days with my WOE. But I am still focused with my exercises... so there I am fine. Just have to get back on track with my WOE and will today. If the rain would just let up a little I could get out and walk... cannot wait for the sunshine and warmth to kick in and stay with us.

You are too funny... so you have a Landscaper & Co. for your birthday gift, Nice Gift!! :cool: I remember a summer when my girlfriend & I use to get on the phone (we lived across the street from one another) every time our neighbor's Landscaper & crew came over (over several weeks) and we'd chat about them. When he & the crew got there the first thing they would do is remove their shirts (they knew they were being watched :D ). Yes, I am a Christian and I have a great hubby, but I am not dead :lol: They were very easy on the eyes and the two of us enjoyed watching & chatting while they worked in her yard :^:

Your soon to be gardens sound so beautiful!!! I love dahlias & delphiniums!! Just love them and so do the butterflies! The path & cafe table and two chairs sound perfect! Sounds like a garden I would envy. You must get some pictures of your gardens before & once they have finished and maybe even one of your Landscaper & crew too ;)

This is my second attempt in trying to post to you this morning... I got some sort of error thingy and it wiped out the whole post and closed the window before I could do a copy of what I posted... so frustrating!

You have a wonderful day today!!!
*God Bless*


04-01-2004, 06:15 PM

Well, the sun is out today, but the temp is only 46 degrees. I must admit though, the daffodiles are peaking through the ground, another week and they will be up and about to bloom.

Did you all get a new Easter outfit to wear on Easter? I didn't yet, I don't know if I will. I have a blue dress that I wore last year, got hardly any wear out of it, perhaps no one will remember it. It should fit me better this year with my weight loss. I better try it on just in case. We are going to go out for brunch. All the kids are coming home, except our oldest, who always goes to her in-laws for Easter. I like Easter, because it is just a one day holiday and Summer can't be far behind. Sometimes Easter is on my birthday and some times my birthday is on Good Friday. Good Friday is o.k., but it is not a happy day that's for sure. My birthday is April 20th and my Mother's is April 23rd. She always said she had me for her birthday, I am her first child. DH and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary soon which is April 25th.

I really hope the weather co-operates this weekend, so I can work on the garage. Sweep out all the winter dirt and get the lawn mowers out of there and the Christmas lights put away. We have a little bit of raking left to do too. Sheila, send your landscapers over to my house when they are done at your house. Although, I think it won't be warm enough for them to go without shirts.

I did a lot of picture sorting last weekend. I bought those photo boxes and put each child's and grandchild's name on the front and sat at the kitchen table and sorted photos appropriately. I had really let the photo filing and labeling go since I started working full-time, but I just about have that project done. I can tell when the children all got digital camera's there are less pictures since then. DH said, why don't you wait to do this stuff when you retire. I had to think about that, I guess I just got it into my head to do it now, especially since I found a lot of the photos in the storage room. It seems right to get it organized now for some reason.

Well, I hope you all had a good Thursday and I hope Friday is even better.
Take care all.


04-02-2004, 12:25 AM
SunnyD, you need to get a rain jacket! :) We couldn't survive here in the Pacific Northwest without our raincoats from REI or Columbia Sportswear. I can walk in the rain just fine--it's snow I hate walking in. You and your friend remind me of an old Diet Coke or some soda commercial where women in an office all took their break at the same time and went to the window to stare at the construction workers in the next building. Too funny!

Bluet, you sound so darned organized with your photos. Hey, my birthday is sometimes on Easter, too. This year it's the Tuesday before Easter--can't remember the last time it was on Easter (if I was good in math I imagine I could calculate when that was), but it wasn't that long ago. Which anniversary will you be celebrating?

Today the person who is landscaping my front yard came over with her rock guy. She gave me the bid--much lower than I thought, but my estimates come from HGTV where they always spend thousands of dollars. Of course, the rock guy hasn't given his estimate yet. I'm letting the landscaper choose the colors that weren't specified by the designer. For some reason, I just couldn't get into sitting down and figuring out colors. I told her that I preferred pinks, blues, purples, and white with dashes of red and yellow in appropriate spots. Hopefully, she can come up with something from that. I'm so excited to see how it comes out! Then on to the "first" backyard. The second backyard is up a set of stairs (that we built last year) and I'm not going to touch that. It's okay as long as it's mowed every so often.

Another gorgeous day here. I walked my younger old dog today while my older dog snoozed. I had to sneak out the door so I wouldn't wake her up because she'd be upset if I didn't take her along.

Hope everyone had a good Thursday! I'm looking forward to a new ER tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot--the bridal couple changed the date to December 18. Turns out their chief officers said they could only get married during December when people are released for the holidays. It's going to cost us $300 more to rent the room because December is the most expensive month. Guess it's all the holiday parties. They're going to have to decide on a caterer soon because I imagine the caterers get booked early, too. At least my sister said she'd come. She lives 5 hours away, and if the wedding was going to be in November, she wasn't coming because she works during the week. Okay. . . I was a little upset about that. More than a little upset. December 18 works for her because the college she works at starts winter break December 10. She also said her DH doesn't like to do "production" work so I guess he won't be doing the envelopes. She didn't mention the photography, and I decided I wasn't going to ask. We'll just go with disposables on the tables. *Sigh*

04-02-2004, 09:39 AM

Morning SHEILA,
Ohhh I have a rain jacket... and have walked in the rain many a day. I guess I wasn't very clear --- it's 36* here and it has been snowing again! It went from rain in the morning to the snow and the chill goes straight into your bones! I don't really think you could comprehend this damp/cold till you live here. So many ladies grumbling at Curves the other day... where's the warmth! So it's not just the rain - it's the temps here.

I remember that commercial :lol: --- I believe it was a Pepsi commercial ;)

Oh goodness... yep, December is a very busy time of the year... actually November - January 2 is their peak time. That's too bad you have to pay more, too bad you can't get some sort of discount being it's a military wedding, huh. I wish you well on your endeavors of planning...

So glad to hear that someone is getting sun... people here are like "What? Sun? What's that?"

Nope, haven't gotten a new Easter outfit in a few years. But I might this year... still haven't given it much thought.

WoW... you have a busy month in April in your family with the birthdays and your anniversary. It's a great month though - don't you think? With the freshness and renewal of the year ;)

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with the pictures... I cannot believe the time spent ahead of me if I decide to work on my pictures - I am always taking pictures and have them all over the place in shoeboxes by the year. Just need to get them into albums. All the rest of my pictures are on disk --- so neat and tidy... wish I had a digital years ago - it would have saved me some work ;) Wishing you luck getting all yours done :)

:wave: Hello's to ANGEL, PUSS, KATEY, WILLOW, JACQUIE, CONNIE :wave:
You all have a wonderful day today...
PS... Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD this SATURDAY


04-02-2004, 10:43 AM
I haven't been on since Wednesday, and it's because i had company.
God love those grandkids. They are so precious.
I had a wonderful time with my sons and their boys, but by last night I was in a lot of discomfort, ... couldn't walk. Had to kind of hop on one leg and use the cane.
I go back to the local Dr on Monday, but I've decided that I can't wait till the middle of May to see the surgeon at Mayo, so i'm going to call the other bigger clinic in Wisconsin and see if I can get in to see that surgeon sooner. In the meantime I'm going to ask the local Dr to do a scan of the thigh and lower abdomen to make sure there isn't something in there.
I had checked out the board yesterday when they all went out to throw a football for a while, but I decided to wait to post when I had more time.

Sheila, so sorry you're having to change things already with the wedding. I saw on the news yesterday that there will be free wedding gowns someplace for military people getting married who are overseas. I thought it was the military providing them.
Your flowers and landscaping sounds like it's going to be beautiful.

Hi Sunny, good job on those pounds lost! You're doing just wonderfully!

Hello Bonnie, .... I did the photo thing last fall, and I spent DAYS at it. But it's worth it in the end.

I'm not going to make individual posts to everyone today because i want to get off this hip. Guess i'll just kind of lay around on my other side today.
Hope you all have a great day today. Be back later. .....

04-02-2004, 11:56 AM
Hi all!

Sorry I was MIA for a few days again. SIL came for a visit after wintering in Australia (their summer) with her DD. We spent a few days getting caught and dining out (trying to be good). We had a nice visit...which was much needed after the shock of last week. My friend didn't really have the time to say goodby as the prognosis for recovery after surgery was very good. The autopsy however showed it was a blessing.

Anyhow.....I did manage to get caught up on all the posts and started to reply to each one of you but it is such an overwhelming task that I decided to just stary fron here. My thoughts and prayers are with each one of you through.

Connie ...greetings and welcome to you! I have been with this group since last summer and you will find such support and encouragement here....and a great welcome back when you are missing.

Thank you all for the BD wishes. I think I have finally become used to it..... got a cheaper meal in a restaurant.

One thing though.....Bluet I had planned to do my photos when I retired (that was 10 years ago) and they still aren't my advice is do it now!

Here's hoping life will get back to some sort of order.

Everyone have a good day!


04-02-2004, 10:47 PM
Willow, so glad you had a great time with the boys. Sorry that your hip is hurting so much, though. I hope the docs can get to the root of the problem soon.

Jacquie--glad your birthday went well. Hey, don't knock "senior discounts." We joined AARP when we turned 50 just so we can get the discounts. I mean, heck, if you're gonna get older, you might as well having something to look forward to! :) I've heard of wintering in Arizona or Florida, but not many people winter in Australia. Sounds like fun, though. What is her daughter doing in Australia?

The guy is almost finished with the planter area (I'm not sure what to call it). He's coming back tomorrow to finish up completely. I went to the plant sale at the neighborhood senior center and bought some dahlia tubers and a tomato plant. Now I need a wall-o-water thing because it's probably a touch too early for tomatoes outside.

I lost the .8 I gained last week unexpectedly and 2 more lbs. besides so now I'm down 71.2 lbs. I finally set a goal at Weight Watchers. I'm going for the high goal, but setting a personal one lower (it's in my signature). If I set a high goal, I can stop paying sooner!

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend! It's supposed to be really nice here--temps in the upper 60s and blue sky all weekend. We're going to a signing at the Mystery Bookshop by a local writer I enjoy. Should be fun.

04-03-2004, 06:05 AM

Thanks WILLOW,
I too am so very sorry to hear that you are still in so much pain. I sure do hope & pray that one of your Dr's will be able to help you soon!

You sound so happy when you speak of your grandchildren... sounds like you had a wonderful visit.

Sounds like you had a lovely, wonderful & memorable visit with your DSIL & his DD. Australia... my hubby & I have spoken about going there one day. Always had an infatuation with Australia. How is it that they are wintering there?

WoW!! I didn't realize that you had lost so much! :dance: 72.2 lbs!! :dance:
I am so happy for you Sheila!! You are doing so well with WW. My girlfriend is doing WW and has lost almost 13 lbs - she is walking on a cloud :cloud9: Is it hard to do?? I have been thinking about doing it myself.

Boy, do I envy you with your nice weather! The forecasters here are predicting 1-3" of snow over the weekend here :( Have fun at the book signing :D


Joe and I are going out to breakfast this morning at 7:00 & then going to the grocery store before the Sat. crowds (we go to a couple different places). Joe likes going with me so we decided to go together on Saturday's :) I am so glad he likes going - it's the pits going alone. My girlfriend whom I went with every Thursday is now "FULL TIME" at work, so we don't see each other much. I really miss her. But she had a great opportunity at work for better wages and I don't blame her one bit for taking it! We will be meeting her & her DH tonight for dinner at the "Red Lobster". Gosh, we haven't been to a "Red Lobster" in years... sound good!

Sunday, after church I will be home for the day, but my Joe will be at the church rehearsing with the big church choir for Easter music... he's the Musician's Leader and has to be there to oversee the Choir Director. 'Our' group is small, so we have less rehearsal time and get allot more done in that time then the big choir... makes sense ;) Cannot believe that Easter is next week already!
Where does the time go :dizzy: :^:

Well, that's about it for my world this weekend...
sure do hope you all have a wonderful one!
*Don't forget to change up your clocks* ;)

*God Bless*


04-05-2004, 05:22 PM
Hi all!

What a beautiful weekend! The temperature was in the high 70's so we got out into the yard for the first time since last fall. I don't know long it will last....we will probably get one more good snowfall though.
The lawn service is coming tomorrow to get things cleaned up and ready for summer. the only thing missing is flowers for some time yet.
Sheila your planter sounds wonderful...I am so envious of your weather. We have it either cold or hot....not much in between so many plants can't survive.
I have finally adjusted to my birthday....after all it is only a number.

My SIL's daughter ( my niece) married an Australian so she has spent the past several winters there with them. I guess we will have to make plans to visit them one of these days. It is nice when you have a local show you the sights.

I made it to the pool at 7am this morning! I have been procrastinating far too long, Sheila and SunnyD you are soing so well my conscience has really been bothering me.
Time to set everyone elses troubles and stresses aside and look after me for a change.

Hope everyone has a good day!


04-06-2004, 02:46 AM
Hi's very late. I couldn't sleep & got up, but, getting sleepy now. We're having some really tough times, so just bare with me. Our son is trying, bless his heart...but, I think there may have been poison in the pot that he smoked. He really acts strange sometimes. I get scared of him at times. We sent for a hair test (at his request) & received it today. So I'll send it off tomorrow...maybe it'll tell us something. DIL is doing all she can to turn the litte girls against us & their dad. Why would anyone want to use children in such a way???????? I won't go into all the details. Just know that it's very rough. I'll post when I can. I DO read every chance I get.

Work on the house is progressing. I think it's helping DH & son to work out frustrations. Got a new front door. Very pretty. Dark mahogany with oval glass. sorry you're hurting so bad. Me too. Just don't have time to complain. All of this is really taking a toll on my health, though.

Sorry to sound so doom & gloom, but that's how it is right now.

Sheila...hope wedding plans are going well. EVERYONE is doing great with their weightloss!!!!!!

Fatpuss....I came across some cats that made me think of your name. If you would like a change....I'd help you put one in. Of course, I like the one you have. Just thought I'd give you some options. I'll put them in the pic section, so you can enlarge.

Everyone have a great week.

04-06-2004, 01:51 PM
Good morning! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm eager to hear how our Puss spent her weekend--hard choices to make.

SunnyD, how was your visit to Red Lobster? A whole restaurant devoted to seafood--that's my idea of good eating. Hope your rehearsals are going well. It sound like you have a busy week ahead to prepare for Easter.

Jacquie, I'm impressed that you made it to the pool by 7:00 am. I'm usually still asleep at that time. I just hate getting up earlier than 7:30 am. Looking after yourself first sounds like a very good plan!

Charlotte, I hope you can figure out what's going on with your son. I've often wanted to try the hair analysis thing to see if I have undesirable levels of metals in my body. Divorce can be so ugly, but good parents who are really interested in the welfare of their children don't use them like your DIL is doing. That is just so sad. Your door sounds beautiful--you need to take a picture. I'm glad that work is progressing.

We went to see the tulips yesterday. It was a fairly sunny day, and the blooms looked gorgeous as you can see. We ordered 40 bulbs, and then later I thought of putting some in a big pot so I might get more. I would have gotten a lot more if I had the money and the wherewithal to plant them when they come. The ones I bought last year are looking lovely in my yard.

My DH was so sweet. I knew my son in Boise would forget my birthday so my DH called him on the sly to remind him. So I got a nice birthday call from my son today. He admitted he had to be reminded, but that's okay--he's got a lot on his mind. My granddaughter has been sick, and he hasn't been getting any sleep because she won't sleep at night when she's feeling bad. Then he tries to go to school, study, and take care of her on no sleep.

It's supposed to be nice today, although I haven't seen the sun yet. No rain, though--that comes tomorrow.

04-06-2004, 02:42 PM

I remember you posting that your birthday was the Tuesday before Easter..............



Hugs to you.


04-06-2004, 04:09 PM
Happy Birthday Sheila! :gift: :goodvibes :cheers:
All your flowers sound so beautiful.
I hope your precious little angel gets better soon. I so hate to see a little one sick.

Charlotte, I know you mean to do the very best for your son, and I don't want to hurt anyones feelings, but most people who have been taking drugs, any kind, but some more than others, really need to go into a treatment center because the drugs do bring on a psychosis, and the person can be dangerous to themselves and others. They need medical help going through the physical as well as the psychological withdrawal from the drugs.
I'm assuming that he willingly smoked this stuff, whether it be pot, coke, heroin or whatever, so he can't really blame anyone else for it's after effects. He and the childrens mother are both guilty of putting those babies in jeopardy by using that crap.
And now he is at your home putting more stress on you when you have these medical problems that are exacerbated by stress.
Just my opinion, but I would make him go into a treatment center. It would be the best thing for you, him and most of all, those babies.
I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, but that's the way I see things.
I'm happy for you that you're finally getting some work done on your house. That must be such a relief just knowing that it's finally underway.

Jacquie, cool job getting to the pool early. I think I'm going to go back too and just try to walk in the water, then use the hot tub.
I've never cared much when another birthday rolls around. I forget how old I am sometimes, until I happen to glance in a mirror and for a second wonder who that woman is.
You're right. Take care of you!

Sunny, you are doing just fabulously! Good job! Keep up the good work.
Sounds like you're very busy as usual with your Joe.

Bonnie, such a sweet thing for your mom to say. April sounds like it's your month for mother and sister birthdays too. My mothers birthday was April 30th, and her first child, my oldest sister was born April 20th, and I'm the youngest of 9 and my birthday is April 13th. So my mom had her first and last during the month of her birthday, and no others in the month of April.
I haven't gotten a new Easter outfit, and I'm sure i won't either. I hate to buy new clothes in such large sizes if I don't absolutely have to.

Connie, are you still out there? I suppose it looks like the thread has been abandoned sometimes, but it really hasn't. If you would like to, I'll e-mail with you to try to give some encouragement. I could use some myself. I'll PM you.

Puss, I hope you're having a problem-free week. Hope Mother is doing better.

Well, I am off work for another month. I don't really care, and in fact maybe it will put me in a better mood now that it is getting nicer outside. I can't be fired if I'm off on a medical leave, but if I were to return to work, then have to miss because of this pain, they have steps and could fire me in not too long a time period.
The Dr put me on a pain medication besides the anti-inflammatories, and she said it will help me to be more active and not feel the pain so much. So, maybe that will also help me lose some weight which will probably help the pain in the hip. We'll see.
Can't drive while taking it though.

It's a beautiful day here today, and when I'm done with this, I'm going to get the cushions for my swing out of the shed and sit in the swing for a while and absorb some of that sunshine. It puts me in a good mood.

04-07-2004, 12:10 AM!! Hope you had a great day!
Those tulips are absolutely beautiful! Wish I was sitting right in the middle of them! :)'re not hurting my feelings at all. I absolutely agree with you. Believe it or not, so does my son. He went the first week & talked to a counselor at a rehab place, & was going to check in the next day. His attorney advised him to not do that at this time. Said DIL could use it against him. He sent him to a mission in town that has a great counselor. I know what you're saying. He can be fine one minute, then, just turn on us like we're his worse enemy the next. He'll come back to us later and say he doesn't understand why he does that.
Yes, I know there's no excuse. It was BOTH of them, not just her. I would be the first to tell ANYONE that my son is not innocent. What I AM saying, though, is that we see him trying to help the girls accept this situation & taking them to church each weekend. He spends every minute with them that he has them. We see him doing what the attorney says. He's gained 15 lbs already....looking very good. But, he's also very scared. These are mean people that he lived around. Her family was raised different. Not meaning to put them down...just that it's their way of life. To get even.....There's a lot going on that I can't explain. He went to the Sheriff of two different counties to talk to them, because there's been problems involving him, & he wanted to admit his part & get his girls out of that place. You's drug dealing...buying & selling....they are on a lot stronger stuff than pot. There's been a lot of arrests made lately with pot being sold with poison in it. He had been sick for about a year. Couldn't get up & go to work...bad headaches...throwing up....losing weight. He looked like he was dying. Now, he's coming back to life. We believe he was being poisoned. It's a very long story that I can't tell in a post.....not justifying his actions. He got involved in more than he wanted, though, & was too afraid of them to get out. It took seeing his daughters suffering around the mess. He loves them more than anything in the world & would die for them. He believes with everything in him that he will be killed...but, is willing to turn them all get the girls out of it. It's really a mess, Willow. I'm not hurt at you at all. Just hard to explain it all. I shouldn't complain about myself...just have to vent sometimes. You see, I, like him, would give my life for my son. Hope it doesn't come to any of that.
After my nephew was beat to death for something similar a few yrs ago, I know this can happen to him, also. So...we are literally fighting for his & the girl's lives. Advise all you want. Maybe you, or someone else will have an idea to help us.

Hello to everyone else...Bluet, Jacquie, SunnyD, Fatpuss, eveyone.....hang in there with me...I need you.

04-07-2004, 11:08 AM

Good Morning Gals!

Sorry I have been MIA... I was with my hubby all day Monday (he was off)... well, guess what we went to get!? I got a brand new ProForm Treadmill!!! It is so beautiful! I got it on sale at Sears for only $399.00! I paid that much for my old one 10 years ago with less bells & whistles. I just couldn't stand waiting on this weather any longer to get in my walks.

Yesterday morning I walked within my FAT-BURNING HEARTRATE of 110 to 115 for 1 hour and burned 208 Cal/96 of them Fat Cal. and went 2 miles. The display on the treadmill has a graph for Heart Rate Training Zones (so cool!). Michael Thurmond (the weight-loss program I am doing along with Curves) wants you to work in your Fat Burning Zone and this is perfect! The T-Mill has a thumb Heart Rate Monitor that is so easy to use, so you are able to stay within your zone.

I haven't lost any more weight, but do see a difference in how my clothes feel. It's great! So 3 weeks into his program along with the Curves I have lost 7lbs :) And now I have a T-Mill :D

I just got home from Curves and thought I would check to see how you all are doing ~ don't know if I will be able to catch up... you ladies have been busy! :D

SHEILA - Wishing you a Belated "Happy Birthday" wishes!! {{{Hugs}}}
I hope you had a wonderful day and a year ahead that is full of JOY!

The Red Lobster was fantastic!!!! I had Flounder stuffed with Crab --- ohhhh so tasty!! Served with steamed veggies and a ceasar salad. Joe & I also shared a dessert... we had Vanilla Bean Cheesecake topped with Raspberry sauce - it has been a long time since I have had anything sweet, it tasted wonderful! And we had another 2 hour rehearsal last night for Easter... it's sounding pretty darn good, if I may say so myself.
Thank you so much for asking ;)

I hope that your granddaughter is feeling better real soon!

You are so lucky to have nice weather... we are still getting cold temps here and they are calling for snow flurries on Easter
:( Still waiting for Spring in NE OHIO...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! Sounds like you are doing well too - going to the pool at 7am!!! Pretty good! How's the week going for you so far?

Well "Hello there stranger!" So good to see you posting :) I will hold you son and his family in my continued prayers! What a shame this has to happen --- he's sounds like a wonderful son who just got caught up in drugs... I must agree with Willow - he needs treatment!! Sometimes it takes months in a treatment ctr. to be released from those drugs. I am holding you and your son close in prayer!

You door sounds absolutely beautiful!! I hope that your hubby feels better soon.

Did you get all your cushions out and put on your swing? Boy, does that ever sound nice!! We are still waiting here in Ohio for some nice weather :( It makes such a difference in how I feel - one day last week the sun popped out and I felt like such a new person - all happy. I just love sunshine --- I grew up in the desert of Ca... so what am I doing here anyway :lol:

Hope you all are doing well!!! Come back soon!

Have a Beautiful Day Everyone!!!
*God Bless*
:sunny: SunnyD


04-07-2004, 05:52 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes! The cheesecake was great, and well worth the drive. :)

Willow, I hope the pain medication helps. I'm eager to know what kind of pain medication would help you keep active, yet ease the pain. Everything I've ever taken has zonked me out completely. Did you get a good dose of Vitamin D yesterday in your swing?

Charlotte, I can understand why the attorney said for your son not to go to an in-patient program right now. Glad he's able to find some kind of outpatient facility. That must be scary for all of you. I can't even imagine people like you're describing--it's so horrible.

Congrats on the treadmill, SunnyD--sounds like you got a great deal. And you already burned 208 calories. That's excellent! You are doing so well. I bet you'll be down a whole clothing size soon. I love crab-stuffed fish. It's the only thing I want my Dad to order from Omaha Steaks, but he orders things like veal and ham instead. I don't eat veal, and ham is so salty I retain water for days despite how much I try to flush it out.

I'm hoping Puss went to France over the weekend and is still recovering. Puss--where are you?

My Dad had a check-up the other day, and the doctor said he's doing really well. I told the doctor that I attributed that to my good cooking. Hah! Anyway, I did want the doctor to check on my Dad's memory lapses. I don't know if it's old age, or something else. The doctor said my Dad seemed okay, but then I mentioned the stuff my DH and I had been noticing. So the doctor wrote out a referral to a neurologist just to be on the safe side. Without telling my Dad I was the instigator of this, I told him that the doctor wanted him to see a neurologist and a gastroenterologist (he's having problems in that area, which he did discuss with his doctor). So today my Dad said he was going to talk to the doctor and find out why the doctor ordered these referrals. At that point, I decided to 'fess up and tell him I mentioned the memory lapses to the doctor. I said if there's something they could do to help his memory, wouldn't he want that? And he said, "Well, maybe there's just a lot of stuff I'd rather forget!" Okay--he's got a point there. I'm actually happy about a lot of stuff he's forgotten, all having to do with my own misspent youth! But it would be nice if he could remember my son's name (my son eats dinner with us at least twice a week). Today I gave my Dad the leftover pizza from the lunch we had yesterday at a place we had to drive half an hour to get to (where I ate the cheesecake!). My Dad had absolutely no idea where that came from. He didn't remember ordering or having pizza, and I really don't think he remembered going to lunch yesterday. Is that normal? I mean, I really don't know if it's just his age (almost 88) or something else. He remembers a lot of stuff, and is very interested in current events, and is still pretty darn sharp. But he has these periods where he just hasn't a clue. He asked if it was going to be "trick-or-treat day" soon, the "day where the kids come and ask for candy," says he. I said, no, that's Halloween and it's in October. Easter is on Sunday, though. And he did order a ham for Easter.

The guy doing our rock work is starting tomorrow. He's getting the stuff this afternoon. I think he said it will take two days. Then we'll have the plant person come in and do her thing. So, hopefully, the front will be done soon. I'm really looking forward to seeing something nice out there rather than a weed patch.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

04-08-2004, 06:53 PM Hi SHEILA -
I have walked for an hour all 3 days now :D I take an hour to walk 2miles to burn more FAT Cal. Usually in an hour I can get in 3 miles, so it takes all I have to keep it even and slower. I really do like my new machine :)

So glad to hear that you DF is doing so well at his age - he is blessed. I am sure that it has to do with the TLC you give him! At 87yrs old my DFI could not remember some names either - just a block - I am sure your father doesn't do it on purpose... I hope your son understands that it's his age and doesn't feel too hurt. My DFI could never remember who had just visited him 5 min after they walked out the door :lol:
And he was a year younger then your DF is... so your DF is doing well!

Cannot wait to see picturs of your yard when it is done... the picture you posted - where was that taken?
It's Beautiful!!!

Joe & I will be spending Easter Sunday with his sister, Annie, and her family.
We always have such a great time when we go there... and the food!
In case I don't make it back here again before Easter...

I hope you all have a
Wonderfully Happy, Restful & Blessed Day
with your Family & Your Friends.

*May God Bless*


04-08-2004, 11:38 PM
Hi Everyone,

Sheila, hope your birthday was really special. Sounds like you had a good day. Did your garden turn out the way you wanted it to today? It sounds like it will be absolutely perfect. How are you progressing with the wedding plans? DH's Mom is 91 and she has to write things down because she forgets them shortly after we have discussed things with her. She is a dear religious person and still is able to drive her car and gets around nicely and still lives in her home. We are very fortunate to still have her. DH's brother lives with her and she still makes meals, cleans a little and insists on doing the wash. It is suppose to be only 38 degrees here for Easter Sunday with a chance of snow showers. Good thing we aren't planning any outside activities. I'll hide the grandkids Easter baskets inside the house, of course I don't remember ever hiding them outside anyway. I could just see our two dogs finding them and dragging them around the yard. There was a rabbit in our yard the other morning, it has been around all winter. I really am surprised our retrievers allow a rabbit to hang around here, but sometimes they can act pretty dumb.

Willow, I didn't get the pictures completely done. I plan to finish up after Easter and things settle down again. I did get all my stuff marked and put in boxes with covers and put up on tables in the garage. DH and I want to clean up the basement and I am going to go through the cupboards and get rid of things I no longer need down there too. Now I will really have to follow DH's house rule of. "Nothing comes into this house unless something goes out." He hates clutter and he doesn't believe in hoarding things. How is your hip doing? If Minnesota has been anything like Wisconsin this past week and on into Sunday, then you haven't felt any warm temperatures either. Sitting in the sun in your swing sounded so wonderful. We did get all our yard raking done though. I hate that job, it is too much like excercise. How old is your sister that was born on the 20th of April, it isn't the one named Bonnie is it? That would be a hoot. So your birthday is next Tuesday, and Shiela's was last Tuesday, and mine is the Tuesday after your's. This is sounding a little peculiar don't you think?

Charlotte, Your door sounds lovely. Hope the remodel is progressing right along and going smoothly. I am so sorry about your son and his troubles. I will continue to pray for him and his little girls and for your health. You sure have had a heaping plate the past few years. I agree with the ladies, you sure don't need all this stress, considering the impact it has on your health. Things have to get better Charlotte, they just have to. We will always be in your corner Charlotte, just like you are always here for us.

SunnyD, good for you, just trucking away on that treadmill, burning up calories and throwing them out the door. You sound mighty determined, we will be just as excited as you will when you reach you goal weight. Enjoy your Easter and all your involvment in your church, you sound very happy today, warm summer days cannot be far off, I for one am really looking forward to them. The days are getting longer now and the day-light savings time really helps in the evenings after work.

Puss, you little rascal, you probably ran off to France with your DH and brother, you lucky person you. Or you have gone up to be with your Mother. She is a really a fortunate person to have you, I hope she knows that. Have a Happy Easter with your dear family.

Jacquie, hope everything is ok in Canada and warming up a bit. Keep up the good work with the excercise. Enjoy Easter Sunday.

Take care. Bluet

04-09-2004, 09:52 AM
My dear friends...

Thank you all for your encouraging words & concern. Please keep the prayers going. I really shouldn't have whined about myself. My children are much more important than I. Just need to vent sometimes.
My son is doing very well at the moment. Working very hard on the house. Missing the girls sooo much through the week. He cared for them most of the time, when at home. Said he did all the cooking, & cleaning. Caring for the girls...such as bathing, dressing, etc....because their mom was gone or high. I wasn't sure of all of this at first. I thought he just wanted us to "be on his side". He gave me a "Day Planner", though, to keep for him that she had. She posted everything in it. Not only about him taking care of the girls...but, all of her drug using, buying & selling of drugs... of her & all her family. Also, some of the things that we know are going to be dangerous to face, as revenge on people. I made copies for his attorney & him....but, I put the book in a safety deposit box. Honestly, all there was about our son was the pot. Not a lot about that....anything else about him was that they fought a lot, or he had a bad headache & was throwing up, & not able to work. It's like I said before...our son is not innocent...but, he was NOT raised this way...& got in over his head. It literally scared him to death, finally, & decided if they were going to kill him....he wasn't going to let them raise his little girls in that mess. He honestly believes he's going to die sometime during this. He's looking so much better, though. He's gained 15 lbs! Talking much better. The flare ups are less, & still getting counseled.
We've never been through anything like this before, & don't know what to think of people like this. Our way is "sit down & talk out differences"...of course, can't do that here. When my nephew was killed, it happened before I knew things were going on....they live away from us. It was a nightmare at the funeral,etc. My sister hasn't been right, mentally, since. I not only lost my nephew that day, but, also my sister. I can't live through my son being brutally killed. Please, please pray for our situation. Again, thank you all for being there for us.

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter.

04-09-2004, 01:07 PM A very Good Afternoon Ladies!
It's a great day here because the sun has finally broken through the clouds here and it is absolutely beautiful here today! What a difference a day with sunshine makes! :D

I went to Curves this morning and was so excited because my girlfriend (Mary Beth) who usually goes in the afternoons after she teaches school is on Easter Break and came with me this morning --- it was so much fun to have her join me :) And then I got home and weighed myself guess what!?! I have lost another lb! So now I am down 19 lbs... now 197 :D
I am soooo close to that 20# loss :^:


Thank you so much - I am so very happy and it feels so good to feel good!
I *Pray* for good health ~ for each of you daily!!! Bonnie, you have such a kind heart and it shows through your posts ;) Have a wonderful Easter!


Sorry I cannot post to each of you today, I have to get off here and go help the hubby with the 6-8 loaves of bread we have to get baked up today...

"Have a Wonderful Blessed Easter!"
*God Bless you ALL!*
:sunny: SunnyD/Donna


04-09-2004, 02:41 PM
Well, I see there has been some activity on here again.

Sunny, you are doing so wonderfully. Congratulations! It must be spring fever.

Charlotte, don't ever think you're whining. That's what this is all about, ... to be able to come here and vent and get support.
I hope everything turns out ok for your son and most of all for those little girls.
Have they gone to court or anything yet or started a divorce? If they haven't, he has just as much right to keep those little girls as their mother does. If no one has filed, he could go file and ask for temporary physical custody of the children until the divorce is settled in court and ask for permanent custody of them in the divorce. That's what my son did and he got custody of his daughter. Permanently.
Maybe these sherrifs will act on his information and get those little girls out of there.

Bonnie, my oldest sister whose birthday is on April, 20th is going to be 83 years old this year. She's 23 years older than me. No, it's not the one named Bonnie.
Hey, that's cool that Sheila, me and you have birthdays in one week increments.
Our weather is suppose to get maybe snowy this weekend. Shoot! I was hoping it was going to stay spring.

Sheila, sounds like you're doing well too.
Poor Dad! I had to laugh when he said Maybe there are things he doesn't want to remember. I think it's just probably age related. The arteries harden and you start to have short term memory loss, but they can remember things from years ago like it was yesterday.
I am really getting anxious for the flowers to start shooting up now that you've been describing yours. It hasn't stayed warm long enough here for them to come up more than 3 or 4 inches.

Puss, if you're reading, I hope all is well with you.

Hi Jacquie! How is everything?

My son and his new girlfriend are coming tonight or tomorrow. I haven't met her yet, and I'm wondering what she's going to think. She comes from a wealthy family, and here I am in this old house, and fat to boot. She'll probably think I'm lazy or something. Oh well, I'm me, and that's what they get.

I better go answer more messages. See ya all later!

04-09-2004, 08:44 PM
I had a good day today.
My foods were good and I did some moderate exercises again. More stretching and limbering up the muscles than anything. Some movements are limited for me, but I want to keep as much mobility as possible. I'll start out slow and build up as much as I can.

I subscribe to ALL RECIPES and todays newsletter from them had an interesting article, I thought.
It was how to figure your real age compared to your chronological age. Very interesting. My RealAge is 68.2 years as opposed to my chronological age of 60. And mostly because of my inactivity, which is causing my obesity, most likely. That and the fact that I drive too fast and don't have an airbag in my car. :p
It is a very detailed test and I copied and pasted it and my results so I could keep it for reference. It also gives suggestions on how to improve your weak points. It says that if I follow the suggestions on being active etc, in 3 years time my RealAge will be 8.5 years UNDER my chronological age. Cool!

Everyone have a good evening and a Happy Easter weekend.

04-10-2004, 05:19 PM
Hi, everyone--

Hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend. It's absolutely gorgeous here.

I'm going to be selfish and ask for some prayers and good thoughts for my best friend. She didn't call or send anything on my birthday, which made me wonder if everything was okay. I thought perhaps she was just really busy. Turns out she's been in the hospital in Hawaii since the end of March. She has heart problems, which were first discovered when she had a heart attack while in the parking lot of the volcano on Maui in 1983. Every time she goes to Hawaii, I get nervous, but nothing has happened since then until now. She had bypass surgery in 2000 after the 1983 bypasses were starting to go. Turns out those are failing already, plus she had undiagnosed stomach ulcers that were bleeding internally and causing her to be anemic, especially since she takes blood thinners. That put a major stress on her heart. She had two stents put in that were rejected, and then a third that is made out of some material impregnated with antirejection drugs so it's doing okay for now. If it fails, however, she's in big, big trouble.

I love her so much, and I want her to be around for a long, long time. I hope you can take the time to say a little prayer for her or just wish her well. Thanks!

04-10-2004, 06:20 PM
Dear Girls,
just wanted you to know that I am back, feel like I have been to **** and back but made a resolution today to sever links with the problem (or for as long as it lasts!) as it seems the only way to keep my sanity and self-esteem. Sorry I haven't had time to
read the posts yet but I will do over the next few days. Surrounded by my family for
he holiday which is what I needed after nasty and manipulative telephone call from her today. DBrother says she has discovered which buttons to push on me and is determined to do it full out now. Looking forward to getting back into the fold, have a happy Easter evryone,
best wishes x

04-10-2004, 07:38 PM EASTER TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS!

Oh Sheila...I'll be praying for your friend. I'm so sorry. I know it's got to be rough being so far away & worrying about her. God Bless you, my friend.

Fatpuss...sounds like you need some time to just relax!!! Wish things were better for you. It's good to have you back with us again. Maybe if you just unwind with us & tell what you've been through, it will help. Or if not, just post're among friends, here! That's what I's my sanctuary...I know I'm not judged, & all are willing to listen. Hope things are better today. Do you have Easter there, tomorrow? Either way...hope your day is good. your birthday soon? You all will have to help me keep up. My mind just isn't working great these days.
Well, my son told his wife the drug taking, dealing, etc was going to stop. He didn't want his girls raised in it. He was going to straighten up & so was she, or he would turn her in. He brought a "Daily Planner" that she kept a record of all the drug dealing to me. I've got it in a safety deposit box. That scared her, & she filed for a divorce, claiming he was unfit. He DOES get them each weekend. But, because she filed first, she has temporary custody. We saw his attorney yesterday....paid him a VERY nice salary....& a copy of the Daily Planner. He's protesting the custody....on grounds of her drug dealing, etc. It backfired on her. She thought if she filed for divorce, that he would give the book back & they would get back together. He meant what he said. He & the girls are in church & he went & got a haircut & shave today. Yayy!! The attorney had him to give a copy of the book to the Sheriff. I just hope all turns out well.

He just drove up....gotta go. Thank you all.

04-11-2004, 03:19 PM


04-11-2004, 09:48 PM
Hi everybody,
I hope you all had a nice Easter. I ended up not going out for
dinner, but my son and granddaughter went.
I had company until about 3 this afternoon, and then I took a pain
pill and layed down for a while. All they do is make me sleepy though.

Right now I'm making supper. Brown rice, sesame oil, onion, carrots,
broccoli and celery with a half a skinless, boneless chicken breast
on top of all of it, steaming away in a kettle. When it's done I'll sprinkle a little soy sauce on it. It smells good, and I
hope it tastes good.

Do any of you use the laughing cow cheeses? I love them, and they are
allowed on the South Beach Diet, but I haven't been able to get any
locally for several months now. I was shopping at HYVEE yesterday and
asked again when they were going to get some in, and the man I spoke
with said they are being shorted because the "biggie" (WALMART) gets
all they want and if there is any left it gets sent to the other
stores. Since it's been OK'd for the SBD, the company that makes it
can't keep up with the demand, so the only place that's getting it is
Walmart right now.
Well, I bought some fat free cream cheese and I divided it into 8 1-
tablespoon pieces (the pkg. is marked at each tablespoon) and I've
been mixing different seasonings with it and I like it as well as the
Laughing Cow cheeses for a spread. I've mixed it with Curry powder,
garlic powder, pizza and spaghetti seasoning, vegetable seasoning,
minced onion and dill so far and I like all of them. And, it's only
25 calories a TBSP as opposed to 35 for the laughing cow, and it has
2g of carbs where the laughing cow has 1g.

Sheila, of course your friend is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you.

Puss, I think that's the smartest thing you can do, is pull away from that situation. What you and your brother have been doing doesn't seem to be helping, so you need to save your sanity and your health. Good grief! Don't feel bad for not allowing yourself to be so abused. No sane person in this world would blame you two for not taking any calls until the health care providers say she is normal again, and if she starts in again, simply tell her you refuse to listen to anymore bull roar, and hang up.

Charlotte, hope your day with the little ones was a nice one.

My supper is done. I'm outta here.

Hello and happy Easter to everyone else, Jacquie, Bonnie, Sunny, Connie, and anyone else reading this.

04-12-2004, 07:03 PM
Hi, ladies!

Fatpuss, it's great to see you again! I have to say I'm really glad you've come to this decision. Now the hard part will be to stick with it. Sounds just like a diet, doesn't it? Hope you had a wonderful day with your family. So. . .what did you end up doing last weekend? I'm thinking you didn't go to France, right?

Thanks, Charlotte, for praying for my friend. I'm so worried about her. Your son sounds like he's really getting things together. I'm glad he gave her an ultimatum--he's definitely thinking of his sweet daughters and their future. I'm so hoping that everything is going to go smoothly for your son. And how is the house stuff going?

Dang, Willow, I was hoping that your pain pills would ease the pain, but not make you sleepy. I wish they would make one like that--I'd definitely be taking them. I hate the pain, but I just don't want to be zonked out all the time, although every once in a while is good. I love Laughing Cow Light. We had a week or so where we couldn't get it so I stocked up. I have it on little minibagels, on crumpets, and in a kind of mock chicken cordon bleu. It's great stuff! What I haven't been able to find lately, and it's really bumming me out, is Smart Ones Fudge Bars. I went without for three weeks, bought three boxes when they appeared again, and now that I'm out, we can't find them again. I can't find anything I like as well for 1 Weight Watcher point.

The guy finished the planter, and I took a picture of it showing the stairs up to the 2nd backyard. You can tell how long the property is in this photo. It runs back behind that large evergreen tree. The photo doesn't show how much color there is right now--there's a great apricot azalea with grape hyacinth growing under it, lots of tulips in the planter along with this purple stuff that just pops up everywhere. I've also included a couple of the new path in the front yard. On Friday, the planting person is supposed to come in and plant it all up. The kind of rectangle place is where we'll put a small cafe table and two chairs.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! The weather here over the weekend was tremendous. It hit 80 degrees on Sunday. While I like it a bit cooler, all the blue sky and sun was great. It was supposed to rain today, but we haven't seen any so far. I hope that spring is springing where you live--winter's hung around the midwest and northeast too long this year!

04-13-2004, 01:17 PM
Just a quickie morning post to say:


Hope you have a great day, Willow!

04-13-2004, 05:36 PM
Hi to everyone, I seem to have been away for ages and I had a lot of reading to catch up on. Thanks so much for the wonderful support from you all, believe me, I really appreciate it. It would take far too long to explain the last two weeks to you all and I am sure it would bore you rigid but I will try and condense it. Weekend before last when i went up north my DB and I picked her up from the hospital unit and she was allowed out for the day under my care (this was a surprise to me as I went up only because she was in the unit and had arranged to meet up with my two best friends for the first time since all this started 3 years ago). My mother, DB and I were not in her house for 5 minutes when she starts rubbishing my DB for no reason. I defended him and asked why she was so nasty to him after all he had done etc. She was so angry and when DB threatened to leave she started weeping and wailing. Then I said I was leaving too and she stopped immediately. The whole day (apart from 2 hours I was out at lunch) was mixture of temper and weeping (we never paid her attention during this time just like a naughty kid she was). She was most surprised when I said I was leaving the next morning (just assumed my DB and I would be at her service the next day too). My DB contacted her psychiatrist and spoke with him a few days later and then the doc rang me unexpectedly at work. Asked what I thought about her second O/D incident and he said he doubts very much she will ever do it and if she does it will be the result of an accident messing about with the tablets. He repeated again that she knows which tablets are the killers but took only the sleeping ones. The doc told her he had spoken to me then she hounded me on the phone about what had I told him "dont ever tell that lot anything". She got really angry with me for nothing and spiteful too playing bad daughter, good son. She said I didnt spend long with her at the weekend and I said she wasnt nice to be with and besides, I had not seen my girlfriends in 3 years of going up north (mother tends to keep you prisoner when you go there and organises every trip out). I couldnt get a word in over the phone she kept talking over me the whole time - this made DH who could hear me really angry and afterwards said "don't ever do that again, the number of times you said 'but Mum' or 'mum, listen..'" He said I said mum a dozen or more times which in her ears transfers to she is the mother and the boss and I am back in the schoolgirl role. Then Dh said he was fed up with it all, how one small woman is dominating and dictating everyone's life etc and I burst into tears like a kid saying it wasnt my fault etc. That made him feel bad because both he and I knew he didn't mean it like that, he meant he was fed up with the turmoil it causes me and has often asked if he can tell her straight but I won't let him. Pheew! DB said she does it to him in reverse, good daughter bad son. Since that weekend she was an inpatient she has been on day release and back in the evenings till she insisted she wanted out over Easter. Then she was bad this weekend at her sister's (my DB tells me) and this morning DB told me she is now back in the unit and wants to be there. never knows what she wants and never did. Well, I really am sticking to my resolve of not contacting her until she rings me in a civil manner, I have felt so low the last few weeks. On the good side, my 2 friends and I went out with my DB and SIL to their club and had a roaring time (one girl is divorced and the other's hubby is away). We danced and drank all night (one friend totally and funnily drunk) and had a lovely time. We had a lot to celebrate, getting back together after more than 3 years and one friend having the all clear on cancer as the lung problem is sarcoidosis (?) - not nice but not like having cancer.
Sheila - my best thoughts and hopes are with you and your dear friend and I hope you get good results like I did with my DF. I agree with the girls that your wonderful DD is probably doing so well due to your loving care. At 88 I think he is marvellous - I am 50 and forget loads of stuff already. I didn't go to France but had a better razz with my friends. Your garden looks beautiful and what a lovely present it was to have an Andres! Happy belated birthday, I wish you a hundred more. Well done on the 72.2lb loss, that is some going and you should be very proud of yourself. Your son sounds gorgeous, studying and caring for little cutie who I hope is feeling much better by now. You were right about the lettuce, the half that died never rooted properly after the transfer but the others are looking better.
SunnyD - your new treadmill sounds lovely and to have lost 7lb in 3 weeks at Curves is brilliant. Like you said, even when you haven't lost any weight during a week you can feel it in your clothes. Well done on being so focussed! (I don't love my mother and haven't since I can't remember but I feel duty towards her - maybe if I loved her or she had been a good mother all this would be easier to bear)
Willow - Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one. Thanks for sound advice, it's good to have it from those who see it clearer when you can't yourself because you are trapped in a vortex. I guess what you are saying is I should be pro-active instead of reactive like the experts say. I intend to do that from now on because like you and Sheila say, nothing has worked/changed up to now. I am so glad you had a lovely time with lovely sons and gorgeous GSs. As for son's new girlfriend being posh and you saying you have an old house etc, if she is worthy of DS she will not be comparing trappings and fixtures etc but focussing on what a genuine and caring person you are. That can't be bought at a posh department store for any price. You are as good as the Queen of England, my dear. I hope you can see your doctor soon and get something which will work for your hip pain. Are you off work at the moment? Sounds like you should be resting up not working.
Bluet - Happy anniversary for the 25th. It's my 30th wedding anniversary on the 27th and I usually forget but lovely DH never does. We hope to go away for the first two weeks in May - we both need a break. Looking at Spain, Greece and France but undecided yet. It will make up for not having a honeymoon all those years ago through lack of finances, ha ha. It is a good idea you have about the photo boxes, must try to do the same myself and get all the loose ones sorted. I was thinking about you last weekend when I was trying to cram more books in the bookshelf - the one your DH has about nothing coming into the house unless something goes out. I tried to take a few books out but....... I will probably end up like last time giving 19+ bags of books to the charity shop eventually.
Jacqui - I was sorry to hear about your dear friend. It is really sad when you don't expect things to go wrong and so don't have time to prepare or say goodbye (like my DF) but sometimes it's best for the person even though it is more of a shock for those left behind. Hope you are comforted a little by the post mortem results.
Angel - my heart bleeds for what you are going through right now and I know we all feel for you and your family. Your DS sounds like he is really trying hard now to get back on track and hopefully with loving parents like his, he will make it. It can't be easy for him getting on track and I am sure he knows how lucky he is to have you behind him. I think he will make it and I hope he gets custody of the children, sounds like he is working hard towards it. I remember what Judge Judy (sorry Sheila! Ha ha) said during a case of battling parents "you gotta love ya kids more than ya hate each other, ya got that? Good!". Thank you so much for the cat images but I love the original one you found for me - can't improve on him, now. Your new front door sounds very swanky and posh, first impressions and all that, ha ha. DH and I sanded down ours when we painted outside last summer but forgot to varnish it and by the time we remembered, it was winter. So, come the fine weather we will have to make it look a bit less like a reject door.
Sorry this was so very long but at least I am up to date now. x

04-13-2004, 05:38 PM
Meant to tell you girls, DH brought me a digital camera back from Middle East and we have learned how to put the pics onto the computer so as soon as my garden is a little more colourful I will post a picture.

04-13-2004, 10:20 PM


Sorry I am getting here a little late in the evening, but I thought about you all day. Hope your birthday turned out just the way you wanted it to.


04-13-2004, 10:51 PM
Hi Everyone,

Well, Willow what did you do for your birthday today? Something special just for you I hope. I wanted to get on the forum early today, but I had too many irons in the fire and did not get near a computer, until now. DH's aunt passed away and we had the funeral today, and I had to go to work before and then after to make sure there wasn't any billing to be done. The owner wigs out if we don't get the billing done on a daily basis. But, anyway I hope you had a really swell birthday.

Shiela your yard looks fantastic. I love flagstone paths and brick paths, your yard is going to be so pretty. 80 degrees, huh? how about 38 degrees and some snow flurries? That's what our Easter Sunday was like. That's o.k. though it is over now. It is suppose to warm up to 60 degrees by Friday. I am praying for your Dear Friend Shiela, she will be o.k., when is she planning to come home or won't they let her?

Puss, nice to see you posting to the forum, I figured you deserted us for France, but of course, deep down I knew you went up to see Mother. Good for you, and good for DH. He only said those things because he does not want to see you abused and hurting. Good for you, so stick to your guns and mean what you say, enough is enough. DH and I will be married 40 years on the 25th. We went to Texas for our honeymoon, and that was a long time ago. We aren't going anywhere this year, next year we are planning a trip to Arizona.

Charlotte, hope everything is fine with you and your family. Still praying for all of you. Report in, if only for a few words to let us know you are ok.

SunnyD, keep up the good work with your excercise and weight loss plan. We will want to see more pictures soon.

Jackie, the calendar says Easter Monday in Canada on it for yesterday. Do you have an Easter Sunday too? Is that a dumb question? I don't get out of the country much.

Well, ladies I am heading off to bed, tomorrow is another day. I have to have my strength to face another day at the office. Take care, love you all!


04-13-2004, 10:56 PM

"Wishing you a very
Happy Birthday, WILLOW!"
and very many more!

*God Bless*
:sunny: SunnyD


04-14-2004, 10:02 AM
Yesterday I turned 60. I wonder what the next 60 will bring. :D
Thank you all for the lovely Birthday wishes.

I've had a little excitement the last week. Last Thursday someone knocked on my door about 7:30 AM and when I went to the door I recognised the woman (about 25 yrs old) standing there as the daughter of a woman I know, but haven't had anything to do with in many years because of her lifestyle.
The last time I saw this daughter she was 10 years old.
Anyway, I opened the door and she smiled sweetly and put on a look of helplessness and asked if she could use my phone. I told her I knew her and her mother and allowed her to use my phone.
I watched her every move because I know she's a thief and a drug user just from what I've read in the paper over the years.
She was looking for a ride to someones funeral.

Then she came back a couple hours later but I didn't answer the door because I thought, "Oh no you don't. You're not going to start making a habit of this."
Then she came back that afternoon, and I still didn't answer the door.
On Saturday someone knocked and from looking through the sheer I have over the window in the door, I thought it was my granddaughter because the person had long hair and I opened the door and it was this woman again. She wanted to borrow some measuring cups and vanilla because she was making pudding, ... she said. I gave her just one 1/2 cup measuring cup from an old set and a bottle that had about 1 inch of vanilla in it and told her she could keep them.
She brought them back that afternoon.
About 1 1/2 hours later I was laying down and she knocked again and I didn't answer, and she had the audacity to look in the window that looks into my livingroom from my porch! But, I still didn't get up.
Then on Sunday, my son and granddaughter went out for dinner and I declined because I was having a lot of discomfort. After they left, here she came again and I thought it was my granddaughter coming back because maybe she had forgotten something. She used my phone again. Then after my family left that afternoon I put another cloth over the glass in my front door so no one could see in and sure enough she came back again and I didn't answer the door again.
Monday morning I was typing an e-mail to my daughter-in-law who is a parole officer with the dept. of corrections and asked her what she knew, if anything about this person and told her what had been going on.
While I was typing this e-mail, this woman came back and I ignored the knocking, and then I heard knocking on the window, and here she was looking in my window and WAVING at me! I ignored her.
Then my DIL informed me that there was a warrant out for this woman, so I agreed to call 911 if she came around again.
That night I started locking the door to my porch. Yesterday, about 7:15 last night I went out my back door to get in my car to leave and here she came from across the street and jumped all over my butt for not letting her in and she said, "I KNOW you saw me too through the window!"
I said,"So what?" She said," and today I came over and your porch door was locked so I figured you didn't want me coming over."
I said, " You're right. I don't want to be getting up and answering my door all the time just because someone wants to call their friends."
She said, "I had baked a pie and I had brought over a piece of apple pie for you."
I said,"that was a nice thought, but I still don't want someone coming to use my phone all the time."
She said all this stuff in a tone of voice like she was really pissed at me because how dare I not let her into my home!.
I got in my car to leave and took my cell phone out of my pocket and called the police and told them what her PO had said to do, and they didn't get her anyway.
So, I suppose I'll be having my house broken into now. Maybe she left town though if she knows they know she's in town.

Anyway, I had pizza and cheese bread last night and i had it for breakfast this morning. Good diet, huh?

It's suppose to be 68 degrees here today. I'm outside in a little while. My lilacs are starting to get tiny leaves on them and my tulips are up about 5 or 6 inches and the crocus' are up a couple inches too. Peonies are coming up too.

I think I'll go sit in the hot tub for a while too.
Everybody have a great day.

04-14-2004, 11:50 AM to say it after the fact, Willow....but.... hope you had a great day!
Oh my...that woman sounds like bad news...DO be carefull. Be sure to keep your cell phone with you. She sounds like she's capable of more than just stealing. Hope you're feeling good today.

Bluet...thanks for your prayers....please them going. My son has shaved, & got a hair cut, & gained 15 handsome! We have him a very good attorney. I can't stand him....but, he's good. Every other attorney around here hates to see him come into the courtroom! :D I think our son has a good chance of getting the girls. I sure hope so. He's doing so much better. Of course, everything's still rough...but, he's really trying.

I'd love to post to everyone individually....I just can't today. I'll try real soon. Don't give up on me.
Hey....we put the TV, love seat, couch, & recliner(they're old, but, good enough for now.) in the living room this week! I'm "playing" house. :)

04-14-2004, 11:10 PM
Hello Everyone,

I don't know Willow, you attract unusual situations, like bees to honey. Whatever gave that young lady the impression that you were her long lost friend? Sounds like she is shadowing you, please be careful and keep your doors locked. It is a crying shame that everyone has to be so careful now-a-days and untrusting of people. When we were young my parents never even locked their doors, when they went away for awhile. I remember when we used to go "in to town" for our weekly shopping and we didn't have to lock our car. It was in the late 60's, that we started locking our car, when someone we knew had some groceries stolen from the back seat of her car. It was rather pleasant here today while the sun was out, but it cooled off later in the afternoon, when it clouded up. Do you live further south than I do? Probably not by much though I'll bet. I am starting to worry that we will have one of those years when we don't get a summer to speak of.

I was going to go to Stevens Point this weekend, to help 3rd DD organize her basement and attic area and mark everything she wants to sell for a community wide rummage sale. When I called her tonight she said she had plans for quite awhile now to travel to Minnesota with two of her friends to see some theatre production. They are going to drive over in the morning and come back in the evening. So I won't go over to see her until the first weekend in May. Her sale is the weekend of the 8th, so I hope that gives us enough time.

I stopped at my Mom's house to see how she is doing this evening on my way home from work. She always tries to rush summer too, I could see she had been out working in her flower beds and cleaning out her garage. My Mom is so sweet, you just gotta love her. She always has some little project going to keep her busy. When I got there she was resting for awhile. We had a nice little chat and then I headed home to see what DH was up to. He had stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few groceries and some chicken for supper. I read the paper and watched American Idol, goodness knows why I watched American Idol. I got absolutely nothing out of it. The girls were talking about it on Sunday and I thought I would give it a shot, but I didn't see any really outstanding talent, except for the little girl that sang Summertime.

DH finally came in from outside, so I guess I will go see what he is up to and then go to bed. Two more days in the work week, and then it is the weekend again. I will have to line up a couple of projects for the weekend. Can't have idle hands you know.

Shiela, Puss, Charlotte, SunnyD, Jackquie hope your day was really special and your evening even better. You are all sweet people. Take care.....


04-15-2004, 12:18 AM
Hi all--

Boy, Willow, that's kind of spooky. I hope the police pick her up soon for her outstanding warrants. It must not be anything too bad or they would have picked her up when you called. I'm assuming they didn't even try, right? It's pretty bad when you can't even hang out in your own house without someone coming and looking in your windows to see if you're home. Hey, you have a hot tub? Or is this one at the pool? I'd really love to have a hot tub someday, or even a big bathtub I can immerse myself in. It doesn't even have to have water jets--just be big enough to soak in. You're allowed to have anything you want on your birthday! I had pizza and cheesecake and enjoyed every bite. :)

Charlotte, your son sounds like he's doing so good. I so hope everything works out well. Do they have a court date set? It's smart to get the best lawyer in town, even if you don't like him. All right, some furniture! I'm glad you're getting to play house.

Aha, Bluet, we now know your secret--you've watched American Idol. I'm happy to say I've never seen it, although it's advertised enough that I usually know what's going on. In fact, a 17 year old from my area was on there for a while. Your Mom sounds great. It's nice that you're so close to her. I do hope your DD knows how long it takes to put together a garage sale. I've done personal ones and charity ones, and it seems to take forever to get everything ready, price it, and set it up nicely.

Today was water aerobics. I always thought that people injured themselves less in water aerobics, but, giant klutz that I am, I kicked myself in the foot, and it hurts! Then I forgot my swimsuit at the Y, and when I went back to get it, it was gone, and it wasn't in the lost and found. Who would swipe a used swimsuit? Now I have to buy a new one. I saw an ad for swimsuit sales at Ross (and I think I can even fit in one from Ross!) so I might go there, although I prefer catalog shopping. I don't think I can get one by next Wednesday if I shop online, though.

Also saw a Feldenkrais practitioner today. When I made the appointment, she asked how I felt about dogs. I love dogs, and told her so, and she let her four Portugese Water Dogs stay in the room during the appointment. I'd never seen a PWD "in person," only in dog shows. Hers weren't clipped like the ones I'd seen in the shows so I didn't know what they were until she told me. They were awfully shaggy and cute.

Most of my plants for my front yard are sitting in my carport. I'm just so excited for Friday to come and to see my yard all planted. Some of the flowers are already blooming so it will be instant color.

Hoping everyone had a great Wednesday! Hi to Puss, SunnyD and Jacquie!

04-15-2004, 01:29 AM
Well, to answer some of your questions; .....

Bonnie, I don't think this woman thought I was her long lost friend at all.
I think this woman has been watching me for a while, and had decided to set me up to steal from me and/or break into my house before she ever came here the first time. She has a history of doing this.
She had no idea who I was when she came here that morning. I think she just had been watching an older woman, who lives alone and has a hard time walking even with a cane, and decided she was going to rip me off.
If this incident sounds unbelieveable, I can't help it. It is true.
I think it was Charlotte who said one time that some of the things I tell sound like they aren't really true, but I have no reason to make up anything. I don't think I "attract unusual situations" either.
How unusual is Charlottes situation with her son fearing for his life because of people on drugs?
How unusual is Sheila's daughters situation with being sexually assaulted?
These are all things that happen every day in real life, and so is my situation.
I'm in such a bad mood now over it all that I almost wish she WOULD come to my door again. I think I'd beat the snot out of the little B--ch!

When she was in her teens she and another girl did this to an elderly lady in a town about 6 miles from here. They went to her house and said their car was broke down and could they use her phone and bathroom and while one kept her busy the other one went into her purse and dresser drawers and stole a couple hundred dollars and a bunch of jewelry. They got caught though.

When she was only 10 YEARS OLD! she went to a lot of houses in her neighborhood and said that her church(she didn't even go to church) was asking for donations from people because the kids wanted to put up a basketball backboard and hoop at the church for their youth group, and she had collected and spent $140.00 by the time she got caught.

No, the police didn't catch her last night. But they really did try. They had 5 squad cars out here and one of those SUV's or 4-wheel drive things. They searched the apartment she was at when she came over into my driveway yelling at me, but I think she went up on the roof of that building, it's a flat roof with a wall about 3 feet high around it.

Tonight my DIL said this woman had the nerve to call her parole officer today and say, " God! The cops almost caught me last night!" Then she proceeded to tell her PO what all had taken place, including her arguement with me. Her PO said, "Are you going to keep running from the cops forever? You'll be caught eventually, you know." This piece of slime said, " Well, I know, but I have to get rid of this thing in my gut first."
She is pregnant and wants to have another abortion (her 4th) before she gets put in jail.
I know my son is worried about me because he stopped here tonight at 9 PM after his classes. I hope he doesn't worry too much. I'll just take each thing as it happens. That's all I can do.
The police told me that if I'm ever scared that someone is in my house or is breaking in I should dial 911 because then they will know instantly who I am and where I am.

No, I don't have a hot tub, but last fall I bought swim passes at a local motel, and I only used it a few times, and there were 40 swims. They also have a huge hot tub and a dry sauna. The hot tub feels awesome on my hip and back.

I ordered swim suits from Penneys last fall and they arrived in 5 days.

Sounds like your yard is going to be lovely.

Charlotte, I'm glad you finally have some furniture in your house.
I hope that attorney does good for your son. If his wife is as mean and spiteful as you think she is, she will probably be mean enough to prevent you and your hubby from seeing the kids as much as she can. Then you'll have to rely on your son sharing them with you.

Well, I'm out of here. Hope you all have a good night.

04-15-2004, 12:18 PM
Oh my goodness Willow, I am so sorry that I offended you. I certainly didn't mean to. Please forgive me.. I certainly wasn't accusing you of making anything up. I believed what you were telling us and I am certainly concerned for your welfare. Sometimes I just ramble and forget myself. Hope everything works out, it is a good thing that you alerted the police and that they are watching her.


04-15-2004, 07:32 PM
Hi all!

I'm finally back.
We had company for the holidays and with all the cooking visiting and late nights I came down with a rip roaring sinus infection. I have never had such a face ache!!
I haven't even had the energy to log on to the computer until today so I will read all the posts I have missed tonight. It looks like there is lots to catch up on.

Be back later!

04-16-2004, 11:41 AM
Oh Willow....I had NO IDEA you were hurt at me. Please forgive me. When I said the things you said were unbelievable...I meant in a funny stories we read, or programs we watch. At the time, you were telling of your life as a young girl, I think. I enjoyed you telling us of things that went on in your life sooo much! I may have used the wrong word, or expression...I need to watch myself, as I use that expression quite often...."that's so unbelievable!"...on a lot of situations. My pastor says to stop & think if we would like to be told what we're saying to someone else. I need to do that more often, & I may realize it doesn't sound like the way I mean for it to sound.
I feel that what we're going through with our son is VERY unbelievable. I just hope we can convince the judge that it's true. I've been very concerned about you & that woman. Don't take any I said earlier, keep a cell phone with you when you go out...and, yes...if she bothers whatever is needed to protect yourself. Again, please don't take offense...we all love you! We're all here for you.
Remember your health, also....take care.

04-16-2004, 01:07 PM
Hey, I'm not angry at anyone.
I'm just saying how it sounded at the time, and then I go on.
Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I'm a tough old hag.
It's 72 degrees outside so I'm out of here to get some sunshine.
Everybody have a good weekend.

04-18-2004, 01:25 PM
So, what's the deal?

Where did everybody go?

Was it something I said? Or a busy weekend? What's shakin'?

04-18-2004, 02:34 PM

Good Sunday Afternoon :wave:
Just popping in briefly to say my hello's and to fill you all in a bit about our day yesterday. Joe & I met with our friends, Mike & Peggy, for breakfast at 7:30 and then we all went shopping for groceries (the guys went off on their own for a bit; then joined us again) and then when Joe & I got home off we went to the park. It was just too beautiful of a day to let it get by without enjoying it! We walked about 3.5miles on the park trails ~ our senses were filled with the sounds of flirting birds, baby snakes crossing our path, turtles, etc... just an awesome day. Then when we got home I took some time at my computer making 5 birthday cards for a birthday party at Mike & Peg's... it's their oldest, Sandy's birthday (24th) and Peg's is the week after... so we celebrated both last night. What a great time we had! Oh... the reason why I made 5 cards for 2 people is --- I wanted them to have a sentimental card as well as a funny card ;) And because Sandy watches our boys when we are gone, I made a birthday card from the boys with some pics of them in in for her... she got a kick out of it.

So as you can see we had quite a full day yesterday, but oh so much FUN!

Today ~ after we got home from church it has been pretty quiet (that's okay)... I think we'll go out and putts around in the gardens - pruning and such. Then this evening I am going to the Fashion Bug for a huge 50% off sale! We do not make a practice to shop on Sunday's :nono:, but we are making an exception to save quite allot of $$ on clothes that I need because I have dropped down a size :D from an 18/20 to a 14/16! Thrilling... And tonight is by invite by the store manager only (Joe helped her out by singing at her fashion show) - so we'll be there around 6ish to go pick out an outfit or two. I am usually not a big clothes shopper, but I need to get something to fit me now till I go to the next size down :)

What beautiful weather we are having today :D The sun is shinning and it's about 80* with a breeze - just beautiful...

Well, the hubby is calling for me, so I'll catch you all later. May you all have a wonderful week of OP success and happiness. "Thinking of you!"

*God Bless!*
:sunny: SunnyD

04-18-2004, 03:26 PM
Hi everyone,

Our day isn't so lovely outside, it is cloudy, humid and about 53 degrees. Yesterday was a nicer day weather wise. The sun was shinning, but we have had thunder storms during the night.

Well, SunnyD, if baby snakes were wiggling across my path, I would have been out of there BIG time to say the least. I don't know why, but I am really afraid of snakes, not that there are very many in Wisconsin, but I am just afraid of them. The birds are nice though, Tree Swallows are back in our yard again and one couple has taken up residence in the bird box in my roses. This is a good thing, usually I have to shag the sparrows out a few times, before they give up. One year I was especially lucky and had a house wern in one bird box and a bluebird in another. I think we have too many farm cats around for our yard to be too bird friendly though. To my chagrin.

We had to work again at church this morning, and I had quite a struggle, two ushers didn't show up and I needed to rustle up two of those and then it is always a challenge to get someone to dress the alter and carry up the hosts and wine. All prevailed though and as usual came off without a hitch. Now I don't have to do that job for a couple of Sundays, so I am not going to worry about it until the next time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, take care and talk to you later.


04-19-2004, 12:48 AM
Hi everybody...

Hi Willow....just a very busy weekend. Hope you're feeling well. Has things calmed down any with that woman? I sure hope so. Take care.

Hi Bluet...We're having beautiful weather here, also.

Hi good to see your post.

I get a treatment, may be slow about returning for a little while. :dizzy: Hi to everyone & take care.........

04-19-2004, 10:14 AM
Hi Sunny,

How could I forget????......Congratulations on your weight loss. You must be just walking on air. It couldn't happen to a sweeter person!! Hope your clothes shopping went well and you were able to find the perfect outfits to compliment your sunny personality.. Take care.


04-19-2004, 07:02 PM
Hi, ladies--

SunnyD, how wonderful! I bet you were so excited. You know, I think there's a correlation between the size and wanting to shop. Seventy pounds ago I hated shopping--now that I can get into a 12 or 14, I don't mind it at all. Now, I don't think I'll ever be the kind of shopper my daughter is, but I don't dread it like I did before. Hope you had a good time puttering around in your garden.

Willow, 72 degrees and sunny is just perfect in my book. Even 75 degrees is good. Once it starts getting much higher, then I don't like it. Hope you were able to enjoy your sunny day. And I hope the cops finally got that woman.

Well, Bluet, it took me a minute to figure out what a house "wern" was, but I finally got it! :) Watching those little birds is a lot of fun. I can understand why you don't see many, though, with lots of cats just waiting to take advantage of the birds.

We kind of puttered around this weekend, too. Our front yard looks wonderful--I'll have to get a photo soon. It needs to fill in, but I love looking at it. We also took the dog to the vet for a recheck. The vet tech scared us when she weighed Molly at 29 lbs.--that was a 3 lb. loss in 3 weeks, 10% of her body weight. Luckily, it was wrong and when we weighed her again, she'd only lost one pound. She's doing okay, though, just hanging in there. I don't know if she'll last the summer, but she may surprise us.

Fresh snow on Mount Rainier, which I'm surprised I can see because it's been raining. Great for the new plants!

Hi to Jacquie and Fatpuss and Charlotte!

04-19-2004, 11:43 PM
Hi everyone,
The weather here was chilly today. We had rain and tornado watches last night.
The grass is really getting green and my lilacs and forsythia are leafing out really nice now.

I spent Saturday afternoon out at my sisters house and she made a boiled dinner for supper and it was so good. It was nice not to have to cook for a change.
One of my older sisters who lives in UP michigan was here last summer and took a lot of pics. She sent some to my sister here and sent an envelope of pics along for me too.
There is a picture in there of me sitting on the couch with my oldest granddaughter, and it is the most awful condition I've ever seen myself in. I'm not kidding. When I saw that picture I got physically queasy at my stomach. I see myself in the mirror every day, and knew things were bad, but, this is just awful.
Hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow for a while.

Sunny, many congratulations to you on your success with your weight loss. It must be heaven to be able to buy such small clothes.

Sheila, I don't know if the cops got that little snot or not, but I haven't seen anything in the paper. I don't know where she came from or anything. I didn't know she was living or staying nearby until she came to the door and asked to use the phone. My DIL said she thinks she was staying with her ex somewhere nearby. I hope they're gone.

Charlotte, I hope you don't get too ill with the treatment. Get plenty of rest.
How are things coming along with your house?

Bonnie, I don't like snakes either. I used to hunt them with my Dad when I was a kid, but now I scream bloody murder when I'm within sight of one. Snakes, mice and bats. UGH!!

Today I went and sat in the hot tub for a while, then went and walked in the pool for a while. It felt really good while I was in the water because you're so bouyant in there.
Tomorrow I start pool therapy with a therapist. twice a week.

See you all later!

hello to Puss and Jacquie too.

04-20-2004, 04:19 AM
All quiet on the western front here (thank heavens) so thought I'd post a quickie before work. SunnyD well done on dropping a clothes size, Shiela is right about the link with shopping, that new suit I bought before I put this stone back on was bought to celebrate a size less and if I don't start back on track soon I won't be able to fit into it - wore it yesterday and the waist is cutting, the bum almost bursting and the thighs almost filled!! Visted a company yesterday to conduct an audit and the finance director was the spitting image of David Brent from the Office. I kept waiting for him to be an idiot because he even sounded a bit like him, ha ha. Bluet, have you recovered from helping DD with clearing all her stuff? Hard work, eh? Angel, hope all is going well with the legal proceedings, try to make sure you get enough rest in between times (maybe the love seat with DH!) Willow, sounds like you have a lovely son there, checking on you after scary situation. How did you like son's new girl? Jacqui, hope your sinus infection is clearing by now, bit of a bummer after having a nice break to get that at the end of it. Sheila, re you having your swimsuit stolen. When my friends from work and I used to swim in our lunch hour, one friend was too self-conscious about her figure and brought her towel to the bathside rather than put it in the locker. One session in the pool she suddenly said "where's my towel gone?". We looked under the doors of the changing rooms (ha, imagine the four of us!) and there were two gypsy young men making free with her towel. No apologies, nothing. She shared my towel but wouldn't use hers again so her puss cat has it now.
We had a lovely, sunny day Saturday and DH mowed the lawns for the first time this year but Sunday was a total wash out, rain all day so the perennials are still waiting to be planted in.
Must dash off to work. x

04-20-2004, 01:43 PM
Just popping in to ask everyone to cross their fingers for me. I'm trying a new treatment today. I'm being cautiously optimistic, well, actually, I'm probably being too optimistic. I really want this to work!

04-20-2004, 02:12 PM

04-20-2004, 08:03 PM
Today I had pool therapy for a half hour, and I go back Friday for more.

It's really cold and rainy here today. But, boy is the grass ever growing and trees getting leaves really fast.

I used my therabands for a few minutes this morning, and I probably will again tonight as I watch TV.
Might as well make use of the time.

I need to go call my oldest sister as it's her Birthday today and she should be home by now.

have a good evening everyone.

04-20-2004, 08:14 PM


04-21-2004, 09:16 PM
Sheila had an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday night. She's home now and resting. She asked me to say she'd be back on the board when she's feeling better.

Sheila's DH