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03-23-2004, 11:13 PM
Ok, ladies, here is the new thread and what a better way to start it out by saying

I DID IT, I went to work out today after how many months of avoiding the gym

I am officially back on track. I worked out at Curves again today and I have to say I have so much energy right now. Normally I would be crawled up in the fetal position on my couch, dreaming of a chocolate bar!

So, if I can do, anyone can do it!!!!

Hope to hear from you all real soon!


03-24-2004, 05:32 AM
My husband has been up all night coughing so now I am in the guest room and can not sleep.

Reina andcjunk I am so proud of you going to the gym! I plan to join a new lLA Fitness that just opened in town... i always join but never go but I hoped to buddy up with my husband and make it one of our date nights since they provide babysitting. I hope to take their yoga class, use the pool and some weights.

Today was not good food or exercise wise...every morning i wake so positive that i will stay on track but then by dinnertime i start eating a handful of snacks here and there yesterday i brought some easter candy...big mistake i ate a lot of easter eggs and jelly beans...really mad at myself for lack of willpower and buying theem in the first place.

03-24-2004, 06:36 AM
Hi Ladies

Do you mind if I park myself in here for a while? :)

I'm 36, in Australia (so you have to excuse my accent :lol: ). I'm a SAHM and have 3 children under 6. I've been struggling with my weight for the last 7 years. I've got up to 190 lbs last year and have gradually got down to where I am now at 143 lbs with my final goal of 132 lbs, so nearly there! I initially did Jenny Craig, lost some weight, but got sick of forking out big $ for their food, went off and did my own thing for while (mainly Slimfast shakes) and lost some more weight. Since early Jan I've been following a program called Sureslim and it has really worked well for me. It's basically a high protein/low carb program and its a very popular diet here with people having a lot of success with it.

The only thing that I've stuck to is GYM in the last few years, I love it. I go at least x4 a week and even at my heaviest I would still go, it has really stopped me getting over the 200 lbs mark, with the way I used to eat, I could burn some of it off at the gym.

I mainly do cardio, but have started weight training now that I'm within 10 lbs of my goal, mainly toning the upper body with dumbells and the fitball for lower legs.

Anyways, enough rambling from me. I look forward to contributing something in here! ;)

03-24-2004, 09:26 AM
Yaay Reina-Mia!!! Way to go!! :D Glad to hear that you had such a great workout.

Debee--I can identify with the coughing thing. My fiance and I have just gotten over the flu and he has not yet recovered from the cold end of things and coughs throughout the night. Makes for feeling tired in the daytime that's for sure. The worst is when you are tired in the day and you have a heavy next day at work ...that was kind of like my yesterday. As for the gym, I had real trouble going and often didn't go too. I have no magic tricks--the gym was 5mins away and open all the time!! Not sure why it has been different the past few weeks and why I have been going--but I won't challenge the positive and keep it up. And as for the Easter candy--well, think of today as a new day and get rid of them!! That way you remove the temptation!!

Cyan-How are you doing today?? Betty?? NewInspiration??

Welcome wubba...(won't try typing the whole thing as I keep typing it wrong). Congratulations on your weight loss. It must have been some really hard work and dedication to get to where you are now--that is quite an accomplishment! I could definitely use some tips from you. Diets don't really work for me--I am glad that your techniques work for you. Everyone is different---I fall off the diet wagon and get depressed, so I find that it helps to keep myself on track using this group as support and that way I can continue on with my lifestyle change. For me it is about breaking bad habits and procrastination. You have already conquered my #1 procrastination --which is exercise/gym. That will get you far!! Can you teach me how to be addicted too?? What is the weather like on the other side of the world?? I live in Canada and it snowed again yesterday. So much for spring!

Talk to you all soon,


03-24-2004, 11:14 AM
And Good On You for getting your butt to Curves...And dont you feel great about it!! All that energy...Congratulations for getting over that hurdle :strong: Keep day at a time, one pound at a time. By summer you should definitely be seeing the results of your hard work.

Hey Cjunk...congrats to you too for getting back to the gym and dont forget to thank your friend for coaxing you back in. Let us know how you feel today...can you breathe... :lol: Do you ever come up to Montreal to visit with your sister? Then next time you do, we should go for that cup of coffee..ok?

Welcome Wubba :wave: So glad you have decided to join our little group here...we are a fabulous generous will simply love it here.
I have visited australia...back in 1998...Sydny, Mellbourne and Hobart in Tazmania...I loved it...the people were so friendly....and my favorite animal since I was a little girl is the koala...they are sooooooo beautiful and it was a goal for me to finally get to see a koala in person...what a treat.

So Wubba...which part of Australia are you from? And congrats on slimming down to your current weight..thats amazing...I am hoping to be there soon. I havent heard about Sureslim but it sounds a lot like atkins and southbeach. I am following the soutbeach plan right now and it seems to be working for me.

Hey Debee...sorry to hear that your hubby is sick. So you are struggling a little bit with the snacking..I know how you feel...I have been there too. So how are you going to approach the easter you have a plan worked to help you keep on track? Hang in there, you can do it.

Well Ladies, I gotta get back to work but as always, I look forward to reading your posts...they keep me on track.

Hey Miki..where are you?, Newie? Lisa? Taiwan?

bye for now


03-24-2004, 11:18 AM
woops, forgot to post my food....

breakfast was bran cereal with skim milk
lunch is chicken salad made with light mayo on a whole wheat pita with asparagus
dinner is a burger pattie with cheese ,chili sauce, onions and asparagus
snacks are low fat cheese, mixed berries, a cup of orange juice...YAY...and sugarless jello.

I cycled last night for 5km

tonight I will cycle again and add some floor exercises



03-24-2004, 05:36 PM
Hi ladies,

Sorry for the 4 a.m. post, I was so tired that I wasn't typing very good.

Welcome, Wubba(You just got a new nickname from us). It sounds like you are one motivated lady and that you are doing great with your weight loss. I am trying to do a low carb, limit sugar "lifestyle" change. I love junk food and chocolate and tend to snack too much. I really need to make a change not just to lose weight but to feel better.

Cyan, thanks for posting your helps me with choices during the day. Today I skipped breakfast (bad girl) ...just had coffee...lunch was a 1/2 cup tuna salad and a side salad, I have been drinking this ice green tea when I feel hungry and it has helped a bit with the snacking. I hid the easter candy (out of sight ...out of mouth) and will just bring it out for the kids easter baskets. Exercise choices were small but meaningful today...on an errand I took the stairs instead of the elevator, walked to the bus stop, and did a little bit of gardening (planted some spring flowers) ...tonight I plan to make chicken, broccoli, and jello. Snacks ...well just for tonight I will try not to snack.

Cjunk, I am so happy you are in our group you seem so motivated.

I am giving myself an eight week challenge. I was thinking about how I wanted to give myself an "extreme makeover" like the tv show ...this is a very popular show in the US where people spend eight weeks getting lipo, facelifts, breast implants,nose jobs, clothing advice and work on diet and exercise, then at the end of eight weeks they "reveal" themselves to family and friends at a party. Since I have to attend a family wedding On May 15, I thought I would make it my final "reveal" day...that is almost 8 weeks away. Here's what I plan to do...

Since I don't need a nose job, facelift or other radical plastic surgery I thought that maybe I would just investigate microderm face peel. Instead of lipo ...maybe a body wrap and one of those new body contouring underwear.Instead of breast implants just a good push-up bra with some extra padding. I am going to go on adkins for two weeks to jump start some weight loss and then follow up to tone and lose more with lifestyle diet and exercise. I also want to start taking some vitamins.

This Friday I am going to my hairdresser for my highlights but instead of a trim I'll let it grow a little longer and maybe next time ask her about some hair extensions. I just brought the two hour teeth whitening kit and will see how that works. I might go to the mall and have one of the girls at the cosmetic counter give me a makeover.

Finally I will be on a quest in the next eight weeks for the perfect dress and shoes.
I'll keep you posted on how things are going.

Well have to take Jake to karate ...keep up the good work!

03-24-2004, 10:43 PM
Wow, today was tougher than I had planned for. The after crisis-crisis phase took a lot of phone calls and then a long meeting and after that a lot more work. Finished tonight at 9pm and started at 9am. Had a yogurt mixed with some Harvest Crunch cereal (i love it mixed with yogurt!), for breakfast and then some chicken and salad for lunch/dinner-but nothing more because I just got too busy. Proud of myself though because I bypassed the "quick route" of McDonalds and opted for chicken from a healthier restaraunt nearby that required stopping more. Plan to flex some time tomorrow morning and go in for an 11 am appointment. That means leaving home at 10:30 am which I think is a great option. Looking forward to it! Plans to go to the gym tomorrow and Friday. Hoping tomorrow will be a more rested type of day.

My fiance has now reached "grouchy point" with his flu/cold and has basically lost all patience--I am spending some alone time to give him time to get over the crabbiness of it all which is really unlike him normally.

I hope that I am able to see tomorrow as a new day and rid myself of the stressors of today. Sometimes things take their toll when they shouldn't but I think all the way around in work and home there have been a lot of difficult interactions with others and it is unusual for that to be this way. I know it will get better soon.

Enough venting on my part!!!

Great to read everyone's postings. There is comfort and encouragement in reading them.

Debee--Your idea about the makeover sounds like a lot of fun too!! I have never tried a makeover me type of scenario before and it sounds exciting. I am interested to hear how it works out. Have you ever tried those whitestrips before? I haven't and wonder how well they work.

Cyan--I would love to hook up for coffee next time I am in Montreal. I hope I am able to go down sometime in the spring so I will let you know when. My abs today feel surprisingly great! Often hits me the second day after!

Joined a baseball league for the spring/summer (is co-ed slow pitch). I will play once per week and it is in my work plaza area so it is minutes from work. Can't wait to start. I think I will be very rusty at it.

Reina--how is it going today?? Betty? Miki?, Newie? Lisa? Taiwan?

Look forward to your posts. Welcom again to Wubba.


03-25-2004, 04:44 AM
Hi everyone

Thanks for the welcome ;)

I'm in Melbourne, which is in the south, we are actually the opposite in weather, being in the southern hemisphere we are heading into winter. It's currently autumn (fall) and our mornings are cool and the days are very nice/mild at around 25 degs (I think that's around 80f?). We are also in a major drought here, very little rain for a few years, so its a real worry as we are on strict water regulations.

I had my weigh-in yesterday and I lost 900 g which is 1.98 lbs. I am pretty happy with that, I had a few "off program moments" this week but I'm sure that will show up in next week's weigh-in :rolleyes: My program is like a combo of a lot of the diets going around at the moment. We have strict times to eat though, 5 hour breaks between meals and no food after 8 pm. So its really 3 meals a day and of course chugging away on gallons of water.

With regard to gym, I must say I'm lucky as my local gym provides child care, as my youngest is only 2 I can go during the day and she is looked after for 1 1/2 hours. I just could not go at night as my husband works long hours and I find it hard getting to sleep after being at gym only a few hours beforehand.

My light bulb moment came on my birthday in Dec, when my MIL gave me a very unflattering pair of pjs size 20. It was an obvious dig at me, and I spent most of my birthday in tears over it, vowing to show her that I can GET to goal weight. That was 12 weeks ago and I've lost nearly 11 kgs. As you can imagine she is not a positive person in my life at the best of times, but I really enjoy her squirming over how I'm going at the moment.

Anyways, better go, putting my kids to bed and then ER is on. :D

Take care everyone.

03-25-2004, 10:27 AM
Its starting to warm up again this week ...yay...that goodness for that. I am enjoying my cup of coffee at the moment :coffee: with stevia to sweeten it up a bit.

Yesterday evening after work...I stopped off at the grocery store to get artichoke salad and protein bread...Montreal is full of healthy stores and all sorts of natural stuff...anyway, I digress...I found this protein bread so I am trying it...I also got sugarless jello and pudding...So..I am catching the bus to get home and there are huge lineups at the stops...three busses go by without stopping , full to capacity...yep...there was no way I was getting my butt on that bus and the metro...subway was I had to lug my groceries home with my lunch pale..bag and purse and walked home...UPHILL...very steep hill all the needless to say...that was my exercise for the day.

breakfast this morning was bran cereal and skim milk
lunch will be smoked meat sandwhich with the new protein bread, dill pickle and kalamata olives
dinner will be charbroiled chicken with artichoke salad
snacks are cheese and mixed berries

Hey Wubba...Sorry to hear that you have a not always nice MIL. Anyway, its great that you are getting inshape and losing the weight. Keep up the great job.

Hey Cjunk...fabulous on the coffee meet...just say when. Man you sure do work long hours...I couldnt do that..I would just crumble.

Well Revenue Quebec are at our offices this morning checking into our paperwork to see if anything is fishy so I better get crackin


03-25-2004, 01:47 PM
Hello Ladies,

Welcome to the group Wubba. You sounds like you are on fire. Congrats to you on your success and continued success. Sorry to hear about your MIL, I have a mother like that, every gifts I get is some Old Lady looking blouse that is 6 sizes too big(literally). I just don't get it! But like they say Misery loves company, so don't give it to her in the least bit!

Cyan, Nice long walk uphill, I probably would have been on my hands and knees half way! Walking is rough, but I am starting a new walking plan I read about... 35 straight days of 30min walks, THAT'S IT!!! once the 35 days are over, I start a more intensive walk program. 3 miles one day, 2 miles the next, 4 miles the next day and then back to 2 miles the next.
Miki, I know you are a strong walker and it has helped you, so I am sure it will get my body jumping along with the Curves workout, I should be all good to go on vacation in July. We are hitting Walt Disney World again!

Cjunk, men are the biggest babies when they are sick! Leaving him alone is a good idea. But be prepared, because they moan even LOUDER so you can hear from afar :lol:

Debee, I love your idea of giving an Extreme makeover your personal agenda for the next 8 weeks. I think I may try that starting the end of next month! Let me know how it goes.

Well ladies, I have been doing good, eating the right foods and getting ready for the birthday weekend. I am going out to dinner with the family on Sunday, Monday I have dinner scheduled with an old friend, Tuesday my hubby is taking me out for my Birthday dinner(more italian food) and Wednesday I have a team lunch. I am already getting sick of hearing how much food I will have to eat. (hey, that's a first!)

Have a great day!

03-25-2004, 06:32 PM
Hey Gang,

Thought I would slow the 12 hour workday pace down a bit and flex a few hours off. Went in for 10:30 today and left at 4. Have laundry to do but I decided to wait a bit and then ramp up at 7pm with the housework. Plans to either go the gym or some outdoor exercise tonight since it is a lot warmer here today than normal. Cyan aren't you enjoying the beautiful weather!!

Even though I didn't have much in the way of appointments today the ones I had were heavy content and so I decided that it was time to use some of that overtime for a break--and so I am writing to you all!!

Cyan--your walk home sounds frustratingly difficult but at the same time great because now your exercise was done for the day!!! Your meal plan intrigues me at times how creative it is!!!

Reina-Mia--I played it right last night and stayed away from my spouse for a while and this morning he was feeling a lot better and in a cuddly mood. Sounds a bit better but the cold is still hanging in there. A birthday weekend!! How exciting!! Which day is your birthday day??

Wubba--It is not encouraging when we have others around us who seem to try and get their digs in. I am with Reina about your MIL in terms of replying with kindness and then eventually she will just give it up or lose interest in doing it.

I have a weird problem in that everyone in my fiance's family--my in-laws to be are so tiny and eat almost nothing. They are also very energetic and that kind of "peppy" that makes you wonder if it is real (but it really is with them!!). I have now adjusted to dinner at their house but it took some time. My family are "eaters" and they plan functions around "eating." My fiance's family plan functions around "outings" and "exercise" and eat together because they end up running into a mealtime. The first time I went over to their house for dinner here's what I got:

2 baby red potatoes
2 pieces of broccoli
1 chicken thigh (I think it is a thigh--you know the small ones???)

I was starving after that!!! I used to eat a lot of bigger portions and I was looking at it as a before meal appetizer!! There were no seconds and no breads, or desserts or extra meat or veggies. My plate was the biggest plate of food served too!! Can you imagine how cheap their grocery bill is??? They really eat to live (which is I guess how it should be done).

I'm getting better and better now because I too am eating smaller portions and so I have adjusted--but still eat a lot more than they. They are all about 5 feet tall and and friendly though. Did I mention that the women in the family all look like Barbie or fashion models without the boobs?? I always feel fat when I go there!!! I am the hugest person in their home when I visit. I instantly loved them when I met them and cherish them as a second family to me, but when I had that first dinner I had second thoughts about how to sneak off to McDonalds afterwards!!

Talk to everyone soon! Look forward to hearing from the rest of you too!!


03-26-2004, 10:41 AM
Ah my favorite day is once again upon us...yipeeee.

I cycled last night for 8kms..the music was good so I kept on pedaling.

I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night...I brought them in for my coworkers so theywont be tempting me at home. I used the calorie and fat reduced peanut butter, semi sweet dark chocolate chips and 1/2 cup of sugar with no flour. They turned out good...yes I tried one cookie.

breakfast this morning was substitute egg with canadian bacon
lunch will be chicken salad wrapped in a pita with artichoke salad
dinner will be stuffed sole with crab meat and snowpeas
snacks are sugarless yogurt, mixed berries and sugarless ice cream if I am in the mood. soda, coffee, white tea and water water water

Hey Cjunk...that story about your inlaws is funny...I can understand how you must of felt the first time you had dinner with them. But hey, you seem to like them and they all good.

Reina...Happy Birthday girlfriend :hb: :gift: :queen: Have a great bday weekend and try your best to stay OP. I send you a big hug. Keep us posted ...we want birthday details.

Well thats it for me folks...have a great weekend and stay OP

I will weigh in on Monday morning and hope I show some kind of loss...I think I calories all week have been below 1400 calories.

Take care


03-26-2004, 10:45 AM
Hi Ladies,

Reina, Happy birthday(when is the exact date?). Just remember in all those birthday celebrations to make the right food choices and think portion control...but make sure you have at least one peice of birthday cake! I'll let you know how my extreme makeover is far yesterday I brought the push -up bras and looked through a few catalogs(Newport News and Victoria Secret) that now sell dresses and pants that have built-in body shapers in them...they can give you a curvy butt and boobs just with padding and also pull in your tummy with spandex...I might buy one and let you know ...hey what ever motivates right?

Wubba, just imagine your MIL face when you appear in a drop dead size 6 dress...that should motivate you to go to gym!

Cyan, that walk home probably burnt most of your calories for the day! Once again thanks for posting your food choices...I started keeping a note on the fridge of what I ate during the day..sort of like a food journal but since it is posted on the fridge it is a reminder that I should not binge. Yesterday was ok foodwise...I ate breakfast..two eggs, coffee, lunch ...a couple slices of turkey and some shrimp and dinner was out but I made a good bread basket and just grilled chicken, spinach and a few roasted cherry tomatoes, dessert was strawberries with a little cream. I also drink about 5 glasses of diet ice green tea yesterday.

Cjunk, hope you finance in feeling husband is such a baby when he is sick...being a mom and wife I never get the chance to have a really good sick day. I enjoyed your story about your finance family..I once had a boyfriend whose family loved this very expensive, fancy resturant that use to serve the smallest portions( whenever I knew we weree going there I always would eat before so I would not look like a pig. By the way since my body fat scale is broken I came up with a new way to measure if my weight goals are being met...I call it the "skinny pants" scale...over the years I have kept a few pairs of pants and dresses that I loved but no longer can fit in...they range from a pair of size 4 gap jeans to a beautiful red velvet christmas dress, size 6 to size 10 dresses and pants. Right now my current "skinny pants" are a size 9 off white jean I am calling them my level 1 "skinny pants" ..yesterday I tried on my "level 2" size 8 blue jeans (hard to breathe but made it). By making levels for myself I hope to get to level 6...the holy grail of my jeans...the size 4 gap babies by end of May. It is helping me because it is a concrete motivator instead of just a number on a scale and when wearing a level 2 I don't want to go back to a level 1...sounds crazy huh?...well, this is a weight loss war I am fighting this time and I plan to not just win the battle but also the war. By the way yesterday I tried the two hour teeth whitening and although I could not do it for the full two hours (I only made it half time) it lightening about a shade or two. Just watch out some of the products will make your gums sensitive.

Miki, betty, Newie, where are you...don't hide...join us!

03-27-2004, 03:05 PM
Hi all,

Well, so far so good. Friday I went to the gym and walked uphill on the treadmill for 50 minutes. Slow walk so to get back into things --therefore only burned 300 calories or a bit more. Did some weights...a very long and relaxing gym visit though. Watched OPRAH while I worked out and seemed to take my mind off of the whole thing.

Went shopping afterwards to a cheap fashion store we have in Ontario called Fashion Maxx. Basically really cheaply made clothes at low end prices but fashionable (they don't last but are fun for following the trends). They had an Easter Dress Sale and some pretty cute spaghetti strapped 3/4 length floral print with black dresses--cross between a sundress and a slinky sexy dress. Decided to try a few on in different styles and colours. Picked a few off the rack size 9. Tried it on and it fit but was a tiny bit too tight for the style on the hips (I always have this problem). A salesperson came and asked me if I wanted help with another size and I asked her if there were any of the dress in that style in size 10 or 11. She replied "we don't have many of the BIG sizes left!!!" She then looked at me up and down and suggested a "less revealing" style. But I thought I looked pretty good so she came back with some of these dresses and I tried them on and they made me look like an old lady. By the way, did I mention that she was about 90 pounds and looked malnourished and she had to tell me about how she had bought herself the dress that didn't fit me and that it looked fab on her. So finally I got fed up and went out in my sock feet and the dowdy dress she made me try on and I looked at what else was there myself. I found a longer dress in the same spaghetti strap style in size 9 that looked a bit different in cut. Tried it on and went outside to look in the mirror and "wham" what a dress!! It looked great on me. Then I was second guessing myself and imagining it might not look great... when another salesperson came by (who knew how to sell) and said "what a figure" your curves are really accentuated by that dress and it looks great!! That made me feel good. Then the malnourished sales rep came over to see what the commotion was about and then said to me "that dress doesn't look like THAT on me--(as she was staring at my chest--which I think looked pretty good in that dress and not too sleazy). That's when I decided to buy it. The malnourished sales rep then had to back up her comment with a comment of how much better the dress looks when you go home and put on the "right shoes" and "put on makeup" and "do your hair." She also tried to sell me a cardigan to go over top of it. So I tried it on and it looked terrible. She agreed by commenting that the cardigan "added 10 pounds to me by hiding my smaller waist." At this point I was no longer offended by the salesrep but just getting my kicks out of hearing how inappropriate her comments were. Made me laugh a lot.

So this BIG girl --so to speak bought the size 9 dress and walked out of the store with a belly full of laughter in my system and a sexy new dress. That's my story--thought you might all enjoy a laugh or two.

Debee--my fiance is still coughing but mostly dry cough and is in a much better mood which as lessened my stress level. How is everyone doing in your home now? I love your skinny pants diet mainly because if you ever talked to my friends they would tell you that I have an obsession with buying new jeans. I tell them that it is not an obsession about is just an obsession to wear something that fits..because when I gain weight it is in my hips and butt and that means constantly buying different pant sizes. So the skinny diet works for me too! The day that I wore my skinny pants I had on the size 8 but had to unbutton my pants by the end of the night as I couldn't breathe!! I don't think I am quite at 8 yet..but soon. Size 7 is the smallest I have ever been apart from childhood sizes. I would be thrilled to be in a size 7 again..althogh I think an 8 is more realistic for me.

Cyan, your cookies make my mouth water! The weekends are the hardest for me because I find that I eat more by going out for meals a lot. I just learned how to make my own PAD THAI and I have been making a much healthier version than the restaraunts and I go out less because I satisfy my own PAD THAI cravings at home. I make a vegetarian version sometimes with stirfried broccle-slaw mixture. Has anyone ever tried broccle-slaw??? Basically they take red cabbage, carrots and broccoli stalks and grate them into cheese grate size strands and then bag them for sale in the salad section of the grocery store. You then do with them what you will including making a version of your own coleslaw with lowfat dressing. I actually like them in my PAD THAI or in other stirfrys. I have also used them for a vegetable soup--very easy and quick. Cyan I can't believe how far you can cycle! Yesterday I walked 5.4 kilometres but it took almost an hour as I was going slow and walking an incline on the treadmill.

Reina-Mia--Hope you are having a great birthday weekend! Enjoy some cake and think of us while you eat it! We can live vicariously through you!!

Miki, Betty, Newie, Wubba--how are you?? Have a great weekend!!


03-27-2004, 10:06 PM

Just a quick note to quick in...Cjunk I loved your story! Cyan, this morning I finally got some exercise son 's school had a 5k run and walk so ( am.m in the rain we did made me realize how out of shape I am...I didn't run but walked the whole way...after in the gym they had free cookies, pretzels and pasta stations ... a carb blow-out for the walkers and runners...I was good only a few bites of chciken in tomato sauce.

Food today was as follows:

two eggs over medium for breakfast, lunch was a soft chicken taco and nachos (cheated on the carbs but I was hungry) and dinner was grilled chicken in spicy sauce, snack was adkins chocolate bar (taste pretty good and only 2g) hubby and kids had pizza and I never even took a bite(good girl) and 6 jellybeans and green tea. Wore level 2 pants until mid day and then needed break to level one-o. It is hard to keep up healthy habits on the weekend!

03-28-2004, 10:24 AM
Mercy Me!!! Have I missed the posts! I've been reading for over a half an hour, and finally had to skim the last few days. It sounds like suddenly we've become a very lively group! And I know that liveliness and commitment I've sensed will help us all. Today is my birthday :hb: --I'm 48--I think I'm the oldest in this crowd--that doesn't matter though, because I only feel older in that there are more years to remember and more experiences to call on when I am doing life today. Except for a few minor aches and pains (sciatica and probably arthritis) in my hips and legs, I really don't feel old physically. I was blessed last night with a compliment from an old friend I hadn't seen in probably 4 years--she said the nicest thing to me--I'm going to try to quote--she said, "Barb!!! You look so good! You don't age!!!" Now, tell me, did that feel good to me? You bet it did! As my birthday present to myself, I am going to walk around the track in the park this morning. I haven't done it since November, so I miss it desperately. The weather here in Chicago has moderated--in the 50's and 60's without too much wind, so I can go out without freezing.

The reason I didn't post all week was that I was very tired :tired: from all the housework and paper grading I did last weekend, plus it was an absolutely crazy week. :crazy: Last night I finally finished grading these periodic reading tests I have to give to my students--lots of reading for me in the grading part because they write out a lot of answers. Then I have to fill out all this paperwork on each student's results--involving which questions they got wrong and right--then make up master sheets with all of the students' results posted. There are two tests like this. The tests total about 75 questions in all, plus two essay questions written in two booklets (so I keep having to turn pages to find out what they are doing). Multiply that by 28 students, and that's a lot of work!!! :dizzy: That is, of course, in addition to my daily work and carting my older daughter to dance and flute lessons and the younger one to a sleepover, after, of course, buying a birthday present for the girl involved, dealing with a husband with a toothache (does the word CRABBY spell crabby?) He's getting the tooth out tomorrow, thank God! He wants to have a dental implant to replace the tooth, which will probably not be covered by the insurance we don't have yet, but I agree with that plan as opposed to the bridge or leaving a space options. So we'll fork out the $2000 :eek: it costs. Luckily we're both working again. I still have more papers to grade, and quarter grades are coming due, but I am finding the whole thing more manageable. Also, I will start teaching math to my fifth graders tomorrow in a switch with the fourth grade teacher. She was teaching math to 4th and 5th grade, and I was teaching them English. Scheduling was too difficult, and the students aren't mature enough to be out of a self contained classroom as much as they were, so we're starting the switch tomorrow. I still teach 4th grade social studies, but I don't have to teach science at all!! I just don't think I'd be very good at that.

Now--to the crazy week I had. This all pertains to school. I started Monday going to a conference sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago to help teachers deal with the problem of sexual abuse of children (because of that whole priest sexual abuse scandal going on in the church right now). That morning the media announced that 6 local Catholic schools (not mine) were closing and consolidating into two. So many of the teachers at this conference (some of which I knew from my days working at the teachers' store) will be losing their jobs. Also, in my childhood, although I was never sexually abused, I experienced physical and verbal abuse in my home due to my father's alcoholism, which I believe helped me to be affected more emotionally to the abused children in two videos we saw in that conference Monday. My parent-teacher conference Tuesday went well, but those things require a lot of energy, which I really didn't have. The school days on Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good, except for the discipline problems in my class--I've narrowed it down to three boys--from nine 6 weeks ago when I took over the class. Then on Thursday I received a very upsetting, critical, threatening phone call from a parent (this woman is known for being a troublemaker in the school and harassing teachers) whose twin children I have in 4th grade social studies (where we have been learning about the history of the southeast United States, including slavery, civil rights, etc., and even relating it to the apartheid system that formerly existed in South Africa) mentioned to her that I uttered the "n" word in class, and she decided it was inappropriate that I had done so (even when I told her that I was answering a question a student had asked me about language that has been historically used to put down African American people in America, and there was no way to answer the question properly without discussing that word). She said she was informing the principal and pastor about what I had done, and then she asked me not to discuss our conversation with anyone and questioned my professionalism in suggesting that I might treat her children unfairly in class because she had spoken to me!!!!! :stars: :censored: :faint: :mad: Now the principal was away at a meeting that day, and I didn't know what the pastor would think if he heard the story from this woman before he heard it from me--like I said, she is a troublemaker--I actually feel sorry for the kids. Anyway, I did talk to the principal by phone that evening. She agreed that I had done nothing wrong, and the next day she reassured me that the pastor felt the same way. But then Friday morning I started my day at 8:20 a.m. with one of my discipline problem children flinging a pen cap across the room and hitting another child in the eye--I was writing on the board at the time, so I didn't see it. :nono: Of course, the kid didn't admit doing it. Shortly thereafter, a policewoman who regularly comes into our classroom to teach an anti-drug/anti-gang program arrived for her lesson, and I got the principal, and for the next hour we investigated the incident by asking the students in the class to write anonymously what they knew about the incident, plus questioning individuals who seemed like they could be involved. :headache: Finally the guilty party confessed :stress: (we weren't doing anything until it was resolved) and received a punishment, and the principal and I are meeting soon to discuss some tightening of structure for those students. I also have outlawed pen caps and pens with pocket clips, pencils with erasers worked out of the metal end, uncovered rubber bands (even for hair or holding pencils together)--stretchy pony tail ties are okay, as long as they are covered--student-owned scissors (a kid last week took apart a pair of kid scissors, and it looked like two knives), rulers (another kid a few weeks ago broke his ruler into little pieces and threw pieces around the room), paper clips (they were bringing them to school, unfolding them, and throwing them), staplers, staple removers--yes, this is a Catholic school, and no, I don't allow this sort of thing to go on--it's been something that they have been doing on the sly, when I am writing on the board or looking at the book, or something like that, and it's hard to catch a student in the act. :devil: I've confiscated things, told kids to take things home, broken a kid's ruler when he brought a new one in after I took the pieces of the one he broke himself and was throwing into a girl's hair. Now if any child has any of the things I have outlawed, he will be given a detention, no questions asked. :drill: :judge: Parents, I'm learning, aren't always cooperative these days, so even talking with parents about the behavior of their children often doesn't help. :headache: The mother of the kid who threw the pen cap knows her kid is a problem, but she pretty much accepts that he is just like that. I don't think she knows what to do with him either. So I'm often on my own, with the help of the principal only, in a situation like this. :stress:

Anyway, in trying to calm down after my day, I stayed after school pretty late to just putter around my room, which upset hubby. I wasn't too nice to him in response to what he said about it, and later when he spoke sharply to me later about something else, I absolutely went off on him. :bomb: Then yesterday I, for no good reason, went off on my older daughter about something she has been doing that is bothering me, but I hadn't really discussed it with her. :bomb: :bomb: I apologized to them both, and discussed the issue I needed to with my daughter--probably better than I would have had I not blown up--but too bad I just couldn't have done the right thing in the first place. :sorry: I can have a sharp tongue, and I said some pretty mean things to her, which I can never take back. :rollpin: :cry: I also discussed with my husband that I need to find a way to express feelings of anger that I can't express at school without hurting people at home. He agreed to be in charge of dinner :chef: on Fridays so I can just come home after school and crash. :faint: Anyway, that was my week. I didn't really follow my eating plan beyond the second day, though I didn't do too badly either. Starting April 8, I am off school for a week and a half for Easter break, so I am going to try a Phase 1 low carb period and walk every day at the track. Maybe I can lose three or four pounds. :cheer: As of last week's weigh-in, I was still at 156.5, unbelievably--only by the grace of God, I'm sure. :thanks:

Well, Cjunk, as you can see, I am also a chatter. :blah: I have gone on and on with these ladies for months now, and they still like me. It's nice to know that there's someone else out there that's also very verbal. :)

Welcome, Wubba! The girls give nicknames here--I'm Newie--short for newinspiration. I love it. For me, it's a sign of affection and caring. :goodvibes How interesting to me that you're from Australia. I've had a penpal from Australia for about 11 years now. She also is from the south. I think she lives somewhere she calls Wesburn. She lives out in the country, and that is what I write on letters I send her before I write Victoria and Australia. Are you familiar with that area?

Well, cyan, you are sticking to your plan well. :cp: You're helping me hang in there, as are the rest of you ladies, with your enthusiasm. I know I'm going through a very stressful time right now. :stress: I am still happy to be back in teaching; it's just a lot different from what it used to be.

Well, I'm going to go now. I've been on this board for over two hours now. Tomorrow I've got a conference with another set of parents :stars: --of a behavior problem child--not the one who threw the pen cap, but the one who drives me the most crazy. I'm going to try to be good to myself today. Hubby just told me to go for a walk. Thanks for listening to me, ladies. :wave: You're life savers, all of you!! :) :)

03-28-2004, 10:42 AM
Hey, it's just me back, testing to see if my last, extremely long post actually posted. My browser closed on me when I pressed "Submit" and I practically freaked out that it could all be lost. It seems okay, but I want to be sure. Bye for now again. Newie/Barb :coffee:

03-29-2004, 10:14 AM
Hi everybody! I am still just thrilled with how busy our thread has become lately. For awhile there, it was really lonesome around here, right Cyan?? I have missed you all bunches lately. I've only had a chance to post a couple of times in the last 3 weeks and took me forever to get caught up again reading. Things have been hectic around here.

My uncle( my dads brother) has had leukemia for almost 2 yrs but for the last 6 months has been feeling good and enjoying his retirement with his wife. Three weeks ago, he started feeling bad and was put into the hospital on a Sunday. On the next Thursday, he was sent home with the news that the cancer was back with a vengeance and past the stage where any treatment would stop it now. He was given 2 months to live. He made it less than 3 weeks. His funeral was this past Wed. I've been a taxi service lately picking up and taking family members to the airport 60 miles away. My cousin/best friend/my uncles daughter, Vicki who moved to CA a year ago came in the first week to visit with him while he was able to do so. Had to pick her up and take her back that week. The very next week, she had to return for the funeral. I am sooo glad she came when she did the first time so she had that time with him. Her boyfriend came in from CA also but couldnt come in on the same flight or day so had to pick him up and take him back also but at diff times. I think I have made 6 trips to the Airport in less than two week's time.

My aunt ( my dad's other brother's wife) had a heart attack during all this with my uncle. It happened that first week and she is still in intensive care now 3 weeks later. The worst part of her situation was that she had the heart attack on the same day she was to attend her mom's funeral!! She and her family all missed the funeral. The kids wanted to be at their grandmother's funeral but didnt want to leave their mom to do so. Hard time for them all. My uncle hasnt left his wife's side during all of this but that meant he has had no time to come deal with the death of his own brother! We all understood that his priority was with his wife of course, but he has had no kind of closure concerning the loss of his brother because he never got to come visit him after he was sent home, then missed the funeral also. Really sad situation.

Ok, also during all this, my sis's 12 yr old son was having stomach pains and went to the doctor 4 days straight. He ended up having his appendics taken out so of course we had to go see him which was also an hour away. On the day he was admitted to the hospital, another of my sisters was here for the weekend. We had planned my neice Kaylen's 3rd birthday party for that day while they were here. I feel like I"ve just been living in a whirlwind lately!!!

Spring Break was right in the middle of all of this also, and I didnt want it to be just dealing with sickness and death so the kids and I did a few things. Went to the zoo, ate out alot, etc. Needless to say, my food choices havent been the best. Ate more for convenience than for health. I am happy to report tho that other than the weekend, I have walked at least 2 miles every day!! :D Dont know how I managed to fit that in, but I did and felt better knowing that.

Well, that pretty much catches everyone up on what's been going on with me lately. Now, if I dont jump in the shower, I'm going to end up late for work.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


03-29-2004, 10:47 AM
Hey Ladies

Hey Miki..sorry to hear about yor Uncle and your nephew having his appentics taken out. I hope he feels better soon.

Hey you've have a hectic week.

I bought a fancy new digital scale over the weekend...Its made from glass and steal...very sleep and ultra modern...but on the downside...its says I weigh 173 pounds in the morning and in the says I can weigh as much as 178 on a full stomach with clothes and without clothes says I weigh 174.5 to 176 :?: :eek: :fr: I hate scales.... I have been so good with the eating and the exercising and now this new scale has be weighing even more that before. Oh I am soooooooooo depresed and angry...but I will see what happens my the end of this week with this new scale.

today's breakfast was 1/2 cup of all bran with one cup of skim milk
lunch is black bread with turkey breast and hummus spread
dinner is sole fillet with broccoli
snacks are sugarless jello, mixed berries and sugarless yogurt

I will also cycle my usual distance

wish me luck


03-29-2004, 10:48 AM

I meant sleek

and you've had a hectic week


03-30-2004, 12:25 AM
Hello everyone.

Happy Belated Birthday Newie, Another ARIES....I love it...

Miki, I am soooo sorry to hear about all that sadness going on in your life. What a horrible thing to be going through. My prayers are with you and your family....

Cyan, I hate scales too, Keep up the good work, one of those darn demons will give you the right measurements.

I will post more later, I am still trying to catch up on all the post. Miki is right,everyone is so lively lately.

I just wanted to catch you up on all that is happening. I went for a birthday dinner with my family and it was really nice one. And cjunk, this is for you. Live vicariously and put the diet mind away for a moment..... We had a Family styel dinner....Here is what was on the menu: Ceasar Salad, Chopped Chicken Salad, Lemon Chicken Piccata, Mostoccoli with meat sauce, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Chicken Vesuvio, Bruchetta, Fried Zucchini and drum roll please...................For dessert..Tiramisu & Strawberry Cheesecake..... It was delicious.
Ok, now back to reality..... Just because that was all on the table doesn't mean I ate it all. I did eat very very small portions of some of the stuff. I just tried little bits of most of it. OK, and now for the truth. I really had a nice big piece of Tirimisu. I JUST LOVE THAT STUFF..

Well, I am off to bed, and when I wake up, another year older..... Flav, Alex and I will be dining out tomorrow, so I will catch up with you all later in the week. By then I will catch up on all the posts. Cjunk, I have to read your story.....

You all stay OP and I will touch base later!!!

Later gators!

03-30-2004, 10:24 AM
Hello Ladies

Hey Happy Belated Birthday Newie... :hb: :gift: :queen: :balloons:

I'm an Aries birthday is coming up on april 16th :lol:

Anyway, breakfast this mornign was all bran cereal with skim milk

lunch will be ham sandwhich with cheese on black bread

dinner will be oven roasted chicken with green salad

snacks are sugarless jello, mixed berries

beverages are diet soda, water, coffee and white tea

I cycled last night but only for 15 minutes...5km's ...the music sucked...oh well...I will cycle more tonight.

I hope that new scale complies with my wishes and start showing losses the next time I step on it...which will be on monday...or else I will lose my mind.

Have a great day everyone


03-31-2004, 10:15 AM
Hey Ladies

Just a quick note..still plugging away at it.

Today's meals

breakfast 1/2 cup of all bran buds with 1 cup of skim milk
lunch whole wheat pita with chicken and hummus and 1 cup of broccoli
dinner scallops and shrimp with spinach
snacks sugarless jello, 3 mineola tangerines
beverages water, diet soda, white tea and one cup of coffee

Have a great day folks


03-31-2004, 11:07 AM
Hi There,

Just a quick post to say that I have been trying to keep on track this week. Went to the gym yesterday and used the treadmill for 45 minutes and almost got 5km in on a grade of 6. Was pleased with myself but determined to get 5km in within a 45 minute timeframe. That will be my new goal. Then maybe I might enter a 5k race sometime just to say that I did it--(with a time like that I definitely won't win!!). Mostly walking fast and no running until I build up my cardio.

Plans to go to the gym today as well. I hope to get there at least 3 times per week. Last week I only made it 2x but it is much better than the winter where there were many weeks that I didn't make it at all.

Cyan--good for you for keeping on track. I don't pay attention to scales much--in fact I don't even own one. I like using the measuring tape instead as I think it tracks my tone change as well. Even then I don't use it much.

Newie--Happy belated birthday!! Great to read your posts--so nice to have a talker like me online. Read the whole thing and it sounded like a really tough week--hope you are giving yourself some wind down time this week to compensate. Create a pamper yourself day. Your description of watching the video at the conference would be difficult--almost like re-living elements of your childhood. You deserve to have a peaceful moment or more to let those things that poison your system leave you--do you have a relaxation exercise that helps? Mine is swimming because I have to concentrate on breathing and staying afloat (I am a terrible swimmer) that nothing else can occupy my mind.

Miki-My goodness you also had a tough week. I am so sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. Also your aunt and her heart attack. Also your nephew and his surgery. That makes three--and if you are in any way superstitious, it means that the challenges are done. My thoughts are with you and your family in this time and I hope that things improve. How is your aunt now? Amazing that you could put in the time to walk during all of this. That clearly shows a lifestyle change...and a positive one at that!! Great work!

Debee--congrats on the 5k walk/run. I am still working up to the run part!! Eventually I will get there. Great work. I am wearing skinny pants again today. Already a bit uncomfortable at the waist but it is what is keeping my mind on the gym today!!

Reina_Mia--Your birthday dinner sounded awesome!! Man did I live vicariously through you for sure!! The only difference is that I would have indulged in the cheesecake instead of the Tiramisu--the sad reality is ...I am allergic to chocolate (even though I love the taste of it). Cheesecake is definitely one of my fav's. Have a great week!!

Betty and Wubba--look forward to hearing how things are going!!

Talk to you all soon,


04-01-2004, 10:40 AM
This week has kinda went by fast.

I have been doing very well foodwise...its great!

although I got confused with yesterday's menu...I thought I was having the shrimp and scallops but it was sole I had with salad instead of spinach...all in all was still under my calorie count even with the two peanut butter cookies..which I make with reduced sugar and no flour...and yes they are good...I had semi sweet chocolate chips into the mix for that added umph!

Anyway I didnt exercise last night...I had to take care of was her bath time and I did some grooming like clip her toe nail and finger nails...ya know..stuff like that.

Breakfast: all bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: smoked meat with tabouli
dinner: broiled hamburger pattie with portobello mushrooms, spinach and feta
snacks: medium banana, sugarless jello
beverages: diet soda, water, coffee and white tea

Have a great OP Day everyone.


04-01-2004, 02:43 PM
Just a quick post....just returned from my aunt's funeral...the one who had the heart attack. Turned out that her heart was the least of her problems. Now about to head out again to get Luke from school. He broke his glasses this week so I've got to take him to the eye doctor which is an hour away. Just wanted everyone to know I'm still around and will get back regularly as soon as possible. Miss you all!!


04-01-2004, 04:27 PM
Miki ...Oh Dear..let me get this straight...Your uncle and aunt both passed away and your sister's son had surgery...yikes...that is tough..I send you a big hug

hang in there


04-01-2004, 04:27 PM
I feel very sad for your uncle that survived his wife's and brother's passing. I send him a big hug too


04-01-2004, 04:29 PM
I'm all confused...explain again please when you get the courage

sorry for my confusion..ahhhhhhhh

04-02-2004, 11:38 AM
:dance: Its friday! I love fridays...Sorry...cant curb my enthusiasm.

I cheated a little last night..I had a peanut butter cookie and 50 grams of dark chocolate. I was talking to Ivano and he said he ate his dark chocolate bar and that it was so good..Of course I immediately remember that I too had my chocolate bar down the hatch it went :^:

Anyway, I wont beat myself up about it...I took in 1684 calories last night because of it but today I will be at 1154 it all evens itself out.

Meal Plan For The Day

breakfast: 1/2 cup of all bran with one cup of skim milk
lunch: tuna on protein bread
dinner: scallops and shrimp with chinese broccoli
snacks: sugarless jello, yogurt, mixed berries and a tangerine
beverages: water, diet soda, coffee and white tea.

Well thats it folks...have a super duper great weekend. I will be back on Monday to post if I have budged from my 173 pounds (as per my new digital scale) My old one had me at 169.



04-03-2004, 12:32 PM
Hi, all--I survived another week! :dancer: Miki--Oh, my gosh--and I thought I've been dealing with stress! :yikes: Prayers to you and everyone around you who has been dealing with any type of loss, no matter how large or small, recently! :cry: What an explosion of sorrow! You be sure to take care of yourself in any way you can. It's good that you took some time away from the grief with your children--one can only take so much in a short period of time. :stress:

Happy Birthday, Reina_Mia and Cyan!! :hb: :hb: :balloons: :balloons: It's cool to find people with birthdays near my own. Unfortunately, I didn't have the lovely relaxing birthday I was hoping to have--it was one of those days when everything went wrong--I started my day still stressed out from the previous week, plus having a good case of PMS. Then before noon I discovered that I would have to take my car to the shop AGAIN because the "door ajar" switch was broken, and I couldn't get the dome light to go off. :crazy: :bomb: I ended up yanking out the bulb so my battery wouldn't go down before it got to the shop (left it there Sunday night--got the car back Tuesday). Then before the day ended, a rented video tape got stuck in our VCR, and we couldn't get it out. We took the tape, machine and all, to the rental place--if the tape was going to be broken, we figured they could break it themselves. We'd rather buy a new player (we want a DVD anyway) than pay for a tape that wasn't ours. As of this morning, no one has been able to get the tape out of the machine!!! :dunno: :fr: :eek: Then add to that a crabby hubby with a bad tooth--not my best birthday. :shrug: I wasn't able to rest this week either, because my quarter grades were due on Thursday, and I wasn't caught up on all my work. :rolleyes: :?: :tired: I survived all that, got my period on Wednesday, which took care of my crabbiness, dealt with the fifth grade's usual Friday antics, and hubby had his tooth out yesterday, plus a bone graft because part of his jawbone had to be taken along with the tooth. He is medicated and mellow, and has two NASCAR races to watch on TV this weekend, so I am pretty much on my own, except for occasional dispensing of medicine and chores that I can do on my own time. :cheer: :cheer: I do have a menstrual migraine, :headache: but I can deal with that. Food this week has been so-so--sometimes I ate for convenience and at times for stress. I did try to be healthy, but it's just been rough lately. Luckily, I have only 3 more days till Spring/Easter break. :dance: :cb: :dance: We're off from Thursday, April 8, till Monday, April 19. I plan to rest, clean house, shop with my girls, and avoid schoolwork as much as possible. :cloud9: I plan to walk as much as I can and work in my garden, now that it's warming up enough to clean up winter debris, rake leaves, and trim dead foliage from flowers (most of this trimming I do in the fall, but there are a few flowers I grow that survive winter better if I leave their dead branches on to catch dead leaves and snow that insulate the roots). Hopefully I won't get sick or anything like that once I relax, which can sometimes happen after a very stressful period. :goodvibes :crossed: On the last day of school before vacation, I really won't let up on my students' structure, beyond giving them an Easter coloring page and some candy treats. I have tests and quizzes scheduled for the whole day. :drill: This group just can't be given a loose structure. I am very pleased with my new schedule begun this week where I teach them math, instead of the fourth grade teacher doing it. I am able to accomplish much more in my room, and the kids are much more focused, when they are in a self-contained environment for most of the day.

Well, I'm going to get going. I've got to head to the bank and get a few groceries. Then I'm going to take a nap. No church this evening--we'll save that for Sunday morning this week--usually we go on Saturday night. See you all later. :wave:

04-03-2004, 11:09 PM
Hi Ladies,

Miki, I am so sorry for your loss...please know you are in my prayers.

On a happy note....Happy birthday everyone! Reina, your menu made my mouth water...the cheesecake is my downfall! Newie, during spring break you need to treat yourself to belated birthday gift some chai tea (good earth brand is great) buy a small box of godiva choclate, one perfect rose, and a small votive lavender candle..make yourself a "birthday altar" and celebrate all the wonderful things the past 48 years has brought you.

Cyan, I had a scale like yours for a week until it broke last month and it would give me different weights too, I just took the average ffor the week and hoped I was losing weight depending on how my clothes fit. Love your menus!

Cjunk keep wearing the skinny pants they will keep you honest.

Well, past week was super busy...getting ready for trip to florida and trying to lose to fit in my bathing suit...I am down to tummy is still here but I brought lots of body shapers so ...I also joined LA fitness and hopefully will go when I get back from vacation. My extreme makeover is on track..trying to exercise and eat better, my highlights came out good this time and using some wrinkle products. I also found a great dress for the is pale blue silk sleeveless with a pale blue silk jacket, I got it at Talbots where all there sizes run big but....drumroll please it is a size six! It is cut A-line so it hides lots of figure flaws, I am wearing it with an antique peal and glass bead necklace, these great earrings that were marked down form $100 to $5! and an antique beaded bag from the 1930' the quest is for the perfect shoes!

04-04-2004, 06:52 PM
Hello everyone :)

Hope all of you had a nice weekend. I did...I surprised Phil Friday after work. He thought we were going out of town to eat Mexican food but actually I had reservations for the entire weekend in a King suite at Holiday Inn there. Had everything packed and in the truck of my car. My in-laws kept the kids. Just got home today. We had planned to do something for Valentine's day then decided to wait for my birthday but that was when my uncle got his bad report. We said we would do it maybe in June for our anniversary, but I decided I didnt want to wait that long. Thought we needed a break from the stress around here lately. So anyway, he was very surprised..I've never done that before, and it was a fun time for us. We ate at a Japanese Steak House for the first time where they cook it all at your table. That was a cool experience and the food was great.

Ok Cyan, just to explain nephew had his surgery on the weekend we were supposed to be having a family birthday party for my 3 yr old niece, then my uncle, my dad's brother got his bad report that same week then died 2 weeks later. That same week of his report, my aunt (not his wife, but the wife of my dad's other brother) had a heart attack. She was in intensive care until she died this past week. Uncle Lonnie(66 yrs old) died on a Sunday and then on Monday, a week later, Aunt Joyce( 62 yrs old) died. Two funerals in two weeks. Oh and Aunt Joyce's mother's funeral was the day Joyce had her heart attack so she missed her mom's funeral! Uncle Charles(joyce's husband) had to miss his mother-in-laws and his brother's funeral because of staying with his wife in the hospital. Now that she died, he is having to deal with the realization of all 3 situations at once.

Anyway, hopefully that's the end of things like that for a LONG time!!!

Maybe now I will be able to get in here more regularly. Once again, I am starting tomorrow to get back on track. I didnt even try this weekend. Gotta get motivated AGAIN! I dont know why it is sooo hard this time around!! Why cant I get back what I had a year ago??? Back then I was totally hyped up about eating right and exercise and lost 50 lbs because of it. Now I just seem to be in a rut. Dont worry, I wont give up, but I need lots of inspiration and maybe butt-kicking :lol: from all of you!

Better run for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with a report of how I did. Hopefully I'll have a positive report.

Ya'll have a great Monday!


04-04-2004, 06:54 PM
Oops...I should proofread before I hit "Send". I had the stuff packed and in the TRUNK of my car..not the TRUCK...LOL

04-04-2004, 09:20 PM
I am so sorry to hear about all of the losses. Big hugs to everyone and my condolences. It sounds like it has been a stressful week for most. MikiG, you did the right thing in going away and giving yourself and your hubbie some time alone together. It will help to rejuvinate you after all of the loss. Remember not to be too hard on yourself. Remember that somehow through it all you managed to walk.

Newie-also sounded like a challenging week. Hopefully you will be able to take some "me" time once it is all over.

Cyan, don't focus on the scale--they are just numbers. Remember how you told me that you feel healthier, get sick less and know that your body is responding positively to everything you are doing?? That's what counts!! That cannot even begin to be quantified!

Debee-Congratulations on moving towards your goals! Your makeover sounds like a lot of fun and your outfit sounds beautiful. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Sunny Florida.

Happy Birthday to all of you born in April!! Mine is coming up in mid-May!

Went to an "eating celebration" today--actually it was an engagement party for my fiance's sister who got engaged a week after we did. There was tons of food and I had a little bit of everything but nothing in excess. Gotta get back to the gym tomorrow. Again only made it for 2 days instead of 3 or 4 which I would like to accomplish. I have eaten some junk food a bit this past week as well and feeling guilty about it. I have to keep reminding myself that my sloth of the winter may not be as easy as changing my habits overnight as I would like it to be--but I will keep at it!! Baseball starts in May 2x per week so that should kick me into a better routine. I have realized that I am pretty addicted to television and trying to do something about that too...not sure what yet because there are some educational shows I really love.

Gotta go!


04-05-2004, 10:35 AM
Hi ladies,

Just a quick note..

.Miki, that was a great needed the break!
I will get you motivated again...when you go to take a bite of something you shouldn't... remember I am on your shoulder (please don't push me off and take the cookie instead)

Cjunk, everyone needs to cheat a little just get back in those skinny pants!

Leaving for Florida...naples and south beach...great resort areas and I just brought some new clothes that I would not normally wear for the trip...the new me!

04-05-2004, 03:19 PM
First off...Oh my Miki...sorry to hear about your family losses...your poor uncle..I hope he has support to deal with all this too. I send you and your family a big hug

And good on you for taking a break from reality and going away with your Hubby.

Hey Debee have fun in Florida..let us know how it went and what you know ...the details :lol:

Cjunk...thank you for your thought about the scale. It makes sense but now the scale is showing me a loss too. Just to recap...I had my old analog scale and when I had my official said I was up to 178...two weeks later I was down to 169 on phase one of southbeach...when I moved onto phase two of southbeach I decided to buy a digital scale and by the end of week one of phase two I was weighing 176 on the new digital scale. Anwyay, I just weighed myself on the digital scale after another week on phase two and the scale is showing 172 pounds this morning!!! :cp: :cb: But I could already tell I am losing because my clothes are looser and fitting better. So its all good...two things could have happened..I may have gained back the water weight I lost on phase one of the diet and now I am losing real fat and not just water or my other scale weighed me lighter and I was actually more than 178 :^: In anycase, I am going by what the new digital scale says...and it says 172 :lol:

Anyway, I didnt go to work this morning...I woke up with a sinus infection..running a fever and feeling chilled so I decided to stay home and sleep it off. But tomorrow I wil be back at work..and I probably wont take friday off since it is a holiday but work it so that I dont lose two days of pay this week.

With taxes coming in the mail anytime soon, paying my accountant, renewal of my driver's liscence and my birthday...I see lots of money flowing out of my pocket book. Ugh!

Hey Newie and fellow Aries chick..thanks for the well wishes. And I just got myself a dvd player too..its my birthday gift to myself and Ivano bought me the windsor pilates dvd's workout I will be working out to them once this sinus infection clears up and I get my strenght back.

Have a great day everyone...oops I almost forgot

breakfast: cheese stick and 2 cups of grapefruit juice.
lunch: whole wheat spaghetti with bolognese sauce...lots of meat for protein.
dinner..I think I will have a home made soup. It is made with lots of leafy vegetable that has lots of nutrients.
snacks: one cup of mixed berries

I need the extra vitamin C so I had two cups of grapefruit juice this morning.

Ok Ladies have a great day


04-06-2004, 10:35 AM
Hey Girls

Second attempt...I just lost my first post mid way...Ugh!

Anyway, I was saying that I am at work although still sick but I will go home if I feel worse.

This morning as I was getting dressed...I got the urge to step on the digital scale...I guess I wanted to see if its true that you lose weight when you are showed 170.5 down from 172. I am not considering this my true weight because I could be dehydrated or I could be losing muscle mass from not exercising. In any case, I will weigh in again next monday for my true weight.

Meal Plan for the day

breakfast: all bran with banana and skim milk
lunch: chicken breast with black bread
dinner: not sure yet
snacks: sugarless yogurt and probably some kind of fruit.

Well I gotta get going

later ladies


04-07-2004, 10:05 AM
Its wednesday..where is everybody?

Anyway, I am still recuperating from my sinus cold but feeling much better as the days roll on by.

My meal plan for the day
breakfast: all bran with skim milk
lunch: chicken breast with bok choy and broccoli and maybe 2 slices of black bread
dinner: pork loin grilled in a mustard garlic sauce with snow peas
snacks: sugarless yogurt and sugarless ice cream
beverages: water, diet soda, and green or white tea

Have a great day everyone and get yer butts back in here


04-07-2004, 01:27 PM
Hi Cyan,
That garlic mustard sauce sounds really really good! Would you mind posting the recipe? Or, send it to me PM??
Thanks a bunch! Bet it's so good with that pork... Gotta get that at the store next time!
Thanks again,

04-07-2004, 02:22 PM
Hi SCS 2much

The recipe is my own based on chef's recipe so here goes

depending on how big your pork loin is

Use 1/2 cup of dijon mustard more or less depending on how much meat you have
1 to 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil (once again use your judgement)
as many cloves of garlic you wish..just mince them up real well and fresh is always best
salt and pepper to taste

I then mix the marinade well and then I do a fine slit lenghtwise down the pork loin. I pour the marinade over the pork loin and stick it all in a closed bag to let the flavors set in...usually overnight in the fridge.

I then use my clam shell grill ie: george forman and I grill away till the pork loin is done

for a bit of sauce on the side, I reserve some of the marinade...before coming in contact with the pork. I nuke the sauce in the microwave for a minute just to marry the flavors and then I use that has a dip for the grilled pork loin.



04-07-2004, 03:48 PM

04-07-2004, 07:47 PM
Hi all...sorry I still havent been able to get here regularly. Came down with a cold yesterday and still feeling awful. Sore throat, runny nose mainly. Sinuses I think. Anyway, did my AirWalker 30 min Monday but havent felt like it since then. Just wanted to check in. Hope to have a better report by the end of the week. Thanks everyone for the condolenses(sp?). Cant wait to get back in here with all of you more! Just got home from work. Hubby agrees to eat cereal tonite so I'm about to hit the couch. Talk to ya'll soon


04-07-2004, 08:35 PM
Hi, everybody! School's out for Easter break!!!!! :cb: :cp: :dance: :dancer: :goodvibes :yes: :cheer:
I'm so happy for a little time to rest and have a break and clean my house and sleep in and walk at the park! I started on SBD again this week, after everyone's encouraging talk lately--and the fact that I felt so bloated after a week of "uncontrolled" carb eating, and when I stepped on the scale, it said 5 pounds up. :yikes: Now I know that most of that is water, and 3 of them are gone since Sunday and SBD, but it's a pretty good argument to me against overindulgence in carbs, especially the simple sugar and refined kind. I am finding it hard to do the Phase One as it should be done--I get hungry in the night and only want bread, or I get very irritable and hungry, even after a meal, and nothing else but bread will do. I suppose if I stuck it out, the craving would go away eventually, but I think I don't want to be that strict with myself. I'll try to use the rules as a guideline, and see where that takes me. I will make a goal for myself to get to 154 lbs. by April 19--the day I go back to school. Right now I am 159--10 days ago I was 156.5, so I'm bobbing around the upper 150s. I'll see if I can break 155! I'm hitting the track in the morning--even if it rains!! Well, I'm going for now. I've got dinner on the stove for hubby and girls. I already ate--a "chef's salad"--bagged lettuce with green beans, deli ham, and cheddar cheese--a little parmesan sprinkled on too, along with low carb salad dressing and sugar free mocha flavored coffee. Then a bit later, because I was not satisfied, I had one slice of whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter on it. Before bed, I will have 2/3 cup of Fiber One cereal with skim milk on it. See you ladies tomorrow! P.S. scs_too much--Have we met? I don't recall reading a post from you before. You seem to be fairly new. Welcome to the thread! :)

04-07-2004, 11:19 PM
Hello everyone, I thought I would check in. It has been a hectic week so far. I may be transitioning into another role, and then another opportunity opened up so I am interviewing for that on Monday. Needless to say, it has been a stressful week. Well, I got 2lbs closer to my goal right before my birthday, so I didn't hit goal, but 2lbs shy is good enough. I am working on a low fat, low calorie diet again, and we will see what happens with that. I have to get Alex cleaned up and in bed. His class teachers decided they were going to paint easter eggs with dye today, and forgot to put gloves on the kids, so Alex's hands are completely BLUE :fr: and his face has blue stripes, because he decided it was cool and he can be a Blue Power Rangers!

Have a great day, I will touch base with you all later.

Later ladies.


04-08-2004, 10:21 AM
Happy Thursday Ladies

I was gonna have friday off because its good friday but since I was sick on monday...well I will work it and then take monday off for easter monday...ho hum...I was looking forward to having friday off..who knows I might just switch up the days anyway.

Tonight I think I will get back to exercising....I will try my new pilates dvd...cant looks interesting.

Today's Meal Plan

breakfast: carnation instant breakfast with 1 1/2 cup of skim milk
lunch: green salad with olive oil and lemon juice vinagrette (sp) and tuna
dinner: I didn't have the pork loin last night so I will have it tonight with the snow peas.
snacks: cheese stick and mixed berries
beverages: water, diet soda, green or white tea

exercise: pilates
Have a great day ladies


04-08-2004, 11:05 AM
Just a quick post....still sick...not going in to work today. Was awake most of the night with my nose running like a faucet. Nothing seemed to help. Of course now I look like Rudolph. Only good part is that for the past two days I havent felt like eating much. As soon as I feel better, I will try to get in to catch up on individual posts. Hope you all have a great day!


04-09-2004, 12:34 AM
Hi all. Just wanted to check in and say hello. I'm still hanging in there. I miss you all and think about you everyday. Cyan, I enjoy our chats on instant messaging. This pregnancy is winding down to an end. I've gotten to the point where I am really ready for it to be over. I'm tired, I have back-aches, head-aches, and I need a fork lift to roll over in bed. I pee anywhere from 3 to 5 times a night. I've gained about 45 pounds. I have heartburn and indegestion pretty much all the time no matter what I eat. Even my maternity clothes are getting to tight. Other than that, I'm doing great. School is tough, but I'm doing all right. I'm doing my psych rotation now and it's all right. It's rather boring compared to critical care where there's always something to do, but at this point I'm grateful anything less demanding. We are planning on inducing on May 12, the day after finals, but my Dr. and I pretty much doubt that I will make it that long.

I was glad to see Cjunk here. I haven't seen you girl in forever. Glad you're back and doing well.

Has anyone heard from Tawain? Wasn't she pregnant also?

Reina, Newie, Miki, Debee, I miss you all!

And our new Australian friend, welcome!

See you all later!!


04-09-2004, 10:22 AM
I decided to go to work today in part because of taking monday off due to illness and I will take Easter Monday off as well.

I know I am supposed to weigh once a week but since getting this new digital scale..well I am pretty much obsessed with all week I have been jumping on the scale every morning and most evenings...and I have lost two pounds this week!!! :dance: Last monday I weighed in at 172 and this morning I was 170! Yipeeeeeeee I am one pound away from breaking out of the 170's ...I can't wait. :encore: Although on my old scale I was down to 169 before jumping back up to 176 on my new digital scale. Anyway, its all good now and I will stick with the program and this new digital scale.

Hey Lisa...I enjoy very much chatting with you too. I bet you cant wait to get this kid outa you. As I have said before, you are wonderwoman...with all of what you do. Keep us posted on how you are doing especially once your little bundle of joy arrives.

Hey Miki...feel better soon...I too had a sinus cold at the begining of the week and the best way to help get rid of it quickly is sleep...This past monday, I slept all day ...for real..and I felt much better for having done it.
Get well soon and get yer butt back in gear.

Well I did my first pilates dvd last night and I loved was so much fun...I did the instructional dvd to learn the proper positions..I dont want to hurt my tonight I move on to the 20 minute workout.

Meal Plan for today:
breakfast: carnation breakfast with 2 cups of skim milk
lunch: egg salad sandwich on black bread with salad
dinner: salmon with asparagus and or spinach
snacks: cheese stick, mixed berries and maybe sugarless ice cream
beverages: water, diet soda, white or green tea and maybe a coffee

Well Ladies have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY EASTER!


04-12-2004, 01:06 PM
Hello Ladies

I am getting ready to go into work this afternoon...Ugh!

Anway, I am holding steady at 170 pounds this morning...but to be expected...I ate lots of chocolate and deserts this weekend...rice pudding, flan with pound cake...a box of chocolate, hard candies..oh yes...I sure can pack it today...monday...back to the game plan....the scary thing is that this birthday which means more celebrations so I have to be very careful...I friend is having a sushi party for me on saturday. Then I have brunch sunday morning with another group of friends. Hopefully I can make it through without too much damage

I havent done any pilates since last thursday although I had good intentions...I just ran out of time.

Today's meal plan

Brunch: turkey breast deli meat with 1 tablespoon cream cheese on 2 slices of black bread and 1/2 cup of coleslaw
dinner: pork loin with asparagus
snacks: yogurt, mixed berries and maybe a hardboiled egg
beverages: water, diet soda, white tea

And I will do my pilates tonight.

Have a great day everyone. I look forward to reading your posts


04-12-2004, 06:58 PM
Hey everyone,
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend, I know I did with my family!

Cyan, Congrats you are doing so well, and who didn't eat some chocolate on Easter???? I know I did....You are doing so well on that South Beach. I just couldn't get my self going on it, I just don't have the time to schedule everything that I should be eating. I am holding steady right now, but I am walking 3 times a week and working out for 30 mins 3 times a week, and Sunday is my rest day>...Not bad, huh???

Lisa, It is nice to hear from you, Pregnancy seems to be consuming all your time. I wish you all the best, and I am sure the heartburn will stop eventually....

Well, ladies, I am working on eating tons of veggies this week with chicken. I am not a big red meat eater, so I am in need of some good recipes.. I am sick of all mine... Got any good ones that you can share??? if so , email me at

I have a busy week. I don't know if I mentioned to you all or not, but come and check out my Pampered Chef website. We finally got them up and running. The address is

Take care ladies and have a great week.....

04-12-2004, 09:18 PM
Hello Ladies,

I am back and busy housecleaning--argh!@##! Last night I did about 7 loads of laundry. Tonight is cleaning floors and bathrooms. I hate cleaning bathrooms!!

Went away to Quebec to see my fiance's family for Easter weekend. The weather was beautiful and his family were lovely. Friday drove six hours and Sun drove six hours home. Lots of sitting and lots and lots of eating. Went to a Cabane au Sucre for Easter--basically everything is made out of fat and maple syrup. Yummy and not good for you. Had my fill and now I am paying for it with tight pants. Time to get back into the swing of things. Bought a bunch of veggies on the way home to make for dinner and some fruits for dessert. Had some sushi for lunch so today was a healthy day. My fiance's grandma sent us home with a tray of homemade date squares but she makes a low fat no-sugar option that is to die for. She gave me her recipe once but I can never seem to match it.

The good thing was that although I ate lots of maple syrup I ate no chocolate since I am allergic so that helped!!

Well, last week was busy with lots of medical tests. Now I am being tested for pernicious anemia. That is where your body's B12 levels are constantly low and then it causes your iron to go out of whack. Once we have the results of these tests I will likely be put on a daily regimen of B12 shots that I have to do on my own. Meanwhile, they will research why my body is messed up in this way. There are tons of reasons why and it takes some narrowing down. My iron tablet consumption has increased per day as per my doctor and unfortunately it makes me very queasy. On Thursday I had to cancel some counselling appointments and went home and laid down and eventually threw up all night long until there was nothing left in me. After that I felt a lot better. Figured out that I need to take my iron with a very large meal like at breakfast or dinner as opposed to on a more empty stomach. I will keep you all posted as to what happens from here. The Dr. also recommended I go on a certain birth control pill to regulate my period as I have been getting it often and it may be contributing to the vitamin losses.

This week I have to make up some hours by working late to cover for the puke-fest of last Thursday!!

MikiG--How are you feeling?? I hope you are doing much better.

Cyan--congratulations on the weight loss! I hope you are feeling better too as I understand that last week you were feeling a bit off.

Lisa--so glad to hear from you! You are right I haven't been here for a while!! In fact, I don't think I remember you being pregnant--so a big congratulations to you!! By the way you describe things it sounds like you are pretty far along??

Reina--if you get any good meat recipes, pass them on to as I need to increase my meat intake for my iron levels too!! I love Pampered Chef items and use my Pizza Stone all of the time--I will have to check out your website! My girlfriend has the apple peeler-corer and swears by it!!

Newie--Did you hit the track today??? The first phase of SBD sounds really tough!

Debee--Hope you are sunning it and funning it in Florida!!

Talk to you all soon,


04-13-2004, 10:26 AM
Oh boy is it ever hard to get back to a schedule of waking up early and working...this 9 to 5 grind gets hard very after you havent done it for a few days.

Well I stuck to plan yesterday after 3 days of debauchery...and I did my pilates...the 20 minute winsor pilates tape. My stomach muscles are a little sore.

Tonight I cycle for 20 30 minutes.

Hey Reina...thanks for the encouragement. And way to go with the exercise regimen...Its great! I clap vigorously at you :cp: Keep it up.

Hey Cjunk..welcome back...sorry to hear about your medical tests...I hope you will get some answers and get back to feeling 100 percent soon.
I am feeling better..sinus cold is gone.

Today's Meal Plan

breakfast: 1.75 cups of skim milk with carnation breakfast
lunch: pork loin sandwich on black bread with honey mustard
dinner: grilled chicken breast with asparagus
snacks: 2 medium hardboiled eggs, yogurt, sugarless jello
beverages: diet soda, water, white tea

exercise: 20-30 cycling

Have a great day everyone


04-13-2004, 10:57 AM
Hi, ladies! I am struggling!! After I wrote my last post, in which I stated that I was going to try SBD again, I just couldn't do it!!! :no: It was the lack of carbs!! I just don't want to give up carbs to the level of restriction I would have to. Also, if I don't have some kind of whole wheat bread before bed, I can't sleep!! :tired: I tried other things like cheese or fruit or salad before bed when I was on Atkins last summer, and I just didn't sleep right--fitful, waking up, couldn't go back to sleep, etc.--and that has been a problem for years for me! When I was on a strict eating plan about 20 years ago (I joined OA, and abstinence meant no eating between meals at all), I would literally be awake all night because I was hungry! Anyway, I am trying to figure out what will work for me. I have determined that high glycemic foods are not a good thing for me to eat. On Easter I ate two pieces of bunny cake and some jelly beans, and I was horribly bloated yesterday and up two pounds overnight! :yikes: I don't think giving up refined carbs will be hard for me after how I felt. I also want my peanut butter sandwich for breakfast--that's on whole wheat bread. When I eat that, I have no need to eat for about 4 hours following. Over the last few days, I've experimented with different things for lunch and dinner. I seem to be fine with the low-carb menus--protein and veggies, as well as a big salad--there. I'll just have to keep working on it.

I've only been to the track one day--that was Saturday. I just couldn't drag my butt out early. :dunno: Also, Thursday and Friday I had a horrible headache :headache: --was it hormones or delayed stress reaction? I sometimes get a headache when my muscles relax after a stressful period of time.

I've been doing some housecleaning. Hubby has been helping me a lot, and I am recruiting my girls, especially where dishes and cooking are concerned. The older one does a lot of eye rolling :rolleyes: , but too bad--I'm the mother. I've also been doing a lot of reading--what I do to relax. I curl up in bed with my book and the cat (if she chooses). Since Wednesday, I've read the last half of "Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul" (I love that series--very upbeat, short stories that I can pick up any time), parts or whole of about three magazines, and anything else I can find that is enjoyable. :goodvibes

I also did our income tax and my mother in law's. :dz: Today is the day I staple everything together, have hubby look at it and sign it. Then tomorrow it's in the mail--one day early! :cp: I had to file two state returns this year--Illinois and Indiana--since my old job at the teacher store was in Indiana, and I live in Illinois. What a pain!!! :headache: I'm glad I work in Illinois again. Also, today I have to do a telephone open enrollment procedure for health insurance with hubby's company. On June 1, we will finally have insurance again!! I have in my possession a teaching contract for 2004-2005 to sign when I am home, so then I'll be officially set for a year in my job. :cloud9:

I haven't graded any papers yet. Most likely I will do a few today--if I leave it till the weekend, I'll ruin the last few days of the vacation. If I break the task down into smaller pieces, it will work better. I also want to work in my yard--most flowers are up, and there's junk in the yard that needs to be picked up.

Tomorrow I am taking my girls out shopping for clothing. That will be a fun day except for the part where they fight about who I should buy for first!! :rolleyes: My nine-year-old doesn't need too much--though I struggle when I buy for her because she's very tall and VERY skinny--has her father's genes. Her height is size 10-12, but her measurements are size 7-8! My thirteen-year-old is another story. As my husband commented the other day, she's "a child trapped in a woman's body." :lol: She needs all new jeans and bottoms of every type, even pajamas--she has a very tiny waist and wide hips--genetic also--when she was 2 1/2, I had to toilet train her in a week because her bottom would no longer fit into the largest diapers made at that time!! Needless to say, that lovely bottom has all of her clothes skin tight, which doesn't work for me. She's on the shorter side--just about 5 feet tall--so we may look into some of the petite sizes--hemming up pants is not my idea of a good time!!

Anyway, I am rambling. That is how I am spending my Easter vacation. I'll keep everyone up to date on my struggles with this food plan of mine. I want to do what works for me and lose weight too. See everyone later.:wave:

04-13-2004, 12:30 PM
Newie...ah the joys of motherhood....two teenage daughers...get ready LOL


04-13-2004, 04:23 PM
Dear Friends

I have some very sad news. It looks like my friend's mom is going to lose her battle with cancer. She is very sick and getting weaker. I dont think she will make it for much longer. I am asking for prayers and good energy sent to her. Her name is Guermina Maximiano...a matriach of her family who runs a real estate mini empire. She and her husband come from very humble beginnings and worked very hard all their lives to amass their mini fortune.

Her candle is burning out but she will live on in my memmory and in the memmories of those who know and love her.

With lots of sadness and a heavy heart


04-13-2004, 08:34 PM
Cyan--sorry to hear that your friend's mom is so bad--prayers sent :angel: on the wings of an angel. God be with her.

04-14-2004, 11:31 AM
Its wednesday...and it feels like the weekend will never get here. Ugh some weeks just crawl on by and some..well ...go by a little faster. I dont know why I want the weekend to go by faster...I guess because I am not happy with my career...I really shouldnt complain...but I guess its not my true passion in life...I am not sure what that is ...yet...I guess I would like more freedom...I would love to travel like I used to...but for the wings are clippped.

I always get like this before my birthday...I analize where I want to be and where I actually am and the realization that I am a year older...makes me scared that I wont realize my full potiential...that time is running out...that I wont get to do the things I want to do....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Meal Plan for today
breakfast: all bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: smoked meat with protein bread and artichoke salad
dinner: grilled chicken with snow peas and green salad (olive oil vingagrette)
snacks: mixed berries, yogurt
beverages: diet soda, water, white tea

exercise: pilates

I cycled last night for 20 minutes. That felt good.

Ok Ladies Have a great day


04-14-2004, 07:58 PM
Cyan, my heart goes out to you, your friend and her family.

I still dont have time to address individual posts and I'm too far behind to catch up now I think, but I did want to check in. I am back on track since Sunday. On Sunday, I did my AirWalker for a full hour, on Monday 15 min, Tuesday 20 min and got up this morning before work and did another 20 min. I am about to hop on again while I have the house to myself and can blare that music. :lol:

My eating has been much better all week so I am very encouraged. I plan on a loss by Monday. I'll let you all know. Thanks to all of you who continue to post. Your posts are a major motivation to me.

Hope you're all having a good week.


04-15-2004, 10:43 AM
Good morning, ladies--Before I go on, Cyan, I want to wish you a happy birthday in advance. I don't recall exactly which day you said it was, but I don't want to miss it. I do understand what you mean about evaluating yourself every year at birthday time. I don't think it gets any less, even if you reach some of your goals or are where you want to be. I find as I approach 50, I think more and more about the reality of aging in myself--see the wrinkles, the resemblance to my mother, the aches and pains I didn't have before, the number of funerals I've been to in the previous year (and how those who died are closer to my age than ever before), how fast my children are growing, when will my health start declining--the list goes on. I just try to take life one day at a time. It also helps me to view life as a journey with a plan that really isn't my plan, but the plan of someone greater than I. I also try to find meaning related to that plan in the events of my daily life. Just try to enjoy each day and make the most of all of them.

I am still struggling with the type of food plan I want to use. I do like the low-carb lifestyle, except for that pesky no-no to bread. I am going to try to come up with some type of compromise that will work for me. I bought an Atkins pocket carb counter during my shopping trip yesterday. I hope it will allow me to make some choices within a low-carb plan, since it will give me carb information about the food choices I make. I also want to eat the MINIMUM amount of bread possible and still be satisfied. I also want it to be a plan where I will lose weight. I am not looking for fast--steady would be good, though. Exercise has not been very good. I've only gone out once my whole vacation! I am planning to work out in the yard today--sunny and upper 60's!--but that's not the same as intentional exercise. On a positive note, yesterday during the "girl shopping trip" I ate this great low-carb salad at Subway! They've developed an Atkins friendly menu, and this is the second of the selection I've tried. It was called the Ranch Club Salad--lettuce, spinach, onions, green pepper, olives, cheese, ham, turkey, bacon bits, and a low-carb ranch dressing. It filled me up and kept me full for about 4 hours!!! That's what I like about low-carb. I am full for a long time--I just need variety!

Anyway, the trip turned out very good. I never saw $250 go so fast, except for groceries. Both girls filled out their wardrobes fairly well, and I was even able to laugh about the adventures of shopping with two girls with two opposite body types with hubby last night. With my girl with the full hips, I kept going back for a size bigger and had to keep repeating that tight was not the right way to dress. With my skinny girl, I kept going back for a size smaller so she wouldn't swim in her clothes. They were pretty good about not fighting and complaining, especially since I kept repeating that if they fought or complained, we'd go shopping for ME. That always nipped the start of complaints or arguments in the bud. We were out from 9:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.--even bought some groceries on the way home. Dad liked their clothes, and so did I. The rule is that we only buy clothes that they AND I like.

Anyway, today is a day at home with some laundry, paper grading, yard work, and light housework--also some time for me to read whatever I want.

I'm sorry I'm not good with individual posts these days--do know that I love what I read from everyone, and I value all of your friendship. Well, I'm going for now. Have a good day all--I look forward to reading your posts soon. :)

04-15-2004, 11:55 AM
Hi ladies,

I just got caught up on the posts...sorry I can not answer individual... but happy birthday Cyan and welcome back lisa!

Florida was great except for our last night in South beach...Hotel I booked on did not live up to expectation...plaster fell on my head when I opened the drapes, people were outside in hall playing touch football and riding rollaway beds, lobby smelled like a sewer, staff was horrible, all for the "discount" price of $150 a night, $14 a drink and additional charges for valet. It was suppose to be the jewel of the art deco district on south beach back in 1939..only problem nothing was fixed since 1939! By the way it seems that south beach is not filled with the supermodels everyone says...there were a lot of people that needed the south beach diet. Otherwise the trip and hotel in Naples was very nice, I was good and put on 30 sunscreen everyday but foodwise ate alot of hig calorie foods and drinks...skinny pants are not fitting.

Today I started getting a bad sore thoart so I am making chicken soup, reina I do have some good chicken recipes I'll e-mail you.

Here's how I am going to get back on track

1. start the gym ( Ihave belonged for almost three weeks and haven't gone yet...
2. start walking more tapes
4.bed earlier
5. low carb eating and portion control
6. no sugar
7. daily food journal posted on the refridge

04-15-2004, 12:54 PM
I dont know what happened but I woke up very hungry this morning :lol:

I ate my bran cereal with skim milk for breakfast and by the time I got to work I was ravenus..spelling? anyway, I had my apple ...then my hardboiled egg and fat free yogurt and by 11.30 I was having lunch...which by the way was soooooooo gooood....It was smoked salmon with light cream cheese and onion on protein bread with an olive oil vingagrette and artichoke salad...Hit the spot and now the hunger monsters are quiet.

Today's Meal Plan
breakfast: bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: smoked salmon and light cream cheese on protein bread with onion and artichoke salad
dinner: shrimp and scallops baked in a butter garlic sauce on a bed of spinach
snacks: yogurt, hardboiled egg, apple
beverages: diet soda, water, white tea

exercise: I cycle tonight

I did my pilates dvd last night...the buns and felt good.

Ok Ladies Have a great day


04-16-2004, 09:58 AM
Hi Everyone,
Quick reply to say I am still around. Very busy week this week and will have time to post more later today or on the weekend. Happy Birthday Cyan! Welcome back Debee! More individual posts later but happy to read all of your posts and look forward to reading more soon.

04-16-2004, 10:55 AM
Awh Gee Thanks Cjunk...Its my birthday...yep...34 years old...oh my...the years are creeping up on me.

I cycled last night for 20 minutes but I woke up hungry and ate ate ate...1552 calories. So my challenge for myself this weekend is not to over maintain my calories at 1300...wish me luck gals.

I didnt have my planned dinner...I had instead whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce with and oz of mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. I then had a tablespoon of reduced calorie peanut butter and yes...the dreaded easter chocolate left least its all gone now...thank goodness for that.

Today's Meal plan
breakfast: bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: chicken stir fry with artichoke salad
dinner: baked shrimp in a garlic butter sauce on a bed of spinach and asparagus.
snacks: an apple, cheese

pilates dvd tonight

Have a great weekend Ladies.

I have my sushi party tomorrow afternoon and then sunday morning...a seafood brunch buffet...oh my...wish me luck.


04-17-2004, 07:01 PM
Happy Birthday Cyan! :gift: Enjoy all your moderation of course ;)

Pleased to report that I have exercised every day since Sunday and I only overate with too many sweets one day this week. Really hoping for a loss by Monday.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend!


04-19-2004, 09:40 AM
Congratulations Miki for having such a great week!! Loss or no loss keeping on track like that is an amazing accomplishment!! Cyan, I hope you had an awesome Sushi party. We had a 1st birthday party for my nephew and it was a blast! I bought him a cool play carpet and he loved it as well. The past week was really rough for me--the roughest ever so far health-wise. Still waiting on new test results to come back. I was extremely tired, feeling down mentally as well and just fighting to make it through the work week. This morning I feel very much the same so I am hoping the results come in early this week so that they can give me a B12 shot as I know I need one!! Gotta head to work this morning but will try and go lightly on myself until I feel better. Also plan to try and exercise today as it always helps me. Talk to you all soon. Cjunk

04-19-2004, 10:24 AM
Hey Gals

How are ya?

Cjunk..I hope you get the test results soon so that they can start treating you. I am sorry you feel so has to be hard to live with tiredness that never lets up. Hang in there.

Miki...ditto on what Cjunk said...looks like you're baaaaaack! And I know you know it feels scale will follow suite and you will start phase two of your weight loss plan. kudos to you.

Debee how are you doing on your plan...did you keep to your top 7 list? Let us know.

Newie...have you figured out what type of food plan you will stick too...maybe do a combinaton of several plans and come up with a new one suited to your needs, likes and dislikes...that would probably be best. Let us know what you decide.

my sushi party was a hit and we rolled 11 maki rolls :eek: for three people...we had spicy tuna and spicy salmon, regular tuna and salmon..smoked salmon...thalapia and mahi mahi....sooooooooo good...and easy todo...I am having the left overs for lunch today. :D

I didnt do any intentional exercising since back to the drawing tonigh will be pilates.

I ate way too much this weekend...between 1500 to 1700 calories so I was very surprised this morning when I weighed myself at still at 171.5 I am very happy with I am ready to move on off of the 170' more birthday parties or holidays in the next little that will be very good for me.

Today's Meal Plan
breakfast: all bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: sushi 12 pieces
dinner: homemade grilled hamburger with asparagus
snacks: yogurt, mixed berries
beverages: diet soda, water, tea

Have a great day girls and looking forward to hearing your posts.


04-20-2004, 08:54 AM
Hi, ladies! I'm trying to catch up on my e-mail reading before school this morning. It was great to read from all of you.

Cjunk, it must be so hard for you dealing with feeling so tired all the time. I hope the doctors are able to pinpoint it and get you the right treatment.

Miki--good to hear from you--glad to hear you're getting the exercise in.

Cyan, I hope you had a happy birthday--it sounds like you had some good plans coming through for you. No, I have not found exactly the plan I want to follow. I don't know what's wrong with me this spring--last summer I seemed so motivated. I do know that I am very tired from all the stresses and changes of the last year. I fought a migraine headache the whole time I was on spring break--still have it to some degree. It gets worse when I get with the kids (oh, those rowdy ones!) I think it was probably caused by a combination of stress and hormones. During my break I walked three days out of the eleven--not what I had hoped, but better than nothing. It always made me feel better too. I've been trying to eat in a combination low glycemic/low carb manner, with lots of veggies but allowing myself fiber one cereal (for regularity) and a couple of slices of whole wheat bread a day. Yesterday, though, I really came under some kind of sugar attack--I just craved sugar. By the end of the day, I had eaten about 9 cookies, one biscotti, and about 10 Hershey's kisses--spread out over the whole day. It was like I was starved for sugar! I really don't understand what is going on with me. All I can do is just start over each day. Today I am going to take a tip from you and record my food.

Breakfast--peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread--two cups of coffee with non-dairy creamer--1 cup coffee at school

Lunch--1/2 cup low-carb yogurt with 2/3 cup of fiber one cereal, one orange, 8 baby carrots, can of diet coke

After-school snack--2 tbsp of dry roasted peanuts

Dinner--2/3 cup rigatoni with meat sauce, salad with fat free dressing, 1 cup of coffee with non-dairy creamer

Bedtime snack--2 slices whole wheat bread with lite margarine

Water throughout the day

Question for anyone--: Is this a lot of food for a day? Is that where I am going wrong? I'd appreciate anyone's opinion.

Got to go. Time to get ready for school.

04-20-2004, 10:17 AM
Hey Girls that is not a lot of food at should use Its free and it will calculate your calories for you and bread them down in terms of fat, protein and carbs...this way you can fine tune your diet. I use it everyday and find it very helpful. Good luck.

I did my abs pilates dvd last night..ok...that one...I find more challenging...ouch my abs hurt today LOL

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: all bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: chicken breast deli meat sandwich on protein bread
dinner: portuguese cozido...assorted boiled meats and vegetables. Its sounds gross but trust me...its delicious
snacks: mixed berries, yogurt and low cal frozen yogurt
beverages: diet soda, water, white tea

tonight's exercises: cycle for minimun 20 minutes

Have a great day ladies


04-20-2004, 10:40 AM
Hi Everyone. Still waiting on results. Yesterday worked a 12 hour day so I am flexing part of my day today so as to take a bit of a break. I was so wound up from the amount of work yesterday that I couldn't sleep and by about 3am I fell asleep and then slept in until almost 9--which is okay because I have flex time owed anyway from yesterday. Feeling really dopey but rested. I think I may talk to my supervisor about using some of my vacation time to get myself into a get well regimen once I get the results back--that way I know what I am dealing with. Newie--I would suggest replacing the peanuts and peanut butter with something more natural like almonds. They add a lot of sugar to peanut butter and also it is higher in bad fats than other nuts. It's not much of a noticeable switch as they make almond butter although it is not as sweet. Also where possible get rid of diet coke.I find it makes me feel more hungry..I read that aspartame tricks your bloodsugar levels into thinking it has sugar and then you crave more sugar because of it as you get more highs and lows. Cyan, I like as well and have used it in the past. I am always surprised with how many calories I consume when I log it!! And how little B12 and protein I eat compared to what I should!! It got me eating more cereals instead of breads as they are fortified and more filling. I think you have great advice. Good for you for sticking to your Pilates--I find it is such a core workout and really tough. Gotta go for now. Cjunk

04-20-2004, 11:39 PM
Hi everyone!

Cjunk, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time lately. Hopefully soon you will have test results that will help you know what to do to get to feeling better.

Cyan, glad you had a nice birthday. 15-1700 calories is good considering your birthday celebrations.

Newie, I sympathize with you and those headaches. Feeling any better today?? I hope so!

My computer is acting crazy so I gotta end this before I lose it I think.(the post..not my mind :lol: ) Just had to come in and report I lost 3 lbs this past week...Hooray!! :):):)

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Bye for now

04-21-2004, 11:34 AM
wooohooooo are back!

I did my cycling yesterday...I barely made it to 20 minutes...the music sucked.

Todays' Meal Plan
Breakfast: 2 protein bread, one fried egg, 1 kraft singles, 2 sliced of breakfast ham, 1 cup of grapefruit, ketchup and mayo
Lunch: chorizo, blood sausage, boiled cabbage, 2 slices of protein bread
dinner: chorizo, blood sausage, boiled beef, cabbage, carrots
snack: yogurt low fat, mixed berries

I hope I havent grossed anybody out...but it sure is you can tell I was very hungry this I had to have my favorite breakfast sandwhich in the whole world and boy did it feel great!! LOL Not hungry now

later girls


04-22-2004, 10:20 AM
Man this morning was tough getting out of bed...this week has been long...been extra tired in the mornings....I am glad the weekend is nearing.

I did my pilates dvd...the 20 minute workout.

Tonight I will cycle...I hope I find the strenght

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: all bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: chicken breast broiled with vegetables
dinner: sole with butter garlic sauce on a bed of spinach
snacks: mixed berries, yogurt and sugarless ice cream maybe
beverages: water, diet soda, white tea

Well have a great day folks


04-23-2004, 04:53 PM
hi ladies,

quick note...past week has not been good...very busy and this morning I discovered my 8 year old spilled a gallon of green paint on my white rug...I have spent hours today cleaning it up...n eed to get motivated again...eaing out of stress and no exercise...I belonged to LA fitness for a month andnever went once...oh well Monday I'll write more...hope everyone has a great weekend.

04-26-2004, 11:04 AM
Hey guys..still recovering from the weekend...we had our anniversary company party on friday...It ran very late and lots of hoopla...ohhhh...I am so tired...I guess I am getting old...anyway...the weather has been cold and damp adding to my misery.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with 1.5 cups of skim milk
lunch: grilled chicken with snow peas
dinner: bbq grilled salmon with salad
snacks: applesauce, yogurt, mixed berries
beverages: tea, water, diet soda

I dont know if I will exercise tonight... finally got my period since january..I am feeling it at the moment...just extra tired.

Have a great day ladies


04-26-2004, 11:25 PM
Hi, all--I'm doing pretty well today--I slept a lot over the weekend, which helped my headache finally go away, though I do have a bit of neck stiffness yet. I've figured out a way to walk on a daily basis--I have about 20 minutes at 6:30 a.m. If I go around a two-block area near my house twice, it takes up exactly the 20 minutes. I did some walking over the weekend, and found it helped me feel so much better (I knew that) so I knew I had to figure out a way to get it in. I did it this morning, and it really made a difference in how I felt. For now, I am going to just try to eat a balanced diet with reasonable portions. I just can't do a special food plan right now. It's too much stress.

Well, I am going now. See you all later. Bye for now.

04-27-2004, 11:15 AM
Hey girls

I forgot to mention that I am down .5 to 170.5...the scale is moving slowly...but at least its in the right direction.

I wisdom tooth is pushing through...this sucker has been growing very slowly for the last 15 years....there is room...and its growing in straight..just very very I had a mild fever because of it ...and I have been feeling very tired...I am about to get my period after not having it for a couple of months. So I havent exercised...maybe tonight I will do pilates.

Menu Plan
breakfast: instant carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: turkey breast deli sandwich on black bread with mayo
dinner: grilled salmon with greek salad
snacks: mixed berries, an oz of choclate, yogurt or applesauce
beverages: diet soda, water, tea

Have a great day


04-28-2004, 05:44 PM
Hey its me again...where is everybody...ack

The last couple of days have been wisdom tooth is pulling through and it messed with my concentration. I even had a mild fever because of it.

And I finally got my period ...only took it 3 months to show up..and not much to brag about...sorry for the minute details. but we are all girls and no the scoop

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: slamon salad on chapati bread
dinner: whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce parmesan
snack: apple sauce, mixed berries
beverages: wate, tea diet soda

exercsise...I hope I do pilates or maybe I will cycle

wish me luck


04-28-2004, 07:24 PM
Hi all...

Eating and exercise-wise I am doing fine still. As far as the rest of life in general tho, I am in a major slump. Work is almost unbearable, everything at home seems me to be getting on my nerves lately, I feel like I want to cry most of the time these days. Maybe hormonal for some part but not all. I am getting on up there(41 yrs old now) so guess it comes with age maybe, but I've never been this bad before. To top things off, last nite Josh comes home from skateboarding with a HUGE sprained ankle. Took him for x-rays today...blew $163.00. A year ago, Luke had broken a front tooth which they repaired. Well also last nite, he was messing with it and the fixed part popped off!! Dentist visit today was $140. I am working my rear end off at work and there goes the biggest chunk of my paycheck! I was already feeling down so when Josh came in which was after Luke's tooth ordeal, I just broke down. I think my family thinks I have lost it. Anyway, havent been in much of a mood to chit chat with everyone but I'll try to do better.

Hope the rest of you are having a better time than me lately! I do think of you all often even when I dont make it here to post. Thanks for listening!


04-28-2004, 09:52 PM
Hey, all! I'm taking a break between writing a Geography unit for 5th grade and writing a Social Studies test for 4th grade, so I thought I'd check and see who's here. I didn't walk today--two very long days driving older daughter to dance and flute lessons on Monday and Tuesday--just too tired today--I will go out again tomorrow morning--I've been sleeping so much better with the walks. Last week at school, one of my "angelic" few took the pants of a very shy boy down, and I got him suspended. He was only back half a day before he started his usual talking and getting out of his seat. That was yesterday. Today I had to deal with another boy completely ripping out the t-shirt seam of another boy during recess because he pulled the shirt as a "joke", a third one throwing paper--how they do it when I'm the police in that room I'll never know. Then six boys had to write the definitions of "obey" and "respect" 50 times each because they just couldn't shut up in the lunch recess line. I am running low on discipline ideas with these boys. A few of them are so mischievous that whatever tactic I use only works a few days, and then they become immune to it. I created a time-out chair for one person in a very isolated area of the classroom, but I think I'd like to have two. A third one in the hall might be a good idea too. A bright spot is that I am teaching what we call "Family Life" (sex ed.) to the girls twice a week during the gym period while the boys have gym alone, and it is a very enjoyable experience. Both the girls and I like the class. In a week I will be teaching a similar class to the boys while the girls have gym alone (a scary thought with that group). I would like to think that class will be enjoyable, but a few may try to mess it up. I plan to put them out if they don't behave and then call their parents. Anyway, that's how things are going for me. I'm eating moderately--probably having more sweets than I should, but I'm not going to pressure myself. I weigh myself once or twice a week to keep an eye on things--and to make sure I don't start gaining.

Miki, I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to have those sudden emergency costs--how fast they eat up what we have! And somehow they always seem to happen in multiples--never one financial crisis at a time. And with as busy as you've been, it sounds like you just had one of those "last straw" situations. I've been there myself. At times I feel that I'm just holding everything together with a single thread, and then naturally life comes and cuts that thread on me, and I feel like I'm totally falling apart. Hang in there.

Cyan--sorry about that pesky wisdom tooth--I remember when mine were coming--soooooore!!!! Thankfully, I got mine all out 13 years ago.

Well, it's time for me to get back to the Social Studies grind. The faster I get it done, the sooner I can call it a night. Bye for now.

04-29-2004, 02:43 PM
Hey Newie

Those boy students of yours sound like gremlins...yeesh!

I have been feeling in a slump lately...I dont feel like working....or exercising...I am still at 170.5...argh...but I am trying very hard to get off this bloody weight...ack ack ack...I am doomed to be 170 pounds for the rest of my friggin life!

ok...rant over

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast
lunch: leftover pasta with artichoke salad...I didnt eat my salmon salad
dinner: grilled chicken with hummus and greek salad
snacks: mixed berries, applesauce, maybe chocolate
beverages: tea, water, diet soda

see ya later ladies


04-30-2004, 10:35 AM
Oh yay...but I have a few chores to do tonight...wash clothes...change kitty litter...and the list goes on

I was very bad last night food wise...I had a mc donald's dad brought it home and I ate it...I had fried meat with spicy sauce which has lots of oil based sauce...mopped it up with crusty white bread rolls...I had 3 tablespoons of sour cream....feta cheese...and yes..chocolate:rolleyes:

I weighed myself this morning and I am still at 170.5...I hope I didnt blow it for the week because of my binge yesterdyay...and no ...I didnt exercise.

so today's menu
breakfast: rice krispies with skim milk
lunch: smoked meat on black bread
dinner: sauted chicken breast with mushrooms and hummus
snacks: mixed berries, small banana
beverages: diet soda, water, tea

I cant wait to sleep in tomorrow

have a great weekend


04-30-2004, 10:53 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm back again--for a few of the days the site just kept saying that the server would be down so I quit trying to get here for a while.

I have been feeling like many of you have lately. Cyan, I have had a constant period now for almost 3 weeks straight since starting on the new medication/BCP. I have a Dr's appointment to look at it further. Like you, I have been really tired, feeling crappy all around and not much like doing anything. Miki--the whole thing is also screwy because I am so emotional it is like being on a rollercoaster--in some ways I can relate, however my moments are not as grounded as yours (I would be upset too if I has those bills come in at once). Newie--how frustrating the boys sound in your class...what grade do you teach again??? I am guessing somewhere between grades 5-7 based on how much of the pulling off of clothes there is!! What about making them come up with their own consequence? I have found that kids can be much harder on themselves and much more creative with consequences (depending on the child of course). Debee--how is the carpet doing?? I remember when my sis was little she decided to clean my dad's van as a surprise and used SOS pads to clean it (scratched it all up!) and it was a stressful time for all of us!! Kids can do crazy things and not even mean it, which makes it harder not to be mad!

I recently acquired a mountain bike and have been trying to learn how to ride it. I haven't been on a bike since I was about 10 years old. Now I am enjoying the riding but coming home with many bruises on me. The last one my foot slipped off the pedal and I actually have scabs on my legs that match the pedal design--ouch!!! All in all I am a disaster at it but it is keeping me active which is the important part. Mostly going out for short rides lately but getting out every day to every other day for about 1/2 hour at a time. We are planning a mountain bike weekend away sometime next month so I have to get myself into shape for that. Still getting mixed up on how to change the gears on the bike let alone ride it over logs or rocks. So far I am riding it on grass/weeds.

I think I have gained weight since on the BCP. Mostly in my chest area so I am not complaining and neither is my spouse. However, it has been so sore to touch and I have to go bra shopping and get some new ones in a different size. I have also been eating crappy lately. Went to McDonald's yesterday but had a kid's happy meal. Try to order small when I go there as I know that even with small the calories and fat are huge!! Have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the meal though. Somebody kick me for that!!! I can't eat chocolate, so I figure I can indulge in a happy meal every now and again.

We have a friend living with us right now. He just lost his job and got a new one right near our house so he is staying here while he sells his home (in Windsor area) and moves to Toronto area. So far things have been going well with that. We are on week 2 of him staying and it has been like having a visitor over. His home is now on the market and he has been actively house shopping here so all is well. I'm not too keen on his girlfriend though. In fact, somewhat concerned. She hasn't been staying here but has visited and we have discovered that she is very controlling and dependent almost bordering on something worse. Hopefully that relationship won't last for his sake.

Cyan, hoping to come to Montreal sometime. May actually go up to Tremblant with my rollerblades and bike as well as try out the new Louge ride they have there. Room rates are cheap there in May--you can pay as low as $49.00 per night with a kitchenette, so I might consider a weekend there for biking instead.

I have been working too hard lately with little or no breaks. I have only had a total of one week off in 2003/2004 so far and I feel I need at least one week more. In my field I am on contract so I have to save my money to take time off which I have. Now I need to figure out what/where/when and actually book the week. I think a lot of the illness I have had is connected to working too hard in such a stressful field. Counseling can really drain a person sometimes.

Talk to everyone soon,


05-02-2004, 10:52 AM
Hi Everyone!

Me checking in again. Went to the Dr.'s and we are working on some solutions now. The results have all come back and it is something resolvable and will take about 4-6 weeks to get back on track. Major vitamin deficiencies related to lots of periods bAsically!! I am happy that I should be feeling more like my old self again soon.

Miki--How are you? I read your post again and thought to myself that you shouldn't have to feel as bad as you do. Have you ever thought of getting your mood checked out??? It is really common for people to have Seasonal Affective issues at this time of year without having enough sunshine for so many months and now the darkness and rain, rain and more rain. There are even some non-medicinal solutions to this problem as well and definitely worth looking into if you think you might have something like that...your doctor should be able to help out.

Cyan--what's up??? It's not like you to give up like so I am giving you a kick in the butt to eat better this weekend!!!

Gotta run,


05-03-2004, 10:25 AM
Hey Ladies

I lost 1.5 pounds this week...170.5 down to 169!!! I have finally broken through the barrier...wooohooo

Hey Cjunk...good to hear that you have found out what is wrong and that it can be's to you feeling like your old self soon.

My weekend flew by so quickly usual...ugh! I dont like mondays much so I am always rather crabby.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: turkey breast on black bread with mayo and dijon, artichoke salad
dinner: chicken breast with roasted potatoes
snacks: v8 juice, mixed berries
beverages: water, diet soda, tea

exercise: pilates

Have a great day everyone

cjunk...let me know when you are coming down to montreal


05-04-2004, 05:48 AM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I have been gone for sounds like a full moon ..I too have been in a weird emotional mood lately..feeling defeated about the diet, binge eating to self comfort. That is why I am writing at 5 a.m. in the morning...

Well, the past few weeks have not been the left breast has been feeling tender and seemed to grow a bit so I decided to get a mammagram..last one I had was in 2001..the results came in a few days ago and it looks like they may have found something..I need to repeat one in 6 months.. I am hoping it is just calicium deposits..trying not to focus on it.

I was also very sick and so were the kids off and onfor the past two weeks..sore thoart and fever. Nevr once went for the whole month to the gym that I just signed up for..very mad at myself. Foodwise eating lots of choclate,salty foods and carbs..I can not get back in control. I will change starting's my plan

1. try to look for non-food ways to prevent stress..taking walks, yoga, reading, bubble baths, not worrying about what might happen until I have all the facts.

2. keep working toward my goal for the wedding on May 22. Try to lose at least 5--10 pounds by May 22

Miki, I am so sorry to hear about how you are feeling ...I went trough a very emotional time a few years ago for a few months..I think it was a pre-midlife crisis..just remember this to will pass. I find journaling helps to to sort out feelings, talking to a friend and trying to put a little fun in every day. Please post.

Cyan, you are so motivated and it paid off 169! Great going.

Cjunk, I love reading your posts about your active lifestyle...hopefully your medical problems are being resolved.

Newie, when it gets tough in the classroom just remember how important a teacher job are in the future. Sometimes I think the toughest kids are just the kids that need the most love.

05-04-2004, 08:57 AM
Hi, everyone--sorry it has been so many days since I've been here. The end of last week was very stressful. PARENTS interfered with my discipline plan with the boys and the shirt tearing incident. I didn't get it completely resolved till Friday last week. I was furious. That is one of the problems at our school--parents often won't back up the teachers--don't want to let kids take responsibility for their actions--always want to blame someone else--does that sound like society in general, or what? Anyway, I took time for myself over the weekend--did a little shopping alone on Saturday--bought a new chair for my desk, and some lavender hand cream. I've taken to using lavender for stress relief. It also helps me sleep. I've used it off and on for a couple of years, but this time I got some real aromatherapy products--soap, the hand cream, massage oil. Cjunk--to answer your question, I teach 5th grade, so you were right on the money as far as age goes. Debee, thank you for your encouragement. I do know that I am doing something very important, and believe it or not, I do see a great deal of improvement in this group. A lot of it is in little things that would bore someone to death if I recounted every detail, but it is mostly in general management of the day, their respect for me, and in their sense of personal responsibility. Often I will feel as if I have taken two steps forward and one step back, but at least I am moving in a positive direction. Yesterday something happened that four boys in my class will get disciplined for (throwing wet toilet paper wads on the bathroom walls), yet I could hardly get mad at them, because they all confessed without me even bringing it up to them!!!! I thought that was incredibly responsible, and would not have happened a few weeks ago. :D (The principal had come into all the classrooms that use that bathroom to give a general reprimand.) Practically in the same breath, another person who had thrown an object in the classroom in a separate incident confessed to his guilt after it appeared that someone else was going to be blamed for the offense. The boys will be punished basically by each having to write a letter of apology to the maintenance staff (2 men), personally reading it to the men, and then they will have to put in the time the men had to in order to clean the bathroom wall by doing other cleaning jobs for the maintenance men. I am going to be sure the jobs include garbage, just to add in a little gross factor into the punishment/lesson. Their parents will not be called--partly because I don't want them sticking their noses in, and partly as a reward for their being honest. I am hoping they will learn a little more responsibility from this. Also, cjunk--I like your idea about kids setting their own punishment. I'm going to keep it in mind. I have to constantly come up with new ways to teach these kids.

Got to go--food is up and down--more chocolate than necessary. Weight is stable at 158. I walked with hubby on Sunday. Really, I'm going. Bye for now.

05-04-2004, 10:30 AM
Hey Ladies

Still plugging away at it....I stayed on plan with the food and did my pilates dvd last night. I plan on cycling tonight

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: reduced fat peanutbutter with jam on whole wheat bread with a diet pepsi
lunch: tuna salad sandwich with diet mayo on whole wheat bread and artichoke salad
dinner: sole with snow peas and feta and olives
snacks: v8 juice, applesauce
beverages: diet cola, tea and water

Have a great day everyone

Miki I send you a big hug and I hope you feel better soon
Debee...I hope your boob is nothing to worry about and thank goodness you got it looked at right away...I send you lots of good energy
Newie...good job on reigning in your kids...they must be very tough...and I love aroma therapy...I have been using essential oils for years now and swear by them. I bought lavender when I was last in tasmania and it is the best.
Cjunk...let us know how you are doing...I am still laughing about your inlaws and how little they I would have to have food everytime I would be going over for dinner or lunch before getting there.

Have a great day everyone


05-05-2004, 04:08 PM
A quick note to myself ...since no one is in here waaaaaaaaaaa

ok...anyway, I did my cycling last night but only managed 15 minutes of it.

I will do pilates abs dvd tonight

Menu plan
breakfast: peanut butter and jam on whole wheat
lunch: smoked salmon salad ( I was going to have sole with snow peas)
dinner: scallops with garlic and sundried tomato with whole wheat pasta
snacks: chocolate soy pudding, banana
beverages: water, tea, diet soda

have a great day

05-05-2004, 07:59 PM
Hi, all--am just hanging around--had a bad day, actually just the afternoon--discovered a couple of the little "angels" in my class are working on some deceptive stuff--taking low-graded papers out of their take-home folders, not handing in a quiz one doesn't want to do--baloney like that. Do they really think I'm that dumb???? It really ------ me off. Anyway, I'll survive. I did eat about 10 Hershey's kisses as an afternoon snack after school--with a cup of coffee. I'm trying to escape for a while, but it really isn't helping. I've had very good luck with the sex ed. class I've been doing with the girls for the last three weeks. The boys start Monday--heaven help me, please!! Hubby is being very helpful to me tonight--good thing--I don't think I could really do any extra housework tonight. I've got a set of paragraphs to grade for midterm reports, which are due tomorrow, so that is where my evening will be. Tomorrow I make my regular drive to the orthodontist (50 miles each way) with older girl, and Friday night I have to go to this 8th grade honor dinner at school. What I need is pure mother's recreation for several days--not a chance in the next few weeks for sure--maybe in summer.

Well, I'm going to cook pancakes and sausage for the family--none for me--it's got eggs in it. I haven't had a stomach ache of any kind since I stopped eating things I know have eggs in them.

Debee, I was thinking about you. Keep in touch with your dr. regarding that breast. If it's anything suspicious, you want to get it taken care of as early as possible. Prayers to you.

Well, got to go. Talk to all later. Bye for now.

05-06-2004, 04:50 PM
Happy Thursdays Ladies

well I didnt exercise last night and I dont think I will be doing it tonight cause its the friend's finale.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast, skim milk
lunch: chicken breast with baby mixed greens, asparagus, potato salad,green beans
dinner: scallops, sun dried tomatoes with garlic on a bed of whole wheat spaghetti
snacks: granola bar
beverages: diet cola, tea, water

Have a great day folks


05-07-2004, 09:55 AM
Hey Gang, Just a quick note to say hello. Beginning of the week was easy but the end has been tough. Thank goodness it's Friday!! I have to work on Saturday as well but I am looking forward to it as we have a fun activity planned. Debee, Mikki big hugs to both of you and hope all is well--keep posting to let us know how you are. The beginning of the week was good activity-wise as well--went biking Mon, Tues and baseball Wed. Yesterday watched Friends and today I hope to get some exercise in.

05-08-2004, 09:55 AM
Hi, everybody--rough one this week with those 5th graders, and yesterday I finally lost it--absolutely lost my temper in class. Other teachers told me not to worry about it, but I feel bad--really bad. I ate about 20 chocolate kisses over it. My lost temper was triggered by the class's disrespect of a situation where I tried to begin work on an art project, and it involved collecting and tearing up the beginnings of hand tracings the students had done 2 months ago--probably 15 minutes of work in each one--and throwing away other coloring pictures they had done two months ago that I haven't had time to mount because of all the BS I've had to go through because of bad behavior from about 12 of 28 students. I also did about 10 minutes of ranting and raving, as well as beating the blackboard with an empty water bottle while I ranted about their disrespect. I somewhere let the d--- word escape--not referring to any of them--I just said something like, "we're not going to do a d--- thing." I also tossed three or four children's weekly paper folders on the floor for them to pick up because they had not put their names on the front of them, despite being asked several times, and I'd just had enough. I then called the principal to tell her what I had done and why, and cried. She spoke briefly to the students, I spoke to them again, telling them I was ashamed of my behavior but so very disturbed that their behavior had brought me to such a point. The principal is very supportive of me, but is also concerned about my loss of temper, though she understands this group and how far they can push. They have been like this since kindergarten. I'm going to finish the year with them in a very structured environment with very little opportunity for them to move around the classroom or the school, and a teaching style that will involve mostly me presenting information, their doing work based on what I presented, me reteaching, and over and over like that, with very little interaction because they cannot respect even a simple question/answer session. I am so frustrated. I have tried so hard--with every bit of imagination and effort I have been able to summon. Today I feel just sick. I am fearful that parents are going to say something, though I am praying not because I just sent home mid-quarter reports, and mostly they were very bad, as were the weekly behavior reports I send home on Fridays. Perhaps the kids are afraid to say anything because of their own reports--I can only hope. I was at a school dinner last night where there were parents of my students present. I kept looking at them to see if they were looking at me in any funny, horrified way. No one seemed to be. I am feeling very paranoid. This week I had to deal with an incident where a group of my boys vandalized the bathroom by throwing wet tissue on the walls and ceiling, another where one boy thought it would be fun to squirt glass cleaner with ammonia he was using to clean his desk at another student, and hit the child in the eye, and where another boy threw a pop top across the room, and it hit a girl in the forehead. This all happened before Thursday. It's like I have to be five people to keep track of what they are doing or planning to do next. Suddenly the old Sidney Poitier movie "To Sir With Love" comes to my mind. Do I need to watch it? Will it inspire me? I don't know. Anyway, thanks for listening/reading. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

05-08-2004, 11:20 AM
Hey hope things work out at school for you. I would be paranoid too. Hang in there and hopefully you will know what to do with those monsterous kids. are you feeling...if allthat exercising is an indication..I am thinking you are on the mend...I hope so.

Well this friday I weighed myself and I am down to 167.5...I lost another 1.5 pounds this week...wooohoooo...I am getting close to my lowest weight in the past 4 years of 163...after I reach that goal...I will go onto weights I haven't seen in 4 years! I cant exciting.

Have a great weekend


05-09-2004, 09:01 AM
Hey Everyone,

Cyan!! Big congratulations!!!! :D You are doing awesome!! Keep up the great work -- you are an inspiration to us all!!

Newie-sounds like a rough week for sure...getting close to the end of the school year though. You can almost count down the days!! That means that only 5 or 6 more weeks where with your planned structured environment you will be doing just fine. I can remember when I was young and we acted out very badly in class one day and my teacher "lost it" and frankly that was what turned our behaviour around. None of us talked to our parents about it at all from what I can remember--mainly because we knew we had it coming to us.

This weekend was a bit rough for me. I am adjusting to a medication to get my levels back in line, but some days are better than others. It is taking me a bit of time to adjust but I have only had it for a few days so I have to take it easy. I was thinking that I might take a sick day if I feel as rough as I was yesterday. I ended up working but I was not at the top of my game and really needed to be so it would have been best had I not been there at all. Unfortunately, my whole body feels like what the equivalent of eggs would be if they were scrambled. I am hoping today is the last of the adjusting and then I can feel normal again next week. Normally I don't work on weekends but I had to this weekend and I had flexed another day earlier in the week for it. Have you ever had a day where you wish you could live it over again just so that you can change one decision you made during the day to see if a better outcome would have happened??? That's kind of my yesterday. I am determined to make this a better day.

Talk to you all soon,


Debee, Mikki--how are you both??

05-10-2004, 09:31 AM
hello girls----------pardon me for being nosy,but every now and then i jump out of the cow pasture next door and roam around the surrounding fields!!!---the misc. groups board seems pretty friendly!!! anyway,here is my nosy question-----last fall one of you spoke of having your abode featured on a Home and Garden Show!!! I found that very exciting,but haven't heard mention of it lately!!I love all those shows and I would love to see a 3FC member profiled! Hopefully you don't mind me dropping over,---you can check me out at the Cow thread if you like----nice talking to you,Bagzz

05-10-2004, 09:33 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sunday was a much better day. I took my mom for a mother's day bike ride and my dad and fiance came as well. Then we had a salmon and veggie dinner at my fiance's parents for mother's day (his dad cooked it!!) and after that went to the pool and swam for about a half an hour later in the evening. It was more of a relaxing swim than anything. Discovered that the side effects of the medication that I am on are virtually non-existent if I am exercising and post-exercise. So I guess I will have to keep up the workouts. Whatever works to make me feel better!!!

Gotta head back to work!! It is my birthday later this week and I am feeling this one a bit more than others but I think it will be fun.

Talk to everyone soon,


05-10-2004, 10:19 AM
Hey girls

The weekend was good...I kept to the program and didnt overeat although I had Opera Cake yesterday for Mother's Day.

I weighed in this morning and I am at 167.5 ...which means I have reached my mini goal so onto 163 for the end of May...I cant wait.

Hey Bagzz...I think you are talking about Debee..her home was featured in the show. She will be excited to know that you are asking about it. Hopefully she will drop in soon and read your post.

Anyway, Meal plan for today
breakfast: instant carnation with skim milk
lunch: turkey breast sandwhich on sourdough bread, tomato salad and carrots
dinner: salmon steak with spinach
snacks: dunno yet

Have a great day


05-11-2004, 12:18 AM
Hey girls! ;) I'm back. I'm not back on the weight loss train. Trevor Michael was born Tuesday, May 4 at 9:35am. He was a scheduled induction. Pitocin was started at 7am. Water was broken at 7:39. Epidural given slightly after 8am. I went from 5 cm and neg. 2 station to complete and +3 in 20 minutes. While the epidural took care of the actual contractions, I still felt all the pressure in my "area." I felt him slide down my birth canal and felt like I was pooping a pumpkin. :D He was 9 pounds 3 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. I have recovered nicely. He has a bad bout of jaundice right now and is on a bili-blanket that Home Health brought over today and set up for us. I'm stressed about all that but I know he'll get better. Breastfeeding is going well. He's the cutest baby ever (along with my other two children of course) and he's very serious. I got up to 225 with this pregnancy which means I gained a total of 52 pounds. I'm not sure what I way now because my scale needs batteries. I'll probably just wait until my 6 week check up and then get batteries and get serious about the weight loss. I have the whole summer off from classes! :cb: :cp:

I'm glad to be back so plan on hearing from me often!!!

Lisa :goodscale

05-11-2004, 10:12 AM
Hey Lisa

Congratulations ...I send you and your family best wishes, a big hug and kiss to Trevor. Wow...he's a big boy...good on you Lisa! Its nice to have the summer off too. you gotta post up pix soon! I will be here to encourage you to lose weight once you are ready...just holler (sp?)

Well I havent done any exercising this week thus far so I guess I will get back to it tonight. I have also been eating my Mother's Day cake I bought for my Momma...just to good to pass up but I dont want to put any weight back on especially in light of my I wont be touching it again for the week...I hope my father will eat it.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: tuna sandwich with light mayo on sour dough bread
dinner: tomato salad with smoked salmon and feta cheese
snacks: yogurt with bran cereal
beverages: water, tea, diet cola

Have a great day everyone and once again Lisa...congratulations and good to have you back with us.

Have a great day

05-11-2004, 12:05 PM
Hey Lisa

Congratulations ...I send you and your family best wishes, a big hug and kiss to Trevor. Wow...he's a big boy...good on you Lisa! Its nice to have the summer off too. you gotta post up pix soon! I will be here to encourage you to lose weight once you are ready...just holler (sp?)

Well I havent done any exercising this week thus far so I guess I will get back to it tonight. I have also been eating my Mother's Day cake I bought for my Momma...just to good to pass up but I dont want to put any weight back on especially in light of my I wont be touching it again for the week...I hope my father will eat it.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: tuna sandwich with light mayo on sour dough bread
dinner: tomato salad with smoked salmon and feta cheese
snacks: yogurt with bran cereal
beverages: water, tea, diet cola

Have a great day everyone and once again Lisa...congratulations and good to have you back with us.

Have a great day

05-11-2004, 01:40 PM
Anyone who is interested in pictures of my new little one can go to Click on the link to their web nursery. Then it will ask for the birthday May 4, 2004 and the first 3 letters of my last name, SMI, and the state, KANSAS. Then click on find baby. That will send you to a link for Trevor. Click on his name and there are four pictures from the hospital. They are hospital pictures so they're not that great. He's much cuter in person. Hope to hear from all of you soon. I've missed you all!!!


05-11-2004, 08:06 PM
Welcome back and congratulations Lisa!! I looked at the pictures of your beautiful new baby boy with the directions that you gave to the website and he is so cute!! He is a big baby like my nephew was. I am looking forward to reading your posts and happy to encourage you along the way once you get back into things.

Cyan, good for you for getting back into the exercise and putting down that cake!! I am happy to hear that you made your mini-goal.

Newie, Mikki, Debee--I am looking forward to hearing from all of you. I so much enjoy all of your posts and hope that all is going well for each of you.

I am starting to physically feel better lately. The medication I am on seems to be working well and for the first time I have been sleeping only 8-9 hours a night instead of 12-14 hours!!! That makes me feel like I have so many more hours in my day to do things instead of just coming home from work and going to sleep within a few hours. I hadn't really truly realized how badly it can affect you when your iron is that low. So happy to be getting back on track. Looking forward to getting back to my normal pattern of 7 hours sleep a night which I used to be like before. For now I am happy at 8.

Talk to you all soon. I am going to enjoy the sunshine here as I understand that it is supposed to rain tomorrow!!


05-12-2004, 09:03 AM
Hi, girls--I have about 2 minutes. Congratulations, Lisa, on that new boy of yours. I know the pumpkin-pooping feeling. My girls were 8 lbs. 14 1/2 oz. and 9 lbs. 5 oz. respectively. Glad to know all is well. I gained 48 lbs. each with my two girls, so I know the project you're facing. We'll be here for you.

I've had a rather difficult few days, what with the explosion I did at school on Friday, although there have been considerable changes in the children's behavior. There were a few parent calls, by the parents of the good children mostly (of course), and I did receive a warning for my personnel file--mostly a formality to protect the principal, I think--but mostly it's seeming to blow over. I think the person hurt by it the most was probably me. It devastated me to think that I could be pushed to the point of losing my temper like that, but there are a few "bad seeds" in that group that everyone else feeds off of. I never did that in all the years I taught--11. I am trying to turn it into a positive life lesson for myself and the children and face every consequence directly and courageously. Well, I will tell more when I get more time. Bye for now.

05-12-2004, 01:29 PM
Hey Lisa
went to growing family and saw trevor...oooh how cute he is...congrats again.

Hey Cjunk...glad to hear that you are feeling better.
Newie..looks like things are brightening up for you too with those brats.

I had a hectic morning..I woke up and noticed that 5 gallons of my 10 gallon fish tank had dripped off..the poor gold fish were stressed out to I had to run over to walmart and get a new tank...and of course ..that made me late for work..showed up at 11 am lost two hours of work and paid 70 dollars for the new tank...argh.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: v8 juice
lunch: mortadella panini with grilled vegetables
dinner: dunno yet

gotta run


05-12-2004, 08:27 PM
Hello girls! Well, thanks for all the compliments on my new little bundle of joy. He's had a bad case of jaundice, but with he's been on 24 hour bili lights and he's getting better. He's had to have his blood drawn 3 days in a row now. He handles it very well considering. It's stressfull on me to have him not 100% well, but this will soon pass.

As for weight loss. Well, I'm gearing up mentally. This weekend I hope to do a grocery shopping trip and I'm aiming to make good choices for weight loss. I would like to go back to doing low carb, but not as low as the induction phase of Adkins. I'd like to add fruit and other "healthy" carbs. Also, I'm not a big cook, especially since my husband works nights now and I'm not going to make dinner for a 4 year old, 6 year old, a newborn and myself. So, if anyone has ideas for easy to prepare low carb meals for one, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm also not drinking caffiene since I'm breastfeeding and I've been drinking lots of water. I feel good about my water intake.

Cyan, I really like how you put your daily menu on here. I bet that really helps with accountability. I'd like to start doing that next week.

Okay, as for exercise, I'm hoping to get a stroller soon so I can start walking. We have a family zoo pass, so that would be good. I don't have a membership at the gym anymore, but I'm really considering getting one. They have a swimming class for moms and their new babies. That would be awesome.

Okay, sorry this was all about me. I'll get more personal with you guys next time!!! I would really appreciate any advice to get me started next week on my weight loss!!


05-13-2004, 10:12 AM
Hi Everyone,

I woke up this morning feeling physically not so great but it is my Birthday today so I will try and make the best of things. I decided to take a few hours off of work this morning and I am going to go to a specialty coffee shop and treat myself to a really expensive good coffee and relax a bit and read a book. Yesterday I missed my baseball game because I had a really heavy counselling session that was much longer than anticipated. I think this week has been beautiful weather but terrible for me for exercise.

My fiance has something up his sleeve for my birthday tonight but I am not sure what yet. My girlfriend is having a BBQ at her place for me on Sunday and my family are all away for work right now but my mom and sis and I are having a "spa night" when they get back. So those are the plans!

I hope I am feeling better soon so that I can enjoy it all--I have been so tired the past couple of days! I am equating that to the lack of exercise as well!!

Cyan, sorry to hear about your fish tank. I have a 36 gallon tank at home with Discus in it and it would be an expensive trip to the fish store for sure!!

Lisa, sounds like you are gung-ho and on the right track to success!!

Newie, I think sometimes it is experiences like the one that you just had that help us to grow as people as we learn from them about ourselves. I think you are approaching this situation very positively and I congratulate you for that. Hang in there as the year is getting close to being done. I hope that you are not looking at what happened as making you second guess your skills and abilities because you have 11 great years of experience behind you.

Talk to you all soon,


05-13-2004, 10:53 AM
Hey Girls

Lisa...yep...putting my menu on line helps me stick to the plan and it helps me plan my meals so that I dont come home and eat whatever is there.

Cjunk...thank goodness my tank is it cost me 70 bucks to replace it..I felt bad for our aging goldfish...but they seemed happy this I guess they are ok with their new tank...they are at least 7 years old.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: crab salad sandwich with sour dough bread
dinner: chicken breast with roasted bell peppers
snacks: yogurt with bran cereal, sorbet
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

exercise: pilates abs

Have a great day


05-13-2004, 10:55 AM
Cjunk...Happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Cjunk...Happy birthday toooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....and many more!

Let us know all the .looking forward to hearing your post


05-13-2004, 10:57 AM
I meant reading your post :lol:

almost are your cyber gifts :hb: :gift: :hat: :queen: :balloons: :cheers: :eating2:

05-13-2004, 11:01 AM
CJUNK!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :hb: :gift: :balloons:

Enjoy that cup of coffee! :coffee2:

Definitely let us know about all your presents!!

Lisa :)

05-13-2004, 12:50 PM
Thanks for the Happy Birthdays everyone!!

Having trouble concentrating at work today because the weather is absolutely beautiful outside.

I found out I am also working an extra 4 hours tomorrow night so I am going to leave a bit early today. I have a 2-3:30 appointment but after that I am gonna head home and strap on my rollerblades and go for a spin. I enjoyed my coffee this morning as well. I ended up getting to work fairly early even though I said I would go later and I also plan to work through lunch so that I can leave earlier too as I think an earlier day would be more fun than a long lunch. A few of my co-workers are taking me out tomorrow for lunch as Thursdays tend to be busier here. Like you Cyan, we are going out for Sushi lunch which is pretty healthy. I bought a small lemon square with my coffee for my birthday as a treat which I never usually do and I am having trouble finishing it. It is so sweet!!

Talk to you all soon,


05-14-2004, 12:24 PM
Hey Cjunk...good to hear that you are having a blast celebrating your birthday..SUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIII hmmmmmmm...lucky girl. By the sounds of all your activities planned...looks like you are feeling better. good on you.

I have been very bad this week...I have really stayed on plan at all...I ate too much cake, roated fava beans and too much sorbet.

So I am buckling down for the weekend.

Meal Plan
breakfast: bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan
dinner: smoked salmon salad with olive oil
snacks: mixed berries
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

have a grea weekend


05-17-2004, 10:22 AM
Its monday and of course...its a beautiful sunny and of course I have to be indoors at work...ack

I went hiking yesteray...boy was that feet were burning by the time we were done...2 hour to get up the hill and one hour to get down..but the weather was beautiful and perfect for hiking.

I am back down to now its time to move off this number and lose some more weight. I am going for me get there lol

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: turkey sandwich on sour dough with carrots
dinner: chicken breast with spinach and peppers
snacks: yogurt, mixed berries
beverages: diet cola, tea and water

exercise: pilates

Have a great day


05-17-2004, 01:09 PM
A quick hello to everyone. A busy birthday weekend with lots of parties and celebrations. Had a fun weekend and enjoyed it all. Didn't end up taking any time off on my birthday and worked extra hours on Friday so I took some time off this morning and have another event tonight that I have to work at until 9pm so I will likely flex a few hours on Friday afternoon of this week to cover that off. Lots of evening and weekend work lately but it makes for a nice weekday morning to get caught up on laundry. Not feeling so great today even though it is sunny. Kind of a little shaky like I am pepped up on caffeine or something but I will forge ahead and work!! Cjunk

05-17-2004, 05:01 PM
Good morning all! Happy Monday! Well, today I went to a friends house with the baby to study for a final tomorrow. I got a week extension on the nursing final! So hopefully, the studying will pay off and I'll do okay tomorrow on the test.

Cyan, you will be at 166 in no time! You have been doing so great!!! Your hike sounds great.

CJunk, sounds like you have been working lots of hours. I wish you lived here and you could come help me get caught up on my laundry as well. It's piling up! LOL :lol: I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend!

I'm having a hard time getting started on my weight loss program. This morning I had fruit, which is good, but it came with a dip and it was yummy. I shouldn't have had the dip. I also had some chips with cheese dip at my friends house. Not good. When I got home at 2:15 I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a big glass of milk. The bread was low carb, but the jelly kind of cancels that out. I just had a 2 carb dairy dessert. It was yummy. For dinner I will have fish and sauteed veggies. I will also drink lots of water. I know I can't cut calories too much since I'm breastfeeding, so I need to take that into consideration. I'm not up to exercising just yet, but on Friday I'm going to the zoo with the kids. I finally put batteries in the scale and I've lost over 20 pounds since I had Trevor. That was really shocking! Well, that's all for now, Trevor has a dr appt.

See you all later!


05-17-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I am so far behind!

Lisa, congrats on Trevor!!! I went to the site..he's a cutie. Is his jaundice all better??

Cjunk, happy birthday a little late. Sounds like you enjoyed it. I too have been working lots of hours. Off tomorrow but will be spending it at the kids school for a "funday"...grilling hamburgers, playing games etc.

Cyan, you are doing great these days! Hope your motivation will rub off on me soon.

Newie, sorry to hear about the little 'monsters' you're having to deal with lately. Just remember you only have a few more days with'll make it. :)

Debee, how are you?? Did the show already air that featured your house?? I was hoping to catch it.

Heard from Taiwan via email few weeks ago. If I remember correctly, her baby is due July 1. Not positive about that but she does plan to get back in here once he/she is born and on a regular schedule.

I'm still up and down as far as weightloss. Just cant seem to get on track and stay there. Still not giving up.

Anyone heard from Reina lately? I hope things are well with her.

Well, I really dont even have time to be on here so I guess I better run. Seems like I can never get caught up with house chores these days. I'll be back in to post again soon.

Take care, all


05-17-2004, 09:35 PM
Hey girls,

Well, I didn't have the fish I was planning on for dinner. I was at my mother-in-law's house and she brought home chinese. I ate way too much. So, I'm going to plan my day for tomorrow. Here goes:

Breakfast: bacon and yogurt
Lunch: hot dog with low carb bread
Dinner: Fish and sautteed squash
Snacks: sugar free popsicle/ string cheese
drinks: diet sprite and water

There. I feel better.

MIki, great hearing from you. Hang in there with the weigh loss. I know what you mean about up and down and not being able to get in the groove. I'm having a hard time as well, getting back on track. Thanks for the congrats on Trevor. Yes, his jaundice is a lot better. He had his last blood test today.

cyan, Cjunk, Reina, Newie, Debee, Hope you all had a great day! Hope to hear from you all soon. I'm so glad to be back with all of you!!!

05-18-2004, 06:27 AM
Hi, everyone--sorry it's been so long since I've been in here. I've been having a rough time after the "incident". There were about 5 phone calls to the school office, and some amends to make to students. There is also a problem with parents' gossiping at our school, and I've had to deal with hearing what people are spreading around about what happened that day--many untruths and things taken out of context. It caused me to do a lot of questioning of myself--asking myself if I really said X, Y, or Z, and then beating myself up over it. There was one item being spread around about me that I said I did not say, but after thinking about it, I am not sure. No matter what, parents have taken what might have been said completely out of the context of what was happening. Things are pretty much calmed down other than that, except inside me. I'm trying very hard to go on--a part of me wants to confess every little detail of what I remember about the incident to the principal as I think of it, even if things seem to be over and no one else is thinking about it but me (I think it's how I beat myself up over my mistakes)--my hubby has told me that I just need to drop it and get through the rest of the year. Any opinions? I could use a little feedback and perspective.

Needless to say, my food has not been good--I'm not eating mass quantities--just making some poor choices. I'm also not sleeping well.

The irony of this whole situation is that I am closer to the majority of the students in my class than I was before, and I have pretty much isolated the troublemakers. I don't know. I have learned a lot, and next year will be very different.

Let me get off myself, please. Happy Birthday, Cjunk! Also, sorry, Cyan, to hear about your fish tank. Was there a big mess to clean up? Well, I'm going to get going now. Talk to you all soon. Take care.

05-18-2004, 10:17 AM
Ack...what a day...and its only 9.00 Mom's pharmacist is sick and his replacement is incompetent...I have had to argue with that women a few times now...My father went to get her meds on saturday to find out she didnt have them ...and its tuesday and still no meds...I just got off the phone and she says they are ready to be picked up....I have just about had it...I am considering changing pharmacies to one that is open on saturday and sunday and later hours.

Anyway, have to move on from the cant keep mulling it over because its going to take away from your teaching effectiveness and the kids will pick up on that and so will the parents and your peers. It happened, you did it, you apologized, your principal accepted your apology and explanation...MOVE ON!!!! Get back to teaching, get back to a normal environment and stand my your actions with conviction...Believe in your self as a decent person and teacher that you are...OK...enough said.

Hey Lisa...getting started is always the hardest..but once you get into a routine, it will get easier. Looks like the meal planning will help you stick to sure has helped me...especially when I am tired and dont feel like cooking..I remind myself that the meal plan is there and that there are no buts, ands or ifs about it...I just do breathing, sleeping and all other vital things in life.

Hey Miki...come on lost over 40 can do it...lets get going....get yer butt into action...dust off your diet plan...go go go!!! are amazing..with all the work you do and you are so active on your time inspire me to keep plugging away at it. How much do you weigh..I forgot...let us know how you are doing.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: egg salad sandwich on multigrain raisin bread
dinner: mustard garlic pork loin with spinach and feta
snacks: mixed berries, yogurt
beverages: water, diet cola, tea

I did my pilates last night...the accelerated dvd..oh man...I was dying...some of those moves are insane...but I mustered through it....57 minutes of it ack

Tonight I cycle for about 20 minutes

I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 167 from I might just see 166 this friday..or monday latest... :coffee:

Have a great day


05-18-2004, 07:25 PM
Hello everyone,

Let me start out by saying Congrats Lisa. Trevor is so handsome! I saw the site and loved the pics.

Cyan, congrats on getting one step closer to your goal.

Cjunk, Happy Belated Birthday :hb: to you!

Newie, I hope you are feeling better about your incident, I must go back and read the details of it. But remember, God only gives you want he thinks you can handle.

Well, as you all know, i have dissappeared again, but for good reason. I have been surrounded with some crazy things in my life over the past few years, and it was time for me to do some major soul searching! I went away for abit alone, away from everything and really got down to the nitty gritty about my lack of willpower, insecurities and most of all, low self esteem.

Well, I have come back a totally new person, I have - drum roll please.......... finally broke the 190lb curse, and have tipped the scales at 188.7. That most of all feels great, considering I have been on this site for over 1 1/2 years and never hit past 190.

Also, I have received a promotion at work and am now in more of a technology roll, and the best news of all, Alex was accepted at the Magnet school of my choice for kindergarten.

So, I have to say that life has been pretty decent to me after my soul searching, so I have decided to take a new journey and live for today, not for tomorrow, or yesterday.... I think of only what I will eat today and not the pizza I had for dinner for my cousin's birthday last night. It has made me feel a little better when I wake up in the morning.

On a side note, I can't work out for a few weeks still, I keep pulling the muscle in my back and they recommend me not attempting to do anything right now, so I do have to be alittle more cautious what I eat, but I am taking it in stride.

Ok, my hubby is coming to pick me up right now, so I will try to get back in here soon. I am working with Alex daily on letters,numbers, and other things, adn I don't have much time for the computer these days.

I miss you all, but I am doing fine, I will talk to you all soon....

FYI, I am eating low-fat again, the Atkin/SouthBeach/Any other diet, just wasn't working for me, so I am back to the low-fat, kinds weight watchers type of diet.

Miss you all!

05-18-2004, 07:38 PM
Hello ladies. I'm posting today for your support. I am so depressed right now and have been crying most of the afternoon. I took my 3rd semester final today and had to get a 73 percent to pass the class. I got a 69 percent so I now have to either try to get back in to repeat 3rd semester or just quit. I was so devastated. I could hardly speak when I called my husband to tell him. He answered the phone with "Well, did you pass?" I'm suprised he even understoon what I was saying. I have worked so hard for 2 years! It is so frustrating and makes me so angry with myself especially. I have found myself doubting my abilities, doubting my goals, my intelligence. I was so sure I would be graduating this December and now it will be next May at the earliest. There's no guarantee that I'll get back into the program for next semester. I have the option of going and getting my LPN and working as and LPN for a while and going back to nursing school when my kids are older. We were going to be buying a house this fall but now that could change too. I'm so so so upset. I was so upset I bought and ate 3 candybars. And you all know that that just makes things worse. Well, sorry to dump all this on you guys, but I needed to let it all out. Thanks,


05-19-2004, 10:10 AM
Hey Ladies...hump day already!

Lisa...oh man...that sucks...sorry to hear that...I am sure you must be very upset...I hope you can get back in to repeat third must be very hard just giving birth and doing had a lot on your plate so dont beat yourself up about may not see it now but there is always a reason for why things happen...I am sure things will be clearer for you once you let some time pass. Now is the time to not doubt your abilities and intelligence...just stay focussed and remember, no one is perfect, and sometimes people fail first time around...but dont give up...learn from this experience and get back up and go at it again. Thing long term...I send you a big hug.

Hey Reina...congrats on finally cracking that plateau...I know how you feel...I am right there with you sister. We gotta chat on msn...we should set up a date to get caught up on all of your new findings.

I cycled last night for 20 minutes...stuck to my diet plan.

I weighed in this morning ...still at 167...boy I cant wait to see eyes wont believe it for the first hopefully this weekend or maybe even friday.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation with skim milk
lunch: whole wheat spaghetti with tomato meat sauce
dinner: dont know yet
snacks: applesauce, yogurt
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

exercise will be pilates dvd

Have a great day


05-19-2004, 11:15 AM
Thank you cyan for your kind words. You're right. I'll get through this and who know, things may work out better this way.

Reina, so glad your back! You'll break that plateau before you know it!

Miki, Newie, Debee, Cjunk, hope you all have a great day.

My meal plan for today:

breakfast: yogurt
lunch: Cheesy mac casserole (I just need to get this out of my pantry)
dinner: low carb frozen meal
snacks: string cheese and sugar free popsicles
drinks: water, diet sprite

Have a great day everyone!!


05-20-2004, 09:54 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm back to post after a bit of a hiatus. I have been working a lot of evening hours at work lately but now I don't have any more evenings or weekends for a few weeks. In two weeks I work a Saturday and then the following Saturday as well and then that's it for the summer as our extra-cirricular programs re-start in September. Food-wise, I haven't had much of an appetite lately since the hot weather has started. My consumption has decreased which is typical for me as I tend to naturally lose a bit of weight in the spring/summer with decreased appetite and increased outdoor exercise. I played baseball this week and threw the ball around last night in a game of catch with my friend for about 1/2 hour outside in the sunshine. Plans to do some biking this weekend for the long weekend locally if the weather is nice. If the weather is crappy we have decided on some indoor climbing.

Enough about me.

Reina--a big congratulations on reaching your plateau!!! :D I am very happy for you and know that you will continue right through it to even more success. Great to hear from you again!!

Lisa I am so sorry to hear about your exam but frankly when I read that you were writing one I was surprised because I wondered how you would manage to focus with a new baby and so many new changes. Like Cyan said, things may have happened this way for a reason--perhaps the timing wasn't right. In retrospect that was a lot of stuff to carry on your plate at once so I don't think you should be hard on yourself for not even a minute because you can't expect to be super-human as no one else is.

Newie, I think you were on the right track before with thinking of the event as a learning experience. Stop second-guessing yourself and move on in that positive attitude that you once had. You can make it through the rest of the year with your head held high and no anxiety at all if you change your mindset. The most successful people in life are those who learn from these types of events and spin it around to work for them. You are a good person with good intentions and if you try your best to live by that then you will go far.

Cyan, how frustrating about your mom's pharmacist. There are lots of good ones out there who would love your business so I would move on if there is no satisfaction. Your mom's health shouldn't be impacted because of their incompetence. No wonder you were ticked--I would be too! In answer to your questions from an earlier post, I am about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weigh about 140. I am not sure of my exact weight because I fluctuate daily between 136 and 143 dependent on the time of the month. I am a water retainer! I am most comfortable at about 132 so I am aiming to get back there.

Miki-welcome back and thanks for the happy birthday. I hope you had fun at your kid's school funday!!

Talk to you all soon,


05-20-2004, 02:41 PM
Hey Girls...yippee thursday already...going by fast this week.

I forgot my buspass this morning so I had to hoof it in because I was too lazy to go home to get the bus only took me 20 minutes...even the uphill portion wasnt so bad.

I just had a fabulous lunch...went to scola pasta for a business lunch...I had grilled italian sausage with vegetables and a diet good...and cheap too...not that I paid or was great!

So I didnt eat the sushi I was going to have.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: italian sausage with vegetables
dinner: broiled hamburger on whole wheat with cheese and tomato salad
snacks: yogurt and applesauce
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

I plan on doing pilates ...I have to do it...ack...such a chore sometimes...exercising ...yeesh you are so active and I so wish I was your weight...140 is ideal for inspire me to keep going...thanks for posting on our thread and keeping me motivated...let me know when you are next in montreal...I would love to meet you..we can do dinner ...light of



05-21-2004, 11:32 AM
Happy Friday Ladies

Too bad it will rain all weekend long right into the middle of next week...ack

I walked home last night which means I didnt do any other exercising..oh well.

Food Plan for today
breakfast: home made rice pudding, 1tbs of reduced peanut butter on 1 slice of whole wheat
lunch: tuna sandwich on whole wheat with light mayo
dinner: chili con carne home made
snacks: applesauce, apricots 2
beverages: diet cola, tea, water

Have a great weekend

05-21-2004, 12:26 PM
Hello ladies. How was everyone's week? I'm waiting for my mother to arrive which should be in about 30 minutes. Thank you all for your kind words about school. I'm staying positive. Actually, a couple of the instructors are reviewing some of my grades in an effort to do a little tweaking. I have an appt with the lead instructor on Monday to go over my final and defend some of my answers. I only need 5 points. That's what is the most frustrating. It's ONLY 5 points!!!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend. I think we'll be going to the zoo today!


05-24-2004, 01:08 PM
Hey Ladies

I made my goal this week...I am now at 166 pounds!! Wooohoooo...the weight is coming off...I cant believe it.

I saw Super Size Me last night...oh man...very informative...and a must see...Morgan...almost pickles his liver on the fast food diet he did for a month...the doctors were freaking out..they couldnt believe his blood work.

Anway, I have been on track lately that's great.

Meal Plan for today
Brunch: chili con carne with whole wheat bread and mozzarella cheese, diet cola
dinner: chicken (roasted) with tomato salad
beverages: diet cola, tea and water
Snacks: mango, mixed berries and sugarless popsicle

Its a holiday today so I got up late and had brunch instead of breakfast and lunch..its was great

Have a great day


05-24-2004, 02:05 PM
Happy Monday to you all! Hope you had a great weekend. My mother came into town on Friday. We took the kids to the zoo. :moo: :ink: That was fun except all that walking made me realize I'm still not 100% since popping the giant child out of my womb. :o On Saturday we went and saw ShrekII at the movies. My dad came up late Saturday Night. We all went to church together on Sunday and had a family dinner with my family and hubby's family where we had Trevor blessed as that is a religious tradition of ours. It was very nice. My parents left town around 5:30 and it was nice to just relax. I went to bed early last night (around 9:30 which is early for me) and woke up with a headache this morning. I'm hoping it goes away soon. Trevors umbilical cord finally came off last night and today he had his first bath in his bathtub as opposed to the sponge baths he's been getting. He seemed to enjoy it.

Okay, okay, as for weight loss. Well, I didn't eat very well this weekend but it wasn't horrible. I have to realize that nursing mothers get hungry about as often as their baby does. So, I need to have plans on what to munch on when I get those between meal hunger pains. I have pecans and cantaloupe on hand right now. I also have sugar free popsicles and string cheese. I also have peanut butter and low carb bread. I have diet root beer. My mom started Adkins almost a year ago and she looks awesome. It was so motivating to have her here and to see her awesome figure. It's hard to believe that she'll be 51 years old next month.

Okay, so my goals this week are to have an eating plan and to stick to it and to relax. I also have an appt with my instructor tomorrow to see if I can get the points I need to pass my nursing class. Wish me luck!!

Lisa :cb:

05-24-2004, 07:08 PM
Where is everyone today? C'mon ladies!

Hey I was wondering if anyone had tried ediets or knew of someone who had tried it. You can do any diet you want I guess and they give you meal plans and grocery lists. Well, I still have my headache and it's starting to really annoy me. I tried to take a nap but the kids kept waking me up.

Hope to hear from you all soon!


05-25-2004, 10:17 AM
Happy Tuesday...I was I made my goal of 166 for last week so I am stoked to keep going now that I am finally seeing results...I feel great!

Hey Lisa...Sounds like you had an awesome weekend...and little baby Trevor is very lucky to have a Mom like you to take care of him.

I have never tried ediets so I cant help you there. Let us know if it something worth looking into.

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: home made chili con carne
dinner: baked salmon with potat and carrots
snacks: applesauce, yogurt
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

Have a great day


05-25-2004, 12:15 PM
Hello everyone.

Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about your exam. I know how painstaking that must have been for you. Especially with only missing it by 5 points. I am sure things will work out for the best. As much as I try to finish school, I keep telling myself that I am supposed to be doing other things in life. If it is meant to be, it will be.
I too went to see Shrek II this weekend, if you all haven't gone, you must go, it is hysterical.

I know that Adkins works, but I just couldn't continue to do it. It really made be breakout all over my face, and I just wasn't comfortable eating those types of foods. So I am really trying to stick to the weightwatchers plan, and counting my own points. I have to get back to a meeting to learn about the new flex points.

Cyan, Congrats on the loss. You are doing great, I am so proud of you. I am so bummed that I can't work out yet, because of my back, but I have to keep optimistic because I get lazy when I don't. I had to give in this morning, and I bought a cup of coffee with a donut. I haven't had one in a while.

Little treats are good, no?
Cjunk, I so have to get into your schedule of outdoor activity. It doesn't come natural to me, but I have to make it. I have a 5 year old boy, it should I think I am gonna get out more with him and start running around again.

You all have a great week and I will check in later.

05-25-2004, 03:16 PM
Hi Everyone,

A quick hello-taking a break from my desk as it has been so busy I haven't yet had time for lunch today. I am off to buy a salad but came here first to check in. Went away this weekend to Ottawa and went whitewater rafting on Saturday--it was raining but okay because we were all in wetsuits and getting splashed a lot anyways. Loads of fun. Brought up the mountain bikes and went on their trails as well and biked about 20 kms to the water and back to the campsite. Yesterday I did nothing while I let my shoulders and legs recover from the weekend. Also ate like a pig but was active all day each day so I think it balanced itself out okay and I am not worried. Supposed to play baseball tonight but it looks like we will get rained out.

Today has been hard as lots of sitting. The drive home was difficult too yesterday with 5 hours in the car sitting. I can't wait to get up and move!!

My pants are all starting to fit again so I think I am getting back to normal weight although I would like to be a bit lighter. I will have to stop eating junk food which I am not very good at. Finding my appetite is not as big this time of year so that makes it easier. Man was I ever eating a lot over the winter!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their rainy weekends!! Hope some of you had sunshine!! In Ontario it was pouring all weekend for the most part!!

Cyan, congrats on the weight loss--how exciting!! All that walking pays off big-time! Lisa and Reina--a big hello to both of you and more to type when I have a bit more time!!


05-26-2004, 01:32 PM
Happy Wednesday Ladies

I didnt exercise last night but I will tonight..I have decided if it will be pilates or cycling.

I got caught up slow cooking my beef vindaloo...tonight's dinner...cant wait!

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: reduced cal peanut butter on whole wheat bread 2 slices
lunch: turkey deli sandwich on whole wheat
dinner: beef vindaloo
snacks: yogurt and applesauce
beverages: diet soda, water and tea

Hey Cjunk..I know what you mean about eating a lot during winter..I fall prey to that too. the colder it is the more comfort food I want to eat...yeesh.

Reina ...It took me 4 years to finally get it right...I tried just about every plan out there...finally I have settled on my own which is an amalgamation of all the ..I have finally gotten my binge eating under control and I have switched to diet sodas...also, no more fruit juice..I eat the fruit instead... I dont eat white bread anymore...whole grains, sour dought, black or whole wheat. I have sugarless icecream when I want a desert...really cuts down on the calories. Putting together all of these changes had finally gotten me to lose weight without feelind deprived. Because if I feel deprived...I wont stay on the program and I will binge.

Have a great day


05-26-2004, 01:36 PM
I also have low fat treats like pudding...when I really want chocolate..I go for dark chocolate...I use stevia in my coffee...skim milk is what I drink when I have milk...low fat feta is very is low fat parmesan...skim milk mozzarella is good too. No more brie or other fatty foods. I really like sugarless applesauce...very tasty and the best is the frozen berries I buy from Costco...I eat them somewhat frozen and it's like sorbet but without the added sugar.

I plan on trying splenda when I bake instead of real sugar...I will let you know how that turns out the next time I bake something.

Just a list of changes I have made this year starting March


05-27-2004, 09:33 AM
Hi everyone,
Lisa, how did your appointment go with your instructor?? I hope it went well. Reina, I am with you on treats every once in a while. We have to allow ourselves that or else we will just give up and go for it all at once! At least I would!! Cyan, what is beef vindaloo??? You have got me curious!! Well I haven't done anything physical so far since Monday. My game was cancelled Tuesday because of rain. Today I plan to go mountain biking for a bit when I get home as I am feeling very lazy the last few days. The weather just hasn't been cooperative!! Reina, have you ever taken your 5 year old son to a rock climbing gym?? Kids just love that!! Adults do too and I think you might find it is not as adventurous as it sounds as they have lots of protective gear.

Talk to you all soon,

05-27-2004, 11:55 AM
My Mom had a bad night...she didnt want to take her meds...she has alzheimers and she was very aggressive to say the least. She gets that way sometimes...I can only imagine what it must feel like to have such a horrible illness. I hope I dont get it when I get older...after experiencing what it does to a person...very cruel to say the least. The only consolation is that she is not fully aware of the progression of the illness.

Anyway, it was 1 am before I got to sleep. I sure do hope she is in a better mood today when I get home from work. My Dad is ready to have her placed because he says at his advanced age, he can nolonger take care of her. I am not sure how I feel about this...I am not ready to have her placed. She is still ok in terms on continence and getting dressed and once I coach her to wash up, she does it. But if she continues not wanting to take her meds...well ...thats another would be negligent on our part to keep her at home in those conditions. I am hoping it is just a phase and that it will pass.

I cycled last night for 20 minutes before her that is good. I had Beef Vindaloo for was very tasty but a little on the heavy side in terms of spice. So I felt off all I had a brick in my stomach... I hope I can move it on out of my system fast...if ya know what I mean. I still weigh 166...even with all the vindaloo...very strange.

I am still aiming for 165...which I hope to be my next monday...I am working hard...staying within my calories range.

Meal Plan for today
Breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
Lunch: smoked salmon with grilled vegetables and salad
dinner: whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce and a bit of parmesan
snacks: yogurt, apple and maybe mixed berries
beverages: water, tea and diet soda

exercise: pilates

Have a great day


05-27-2004, 06:36 PM
You have got a good program going there for you. Consolidating all the diets into one, and it's working for you. That's the way to do it. I am sorry to hear that you mom isn't doing too well again.
I hope you can get her back on her meds.

Cjunk, I haven't taken Alex to the rock wall, that is something I want to look for here. More stuff geared to his age. That really sounds cool, so I must try that. I want to ride a bike again, but I have a bad fear of them, since I was younger, some guy in a car grabbed me while riding my bike and sped away and then let me go and I went flying off my bike and fractured my elbow and arm. Since then, I haven't gotten on a bike.

I bought an exercise ball today, so I am gonna try all the leg exercises, since I can't do anything that would strain my back. I will let you know what I think of it.

I am off for a 4 day weekend, so you all have a great one, and I will check in later.

See ya.

05-29-2004, 06:16 PM
Hi, everyone--sorry I haven't been in for a while. I forgot how hard the last few weeks of the school year are--trying to wrap things up, deciding what needs to get done and what can be skipped, starting to get grades ready. I've learned there is a whole lot of paperwork involved in teaching elementary that I never had in high school--administrative stuff, that is. Not to mention the stacks of papers I'm trying to get graded before the end. I still have an end-of-the-year reading test to give and grade. I just graded the recent unit test--took me a week! :spin: And there are still the five or so discipline problems in my class that I'm trying to keep under control, plus dealing with the usual parents. There also are end-of-the-year activities that my older daughter is involved in that also bring more traveling, time usage, etc. All in all, I'm pretty stressed out :stress: --not making very good food choices as a result. Last weigh-in was last week. I was one pound up--159 lbs. I tend to pick cookies as a snack. :cookie: The stress is also causing me to have a bit of trouble with my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Stress worsens the symptoms of that condition. I tend to get very unsure of myself and very perfectionistic, checking to be sure that I filled out forms correctly and imagining that I have made a mistake on this project or that one, rechecking to be sure I did it right, and imagining catastrophe if I didn't :yikes: --stuff like that--basically ruminating on details and feeling quite anxious a good part of the time. I tend to find a possible mistake to dwell/obsess on, :stars: which will stick in my mind for an extended period. In addition to my prozac, to deal with it, I use a type of behavior therapy which I was taught--because my brain is basically physically stuck in an anxious mode when I get like this--because of too much stress. I look for an activity that makes me feel good, :goodvibes and I focus on it as fully as I can for a solid period of time--and then the anxiety and rumination usually fade, at least for the time being. I may have to repeat the process often if the rumination and worry come back. The worst thing I can do is to buy into my anxiety, because then I just get more and more anxious. Believe me, when my last day at work--June 15--comes, I'll be a happy girl. Then it's two months off!!! :dance: I'm going to take good care of myself, and get my food and brain back in order. I get concerned about myself when I have an OCD attack, because I have been very sick in the past with it, even disabled a couple of times. I've come a long way with this disease--had it since I was 8 but only diagnosed when I was 28--nearly 20 years ago, and it usually doesn't play much of an active role in my life, but it still worries me when I have symptoms because I remember the difficult times.

Cyan, I am so thrilled at your success these days. What you are doing is helping me remember that I can get back to it--that I am just going through a difficult time right now.

Lisa, I hope everything with your grades works out for you. I know how hard it is when you have worked so hard for something, and you are short of your goal. Don't be too hard on yourself, though. I never could have coped with going to school AND having a new baby at the same time. You're amazing to even be able to fit the two in. Don't sell yourself short. You are doing great.

Well, I've got to go. I cut the grass this morning--good body and mind therapy--while hubby did the grocery shopping and mailed the bills. I messed up our state income tax this year and had to send amended returns to the states of Illinois and Indiana--remember I used to work in Indiana?--so he mailed those too. I also have graded 4 sets of papers today and taken a nap. Hubby and girls are going to the movies and dinner tonight. I am going to church and have the evening to myself. I will probably grade a few more papers and then find something mindless but interesting on TV. That is one of my OCD focusing activities. After school is out, we are going to get satellite TV. Right now we don't even have cable, but hubby wants to watch NASCAR every weekend, not just what is on the network. I'm sure I'll like what's on it too.

Well, I'm really going now. See you all later.

05-31-2004, 03:01 PM
Happy Memorial Day fellow american friends...

I had a very bad food day on saturday...after working for 2 1/2 hours on my car...washing, vacuuming and waxing..very detailed...we went out for chinese food...bad bad bad

We ordered baked soft shell crabs...they were battered and fried instead...we ordered steamed ginger lobster..they were battered and fried...we ordered fried calimari...general tao chicken...egg roll and won ton soup...I plugged it all in to fitday...close to 2000 cals ingested on I didnt lose a pound so I didnt make my goal of 165...ack

So I will be dilligent for the rest of this week

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: bran cereal with skim milk
lunch: ham sandwich on whole wheat pita
dinner: chili con carne..home made
snacks: yogurt, banana, and applesauce
beverages: water, tea and diet cola

exercise: pilates

Have a great day


05-31-2004, 07:33 PM
Happy Memorial Day. Well, yesterday was a great food day for me. I did very well. Today we had a church picnic and they had fried chicken, YUMMY, so of course I had 4 drumsticks. Then I had 2 deviled eggs. Yummy. Then I had some coleslaw and some other salad...not sure what it was. YUMMY. Then....well, I had 3 cookies, then a chocolate chip cookie bar, then some fruit...then a snickerdoodle cookie...Well, it just went downhill from there. Oh well. I told my hubby that it was Memorial Day so I was rememberbing what it was like to Eat yummy bad food. Tonight we're having steak and pea salad so that will be okay. Hubby is cooking out on the grill.

I hope you all have a great holiday and I'll chat more tomorrow!!


06-02-2004, 12:10 PM
Hey girls! Where is everyone? I was thinking of having a summer challenge of some sort. Any interest? Also...we should consider starting a new thread as this one is LONG!!!


06-02-2004, 02:01 PM
Hey Lisa

Good idea on starting a new thread..go for it.

I have been on a mini plateau so I am still at 166..ack ack I have combined pilates and cycling last night and hope to do the same today.

Wish me luck

Hey Lisa...what happened with the school...did they revise your 6points?

Meal Plan for today
breakfast: carnation breakfast with skim milk
lunch: seafood salad with chickpeas
dinner: tuna salad with side salad
snacks: 2 nectarines and 2 peaches
beverages: water, tea and diet soda

Exercise: pilates and cycling

have a great day


06-02-2004, 05:54 PM
Hey, ladies! I'll do the honors and start the new thread as long as I'm here! Look for Diet, Exercise & Support #8. See you there! Barb