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03-23-2004, 08:25 AM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, friendhship and support devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families. We strive to win the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better

03-23-2004, 08:36 AM
Good morning!!!
I hope everyone has a great morning......a wee bit less stressful than mine! ;)
Sorry, not really any time to get personal at the moment as I have yet to drive the kiddies in. And there has been some trouble on my route- will save that for another time. But my supervisor has totally backed me, and I have done nothing wrong- just some hormonal moms who got upset because I had to discipline their monsters. I am such a meany!!!!

Michele- Welcome!!!!!!!I really look foward to getting to know you. We are all on this weight loss journey and this group of ladies is wonderful. I love them all and hope you will come to love them too.

Jackie- I am in for the challenge......congrats on facing the scale. that is the first step. I have to face that I hardly journalled this week- probably gained and WI is tomorrow. But we are in this together, right?????

As for sewing, I have a basic kenmore machine. I will sew anything- but mostly home dec stuff and dresses for Dd.
Gotta go !!! Have a great day and sorry for being so abrupt this am!

03-23-2004, 08:55 AM
HI Ginny,
Thanks for starting the new thread :)
I think if the mommies have problems with you disciplining there kids, maybe they need to get up and bring there kids to school. I know if Hunter rode the bus I would expect him to be well behaved and if not, the driver should discipline him. His teacher does, so what is the difference!
Hope things will get better with that!!!

You are going to do great! We are all in this together!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your tan yesterday.

How are you doing with your ear???

My hubby bought me a sewing machine a year ago, but I am not very good at it at all. My mom usually sews my curtains and valances for me b/c I can't do it. I have made pillows for Andrew's room and my bedroom but that is as far as I can get.

My biggest hobby is scrapbooking! I love it! A while back, I bought the big travel case and organizer containers to put all my stuff in. :)

I have not even faced the scale because I know it is not going to be nice to me :( I am hoping things will get better. I am still spotting and not sure if I am on my period or not :( It is not getting heavier just sporatic (sp???)

Gotta go to the doctor this morning for my blood pressure and gotta bring Andrew in for blood work. I will not be back until later this afternoon.

Have a great day,

03-23-2004, 09:32 AM
Mornin"! Welcome Michelle!!! I am Candy, mom to Sean who will be 5 in May and Kylie who will be 3 in June. I am 5' 7" and have just reached my 20 lbs lost point. Congrats on getting to the Y!!! We are really looking forward to getting to know you!

Melinda, did you tell us how the wedding went and how JW did on his first night alone? Sorry if you did, but I have the worst time remembering things from the last thread. I inherited my hubby's grandmother's old singer sewing machine. It is absolutely gorgeous but I think it needs tuned and I am clueless with sewing machines. My mom sewed everything when I was growing up and wanted to teach me but I had absolutely no interest and refused to even watch her. Now, I would love to get into quilting. I have all the supplies (I'm also one of these "get excited about new hobbies, buy stuff and don't do anything with it after a week" type of people!) Anyhows, once I quit working, I plan to take it more seriously. I am gonna be one busy woman when I quit working!!! (Quilting, scrapbooking, gardening, homeschooling...) Anyhows, did you get in a workout yesterday?

Penny, sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. Hope today will be better. My ear is the same. I almost killed myself yesterday by putting some alcohol in it. I had to take a pain pill and lie down it hurt so bad. I had done it a couple times before and it hadn't hurt so I assumed the cuts had healed but I must have opened the cut somehow. Anyhows, I have decided that I am not going to think about it anymore. It has to heal eventually, right? I can't go around with a bubble in my ear for the rest of my life, can I? Anyhows, I got my first period back when my kids were around 6 months old. It really stinks but I'm glad yours waited a little longer. My first one wasn't very heavy so you may not have more than some spotting. That is probably what has contributed to your recent off-planness though! Those hormones can really do a number on you. Hope everything goes well at the dr and maybe you can give me some ideas with scrapbooking. I'm a newbie!

Ginny, hope everything goes ok today with the route. Sorry you have had some problems with parents lately. It still amazes me that there really are parents out there that believe their children can do no wrong. I sure hope things slow down soon for you!!! Seems you have been going non-stop lately!!!

Geri, hope your class goes well today and isn't too boring! What kinda stuff you gonna be sewing? And congrats for maintaining on TOM week!!!

Spryng, who watches your kids while you tan? My kids have been wanting to see Cat in the Hat but I haven't gotten around to it yet. We watched Secondhand Lions the other night. WONDERFUL movie!!! It was so gooooood!!! I guess I liked it huh? I hardly remember hearing about it while it was at the theaters, it is only PG, which is probably why but it was such a good movie. It is one of those movies that I find myself laughing about stuff from the movie a couple days later. I like happy movies that make me feel good and this one definitely did. Ok, so enough about that. Regarding your laundry room, that is such a husband for you!!! My dh has put off so many projects that need to be done. If he was only home twice a month I would never get him to do anything around the house!!!

Today is laundry day so I better get off here and get something done. Hi Ricci! Jackie it was nice to hear some info about you! You are gonna look so good for your reunion!!! Hope everyone has a great day! HI to anyone I missed!!!

03-23-2004, 11:08 AM
Good morning all!
Jackie, I am so glad to see another post from you. I think once you dust that bike off and get back on it your weight will fly off of you. You used to be so good at it you could surf the net and ride at the same time! What diet are you on? I am routing for you!!
Candy, I am exactly like you when it comes to hobbies. I get bored after a week or so and quit. Of course I used to be like that with diets too, so I guess things can change ;) And DH's cousin tans also so she meets me at the salon (which is about 3 minutes from here and on her way home from work) so she sits in the van with my kids while I tan. It was her that got me interested. She has 4 kids and knows what it means to do something for yourself so she asked if I would like to tan and she would watch the kids for me. So I was thrilled at the prospect. She is a sweet woman. And the only one I'm really friends with on DH's side of the family. SO we get to spend a little time with each other everday, I enjoy that.
Penny, I say skip the scale and just stay OP and WI next week. If you know it's going to be depressing don't put yourself through it. Sometimes it is a wake up call to WI and see the numbers go up and it can re-motivate you to get back OP and try harder, but for some it does the opposite (like for me) and crushes your spirit and makes you want to run into the kitchen for solace. But hang in there... you WILL get back OP and weight will come off again.
Ginny, you can discipline my kids anytime!! :) I don't know why mothers would be against bus drivers doing that. But I guess alot of parents don't want to think their kids are monsters for other people. Denile. I know my kids can be monsters. I hope today is better for you. Oh, and I'm sending you that dvd today. Sorry it has taken me so long to mail it. I kept forgetting to buy an envelope for it and then misplaced it, etc. But I have it all together now and I'll swing by the postoffice while I am out.
Ok, I need to hit the shower and then hit the town for groceries. So I will talk with you all later!!

03-23-2004, 01:03 PM
Welcome, Michelle - I am Melinda, SAHM to John Wesley - 7 months. I am in the same boat as you and Jackie. I need to lose about 40 pound, but want to focus on 20 at a time. I have been up and down the last month. I am member of a gym too, I try to get 5 to 6 workouts a week. We look forward to getting to know you.

Ginny - I don't know what is wrong with kids these days. I have no problem with others disciplining with they act up. Boy have things change. I remembered getting popped on the bottom b/c I acted up on the bus and I turned out all right.

Penny - Hope the dr does not make you wait to long. Do you take the kids with you? I have my 6 month visit on Friday, my mom will take care of JW. Took me a month to get the appt. When I was preg, high priority, now just a reg patient.

Candy - No I did not get a workout in yesterday. Did the precor this morning though. JW did fine with my mom. We did not know anyone at the wedding. We left the reception before the bride and groom b/c it was 2 hours after the reception and they still had not shown it. She did see me at the wedding, so I will give her a call once she is back home.

Happy Tuesday and On Program Day, Ladies!


03-23-2004, 04:22 PM
Hello again!
Quiet day around here. Everyone must be busy having fun!! I can hope anyway. :) Well I got my shopping done. Thankfully. Had subway for lunch, it was very tasty and plan on soft tacos for dinner. What is everyone else having?
Well I just took an excedrin for my headache so I'm going to lie down for awhile and see if it will work. TTYL!

03-23-2004, 04:53 PM
I got an e-mail from my old office today. The girl they hired to replace me walked out Thru. They were having problems with her day 1, but I had to be put on bed rest so they needed someone fast. They want me to consider helping them out. I don't have the details but they said that it would be worth my while. I was an office manger for a psych office. I am thinking I can do most of it from home and go into the office once in awhile. It depends on what kind of offer they can give me. My mom lives in town and would jump on the chance to take care of JW. Candy, what do you think? You seem to be able to do it all. Anyway, need to vent somewhere.

Having a pretty good on program day as I make JW green beans, potatoes, and carrots. I freeze them in ice cubes, so that I have a supply. Baby food is so expensive. Maybe I do need to get back to work.


03-23-2004, 05:40 PM
Good afternoon all :wave:

Melinda, I hope you get a good offer from work so that they don't get your hopes up for nothing. If I could find something to do at home I would try it. Of course I would have to do it all at night after Dh got home form least for now. The kids most of the time have been pretty good about letting me exercise, but they get kind of antsy when I get on-line for too long. You're very ambitious making the baby food! I'm way too lazy to do it. I have been trying to give Tony more table food when I can. At first he wanted nothing to do with the new textures but he's getting much better. All depends what we're eating.

Spryng, I have no idea what's for dinner and it's 3:27!! I had better figure out something! Dh is working OT tonight so I don't have to make a meal. I'll probably finish up the veggie barley soup that I made yesterday with some type of sandwich. My friend emailed me a low fat crock pot cookbook but I have yet to look at it! If it's any good I'll forward it to anyone who wants it. I think she said the WW points are there for each recipe. It's like 200 pages long so I can't print and mail it to you! By the way, did you get your exercise in last night????? Huh?????????? :drill: This morning I did the 30 minute balance ball tape. It's like 57 degrees here so I took both boys in the double stroller and walked a couple of miles. I may sit on the ball again later while I watch TV or I may be too tired from being outside :D We'll see.

Jackie!! Nice to see you posting again...stay with us and we'll help you get ready for the reunion! I'm 5' 9" so a little taller, but a little more over the 200 mark :o . I'm shooting for 170 and if I feel like I can maintain less I'll go for it. I look pretty darn good at 170 though! Could be more firm though.

Ginny, tell those mothers I said :censored: ! All kids have the ability to be brats! It's human nature and if the bus driver feels the need to discipline their child, then so be it! I would love to see any one of them do your job just one day!

Candy, the seminar was about dealing with change. They talked about the grieving process that goes with losing you job...we knew about it for a year so by the time it was all done I was celebrating, not grieving :lol: The speaker was an older black ladie and she was hilarious so the time flew by. I don't have many sewing plans...I have a christmas tree wall hanging/quilted thing that I may make for the Christmas presents. Otherwise, just stuff for around the house or to finish up some of the other quilts I have started :o . I have been using alot of my scrapbooking stuff to make birthday cards...only for my good friends who would appreciate them. Haven't done too much scrapbooking. I have 1 page done for Tony and stopped at Will's first Christmas :p I'll catch up when they're older, right???

Penny, good luck at the Dr and also on the scale! Even if it's up, you can take care of it this week right! When do you find time to scrapbook?

My mini goal for this week is not to snack after dinner. I was doing excellent with it until this past week...I'm sure due to TOM but want/need to get out of the habit NOW! Last night it was teddy grahams...could have been worse. If I grab anything it had better be a piece of fruit. :( I CAN DO THIS!

Gotta scoot...Will's starting to get naughty 'cause I've been posting too long...if I missed anyone, I'm terribly sorry! Have a great OP evening and I'll check back with you later.

03-23-2004, 06:45 PM
Never thought I would be back today, but here I am!!!!
Candy- golly, that ear is still bugging you??? Forgive me for being brain dead and not remembering the last thread(you are not alone, there!) did you make it to the ENT? How did that go? BTW- I too bought all the stuff for making a quilt.......never made one though....... :lol: It collects dust.

Geri- good luck with your mini goal. I am sure that will work for you!!!!! Hang in there and post here to avoid the nite eating. Glad time flew by with that seminar. Scrapbooking looks like fun, but I know for me I have to attempt to limit myself, I have the natural tendency to be a craft junkie.

Melinda- tread carefully- but working at home can really be nice. I used to be (until 2 years ago when I took up bus driving) a self employed technical writer, and did most of my work at home. Nice- because you are mostly at home. Not so nice- as sometimes there are some late nights (noone appreciates that a child might be sick, and the housework still has to get done and sometimes it is hard to maintain focus on being an employee or a mom.....the list goes on and on.) Sounds like a good offer- make sure they reward you well for your work.

Spryng- hope the subway was yummy and the headache is gone!!! :D

Penny- hope your bp was ok! Are you on meds for it? As far as the scale goes, even Weight Watchers allows an occasional week off the scale (they give you a coupon for that) and sometimes it is a healthy thing to do. Might be best just to regroup and focus on a great WI next week!!!!!

Thanks to all of you for the encouraging words about my bus monsters. I was so discouraged yesterday, despite that my boss gave me a great progress review and his rebuttal to the crabby mommy letter totally supported me. The unfortunate thing is I know that there are some really awful bus drivers out there (not bad drivers, but nasty personalities) and I have always prided myself on not being that way. This one stop, the Mom's basically and roast me for dinner-if you know what I mean. I would love to have anyone of them sit beside me for a day- and just observe all the nonsense in the bus and on the road.....might change thier tune a bit. But, fortunately today there was an after school activity at school- so except for the one student at that stop whose mom did not sign the crummy letter- I had a very peaceful run home. Guess the Lord knew I needed that!! (thank you!)Gotta go get dinner on......had a whole leftover lasagna from the party so it is an easy nite for me. Oh, I am having WW ravioli, my FAVORITE!!!!! Only 4 points............yum. Have a great nite.And thanks for letting me vent.

03-23-2004, 07:40 PM
I will check back later when I have time to post.....

Just wanted to say we are having breakfast for supper :)

03-23-2004, 08:41 PM
Good evening all!
Penny, I have yet to try breakfast for dinner :) My kids would love it though, I'm just not much of a breakfast person. I have to make myself eat it every morning or I would skip it on a regular basis.
Ginny, sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. I didn't realize mothers were signing some kind of letter. how terrible. And yes, my subway was great! And my headache did go away. I rarely get them but I was a bit stressed this morning so I'm sure that is what brought it on. But one excedrin kicked it. Oh and the nap didn't hurt either, lol. I hope tomorrow is better for you and your WI goes great too!
Geri, I have that cookbook too! I haven't made one recipe from it either. I forget about it. But I did get my new cookinglight magazine yesterday and there are a few recipes I want to try in it for next week. And no.... I didn't exercise yesterday. I really wanted to but I didn't make time for it. I know... excuses excuses. I will really try hard tonight to get some in.
Melinda, that job opportunity sounds great! When do you have to decide when to take it or not? I'm sure the pay would be better than the tanning salon. I never really made my kids babyfood. I do however make portions for Tanner in the food processor of what I cook for dinner. He's gotten to where he hates all baby food because of it being bland, but will eat the veggies and such off my plate so I just take a medly of what I make for dinner and throw it all in the food processor until smooth and then he eats it very well. And I also have extra for lunch the next day and such. I enjoy it.
Well, dinner here was good. I tried the boca crumbles for the first time and I think I like them better than the morningstar farms. The point value is the same but the boca has a better meat flavor to them. The kids ate it up. Tanning went well also. Tomorrow I get to up my time to 8 min, my tan is starting to really reveal itself, it's so exciting!! lol, pathetic I know.
Well, I'm going to put some pj's on and start getting ready for american idol. Have a great evening all!!

03-23-2004, 10:08 PM
Ginny, glad today was better for you but sorry you had to deal with those disgruntled moms. There's nothing worse than being accused of being a certain way when you go out of your way not to be that way. Been there, done that and it is not fun. Anyhows, I did go to the ENT and they sliced open my eardrum and suctioned it out but there is still stuff in there. It feels like I have a bubble in my ear. But, I'm trying not to think about it!!! Hope dinner was good and you got some relaxation this evening!

Geri, glad your seminar was not boring this time. And you go girl with your walk and your ball! I really have to get back to exercising. Have fun with your new sewing machine when it gets here.

Melinda, if your husband will be very supportive in helping out with JW in the evenings and you are committed to working weekends, evenings and early mornings and having a not so neat house, then it should be no problem. If it does work out that you could work from home, it would be really hard at first but as JW got older it would get easier. Then too you have to think about whether or not you are going to have another baby. It was super hard for me being pregnant, taking care of Sean and working full time from home. But it is definitely worth every minute I don't have for myself to be able to be home with them.

Spryng, glad you got your shopping done and got your tanning in. I've never seen boca crumbles, we only have MSF's here. In most things I like MSF's better but there are a couple of Boca items we like. Have you ever tried the MSF's Parmesan Ranch Chik Patties? They are sooooo good! We eat them as a chik sandwich with lettuce and mayo. That is one of my kid's favorites. Hope you enjoy Idol tonight.

Penny, breakfast...yum! We do that sometimes too. In fact, they had pancakes and MSF's sausage links for dinner last night. My dh made the pancakes and I just can't eat his pancakes. He likes crepes and he makes them soooo thin. I like a little fluff in my pancakes. How did the dr go today?

Ricci, where are ya? Have you applied at the Tanning Salon yet?

Andrea, how's things going for you? How is dh enjoying the new job? Still thinking about moving to Detroit?

Well, today was laundry day. My helper really drove me crazy today. She was not too nice to my kids and they really look forward to her coming. She apologized on the way home but I'm sure that was because I got on to her at the house. Definitely time for her to find a job!!! Anyways, I got some stuff done today but still have a lot of catching up to do from being sick. Right now I'm exhausted and I've got some clean sheets calling my name. Hope everyone has a good night!!!

03-23-2004, 10:30 PM
Thanks for the job advice! I just received an e-mail. I will call them tomorrow and see what is going on. If I do decide to do it, I would only do it part time until they get someone new, so it would not be permanent. I probably can manage to do it part time, temp. I will find out and let you know when I get more details.

Dinner was a stuffed brocoli chicken that I bought from Costco. It was all right, tasted like it was frozen. Also had spring mix salad, boy am I sick of that. Took some potatoes from the batch I made for JW.

Spryng - I just steamed and food process, it really doesn't take much time at all and it is much cheaper than baby food. JW eats everything, so he has no problem with the bland. Actually, plain potatoes are not that bad. Dh disagrees.

Watching American Idol tonight. I am going to check out the website to see the contestants. I have not watched it this season.


03-23-2004, 10:42 PM
Hi Ladies,

I am going to hit the bed early tonight.
Just a little upset
I promise to address everyone in the morning.

Andrew's iron tests come back this evening and they are still low. So they scheduled an appoinment in the morning to consult with me. I am just hoping things are not getting bad to worse again :(

We will see.......

I will talk to you all tomorrow

03-23-2004, 11:47 PM
Penny, hope things work out with Andrew :( . I will say a big prayer for him tonight.

Melinda, hope the job offer is good :D

Candy, sounds like it's time to dump the laundry helper. I would rather have piles of laundry than put up with some teen's crap :devil: ! you exercise in your jammies?????? :drill: :cheer: :coach: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8!! I watched Idol again tonight too. Most did well. I don't like John Peter Louis or the Hawaiian chick with the lower voice..can't think of her name. Amy the pink haired one did excellent tonight. Diana is still my fav!

Ginny, craft junkie :lol: :lol: That's me! Last year for my birthday I got the Sizzix die cutter...LOVE IT but you have to buy all the dies separately. I only get them when I have a 40 or 50% off coupons. I should look on EBAY for them! Glad your driving went better today. We have one of those really bad drivers here in WI. He hit a kid who is disabled :mad: . Can't remember what the outcome was.

Ricci -- where are you? I think it's been a day or two since we heard from you! Have you heard from the salon yet?

Didn't do any more intentional exercise except to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors tonight. Now I'm wiped and I'm heading off to bed.

Talk to you all tomorrow. I think it's supposed to rain so we'll be stuck inside. Ginny, we're sending the warm weather your way asap! They're saying 60's soon! :sunny:

Hello to anyone I may have missed.


03-24-2004, 01:13 AM
Hello again!
GERI!!!! I don't know how you knew but you got my butt in gear and I got my workout in. 20 min of intense pilates!!!! I was coming to bed and decided to see if anyone posted and I read your post and there you were telling me how could I exercise in my jammies and you were right, I had no intention of exercising after I put my pj's on this evening. But you made me feel guilty because I promised to get in a workout today so I got out of this chair, turned all the lights back on and did my workout and boy do I feel better now! Thank you so much! You are just what I needed tonight. I've just been so unmotivated lately to workout, but I know I really really need it because even if I get to my goal weight I'm still going to be unhappy with my body because it isn't toned and that is something I can change. Thank you!!
Penny, I know you must be worried sick. Let us know what happens and if you ever need to talk you have my number or email me if you like. I'll be thinking of you constantly.
Melinda, sorry I got you confused with Ricci on the salon job. I don't know why I thought it was you trying to get on at the tanning salon. I must be brain dead. I know what you mean about baby food being so expensive. It's ridiculous. I don't buy much of it anymore though.
Candy, no I haven't tried those ranch chik patties yet. I've seen them though. I do like chicken sandwiches. I'll have to try them soon. I'm finding I like boca products better than MSF. I don't know why. Maybe because they are cheaper?? :?: Not sure. Sorry about your helper driving you crazy today. Maybe she is going through a rough time at home or school? I know she didn't act that way towards you and your kids before all these recents incidents so maybe something is going on. But I agree that if it is bothering you that much it's time for her to work elsewhere.
I did enjoy Idol tonight. I like seeing these people inspired to do pop music try their hand at country! I really enjoyed Denise also. And the girl with the pink hair I thought was the best tonight. Didn't care for the girl who did desperado, or the girl with the flower in her hair. But we'll see who makes it tomorrow night.
Well guess I need to get in bed now. Sleep well everyone! G'nite!

03-24-2004, 08:29 AM
Good morning!

Penny- I am so sorry about Andrew's blood work......I had a week like that last week with Dd's VCUG(which did not come out normal), so I can feel your pain a wee bit. When is the consultation? Do you have any idea what they are going to recommend? I will keep you and Andrew in my is your BP?

Spryng- gee the tan sounds nice.....Glad you got your workout in! BTW- I do my tape in my jammies all the time.

Hey, Geri! Mopping the floor is excercise!!!!! Atleast in my book. I used to say that I waxed my floor with apple juice- if you can catch the humor in that because I had so many spills of it! (one friend actually took me seriously on it too............ :lol: ). Hope you had a nice restful evening.

Melinda- the job sounds good, and once you are set up with them, think of the possibilities (fill in for vacations, overload times....etc) I hope I did not sound too negative before- I wanted to get across that working from home is NOT as easy as it sounds to some (especially Dh's!). But it does have some great advantages. Hope it works out for you.

Candy- duh. I did not remember your saga with getting the eardrum cleaned out. Sorry!!!! How awful that you are still in pain. Hope that goes away soon.

Overslept this walk :(
Gotta get out of here to drive the kiddies. Have a great day!

03-24-2004, 08:37 AM
Hi Everyone,

Congrats on getting the workout in!!!! :jig: :workout: :tread: :cp: :cheer: :dancer: Sometimes a little motivation does the trick! Glad you are getting your tan and getting a little peace, even if it is only for 8 minutes :)

Sorry you had such a ruff day yesterday ;( I am glad you got caught up on some work and hope you had a good night :)

What the heck is a Sizzix die cutter :?: :?: You got me curious so I am going to look it up on ebay! I am a craft junkie too and don't know what the heck that is! Hope your sewing machine is on its way!

Hope you have a better day on the bus today! You can vent here anytime!!!!! ;)

I saw the sewing machine at Target yesterday for $39.00. I was in a hurry with the kids so I didn't really check it out too much. Let us know what happens with the job today

How are you doing??

How are you doing??? I am curious about the salon too!

My blood pressure was boardline 130/90 which is always for me. With my hubby quitting his job, the new insurance wanted info on my high blood pressure, Andrew's kidney disorder and his anemia. So I had to go to the doctor and get current info on it.

I have been on medicine for a long time but I quit after I had Andrew. Don't know why and I guess I should be back on it. I was hoping with the weight going down it would be getting better.

I don't know if I am getting what Hunter got ( I always catch everything the kids do) I am so sick to my stomach this morning. Might be all the stress :(

I did get on the scale this morning like I do every morning and then realized today is the day I record my weight. Well it is down 2 pounds that I gained last week.

I need to get going and wash my hair this morning. Hunter has to be at school at 8 and Andrew's appt is at 8:35 so I will be back later

Have a great ON plan day

03-24-2004, 08:40 AM
I just looked up the Sizzix die cutter. It is kind of like die cuts or punchies??? I use them for scrapbooking. It says perfect for crafts, scrapbooking etc

You got my interest........


03-24-2004, 10:01 AM
Good morning all!
Ginny, are you going to Wi today? I hope it goes well to you and let me know how the meeting is. Do you not sweat while wearing your pj's and working out?? With pilates I don't sweat, I do get hot and the workout is great but I don't sweat like I would with The Firm or something like that. I always have to take a shower to cool down after doing the firm. But that brings me to a question for you all.... What kind of pj's do you normally wear?? (kinda like the makeup question) I am a frilly girl all the way so it's satin or silk, or cute little spaghetti strap tops with matching pants or shorts. I've never been into sweats and such to sleep in. Too confining and hot. I love long silky gowns though, but all of mine are too big now and don't fit right anymore. But I guess that is a good thing! So what do you all wear?
Penny, my DH has high BP too and doesn't take his medicine. Actually now that he is OTR it hasn't bothered him one bit but he should still take it until the doctor says not to. I worry about him tiring out his heart by making it work harder than it needs to. He is only 27 so I want him around for many many more years without heart problems. When do you see the doctor about your son? I hope you get good news. You must be on pins and needles. I'm here for you!! And congrats on getting that 2# back off! Now keep moving forward and you'll get the rest off too. I snuck on the scale this morning also and it's wasn't pretty. I knew I ate way too much this last weekend. So I'll probably see a gain on friday. But it's my own fault. But that is ok... I know it will be gone the following week. Must stay positive!
Well what does everyone have planned for today? I'm just going to clean this house and won't be going anywhere until this evening. It's going to be 75 today!!! In the 80's by the weekend! I am so excited!! What is for dinner? I'll be having baked chicken with red beans and rice. I have an extra kid today. My DH's cousin (the one I tan with) her daughter wanted to stay the night so she came this morning. She is really sweet though (she's 9) and plays great with the kids. I enjoy having her.
Well, gotta go! TTYL!

03-24-2004, 11:30 AM
Hi the kids are jumping all over me so this will be a short one!

Spryng, so glad I could guilt you into exercising! :) Pilates is about the only thing you can do without sweating except maybe the ball. I got a 4 mile walk in this morning and she darn near killed me ;)

Jammies, right now it's a big flannel (no frills) "big shirt" style. For summer it was finally time to replace my oversize knit nightshirts so I bought a lavendar knit sleeveless nightgown...but sometimes I sleep 'au natural' ! Depends how hot it is! I have to have covers though.

Will's got dirty diapers and I have to get them in the tub so we can do some running around. I'll get more personal later!
Penny, congrats on the loss!!


03-24-2004, 11:42 AM
Morning! Spryng, I catch a lot of flack from my friends but I don't wear jammies to bed, only around the house! :) My Dh got me sleeping that way when we first go married and now I just can't stand to have clothes on in the bed. Around the house I wear my flannel pants and sweats. I LOVE sweats. I used to make a big production of putting exercise clothes on before exercising but then it became too much of a chore so now I just exercise in my house clothes. Anyhows, sounds like you have a little helper today. Hope you get lots of cleaning done.

Penny, so sorry to hear about the baby's low iron and you bp. I'm sure as you continue to lose your bp will improve. Ginny, didn't you just experience something like that? I hope things will get less stressful soon! I'm sure that doesn't help! And congrats on the 2lbs gone!!!

Melinda, sounds like you might have a really great job opportunity there. Hope it works out. And I know what you mean about the spring mix. It seems to go bad so quick and I just can't eat it fast enough. I mix it with romaine so it won't be so strong.

Geri, I got tired just reading about all you did yesterday!!! Congrats on getting in all that exercise!!! How 'bout motivating me???

Ginny, hope you get your exercise sometime today! You probably needed that little bit of extra sleep you got!

Well, not much going on here today. If the weather is nice, I might take the kids to the park. I went and bought a new space saver thingy for over the toilet in the main bathroom yesterday and got the bathroom all cleaned up. Even washed the shower curtain. Made my helper hang it back up! I also gave Buddy a haircut. He looks so much better. Mostly smells better. His hair gets so stinky and we were at the point where we were bathing him every night and he was still stinky. Now he doesn't smell at all! Plus he looks so cute! Oh and I was on the news yesterday but I missed it. Someone called my parents and said they saw me. I knew I was gonna be on but with the news here being on from 5pm-6:30pm I didn't know when and of course it was 5pm. Oh well. I just did a little interview at Walmart about the Amber alert. Well, I'm off. Hope everyone has a good day. Oh, and what's for dinner? I think we'll have chik patties with marinara sauce over pasta. It's new from MSF's. I'll let you know how it is. TTYL!!!

03-24-2004, 01:23 PM
Good morning everyone. It's been busy in here the past few days. Let's see if I can remember anything from the last thread.
Ginny- sorry about the trouble on your bus. I have to agree with everyone else, that if it were my kids, I wouldn't have a problem with the driver discplining them. I hope you don't have any more problems with them or their moms.
Candy, I can't belive your still having trouble with your ear. That must really be bad. I can't imagine being in that much pain for that long. What did you say about the Amber alert? Sorry your laundry helper has been such a pain lately. You really don't need that.
Spryng- glad you had a great weekend with dh. I wouldn't worry too much about gaining this week. you have done so well, I doubt there will be a gain. As for pajamas, I too like matching ones. Mine have to be light cotton, or silk or satin. I need a new pair. Someone bought me a pair of spongebob squarepants pajamas last year, but I definately want something else.
Penny- sorry about Andrew. I hope everything works out for him, and you.
Michelle- Welcome. I am Ricci, sahm to two boys, 5 and 3. I am sure you will enjoy it here. These women are wonderful.
Melinda, I hope the job works out for you. It sounds like a great oppurtunity for you.
Geri it sounds like you have done really well OP! Keep up the good work.
As for me, I have been doing well with exercising and food. My mom sold her house, and she is moving over here. She will only be three miles from me now. I have been helping her pack up, thats why I haven't been on here much. I called the tanning salon, and they said this week they were concentrating on the grand opening of one of the other stores, and would be calling people in next week for interviews. Hopefully I will be one of them.
Jackie, sorry I missed you. Hope your having a great day. Have a good day ladies.

03-24-2004, 02:15 PM
Gotta be short, as I had a total moron for a checkout girl at Walmart and it took 30 minutes!!!!!!! (space cadet)

Penny- what meds are/were you on?? My MD has me on lotrel, which has - for me - been fine. No side effects. I have found better control with the weight loss- and lots of excercise. That new higher intensity workout that I do has helped a ton congrats on your 2# loss. Keep up the good work!!!! Hopefully you can stay off meds.

Ricci- how nice your Dm is moving so close!!! (wish I lived that close to mine)
Hope you get that interview with the tanning salon. Sounds like a pleasant job.

Candy- so you are a celebrity, huh????? Too bad we can't all see it. Hope that ear is feeling better. The over the toilet organizer sounds great. Anything to reduce clutter.

Spryng- enjoy the extra kid! SOmetimes they can be fun. Hope you can get some AP's out of that housecleaning....want to clean mine after you are done????? :lol:

Geri- sound like you are having a busy day. Hope it slows down a bit for you.

Ok-got to WW- the meeting was all about "spring training" and getting your workout in. But it was good to be there. I lost a whopping .6#- I'll get there some day.
As far as the jammies go, I am into it is oversized shirts or flannels for me. Sorry to be so boring. When we first got married I tried the frilly stuff and Dh could care less. (did not even notice). So, I opted for comfort.......and stayed there. I know , I am boring.
Gotta go get ready for the afternoon. See ya!!!!!

03-24-2004, 03:47 PM
Hi Ladies,

That is wonderful! I bet you are really excited about your mom!!!! My mother in law lives two houses down and my mom and dad decided to buy land behind us and build a house. So they are building now and we all eat supper together. It is really nice!

Will they show you again??? I bet the kids would enjoy seeing mom on tv!!!!

Hope the kiddos were good in town. And about sleeping in the nude!!!! No way!!! My hubby would be on me like white on rice....... LOL :) :)

Don't you just know it, when you are always in a hurry you get goofy check out people!!!!! I was on aldomet 500 mg 4xdaily and towards the end of pregnancy when I went into the hospital and on bedrest they added a procardia to it. I should be on it now but I just hate taking medicine. I am trying to beat it through exercise diet and weight loss.

Supper sounds great!!! Is the 9 year old not in school?? Nosey i know. LOL Hope she is helping you around the house today and getting work cleaning done. It is a never ending battle! It is 70 here so pretty close to your temps!

I am still not feeling well. Hubby and I have a business dinner tonight with a salesman for his company. So I am hoping to be better by this evening.

My mom is wonderful though! :) She come with me to bring Hunter to school and bring Andrew to the doctor. Then took Nicholas to town with her so I could get some rest. Well, Andrew had other plans but at least I laid down!

Andrew ----
The doctor said his iron was at 25.2 when he was in the hospital and now it is 43 which he said is better. Norm is 45 to 185.2 They have him on the strongest iron he can be on. So he said it is getting better and will have him checked again at one year.

And on the jammy issue. I usually sleep in silk pj bottoms from walmart and tank tops (turned inside outside!) I can't take the tags at night so I turn them inside out :) LOL

I will check back in later :)

Hope everyone is having a great day

03-24-2004, 04:47 PM
Good afternoon all :wave:

Just had to go to the bank to dep the unemployment check (they don't believe in direct deposit...I suppose that would make it too easy :lol: ) then to Walmart for diapers and to McDonalds 'cause Will was soooo good in Walmart. I had veggie soup and a sandwich for lunch.

Penny, sure hope you're feeling better in time for dinner! No fun if you're sick.
Sounds like Andrew has improved so hopefully by a year he will be in the normal range?? Will keep my fingers crossed :crossed:

Ginny, I can't wear the frilly stuff unless I'm willing to put out :lol: ! Seems like it's an invitation to Dh :D I only do that occasionally! Gotta get my sleep so I can take care of the kids you know? BTW, how many AP for :o nevermind!

Spryng, enjoy the nice warm weather! It's in the 50s here but rained this morning and looks like it may again.

Ricci, good to hear from you. My mom's moving about 1.5 miles from me in June! She's only about 15 minutes away now but will be moving to a more affordable senior apartment then. Glad you are doing well.

Candy, a TV star! Can I get your autograph? I was on the news twice..once was weather related and I don't remember what the other one was about...I used to work downtown so they would stop you on the street all the time! It's fun but you end up criticizing (sp?) what you looked like :dizzy:

Tonight is my girls dinner out night. We're going to a place called The Twisted Fork. Looked the menu up on line and am planning on ordering grilled ahi tuna...sounded like a good healthy choice. Hopefully I won't change my mind once I get there! The internet is a wonderful thing if you like to plan ahead.

I may or may not post when I get home...all depends how tired I am. Tony's hanging on me again...wants Mama I guess :D

Hi to anyone I missed!

03-24-2004, 05:27 PM
I meet with my old office this afternoon and the person they hired was a disaster. She walked out and had a friend come it to replace her. She hired her own replacement. How crazy is that? Anyway, they pretty much said that they want me back and that they would take any hours that I could give. They even said the pay is negotiable, however I do need to be in the office so I would not be able to work from home. I spend about 12 hours a week with my mom anyway, so she said she would be fine keeping JW. If I could work it where I go in 2 days, 16 hours a week, that would be great. Still nursing so I would have to pump. But just enough adult interaction where I'd like to work, but not too much away from JW. I told them I would let them know by Friday.

I did get in a workout right before my meeting. Only 33 min on precor. The girl in the nursery is getting married and wanted to see my wedding pic so that took 20 min of my workout.

Have a Happy Wednesday! I will get more personal, once I clear my head.


03-24-2004, 06:55 PM
Good evening all!
Melinda, I hope that job can work with you on hours and days and such so you get what you want out of it. Let us know what you decide!
Geri, 20 min of :o should equal about 1 AP, lol!! :lol3: Believe me I get plenty of AP's when DH is in, LOL. (sorry TMI) Is that twisted fork place italian?? Sounds cool. I'm so jealous you get a girls night out. Is anyone else in your group trying to lose weight? I think it is great that you looked up the restaurant and menu before going... you will do great tonight!!
Penny, no the 9 yo is out of school this week. Spring break. And I wish I was getting cleaning done. I've managed to load the dishwasher once today and that is it. My poor house. I just feel too lazy to do anything lately.
Ginny congrats on the .6 gone!! You WILL get there!! I know you will.
Ricci, sounds like you have been busy! Packing is great exercise. I've done it too many times, hopefully not for another few years now.
Candy, an Au Naturel girl huh? :o I could never get into that. I have to at least wear panties or I feel naked... lol... well because I am!! But not physically naked. It's a weird head thing with me.
Well dinner was great! Now I am getting ready to go tan. I get to up my time to 8 min tonight! I'm excited about that. See how boring my life is? Then when we come home I promised to let the kids make a cake (no frosting though because I am out, but they won't mind) so we'll be making more messes, lol. Then survivor and such is on tonight. So a mellow evening planned out. TTYL!

A&A's Mom
03-25-2004, 12:14 AM
Hey Everybody! :)

I am pooped! I'm having to get adjusted to Dh being gone again. He was home for a 2 wk stretch. He's been gone since Sun and has been to Virginia, New York, Canada, Wis., Utah, Alabama and some other places I can't remember. He is loving it. I on the other hand have not been so happy. I'm starting to think I may be suffering from some depression from the miscarriage and just being alone a lot. My weight has stayed the same. I'm still at 158 so I haven't gained any, but I having a hard time staying o.p. I really want to hit 125 by Aug. 24. (my anniversary) So I have about 30 lbs left to lose. At least I'm down from 170. Anyway, I hope I can be on here more often, I've missed ya'll! Just have had ALOT going on latley. Alex is recovering fine from surgery.

I'm not going to get personal tonight. I'm way to tired to think strait. I'll get personal tomorrow! TTYL!

03-25-2004, 08:08 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!!
Sorry to be short, just have a few minutes. Yesterday ended on a sour note,kids on the bus were awful. Oh, well. Got my walk in this am- boy did I need that!!

Melinda- the job sounds of luck.

Andrea- we were getting worried about you!!!!! Feel free to post/vent any time.

Spryng, Geri, Ricci, Candy, Jackie- hope I did not miss anyone!!! See you later and have a great day.

03-25-2004, 09:55 AM
Ginny - How early does your route start where you are able to walk and post before you work? You must be some superwoman. You didn't sound negative, good to hear all views.

Penny - The sewing machine must have been $39. I will have to look the next time we go there. Congrats on 2 down, that will really help with the bp. The stressful week probably made a difference as well.

Spryng - Have you bought a new suit for that fab tan? I have so many from pre-baby but they are all two pieces. This summer will definitely be a one piece, even if I lose the weight, things don't go back like they use to. Undies and bra (due to nursing) for me. I hope they go back to normal so I do not always have to wear a bra Bought 7 days worth my homeymoon never wore them again.

Andrea - Your body and mind are going thru at lot right now. It is perfecting normal for you to feel depressed. Do something for yourself, even if it is a bubble bath once the kids go to sleep. I think of you often.

Hello to Jackie,Michelle, Candy and Geri.

JW went back to sleep after he woke up at 630. I am planning on going to the gym when he wakes but that is all for today. Oh, I am going to call the office. I am going to tell them that I will work Mon, Wed for 16 hrs total until they find someone to do the job. So it could be 2 weeks to 6 months. Keep you posted on how it goes.

Have a good day! I am going to try to be at chat. It is so great for me, free therapy. I know I say that a lot but it is true.


A&A's Mom
03-25-2004, 10:42 AM
Good Morning! :coffee:

I've had my 2 cups of coffee and now I'm ready to face the day! I'm planning on cleaning out my spare bedroom (my boys room together) and I bought some paint named gaucho (it's a brown-tan color) at WalMart and I'm planning on painting either today or tomorrow. I have also painted my bedroom and the bathroom that connects to it a color called Summer Rie. It's a golden yellow. I also bought it at WalMart. I usually do horrible at picking out paint, but these colors are great! Anyway, it's nice to fix up my house and seems to keep me busy.

Ginny, I'm so sorry about those kids acting so rotten! I'm proud of you for keeping your cool! I would be wanting to yank them up and give them a good spanking! :lol:

Melinda, thanks for your thoughts! Good for you going to the gym. I have a boflex and need to make myself use it! If I would tone now, I would look good by the time I hit goal. Good luck on your job! The extra money will be nice!

Well, I'm going to take a bath and start my day! TTYL!

03-25-2004, 10:58 AM
Good morning all!
Andrea, you have been staying busy! Spring fever has hit you huh? I wish I was painting something this week.
Melinda, no I haven't bought a swimsuit yet. I need to be able to try them on and I can't do that with 3 kids in tow. So maybe when Dh comes in I'll go swimsuit shopping. But I am excited about it! And I am with you, I will definitely be in a one piece, if we had our own swimming pool I'd get brave and buy a two piece but since I have to be around others I'll spare them from that vision, lol. I hope you are able to get to the gym! How long do you work out while you are there?
Ginny, so sorry you had another rotten day driving yesterday. Hopefully today will be better and congrats getting that walk in, it really does help doesn't it?
Andrea, so glad to hear alex is doing well. And hang in there... you can get to your goal you just have to stay focused which is hard to do when life gets crazy. I find it so much easier to be OP when DH is gone. No one to encourage me to eat something I'm not suppose to. I think if he ever got a 9-5 job I would be in trouble... with my weight anyway. But thankfully that won't be happening for several more months and hopefully by then I'll be maintaining my weight.
Well I am off to find and buy a lateral thigh trainer today!!! I know it's not a great gift but it's what I decided to buy for my anniversary. I've been researching it alot and it gets great reviews from users so I would really like one. sells it so I'm assuming it is in their stores too, so I'm off to find one today. Wish me luck!! I'm so excited about this. TTYL!

03-25-2004, 11:39 AM
Starting a new thread...see you there!