Support Groups - Teachers struggling to lose weight #5

03-22-2004, 09:54 PM
Goodbye winter blahs! Hello spring...filled with promise for a healthier future...filled with hope...filled with warm weather and a little wind and rain thrown in for good measure...time for new beginnings...second chances or third, fourth, or however many chances it takes to reach our goals!

Onward and upward!


03-22-2004, 10:01 PM
Hi Summer and Ladies,
I really needed a little pep talk tonight. It was just one of those days when no one wanted to listen and they all just kind of did their own thing. It really makes for a long day when you already don't feel good.
So how was everyone else's day? I hope all is well with everyone.
Here's to wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!

03-22-2004, 10:31 PM
Hey Ya'll! :) Happy Spring....even if it *WAS* below freezing this morning! ARGGGH! :)

Soooooooo ......Today has been a big day! My dh turned 41. (I've been with him since he was 16...YIKES...he is *OLD*!) My puter friend's husband is in ICU, going to have surgery in the morning.... My best friend's youngest got engaged and her oldest found out she was preggers (First grandbaby!) Tis been QUITE the day!

I stayed OP ....until the birthday cake......I was going to skip it....but it WAS german chocolate..and called my name and stuff... and my dh is OLD...and My flowergirl is now engaged...and there's gonna be a baby...and my friend's husband is going to have angioplasty (spelling?!) ! NONE of which are good excuses to eat cake!

I'm going to call it a night. Right here at 9:30!

Take care, my friends! Tomorrow is another day!
I'm going to fit in some exercise in there tomorrow....How about you?! How about a "30 Minute Minimum" Challenge?! I dare you! We have baseball practice tomorrow night...butttttttt.........I *WILL* find time for ME in there! I also will resist the cake wasn't even THAT good...and besides...I've got to fit into some hot dress for this wedding (yet planned...but hey!)

:) take care,

03-23-2004, 10:00 AM
Morning Ladies,
Robyn it is okay once in a while to help someone celebrate their birthday by having a piece of cake. It is not like you planned on eating the whole cake by yourself, right? :) You need to let yourself have a treat everyonce in a while or you will go insane. Trust me on that one. Because then you will build up a craving so bad that you will binge on that food and then really feel like you hit rock bottom. So live a little, gal!
I am planning on going into Curves this afternoon before my meeting tonight at TOPS. That all depends on how the DH is doing after his outpatient surgery this morning. By that time, I just might need some me time. LOL. Well I better go and get my sorry butt in gear for the day.
Have a good day ladies!

03-23-2004, 06:49 PM
I was wondering if anyone here would mind if I stop in on this thread from time to time.
I am not a teacher.....I am (gasp!) a bus driver, but it hit me this morning that we must face a lot of the same issues with students. I live in NY state- and I know that in some areas drivers are not well respected.....and even in my district there are some less than professional individuals. I promise not to drag you down - just might find some refreshing student humor here. (oh, are they rambuncious with spring arriving!)
Thanks for listening........

03-23-2004, 07:08 PM
Welcome Ginny! ....and GAWWWD bless you, girl! My apple pointer is raised to your honor! Not for a MILLION dollars would I attempt your job! ....Let alone do it for what they pay you gals around in my part of Virginia! You are more than welcome to come hang out with those who *understand*! :)

I'm off to baseball practice.....and it is right around 38 degrees...INSANE! When I return I will warm up with weights or the treadmill, can't decide which...BUT, since I've opened my big old trap about moving my fanny...well, I've gotta do it!

I'll check back in to hear how you moved YOURS! :)

ya'll wish me a major about 20 minutes! PLEEEZZZE! :)


03-23-2004, 10:29 PM
Okey...I won't be able to walk tomorrow.... BUT what's done is done.... Hallelujah! It wasn't pretty or coordinated BUT I did my Firm Fat Buster tape. DEARRR GAWWWD! At one point in my life I could have done that darn tape with my heaviest weights and not blinked an eye. I had to shut the thing down and take not 1 but 2 breaks in order to remain ALIVE.... It was U G L Y! But I did it! :)

Tomorrow is another day! What are you going to do with it?

03-23-2004, 11:05 PM
Hi Ginny, Summer and Robyn,
Welcome aboard Ginny! I also have to give you a special blessing. You have a tough job to do too. I know I would not be able to do it myself. With stepchildren, it gets a little wild just driving from the house to the store with them in the backseat. LOL. I don't know if I could handle 50 or 60 of them on a bus for a long period of time.
I am a little depressed tonight. I went to my TOPS meeting and weighed in. I had gained 3/4 of a pound. I don't know how it creeped up on me. I was a good girl last week and watched what I ate and worked out. Oh well, I will try harder next week.
Robyn I did get in 45 minutes of walking this evening after my meeting. I popped in Leslie Sansone's Walking Away the Pounds Express 3 mile tape and sweat my *** off. I felt a little bit better after I did it. So thank you for the challenge yesterday. Tomorrow night after school I am suppose to go to Curves and work out with my one friend. So I will get in another 45 minutes of sweating tomorrow too. Glad to hear that you made it through your FIrm Fat Buster tape. It is okay to take mini breaks. Just think in a couple weeks, you will be flying through that tape in no time without any breaks.
Well I better go and get rested up for my munchies tomorrow. I have to teach my Special Ed. class during the normal school day and then teach the Kindgarten afterschool class. Yesterday I had 15 kids and they were all wound for sound. I hope everyone has a great day at work tomorrow.
Take care!

03-24-2004, 07:56 AM
Thanks for the welcome!!!!!!!

Kar- I attend WW - don't sweat the .75#. Could just be water - pride yourself on a nonscale victory, that you were a good girl last week! Next weeks gonna be better.

Congrats, Robyn on getting the fat buster tape in! You did it! Just keep looking ahead and not behind - (at least I try not to look at my behind, pretty ugly).
I slept thruthis am- usually walk before my family gets up.
Gotta go get ready to face the masses........all 57 of them (61 in the pm).
Have a great day!


03-24-2004, 08:05 AM
Morning Ladies,
Thanks for all the wonderful support from you two. Ginny and Robyn you are angels. I slept on my weight gain and feel much better today. Today is a new day and I am going to get back on track this week and lose. I did it so far for 60 pounds lost and I can do it again for some more poundage lost. I can do it with the help of my wonderful friends on line. Thanks again gals. You have a wonderful day!

03-24-2004, 06:49 PM
My fanny hurts! That's a good thing! :) hehe! Tonight I'm gonna do that darn tape again! ....Tomorrow my fanny shall be *YELLING* thank you at me! ;) I also tend not to wanna look at my fanny!! LOL

Ginny, you're gonna fit in with us just fine! :)
Kar, I didn't know...or perhaps didn't remember....60 pounds! Yahoooo! Yippeee! How wonderful! How long has that taken you? How much more...and of course, Keep it UP!

I'll check in tonight before bed! Make a plan and stick to it!

Thanks for the positive words! They keep me going!

03-24-2004, 09:07 PM
WELCOME GINNY!!! You will fit in here very well...after all, you are at the "front lines" just like us. We should also welcome paraprofessionals, school secretaries, school nurses, cafeteria ladies, etc...since all of us have similar challenges.

I am short on time, so I won't be saying much. I just wanted to drop in to share some good news. I'm sure you remember me complaining about my aide's lack of commitment...and lack of attendance. My new principal told me today that I will get a new aide next year...if she is unable to fire my current aide this year. Our paraprofessional union is very powerful, and to top it off, my aide's mother is the president of the union! It doesn't seem to matter that she has taken 18 sick days since she came back from maternity leave just before Thanksgiving. But, my principal can move her to another school next year and hire someone more reliable for me. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sorry not to reply to anybody. Just know I think about you and care about you all.


03-24-2004, 11:11 PM
Evening Ladies,
I had a wonderful day! I didn't over eat or snack too much. I did have a snack with my boys at school this afternoon. It has take me over 2 years to get were I am at now. The first year I dropped the 40 and then last year I dropped the other 20. So I would like to lose another 80. Time will tell. But I feel much better tonight. I went with a friend and we worked out at Curves tonight. So I worked up a good sweat. Tomorrow evening I think I will see if the one teen from TOPS wants to go for a walk with me. She asked me last night to call her whenever I started to walk outdoors again. So I think I might try to take her up on her offer tomorrow.
That is great news Summer! I have a wonderful aide and won't want to lose her for anything in the world. But some of the subs they get for her when she has to miss are something else. SO I know what you mean with your aide. Well I need to go and get some rest. My kids are getting wilder and wilder as each day passes. Have a wonderful Thursday. We can make it two more days and then the weekend. Yahoo!

03-24-2004, 11:51 PM
I did that darn tape again.... I only cut it off once...and that was to blow my I also sorta caught my breath while taking care of my cold....but...
I did it! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tomorrow will have to be WATP or treadmill cause my arms are about to fall off! hehehee!

My eating was in control. I am in charge. My brain is in charge. I am in charge. I have to keep telling myself that! geesh! WHY is this so hard!

My water bottle is finally empty!

School rant of the day: I have a child who has missed 33 days of school. All but 8 of which have had a note about her being "sick" from the mom. The office / attendance gal is very calm when she says "Well, we have notes for nearly all of her days." My point is that there are *33* days! That is nearly a whole marking period. Last year she missed 50 days of Kindergarten...that is more than a marking period. The year before she missed 47 days of First Step.... I can't get anyones attention about this. NO body seems to think that this many absences for 3 years in a row is remarkable. The worst part......even with 33 days out, this child is somehow maintaining just enough academic progress to get by....however, 2nd grade is going to be a REAL eye opener! Why have attendance laws/rules/ policies if they allow this garbage to go on. Why am *I* the only one who is concerned?

....School rant of the day officially over.... :) Thanks for listening!....

Tomorrow is another day! Make a plan and stick to it!
take care,

03-25-2004, 08:02 AM
Gee,it is so refreshing to see the school rants. I feel as though I will fit in just fine. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Robyn- (forgive my sick humor.......) now your fanny hurts, so you really have a pain in the butt??? Sorry, you are supposed to leave all them at school! Congrats for getting the workout in. How sad about the child missing 33 days of school. Do you think that this student is really sick- or is something else going on?

Summer- congrats on the new aide!!!! I know from my end of the business that a bad aide is worse than no aide at might as well just do it all yourself!!! Something good to look foward to, good for you.

Kar- congrats on your major accomplishment, 2 years !!!!!! Good too getting in that workout, gets rid of all kinds of stress.

I got up this am and got my walk in.......I had to get rid of the stress I was carrying. Last nite my students were awful- or should I say just the ones that I had to write up 2 weeks ago. Now thier moms have declared war on me (sort of a toxic stop, if you know what I mean) and wrote a letter to the Dept of Transportation of my district complaining about the route, and a wee bit, me. So their wonderful cherubs now think they are immune because mommy(s)- all 4 of them, signed this letter and can do whatever they want.....scream, get out of their seats......whatever. Sorry, I just had to good thing- my supervisor wrote a brilliant rebuttal to the letter, and totally supported me. For that I am so thankful. Got another meeting this am to discuss my route, and I will hopefully get some good ideas on coping with these critters then.Gotta go- Have a great day!

03-25-2004, 02:04 PM
Just had to leave a quick post before I return for my afternoon. Thankfully, my students were pretty good this am- but then again, they usually are in the am. I did gently but firmly explain the rules (for the millionth time) and add that writeups would follow, if I had another trip home with them like yesterday. Thankfully, the principal at the elementary school is very supportive with the bus people- and will follow up. She is new this year and very impressive- and great to work with. Hopefully they will not burn her out!!!!!
Gotta go- thanks for listening and hopeyour day is great!

03-25-2004, 09:21 PM
Good Evening Ginny, Robyn and Summer,
My day was great until my one student who is severely autistic stuck a broken VCR tape in the TV/VCR this afternoon. He got bored with it and went to take it out to discover it was stuck. So for an hour straight, he cried like we were killing him and carried on. We had two of the custordian's come in and try to take the tape out. But to no avail it was not budging. So he finally wore himself out and went onto just sit and laugh for the last hour of school. Needless to say I was ready to sit in the middle of my classroom floor and just cry. But I didn't. I thought cool 2:45 arrived, I will walk my class out to the bus and have a little break before I start my intervention class. But no, my Down Sydrome little boy didn't want to leave my classroom. He stood there for 10 minutes not budging. I tried everything. Finally my aide and her wonderful DD cames in and gets him to leave the room and go get on the bus. But first he had to put on his heavy winter coat. Mind you it was 70 degrees outside. So now it is 2:58. I am to pick up my intervention kids at 3. I had time to go to the restroom and then get them. I go over to the cafertia and am told that I have to stay longer today to help them with BOOST because 4 teachers are there today. Usually I would feel sorry and tell them sure. But I just looked at them all and laughed. I said I don't think you want me here after 4:15 because by that time I might be going insane. My intervention students were all little rasacls tonight. So I was never so glad to see them all leave my classroom and go home or onto Boost. I came home to the DH asking what I was cooking for supper. I laughed at him and said it is not what I am cooking but what do you want from Wendy's. So I promised him that I would cook him a meal this weekend and off I went to Wendy's. I was good though and got a chicken, spinach salad. Have you tried it yet? It was really yummy. Then one of my co-workers, her sister and I went for a walk tonight. So I am more relaxed and not so stressed now. Tomorrow I go to Curves for my weigh in and measurement. I am hoping I have a little bit better luck this month with inches then I did last month. I only lost 1/4 inch from each arm last month and nothing from my bust, waist, abs, butt or thighs. Say all the prayers you can for me over the weekend. I have my annual IEP meeting's on Monday. One of my parent's is pissed at the school right now and I think at me. Even though I was not there the day of the incident she is all worked up about. I am not looking forward to this meeting with her on Monday. I am scared of this lady. I think this is the one time I am going to beg my boss to come sit in my meeting with me. Other than, that I am doing great ladies. Thanks for letting me rant and rumble on and on. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. Take care and I will let you all know how my weigh-in at Curves goes tomorrow.

03-25-2004, 09:43 PM
Ginny, don't you dare apologize for venting, ranting & raving, *****ing, or complaining. Girl, we are soooooooo here for you. Robyn and I are the queen of expressing our feelings. I find it so cleansing...if I don't bottle up my feelings, I don't need to binge on food. So, let it all hang out. You will be supported here. I promise. Oh, and sarcasm is also welcome if not encouraged...we like to add a little humor to our ***** sessions...that way readers are entertained along the way. :p

Kar, it sounds like things are really overwhelming right now. Good for you not giving into temptation at Wendy's. That would have been tough for me. I am great at rationalizing.

Robyn, I am soooooo proud of you. You are doing great!!! Take care of that fanny of yours. It is really coincidental that you are talking about the 33 day kid. My school system's policy is quite strict. Too many notes from mom toss up a red flag. They want doctor's notes. The policy includes tardies too. 3 tardies is an unexcused absence. 10 unexcused absences is a school assistance team referral, and a PPT. If things don't change, DCF is called and a court date is set. My district is really tough. I can't enforce attendance because pre-k isn't mandatory, however, I still have to do home visits and follow-ups. I have withdrawn children, but I hate to do that because the kids who don't attend because mom won't get out of bed are the kids that really need me. Right now I have a boy (who has never had a hair cut for religious reasons...don't ask me) who 3 weeks ago was sent home with lice. Every time mom says he will be back, he gets it back. Supposedly he's been to the doctor twice. I've suggested shaving his head. Mom refuses. Two days ago I told her if I didn't see him or get a doctor's note by Friday, he would be withdrawn from the program.

I have been up and down. I have made really good food choices this week, and some mistakes too. I exercised one day then caught a bad cold on top of allergies. I resorted to comfort food and haulted the exercise (asthma). Now, I'm a little better and was getting on track, but a very frustrating day led me to buying jelly beans and eating a bunch of them. I wish I could diet and exercise no matter what the circumstances. I need good weather and happy times to stick to the program, and that is bullsh*t! Someone give me a kick in the a*s!!!


03-25-2004, 10:16 PM
A very quick note.... in the last 15 minutes I have JUST realized that I must write sub plans for Monday as I must go to YET ANOTHER school system meeting regarding the Language Arts TextBook Adoption. I YiYI. I am getting soooo sick of these meetings...actually, I'm getting sick of writing these damn sub plans...especially when the fools don't even try to follow what I write.... Sorry...getting stressed...I begin to!

Today I did GREAT with the food intake until 5 pm...someone tell me the secret for living thru the evening..PLEEEZZZ!

Forgot my water at home...and I don't drink the water in the city where I work...Seriously! So... I didn't drink soda...I drank canned tea...dear GAWD what is that crap?!

Exercise? Ha...tonight I type my :write:sub plans.... more than likely should take tonight off anyway..other wise I won't be able to walk tomorrow... I'm really digging (ha...) my Firm tapes! If any one is looking for a great work out...I highly recommend them...and I'm not saying that after two lousy workouts that I had to sit down during...I'm talking about the months and months I've used them nonstop prior.... anywhoo...

Today the weather was actually nice. The children were wild. The administration of my school makes me sick...and well....guess that is all for my abbreviated entry!

Ya'll keep it up!
Summer, it is hard to exercise when you can't breathe.... BUT...Get up and get on with it! :drill: (Sorry...I'm not too good with kicking a$$ right now!)

Ginny, give those kiddos on the bus ****! :sumo:

Kar, honey....WHAT a day! :bravo: You survived it! AND...Gawwwd bless Wendy's!

:grouphug: to everyone!
Make a plan for tomorrow. and then in the words of Jean Luc Picard..."make it so!" chortle...where do I get this crap?!

talk to ya tomorrow...AFTER the plans are left safely on my desk and I don't have to fret! arghhhh!
sipping my "hometown" water as I type!
take care,

03-26-2004, 09:54 AM
Here I am at 8:45am when I am normally taking it isn't a snow day, and I'm not sick anymore. Want to guess? :?: Okay, I'll tell you. An oil tanker exploded on I95 last night closing it between a couple of exits. Because of that, I have a 90 minute delay. Driving into the city should be fun today. I won't wait the entire 90 minutes to drive in, I will be sensible and drive in earlier. Who knows what I will find since truckers and commuters will have to use side streets to detour the mess.

So, anyway, I am here this morning to proudly announce that I got up early and rode my bike for 30 minutes. My breathing is back to normal. The cold is gone, and I am only left with my allergies. Hip hip hooray!!!

Today is "pajama day" at school. We will also have to bring a stuffed animal and our favorite book for the "read aloud" that will take place. Funny thing is that my DD's school is having an art/read aloud night tonight, and the kids were told to come in their pajamas with a stuffed animal and book as well. So, it really is PAJAMA DAY even in the suburbs. Of course, I will have normal clothes with me because I have an appointment after school.

So far, my eating has been fine. (How can you screw up with cereal and a banana?!) Just like you Robyn, it is the evenings or right after school that I lose it. It is tough after a stressful day having had every ounce of resolve and energy sucked out by our students to come home exhausted and be expected to behave. I come home tired and ravenous. I begin with a healthy snack, and then I can't stop. When I figure it out, I will share it with you.

Have a wonderful TGIF one and all!


03-26-2004, 11:28 AM
First of all I must tell you that I feel so very at home here!!!!!!!Thanks! It is so refreshing to read the bellyachin' about students, not that they in themselves are bad or a problem (no I am not an eternal crab) but it can be so challenging dealing with someone elses kids and the mess that the parents leave others with. Had to hoot about the hair issue, Summer. What could be in the mind of a parent who would not cut a childs hair??? My youngest has a rather effeminate looking boy in her class, and mom has allowed him to have his hair down to his waist. She claims that he is his hair- and it is an extension of his personality. And yes, the teacher has discipline trouble with this child......noone has ever told him "no". Kar (is your name Karen?)- after a day like that I would have been into some serious stress eating!! Proud of you girl!!!!!
Good luck with the WI>. Robyn- sounds like you too are up to your eyeballs today. Good job getting that workout in. I have heard good things about the Firm.

Yesterday's trip home was a blessing......the toxic moms at the toxic stop picked up their students- and the other two at that stop I can deal with (they are most reasonable when not around the others). It was a peaceful trip home. Guess the Lord knew I could not handle a bad one!!!! Today they have a 1/2 day, so I am out of here in a short while to pick them up. Thank goodness it is Friday. Got my walk in this am too and the peepers are out (tree frogs) so, we can really hear signs of spring.
Gotta go- in case I do not make it here until Monday- have a great weekend!

03-26-2004, 08:55 PM
Hi everyone,
No big news to share tonight. I am depressed like ****. I went to Curves tonight and the girl told me that I lost a pound and .10 body fat. But no inches lost. I wanted to cry right than and there. I asked what I was doing wrong that I haven't lost any inches for the last two months. We talked for a couple minutes and decided that I would get measured again next week after I am off my TOM. I am getting close to starting sometime this weekend. So I am hoping that is my problem. I have changed my eating habits, am working out and I feel that it is all nothing. I am so sick of always coming up on the short end of the stick. I am sorry to cry on your shoulders, but after the week I have had I needed some good news and didn't get any.
Well I am going to call it an early night and just go to bed early. Talk to you ladies over the weekend sometime.
Take care,

03-26-2004, 10:01 PM
WHAT a day! TGIF! Talk to you this weekend...I'm off to bed! Kerry, chin up, Woman! :) Take care!

03-27-2004, 09:55 AM
I am back to being a normal person today! LOL I think what really set me off last night was my DH made a comment about my stomach and it hurt my feelings. But instead of letting roll of my back, I let it piss me off and then thought about it all night long. But today is a new day and I will do better today. That is my promise to myself and to you gals! I just came back from Curves so I am feeling a little more postive about myself today. Thanks for letting me boo hoo last night. Have a wonderful day today! I have to get my brakes fixed on the van and then go birthday shopping for my twin SDS's birthday party this afternoon. SO I might just buy me something too. Take care,

03-27-2004, 12:17 PM
Men. MEN. MEN! Do they think? I love LOVE my guy. BUT dear LAWWWD. He really never says anything about me, my body, or whatever that comes out NICE. His compliment of "You're not nearly as fat as you usta be." Just doesn't give me too many warm fuzzies. THAT is truly his idea of a compliment. ARGHHH! In my DH's case.... I know that his "compliment issue" is a heredity thing. His parents are um...odd. Anyway... YOU are not alone when comments hurt feelings. There. Like that helps! Ha.

Ginny, HOW do you do it? or is it WHY do you do it?! LOL I battle all day with my 23 yahoos... and then I send them out to the buses. To mix and mingle with 40something of their closest wildest multi age friends. HA! NOT in a million years! And there the sweet bus driver sits. Trying to battle the road rage of those who LOVE to get stuck by those damn ...darn...bus lights(I'm a fan...can you tell!) Trying to keep the big ole yella monster between the lines out of the trees and rolling in a safe manner...with 63 kids sitting primly and properly behind her back! Running into the loving arms of their June Cleaver mommies who meet them at the bus stop. O M G. The only thing that I could compare your job to would be those women who work in the cafeteria during lunch time monitoring the children's behavior...the Lunch Women. WHY do they come to work? 3 hours at $3.00 an hour. WITH flying cafeteria food items. NOPE. Thank you for what you do for our kids. What you do is so very important and so often overlooked or worse..laughed at! NOW, bring your bus with you. I've got a few toxic stops for you to roll on...I mean make! hehehehe

Summer, hair...religious reasons? Come on now?! Church of Jose Ebair? (I can't spell that name...ya'll know who I mean..right?!) Church of MissClariol?! Whatever... church or no church. Are all the lice and absences worth the hair? That momma needs to take her lice/nit comb with her to church and comb out his coiff as she sings her praises to Matrix. She also needs to properly treat the house and all of his stuff. Religion or not. I guess since your class is not required, then the kid and their house (and you KNOW his siblings and parents) can remain full of bugs. GROSS! You might be thankful that he doesn't come back for a while and infect the rest of the class and all of the classroom things. One year one of mine had lice ...that were HUGE... I'd never seen them the size of moths before. It was discusting and horrible. Her mother claimed that she got them at school ...right... for many reasons which, well... I won't go into here, the family advocate made a home visit... LICE were the least of this kiddos problems. From that 1 home visit a spiral thing happened that ended up with her mom spending some time ...really... in the looney bin...and her father (army) being sent home from his duty station and eventually being put out of the army. It was sad. Lice tho were the least of the problem. Poor baby and her 4 sibs. I still wonder and worry about that sweetheart. :( Anywhoo...

Regarding Miss33DaysOutOfSchool, I have done EVERYTHING in my power this week to point out the attendance record for the year. To also explain that this child (over 20 of these absences have notes that say she was sick...written by mom) has never appeared to be ill or so near death that she needed to miss 9 days of February. OR 12 days in November. OR every Wednesday in October...(I could go on but will spare you!) I've taken a school calendar and marked her absences in red and turned this in to the assistant principal. I've also made copies of her First Step (-47) and Kindergarten (-50) report cards AND discussed this history with the counselor, the attendance clerk (yippee...) and the assistant principal. I'm done. If they do anything yahoo. If they don't, well, I tried. I have no power. Her attendance is reflected on the report cards that I've written all year and will continue to write. I'm sick of screaming about this with NO one listening. SO... I'm done ranting about this ...Oh except to say...she is at -35 after this week. Second grade will not be successful missing this much time.

Okey...I'm off to face my weekend. Our oldest is on a BoyScout campout. The youngest is LOVING being an only kid. By tonight tho, he will be truly missing his brother! I've got housework and laundry to do. I've also got report cards to do. This is the 3rd quarter we've had without any school time / work days at school to work on our stuff...Isobel continues to haunt us. I've got two weeks before spring break. For whatever reason they didn't take our spring break to make up the time. I'm sure that it was becuase they were sure that they wouldn't get enough subs to cover all the teachers who are going to be gone during the week.

Geesh , I type a lot....

ya'll have a great weekend... Make the most of it!
make a plan and stick to it! I will also fit exercise in to my schedule!

take care,
Robyn...the long winded this morning! :)

03-27-2004, 12:22 PM
Yeah, yeah, and my mouth....I didn't even post what I really came here today to show you...duh duh duh....I'm typing and I can't shut up!

Okey... go look at this photo....
And then MOVE your butt!

:) Robyn who had to edit the address for the photo 3 times...geesh... :dizzy:

03-27-2004, 11:30 PM
I have been super busy since I last posted. I flew out of school on Friday to pick up DD, feed us (chicken nuggets and fries...the only thing in the house and quick to make), get to my hair appointment, get to DD's art/read aloud/pajama night at her school, and hit the hay. This morning was spent cleaning, doing Sunday school plans...then had lunch, went to Staples, movies with DD and DH, walked nutty dog who must pee on each and every tree/bush/hydrant/leaf bag, helped DD ride bike, bathed DD, ate linguini with red clam sauce, two glasses of wine, and insalada mista, played Disney monopoly with DD, put her to bed, and crashed in front of the tv. I am exhausted, but can't relax my body enough to sleep, so here I type.

Robyn, thanks for cracking me up yet again. I could really use you across the hall at school. But the commute would be too hard on you, so I will settle for our thread.

Kar, read Dr. Phil's book. He talks about how our body doesn't always show how hard we are working on our diet/exercise. We retain water for a multitude of reasons. We weigh more when we have more muscle. I'm probably not telling you anything new. I'm glad you feel better now, just remember these things the next time you have doubts.

Ginny, everything Robyn said about busdrivers...ditto. You go girl!

Okay, I'm beat. I've gotta try to chill so I can sleep. Gotta get up early for the little kiddles at church.


03-28-2004, 04:16 PM
DH went grocery shopping a little while ago, and was given very strict instructions about what to get. I am weaning off artificial sweeteners because a coworker told me that nutrisweet converts to formaldehyde in the body...YIKES!!! I already know what sweet n low does. So I requested flavored selzer instead. He got low sodium/low fat hot dogs. He did pretty well.

HOWEVER, HE BOUGHT CREAM CHEESE TURTLES WITH CHOCOLATE, CARAMEL, AND NUTS, a favorite of mine saying that it was for DD who by the way hates nuts!!!

SABOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do when the man you love who wants you thin, or so he complains with his words and looks, sabotages your efforts?!

CRAP! This will require willpower. I don't have much.

Well, I had one pancake for breakfast, leftover spaghetti with clams for lunch...didn't have the bread or any pizza with it! For dinner we are having barbecued chicken.

I will be taking a long walk later.

Take care one and all. Have a great week.


03-29-2004, 10:43 AM
Well, thanks to the nightmare on I95, my school had another 90 minute delay. This is cool!!!

I stayed in bed a little longer (the family doesn't let me sleep in, God forbid!). I was able to get some laundry done. I brought DD to school while my DH was able to get into work an hour early, getting some much needed O.T. I tried to talk DD into walking to is only 1/4 of a mile, but she refused. However, after I dropped her off, I had over an hour to myself, so I took a walk on my own.

Now tomorrow, if we have another delay, I'm hitting the gym after I drop off DD. Starting school at 10am is sooooooo cool! I love having time to get stuff done before school, because after school, I have no energy left. And since I am not a morning person, when I get up early to exercise, it is a real chore. This 90 minute delay stuff is fabulous!!!

Yesterday, I increased my walking time to 45 minutes. That is a big deal for me, because not long ago, I couldn't handle more than 20. I gradually increased to 30...and now 45. By summer, I'd like to be at 60 minutes.

Well, I'd better get my butt in gear and get to school.

You all have a great day!!! :coffee:


03-29-2004, 02:25 PM
Sorry, this is going to have to be short.....had to get our taxes done today and getting ready for that took up a lot of time. I got my walk in this am (I am an animal if I don't). Got a lot of laughs reading the posts from this weekend. Now I know that tomorrow, I'll have to leave some personal info on myself...
Hope everyone has a great day!!!!! And hang in there- spring break is coming!!!!!!!!

03-29-2004, 05:02 PM
Hi all! I hope you have room for one more. I've never been in on a forum like this, but I'm just flailing on my own. Not getting anywhere & doing it slowly, too. I've been plumper since meeting my husband 6 years ago and have been even plumper since the birth of my son.

I'm a teacher, but have been on leave since the birth of my son 21 months ago. I'm tutoring two nights a week & taking classes to maintain my certification (left it til the last moment & now have to dash to finish 45 credits by next June -- eek!!). I have a lovely, supportive hubby who despite said support sometimes sabotages the heck outa me. Um, that diet I just started doesn't work when you order fried calamari and 7 flavor beef from the take out joint, baby!

I'm taking hints from people on this forum: food journal, goal-setting, dieting &&&&& exercise. I'd be overjoyed if I could lose 25, but I just seem to be stuck at about 155; I go down (not much) and then pop up again.

Advice and support would both be welcome. It's been encouraging and heartening to read your posts! Thank you!

03-29-2004, 09:56 PM
Welcome Missliss. I hope you don't mind *****ing and moaning, because we do a lot of venting here so as to avoid pushing down our emotions with food.

I'M MAD!!! I HAD A BAD DAY, AND AFTER VENTING HERE FOR 10 MINUTES, IT WAS LOST IN CYBERSPACE!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Okay, let me tell you why I was mad in the first place. In the district I teach in, a tanker exploded on I95 destroying a bridge and the highway between several exits. Travel is a nightmare. Tractor trailors are taking over the side streets to avoid the detour which takes them an hour out of their way. Anyway, we've had a 90 minute delay since then, which I have used to spend more time with DD, take her to school, exercise, and do household chores. I have felt sane for once. Well our stupidintendent who spends her time looking for photo ops and being driven around in her white stretch limo by her $70,000 (in overtime, not including base salary) driver/bodyguard, has decided that the teachers need to report on time. It matters not if we have trouble travelling because of the I95 nightmare. We just have to leave hours earlier. I HATE THIS *****!!!!! :mad:

There, that feels better. I am also frustrated by the parents who don't listen to the radio...the ones who walk to school and ignore the fact that AM pre-k is cancelled...the ones who ignore the 90 minute delay and drop their kids at the front of the school even if the school is closed forcing staff to report to accept students who belong at home.

I think I need to report all these parents to DCF, take away their kids, and open my own orphanage. I would take much better care of them than their parents ever could. I certainly would feed them better, dress them better, read to them, hug them, bathe them, and wouldn't send them to school wreaking of pot!

Okay, I'm really ranting now.

I'm gonna go calm myself...this better post or I'm done.

Summer :mad:

03-30-2004, 12:47 PM
Good morning!!!!!!
The rest of this week might be tough for me to a half day elementary tomorrow, and Thursday I am helping out at my 2 oldests high school- Friday the gynecologist...... (yuck).

Welcome Missliss! I have only been here a week (on this thread) but have found the company/friendship great. I look foward to getting to know you better.

Summer- oh, do I hear ya with the brain dead parents!!! I actually have one mother (unfortunately, I know her socially) who asked me to call her when I know that there is a snow delay!!!!! Ok, the district only puts snow delays on some 8 radio stations, and has a web site with the info (and these folks have plenty of money and a computer), so why do I have to call her at 5:15 am (when I get my call if there is a snow delay???????? :?: ). Some folks are just dumb, honey- I am sure you knew that by now. Hope your day goes much better!!

Now as for me.....I am on weight watchers, and have lost 30#. Been on it for a year with 10 more to go. I am 5'4" 1/2, so the 140 goal weight will not make me skinny- but ok- and somewhere around a size 10. I am ok with that- and that was the weight I was at before Dd #1 was born. At least that gets me to the point where I do not have to pay for meetings anymore at WW, and maybe can get a few more pounds off. In a former life.......I have a degree in chemical engineering, and was employed as an engineer for almost 10 years (before kids). Then left for mommyhood- but shortly after I retired was asked to return as a self employed technical writer. I did that for a few years and was fairly happy with that. It worked while my family was younger, but now with 2 teenagers and an 8 year old, I can no longer rely on my evenings off to write- and things are just too hectic. Besides, the firm I was working with- well the politics became unbearable, and as a part timer I was losing my effectiveness - and I am NOT a politician. I enjoy working and feeling useful, not being back stabbed or kissing up. So- that is how I got out- my local school district was in need of drivers......and for the area the pay is very good. Plus- a one mile commute, I am on my kids schedules (I used to actually take my writing stuff on vacation with me to make deadlines)- I have my summers off........need I say more? And, yes I do like kids. The head of personnel actually asked me if I wanted to teach, but I took no educations courses- and I am not interested in going back to school. So, that is out of the question for me.

Now as far as brain dead parents go- Summer you will love this one!!!! Yesterday I arrived at a stop, and this students mother's rotweiller is loose (and sniffing at the door of the bus mind you). This dog killed the students other dog, and once I did let her off the bus with the dog loose. It jumped on her many, many times,knocked her over.......until she finally made it to the door. I promised her that I would NEVER let her off the bus if the monster was loose. So, there sits the dog.....waiting. I radioed in, asking them to call the mom to chain the dog up before I let the girl off. Mom, of course, had given the district the wrong phone #- so there I sit.......waiting - and the dog waiting too.....oh what fun. Finally the student gave us another number to call and mom came out to chain up the dog. Mind you there is a younger sibling in the house (about age 3) so why would they keep a dog like this??????? Am I missing something here???? (BTW, it is a very safe area, security is not a concern). My supervisor once told me I had a strange route, guess I am starting to believe her!)
Ok, enough blabbering- gotta go. Hope your day is a good one!

03-30-2004, 08:02 PM
Just me blabbering again!
Had to write up 2 students today who refused to listen......after I had gently admonished them this am. Opps the troops just came home...gotta go!

03-31-2004, 12:42 AM
Hey just checking in..... really quick....

my best friend at school retires tomorrow after 29 years of teaching...and I'm trying not to cry..even as I type this! throwing a teeny tiny reception for her after school so I've been busy with cards are also due tomorrow...mine are done but need to be printed...will do that between sobbing fits tomorrow... also had to go to a committe meeting all day on monday...thought we were going to end up getting into a WRASSLIN match by the end of it.... THEN today began the day by attending a Grade Chair meeting...anyway...things are going 10000mph and I'll be back as soon as I get this party done, my friend out the door and my report cards turned in...sigh!

take care,

03-31-2004, 12:47 AM
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and I forgot to mention the difficulties that I'm having with my feet...(evidently I've grown a corn)!!??? Welcome to old age??? OR the difficulties that I've been having with parents....brain dead??? they never had a brain.... OH and Miss33DaysOut has accumulated another Unexcused tardy having arrived past 11 on Monday...and another Absence....She didn't make it today at all..... sighhhhhhhhhhh

03-31-2004, 02:19 PM
Robyn- well I hope that your retiring buddy is at least staying close by so that you can see her from time to time. I remember when I lost my 2 side kicks during my engineer was awful. They made the tough days bearable. Hang in there!And take care of your piggies.

Elementary had another half day- so my usual routine is all messed up. Just came on to say hi! Hope your day is going well.......see ya!

04-01-2004, 08:09 AM
Gee, where is everyone? Hope just busy..that is me too. Have a great day!

04-01-2004, 09:12 PM
Sorry I haven't been posting a lot. It has been quite a week! We are finally back on a normal schedule thanks to both lanes of I95 being opened with a temporary bridge (I won't be trying to drive over it anytime soon!) All I have to say is that it blows my mind that it takes years to make highway repairs, but when a major artery in the northeast was blocked, workers managed to get it cleared in less than a week.

I led my "make & take" workshop on rubrics and criteria charts yesterday. All went well. Only one teacher (from the old guard) boycotted the workshop. I could really give two sh*ts about her anyway. Everyone else was eager to learn what I had to teach them irregardless of my time in as a teacher. I guess there always has to be somebody to be an a**hole...or as a dear old friend would have said, "There is always someone to take the joy out of living!"

My aide was out again yesterday. She had lied to me that she had been given a verbal warning by the paraprofessional supervisor. She actually blew off the appointment. She will be getting a written warning attached to her paycheck tomorrow that she has to sign in order to get paid. I wish they would just fire her. Then again, when she bothers to show up, she does a great job with the kids. It is just that she is so immature, self-involved, and irresponsible, and those lousy qualities really interfere with the job.

I have lost 4 lbs., but since getting my period two days ago, the 4 lbs. is back on...I assume that is water retention. I have really bad periods because of my endometriosis. So between the cramps, all the non-stop rain, and my nutty schedule this week, I haven't exercised since Monday. My period is slowing down a little, so maybe tomorrow I can drag myself out of bed to do the bike. I was really hoping to squeeze into a linen suit for Easter that I was able to wear two years ago. Right now, I don't know if I will make it. But, I haven't given up yet!

I am in the process of starting up a parents social group at my church. I had a surprisingly positive response from someone that I never imagined would be interested. And I had a negative response from two people that I figured would react the way they did. No biggie. I sent out 28 letters/questionnaires, so I expect to get many more positive responses.

Robyn, I'm really sorry about your friend. I hope you will be able to stay in touch with her. My sister has taught for a cajillion years, and some of her best friends have left her behind. She has one friend who retired on Cape Cod, so the remaining teachers visit on long weekends once in a while. I have yet to make any lasting friendships as a teacher. This was my first year that I began to get close to someone, but tomorrow is her last day before maternity leave, and she has no plans of returning...can't blame her.

Lice boy returned to school today after 27 absences. We did calls, home visits and were about to withdraw him from the program. He miraculously returned today lice free!

My wrist is sore, so I'm heading out. Take care Ginny!

Only one more day my friends!!!



04-01-2004, 09:52 PM
Welcome Missliss! Glad to have you on board.
Hi Summer, Ginny and Robyn
Sorry I have been missing in action for the week. I had my annual IEP meetings on Monday. My supervisor was so negative towards me in all my meetings. I just wanted to tell her to take her job and shove it. But I didn't. Then my aide was out for one and a half days. So I had a new person in my classroom, so it was a very stressful last couple of days. Then today my boss called me in his office to ask if I had been under a lot of stress and if I was just overwhelmed with the age level of students I have. I told him that yes I have been under a lot of stress but I thought I was doing a good job. Here some of my coworkers have been talking to him about me. It just really ticks me off how they can stab you in the back and then act like their your best friend. So my first reaction was to write him a letter telling him that I quit. But my aide talked me out of it. So I came home and wrote him a letter explaining just why I have been under so much stress this past month. I plan on giving it to him in the morning. It also doesn't help that I have two parents who don't really support anything I do with their children. One of my student's is so bad I don't feel that his placement is right but I just make it through the day babysitting him. I have tried everything I can do to please this child and not have him throw his fits. It is very tiring and exhausting to listen to him cry and scream all day long and not to have the I don't care attitude. My boss told me he thought that I was just passing on the problems this student has to the people at the high school to fix next year. Everyone in my building is afaird to come in my room when he is throwing a fit. But I am suppose to keep a positive attitude at all times and not exhibit signs of stress and vent every once in awhile. I think I might just have to take a couple mental health days before the end of the year. Well I hope I haven't bored you fine ladies to tears yet! I am going to keep my chin up and make it through the next forty days at school. I think I will just come in do my job and paste the biggest phoniest grin on my face on those really bad days and say nothing is wrong. Heck maybe I should start having a punching bag at home and just come home and take my frustrations out on that. Well I need to go. But I promise ladies I will be back regularly now. I really missed you gals. More later. TGIF!!! I am planning on using this weekend to relax and regroup.

04-02-2004, 08:01 PM
Kerry, I'm so sorry your coworkers are not being more empathetic toward you. But, please know that we will always support you and allow you to vent your fact, we encourage it!

Before I became certified, I worked as an aide with a severe & profound class in a high school. I had to change their diapers and deal with pretty horrifying behaviors. (One day, a non-verbal student got angry with us, stripped, defacated on herself, and spread it all over her body.) Okay?! I know how bad things can get. I also worked in a group home for 12 years. I lived through some pretty twisted stuff during those times. I know all about burn-out. (That is why I got my certificate in early childhood education.) I will always be willing to listen to you get things off your chest. You are not alone.

Well, I am still retaining water. I rode the bike this morning and stayed on program all day. I hope that tomorrow I will see the scale move. I can't wait till my period ends.

Everyone have a great weekend.


04-02-2004, 08:43 PM
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!! Is anyone off next week? Here by me the public schools are off for spring break- the parochial will be off the week after Easter. My route covers I have two sort of easy weeks, but must work both.
Kind of a bad day- I was at the gynecologist this am (just for an annual) and he mentioned that I have an enlarged uterus- am going for a sono on Monday. I have no symptoms, so who knows? Still it bothers me.

Summer- sorry that you are still retaining water. Hope that goes away this weekend.
Kerry- Relax and regroup. That sounds like what you need!!!!!!! How bad I feel for you with that one student. It can be so tough- and well I know that all kids can be helped, but the resources (both yours and the schools) are not endless. On my route there is a student who is being evaluated- guarantee he will have his own IEP next year, he really needs a monitor - but I deal with him and transport him just the same. And until he gets that IEP there will be no help for me.... I feel sad for you that some of your coworkers are talking behind your back. Vent here!!!!!! That is why we are here.

Long day/long week. Guess I'd better go. Sorry if I do not sound too with it/ or sound confused. I need a weekend. Hope yours is great!!!!

04-02-2004, 10:29 PM
Evening Ladies,
I made it through the day. I pasted a smile on my face everytime I went out of my classroom today. I only talked to my coworkers who are my close friends. All in all, it was a good day at school. I came home tired from a long stressful week, only to fight with the hubby. My parents and one sister are coming in for a visit tomorrow and I told my hubby that I would get up in the morning and clean. Well he left to go to the store and told me to start cleaning. Well I was too tired and sat down and watched some tv. So when he comes home he starts moaning and complaining about I can't do anything he asks me to do and no wonder I am having all the problems I have at work right now. So I am still a little hot under the collar over that one. So I think in the morning I will make sure I make a lot of noise and not let him sleep in. Well gotta go.
Have a great weekend!

04-03-2004, 10:35 AM
Oh boy Kerry...I hate when my DH and I get like that. We had a particularly bad year two years ago. When Christmas rolled around, my DH asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said, "Don't spend any money on me. Instead, what I really want is for you to be nice to me. Act like you love me. I know you can do it because you are loving with our daughter. That is all I want." That comment really hit him. His attitude began to change. I got a little more respect...understanding...kindness. He can still be a jerk, after all, he is a caveman at heart. But, I try to stand up for myself now and demand the behavior from him that I know I deserve. Best of luck with your DH. At least you get a break from school.

Ginny, my spring break isn't for two more weeks, and a lot of bullsh*t will be crammed into that time. On the day before Good Friday when we like to have Easter egg hunts and parties, the administration is coming into each room to do a "learning walk." They will be doing an observation and speaking with my four year olds asking, "What are you learning? Why are you learning that? How do you know when you have learned it? Does this class challenge you? How do you know?" My kids will be looking like them like they are nuts! :?: :dizzy: :lol: The next week, another group who provides funding will be coming through to do basically the same thing with a different set of sophisticated questions. Oooh I can't wait!!! :( Not!!! But, when it is over, I will have a week off. I really need a is hard to think about it now with all of the preparations that have to be made.

I'm going to the opthalmologist this AM to have a follow up on my "vitreous detachment" to see if the retina has detached. If so, I will need emergency surgery. Let's hope that will not be the case. I'm getting used to the floaters...I don't really care if they are there. I will, however, be pissed if my vision has worsened because I still have a lot of my daily wear contact lenses left over.

My water retention is beginning to go away. I'm down two pounds...only two more to go to be back where I was before my period. I'm sorry to be so obsessive. It is just so disappointing to work so hard and feel like I'm going up instead of down. I know everyone has been there.

I'm gonna head out. You all take care and have a great weekend.


04-03-2004, 03:16 PM
Kerry, sorry about the altercation with Dh. Marriage can be so frustrating....and well, sometimes hubby's think they have the corner on the stress market. Hugs to you, hang in there!!!!!

Summer- gee, your act like you love me comment....that really hit a nerve. Isn't that what we all want???? I hope your appointment with the opthomologist goes well, being that I am a newcomer to this thread, I know little background history about you.
Was your eye injured in some way? Glad the water retention is going away too. You must feel so much better!!!!

A low key day here...I really need a low key day, or two......maybe a week.....just me and a pile of good I selfish or what????!! This gyno appt on Monday is bugging me, and I am a bit annoyed with the Dr about it. He gave me no details....just sort of threw this on my lap and walked away. A little bit of an explanation would have been nice! And I do not dare tell Dh- who knows how he will react (I'll tell him when there is a bit more to tell). His reaction could be so miserable that it just makes me feel worse. Oh well.
Guess I'd better go. Got lots of cleaning to do. Enjoy your weekend!

04-03-2004, 09:13 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well I survived today. Hubby was very loving and nice to me all day long. Last night I didn't talk to him for bout an hour and that drove him nuts. Then he was all lovely dovely and wouldn't leave me alone, hugging and kissing all over my face. I felt like I was being licked by a dog at times. Finally I told him fine I know you are sorry and I accept your apology now leave me the h*ll alone. The visit with my parents and sister went well. They left to go to the hotel for the evening. So I am playing on the computer for a change. The kiddies had it all day long. I went to Curves this morning and got remeasured and weighed. I stayed the same weight, but I lost 1/4 inch in my bust and 1 1/4 inches in my waist. Plus my body fat went down .40% in seven days. So I was happy. Plus the girl changed my weigh in day to the 5th of each month, so I would not have to get weighed and measured during that time of the month. Summer I hope your eye appointment went well. I am thinking about you. Ginny I hope your sonogram goes well on Monday. So what kind of books do you like to read? I love romance, fiction and John Grisham novels. I am reading his new one right now. It was a great book. Well I better go and check my email. Talk to you all later. Have a great Sunday!

04-04-2004, 11:56 AM
Hey all....sorry that I've been MIA......things at school are horrid... and things here at home are horrid as well..... my dh blew up and began ranting and raving over EVERY thing he could think of....He actually packed his suitcase, told the children goodbye....and then ended up not leaving......I've cried my eyes out since yesterday morning.....Most of this is over the house and the housework that has been ignored by me while I've been doing my report cards and taking the kids to their functions and stuff...I'm sorry to air my laundry and leave....I just don't want him to see me on the computer if I can help it.... If I disappear....know that I will survive and will miss you horribly (He has already told me that he will take the computer when he goes.)

He has NO idea of the bullshit that I put up with day in and day out at work. He doesn't have an ounce of compassion for how exhausted / stressed I am. Things are only going to get worse at school...they are extending our days after spring break to make up for the hurricane.... so I've got to fight to maintain .......
spring break is I will be able to spend the days fixing the house issues...I hope. what fun. I can't believe I"m posting this...but...I need you guys to know what is up'll check in when and if I can.....

04-04-2004, 12:38 PM
Robyn, please check your email. I sent it to the new address you gave me. Nevermind, it was just returned to me unknown address. Okay, I will PM you.

Ginny, how's it hangin' girl?

Kerry, glad things are better on the homefront. Don't you love how guys act like total jerks then when we call them on it, they backtrack and overdo being nice. Why can't they just be nice all the time and leave out the drama? I bend over backwards to keep peace in my home.

Well, my eyes are just fine. ;) Apparently if my retina didn't detach during the last 5 weeks, the likelihood of it happening now is pretty small. :D I still have to watch out for symptoms since it could happen, but the doctor thinks I am out of the woods. My vision hasn't changed, so except for tightening up my frames, I didn't need to make any changes to my glasses and just paid my copay. I was sure that I would need new glasses and contacts.

We bought a thermopedic bed a few weeks ago, and while shopping for a new headboard, came upon a beautiful country style dining room set for only $750! The same set in Pottery Barn is over $2000! So, we may be getting it today. My DH saw a beautiful patio dining set in Crate & Barrel that I have been wanting but figured we couldn't afford. He says we can, so who knows? We may be getting that too. (One of these days I will stop spending money.) We just love to decorate and put a lot of time into remodelling our house. The next project is to wallpaper the dining room.

My friend had us over for dinner and margaritas last night. My plans to go to church today, on Palm Sunday, went down the toilet between being hung over and losing an hour because of the time change. Oh well.

I guess I'd better get myself together.

Robyn, don't forget to check your PM.


04-04-2004, 11:54 PM
Robyn I know what you are going through girlfriend. My DH doesn't comprehend what being a teacher involves. So I will say my prayers that you make it through this difficult time at home too. My DH has been laid off for 2 years and has the opportunity to go back to work. I am encouraging him to do it and then he wouldn't have all this extra time to dream up **** for us to fight about. Especially housework and doing my fair share of the chores around the house. So I feel your pain gal. Hang in there.
Summer I am glad to hear that your appointment went well. I was worried about it yesterday. Did you have a nice time at your friends house for dinner?
Ginny I hope your dr. appointment goes well tomorrow. I will be thinking about you.
Well I need to go and get ready for bed. I can't believe my weekend is over already. Talk to you later.
Have a great week.

04-05-2004, 06:48 AM
With all the crap going on here....I nearly forgot...I have an interview this morning the county where I live BUT for 3rd grade. I'm afraid of 3rd grade....

thanks for the support.... I feel like a walking soap opera...

04-05-2004, 10:57 AM
Good morning!
I can't believe that here it is my week off and I will get little done. Oh well......

Robyn- hang in there, your Dh sounds a bit like mine. Give him 15 minutes of doing what you do........and then lots of wine (and he will whine!)\

Summer- sometime we need to take a day off. Glad the eye dr appt went well. Hope your day is a good one.

Kerry-I can't imagine what you must face with Dh off work for that long. They do pick on us when they are bored......hang in there.

Hugs to all of you (sounds like everyone needs one!)
Off to do my WW tape and then my abbreiated run. See ya later.

04-05-2004, 10:05 PM
Well, I was a good girl this morning. In spite of daylight savings time, I was up early to ride the bike for 30 minutes :dancer: I ate well most of the day except for picking at last night's leftovers when I got home from school. I am sooooo ravenous when I get home. I haven't worked out a good way to handle it yet that actually works.

I had a great time at my friend's Saturday night. I had a bunch of margaritas, and we laughed a lot. Now, I just need to make a few more friends like them. I have eliminated some toxic relationships from my life over the past couple of years without replacing them. I have one other really good friend, but she is impossibly busy...they just built a house with a gigantic mortgage, so she works 3 jobs. Anyway, I am in the process of making new friendships. I plan on having a very busy (socially) and fun summer.

At school, we are scheduled for a "learning walk" on Thursday. Three administrators are on the team. Well, I've been chosen to be on the school learning walk team to check out everyone else's classrooms to make sure that they are ready. I am honored to be chosen, but here again, I'm concerned about the reaction of the veteran teachers. I will just have to be myself and try hard not to seem like a "know it all" so that I don't piss people off.

My DD is having trouble with her gym teacher. DD who is very athletic, hates gym and the teacher. DD comes home sore every day she has gym. She cries on those days, and doesn't want to go to school when she has gym. Tomorrow, DH is going to schedule a meeting to find out what is going on. I hate to make waves, because this woman will be DD's gym teacher for the next 6 years, but I cannot ignore my child's tears.

Robyn, I hope the interview went well, and that you are doing okay.
Ginny, let us know how things go at the dr.
Kerry, thanks for worrying about me.

You all take care, and be well!


04-05-2004, 11:26 PM
Well Ladies I made it through the school day with no problems with students or staff. In fact, at the end of the day my boss asked me to do him a favor and than he thanked me afterwards. I am not use to that. So he must have felt bad about the stess level I was under in March. But I am glad that the week started off great. I went to Curves tonight and worked out. I was sweating by the third machine I was on. So I looked really good going into Wally World to get apples,milk and laundry soap. Oh well thank god I didn't run into anyone I knew. LOL
So Robyn how did your interview go today? I hope things are looking up for you.
Ginny how did you appointment go?
Summer I hope your peers aren't too hard on you during this learning walks.
Well I must close for now and go to bed. I worn my self out today being so postive. LOL. Have a great Tuesday! It is the big weigh in day for TOPS! Wish me luck.

04-06-2004, 10:47 AM
Just a short hello- Dr appointment went well, and they found nothing on the sono. (Guess they just had to keep the sonomachine busy yesterday!)

Kerry- glad your day went so well. Nice to feel that maybe your boss understands what you are going thru.

Summer-I know WW tells you to have a healthy portion controlled snack waiting for you when those end of the day hungries hit. Something that you can premeasure and have waiting for you to avoid the junk. Easier said than done, but it has worked for me at times. Sorry about Dd and the gym teacher. Hope that Dh can resolve that problem, I hate to see a childs positive interest crushed.

Robyn- how are you doing?

I am taking today a bit slow- tomorrow is a busy one. I need a quiet day (s!).
See ya later- have a great day.

04-06-2004, 07:58 PM
Well, this AM DH spoke to DD's classroom teacher about the gym teacher. She was surprised, but referred him to the principal. The principal was busy, so DH left a message with the secretary. Nobody has called us about an appointment. It cracks me up that nothing was resolved today. In my district, when a parent has a problem, the principal drops everything, has a meeting right then and there with the people involved, and 30 minutes later, the parent leaves with a smile on his/her face. Our administration is terrified of upsetting parents. Apparently DD's school isn't.

I did the learning walk this afternoon. It was quite an eye-opening experience. I felt rather awkward about the whole thing. I gave my advice and suggestions of what could be improved in each room, which was fine. Some of the rooms were definitely not up to par. It was hard to listen to the other team members make snide comments about the teachers who weren't doing a good job. I felt like I shouldn't be hearing these it was none of my business. (I would be mortified if other teachers were saying such horrible things about me.) The weird part was having veteran teachers pull me aside asking for help and guidance. What kind of professional development have these teachers gotten over the years?! What kind of supervision have they had?! I think it is commonly thought that because someone has tenure, they are automatically a great teacher...well that apparently isn't the case. Thank God the entire thing is over. Tomorrow, I will be doing last minute preparations on my room and then on Thursday, the official team will be making its rounds. God help us all!

I was much better with my eating today. Ginny, you are right. Preparing snacks ahead of time is the answer. I'm really good about doing that with lunch and the after school program. I just have to do the same for the time before dinner. Congratulations on a negative sonogram!

Kerry, glad things are better at work.

Robyn, I'm here for you girl...take care of yourself!


04-06-2004, 09:01 PM
A quick note to tell everyone hello.... thank you for your kind thoughts, messages, etc...

Dh seems to be calming down a bit.... he has unpacked... I'm exhausted from trying to fix all that is wrong with the house... next week is spring break...I will work my fanny off then ... I'm cried out... I'm scared to death...enough...

my #1 problem child was withdrawn from school today at 2:00. After one wild woman dance of celebration, reality set in. I've worked my A#$ to the bone with this kid since September. He came to me ...after 2 years of K...NOT reading...and today when he left he has passed a Reading Recovery level 10 book....NOW I know that THAT isn't gradelevel. BUT...if you could see this kid, experience his emotional turmoil, yadda yadda yadda....Level 10 is just short of a miracle...... EVERY second of EVERY day has been nothing but struggle....and there his momma goes waltzing out of the school with my hard work thrown into the backseat of her car taking him back to the exact same school that allowed him to rot for 2 years in kindy..........this is one of the ones that I've been throwing a fit over NOT getting more support for..... Guess they don't need to worry about him now.....sighhh...

Ahhhh, well.... He will live in my brain and heart forever.....I will forever wonder about how this kiddo turns out....and which jail he ends up in....perhaps he heard something that I said....perhaps he will remember me and what I tried to do..... Today as he walked out...down the hall...he yelled over his shoulder, "I love you, Mrs. Carey!"....
I know that he truly does. And I hope that he remembers that I loved him too! I tried soooooooo hard with him...... and his momma has the right to yank him out of my hands. Anyway....IF you work in South Carolina...BE WARNED! xxxx is on his way back and while I'm dancing...I miss the little bugger already! Ginny, just for the record, I went out to talk to his bus driver this afternoon....... She had written this kid up more than 15 times this year for his bus behavior.... We did a little tango right there in her aisle! :) She said that she will be able to keep at least one eye on the road now as she was petrified to have her back to this kid to drive! Sad, huh?!

The nearly forgotten interview went very well...or so I think....I had never been interviewed by the "firing squad" method before...remember I'm so old they hadn't invented the panel interview thing when I got my last job! LOL...anyway... I continue
to be amazed that I *do* in fact know my stuff! LOL I am uncertain IF I will take this job if it is it is a 3rd grade position...I've been thinking of taking 3rd and then killing off one of the first grade teachers once I'm in the building....think they will catch on???

Well....thanks again for your kindness and support.... what an emotional roller coaster I've been on....and I'm unsure when it or how it will end........Thanks tho!

preparing snacks ahead would have prevented my meltdown this afternoon.... I always do great UNTIL right before dinner....then it is EAT like a madwoman! NOT the solution!

I've typed enough....ya'll take care!

04-06-2004, 10:29 PM
Hi Robyn, Summer and Ginny,
I had another great day at school today! This makes day number two. I am a little scared that all **** will break lose tomorrow and then it is going to be a long day. But I will just keep thinking positive thoughts and paste a smile on my face for all to see. I went to TOPS tonight and gained another 2 pounds. So I am really going to try very hard this week not to eat like a madwoman and to work out harder.
Glad to hear everything is going fine for everyone this week! I think we all earned the right to have a great week finally! LOL Well I need to go and finish reading THE LAST JUROR by John Grisham. It was due today at the library and I have to get it in the book drop before they open in the morning. Take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

04-07-2004, 10:53 PM
Today was picture day at school. I discovered that I fit in a pair of pants that I haven't fit in for a while! I have not lost enough to fit into the linen suit I was hoping to fit in by Easter, but since I am making progress, I'm not gonna sweat it. Instead, I will celebrate what I have accomplished. :D

Tomorrow is the official "Learning Walk." I am ready. I've spent weeks preparing, and I spent 2 hours after school straightening up the room. So, like it or not, this is it people! (After doing my own learning walk, compared to a couple of the other classrooms, I'm not too concerned.) The funny thing is that the teachers who really needed to spend time in their rooms today, skipped out at 3:30. Those of us who were already basically ready, stayed late. I guess it all comes down to commitment.

I can't wait for Friday. I really need a 3 day weekend. It will be super busy, but there will still be time for rest. That is just what I need. I wish I could afford to go to a spa...alone...for like 2 weeks! Yeh, that will happen! ****, even one overnight would probably do it for me. Maybe in the summer.

Hope you are all well. Just think, only one more day of school, then 3 days off!

Take care, Summer

04-07-2004, 11:05 PM
Hi Ladies,
I made it through the week not being called into my principal's office and reamed out. Plus I was positive and stress free through out my week. I have a workshop to go tomorrow with 4 other coworkers. So it should be fun. Then it is home to pack and get ready to leave on Friday to go to my parents for the weekend. I have to come back on Sunday afternoon since I have to work on Monday. But atleast I am going to have a few days to rest and relax. Plus I am going to get to see my best friend. I have not seen her in about 4 months and I really miss her! Her father in law just passed away on Sunday and she has been the strong supportive one for everyone else. So I think I will pamper her a little bit that afternoon. Well I need to head off to bed since I have to leave to pick my coworkers up 6:30. So that means I have to get up at 5:30 so I can get my butt move and in gear. Have a great Thursday! Take care.

04-08-2004, 06:34 PM
Kerry, good for had a better week, and you are getting out of "Dodge" for a couple of days.

The learning walk went well...really well. One of the administrators who heads up the Music Department for the district was my 8th grade music teacher, and one of my favorite teachers ever. It was so excited to see her, and I just couldn't control my emotions, so the whole observation ended up me telling her all my great memories, and her blushing and recalling the events I told her about. She remembered me too...I had won the music award that year. The other administrator just kept saying how cute my room cute the student work cute my students were! My principal didn't know what to say or do. Later she came back and told me that I made the Music teacher's day!

Well, I have to get dinner on.

In case I don't get a chance to say it, HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!!!


04-08-2004, 06:45 PM
hey all....glad to hear everyone's good news! :) i got on the scale this morning...3 times....the scale is down 3 pounds...i'm sure it was a fluke...but HEY, I'll take it!

I have 1 more day to endure prior to our Spring Break beginning....... what a week THIS has been in soooooo many ways!

*One of my lil girls with lots of emotional needs had a seizure due to a new medication...that was sort of scary...
*I told one of my best buds about the interview for the other city....she took
it like I expected...a lead ton of bricks... BUT, I had to tell her...I was about to bust!
*Had a mom and dad come to school to day to "Straighten me out". Ended up with me straightening THEM out!

I am READY for a vacation from all this fun stuff!
Dinner is in the crock pot! GAWD bless the woman who invented that machine! :)

talk to ya later...will check in to hear about the rest!
Summer, so glad to hear that your "walk" turned into a CUTE Memory Fest! ;) GOTTA love that! (I do get annoyed when "big kid teachers" call my room "cute"..... arghh!)

take care

04-09-2004, 04:59 PM
Robyn, CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!! It isn't a fluke. You must be doing something right! I know it is hard on your friend that you may be leaving, but she also needs to let you do what is best for you. You will be able to keep in touch in other ways. I'm missing a work friend right now who just gave birth to her first child, a son. She is choosing to be a "stay-at-home mom." Our friendship was really new, so I'm worried that we may not stay friends. But, it sounds like your coworker is someone you've known long enough to stay connected after you leave. Sorry about your student with the seizure. I have a student who was rushed to the ER right before school yesterday. He will most likely need surgery...long story. There are so many unhealthy kids out there. I had two girls with heart conditions. One was abducted by her father and taken out of the country. Who knows if she is still alive. The other had open heart surgery in December. She still can't do anything physical, so she sits and colors during gym class. You crack me up how you had to "straighten out" some parents who wanted to "straighten you out." You big trouble maker! :lol:

Well ladies, I'm not on program right now. I've been eating jelly beans and other things I shouldn't. But don't worry. On Monday, I will get up early to exercise, and get right back on guilt. :D

Today is a day filled with chores. Tomorrow we have an Easter Egg Hunt in the AM, then a gymnastics birthday party in the afternoon. Easter morning we will all sit in church together...first time in a long time. I always teach Sunday School, or am home doing school work. It will be nice to sing some hymns. Easter dinner will be at my sister's house. We try to make our time there short. Old family issues...drinking...etc.

Everyone have a wonderful Easter.


04-09-2004, 10:55 PM
Tomorrow we have baseball at 8 a.m.... YIKES!
I have all of next week off from school...YAHOO!
I'm off to scrub the kitchen...get it over with before I relax!

Happy Easter to you all! I'll check in tomorrow!
take care,

04-10-2004, 08:05 AM
Hi Ladies,
I had a wonderful time at my workshop on Thursday. The presenter had some really neat ideas and I can't wait to use them in my classroom. Plus he kept us laughing all day long so we didn't get bored at all. Plus the presenter was good to look at too! LOL
I made it to my parent's house yesterday okay. We went out for a nice fish dinner and then went to see my grandma. Everyone else got fried fish and I stuck to my baked fish. I like it better these days anyway. It doesn't make me sit on the potty as much as fried fish does. LOL Every since I started dieting I can not stomach fried foods. I guess that is a good thing that way I would fell back on my old eating habits.
Sounds like you ladies have busy days ahead of you too. I am going to visit the local Curves this morning, this afternoon meet my best friend for lunch and shopping. Then we are going to have our Easter dinner tonight so we don't have to worry about cooking it tomorrow after church and I can get on the road at a decent time. It takes me four hours to drove home. About 1 1/2 of those 4 hours is on hilly and curvey roads so I don't want to travel them in the dark.
I hope you all enjoy your Spring Breaks.
Summer it is okay to have a few jelly beans and other stuff every once in a while. If not, our bodies will crave them and then we tend to overbinge on them. Trust me I know from past experiences.
Well I better go and get ready for my trip to Curves. Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Easter!

04-10-2004, 05:46 PM
Good News Ladies I went to Victoria Secret's and got measured. I have went down a cup size. But unforunately they only had 4 bras in my size. Plus none of them were on sale. So I just went to good old Target and got my bras there. But I am so excitied that my bust seems to be getting a little smaller. Just wanted to share my good news with you all! Hope you are all having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

04-11-2004, 01:35 PM
Whoohoooo...Shrinking boobies! Way to goooo! :) Sorry that VS didn't have any on sale for you to buy.... BUT Targeeee has some nice things too! ...and well below VS sale prices!

i've got the ham in the oven....the eggs waiting to be deviled....
and I am NOT getting over this sinus is getting worse...I think it may be allergies...any help regarding WHAT allergy OTC pill to try ....

I'm off to honk my nose AGAIN...
take care...Happy Easter to all!

04-11-2004, 07:38 PM
Hello all! Well, I survived the holiday without total out of control eating. I did indulge. But it is over now. I'm done. Time to get back to business.

Robyn, you should probably see an allergist. My ENT prescribed Zyrtec which knocked me off my feet. I took it at night, and good thing the next day was a snow day, because I didn't wake till 10am, and wasn't coherent till noon! He switched me to Clarinex. It didn't make me dopey, but it made mucous build up in my chest which for an asthmatic is dangerous. I'm back on the Albuterol inhaler...hello spring! Zyrtec D works best for me because it contains sudafed which takes the dopeyness away and also decongests. However, he doesn't want me taking sudafed daily because it causes heart palpitations (and with my weight problem...). He ran out of ideas, and has referred me to an allergist who specializes in asthma. So, my friend, don't fool around with OTC medicines. See a professional. Besides, it is cheaper to pay a copay for a prescription than to pay for these expensive OTC allergy meds. Good luck! Aaaahchew!!! wheeze wheeze snort Aaaahchew!!! :o

Kerry congrats on the new bra size. I remember those days of Victoria Secret. Boy was that a loooooooong time ago. It was my favorite store. I loved the catalog. When I got pregnant and HUGE, I called them and told them to take me off their mailing list. I got sick of looking at those perfect bodies! I haven't fit in a VS bra in 11 years. And there were only a couple of styles in that size...36D. Now I'm a 42DDD! Good Lord Louise!!!

I also can't eat fried foods anymore. But in my case it is because I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago. It made me lose 15 pounds, but the weight crept back on.

Well, here we are...a new week. Robyn, enjoy your vacation. I have one more week myself until I am off.

Take care one and all!


04-11-2004, 10:36 PM
I'm miserable.... I can't breathe...what a Spring Break this is going to be...
Thank you for your words of wisdom re:allergies, Summer...I'm sorry that you suffer sooo, but..your experience and words of advice kinda make me think that I need to call a dr.

Tomorrow I will be standing at the shipyard by 5 a.m. trying to peddle donuts to the workers as they go in with my BoyScout son...IF you see me there...please buy a box from us! I really don't feel up to going...and it is going to be both cold and rainy..BUT... alas, a mommas gotta do what a mommas gotta do... Is there a smiley with a tissue?

today I ate my weight in ham, deviled eggs, pineapple upside down cake and bread with butter..... tomorrow, donut selling day, I will be good! :tape: REALLY! The smell of a zillion donuts has always made me feel sick rather than piggish! :)

Ya'll take care...hope you had great weekends and wonderful Easters!

04-12-2004, 04:52 PM
Be badk here tomorrow when I have some kind of schedule and a few minutes to be here!!! Hope everyone is ok- see ya tomorrow.

04-12-2004, 10:49 PM
Robyn, glad I could help. Good luck finding the right meds.

Okay, time to vent. My aide was (guess what?) out again today!!! :mad: Her supervisor couldn't believe it, and she will be called back for yet another verbal warning. Supposedly, a written warning will come after this one. The lice boy was back today after the principal told me he wouldn't be welcomed back. After the 26 absenses, his mom was given "one more chance" supposedly. Well, he came back for 3 days and was then absent for 3 days. I told the principal, and she drafted a letter telling mom that he was being withdrawn from the program. Well, mom convinced the principal to give her yet another chance. So, after withdrawing him on paper, I had to undo it and take him back. Lot's of thanks to my spineless principal :( Somebody in this school system needs to get some balls.

I am required to enter my students in a young authors contest. It is a lot of work, and technically there isn't a category for pre-k. However, I don't have a choice, so I will do it. Have they given me the criteria it will be judged by? No. The clipboard holder in my building (literacy coach) doesn't know anything about it and tried to pawn off the job of contest representative on me. I told her "absolutely not!" since I know nothing about it. I am happy to take on a leadership position when I am qualified, but I refuse to do so when I am ignorant about the subject. :o

One of my favorite students had a major meltdown today. She can be moody, but I can usually handle her in a way that does not escalate the situation. Well, the substitute aide got into a power struggle with her today, and by the time I intervened, the child was punching, kicking, and screaming. Mom came to pick her up, and I know this poor kid must have gotten one h*ll of a beating today. Before she left I told her that I loved her and asked mom to send her back to school in one piece tomorrow.

I need a consistent, competent assistant. Having different people filling in is not good for the kids. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :fr:


04-13-2004, 12:30 PM
Well Ladies I found a quite moment to check in with you ladies during my school day. The kids earned the right to watch 20 minutes of a movie before lunchtime and I thought I would surf the net while they are movie watching.
Tonight I have my TOPS meeting. I am hoping to go and hear some good news like I lost some weight. I worked very hard this weekend at not giving into all the holiday food and especially the candy. I did have a few pieces of candy but not a lot to gorge myself on.
Sounds like work is starting to become hetic for you Summer. I am sorry to hear that your aide was out again. I am so glad that I have a wonderful lady who is my aide. She feels guilty when she has to miss a day of work. But I know that she is always going to be back the next day. It is not like playing the wait and see game that you must be going through. Well I need to go and eat my lunch. Talk to you all later. I might check in with you all tonight.
Have a great day!

04-13-2004, 04:37 PM
Today was day 2 of Spring was also the 5th day in a row that it has rained.... I'm off to scrub the bathroom walls with vinegar.... the woman at Lowes
told me that vinegar will cut the wall paper glue so that I can paint....

whahooo...isn't this a thrilling post...when I logged on I was sure that there was something I wanted to say...but'm guessing that I'm clueless about what it for reading this to the end!

boringly yours,

04-13-2004, 08:18 PM
Robyn, you could never be boring...even when you have nothing much to say, you are still funny! :lol:

Kerry, I hope you do well at TOPS. But, if you didn't, don't beat yourself up about it.

My aide was out yet again!!! Tomorrow starts the first day of three days of observation. There will be people in my school checking us out till Friday afternoon. I have had a lot to do to prepare, and as usual, when I really need her, she is useless. :( It is tough, because when she decides to be responsible, she is really good at her job. But, she is terribly self-involved, and if the sky isn't just the right shade of blue, she calls out sick. :mad:

At least I have my volunteer in the morning. He is reliable. However, after having him for 3 years (he's been with me since my first year teaching), he is graduating. He will be starting grad school and student teaching next year. And, he graduates next month, so, my time with him is almost up. He is a wonderful guy, and will make an outstanding teacher. I will really miss him!

I've been good since Monday AM. I have exercised each day, and stuck pretty darn close to program. I don't have much more time. I need to lose some serious poundage over the next three months. We are going to Disneyworld in July, and for once, I wanted to be in some of the pictures and not be embarassed.

Have a great night.


04-13-2004, 11:51 PM
Hi Robyn, Summer and Ginny,
Well I am finally back in the losing game again. I lost 1 1/2 pounds at TOPS tonight. So now I only have 12 1/4 more to go to reach my mini goal of being 200 pounds by my birthday on May 15th.
Summer I have the utmost faith in you that you can lose some weight before July. I know what you mean about not wanting to be in pictures. I never liked to get my picture taken for years. But now am slowly getting out of that habit and enjoy seeing the progress I have made.
Robyn sounds like you are having a fun Spring Break! I have that to look forward to when I am off for the summer.
Ginny I hope everything is going well with you.
Well ladies it is off to bed for me. Long day at school tomorrow.

04-14-2004, 12:21 AM
WhoooHOOO! Way to go Kerry! You loser, you! (((big high fives and hugs to you!)))

Summer....I'm sorry that your assistant is never there. My sister has a similar problem with her assistant EXCEPT her principal has no balls and won't do ANYTHING ...not even a warning ....about it. It is SO unfair of her to do this to you at such an important time. (((hugs))) to you! I'm so sorry! AND....I'm so proud of you for sticking to your plan! July's photos will be ones of happy memories! :) YOu can do it!

...speaking of sky blue...(the assistant is absent when the sky is the wrong shade of blue...) WHAT is the right shade??? Cause...... I've got every swatch card of that color that I can put my hands on....I'm thinking that I'm going to do the bathroom in some sort of shade of light sky blue....that is IF I ever get the darn wall paper glue off.... Vinegar does NOTHING for my breathing issues... and it sure doesn't seem to do a damn thing for the glue either.... I am NOT Hilde from Trading Spaces..that is for darn sure.... All I wanted to do was to get rid of the ancient wall paper and throw up some paint.... RIGHTTTT.....

Today we needed flippers and swim masks...the rain was UNbelievable...tornado warnings all day too....what is up with this Spring Break?

Okey...well....I may be setting new records for most boring posts ever... I'm off to search the internet for the UNglue secret...there has GOT to be some way to get this crap off the walls....

take care,

04-14-2004, 10:03 AM
fabric softener mixed with water..... amazingl of course the sun is shining and I'm still locked in the bathroom rubbing stuff on the walls... hehe!

04-14-2004, 01:31 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
It is amazing the free time you have at lunch and recess when one student is absent. My behavior student is not here today. We are guessing that he is flooded in with his mom. We have had rain for the last two days. The sun finally came out this morning. I hope that it is a permanent fixture for awhile.
Thanks for the hugs. I am really starting to feel good about losing weight again. I made myself ride the excersie bike last night for 15 minutes. I wanted to ride it for 30 minutes but my knees started to hurt. So I just stopped. I will have to build myself back up to 30 minutes again. Tonight I am going to go to Curves and workout.
Robyn I was going to suggest trying goo gone. It comes in a bottle of orange stuff. It works really good on taking sticky stuff off of stuff. Well my students are coming back in from recess early. One of them is throwing a fit. He was pounding on my classroom windows and my aide told him to stop. Then he proceed to take his shoes and kick them off at us. Then took his socks off. Now he is begging for us to help him put them back on. He has calmed down a little but I am not putting his socks and shoes on him. He is a 13 year-old autistic student who needs to become more independent for himself. If he can put them on in the mornings to come to school then he can put them on now. Sorry to rant and rave. But it is easier to rant and rave to you ladies,instead of getting into a power struggle with my student.
Have a wonderful afternoon! I will check in with you all later.

04-14-2004, 09:46 PM
Robyn, your posts crack me up! :lol: And, no, I don't know what the right shade of blue is. We have also been having torrential rains. My basement is flooded, our sump pump is constantly going, and the mold is gonna start growing again. The poor dehumidifier doesn't have a chance. My allergies and asthma just LOVE this weather. :mad: The bottom floor of my school is flooded, but it doesn't keep us from reporting to school. I guess I shouldn't complain since there is no way to make up anymore lost days.

Kerry, try lowering the tension on your exercise bike. I also have bad knees, and the only way I can bike for 30 minutes is with the tension lowered.

Today, the clipboard holders were in for my observation from 1:00-1:40pm. I won't know how I did until later in the week. It appeared that it went well, but until the report is written up, I really won't know. Tomorrow, they will be back again, but this time the observation won't be scheduled. I will just have to be on my toes the whole day. :p

Miracle upon miracles, my aide decided to show up today. But, she came in late, so the substitute aide was already in my room. I released the sub, and of course, thanked her profusely. She went back to her regular classroom, and I'm sure her teacher was HAPPY to see her.

I've been really good all week, but there has been no sign on the scale or my measurements. I must be retaining water. Hey, no surprise there...I'm surrounded by water...maybe I will grow gills and fins!!!


04-14-2004, 11:59 PM
.......and now your "Robyn Does The Bathroom" Moment..........I'm sure that you've been waiting for this!

For whatever it is worth....... Here is the only method that I have discovered that has removed the wallpaper glue off the wall..... after 3 days, I became desperate enough to follow the wacky advice of one of my friends who had listened to me babbling on regarding the house smelling like a pickle and the glue being stubborn! In case you ever need to do are the directions that I could never find on line OR at the darn Lowe's Store....

Mix liquid fabric sofener (I used Downey!) with about 1/2 as much hot water, mix it together really well....get over the weird way it feels when you stick your hand in it....and sponge on the wall.......back up...cuss....get the little brown Pampered Chef scrapper and scrape the wall like you are taking the frost off your windshield! Cuss some more cause... VIOLA........ 1/2 your Spring Break is gone AND your bathroom is STILL unpainted!!!! Why oh why the **** why do I watch Trading Spaces and all those other shows??? And why am I so UNABLE to get this little teeny tiny bathroom painted?

After I scraped the glue off the the best of my scapping/wall softening ability, I totally sponged the walls down with the vinegar from before....and today I didn't do a thing in has to dry you know... and not to worry...cause I still can't decide on the proper shade of blue.... Did you know that there is a world of difference between Misty Harbor and Maine Harbor...Geesh!

So.....I've eaten junk all week, gone through a box of Kleenex, NOT exercised... huffed Downey and Vinegar... WHAT fun!

Kerry, did he put on his socks and shoes? I am dying to hear how it turned out! Bless you for teaching autistic teens! I have much admiration for what you do! I'm afraid that I'd weigh 500 pounds trying to deal with those kiddos!

Summer, glad to hear that the observation went well....or well from your view! :) Sorry to hear that you are also needing to do the back stroke to get around.... I am sorry to hear that your breathing issues will be or are going nuts! I'm sorry that you had to release the substitute aide...too bad that you couldn't send out the other one to some other place! Good luck with tomorrow and your toe shoe dancing for the day! You KNOW that you will do well!

Meet you out in the ocean (what shade is THAT?!) as I'm also noticing that my toes are webbing together and my skin is starting to begin to get that irredescent bluey greeny fish scale look to it.... this rain is just tooooo much!

I don't know why I'm watching 48 hours about high school shootings..... how depressing and sad and scary....

Ya'll take care! I'll check in tomorrow.... I know you will be waiting for my bathroom update! :yes:

chinoiserie blue is nice....but NOT for a tiny bathroom...
delphinium bud is nice too....but well...I'm a tad concerned about how blue EVERYthing will look....
rainfall is a color that I like...but after this week...I REFUSE! LOL

... perhaps I'm thinking about this WAYYYY to much! ...ya think?! :idea:

04-15-2004, 09:49 PM
THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!! Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me...thanks for shining down on me... :flow2: :flow2: :flow2:

Just when I was beginning to look like a mermaid...

Today the clipboard holders were in my room from 930-11am. :p After a while, I got so used to them being there that I really let my guard down. Hopefully that is a good thing. I will find out tomorrow at 12 noon at our school leadership team meeting. I'm the co-chair, so I have to be there, like it or not. I will let you all know how it goes.

I went to my alma mater, Southern CT State University, to register for a graduate class in the fall. I will be taking Child Development. It is a good place for me to start my masters since I always did really well in those kind of courses. My only concern is the arduous process I will have to go through to matriculate in grad school. It is a state school for pete's sake! You would think I was applying to Yale! Well, just like everything else on my career path, I will not be overwhelmed. Instead, I will take it one step at a time, and try to chill out. :cool:

Robyn, thanks for the wallpaper removal tip. We have used that Goo Gone. My DH may want to try your way when he does the dining room. Oh, and don't feel bad about the bathroom. When we moved in our house 5 years ago, we began our upstairs bathroom, and it came out awful. We stripped off the mistake, but never fixed it until February when I did it myself. I obsessed over that bathroom for years. Now it is done. Yours will get done too. :cool:

Hi Kerry & Ginny!

TGIF tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!The beginning of my spring break on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. The scale is beginning to move downward. I've corrected my indulgences over Easter weekend. Now it is time to make some serious progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya!!!

Summer (It is on its way!!! :flow2:

04-16-2004, 02:56 PM
Hi Ladies,
The sun has been shining for the last three days. It is so nice to see the sun. But boy oh boy do my boys have a cause of the pre summer vaction syndrome. They are starting to act silly and refuse to do any work. So I think the next six weeks are going to be very long. How long do you gals have before you are out of school for the summer?
I went to Curves last night and they have a new machine. It is called a PEC/DEC. It is to work your upper arms and back. Boy oh boy is my shoulders, chest and upper arms/back sore today. But I am going back tonight to workout again. So that I can say I have my 4 days in this week.
So Robyn are you ready to go back to school on Monday? Did you enjoy your break from school?
Summer how did your meeting go today? Did you do well in your observation with the clipboard holders? Congrats on the scales going down! Keep up the great work!
Ginny how are you doing, honey? Haven't heard from you in a while and miss you!
Enjoy your weekend! I have to go to an Area Recognition Day for TOPS during the day tomorrow. Then I have to go with the DH, and the stepsons' to a demolition derby to see our nephew derby. So I am hoping to get to relax a little on Sunday after I get home from church.
Have a great weekend!

04-16-2004, 09:35 PM

I am so happy. I thought this day would never come.

The review went well for the school overall. Some of the upper grades were weak in the area of "deep structure thinking." But considering the lack of leadership, support, professional development, etc., we had until January, I don't think they did as badly as they could have.

Everybody LOVED my class. The clipboard holders were amazed that I am only a 3rd year teacher. I got lots of praise. :D There's nothing like "job security" to make your day!

So, the only other hurdle to get through this year will be my formal observation with my principal. It is all a matter of planning the "perfect" lesson. I feel pretty good right now since she has already seen me do well. At this point, I just want to get it overwith.

Today was another sunny day which gives me hope for a nice vacation. My basement really needs to dry out. The school is finally dried out.

My last day of school isn't until June 25th. We had 6 snow days, otherwise, we would have gotten out on June 17th. I'm just glad they let us keep our April break. I wouldn't have made it all the way to the end of June without a week off.

You will probably see a lot more of me this week.

Take care one and all!


04-17-2004, 09:49 AM
hello everyone!

.....I can't BELIEVE that it is Saturday already! Where did my Spring Break go???

I have enjoyed getting up AFTER the sun! Thursday we went to Richmond and spent the day at the Virginia Science Museum. That was a lot of fun! On Friday, we went in the other direction, to Norfolk to get the kids some new shoes. (I drive to a special kids shoe store as my children's feet are HARD to fit!) Came home in time to get to the grocery and cook yummy stuff to go with two steaks dh grilled.

I found a forgotten gift card....that was MINE! Had fun searching for just the perfect purchases in Books A Million! Didn't spend a dime on anyone but ME! Mean Momma!
Last night, I got in bed at 9 with my purchases! Didn't get to sleep until after midnight! YUMMY! :)

Today we have baseball......I've got to print my homework pages.....(I got them ready last Friday when I got home from school!) I plan to do NOTHING on Sunday....maybe a bit of laundry....

I am covered in poison ivy or oak or something........I didn't get it from the walls of my bathroom..... we were working out in the yard LAST weekend before the rain came. What I don't get is HOW I got it WHERE I got it....I was wearing long pants and a sweat shirt...??? SOOOOOo anyone know how to get this stuff to dry up and stop itching??? It is making me nuts!

gotta of the boys is calling me! with that tone in his voice!
Robyn....I'll be back!

04-17-2004, 10:03 AM
Robyn, Rhula Gel (I'm not sure of the spelling) is what my sister always used on her kids. Besides calamine lotion and baking soda made into a paste, that is the only thing I know of. I'm sorry you are itching. Take some Benadryl too to stop the itching from the inside out. Sorry your vacation is coming to an end. When are you done with school? Do you have to go to the 25th of June like me? My DD's school is threatening to go to one vacation in March next year to get us out of school earlier in June. The parents had to fill out a questionnaire. I vehemently disagreed with that stupid idea. They tried that at my sister's school, and in the month of February, attendance was atrocious. The school really needs to close that week to give the building a chance to be germ free. Then to go from March to June, my sister thought she would go out of her mind. The following year, her district switched back to February and April. It would be a nightmare for me because DD would want to stay home with me the weeks I'm off, and if we could ever afford to travel during one or both of those weeks, we would have to take her out of would they like that?! On the questionnaire, I threatened to take her out of school for those two weeks. (I probably wouldn't do it.) Then that week in March, I would be screwed. I would have to find childcare. What a pain in the a*s. I think I made my objections very clear. Hopefully other parents will do the same.

I have to get DD ready for gymnastics. Talk to you all later.


04-17-2004, 10:06 PM
Remember I washed my walls with Dawn and vinegar??? WELL now I'm bathing in it...
seems that the stuff supposed to take off wall paper glue is also what I'm supposed to use to get rid of the itching poison ivy...altho it may be oak...the bottom line is THE ITCHING WAS DRIVING ME NUTTY ENOUGH TO BATHE IN DAWN! It seems to have worked or at least helped! There is a huge huge web site about the stuff....if you google poison ivy! ...just in case you ever need to know! Thanks for the RhuliCreme idea.... That stuff has also been helpful! as has Benedryl and etc...things for skin itching!

Here in the south...said in my best southern belle voice...we don't have February vacation. I had never heard of it until I met a friend from Maine 100 years ago...
and her family always visited her in February. We get a full week off for Christmas...oops sorry Winter Break....and then hardly ANY time off between then and Easter ...I mean Spring Break.

Gotta go.... kitchen is calling my name...again! gotta go clean!
take care..

04-18-2004, 05:05 PM
Hi Ladies,
Sorry to be missing in action the last couple of days. But we have had the stepkids this weekend and have done nothing but run run run with them. All three of them had ball practice twice this weekend. Then yesterday I had to go to a TOPS Area Recognition Day with one of the high school girls in our group to see her get her award. I was gone from 8 until 4, only to come home change clothes, eat a quick salad and then off to see my nephew in a demoltion derby. Got home at 12:30 and went to bed. Got up this morning when the phone rang and woke me up at 8:30. It was my sdd telling me that she had ball practice at 1 today. I got ready for church went to church. Came home to an angry dh since he had words with his ex. She thinks that we don't do enough with their children and that I don't want to be around them. Just because I didn't think it was my responsiblity to take stepdd to ball practice. I was going to use that time to have some me time and clean house a little bit. So I was a nervous rack wondering if she was going to show up at practice and cause a big old ruckus. But she was there and never nice towards me. So I guess I should thank my lucky stars that she wasn't *****y like she had been early in the day with my dh. I never thought I would say it but I am looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. At least I will be able to slow day a little bit and fall back into a routine. Well I better go and fold some laundry. I want to try and get it all done today. Even though it is a never ending process. I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather we had this weekend. I am hoping to squeeze in a walk with the dh tonight.
Well I will talk to you all later.
Have a great week! Summer enjoy your spring break!

04-18-2004, 07:34 PM
Well, yesterday was a great day, and I am paying for it today.

Yesterday, DH took DD to gymnastics for me so I could get my nails done. Boy were they in baaaaaad shape. (I've only been getting my nails done professionally since last June as a way to take care of ME for a change.) Now I am spoiled. If I have to miss an appointment, it is tragic. :lol: I'm really not one of "those people," I swear! :p

Anyway, I picked up some essentials plus cold cuts and low fat Cape Cod potato chips for lunch. Then DD and I went to see the movie, "The Prince & Me." WOW!!! What a great movie!!! And, I was able to see it with DD and not cover her eyes! :o We will soooo get it on DVD when it comes out. After the excellent movie, we went to a cute little diner-like restaurant right on the beach. We always start going back to the beach around this time of year. It was windy and cold, but just smelling the sea air gave us such hope for the upcoming summer. :cool: After our dinner with an ocean view, we got ice cream cones, (this is where I made a wrong turn :nono: ) and sat on a bench watching the waves roll in. We went home and played dominoes. I won! :D

In the middle of the night, the stomach pains began. Ever since I had my gallbladder out, every once in a while, I will eat something too fatty for my stomach to handle. There is no rhyme or reason. I have had fried clams, fried shrimp, and ice cream on vacation, and nothing happens. Then I will have a bowl of homemade New England clam chowder, and I get diarrhea like you've never seen. I think it was the ice cream. I never eat real ice cream anymore...just low-fat or fat-free frozen yogurt. So, today I am green. :stress: I know better. If I just stayed on my diet, this wouldn't have happened. I just wanted to celebrate the awakening of the world around me...spring and the iminent arrival of summer.

So, today my dinner is rice with lots of selzer water to wash it down. :dz:

Tomorrow I had better be better. DD's best friend, her best friend, the mischievous little brother who's in love with DD, DD, and me are going to the zoo for the day. I will need to feel good to be able to handle the walking and the kids.

Kerry, what a BUSY weekend! I can't imagine that it is easy to deal with a stepfamily. My DH was married before, but didn't have any children, so he was able to cut ties. He feels bad about leaving behind his in-laws and a God son. Once in a while he has to go to a wake or a funeral, but otherwise, they aren't in our life. Thank God.

Robyn, your poor skin. You will need some major moisturizing when you are done with these coo coo treatments. But hey, whatever works! When I had mono, I broke out in a hideous rash. Looking back, I think I had chicken pox on top of mono, but who knows? Anyway, I remember sitting buck naked and spreading a paste of baking soda and warm water all over my body to control the itching. What a picture!!! At least I was 19 and thin at the time. If I had to do that now with the sagging boobs...oh THAT would be a picture!!! :fr: Sorry you didn't have February off, but didn't you get a week in November? See, I just had Thanksgiving and the Friday after off.

Well, somehow with a stomachache, I have to try to straighten up my house in case DD's friend comes over after the zoo to play. Maybe I will just get up super early tomorrow instead.


04-19-2004, 12:04 AM
running in real fast....

went to the dr today...the itching was JUST too much.... I am now on Steroids and other assorted pills....and I do feel a bit better! The dry skin will have to wait until I'm done with this rash before I start moisturizing! and trust me...the total nekkid with baking soda paste is NOT pretty at my age...and sagging... tried it last night....and well... besides looking like an albino JabbaTheHut...not much stopped itching! BUT...the drugs are taking effect! :)

The week in November was all of my leave and then 3 days without pay..... it wasn't an official "doors of school are closed" vacation! BUT...I will stop whining now that you reminded me of THAT wonderful week in Florida....sighhhhhhhhhh...It WAS wonderful! :)

Summer, sorry that you aren't feeling well you think it is something to do with the dairy / fat , etc...??? I have 2 very good friends without gallbladders and icecream is a huge NONO for both of them.....due to the very problem that you have had with it.... Sorry that you're sick...but ATLEAST it is due to a wonderful time! :)

Kerry, sorry you have to deal with an ex as well as ball practice! Sounds like you will be returning to work to relax! :)

ya'll take care....
....gotta find my bookbag for tomorrow!

04-19-2004, 02:38 PM
Hi everyone!
So how is everyone's Monday going? Mine is okay. I have had an eventful day. My autistic student shoved our tv off the cart and it hit my little down syndrome boy in the head. So it was scary because a huge knot appeared on his forehead. His mommy came and to him home. I am really looking forward to going to Curves and working out my tension and stress from this morning later in the day.
The ex came over last night and was just so sweet to me. It scared me to death. I was waiting for her to stab me in the back with something. But I have to be nice to her for the sake of the kids. I am just glad that I didn't start eating for emotional comfort.
Well I will try to check in with you all later. I have to go home, change clothes, go workout and come home to try to do some light housework. I only got the laundry done yesterday. But atleast that was a start.
Have a great evening!

04-20-2004, 03:25 PM
HI Ladies,
My little boy came back today. He is fine. I am just glad that his mom is not mad at me or my aide. She is very understanding. It is great to have a few parents like that every once in a while. He gave me a great big hug and kiss when he saw me this morning. That made me feel really good. I have watched what I have eaten today. I had two apples and my weight loss shakes for breakfast and lunch. Can you tell that I have TOPS tonight? Well my boys are in from gym. So I have to go. Have a great evening. After I leave school I am going to go to Curves and workout so I don't start to snack when I get home. Have a good evening.

04-20-2004, 06:47 PM
Going to the zoo during April break is a big! I've been going to this zoo since I was a child myself, and I have NEVER seen a crowd like I saw yesterday. One thing that irritated me was that I saw A LOT of cute little "stay at home mommies" with their cute little babies (no sign of an older sibling) at the zoo yesterday. GET A CLUE! IT IS SPRING BREAK AND EVERY MOM, GRANDMA, AUNT, OR BABYSITTER IS LOOKING TO ENTERTAIN THE KIDS, SO STAY AWAY FROM THE ZOO UNTIL NEXT WEEK WHEN WE ARE ALL BACK IN SCHOOL!!! YOU CAN GO ANY DAY, ANY TIME YOU D*MN WELL PLEASE!!! :fr: SO FIND ANOTHER WAY TO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR 3 MONTH OLD WHO IS TOO SMALL TO RIDE ON THE ZOO'S CAROUSEL ANYWAY!!! It was bad enough with all the school kids. When I was home during the day when my DD was a baby, we always avoided the museums, zoos, and malls when the schools had vacations. I hate crowds, and I guess I just assume others do to. I had to park a half a mile away from the parking lot, had to wait 30 minutes just to get into the zoo (if it wasn't a play date where we were meeting people, I would have left.), couldn't move in the zoo, waited 45 minutes to ride the carousel, couldn't even get near the concession was INSANE!!! Next year, I will know better.

Today, I paid bills, did laundry, and put away the winter clothes. It is finally warm enough to wear spring clothes. DD and I walked to her school and played on the playground. I had many moments of wanting to cheat, but kept busy so that I didn't go overboard.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my allergist then a play date at a public indoor pool. I'm not nuts about putting on a bathing suit this tan...I really need to shave... My friend invited us over to play and involved another friend and her child. This child trashes my friend's house, so she planned something outside of the house. THANKS A LOT! She is notorious for combining play dates...which sucks because at least with kids, three's a crowd. Somebody's feelings always get hurt. So, expect some stories tomorrow night.

Take care ladies!


04-20-2004, 09:34 PM

Summer sounds like your trip to the zoo was a bust. We took the Special Needs Classes form my school last year. By the time we got there, we only had 2 or 2 1/2 hours to walk around and look at the different animals. Then we got back on the bus and came home. So I thought it was a wasted day. The kids, parents and teachers complained about not having enough time there. So this year I am not planning to take my kids on any field trips. I can't expect them to behave at school, so why take them out in public to act like they do at school. Not only would that be an embarrassment to my aide and myself, but also to our whole school.
I went to TOPS tonight and lost 1 1/4 pounds. So my trick of drinking half my body weight in ounces of water daily is working. I have done it for two weeks now and have lost both weeks. Now I only have 11 more pounds to lose by my birthday if I want to reach my goal of being 200 pounds. Well I need to go and take my contacts out. They are starting to feel like they are going to stick to my eyeballs like suction cups. Not a good sign, since it hurts like **** trying to take them out when they are super dry.
Summer enjoy yourself at the indoor pool tomorrow. I hope no one's feelings get hurt tomorrow.
Have a great Wednesday everyone?
Take care,

04-21-2004, 11:46 PM
Hey all....

I've got tons to say...and not a second to type it..... (**My gradelevel at school is not going on any field trips this year...and we aren't crying over it!**)

Last week's Spring Break is nothing but a blurr....we are back in full force with the insanity that has become typical at my school. PLUS we are now making up the lost time from the hurricane (remember old Isobel from wayyyy back in September??) We are having extended days from now until Memorial Day. Someone is going to get hurt.
I'm not sure who or when....but MANNNNNNNN these days are really getting to be painful...and it is only Wednesday....

I got home from school after 5:30 tonight. Didn't get dinner to the family until nearly 6 and I was doing a wonderfully nutritious hotdog and bean thing..... I'm LOST at how I'm going to survive this.. I'm totally NOT in the mood or have the energy to exercise... I'm dead on my feet just from NOT letting the kids kill each other all day...and of course from being pecked to death by my little ducks...

I'm going for now....cause my cheerfulness is scary! :) talk to you soon...
take care..R.

04-22-2004, 02:51 PM
Hi Ladies,
I was sick yesterday. All I did from Tuesday night until yesterday afternoon is run to the bathroom and sit on the pot. I felt better today and came to school. Boy was that a mistake. Why is it when you are not feeling 100% your kids feed upon that? I am so ready to go home. But I still have to stay for an hour and a half after school to do intervention. I can't wait to go home and just relax for a little bit. I might try to go to Curves and work out tonight. But we will have to see. I don't want to get in the habit of not excersing again. But I could easily fall into that habit.
Robyn sorry to hear that you are having a rough week. I think we are going to have a lot of those rough weeks until the end of the school year.
Summer I hope you survived the pool day!
Take care. Talk to you all later.

04-22-2004, 09:43 PM
I posted a very lengthy post last night, only to have it disappear into cyberspace. I was too tired to redo it.

I will attempt now to try again.

Yesterday afternoon, we had our play date at an indoor pool at a hotel. It cost me $10!!! I (silly me) assumed that my friend had some sort of membership. $10 to swim?! I have never paid money to swim before. That is just weird. Her argument was that we pay to go to the movies. In my life, if I swam off-season, it was where either I or a friend/family member had a membership. Who invites someone to go swimming without telling them they'd better have cash on hand? Luckily, I had money left from the zoo!

So, I saw why my friend didn't want that little boy (I will call him Satan) in her home. All I can say is ADHD major!!! To make matters worse, mom appears to be afraid of her son :devil: . She has no clue about setting limits, following through, consistency, DISCIPLINE!!! She just looks at Satan admiringly and makes TONS OF EXCUSES for his behavior.

Silly me, I thought by tying my hair up, I could keep it dry. You see, my child listens to me and follows rules. If I tell her not to splash me or jump in the pool near me, she does what I tell her. She knows if she pisses me off, there will be consequences...and I NEVER back down. So, most of the time, my child obeys me. No, she isn't a saint :angel: , she has just learned that life is more fun-filled and happy when mommy is happy. :) EASY, NO BIG DEAL. I'M THE MOM, SHE'S THE KID...DUH!!!

Okay, so, today I went for my annual GYN. I've been putting it off till I lost some weight. I lost 5 pounds, so I figured that the midwife would at least be happy that I am making an effort and am on my way to my goal. WELL, IS IT JUST ME OR IS EVERY DOCTOR'S SCALE HIGHER THAN EVERY OTHER SCALE IN THE WORLD?! My scale is set to match my neighborhood Weight Watcher's scale. THE DOCTOR'S SCALE SAID THAT I WEIGHED 10 POUNDS MORE THAN MY HOME SCALE!!! When I told that to the midwife, she just shook her head and averted her eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAA AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I was MAD :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: !!! So, DD and I had lunch at McDonalds. Yes, I had the chicken tenders (5 piece) meal. :( Then we went to the movies, and I had candy and a slushy. :(

I know I shouldn't let people make me so angry that I revert to old behaviors, but I hate being treated like a child who won't do what she is told. I deserve to be treated with dignity.

Kerry, I'm so sorry you were sick and had to be at work. :( Feel better.

Robyn, Sorry you have to go to school for extended hours. That totally SUCKS :(

I promise to get back on track and not let the turkeys get me down.


04-23-2004, 12:31 AM
Kerry, sorry you have been sick.
Summer, sorry to hear that not only did you have to pay to swim with ALSO had the nurse giving you THAT look.... I hate HATE hate that look....

I will spare you any of my mood of the me... it ain't pretty...
oh btw, heard thru the grapevine that I didn't get that job I interviewed for....
I'm too exhausted to be upset over it! LOL

((hugs of support))
Chins up girlies!
take care,

04-23-2004, 05:28 PM
Gee Robyn, I'm sorry you didn't get the job. I guess it wasn't "meant to be." But don't let this stop you from finding a better place for you to teach.

We were up early on our last official day of vacation thanks to the Duffy, the dog. I guess he was lonely, because he usually sleeps later than the rest of the family. First he woke up the child, then the child and the dog woke up the mom.

We got an oil change then went to the travel agent to pay the balance of our trip to Disneyworld. We made reservations for the "Once Upon A Time" breakfast with Cinderella and her royal family. We also made reservations for the Polynesian Luau dinner and show. We had to wait on Mickey in Ohana and Minnie and Friends on Hollywood and Vine. The travel agent can't book it until tomorrow...some 90 day rule. I know it sounds like a lot of character breakfasts, but my DD will only be 6 years old once, and who knows when we will be able to afford to go back there again.

I bought one of those "thigh master" type of contraptions today...more for my butt and hips than for my thighs. I will let you know if it works.

I must be TOTALLY COMMITTED from here on in. We will arrive in Disney on July 21st. That gives me 89 days to lose enough weight to not be embarrassed in a bathing suit.

Today I had to get lots of miscellaneous school work done including lesson plans. I also have to do lesson plans for Sunday School this Sunday.

I was planning on painting the dining room and outside furniture during vacation, but it may have to wait till another time. I had to make sure that DD had plenty of fun rather than watching the tube while mommy does chores. In the long run, it is better for me to get some recreation in as well (not including the pool day!)

Take care ladies! Cheer up Robyn!


04-24-2004, 09:59 AM
Friends, I need your help. I can't shake this feeling of failure since my GYN appointment. No matter who's scale is right (every doctor's office and every gym I've been to is different), I feel so crappy from the attitude I received at my GYN appointment. I keep seeing her shaking her head and averting her eyes...not believing me when I told her that I have been doing Dr. Phil, exercising, and have lost 5 pounds. She has made me feel ashamed to be fat. I don't usually feel that way, because I know deep in my heart that my value as a human being has NOTHING to do with my appearance. I'm just tired of going to doctors and getting either a lecture (like lectures help!) or an attitude of disapproval. Never has a doctor sat down with me having an empathetic attitude with a willingness to help me. The only advice I have received has been to eat nothing but fish, poultry, and vegetables...YUM! sounds like fun! I will be seeing my gastroenterologist in June. He is one of the can probably see why. I must make progress by then. They all ignore the fact that my cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is normal, and I have no signs of elevated sugar. The only sign is the fat on my body...period. I am tired of the embarassment. I'm tired of feeling degraded. Please help.


04-24-2004, 02:52 PM
Hi Summer and Robyn,
Sounds like everyone's week ended on a bad note. My Friday was pretty bad. I got called in my boss' office to be told that one of my parents went to the superindent complaining about a letter I sent home to her regarding her twin's behavior in my classroom. They have to constantly have their hands on someone through out the school day. Well this only leads to overstimulanting my problem child who then has to attack everyone in his sight. So I politely asked her to tell the boys to keep their hands to themselves from now on. Well she is pissed off because her boys are getting attacked by this other student and why am I singling her boys out and not doing anything to my other student. He is severely autistic and there is no parental support from home. So come Monday or Tuesday, I am suppose to sit down with this lady and my boss to discuss this issue. My boss said that I was not going to be able to get her to buy my point if the boys kept their hands to themselves that might cut down on them getting attacked by the other boy. Help I need suggestions as to what to say to this lady to resolve this issue. I am just tired of playing bodyguard to my students and not getting to teach them much anymore.
Summer, I feel your pain honey. I think doctor's and nurse's should be made to take a course in bedside manner and learn to be more compassionate. After all we pay them enougt for their services. I wouldn't let it get you down. You know in your heart you have lost those 5 pounds and are working to lose more. Don't worry what they think, do this for you. Just picture the shocked looks on their faces when you go into their offices a skinner more spunkier women.
Robyn sorry to hear that you didn't get the job. That just must mean there is a better one out there waiting for you.
Well I need to go and get some housework done. Talk to you all later.
Have a great weekend.

04-25-2004, 11:09 PM
Hello friends,

I am so sorry to hear how everyone's week ended......

Kerry, I feel so badly for you! God bless you for showing back up to work each morning! AND now the stress just magnifies! Don't you hate it when parents go to the superintendent instead of you or the principal.... I don't know about the twins and the reason that they are with you...However, I do know that you must talk to the mom about her children's safety. That their safety is in jeopardy due to them stimulating the severly autistic child with physical contact. I would also ask the administrator for more support/help with keeping the autistic attacking child out of / away from situations that over stimulate and cause attacking behavior (YES, I know...easier said than done!) Do you have enough adult help in the room? How old and how large are all of these kids? ((((hugs to you girl!)))) Your school needs to be an orderly and safe enviornment for everyone....and everyone needs to keep their hands to themselves...What does the principal say about this??? AND don't meet with the mom without the principal and others (counselor / support staff) present! What sort of action plan is in place for the attacking child? Ie, what is the protocol for when the kid attacks? What is the protocol for the twins? Do they have social goals in their IEP? Sorry.... I'm not helping you, am I?

Summer, I feel so badly for you. I know the look...I KNOW the feeling that she caused you to feel. I also know how HELPFUL (NOT) doctors can be as well as how compassionate (NOT) everyone can be. Summer, I am so sorry. I wish that there was some magic solution...cause I'd sprikle you with well as myself...actually, I'd drive up there...and we could ROLL in it together! I am at my lowest emotionally right now....those pills they put me on for the poison sumac have caused a tremendous weight a week....I'm so depressed I can't see straight.... I've decided that tomorrow I go back to counting points religiously! I have to....
I've got more to type...but I must get to the laundry...or the boys will be going nude to school tomorrow...and I will have to wear the stuff in the floor from Friday!
I need a personal coach...... I wish I had the strength and money to go find one!

ya'll hang in there.... tomorrow is another day....lets reach for the stars and make it a good one! (lets also pray that I don't lose my marbles before our extended dismissal!)
arghhhhhhhhhh, I had nearly forgotten about my day being longer...damn....


04-26-2004, 07:57 PM
Thanks for your support Kerry & Robyn. I was really freaking during the time we couldn't post on here. I wish they would give us warning ahead of time when they are gonna close the site. I don't realize how much I need you ladies until I can't communicate with you. You are my only REAL support. At school, there are others trying to lose weight, but they are the kind of people who just talk talk talk without listening. I hope I give you guys the support you need and don't just write write write! Anyway, I am really grateful to everyone here.

Kerry, WOW, parents can be such a friggin drag. :( In my past experience, your best bet would be to meet with the parent, the principal, and the psychologist, behaviorist, or social worker...whichever person would be of most help to you. The larger your team of support, the better. When I used to be an assistant manager of a group home, we would have what they call an OPS (the same thing as a PPT, but for the residential setting). When I knew either the parent or the client's employer was gonna be trouble, I would load up the meeting table with as many allies as I could dig up. One meeting was with a difficult employer. I had the client, her mother, our behaviorist, our vice president, my director, and I. We had the brother (who at the time was an attorney for the governor of CT) on speaker phone. The employer came alone. Tee hee hee! :lol: The employer never had a chance! When he threatened to fire my client without trying to write a behavioral plan for her to help her do better, we all jumped down his throat. The best was when the brother was gonna call the head of the Department of Mental ******ation on his other line! :lol: Anyway my friend, my point is to get some support from the staff at your school. Create your own team. Meet with them before, make a plan, and then go in the meeting with guns blazing!!!

Robyn, don't you just HATE steroids?! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I sure hope your skin heals soon so that you can go back to normal. Try drinking a lot of water, maybe it will help flush out your system.

I have more to say, but I've lost my train of thought!


04-26-2004, 11:05 PM
Hi Robyn and Summer,
Guess what the parent called this morning to say that she is too busy to come in for a meeting in the next day or so. So we are in limbo land. So I will just have to grin and bear it for a few more days. I just have this nasty feeling that she will never come in for a meeting. We have been wanting her to come in for awhile and she is just too busy. Kind of ticks me off that she was able to find the time to rant and rave to the superindent, but now can't find the time to discuss her sons' safety. Oh well I will make it through the next 24 days. Thank you for your advice. I think I am going to see about having our guidance counselor sit in on the meeting with me, the MOM and my boss.
To top it all off it is that lovely time of the month. Plus I either have a sinus infection or a cold to boot. I have such a pounding headache tonight, it is not funny. I wasn't even stressed at school today. So I guess it is from blowing my nose so much.
So how was everyone's Monday? My day was okay. I was ready to come home at the end of the day. Then it was off to the gym and Wal-mart to buy sinus med. and tissues. The toliet paper squares at school just don't cut it. So I got a box of Puffs to hide by my desk. I will let my boys use the toliet paper since they can't seem to help replace the tissues in my room.
Well I need to get to bed. I am really tired tonight. I think it has something to do with the rainy weather we had this weekend. Plus it was a very cool day here in Ohio. Have a great day tomorrow!

04-27-2004, 11:08 PM
Hey chickies! I'm too tired to post right now. See you tomorrow! Summer

04-28-2004, 06:32 PM
I feel like I'm in the early stages of labor. :mad: My endometriosis causes me so much pain when I have my period. I started last night (one week early...oh joy!), and I am soooooooo uncomfortable. I need an epidural!!! Or maybe some demerol!!! :dizzy: The three motrin I took aren't even touching this pain. :(

I survived my first day of parent/teacher conferences unscathed. I was lucky that the kids with "issues" are either 1. Gone 2. problems were already solved or 3. didn't sign up to meet with me.

I have a new student coming on Tuesday even though we have only 8 weeks left of school. He hails from France. He is in his aunt's custody. She is from Morrocco. What is this...the friggin United Nations?! I already have so many languages spoken in my room that aren't English...what's one more? When I told the aunt to speak to him in English and have him watch Sesame Street and other English-speaking programs to learn English, she looked at me like I was a horrible human being. She wants ME to be responsible for teaching him to speak English. :?: To add to the fun, his physical is incomplete, he needs more shots, and he tested positive for TB & hasn't received the required 9 month treatment at the TB clinic. Thank God the nurse is keeping him out of the program till he has everything he needs. And during all of the begging to take him in the program while I gave her every reason why he really would be better off at a full-day program that goes through the summer, I didn't notice that her 2 proofs of address are credit card bills which we cannot accept since they really don't prove a thing.

Well, I just want it to be June 26th. I am soooooo done.


04-28-2004, 10:14 PM
sorry to hear that ya'll are feeling poorly.....
i'm too exhausted to type tonight....not like i have too much to say anyway!
feel better soon....
hang in there....
Robyn (who has NO time for her again....:( sighhhhhhh)

04-29-2004, 09:03 AM
Hi Ladies,
Sounds like we are all tired and worn out by the end of the day. My aide was absent yesterday and even though I had a great sub in the room with me. It really makes you exhausted by the end of the day. My wild child was in full swing all afternoon long. I was never so glad to walk down to the teacher's parking lot that is about 1/4 mile from my building then I was last evening.
I lost 3 1/4 pounds last week. At my TOPS meeting the other night, they put a crown on me and I had to wear it the whole meeting. I laughed when they said something about me being Queen Kerry. They asked me what I was doing differently last week to lose it all. I said stress can either make you heavy or lighter. Plus I sat on the throne last Tuesday night and most of Wednesday. So that is how I did it. I ate some fat free cookies last Tuesday night and I think the ingredients didn't sit well with my tummy.
Well I better go and get ready for my kiddies. They have been in rare form all week long. I still have not met with the parent and my boss yet. I don't think it will be anytime this week either. Oh well.
Have a great day!

04-29-2004, 09:45 PM
Kerry, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!! :cp:

I appear to be stuck after losing the 5. Then again, I am in the middle of my period, so I am probably retaining water.

During parent/teacher conferences, a weird subject came up. One of my boys has been telling his mom that she is fat and should lose weight. I told her what my DD has said. An hour later another mother said that her daughter told her the same thing...and this lady is thin. What is going on? Is the media getting to our 4 year olds now?! I mean, anorexic teens isn't too surprising, but now 4 year olds are upset because their mothers aren't skinny twigs?! This is very alarming.

This morning I got up and used a new exercise machine my DH got for himself. It is the Gazelle by Tony Little. I tried it for a minute last night and amazingly enough, I was able to do it. (I'm not very coordinated, and have had trouble with steppers and skiers in the past.) Well this morning I decided to do it for my routine. After 3 minutes, my hips, butt, thighs, knees, shins, and feet were in AGONY!!!!!!!!!!!!PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! I forced myself to stay on it for 11 minutes and 47 seconds. Then for the duration of my 30 minutes, I rode my recumbent bike. I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow!



04-30-2004, 09:41 AM
Good Friday Morning to You:
I went to the ball field last night to see my stepDD play a scrimmage softball game. It was a good game. I think her softball team will be a good one this year. Then it was off to do some grocery shopping. My DH got a new workout machine yesterday from his brother. So I can't to start working out on it too. Tonight I am going to Curves afterschool since I missed working out last night. Unless you consider pushing a full shopping cart thru Super Wal-Mart as a workout.
Well I need to go and get my kids started on their morning work. I am so glad that it is Friday and the weekend starts at 2:45 this afternoon for me.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

04-30-2004, 08:04 PM

What a week! I've got a million things to talk about...but I'm just
tooooooo tired to even think of typing it all out!

This week totally KILLED me! I've gotta go start the wash so that
I have everyone's uniforms ready for tomorrow.... Baseball and Scouts.
Yipeee! Actually, right this minute we are playing hookey from the Cub
Scout Pack Meeting...I feel like such a rebel! I'm a tired rebel...that is
for sure! These longer days...and my gradelevel had bus duty...OY!

Anywhooooooooo..........I'll be back eventually this weekend...I'm thinking
that I'm heading to bed as soon as I get the uniforms in the dryer....they are made out of horrible polyester stuff...that doesn't wrinkle!!! Yahooo!

Ya'll take care...
Queen Kerry, good for you! :)
Summer, hope you are moving ok! Good for you for even trying! I'm such a lazy bum....when I finally got a moment to myself at 11:25 last night...I just went to bed... (actually did my Walmart shopping from 9 to 10:30....sad, isn't it?! :)

Make the most of the weekend!

04-30-2004, 09:44 PM
Robyn I feel your pain girlfriend! This past week I had to be at school 20 minutes earlier for morning detention four out the five days. Then I had my long days on Monday and Wednesday until 6:30. Tuesday I had a meeting to go to. Thursday it was work until 4:15. StepDD's practice game for softball at 5 and then grocery shopping later that evening. So tonight after school, I skipped out on my principal's birthday party (carry-in dinner) and went to Curves instead. I had a much better time relaxing with my one friend and then it was home to my hubby cooking dinner. It was chicken nuggets, corn and mac and cheese. So I only ate a little bit of it. Then I went and rode the excerise bike for 5 miles since I had such a starchy dinner. My stepDS's had ball practice. So I took my stepDD to the DQ for a small ice cream cone before we head to the ball field to watch her brothers practice. So now I am being lazy and playing on the computer. But atleast I am attempting to do laundry. I have washed one load, it is in the dryer now. I have another load in the washer now. But will I fold them tonight or just wait until the morning to do that, that is the question. We have a ball parade at 9:30 in the morning. Then a softball game at 1 and a baseball game at 3. Guess where we are going to be all day tomorrow? The Ball Fields. I hope the weather is nice out tomorrow. Well I better go for now.
Have fun tomorrow.
Summer I know how it feels with new workout machines. I have a gazelle. It took me a week to get use to it. I am a little sore tonight after trying out the workout machine my brother in law gave to us. I think it will be a good machine. But I just have to get use to moving some of my muscles again.
Take care,

05-01-2004, 12:23 AM
Have you girls seen this page? WHAT a hoot! Just had to share it with you both! :)

05-01-2004, 09:59 AM
Well, yesterday morning, I did 15 minutes on the gazelle and 15 on my bike. I didn't feel pain on the gazelle while doing it...however, last night I got on my knees to get something, and I had severe burning pain in the side of my right knee (I probably need an operation from all the times my knee caps have dislocated over the years.) and even though the gazelle isn't high impact, apparently the motion injured me. So, it is back to the recumbent bike...the only exercise I can count on not hurting me. I'm gonna give my knees a rest today, so I worked out my abs and upper body this morning instead.

The scale isn't moving, but my measurements are showing a loss in inches around my waist and hips...where I really need it. You know what? I'm gonna weigh myself less often and just rely on the measuring tape. It is the only thing that is accurate. Every doctor's scale is different. Every gym scale is different. Who knows if my scale is right? But you can't screw up with a measuring tape.

Gotta get DD to gymnastics.


05-01-2004, 11:20 AM
GOOOOO Summmmer!
I'm sorry that you have hurt your knee....
Yahooo for that measuring tape changing!
You know muscle weighs more than fat. When I started using weights the scale remainded the same but my body changed dramatically! I NEED to pick up those
weights again! Do you use weights when you exercise your abs and upper body?

Today we have a school carnival, baseball games, a scouting event, and two dentist appointments. Yahooooo! Just remembered I've got to at least RAKE this living room
and kitchen! ARghhhhh! I can't wait to sleeeeeep!


05-01-2004, 02:30 PM
My God Robyn!!! You are packing in a week's worth of activities into one day!!!

DH is having a diverticulitis flare-up, so any plans with him for the day have gone down the toilet. DD had gymnastics, we had lunch, and now she is quietly entertaining herself in her playroom...(I don't disturb her when she is involved in something other than being my shadow.) So, I find myself with a little time to myself. What a strange feeling. There are so many choices, and yet I don't know where to start.

So much for my time alone!!! She just snuck up on me to tell me she is ready to go to the playground. Well there you go. I'm glad I didn't get involved in anything!

Just to answer your questions, I just picked up my free-weights today for the first time in a long time other than to dust them or vacuum the rug! I have an abdominal crunch machine by Nordic Trak that I use. Our (tiny) bedroom has been shifted around, and there is a corner I found to store it. Maybe now I will use it more often. Before DD, I would go to Bally's gym several times a week. When I went to college, I would go to the gym in between school and work. Even after I got married, I would go. Once DD was born, I tried to go, but the childcare workers there are atrocious. The few times I left her there, she would end up being bitten, scratched, or bruised by the other children there. So much for supervision! DH works too late to watch her on weekdays. On the 2 days that I get out of school before 5pm, I usually have an appointment scheduled. I'm gonna try to go at least one day during the week while DD stays at the after school program, and one weekend day while DH watches her. Wish me luck!

I'd better go, she is breathing down my back now.


05-01-2004, 08:06 PM
I see....sorta like me....I've got a gym membership...have had it for 3 years now...have NEVER gone thru the door..... sad sad sad sad...won't be renewing come is thru school via is a great price...but not if you NEVER EVER go...

time time time time time...
where does it go?

05-02-2004, 12:51 PM
Well my DH is feeling can I tell? He is back to being a sarcastic wise-***. :smug:

DD lost a tooth yesterday. The tooth fairy had heard that she no longer wanted 8 quarters. She wanted a dollar bill. So, the tooth fairy came and gave her "a dollar with George Washington on it!!! But she should have left 2 dollars because 8 quarters equals 2 dollars. But that is okay because the dollar has George Washington on it!!!" (So do the quarters, but who knew?!) I didn't know that she knew how much 8 quarters is, so next time the tooth fairy better leave 2 dollar bills. She has been flitting around the house waving her dollar all morning. She has called Auntie and Grandma and is waiting for her best friend to wake up.

Even though DH is better, he didn't want to go to church, and since I don't have to teach Sunday School this week, and I have a very limited dressy wardrobe at the moment (I refuse to buy anything else till I lose weight), and I have lots to do around the house, we played hookie. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

DD (in her opinion) mastered the cartwheel yesterday, only I missed it. She was very upset. Well, the reason I missed it, and I am, by the way, very angry that I did, is because of a parent who refuses to follow the rules. Our YMCA has a small viewing room with a glass window. Because of the small viewing space, parents are not allowed to bring their child to gymnastics until the start of class. In other words, they don't want us coming early and disturbing/taking over the viewing room where parents are already sitting and trying to watch their children. Well, there is this mother (in her 50's who adopted a girl from China, & has spoiled this child to the point of her being totally obnoxious) who always comes at least 20 minutes early. She comes in and parks herself while her daughter wreaks havoc in her ever so dramatic way, making lots of noise, hitting other children, and then pouting and crying. The mother ignores her till she gets really loud only to tell the child to "work it out." The rest of us (who happen to be a peaceful group) are disturbed as we try to watch our child, chat quietly, or read. Yesterday, this little brat was fighting with another child causing people to stand up to break it up (because God forbid mom do anything) and left me with no view to see my child complete her first successful cartwheel which she has been working on for months. Do you remember how her not being able to do a cartwheel was making my DD want to quit gymnastics altogether? And how I had to talk her into not giving up? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Sometimes I really hate how inconsiderate and rude people can be. How dare she come in 20 minutes early, disturb the room, and have no consequences. I'm not gonna complain because I will be labelled as a complainer. If DD decides to continue for the longterm, I want to be friendly with everyone. Well this morning, DD showed me the cartwheel, and except for one bent leg, it was quite perfect and wonderful. All that matters is that she has her confidence back. Hurray!!!

I made yummy bran muffins for breakfast with the recipe on the box of All Bran cereal. I substituted the oil with apple sauce, and the white flour with whole wheat. So, they are healthy and are actually really delicious. How often can I say that sentence?! Not often.

Well, I should go and get busy with my long list of chores.

Happy Sunday


05-02-2004, 03:21 PM
Hi Summer and Robyn,
Well I made it through Saturday! We got the kids to the church parking lot in time for their ball parade to the ball fields. Then it was home for a quick bite to eat. Fill the cooler with water bottles and off to the ball fields. My stepdd's team won their game. So it was off to the DQ for a celebration. I was finally able to talk her into leaving, so I could go back to the ball fields to see my twin stepds's play. But first I had to stop by the house get her duffle bag and drop her off at her grandma's house. Back to the ball field I went. I missed the first 40 minutes of their game. My dh and the boys kept asking me did you see this play and that play we made. I had to keep saying no I didn't remember I was across town at the DQ trying to hurry the stepdd along. I don't know if I like my dh coaching his twin ds's team now or not because that leaves me to do all the running for his dd when her team wins and I will miss out on the boy's games. Oh well I will stop my whining.
Summer I understand where you are coming from with the YMCA mom who lets her daughter beat up other kids. It really drives me nuts to go the kids' ball pratices or games and watch how unruly some of these kids get and their parents either just ignore it or think it is funny. My dh has to remind me to keep my mouth shut since I am not at school and I need to learn to separate the two at times. But it is not fair to the other students and parents who follow the rules. Good luck with this lady.
Robyn it sounds like you had a whole week's worth of errands to do in one day. I hope you made it through all it without losing your mind.
Well I need to go. The kids and the dh just came home from a skating party. They are complaining about being hungry. I will have to go find something to fix them to eat. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. Have a great week at work!
Take care,

05-02-2004, 10:34 PM
Kerry, give yourself a pat on the back for all your patience dealing with a stepfamily and treating them "like your own." Then add to it your DH taking on extra responsibility coaching thereby placing even more on your shoulders. I don't know how I would handle such a trying situation. Girl, I give you a lot of credit. A lot. :bravo: They'd better treat you like a QUEEN on Mother's Day. :encore:

Well, speaking of Mother's Day, DH wanted to know what I wanted for Mother's Day. I thought hard and realized that I would love a spa day at Elemis Spa at Mohegan Sun Casino. The whole place is quite beautiful. We were there for a few days for our 10th anniversary (didn't have time to gamble), and I LOVED the spa. So, he will get me a day there. I will use it when I've lost some inches. My mother-in-law is back north from Florida for the warm months, so we will go to their place near the beach for Mother's Day.

My volunteer, who has been with me for 3 years (since I started teaching), will be with my class for the last time tomorrow morning. He is graduating, then beginning grad school and an internship next September, so he won't be back. It is rather silly that he works with me in a pre-k classroom since he is studying to be a history professor. He is planning on pursuing his doctorate before he is done. If nothing else, I have made him an expert on 4 & 5 year olds, so he will be a great dad! I'm gonna miss him. :cry:

Well, my friends, have a wonderful week. Don't let the turkeys get you down. I will be thinking of you.

05-02-2004, 11:44 PM
Summer that sounds like a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. My mom and grandma still live in my hometown which is in the northeast part of Ohio. So I will be spending the weekend with them for Mother's Day. I am planning on coming home long enough on Friday to cash my paycheck, pay bills and heading up the road for 4 hours to get home to see my mom and grandma. My dh is staying home to spend the day with his mom. We are planning on taking my mom and grandma out for lunch on Mother's Day to the local restuarant in town. Then my Mother's Day afternoon will be spent in the van driving home. I am thinking about going to church with my mother-in-law then that evening when I get home.
I was a good girl today and rode my excerise bike for 10 miles. It took me about 15 minutes. But atleast I got some form of excerise in today.
Well I better go and get ready for bed. Monday's are one of my long days. Thank God I only have a few more to go. Then off for the summer.
Have a wonderful week!

05-03-2004, 08:15 PM
Mother's Day used to be a day I dreaded. After my mom died in 1986, I could barely get through the day. Now that I have a daughter, my pain has been healed tremendously. The last time I really felt like my heart was broken was when DD was an infant, and I really wanted my mom to share this beautiful experience with me. My dad died when DD was 5 months old and only saw her on videotape because he lived in Florida. Unfortunately we missed seeing him by just weeks. But, now I'm the mom, not the daughter, and that is okay. Most of the time I don't have a problem with it. So, I can let my mother in law have her moment in the sun being the queen for the day, and I get nice gifts. Not a bad deal.

We had our going away/graduation party for my volunteer, Mike, today. :( Since he could only come for an hour in the morning, I got coffee for Mike, my aide, and myself, and munchkins for the kids. I didn't even eat one!!! :cp: Anyway, I gave him the book, Oh The Places You'll Go, a Winnie the Pooh in a graduation outfit, and a Barnes & Noble gift certificate. I took pictures of him with the kids. It was all so sad. :( Since he is a 21 year old single male, I don't see us staying "friends." He promises to visit and keep in touch, but it will never be the same. :(

I'm gonna get going and spend some quality time with my DD.

05-04-2004, 09:13 AM
Morning Ladies,
Today is the day I found out how well I am doing at Curves. I have to go and get measured and weighed after school. So I am hoping to be getting some good news.
Sorry to hear that you are losing a great volunteer. I hope that you can find another wonderful volunteer with him. Well I better go and get my kids ready for the day. Talk to you all later. Have a great Tuesday.

05-05-2004, 09:16 PM
HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! :hat: We celebrated tonite with tacos and margaritas! I'm still buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing a little. Please excuse me if I make any mistakes.

So, my friends, how is everyone? Robyn, where have you been? Let us know that you are okay, please.

Kerry, hope all went well at Curves.

I don't really remember much about my day except that I was pretty stressed out before my first margarita. :hat: Oh yeah, we brought Duffy to the vet, and he had diarrhea all over the waiting room floor!

I need to be ready for American Idol. Talk to you tomorrow.


05-05-2004, 11:49 PM
hullo...i'm sick yet AGAIN. I can't breathe...perhaps it is a cold perhaps it is allergies...perhaps I JUST want to breathe. The week is horrid. Not being able
to breathe makes first grade very hard to deal with. Things at home are
busy as usual..... tonight I had to go to the funeral home as a friend's husband
(diagnosed in Feb.) died ....when I returned home my boys were returning from
Cub Scouts...where my oldest son had gotten bit by one of the leader's sons...
and evidently the leader handled it horribly....and totally TICKED my husband off...
AND then called here trying to talk to me about it....and totally TICKED me off!
Claiming that my 12 year old choked his 9 year old and that THAT is why the kid
left purple teeth marks in a huge oval on my kid... Oldest kid goes to CS as a
Jr.Asst.(explaining why the 12 year old goes) Anywayyyyyyyy.........the leaders son is a monster. who has been out of control for years now. WHO continues to be out
of control and WHO bit my kid out of anger. Witnesses back up my kid's story.
Leader is like ranting raving mad...and it is MY kid with the sore arm...GO figure!
(actually leader demanded to know if I was going to press assault then a million times over went on to tell me that his kid has NEVER had these types of problems before....RIGHTTTT.....HOw many parents of 9 year old kids freak out and panic in fear that someone is going to press assault charges against their kid for biting??? It just seems to be weird to me...) I explained that we had no plans to get the police involved since the skin was not broken....and that it was a damn good thing that the skin was NOT broken....
This ranting rambling will end for now.....I need to take a shower and go to bed...
Glad to hear that you enjoyed Cinco De Maya, Summer! :) Gotta love a blender on a Wednesday! :)
Kerry...HOW did it go?!

Ranting and raving my way to the shower....

05-06-2004, 12:12 AM
Hi Robyn and Summer,
I lost a pound according to their scales. I also lost 1.5 inches in my arms, but gained .25 inches in my bust, hips and thighs. But I just wonder if that was because I drank 20 glasses of water on Monday. Oh well, I was help that I lost something. Then I went to TOPS and gained back 2.75 pounds. But I am thinking postive thoughts and hoping that I just holding water.
Had a staff meeting tonight from 4 to 7. They feed us a great dinner. But I am now paying for it with having the runs. But I was able to squeeze it together long enough to run to the store and buy some medicine to take for it. So hopefully it will stop soon. I had to go to a ball game for the boys tonight after I got home from work. So I am tired and need to go get some shut eye.
Robyn sorry to hear about the animal your child has Cub Scouts with. Don't you just love parents who claim their child has never acted like this before and they don't know why they are acting like this now.
Take care,

05-06-2004, 12:18 PM
Hi Robyn and Summer,
Just a short note to check in with you ladies to say that I didn't make it to school today. I was up for about half the night and still had a little bit of the runs this morning. So I didn't think it would be a good idea to go into work today. I called my school secretary and she said that she had the runs since 3 a.m. so I think we must have been feed something that was spoiled. I now know if we have another staff meeting at this place, I will go and skip out on the meal.
So how are your days going? I hope good. I think I will try to catch up on my sleep, reading and the laundry.
Have a great day!

05-06-2004, 08:41 PM
Kerry, sorry you are green :p food poisoning is the worst.

Robyn, many parents can't face their kids' faults because it points right back at them. Sometimes people really SUCK.

No hangover, just a sore tummy this morning from the spicy food.

My aide was out yet again. :(

I went for more allergy testing today. The only thing that came up positive was dust mites. Preventing those is a royal pain in the a*s. All the carpets must come up. We've already started in DD's room and playroom because of her allergies. We also have two air purifiers. But, I have carpet in my bedroom and in the living room. The bedroom is the worst place. Of course, working in an old inner city school with a crappy old carpet in my room doesn't help. However, the good news is that they may pull it up this summer and tile it. :D That may cut down on my sick time usage.

Right now, I look like a drug addict with all these needle marks on my left arm. Next week, I go back for another round. I can go on my medication for two days, then stay off for 5 days for the next tests.

Gonna go.

Take care. Keep your chin up Robyn. Kerry, concentrate on the inches, not the pounds. Scales will screw with your head. :dizzy:


05-08-2004, 10:03 PM
Yesterday was a blur. We had to send home the cosmos plants we planted for Mother's Day (which means I had to wrap each pot in bright tissue paper and ribbon, which needed to be curled) as well as the Mother's Day cards we made. We also had to get the last of the permission slips signed for Monday's field trip to the Maritime Aquarium. There were suddenly many last minute things to be done...make name tags per the principal...find yarn to tie them around their necks (I prefer the kind that stick on...I don't like to put things around 4 year olds''s a pet peeve of mine...I'm not fond of strangulation). So everything I had planned for my aide didn't get done. Then a PM student puked the entire length of the hallway from the cafeteria to the bathroom. So, I was left with doing the plants, registering new students, and entertaining 17 preschoolers. Luckily the PM class is rather sophisticated. And at the end of the day while my aide was indesposed, and I was about to pull my hair out collating the notes home as some parents arrived early for pick-ups, my smart girl (i.e., drama queen, spoiled brat) "read" Abiyoyo to the class complete with singing and voice modulation as about fluency!!! The early moms were flabergasted as they watched the kids participating while the "reader" held their attention as she "read."

Today consisted of DD's gymnastics...the cartwheel looks great except for bent legs...but she is getting the idea. I did lots of errands, and then we tackled the play room. When we were about done, I had to use my albuterol pump because my chest was tightening from the dust I had inhaled. When am I gonna learn to wear a mask when I clean?! After I post, I'm gonna do some online shopping, and then beddybye.

Goodnight my friends!

Have a relaxing weekend and a FABULOUS MOTHER'S DAY!!!

05-08-2004, 11:39 PM
Happy Mother's Day Robyn and Summer,
Sorry to hear about your allegries Summer. That sucks about the dust mites. Since dust is everywhere. No matter how much you clean, it still lurks around. Good luck with your mini remodeling job.
Well I made it back to work yesterday. It was a blur since I had been off for a day. I made sure my lesson plans for next week got done though before I left for the weekend. My DH came in to visit the boys and to get my paycheck to cash it for me. He was surprised at how one of my lovely teenage angels was talking to my aide and myself. He told me I don't know how you stand it. Why haven't you don't something about his smart mouth. I said I have tried getting his mom in for a confernce. But she is just too busy. I said that the principal is tired of dealing with this student's attitude as well. I said that now you know why I come home and rant and rave about how bad a day I had with the boys if this boy is in a foul mood. Mind you this is the same parent who turned me into my superindent about the note I sent home asking her to have her boys keep their hands to themselves. I don't see her coming in at all. Don't you love the parents who stand back and complain, but can't come in for anything for their children.
I drove the four hours to go home for the weekend to my parents last night. When I got home my sister asked me to go to the Relay for Life with her. She signed up to walk from 10 -12 last night. I made it for an hour walking with her and then I went home to bed. This morning I got up went to Curves to workout. Then got cleaned up for the day and went shopping with my best friend. We went to Fashion Bug. I was able to get a new pair of capri's and a new top. That was an early birthday present to myself. Plus I had a $10.00 off rebate. Then we went to lunch. This evening we went to my grandma's so I could celebrate my birthday with her. I had a nice visit with her, my brother, sister-in-law, my two sisters and my parents. I got $30 to put towards my bike in layway. I also got a couple books, candles, and some Bath and Body Works stuff, a movie and a cross-sticthed little hand towel to wipe off my sweat made by my mom. So I think I made out pretty good for my birthday. I like this celebrating early. I wonder if I could celbrate it for a whole week. My birthday is next Saturday. I get to spend it at the ball field all day long. Then come home and pack an overnight bag. The sixth grade class from my school is going on a fieldtrip to Cleveland. We are leaving early Sunday morning the 16th. We are going to Geauga Lake Amusement Park for the day. On Monday, we are going to the Rainforest and the Cleveland Zoo. So I think that will be a nice fieldtrip.
So how is everyone else's weekend going? I hope you will find the time to relax and enjoy yourselves tomorrow. Well I better go. I need to go to bed early tonight. I was very tired last night and went to bed late. So I am hoping to make up for it tonight.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

05-09-2004, 07:11 PM
Happy Mother's Day! Dust MITES? ****...I've got Dust MONSTERS! Sorry to hear that everyone is so busy and in such a rush....but it is good to hear that I'm not alone! I've missed talking to you guys...but I have NO time! I will be back later tonight, I hope! Summer, hope you've recovered from your allergies! Kerry, Glad to hear that your "birthday week" started off nicely! :) YES! Celebrate for a whole week! Enjoy your trip to the fun spots with your 6th graders! Personally, I'd rather have a root canal...but hey! Middle school teachers RULE! :) Take care! I shall return! R.

05-10-2004, 09:09 AM
Morning Ladies,
Just a quick note to wish you all a wonderful week at school. When my alarm went off this morning, I was not ready for the work week to start. I am still tired from my weekend at my parents. Yesterday, my siblings and myself all went to church with my parents. Then we went out to brunch with my grandma and cousin. Then I got in the van and drove the four hours back to my home. Was home long enough to unpack and put everything away and start the washing machine. Then went over to pick up my mother-in-law and took her to church. By the time I got home for good last night at 10p.m. I was tired. I still needed to pack my lunch and dinner for today. Plus lay out my clothes for today. By the time I finally went to bed it was going on 11:30. So I am hoping to be able to slow down a little bit this week, before my fieldtrip next week.
Who else is glad that the school year is almost over? I just can't figure out where the year has went? Well I need to go and get ready for my students to come in this morning. Have a great day!

05-12-2004, 10:08 PM
Hi all! Sorry I've been AWOL. It has been one heck of a week! We had a field trip to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk on Monday. Many of my kids had never even been on a school bus before. We had some tears before the trip, but all in all, they had a good time. I'm just now beginning to recover from the adventure. Picture 28 four year olds with 4 adults...out in public. They were actually very well behaved. But the Maritime Center, the staff there were another story alltogether. The words that come to mind are: RUDE and IMPATIENT. They continually rushed our group through from one thing to the next without any regard to the well-being or safety of my students. I won't say anything more except that I will never return. Next time I want to go to an aquarium, we will go to Mystic Seaport Aquarium.

Last night, it was hotter than Hades, and my DH didn't want to put the A/C in the windows yet. :cool: And, because of DD and my allergies and asthma, we couldn't open any windows. Needless to say, we couldn't sleep. Even the dog was panting and pacing. :( Today, he put DD's A/C in and bought a new one for our bedroom. :D Tonite, I shall sleep!

We had a "Lectura Latina" night (Spanish Literacy Night) at school tonite. We had rice & beans, Spanish chicken and pork, salad, and cake. I had everything but the cake. It was all so delicious. Then, while the parents had an inservice, the kids played with pinatas and got free books. It was fun, but exhausting.

Oh, get a load of this one! Do you remember the young writers contest I entered my kids in? Well, our literacy coach (who is a feeb) told me I had to enter. Turns out, after all that work, they will not accept YARC books from pre-k!!! I now have to calm down 4 sets of parents and kids. They are waiting for the contest. And now, there is no contest for us. :( I wish our literacy coach would leave and go make some other school miserable. :( She sucks.

YES, KERRY, I CAN'T WAIT TILL THIS SCHOOL YEAR IS OVER!!! I hope our summer is long and slow. I want to just chill. :cool:

Well, I'm gonna watch American Idol and then get some MUCH NEEDED REST.

05-13-2004, 12:01 AM
Hi Summer and Robyn,
My week was going great until today. I don't handle hot weather very well to begin with. Add to that mouthy teenage boys and we have a major problem. All day long it was a constant struggle to get them to do their work and settle down. Thank God I only have two more days this week and then I am going on that fieldtrip on the 16th and the 17th. I only am going into work three days next week. I took the 21st off as a personal day. So that is cheering me up a little bit. I went to work out tonight at Curves after I got home from school. I was very tired after I finished. I was still in a pissy mood when I got home from there. But I was sent over the edge when I found out at 8:30 p.m. the DH and I had to go to the grocery store. His kids are coming over to spend tomorrow night through Sunday with us. So we had to hurry up and go do that so we don't have to take them with us to the store and spend more money that we don't have.
Well I better go and get some much needed rest. I will check in with you all later.
Take care,
P.S. I did lose 1/4 pound last week.

05-13-2004, 08:42 PM
Congrats Kerry on the loss.

I'm stuck on a plateau. As much as I admire Dr. Phil, not following an actual diet isn't helping me get off this plateau. I'm doing what he says (most of the time) and I am dancing between the same 5 pounds. I can't seem to lose any more inches either. I'M STUCK. As much as I wanted to stick with Dr. Phil, I think I am being forced to go back on Weight Watchers. I don't have much time for this "eating healthy" crap to work. I am leaving for Disneyworld in 10 weeks. I don't have time for this bullsh*t! So, the great defender of Dr. Phil and his philosophy is going back to counting points and keeping track of every friggin thing I put in my mouth.

Maybe I can use his program for maintenance.

I am exhausted, and I have to write lesson plans. So, I'm gonna get to work.

Happy TGIF!!! I will talk to you on the weekend.

05-15-2004, 02:50 PM
:dizzy: ...that I don't want to live thru again! :dizzy:

Soooooo, here I am. I've somehow managed to reel my BRAIN
(and fat a$$) in ...somehow....
in other words,

I'm back in the saddle.
Ready to roll.
Making a plan and working it.

Yep, stand back.
I'm finally back in the drivers seat.
.....drinking my water,
looking each and every morsel right in the eye and considering its worth! week, I figure out how in the WORLD to fit exercise BACK into my life and crazy schedule. It WILL fit. I WILL do IT!

When I had this "DEARRR GAWWWD WHAT AREEE YOU WAITING FOR?" revelation, I weighted in at 181.5. Now this is still far below where I was back in January 03. HowEVER, It is nearly 10 pounds from where I was in the fall. AND it is 31.5 pounds from my goal. sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.... I've got NO one to thank EXCEPT myself for this. AND I have no one to blame EXCEPT myself for this. AND NO ONE else is going to get me out of this EXCEPT meeeeeeeee!

SOOOOOOOOOOO here I am.... at the end of the week of behaving I am -1.5! :) Geesh.... and I didn't even nearly DIEEE! What a surprise! :)

Summer, we can do this together! I'm sorry that your guy Phil hasn't gotten you to where you wanna be....BUT, you KNOW that WW will...with persistance, perseverance, and COUNTING EVERY DAMN MORSEL that gets near your lips! :) I'm with you!! Here is one of my favorite (when I have time...and NOOOO I've not been hanging out there any more than hanging out schedule has been KICKING me!) WW related sites... My user name is the same as this sites, I original! :) www.***************.net
Go to the message boards and read the entry called "Don't drink the clorox".
YOU can succeed!

Kerry, WAYYYY to go on your loss for last week! Keep it going! :) YOUUUU can do it! I'm seriously considering plopping some money out and trying Curves. (I need something....and I'm not EVER going to get to the gym that I've had a membership for FOREVER.....I can end that membership and join Curves for aound the same amt a month...TELL ME TO DO IT!) :)

Ya'll take care...
I'll be back later this weekend....I hope!

05-15-2004, 08:38 PM
bumping our thread back to the top of the list in hopes you girlies come out to talk to me! :)

05-15-2004, 08:53 PM
DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can totally relate to the overwhelming week. What with the field trip, literacy night, doctors appointments (DD's asthma, my allergist), I didn't even have time to follow up on my sister who was injured last week.

Get a load of this. On Tuesday, while at the doctor for DD's asthma, DH got a call on his cell from my sister. She fell down the stairs, got hurt, but was okay. She called again while I was at the pharmacy. By the time I got DD comfortable and to bed, I tried calling back, but she was in bed. Wednesday was literacy night & I was at school from 8am to 7:30pm. I didn't call. Thursday was extremely hectic, and again I didn't call. Well by Friday, after the allergist, I remembered that my sister had fallen down the stairs, and I called. MY SISTER FRACTURED HER SKULL!!! She also got cut up (all infected now) and VERY BRUISED UP!!! Okay, I feel like sh*t. :( She is always there for me when it hits the fan, and I really feel like I totally let her down.

Well, DD made a card for her, I bought a plant for her, and we visited her today. She has two black eyes. She has to use crutches. She is all bandaged and bruised up. :( AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if DH's message wasn't accurate or if she was drugged on pain meds and had trouble communicating. I guess I will never know.

05-16-2004, 12:36 AM
Hi Summer and Robyn:
Robyn just do it! You deserve a little something after all the stuff you have put up with this past school year. Put a little sunshine in your life.
Summer you will get there honey. I know how depressing it can be battling with the same 5 pounds. You are going to break through your little plateu and succeed.
Oh what a weekend this has been. Last night I came home from work to take the kiddies and the DH to McDonald's for dinner. I was good and got their new Fiesta Salad. Then for dessert I tried thier apple wedges. Then it was off to the ball field for the twins' game. They lost to a team that the first two games they played they were mercy ruled. So the boys were pretty upset about losing the game. We made them feel a little bit better by taking them to Dairy Queen. Then today I woke up early so I could go work out at Curves. I came home long enough to get a shower and it was out the door again. This time to Wal-mart to get the last minute items for my trip and to get my bike out of lay away. Came home packed my overnight bag and then took a nap. Then went to my mother-in-law's for dinner. Then it was off to two different sporting goods stores to look for batting gloves that would fit the boys. Then back over to my mother-in-laws to drop the kids off to spend the night with her. Thought cool I will be able to spend a few hours with my DH before I have to leave in the morning on my fieldtrip. The first 30 minutes together was nice. Then he started to throw a fit about I left clothes in the dryer and the washing machine. Oh my God what a major crisis we had. Mind you I did 4 loads of laundry last night and two loads today. But that wasn't good enough because I forget to get the last two loads completely finished. But when he does laundry, he can make it as far as getting them into the washer,washing them and then putting them in the dryer to dry. He never folds them. But I am not allowed to let the clothes sit for a day or two in the basket after they are washed. Live is just not so fair for us women at times. LOL So I got angry and hollered back at him and now I wouldn't speak to him. What a nice way to end my 31st birthday! Well I better get some sleep my ride is coming at 6:15 in the morning. Then we are going to be off on our fieldtrip at 7 when we meet all the students and other adults that are going. Have a great day tomorrow. Hopefully I will be in a better mood when I check back with you on Tuesday.

05-16-2004, 02:18 PM
Kerry... happy 31st. Sorry to hear that your husband was a butthead. It runs in the species! I hope that you have a wonderful field trip! (((good trip kharma hugs))) I hope that you return home with at least a few brain cells left! :)

Summer... I'm so sorry to hear that your sister was so seriously hurt. I'm also so sorry that your week was so crazy that you didn't get to talk/be with her sooner! I'm also hopeful, for your husbands sake!, that the message was given to you as it was given to him. I hope that she is recooperating and doing well! (((hugs))) for her and you as well....STOP beating yourself up over this! ...try! I'm sure that she understands...

gotta run!
the Mermaid

05-18-2004, 06:15 PM
Hi Ladies,
I made it! The fieldtrip was fun. But by the last 6 hours of the trip I was looking forward to it being over soon. The kids were great for the most part. We just had a few who tested the limit one too many times. Boy did we do a lot of walking and more walking. We did so much walking that my legs hurt this morning when I got up to go to work. I came home after school today and took an hour nap. It felt great to get some sleep without wondering if the phone was going to ring and what the problem on the other end would be.
Summer how is your sister doing? I am so sorry to hear that her fall was that serious. I hope you got to spend sometime with her over the weekend. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
Robyn I hope this week is going better for you. School will be wounding down shortly and let's hope you can enjoy a much needed break.
Well I need to run to the store before my meeting.
Have a great evening.

05-18-2004, 11:01 PM
Hi Kerry. Don't you just hate field trips?! In my district, it is the only way most of the kids see anything different than city streets. So, we are kind of obligated to make sure they get some new experiences to add to their "backpacks." I'm glad you survived.

My sister is having a rough time of it. She is in a lot of pain. She needs to see the surgeon about one of her cuts which is too deep and very infected thanks to the hospital. Her neck is giving her a lot of pain, so it may not just be her skull which is fractured. More tests to come.

The big drama of the week is my DH. His diverticulitis has gotten much worse to the point of the doctors sending him to a surgeon because they fear his colon will burst. He is having colon surgery on June 9th. Please pray for him. A colostomy bag is a given for at least 2 weeks. We pray that it is temporary. This situation will change many things we have planned for June, but we will deal. My principal is being a total angel. She not only supported my need for a personal day the day of the surgery, she suggested that I take the rest of the week to be with him. My previous principal would never have done that for me.

Some of the work stress has lessened. There are the daily annoyances, but the major stressors are currently at bay. However, I'm having lots of diarrhea because of worrying about DH.

I began the week on program counting points, but I have been off and on since we got the bad news. I have not binged though.

Okay, I'm gonna go my friends. Thanks for caring!

05-18-2004, 11:04 PM
Happy Birthday Kerry!!!

05-19-2004, 01:38 AM
Hey ya'll! Checking in...after a very stressful day at school complete with me being the ONLY adult in sight as two 5th grade boys had a throw down...complete with bloody gapping eye wounds and one of the kids posturing and coming at me! :) GAWD I love my job! Oh before I forget....the lower eye lid was split and dripping blood everywhere...and SOMEHOW I was voted to take the place of the nurse who had gone home early without telling anyone or asking permission! I stopped the bleeding with wet cotton balls...the real supplies were locked up.

I've had it up to here...and it is Tuesday. My eating was great until 5 pm.

Kerry, tell me about the intensity of Curves. Also, what is the commitment?
Summer, Good gravy girl! When it rains it pours. Your sister and husband are in my prayers as are you! Hang in there! I'm sure that all of this will turn out okay!

Gotta is nearly 1 a.m. and I've gotta get up at 5 ....geesh!
:) Robyn

05-19-2004, 10:10 PM
Having trouble getting and staying on due to the weather...and the power is going off and on like I'm not gonna say too much...yea..RIGHT,Robyn! :P Anywhooo...hope your Wednesday was better than mine. I was alone with my class from 8:45 until 4:10 with a 27 minute lunch thrown in for good measure! OH and it RAINED on and off MOST of the day. Complete with thunder....cause I have two girls who freak OUT with thunder....wouldn't want to miss that, ya know! When the secretary called down to get one who was going home early, I was so thrilled to hear another adult's voice that I was rather chatty with her on the intercom and begged her not to hang up! She thought I was kidding! :)

Tonight Thomas played baseball....a GREAT game...that was long, hard, played in pouring rain and lost by 1 point...but MANNNNNNN it was a wondeful game! My throat is sore from all the cheering and yelling! :)

Ya'll take care!
Hope you are both doing well!
Robyn....who hasn't done too badly with eating today! :) Yipeee!!!

05-20-2004, 01:29 PM
Hi Robyn and Summer,
I hope today is going better for you. I had a lovely day on Wednesday. I had to send one student home by 9:30. Since he was throwing a fit and hit one student twice. I said that I didn't need that all day long. After he left, we started to pack up my classroom for the year. Then my aide had to leave at 12 and I was by myself from 12 until 1:15. Thank God I had no major mishaps. Then I had to stay afterschool till 6:30 for the afterschool program. I came home long enough to change clothes and go to the ball field. I got to watch Katilyn's game the last 10 minutes of it. So by the time I got home I couldn't even go workout at Curves since they closed at 8. So my DH and I took a walk around town. I was asleep by 10. So you know the school year is drawing to a close when I am in bed that early.
Sorry to hear about your DH Summer. When it rains it pours for you,girlfriend. Atleast you have a wonderful supportive boss who is willing to work with you. I will keep your family in my prayers.
Robyn I hope that you are having more adult contact today. Talk to you all later.
A group of ladies from the afterschool program are getting together and go out for dinner. Take care.

05-20-2004, 08:05 PM
WOW KERRY! Packing up for the year?! When do you get out of school? We don't get out until June 25th...and I am counting the weeks, not the days quite yet!

Thankyou to both of you for your encouragement and prayers for my family. I really appreciate it.

I don't know if either of you have schools in your district that have been directly affected (punished) by the "No Child Left Behind" law yet, but mine has just seen the first of it. My first school, Columbus School, didn't make the benchmark. Every single teacher (including tenured teachers) were laid off. Each of them has to reapply for their jobs. One of the teachers quit right on the spot. I think many will retire. I know these teachers, and most of them are wonderful. It is just that the neighborhood is beyond awful. It is an area known for crack houses, prostitution, homelessness, etc. The drug culture there is unbelievable. When I taught there, there was a crack house right across the street from my classroom (which was off the playground.) How can teachers be expected to teach children whose parents are either in jail, in the apartment getting high, out selling drugs, out killing each other, beating their children, not feeding their children...the list goes on and on. As teachers, we learned that before higher level needs could be worked on, the basics like food, shelter, and safety needed to be met. Teachers cannot fix these horrific social problems. God help us all.

I am soooooo grateful that I no longer work in that school. But I worry that some of those teachers could possibly "bump" those of us without tenure at other schools. I am so happy where I am. And, I have had my most successful so far in my young teaching career. I want to be given the chance to do even better next year. All I can do is put it in God's hands.

I have so much more to say, but I'm stressed and just plain pooped.

Take care my friends.

05-22-2004, 01:48 PM
Hi Summer and Robyn,
My school year is over on May 28th. I have to come back on the 1st of June for Teacher Workday. Then I am done for the summer. Right now I don't have any big plans for the summer, other than relaxing and catching up on my reading.
Summer that is awful to hear about that school. You are so right about all the basic needs having to be met before you can teach your students. I spent my first 3 years teaching in an inner city school district. I was at the worst middle school in the city. I had several students who one or both of their parents were in prison, living with drugs in their homes even selling them. So I can relate with you whole heartly. Now I am in a county school system and love it. I just finished my 2nd year here. My first year out of college I was a fulltime sub for an educational service center. So I did my time in preschool, SBH and the altenative school. Now if I want to make it to 30 years I only have 24 more years to go. But the way, all the new laws that are going into effective, we will be buried alive in a mountain of paperwork before the end of next school year. LOL.
Nothing new and exciting here. My DH is having trouble with one of the other assistant coaches on his twins' ball team. I told him that this guy is a 25 year old kid who can not be the center of attention. I said let me talk to him and I bet I could set him straight, using my best teacher voice and stare. I just hope that this afternoon when we go to the ball game, this guy keeps his mouth shut. He is always yelling at the team and telling them what to do. My DH and the head coach are cousins and decided to take the boys to the DQ even if they lose the game to reward the boys for playing hard. This guy throw a fit right in front of the team and said that they were ruining the team by having an attitude like that. Talk about a big baby. This guy thinks he is a know it all and GOD's gift to women. Little does he know that he is not thought highly of in this town or by the female population. So wish me luck this afternoon to not cause a scence at the game.
I have been having a hard time drinking all my water lately. Plus I have been halfway watching what I eat. I wonder how much of it is that it is the end of the school year and I just have that I don't care attitude. I am going to have to shake myself out of this mood though.
Gotta run. Talk to you all later.

05-23-2004, 05:55 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I got sunburned yesterday on the tops of my thighs at the ball game. I forgot to put on sunscreen and now have toasty thighs. LOL
The boys won their game. So we were all proud of them since it was the first win for them. The man who was being a big baby apologized to my DH and now things are back to normal for awhile.
I spent the afternoon picking up everyone's stuff that was thrown all over the house. Either put it away or pitched it for the trash man. Swept the floors and did some laundry. When my DH came home this afternoon, he even commented on how nice the house looked and thanked me. So I am still in shock. LOL.
I am hoping to work up the nerve later today to try out our new workout machine. It was my brother-in-law's and he sold it to us when he got a new one. So I am hoping that I will be able to use it.
Well I better go and make a list for the grocery store. Fun, fun. I think we might have to stop and eat dinner somewhere so I don't go in with an empty stomach and come home with an even emptier wallet. Have a great day tomorrow!
Take care,

05-23-2004, 06:13 PM I am....with nothing to say...

*14 days of school left. That is 3 weeks. I *CAN* do this.

*My eating is better. My exercise is lugging junk around the classroom to pack up as well as lugging my kids portfolios and testing around..I don't think it counts. BUT...for now..that is all I have time for.

*There was a horrible accident here on Friday night...closed down the bridge that I use to get to school and most other civilized stuff...nothing in the press at all about it. Word is that it was a DEA agent chasing a suspect....crashed into more than one was prom night...I know for certain that it was at least 1 car load of prom kids...I was about the 7th car behind the accident....helicopters (2) airlifting people...3 other ambulances...trunk of the chased car spread "packets" of stuff all over the road ...road was closed for over 3 hours....and NOT A THING in any media...... We did not see it happen. We were there before the first emergency vehicle.... BUT there were volunteer EMT/FIRE on the scene.... the prom dressed kids got to me... I turned the car around and went home.

*Baseball yesterday was another heartbreak. The kids play so hard but always seem to 1 or 2 points behind. Yesterday a 9 year old hit the ball over the fence with the bases loaded...instant 4 runs. Oh he was on the other team...guess you figured that out!

*I can't get this house clean. Worked for hours yesterday and it was torn up again as soon as the kids returned home. ARGHH! I've got a mountain of laundry to do...and all they are going to do is WEAR them....and get them DIRTY again. There ought to be a law! Hehe!

*Hope your sunburn is better Kerry! Summer, hope your husband and sister are doing well!

I'm off to make more progress! School work is done! :) That is a good thing!


05-24-2004, 12:55 PM
Hi Robyn and Summer,
Well I only have four days of school left. But I think they will be the four longest days of the school year. I have almost all of my room packed up since I am moving to another classroom next year. I have decided that I am going to get all my stuff done by May 28th. Come in for teacher workday on the 1st of June and try to enjoy myself that day with just little tasks. Then I am going to enjoy my summer. It has been so hot here that at times I don't feel like eating. Is that a bad thing?
Well I need to go. I will talk to you all later.
Take care today.

05-25-2004, 08:19 PM
Hi all. Kerry, Holy Cow! You will be out of school in 4 days!!! Good Lord Louise!!! Well, since our last day of school is June 25th, I have 22 days left. To me, it doesn't seem like a lot. I still have so much to do. We just began our month-long unit on the ocean, and we started graduation practice today. Tomorrow I am hosting a breakfast (with all the trimmings) for the parents. I need the parents to fill out a questionnaire for the state, and my supervisor suggested that we feed them so that they will be in a good mood when they fill them out! How obvious do you think the bribery will be?! Whatever. I just do as I'm told...especially in these days of NCLB, and people getting laid off for not meeting the benchmarks.

My sister is in bad shape. She may not be able to finish out the school year, and because she has a wonderful class (that hardly happens), she feels horrible about it.

My DH had some blips on his EKG, so he has to pass a stress test on Thursday before the surgeon will agree to do his surgery. Let me get this straight...the surgeon wants to operate so his colon won't burst, yet he hesitates because of an EKG which isn't perfect. I don't get that by the way. My DH exercises regularly and eats ten times healthier than I do. Maybe it is just his type A personality.

My dog appears to have injured himself. He is limping and yelping occasionally. So, I may be making a trip to the vet tomorrow. :(

I'd better not get sick. Who would take care of everyone else?!

I am gonna attempt a tag sale this weekend. My sister's Memorial Day picnic is obviously cancelled. And, I want to clear out the crap in my house before DH's surgery. We are also gonna try to get the pool up before the operation. Who knows how long his recovery will be? So, all the things that require his help need to get done before June 9th.

The diet was going great, but the weekend was too much fun, so I need to get back to work.

Take care all.

05-25-2004, 11:06 PM

Tonight I got my hair done. Colored and cut. Had her wax my eyes and lip! I'm a new me! Sorta! :)

I have 12 days left! (Thought it was 13...had to count...What a happy surprise! LOL)

Soooo much to do. Will get it done. My dearest school friend retired in March. My "next door neighbor" of 16 years is retiring at the end of the year. And another dear friend is leaving in December. WHAT am I going to do?! RETIRE!?! Like that will ever happen! LOL If I'm too young for retirement then why do I feel soooo old?!

I can't WAIT to just SIT STILL and not hear any little voices! Just a few weeks! IF I survive!

Kerry, I thought of you yesterday as I sat watching my ds play baseball! Soooo, what kind of spectator step mom are you? Are you that quiet one on the end of the bench? Are you the big mouth cheering everyone on? What kind of baseball mom do you think I am? hehehe.... T hit 2 doubles....REAL doubles...not BadNewsBearsDoubles! He played 3rd for 2 innings and he caught for 2 innings. He had a GREAT game! They lost 8 to 3. (His doubles brought home 2 of those 3, of course! hehehe!) :) 4 days...guess that THAT is 3 now! Lucky girl! Lucky girl!

Summer, sorry to hear that your sister is so bad off. I hope that she is healing and recooping. Doesn't it make you crazy about EKG's and Stress Tests prior to surgeries?! Hope that your dh does well! Pool!?! I can feel that water! What a great source of exercise!

Well...gotta call that I must take! You take care!

05-26-2004, 12:22 PM
Good Morning Summer and Robyn,
I hope your days are going great today. My day is going great. I have all my classroom packed up. So now all I have to do is work on my paperwork. So all my teacher workday, I probably won't have anything to do, so my aide and I are going to talk about next school year's plans.
You only have a couple more weeks. But they will go by very fast. I am still trying to think of were my school year went. Atleast I am ahead of the game for a change this year.
I went to my TOPS meeting last night and gained 2 1/2 pounds. I think it had a lot to do with eating out this past weekend alot. Even though I tried to make good food choices, you never know what presevres are in the food. But I am going to try harder this week. I am also getting ready to start my monthly any day now.
I am only of those silent types that take in the game. I will clap and cheer on the kids but I am not a loud mouth. LOL
Well I better go and get ready for lunch. I am drinking my weight loss shake and eating an apple. Then I think I will spend the rest of my lunch reading a book.
Take care,

05-27-2004, 09:17 PM
Robin & Kerry: I am sooooo tired right now. My period arrived 2 days ago. It always takes a lot out of me. Yesterday, I hosted a parent breakfast...a full catered breakfast with all the works. It was an opportunity for the parents to fill out a questionnaire (I should call it a critique) for the state. I filled a wall with documentation (proof) of all that I do...things that would be asked on the questionnaire. I had our home/school coordinator (who speaks Spanish) and my supervisor there as well to answer questions. In spite of all the assistance we provided, some of the parents still had trouble filling out the questionnaire. Many said that I don't send out newsletters. I send out one once a month. Some said that I don't have parent/teacher conferences. I had one in November and another in April. Many said that I don't have a parent bulletin board. It is to the left of my classroom door. The list goes on and on. It is infuriating because I work so friggin hard. I am great at communicating. I send home a daily note. I send home a monthly newsletter. I have a bulletin board in the classroom and a white board right outside the door. I make phone calls. I greet each parent at drop-off, and speak with each parent at pick-up. If someone gets hurt, a note is sent and I speak with the parent about it when the child gets picked up. I've invited them to attend parent meetings, volunteer, observe, help with field trips, fundraise, etc... Yet, on many questionnaires, the parents say that I never asked them to do such things. Is it because they can't read? Is it because the wording of the questions is too complicated? AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! And my most involved parent who praises me to the extreme didn't check off many of the things I do regularly (that she is a witness to!) So, needless to say, I'm a bit frustrated. Maybe these people are just plain stupid. At this point, I just want to get them all collected, tally up the score, and send it in. Screw it!!!

I have a major desire to binge right now. I've got to get back to counting those points. The one thing I haven't slacked off on is exercise.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. On Saturday, I weighed myself at the YMCA. Guess what? The YMCA scale is the same as mine!!! I was right!!! My GYN's office scale was bogus!!! Remember how I beat myself over those extra pounds that I thought I had on my body?! Well apparently it was for nothing.

05-28-2004, 09:20 AM
HI Summer and Robyn:
Today is the day! The last day of school with my students. As the week went on, I had less students. I started out with 5 and now am down to 3 a day. Yesterday I had 2 go home early and then 1 who laid on the front steps of the school and refused to get on the bus to go home. So the principal, a sub and the school deputy carried him to the bus. He thought it was funny. I was not a happy camper with him. Maybe that is why I had the desire to eat like a hog last night. But I was good I went to Curves and worked out, came home and made dinner for the kids, then I rode my excerise bike for 10 miles. So I went to bed early when my hubby made popcorn for the boys and him last night, or I would have grabbed the bowl and inhaled popcorn and bowl too. Well I better go and get my kids started for the last day of school. We are just going to play all day. I only have two kids today.
Summer I know how you feel about parents and their input and support. I think alot of it is that they don't know how to read or don't comprehend the questions. Hang in there. Your year is almost over.
Have a great day!
Take care,

05-28-2004, 08:38 PM
Hi Ladies,
I am done with the school year. I just have to go in on Tuesday for Teacher work day. Then I am on vacation. I was proud of myself at the 4th grade picnic today. I only had a hamburger minus the bun, a spoonful of macroni salad and two spoonfuls of seven layer salad. Plus a small spoon of nacho salad. Then I had a small brownie. Tonight after work I went to Curves and worked out with my friend. My goal for the summer is to lose 20 or 30 pounds. I am thinking positive thoughts. I think I am going to take water areobics at the city pool. I hear that it is suppose to be good for helping you lose weight. So do you have big plans for the weekend? I think we are just going to enjoy playing with my DH's children this weekend and relax some. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!
Take care,

05-29-2004, 12:33 PM
Hi Robyn and Summer,
I am so pissed this morning. I was getting out of the shower to get dressed for the day when I heard my DH yelling and screaming. I hurried up and got dressed come out of the bathroom to him telling me that his one son almost didn't pass kindergarten and that he is so stupid. He is not going to let him do anything this summer but having me work with him to learn. He had him standing in the middle of the kitchen repeating over and over that 3 and 1 makes 31. I told my DH to get his butt in the bedroom so we could talk. He started yelling at me to just butt out and let him handle it his way. But last time I checked I was still a teacher and thought I knew what I was talking about on educational things. I realize that his son is a little slow on some things, but I think a lot of goes back to his twin brother doing a lot of talking for him and not letting him learn it on his own. Plus his brother and older sister are both smart and I really think my DH compares him to them. Which I think is wrong and I don't know how to polite tell him that. Their mom was suppose to sign them up for preschool two years ago and dragged her feet about it. So when she finally did go sign them up the preschool classes were all full. The only person who works with him to learn stuff at home is myself when I have the time and they are over at our house. It just pisses me off how my DH acted this morning. I am not talking to him right now. What a way to start my summer vacation! I love him dearly but he can be such a dumb *** at times. He doesn't think before he speaks and it gets him in trouble all the time. Guess what he is doing right now, sitting at the kitchen table helping his son with his numbers. Not even 20 minutes ago he was screaming at him that he was dumb and needed to stop being lazy. He had the poor little thing in tears and all upset. It will be a miracle if I don't lose my insanity by the end of this weekend.
Thanks for letting me rant and rave here. I am just going to stay away from the kitchen so I don't start emotionally eating for the heck of it.
Have a wonderful day!

05-29-2004, 04:46 PM
I have been rather MIA these days. Spring is very hard in my household- 3 kids and 3 spring sports. (softball, baseball, soccer........) Well, life is finally a wee bit more slow- baseball season has ended, Ds's team was eliminated from extra season play.
That still leaves the 2 girls...never a dull one!
In case you do not remember me, I am the brain dead bus driver....we still have 18 days of school left, and these next few weeks are toughies. Finals, class I will get thru it. Been interesting on the bus too, had one wee monster who decided to "drop his drawers" to show a little girl (he is 6, she is 5) his genitals. Of course the mom complained.....but I got thru that one ok. And then a week later, he hit some major behavior problems- had to write up him and his brother (another misbehaving kid, both act out constantly because mom is too busy pampering herself, she is a competetive body builder who lives at the gym) and noone else will sit with either of the kids........Yes I will get thru this. Maybe I should take another route next year????
I have also hit some awful computer woes- I think I have been infected by spyware- and have to do something about that. The computer has been unpredictable at best.
Pfew....nuff from me!

Kerry, Robyn, Summer, I will try to keep up with you better now....forgive me for being a slacker. Kerry, I hope your woes with Dh and his son cool off.
Take care!

05-30-2004, 01:23 PM
Hey ya'll! Have you missed me???? I've been running around like the proverbial chicken without a head. 8 ...count them 8 more days! AND we are enjoying this long weekend!

Yesterday we all (EVEN the kids!) slept late! I worked on school paperwork Friday night AND on Saturday (when we finally decided to roll out of bed! It WAS wonderful to get some sleep!)

Last night, dh, ds12andds9, and I went to a concert that was about an hour from the house. Once we got over the two bridges and thru the backedup tunnel (we left very early as we know that at any moment those bridges and tunnel may prevent traveling any further and we were NOT going to miss the concert that we had been waiting for for MONTHS!), we ate dinner before the show at a terrific Mexican place that I had sworn off due to my fanny size. (It was VERY yummy!) The concert was absolutely WONDERFUL! RUSH is a family favorite! The boys were "loved on" hard by those sitting by us. They actually got interviewed for a newspaper article. For the 2nd set, the reporter stayed down by us and the boys told him the names of the songs as they were beginning. (The reporter didn't know too many Rush songs! LOL) The (adult) girls in front of us kept dancing with them and talking to them. The couple behind us bought them a giant pretzel and a soda because they were "so sweet and having so much fun"! As we were leaving there was NO one at the tshirt stand, so, of course, we got them tshirts....which they put on immediately! It was a great time! My legs hurt this morning from all the dancing and bopping about! :) After 1 bridge and 1 tunnel at 1 a.m., we stopped at IHOP....and I ate all the rest of the weekend's points! I really enjoyed the two meals out yesterday....and WILL get back on track. It was fun to be out with the family, seeing the band that we love...and eating without thinking of points for a change! (NOT the right WWphilosophy..I know...but well...)

Kerry, I'm sorry to hear of the stress with your dh and dss. MEN. MEN and SCHOOL STUFF. That is all I can say about it. Good luck. You are right... stay out of the kitchen! Food will NOT make any of this better or go away! Hang in there...and just flat out tell him that each kid is different, yadda, yadda, yadda. (Does he have any sibs of his own? Maybe you could use THAT approach to start the conversation!)

Ginny! Welcome home! I WAS wondering where you went! :) I hear you about the kids and the sports! My dh is baseball coach this he gets out of playing taxi...the creep! Sorry to hear...and I say this with a huge sigh of relief and a smile...that your ds's baseball team was eliminated from the extra play! Yahoo! 1 down 2 to go! ;P Hang in there with the bus.. I can NOT imagine what it is like on our buses right now! Things are crazy in the school! One of my own little dears got suspended because SHE will NOT stop hitting or kicking kids! "Dropping Trou" to show the world is old news at my school! We had a 5th grader do that in THE CAFETERIA of all places on a dare. He was suspended and about 250 kids saw his "package". As far as I parent complaints! Imagine!

Kerry....Where are you, woman?! I'm sending my father to the post office on Tuesday. I'm never going to get there myself...sooooo.... watch the mail next week! :)

Hugs to all....our hearing will eventually recover from last nights fun...but in the meantime you might have to YELL at me to get me back on the RIGHT path! 8 more days and then I go HARD CORE yet again! ::roll eyes here::

take care,

05-30-2004, 02:56 PM
Afternoon Ladies:
Welcome back Ginny. We missed you.
Things are better today with the family. I talked to my dh last night after we got home from watching his nephew win a demoltion debry. I just told him that his son was a just one of those kids who needs it repeated over and over again to him. I asked him what he would do if he had a learning disability. He took that better than I thought he would. He told me that he would get him the help he needed. I told him that I would work with my stepds over the summer, but he needed to stay away from us when I was working with him and his siblings too. He seem to respect those wishes, so we will see. Thanks for your prayers and advice.
I have a graduation party to go to this afternoon. I am hoping that I can stay on track a little bit. But I think I am going to eat a piece of cake though. I deserve it after yesterday's craziness.
Robyn sounds like your family had a wonderful family outing. Your boys must have loved all the special attention they got from everyone around you. So 8 more days huh? What are your big plans for the summer?
Ginny glad to hear that your life is slowing down a little bit. I know what you mean about the kids in sports. My stepdd is in baton and softball. Then my twin stepds' are in baseball. It makes for a lot of running around town. Hang in there and you will be about to enjoy your summer shortly.
Summer I continue to say prayers for your family. When does your dh go in for his surgery? Please keep us posted.
Have a great day!
Take care,

05-31-2004, 11:12 PM
Hi Ladies,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was better after my DH and I had our little discussion. Today I sat down with my stepson and we worked for about 30 minutes out of his Jumpstart Kindergarten workbook. He did really well. I think he enjoyed the one on one attention. Plus the stickers he was able to put on his pages when he was finished. He even surprised me when I was listening to his brother read a story to me. His brother was struggling over a word and he just read it outloud for him. That ticked his brother off who is smarter than him. But I was very proud of him. That the update on my tutoring.
I had a nice time at the graduation party yesterday afternoon. I was good and only eat one plate of food. Then I had two little pieces of cake. One was white cake and the other was an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen. I did make up for eating two pieces of cake by taking an hour walk with my family around town last night. Then this morning since I couldn't go work out at Curves since it was a holiday, I actually worked out at home. I rode my excerise bike for 10 miles, did my Gazelle Freestyler for 10 minutes and then used my ab roller and did a 100 crunches. So hopefully tomorrow night at TOPS I will have either stayed the same or went down some on the scale. I can always hope.
Well I need to go and get ready for my Teacher work day tomorrow. I have to lay out my clothes and fill my water bottle. I don't have a lot to do tomorrow, just carry over a few boxes to my new room, file some paperwork and socialize with my coworkers.
Take care,

06-02-2004, 12:06 AM
Hi ladies! I have been REALLLLLLY BUSY. I will go back and read all the postings I missed the past few days hopefully tomorrow. I must get my butt to bed. Miss you! Summer

06-02-2004, 04:08 PM
Hi ladies,
Good news, I losed 1/4 of a pound last week. So doing my crunches must be working. Even though I hate them. I guess I will keep doing them. LOL.
I have been able to finish two books since starting my summer vacation. My sister works at a library and they are having an adult summer reading program. So I told her to sign me up for it. I have to read 6 books from 6 different catorgories. So I am curious to see what kinds of books I am going to have to read this summer. I hope I don't have to read any sci-fic. I can't get interest in those types of books at all.
My other sister who is a first grade teacher said they had a fire at her school yesterday. One of the 5 graders stuffed his locker full of papers and lit it. The fire was put out before any real damage could be done. I guess they had to keep the kids outside for about an hour yesterday morning, so the fire dept. could air the building out. What a nice way to almost end the school year. They get out next week sometime.
Well I am tired. I rode my excerise bike for 10 miles this morning. Then I went to Curves and worked out. Only to come home and mow the yard. We have a push mower and it took me over 2 1/2 hours to mow. So I am hoping for great results come Friday at Curves. LOL.
Well I am going to go take a little nap. I hope you are all weathering the almost end of your school year well. Talk to you all soon.
Take care,

06-02-2004, 07:44 PM
....reading books and getting to take a nap?!?! Kerry, I'm sooooooooo jealous! I'm 7 days away from my own napping and reading! LOL THAT and exercising! I'm dead tired was a long I'm going to cut it short for today! Good going, Kerry! Keep up the great work! (If you have to read The Hobbitt!)

take care...

06-02-2004, 10:04 PM
Okay, I am back...for now. Last week was nuts! DD got injured at school. During the after school program, her friend pushed her and she fell landing on her head. Her friend got the "teacher" and she told DD that she was fine and to go play. That evening, I noticed scratches and dirt on her forehead, cleaned her up, and asked her what happened. She gave very few details saying that she fell and her "teacher" said she was fine. No note was sent home. Next day at 1pm, I get a call at school that I have to pick her up and take her to the doctor. DD's eye was swollen and red. I dropped everything and took her to the doctor. She told the doctor that when she fell the day before, she had gotten a piece of a wood chip in her eye. The doctor asked if the "teacher" rinsed her eye out. DD said, "No." 24 hours later, the eye was totally infected. We got antibiotic drops. When I got home, I called the after school program, and the "teacher" denied the whole thing. She basically said that DD was a liar! Nice. Well, I wrote a letter to the nurse, her classroom teacher, who shared it with the head person at the YMCA and our principal. Heads rolled. I don't think they will be so careless next time.

Duffy, the dog, was in bad shape by Friday. His symptoms were ignored while I dealt with DD. Anyway, we were at the vet on Friday with Duffy who was in agony. He sprained his shoulder and leg. He had tried to escape under the fence and had gotten stuck. Genius. He is on anti-inflamatories. Making him comfortable has been a drama.

No results of DH's stress test yet. Meanwhile, he is freaking out over difficulties at work (and I think he is worrying about the operation).

School has been insane. Would you believe I have to have my annual observation on Friday?! Imagining waiting until the last few weeks of school!!! Many teachers are already out of school, while I'm dealing with so much bull****, not to mention being observed and evaluated!!!

I'm so sorry to be awol, but I'm just really overwhelmed. I haven't even spoken with my sister in a few days. I just can't seem to keep up with things.

Kerry, I feel so sorry for your stepson. He is so young to be put under so much pressure. Children in kindergarten learn what they learn when they are developmentally ready to learn. I could understand coming down hard on a teenager, but someone so young needs loving encouragement. I shouldn't say anymore since it isn't my family or my business. It just makes me sad to hear about a young child's spirit being crushed. Thank God he has you. You may be the one person that little boy can count on. Good for you!

Welcome back Ginny! You have some very humorous stories to tell!

How's it hangin Robin? Who did you see in concert? We are supposed to see Chicago (the band) at the end of June. Hopefully DH will be well enough.

I am so exhausted. I'm gonna hit the hay.

17 more days of school to go...

06-03-2004, 12:47 AM
HI Robyn, Summer and Ginny,
Sounds like you are all hanging in there with the last few weeks of school. I can't believe that they would wait that long to evaluate you Summer. My school district's cut-off date for annual reviews is April 15th. Like you are not under enough stress right now. I hope you are taking care of yourself so you can stay healthy for everyone else. Sorry to hear about your DD's accident at school. How is her eye doing? I am surprised that she didn't complain about it bothering her the night it happened. I hope your family starts to get on the mend soon. When are you all going to Flordia?
Well I better go to bed. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I have to call and make appointments to be a new patient with a family doctor and a dentist. I haven't found one I liked since I moved out of my parents' house 5 years ago. I think it is time to stop relying on Urgent Care for all my medical needs. LOL. Plus our new VCR/DVD player quit playing and I need to see if the store will take it back and give us a new one. You all have a great week! I am thinking about you all still being in school and remember the days of going to school until about the middle of June when I was in school. Don't miss those days at all.
Take care,

06-05-2004, 09:52 PM
Hello all! What a week. DH had a nuclear stress test yesterday morning because his stress test had bad results. This more in-depth test will determine if he is fit for surgery. My question is, if he isn't fit for the operation, what is the alternative? Will be getting treatment for his heart? What can they do about his colon when only weeks ago surgery was the only choice?! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To calm everyone down, we went out to see Shrek 2 today! What a hoot!!! If you haven't already seen it, GO SEE IT!!! I wasn't terrible crazy about the first one, but the second is a HIT! Then we bought DH a new bathrobe to wear in the hospital (if he goes) plus some early father's day and birthday gifts. We got DD some hot pink/lighter pink/red Converse sneakers. The sneakers I bought her last week gave her of which is still really bad. She fell at after school again yesterday. I was greeted by a very rude over the top "teacher" (the one I had words with last week) giving me DETAILS about the fall...and going totally overboard with a little sarcasm thrown in to boot. Why do people have to be such jerks. Just tell me what is going on with my DD and leave it at that! So, anyway, her right leg is all cut up. This poor kid!

The dog is okay for the moment. Now I have to pick up some meds for the whipworm he had last month. He has to continue taking medication because it comes back easily. The eggs live in the yard for 5 years!!! Yummy!!! :p

I had my observation yesterday. The principal said that she already knew what I did in my room and that this was only a formality. However, if I did a crappy job, she would quickly change her opinion of me. I was a mess of nerves because we agreed upon I stewed about it all day. By the time 1pm arrived, I had totally prepped the class. I bribed them to be good with a promise of a prize. The principal kept being interrupted and didn't get to my room till 2pm. By then, the kids were fried sitting on the rug for so long. Then, a variety of people walked right into my room during the observation to ask her a question. Can you believe how unprofessional teachers can be?! Come on!!! My blood pressure was through the roof. I was trying my best, and people had the balls to interrupt my lesson as the principal was evaluating my performance!!! WHATEVER!!! At least it is done. Hopefully she still thinks highly of me. I guess I will find out soon.

I have some amazingly good news...amazing because I am a total stress eater. And you know, I am stressed out!!! Since March, I have lost a total of 9 pounds, 4 inches off my waist, and 4 inches off my hips!!! I know that is a small amount for 3 months, but at least I am moving in the right direction. I am hoping that the amounts will increase during the summer. I am pretty proud of myself.

Kerry, hope your new doctors are good. I've been through a few myself. I finally found a dentist I like...and that was a lifetime search. My doctor is good, but he is so critical about my weight that I end up avoiding him and seeing the walk-in clinic doctors. I hope when I've lost more weight, I will have to courage to see him again, or just switch to someone who has better bedside manner. Hopefully your experiences will be positive. How long is your summer? When do you go back? We are off from June 26 - August 23. My DD goes back a week later than me, so I need to find childcare for that whole week. :?: I will worry about it in August.

Hey Robyn! Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend!

I'm just so happy that it is June and my favorite season is around the corner, just 16 days away!!!

06-06-2004, 01:51 PM
Okay girls...I'm just letting you know that my emotions are starting to come to the surface. I'm finding myself getting a bit weepy. I'm gonna really need you this week. The surgery is Wednesday, unless he failed the nuclear stress test. Please pray.

06-06-2004, 03:46 PM
I am still alive.......just been super super busy. Dd's softball team (with her as the pitcher) won the state championship. What a relief......

Sorry not to get personal, and I do not have time to go back a few posts to read.
But, Hi to each of you. And Summer, I will absolutely pray for Dh and that all goes well for him. Trust the Lord for this, He works all things out somehow- even when we cannot see a way out.
Gotta go- hope to get back here tomorrow.

06-06-2004, 06:50 PM
Thank you Ginny.

06-07-2004, 01:15 PM
HI Ginny, Robyn, and Summer,
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was busy and hetic. But I think that is going to be the way from now until ball season is over.
Ginny I bet you are proud of your dd's team. That is great news! So are your other kids still playing ball?
Summer I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers this week. Especially on Wednesday when your DH has his surgery. Take care of yourself.
Robyn I am hoping that you are having a good end to your school year. You only have this week and then you are on vacation right?
My summer vacation goes from June 1 until August 23rd. So far I haven't done anything really spectular. Just keep doing the same thing everyday. Talk about boring.
Well I better go and get my shower for the day. I have been up since 7:30. But I went to workout at Curves with my friend and then started doing stuff around the house. So it is not like I have been a lazy butt. LOL.
Have a wonderful day!
Take care,

06-07-2004, 09:27 PM
Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers. I could really use them now.

Kerry, I'm blown away by the length of your summer vacation! I am in school for 3+ weeks more than you...Wow! Where do you live? Maybe I need to move there! I remember when I was a kid and we got out of school in the beginning of June and didn't go back to school until after Labor Day. Now our summer is cut short and they lengthen our school day every year. By the time I retire, there probably won't be a summer vacation and I'll be in school 12 hours a day!!!

Tomorrow DH will be home preparing for the operation with a Fleet enema, etc. :o Poor guy...I've been there, and it is not fun. :(

My assistant superintendent gave me 2 personal days. If I need a third day with him at the hospital, it will have to be a sick day. My principal is so supportive...I'm amazed.

I feel okay today, probably because I was at school. Tomorrow, we have field day. It is actually easier to be away from home right now. The weekend was torture. Even though we did lots of fun things, (movies, mall, dinner out) I couldn't stop thinking about Wednesday and DH's recovery. I'm really scared.

Robyn, I got your anklet. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I LOVE IT!!! You are really talented.

I'm gonna go chill on the couch. Thanks to all of you for your support.

06-08-2004, 01:28 AM
did it fit? too big? too little? color ok?
Let me know...I will fix it!!!

Glad you like it! Are you just saying that??? :?
Hope you are able to wear it for a while! :)

Tomorrow we go to our youngest's eligibility meeting....
feeling a bit like mom of the year...

Summer, you and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.... I wish your dh wonderful success with his surgery and other stuff.... Fleets...HA...that isn't what I called the darn thing when I was prepping for my hysterectomy! Bleech! NO fun at all! Keep us posted!

take care...

06-08-2004, 05:42 PM
Hi Ladies,
I remember the days when I went to school until the second or third week in June and then was back in school the day after Labor Day. This is the first year that I have been out of school before Memorial Day.
My eating has been off for the last few days. I think alot of it is stress related. The dh and I have spent too much time together since I have been off for the summer. We still haven't gotten into a summer routine yet. So needless to say that we have been at each other's throats since Friday off and on. Today was the only day that I have had my eating in check. But tonight when I go to TOPS, I probably have a big weight gain. Oh well, I will just have to try harder.
Summer your family remains in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything goes well for your DH tomorrow.
Robyn how did your son's eligibilty meeting go today?
Have to go and get ready for two ball games tonight. I have to try and figure out what I can eat for dinner while at the ball field.
Take care,

06-08-2004, 10:29 PM
Just wanted to let you all know that I stay the same weight. So I was happy. Both my StepDS' and StepDD teams won their games. So they were in a good mood this evening. Only have 3 more weeks of ball practices and games. YIPPPPEEEEE!

06-10-2004, 09:55 PM
Hi Ladies,
I hope this post finds you all doing well. I went to see my new family doctor today. He had blood work done for my thyroid and cholestrol. I should find out the results tomorrow.
Summer how is your husband doing? I am still saying my prayers for a speedy recovery.
Robyn and Ginny how many more days do you have to go until you are done for the year?
Well I better go and get some ball uniforms washed. My StepDD's team has played 3 games so far this week. They have a doubleheader tomorrow night and then another game on Saturday morning. I think that is a little much for 7-9 year old girls in one week. But I am just a step-parent and spectator.
Have a great Friday and a great weekend!
Take care,

06-11-2004, 08:30 PM
Just a quick check-in. Surgery was a success...NO COLOSTOMY BAG!!! What a relief. I have spent every waking moment at the hospital since Wednesday. I've got to give my DD some attention. I will check back when I have more time.

Take care everyone...I will read how you all have been doing and respond soon. Thanks for the prayers!

06-12-2004, 02:11 PM
Great news Summer! I am so happy for your dh. Enjoy your time with your dd. I will keep saying my prayers that he has a speedy recovery. Gotta run and take the kiddos to the library before they close today. Have a great weekend!

06-13-2004, 04:08 PM
as that old rock song says...."School's OUT for SUMMER!" finally!

What a spring this has BEEN! SOOOOO glad that this school year has
finally ended! Had to work a 1/2 day yesterday, Saturday....HOw come
Saturday's feel sooooo much more whatever than weekdays??? Anyway it
is O V E R! and I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for a while at least!
Look out kitchen floor, you're gonna get scrubbed!

Will have to return to post all that has
happened this last week.......with both
of my children.......Alls well that ends well!
BUT darnnnn what a trip to get to the end!

Summer, glad to hear the news about your DH! :) Such relief! (Did you really like the anklet? Does it fit right? I can adjust it! THINK of me when you wear it! :) )

Kar, your baseball schedule sounded insane! Our season ended yesterday
with our guys getting their first WIN! What a heartbreaking season
this has been for the parents! The kids have had a GREAT time playing and
didn't seem to notice that they never won until yesterday! Go figure!

Today marks the end of my "lack of effort in the controlling my food intake and moving my lard a$$ around"...... yahoo! ready to listen to me explain my food intake as well as my exercise!

Ya'll take care....will check in again that I have some TIME! :)

06-14-2004, 02:37 PM
Hi Ladies,
Robyn I bet you are glad that your summer has finally arrived. Any big plans for your summer?
We have ballgames until June 22nd. Then I am going to celebrate. I am getting sick of spending all my free time at the ball park!!! My DH is thinking about getting an all star team together and playing for another month after that though. I was not a happy camper with him. I asked him what he was thinking. He said that after ball season how else can we spend our summer. I said taking the kids to the zoo, swimming, hiking, fishing. Time will tell what we are going to be doing in July and August.
My eating has been a little off here lately. His kids don't get to our house in the mornings until 9:30 or 10. They eat breakfast as so as they get here. Then that means a late lunch for us around 3 or 4. Then I ended up snacking around 12 p.m. I am going to have to work on just eating lunch on my own.
Well I better go and take a nap. I had to help with the summer program at school today. I had to be there at 8. I am not use to getting up early durning the summer. I am a little tired. I have to finish mowing the lawn after my nap.
Have a great day!
Take care,

06-15-2004, 05:41 AM
Hi all! Sorry I've been incommunicado. It is a highly emotional time in my household and a truly hectic time at school.

It is 4 something am...I've been up since 2 something am. I tried having the A/C DD's lunch...and now, here I am, online. I haven't been up at this hour keeping busy since I was pregnant.

DH is broken hearted. He came home Sunday afternoon. He is really uncomfortable and weak. Even his voice is shaky and slightly high-pitched. (He sounds like my father sounded when he was dying.) Anyway, I have been with him in the hospital every waking moment. Yesterday, I had to return to school. My in-laws (who in the summer live an hour away) were supposed to come and spend the day taking care of him on his first full day home. Let's just preface this to say that my husband's family has issues. Anyhow, I came home from school to find my husband in tears because my in-laws visited only for one hour. He felt so unloved and uncared for. (It is no wonder that he has trouble providing affection and being sensitive/empathetic sometimes.) He was also upset because my DD was performing in a Flag Day show at school and 1. He couldn't go. 2. He knew she was sad about that. 3. My in-laws were invited to go and chose to ignore the invitation and blew it off. 4. He knew if my parents were alive, nothing would have kept them away from the show. He just felt so hurt that his child was disappointed by his parents like he had been his whole life. Well, I left school to attend the show. I also reassured him that DD and I love him and will never abandon him. I also told him that the cycle of being unloving is broken with him. He is capable of loving, and our DD will be a wonderful mother some day. It was so hard to watch him hurting not only physically, but emotionally. They disappointed him when he was at his weakest point. SHAME ON THEM!

School...WOW! The kids went bonkers when they saw me yesterday. I had a heck of a time playing "catch-up." They are so not ready for graduation which is one week away. I have so much paperwork and preparation...not to mention a Father's Day gift for the kids to make. These last two weeks will be INSANE!!! Good evaluation came back with all one''s are the highest score you can get!!! My goal for next year is to provide professional development for my colleagues. Thank God that went well.

Robyn, yes I LOVE the anklet...and it is perfect. Thanks again.
Kerry & Robyn, thanks for the prayers and well-wishes for my DH. Since he doesn't get them from the people who brought him into this world, he needs to get them from wherever he can.

Congrats on your summer freedom. I'm only two weeks behind you. God am I ready. I will be sad to say, "Goodbye" to my darlings. Some of them I truly love like my own, and most will go off to other schools never to be seen again. That is the hard part. We are an "overflow" school, so I don't get to watch them grow up. The other part that sucks is that they are really "smart and sophisticated" now. In just a couple of months I have to start with a whole new group of 3-4 year old babies who have never been disciplined, never held a crayon, never held a book, and have a LONG way to go. This is really the best time of the year for me. It is too bad it is so hectic. But really, when isn't it hectic?!

06-18-2004, 05:01 AM
Picture this: Both bathrooms in my house are currently and will continue to be occupied in the near future...maybe I should start digging in the backyard for an outhouse!

I am having quite an overwhelming time right now, and to top it off, DD's school calls yesterday to tell me she is vomiting all over the place. I get home with her (on a day I REALLY NEED TO BE IN SCHOOL) to find my DH having uncontrollable diarrhea as a result of not following his post surgery diet. DD's vomiting is under control at the moment. But DH (who I have given oodles of tlc this past week because of the surgery and his parents being jerks) is acting like a complete as*hole! How ungrateful! This is the story: He came home with a low fiber diet to give his colon a chance to heal. I bought all the necessary food. Has he been eating the food? No. He wanted to try foods off the diet...the diet was cramping his style. Well, I refused to feed him foods he shouldn't have, and I had a BEAR on my hands. On his birthday (Wednesday) he begged for food off the diet. He called the nurse and she told him he could go off the diet BUT NOT GO CRAZY. He nagged me until I made him hot dogs (he wanted pizza!) and bought him a birthday cake. Well, he finally wore me down using my sympathetic nature. Well, he has had violent diarrhea ever since. AND, HE IS BLAMING ME FOR FEEDING HIM FOOD THAT CAUSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, then he had the nerve to criticize me for going off my diet during the past week while I have been under undo stress and pointed out my bulging stomach to me when I got into our pool for the first time this year. What an S.O.B.!!! After I was the only person who treated him with love. After I was the only one who spent every waking moment at the hospital for five days straight. How dare he?!!! And, yes, I did go off my diet. I was good the day of the surgery. But when I saw what bad shape he was in the day after, I lost it and began to binge. I binged my way to gaining 5 pounds. What he fails to see is the 9 pounds I had hard I worked to lose it. This 5 will come off quickly...most of it is probably water weight. Either way, how dare he?!! I guess coming from parents who never loved him properly has left him deficient in loving others. I wish he hadn't been so friggin' charming when we met. I certainly wouldn't have married someone with so much baggage if I had known. Then again, without him, I wouldn't have DD.

School drama: Remember the state inspection? I received the final report yesterday. There are 4 things to correct. All 4 things are the responsibility of my supervisor, yet I am expected to write the report of corrections. And, I only have one week left of school with gobs of paperwork and graduation to get through!!! I called my supervisor yesterday, but left early to get DD, so if she called back, I missed her. This has to be settled in the next week, and I don't think it will be. They'd better not expect me to come in during the summer to deal with this. OH NO!!! And some "recommendations" for my program pissed me off. There are 2 other programs in our school system receiving grant monies that were inspected as well. One of them is a pilot program which has received a lot of attention and therefore got many commendations. Some of what they were commended for should have been shared with my program and the other one. For instance, they sent home family questionnaires in 7 languages. I was provided with only 2 languages. Why didn't my supervisor get me 7 languages if they were available?! Also, things my supervisor told me to do were all wrong in the state's eyes, so I have to change them back to how I originally did them. If my supervisor had left me to do some things my way, I would have received more commendations. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

So, here I am at 4 am having been awake for an hour so far totally stressed out and pissed off at my husband, the state of Connecticut, and my supervisor.

06-18-2004, 05:10 AM
If I catch my breath sometime this week (highly doubtful) I will start a new thread for us, "Teachers struggling...#6." Maybe we should rename it to something more positive like "Teachers conquering weight loss" or something. If you ladies have any other ideas, let me long as we keep the word "Teachers" in it.

06-19-2004, 10:10 AM

Husband: MENNNNNN!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm soooo sorry! I'm going to hold my tongue further...except to tell you to hang in there..... WHAT an IDIOT! (((hugs)))

Daughter: I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter is ill. I hope that she feels better soon...Like by Sunday night so that she can go to school on Monday! ...and so can you!

State of Conn and Supervisor: Don't you HATE this junk? more ((((hugs)))) 7 languages? (Do you REALLY need 7?) BUT, you are correct....if one school can get their stuff in 7...then every school should get 7. (((hugs))) I was told 2 weeks before the end of school that I'd be expected to go back to school for a meeting for a child that I've LITERALLY begged for help for.... I made it known that I would not attend once my contract had ended. (They kept telling me that they would pay me for my time. Whoooopeeee.) I was more than just short and *****y about it.... They were out of compliance with this meeting anyway.... This kid and I had TRIED everything all year with little to know success.... I was MAD! Anyway.... amazingly (sarcasm!) the meeting was scheduled during the last week of school. Amazing! Make your conditions known..... Let them know that you are NOT available beyond your contract to work on this "stuff"....and then stand by it! It is amazing what can be done once they know that you aren't a patsy on the subject!

gotta run....heading to an archeological dig.... yeah, you read that right! Call me IndianaJones.... Boy Scouts!

I'm hopeful that you are getting some rest!
Take care,

06-20-2004, 05:38 PM
Robyn: Thanks for your empathetic and humorous response!!!

Isn't it amazing how we are expected to do our best in a timely fashion, but it is okay for the "powers that be" to slack off till the last possible minute. I'm glad it is working out, but it is too bad they didn't help the child sooner.

Good news on the state front. My supervisor and director as well as the superintendent are totally in support of me. Apparently the state inspector gave bogus reports to everyone in the entire city. Everything is being taken care of for me by the big wigs. FOR ONCE I'm not left holding the bag!

DD stopped vomiting and has moved on to diarrhea. DH is still at it. Last night I panicked because his wound was oozing an orange icky substance! (Back when I had my gallbladder removed, my wound began to ooze blood and eventually started gushing blood, and I ended up in the ER white as a ghost. I had to remain in the hospital for a few days.) So, when he went through 4 gauze pads in an hour's time, I paged the surgeon. Another hour went by with no return call. DH wanted me to call 911. I knew that was overreacting because it wasn't gushing. We raced to the walk-in clinic at 830pm only to find out they close at 6pm on Saturdays! A lot of good they were. Finally the doctor called and prescribed an antibiotic. No hospital! I can't take much more of this. He has got to start getting better...or at least start showing some improvement. It is summer at 9pm tonite! I am so ready to celebrate, but it is hard when your partner is miserable. We are supposed to see Chicago and Earth, Wind, & Fire on Saturday night. I don't know if he will be able to go. I really thought that by the 26th he would be much improved. I guess this week will really tell. Heck, we may not even get the tickets. I ordered them from the fan club rep back in April, and I haven't gotten the tickets yet. She cashed the $170.00 check and said that the tickets would arrive one week before. I have a bad feeling about this now.

Robyn, have fun on your dig! Kerry, I hope your weekend was enjoyable. We've got beautiful weather in CT.

I'm gonna start a new thread either later tonite or tomorrow. I'm gonna call it, "TEACHERS SUCCESSFULLY LOSING WEIGHT!" I think it is about time we think more positively. Maybe this will help! Okay?

06-20-2004, 10:12 PM
It Is Time For A New Thread: Teachers Successfully Losing Weight!!! See You There.