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03-19-2004, 12:07 PM
Welcome to a thread full of laughter, friendhship and support devoted to women who have the priviledge of taking care of our families. We strive to win the battle to control our weight and have better health! Feel free to join right in! We look forward to getting to know you better!

03-19-2004, 12:09 PM
Just thought I would start a new thread......maybe I can keep up with this one!!! I did leave a short post at the end of the last thread with my MIA activities. Have a great day!


03-19-2004, 01:36 PM
Good morning,
Spryng and Candy, cograts on your losses. :bravo: My WI this morning showed a 1 lb loss, but thats better than nothing. I have gotten so many compliments on how good I am starting to look this week.
I was MIA yesterday, because I had too many things to do. We had a MOMS club business meeting, and I had to go to it. Then I had to go pay property tax, and get my youngest ds birth certificate at the the heatlh department. I then went into springfield and filled out an application for the tanning salon :crossed: Then we had to go pick up dh from work, since we only have one car, and then went to Sam's club to get some stuff. Got home and had to return phone calls from people. I never get calls when I am at home, but the minute I leave, everyone calls. By the time I got the boys showered and in bed it was late and hubby was looking at stuff on ebay.
Spryng, enjoy the weekend with your husband. That is the only thing I remember from the last thread. Hi to everyone, and enjoy the weekend.

03-19-2004, 02:20 PM
Hi Everyone!

Ginny: Thanks for opening up a new thread and also for stopping in for a visit. I've been wondering on how you are doing and it's great to get an update! I'm doing okay, feeling fat as usual. I sure wish that my incentive from a few years back would kick in again. My 25th class reunion is this summer, so I suppose that should be enough to get me kick-started! Ricci, sounds like you are doing a fantastic job on your weightloss. It always helps when someone notices our accompishment also, keep up the good work! It sounds like you were one busy woman yesterday. Are you going to slow down for the weekend? :lol: Well, I've gotta scoot! TTFN!!

03-19-2004, 02:27 PM
Down 1.5 pounds this morning, but it does not make up the 2 pound gain last week. 6/7 workouts this week, 4.5/7 tracking days, 2/7 late night, not too good on that one.

I had a night out with the MOMS group last night. We had Mexican and did not overindulge, but I had a chicken queso and some chips. They paid for my meal as all of them were drinking and not me with nursing. BTW, this group has been together for 5-6 years and there children are all that age. They have to toddler group, but I would not say JW is a toddler yet. They have tons of activites, so I might start with walking him in the park next week. They were very welcoming. I was about to leave, started at 630, no one showed up until 700 and the first girl I met was a snot. It got much better and I think I will stick with it for awhile. I did not find out about dues and all yet.

Spryng - Wow! :bravo: You did it. Congrats! You better stick around to make sure all of us meet goal.

Candy - :cb: Great job with the big 20. I bet you dh is enjoying that.

Ginny - I hope your dd is getting better. More snow. You need to visit down south. It is 80 here. My grandparents celebrated 60 in Nov. It is beautiful to see b/c they are still so in love with each other.

Ricci - I need to look into the birth certificate. I do not know where to pick it up. Candy, where did you get your kids. Good luck with the job app, if that is what you really want to do.

Penny - JW is all over the place. He still is not fast, so at least I can control him. I am with you on the job changes. My dh sold his business the end of Jan, started a completing new bus. in Feb. When I would worry, I would eat. Trying to control more of it now, he is so happy with his new bus. venture though so things do get better.

Happy Weekend! We have a wedding tomorrow evening and JW is going to spend the night with my parents for the first time. He sleeps thru the night, so he should be fine. Sunday, my dh is going to the race in Darlington. It should be easier to stay on program since he will be out Sunday. We usually go to a Sunday brunch after church and we end up skipping lunch :rollpin: then I am so hungry for dinner and overeat. Hope to break that habit.

03-19-2004, 02:44 PM
I tell ya you been a busy bee!!!! How is dd doing?

You were also busy yesterday! Let us know how the app goes at the tanning salon! Congrats Congrats :bravo: :bravo: on the weight loss!! I know the compliments always help keep me on track :) :)

When is the reunion. I didn't go to mine last year because I have gained alot of weight. Stupid I know but I didn't want to be embrassed. Besides the fact I was eight months pregnant :o I hope you get your movitation back! We are all here to help you!

I forgot in a previous post to tell you, I am 45 minutes in between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Congrats Congrats on the Weight Loss :) :) :) :bravo: :bravo: You are on the right track!!!! Congrats to JW for be mobile!!! Glad you enjoyed the MOMS group!!! I know you are still nursing. Do you pump or express? I hope JW has a great time with your mom!!! Andrew refuses to take a bottle so he is attached 24/7

I am hoping to be at chat today if anyone wants to join me!
Hunter didn't go to school today so I don't have to leave this afternoon.

Talk to you soon

03-19-2004, 02:48 PM
Just wanted to say CONGRATS CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!


My scale is already down 1.5 pounds from yesterday, so maybe it was not as bad as I thought!!! I am back on plan today and have not strayed!!!!!!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

03-19-2004, 04:04 PM
Bummer!!!! Just hit the wrong key and lost my post. Congrats to all you losers- this was, for most a great week on the scale.

Jackie- can we inspire each other????? I have a class reunion this fall- am undecided as to whether or not I want to go and might not be able to with kids schedules.....but it sure would nice to be at goal by then!!!!! Glad you could check in and say hello.

Melinda, Penny and Ricci- sounds like you had great WIs. I am happy for all of you.
Spryng- hope Dh's homecoming is great.

On to the continuing saga of my messy house. See ya later!

03-19-2004, 04:18 PM
I'm in chat if anyone wants to come :)

03-19-2004, 06:40 PM
Hello all!
Dh should be home in about an hour. I've been running most of the day. I get so anxious the day he is suppose to come home that I drive myself crazy sticking around the house. So I went shopping, out to eat (already started on my flexpoints) and then took the kids to the park for about 2 hours. And I got exercise in!!! I walked for about 30 min, and ran some too... the kids raced me, it was fun. Tanner loves his stroller. The weather is so perfect today, almost warm enough to turn on my air conditioner.. but not quite. It hit 78 degrees today!!! We were only suppose to get 70 degrees, but I am not complaining. Too bad it won't stick around though, suppose to cool off tomorrow.
Ginny thanks for starting the new thread! And I hope you got some cleaning in... I've been doing a little in the past hour. Not enough though.
Penny, I knew you would get that gain off in no time. Hang in there and you'll be right back on track.
Melinda, congrats on the 1.5 lbs loss! I know it wasn't the total two lbs you gained last week but that last .5 lb will be gone in no time. Glad you enjoyed your moms group! When do you meet again?
Jackie! So glad you posted with us! I really hope we can inspire you to get back on track or at least post with us more often, we sure miss you!
Ricci, I hope you hear something from that salon soon! It would be convenient for you. And congrats on the loss!! You are doing fantastic!
Well, I guess I should get off of here. Don't know if I will get a chance to post again tonight but if not I will see you tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! TTYL!

03-19-2004, 08:45 PM
Hi all,

Candy, I think I forgot to answer your questions earlier :o . I was so excited about all the great WI numbers!! The boys are doing fine...they did pretty good at the was hotter there today and of course I got in the slowest line but I wanted a bagger since I had the kids so I couldn't go to another line :( But they hung in there and were great. Tony only had to be in his own little room for 3 days and then he was back in with Will. If he wakes up he falls right back to sleep within like 30 seconds or so. Thanks for asking :D

Penny, did anyone join you in the chat? I wasn't home in time...sorry. Are things getting any better stress wise? Glad your WI wasn't horrible and that you're back OP.

Ginny, glad you stopped by...quite alot for you :lol: Maybe you had a tid bit of free time today? You can come clean my messy house too :lol: Actually I vac'd and dusted today...amazing what a difference that makes. One of these days I'm going to take a picture of this basement for you...OMG there are hot wheels all over the floor on top of 50 million other toys :dizzy: At least they're letting me post right now!! Almost Tony's bed time so I'm surprised.

Just got a phone call so I'll finish in a bit!!

03-19-2004, 09:11 PM
Geri, wow, 3 days!!! That is great!!! Are you getting more sleep now? I know Melinda and I joined Penny for a chat today. I didn't get to stay too long though since dd woke up early from her nap. Oh well!!!

Ginny, so good to hear from you. I was starting to get a little worried since the last time we heard from you was before you were due for snow. Anyhows, hope everything goes well this weekend for you and hope things will work out for dd. Sounds like an awful lot for a little kid to go through.

Jackie, nice to hear from you!!! What year reunion would this be for you? We just went to my dh's 10 year last year and it was nice. I didn't weigh what I wanted to but nobody knew me so it didn't really matter!!! I didn't make it to mine as we had something going on that weekend that couldn't be rescheduled. I was a real socialite in school anyways so it bother me too bad! Anyhows, looking forward to hearing from you more often!!!

Ricci, have you heard anything from the salon? What hours are you interested in working? Congrats on your loss!!! What size are you in now?

Spryng, how's it looking for DH working on the laundry room this weekend? Hope ya'll have a productive weekend and get it to a point where you can start painting.

Melinda, so tell us more about the MOMs group. You met Thursday night for dinner, right? What else do they do? I know you mentioned walks at the park or something, right? Congrats on you loss!!! When you leave JW overnight will you pump and leave bottles or will he drink formula? Sean was 13 months the first time I left him so I didn't have to worry about it too much. When I would leave him for an evening, I would pump and leave a bottle just in case although he would take formula in an emergency.

Penny, I kinda came in the middle of what you were saying, but you were going to a fair tonight? How did it go? What did you do? Did you end up having Subway for dinner? I used to love their steak and cheese. That was the last thing I had when I couldn't eat for 2 days before my colonscopy.

Well, we had tacos for dinner. Yum. I came across this stuff in a tube that said Soy Taco. It looks just like the meat in a taco bell taco and tastes very similar. It is already seasoned and everything. I bought the kids these little mini taco shells. They were so cute (the taco shells). Anyhows, I ate too much and am stuffed right now. There goes my 4lbs for the week!!! I'll do better tomorrow! Oh and I had to change my Sea World trip to May 6-9 so that gives me 2 extra weeks to get into shape. Well, Looney Toons new movie came today (Netflix) so we are gonna go watch it. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

03-19-2004, 10:47 PM
I'm back!

Let's see....

Ricci, congrats on the loss :cp: and good luck on the tanning job!! Hope you get some time to relax this weekend.

Melinda, glad you ended up having a good time and they weren't all snotty ;) . I hope you have fun with them. Glad to hear you got rid of 1.5#!! I agree that the other .5 will come off if you stay OP. That eating at night is a killer!! Hope you do well away from JW for the night but if he's with your parents then you can relax and enjoy the wedding. Can you have a salad or something else lo-cal inbetween your Sunday brunch and dinner to curb the hunger? I have a morning and afternoon snack (a milk and a fruit) everyday and it really helps not to be starving to death when dinner hits.

Hi Jackie...nice to hear from you again...your 25th huh? Mine will be here in 2006 so I have no excuse to not be ready :lol: . I missed my 20th 'cause we were on vacation in FL. Went to Dh's and it was fun.

Spryng, 78! I gotta move south!! Dh would do it in a heartbeat :lol: . I won't leave my family and friends. Anyway...I would settle for 58!! I thought it was nice today when we went grocery shopping so after I got everything put away I got the kids bundled up again and we went outside. The wind was so darn cold that we made one trip around the block and back inside for me and Tony. At least Dh just got home so Will could hang around outside with him. I feel so housebound lately. Spring hits officially tonight so it better get warmer darn it!! :p I'm going to have to bring the boys down by you for a week or so if it doesnt' warm up soon!!

Well I hope I didn't forget anyone betw the 2 posts...I want to catch the new ABC show at 9 and I have a couple things to clean up quick.... have a great Friday night and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

A&A's Mom
03-19-2004, 11:02 PM
I'm just going to do another quickie post today. Alex had his hernia surgery this morning and everything is fine. He is VERY grouchy though! Dh has the stomach virus or something and he has been home for the last two wks. It's been great but has not left me much time to post. He leaves Sunday-Thurs so I will be back regular this week! I hope ya'll have a great weekend and I hope to be joining this great group of LOSERS again soon! Congrats on the loss!!

03-20-2004, 02:27 AM

I was surpised by all the replies since I last posted! I'm glad that I've been missed, it makes me feel special! ;) My 25 year HS reunion is the 2nd weekend in July. So.....I have less than 4 months to lose some weight! I lost 30# in 4.5 months when I had a trip planned for Hawaii, so lets see if I can at least lose 25# in 4 months. PLEASE HELP ME GALS!! :eek: Andrea: Glad to hear that Alex's surgery went well & I sure hope that your dh is feeling much better! Ginny: I'm in on inspiring one another! :)
Well gals, I'm getting kinda tired, so I'll close for now. Good Night! :yawn:

03-20-2004, 08:36 AM
Penny - How did the school fair night? Some kids were skating board in our driveway and porch. There was all kinds of racket outside. We have two driveways and we keep my car in the garage, never thought it would be such a popular skate site. BTW, I don't mind but the baby was sleeping and I did not want them wake him. I confronted them and they were good kids. Yes ma, No ma, I'm sorry.

Candy - I will feed him before I leave, he will have solids for dinner. He is having green beans this week. My mom hand picks each one so we can process. I have a bottle pumped for this evening. Tomorrow morning he will have cereal and banana and we will meet for early church. He will take the formula though, some breastfeed babies will not take it at all. So it should work out well. I can e-mail you the moms calender for the month if you would like. The contact actually lives in the north area. She lived over here and moved, but she was already contacted with this group she did not change.

Geri - I need to eat something in between on Sundays. Weekends are so busy for us that we so much eat on the go. I broke down and bought the Dr. Phil book. Just read the first chapter. Planning meals so it won't lead to destruction eating. Need to work more on that for the weekends.

Andrea - Hope the family is greating better. You have been going thru I lot lately. You need a :grouphug:

Jackie - I am with you 25 in 4 months. I am turning 30 at the end of May. DH is throwing me a birthday get together. I was hoping for 20 in 4 months, but this past month has been to up and down. I am with you. We are going to make this challenge.

Going to get a morning workout. Trying to convince dh that he needs to go with us to the gym too. He has a membership and never goes. What a waste? I think that is why I go so often b/c I think about how much it cost everytime I go. The nursery in itself pays for my membership.

Have a great on program weekend! I am the one to talk. Weekends are so tough for me. Taking pad in hand to write everything that goes into my mouth.

03-20-2004, 12:26 PM
Good morning ladies :coffee:

Andrea, welcome back and I second that group hug from Melinda!

I'll get on that 25# in 4 months bandwagon Jackie!! Dust off that exercise equipment in your basement because
1. you know you have to do it and
2. it won't get warm around here for a couple of months!!!!!

Melinda I hope Dr Phil's book helps did me...but all the eating out would kill me! I do hope you enjoy the wedding. My Dh won't intentionally exercise either...says he gets enough workout at work... I tell him it's not the same but he doesn't listen :) .

Got in my 3 mile walk this morning...gotta start doing the toning stuff soon though...can't do it with the kids around 'cause they'll climb on me and 8:30 at night is hard to get motivated! At least I'm getting my sweating in.

Well, I hope everyone has an OP day and a happy Saturday. I'll check back in with you later.

03-20-2004, 10:18 PM
Hey all! Andrea, so glad to hear from you. I was getting worried. Glad Alex's surgery went well and hope dh will be feeling better soon.

Melinda, have fun!!! I'm sure JW will enjoy all the attention from Grandma.

Geri, congrats on your workout. My dh feels the same way as yours @ exercise and I say the same thing you do!!! I wish I could just get him to take a walk with me or something but I think walking is too "sissy" for a young guy. I don't know. Anyhows, I'm with you on needing to tone. It is so hard to find a good time for it. You really can't do it with the kids around. Even with mine being older, there is that temptation to jump on mom if she is laying on the floor. How many times a day do I say, "Mommy is not a jungle gym!" ???

Jackie, sorry I missed the fact that it was 25th. I was going from memory. We're here for you in getting off that weight by July!!! You can do it! And it will be fun to go!

Well, I passed out today. Kylie and I had taken a nap and I got up real slow because I was feeling lightheaded. Then I had to stand in the doorway to hold myself up and next thing I know Kylie is tapping me saying, "Mama, get up." I was laying on the floor and I don't remember laying down. I've been lightheaded all night. I called the ENT because I put in ear drops last night and they've felt clogged up in there ever since but he said the drops would not cause me to pass out. Anyways, I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Hi Ricci, Ginny, Spryng, and Penny!!! Missy, are you lurking out there? We miss you! Hi to anyone else I missed. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

03-21-2004, 08:43 AM
Candy, wow how scary!! I suppose Dh wasn't home at the time that you passed would be that way! Sure hope everything clears up soon.

"Mommy's not a jungle gym"!! Too funny...I say that all the time.

Hi to everyone! Just popped on here to file my weekly unemployment claim!!


03-21-2004, 10:21 AM
Good morning all!
So sorry I didn't post yesterday, life gets so crazy when DH is home. Well... the wall project is on hold until DH gets in next time. :( Something came up and our money for the supplies went else where. Isn't that how is always happens?? But that is ok, we had a great day yesterday just spending time as a family.
I wish I could get personal but I have to get off of here. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! TTYL!

03-21-2004, 11:45 AM
Spryng, sorry about the $$$'s always something. Enjoy the weekend.

Got in a 30 min balance ball workout...the kids didn't even try to pile on me. Dh was around just in case they did.


03-21-2004, 10:13 PM
Hi Ladies!

Seems slow today :) At least everyone is out enjoying themselves! ;)

How are you feeling??? I hope everything is ok! I passed out right before I got pg with Andrew. I remember how scary it was.

Hope you are enjoying dh being home. BTW, Hope you get in a workout :o ;) LOL Just Joking!

Geri, Melinda, Ginny, Jackie, Andrea, hope I didn't miss anyone :o Have a great night!

We never made it to the fair :( Hunter was just too sick Friday evening! Geri, yeah, he did manage to get the carpet later...... :( But we did make it down the river and boiled crawfish. This was Andrew's first trip down..... LOL

Take a look and the pic and see how much he enjoyed his first trip down...... LOL LOL LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

03-21-2004, 10:32 PM
Penny that picture is just adorable!! Looks like Will the first time he went down the big slide at McDonald's yesterday before he realized how much fun it was!!

It is quiet around here this weekend....guess it's just a sample of what it'll be like when the weather gets nice! I know I'll be outside and won't be posting during the day...of course I'll try to pop in to say good morning and good night to all of you!!

Tomorrow is WI and TOM came today (thank goodness)!! I have all day tomorrow to drink water and get rid of the TOM bloating! I'm sure I won't feel like exercising but I will anyway.

Nothing else is new here. Have a wonderful, peaceful night everyone and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

03-22-2004, 09:31 AM
Penny, cute picture! We're ya'll in a boat? We started taking our kids out in the boat when they were around 1yo and they loved it but my niece looked like Andrew the first time we put a life jacket on her! She was not happy. I can't wait to get back out on the river!!! Right now, I am still not feeling right. My ear still feels blocked. I went off the stuff the dr gave me and am trying my own stuff as I feel that was what caused the lightheadedness, regardless of what they say. Anyhows, hope Hunter is feeling better. Throw up is the worst!

Geri, glad Will got the hang of the slide! Tony will be up there before you know it. It is funny how the 2nd kid does things so much faster because they have someone to follow. Anyhows, glad TOM has come and hope you can get some of the water weight off before weigh in. A lot of women swear by yerbe mate tea. I have it in the pill form but always forget to take it.

Well, it has been really quiet around here this weekend. I'm gonna try and get some work done. Hope everyone has a great day! Oh, and I sent some of you an email about free movie tickets. I hope you don't think I was spamming you. I just thought you might enjoy some free movie tickets. Have a great day!!!

03-22-2004, 10:51 AM
So Glad It Is Monday!!!!!!
Good morning all!
Wow, what a busy weekend. I'm so glad it is over. DH left out about 30 min ago so now things can get back to normal. Of course as usual my eating wasn't so great this weekend but I'm sure with extra exercise this week I should be fine.
Candy, I can't believe that ear is still giving you problems, I hope it doesn't get so bad surgery or something is needed. Are you prone to ear infections? What did the doctor say caused it?
Geri, can't wait to hear about your WI today!! Is it this morning or tonight?
Penny, that picture cracked me up. That is how my 3 yo son is. He has a huge fit before he will try anything new and then when he finally will he loves it. I just can't bring myself to eat crawdeds. They were my pets growing up. My dad would go crawdeding and bring back bucket fulls and let me pick out several for myself and I would name them and keep them as pets (we always lived in the country and I am very country, lol) so when he would cook them I couldn't ever eat them because it would be like eating your pet dog in my head, lol. So to this day I just can't eat them. Now shrimp and lobster are no problems but not crawdeds. :) Weird huh?
Well, we will definitely try the wall project again when dh comes home on the 2nd. Don't know if it will happen though because our anniversary is the 4th so probably that saturday (the 3rd) we'll spend the day alone. So maybe that project is on hold until further notice. I was really looking forward to it being done this past weekend but Dh didn't feel up to doing it at all and then he decided he needed some new clothes and such so we went shopping instead. O-well... it was still a nice weekend and at least my laundry room is clean and all my laundry caught up, lol.
Well, I need to get off of here and start working on this house. It's weird how we are never home much when DH is in yet my house looks like we threw wild parties every night! :dizzy: Still not sure how that happens :lol: OK, hope everyone is having a great OP monday!!! Lets have a great week all! And Geri you stay on me this week to get some exercise in ok?? I need it!! TTYL!

03-22-2004, 12:01 PM
Good morning everyone,

Well, TOM came last night so this morning I feel like a big fat 1000 lb slob :^: ...but I'll get over it! I got my 3 mile walk in this morning even though every joint in my body protested :lol: you HAVE to exercise today if I did :D Why did I think DH was going to be in 'til Wednesday? I thought he got 4 days off? Did he really need new clothes or was he just putting off the project ;) .

My WI isn't until 6:30 tonight...thank goodness. Maybe I can flush out that bloated feeling with water before then. I'm not expecting much of a loss...maybe I'll even stay the same this week but that's OK. Shouldn't be a gain. I have to change my mini goal date from the 31st to April 5 because I don't have a WI on the 31st. Don't know what I was thinking! That gives me 2 weeks from today to get to 17 lbs. I'll do my very best :D .

I bought a sewing machine on Ebay so I have to go get cleaned up and the boys ready to head out to the post office so I can mail my payment. It's an upgrade from the one I have but not a computerized one - I would love one of those but at this point I wouldn't use it enough to be worth the money. This one has 26 built in stitches and an auto button hole. Maybe I'll start sewing clothes again someday!

Well, I hope all is well with everyone else. The boys are driving me nuts to get off of here so I will check in later and address everyone else!! Have a great morning.

03-22-2004, 02:08 PM
Hi Everyone,

Good luck on weigh in tonight! I am sure you will have a loss but if not, you know it is water weight! You have been doing so great! You will be at goal in no time :)
Congrats on buying the sewing machine! Was the shipping high on ebay? I never think about buying bulky items like that b/c I figure the shipping would eat me alive

Now you make me feel bad..... :o :lol: :lol: I was eating your pets this weekend....... LOL Well, not as bad as my friend who cooked frog legs last night! YUCK!!!!! Hope you are back on track today and you and dh had a great time this weekend! Did he notice the tan????

I can't believe your ear is still not better! I am keeping you in my prayers! This has gone on long enough!!!!

Hope everyone else is having a great day :) :)

I am not having a good one so far! I got my first TOM since, let's see..... Sept 2002. I did not expect it since I am still nursing but I got it at the camp this weekend :( So I am severly cramping, I guess b/c it has been so long :mad:
I missed Hunter's book fair this morning :( and then forgot I had a WIC appointment. I made it to the appt but you know how it is when you have little ones trying to be still for 3 hours!!!!
So I get home and Nicholas wants chocolate milk which he knocks it over all over the floor I just mopped yesterday! So I clean it all up and fix him another glass and move him to another chair!
Well, what happens next, you ask???!!! He was being silly jumping into his seat and knocks over the second glass!!!! I tell you I just wanted to scream!! :dizzy:
But anyhow, things are calming down a bit now...... hopefully.....

I will check back in later. Gotta grab me something to eat.

Have a nice one,

03-22-2004, 03:20 PM
Good afternoon all!
Penny, hope TOM has mercy on you since you havn'g had it in so long. Maybe you got it because your little one eats more solid foods now? or maybe the dieting threw your body out of whack a little. Sounds like your kids have been giving you heck today. I know those days. Everything goes wrong and you just want to hide in a corner and cry. Hang in there... before you know it they will be sleeping like angels tonight and you can breathe easier. Yes, we did have a great time this weekend. My DH is my best friend and I love spending time with him. Before he left to be a truck driver we were attached at the hip, did everything together and preferred it that way. He did notice a little tan. It's getting better everyday. I didn't tan on saturday because I wanted my burn on my back to heal up, but it's gone now and nicely tanned, tonight and everyday this week I will tan and I should have my base pretty soon so I can back off to once or twice a week. I don't mind going every day though, it's become very relaxing.
Geri, I hope TOM doesn't affect your WI tonight. And I will get some exercise in today. I promise!!! :) Last time DH was in he stayed until wednesday, so maybe that is what you were thinking. But normally he only gets to stay for the weekend and then back out on monday. What are you going to do with your old sewing machine?? I really need to buy me one, I love to sew just don't have one to do it with. When I was 17 and lived at home I sewed most of my own clothes. Dresses and shirts and quillos. I loved it. I really need to sew me some dining room chair covers, you know those furniture slip covers for dining room chairs. My chairs are old and stained. I hate looking at them but can't afford new ones. Hey, remember us talking about covering the bedroom windows to make them darker?? Well saturday nght I covered the outside of my bedroom window so that Tanner would sleep in longer and guess what? It worked!!! He has always slept until 7 am, but recently because of it getting lighter sooner he was waking up at 6 am to 6:30 am and it was killing me lose sleep. So we covered the window and now he sleeps until 8 am!!! This morning he slept until almost 8:30 am!!! I'm in heaven. So if you haven't tried it yet you may want to go ahead and do that! :)
Well, my day is going fine. I'm tired from the weekend so I may grab a nap. What is for dinner? I really need to go grocery shopping so I will after I tan tonight at 5:30. So we will probably have tuna helper leftovers tonight and then I'll make something good tomorrow. Ok, gotta go! TTYL!

03-22-2004, 03:52 PM
Just popped in before I go get Hunter from school.

I am making pork ribs, potato salad and baked beans for supper

03-22-2004, 03:57 PM
Good afternoon :wave:

Penny, the shipping on my machine is $24 plus $2 for insurance. I did some research before bidding and including the shipping I am paying $100 less than the retail price for this machine. They advertised it as a display model...complete in the original box. Different people charge different amounts for shipping. My Dh only charges actual have to check their shipping should be on the listing somewhere. I'm excited to get it! Then I just have to figure out how to use it. Hopefully there's a good manual to go with it.

Spryng, my old machine will either go on Ebay (which I have never done, but Dh does all the time) or I will put it in my 1st annual rummage sale which I will probably have in June sometime. I need to get rid of stuff in this house...we just have too much "junk" and way too many toys and it's a good way to get rid of the baby stuff. Anything that doesn't go will go to Good Will.

Well, I'm heading off to the chat room if anyone's interested. See you there.

03-22-2004, 07:07 PM
Just a quick hello!! What a busy weekend- Ds's sleepover on Saturday and then onto MIL/FIL's anniversary party Sunday. Both went really well- maybe later or tomorrow I can fill you in on it. But I am so tired- 2 nights with only about 5 hours of sleep each. Guess I will cash in my chips early tonite.
Sorry not to get personal- I just have such a full plate at this time. Things should slow down as the week goes on- at least I hope!!
Gotta add though- Andrea glad the surgery went well, Geri congrats on the sewing machine ( I LOVE to sew!), Jackie- I am on if you are!!! - Spryng - get your life back in order after Dh left??? Sorry if I missed anyone........gosh I hate these short posts when I feel guilty for not saying a quality hello. Gotta get dinner on. See ya!

03-22-2004, 07:40 PM
Completely off program day! Went to Kohl's with my mom, that place is unreal. I could have been in there all day. JW did not get a good nap and by the time we were home I was so hungry, I just ate. No workout yet. I will try something tonight. Monday are usually like this anyway. I'll get back on track though.

Geri - Wow, sewing! I would love to start, but dh won't go for the sewing machine if I am not serious. I saw one at Target for $30, so maybe I will start with that and if I follow thru he will buy me one. Mostly for hemming, I am 5'4 so in between petite and reg. Alterations are unreal, I have stitch witched but dh says it looks cheap or maybe it is the way I do it.

Penny - I have not had TOM yet. How much solids are you feeding? JW does 3 solids and still BF 4-5. I am not looking forward to that. The cramps don't get better? Pork Ribs sound great! We are having taco salad, only thing I could pull together without going to the store.

Ginny - You were busy! Get some sleep and drop a line later.

Happy Monday!

03-22-2004, 08:08 PM
My name is Michelle and I am a SAHM to 3 children. ;) Emily is 9.5, Ryan is 7, and Sierra is 4. I have been so fed up with my weight so last month I joined the local YMCA. I am 5'4 and weigh 198 currently. When I first weighed in at the Y last month I weighed 205. I am going to try to workout at least 5 days a week :dizzy: I need a lot of support. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Michelle :)

03-22-2004, 08:23 PM
Hi Michelle,
Welcome to our group! Congrats on your weight loss so far and you are doing great! Coming here is half the battle!!!!

Come you enjoy your stay with us and I hope to get to know you better :)

Have a great day,

Ps What plan are you on?

03-22-2004, 11:23 PM
Hi all,

Welcome Michelle! I'm Geri mom to 2 boys, Will and Tony who will be 3 and 1 respectively in May. This is a great support group for weight loss, or anything else you need for that matter :D The Y is a great idea...exercise is key! We've been trying to challenge each other to get some exercise in so join right in!

Melinda, I'm inbetween an average and a tall! Why is it that you can't buy women's pants in lengths like you can for men???? It's unfair I tell you! The only things I have sewn in the past couple years have been valances....a couple of quilt blocks that never amounted to much...I'm so bad at finishing what I start! I would like to make some of my Christmas gifts this year so I need to get moving on that one! Start with a cheaper machine, but I don't know how well a $30 machine will could always return it if it doesn't do the job you need it to do :)

Ginny, what kind of sewing do you do??? Hey, try to relax a little this week would ya! :lol: :dizzy:

Candy, how're you feeling?
Ricci, where are ya? We're on page's time for you to check in! :lol:
Andrea, how's it going?
Spryng, get that exercise in tonight???? I'm your worst nightmare! ;)
Penny, still OP?'re you doing?

I stayed the same thanks to TOM. I know it doesn't matter...but it does :( . I'll just work harder this week to kick it's butt! Just another part of lifes "unfairities"!! Have a great night and hello to anyone I missed!!!

03-22-2004, 11:25 PM
I forgot to mention I have to go to part 2 of the unemployment seminar tomorrow...something about surviving in times of change...anyway I probably won't get on here til sometime in the afternoon!
Take care

03-23-2004, 12:08 AM
Good evening all!
Welcome Michelle!! I am Spryng, mother to 3 kids. Ava 4, bubba (aka Joseph) who is 3, and Tanner who is almost 9 months old. I am 5'4" too!! I am currently on weight watchers and loving it. I don't go to the meetings or anything, I just do it on my own at home and with the support of these great ladies here. I hope you find yourself at home here and I can't wait to get to know you better!
Geri, sorry TOM screwed up your WI. I'm sure next week you will see a big loss though. Don't let it get you down and I agree about it being so unfair. I tried everything this last time to keep my scale from going up that week, drinking extra water, evening primrose oil, etc and it didn't help.
Melinda, my DH is the same as yours when it comes to buying a sewing machine. He's afraid I'll lose interest in it (like I do in just about everything) and it would be money wasted. I think getting a $30 machine is a great idea though. I didn't know that ran that low. I may look at some tomorrow while I am out shopping. I really need a hobby.
Ginny, your weekend sounded very busy! Yes my life is back in order today finally. Bubba wanted to give me a run for my money on my patience. He always acts out some right after DH leaves. But by this evening he was much better. We watched The Cat in the Hat together and they enjoyed it. I thought it was cute in parts but some parts I wondered if it was appropriate for my kids. I always hate when they make a movie aimed at kids and then want to put little sexual inuendos (sp?) and such in it. But thankfully my kids are too young to catch on, but it's still irritating. I don't think I'll buy it.
Well, I am off to bed. I wanted to go grocery shopping after I tanned tonight but I was just ready to come home. I'm tired. So tomorrow morning I'll go. I guess I will yak at you all tomorrow! G'nite!

03-23-2004, 02:00 AM
Hi Everyone!

First of all, WELCOME, Michelle! I'm a SAHM to 2 of my own kids, a ds Kevin, who is 15 y/o and a dd Kate, who is 10 y/o. I'm also a part-time Mom to one of my dd's friends Kaylene, who is 10 y/o. I've taken care of her so much lately that I'll even refer to her as one of my own! Kaylene even calls me Mom! I'm also a Mom to 4 cats, 1 goldfish, a gerbil and one BIG kid, my dh! ;)
Oh!, by the way Michelle..... I'm close to 5'5" and would like to weigh 140# too! Unfortunately, I'm a wee bit over the "200" mark right now. Did I actually admit this? Wow, am I getting brave! I'd love to weigh 160# before summer is over. My first big goal is to try & get down to 170# by my 25th class reunion, which is this July. I was down to 170# a few years back & the biggest helper to get there was to work out tons at the "Y", so I hear yah! I now have a recumbant bike & a treadmill at home, along with free weights, so this should help me quite some bit if I put my ambition towards it! :rolleyes: I know if I'd post more often, this helps too, as this is a great way to "journal" in a more fun way. Oh my!, dh just noticed that I'm plunkin' away here at the keyboard & wants me to come to bed. So....G'night all! :yawn:

Oh! One more thing....Ginny: I'm in, LETS LOOK GREAT FOR OUR REUNIONS!

03-23-2004, 08:24 AM
Gonna start a new thread!!!!! See you there.