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04-02-2001, 08:47 AM
We went to to pages so I started another new thread.

Sherrie66--> No I'm not 43 :), it just happens to be my favorite number. I'll actually be 28 in June. I think a reunion sounds great. It would give a lot of us a chance to meet who we've actually been supporting during this time. I have relatives that live out there.

I too noticed that we may have lost a few when we switched over to the second thread so I'll list who all's been posting on the slimfast thread. How has everyone been doing? So far I've been 12 days OP (on plan) and going strong. I still exercise at least 6 days a week, and get plenty of I'm now concentrating on making my meals more balanced and not just low-fat.

Here are the slimfast users:
me (barbygirl43)

how is everyone doing on their plans? So far, following it for three weeks, I've lost 12 pounds. I like most flavors of the powder mix and the meal on the go bars and I've just started trying the pre-mixed (like the cappucino and the strawberries 'n cream is okay)

Good luck to everyone this week.

04-02-2001, 12:43 PM
Hi everyone...I am still around Barbygirl...
I do not like the slimfast premixed Strawberry, vanilla was alittle better, chocolate is the best.
I purchased the chocolate flavor soy mix last week have not had a chance to try it yet. I will probably try it today or tommorrow.
My weight loss is stable which is fine for me-, I am trying to drop 5 more lbs.
I am surprisingly pleased with Slim Fast,,I am sorry to hear no one likes the juice, I have not seen it in my area, I have to be careful of my milk intake, that is why I was looking forwarded to the juice flavors, hopefully the soy mix will be good.
Everyone sounds like they are doing so good,,drink your water, exercise and the incorporation of slimfast should do the trick,,keeping up with the boards will keep you motivated...Good luck to all...we can do this!!

04-02-2001, 10:08 PM
Thanks for starting the new thread, Dawnyal, and good for you and your weight loss!

I've been doing okay. I'm not following the Slim Fast plan, just having a SF bar every once in a while to help me cut down on my sweet tooth. I had one this afternoon when I was wanting chocolate! It works quite well for me, with less fat and more nutrition.

I don't think I could follow the plan - I have to eat!!! Today I didn't have anything for breakfast, just went to class and to the gym. When I came home I was starving, so I had TWO tuna fish sandwiches on potato buns. I love potato buns! Then I had a chocolate chip cookie dough SF bar this afternoon. I always get the munchies in the late evening, after my dinnerbreak at work, so I had a filling dinner of asparagus, brussel sprouts, a few new red potatoes (boiled) and a little LF pasta. Oh, and I had two peanut butter flavored rice cakes!!

Now I'm at work munching on carrot sticks and I've got a few pretzels if I need something heartier, but I've only got an hour left of work until I go home so I don't think I'll need them!

So what's a typical day for you guys? Hope you're all doing well!!!

PS: Lady 2001-
If you find you don't like the soy SF for some reason, You can always use fat-free rice milk or fat free soy milk in regular shakes. I'm not very tolerant of lactose myself so I use soy milk in my cereal and pastas, etc.

04-02-2001, 10:19 PM
Hi! I've enjoyed reading all the posts. I've been in and out of 3fc. I'll start on a plan, and go great guns, and then get caught up in something and stop.

I'm trying SlimFast now. I lost about 30 pounds with it a few years ago -- very easy. I like the convenience of it. You don't have to think about food. (I do a shake for breakfast and dinner, and a frozen dinner and salad for lunch, with two fruit and one SF bar snack during the day.) Not enough water or exercise yet, but I'm working on it.

I have a question. Does anyone know if you can purchase SF products on line? I went to their site, but didn't see any order information. Two of the flavors I like best -- Chocolate Royale and the apple-cranberry fruit one -- aren't available at my local grocery store, nor are any of the snack bars. I'd be grateful for any info -- thanks!


04-03-2001, 07:57 AM
Hello everyone, hope you don't mind me dropping in here. I am considering switching to the SlimFast plan properly. I have used SlimFast before, mainly for lunch, but I like the idea of not having to think about food for most of the time. I have lost 70 pounds and need to lose 43 more and am just getting very very frustrated that I can't stop thinking about food and comfort eating

Hi to Sandy and Becky, I see you have both posted here before!

Barbygirl, congrats on your weight loss, that is excellent. What sort of meals do you have for your one meal of the day?

Phoebe :)

04-03-2001, 08:51 AM
Phoebe--> I've just been picking out low-fat meals either from cookbooks or on-line (, They haven't been very balanced meals though. That's what I'm working on this week. I have to plan my meals about 2 weeks in advance or I know that I will slip and start eating fast food again. Let's see, some of the recipes included: greek turkey burgers, chicken caesar wraps, quick minestrone, etc. Most of the meals I've tried so far have been delicious too. :)

Hope this helps and good luck with those last few pounds.


04-03-2001, 09:00 AM
Lady2001 - RE: the SF fruit mix, it is hard to find in the Northeast as well, also regarding the flavor/taste people were not pleased with, I think that there was a problem with a batch or something, because the last one I got was not as good as the previous. I did make it work when I added canned pineapple, or frozen strawberries or canned peaches. Something about added more bulk made it taste better. But as I said it was a fluky can.

I am still here and using SF as a supplement to WW. I find I need a boost and some help with heavy social days and while making dinner. I carry the SF snacking bars as well. They are very sweet which is what I want in the afternoon and stay with me longer than some other things like a candy bar.

Keep up the great work everyone.


04-03-2001, 01:24 PM
Hey eveyone, I am loving all the action on this board, the positive exchanges and success..this is great!!

Girlie: thanks for the advice about soy milk, I will remember that, I use soy milk sometimes, I am not entirely used to the taste yet so I mix it with 1% milk when I do have it...

Liza: yes I am in the Northeast and have not found the juice mixes,,,I will remember to add fruit if I do find them..

Everyone keep up the good work..stay focused and everything will fall into place...


04-03-2001, 04:25 PM
There's also's milk that's lactose free and fat free..tastes more like skim,
but it's kind of expensive. Well, I guess about the same as soy milk. I really like the
taste of soy for some reason...I use White Wave Silk Soy Milk (they have awesome
chocolate milk too!). It's really thick, like whole milk, but a lot better for you.


04-03-2001, 08:20 PM
I have been drinking the soy chocolate shakes and I can't tell the difference between it and the regular
chocolate royale. The best part is you can mix it with water. I am a vegetarian and have been trying to avoid dairy. After doing more and more reading on dairy I am trying to avoid it as much as possible.
If you ever want to get grossed out read some of the info in the vegetarian books or web sites about dairy, the way animals are treated, etc...

Anyway..will weigh in tommorow am. I am going to go to Bally's Health and Fitness Center tommorow for a free weeks membership. I know they want you to join but I will tell them no and just enjoy the free week! LOL

Have a great week! :)

20 pounds lighter!! :) :) :)

04-03-2001, 09:35 PM
Good for you, Lorelei! That's funny!

Today was a rather heavy day for me....I splurged on sushi tonite... so I'm going to have to exercise hard tonite!


You sure like to make those dishes for dinner! I'm really simple. I usually just broil or steam at least two non-starchy veggies and have a starch (pasta or potatoes) and then I have a soy product, like veggie burger or chicken-free patties. If I don't have a soy product, I just load up on more veggies. I make fish on the weekends.

That way, I can be sure to have my veggies in every day. I always have a bag of carrot sticks and a fruit cup to snack on at work. also most of the soy products can probably count as veggies too. Maybe some day I'll get as crafty as you are!

Talk to you all soon.


04-04-2001, 11:21 AM
I haven't gone to Bally's yet (going in a few hours) but I did get on the scale this morning and lost 4 more pounds! I can't believe it!! I think what really helped was the suggestion I read here. Someone said they eat their big meal mid-day and drink the shake at night. I have been doing that lately and it's working. I plan on keeping this up!! :) :)

Coming to this site really helps me. thanks everyone for the support and good ideas!

Hope everyone else has good news to share in the scale dept!!

(313/289/282=10% goal)
24 pounds lighter!!

04-04-2001, 01:01 PM
Congratulations Lorelie...I know you post on the 100+ club too, but that is a great loss. Doesn't it make you feel a lot better? What better way to motivate you before you head to the gym than a loss!

I'm still treading on on my plan. I went ahead and ate a meal on the go bar for my afternoon snack. I had a long day at work and knew I would need the energy. Elections are always a long night for reporters and editors :)

I hope everyone else is doing well.


I'm losing it
04-04-2001, 04:12 PM
Hi, I was thinking of trying Slimfast but remember the one time I tried it I was extremely hungry and ended up quitting. Do these shakes really fill you? Also, would anyone mind posting exactly what they eat in a day so I could have an idea. I weigh 170 and would like to get down to about 125.


I'm losing it!

04-04-2001, 09:04 PM
Welcome I'm losing it...sure I'll post a typical day for me

6:30 a.m. have a slimfast shake
10 a.m. fruit for snack
around noon my meal for the day. I usually pick out a lowfat meal and cook it the night before and have leftovers.
3 p.m. slimfast snack bar
5-6p.m. slimfast malt (i add ice to the slimfast and sip it usually while I cook hubby's dinner.)
7-8 p.m. somewhre around there have a snack of cucumbers, carrots, etc other water-rich veggies.

I also exercise 6 days a week with tae bo, bicycle riding.

I myself get filled up on this plan and it works for me. If they don't fill you up, you might try adding a fruit when you make it and make a shake. (That's what my mom does to make hers more filling.)

I hope this helps you.


04-04-2001, 10:10 PM
Lorelei, congrats on your loss! That's really great! Didn't it feel great to first, make it under 300, now out of the 290's? I feel that way about the 200's. I just want to get to 199 first!

I'm losing it and Dawnyal: I'll probably start posting what I eat in a day so I have to be accountable to someone or something! As far as being filled up, I usually eat one regular meal, then snack all day long...well, all night long. I have a SF bar if I feel a craving for chocolate. I don't eat much in the morning because I'm so busy, so the SF bars come in handy. I never have the shakes...only if I don't have any bars. My BF drinks the premade shakes so they are always around.

I work second shift in a quiet, lonely office, and it's hard not to snack, so I pack healthy snacks for myself and agree to have at least 12 oz of water with each snack and not to eat anything besides what I pack for myself unless I have already eaten everything I have. Today, I was bombarded with food at work...I was offered cookies, and pizza, but denied it all! By the time I've eaten everything I packed for snacks,it's almost time to go home and I'm too full to eat anything else. Anyway, here's my day:

9am - class. I had a SF bar on the way there
10am - to the gym
12pm- made fat-free vegetarian sloppy joes w/ a potato hamburger bun and broiled steak fries
1pm- can of diet cherry coke
2pm- can of diet cherry coke
4pm- carrot sticks
5pm-more carrot sticks
6pm-serving of pretzels
7pm-can of sliced carrots
7.30pm-fruit cup
8pm-SF bar

I've decided instead of try to avoid snacking at work, I'd promote it and make myself snack instead of having a meal and drink lots of water. I usually don't have 2 SF bars, but I needed chocolate!

04-05-2001, 08:32 AM
I gave in to my munchies last night :(
It wasn't too bad. I ate least ate fat free cruton...only 5 calories per serving. But I probably had way more than 1 serving and it was before I went to bed. I'm getting back on track.

Girlie---> Congratulations on turning down the cookies and pizza. I know how hard that can be sometimes, especially when you have people tell you 'one little bite won't hurt you!' Yeah right. With pizza, one bite could turn into several and then slices. :)

I know pizza is a weakness with me, so when I start craving it, I make a homemade on that has very few calories and little fat. It's a veggie pizza and I didn't miss the meat on it.

Good luck to everyone today.

04-05-2001, 09:30 PM
I am still on cloud 9! It's funny how to me 24 seems like WAY more than 20 pounds! :)

Barbygirl-try not to beat yourself up too much. Sometimes I give into cravings like a Hershey's Bar but I just count it towards my total days calories. Theres not too much you can do about it late at night though!

Do any of you have unsupportive boyfriends or spouses? My husband isn't very supportive. If I tell him I've lost X amt of pounds all I get is "that's good". Sometimes he will say "well you've lost this so many times before" like he is expecting me to fail. Boy does that make me mad!! I won't let it turn into a binge
excuse though. He just can't relate since he's never tried to lose weight. I guess that's why I come here
for more support than he can give.

Ballys was nice but I didn't join-I still get to use it free for a week. They tried their best though!! LOL

Have a good night!

04-06-2001, 12:37 AM
lorelei-->I haven't beaten mysefl up too bad :) Because I know this is a lifestyle change and if I choose to have a late night snack, it is not cheating. I also realize that every time I give in to those late night snacks, I am setting back my time table to reach my goal.

I'm sorry to hear your husband isn't very supportive. It sounds to me like he's afraid of you changing. He's afraid when (notice I said when and not if) you reach your goal, you won't want him anymore and so he feels insecure and he's secretly hoping you won't succeed. I've seen many husbands go through that.
Fortunately my husband is very supportive. He also I think when I get more than 12 pounds off this body and start to reallly notice a difference, he might not be as suportive, but we'll face that hurdle when it gets here.

Just don't let him get you down. You'll reach your goal, with or without his support. :)

Take care,

04-07-2001, 12:43 AM
Barbygirl aka Dawnyal :) I bet you are right. I think of course every man wants a good looking woman with a great bod-but not too great for him to be threatened! What if she looks so good some other guys now want her?? These guys can be so dumb, like if you lose weight you will be "on the prowl" for a new man!! Thanks for listening!! For the most part he's supportive but I know I can't expect him to be a great cheerleader. I have lost 50 pounds before several times so he probably expects me to lose and then gain it back as always. I do feel like this time is different though. I just can't keep doing this to myself! I want to get to a good healthy weight and stay there!! I know this means keeping track of what I eat even when I am at goal and exercising too. I think I finally have come to the sad reality that there is no magic pill that's gonna do it! ;) It takes effort!!
(Sorrry for the novel!!)

Tommorow is my son's birthday (April 7) He will be 6 years old. Hard to believe how fast time flies!! We have 12 RSVP's for his Chuck E Cheese party!! Talk about expensive-but he's worth it!!

Happy Saturday everyone-
(hoping for a great weigh in on Sunday)

Mr. Nice Guy
04-07-2001, 03:14 PM
I have just started using slimfast products after not trying anything for a while. I didnt see any hope because I had always regained. But I want to feel the optimism and motivation of feeling like im losing weight again.
I really appreciate that this conduit/forum is available.

Thanks, Ken

04-07-2001, 04:04 PM
Hey Ken! Welcome to the site. I am farely new myself but I love it hear. My internet sister I've known for 3 years told me about this site and I've been addicted for 4 weeks now! ;)

I too have the lack of motivation, but since I recently had a heart scare and spent a couple days in the hospital I feel very motiviated! I think a lot of the motivation part has to do with the inner self and stepping out of the comfort zone. I was always a chubby kid, but didn't really put most of my weight on until High School. I ate to deal with my emotions and stresses of family life as well as school. Now almost 10 years after high school I'm paying the price for my miss use of food. I'm 27 and due to the hospital visit thing I'm feeling very determined to work at making myself healthy. I may have days I'm not motivated and I probably will falter, but I'm trying to wipe out the negative thoughts that would carry me further down the off program track. So like they say in Texas, When you fall off the horse you have to get right back on!

I am including Slim Fast/Drink Shakes in my diet as well. I'm not following the slim fast plan though. I'm doing a low fat diet, but since I'm not a big breakfast person my doctor suggested doing the shake for BF and maybe as a snack later in the day. He also suggested not just 3 meals aday but divide the meals up and eat several small meals and maybe include health bars like Cliff or Power Bar something that has protien, so I don't feel compelled to sit down with a container of Pringles! We'll see how it goes. I hope you find your motivation and support here. I have found such great new friends here and I hope to continue to find new ones.

Again welcome and good luck with your plan! Don't give up.


04-08-2001, 08:43 PM
Welcome aboard Ken and Daise :wave:

I'm still here, chugging along. I too almost lost my motivation, but I'm not about to give up because as I said before, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Part of the reason I'm feeling down is because I really expected to lose a lot more weight than just 12 pounds in one month at the beginning (especially when you have 165 to lose!)

I'm still and I'm sticking to my plan. I tried the orange pineapple with soy-protein pre-mix this morning and it tastes great!!! I'm going to go buy me several more boxes of it while wal-mart has it.

Good luck to everyone losing.

04-09-2001, 10:25 AM
Welcome Ken and Daise from me too! I think you will like it here. Most of us do our own thing but use Slim Fast shakes and or bars as part of our healthier eating plans.

Well, I weighed in this morning and I have lost another pound! I am very happy!! I too was hoping it would just
"fall off" super fast since I have so much to lose as well,
Barbygirl. Hey, look we weigh exactly the same now!!
(Aren't we both just THRILLED that we weigh 288!!)LOL
It sure beats 313 though. I will be glad when I can wear
a size smaller in jeans. My 26's are slightly loose but not enough were I'd have to get 24's. Hopfully soon though!

I know mostly the reason it's not falling off as fast as I'd like is because I allow myself 2000 calories a day. I can still lose with 2000 but not at a very fast rate. I figure if I went to 1500 or 1800 it would come off faster but I don't want my metabolism to think it's "starving" by dropping my calories too fast. Then it lowers your metabolism to adjust itself to less food! As long as I can atleast lose a pound a week I will stick to 2000 a day. No since feeling like I am starving!! :) :)

(313/288/282 10% goal)
283 Easter goal-how can I lose 5 pounds in 6 days?? ;)LOL

04-09-2001, 01:44 PM
I just wanted to stop by abnd say I think you guys are doing great. I too love slimfast "but" I can never stay on it for more then 3 days at a time then I binge for a day and I know thats terrible but it worked for me. I did lose an incredible amount of weight on it right away(about 1 lb a day over 3 weeks sometimes) but the problem with what I did is I didn't have snacks just two shakes a day with protein and veggies for dinner. I don't reccomend it. Thats probably why I binged. I think I mightto try it again after having baby #2 in August.I have a hard time with WW sometimes and the latitiude they give you.I have started to gain alot this week so I am thinking if it. Oh well I just wanted to stop by!Good luck!

Mom to Abigail and Jackson edd 08/08!

04-09-2001, 06:57 PM
Wow - I tried some On the Go Bars for the first time this past week - the Toasted Oats and Spice ones are OUT OF THIS WORLD, in my humble opinion! The brownie ones are wonderful too!!!! They seem a lot softer and moister than the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ones to me.

:) Jennifer

Mr. Nice Guy
04-09-2001, 08:42 PM
Ive been drinking 2 drinks and eating 1 bar and I feel like Ive been eating alot (too much?) of other food, because it doesnt keep me satisfied.

I noticed that some of you said that you were eating a lunch and then drinking a shake for dinner. Is that all you have at night?

I feel like a pig. Is one shake after 2-3 PM really enough? or is there something else I need to know? Any advice, tricks, or secrets? - You can tell me - Im a good guy.

Thanks, Ken

04-09-2001, 10:40 PM
Welcome Ken and Daise!

Daise - I find that I'm not a breakfast person either...I know they say you should eat something, but I'd rather make lunch my first meal. I snack a lot during the night time.

Ken - I don't totally follow the SF diet. Most days I just have one bar as my "sweet" for the day. Some days I don't have one at all. As far as I go, as I mentioned before, I snack a lot during the late afternoon and night. You just have to realize when it is that you eat the most, and plan you SF diet around that. So if you're like me and you eat mostly at night, have your shakes and or bar early, and snack and have your meal at night. Here's what I ate today:

9am - water on the way to class
10am - to the gym/water
12NOON - a bit of veggies/rice
3pm - 6 tea biscuits (22cals each)
4pm - 15 peppermint patty "bites"
5pm - about 15 mini spelt pretzels
6pm - soy "turkey" sandwich on lite wheat bread, lettuce, fat free cheese
6.30p - 6oz soy milk
8pm - small can of lite pears, drained juice/water

It looks like I eat a lot because toward the evening I eat every hour...but the portions are controlled..I do this on purpose, so I know I have something and don't get so hungry that I'll grab something 'bad' on impulse. I always give myself something sweet too. I chose the peppermint patty bites because a SF bar seemed a bit too heavy at the moment. I've been following this plan for about a month and it seems to be working well. I usually have carrot sticks to much on as a 'free' type of food. They are filling and good for you, and I let myself eat all I want.

I hope all of you are doing well. I was just down one pound this week...but I think I might be able to hit my goal of 199 by Easter.

04-09-2001, 11:18 PM
Ken---> I usually have my large meal at lunchtime too.
I have a shake or meal on the go bar for breakfast
A snack of either a slimfast snack bar or fruit around 10 a.m., my lunch at noon, a slimfast snack bar at 3 p.m., shake for dinner between 5 and 6 p.m. and snack on either pretzels or water veggies (carrots, cucumbers, celery) while I watch tv.
This works for me and fills me up. I know some people have to have more in the evenings. I've found though, that I lose better by having the heavier meal in the afternoon. I can burn the calories off better.
Hope this helps.

04-10-2001, 12:41 AM
Thanks for the welcome! My doctor suggested Slimfast as an addition to my low fat lifestyle change. He said it woud be a good option for breakfast and then have a shake with my lunch. He told me not to cut out dinner, that dinner should be my larger meal. He really advised having small mini meals. So I have been doing that. I do have my 3 meals planned but I use power bars or fruit as my snacks. I'm a salt addic but this has been working for me. I too have about 165 to loose and with a recent hospital visit on my list of motivations I'm determined to do it! The shake for breakfast really seems to be helping. I work evenings from 2:30 to 11pm so my eating schedule is caotic anyways. I haven't weighed in yet since this weekend so we shall see how this week goes.

I didn't like any of the slimfast bars, but I like some of the power bar and I love Luna Bars by Cliff. Cliff bars also has a great Carrot Cake bar! Yum!!

Hope everyone has a great week!


04-10-2001, 11:54 PM
I'm still hanging in there. I had a luncheon to attend today and I still managed to stay around 1200 calories for today :)

Good luck to everyone.

04-13-2001, 10:33 AM
Good Job Barbygirl!! 1200 calories is really good, but I think I would feel like I was "starvin' Marvin" if thats all I had all day.

I really haven't been using Slim-fast too much lately. Maybe because it was Spring Break this week for my son and I was on vacation from work. Mostly I have been eating a lot of fruits and veggies and high fiber beans and popcorn and the weight is falling off!!
I lost two more pounds since my last weigh in on Monday and I am not starving myself at all. I have been getting 1800 cals a day this week!!

(313/286/283=Easter goal)
27 pounds lighter!!

04-13-2001, 12:50 PM
Just checking in..
Barbygirl sounds like you are doing well..keep up the good work.

Congrats Lorelei on your loss..

Wishing everyone continued success...

I had a slimfast premixed vanilla shake for dinner last night,,I did good, did not eat a thing after drinking the shake at 5pm. I also went to the gym afterwards.

04-14-2001, 12:49 AM
I'm still hanging in there. The last 3 days though, I feel like I've faultered a bit. :(
Although, looking at my calorie intake, I'm still way under 2000 (even though my fat intake has been up).
Wednesday night, I had a baked potato with real butter for dinner and pretzels for snacks while watching tv.
Thursday I caved and had 4 small slices of pizza(I think they equal about 2 reg. size pieces, so I counted them as 2.5 slices). I paid for them this morning. I had killer heartburn most of the morning that wouldn't go away.
And tonight I forgot to eat lunch and my afternoon snack and so I had an early dinner of Subway turkey on wheat with honey mustard sauce. Then I got hte munchies in the evening and caved in to french fries and nachos. The whole day was still under 2000. I don't get it. Before I started on this trek, I was eating lots of fast food meals (usually breakfast lunch and dinner) so I think I'm still doing well. I'm not beating myself up too bad and I'm not falling off my own band wagon.

04-18-2001, 11:56 AM
I have just started the slim fast plan (this is my 3rd day). So far so good. I am also trying to stay at 1200 calories for the day as well. (And drinking plenty plenty plenty of water!! At least 3 20oz bottles a day sometimes 4) I hope to join in the fun here and hopefully lose some of this weight!! I'm 21 yrs old, weigh 237 and want to be 160 like I was 2 years ago. (I'll take whatever I can get though!!!!) I've had various health issues and medications that have "helped" me put on this weight. And now I am fed up with it and am doing something about it. I figure it has got to be my calorie intake/portion size. I come from a big family and I cook "big"; there are only 2 people living in my house! Me and my boyfriend! Hope that this slimfast thing works for me!

04-18-2001, 02:34 PM
Hi everyone..
Welcome and visit will help.
Are you exercising??

also visit slimfast's site..lots of helpful tools..

Think that is it, if it is not it is one of the previous threads related to slimfast.

04-18-2001, 03:46 PM
oh yes, I am exercising! At least 30 minutes a day on my stationary bike. When the weather gets warmer I'll include a 15-30 minute walk sometime during the day. I did join (I am feelinfroggy over there) I am doing good today. My co-workers invited me out to lunch (unfortunatly at my favorite place!!) but I did not go. We all usually get a chicken ceasar salad, but this place doesn't 'do' lowfat. And their portion sizes are HUGE!!! So I politely declined. I had a slim fast bar (fudge brownie; yummers!) for breakfast this morning and today I decided to switch for the day and do a brown bag lunch and have my french vanilla shake (frozen of course like a milkshake) or chocolate royale at home for dinner. For the past couple of days I have been doing the slimfast for breakfast and lunch. For my from home lunch today I had one serving of pretzles (17 for 110 calories) and half a ham and cheese sandwich on wheat w/mustard. Please remember I am trying to stay at or below 1200 calories per day also; which is a lot better than the 3000-7000 I was eatting before!!! I am full from lunch. (Didn't think I would be though! LOL) I took my time and enjoyed my food. Something I haven't done in a while. And it is true, if you slow down, your body has time to "feel full". And if I get hungry before I get home this evening (around 6pm est.) I always have the other half of my sandwich. Thanks for welcoming me in. How has your success been?

04-20-2001, 09:21 AM
Wow you gals sure are on top of things. I almost lost track of you again. Sorry I have not been posting much. I've been very bussy. On the pluss side I have lost about 5 more pounds! been geting lots of excersise and with warmer weather I am drinking lots more watter.
I just wanted to mention about the dairy thing. Someone commented on the way dairy animals are treated. I worked on a dairy farm for 4 years and the animals were always the main concern. Their sleeping areas were cleaned at least 3x a day, large fans were used to circulate air in the summer as well as a misting system to keep them comfortable in warm weather. The misconception that the calves are kept in tiny boxes which don't allow them to move around is false! No farmer in his right mind would keep an animal in such a way as to have it be unhealthy or unhappy. A sick or unhappy cow does not produce as much milk. Cows can control how much they give and I have seen stressed animals cut their production by more than 1\2 which can ammount to 50 pounds a day. Please take what you read from those animal rights people with a grain of salt. If you want to really see how the animals are treated try taking a tour of a farm. you will find that a lot of what you think about agriculture is wrong.
Ok enough of my speachmaking. I hope you find this informative and please feel free to ask me more about this topic. after all where our food comes from is important. healthy food comes from farms and where would we be without them?

04-22-2001, 08:02 PM
Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am going to be starting the Slim Fast plan tomorrow which is a complete departure from what I've been doing . I was just curious what people here on the Slim Fast board typically have for their meal of the day?

I'd been dilly-dallying with those low carb plans in the past and while the science behind them makes sense, I just can't take all that protein in meat form.....but all the information about how simple refined carbs are bad for the body have me paranoid about any carby thing I put in my mouth!!! I'm sitting here trying to think of some SF dinner ideas and I find myself almost afraid to eat potatoes, rice, and pasta! LOL

Despite all the sugar in the Slim Fast shakes, people seem to be doing well on it, so maybe carbs and sugar aren't as bad for the body as the people who wrote those books say.

Oh well........glad to be here!


04-22-2001, 10:05 PM
Hi, can I join in? I have been tinkering with a few plans and have lost about 7 pds in a month but need abit of a kick. I decided to start using Slimfast for breaky and lunch. I am going to read all your posts to catch up tomorrow. Good luck to you all and I hope you had a great weekend.

04-23-2001, 06:02 PM
For my dinners I usually eat whatever I want. I have my main meal at midday instead of at night when it would sit on my stomach all night. It is also because I work in the evenings. The last coupple of days I've been having the meat and pasta\rice\potato for dinner and a can of veggies as a snack after work. The veggies are more filling than a snack pluss good for me! I still eat lots of carbs although I have cut nearly all breads out. I have lost 50 puonds in the past year. It isn't as fast as most people want to loose but I am changing my lifestyle in the process which is a healthier way to go.
We have a terrific group here. Best wishes for success and welcome! :)

04-24-2001, 08:04 AM
HELLO EVERONE :) im goin to give sf a try.i have trid everyyyyything ad i keep failin:( i have read about all of you and feel really comfy here..i got sf at walmart yesterday and startn tomm.i need to loose 115 lb..:(
gawd seems so farrrr away...i really need to get moivated with excercise.
i just cant seem to get my booty up and goin lol.
wish i could write mre but of curse soon as mommie decdes to relax a sec the kiddies wake up lmao..oh well
i shall reurn good luck to you all..:)

04-24-2001, 02:50 PM
How's everyone doing today?! I'm doing great. Still on plan even though a co-worker and I went out to lunch today. I had a small portion of pulled bar-b-que chicken, steamed spinach, and a baked potatoe. I could hardly eat all of it. I feel so stuffed. I figure I am still in calorie range also, because I had my slimfast bar this morning and tonight I had already planned to have a slim fast shake. Has anyone else had this "problem"? Are you starting to automatically eat less? Feel full faster? Maybe my stomach has "shrunk" if it can really do that. I don't mind though because I'm doing great on this plan. Let us hear how the rest of you are doing!

04-24-2001, 10:37 PM
Hello everyone! I'm new to post a comment but I have been coming here alot reading your post and I must say you are some wonderful people. Keep communicating it's helping alot more people than you think.

Frogger, I had to respond to your remark about the appetite change. Yesss!!! It does feel like your stomach is shrinking and you can't eat as much anymore. I don't even desire junk food nearly as much as I use too. Although I've only been using it faithfully for 3 Weeks now but already my clothes fit looser, people are beginnig to compliment me on my appearance although strangely the scale hasn't moved much and I have so much more energy! I don't now what's in that stuff that makes it have that effect on me but it's a God sent for me. I do have a question that I would like ask your opion of.

I have become acquainted with a new employee at my job and she likes to go out to eat with out discretion, she doesn't like to walk, drink water (it's like something foreign to her)and she is heavy as well. I dont want to come of like I'm too good to eat out with her and I don't want her to think I don't like her company or anything like that but our lifestyles don't agree at all I have tried to share some of the good habits I've learned with her but to no avail. I got in this trouble in the first place at my other job two years ago eating out everyday and I mean everyday with a very close, very small framed co-worker. Sad to say one of the reasons i was so glad to leave that job was because i didn't have the pressure to eat out anymore. Now i don't want to even put my self in that position again. It might be easy for some to say well you go ahead and eat Burger King and i'll just eat my salad or drink my slimfast but I just don't even want to be tempted/subjected to that at all. We share stories re our children and she's a nice person but....

How do I say I don't want to eat lunch with you any more without offending her?

Thank you for letting me vent to you.

Keep up the good habits to keep down those bad pounds.

04-25-2001, 05:07 PM
Spoiled: I have had this problem many times. Sometimes my BF will want to go out to eat after I have already ate, I have went to restaurants with my BF and just absolutely not eaten anything..sat there and drank a glass of water until he was done.
With your co-worker just be honest, tell her you are doing a lifestyle change and you are watching closely what you are eating.
I'd go out with her sometimes, but I would cut it back.

If you want to be successful you have to do what works for is you, you are doing this are number one.
I have sit in the evening and smell pizza and chinese food my co-workers order...I will just not give in I have come to far...
Good luck

04-25-2001, 09:13 PM
Wow! I leave for a few days and come back with lots of new people :)

I had a 4-day mini vacation and now it's wednesday and i'm still trying to get back into the groove of things. I can say though that even through the vacation I at least continued with slimfast for breakfast and exercised one day, not including all the walking i did at the festival :)

Welcome aboard all the new faces. I hope you enjoy your stay here with us.


fuschia shorts
04-26-2001, 12:58 PM
I've read the board and you guys have such positive attitudes. I am extremely depressed, I have 75 pounds to loose and don't see how that is possible at this point. I was always too skinny growing up and I didn't begin to gain weight until after I graduated from graduate school, got married and then I had my first child. I was so depressed at my weight gain that I lost about 35 pounds, exercising, Jenny Craig, supplements and low fat eating. I never reached my goal weight of 140, but I felt so much better about myself. When I hit a plateau, we started discussing having another child and I realized that I was going to gain it all back again any way, so I had my son and gained all of it plus more (not surprising).
But now my son will be 4 in 4 months and I weigh more than I did when he was born. I tried WW and those late night weight loss drugs, but I lost so little weight that I gave up. WW requires to much concentration on my weight, depressed me so much to get on that scale once a week and see 200+ that I was embarassed to even weigh in and pay money for the priviledge.
I was on medication, because I have headaches and insomnia. After about a year, my doctor happened to mentioned that I should watch what I eat because the medication could make me gain weight. I said thanks you could have told me that 30 pounds ago. I am now getting off the medicine. I have been working out since September on and off and haven't lost a pound. I am trying slimfast again in a last ditch effort to loose. In the past I always had so much gas after drinking the shakes that the people around me asked me to quit! I bought the juice drinks months ago and they have just been sitting in my cabinet. BUT this week I saw my ex-boyfriend who I haven't seen in 6 years, of course he looked the same and I looked like a human balloon, over inflated and dressed in some fat clothes. Between that and a wedding I went to in September with my sorority sisters who are all still size 6,2, or 8, I have hit bottom.
I used fuschia shorts, because I have a picture in which I have on fuschia and green shorts and a fuchsia halter top. That is me, I was 135 pounds, hair done, nails done and riding a moped around the Bahamas. That's who I want to be, her! I am a stay at home mom with 2 children, and I usually have 3 days a week when my son goes to pre-school, this is my only time to myself. (Which I usually spend cleaning the house and running errands, God forbid there should ever be a load of laundry undone.) So its easy for me not to take any time for myself and if I do, its in front of the TV(HGTV). This rude awakening and trip to the PLUS size section has sent me to my bed for the last few days. But I'm going to try something new. Does anyone have any hope to share?

04-26-2001, 03:39 PM
Oh Fushia Shorts WELCOME!!! I know your pain. Medicine has done the same to me. This time I KNOW you can do it. All of us here are here to help! (right guys?!) I'm right there with you girl! I know that this time will be the time for you. Everyone knows that until you REALLY want to lose the weight (I mean rock bottom REALLY) it won't budge. But sounds like you really want to this time. And I think you're going to do it. I am not giving up this time and you shouldn't either. Do it for YOU and do it for those sweet babies of yours. You can e-mail me personally if that will help you stay motivated. ( Girl, I have lost 10 lbs (as of today!!) on this slimfast miracle. (Yes I said miracle!!!) In only 3 weeks to boot. I don't excersise nearly as much as I should (only about 20 minutes a day) and if I can do it I know you can! Welcome again, these guys here are great people and you'll find a lot of support.

240/230/160 goal (at least I hope!!!)

fuschia shorts
04-26-2001, 05:05 PM
Frogger-thank you, I needed to hear I can do it today! I'm just in such a bad mental place, no energy to do anyhthing or be anybody's mom or wife. I'm trying to just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. I did walk and do Tae Bo today, my big problem is discipline and persistance. I'm good at starting something new just not continuing. I defintely needed to hear someone say I can do it, thanks.

04-26-2001, 07:21 PM
I'm sorry to hear you are so down. I too was down after coming back from the trip and I couldn't seem to find the motivation I needed to get back on track, so I'm trying (I know I shouldn't say the word) a diet (it's actually a 6-day diet you do to judge your hunger.) I have to gauge how hungry I am before a meal, one hour after a meal and before bedtime. Today is the first day and so far I'm doing well.
Once this is finished (I'm reading the book that goes with it) I'll probably go back to my slimfast.

What is sounds like to me though, that might help you is to set mini goals for yourself. You're doing like what I used to do when I gave up on a diet. I always said I wanted to weigh 135 (and weighing in at 270 at the time, that seemed like a lot of weight to lose and it is!)
This time I set mini goals. Right now my goal is to get into size 24 clothing comfortable. That way I don't obsess about my scales and the weight that does or does not come off.

You might come over and check out the 100+ club. We have lots of threads such as your goals, hopes, dreams, etc.

Hope this helps, and I apologize for the writer coming out in me in the little novel. :)

fuschia shorts
04-27-2001, 09:59 AM
Yes, maybe mini-goals will work better than trying to loose 75 pounds all at once. It's really about taking steps and doing what I know I should. I also know I don't need another diet, I need to change my relationship with food. I always try to find the quick fix and as we all know there are no quick fixes. I've been thinking about and ignoring my weight since 94'. I've read many books, cookbooks and articles, so just like everyone else I've become an expert on what to eat and do. The problem is converting that information to behavior. But this time, I'm just going to do what I know I'm supposed to do. No fast food, junk food, candy, and high fat foods. I know these things sound drastic, but I also know that when I start eating these things, I go on a downward spiral. Work out every day with a goal of at least 5 days a week. My husband even dug out my treadmill (its been a $500 piece of Garage storage for at least 2 years).
I'm a member of Bally's, the Y and I've done Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, Metabolife etc. That doesn't include all the classes I signed up for, the diet books. But if I keep doing what I'm doing I'm not going to be where I want to be. So I appreciate your support. I also decided to stop lying to myself, making up little reasons to do what I know I shouldn't. And as you can tell I always write a reply book, not a novel.

04-28-2001, 06:29 PM
You sound just like me. I have to plan out everything and I get so pumped up about changing my lifestyle, but then the "new" wears off when it's time to start doing it. So I take it one day at a time. If I choose to eat a fat, juicy hamburger one day, I always ask myself if I really, really want it before eating it, knowing that it will set me back a bit for losing weight. And, if I do give in and eat it, so what. Like I said before, this is a lifestyle change for me. There's always going to be those hamburgers, pizza, mounds of mashed potatoes, etc. out there to tempt me.

Hope this helps,

05-01-2001, 10:02 PM
I'm still here. I start back on slimfast in the morning. I did well on that 6-day thing. I lost about 5 pounds in 6 days :)

Just checking in with everyone.

05-02-2001, 07:44 AM
barbygirl what was the diet you used for your 6 day stint? I'm still doing OK on slimfast. I must admit I haven't been exercising like I should. I have had such bad allergy attacks that all I want to do in lay down and rest. (headache, upset stomach, itchy eyes). Hopefully I'll get back on track SOON.

05-02-2001, 09:14 AM
It was called "control hunger without drugs" and it said to go ahead and start doing the 6-day hunger diet while reading the book and so i gave it a try. I got down to the chapters that explained the "diet" and it suggested you take glycerol before each meal to control hunger. That just didn't sound drug-free to me. So I finished the 6-day plan and that's it for it. I will take the book back to the library tomorrow :)

05-02-2001, 09:47 AM
oh wow, sure doesn't sound drug free! well, hope you continue to do well on slim fast.

05-04-2001, 01:04 PM
Wow it sure is nice to see our little group growing. Fuscia I do understand where you are comming from. I ignored my weight gain for years. I really did not care much what others thought but when I looked in a miror I was astounded to see that I did not look like the person I think of myself as. last year when I hit over 300 And was having difficulty just walking much I decided that it was time to maKE SOME CHANGES. I did not do this all at once though because I would have quit almost immediatly. Try cutting out one thuing and replacing it with a healthy habit. When you have mastered that move on to the next. First I cut out bread and started using slimfast. Then on to the hard stuff like junk food. I do not deprive myself entirly. Once a week I enjoy a day of eating things I have been wanting all week. Yes this does slow me down a bit but God did not intend us to lead lives devoid of pleasure so why shoud we buden ourselves that way? Also it is much easier to stay with my program that way. I set small goals for myself and have met three so far. The first to get under 300 then to get under 280 and the most recen to get to 270. I am working tword 250 and eventually I hope to get to the 175 I was at 23 yrs old. It took years to put the weight on so I expect it to take years to get it off.
I have noticed that I eat less than I used to and have less desire for junk foods. This is all about training our minds to a new course of life and not just about how we look but being healthier.
Welcome to all of the new ones and don't give up. You will find that the support at this site will strenghten you to keep trying even if you hit a bad patch.

05-10-2001, 10:38 AM
Hi everyone. I just started using and doing the Slimfast plan. I drink 2 slimfast (morning and noon) and eat a meal in the evening. I have a fruit in the morning for snack and one in the afternoon. I also have a handful of pretzels either for the afternoon snack or in the evening. I am drinking 2 quarts of water a day. Is there any other help or tips anyone can give me.


05-14-2001, 11:39 AM
Just one thing to say Spring. Keep it up!:D You are pretty much doing what I do except that I have my regular meal for lunch because I work in the evening. I have lost over 50# so far. Also make sure to treat youreself one day a week so you don't feel deprived. That makes it easier to keep going. Even if you should slip don't give up. You can do it.;)

05-14-2001, 01:10 PM
I did not do to well this weekend. I was at a dog show all weekend and everyone goes out to eat and brings stuff to eat so I eat. But I watched what I ate so don't feel it was too bad. I am back on track now though.


05-15-2001, 08:00 AM
hey you guys, i had started another thread the other day because this one was getting long. hope i didn't step on anyone's toes!! come check it out it's success with slim fast #4

05-25-2001, 08:43 AM
I know how you feel. I have a convention in July and for four days will have to live on eating out. I plan to have my slimfast for lunch though since I'll need to provide my own bag lunches anyhow. Don't let it worry you too much. Remember never look back since it makes going forward that much harder. Also congratulate youreself for being careful in choosing what you ate. It is hard to do when you are with a bunch of people who are eating things that you might much rather have.;)

05-25-2001, 12:36 PM
Hey there --

I'm closing out this thread and SF #4 as well.

A new thread started a while ago - please post to SF #5.