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03-11-2004, 08:16 PM
Welcome everyone ~ :wave:

We are a group of ladies who support each other through all of life's ups & downs, not just weight loss.

Won't you pull up a chair and join us? :cofdate:


03-11-2004, 08:22 PM
Hi ladies,

I forgot what was said on # 34, so you'll have to excuse me for not posting individuals tonight.

Things went fine in court - no nasty siblings showed to mess things up, lol.

Susan, I got your card, and your Gaby is adorable!! :angel: Thank you for the card and the picture. I just love getting mail!

My St. Paddy's Day cards are in the mail! :cp: :lucky:

See you later,

03-11-2004, 08:38 PM

I solved my remote problem once and for all. I got a sturdy coat hanger from Wal_mart (freebie--I asked for it) and used ecletrical tape to tape all four remotes onto the arms of the coat hanger. I have two per side, and the black blends in well with the remotes. It hangs on the bedframe, but could just as easily hang on a doorknob in the living room. Its huge, so hard to lose, it hangs for easy access, and the curve in the bottom of it sits nicely on my waist if I am lying dowm watching the tube. We were always losing our remotes, but since this have yet to lose them even once. :D


I'm glad things went so well at court. :)

Could I have all of you PM me your addresses so I can enter them into my PDA in one convenient location? I'm scatterbrained and lose things all the time, but if I create a category in my palm pilot I'll be set for life. *grin*

I was exhausted when I got home from the hospital today. It was a very busy day and I ran around all day so all I wanted to do was take a long nap. What I actually did was drag myself (and the kiddo) to the gym and do a solid workout. NOW I get that nap. ;)

On a tangent, I wonder if the software here still does funny things to certain words. There's one way to test it. I got myself a pretty little pussywillow plant the other day and it looks delightful in the kitchen. Now, if that comes out "vaginawillow" instead of p u s s y w i l l o w we'll know the software still parses. That made for some VERY funny conversations back in the old days of the site. *lol*

03-11-2004, 08:41 PM
Evening ladies--

I probably should have replied to the other post and then copied it over to here.....but I didn't.

The weather is absolutely beautiful!! :df: Love it. And as you would know it....I have a little cold!! It's terrible to feel worn out, stressed, fat, grimey, all on a beautiful sunny day!!! :sunny:

I didn't go to Ross today after school.....I had to go home and catch up on last minute homework. I feel relieved knowing this term is almost over. Big load off my shoulders.

I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I will yap later when I'm feeling better.


03-11-2004, 08:44 PM
Jana & Kat-- :wave: :wave:

I just noticed you two online!! Just thought I would say hi!! to go plop onto the couch and sleep!! OH!! I suppose I should do that homework I was talking about!!!! For goodness sakes!!! :D


03-11-2004, 08:48 PM
Hmmm...sleeping seems to be on our minds tonight.

03-11-2004, 10:28 PM
Good Evening All~

Jana~so glad everything went fine today in court. :)

Kat~Too funny! :lol: :lol3: That's all I will say-not touching that one! I don't even like saying the "p" word. :lol: Great idea about the remotes. WTG on choosing to go to the gym instead of taking a nap :bravo: Now you can go sleep and sleep good.

Marti~Sorry you are feeling a bit under the weather-go to bed and get some rest. When do you get out for spring break?

I also mailed my cards-this morning. I mailed Angie's yesterday, thinking it would take longer and was going to wait a couple of days to mail the others until I looked at the calendar. I did not realize it was the 11th-don't know where my head is at. :dizzy: Well, ladies I am going to get outta here and see if there is a good movie on. I usually watch CSI but I think it is a rerun-love that show. Take care ladies and have a good night. :)

03-12-2004, 12:41 AM
Just a pop in from work.

Sorry you aren't feeling well Marti, take care!! Tomorrow is TGIF, if that helps.

Sending my congrats also for making it to the gym , Kat!! That is really good..

I didn't make my walk today but did drink water & and ate healthy.My ex made Cod for dinner and I had some, was a nice change.

You are welcome for the card Jana :) I like getting stuff in the mail also :) I hope to get a picture taken with me and all the girls, I think they all look so different. Need to fix up a room for Gaby, she has always slept with me, I enjoy it a lot but probably is time to wean her away.Also I figure if I miss her I can just go sleep in her room. :)

Hi Cristi :) ......thanks for sharing your *love story* also :)

So, I went shopping Just at Goodwill but got some cute stuff. I bought some denim capris for 4.99 and a Columbia Sportswear blouse for the same price.........some of those Mootsie Tootsie........blah,blah.......I forget the brand but I bought some nice brown slip ons for 4.99.......I think everything was oh, some Eddie Bauer shorts for ............4.99.....I think I spent 29.99 - total.
I like the capri's & the blouse so much I might wear that for my "Alex meeting"....
We just exchanged 1 or 2 emails on his last one he asked if he could call at work , only to send another one saying he was sorry.........what was he thinking, he shouldn't call me at work........I thought it was cute.He is nice.

I better go, need to get Gab's

Miss you Shanna,Kayecee,Katie,Rita.......hope to see you posting soon :)


03-12-2004, 08:34 AM
Good morning ladies,

Kat - that's a cool way to keep track of your remotes. When Katie was 2, we looked and looked for the remote and the next day finally asked her if she knew where it was... she nodded her head and pointed to the trash can in the kitchen... which was empty because the trash men came that morning. Back then you had to order a remote from company who made your TV. Major pain in the patooty!!

Marti - hope you are feeling better today. Does your Spring break start next week?

Cristi - I know what you mean - time is just flying! Mary and Dale love CSI, but I can't get CBS w/o rabbit ears so we don't get to watch it. Did you find a good movie to see?

Susan - Mary slept w/me til she was almost 3 and I had such a hard time getting her out of my bed! Cod is good! I've been buying Tilapia fish, and it is very good, too. A nice mild white fish that bakes fast. I would for sure be buying some of my stuff at Goodwill but they don't have much to offer in plus sizes. :(

Angie - how did the interview go? :crossed: I'm pulling for you!!!!

We are having a typical Spring - cold one day, warm the next. I am hoping it will be warm enough today to hang my sheets on the line outside.

My son has asked Gina and the kids to move in with him and is now having some stress about it. He knows how important it is, for the kids' sake, to keep things smooth and to not be moving the kids again once they get used to being there. Even though they are not his biological kids, he really loves them - maybe more than he loves Gina. Time will tell, I guess. Anyway, they have been painting and putting up border and she is really giving the place a woman's touch.... it looks real nice.

I've been OP all week, and hope to see a nice loss tomorrow!


03-12-2004, 01:07 PM
Hi Jana,

Sounds like you have a nice son. My older brother was very close to his girlfriends children.They did get married but divorced after a few years.He still see's the kids.

I am sure they will be fine. Huge change for him actually living with them

Tomorrow is my weigh in , I just hope for my pound weight loss Just putting along. It did take me 17 months to lose 110 after all......does seem like a long time, it went fast though.

Blah,blah...........I don't feel good, eating mustard pretzels to calm my stomach.


03-12-2004, 02:33 PM
Good afternoon ladies just woke up and thoght I would pop in hope that everyone is having a great day really cold out today makes me not want to go out Susan you shop where I do you really got good bargains!!!!!!!!!well have a great weekend have to work so everyone else enjoy Rita

03-12-2004, 03:46 PM
Hello Ladies :wave:

Susan~I never let the kids sleep with us when they were small, although Jason tried. He would get up every night and try to get in bed with us-I always took him to his bed. Of course if it was up to their dad they all would have slept with us. When their dad was killed I started letting them sleep in bed with me-I just felt that they needed to be close to me at that time. Of course I couldn't sleep with them all in the bed-and that only lasted a few months-about 4 I think. They were almost 11 (Jason was a month from his 11th when this happened) 9 1/2 & 7 1/2. I am going to have to check out the Goodwill here, we have one about 6 blocks from us. The only time I have been in there was to fill out an application-but it looked like it had A LOT of nice stuff. You are getting way too many bargains-I'm getting jealous! LOL :)

Jana~again I didn't find a movie. I thought CSI was a rerun, well it was, but one I hadn't seen. Then watched Without A Trace-I really like both these shows. Normally I watch fox from 9:30-12:30, unless I fall asleep. Which here lately has happened. I wake up about 2:30 with the tv on. I think that is cool about your son, he sounds like a GREAT guy. I like that he treats the kids as his own as do you. You are a wonderful grandma. Not many people do that. My brother had a couple of girlfriends that had a son and to us they were family. My mother treated them like her grandchildren even though they were just living together. I wish I could say the same about my in-laws. They haven't excepted me or my kids and I think that is sad. But it stems from the busy-body Aunt who seems to run the family-no kidding.

Hi Rita :wave: glad to see ya poppin' in.

Angie~hope the interview went well yesterday. Have you heard any news on the house?

Marti~hope you are feeling better today.

Hi Kat, Katie, Shanna & Kayecee :wave: Are we going to have to hunt you down Kayecee & Shanna??? We haven't seen you ladies in a while, hoping things are fine with you.

Well another nice day in my little corner of the world. I have been watching them throw the house together at the end of the cul-de-sac-WOW! I cannot believe how fast they build these houses. There was nothing but a basement Monday and now they are almost finished with the whole frame, walls included. Cracks me up though that they are going to put in two houses at there-they are going ot be close. It's kind of cool watching it though. I love stuff like that. Vince and I watch a lot of the do-it-yourself type shows together and I think in my other life I was a construction worker. I always thought it would be cool to actually build a house with my own bare hands. I am glad though that he does stuff like that-between the two of us we get a lot done that most people hire others to do-like build a fence and we enjoy doing it. Okay, I am babbling...I am going to go for a walk on the treadmill even though it is beautiful outside. I don't like walking in the wind. Need to get some water drank. We got the weight stuff down in the basement last night. Just need to put a couple things together on it. That's about all I have planned for the day, besides laundry but I think that is a given on most days unfortunately.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful Friday! :wave: :) :flow2:

da fat n da furious
03-12-2004, 05:27 PM
I got the job...and am just heading over to get the paper work, will be starting work Tuesday I think.
I went and got my hair cut this morning...ummmm can you say short? OMG I am almost bald...what was she thinking?
We did start off the day with beautiful weather but now a storm is coming in...yay!
I will do indiviuals later...

03-12-2004, 07:41 PM
Well, I haven't posted on this thread in quite some time, so I thought I would pop in for a minute or two. With all the stress of having no job, no money, and the threat of living on the street, I have not really felt like getting on the computer alot. Nothing against you sweet ladies, I just don't feel like doing much extra these days. I do read all your posts, so I don't completely lose touch, but my attention span doesn't go farther than that. I realize I am making myself sound like a total flacky nutcase, but I am just having a rough time in my life right now. If it weren't for my family, my sweetie and my best bud marti, I might have to be put in a padded room :dizzy: Not really, but it feels like that sometimes.

Susan: thank you so much for the cute card and adorable picture. It brought a smile to my face and I enjoyed it. Good job on the weight loss progress. I am always proud of people that can actually lose something. I swear that marti and I need to visit one day since we live so close together. One of these days......

Marti: I hope you are feeling better and are gearing up for our scrapbooking day tomorrow. Load up on the zinc and vitamin C, liquids and rest. Listen to me missy!!! Don't make me drive down there with some Chicken Noodle Soup and Chocolate. However, knowing your good man James like I do, you don't need me to mother you and take care of you. But, it is nice to be bossy once and awhile. hee hee hee :p

KAYECEE: Where are you girl??? Did my posting my pic scare you so much that you are hiding in fear in your arkansas closet?? Come on out and get your picture and you fingers on this board missy!! I guess I am just in a bossy mood today or something. :sumo:

Well, I better get going since I ran out of steam and can't think of anything else to say. But at least everyone knows now that I am not dead or anything.
Hello to Jana, cristi, Kat, Angie, Rita and the rest. Nice to read that everyone is doing pretty good. Thanks for all the praise on my babies pictures. I think they are both pretty wonderful and loving too. :smug: Chow for now

03-12-2004, 10:43 PM
Just a quick hi ladies :wave:

Wanted to CONGRATULATE you Angie on getting the job!!!
:cp: :bravo: :cb: :hat: :dance: :dancer: :high: :cheer:

Shanna~nice to see ya posting. Sorry to hear about you not feeling up to par, just know we are here for you anytime you want to vent. And sometimes getting on the computer for a few minutes will do you good-take your mind off things for a few minutes anyway.

Susan & Jana~almost forgot to wish you ladies good luck on your weigh-ins in the morning. Sending some good vibes your way. :goodvibes: :goodscale :goodluck: :lucky: :crossed:

Hope everyone is having a great evening. I am outta here...:wave:

03-12-2004, 11:13 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

Great to see Rita & Shanna posting!!!! :comp: :comp: :comp: :comp:

Now we need Kayecee and a little more of Katie.

I don't like walking in the wind either Cristi.One good thing though is when you are walking against the wind, shouldn't you burn more calories?? SHOULD be that way at least. I like home improvement shows also, thinking I want to be a real estate agent.
When I was a little girl........ok,I was never little, and I think I was 17....whatEVER.
"This Old House" came out on public tv, use to sit and watch it every week.

CONGRATS, ANGIE!!!! Send some beer my way :) Love beer and chips with salsa. :cheers:

I am glad the card & pic :cheer: cheered you up Shanna, hope you pull out of the funk ASAP!!! No fun to be there, at least you have Marti close by.

Cross fingers :crossed: for Jana tomorrow along with Cristi!!

Not to sure about me, I think I only drank 33 oz today, just haven't felt up to it.Hope to get a good rest tonight and regroup tomorrow. I did join the YMCA and hope to start there next week or over the weekend, we'll see.
They have a 12 week fitness program that I would like to do. It gives you a trainer that works with you, kind of think I need that.
It cost extra $$$$$.....have to see how much.
Though they do have monthly hikes!! I am kind of excited about that.

So, Gaby & I cleaned and puttered around the apartment. I wanted to get my haircut and called my mom to ask if she would watch Gab's. She said "Susan, you just go home and take care of yourself, you are doing too much, and you don't feel good.You sound tired.You are almost 40, you aren't young anymore"
Me :......."It is very frustrating not to be able to get a haircut because you have a toddler to watch.I sound tired because I haven't had coffee yet".........anyway, I went home and rested. Still feel blah........

Did get home to hear a message from Alex..........ahhhhh.I just read this email from him and he is telling me all his favorite dishes that he cooks....sounds soooooooo good.Now he is asking me what I like to cook.....what am I going to say????? Tuna salad with pickled beets??? lol

So, cute because Gab eats that right along with me, she always has little red fingers.

Best get!!! We did shop at GW today!! Bought things for Gaby....some summer dresses and such.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

03-13-2004, 12:27 AM
Hi Aagain,

Since I don't feel good enough to work I will sit here and write down favorite foods of Alex.......

I know, you are all thrilled but he does have some yummy faves!!!

So, here we go.........

Triple Berry or Strawberry & Banana shake with soy milk--- toast with butter & honey.
Sometimes scrambled eggs & ham.
When the kids are there: "I make Huevos Rancheros, an egg fried over a corn tortilla, served with tomato,onion,garlic and jalapeno pepper sauce (ok, I don't like that part) the kids love this breakfast"

For dinner he makes stir fry chicken with steamed jasmine rice.beef stew, chicken soup,pot roast,steak tacos and some side dishes.
He made shrimp soup last night " nothing fancy,just chopped tomato & onion with spices and shrimp."

Favorite meal is Chiles Relents, a stuffed papilla pepper with tomato & sour cream cheese.

ugh,........I don't feel good.

going home, talk later

03-13-2004, 12:47 AM
I'm falling asleep standing up, but I just HAD to share my birthday surprise. I came home today to find the following in my yard:D(click the attached image below for a full sized image)

Too cool, eh?

03-13-2004, 08:47 AM
It's Saturday!!

Kat - who knew Freddie had a family???? If you didn't put those there, who did?? Cool!

Susan - :lucky: good luck on your weigh in today! I vaguely remember you mentioning before that you had lost a lot of weight. 110 pounds -OMG!! How did you do it? From your picture, I think you look like a model who never ever had to worry about weight. Yay for you joining the Y - I want to join when I lose about 30 more pounds. I am too embarrassed to go there at my present weight. About Alex - my advice is to ALWAYS be honest. He sounds like a really good cook and probably wouldn't mind at all that your specialty is tuna and beets sandwiches.

Cristi - if you ever want to talk about what happened to your first DH, we're here for you - just so you know that, 'k? Some of Neal's family weren't and still aren't very accepting of me and the two kids I had before we married. I feel like it's their loss! But I wish it was better for you w/you in-laws. I also like to watch the DIY shows - they give good ideas on things.

Angie - :cp:YAY for you!!:cp: And don't worry about your hair - I am living proof that it will grow back in.

Shanna - how did I miss the pics of your babies??? I will go look for them when I am done here.

Now for my news of the day: I am down 2 3/4 more pounds. That's 11 sticks of butter!! Since I stayed the same last week, some of it could be attributed to that. But I am so happy about it and have worked hard for it. I bought another pair of jeans the other day, and they are way too tight - I can get them on,(barely!) but the zipper doesn't even come close to zipping. So my next goal is to wear them. Probably about 15 more pounds.

Gotta go to Wally World to the digital picture machine and work on the photos I took in Louisiana. C-ya!


03-13-2004, 12:41 PM
Jana!!-- 19lbs. total! That is wonderful!!! I haven't weighed in yet. Mondays are my days, but I've been busy and last Monday I didn't even weigh in......I haven't been doing so good so I'm sure it's not down. I'll be satisfied with a maintain!

Kat--Wow! Flamingo's!! How many? A few months ago a woman was in the paper for her,(I think 80th birthday) and she had 80 flamingo's through out her yard!! (That's a lot of flamingos) How fun that must have been to see.

Angie--I wouldn't worrry about how short your hair is. At least we know it will GROW!! Plus, I'm sure you still look really cute!!!

Susan--Yes,,,,I have to say Congrats on the 110lbs weight loss too. You had sent me a photo and I think you look marvelous!! The photo at your heaviest, I wouldn't have recongnized you! You'll do great today on your weigh in.

Hello to everyone else. I'm starting to feel much better. I"m downing the water like crazy. The more I drink the better I can breath!!! Today I'm taking Jhanai to my sisters.....meeting Shanna there to do some scrapbooking. Should be fun!!

I need to get Jhanai some breakfast....wonder if she likes boiled eggs and a blueberry bagel??? That's my breakfast!! Maybe I should go on a fasting next week before my "Married" day!! Nah.....I'd probably pass out when they ask me if I want to take James as my husband!!!

Ok...time to clean up and go.

BBL tonight

03-13-2004, 01:49 PM
And it's a great morning. This is the first day of my vacation -- I am off for a whole week! :cb: :dance: :cb: Those silly little pics show exactly how I feel today. I didn't realize how stressed I've been until the end of the day yesterday, when I was changing my voicemail and email at work to let people know I'd be gone for a week, and when I finished I just felt this HUGE weight drop off my shoulders. I'm not even going anywhere, just staying home, spring cleaning, trying to catch up on some errands and paperwork that have been piling up and nagging at me -- and scrapbooking, of course :D Tim and I had planned to go to Florida months ago, but then he lost his job, so we had to postpone those plans. More good news -- he got a job starting Monday! So his company closed doors 2/18, he was still officially employed (paid) through 3/6 on "administrative leave", and still has a couple of weeks of severance pay coming -- and new job starts 3/15. Lucky dog, he got a month's paid vacation :lol: Our 4th anniversary is Wednesday the 17th, :lucky: so we'll have to plan something for that night. I'm probably the only person I know who has romantic memories of corned beef and beer!

Kat, I sure hope you've gone to see your dr. -- being a nurse, you of all people should know how important that is! :nono: I had some similar problems, fibroid tumors and endometriosis, until about 6 years ago. It got to the point that every month, for about a week and a half, I couldn't even leave my house -- had to sit around with my feet up all the time, and was taking Darvocet to manage the pain. I had a hysterectomy, but the dr. was able to leave my ovaries so I haven't had to take hormones or anything, which is good. If you haven't seen your doc, please do so as soon as possible! :coach: You shouldn't have to live with that.

Susan, got your card, and Gaby is such a cutiepie! She looks like she's singing :) I've told my three sons that at least ONE of them better give me a granddaughter someday. I've earned that, after putting up with all their "boy" stuff all these years. :lol3:

Shanna, I'm sorry to hear you've been so down and that things have been rough. :( Keep staying in touch here, post when you can -- if you need to talk or vent, you know we are here. And I'm glad you have Marti close to you, and that your family and your sweetheart are supportive. :grouphug:

Angie, WTG!!! :bravo: :cheer: I've looked back through the threads and can't find the specifics -- where will you be working?

Jana, you are doing so great :high: What an inspiration! Are you doing any particular kind of exercise program? That's where I have the biggest problem getting motivated. I know a lot of it is because I'm so stressed :headache: and tired :tired: all the time, and changing my eating habits would certainly help in that direction. I have confidence that you'll be showing off your new jeans very soon :D

OK, hello to everyone else...and I have to get off the computer :comp: and get busy with a pen :write: so I can get these St. Patrick's Day cards in the mail today.


03-13-2004, 05:34 PM
My youngest daughter spent her paper earnings on flamingos for me, so we now have a nice little flock of 13. I absolutely LOVE them. My son gave me an Israel Kamakawiwo'ole CD that I've wanted for a while kids are SO thoughtful. :D

I would write more, but we have to dash out the door to work at the church chicken pie supper, after which I drive a bus an hour to pick up a group of theatre students I took to a contest at the butt crack of dawn this morning. I'll drop a line when I get back though so I can say a proper hello to everyone.

03-13-2004, 06:14 PM
First I have to say WayToGo Jana!! :balloons: :cb: :dance: :cheer: :bravo: CONGRAT'S on your loss this week and your overall loss of 19 lbs.-that is SUPER!! You should take a picture of yourself in the jeans now and then another when they fit perfect-a before and after. You have definitely got me motivated-:thanks: Oh, and :thanks: I don't have a hard time talking about DH#1 anymore but some days things come back and I think of him a lot. Kind of hard not to when the kids look like him, especially Jason. I have been meaning to post a picture of them-hmmmm, maybe I will do that later.

Katie~enjoy you vacation :sunny: So happy to hear hubby found a new job, it worked out perfect! :) So did you guys wear green for your wedding?? :lol: Just kidding. Was there a specific reason you guys chose St. Patricks Day to be married? Just curious...can't remember if you mentioned it before or not. I am always curious about things and most people I know choose a day for special reasons.

Same with everyone else-did you choose your wedding day because it was a "special" day? Of course it is a special day because it was your wedding day but for other reasons. I chose ours because I didn't want to take from others special days. I really wanted a June wedding but considering DH#1 was killed on the 7th and Vince was married the first time on the 6th-not a good month. So chose my birthday, which I found out was his grandparents wedding anniversary. I actually just threw that date out there and never gave it much thought after that so just stuck with it. However, I wouldn't recommend getting married on your birthday though.

Kat~LOVE the flamingos!! :lol: Very cool! I also love that Jana named the broken one Freddie!

Susan~glad you are getting to know Alex better. He sounds so sweet. :love: My dear friend Lourdes is hispanic and eats a lot of the foods you named and while some of them sound good I couldn't eat them, especially the peppers. Of course they were started on it at a very young age. I would cringe when she would bite into a pepper-yuck! Her grandma made the best tamales-to die for! :T :hungry: I tried shrimp soup and didn't care for it. I am dying to try tortilla soup. My son has had it several times and keeps telling me how good it is. Okay, enough about food. Not that I am hungry-just feel kind of sick. I agree with Jana-be honest about what you cook. Some men like the fact that they can cook and enjoy cooking for others. Lourdes' dh was the cook of the family and he could cook! He didn't mind the fact that Lourdes didn't like to cook much. Okay, I talk, type too much. :comp: :comp: :lol: :blah: :blah: :blah: WTG on joining the Y! I would love to but it is kind of costly here. It is actually not a bad deal if you get the family package but I am afraid we wouldn't go much, there's not one real close.

Marti~you and Shanna are just having a ball with your scrapbooking. Make sure and share you newest pages with us. And have a fun time. Does your sister do scrapbooking also? I am trying to picture 80 flamingos on this womans lawn-wouldn't that be so cool?! There's a place here that will fix your lawn up for a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, halloween etc...hey I think I just got an idea for our anniversary. :chin:

Not up to much today-just being lazy. It is a cloudy/rainy day. :rain: I kind of like it. Put some pictures in the photo album, read some of my book, got on the :comp: did some dishes etc.........Trying to get a few things organized for a couple of scrapbooks-one for our slumber party and one for the house, which will be ongoing for about a year probably-with all we want to do. There's really nothing to be done to the house but we know we won't be moving for a long time so we want to make it the way we want it, such as putting wood floors in the dining area, kitchen and entry way-things like that. But we are doing a little at a time. Okay, ladies I am going to get outta here before this gets any longer.

Hope everyone is having a super duper Saturday-catch ya later. :wave:

03-13-2004, 10:25 PM
Hi, you all are so chatty, thanks for the post to read!!!

I am down .5 pounds!!! No, that isn't five pounds, it is point five as in half
YAY...I will take it. So, 153.5 to 153 this week.

CONGRATS on your awesome weight loss this week Jana!! I will send you a before picture in the mail if you want. I have always been over weight. I did lose 110 pounds back in the mid 80's , that time it took me 7 months.Way too fast and I gained it all back after Rebecca was born in 93.
I used slim fast and started walking at 200 pounds on a treadmill that was given to me.
I think there was a lot of stress at work with a tenant and before I knew it I had lost 20 pounds, so I went from there.It was kind of a jump start.
I did gain up to 170 with the birth of Gaby and lost back down to 150 , only to be stuck there for months.
Last summer I started gaining weight up to 165 and feeling miserable.
Excited about turning 40 that is a lot of motivation to get this weight off once and for all.

I will say my YMCA cost $37 a month for a family.Discount and all,.......I think it is around 75 if I didn't have that.

Katie- Congrats on your anniversary!!!

Was going to say that salsa helps with you have a cold, Marti. I read that today in First magazine.
Also, read some good things about peanut butter.

I finally got my hair cut!!! YAY.......feels tons better. Only 12.95 at Perfect Cut, what a bargain!!! lol

You are right Cristi..........won't eat those peppers either, and I am part Mexican. LOVE tamales. I just told him I make wonderful soup. He seems very sincere in wanting to be a friend.

Ok, I better go get Gabs home. She spent the day at grandma's and enjoyed her time.Got to see her great grandma and charmed her of she is whiney for mommy...........ugh.

Going to go home and get ready for church,play with my hair and such :)

Talk more tomorrow :)

03-14-2004, 01:31 AM
Oy. My day bean at 4:30am and just ended at 12:20 am....too long. That in depth reply will have to wait until after I get some shuteye.

03-14-2004, 05:51 AM
HI! Everyone hopeing that everyone is having a great sundayShanna sorry to hear that things are tuff right nowplease post back and let us know how you are doing Susanyou really got some good sales went with daughter sat and did find a pair of uniform pants for 1.50and was happy with that trying to hold off for buying capriesthey were cheapwant to fit in to a size 10only 10 poundsto go for that Jana gotyour card thank you so much!!!!!!!! Angie congrats on the job!!!!!!!Hope to get on my bike today for I can loose some of them poundswell everyone else have a great Sunday Rita

03-14-2004, 10:15 AM
Marti - hope you had fun with your sister and Jhanai. Are you close to your sister, emotionally, I mean?

Katie - so glad you have a vacation and hope you make time to just relax and take it easy!! Tim got blessed finding a new job so quickly! :cp: YAY for that!! About exercise - I have been really slacking off on it... no excuses, either.

Kat - awww, your kids are sweeties to you! Hope you get some much needed rest today.

Cristi - I hope you do post pics of your kids - I would love to see them. Hey, that's a good idea to take a pic of me in the new jeans! I think I'll do that and print it at home so I'm not embarrassed at Wal-mart's photo dept. :o: Neal and I got married on a Friday so we could have the weekend together before work on Monday. (I worked outside the home then) It happened to be the day after my birthday, and yes, although we celebrate both, separately, I do wish we had picked a different date to spread out the fun a little.

Susan - YAY :cp: on your .5 loss. Thats equal to 2 sticks of butter gone! Yes, I would love a pic of you when you were bigger, just to give me motivation. Glad you like your new haircut. I am due for a trim but am about half afraid to go back after she buzzed me last time!

Rita - good job on finding the uniform pants! Hope you get to ride your bike today. Here in Indiana it is rainy... But have fun if you do get to go!

I am down in my back and don't know what happened. :?: It feels like I need to be stretched out or something. Katie and Neal went to church w/o me, because sitting in the the pews would've been unbearable. As I write this, I am surrounded by a pile of pillows on the couch. Somebody else will have to cook Sunday dinner....:D


da fat n da furious
03-14-2004, 12:48 PM
What a beautiful Sunday!

I woke up cranky yesterday,,,both cordless phones are dead and we didn't notice. All we saw was the answering machine blinking...and then the dreaded news that the realitors are coming at 11:30..its 11:25 and I hadn't even brushed my teeth.. :mad:
No nibbles yet.

We took Skittles to get trimmed and she wigged out. Poor groomer...I was told to leave and when I came back 2 hours later there she was,,,my pretty lil pup. And she made nice with the

Jana,,,did you strain your back doing something? (gotta tell Neal to be more gentle with you...geesh) I hope you are up and about soon.

Katie,,,relax,,,enjoy, and sleep in. Congrats on hubby getting a job so soon.
I start Tuesday at the Brewery. YAY for me,,,only 3 days a week..good pay so Im happy. And one free case of beer a month so Monte is happy

Susan,,,GAWD my mouth was drooling when you talked about Alex's cooking...I can just smell it... :love:

Marti good to know your feeling better. So did you find a dress? Or is that next week?
Shanna, its alright to feel down,,,you have had a couple of bad breaks, you got to remember this too will pass. I say this from experience.

Cristi, Monte choose our wedding date, and well pretty much everything else,,,I just organized it. And for birthdays...Brandon is the 10th Im the 11th and Tanner is the 26th of Sept. Its like Christmas,,,or at least it cost just as much as Christmas. There is 6 family members born on the 10th and 11th in my family infact.

So today Tanner and I are going to an audition for a film being done outside of Calgary.
Anyone see Open Ranges? Thats with Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner. That movie was filmed just outside of was Legends of the Falls, and numerous other westerns.
Well I need to get myself cleaned up...
Ill let you all know how everything goes with Tan

03-14-2004, 01:36 PM
I haven't had time to go through and read past posts so I'll just jump in. :D I haven't been here since the 8th! :( Sorry gang! I think my puter is going to crash soon. I tried to log on for Landon so he could do some homework the other night and it took me about 20 minutes then everything will disappear completely off the screen after you have been on for a while. :mad: I just love the technology advancements that we as a society have made over the past few years. :lol: Hope everyone is doing well. I got back from Little Rock last Friday. It is really pretty easy to drive around even though it is a big city, so Mom and I are going to take the kids there on Tuesday or Wednesday to the mall. (We have Spring Break this week! :sunny: ) Yay!

I really needed this time off. One reason that I haven't been logging on this week is because I have been in a funk. I don't know if I can explain all this without writing a book. Three years ago, our superintendent retired. He went behind everyone's back on campus and told the elementary principal that she had the job. One of the ladies on campus (who is a prominent politician/lawyer's wife) found out and promptly informed him that #1: the school board hires superintendents, not him and #2: by law, the school has to advertise the position. She fought for the job and even though the superintendent made sure that the board voted on the principal first to make sure that she had the better chance of getting hired, the board ultimately voted against her and hired the other lady. She did a wonderful job and got several grants for our school, but the staff members who work in the principal's building made it as tough on her as possible and were all very hostile towards her and her administration.

In the meantime, board members changed during a couple of elections and last year- with no reason except personal ones from what I understand- they fired the superintendent and attempted to hire the principal. DUH! Ya wanna court fight, try firing a woman who is married to a lawyer! :lol: She got an injunction to stop them and this week, the injunction was up and she left on Wednesday at noon. The school board promptly hired the principal as interim superintendent and now the staff is in a complete division and uproar.

During the last board election, the incumbent who helped get the superintendent fired not only lost his election, he lost it by a landslide so it is very obvious that the community is totally against the board and the few staff members who have been such a pain in the butt.

Anyway, on Monday, I had jury duty. I showed up and low and behold, one of the cases before the judge is part of the school's lawsuit. :( FIVE staff members from the principal's building showed up unannounced just to sit in the courtroom for intimidation purposes! :mad: I couldn't believe it. Then to make matters worse, the next day, I go to school and one of the staff members is telling everyone that she had gone shopping and was really sick the day before. I NEVER thought that this person would tell such a blantant LIE!!! :( She is even the wife of a local church deacon! Then I find out that another staff member has a sick grandbaby in the hospital having a spinal tap. When she left school Monday morning, the sub was told that her grandbaby was extremely ill so she had to leave. Where does she wind up? DUH! In court! THEN she goes to see her grandbaby who is so sick in the hospital that the woman had to miss the rest of the week! Come on people! Get your priorities straight! In my book, family definitely comes before doing anything out of vindictiveness!

So after they hire the principal Thursday night, they send around an envelope the next day to collect money for flowers to send to our new superintendent. (they never bothered to do that for the other lady) Apparently, when it was brought to me and the one from our building who was handling it found out, she went ballistic because it wasn't supposed to be sent to anyone who tried to remain neutral (me) or anyone who supported the other lady. Talk about dividing the staff! On top of that, the card said something to the effect of "displaying such fine Christian attitudes!" Sorry- but my bible doesn't say: Thou shalt lie. Thou shalt intimidate. Thou shalt harass...... Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh! And what is so sad is that they all believe that they are fine Christians! :( Anyway, the court wranglings aren't over yet and it is a loooonnnngggg 2 1/2 months until summer! *sigh* Well, I guess I'll get off my :soap: BUT if y'all will, please pray for not only our school but the community as well.

On a lighter note: I have 7 1/2 more days of freedom! :cb: Tim and I worked on the house last night, so it is fairly clean so I can sit back and kick up my feet for a few days! :coffee: Also, I got a $425 bonus this week, so I can go and do a little shopping and won't have to sit at home like I thought that I was going to have to do! :bravo:

Well, gonna get off here. :thanks: for letting me vent and getting some of this off my chest. I really needed that. Later girls. I'm gonna go and try to read some of the posts I've missed.

03-14-2004, 03:53 PM
Took me a while, but let me get this straight..... in the space of a week- Marti got divorced, Susan moved on from Arkansas to Washington, Jana's been in court, Angie's doing the Laverne and Shirley thing and getting free beer to boot, Freddie broke his back AND found a flock of his illegitimate children, Skippy (bless his little heart) died, and everyone got buzz cuts. Is that the total gist of things here at the Jaded Ladies? :dunno: Sheesh! Remind me not to bail for a total week again. This was like reading the Enquirer! LOL

03-14-2004, 04:21 PM
Kat~I don't know how I missed your post yesterday-your kids are sweetie pies. :angel: I love that DD bought all the flamingos-now we need Jana to name them all!

Susan~I too would love a photo of your before-you and Jana are inspiring and motivating me to get off my booty and do something. WTG on your .5 lb gone forever!! :bravo: :cheer: :dancer: :dance: You will have to post a photo of you with your new do.

Hi Rita~good deal getting uniform pants for $1.50. I swear I am going to make a trip to the goodwill soon.

Jana~sorry to hear about your back. Mine went out while moving some boxes that I shouldn't have-not good, but is better now. I do hope you get to feeling better soon-take it easy. Didn't get around to posting a pic of the kids but I definitely will do that as soon as I am done here. Sounds liek you guys got our weather we had yesterday. it rained most of the day but today it is nice.

Angie~wow, how in the world did you manage to have the boys in Sept.?? Sounds like my brother-his, his wife, two of his dd all have Jan. birthdays, then 2 dd have Feb. & then Ashley has March 1. Of course having 6 girls (counting SIL) the man is always broke!! :lol: :yikes: I feel for him. I haven't seen Open Range but did see Legends of The Fall-loved that movie.

Kayecee~so glad to see you posting lady. Thought I was going to have to hunt you down. Funny you say Little Rock is a big city-I guess from being in CA for so long and then going back to AR Little Rock seemed small in comparison. What's funny is not a whole lot has changed over the years and I think that is what I love about it. After living in KS & AR I don't know if I could ever go back to CA-especially don't miss the traffic. So very sorry :( to hear about the mess going on at school. Sounds like you guys have your own Peyton Place. It really is sad though the way those people are carrying on, so sad. I will keep you, the school and your community in my thoughts and prayers and hope that things get better for ya. :grouphug: Try to enjoy your spring break, and have fun shopping! :)

Thanks ladies for sharing your wedding dates. Jana & Angie, you let Monte pick your wedding date?? How cool is that. Vince let me do everything because honestly I didn't think he wanted to-we actually did it together but I did choose the date. He said that was totally my decision. All he had to do is get the preacher which he cheated. DD has a friend whose dad is a preacher so no work there except a phone call. Jana, I too would like the days spread out. I just think celebrating them seperately is nicer, not for the gifts, but just to celebrate *that* special day by itself. We celebrate Mother's Day, birthday & anniversary in one-even though Vince & the kids get a seperate card for each occasion-kind of bombarded with cards at one time which is kind of fun. I hope it doesn't sound like I am complaining-far from it because I really wouldn't change a thing. :) It's kind of neat knowing that we share the same anniversary as his grandparents.

Hi to everyone else, Katie, Marti, & Shanna. :wave:

Went to church this morning, hadn't been in 3 weeks! This move just took it's toll on us and we were just too busy. It felt good to actually go back, and the good thing is it is within walking distance from us-how cool is that? We didn't walk this morning though but once it gets little warmer we definitely will. It's probably 1/2 mile from us. I guess I better get going-I need to get a walk in today, post a picture or two and read the newspaper. Take care ladies and have a great Sunday. :)

03-14-2004, 07:44 PM
Hi, happy Sundy!!!

This has to be fast because I am on the public library computer. I already typed a paper for Rachel,so don't have much time left.
I type 25

GREAT to see Kayecee back!!!! You are so funny.Yep.......stalking men in Washington now!! :) lol

Sorry about your back Jana. I will pop a color copy picture........copy, thingie.....whatEVER. A I will get that for you and Cristi.

Hi, Rita! 10 more pounds for capri`s? I love mine.You will be all set for summer :)

Didn't that mexiacn food sound yummy, Angie?? Everything but the peppers, course my stomach has been upset, so really don't even wanna hear about spicey foods.

Hope you are having a good day Shanna!!!

Kkatie, enjoy your time off and have a lovely anniversary!

Hope you get some shut eye, Kat :) Loved the flamingo`s in the snow, thanks for sharing the pic.

eeeek, 5 minutes!! Hope you are having a good weekend , MArti :)

K.............outta here.
Having a good Sunday, talk more tomorrow.

:) :)

03-14-2004, 08:02 PM
Quickly posting ......

Absolutely Gorgeous out today!! :sunny: I even threw on shorts (which I never do) so I can weed my yard. get a lawn mower!!!! (the neighbors are going to be giving us the eye!!!)

Took some pictures of Jhanai....need to go get the film developed. Went to walmart and bought me one of those sliding cutters for my scrapbooking....James asked me if it was too hard to just use a ruler and a pair a scissors. (of coarse it is!!) :D more later.....


03-14-2004, 08:34 PM
I was a little late getting to choir rehearsal this morning but I did get myself up and off to church despite my late night. I was up even a bit later than I needed to be too, because I caught Anthony online when I was checking my mail. :D Its going to be an early night tonight though.

Kaycee--you are too funny. I can see I'm going to have to get Freddie neutered lest the entire state be overrun with his progeny.

Angie--congrats on the new job! What will you be doing? I'm preparing my applications and resumes now to line something up for employment after graduation. I'm crossing my fingers for a job at Springfield Hospital--small, nice to work for, AND they pay $28/hour.

Jana, what are you doing to waste away so? Congrats on your losses! I'm losing some inches but not much in the way of weight right now. I'm hoping its muscle mass and not simply stalling after a meager 4 lb loss.

03-14-2004, 10:40 PM
Glad everyone is having a good day. I feel like an evil woman. :devil: We went to look for a new camper yesterday and the wind was blowing pretty badly. To make a long story short, my throat and ears are itching and my throat is getting sore. I have a dental appointment to get my permanent crown placed tomorrow, so I didn't leave the house today. I didn't even go to church..... and here I am complaining about all the "God-fearing Christian attitudes" at school. :sorry: I feel so wicked. (k- maybe I am just a little ;) ) *hee hee* Right now, my mood is soooo wonderful though because I know I don't have to go to school tomorrow. :D Ahhhhh...... FREEDOM!

Well, all the talk about Mexican made me send Tim scrambling to the store for a taco kit! :eating2: I probably gained 12 pounds. I ate 2 piled high with sour cream and Pancho's green sauce. Have any of you ever tried that stuff? :hun: Yummy! Pancho's is a Mexican restaurant around here and they sell their dip and green sauce at local grocery stores.

Cristi- Thanks for the prayers. I guess you're right about Little Rock! :lol: I've been comparing it to Goobertown so it seems huge to me. LOL (BTW we actually stopped in Goobertown yesterday to look at a camper! :D ) Even Memphis is a lot smaller than some of the CA towns, isn't it?

Susan- Drat! And ya promised to stalk me! :lol: Ya need to give me Mr. Washington's address so that I can warn him you'll pee on his pictures. :rofl: Hope your tummy gets better so ya can come eat tacos with me! I don't make them tooooo spicy! :devil:

Marti- Glad your weather is sooo beautiful. Hmmmm.... are the neighbors going to give you the eye cuz you're going to crank up the noisy mower or cuz you're gonna bend over weeding in shorts? :shrug: (Let's just hope they don't meet the same demise as Shanna's pants!) *hee hee* Where ya at Shanna?!?! Show your face girlie! I'm ragging on you again!!!!! :D

Kat- Awwwwww...... poor Freddie! First, he breaks his back and now ya wanna steal the family jewels? Come on woman- have a heart. Besides, with a broken back, he probably won't be able to attract many females now. I was glad to see that all of his children flew in to see him during his time of need though. It's heart-warming to see so many children take the time out of their busy schedules to nurse their ailing father back to health. And I'm proud that he has finally come clean about his transvestite tendencies and is proudly wearing a sundress in public. *sniff* So much tragedy for one little guy to deal with. (I know- I've lost it completely! :lol: ) BTW we ambush friends around here with dozens of flamingoes in their yard. We call it "getting flocked." I guess that's what y'all call it too isn't it?

Tim was my baby brother's friend in high school. When he turned 18 in September, he asked me out at the end of October. Dumb me.... I didn't even realize he had a crush on me. I was 24 at the time, and thought "Yeah right." But for some reason, I said yes. To this day, I still don't know why. After one date though, I knew he was the one. :love: We only dated for about a month then over the Thanksgiving holiday, threw together a quick wedding on Friday for our family and we've been together since. (12 1/2 years) It was sooooo funny that Monday cuz everyone came back from Thanksgiving talking about spending the holiday with family and when they asked me where I went I casually said "Oh I went on my honeymoon." It took me a few hours to convince them that I wasn't kidding. :lol: Of course, they eyed me like a hawk for the next 9 months cuz everyone assumed that I must have gotten knocked up and the marriage certainly was NOT going to last. :lol: All I can say to the gossipmongers: :p LOL

Well gotta go hit the sack. Hey to everyone else who hasn't posted since noon. I was gonna do some more individuals but this is getting long and my monitor keeps going off then coming back on so I'm afraid my post is going to go to cyberland if I keep typing. See y'all.

03-15-2004, 12:22 AM
Hi Cristi and everyone.

I am just popping in to say hi to my long lost friend Cristi.
I hope the move went well for you andyour family.

I was hoping that you all wouldn't mind if I posted on here with you all.


da fat n da furious
03-15-2004, 01:09 AM
Kat,,,as the only medical person we have...what kind of meds do you think you know who is in need of?

I swear I have issues with having a blue berry stuck in my nasal passage. I am having a bowl of cereal for supper and I made the mistake of reading Kaycee's post. Need not say more....

So ok Tanner's audition went well. It was for native americans and the film was Lil House on the Prairie!!!!!! They liked what they saw,,,except for the green hair,,(the blue has washed out and now its a green) But since his resume states hair color is optional they were cool. I think the hair color was a good thing,,,like a calling card. They will remember him.

Brandon just went out on his first official date...*Lauren* and him went to see Starsky and Hutch. Hes such a private person,,,Im like pulling chicken teeth right now,,,

Well I better get myself off to bed.

night all

03-15-2004, 03:28 AM
Hello again ladies--

Kayecee--You always have me rolling when I read your posts. :lol3: You always make up for not posting in awhile!!! As for the neighbors eyeballing would be because I don't own a mower and my lawn is almost taller than I am!!! :p But.....who could be the wide "smile" I flash while weeding too!! ;)

Jana--My sister and I are close, but not as close as it should be. I don't spend enough time with her like I should. :sorry: (I know, I'm a terrible sibling) Our schedules don't match (what an excuse) and on weekends....that girl and her hubby are busy!! They do a lot with his side of the family. (They are all very close) I'm more a homey person. So it's hard sometimes for us to get together. But I plan on trying to get my butt up there more often and visit. (We live about 25 miles apart....not too far)

Cristi--I like the idea of sharing an anniversary with the grandparents!! (which is what we are going to do) It really meant a lot to my grandma and it's special for me. James and I figured that they have been married (both their 2nd marriages) for almost 50yrs. so it has to be a good luck thing. Just seeing the smile on my grandma's face when we mentioned the date we picked made it even more special!!

Susan--I got your card in the mail the other day! I forgot to mention it. Gaby is a cutie!! I would really like to see the other girls too. You ought to post their pictures up!! How was your weather today?? It's very Springy here! and I'm loving it! 25WPM????? Do I need to send you a Keyboarding book??? :) I'm only teasing. I've been doing timing in one of my classes....I'm finally up to 60 WPM with only 4 errors.!! Not to bad. (ok-ok...that was my excuse to BRAG!! I'll admit to it!!)

Angie--Green?? What is it with your family and the color green??? :lol: I'm glad your son made an impression though. I hope he gets the part. Which character is he trying for?

Rita--$1.50? Wow! How are you girls all getting these deals??? Actually today at Wal-mart I saw this rack for sweaters that were only $3.00. But I didn't have time to go through them since Jhanai was in a "hurry" to spend her allowance money!! :hyper:

Katie--I hope you're getting some relaxing time on your vacation. If you get any scrapbooking a photo. I still want to see how everyone is doing. you have any special plans for your Anniversary?? Do you usually go out? A lot of St. Pattys day parties I'm sure.

Shanna--Glad that you got to come over and scrapbook with me at Sarah's. It was fun!! She had everything there! I couldn't believe it!! It was like walking into one of those "crop parties". We'll have to do it again. :yes:

Kat--I am crossing my fingers :crossed: that you get the good paying job at the hospital!! That would be so nice!! Now...for me to find a job just as good!! That will be difficult though...Oregon doesn't have much of a job market at the moment. :no:

Did I miss anyone?? I hope not.

Kathy!! :wave: I know you were just popping in to say "Hi" to Cristi...but I hope you can stay and join us! We'd love to hear from ya! The more the merrier!! Although...I'm going to start having to make my post shorter!! :lol: (I hope all your eyes are ok!! :tired: after reading all this)

Ok...I have two finals tomorrow :write: :comp: on Wednesday :comp: and one on Thursday :write: and then a week of NO SCHOOL!!! How great is that??!! I plan on relaxing as much as possible and getting in some scrapbooking!!

Ok...must rest my eyeballs. You all have a great Monday morning and I will check in after school!

Take Care

03-15-2004, 04:23 AM
...but thought I'd pop in...

Hi Kathy, and welcome -- the more the merrier!

Jana, you asked about all those September birthdays? I was a September baby, and my oldest was born August 31. Now, hon, think about it :chin: -- Christmas is over, everybody's broke and kind of bored after the holidays, it's COLD and that makes you wanna cuddle....and September is the 9th month. Now, doesn't that make sense? :rofl:

Cristi, you asked about how people picked their wedding date. I thought I already told this one, but it was Valentine's Day weekend, I had the flu, our car heater was broken, and there were chain requirements going over Donner's Pass -- and Tim wanted to go to Reno. He tried to convince me several times, and got kind of irritated with me, then finally told me he wanted to surprise me up in Reno and drag me off to the Justice of the Peace. I told him that was sweet, and such a romantic thought for Valentine's Day -- but it didn't change the fact that I had the flu, our car heater was broken, and there were chain requirements going over Donner's Pass! He wanted to make absolutely sure that he'd never forget our anniversary, so we got married on the next holiday on the calendar, St. Patrick's Day. And yes, I wore green -- an emerald green velvet dress :lucky:

Angie, now I remember! You were going to trade donuts for beer :lol: Tim starts his new job tomorrow. What will you be doing at the brewery? Congrats on Tanner's audition! How old is he?

Marti, good luck on your finals :goodluck: This weekend I started tackling our closets; would you believe between Tim and I, I collected 6 BAGS of clothing (a couple of them are pretty good sized bags, too!) that doesn't fit, is worn out, or we don't like and never wear. The stuff that's still in good shape will be going to the Goodwill tomorrow, I hope. Tims bought some new clothes for work, and the closet is starting to look pretty neat and organized. I'm hoping it will help motivate me in the rest of the house. We try to make fun plans for our anniversary -- one year Riverdance was playing here in town and I got tickets, and another year we walked around Old Sacramento and kinda did the walking pub tour, lots of good live music playing. One year Tim took me to the IMAX to see "Beauty and the Beast", which was especially sweet because that's not ususally his kind of movie, but he knows I am a huge Disney fan :) No big plans this year, but probably will go out to dinner. I'm not really fond of huge crowds in bars, but I sure love live Irish music, if we can find it playing anywhere. I'm thinking of getting tickets to the productions of "Jesus Christ Superstar" playing at a local dinner theater for next weekend.

Kayecee, good to see you posting. I can see how Angie got the blueberry stuck in her nose -- I've learned not to try to drink anything while reading your posts! :lol3: And no, we didn't all get buzz cuts -- my hair is still the same long, tangled, messy mop it's always been. Although I'm thinking about getting it trimmed this week, and maybe touching up to cover the gray in my bangs...

OK, ladies, I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams to you all...


03-15-2004, 10:58 AM
Today's weigh in showed me still stuck at 221 (three weeks now :( ) but on the bright side I've lost another inch on my bust (total of 2 now), a half inch on my waist (total 1.5 in) and a 1/2 in on my hips (total 1.5 in). I hope its actual muscle development and not just fat redistribution. I'm only eating 1700 cal per day, and some days less, plus I'm going to the gym 3-4 times per week. I really want to see that scale get under 220 though. I wanted to be at or below 200 by May for graduation, but at this rate I'll never get there. I've lost a total of 4 lbs in the last 5 weeks, and thats not a pace to get me to my goal on time. *sigh*

Oh well...time to stop moping and get ready for classes. I need to wrassle with my bad haircut to try and get it into something reasonable.

03-15-2004, 11:00 AM
BTW, how did the Irish dance troupe drown?

A: They were riverdancing. *grin* Yes, you can groan now. ;)

03-15-2004, 11:25 AM
Gotta make this quick. I have to leave in 30 minutes and haven't even taken a shower yet. :coffee: I'm going to meet some friends at a Chinese restaurant to have a freakin wild time! (K- how much damage can I do at a Chinese restaurant? :lol: ) Then I'm going to drop by Goodwill to search for goodies. At 3, I have to go and hit on my dentist again. Gee- do y'all think he'll remember me?!? :cool:

Kathy- Jump right in girl. Do ya got any juicy gossip about Cristi that ya can lay on us? :hyper: Shhhhh! I promise I won't tell. :nose:

Angie- Sheesh! Ya weren't referring to me about the meds were ya? :shrug: To tell ya the truth, I think we're even- I was reading your post about your..... uh.... blueberry incident..... and got a real good visual image in my mind. Unfortunately, I was gulping down HOT coffee at the time. On a lighter note.... I don't think my nasal passages will be stuffy any more today. :D

Marti- Good luck on all your finals this week. I know you're looking forward to your week off.

Katie- I think you may have something about the September birthdays. :lol: How short are you thinking of going with your hair?

Kat- *groan* LOL

Well, see you lovely ladies later. Bye.

03-15-2004, 11:31 AM
Oh yeah- Has Skippy had a proper burial yet?

da fat n da furious
03-15-2004, 12:48 PM
Good morning all,
No Kaycee Skippy didn't have a proper burial...We would have had to rent a backhoe to dig a hole big enough to get the rubber maid container in. So Brandon took a huge garbage bag and stuffed everything in...and tossed into the big bin in the lane way. What he didn't tell mewas the bag didn't fit and when he threw it in the lid poped open. Ive been waiting for authorities come and haul us away for animal cruelty.
I wouldn't mind shooting coffee threw my least I know it will all be gone. I don't know where the blue berry went. couldn't come out my ear next week or something like that.

Tanner auditioned for an extra, its a matter of will they have him doing more then just an extra.

My new job called to say they are offering me 5 more hours a week. Its all

Katie, I love cleaning like that,,,I just did that a month ago. I try to do the big cleanout every 6 months. Ah man what I would give to go and see JCS on Ya I spent 5 months working on it but,,Id like to check out of other peformers.
We have all these Irish Pubs in the city,,,but the one I want to go to is James Joyce,,,last time I was there was my exam day. DUH I told the waitress the last time I had drank beer was my HS grad in 1986. Well next thing you know Ive got 3 glasses of creme wasn't bad but I still don't like beer,,,I got horribly tipsy on the 2 glasss I did drink. And then fell asleep, got up and went and wrote my exams...ya that was dumb. But the potatoe nachoes mmmmm are soooo good. And they have live bands all the time.

MArti good to know your feeling good again, and I think its sweet you and James are marrying on your grandparents anniversary. I was in Walmart last week and picked up two skirts both 3 bucks...

Kat, when you hot a plateau you need to shake up your body,,,and how you do that is,,,either increase water or protein. Sounds like you are working out hard, my one concern thou is,,,your periods are freaking bad. How is your iron? Because with low iron your body has a tougher time loosing weight. It just wants to HOLD on every fat cell. Get your self checked out.

How monte and I met, we were both working at Earl's a trendy restaurant. He was a line cook I was a prep cook. I had moved to Sylvan 3 months before and wasn't fitting in well with the new school.
Anyways I made friends at work and started hanging out, one night we all met up with Monte,,,he was being pretty friendly with this gril from my school...a total B word. And I made some smart comment about not doing to muchw ith her incase of catching got ugly after that. Well the next day we all went to our baseball game, (we had made a team, and we played against other restaurants) And I told Monte that I did know a couple of nice girls that I could fix him up with. I was single at the time. And there was some guy who had been petering me to go out on a date with...and so we all decided to double date. Candice and Monte and me and Shawn
Monte and I talked and carried the evening with jokes and such.
I felt bad but,,the next day I told Monte that Candice didn't have a good time,,,an then when I saw Candice i told her Monte didnt' hvae a good time. And then I moved in for the I told monte all about it at our wedding

Thats it,,,now you all know what a mean coniving woman I can be.....

03-15-2004, 01:16 PM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - I have been slacking off on church, too, but mainly because we have been out of town on Sundays, and yesterday it was because of my back. I think it's cool that you are within walking distance to your church.

Susan - I don't type fast, either, LOL. And thank goodness for "backspace"! I used to help my kids with their reports, too, especially when they had jobs in high school.

Marti - I am closer to some of my sisters than to other ones. And I should make more time for mine, too, but I run out of time sometimes. :goodluck: with finals this week.

Kat - I've been doing WW points since 1/24 and trying to eat more "clean" foods. WAY TO GO with the inches gone. :cp: If Freddy only knew that women all over the USA and Canada were talking about him, his ego would be unbearable! (like most men, right??)

Kayecee - your story about Tim was sweet.... glad to see you posting again. Have fun at lunch w/your friends.

Kathy - hiya :wave: any friend of Cristi's is a friend of ours.... pull up a chair and join us anytime.

Katie - when you are done with your closets, please say you'll come over and help me with mine. :D Hope you are having a good vacation.

Angie - I'm not a nurse, but I have lots of life experience...uh, I think you-know-who needs some sedatives, lol! Or whatever meds they give to manic-depressives, lol. Just kidding!! Glad Tanner's audition went well and that the green hair didn't count against him. Awww.... Brandon's first date!! Hope he and Lauren had a good time. And yes, boys are generally more secretive than girls. I think they are afraid of getting teased, whereas girls LIKE talking about their new sweetie.

My back is a little better, and I'm glad of that since I am going to the doctor w/a scared friend later today. She has some kind of a cyst, hernia or something in her groin area and it is about the size of an orange. I feel sure she is facing surgery, but told her it is not likely to be cancerous. Then another friend is having a hysterectomy tomorrow. I will be taking a pot of chili and Mary is sending a pan of brownies to her the day she comes home from the hospital.

On a bright note, the sun is shining and the daffodils are blooming!


03-15-2004, 01:47 PM
Good Morning,

I feel behind, get frustrated.

So, you type 60wpm, Marti?? lol You are typing circles around me.I peck and get the job done.I only type with one
It is sweet that you desire to get married on a date that means so much to you. You will have good vibes already built in :) I saw a scrapbooking mag in the check out line, thought of you:)
If I knew how to scan I would show pictures of the girls but I can't. On the coast I would go to the local dinky college and they would put the pic's on floppy for me.

Kat- It is frustrating to stall , especially when you are doing everything that you can. I do agree with Angie though, kind of concerned about your health overall,could even have something to do with the weight not coming off. Anyway, just a thought. I certainly hope you are having a good day :)

Katie- Before you take the bags to Goodwill, can I go through them?? :) I packed up all of Rachel's clothes that she left behind.Trying to clean up a little each day. I live on the 2nd floor and the garbage is down under the carport..........must be like 2 miles, teasing- seems like it though.Big production to take a simple bag of garbage down with Gaby in tow.She always wants to stop and look at everything.........same with doing laundry or taking groceries in the, amazing we get anything done. Anyway, bet it feels good to do spring cleaning :)

Kathy- Hi :) Albrerta,Canada? Another Canadian!!!! :) Hope youstick around, would love to get to know you.

Shanna- Good Morning. Hope this week brings some answers for you. Thinking of you and if you lived closer I would take you out to lunch and cheer you up :)

Angie- You are so funny. Kind of leave me I would like ot know also what you are going to do at this brewery??? Taste tester or something? :)

Rita- Are you having a good Monday?? Curious if you ever mentioned having children? Maybe you did a Bio?? Maybe I should go look?? lol

Cristi- I would love to be able to walk to church!! There was a little church across from where I live and I tried attending there.It was mostly elderly people though and I was looking for more families. So, I am back to going to a church 5 miles away, not too far I guess.
The girls attend mostly with their father though but Gaby goes with me and she loves the nursery, she didn't want to come with me yesterday.....wanted to stay and
Take it easy!! Moving is hard and also it brings stress eevn if you wanted to move.If that makes sense??

Kayecee- I am not going to give you his addie!!! lol........I don't pee on pictures. I do have 2 pictures of him and he is a handsome man.I think my mother was surprised when I showed her. Sometimes I feel like she doesn't think I could attract a healthy/handsome/successful man. Or maybe I think that about myself???
Doomed to be with drinkers and
No. I just do have to self talk and tell myself that I am a good person and deserve the best.
So, enjoy your FREEDOM!!!! :) Good to have you back posting.

Jana- Good Morning! I was curious about WW and how many points you get to have? Hope your back is feeling better.:)

Thanks for the St.Patricks Day cards, Jana & Cristi!! I received them Saturday, always fun to get mail and I do appreciate your thoughtfulness :)

Ok........I better go. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Treat yourself well :)

03-15-2004, 02:41 PM
Good afternoon everyone hope that you are all having a great Monday Susan thank you so much for the card it made my day and yes I am a old married lady 38 years didnt knoe what the Bio was till I started browsing will get there can you tell I am new on the computerLOLChristi got your card and thanks sooooo much Jana take care of your back aqnd hope it feels better soon well everyone have a great day Ohio is sunny today but chilly so am going to enjoy going out Rita

03-15-2004, 03:07 PM
You ladies have been busy little bees-like Susan I get a bit frustrated trying to catch up. Just wanted to let ya know I added photos of the kiddos if anyone wants to take a peek. I did it yesterday and then deleted the post-just have a thing about having their pictures online-not sure why.

KATHY~So glad to see ya girly!!! :wave: I am glad you decided to pop in and hope to see more of ya. The ladies here are mahvelous and you will love it here and them. Yes, we finally got moved and boy was it a chore. I am so glad it is over.

Ladies, Kathy is a friend from another thread that died a couple of months ago. A Valentine Challenge that didn't quite make it-but we have kept in touch and I invited her to come on over here.

Susan~you are worth having a nice, goodlooking, successful man-we all are!! Don't feel bad about only typing 25 wpm I am not so great myself but I get the job done, I only type 45-55 wpm but that is if I am looking at the keys! :lol:

Jana~I do hope your friend is fine. I can't imagine a cyst the size of an orange. Thoughts and prayers for both your friends. :grouphug: Glad your back is better-be careful while you are out and about today, you don't want to makeit worse.

Marti~I think that is sweet sharing the same anniversary as your grandparents and I am glad it means a lot to them. I'm sure it would have meant a lot to Vince's grandparents that we share the same day also. I know some of the family thought it was nice that we do. I hadn't given much thought to the date or I would have gone with possibly my grandparents anniversary. Wouldn't do parents anniversary because it was August 9 and my anniversary to DH#1 was August 24 and that would have been too weird for me. Anyway, are you getting excited?? Have you got a dress yet? 9 days to go missy. Good luck on your finals. :goodluck:

Angie~glad you got the new job, you must be excited about starting. WTG Tanner on getting the part. Being an extra is the start of bigger and better things and I love Little House on the Prairie. And Brandons first date-awww, so sweet. My boys are private also-trying to get info out of them is like trying to pull teeth, only eventually the teeth come out! :lol: What cracks me up is they will talk to Vince-must be a guy thing, I am sure.

Katie~you probably did tell your story of why you married on St. Patricks Day but when I went digging to find it I couldn't find it anyway and I have a short memory. ;) But I do remember some discussion about your emerald green dress-I bet it was beautiful! And Valentine's day. Hope you are enjoying your time off.

Kayecee~sweet story about you and Tim. :love: Hope you are enjoying your freedom, and yes I think the dentist will remember you! :lol:

Kat~:lol: I thought it was cute-riverdance :lol: I do hope you get the job :goodluck: :crossed: Sounds like a great one.

Hi to you Shanna & Rita :wave:

Well, today is weigh in and I am doing the happy dance!!!
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
I am down 4 pounds!!! Of course I still think that last weigh in was wrong (a gain of 2 lbs.) but I recorded it none the less. :goodscale What a GREAT way to start the week. I have been on this way too long and need to get going but I definitely will be back later.

Have a wonderful Monday ladies! :sunny:

03-15-2004, 04:16 PM
WOW! Super Job Cristi on losing 4 pounds!!!


You are welcome Rita for the card. I hope you are having good day? I am computer challenged also but if you tinker around long enough you catch on.
Would love to read your Bio as soon as you figure it out .lol :)

Cristi- Hey, if we just sit by the computer all day we would never be behind! :)
I need to take Gab for a 2 year check up in a minute.

I know you are right about the "nice,handsome,successful" man thing.
I certainly don't wake uo thinking I am some great catch. It takes some self talk to get me there and that is a *most days thing*.

When I am around my mother I just feel like a child. I always felt she never gave me much praise as a child.If she says anything supportive it is noticed by me because it is so rare.
It would be nice to say what she thinks doesn't matter and it doesn't. It does stings though when your own mother makes you feel like a loser...........

Geez, thats a, sorry.

Best get Gabs ready for her appointment.

Congrats again!! :)

03-15-2004, 05:12 PM
Hi Susan~:wave:

Thanks for the congrats! :thanks: And yes I think we need to stay on the :puter: all day to keep up. :lol: :p

Don't think of it as being a downer, it is always good to get things out. Anyway, Susan you ARE a GREAT catch! And you need to start thinking that way girly-everyday. ;)

Jana & Katie~thanks for the cute cards! Just received them today. Jana, did you do the cute little return address on the computer? Or did you have it done? I love it! :lucky: I always order labels and have been for many years from Colorful Images. And I get stickers anywhere, but mostly at the scrapbook store. I love dressing up the envelopes. I am a sticker & label junky. :D

I better get going-can't miss Dr. Phil. BBL :wave:

03-15-2004, 06:51 PM
I'm starting a new thread --go see chit chat tally whack above! :D